How tall is Gil Birmingham

Gil Birmingham's Height

5ft 11 ½ (181.6 cm)

American Actor best known for playing Billy Black in the Twilight Saga of movies. On his website he stated in a q&a that his height is "6' 2"". These photos are from Massive Events Twilight Conventions held in the UK. In the single shot I'm in Converse and Gil had about 0.4 inch more footwear.

How tall is Gil Birmingham
5ft 8 Rob and Gil (age 56) @ Eternal Twilight 2, 2009

How tall is Gil Birmingham
5ft 8 Jenny, Gil (age 58), 5ft 8 Rob @ Eternal Twilight 6, 2011

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Average Guess (24 Votes)
5ft 11.25in (181cm)
Leighton Tang said on 22/Jul/22
@ChaosControl 6'5 I see you also inflated your own height by 2.5 inches.
Jawilder said on 25/Dec/21
I think 5’11.25” is a good shout.
ChaosControl 6'5 said on 17/Oct/21
Wesley looks a good 6’2 with 5’10.75 Rob and 5’10.5 Jenny, O see no fault in his claim whatsoever
Jesica said on 31/Mar/21
Alex 6'0 said on 16/Aug/14
He looks 5'11 in the top photo. A 5'11 guy claiming 6'2 is nonsense! LOL

No kidding, he’s 5’11 in above photos. I saw a photo of Gil with 5’9 Johnny Depp, and Gil looked 1.5” taller.
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 22/Dec/20
Gil current height is 5'11 flat with strong 178cm Wes Bentley.
Editor Rob
imagine meeting Chris Pine, saying you're 6ft 2 and asking Chris how tall he was

"Just six foot Gil"

ladeez said on 9/May/20
5' 11.25 no more no less
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 27/Aug/19
If he’s 6ft2, then Costner is pushing 6ft4!

Watch Yellowstone
Mm said on 28/Jun/19
6footTom said on 13/Jul/18
Perhaps he could have been taller in his prime? After all, he just turned 65 today

Sure, he probably lost some height, but not 2.5”
He’s still in good shape, and has good posture. I can buy that he was a 6 footer or slightly more at his peak, say 6’0.25.
6footTom said on 13/Jul/18
Perhaps he could have been taller in his prime? After all, he just turned 65 today.
MJKoP said on 6/Jun/18
Ben said on 3/Aug/17
For a second I thought it said "Glenn Cunningham"...

Never trust a middle-aged man with a ponytail! :P
Nik said on 1/May/18
@ Christian-6'5 3/8

I didn't see that! There is no way that he is 6'2"!
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 30/Apr/18

His 6'2" claim doesn't seem fine though, lol.
Nik said on 29/Apr/18
I like his name! Said height seems fine for him!
James B said on 13/Aug/17
Rob on the subject of Gil inflating his stature i have a friend who has claimed 5'10 and also 5'9-5'10 and it's funny because he's actually slightly shorter than me and I am only 5'7.25.

I know a lot of people claim there size in shoes but do you think some people who inflate there stature by a good 3 inches generally just assume stature because they 'feel' like there a certain height?

I rememeber rob you did say that some people have a major issue with the subject if they inflate there height by 2 inches or over.
Ben said on 3/Aug/17
For a second I thought it said "Glenn Cunningham"...
Editor Rob
both economical with the truth with respect to their height, though Gil's 6ft 2 might be a bit of a greater exaggeration!
Pierre said on 29/Jul/17
In th last picture next to Jenny he look like a strong 5"10',in the picture next to Rob like 5"11' or weak 5"11',i don't understand.By all the pictures i would say he's around 5"11'
World Citizen said on 31/May/17
He looks no more than 178-179.
berta said on 14/May/17
a 181-182 guy that claims 188. i really think that he could have been joking about his height.
S.J.H said on 5/Apr/17
From the teddy bear picture can tell he is 5'10.25
Johan said on 8/Feb/17
I would say 6 foot is ok to claim if you're 5'11.5" as you will measure it at some point of the day !

6'1" on the other hand is just lying although not stupidly obvious like claiming 6'2".
James B said on 6/Feb/17
6'1 is sought of okay to claim if your 5'11.5 but 6'2 is ridiculous
Sam said on 21/Nov/16
Probably somewhere around 5'11 based on the photos. His 6'2 claim is outrageous. Even when he was younger, most people by 60 have only lost a fraction or half an inch so his 6'2 claim is still silly. Even if he was a legit 5'11.5 in prime would be bad enough but he doesn't quite look that tall to me here.
S.J.H said on 31/Oct/16
I'm not surprise he is only 5'10.25 barefoot
Arch Stanton said on 26/Jun/16
mike said on 12/Jun/14
Rob, fraction height loss possible at 60?
[Editor Rob: jeezo, I can't believe the man is now 60. I need to start making days last longer. I think Gil is a pretty fit guy, a fraction loss today is quite possible yeah.]

60???? Must be the ponytail power, he looks mid to late 40s to me here.
Peter 179cm said on 18/Jun/16
Nowhere near 6'2,max 181cm,so a solid 5'11 but nothing more.I think i get his 6'2 claim though-he probably thinks he's a 6'1 guy flat,but obviously he's wearing shoes out there like everyone else does XD so he's sneakily claiming his ''in-shoes'' height...
Daynet said on 10/Feb/16
If he's claiming that he's 6'2", then I'm going to start claiming I'm 5'8"! (I am female)
JJ said on 27/Dec/15
"6'2"? as long as you are confident with saying that. ain't no shame in your game
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 12/Nov/15
Even 182cm is questionable
CD said on 3/Oct/15
In these shots he actually looks like he'd be 5ft 10.75 (taking into account footwear). A 5ft 11.5 man would look 6ft with more footwear. He probs hasn't lost much but maybe he was 181 cm at peak.
SJH said on 26/Sep/15
Lol.. Without boots he was not even 5'11. Just a struggling 5'10.5 dude. What a G men..
Emil 182-183 cm said on 4/Jul/15
[Editor Rob: the 2 G's, Glenn and says 6ft 2, meets little G and says 'You're 5ft 9' buddies forever!]

The 2 G's both have a ponytail and they both claim to be tremendously taller than they really are. Gilluminati confirmed.
Editor Rob
the phrase 'never trust a man with a beard' is being replaced with a new definition: "Never trust a man with a ponytail whose name starts with G"
ray said on 13/Mar/15
Did he say 6'2 joking around, why the hell would a guy in his case who lets say he is 5'11.25 at worst he could easily claim 6'0 and even that is overselling a bit but not by much as he would be 6'0 in shoes but 6'2 is like 2-3 inches more than what he is
Sasha said on 12/Mar/15
Rob, you are getting older. How come you never degrade YOUR height? You and Jenny never change but the celebrities lose height with age? Do we have proof of your height?
Editor Rob
Jenny no longer gets photos, so it won't make a difference how much height she loses...although she has indeed lost 1/3rd of an inch.
I am 6 years younger at nearly 39 myself and have lost nothing. There's a bunch of youtube Videos over last 4 years that show I'm holding same height.
? said on 20/Feb/15
It kinda creeps me out when people claim an couple inches over their height. What if he actually is measured at 6'2, get what I mean haha.
Fog181 said on 3/Dec/14
If he is in the 5'11- 5'11.5 range at 61 years old, he must have been 6'0 in his prime. Anyone at 60 is almost certain to have dropped at least 0.5 inch in height even with good posture.
kreyzig 6ft 3 said on 1/Dec/14
Hi rob,my friend met brandon routh in philadelphia comic con and she comes upto my eyebrows.She has an autographed pic with brandon where she is like 2 to 2.5in shorter than him.She is a solid 181cms and claims that they had equal footwear.If that is true than brandon is not more than 6ft 2.Both of them are standing quite straight.They claimed that even in tv show called "partners". She refused to give me the photo.This guy looks 4in shorter than brandon but still claiming 6ft 2.It's commendable and daring.It will be interesting to see if he still claims 6ft 2.If he has seen this website and his page,he must be alert by now.
Editor Rob
I think 189 is ok for Routh, but maybe we should give Gil the benefit of doubt and assume he was joking about being 6ft 2 :)
Greenbolt said on 23/Oct/14
I just realized that he had half an inch thicker shoe in the bottom pics, which look to be the best for determining height. He's honestly looking about 5'10.75''.
Alex 6'0 said on 14/Oct/14
He really looks just 5'11 but claiming 6'2 is crazy. This has to be the celebrity who inflates the most on this site
Concerned 181 cm said on 11/Oct/14
5'11.5 is beyond generous going by these pictures. 5'11 looks more likely, and even that's being pretty generous I think.
184.3cm said on 30/Sep/14
6' that hsi movie height cause im guessing noone in hsi private life buys that. Hes at least 6cm shorter !
Dmeyer said on 10/Sep/14
Can look as tall as pattinsôn and lutz defenetly not léss than 5'11.5 at 60 1cm loss is quiet likely so near 6 ft peak
Dmeyer said on 10/Sep/14
In good footwear 1.3-1.5 he look 6 ft
soby said on 26/Aug/14
rob, how many cm think he loses at his 60 years ? please answermy in cm,im not from uk/america.
Editor Rob
I doubt he's lost much at all.
Oanh said on 21/Aug/14
Gil looks 10 years younger than he is. As for his height, he could be right at 6'0, but probably a little under that. The 5'11.5" listing is likely spot on. No way is he 6'2".
Alex 6'0 said on 16/Aug/14
He looks 5'11 in the top photo. A 5'11 guy claiming 6'2 is nonsense! LOL
SaveUsY2J said on 4/Aug/14
Rob, have you ever seen a case of someone inflating their height by as much as 2.5-3 inches? I mean... there's a limit to believability. How do they expect to get away with it? I have a friend who is 6'0.5 at best but has claimed 6ft2 for years and as of recently now claims 6ft3! Surely, unless you're a dedicated lift wearer, people will notice the difference and it won't gel?
Editor Rob
on this site there might be the odd one, although trying to remember who is harder!
Crash said on 13/Jul/14
Rob, don't know how you'll handle the news, but that was 1 year ago lol. He's 61 today.

He's aged very well though.
Editor Rob
yeah he looks well for his age and still a fit guy.
mike said on 12/Jun/14
Rob, fraction height loss possible at 60?
Editor Rob
jeezo, I can't believe the man is now 60. I need to start making days last longer. I think Gil is a pretty fit guy, a fraction loss today is quite possible yeah.
Intermission said on 30/May/14
lol, lying about 2.5 inches....
Alex 6'0 said on 1/May/14
Going by the top picture with same footwear he looks 5'11-5'11.25. Him claiming 6'2 is a joke especially being near 3 inches shorter!
Mathew said on 11/Apr/14
Claiming 6'2" is too obvious of a reach when you're under 6'0".
James B said on 7/Apr/14
Lol yeah on closer inspection he looks 3 and a half inches taller than you rob.
James B said on 16/Mar/14
Looks 184cm in the more recent photo
Editor Rob
my goodness james, this is an entertainment site but there's a limit to believability at times :)

Please look closely: 184cm MEASURED Man. As in under the stadiometer standing tall and all that jazz!

Gil is 184 the same way G is 173cm ;)
cole said on 24/Feb/14
Is it time for that 5'11.25 listing you've been talking about Rob?
Tommo said on 23/Feb/14
Yeah he could get away with claiming 6'0. Not on celebheights but in real life nobody's really going to call him out on it. 6'2 is a real stretch though, he must think Brandon Routh is about 6'6.
Sean said on 20/Jan/14
Wow 6cm off crazy, Rob has any non celebrity you've known in person that has claimed 2 inches or more on what they appear?
Editor Rob
I've seen some people add a couple of inches, while a whole bunch say accurate heights.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 13/Jan/14
Rob, is 5ft11 flat possible?
Editor Rob
not sure he'd be flat, but 181 isn't impossible
lelman said on 4/Jan/14
181cm. That 6'2" claim is one of the most absurd claims I've seen
LG69 said on 20/Nov/13
LOL @ 6'2". Not a chance! I agree with the 5'11.5" that Rob has him at. He looks Native American. Rob, what's your estimate on his weight? I'd say about 190 pounds.
Voiceless Dental Fricative said on 16/Nov/13
Why would he claim 6'2? I can understand why someone significantly below average height might add 2.5 inches — but seriously, what's the point if you're already 5'11 or 6'?..
dmeyer said on 14/Nov/13
181cm Is closer
Matt 184.7-186.7cm said on 8/Oct/13
This guy belittles (in more ways than one) a true 6ft 2 guy
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 27/Sep/13
I can accept 5ft11.5/182cm. But not over.
Lorne??? said on 26/Sep/13
Remember everyone, Rob is a hair over 5ft8, 181cm is fair for Mr. Birmingham.
Lorne said on 25/Sep/13
And besides, no 5'11 guy claiming 6ft deserves the benefit of the doubt!!! 181?
Lorne said on 25/Sep/13
Well he certainly can look 182 on screen, but prob has boots. 181cm is definetly better. LMFAO, 4 posts saying to knock a 0.25in off, but ut's not on purpose! Seriously though, he looks NO MORE than 3 inches taller than you Rob,(w similar footwear) 181cm is the max, I say 5ft11 is more likely than the old 5ft11.5!
cole said on 15/Sep/13
@Editor Rob: If you thought he looked 3 inches taller than you, why not just put him at 5'11?
Editor Rob
5ft 11.25 could be what he measured, 5ft 11.5 maybe earlier in day.
Ud191cm said on 9/Sep/13
Could you explain the difference between him and routh? Either routh is 6'3 or he's 5'10.5-11 as there's more than 3 inch difference between both of them. So how about a furthur downgrade?
Editor Rob
he can look anywhere between 3 and 4 inches shorter...and I think gil can look about 3 inches taller than me, well more when he had thicker footwear.
yootoo said on 9/Sep/13
This is a 6 ft guy. He is probably 6'2 in boots. That's where he gets the 6'2 claim.
cole said on 8/Sep/13
If you had similar footwear in that top photo (about 1 inch boots), Rob, he is closer to 180 than 182. He doesn't really look the full 9 cm taller than you in any of these photos, more like 7 or a doubtful 8. Maybe he can look close to 182 in that bottom left photo, but in the others, he doesn't strike me as over 180-181 cm range. 5'11.25 is the highest I would go.
Dmeyer said on 30/Aug/13
Whi list him that height if he could be 180/181cm as You said list him 5'11.25-11.5
Editor Rob
I thought I had him 11.5! That is the height he's at now
Connor 184cm said on 19/Aug/13
Yeah Gil is probably 5ft 11 flat barefeet. It might just be photos playing tricks to make him appear shorter 182cm in shoes id say. Rob did he look like a six footer in shoes to you when you met him or is 182cm likelier? i think without shoes hes just 5ft 11 hes certainly nowhere near his 6ft 2 claim!
Editor Rob
if he measured 180-181 I probably wouldn't be surprised, to be fair a guy like matt smith looks a solid 182 in person, gil maybe not as solid, you'd probably look a big inch taller than him
Connor 184cm said on 19/Aug/13
Rob i saw Gil in the remake of the lone ranger he played as one of the indians in it good film it was im wondering rob he looks 182cm with you and jenny in the top photo as listed but the one underneath he looks 181cm, the other pic with you he looks 5ft 10.75 and the last photo with jenny he looks exactly 5ft 10 is he dropping height or something rob? if so that is quite a big shrinkage
Editor Rob
somewhere around 5ft 11-11.5 range
kreyzig 6ft 3in said on 19/Aug/13
Judging this guy's height is very tricky.In the top pic he looks just above 5ft 11.In the middle pic he looks about 5ft 10.5 and in the bottom 2 he is bang on 5ft 10(after subtracting shoe advantage in all the pics) so my final guess would be 180cms!
Lorne said on 19/Jul/13
Shortest 6'2 I've ever seen... Put's Ramsey's measurement too shame!
cole said on 18/Jun/13
If he had thicker footwear I don't see the 5'11.75, more 5'11 or 5'11.25.
SAK said on 12/May/13
Looks 180 in these pics. Don get the 182.
Dmeyer said on 22/Apr/13
If you draw a Line in all pics above he Looks Max 5'11 Max minus 1cm shoes 5'10.5
Bakura said on 20/Feb/13
Looks like a 6-footer in a top photo but struggling to look anything over 5'11 in any of the others...
Arch Stanton said on 8/Feb/13
Doesn't he get though how silly he looks claiming 6'2" when he looks almost 4 inches shorter than Brandon Routh? Obama doesn't even claim 6'2"!
Elijah said on 7/Feb/13
5'9 and 2 inches is more like it. Big liar. Just as bad as Vin Diesel.

And I was wondering Rob, why was your mouth wide open in the first two pictures? Looks like you want to catch some flies. lol
Elijah said on 8/Jan/13
He isn't 182; 5'11"/180 is closer to the truth. He's one of the shortest looking 182 guys on here.
thc-182 said on 15/Dec/12
this is a correct listing, robert pattinson looks 1 cm taller than him.
James said on 22/Nov/12
Editor Rob
look at him with
brandon Routh...

then Obama and routh.

this guy has the cheek to say 6ft 2!
Jack said on 26/Oct/12
he has native amrican ancestry and looks close to 6 ft
Shaun said on 10/Oct/12
What ancestry does he have he sorts of looks Native American, Indian, and South American/Spanish.
Maximus said on 26/Sep/12
Looks like a legit 6'.....doesnt look short at all....not 5'11" least 6'....6'2" with boots and thats probably where he is getting the 6'2" claim...with boots.
Pete6'0.5" said on 29/Jul/12
Claims 6'2" xD? Reminds me of the only, the legendary Sylvester "I'm 5'10.75" Stallone... Looks 5'11.25"-5'11.5" in these photos.
Hob said on 11/Jun/12
weir.. he only look pushing 6cm taller than both jenny , rob. but in other picture he looks a legit 5'11 and maybe 181cm. 182cm is still too high
USYD said on 12/Feb/12
Looks like a true 182cm-183cm. He can't be anything under 5'11.5" for sure, but nothing over 6'0".
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 12/Feb/12
xyz.reg, at 185cm-186cm you
probably would get away with
claiming 6ft2...but fair play for
being honest
xyz.reg(185.4cms-186.9cms) said on 10/Feb/12
@Rob..It makes me laugh..I m a 6ft 1-1.5in guy and i would think twice before claiming 6ft 2...he is below 5ft 11.5 and claims 6ft 2 easily..i mean u can u think in public also he claims 6ft 2..if he does that then i can bet he must have got himself embarrassed in front of loads of legit 5ft 11 people by now.
Do u think that since that was an online he might have written it casually...!!
Editor Rob
You can get away with 1 inch, but between 2 and 3 is much harder.
FACE said on 1/Feb/12
looks 181cm. 6'2 is crazy
Jack said on 12/Jan/12
tall enough guy . 182 cm sounds fair.
Mr-KILLER-SHRIMP said on 7/Dec/11
182 is too high for this guy. He looks 179, 180 MAX.
Chameleon said on 28/Nov/11
Rampage is right, Pattinson needs a downgrade aswell as he is noway near 184cm.
Sean73 said on 25/Nov/11
He looks like a clonetroopper.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 24/Nov/11
5ft11.5-6ft is still too much...
ChiasmataX said on 22/Nov/11
Just compare him in the picture where he had a shoe advantage with Rob with the 186.5 cm guy from height challenge # 8, Gil will turn out to be about 180cm just like the stadiometer comparison picture Rob put down in the comments below. Which mean on the top picture where they all had equal footwear Gil looks 179cm at most. Gil is the proof that Robert Pattinson is 178-179cm at most as Gil is about 1 cm taller.
Click Here
ChiasmataX said on 21/Nov/11
180-181cm at most.
Tman said on 13/Nov/11
1,82m 5'11.5
linke said on 2/Nov/11
Ssup with the teddy bears?He looks weak 6 feet.
Editor Rob
it's an in joke between me and Jenny.
Physics Enemy said on 1/Nov/11
He's 5' 11" but with a 0.5" shoe advantage. That puts him at 5' 10.5". 179 cm is perfect for this guy. The current listing is 3cm too high.
Editor Rob
in the bear shot I think our shoes were very similar, 1 inch on the nose.
xyz.reg(6 ft 1.5 in) said on 27/Oct/11
@rob..thank god..u atleast downgraded him to dis height..6ft was too much for him..!!
jake, 1.82 m said on 24/Oct/11
5ft 11.5in (1.82 m) is fitting. doesn't appear over that mark.
xyz.reg(6 ft 1.5 in) said on 12/Oct/11
Hi rob..what is this..i mean this is not how 6ft guy looks with 5ft 8in..
Consider robert mc neil..who is legit 6ft 0.5er..he would look atleast 1.5in taller than gill...You are only 3-3.5in shorter than him so 5ft 11.25in makes sense but since he has footwear advantage so that puts him to 5ft 10.75in-5ft i think 5ft 11in would be reasonable for this guy..and if he is 6ft then i m atleast 6ft 2.25in!!
Editor Rob
I'm sure he could be a weak 6ft, but taller thah a 5ft 11 dead.
dmeyer said on 16/Sep/11
a 6 ft men plus 0.5 in more shoes should look mush bigger than this
LUCOSO said on 15/Sep/11
6 05 peek cause probably younger he wasnt overweight and neckless
LUCOSO said on 15/Sep/11
6 2 sounds absurde 6 05 tops
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 15/Aug/11
182cm morning
181cm afternoon
180cm evening
Lenad said on 9/Aug/11
looks solid 182cm up straight
jake said on 8/Jul/11
5ft11.5 (182 cm) is his height. He isn't 6'. He looks barely taller than 180-181 cm Jimmy Jean Louis.
Terryman said on 5/Jul/11
he has got to be in the guines book of records as the shortest looking 6ft person of all time! And the fact that he has footware advantage makes me lol at this estimate no offense Rob.
xyz.reg(6 ft 0.5er) said on 22/Jun/11
hi rob..talking about 6ft 2in claim...could it be possible that he measured himself with a steel tape that was even worst than my 'old tape'...!!!
Editor Rob
I doubt he had a dodgy tape, but maybe he measured himself in boots and rounded up, who knows!
Dmeyer said on 20/Jun/11
Considering hí¯¿½ has more footwear hí¯¿½ is 5 ft 10.5 did hí¯¿½ realy apear 4.5 in taller than you considering hí¯¿½ had more shoes
Editor Rob
maybe he's between 5ft11 and 6 foot.

He did look taller than charlie bewley when i saw them talking together and Bewley I think claims 5ft 11 and doesn't look far from it in person.
Dmeyer said on 14/Jun/11
Rob he dosnt look 6 ft in pics even with footwear maybe 5 ft 11 flat
Editor Rob
sometimes he can look anywhere from 5ft 11 to 6ft.
James said on 13/Jun/11
183cm out of bed
jake said on 13/Jun/11
Really looks a strong 5' 11" but no more. Simply does not look 183 cm.
Mohammed said on 12/Jun/11
How can he claim to be 6'2 is beyond me. Looks to be 181-182.
Lenad said on 11/Jun/11
In the top one looks 3.5-4 inches taller. In the bottom only looks 2-2.5 inches taller. wierd
James said on 10/Jun/11
5'11.25 (181cm)?
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 6/Jun/11
Okay I'll settle with 5ft11
James said on 3/Jun/11
if he claimed "6ft" he would have more crediblity since he is not much under it
Lenad said on 1/Jun/11
Looks a solid 3 inches taller
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 25/May/11
Could be like 5ft10.5-5ft11 barefoot...max 180cm
Chameleon said on 22/May/11
im giving 179cm.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 13/May/11
180cm(5"11) max...
Lenad said on 6/May/11
I agree with Chameleon and James
Chameleon said on 3/May/11
Yeah now take away the footwear adventage and he's barely 5'11 lol
xyz.reg said on 2/May/11
Hi rob..i have checked that pic and he is 180.3cms on the stadiometer..that is precisely 5ft 11in...that means he inflates his height by extra 3in...i think anybody would be embarrassed if they ever did this thing....i think u should change his height to this value..i think it answers everybody's question..!!!
linke said on 1/May/11
maybe 5'11.5
Matt said on 30/Apr/11
Rob, do you really believe this guy would measure 6ft without shoes?... lol even in the morning?

Editor Rob
he's maybe a weaker 6 foot
Lenad said on 29/Apr/11
5'11 max to me. Those 6'2 claims are utter bull
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 27/Apr/11
Another ego driven ***** overstating his height...just like Kane Hodder
James said on 24/Apr/11
179cm with footware advantage in all 3 pics.
Chameleon said on 11/Apr/11
barely 180..
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 10/Apr/11
5"11(180cm) max....looking 178cm in the pics
Aaron said on 9/Apr/11
Deserves a downgrade to 5'11.5" at least. It's possible he's only a 5'11" guy. I believe a little over 6' within minutes of waking up, but of course that increased height isn't your actual height.
TheVerve180 said on 2/Apr/11
5ft11 rob...downgrade pronto (malcolm tucker voice)
Big Jon said on 19/Mar/11
looks 5'11 1/2 to be honest....def under the even 6''0
lillo thomas said on 15/Mar/11
He doesn't even look 5-11 in the pics . Claiming 6-2 is really a joke . 3.5 inches above his real height.
Max said on 1/Mar/11
lol rob, before you proved that this guy is really 5ft 10.5, so why hasnt he been downgraded. lol he claims 3.5 inches above his true hight..
SolidSnake said on 26/Feb/11
5 ft 11 definately based on the top pic
Chameleon said on 14/Feb/11
yeah no way 6'.

180 max
James said on 13/Feb/11
looks nowhere near 6' in the new pic
Guest said on 11/Feb/11
There were some Native American videos I watched on youtube one day. There were a couple photos where he's towering over Taylor Lautner and another where he's about the same height as Robert Pattinson, maybe he is as tall as he says he is.
Larc 6 ft 1.5 in said on 5/Feb/11
With Rob and Jenny does look more 5'11 than 6'0, but maybe he isn't standing that straight. I say this because if he's only 5'11, then also Pattinson is 5'11, because they looks to be exactly the same height in that photo.

6'0 is his height.
xyz.reg said on 27/Jan/11
Looks 5ft 11in-6ft..i wonder y he said 6ft 2in...!
James said on 24/Jan/11
he does not look a full 5'11 in the new pic.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 22/Jan/11
I wouldn't argue anything below 5"11
James said on 20/Jan/11
Looks more a legit 5'10.5 (179cm) ess6'2claims are just so funny though :)

in the new pic looks 179cm as well
Lenad said on 19/Jan/11
Looks 5'11-ish to me
somebody new said on 7/Jan/11
5'11,5'' barefoot standing straight and at least 6'2'' standing on his tiptoes! So 6'2 is fair enouph.
jake said on 2/Jan/11
5' 11.5 (182 cm) max.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 30/Nov/10
5"11.25(181cm) is dead on...
Chameleon said on 30/Nov/10
This guy is nothing over 180cm, if hes even that.
E said on 28/Nov/10
really does not look 6 foot maybe 5'10.5" -11"
Pamco said on 27/Nov/10
He's definitely not 6'2 as he said. Looks to be somewhere between 5'11-6'0.
Matt said on 26/Nov/10
come on rob its time to face the truth, we both know this guy in reality is not even 5ft 11in.
Mr. R said on 25/Nov/10
I think I saw him the other nite, and he was about 5-11.
Anonymous said on 23/Nov/10
Being you come above his eyebrow it looks like a 3 and a half inch difference.if you were even with his eyebrow id say 4- 4 1/2.
James said on 10/Nov/10
In the new pic he looks 181cm and 182cm with hair advantage.

Defnintly weak 6'0.

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