How tall is George H. W. Bush

George H. W. Bush's Height

6ft 2 (188 cm)

American politician, the 41st President of the United States. In a book by his son, he mentioned how "[By] June 1943 [at almost 19], he had grown two inches since his enlistment, topping out at six feet, two inches."

How tall is George Bush
Photo via Wikimedia Commons
A baffled Bush agrees that something has gone amiss in his public image, that, somehow, over his vice-presidential years, his stature has been diminished.
"I have people say to me as I walk into a room, 'Hey, I thought you were a short guy'", he says, shaking his head in frustration, "I've been 6-foot-2 since I was 16. Why do they say that? There's something distorted."

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Average Guess (58 Votes)
6ft 2.47in (189.2cm)
Slim 6'1" said on 2/Oct/20
188 young
183 old
Sinclair said on 30/Sep/20
Rob, who would you say measured taller at peak, Bill Clinton or Bush Sr.?

I would estimate Bush Sr. to have been slightly taller than Clinton and Donald Trump at peak. I feel Bush Sr. was definitely no less than 6'2" in his prime. 6'2.25" may be a more accurate listing than a flat 6'2" for Bush Sr.
slothee said on 20/Sep/20
A 6’2” and change guy. I know some people who are tall (over 6ft) that never bother with mentioning the extra fraction. I think H.W was one of those guys.
berta said on 20/Sep/20
this guy looked 6´1 even when he was really old. i think closer to 189 peak. maybe 188,5-189. there is no way he was under 188 thats for sure.
DarkPower729 said on 19/Sep/20
Bush 41 looked incredibly tall. He looked more than 2in taller than President Reagan who wasn’t less than 6ft tall in office. He’s also noticeably taller than Clinton who is listed as 6’2”, but I believe he was a weak 6’2” at about 6’1.75”. I believe Bush 41 was 6’2.75” (189.9cm) in the morning and 6’2” (188cm) before bed. I think his listing should be upgraded to 6’2.25” (188.6cm)- maybe even 6’2.375” (188.9cm).
Alir?za said on 10/Sep/20
Click Here

He looked over 6'1 at 85 years old... Some people lose so little height when they get older
Alir?za said on 10/Sep/20
He was certainly at least full 6'2 but I think 6'2.5 looks more right for him
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 25/Aug/20
Made Arnold look under 6ft1
jimmy495 said on 10/Aug/20
He looked noticeably taller than Ronald Reagan which was almost 6'1 I always thought Bush senior was around 6'3 190/191 cm
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 8/Jul/20
Rob, at peak who do you would’ve measured taller Trump or Bush Sr.?
Editor Rob
You can make a case for both potentially being 6ft 2 or a little over rather than say under 6ft 2. I think the majority of people in each case consider them solid 6ft 2 guys in their peak years.
Nearly 180cm guy said on 21/May/20
Hey Rob! I found a few other photos of Bush next to Babe Ruth from 1948: Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here
Bush was only 24 years old at the time, so he was very young, but Babe Ruth was 53 and I wonder if he could lose some height... Although Bush at 56 was still looking like he didn't lose any noticeable height. I found two other photos of Bush next to Ronald Reagan from 1980, Bush already looked good 2.5 inches taller than Reagan: Click Here Click Here
For me, Bush, Samuel L. Jackson and M. C. Gainey were one of the more real 6ft 2.25 guys. Rob, have you seen enough to give Bush 1/4 inch over 6ft 2?
Willes190 said on 29/Apr/20
Now I grant you that Dick Cavett is very short (shortest talkshow host in American history by a long shot) But look at the statue and body of HW. A real textbook example of a 189cm man imo
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 8/Jan/20
188-189cm is definitely more believable peak than 187cm
Nearly 180cm guy said on 4/Jan/20
After looking at Bush for a long time, I really believe he was 6'2.25". He always looked a lot taller than Ronald Reagan, for example in this 1985 photo: Click Here
Or in 1988: Click Here
Also in 1984: Click Here Click Here
Even in 1980, when Reagan was still about 6 feet tall, Bush looked a good two and a half inches taller than him: Click Here Click Here
Also, in 1992, Bush really looked taller than Bill Clinton: Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here
Rob, could you give him 1/4 inch over 6'2"?
Editor Rob said on 21/Dec/19
Actually found a quote from Bush, he claimed to have been 6ft 2 since he was 16.
6'3'' Peterson said on 16/Dec/19
20, 30, 40 Years old: 6'2 ½ 189cm

50, 60, 70 Years old: 6'2 188cm
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 29/Nov/19
At peak

Bush Sr. 188.5cm
Jeb: 192.5cm
W: 180.5cm
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 9/Nov/19
I actually think he pulls of 6ft3 in those photos...and he was already well into his 60’s by then. Reagan was probably down a bit from his peak but Arnold I doubt had lost anything.

6ft2½ in his prime Rob?
Editor Rob
I'm not as convinced on a full 189
cmillzz said on 27/Aug/19
One of the more legit 6’2s on this site I’d say.
Yang (5 footer 8, 172-173) said on 11/Aug/19
Definitely taller than his son George W Bush (I called him as George Bush Jr) with 5ft 10 range. Bush is an example of son being shorter than his father unlike mine!!!! He isn't definitely tallest former US President, but one of US president over 6 footer at least.
My guess for latest his height before his death last year would be 6 ft 1 range(Not his peak height tough). Your listing for his height goes for his peak height. Yes!!!
edwards said on 9/Aug/19
I yhink the height rob has enlisted him is his peak height
Canson said on 22/Jun/19
Rob has him pegged for his peak height
'Annonymous' said on 5/Apr/19
Rob, did you see Bush's 1992 photos alongside Bill Clinton and his photos alongside Ronald Reagan from the 80s that I sent? Here is another picture of Bush next to Reagan in 1988:
Click Here
I also found a photo of Bush next to Arnold Schwarzenegger from 1990:
Click Here Click Here Click Here
Bush looked about two inches taller than Arnold, if we take in their footwear, we can see that Bush had some thicker shoes than Arnold, but even considering some difference in their shoes, Bush still looks too tall to be only 6'2". Rob, will you agree with the fact that 6'2.25" could be closer to the truth for him?
Editor Rob
There is a chance he could have measured 6ft 2 and change.
'Annonymous' said on 3/Apr/19
I was sad and I cried when George HW Bush died, it's always very sad when every man dies but I really liked Bush senior😭. Rob, please give Bush a quarter of an inch over 6'2" because this is the character he really deserve. In 1992, Bush still looked taller than Bill Clinton (although Clinton had more bushy hair than Bush):
Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here
In the pictures from the debate, where Bush and Clinton are standing side by side, their shoes are not visible, but you can see them in these pictures:
Click Here Click Here
Besides, the difference between Bush and Ronald Reagan always looked like two and a half inches up to three inches, here's an example photo of Bush and Reagan's side by side in 1985:
Click Here
Here is another picture from 1988:
Click Here
A flat 6'2" looks too low for Bush. Please Rob, give him a 1/4 inch upgrade.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 12/Feb/19
I stand by 6ft1½ for Arnold prime and somewhere between 6ft2-2½ for Bush Sr. (Probably more 6ft2 in presidential years)
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 11/Feb/19
Ron, how tall would you say Colin Powell was peak?

He’s listed 6ft2 and looked roughly the same as Bush Sr.
Editor Rob
I think he was more in 6ft 1 range
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 27/Dec/18
Arnold had lost height by the time that photo was taken. But in the 80’s there definitely wasn’t that much between him and Bush Sr.
Robby Harris said on 22/Dec/18
Taller than 6'1.5" Arnold Schwarzenegger: Click Here Whether Arnold was 6'1" or 6'1.5" is debatable.
viper said on 11/Dec/18
He was 6-2 max. Some people don't shrink.

My 80 year old Uncle is still 5-8
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 10/Dec/18

It was very likely a morning measurement.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 10/Dec/18
You can’t rule out 6ft2½ for Bush Sr.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 10/Dec/18
Even though it’s well-documented Arnold was measured 6ft1½
Canson said on 22/Nov/18
@Christian: yea max 6’1” I doubt 186-187 for Arnold either
Afka9 said on 20/Aug/18
I think he could be 6'2.5 or 6'3 in his youngest years. Because he looked taller than obama when he was 85 years ! He looked taller than almost everybody in 90's.
Spencer said on 2/Jul/18
6'2.5" peak
hclol said on 4/May/18
how tall was dan quayle?
Christian-6'5 3/8" said on 30/Apr/18

People are "undermining" Arnold's height because he simply didn't look that tall. Has nothing to do with being the cool thing to do. I don't believe he was as tall as 186-187 either. More like 185.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 29/Apr/18
I’m sick of people undermining Arnold’s height simply because it’s the cool thing to do. He was easily 186-187cm 30 years ago.

Bush was most likely a bit over 6ft2 peak (6ft3 out of bed). He still looked a good 2in taller than his son in the early 2000’s.
berta said on 29/Apr/18
i think hr was fraction over this. example`: he was 1 inch taller than arnold in early 90`.i dont thikn arnold was more than 185-86 but that still makes bush atleast 188-188,5 at around age 65. He was atleast same hight as obama 2009 when he was 85 years old. looked to be fraction taller than obama who is 185-186. that means this guy was 186 ish at 85 years old. i think he was 189 and is about 184 today if measured.this guy looked to be same height as ryan reynold peak. just under 189
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 28/Apr/18
Still looked around 6ft2 in office (maybe 187-188cm at worst) so 189cm prime wouldn't come as a surprise.
Canson said on 25/Feb/18
Peak as listed
BilboBaggins said on 25/Feb/18
Close to 6' 3" at his peak. Probably nearer 6' 1.5" in his very old, wheelchair-bound age nowadays. Either way, this dude always gave me the creeps. But that's a member of the old 'Skull 'N' Bones' set for ya (and his mind-controlled 5' 10.5" son, Dubya)!
Mark172cm said on 14/Dec/17
Is 6'2.5" peak possible? If he was 6'2" in office, I think that's possible. His son didn't state any fractions.
Editor Rob: I'm not sure, you could always say he had potential to be 6ft 2 and 1/4. It would be interesting to know what he was recorded as for the military!
john said on 12/Dec/17
6'3 prime no less
Harris said on 23/Nov/17
He also looked almost a head taller than a heel-wearing Nancy Reagan, who was probably 5'4" tops: Click Here
Harris said on 23/Nov/17
He appeared to tower over 6' Reagan in this photo from 1988: Click Here but other times looked more of a solid 2" taller: Click Here Click Here though Reagan quite often wore big shoes that gave the impression of being a little built up around the heel: Click Here and here's a handful of pics of them from 1991, with Jimmy Carter, who probably wasn't over 5'9" here: Click Here Click Here Click Here

He still appeared to edge out 6'2" Bill Clinton in 1997: Click Here Click Here Click Here and again in 2005: Click Here and in 2007: Click Here by this time I think Clinton still might've been 6'1.5"

There's no solidly good comparisons of Senior Bush and Trump together, but here's the best ones I could find: Click Here Click Here

Now by 2009, at age 85, he surely wouldn't have been able to stand tall and definitely lost some height, but in quite a few photos taken when Obama was first elected, he could appear to slightly edge him out at times: Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here

I think a strong case can be made for 188-189 cm range for a peak Senior Bush.
Harris said on 19/Nov/17
Rob: So if he was 6'2" during presidency (late 60's), don't you think he might have been a little fraction above it before then?
Slothee said on 18/Nov/17
He really should be upgraded to like 6’2.25”! If he appeared 6’2” by 60, he most likely was a hair over 6’2” at his peak. Maybe even 6’2.5”...but 6’2.25 I think’s more likely.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 1/Nov/17
Pre-Presidency years might have been 189cm...
Harris said on 1/Nov/17
Do you think he was 6'2" as president? Wasn't he already in his 70's by then?
Editor Rob: late 60's he still looked nearer 6ft 2 than 6ft 1 flat, but in 70's nearer 6ft 1 and by 80's under it...he seemed to hold up better than average for sure.
Harris said on 1/Nov/17
Lol...Rob, you do realise this is Senior Bush's page, right?
Editor Rob: ah, Senior Bush then lost height slower, he seemed to reach 60 and still appear 6ft 2 and in 70's still 6ft 1
Oanh said on 17/Oct/17
Solid 6'2"
Checkmate said on 16/Oct/17
191cm peak,that is what he was measured in the army and explains how Jeb grew up to be 192cm, Barbera Bush is very short remember that.
Slim183 said on 23/Aug/17
The guys 93 years old, he must of shrunk.
Unanimous said on 3/Aug/17
6'2.25 peak
6'2 in office
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 9/Jul/17
He still looked this post-presidency so there is a good chance he was a bit taller than it peak. Not sure about 6ft3 but you could argue he was 6ft2½
BillisaLefty said on 23/May/17
Easy 6'2''.
John said on 20/Mar/17
He's in a wheelchair, so it's kinda hard to guess how tall he is now. Although, he's pushing 93, so he's definitely lost some height.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 7/Dec/16
189cm peak is arguable. Still looked 188cm in office
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 1/Jun/16
I'd say he's struggling with 6ft today at 91, wouldn't you Rob?
Editor Rob: not seen anything lately, but he held up well through to age 70-75
Chris said on 27/Apr/16
Bush Sr. definitely held on to his height in his older years. If you Google the Oval Office pic of him and all of the other Presidents in January 2009 (right before Obama was inaugurated), he's clearly the tallest guy in the room. Bill Clinton, on the other hand, has lost an inch or two with age, and Jimmy Carter (who was never that tall to begin with) totally shrunk.
184-182 said on 10/Apr/16
I give him 189cm at his peak, 190cm tops. I always thought he edged out Clinton a little bit.
A great definition of a 6'2 guy. I wonder how tall he is today?
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 8/Apr/16
Rob, what do you make of this picture?

Click Here

I reckon the elder Bush is standing on something...
Editor Rob: bush junior I believe was five eleven and now half inch shorter
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 27/Mar/16
Looked 188cm as president so 189cm isn't totally ruled out in his prime...
Dingus said on 24/Mar/16
Possibly 6'02.50" at his absolute peak. I don;t think its unlikely for him to have grown passed 19.
S.J.H said on 2/Feb/16
George W Bush is about 5'10 never 5'11 and George W.H Bush no doubt under 6'2 at peak
Brad said on 25/Jan/16
My parents met him in '55. As listed.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 22/Jan/16
Arch Stanton said on 18/Jan/16
Yeah, he always looked a classic example of a legit 6'2. he could make a lot of other 6'2" listed guys look no more than 6'1!

He could give a taller impression than Clinton
jessman said on 18/Jan/16
Was often mentioned as 6'3 when he was first in office. Shoe height maybe.
Arch Stanton said on 18/Jan/16
Yeah, he always looked a classic example of a legit 6'2. he could make a lot of other 6'2" listed guys look no more than 6'1!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 17/Jan/16
Rob, if he was this height in office does that mean he could have been a bit over it in his prime?
Editor Rob: I think he was a legit 6ft 2 since 19, even held height well through his 50's and 60's!
grizz said on 17/Jan/16
One of the most legit 6'2 guys

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