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5ft 10.24in (178.4cm)
bam said on 13/Mar/09
the fact is clooney is listed at 5'10.5 here for a reason. Rob is excellent with height estimates. Either because clooney is 5'10.5, or because he looks it most of the time. (he often looks a 5'11 flat) If my hunch is correct, and clooney is 5'11.5, then he is the antiPitt. He looks shorter almost consistently due to posture, pitt looks consistently taller due to his neck cringing posture and lifts.
RisingForce said on 13/Mar/09
Pitt is closer to the camera in that picture, plus it's slightly tilted and Pitt has his "effect" posture while Clooney is slouching as he always is. That can make a big difference.
Doug said on 13/Mar/09
Sorry but does anybody only see only a half inch difference in height in the picture between Clooney, Damon and Pitt in their socks and slippers? Pitt is in slippers but this guy surely can't be over 5'9?? Pitt looks two inches taller. If Clooney was a legit 5.10.5", wouldn't that place Pitt at 6'0.5" without lifts? SUrely Pitt wasn't wearing lifts in his slippers?
bam said on 12/Mar/09
rob what happened to my post? Did I post it in the wrong page?

Editor Rob
there was a pitt post, I can't recall if there was one you submitted here.
Dan said on 8/Mar/09
I stood next to him....he's 5'9" .
RisingForce said on 5/Mar/09
In Glenn's picture George is slouching a lot and he still looks quite a bit taller. Standing straight he'd look 6 foot, did he have a footwear advantage Glenn?
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Complex said on 22/Feb/09
I agree rising..
TELLEM said on 22/Feb/09
I saw that movie last night "DUDE" and at times they both looked the same height, BUT in some scenes pitt looked taller. i saw pitt and clooney's footwear when pitt was taller, and pitt's shoes were bigger than clooney's.
RisingForce said on 22/Feb/09
Pitt has much better posture than Clooney and Brad wears lifts 24/7.
Complex said on 21/Feb/09
5'10 on a good morning, 5'11.5 in lifts, 6'0 in good lifts...
The dude said on 21/Feb/09
Watching Ocean's Eleven as I write this. In the scene where Clooney and Pitt are visiting Eliot Gould to recruit him to the heist, Clooney and Pitt are walking away, and I distinctly noticed that Pitt had about 2 inches on Clooney. Either he was wearing chunky footwear (which has been reported) or he is actually 6', making Clooney 5'10 flat. So, maybe a slight downgrade for George?
RisingForce said on 21/Feb/09
Well if you're going to believe 5'11" then why not 5'11.5"? Why would a 5'11" man feel the need to lie by half an inch. Now if you think he's 5'10", 5'10.5" or 5'9.5" then it makes sense why he'd lied about being 5'11.5".
-_-_-(Hugh)-_-_-/ said on 20/Feb/09
Clooney could be 5ft11. But no taller than that.
RisingForce said on 16/Feb/09
Clooney does have really bad posture which is why I've always believed his 5-11.5 claim. I've never seen him look short. He looks average a lot, but never short.
bam said on 16/Feb/09
the thing about clooney is that he refers to himself as 5'11/5'11.5 and references that height as not tall, I think in an interview with nicole kidman. Also, in the gq article the writer states "you heard it from the man himself, he's 5'11 1/2". 5'11.5 guys can be very tricky. For those with relaxed posture, you'd swear they were barely 5'11, but only stretched out are they actually on the shallow side of tall.
Complex said on 14/Feb/09
I think if we keep in mind the size of his shoes with possible lifts inside, that it's clear he's 5'10 on a goodday barefoot...
Bill said on 14/Feb/09
No less than 5'11.
Mr. R. said on 13/Feb/09
James, George is wearing HUGE biker boots in From Dusk Till Dawn. The whole point was to make sure that he was not towered over by Tarentino.
Mister Lennon said on 11/Feb/09
Yes, i agree. He looks a legit 5'10 guy, not more.
Complex said on 10/Feb/09
Clooney is likely 5'10 or close to it right out of bed, 5'9.5 most of the day, and lower late in the evening. Least that's my view of it, could be wrong but I doubt he goes over 5'10.
Doug said on 10/Feb/09
Boy is this guy hard to pin down. Hes one of the few guys I find virtually impossible to provide an accurate estimate for. From the record I think Pitt usually is taller than him right but is likely wearing lifts etc? Didn't look that tall compared to Julia Roberts. I can't see anything under 5'9" and I can't see anything over 5'11". Looks neither short nor tall. 5'10" or a tad over is probably a good barefoot estimate mmm tricky one. That would put him a little above 5'11" in normal shoes. Thats about right I think has anybody ever seen Clooney looking 6 foot or taller? Thats usually a good indication of whether he is a legit 5'11" barefoot.
Mr. R. said on 10/Feb/09
I have some Leatherheads pics, I agree that at best Clooney looks 5-10 next to John Krasinski.
Complex said on 9/Feb/09
Exactly cb and mr. r, Krasinski made him look 5'10 tops, likely because it's a football movie and clooney didn't have lifts in his shoes, just a guess, either way, he looks between 5'9-5'10 next to 6'3 krasinski, 5'10 tops for Clooney! Which explains his lift wearing.
TELLEM said on 9/Feb/09
how can we forget leatherheads next to that 6'3 actor john _______? he looked 5'10 next to him
cb said on 9/Feb/09
I believe you Mr. R. This is what he looks, especially in the movie leatherheads.
Mr. R. said on 9/Feb/09
When I met Clooney a few years ago, he was wearing these type of big shoes, and he was STILL shorter than me by an inch. I will fight to the death on my 5-9.5 eyewitness account of George!
glenn said on 8/Feb/09
good point risingforce.i was amazed how tall he looked next to 6-3 to 6-5 security at an event.
RisingForce said on 8/Feb/09
It's funny that George makes a point of wearing elevator shoes to look taller, but he doesn't even make the effort to stand straight a lot of the time. I'd think that standing straight would come first.

Even a pair of 2 inch cowboy boots with Stallone/Pitt posture works as well or better than a pair of 3 inch elevator shoes with Clooney's posture.
glenn said on 8/Feb/09
interesting find risingforce.i wouldve never have thought he wore lifts.but he grew lately.
RisingForce said on 7/Feb/09
glenn says on 6/Feb/09
andy garcia is 5-9 to 5-10.ive been seeing him all week.clooney is 5-11,5-11.5,looking 6-1 to me lately in i imagine lifts.

That makes sense, Clooney's shoes have looked pretty big lately. Click Here

but he did look about 2 inches taller than Pitt in that series of pictures where they both were probably wearing lifts.
Complex said on 7/Feb/09
Thanks mr. r, that's what I thought too, occasionally he looks tallish but 5'11 suits him well I think.
glenn said on 7/Feb/09
cheadle is 5-8,5-8.5.
Mr. R. said on 7/Feb/09
Complex, I have never met Dane Cook, but I have seen him listed at 5-11. Only lately have I seen 6 foot. Also notice that in his shows, he always wear those huge biker type boots. My guess is closer to 5-11.
Complex said on 6/Feb/09
Mr. R. you seem to be fairly accurate with celebs heights, I was curious how tall you think dane cook is, I always thought he was more 5'11 than 6'0, have you met him before?
TELLEM said on 6/Feb/09
if clooney is less than 5'10 than cheadle is around 5'6. but cheadle is about 5'7 so clooney could be 5'10
glenn said on 6/Feb/09
andy garcia is 5-9 to 5-10.ive been seeing him all week.clooney is 5-11,5-11.5,looking 6-1 to me lately in i imagine lifts.
Mr. R. said on 6/Feb/09
Bam, I am telling you George is not quite 5-10 without shoes. Also, I think Andy Garcia is about 5-8.
Complex said on 5/Feb/09
Mr. R's right, you can only tell so much in pics, I know about 3 ppl that have met Clooney, 4 counting mr. r whom I only know from posting and 3 of the 4 say Clooney is 5'10 tops, the 4th says Clooney looked 5'10.5, Kidman is tall for a woman,definately taller than Clooney in barefeet.
Mr. R. said on 5/Feb/09
But Miser, look at George's shoes in the first pic? They are pretty clunky! Also, we cannot see Nicole's shoes and I think that is important. Again, I have met both of them, and Nicole is about an inch and a half taller. Thanks for agreeing with me Gago. Things are rarely what they seem in pics!
RisingForce said on 4/Feb/09
Good pictures miser, he does look taller in dress shoes than Kidman does(probably in heels).
miser said on 4/Feb/09
Here are some pics of them:

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Gago said on 4/Feb/09
Mr.R., I agree with you on this, I saw him at last years Critic's Choice Awards afterparty, walked past him several times, he was around 5'10.
Complex said on 3/Feb/09
Miser whether she's wearing heels or not it's irrelevant cuz Clooney is likely wearing heels, elevators that is, prolly with lifts. Kidman is taller than Clooney in barefeet. But to say Clooney is obviously taller is ignorant, cuz two ppl that are an inch different in height wouldn't be an obvious height difference.
TELLEM said on 3/Feb/09
LOL @ miser... Mr. R. is 5'11.5 not clooney.
RisingForce said on 3/Feb/09
Those are really good pictures miser. His shoes look like normal dress shoes. He looks 5-11.5 there because Kidman is 5-10.5, 5-11 and probably wearing heels.
miser said on 3/Feb/09
Click Here
miser said on 3/Feb/09
Oh really Mr. R... ;-) I think she is almost certainly smaller, maybe you are just being thrown off by the heels she was wearing when you met her...? Take a look at RisingForce's pics posted below and these:

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

If Nicole was wearing ANY type of heel in these (which is highly likely) then Clooney is obviously taller. Even if she was in flats... they would be about the same height.
Mr. R. said on 3/Feb/09
Miser, Nicole is definitely taller.
miser said on 2/Feb/09
Mr. R. - Maybe Nicole is 5-10, 5-10.5 and Clooney 5-11.5?
Mr. R. said on 2/Feb/09
But Glenn, isnt it possible that Clooney had lifts on The Peacemaker to make him appear as tall as Kidman? If they are both 5-11, they should be looking each other in the eye. I havent seen it in awhile, but I remember Clooney a little taller.
Complex said on 2/Feb/09
I'm with mr. r on this one, he met Clooney, he knows what he's talking about, 5'10 tops clooney!
glenn said on 1/Feb/09
i was on the set of the peacemaker for days.clooney is a legit 5-11,5-11.5.
RisingForce said on 1/Feb/09
I remember an interview where Matt Damon said that George Clooney called him the night before they were going to appear at a premiere and Matt said that George told him to wear big shoes because the ground there shrinks you.

I still think that George is around the height he claims, but I'm sure he wears height enhancing footwear sometimes too.
Mr. R. said on 1/Feb/09
Risingforce, you are right. George usually wears boots or other chunky type shoes to look taller. The day that I met him, his shoes were definitely on the chunky side.
Mr. R. said on 1/Feb/09
Risingforce, you are right, Clooney does look taller than Kidman in this pic. But it also proves my point, that pics don't tell the truth. Kidman is at least an inch and a half taller than Clooney based upon my actual meetings with them. They also did the movie "The Peacemaker" together, and I am sure that george used lifts.
RisingForce said on 30/Jan/09
He looks taller than Kidman here.
Click Here
Click Here

It's possible he's wearing lifts, but she's probably wearing heels.
bam said on 30/Jan/09
i have a friend who is barely 5'11 (claims 5'10.75) and another whose 5'11.5. You really can't tell the difference unless they stretch out and line up back to back. 5'11-5'11.5 is a very tricky height. I'm not surprised by clooney's listing at all. I think stretched out in the morning his claim is accurate. IS he taller than nicole kidman?
RisingForce said on 30/Jan/09
That may be tough Mr. R, it seems like Brad may have gotten George hooked on elevator shoes! Click Here

Pretty chunky shoes George has there.
Mr. R. said on 30/Jan/09
RisingForce, I agree with your right to disagree. I will have to find George myself, get him to take off his shoes, set up a mirror, and take a pic! Seriously, I need a new digital camera so that I can offer photo proof like Glen and Maumun. My birthday is coming up if anybody wants to buy me a present!
RisingForce said on 29/Jan/09
Who said Mr. R is lying? Nobody. I acknowledged his sighting, but I respectfully disagree. I'm with Glenn and Frank2 on this one. 5-11ish in my opinion.
Complex said on 29/Jan/09
I don't think Mr. R would randomly lie about this especially since he used his own height as comparison and they were on level ground, so I'm saying 5'10 in the morning barefoot for Clooney, likely 5'9 range. 5'11 something-6'0 in lifts!
RisingForce said on 29/Jan/09
That's interesting, what was his posture like when he walked past you? George generally doesn't have great posture, which I think can make him look shorter. I've also found that when I'm standing still and someone walks by me they can look shorter than they are depending on where they are in their stride. Of course if he was close to you when he turned to you then that wouldn't be a factor.

As of now I personally think he's 5-11.5 like he claims, but if I was there when you were and saw what you saw then 5-11.5 would probably sound absurd to me. However he certainly looked 5-11.5 in Glenn's picture with him.

Check out this picture of Clooney and Colin Farrell who is listed here at 5-10, and he gets listed from 5-9 to 5-11.
Click Here

George looks 3 inches taller, although their footwear is unknown. I have seen George wear chunky shoes at times, but Colin often wears boots too.

I think that George is pretty tricky because of his posture and the fact that he does wear what appear to be elevator shoes or boots once in a while. His proportions look more like a 5-11ish guy to me though.
Mr. R. said on 29/Jan/09
Risingforce, you are correct. I have even seen a celeb, estimated, and when I saw them again, did another estimation. Without a doubt, separate people can experience the same celebs at different heights, and their estimations may be correct at that time. Shoes, floor level, posture, etc certainly play into folks celeb estimates. That said, I had Clooney taller with my first two sightings closer to 5-11. But we were not on solid ground standing straight. When I went on stage, we were on level ground, and he turned right towards me and walked past. This time, all things equal and level, I came up with 5-9 to about 5-10.
Complex said on 28/Jan/09
Ok, I misread, sorry bout that..
glenn said on 28/Jan/09
correct risingforce.
RisingForce said on 28/Jan/09
No Glenn never saw Clooney barefoot as far as I know. I just meant that Glenn estimates him as a 5'11.5" barefoot guy who can pass for 6'1" in lifts.
Complex said on 27/Jan/09
Rising i'm confused...glenn you saw Clooney barefoot???? Maybe I read that wrong...
RisingForce said on 27/Jan/09
No, one person's sighting doesn't mean that Clooney can't be 5'11" or 5'11.5"

I respect Mr. R and his sighting, but everyone estimates differently. His sighting can be evidence that Clooney is much shorter than he claims, but it doesn't rule out George being around 5'11".

After all other sightings put Clooney at taller. Glenn says Clooney si 5'11.5" barefoot and can look 6'1" in lifts. Frank2 who is also 5'11" says Clooney is about 5'11".

You could have many people looking at someone at the same time and they may all estimate his height differently. So you're entitled to your belief that George is around 5'10" max, but 5'11", 5'11.5" hasn't been ruled out.
Complex said on 26/Jan/09
Exactly tellem, mr. r at 5'11.5 means Clooney can't be 5'11.5 or 5'11 even, let's be nice and give him 5'10, even tho i'm very positive that he's under :D
Clay said on 26/Jan/09
From that we can conclude Pitt is 6'0, Damon is 5'11, and George is 5'7. LOL.
Josh.J said on 26/Jan/09
wtf? - are you really gonna post pics like that for comparison? they are WALKING and quite hurridley. you can see pitt is almost standing straight, damon has his right leg straight while clooney is bending both legs. of course he looks shorter!
wtf? said on 26/Jan/09
look at this picture Click Here
RisingForce said on 26/Jan/09
That's interesting Mr. R. I still honestly think he's atleast in the 5'11" range, but your stories and sightings are always appreciated.
Mr. R. said on 26/Jan/09
When I first saw George at the Director's Guild that day, he was standing in the lobby. I walked behind him, and I was taller, but not by much. He walked past me as he went to the stage, and I was thinking about 5-11. But when I went on stage after the talk and stood next to him on level ground, he was considerably shorter than I first thought. I stand by my sighting; 5-10 on a good day.
TELLEM said on 25/Jan/09
yea and don't forget complex, mr. r IS 5' is clooney that height if he was MUCH shorter than mr. r?
Complex said on 24/Jan/09
I'm with mr. r as I think that's his exact height. That's how i'd describe it too, on a really good day 5'10, that's seriously exactly what I think Clooney is.

When I first started posting on this site I didn't know what lifts and elevators were so I googled it and I found many sites that said "Elevators shoes worn by celebrities such as george clooney." Amazingly now I can't find even one that says that but i'm positive it was like 2 or 3 that said that. Like in elevators he's close to 6'0 or 5'11.5, but barefoot I doubt that high. Mr. r is right on this one. It would only be a whopping inch less than Rob has him at anyways so it's not hard to believe.
RisingForce said on 24/Jan/09
I believe you Glenn. There were a bunch of full body shot pictures where he had about 2 inches on Brad Pitt not long ago.
glenn said on 23/Jan/09
he is 6-1 to me lately.i imagine lifts.saw him last year at 5-11.5.with witnesses that sized him up too.
TELLEM said on 23/Jan/09
either way if george clooney is 5'9.5 like mr. R said (whos a 5'11.5 man by the way) if clooney would stand up straight hed be A STRONG 5'10 the way, did i not say mr. R is 5'11.5?
RisingForce said on 23/Jan/09
Are you sure it wasn't his posture Mr. R? He has poor posture. Clooney seems atleast 5'11" to me honestly.
Mr. R. said on 23/Jan/09
Well, I will say it again. I stood with George on stage when he was promoting Good Night and Good Luck. As he turned to leave the stage, he got lost among the throngs trying to get a pic. He turned to me to escape, and walked right by my head. On a REALLY GOOD DAY, George is 5-10. But he had on big shoes too, so I believe him to be 5-9.5
Complex said on 21/Jan/09
That's true James, personally I have no problem with someone 5'10.5 claiming 5'11 but the only bad thing is that's the one spot that when ppl round up it can be rough because ppl view 5'11 as "almost 6 foot". Like 5'6.5 claiming 5'7, no biggie, 5'9.5 claiming 5'10, no biggie, and really it's th same concept wit 5'10.5 claiming 5'11 just some ppl find it hard to believe since that's almost the 6'0 mark when really they're 1.5 inches away ya know..
anonymous said on 21/Jan/09
Next to 5 foot 7 ellen, he looked a weak 5 foot 11. 179cm sounds right.
Anonymous said on 19/Jan/09
If he claims he's 5'11 and says he is than he is 5'11
Lenad said on 17/Jan/09
He looks about 5ft11 to me. The funny thing is that my dad thought he was at least 6ft0!
GUK said on 15/Jan/09
Hmm I'm starting to think this height could be correct. The Gordon Brown photo hinted less, but he's a little bit taller than Tom Jones, who could be 177 now, but likes big shoes. Then I also remember Barry Norman (UK film critic) saying he was a nice guy and quite tall.
RisingForce said on 11/Jan/09
No James, that sounds like a stretch. If he could then he'd claim 6 foot.
RisingForce said on 10/Jan/09
Fair enough Complex. You giving Clooney a weak 5-11 evening height even would be atleast as high as my 5-11.5 morning height claim for him.

I think Clooney hits 5-11 1/2 out of bed but he's obviously a little under 5-11 in the evening. His posture can make him look shorter at times but it seems that he wears lifts once in a while.
Complex said on 9/Jan/09
Yeah but rising Mr. R did once say he saw Clooney look 5'9.5, I remember reading that. Granted he may not be that low, best I could give Clooney is a weak 5'11.
RisingForce said on 9/Jan/09
Mr. R says on 11/Oct/08
I saw Clooney recently im Hollywood. I will repeat my assertions that he not quite 5-11

Tellem, Mr. R said "not quite 5-11" That sounds like 5-10.5, 5-10.75.

He's shorter than Bruce because Bruce isn't 5-11ish.
TELLEM said on 8/Jan/09
funny mr. R would be off by two inches....i don't buy 5'11.5 for him...hes shorter than 5'11ish bruce willis...personally i think george clooney is a strong 5'10
RisingForce said on 8/Jan/09
Rob even said he thought Clooney was joking about Pitt's footwear when he said he looked like the little guy at 5-11 and that Pitt was like 6-1.
Complex said on 7/Jan/09
Again I go back to how fishy it is ppl saying stuff like "I'm short, i'm only 5'11" or "i'm not that tall, i'm only 5'10." Ppl do that in order to claim a height higher than they are.

It's like ppl will believe them because they said they're "short" and showed humility then ppl say "oh you're not that short." Think of it like this. It would be like when girls as hot as oh let's say Megan Fox say stuff like "I'm not pretty at all, i'm ugly." They say that to get a respone saying their prtty. Guys shorter than they are say that to claim higher and get the "oh well then you're not that short" from ppl. Ie: "Wshlberg: "i'm short, i'm only 5'10." I've seen this tactic used oh so many times. Its like saying "im not that tall, i'm only 6'1." Everyone knows 6'1 is tall, and 5'10-5'11 is decent heights, that's where that comes from...saying their short to claim decent heights..
RisingForce said on 7/Jan/09
Just as he says, he's five eleven and a half. Sometimes he wears lifts but his posture is usually poor. Look at him with Brad Pitt when Pitt doesn't have a footwear advantage.
ella said on 7/Jan/09
in er he always makes jokes about being so short 5'11 isn't short at all!
RisingForce said on 6/Jan/09
James, he may not bother to add the extra half inch at times. He's claimed 5-11.5 several times as well. 5-11.5 could be his morning height too.
Complex said on 5/Jan/09
Thanks tellem, I just state what I see, I think alot of ppl here overlook some of the more obvious shorter sightings in order to support their height claims, but that still doesn't change the fact that alot of these celebs are inflating by a couple of inches. And I mean the fact that alot of ppl look at what true height is in different ways, i'm trying to be more open-minded because I've always considered lowest evening height one's lowest height but now after a few have discussed their defense of mid-day height as being true-height, i'm more accepting to the fact. But since i've always claimed my evening height as true height, I judge celebs a little tougher by pinning down their evening heights. Just a few of my opinions :) Granted i'm not always right..
TELLEM said on 4/Jan/09
i agree with you also complex...u make good points
TELLEM said on 4/Jan/09
i agree with you also omplex...u make good points
Complex said on 3/Jan/09
Thanks rising...James I saw some of three kings, never finished it and I agree clooney did look a good bit taller, but Clooney wasn't much taller than Wahlberg in Perfect Storm, no more than 2 inches in that movie..
RisingForce said on 2/Jan/09
Good point about morning or evening height Complex.
Complex said on 1/Jan/09
Glenn I didn't say you're always wrong, just over-estimated on a few, same goes for everybody, we're prolly all in some way right but occassionally we over or under estimate a few.

But saying you know you're right on their exact heights is virtually impossible, even if I see someone at 5'10 that usually means around 5'10, they prolly aren't exactly that height that Isee them, maybe they're 5'10 and a lil bit, 5'10.5, 5'9.98, I mean it's hard to be exact. Plus it depends on the way we look at height. For instance Glenn you go by morning height as true height where I go by evening height, that's where alot of differences come in, i'm judging by their lowest and you're judging highest, so if someone sees Clooney as 5'10.5 and I say 5'9.75, we're prolly really close to thinking he's the same height, i'm just judging evening where others are judging morning.

Plus i'd say if there's more than a 4 inch difference between 2 ppl,then it's really hard to tell their exact height, if you're within a few inches, it's easier to use your own height as a gage.

Oh and rising you're right, Glenn does often have useful pictures, but one flaw is in some we can't see the celebs footwear and we don't really know if they're harboring lifts inside their shows or not, so can't always go off of pictures.

I think a better way to state someones height when judging is to add "evening height" or "morning height" at the end.
TELLEM said on 30/Dec/08
hey leonari, i never knew you've seen celebs barefoot next to a height chart..guess your estimates are right all along
TELLEM said on 30/Dec/08
leonari says on 30/Dec/08
For you Tellem: anything. Your height estimates are so off. Always a pleasure to read them.

and yet i post proof of them looking like my estimates...wheres yours?
dicky curtis said on 30/Dec/08
5-10.5 could be pretty accurate. i wouldn't be surprised if he is a little taller than that due to his posture. i agree with 5-11.5 outta bed.
leonari said on 30/Dec/08
Tellem: let's make a deal: I will start to respect your opinion the second you stop downgrading every guy by 2 inches. How does that sound.LOL
leonari said on 30/Dec/08
For you Tellem: anything. Your height estimates are so off. Always a pleasure to read them.
RisingForce said on 30/Dec/08
I think standing straight(which he rarely does) he hits 5-11.5 out of bed. Nothing below 5-10.75 evening hight IMO.

I agree that Willis at 6-1 might seem hard to believe but Glenn often has pictures that back up exactly what he saw such as Sly, Downey, Clooney, Cruise ect.
glenn said on 30/Dec/08
complex-im right on alot of if one doesnt agree with several of my guagings,go by my track record as a, as much of a great and sweet guy he is,is off alot.dmx isnt 5-8.nothing against you with this post comlex.your a gentleman to me.what gets me is a certain someone here or 2 will get on me about several celebs they never saw,and harshly disagree,yet will admit im good at my other the dozens or hundreds.doesnt that mean that maybe im right too about the others you guys disagree about? or at least can you guys say maybe im right? i hate to sound arrogant,but i know im right on those guys like mel gibson,and a few others are still a mystery to me.your guess is as good as mine.
Complex said on 30/Dec/08
He might be a legit 5'10, 5'11 is pushing it, 5'11.5 is really pushing it, he's also been spotted at 5'9.5, so that could be possible too. But Rising you can't always go off of what others say, no disrespect to Glenn, he may be right on alot of celebs heights, but he's also seen things like Bruce Willis 6'1 and Mark Ruffalo 5'10 & mr. R saw clooney at 5'9.5, so guess it depends on the person, we all have different perspectives. I think in Clooney's good pair of elevators he could hit 6'0, 6'1 is hard to believe, he'd have to be wearing stallone like lifts/elevators for 6'1! I could see 5'10 for Clooney, the height listed here though I think would be his max.
TELLEM said on 29/Dec/08
hey leonari, do me a favor, respect ppl's opinions and quit being such a child.
leonari said on 29/Dec/08
Complex: nah man. The guy has horrendous posture in movies and real life. Nothing below 5'10" for Clooney. Evening height that is.
RisingForce said on 29/Dec/08
Complex Clooney can look about 5-10 because of posture. Rob noticed he slouches too. Clooney looked 5-11.5 in Glenn's picture and Glenn says he's seen him look 6-1 in lifts.
Complex said on 29/Dec/08
Clooney looked 5'10 in Burn After Reading and on occasions looked 5'9ish. He wore regular tennis shoes (or so it seemed) and he really didn't look more than 5'10-5'10.5 in them. I think in the evening Clooney dangles in the 5'9 region, morning height i'm not sure.
glenn said on 28/Dec/08
mr-r sees alot names shorter than they really are.not knocking him.great guy.
Lenad said on 27/Dec/08
Mr R sees him at 5'10 at best.
RisingForce said on 22/Dec/08
I think Rob may be write that Clooney was making a joke about Pitt's footwear with the 6-1 comment and him looking like the little guy.

I think Clooney is 5-11.5 but at times has horrendous postuer. He does wear lifts once in a while but he can look really tall in them like when he was slouching and towering over Colin Farrell
Complex said on 20/Dec/08
Yeah...and i'm not saying i'm write, personally I think no way is Clooney 5'11 or above, but he may very well be. But i'm always suspicious when ppl word it like that.

I know a guy like that TellEm, claims 6'1, he's 5'10.75, which is what I think Timberlake does, claims 6'1 yet is prolly close to 5'11 in the evening or a little below.

Yeah I see what you're saying leonari. And see I think it's different if say for instance you're pretty close to 5'9 and said "i'm about 5'9." But if you said, " i'm pretty short, i'm only 5'9." That would make me suspicious, I thnk to anyone that would draw suspicious cuz like I said, it's as if because they said they're short they can claim higher.

But I see what you're saying leonari, depending on youre build you could definately get away with 5'9, 5'10 would likely be a stretch, although I know a 5'6 guy that claims 5'10, lol!

Alot of it I think is if ppl inflate morning heights. For instance 5'9.25 morning height rounds up to 5'10, yet in the evening falls to 5'8.5, that's borderline 2 inches and yes leonari like you said, 2 inches really is more than ppl think. Maybe nt in comparison, say "a 5'8 guy and a 5'10 guy standing side by side". But when someone inflates 2 inches, that's alot!
leonari said on 18/Dec/08
I agree Complex. Thats somehow more common in the states. I am 5'7"- 5'8 which is btw. 170 cm and 173. If I would claim 5'10"= 178 cm I would make a fool of myself cause there is no way folks would believe me.
I have been estimated at 5'9" or 175 cm cause I am skinny yet muscular somewhat stocky and I could get away with that but if I said 178cm folks would laugh in my face. It's a problem with numbers. btw. 5'7" and 5'10 is only three figures btw. 171 (for ex) and 178 it's seven figures. Do you see where I heading? People don't realize how much 2 inches really are.
TELLEM said on 18/Dec/08
i claim my real height complex, always have, always will, but i get what you say...its like nearly everyone inflates their heights. thats why i really dont believe when a actor says their height, especially when there's actual evidence of them looking much shorter than what they claim.

like my cousin for example. for several years hed claim 6'1 as his height. and i wouldnt see him for years, so i would believe it, then one day i finally saw him and i was shocked that he was only 5'11. and its funny because during this time i had a co-worker who'd claim he was 5'11.5 and i thought hed downgrade his height then i realized that he was telling the truth because he really looked it. rob i'm sorry if i got off topic but please post it.
Complex said on 17/Dec/08
He wasn't much taller than 5'8 Damon barefoot, 5'9-5'9.5, 5'10 max. Never legit 5'11, besides all the evidence it sounds extremely suspicious when he said "Pitt is tall like 6'1, At only 5'11, I look like the little guy next to him." When ppl say stuff like that it always sounds suspicious. It's like they think thy will get away with their height inflation just because they are saying "little guy." or "not that tall".

Wahlberg for instance said "i'm not that tall, i'm only 5'10." It's like he thinks because he's humble and says "i'm not that tall." that he can claim 5'10 and get away with it. I know 5'7-5'8 guys that use this tactic ALL DAY LONG! I know a 5'7 guy who you can never ask him his height without hearing that line first. "i'm a short guy, i'm only 5'10." It's really aggrivating to hear, cuz then ppl respond "Oh you're 5'10, you're not that short." Which is likely exactly what he was going for even tho it's obvious he's not 5'10. To me that's brave cuz sometimes it can draw suspicion and attention to yourself. But yup, that's the oldest tactic in the book. You start by making a comment about how short you are then you claim a some-what tall or average height and ppl sometimes might think you're telling the truth since you were humble enough to say you're not short. Anytime, and I do mean ANYTIME I hear that I get suspcious and immediately think they must be 2 inches shorter than they claim. Does anyone claim their real actual heights anymore?? It seems height inflation is one of the most popular things.
cb said on 17/Dec/08
But we know that pitt is not 5"11'. He's 5"10' at the very most. Look at him and Morgan Freeman in Seven. Clooney by the way is at least 4cm shorter than Arnold Schwarzenegger. This one by the way, considering the pics with him and THE Rock or with W. Bush might be less than the 6" listed on this site.
Conclusion: Clooney at 179cm is acceptable but also the MAX. I believe he is more likely 177-178cm.
anonymous said on 17/Dec/08
He looks the same height as brad pitt in ocean's eleven. I would say 5 foot 11.
RisingForce said on 15/Dec/08
If Clooney is 177-178 then that makes Pitt 175.
cb said on 15/Dec/08
clooney is 178-177 barefoot, end of story. photo evidence and comparings with other actors are obvious.
GUK said on 14/Dec/08
a slouching david Beckham is at least an inch taller than clooney, and Beckham was dwarfed by Roger Federer. Clooney is under 5ft 11
5ft 11 Gordon Brown is taller
5ft 11.5 Beckham is at least an inch taller
Vibram said on 12/Dec/08
I think Clooney is one of the hardest to crack, perhaps the hardest. Can look anything from 5'9 / 175 to 6'0 / 183. Along with Stallone, D.Craig, Jude Law, Downey Jr and Mel Gibson he's not giving up his true height easily.
RisingForce said on 11/Dec/08
Mister Lennon, that's because Pitt goes to bed in his lifts. Clooney probably decided to wear them for that premiere but Pitt looked to be wearing them as well.
DMEYER said on 11/Dec/08
i support glenn on 5 ft 11 i think clooney is legit 180 cm
cb said on 10/Dec/08
George Clooney is an excellent actor, but he's probably 1,78 Max. Compare him to the new guy with the Russian name in his last movie Leatherheads. He's at least 13cm shorter than the 1,91cm guy. He also looks identical to Nicole kIdman's height in Piecemaker. She's around 5'10" as well.
Mister Lennon said on 10/Dec/08
Rising, Pitt was always taller than clooney and has always looked taller than Clooney except in the famous pictures from Venecia this year. But in those pictures, CLooney was closer to the camera and who knows if he was wearing lifts that time??? Pitt always looked taller except that time. A bit suspictious, not???

Clooney is a bit taller than Gere, but not for much. Maybe Gere is a weak 5'10 and Clooney is a strong 5'10.

And only see the pictures of the promotion of batman and robing. How tall Arnold is??? I have always heard that he was an strong 6'1 or a 6'2 guy at peak. He had easily 3 or 4 inches on clooney.
dicky curtis said on 10/Dec/08
I have never been convinced that clooney is taller than pitt.
the only pictures that have him in favor is where there is a nasty camera angle wich make it nasty to compare.
in all other pictures brad seems taller. but does not nearly slouch like clooney does off course.
RisingForce said on 7/Dec/08
Spence says on 6/Dec/08
Clooney looks to be 6,7cm lower 5ft11 Brad Pitt..

Only when Pitt has a posture and footwear advantage. When their footwear and posture is fair Clooney is taller and Pitt is probably closer to 5'10".
TELLEM said on 6/Dec/08
Clay says on 4/Dec/08
You're taking your stupidity too far with Clooney at 5'9''.

how is that stupidity when mr. R said it not me...LOL! and besides its 5'9.5 not 5'9 genius
Spence said on 6/Dec/08
Clooney looks to be 6,7cm lower 5ft11 Brad Pitt..
Mister Lennon said on 5/Dec/08
Clooney couldnt be 5'9. Chris O'donnel is a legit 5'9 and Clooney was taller than him. Same with Matt Damon.
RisingForce said on 5/Dec/08
Mister Lennon he was looking down at Gere, he's taller. He's also taller than Pitt when Pitt doesn't have a big footwear and posture advantage.
Clay said on 4/Dec/08
You're taking your stupidity too far with Clooney at 5'9''.
TELLEM said on 4/Dec/08
mr. R saw him at 5'9.5
Mister Lennon said on 4/Dec/08
I think that this guy is about 5'10 or 5'10 and half. Not more. He looks the same than people like Richard Gere or Michael Douglas, a little bit taller than Matt Damon and shorter than Brad Pitt.
glenn said on 4/Dec/08
told you guys george can look tall.looked 6-1 to me lately.obviously in lifts.but 5-11ish is correct.
Parker said on 4/Dec/08
Not the greatest pic for height comparison
Click Here
I would guess Beckham being taller than Clooney though
bam said on 4/Dec/08
i guess the man really is 5'11. Excellent pictures RisingForce, its clear clooney is 5'11 bare minimum. 1/2 an inch my ass.
Viper said on 3/Dec/08
Damon = 5-8
Clooney = 5-9
DMEYER said on 3/Dec/08
i think clooney could be as tall as 5 ft 10.75
RisingForce said on 2/Dec/08
George is looking down at 5-10 Richard Gere
Click Here

Some shocking Clooney and Damon pictures
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Damon was wearing cowboy

Clooney with bad posture has about 1.5" or 2 inches on 5'10" Matt Damon who was wearing cowboy boots.

George can look 5-10ish a lot because of bad posture but standing straight he's 5'11.5".
bam said on 25/Nov/08
rising force, there are other actors who add half an inch. Its odd, but people do it.
TELLEM said on 24/Nov/08
clooney being towered by john krasinski whos 6'3 puts him at 5'9.5-5'10
RisingForce said on 24/Nov/08
Yeah but if he's 5'11" flat then why would he try to lie and add an extra half inch. That seems kind of odd to me. I think he's 5'11.5" out of bed.
bam said on 23/Nov/08
i think 5'11 flat is acccurate. look at the man next to matt damon, kevin spacey, and andy garcia. with his clooney slouch he is comfortably taller
Anonymous said on 22/Nov/08
I'm starting to wonder if all these actors aren't claiming shoe heights, plus not too mention, their shoe heights are usually elevators or lifts. I think it's safe to say alot of these are adding 1.5-2 inches, Chris Rock was right on the money when he said everyone in hollywood adds about 4 inches. Clooney most likely claims his shoe plus morning height. Oh & pitt is not a full 180 barefoot, that should be a dead issue by now, there's evidence everywhere that he's only 5'10 or lower.
anonymous said on 11/Nov/08
He was taller than catherine zeta jones in intolerable cruelty by about an inch or two. If brad pitt is 180 than george is 180.
TELLEM said on 10/Nov/08
NATE says on 9/Nov/08
looks this height. maybe 5'11 back in the day. i remember in the movie "From Dusk til Dawn" his character was described as 5'11.

so if anything, it could have been 5'11 in shoes...makes sense to me
NATE said on 9/Nov/08
looks this height. maybe 5'11 back in the day. i remember in the movie "From Dusk til Dawn" his character was described as 5'11.
TELLEM said on 4/Nov/08
James says on 4/Nov/08
I swear Clooney actually appeared taller next to O'Donell than Val Kilmer did.

that means clooney is taller than kilmer? unless clooney had on lifts
RisingForce said on 4/Nov/08
That's not surprising James. I think Clooney is 5'11.5" and Kilmer is 6'0" so a half inch could go either way depending on footwear and posture.
Terminator said on 1/Nov/08
I think he is 175 CM which equals 5'9".I know and I saw Batman & Robin, I saw Clooney annd Chris O Donnell was really almost same. O Donnell is 175 CM and that's right. and on THE 6TH DAY (2000) which is Arnold's film, on movie his(Arnold's) wife in there was 175 CM, but Cloony looked not taller than her when I saw Clooney with Schwarzenegger at Batman 4 Preimiere in 1997.
Complex said on 30/Oct/08
He's max 5'10 barefoot. He was standing straight up against a slouching Krasinski and still looked 5'10 or less!
glenn said on 30/Oct/08
risingforce-rob might be able to dig those out again.i agree with your gauges.
Anonymous said on 29/Oct/08
George Clooney is 5'10" at most I think.
anonymous said on 29/Oct/08
yes he claims 5'11. BUT he was dwarfed by 6'3 John Krasinski in leatherheads. 5'11 seems out the question. 5'9.5-5'10 4 me
RisingForce said on 29/Oct/08
I'll say

Colin- 5'10.5"
Clooney- 5'11.5"
Foxx- 5'9"

Glenn, if you send any more pictures soon can you send the Colin photos? Those will be interesting to see.
glenn said on 29/Oct/08
complex-colin is very disputed one here cause i always saw him at 5-11,even in loafers or moccasins,whatever you,i had photo proof of him slouching alot next to me where you can tell he was 5-11 and im slightly on my tip toes!! and people still argue with me!! i always have the most concrete proof,yet its always ignored.
Viper said on 28/Oct/08
James, I would say Foxx is 5-8 and Clooney is 5-9.
Chan Man said on 28/Oct/08
George was clearly a 5'10" person barefoot in a couple of scenes in the new movie "Burn after Ready". Also, there were a couple of full figure angle shots in the movie as well to show he is a 5'11" man with footwear. He is lucky he is not bald yet and with hair it adds that half inch to his height!! 5'11 & a half" as he sometimes claims. He sloughs most of the time and descends to 5'10 & a half " on a bad posture day.
Complex said on 27/Oct/08
I've never met Farrell, but he never looks tall to me. Ya'll may be right, Glenn met him though, Glenn how tall was he? 5'10 is really the most I could see for Farrell but maybe i'm wrong, ive always heard 5'9...
RisingForce said on 27/Oct/08
James regardless, even with the camera angles Clooney was still taller because they didn't give him that much of an advantage.

Complex there are also numerous pictures of Colin and Jamie that show Colin taller.
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

They do look close in height in general especially since Colin has the footwear advantage but honestly looking at proportions and othber pictures I'd say Colin is 5'10.5" and Foxx is 5'9". I know it doesn't show in those pictures but that would account for Glenn's 5'11" sighting without lifts as well as the 5'10" listings and the Val Kilmer pictures.
Complex said on 26/Oct/08
Click Here
John Turturro (6'0.5 here), Tim Blake Nelson (5'5 here), & Clooney

Rising Force I was just saying i've heard alot about 5'8-5'9 for Farrell, i've also heard 5'8-5'9 for Foxx, but non-the-less I think we'd all agree 5'9 is max for Foxx, now check this out:

Click Here
Look at their eye levels and pretend Colin's hair wasn't spiked so high up. And Foxx s 5'8-5'9 max!
glenn said on 26/Oct/08
complex is right.colin was mentioned at 5-9 alot years ago.he looked 5-11 in one of my pic.5-10 in the other cause i had boots on.
RisingForce said on 26/Oct/08
The only reason I'm skeptical about Colin being 5'11" Glenn is because it seems that he's probably given his height as 5'10" as he's listed that height everywhere and despite wearing big heeled boots very often he never looks quite as tall as Sly does in them.

I have no problem believing 5'10" and I'm open to 5'11" because his proportions look like a 5'11" man's proportions. As of now though, 5'10" makes more sense to me. He can look anywhere from 5'9" to 6'0" in pictures I've seen.

Maybe I'll change my mind once your Colin pictures are up, I don't really remember the difference.

I think Pitt has the proportions of a 5'11" guy as well but I think Clooney is taller. He's looked taller a handful of times despite slouching while Pitt has military posture. Pitt also wears bigger foowear. Of course Pitt has looked taller a number of times but then again he could have a 1"-1.5" advantage in footwear and a 1"-1.5" advantage in posture. For now I'll say 5'11.5" for Clooney and 5'11" for Pitt.
glenn said on 25/Oct/08
proves colin isnt 5-8 is what i meant.colin is 5-10 for those of you that dont believe me.5-11 in me and my friends eyes.yes,clooney was looking taller than my last pitt encounter.pitt was 6ft in suspicious dress boots.clooney 6-1 in dress shoes.obviously with lifts too,i imagine.couldnt tell.
RisingForce said on 25/Oct/08
Colin is listed at 5'10" almost everywhere Complex. There are a few 5'11" listings as well but I haven't seen a 5'9" listing.

I honestly think Colin is atleast a legit 5'10" and Clooney is 5'11.5". Clooney's posture isn't even that good in those pictures.

For why I think Colin is atleast 5'10", check his page.
Complex said on 25/Oct/08
Clooney does look tall in those posted by risigforce, Colin forget the lifts at home. Those pictures kind of confirm that i've always thought 5'8 for Colin's height, he certainly looks it in those. I knew Colin couldn't be a full 5'10 and really never looks 5'9, although he's listed 5'9 everywhere else, I think even that is generous, more than likely a legit 5'8, which explains Clooney looking 5'11.5-6'0 in those pictures.
RisingForce said on 25/Oct/08
What kind of shoes was he wearing Glenn? He looked convincingly taller than Brad Pitt not too long ago either.
bam said on 25/Oct/08
rob would you be shocked by 5'11.5? I admit, that would make his posture horrendous (as opposed to just relaxed, how it appears to be). I certainly think its possible.
glenn said on 25/Oct/08
outstanding work again risingforce.this is the 6-1 clooney i saw lately.and i saw him at 5-11.5 this year too.proves colin is 5-8.
RisingForce said on 24/Oct/08
Clooney looks convincingly taller than Colin Farrell
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Colin is listed as 5'10" here and almost everywhere else, Glenn claims Colin is 5'11" and there are a few 5'11" listings. Colin also often wears big heeled boots.

I'd say that makes 5'11.5" seem very possible for Clooney.
Big T said on 23/Oct/08
Ian, seriously. If Swintin is 5'11" as her agency claims, and those heels are 6", that would make her 6'5". Even if you think she is only 5'9", she should be 6'3" in those heels.....yet she looks more 6'1" MAX (she really looks shorter than Pitt but I'm giving you, and her, some major benefit of the doubt)

Even I'm prepared to say maybe she's only, say, 5'9", the heels are giving her 3.5 inches and maybe she's standing 6' 1/2" there, a little shorter than Pitt in highish-heeled shoes. But all of those Swinton pictures make claims of 6" heels ridiculous. If those heels really give 6 inches then Swinton is about 4" overlisted!
Ian said on 20/Oct/08
The Horse of FUNK says on 8/Oct/08
Clooney looks like he's walking on loafs of bread in those pics. Big ass shoes. Rob has his accurately, he's a solid 5'10.5".

Yes he is a solid 5' 10.5" Just the height you would claim 5ft11 to round it up.
Those heels tilda has on with clooney bending his knees. They look like they are giving about 6" They have a big platform at the front, looks like 1.5"-2 platform at the front. No point comparing woman in heels like that as it is almost impossible to judge what they give, they give some woman more than others as woman stand differently in high heels, most bend a bit.
Mickey said on 19/Oct/08
Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

The links didnt work so here they are. Once again, given no camera advantage, Tilda TOWERS both Clooney and Pitt by 3-4 inches.
Mickey said on 19/Oct/08
Infin you obviously havent seen this pics where no one has a real camera advanatage. Tilda is towering them by 3-4 inches. Towering.

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Let me know if the pics dont work, they were posted up on the Pitt page. Courtesy of Bam.
Complex said on 17/Oct/08
Infin you're basing everything you just said on the fact that "you" think tilda is 5'11, she's listed everywhere else even here at 5'10.5, so i'm not sure if you're upgrading her to try to back up your point or what.

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Anonymous said on 17/Oct/08
RisingForce , stop licking glenns ass,Glenn said that in his photo George was in boots , so of course he was towering glenn.
And infin , those photos have some horrible angles, specially the first one ,the angle of the camera is uber low ,that photo proves nothing.
RisingForce said on 17/Oct/08
Maybe he just didn't feel like throwing in that extra half inch. For a guy who slouches as much as he does he may not care about half an inch.
The Horse of FUNK said on 17/Oct/08
Hasn't he always said he's 5'11"? Now all the sudden he's 5'11"... and a half! Did he grow a half an inch over the past few years?
infin said on 17/Oct/08
yeah now we have clooney at 5-9. alright, then explain please this - Click Here
clooney looks about pitts height. but you gotta realize that they are both taller tahn tilda swinton, who is 5-11 barefoot. sure tildas posture isnt the best. if tilda had straightened up, she'd gain an extra inch, but not more.
Click Here but look at her heels! she like 6-2 in them, they looks really huge. so do the math, they are about the same height barefoot yet clooney looks her height + heels. george is not way near 5-11. and might be 5-11 and a half as he claims. same with pitt, 5-10 is too low for him.
and about that pic with krasninski, he looks about 5-10 and a half to me. you know its clooney, so his posture might be bad.
RisingForce said on 17/Oct/08
Wait until Rob posts the picture of Glenn and George, George looks 5'11" or 5'11.5" there and Glenn confirmed that in person.
Complex said on 16/Oct/08
If Clooney is 5'11.5, which would make him around 6' in shoes, then John Krasinski must be like 6'6, which would make Krasinski's brothers like 6'10, haha, not a chance. Krasinski did say he was the runt of the family at 6'3. If he's 6'3, then Clooney can't be 5'11.5 or really can't even be 5'10 for that matter. John K soared over Clooney in leatherheads.
RisingForce said on 15/Oct/08
Still in 2008 he claims 5'11 1/2"

"Yes, I slouch," Clooney says. "My mother tells me that."

So what's the truth? According to the man himself, he's five eleven and a half.

Click Here

It's already been established that he sometimes looks under that height because of his posture.
RisingForce said on 15/Oct/08
Clooney at 5'9" is insane. He's taller than Brad Pitt.

Most likely

Damon- 5'9"-5'10"
Pitt- 5'10"-5'11"
Clooney- 5'10.5"-5'11.5"

That's the height difference between the 3, Clooney is likely half an inch taller than Brad who is an inch taller than Damon.

There's a better chance that Brad is 5'9" than Clooney but there isn't a good chance of either.
Viper said on 15/Oct/08
Thats a good barefoot pic. Id say

Damon - 5-8
Clooney - 5-9
Brad - 5-10
TELLEM said on 14/Oct/08
and he looked barely taller than matt damon in that pic mickey posted...damon is no way 5'10 though...he was barely taller than de niro in the the good shepard premiere pics...and damon's shoe soles were thicker than de niros lol..i say hes in the 5'8 range
TELLEM said on 14/Oct/08
next to 6'3 John Krasinski...he looks 5'10 max...maybe even r saw clooney at 5'9.5!...but those pics complex posted is proof that clooney is not 5 haha 11...5'10 max
Dural said on 14/Oct/08
He stated on the Rosie show "I'm 5ft 11" so I think if he really was 5'11.5" he wouldn't claim 5'11". I just can't believe Damon is 5'10". He is the shortest 5'10" I have ever seen.
Here's the reason Pitt didn't took off his slippers in the pic with Clooney & Damon...

Click Here
Complex said on 13/Oct/08
Mickey I agree, him and Damon aren't much different. And lemme say that if Pitt took off his lift endoweled slippers in that pic, he'd be right down there with them. It's supersuspicious to me that Damon and Clooney seemed very willing to take off their shoes yet Pitt wouldn't, I bet they were wragging on Pitt that day saying "Come on, take your shoes off". And he prolly kept insisting "no". lol! Damon is 5'9 max but I really think 5'8-5'8.5. Clooney never hits 5'10. Pitt at best hits 5'10 in the morning. What we have here is 3 extra-ordinary celebrity actors at orinary heights. Nothing wrong with that, but that's what it is! Rising Force if clooney were 5'11.5 and John K. is 6'3 then that would be 3.5 inch difference, but as you can see there's clearly more than that. That 2nd pic I posted of them shoes a slouching John (hence the bent knee) standing well over Clooney standing straigh up. Safe to say Clooneys eyes are level with John K's chin, (and mind you that's with John slouching). I admit Clooney has bad posture at times but I think ppl use that to list him higher than he is, I mean maybe he did lose height from that back surgery, who knows, but the discussion is his height now, which can't even be 5'10, the john k pics reveal that!!
Ange said on 13/Oct/08
Ocean's 5'11.
Mickey said on 13/Oct/08
RisingForce says on 1/Sep/08
Damon isn't over 5'9".

Your quote says otherwise RF. In saying that though. i could buy 5'10.5 max for Clooney, certainly not 5'11.5" though.
RisingForce said on 13/Oct/08
Mickey, I didn't say Damon couldn't be 5'10", I said he looks more 5'9". Clooney is also slouching a bit there, his posture is never as good as Damon's or Pitt's. He's also more like half an inch taller, then he loses about an inch in posture and so he's 5'10.5" if Damon is 5'9" but 5'11.5" if Damon is 5'10".
Mickey said on 12/Oct/08
Click Here

Rising Force please explain how Clooney is pretty much the same height(maybe .25 inch taller TOPS) as 5'9"max(as you so stated) Matt Damon then IN SOCKS? Clooney is slouching slightly, maybe losing an inch, which would probably make him 5'10". Certainly not the 5'11.5" you claim, in my opinion.
Complex said on 12/Oct/08
I can see Clooney anywhere close to 5'10 but not a full 5'10. Maybe 5'9.5 or 5'9.75, if he were 5'11 or 5'11.5 then in lifts he'd be 6'1 or more and we'd have to upgrade everyone that's taller than him.

Click Here (with 6'3 John Krasinski)
Wanna know why Clooney looks so small here, cuz you can't play active sports in lifts, that's why you never see Clooney or Pitt doing anything active, they'd rather wear lifts and be uncomfortable than reveal their real heights may be smaller than they claim.

Click Here
Check out this picture. Notice Clooney is standing straight up and then look at John's knee. It's bent as if he's in a relaxed posed yet he still has just an absurd amount of height on Clooney. If John stood straight up he could see clear over Clooney's head. He looks to be a solid 5-6 inches over Clooney, there's just no way Clooney hits 5'10 barefoot. And think about it, Pitt is not much taller than Clooney if any, so if Pitt were out there in Clooney's exact shoes, Pitt would look just as small. This just proves that Pitt and Clooney are both probably around 5'9.5, 5'10 absolute max, no where near 5'11!!!
TELLEM said on 11/Oct/08
didn't u say u saw clooney at 5'9.5 mr. R?
Mr. R said on 11/Oct/08
I saw Clooney recently im Hollywood. I will repeat my assertions that he not quite 5-11
Complex said on 9/Oct/08
Anonymous I didn't post those pics, you've got me mixed up with someone else...
RisingForce said on 9/Oct/08
Clooney looked slightly taller than Pitt in Ocean's Eleven. If Pitt is 5-11 then Clooney is 5-11.5 but if Pitt is 5-10 then Clooney is 5-10.5 assuming neither had a footwear advantage. Clooney does look like a near 6 foot guy to me.
The Horse of FUNK said on 8/Oct/08
Clooney looks like he's walking on loafs of bread in those pics. Big ass shoes. Rob has his accurately, he's a solid 5'10.5".
Anonymous said on 7/Oct/08
Clooney at 5.11.5 is nonsense.Please take another look at the photos Complex posted.They are useless to judge height they have horrible angles ,specially because clooney is closer to the camera making him automatically taller than pitt.Is not that they are side by side ,clooney is slighty forward while brad is behind , you cant conclude anything based on that pics ,I might add that those photos were taken with a low angle distorting heights more in the process. So the ONLY way to explain those photos are bad camera angles ,plus clooney standind nearer the camera lense.
RisingForce said on 7/Oct/08
I could buy Clooney at 5'11.5" but Pitt is in the 5'10"-5'11" range. Pitt is almost never seen out of lifts and has great posture while Clooney is not a known lift wearer and has bad posture. So the only way to explain those side by side pictures where Clooney had 1.5" or 2" on Pitt is that Clooney actually is taller.
eddie said on 6/Oct/08
Interesting photos that rising force posted...if you look at their chin levels, Pitt is clearly 2 in shorter than Clooney. Clooney publically claims 5.11 as his height, which he has stated in interviews.
RisingForce said on 6/Oct/08
I'm not convinced Clooney would wear lifts considering he makes no effort at all to have good posture. I believe Clooney's 5'11.5" claim but I think Pitt is 5'10".

In the Clooney pictures Pitt has suspicious footwear and we all know he will wear lifts. Pitt is 5'10" and Clooney is 5'11.5", If Pitt is in his huge shoes then he can look taller but Pitt has perfect posture while Clooney has terrible posture. At worst Clooney is 5'10.5" but more liek 5'11.5" is more likely.
Antonio said on 5/Oct/08
In response to RisingForce's post.

I'm confused. It appears that George has 2" on Brad. If George is 5'11" that would make Brad about 5'9".

Unless you kidnap or corner these guys and force them up against a tape measure, you will never be sure. There is so much distortion and deception with a camera, and in Clooney's case here, there is no way to know whether he is using lifts or not. Pitt too, for that matter. Pesonally, I believe Clooney's shoes looks suspicious here, however you can't see them.

I think they purposely do this just to confuse us. :)

I seem to remember seeing another photo of them together with opposite results. I think it was on this sight, too!
RisingForce said on 4/Oct/08
Complex look at these
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Pitt looks hopelessly short there. There's 2 inches there and even factoring in Clooney's slight camera advantage in some of those pictures he has to be atlest 1.5" taller.

Pitt is wearing heeled shoes with possible lifts while Clooney is wearing boots that give a good amount of height but I don't think Clooney wears lifts. I really don't think Clooney cares that much about his height like Pitt does otherwise he'd force his posture.

I believe that Clooney is taller than Pitt barefoot. I don't see Pitt being under 5'10" but I guess it's possible based on the Clooney and Damon pictures. Clooney I see almost no chance of, the short sightings are because of bad posture like we both agreed he has. 5'10" minimum.
Complex said on 3/Oct/08
Clooney does have bad posture, I will give you that. I often wonder how Clooney would look standing next to Pitt and Damon if he had their exact posture.
Anonymous said on 3/Oct/08
Clooney claims 5'11. I seriously doubt he is more than that. Maybe I'm being cynical, but I don't take very many people at their word regarding their own height, especially celebs. If someone is claiming a certain height, in more cases than not, they are less than said height. I would guess Clooney to be around 5'10. Maybe a tad less or more, but most likely a flat 5'10.
RisingForce said on 2/Oct/08
It's somewhat possible Pitt is under 5'10" because he looked 1.5" shorter than Clooney in about half a dozen pictures a few weeks ago. Damon could be anywhere from 5'8" to 5'10" and Clooney isn't under 5'10". The difference is that Clooney doesn't have good posture yet still looks over 5'10" while Pitt and Damon force their posture and wear big shoes yet look 5-11ish doing that.

Pitt could be anywhere from 5'9.5" to 5'11" but 5'10" is most likely. Clooney is atleast 5'10.5" and possibly 5'11.5".
Complex said on 1/Oct/08
Nah, not much difference between the three, but rising force, explain the pics of Pitt and Damon then, can't say Pitt has bad posture, and that latest pic on Pitt's site has them both looking almost identical. Clooney doesn't hit 5'10 barefoot. 5'11 is a joke for Clooney and Pitt. And Damon is probably lucky if he hits 5'9, never hit 5'10 barefoot.
RisingForce said on 1/Oct/08
Complex, Damon has much better posture than Clooney. That can give him an inch advantage right there and since Clooney usually looks about an inch taller that puts Clooney at about 2 inches taller.
Complex said on 30/Sep/08
Rising force you just put Damon in the 5'8-5'9 range and we've all seen pictures of Clooney looking not even a half an inch taller, so how could it be laughable? We've seen all these guys close in height and there's even a few where Damon is taller than both and where Pitt and Damon are close to the same height. There is so much proof that they are all three in the 5'9-5'10 max range yet I think everyone thinks like this: "Pitt is a super-star, so even if he is 5'9 or 5'10, there is no way he can be..because he's a superstar, same with Clooney." Then maybe they think "well, damon isn't as big as a superstar as these so I could see him being smaller than them." Height isn't based on popular celebrity status or lifts, it's based on height, and it seems that all three of these guys, though very EXTREMELY talented actors...lack it! None of them are legitimately over 5'10 barefoot, period. Anything over for them is laughable and also serves as insurance to me that Pitt & Clooney have alot of ppl fooled with lifts.

I wish I could find it but I swear I once saw a sight advertising lifts and said "Worn by actors such as George Clooney, etc." and I haven't been able to find it since, if he's so tall,why does he wear lifts and why did even Donald Trump call him short??? It doesn't add up, Clooney constantly looks smaller than alot of actors he works with.
RisingForce said on 30/Sep/08
TELLEM says on 29/Sep/08
RisingForce says on 29/Sep/08
Those are laughable estimates for Clooney and Pitt. Pitt isn't under 5'10" and there's no chance he's 5'9" flat. Clooney isn't under 5'10" either.

all of YOUR estimates are laughable period.

Coming from someone who thinks Clooney and Pitt are under 5'10" that doesn't mean much. Clooney slouches and still looks around 5'10"-5'11". Pitt is a solid 5'10" as well. The only one of those estimates that's even possible is Damon in the 5'8"-5'9" range which seems correct.
OutBenchThis said on 29/Sep/08
Looking at photos next to Krasinski, Clooney looks no bigger than 5'10.5"..5'10" flat is certainly possible but I'd give him the benefit of the doubt and go with what Rob has him at.
TELLEM said on 29/Sep/08
RisingForce says on 29/Sep/08
Those are laughable estimates for Clooney and Pitt. Pitt isn't under 5'10" and there's no chance he's 5'9" flat. Clooney isn't under 5'10" either.

all of YOUR estimates are laughable period.

those estimates seem accurate to me
RisingForce said on 29/Sep/08
Those are laughable estimates for Clooney and Pitt. Pitt isn't under 5'10" and there's no chance he's 5'9" flat. Clooney isn't under 5'10" either.
Complex said on 28/Sep/08
Rising Force, how can you say "Brad Pitt didnt have lifts". Lifts are made to be hidden inside the shoe, no one in this whole entire site can really say for certain that a celeb doesn't have lifts, unless he's in sandles or low-cut shoes where you can see the ankle. You can put lifts in anything nowdays. But i'm telling you right now, barefoot, Clooney isn't 5'10, there's just now way. Oh and Damon 5'9.5-5'10, that's just absurd, lol! At best, Damon hits 5'9, he's prolly a little less though, he's a lift wearer, as is Clooney, as is Pitt, as is any celeb.

Im telling you guys now, here's an accurate listing for the main three that will never be proven cuz they are always in shoes.

Brad Pitt: 5'9-5'9.5 (5'10 max)
George Clooney: 5'9-5'9.75 (5'9.75 max)
Matt Damon: 5'8-5'9 (5'9 max)

They are all very similiar in height!
Joe Blow said on 27/Sep/08
No Doubt he is wearing lifts now.
Click Here
Fisher said on 24/Sep/08
Listen up people, we have gone through almost every picture regarding Clooney. There is no possible way he is over 5'11 or below 5'10. Even look at the not so intricate features about him. He has large hands & his limbs upper body and lower, are noticeably longer than per-say Matt Damon(5'9.5-5'10)
RisingForce said on 24/Sep/08
He isn't under 5'10". He has very poor posture and he still looks 5'10.5" like he's given here. He's more likely over 5'11" than under 5'10". In recent pictures where Brad Pitt didn't have lifts, Clooney was taller!
Ian said on 22/Sep/08
The picture with Gordon Brown. Now Gordon brown is a tall 5ft11 possibly he's 5ft 11.5 181 or A weak 6ft 182cm like myself. He is as tall as George Bush or David Beckham. We can look 2 inches taller than a standard 5ft10 guy (178-179cm)
Complex said on 18/Sep/08
Lifts are made to be hidden leonari, not like he's gonna walk around obviously wearing lifts, he hides them in his shoes, that plus his 1-2 inch heel, easily under 5'10. 5'11-5'11.5 is laughable unless you're talkin' bout shoe (lift+heel) height. And you must guage by movies cuz you literally just said and I quote "Clooney looks a full 5'10 on every pic, in every MOVIE"!!! 5'9.5, 5'9 for Clooney, i'd even but 5'9.75 but never a full 5'10!
leonari said on 18/Sep/08
I don't gauge by movies. Premieres where I have a chance to see his shoes. He never wears boots or semi boots. Regular shoes. He looks 5'11" in them and most of his shoes have a normal heel and room for 1 inch lift. thats 5'10" complex and where does he look short or close to short?? Where?
Complex said on 17/Sep/08
Leonari, you're probably right, but answer me this question real quick, is he wearing shoes in those movies or answer me this, are we judging barefoot height here or shoe height?? Ok, case closed, he never hits 5'10 barefoot and if he does, then he's the shortest 5'10 i've ever seen!!
Viper said on 17/Sep/08
The shortest Clooney ever looked in a major film was batman.
leonari said on 17/Sep/08
Viper and Complex: Oh please! Clooney looks a full 5'10 on every pic, in every movie. Hell he even looked 179 in the late 90's after he made his break into A Class.
Complex said on 17/Sep/08
Brad said on 1/Sep/08
4" on Glenn, both in big ones. He's at least 5' 10".
Clay said on 1/Sep/08
He had like 4 inches on Glenn, all be it in boots, so even if his boots were giving him 2/2.5 inches he's still at least 5'10.
Viper said on 31/Aug/08
I think hes 5-9-5-9 1/2. He sure doesnt look more than that earlier in his career in movies and tv shows from the 80s.
dmeyer said on 30/Aug/08
clooney can look 2 in over pitt the floor wasnt great pitt shoes can be seen and clooney looks atleast as tall as pitt ,rob you should look at getty images pitt clooney ,some rare pic there at first pitt looks 1.5 in taller bu pitt as east 1.25 i shoes dvantage and the pitt has normal low cut 0.9 to 1 in shoes and clooney looks between 0.25 to 1.5 in taller angl and postur might play but it is clear pitt isnt taller so either upgreat clooney or dongrade pitt
TNTinCA said on 30/Aug/08
I actually saw him in Vegas once, albeit at a distance. I thought he looked 5'11".
6ft stephen said on 29/Aug/08
why he is just 5'9.5" ?He's at least 5'11" like hugh grant
Brad said on 28/Aug/08
Valerie is close enough. They are literally the same height.
Valeri said on 28/Aug/08
johnny6644 - so not true.
On the red carpet hes max 1 inch taller.Howerver if you check out the photocall shots,where hes nto sportingl ifts(pitt),youll see that hes max same height as clooney,and clooney isnt even trying.
So at least 5'10.5 for clooney. Same for Brad I reckon.Also were the same in oceans 11 and 13
Brad said on 27/Aug/08
In Oceans Thirteen Clooney & Pitt look the same. In the classic cast shot left to right (Cannes?) Damon is shorter than both with ease. Pitt & Clooney are 5' 10"ish.
johnny6644 said on 27/Aug/08
At this moment, I'm looking at a picture of Pitt and Clooney side-by-side at the Venice Festival and Pitt is easily taller than Clooney by two inches. If not more.
Anonymous said on 27/Aug/08
Debbie, Pitt does look taller than George, but he is packing something in those shoes too. I think he and George are about the same height; a weak 5'10.
Debbie said on 27/Aug/08
If Brad Pitt claims he is 5'11", then Clooney is at least 1 to 2 inches shorter. Look at them standing next to each other in the "Ocean's" movies....Clooney is clearly shorter. Standing next to Matt Damon, they seem to be eye to eye and Damon is 5'10". He has admitted to it in many interviews and wishes he was taller so he could play more competitive basketball. My bey is that Clooney is 5"10".
Brad said on 26/Aug/08
On January 26th Glenn said Willis is 6' 1". If he said 5' 11" for Clooney, he is wrong again. He was 5' 6" pre '94 in his photo with him and owned by Clooney by 4".
Edu said on 26/Aug/08
He closer to 5'11" and very solid
Matt said on 25/Aug/08
Looks like Clooney has finally joined the Self-Conscious A-List Club and plumped for the special shoes:

Click Here
Anonymous said on 25/Aug/08
Clooney would be lucky to be the height listed above. I think he is 5'10 flat.
On Letherheads said on 25/Aug/08
In the movie Leatherheads some minor character asked his character "Is XYZ really that tall or does he just appear so tall on the playing field, because you are rather short?"

I would not call someone, who is 5-11 tall "rather short". Guess he is 5-10 at most.
Viper said on 22/Aug/08
What was really crazy is that Glenn said he saw Clooney at 6-2 no less, lol.

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