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6ft 0.47in (184.1cm)
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 3/Jul/18
@Rob And what is your explanation for the photos with Henry by Ray Fisher then? I agree that he’s over 6’0”, but definitely not 6’1”. Ben is shorter than Ray, but it seems like just a slight difference to me. John did edge Henry out by 1 CM, but John looked only 2-3 CM shorter than a Hugh Jackman who is a bit under 6’2” today, and 4 CM shorter than a 189 CM Tim Tebow.
Editor Rob
His current listing still looks ok for me. 6ft 1 is too much of course, but 6ft seems too low, I suppose 6ft 1/4 is as arguable to many as 6ft 1/2.
MAD SAM said on 1/Jul/18
IDK rob, Henry could be 184.5-185 cm most of the time which brings his height to 6’0.75” or 3/4 of inch
Israel-6'2 said on 29/Jun/18
Rob, this would be his daytime height, right? Let's just say when he gets out of bed, because I think it's quite possible for him to go to bed like a strong 5'11 (182.6 / 8) what do you think?
Editor Rob
During the day I think Cavill is comfortably over six foot, I cannot see him shrinking even at night to a flat 6ft.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 25/Jun/18
Saw the ad for the new Mission Impossible movie and he looks pretty formidable. He’s playing a bad guy I think so maybe they put him in lifts to make him tower even more over Cruise
Westworlder said on 18/Jun/18
Rob, ignoring your listings for both Cavill and Kimmel on this site (unless this is accurate), what would you say is the difference in cm in this photo?
Editor Rob
Since there was no link, I will use This photo and say 2cm
Israel-6.2 said on 17/Jun/18
Rob as cavill could be 1.84 if kellan lutz is only 1.83? Cavill never overcame lutz, only with elevators
Editor Rob
They can seem reasonably close in height, though I still have a feeling Cavill has a slight edge.
Jordan87 said on 13/Jun/18

Cavill is picture next to 6'2 tops Ray Fisher it that helps you. On Even Ground he looks more than 2" Shorter.
6ftMedium said on 4/Jun/18
6'1 with very good posture.
Keev81 said on 4/Jun/18
Here is Cavill with England Rugby International Chris Ashton. Athletes by neccessity are measured accurately. Chris Ashton is 6 feet tall. I can personally verify this is pretty accurate having recently met him when attending his Sisters wedding.

Click Here

I have also included a picture with former England Rugby International Ben Cohen.
Ben Cohen is stated to be 6 foot 2. I didnt get a decent opportunity to compare my height (181 cm measure this morning by my doctor) but having played against him in a charity match 9 years ago I would guess this was pretty accurate.

Click Here

I think both of these show Henry is certainly over 6 foot perhaps not the full 6 foot 1 he originally claimed.
cavillfan2k18 said on 1/Jun/18
183.5-184cm. Amazing posture! Kind of holds his own with Arnie Hammer(193.7cm) with his godlike posture.

Cavill doesn't get towered in pictures but doesn't really tower anyone either. 6' is an awkward height to be at in that sense.
Christian-6'5 3/8" said on 31/May/18

So are you saying that anyone who believes Cavill's shorter than Cena is a hater and a downgrader? That's ridiculous.
Jordan87 said on 31/May/18
@ Sonnecker,

You can also look at Cavill with Ray Fisher, ROger Gracie, and Armie Hammer and not just call people haters b/c we are shaving 3/4" off your Favorite Celeb ;)
Jordan87 said on 31/May/18
@ Guest66,

I think it goes : Cena 6'0.25 to 6'0.5, Cavill 5'11.75 to 6', Evans 5'11.25 to 5'11.5
Sonnecker said on 30/May/18
Henry Cavill is 185 cm about. Serial downgraders-haters of some actors refer ragely to the picture with John Cena, but take a look at it: you cannot see the floor, and the position of their legs and knees. Cavill could be a little bent or hanging on a chair, and it's probably... Considering that he edges out both Kellan Lutz and Miles Teller (both strong 6 footers) in full pictures!
Guest66 said on 29/May/18
He definitely gives off the impression of a 6 foot man, but that’s about it. I don’t really see him near 6’1 , more like 6’0 on the dot or 6’0 1/4 max. Plus he’s a “height awared” type and stands with a better posture on photos most of the time, which helps him look taller. But anyway, to me Cavil is a more convincing 6 footer than Evans, and Cena is probably the same way.
Johno said on 27/May/18
Well yeah, John Cena does appear taller than Cavil in that comparison.
QM6'1QM said on 26/May/18
Dejavu said on 19/May/18
Check out photos of him next to Kinnaman who many thinks is a bit above 6’2. He looked an inch shorter only.

What is it about ? Here is a good photo: Click Here. I see 5.5 cm ...
Jordan87 said on 23/May/18
With Cena Being taller than Cavill, its seals the deal for me.

Cena admits he only gets to 6'1 with his " Cool Shoes" and another Quote he said he was 6'0 tall.

He isn't lying to make himself shorter, sorry it doesn't work that way.

Cavill is most certainly not over 6'0 tall.
Dream(5'9.5") said on 22/May/18

The ground was even. I don’t know where you got the idea that it wasn’t.

The few seconds I mentioned are the two of them are standing before they move. Henry Cavill is bending his ‘knees.’ Dominic Purcell is standing fairly well, and Cavill looks taller.
Dream(5'9.5") said on 22/May/18

The ground was even. I don’t know where you got the idea that it wasn’t.

The few seconds I mentioned are the two of them are standing before taking off. Henry Cavill is bending his ‘knees.’ Dominic Purcell is standing fairly well, and Cavill looks taller.
Dejavu said on 19/May/18
Check out photos of him next to Kinnaman who many thinks is a bit above 6’2. He looked an inch shorter only.
Jordan87 said on 16/May/18
@ Dream,

Honestly yes, Cavill is a decent actor the issue is nowadays Directors are not as good as in the past, I am not a Zack Snyder Fan at all and I feel he pretty much gives us mediocre DC movies which if you are a fan should not be acceptable.

Michael SHannon is also a good actor but as Zod I thought he was forced to overact due to the extremely crappy dialogue.
Andrea said on 15/May/18
Dream, that clip with Dominic is quite useless as it it an outside scene (with a ground that is very likely uneven), they are in movement and their footwear isn't that clear. I haven't seen that movie and it would certainly be interesting to see how they'd look next to each other, but a clip like that really proves nothing...
Doran said on 15/May/18

How the hell did you come up with the conclusion that Cavill has less footwear than Dominic in that scene? Just to fit your narrative? Because you can spot heels on Cavill's shoes there which would be no different to Dominic's, even though you can barely see either of their footwear to begin with.

Dude seriously, you are coming up with weird things to keep justifying whatever you're trying to justify for Cavill's height.

Stop cherry-picking that 2 second frame where they're barely even next to each other, the ground isn't even-- heck that doesn't matter, ITS A 2 SECOND FRAME that you're relying on here instead of flat out-perfectly framed pictures of Cavill with other guys continually disproving his 6'1 claim. My god man.
Dream(5'9.5") said on 14/May/18

I’ll say whatever the hell I want. Here’s your clip, and Cavill is bending his knees and has less footwear than Dominic Purcell at 2:13 in the video.

Click Here

Yeah, and Rob has met Dominic Purcell.

For the record, I’m ‘not’ surprised Cena would look taller.

@Jordan87 It’s obvious Cruise wears lifts, and we can easily forget about the photos with them. Cavill is a great actor. It’s just s@#! Dialogue that gets in the way.
Jordan87 said on 11/May/18
@ Dream,

The pics of Purcell and Cavill are not that great, I would have to see that film to judge that which I have not.

A Side Note, cavill looks good in the fallout trailers with Cruise, looks like they have quite a scrap in the previews. Cruise is a known lift wearer so forget Pictures of Cavill and Cruise after that movie comes out.
Doran said on 11/May/18
Ray Fisher pretty much always has 1.5 - 2 inches over Cavill even when he has footwear disadvantage (vans vs Cavill in dress shoes).

Fisher is listed at 6'2.25" and Rob did meet him.
Doran said on 11/May/18
Stop mentioning Cavill and Purcell in Blood Creek with that quick scene where they're barely even next to each other to gauge anything. Its just cherry picking.

John Cena edges out Cavill, who says he's 6'0 himself, and no isn't just "downplaying his height". Cena has better rights on 6'0.5" than Cavill right now.
Dream(5'9.5 said on 11/May/18
Also, Cavill edged out Dominic Purcell in Blood Creek, who is listed at 6'0.5" and Rob did meet him.
QM6'1QM said on 8/May/18
Guys, look, Charlie Hunnam said that he's 6 feet tall. John Cena said that he is 6 feet tall. In a joint photo they are exactly the same. Who's lying ? Nobody, both are honest about their height.
Henry Cavill is 4 inches shorter than Gracie (maximum 6'4", because ALL athletes are measured in the morning/ afternoon), so it's a maximum of 6 feet. OK ? That perfectly explains why John Cena is taller than Cavill.
OK ? Yes, this show business, all the "stars" lie for profit, contracts, sponsorship.
Cavill does not get taller and less beautiful because someone (fans) thinks he's 6'1" or 6'0.5", etc.

P.S. The fact that he is NOT ABOVE 6 feet explains his EXCELLENT posture in all the photos, absolutely .Also, guys, Cavill is below Steven Amell, who is 184 cm / 6'0.5".
OK ? I think this guarantees us all the thought that Henry Cavill's height is 6 feet. OK ? End of history!
SD(172cm) said on 5/May/18
Happy 35th Birthday Henry Cavill!!!
I used to think that this guy is too short to play Superman/Clark Kent considering how tall the other actors playing Superheroes are;
Ben Affleck is 6'2.5=Batman/Bruce Wayne is 6'2.
Jason Momoa is 6'4=Aquaman/Arthur Curry is 6'1.
But after seeing him with John Cenarth whose a massive guy 6'1 240 SOLID MUSCLE:Click Here
And Tom Cruise whose around my size 5'7-5'8 150-160lbs:Click Here
I take it all back,I wish I was his height/size.
berta said on 5/May/18
i thought it was possbile that cavill was 184,5 almost 185 but beside john cena its impossible. Well 1 photo isnt really enought to judge height from but there is a very big chanse that cena is fraction taller than cavill. i think cena is 184,5 even if he claims 183. He have always looked close to 185 to me and cavill could be in the barely 184 range.
Pharoah said on 2/May/18
There's not much to downplay with Cena's height though... that's no reason to justify or try to boost Cavill. Cena clearly edges him and is stronger of a 6fter than him, plain and simple.

But that doesn't mean he's automatically 185 cm flat [to again, justify] Cavill 1 cm short at 184. After seeing that picture I think Cavill's sweet spot is anywhere from 183.5 - 184. He can drop anywhere between there, most likely 183.8 being the usual.
Jordan87 said on 2/May/18
A Wrestler underlisting his height? No Sir HE said he was 6'

HE said he is " MAYBE 6'1" in his shoes.....He is 6'0 and he is not a liar.

A 6'0 John Cena makes under 72", sorry folks.

Even if Cena is A 6'0.5 ( As Rob Lists him) makes Cavill 6'.

I have said Cavill is 5'11.5 to 6' in the past. Cena just proved me that.
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 1/May/18
John Cena does look slightly taller there, and Cena is around 6’0 1/2”-3/4”. He is one of the few celebrities who is known to downplay their height (even people off of other forums have commented about this). Though, nobody really knows why he claims to be ‘6’1” if he wears cool shoes’.
joe### said on 1/May/18
6´0 max with gracie.
Dream(5'9.5 said on 1/May/18
Cavill does easily edge out listed 6’0.5” Dominic Purcell at 2:14 in the video (Rob has met Purcell and confirmed 6’0.5”).

Click Here
Jordan87 said on 30/Apr/18
Cena Claimed 6'1 in SHoes and he is taller than Cavill. Good find.

Cena admits he is 6'0, and goes out of the way to say he is 6'1 only with Special Shoes. Look up the quote. Cena= 6', Cavill 5'11.5.

Very good Find , Pharoah.
Dream(5'9.5 said on 30/Apr/18
I wasn't surprised that Cena edges out Cavill by a little bit.
Pharoah said on 30/Apr/18
Henry with self-claimed 6fter and 184-listed John Cena -

Click Here

Cena edges him a lil bit, and they were both in regular footwear at the event (Cinemacon). Don't know what this says about Henry or Cena, but the sky is only as high as 184.9 for both of them... so...
Dream(5'9.5 said on 27/Apr/18
And Hammer was easily taller than 6'5.25" Calvin Harris in one picture they had together.

I wouldn't be surprised that 6'0.625" would be a best bill for Cavill.
Jordan87 said on 27/Apr/18
Quote from Celeb heights

" If we are going by Google listings, then Henry would be 6’1"

Google Christopher Lee at 6'0. Just Stop. GRacie puts Cavill slightly under the 6 mark. As Does Ray Fisher. Hammer also has Cavil at about 6', slightly under at times.

I am not sitting here trying to hate on Cavill who I Support in the Role as Supez . I am hating on the ridiculous excuses for people trying to get him to 6'1 b/c they either A. Feel he is too short for the Role at Sub Six or B. They are super fans of his and somehow thinks height affects a person's status in life.

Cavil is getting whatever girl he wants whether he is 5'11 or 6'1. Matter in fact he could be 5'4 and have the same.

My Point, he doesn't need an extra inch added to his height by superfans.
Jordan87 said on 25/Apr/18
Guys.....Henry is actually a Min of 4" Shorter than GRacie. Gracie being 6'4.25 really doesn't help you.

GRacie, Hammer, and Fisher all point to Cavill not being anywhere close to 6'0.75, not even close. Try an Inch shorter.
Dejavu said on 25/Apr/18
He looks around 6’1 next to Joel Kinnaman who is arguable a bit over 6’2
Dream(5'9.5") said on 22/Apr/18
Also, Cavill literally calls Roger Gracie a really tall man.

Gracie has been listed at ‘194 cm’ in several websites.

Compared to Armie Hammer, Gracie actually gives a taller impression.

Besides, Cavill has stood with other tall celebrities, and he’s easily a 6’0.5”-6’0.75.”

Click Here
Dream(5'9.5") said on 22/Apr/18
Also, Cavill literally calls Roger Gracie a really tall man.

Gracie has been listed at ‘194 cm’ in several websites.

Compared to Armie Hammer, Gracie actually gives a taller impression.

Besides, Cavill has stood with other tall celebrities, and he’s easily a 6’0.5”-6’0.75.”
Yht said on 21/Apr/18
Maybe Gracie had more sleep and water.Who knows?
Canson said on 21/Apr/18
Well said Dream!
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 20/Apr/18
Another example would be Jim Jefferies, who gets listed from 5’9”-5’10” everywhere (usually more 5’10”, but he’s gotten 5’9 3/4” listings for whatever reason). However, he’s actually at least 5’11” flat. So Google can often over list celebrities, just as they can under list celebrities as well. Google also doesn’t bother with fractions of an inch due to the fact that they only include hole inches (they used to include centimeters to represent the actual heights, but even those were funky). Besides, from what I’ve seen, Henry Cavill is the only celebrity who has stood by Gracie as far as I can tell (with his height seeming questionable). If we are going by Google listings, then Henry would be 6’1” (which we can all agree that he obviously isn’t by lunch time).
Dream(5'9.5") said on 19/Apr/18
Here’s the problem.

We aren’t sure of Gracie’s height. Michael Jordon’s listed at 6’6,” yet he’s really 6’4”-6’5”.

Kobe Bryant same thing and yet, he’s shy of 6’5”.

We can’t always trust google itself.

Also, there has been websites where Roger Gracie is listed at 194 cm.
Jordan87 said on 17/Apr/18
@ Celebheights,

" (regardless of what anybody else sees). I see 184 CM."

That about sums it up my Friend. Trust me, you are the only one who is going to look at that Picture of Cavill and a 6'4 ( Listed man, yes listed) and come back and say he is over 6 foot. Why? B/c you are delusional. Dream, while a serous fanboy of Cavill's, at least is smart enough to not comment on that GRacie pic b/c he knows it crushes his DREAMS of having Cavill over 6'. Get it?
Jordan87 said on 17/Apr/18
@ celebheights, QM6'1qQM,

I had posted better pictures even of Gracie and Cavill. Gracie is listed at 6'4. We all know mma heights are a bit inflated.

"Cavill is actually slouching a bit more if you look more closely "
Nope They both are slouching equally. I had posted pictures awhile back showing the same or if not more of a height difference between the two. Gracie is listed at 6'4, he is likely shorter than this. Also look at other pictures from the Event, Gracie is even more than 4" taller.

184 CM? OK, Glad we have you saying this after looking at these pics. You said it, not me.
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 16/Apr/18
@QM6’1 Gracie has an angle advantage there, and Cavill is actually slouching a bit more if you look more closely (regardless of what anybody else sees). I see 184 CM.
Dream(5'9.5") said on 15/Apr/18
Also, @Celeb Heights 6’1.5 has worn similar footwear too.

4 cm footwear would look more something like this.

Click Here

That’s basically 1.5” inches. My point is that Cavill’s footwear is no wear that big. At most, it adds a smidgen over an inch.
Dream(5'9.5") said on 15/Apr/18
Henry has Luke by 2 cm even when he has relaxed posture.

Again, I have worn shoes like that ‘every concert my orchestra performs at.’

Hell, I’ve even wore them at my senior years prom. Oh? I was dancing around in them. I didn’t have a proboes moving around freely.
QM6'1QM said on 15/Apr/18
Henry Cavill is a six feet tall man. The next photo is perfect proof: Click Here.
This guy, Roger Gracie, is 6'4 (193 cm). We see their legs (they are both barefoot), they are on a flat surface, all in equal conditions + Cavill even slightly closer to the camera. As you can see in the photo, between them is easy 10 cm / 4 inches difference. This is irrefutable evidence (yes ?). Henry Cavill is a legit 6ft. Your thoughts ?
QM6'1QM said on 15/Apr/18
Henry Cavill is a six feet tall man. The next photo is perfect proof: Click Here.
This guy, Roger Gracie, is 6'4 (193 cm). We see their legs (they are both barefoot), they are on a flat surface, all in equal conditions + Cavill even slightly closer to the camera. As you can see in the photo, between them is easy 10 cm / 4 inches difference. This is irrefutable evidence (yes ?). Henry Cavill is a legit 6ft. Your thoughts ?
Jafarss said on 13/Apr/18
I mean if we put this into your perspective-- of thinking that around 4 cm of height boost isn't much for "regular" dress shoes, then OK, it isn't much.

But for everyone else-- who are ACTUALLY wearing regular dress shoes, it is.
Dream(5'9.5 said on 12/Apr/18
@Jafarss you can say whatever you like, but I’ve worn similar footwear to Henry’s before. (I wear them every concert I have for my orchestra with my tux. They don’t add much, and I don’t feel awkward walking in them. It’s just like your everyday footwear.)
Dream(5'9.5 said on 11/Apr/18

Well, I guess going by that logic, no one can take your word seriously when you haven’t worn the footwear.

@Celebheights and I have really worn similar footwear (I do it every concert for my orchestra, and they don’t add up much.)

It’s not close to big. It looks big in camera angles, but in reality, it’s just a regular dress shoe.
Jafarss said on 10/Apr/18
Firstly, nobody here can take yours or @Celebheights word of wearing similar footwear seriously when you're the only ones fighting Cavill's good fight.

Secondly, how many times have I said it? They ARE that big to begin with in the photos (please stop with the image illusion excuse) -

Click Here

I already told you about those photos of Evans (below the Immortals premiere ones) that he STILL has footwear advantage in (normal) dress shoes while Luke is in vans/converse-like shoes. That's why he still edges him, yet they're much closer in height in those photos because Cavill isn't wearing his big-heeled ones for once.

And I've seen Bradley Cooper wear that type of footwear on Jimmy Fallon and Graham Norton.

It clearly is as big as it looks. I don't understand this hidden knowledge.
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 8/Apr/18
Mark Strong has the same footwear as Henry does if you zoom into the photo that Dream linked down below.
Dream(5'9.5 said on 8/Apr/18
My goodness, the footwear isn't even that big to begin with in the photos.
Dream(5'9.5 said on 8/Apr/18

Again, if they were really big footwear, It would look a lot different. If it was big footwear, it's not close to Bradley Cooper's regular lifts.

As @Celebheights 6'1.5" and I said before, we've worn similar footwear to Henry Cavill, and they don't add up that much.
Dream(5'9.5 said on 8/Apr/18

How many times have I said it? It's not as big as we think it to be. The footwear looks big, but it's not even that big to begin with.

How many times do I have to show 'big' footwear? It's clearly not as big as it looks.

Also, you've posted pictures of where Cavill is not even standing at his best and he still edges out Luke Evans quite easily.
Dream(5'9.5 said on 8/Apr/18

How many times have I said it? It's not as big as we think it to be. The footwear looks big, but it's not even that big to begin with.

How many times do I have to show 'big' footwear? It's clearly not as big as it looks.
Jafarss said on 7/Apr/18
@Celebheights 6'1.5"

This is why Henry is close/taller than Strong -

Click Here

Please, stop denying/ignoring it.
Jafarss said on 7/Apr/18
Its not an "illusion" if Henry wears those same think-heeled dress shoes, and suddenly gains 2 inches on Luke Evans -

Click Here
Click Here

But then when he's finally wearing regular dress shoes (and he STILL has footwear advantage over Luke here, but anyway), he's suddenly only 1-2 cm over him -

Click Here
Click Here

Gee, wonder why that could be.
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 6/Apr/18
I agree with you, Dream. In reality though, Mark Strong is slightly taller than Henry Cavill. But there’s no way that a 6’0” would be able to stand their ground that well by a guy who is almost 6’2”. Here’s a photo of the two that’s more interesting:

Click Here

Henry Cavill is further away from the camera, yet he still appears taller than Mark Strong. It doesn’t even look as if Henry is standing at his tallest. 6’0.5”-6’0.75 is what he is.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 6/Apr/18
Lutz: 183.7cm
Cavill: 184.5cm
viper said on 6/Apr/18
Well Reynolds use to be listed at 6-1 and has said 6-1
Derk said on 5/Apr/18

"They fail to see that Mr. Cavill ( at times) has thicker SHoes on. Actually they do see it, but for some reason they do not believe it."

Yup. Dream literally ignores every time Cavill is clearly pictured in thick heels, yet he just pointed out someone else has bigger footwear in a video where you can't even see their footwear at all. Its ridiculous.
Dream(5'9.5") said on 5/Apr/18

Dude, Affleck did edge out Ryan Reynolds in one picture and edged out Hugh Jackman in most photos.

Also, The ‘top of our heads’ is covered by our hair. Cavill’s hair doesn’t really add much and he still edges out Mark Strong.

Going by your logic, Ryan Reynolds would be downgraded to 6’0” since he ‘looks’ shorter than Mark strong.
Dream(5'9.5") said on 5/Apr/18

Dude, Affleck did edge out Ryan Reynolds in one picture and edged out Hugh Jackman in most photos.

Also, The ‘top of our heads’ is covered by our hair. Cavill’s hair doesn’t really add much and he still edges out Mark Strong.
Derk said on 5/Apr/18

"Holding very well" by that you mean he looks the normal 2 inches shorter? Cos he does, and not the 185 you guys are arguing. Heck Kinnaman is more hunched there too, so Henry's eye level might come up even lower on Joel's face.
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 4/Apr/18
Stephen Amell is a legit 6’0 3/4” though, as he has just over 4 1/2” inches on Rob (who is 5’8 1/8 at his low).
Jordan87 said on 4/Apr/18
@ Dream,

"Henry Cavill also looks taller than 6’1.5” Mark Strong."

What? Look at the picture YOU posted again of Henry and Strong. While their eye levels are equal ( cavils slightly higher in one picture) Strong's head is higher than Cavills.....Again why do I have to point out the flaws in the pictures you are posting to make your points? I have never had to do this with anyone else on this site.
Jordan87 said on 4/Apr/18
Click Here

Fisher has Henry by more than 2.5" and Fisher is by no Means Over 6'2. I do not understand how people can look at Ray Fisher pictured with Rob ( WITH MORE FOOTWEAR) who comes up to 6'1.75, and think Henry Cavill is near 6'1 and Affleck is 6'2.5". Thats Crazy talk.

They fail to see that Mr. Cavill ( at times) has thicker SHoes on. Actually they do see it, but for some reason they do not believe it.

The man has to play SUperman Right? Ok...He is on screen and at premiers with Momoa, Affleck, and Fisher who when averaged together are taller than 90 percent of the Male Population. No Wonder he needs some help, no not with LIFTS, but with OBVIOUS THICKER FOOTWEAR ( I know Dream and Celebeheights do not believe this, But I am talking to the normal people now.)

Fisher is 2.5" Taller than Cavill, and A tad bit taller than Affleck.

FIsher is the can crusher here. That is why people on this board do not mention him. B/c he is not over 6'2 and he pretty much destroys any 6'1 guessing of Henry Cavill and 6'2.5" Guess of Affleck.
Jordan87 said on 4/Apr/18
@ Dream,

Click Here

"Also, Cavill can look roughly the same height as Ben Affleck. "


Click Here

"Ben Affleck (who was definitely a legit 6’2 1/4”-6’2 1/2” "

No. Try 6'1.5" at Best.
Dream(5'9.5 said on 4/Apr/18
Also, Henry Cavill is taller than 6'0.5" Dominic Purcell in this clip. Check 2:14 in the video.

Click Here

Cavill has less footwear, he's still bending his knees, and he's looks easily taller than 6'0.5" Dominic Purcell.
Dream(5'9.5 said on 4/Apr/18
@viper then Ryan Reynolds is 6'0.75" since Affleck actually edged him out.
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 3/Apr/18
Henry Cavill honestly looks as if he is near 6’1” by Ben Affleck (who was definitely a legit 6’2 1/4”-6’2 1/2” when I met him in person). Henry is even slouching by Ben there.
viper said on 3/Apr/18
Affleck is 6-1
QM6'1QM said on 3/Apr/18
Cavill is a quarter of an inch shorter than Stephen Amell, so he's no more than 6'0.25".
In the morning, maybe 6'1". Henry deceives everyone with his good posture.

P.S. 1.75-2 inches shorter than Ray Fisher (6'2" guy) = 6'0.25" good guess for Henry Cavill. Point.
Dream(5'9.5 said on 2/Apr/18
Also, Cavill is holding very well with 6'2.25" Joel Kinnaman.

Click Here
Dream(5'9.5 said on 2/Apr/18
They don't look near 2 inches apart.

Click Here
Dream(5'9.5 said on 2/Apr/18
Also, Cavill can look roughly the same height as Ben Affleck.

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Sometimes when Busting a Gut, Cavill could look taller than Affleck.

Click Here
Click Here
Dream(5'9.5 said on 2/Apr/18
Also, another picture where Henry Cavill matches 6'1.75"-6'2" Elizabeth Debicki in height.

Click Here
Dream(5'9.5 said on 2/Apr/18
Cavill also matched 6'1.75"-6'2" Elizabeth Debicki in height.

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
sadff said on 1/Apr/18
Rob, How tall do you think henry looked in mission impossible fallout trailer. I guess 184 cm.
Dream(5'9.5") said on 1/Apr/18
Henry Cavill also looks taller than 6’1.5” Mark Strong.

Click Here
Click Here

Oh and if anyone thinks Mark Strong is an unreliable 6’1.5” —> Click Here (FYI: Ryan Reynolds has less footwear, but Mark Strong is only wearing regular sneakers.)
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 31/Mar/18
He looks just barely shorter than Stephen Amell, and Rob has met him (and he appears to be near 6’1”):

Click Here
Dream(5'9.5 said on 29/Mar/18
Oh and big footwear would be obvious when it reaches far beyond your heels and half way near the knees.
Dream(5'9.5 said on 29/Mar/18
@Jafar I don't cherry pick pictures because I'm biased. I have to make sure they're not actually that big in neutral grounds where the 'human' eye can see it. Too bad for you, they're not even big thanks to those pictures I've provided.

Oh and the video had settled things already.

Cavill is definitely taller than Lutz, and I don't need to show it again.
Dream(5'9.5 said on 26/Mar/18

Oh and Cavill tilted down at 0:28--in the video--which further debunks everything.

Click Here

At 0:27 in the video, Cavill is easily taller than Lutz. Even ground, even posture, and even angles.
Jafars said on 24/Mar/18

And once AGAIN, you have literally cherry-picked that ONE photo out of a BILLION other photos from that same day showing that his footwear is clearly advantageous. My god, you are really going with photo distortion.
Dream(5'9.5 said on 23/Mar/18
@Jafars No he doesn't.

How about this: Yeah, it 'looks' big here --> Click Here

Well, no it isn't actually big. --> Click Here and Click Here

@Celebheights 6'1.5" and I have worn footwear so similar to Cavill's footwear. It 'looks big,' but it's not big when someone actually wears it.

Do you want 'Big' footwear? Take a nice look at Ezra's footwear and the guy beside him on the right. --> Click Here

Yeah, I've seen biiiiggg footwear, and i've even worn them. I was well over 5'11" when I worn them.

Conclusion: Cavill doesn't have anything close to big footwear, and he's easily taller than Lutz in the video.
Jafars said on 22/Mar/18
@Dream, your excuse is that Cavill doesn't have big footwear (when he CLEARLY does); then you show bias by targeting Kellan Lutz's footwear which doesn't show nearly as much if at all any advantage like Cavill's (again, CLEARLY) does.
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 22/Mar/18
With Jamaal Charles:

Click Here
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 22/Mar/18
He looks 4-5 CM taller than a 5'11" measured Jamaal Charles in the photos that I've seen of the two together.
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 22/Mar/18
Henry Cavill eas further away from the camera at 29 seconds, and the camera was too far zoomed out for anybody to be able to decipher that one. Everything was very clear at 27 seconds though, which shown that Henry Cavill was taller. There was no distortion either at that point either.
Dream(5'9.5 said on 22/Mar/18

Here's the problem. You don't look at other people's views. I get it, but Cavill's shoulders are higher in every video and in every photo. Not only that, but walking doesn't determine height alone.

at 0:27 in the video, Cavill is clearly taller than Lutz when both are standing and not walking. Get that through your thick head.

I look shorter when I'm walking with someone who claims 5'11". Oh and when we stand, I'm still barely taller than that guy.
Dream(5'9.5") said on 21/Mar/18
Oh and don’t give me the excuse that Cavill has big footwear (which he really doesn’t). Lutz also has some suspicious boots that add a lot.
Dream(5'9.5") said on 21/Mar/18
Okay, maybe I’ve exaggerated on the ‘massive’ part.

However, the video doesn’t lie. It’s still on even grounds.

Cavill looks more close to 2 cms taller than Lutz.
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 21/Mar/18
People seem to be suddenly pretending that boots don’t usually add that much height on here from what it seems, and in what world are they small or average footwear? Henry Cavill has dress shoes on, and usually those don’t add anymore height than boots do. Boots generally add at least 1 1/2” inches of height, and sometimes as much as 3” inches (depending on the manufacturer of them). I have the same pair of dress shoes that Henry Cavill has, and they add 1.3” inches to my height. Again, if Henry has a footwear advantage, it’s extremely small to the point where it won’t make up for the difference in height between the two. Henry is definitely taller, and Dream’s video shows it. The posture difference isn’t even as significant as it looks at first glance, and no, it’s not distorted whatsoever, lol.
Jordan87 said on 21/Mar/18
@ Dream,

hahahahah Henry is in the background for starters and at 29 secs Lutz totally covers him up when he walks in front of him. If you are trying to use that video to prove something, watch the whole thing dude. You actually just screwed your whole theory up. I can't believe I have to correct you on a video you yourself posted.

"Just try telling me now."

at 29 seconds of your VIdeo, Lutz totally covers Henry up when he walks next to him, and thats with Henry's Hair. I didn't try to tell, I did tell you.

Thanks for pointing this video out to me, b/c it shows me Kellen is taller.
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 20/Mar/18
I’ll agree that he doesn’t look massive compared to Kellan Lutz, but he does look 1-2 CM taller there. Even if Kellan Lutz’s posture is bad there.
Dream(5'9.5") said on 20/Mar/18
@Jordan87 So you haven’t seen the video yet.

Click Here

Look at 0:27 in the video. Try telling me Lutz is taller because Cavill looks a big inch taller than Lutz.

Just try telling me now.

They’re on even ground. No camera distortion whatsoever.
Dream(5'9.5") said on 20/Mar/18
@Jordan87 So you haven’t seen the video yet.

Click Here

Look at 0:27 in the video. Trying telling me Lutz is taller because Cavill seemed a big inch taller than Lutz.

They’re on even ground. No camera distortion whatsoever.
Jordan87 said on 20/Mar/18
@ Dream,

"I also can’t believe Cavill looks massive compared to Lutz."

This is your quote below

"Cavill looks absolutely massive compare to Kellan Lutz"

You are the only one I saw say Cavill looked massive near Kellan Lutz. I am not sure what you are trying to say here.
grizz said on 20/Mar/18
finest things. C'mon man, at least read a couple of fairly educated posts with evidences before providing such wild estimates.
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 20/Mar/18
@Porey That’s another example of a photo that’s distorted, with it hiding the difference big time. If you look at it very closely, you will notice that the difference between Henry Cavill and Luke Evans is the same as it was in the other photo that had Kellan Lutz in it.
finest things. said on 19/Mar/18
184~185cm. ben affleck is 191~192cm tall.
Dream(5'9.5") said on 18/Mar/18
@Celebheights 6’1.5”

It’s fine dude. In that video, they’re on even ground with no distortion whatsoever.

I also can’t believe Cavill looks massive compared to Lutz. The footwear difference is not even close to big, and people are telling me otherwise. :P
Dream(5'9.5") said on 17/Mar/18
Also, Kellan Lutz is wearing boots. Right now, I’m literally wearing ‘similar’ footwear and they’re not small footwear.
Dream(5'9.5") said on 17/Mar/18

Click Here

Again, the video is more reliable since they’re on even ground.

Rob, back me up here. What do you think of the footwear? It ‘looks’ big, but the more I look at more pictures, the more I’m convinced they’re normal footwear.
Jordan87 said on 15/Mar/18
Full Length Photo, Equal Posture, Footwear Visible No Leaning, No Conspiracy

Henry ( Not his hair) comes up a little above Armie Hammer's Eyevel. ( Not his hair, which is gelled back FYI). Yes the top of his head is visible. If Anything Hammer is leaning in slightly.

Click Here

Armie Hammer has a 6' eyeleve in his shoes in front of this height chart. This Means Henry Cavill IN SHOES is a little over 6'.

Now Stop with all the 6'1 crazy Talk, Gentleman.

Click Here
Jordan87 said on 15/Mar/18
@ Celebheights 6'1.5",

"Henry Cavill looks to be a good 1-2 CM taller than Kellan Lutz is in that video, even considering the posture difference in that video"

If the posture is different in that short video with Henry's HIGH hair, then why are you referencing it? I did not ignore that Video, I commented on it fyi the first time it was posted.

You have refuted nothing. Gracie and Fisher both Put Cavill at sub 6'0 foot. You have refuted none of those celebes making him look shorter ( then your desired 6'1, Oh no he must be 6'1" I love him) and have no answers for any of it.
( Again. if you think Cavill is 6'1 with Gracie ( Listed 6'4) then again, your fanboyism has taken over you brain, and I have exposed it)

The Gracie pictures to where they are barefoot is the best evidence going Cavill is not taller than 6 foot. Not a Video where Henry and Kellan stand next to each other for a couple seconds, have difference postures, and Henry has some tall Hair ( Not to mention Footwear advantage).
Porey said on 15/Mar/18
@Celebheights 6'1.5 @Dream(5'9.5")

Click Here

Zoom in on Luke & Henry's footwear in that photo. Look at the difference. Please [don't] try and tell me that the photo is just "distorting" our perception of how big Cavill's footwear really is.
Porey said on 15/Mar/18
Nobody's ignoring that video linked, because we still stand by the obvious fact that Henry's footwear is big. The only excuses being made, are that apparently these photos are "illusions" and "distorting" our perception (seriously)?

Cavill looks big next to Lutz in that video because his shoes allow him to! Like, how hard is it to understand I mean seriously; the heels are clearly, clear-as day big. Much bigger than the average 2.5 cm shoe, but you're blaming it on the photos? The photos from a billion different/separate photographers at those events?

Nobody is making excuses when they see his clearly-big footwear. Right now, saying the 100+ HD photos of him wearing them are just illusions is an excuse.
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 15/Mar/18
With a Dan Stevens who is listed as being 6'0" on here:

Click Here

Dan Stevens with a 5'11 1/2" listed Benedict Cumberbatch, who Rob has met and appears to be over 5'11" in the photos with him if you consider the fact that Benedict apparently was at an extreme low when Rob met him due to sleep deprivation (I think):

Click Here

Even considering Henry's posture advanatage, he would easily be over 6'0" by Benedict Cumberbatch as he's easily taller than Dan Stevens, who is taller than Benedict Cumberbatch.
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 15/Mar/18
I love how people keep ignoring the video that you link, and then accuse you of dodging the photos that other people post of the two that are distorted (even when you successfully have refuted them), Dream. Henry Cavill looks to be a good 1-2 CM taller than Kellan Lutz is in that video, even considering the posture difference in that video. I was surprised by the difference in height when I first watched the video by the way.
Jordan87 said on 14/Mar/18
@ Celebheights 6'1.5",

"There are photos of him by Gracie where he appears to be 6’1” while standing further away from the camera (while both are barefoot)."

No There is not. There are photos where they both have EQUAL posture and Cavill looks nowhere near 6'1. You're trying to fight this I know, but if in Fact Gracie is all tall as his LISTED 6'4....Cavill is not even 6', nevermind the ridiculous 6'1 you are still trying to fight for. Anyone who looks at that Link with Cavill and Gracie and comes back and Says Cavill is 6'1 is really out there IMO.

Again, The Pictures I saw of Lutz and Cavill that others posted Factually had Lutz's learning and the other one was taken at an ANGLE where Lutz was off to the side in the background while they were both LOOKING down. You Criticize me for posting a pic at an Angle and actually come back with Worse pictures ( That of course favor Cavill- Again your Agenda here).

Again No Comments on Fisher again, which No one seems to have an answer for.

"It’s a case where the camera angle plays tricks on our eyes, causing for our eyes to think that Henry’s footwear is actually bigger than it is."

No, Put some effort in a look at the rear view of the shoes Henry is wearing that I posted. Your get a clear view of his heels, and they are certainly giving an advantage. You are getting an A for effort , but you are stating incorrect things.

Fact 1: Gracie makes him look under 6' ( 6'1 is Crazy talk and you know it!! Keep fighting this one b/c it will expose your fanboyism which is what I WANT)
Fact 2: Henry's Heels are thicker than Lutz's ( To Say they are not you are either a Liar ( Agenda) or Delusional ( Even Worse)
Dream(5'9.5") said on 13/Mar/18
As I stated before, I’ve already looked at the footwear. They’re not even big to begin with. I’ve worn similar footwear, and they add ‘no more’ than a half-inch.

Besides, Kellan has boots on too. Can’t miss that part.

Click Here

This is the best view. At 0:27 in the video, Cavill looks absolutely massive compare to Kellan Lutz. They’re on even ground. Yes, Cavill has better posture, but he’s still at least taller than Lutz by at least a half-inch in the video.
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 13/Mar/18
There are photos of him by Gracie where he appears to be 6’1” while standing further away from the camera (while both are barefoot). Though Gracie is admittedly slouching, Henry Cavill is dropping a bit of height by him as well.

As for the photo of Henry Cavill by Kellan Lutz that Dream linked, as we’ve already refuted a bunch of times (with more refutes coming I bet), Henry doesn’t have a significant footwear advantage by Kellan Lutz. It’s a case where the camera angle plays tricks on our eyes, causing for our eyes to think that Henry’s footwear is actually bigger than it is. While Kellan Lutz’s head is tilted by just a slight amount, it’s also best to note that Henry is dropping some height as well as his legs as fairly spread out in that photo. The photo that you linked was actually fairly laughable in comparison, as it was taken at an angle (with their heads being completely tilted down).

While Lutz’s head is slightly tilted down in that facial photo that you linked just now, it’s also best to keep in mind that he’s closer to the
camera. Still, Henry Cavill looks noticeably taller there. I could visualize how it would be Lutz’s head was fully tilted up, and he would still be shorter by a bit. Therefore, Henry Cavill is taller than Lutz.
Johno said on 13/Mar/18
I have never saw Cavil being taller than the Lutz.
Johno said on 13/Mar/18
Wow, pages, nice addition Rob.
Jordan87 said on 12/Mar/18
And here is my Favorite

6'4 ( Listed) Gracie with the supposed 6'0.5 Henry Cavill ( Depending on who you ask lol). Sorry I know I know, I shouldn't have posted this from a while back. It's only for the couple of people that will get depressed over the site of it ( Which again, is why I am Posting it)

Click Here
Jordan87 said on 12/Mar/18
Click Here

Henry is into some high footwear lately. This is by the way similar to what he has with Lutz in the one picture he is still shorter than him. Henry has these same shoes on ven the other one Where Lutz ins leaning his head in while Henry is Straight ( And some consider that one a Good One for some unknown reason).

Click Here
Click Here
Jordan87 said on 12/Mar/18
@ Dream ( 5'9.5),

The picture you posted shows Lutz actually leaning his head to the left. And look at Henry's Heel's LMAO. Are you kidding me?

Fact 1: Lutz in Leaning his head to the left
Fact 2: Henry has a very decent Shoe Advantage

You are ( I'm guessing) supposed to be posting pictures to tell us Cavill is taller than Lutz and the ones you are posting are actually furthering my theory that he is shorter.

ALso Nice DoDge about the Fisher and Gracie References. That is not a shock to me at all however.

@ Celebheights 6'1.5",

See above comments. If that's the best picture you can Find, a Photo where Henry has very very clear advantage in SHoes as well as Lutz leaning in his head, then my Work here appears to be finished.
Dream(5'9.5") said on 10/Mar/18

If that’s not convincing enough, here’s a clip with Henry Cahill and Kellan Lutz.

Click Here

At 0:28 seconds in the video, you can see Cavill looking nearly massive compared to Lutz (Cavill ‘looks’ a solid inch taller if even that).
Dream(5'9.5 said on 10/Mar/18
You’re using a picture where it’s very distorted. To further debunk this -> Click Here

There looking down, and they’re not standing together.

Here’s a better picture - Click Here

Cavill edges out Lutz when it’s equal camera angle.
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 10/Mar/18
The photo of him by Kellan Lutz is at an angle actually. Nobody can decipher a photo like that one. The photo that Dream was WAY clearer than the one that you linked.
Rory said on 10/Mar/18
You can't possibly say Cavill edges out jai Courtney based on a two second gif where Jai is walking behind him.
Jordan87 said on 9/Mar/18
@ Dream,

"There you go dodging it again"

My Mistake ( Yes He has Less), however you will notice I posted a picture showing Lutz Over Henry buy an Inch of height with Henry having footwear Advantage. So Easy there buddy. They are side by Side, same posture. Lutz is clearly taller. So Again, Henry is sub 6' with Lutz.

Dodging ? ALso I notice you do not comment on the Fisher Pics or Gracie picture. Why? I think You are one of those people when Presented with picture of Cavill looking shorter than your desired height for him you block it out of your mind.

Cavil is no DOubt a Handsome Dude, Nice man and great with the ladies. But Him being over 6 foot does not make you over 6' Dream. Not sure why you ignore clear evidence.

I want you reaction to the Lutz picture I posted, and come back and tell me you Think Cavill is taller. What you will do is either A; not comment ( Which is Fine) or B. post a picture of them where you cannot see footwear or Posture as well as the one I posted. ( Also FIne)

Either way your fanboyism has been exposed ..Dream ( 5'9.5") :)
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 9/Mar/18
Dream(5'9.5") said on 8/Mar/18
There you go dodging it again.

Kellen has ‘LESS’ footwear, not ‘more’ footwear with Rob.

Also, Henry Cavill edged out Kellan Lutz and Jai Courtney.

Yes. People really seem to have a tough time with understanding this, lol. It's starting to become pathetic.
Dream(5'9.5") said on 8/Mar/18
There you go dodging it again.

Kellen has ‘LESS’ footwear, not ‘more’ footwear with Rob.

Also, Henry Cavill edged out Kellan Lutz and Jai Courtney.
Jordan87 said on 8/Mar/18
@ Celebheights 6'1.5",

Click Here

Lutz is taller than Cavill.
Jordan87 said on 8/Mar/18
@ Johno,

"The Lutz pictures with Rob and Jenny make it difficult his height with fair accuracy, the Fisher snaps are alot more fairer."

Very Accurate, except you will notice most do not comment on the Fisher pictures for whatever reason. weird.

ALso Notice the Pictures with Gracie fell on def ears. Again, very Odd.

I still stand by my 5'11.75" - 6'0 estimate. With Hammer ( Height shown clearly in in Mug SHot, along with Eye level), With Ray Fisher ( Height shown CLEARLY on this site), and with Grace ( A Listed 6'4" Guy) Henry is not over 6 feet tall. No Way.

Also With Lutz they do not post pictures that shown good angles where Cavill is shorter with more footwear like this one.

Click Here
Johno said on 6/Mar/18
The Lutz pictures with Rob and Jenny make it difficult his height with fair accuracy, the Fisher snaps are alot more fairer.
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 6/Mar/18
Jordan, you have your facts mixed up here. Kellan Lutz has a beany on, and the only way for one to compare one’s height accurately in a photo like that would be by the eye level. Kellan Lutz’s eye level is significantly lowered in that photo, so it’s hard for anyone to judge there. Therefore, it’s best to trust Rob’s judgement here on this listing. You will also see that Rob mentions that Lutz had 1/4” of an inch less footwear (not the other way around here, like you tried to say). Add 1/4” of an inch onto 6’0 1/4”, and you obviously have 6’0 1/2” (at least).
Juby5'9 3/4 said on 6/Mar/18
Henry looks legit 184 cm to me.

A little bit about his weight.
In "Immortals" he was 170 or 175 lbs and 7% body fat.

In "Man of Steel" he was - depending on source - between 186-193 lbs (probably the best guess is to say he was around 190 lbs) and 8 or 9% body fat in shirtless scenes. ["Muscle&Fitness June 2013 & Kinobody article]

In "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" he managed to put another 10-12 lbs of muscle according to his personal trainer Michael Blevins. He was 202 lbs(!) and even less body fat (less than 8%). [Muscle&Fitness March 2016]

I've no idea how much did he weight during JL shooting schedule. Anyone knows?
Jordan87 said on 5/Mar/18
@ Celebehgihts,

"So we have three solid references that suggest that Kellan Lutz is 183.5-184 CM, which may make him a more valid reference than Ray Fisher is."

Lutz looks under 6' with Jenny FYI, and thats with a Shoe Advantage ( Rob mentions this on his page).

Ray Fisher's height is more SOlid on this Site than Lutz.

Lutz ( With Rob and Jenny) Is not more than 5'11.5. Henry could Edge him out, and still be only 6'.

Cavill Looks 6 foot at best with Fisher. So to me, With Lutz and Fisher he looks 6'. As Far as henry's Footwear that everybody is talking about, I have to research more into that, I never figured him for a lift wearer.
Jordan87 said on 5/Mar/18
@ Dream,

Your Second Pic, WHile henry has the higher eye level, Strong is clearly taller. The Top of his head is higher than Henry's ( With Hair).
Tall Sam said on 5/Mar/18
His posture is indeed something of a marvel, I've seldom seen an actor so adverse to slouching. He's like the opposite of Donald Sutherland, who slouched for about 80% of his career.
Dream(5'9.5") said on 3/Mar/18

You don’t get it. The footwear isn’t even that big to begin with. The bottom of the footwear (along with low camera angles) gives the ‘illusion’ that it’s much bigger than it looks.

Again, look at my last comment. You will see that the footwear is really nothing close to being big.

Oh, and if it was really big footwear, the footwear would of covered the heel completely.

Regardless, Cavill still edged out Lutz.
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 3/Mar/18
Henry Cavill’s shoes are NORMAL dress shoes, while Kellan Lutz is wearing boots. It is a fact that the camera is playing tricks on all of your eyes, as shown in the other photo that Dream just linked. Normal dress shoes usually add about a bit more than the average shoes do, while boots add roughly the same. I have the same shoes as Henry has, and they add about 3 CM (1.3” inches to be exact).
Markode said on 2/Mar/18
The photos with Mark Strong, now those are actually interesting... until once again you see that Henry has the footwear advantage. He's wearing his big boots that he used to wear on occasion at that event. I remember people were talking about those photos as to why he was suddenly so much bigger than Christopher Nolan (he has photos with him there).
Markode said on 2/Mar/18
I really don't know how or why you guys are downplaying Henry Cavill's footwear. It has nothing to do with angles. You can clearly see the massive heels. Using a photo where you can barely see them or can't see them at all, despite the massive evidence of them in a bunch of other photos doesn't help your case.

They really aren't "just a regular dress shoe".

Kellan's boots are as regular as any other "boot", from 2.5 - 3.5 cm at most. Again, Cavill looks like he suddenly got a 5 cm / 2 inch boost next to 183 Luke Evans which is absurd. Why are Cavill's clearly obvious lifts just "regular", but Kellan's regular-looking boots aren't?

And that^ is strictly talking about the comic con photos. At the Immortals premiere, once again, Kellan is just in regular dress shoes. No "boots", no clear heels like Cavill's-- just dress shoes. Henry has the complete, absolutely complete advantage over him and everyone else in that room.
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 2/Mar/18
Dream is correct here actually. Henry Cavill's shoes add maybe a bit more than the average shoes add, but so do Kellan Lutz's boots. Even if Henry has a footwear advantage, it is so slight that it wouldn't make up for the noticeable height difference between the two actors. Henry Cavill is definitely taller, even if it isn't by much. Kellan Lutz also looked taller than Victor Cruz did in photos (ignore the distorted camera angles that are in Cruz's favor), and Victor Cruz was measured at 5'11 5/8". He also appeared to be his listing by Russell Westbrook, who was measured at 6'2 1/4". If anything, photos that show celebrities standing by officially measured athletes are just as valid evidence of their height as the photos of them by Rob (depending on the time of day that they get measured at). So we have three solid references that suggest that Kellan Lutz is 183.5-184 CM, which may make him a more valid reference than Ray Fisher is.
Dream(5'9.5 said on 2/Mar/18
Oh, and Henry Cavill barely edges out 6'1.5" Mark Strong here. (Cavill is bending his knees and slouching a bit while Mark Strong is doing the same.)

Click Here

Henry Cavill edges out 6'1.5" Mark Strong again.

Click Here
Dream(5'9.5 said on 2/Mar/18
Also, Henry Cavill edges out 6'0.75" Jai Courtney (It's the only good picture of them together).

Click Here
Dream(5'9.5 said on 2/Mar/18
Click Here

Look at both of his feet again, Cavill is really just wearing regular dress shoes while Kellan has boots on. Kellan Lutz is closer to the camera in the photo looking at the feet. Henry is still taller Kellan.

Oh, here's a better view of Cavill's footwear -> Click Here

It's really just a regular dress shoe.

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here (Here, Cavill is tilting. His eye level is still higher than Lutz's eye level. Cavill has a hair disadvantage, and it's still higher than Lutz's top head.)

Cavill edges Lutz out again. I've already seen Cavill's footwear for the immortals premiere. It wasn't big like lifts by any means, not half-way near the lifts Bradley Cooper wears.
Dream(5'9.5 said on 2/Mar/18

Look at both of Cavill's feat again. The angle makes the illusion that the footwear is big while in reality, it's not as big as we think.

Even if such a case was made, Kellan is still wearing boots too. Cavill edged him out well.
QM6'1QM said on 1/Mar/18
I've seen so many photos with Henry Cavill (E. Miller, B. Affleck, R. Fisher etc.).
For me, this is an easy mission, my opinion: 183.5 cm / 6'0.25 and 6'1 in the morning.
Jordan87 said on 1/Mar/18
@ Celebheights,

Baldwin and Cruise are both leaning in different directions while Cavill is straight in your picture. Look at it again.
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 1/Mar/18
With near 5'8" Tom Cruise and Alec Baldwin (who might be a smidge over 5'11"):

Click Here
Markode said on 28/Feb/18

No, Kellan is in standard footwear at that Immortals premiere. Once again, check for yourself. I don't know how many times I gotta say, but Henry's footwear IS big, no matter how many times we look at it. They are huge. Luke Evans is only a cm shorter than him in reality, yet Henry's footwear puts him at almost 2 solid inches above him. How is his footwear "not that big"?
Dream(5'9.5") said on 28/Feb/18
Like @Celebheights 6’1.5” and I said, Kellan is wearing some boots too while Henry’s footwear isn’t that big the more we look at it.

Cavill edges Lutz when they’re standing together.

Also, Cavill did edge out 6’0.75” Jay Courtney.
Dream(5'9.5") said on 28/Feb/18
Like @Celebheights 6’1.5” and I said, Kellan is wearing some boots too while Henry’s footwear isn’t that big the more we look at it.

Cavill edges Lutz when they’re standing together.
Markode said on 27/Feb/18

How many cm do you wake up at and drop to? I wake up at 186 and drop to 183.9-184.2, with my absolute lowest having been 183.4.
Jordan87 said on 27/Feb/18

2" is alot to shrink for a guy around 6 foot tall. Are you pretty sure this is the case? How much do you weigh? I could see a guy like Big Show who was 450 pounds at 6'11 perhaps loose height through the day, but he is insanely tall and really heavy.

Perhaps you are not measuring yourself correctly one of the times? 2" sounds nuts.
Jordan87 said on 27/Feb/18
Click Here

New Picture of the Justice League Cast, Haven't seen it before. 6'2 Ray Fisher and 5'11.75 Henry Cavill.
Shaun said on 26/Feb/18
I have met him and he was bang-on my height, eye to eye, and I am 6ft tall. HOWEVER I wake up at 6ft1 and go to bed at 5 ft 11 - yes I shrink 2 inches throughout the I have no idea which stage I was at when we met lol. I believe it was around 3pm.

As a side note, what should I class my height as? Because I shrink 2 inches it is kinda hard to pin down... I am a strong 6 foot and a weak 6 foot all at the same time lol.
Jordan87 said on 26/Feb/18
@ El Captain America,

I agree Cavill could be under 6, but I never saw Evans as low as 5'10 flat. Maybe scrapping 5'11 at times. Lifts? Not a shocker but I do not know about him. The only reason I could have seen Evans putting lifts in is b/c Hemsworth, Hiddelton are both taller than 6'1, so maybe he thought he would look short?

He is still taller than Robert Downey Junior, RUffalo, Renner, ( Probably) Mackie, and Don Cheadle.

Curious what height you think Arnold Schwartzenegger is/was ( In his prime) ?

A little side note I found a quote that Arnold was 229 pounds in Terminator 1984. I myself have Arnold at a solid 6' in his prime.
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 26/Feb/18
Henry Cavill’s legs are further apart than Kellan Lutz’s are in the photo that’s dream linked, so I’m not sure why a lot of people are claiming that Henry Cavill isn’t dropping any drop while Kellan is. That simply just isn’t true, and both of them have heeled shoes on. Henry’s eye level is higher than Lutz’s is, so Henry is likely taller.
Dream(5'9.5") said on 26/Feb/18
Here’s another photo where Cavill edges Lutz out.

Click Here

He had regular footwear that day.
Gonzale said on 24/Feb/18

Nope, Cavill's footwear IS big, and IS bigger than Lutz's. That's not the best photo for it, but there's a billion other images from that same day where you can zoom in on them better. They're huge, and he's worn that same footwear to other events too. Lutz's footwear there doesn't look nearly as big. I'm sure they add a bit too but not like Cavill's.

Still undecided if Cavill edges out Lutz.
El Capitan America said on 24/Feb/18
6 feet Cavill or 5'11 1/2 Cavill is taller than Evans because Evans is 5'10". On the Chris Evans page we are still deciding if he is a freak of nature or wearing lifts. He has a big advantage right now for being a real 6 feet because he grew 2 feet higher in Captain America in front of everyone. For me I think I have decided on Chris Evans and Henry Cavill. I am trying to decide right now about Adam Driver and Channing Tatum after someone put a pic here of those two hugging. It is easy to see their head difference when they are close together.
Dream(5'9.5") said on 24/Feb/18
Another thing is that Cavill’s footwear doesn’t look that big with Kellan Lutz. If you look at Cavill’s footwear, for both of his feet, you can see that it’s not really as big.

Also, Kellan isn’t wearing light footwear either. He’s wearing some kind of a boot. (I’ve worn similar looking boots and they do add quite a bit to my height.)

Click Here

Cavill still edges Lutz out.
Dream(5'9.5 said on 24/Feb/18
Cavill can look similar to 6'0.75" Jai Courtney in this picture. Actually, Cavill looks slightly taller than Jai Courtney when you account Cavill tilting down.

Click Here
Dream(5'9.5 said on 24/Feb/18
He can look similar to 6'0.75" Jai Courtney in this picture.

Click Here
Jordan87 said on 22/Feb/18
Evans is a weird one. I have seen him look 6' next to Renner and sometimes as low as 5'10.5. Evans is sort of hard to peg. Renner has a picture with Rob but he def. wears Lifts, or shall we say generous shoes.

Cavill usually looks taller than Evans I thought.

I know next to Ray FIsher ( 6'2 on a good day) Henry struggles with 6 foot ( Sometimes).
El Capitan America said on 22/Feb/18
I am not sure about Cavill as I am with other stars. My eyes say 184 but my mind is saying no. How can his hips be higher but his shoulders lower? It is possible but he would be rare. I believe he is 184 but only when he wakes up in the morning. This means if he is listed as 184 it's partially true but also partially false. What I wanted to tell you is there is a lot of disagreement about Chris Evans too so in my mind he is not a good example to compare with Cavill. People are saying on his page they met him and he is not even close to 182 more like 178. Evans to me looks 178 and there is a lot of disagreement about it so I don't believe Evans is tall. There is too much wrong information to know the real height. We have to meet someone in person and without shoes to really know. Without that I think we have to look at a lot of other things than pictures of stars standing next to each other. Things like the Cavill high pants low shoulders.
Luker said on 21/Feb/18
@El Capitan America

The only thing that's ever held me back from calling Cavill a weak 6 ft are his pictures with Chris Evans, where he managed to scrape Evans even with his footwear disadvantage against him. And that's even after trying to justify it by knocking Evans down to 182 on the dot. So... for now, I have to give Cavill 184. But its hard every other time you look at him.
El Capitan America said on 17/Feb/18
About those pictures DREAM posted with Kellan Lutz. One thing I noticed was Cavill's hips are much higher than Lutz but his shoulders are lower than Lutz shoulders. Cavill's shoes have higher heels but the difference is way more than one inch which means Cavill might also be lifting. I thought he would be 6 ft but I think now Cavill is closer to 5 ft 11 or 5 ft 11 and half. If you look closely Lutz also looks like he is losing a bit of height because he is leaning in a little. You can tell because when you straighten the pic Lutz looks like he is standing on a slant.
El Capitan America said on 16/Feb/18
I think Cavill is a weak 6. His stockiness could make him look shorter but there are a lot of pictures posted here that make for good comparisons. I don't agree about Cavills height being more accurate because he stopped wearing high heels. He looks like he still wears high heels in the pic links and he could be hiding it by wearing lifts inside the shoe. That would make more sense because he is Superman now and he has to make himself look naturally taller and not by using high heels.
Dejavu said on 11/Feb/18
Joel Kinnaman only looked maybe an inch taller than Henry Cavill in the premiere photos. I don’t see Joel under 6’2.
Jordan87 said on 6/Feb/18
@ Ali 183,

I'd say closer to 183 ( 6'0 ). I at one point thought he could hit 6'0-1/2", but not anymore. ( Thanks to Ray Fisher, Roger GRacie, and Armie Hammer).
Ali183 said on 6/Feb/18
Anything from 183 to 184. Nothing more
Johno said on 29/Jan/18
Never ever really Cavil taller than Lutz. Saw Cavil on the Graham Norton short last week, did not look that tall in comparison to Simon Pegg nor Norton.
Jordan87 said on 29/Jan/18
@ Gonzale, Dream ( 5'9.5),

True Cavill's heels are noticeable there With Lutz, that is very Obvious.

Purcell doesn't really reach 6 foot though with Rob, Looks more 5'11.5-5'11.75 with Rob.
Gonzale said on 27/Jan/18
No, Cavill was only noticeably taller than Kellan Lutz from those Comic Con photos/video and Immortals premiere photos because of his huge, and I mean huge heels. Zoom in on them and you'll see. He used to wear them a lot but he suddenly stopped in the last few years. Look at his photos with Luke Evans at that premiere, you can see Cavill's heels. He shouldn't appear that much bigger than Evans (or Lutz).
Dream(5'9.5") said on 26/Jan/18
Cavill's also taller than Kellan Lutz.

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here (This is from the immortals comic con. Video is here: Click Here ).
Dream(5'9.5") said on 26/Jan/18
Cavill beats out Dominic Purcell in these pictures

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here (At 2:13 in the video, you see Cavill and Purcell standing together. Purcell is wearing boots. Cavill is wearing regular footwear 'while bending' and Cavill is still noticeably taller).
Jordan87 said on 24/Jan/18
@ Celebheights 6'1.5,

I see that, however What is your Reasoning with Fisher's height then? Rob mentions he had Less Footwear then Ray, and Ray still falls short of 6'2. If logic applies, then Fisher would be 6'1.5" which we know isn't the case. ( yes the height chart as Canson Said is off by 1/4 of an inch, but again Fisher has Footwear Advantage.

In other words, Cavill with Lutz vs. Cavill with Fisher contradict itself. Not sure one overrides the other, and Cavill looked Shorter than 6 foot with Hammer and Gracie, easily.
Jug said on 24/Jan/18
Cavill is a bit stocky. I don't know, he doesn't seem that tall but I guess he can't be anything under six feet compared to solid 6'2 Affleck. Don't get me wrong, Henry is handsome, but he just doesn't cut it for me as Superman. Christopher Reeve will always be the best (even though those movies were stupid). They have yet to find a peer.
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 23/Jan/18
Except for the fact that you can clearly see that Kellan Lutz is dropping height in that photo, so Rob doesn’t have to mention it (with Kellan Lutz’s eye level coming up to the top of Rob’s head, with Kellan’s eye level being lowered, with 1/4” of an inch less footwear). Model listings can sometimes be inaccurate (depending on the agency that is), as I’ve seen cases where they either downgrade someone’s height or upgrade their height. At the same time though, I do know of some model agencies that actually measure celebrities to make sure that they are between a certain range of heights. I admittedly don’t know if Ford Models is one of those agencies.
Jordan87 said on 23/Jan/18
@ Dream,

I noticed Purcell is the 6'0.5 here, yes that can be the case if you straighten him up with ROb.

You got pics of Henry and Purcell? If they are more Convincing then the 6'2 ( Tops ) Fisher with Cavill I may be inclined to change my mind.

Right now, I know I sound like a broken record but either Fisher is cheating with his height by wearing lifts and making the rest of the JL cast look bad, or he is 6'2 and Cavill is just 6' foot. One or the other b/c I refuse, yes refuse to Believe Fisher is over 6'2 as right now the evidence is overwhelming that he is NOT!
Dream(5'9.5") said on 23/Jan/18
Henry Cavill is also taller than Dominic Purcell who is listed here as 6’0.5”.
Jordan87 said on 22/Jan/18
@ Celebhegihts,

Rob doesn't mention Posture and mentions that Kellan was listed at 6 foot on the ford Models Website. Ray Fisher, a Confirmed 6'2 tops guy had Henry by 2" most of the time, at times more.

Ray FIsher's height is more proven than Lutz.
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 22/Jan/18
Henry Cavill was taller than Kellan Lutz in Immortals by at least 1 CM, with the footwear being the same. Rob has met Kellan Lutz and lists him at 6’0 1/4”, when I think that he’s more 6’0 1/2”. His posture was just bad in the photos that he took with Rob and Jenny.
Jordan87 said on 19/Jan/18

I wonder how rare gaining height after 18 actually is though. I mean I know personally I stopped at 16-17 more or less. Not sure what Percent of Men continue growing after 18, but I doubt many grow after 20.
Rory said on 17/Jan/18
I wonder if he gained anything after the age of 18 as I saw an episode of Lynley Mysteries where an 18 yr old Cavill looked very close in height to Nathaniel Parker(6ft, possibly 6ft0.25).
Psychedelic Earth 187 said on 11/Jan/18
Editirrob, I don’t know about Jordan’s most recent comment on the 8th of jan. remember we’re trying to make the site pg rated?
Editor Rob
it was (at least one line) a bit on the border towards pg-13
Real Cavill said on 9/Jan/18
@Jordan87.....Lol most women do what for him? Ahahaha. I have never heard that saying lol. It's too bad we have to defend ourselves for pointing out some factual observations on a site made for determining the real heights of stars. It's not like we set up a website called All I knew about the guy before MOS came out was that he was going to be a 6'1" Superman and I went ape. But like I mentioned in one of the posts, it doesn't matter if someone loves or hates the guy what matters is his height. Fisher, Arm and Hammer, Gracie barefoot, Cavill's body proportions and t-rex arms makes him 6'0" on his best day.

Dolph was a beast. An artificially enhanced beast, but I like the guy he has the warrior's spirit. I give him credit for standing on camera with that accent and making it work like Arnold did. I never read he was 6'5" until now. Every publication I've ever read about him said he was 6'4". That 6'5" thing is recent. Dolph is still making action movies here and there so it could be his publicists way of keeping him ahead of the pack. Apparently every action star is lying about their height even more so 6'4" just isn't cutting it.

Plenty of publications have Dolph at 6'4". I think the reaction to your estimate is the same thing that is happening in the Cavill forum.
Jordan87 said on 8/Jan/18
@ Marvin,

I see that Now, not sure by How much but on Equal Footing Fisher usually looks taller, albeit Slightly, very Slightly. I do think Affleck dips below 6'2 B/c again, Ray struggles to get to 6'2 with ROb and that with a Footwear Advantage for Ray over Rob.

I'd Say by the evening Hrs, Affleck could very well be 6'1.5.
Jordan87 said on 8/Jan/18

Affleck has dress shoes on. Not sure about the Air Force one thing but fisher looks 1/2" on affleck, either way fisher is taller bro.
Marvin said on 6/Jan/18
Actually fisher has the footwear advantage not affleck. Fisher has on Air Force 1 shoes that give you more than 1 inch of height...
Real Cavill said on 6/Jan/18
@Jordan87.....The Fisher and Gracie pics together are enough to make the 6'0" theory a fact. I threw in Supergirl because it's more proof that Hollywood adds height to superheroes even for their girls. I admit I thought she was 5'8" but that was only my starting opinion and all I had to go on was the pilot episode I watched.

The pic Rob posted clearly shows Benoist has a shorter woman's body. In the pilot they refer to her as about 5'9", but she does not have that lanky Gal Gadot frame and I think Gal Gadot is a flat 5'9" maybe even a half inch less if you factor in the Hollywood lies. What I found interesting is that most of the users seem to have no problem accepting the obviousness that Supergirl's height was fabricated, but with Henry Cavill they cant believe the in your face proof. I guess it's because they're having a hard time accepting their idol may only be near mint but not mint condition. Clearly an action star's height has a significant effect on fan base which affects overall sales. This would make a great paper for a psychology, sociology or film class.
sami said on 6/Jan/18
he is taller than flat 6'0 for sure
Jordan87 said on 5/Jan/18
@ Real Cavill,

The Gracie pic boggles my Mind b/c I dont think Henry is as Short as 5'11, but he sure looks it in that picture.

The Best Pics I go by are with 6'2 tops Ray Fisher showing Henry struggling with 6'0 ( Also Unfortunately Affleck is shorter than Fisher even with a footwear Advantage with actually puts Affleck clearly under 6'2 which is the 2018 SHock for me) . There are people here who maintain Cavil MUST be at least 6'0.5, but of course now with most of the Fisher pics this pretty much takes down that theory.

Far as Supergirls official height I see it Varies all over the place. I know Helen Slater who played Supergirl in 1984 is a Solid 5'7 on this site pictured with Rob.
Real Cavill said on 4/Jan/18
@Jordan87.....I hopped on over to Supergirl's height and the consensus is she is no taller than 5'7" and maybe as low as 5'6". The media keeps saying she is 5'8" and on the show they say she's about 5'9". Just another example of how Hollywood works. Now I think Cavill may be just under 6'0".
Real Cavill said on 1/Jan/18
@Jordan87.....Sorry the holidays have kept me from getting back to you bro. Okay I finally watched JL because they put up an HD rip with some Asian sub titles. YES as you said Cavill does look smaller in JL than he was in DOJ. In a news interview he mentioned he got bigger for DOJ to stand against Ben Affleck so maybe he was 208 or 210. But hes also smaller in JL than he was in Man of Steel when I compared the shirtless scenes. What was most obvious was that he was narrower overall and his chest was maybe an inch smaller. His traps looked slightly smaller too. That indicates around a 5-8 pound loss at six feet which would make him 195-198. Minus the pump they all do before a shirtless scene and I have him at 190-193 which is what you said. The benefit of the doubt side of me says he didn't want to maintain such a high weight or that he's going to slowly look huger in future JL movies to wow the audience or that its camera angles. The cynical side of me says he's experiencing side effects from the extra help and wants to back off and do only what he has to in order to look the part. In JL his hair line appeared to be receding. That is not uncommon though for an Irish, Brit background at his age so can't be sure.

I'm more convinced after your observation of Cavill and Gracie that Cavill is 6'0". Maybe even 5'11" and three quarters. I can't remember a fighter's height ever being downgraded. While watching JL they also showed scenes of Clark Kent walking on the streets. Again there's quite a few guys taller than him walking by. I also noticed they kept Superman away from the other heroes a lot while he was without his super lifts. They always had him floating.

Agree that 6.0.5" is fair for the site. If Henry wants to be 6'1" let him. He needs the extra height for his career. Just saying I'm not going to jump on the Cavill as Superman fan wagon. Not at 6'1" and definitely not at six. They should have made him green lantern.
Jordan87 said on 21/Dec/17
@ Real Cavill,

It usually take Rob a bit more to downgrade a Celebs height as I think he gives them the benefit of the doubt which is fair game. Henry did report 6'1 early in his career so Rob giving him 6'0.5 I pretty normal for this site.

I can tell you that if Cavill was 6'1, FIsher would be 6'3.25 which we know isn't true, factually.

Cavill was 5" Shorter than 6'4 Listed, yes Listed MMA Fighter Roger Gracie and they were both Barefoot and with Equal Posture. GRacie does look extremely tall and could be a tad bit underlisted which is rare for an MMA Star.

I was shocked myself by that Picture.

Also People who Bring up Hammer should be careful as he has a 5'11-5'11.5 Eye level and Henry doesn't come much over that in ALOT not all pics.
Jason said on 20/Dec/17
Any estimate on his arm span/reach anyone? Rob any idea? Looks a solid 6'0 6'1 in the morning but I'm guessing a 6.49 after a long day
Editor Rob
the first time I read about Cavill having t-rex arms was on here, I mean it never crossed my mind.

It's not like the guy has his trouser pockets raised 2 inches or anything...I would say he probably has a 71 inch armspan.
Jordan87 said on 16/Dec/17
@ real cavil,

Yes, I mean I know Christopher Reeve put on muscle naturally and had a nih harder time bc of his height. He actually hired Dave prowse ( Darth Vader's body ) to help him out on size, and natural size at that. Check out Dave prowse when he was younger, he was an all natural power lifter who was the first Brit to deadlift 700 pounds , plus he was at least 6'4" tall. ( he reports 6'6 but he isn't as most actor inflate).

My biggest problem with justice league film? Aquaman......using Ebonics......I mean , Atlantis must have access to MTV I guess.

Cavil was a little smaller in justice league , same size as man of steel. I felt in dawn of justice he was his biggest.
Real Cavill said on 16/Dec/17
@Jordan.....Judgment for Jordan87.

@Cavill Fanboys.....If you try to argue the latest Jordan87 pic, you are wrong. Same posture, same footwear, same horizon in the pic ruling out optical illusion. Cavill looks even 3 inches shorter than Fisher esp when factoring in the cropped hair. And after taking a look at that picture, how can anyone say Cavill should be Superman? Aquaman should never look like he can have his way with Superman, but that's how it looks.
Jordan87 said on 14/Dec/17
Latest Pics Below. Fisher and Cavill have the same Posture and Footwear from what I can See. This time, there is 2" Between them.

Keep In Mind Cavill's Hair is an advantage over Ray's Close Cropped hair.

As Most of you may know, I don't buy over 6'2 Fisher b/c Rob's Picture of him Looking 6'1.75" with Extra Footwear pretty much eliminates that idea. I still have him at 6'2, but barely.

Click Here

I will say Cavill holds up Better in this Picture with Ray than Some others I have seen.

But in this Latest Pic: Ray Fisher Weak 6'2, Cavil Solid 6'0 ( Not a weak 6'0 like some past photos showed but not over 6'0.25, 6'0.5" and 6'1 should not be mentioned when Cavil is around Fisher)
Jordan87 said on 13/Dec/17
@ Real Cavill,

OJ Simpson would be a great Superman Compared to Dean Cain lol. In All Seriousness I think Henry is not the Problem with at least the Superman aspect of the DCEU. Its Snyder. That guy totally sucks.
Real Cavill said on 13/Dec/17
@Jordan87......I disagree that Arnold is a strange story. Many actors are like him, but it's just that his story is well known. I have talked with small time actors who have gotten bit parts who told me that publicists lie about actors heights all the time depending on whatever image they're trying to portray for that actor. That these actors are much shorter or sometimes taller in person when working with them for whatever reasons, lifts, shoes, fabricated heights. There was a famous reporter who reported Arnold was around 6'0.5" when he met him and stated that Arnold ever being 6'1" would be a stretch so I don't believe Arnold was ever 6'1" or taller even in his prime. Plus he's a liar, steroid abuser, pot smoking, politician, schtooping the maid in his wife's right there bro.

@Shane.....Are you saying you think Cavill is 6'1" or taller? Since it's 99% sure that isn't true, your findings are tainted somehow. Or, are you saying he's 6'0.5"? Maybe he was 10 years ago or whatever, but he ain't now. Was Henry barefoot when you met him? Did you guys have the same exact shoes on? If he was on a movie set as the leading man there's a good chance he was lifting or high heeling it. Don't forget that head length accounts for height too. You can be eye to eye but taller because your head is higher. I've seen people make that error a lot. You won't be able to realize it unless you study a lot of photos of yourself next to people. Someone can have slightly lower shoulders and still be taller because of a long neck and or head so your visual in person observation is suspect when debating quarter and half inches like we are right now.

Maybe you have a cone head. I've seen that a lot in the military too like 1 in 10 guys, and it gives an extra half inch to inch. I don't accept military heights as fully accurate either. First, those lazy idiots at MEPS like to eyeball a lot it's friggin annoying because of weight requirements. Second, they will add or subtract a quarter or half inch or more if they like you or don't like you or if they think you're trying to stand taller to cheat the height/weight requirements. All kinds of stupid biases and quirks. Other times they pull out the medical scale height stick and they don't do a spot on job. I've been measured by military personnel and they've been off a half inch to three quarters of an inch using the scale. They can measure someone three times right there and get three varying heights. They do it all day long and they really don't give a crap if they're off even one inch. For those of you who think a military measurement is the end all smoking gun, do you know how many people with flat feet make it through every year? FYI, if you have flat feet you aren't supposed to make it through.
Jordan87 said on 13/Dec/17
Just Read an Article, not sure if it is BS but Justice League 2 apparently has been canceled and they are Re-structuring the DCEU. Not sure if this means new actors for the ROles or an Entire Reboot which Hollywood seems to absolutely love nowadays. All I know is Snyder isn't the guy for these Movies. Apparently I am not the only one who thinks so.

Click Here
Jordan87 said on 13/Dec/17
@Real Cavill,

As Far as Henry as SUperman. I enjoyed his Performance in MOS . I Saw Justice League and honestly there were some cringe worthy scenes with him, especially when Him and Cyborg were sharing that " Laugh" together. In Short, not Convincing at all. I'd say my Problem with Current DCEU is Snyder. I mean, The extended cut of DOJ was a lot better, tied up some loose ends but still Lex Luthor acting like the joker and being a little Twat rather than what Lex is supposed to be was odd to say the least.

I still Feel Wonder WOman was the Best Made film of the DCEU, and as far as Snyder? He really needs to put out something better than this. Aquaman using ebonics? Nope.....Cyborg and Flash I enjoyed, But in J.L. I thought Aquaman was absolutely horrible. Steppenwolf was a big for nothing as well, I thought they could have done better there but what are you gonna do?

As Far as Henry is concerned, to me he looked the biggest in DOJ and the smallest in J.L. I Know for a Fact they said he was 203 pounds during the filming of DOJ. I do not know what his weight was for J.L. but i'm guessing it was only 190-195 maybe.
Real Cavill said on 12/Dec/17
@SD.....Cavill is GREAT as Superman? You mean in Asia where the average height is three inches less right? Aside from that, Cavill also didn't get Clark Kent right. To his credit, Cavill does have the nice guy protector vibe. I'd like to know what standard you are using when saying Cavill is a GREAT Superman. Compared to Dean Cain then yes.

@Jackson, Fisher still looks an inch shorter than Momoa in your pic and he's still 4 inches taller than Cavill and Fisher's got a melon head. Obviously there's some optical illusion thing going on as JohnnyO pointed out.

@Yepper.....You only see 1 in 15 people taller than you? That would make you 6'2" and Cavill has been rued to be 6'0.5" at best. Or, you live outside of North America, Canada or Europe. Cavill took pics with people in North America and Europe. When he stands next to these ordinary sample sizes, at least 2 people out of 10 are taller which by that standard would make him about 6'0". It's not pinpoint, but it adds to Jordan87s analysis that Cavill is 6'0" or slightly under by a quarter or half inch.
Jordan87 said on 12/Dec/17
@ Real Cavill,

Arnold is a strange story. I mean, I think the 5'10 Claims Are total BS but I doubt the man was much over 6'1. In the topic Of Lifts, I do not think Cavill would wear Lifts. Arnold? Different story. That I could see.
Jordan87 said on 12/Dec/17
And yes, Henry does have the misfortune of being around taller actors. The Modern Superhero Actors are tall. Let's say Henry was doing more films with the Garden Variety guys like DiCaprio, Damon ETC, he would not look so short.
Jordan87 said on 12/Dec/17

" And seriously you think I'm the one whose not happy with my height lol"

There you go. I'm not saying you are slow to insult you. I am saying it b/c I think its a reality based on things of this sort.
Shane said on 12/Dec/17
I worked with Jason Mamoa on Baywatch Hawaii and met Henry Cavill when he was young around the time he was working on Tristan & Isolde.

I was 6’1 and 1/4” going through processing for the military, now I am somewhere around what you say Henry is now. He is definitely not under that. My buddy who was working with me that day is 6’3” and I’d say Cavill is 6’1” and surely not much below it.

He and I were fairly eye to eye and in general you really only notice when someone is “tall” or “short” relative to you when you have to can’t your neck up or down.
Johno said on 11/Dec/17
Jackson, the camera appears to be closwr to Fisher than Mamoa thus creating the illusion of Fisher appearing the same. In reality would be 2-inches.
SD-5'8(172CM) said on 11/Dec/17
I think Henry is around 6'0-6'1 range...In the Justice League movie he was barely taller than Ezra Miller's Flash or Gal Gadot's Wonderwoman especially in wide shots.
In The Man From U.N.C.L.E. he holds up well next to Armie Hammer 6'4.5 however there is a lot of inconsistency when his Mugshots are seen
Mugshot 1: Click Here he could be 6'0 FLAT!!
Mugshot 2: Click Here 6'4!!!
Mugshot 3: Click Here 6'6 thanks to his hair!!!
Mugshot 4: Click Here 6'1(his actual height) and EYE COLOR:BLUE
Henry Cavill is one of those guys who would walk down any street anywhere in the world and people would think he was either a model or an actor...a guy a Chris Evans one would think he's an athlete player that's why he's GREAT as Superman.
Yepper said on 10/Dec/17
It is frustrating seeing Cavill next to so many taller people. I swear, he keeps getting cast alongside Armie Hammer's and Jason Momoa's for almost every film. There's a pop culture event that he's attending right now as I'm typing this, and the fans he's taking pictures with there are dwarfing him as well. I'm pretty much Cavill's height, and I only see 1 in like 15 people taller than me every day.
Jackson said on 9/Dec/17
Jordan87 I respect your opinion man. And I apologize if I’ve come across as rude or anything. I just really dont see Henry under 6 foot. Could I get your opinion on something else I noticed? I have come to the conclusion that Ray Fisher may wear lifts around cast mates. The reason I feel this way is because In these new photos i have Ray looks the same height as 6’4 Jason Momoa. I actually think affleck and fisher are the exact same height and anytime Fisher looks slightly taller I think it’s lifts? What are your thoughts ?
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Real Cavill said on 9/Dec/17
@Jackson...Proof? Everyone thinks they're a good judge of this or that and they base it on some collection of observations and experiences. That's totally fine, but maybe it's time to update your visual points of reference. You also need to question why Cavill stands like he's a beauty pageant contestant with a book on his head. Even soldiers and models don't do it as much as him and it seems like he started doing it when he got Man of Steel.

@Marvin...Is it possible Cavill has a shorter guys arms because he is? The most obvious answer is often the right one.

@Jordan....Agree that it rules out 6'0.5". I also doubt he is 5'11", but the way Hollywood works I would not be completely surprised if he was. Arnold still claims he was 6'2" for most of his life and Hollywood made him look about 6'2" though it's pretty evident Arnold was around 6'0.5" in his prime.
John said on 9/Dec/17

Please. please..... quote where I said I "admitted I am not happy with my height." Im completely happy with my height. Buddy you really need to learn that if your going to make things up you may be the mentally slow one... Your really starting to concern me... You may want to get some help..
Rory said on 8/Dec/17
Impossible to argue Cavill is under 6'0.25 unless you think he's a chronic lift wearer, in which case substantiate that claim with evidence. I can only really see an argument for either 6'0.5 or 6'0.75..realistically can't see him being much under or over those marks.
Jordan87 said on 8/Dec/17
@ Jackson,

I believe he is 6'0 at some point in the day. At Time He looks a weak 6'0, especially next to Fisher.

He looks no where near 6'1 with Hammer ( Most of the TIme), Fisher, and most of All Gracie who is listed at 6'4 and has Henry by 5". Does this mean I think he is as low as 5'11 or 5'11.25? No, but I think it rules out as high as 6'0.5.
Jordan87 said on 8/Dec/17
@ John,

So you did read my Posts, and could not comprehend them thus far and have misinterpreted pretty much all of them , so yes no " Yawn" needed, you are slow.

So I believe Cavil is 6'0 and guess what, he would still be taller than Me so I have nothing to gain by " Downplaying his height", so as usual you are incorrect. I also Mentioned Henry is a very nice man in the past and I support him in the role. Height has nothing to do with it.

I am downplaying FIsher's height too huh? Even though there is a clear picture of Fisher with a Proven ( yes Proven) 5'8 Man, and he looks no more than 6" including a Footwear advantage. That would be the reason for making a case a guy is a lower height than Listed.

As far as you? I was right, you admitted you are not happy with you height and as far as the mentally slow part.......Yeah I'm sure I nailed that as well as you have given me plenty of material, thank you for that it's much appreciated.
Marvin said on 7/Dec/17
Appears to be a 6'0.75" or 6'1" guy. His short arms might make people think he's shorter.
Jackson said on 7/Dec/17
If you think the guy is Under 6 foot that’s absurd.
Real Cavill said on 7/Dec/17
@Sami - Here is an example that may help. I looked up old time bodybuilders because Cavill is closer to their aesthetics than the Gigantors of today. It is pretty much undisputed that Steve Reeves was a flat 6'1". Compare Steve to a guy I just learned of named Dick Dubois. Look at Dick Dubois in a movie called Athena 1954. Dick is listed as 6'1", but he stands at least a half inch shorter than Steve in all pics if not an inch. Cavill DOES NOT look anywhere as long as Steve Reeves. Dubois has a very wide, triangular, thick look. Cavill looks more like Dubois. However, even Dubois appears to be longer in the trunk AND arms than Cavill.
Real Cavill said on 7/Dec/17
@John I don't care if Jordan87 is a Cavill fanboy or not. I care if he has a point and if what he's saying makes sense and it does.

@Sami. 80% of my opinion is that Cavill is 6'0" based on the hard evidence provided. 20% is my minority opinion that he might be slightly under based on height analysis. One, we can be fairly certain he's not over 6'0.5" as that's what is listed on his modeling application. Two, he probably exaggerated it a bit because that's what people have to do in any image based game to gain an edge. Three, he has great posture. That can give him a slight advantage when standing next to most people who have average posture. Based on Jordan87s analysis, Cavill may be under six. Remember, a quarter inch is only the size of two lines of comments (vertical wise) on celebheights which is really small. Four, what Cavill looks like in relation to regular people is top 15% of height. He looks like he's about six foot or at six foot. Google Cavill with regular people like with his brother Nick Cavill and you will see Cavill next to ordinary people. Then take a look around you in the world and notice how a six footer or slightly under compares to those around him. Five, observe 6'1" men. Cavill does not have that long 6'1" trunk and his arms are short. Even 6'1" Asians who usually have shorter torsos have a slightly longer looking torso and arms. I have, however, sometimes seen 5'9"-6'0" men who have that triangular, wide, shorter torso with Cavill length arms. It's a rather unique looking torso. It has nothing to do with musculature it has to do with the human body's natural proportions. Many actors have good publicists and their height is a lie. One guy I believe is Shazad Latif. I was recently watching Star Trek Discovery and they said to him, gee you're a tall man. I looked him up and he is only 6'1" which isn't super tall. Notice his long torso and arms. That's how an actual 6'1" man looks. Some Asians that height look slightly less long, but they never look like the stout looking Henry Cavill unless they are actually 5'9"-6'0". Henry could be an exception, but that's been my experience.
John said on 7/Dec/17

Aww you see I actually did read your posts. To me he doesnt look under 6 foot. I don't see pics of the guy looking under 6 foot sorry. And seriously you think I'm the one whose not happy with my height lol.. coming from the guy who constantly wants to make people shorter... Once again sorry to say but it appears you've been describing yourself this entire time. On a serious note lets talk about how you've gone from calling me mentally slow from now saying I'm not the desired height I want to be in life lol whats next?? yawn
sami said on 6/Dec/17
@real cavil why does he ever looked below 6'0? he is definitely above that mark in all of his pics.
Jordan87 said on 6/Dec/17

Again, If you actually read my past Posts you will see I actually give him his due credit. You are the one ignoring Pics of him looking under or about 6 foot ( As in not even considering them) which leads me to believe you got a thing for him, and again......I hope you have not burned your Cavill posters everytime you see a pic of him looking " Not your Desired height for him".....My Advice? Skip Conventions...better for you and your crush lol

On a Serious note I think you are the type guy that is not the desired height they want to be in life, and by somehow giving Henry some extra Inches ( Or in this case ( 1/2"- Yes we are traded insults over 1/2", which is normal on this site and it doesn't bother me) you yourself think you have gained something. And that is also typical on this site as well, so you are not a total loser, you are like half a loser which isn't the worst.
meson777 said on 6/Dec/17
He has great posture even 6 ft isn't impossible .
Real Cavill said on 5/Dec/17
Jordan87 is being honest about this which is why he is getting it. The bottom line is that if you believe heights for any action star or athlete aren't exaggerated, you also probably believe in Harry Potter. I don't like Henry Cavill, he looks like an aristocratic derp with a smug smile who chemically enhances and then lies about it to make money and was probably supplied by his she male steroid pumper girlfriend with hands as big as a human head. Everyone cites his twin as being Matt Bohmer the gay actor who is the 170 pound version of Cavill and is 5'11" at best. So yes, you can say I may be biased because I don't care for Mr. Cavill being Superman and I don't care for Mr. Cavill, but it doesn't change the fact that he looks 5'11.5" to 6'0" because he is.
John said on 5/Dec/17

If anyones into him too much it would be you buddy. As it seems you dedicate your life to trying to downgrade the guy LOL. if you think Cavil is under 6 foot your opinion just can't be taken seriously.
Jordan87 said on 5/Dec/17

If you read my earlier posts I mention I actually like Mr. Cavill alot. Again, It required reading which you seem to not be capable of doing.

What does height have to to with me liking someone or not? I could say the opposite about you, like you seem to be into him a bit too much. Example, You seem like the type of guy that would burn their Superman action figures of they find out Cavill is not over 6 foot lol. Maybe Henry should be worried about you? Hopefully you won't be going to any conventions anytime soon.
Jordan87 said on 5/Dec/17

I am actually showing you more than a height chart if you actually look ( It seems to be harder for you than Others to read my posts in detail but that's ok)

With Gracie Cavill looks 5'11. With Fisher Cavill looks a weak 6'0. With Hammer Cavill looks 6'0.
Jordan87 said on 5/Dec/17
@ Celebheights,

That Last photo you posted , Ignore Henry's hair. Ray has Close cropped hair my man. There are 2.5" Between Fisher and Cavill, you take away Henry's hair. Footwear? Yes, Fisher is still a good 2" taller than Cavill in that photo you posted.

Ray Fisher: Weak 6'2
Henry Cavill: Weak 6'0 ( This is very evident in the Gracie Picture which everyone is afraid of, as well as many Pics with Hammer).

Hammer's eye level is 5'11 in reality, again reference the mug shot.
German said on 5/Dec/17
I agree with Jordan. Cavill is 183 cm.
Joiner said on 4/Dec/17
Um, GUYS? A lot of you keep mentioning that Cavill edged out Kellan Lutz from those Comic Con and Immortals premiere photos, but have you SEEN his footwear from those events? Geezus. He seemed to consistently wear lifts back in that 2010-2013 period, then he just suddenly stopped in the last couple of years, don't know why. But yeah stop saying that he's edged out Kellan Lutz fair and square, because he hasn't. They're both in the 6'0.25"-0.5" range.
Jackson said on 2/Dec/17
Dreampuffe yep agreed!
Dreampuffe(5'9.5") said on 2/Dec/17
I’d pick 6’0.75” really. He beat out Kellan Lutz and Dominic Purcell.
Rory said on 1/Dec/17
No way Cavill is under strong 6 foot range. 6'0.25 to 6'0.75 those are the boundaries within which you can argue. Under 6 feet is silly. For me he could be either 0.5 or 0.75, toss a coin.
Mister lennon said on 1/Dec/17
Strong 6.
Between 184-185
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 1/Dec/17
Here's a good one:

Click Here

That's from the same event, and the difference would be 4 CM between Ray Fisher and Henry Cavill if they were in the same footwear.
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 30/Nov/17
In the photos that you've posted with Henry by Arnie, the top of Henry's head actually comes up above Arnie's eye level, with him Henry even having a footwear disadvantage
Canson said on 30/Nov/17
@Jackson: to be fair Jordan87 has a point. He can look under. In the end none of us know but he obviously is not the only one that thinks he’s under that amount if the average vote is 6’0.51 after 157 votes. For it to be right at his list it means some votes were lower others higher
Johno said on 30/Nov/17
If the camera were to raise a little, i believe Hammer's head would be just slightly over the 6'4 line, like 6'4.25.

Don't know if he had footwear on though.

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