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6ft 0.51in (184.2cm)
Candyman said on 10/Apr/11
Padalecki, while much taller than Cavill, imho is too boyish in his facial features and doesnt quite project the poise to pull off superman as well as I believe Cavill can. But that's just me. Above 6 feet is tall enough to be Superman.
Joe said on 6/Apr/11
Cavill is probably a 6 footer, I think he is too London pretty boy to portray a clean cut Midwestern guy which is Superman. This will not come out right. The only actor who did Superman right was Christopher Reeve. I remember when they wanted to recast Superman I knew it would never work. Reeve IS Superman, always has and always will. Even in SR, they paid homage to Reeve.
MD said on 29/Mar/11
I don't get this "too short" BS for most superheroes. So long as you're six feet or more, you can work with that on camera. To me, more than height, weight and build can be a major issue with casting. It's pretty easy to manipulate height on-screen; it's much more difficult to manipulate weight and build.
supes78 said on 28/Mar/11
George Reeves was fine for 50 years ago. Times have changed and the ideal Superman candidate should reflect the physical attributes that we expect from heroes of today. Although I'm sure Cavill is a great actor, he's way too short for Superman. But then again, I think the days of casting the "perfect" Superman might have ended with Chris Reeve.
Alka Seltzer said on 27/Mar/11
George Reeves is around the same height. I don't see anyone saying he was a horrible Superman.
Lyla said on 25/Mar/11
He's totally amazing :)
The new Superman, I think that it's a good choice btw
Michael said on 20/Mar/11
Yep, Jared Padelecki would be a solid choice, much better than the diminutive Cavill. MsKitty is certainly a die-hard fan of Henry Cavill despite the lack of stature to portray Superman. Well, everyone is entitled to his/her opinion. It's just sad to see a small guy like Cavill donning the costume.

Quote from Mskitty :-
"He will definitely be better than Dean Cain and Brandon Routh. He may well give Christopher Reeve a run for the title of "Perfect Superman"..."

I don't know how you came up with that supposition but the way you stated it seems to suggest that as a fact. Amen..
MsKitty said on 17/Mar/11
In my opinion, Christopher Reeve was good for the role in the first two movies because of the writing and directing. It was not due to his acting skill or because of his height and build. Let us not forget that Superman 3 and 4 failed miserably even with Reeve aka "the PERFECT Superman"! Because of the crew helming this next reboot, Cavill has a good chance of being the best Superman to date. However, die-hard fans of the Reeve Supes, Tom Welling's Superman based character, and/or Brandon Routh's Superman will never be satisfied with this choice. As far as comic book fans are concerned, I feel the naysayers in this group are among those who at first completely dismissed Heath Ledger playing Joker in The Dark Knight, ignoring the fact that he had already proven to be a great actor prior to his being cast and that he used The Killing Joke as a basis for his portrayal. For the most part, those comic book fanboys were proven wrong and came to accept the Heath Ledger incarnation of the Clown Prince of Crime with open arms, as I feel they will once Cavill flies onto the screen.

He will definitely be better than Dean Cain and Brandon Routh. He may well give Christopher Reeve a run for the title of "Perfect Superman"...

I have to say that if 6ft 0.5in is his barefoot height, then it's safe to say that his height in most regular shoes is close to 6'2" and therefore, making him appear an inch taller than that will not be much of a problem. As I said before, he can bulk up enough to look large and imposing, so I am not the least bit worried.

As for Mr. Rob's comment on Taylor Lautner one day becoming Superman...let's hope we never have to live through that one! D: lol

The real concern we should all have, as was stated before, without a doubt, is who will they get to play our beloved Lois Lane?! Hopefully, it's better than Nolan's choice to play Catwoman, although as a fangirl of Selina Kyle, I'm warming to that idea....
Whit said on 17/Mar/11
@Rob - Sort of funny that each new Superman is shorter than the last when each new generation is getting taller. I vote they cast Jared Padalecki, dye his hair darker, and maybe give him blue contacts. Or, heck, they could just stick with Tom Welling and upgrade him to the big screen.
orangy said on 16/Mar/11
We'll have to agree to disagree. With some decent lifts I think he'll look imposing enough. Let's not write him off until we see a trailer at least.

[Editor Rob: instead of Superman getting taller, you have Welling/Routh shorter than Reeve and now Henry a couple of inches shorter than those 2.

By 2020 they'll probably be casting Taylor Lautner as the man of steel.]
orangy said on 14/Mar/11
Are you stuttering Michael, or do you really hope repetition will give your whining credibility. Admit it, you're actually Brandon Routh aren't you? Cavill's clearly a tall guy. Just watch the Tudors, he's consistently one of the tallest in any given scene. At least 6 feet if not quite 6'1
Michael said on 13/Mar/11
Henry Cavill doesn't have the looks and the height to portray Superman well enough. I sense a disaster coming.
MsKitty said on 11/Mar/11
I couldn't agree with you more, Launchdoctor! It isn't that I think Henry Cavill is the best choice or the perfect Superman, but I think he is a good choice, and though he obviously is lacking height, I think he looks the part...he doesn't look like Christopher Reeve, he looks like Supes. So I am remaining optimistic and taking the wait-and-see stance on this one. As for Lois Lane, let's hope they learned from the last horrible casting choice. Who do you think would be a good pick? Funny how this thread turned into a Superman
Launchdoctor said on 10/Mar/11
To respect the true legacy, you must return at least in part, to the original comic books before any movie. Kryptonian males were all intelligent, tall and physically fit. Brandon Roth was a great Christopher Reeve, not really a great Superman. Good but not great. At one point in 2010 the rumors were Jon Hamm for the part. I thought that choice the best so far. Why? Jon looks most like the original comic book character and he doesn't have boyish looks. But the part has been cast and the contracts signed. Henry Cavill is an actor and he may end up doing a fine job, we'll just have to wait and see. The real casting story though will always be... Who plays Lois Lane?
gqtaste said on 7/Mar/11
Here's another charity group saying this guy is over 6'0. He's closer to 5'10 in reality.
Michael said on 6/Mar/11
Mskitty and SolidSnake,

Both of your points are well taken, especially Mskitty's. Yes, the storyline plays a huge part in getting the movie back on track, and for this the director's contribution is extremely vital. Superman I and II by the late Christopher Reeve is the best of the best in Superman's history, and although II and III are dismal *in relative* to the earlier works, they are still considered as part of the Superman's saga due to Reeve's participation.

Now, height and looks are a different matter altogether. Although the director is one of the vital part to the equation, the actor needs to act(and look) the part as well. I don't what other think and this is my opinion. Tom Welling can't really act and his performance are pretty wooden although he looked tall and strong. Brandon Routh scores better in both looks and performance but the director screwed up in Superman Returns with a mediocre to below average storyline. Christopher Reeve is the ideal Superman and the tallest one out of the pack standing at 6'4" barefoot. With boots he probably stands at 6'6" or more. Cavill will probably be around 6'4" with lifters but his frame is small compared to the bigger guys. The superhero needs to have a big presence with a towering figure in order to portray Superman to a tee.

I am still waiting for a good director to bring back the Superman legacy to life. In my mind the Superman saga ended with Christopher Reeve's resignation from the franchise. Brandon Routh is the best candidate to fill in the shoes(very similar resemblance to Chris' features although an inch or two shorter) but unfortunately there isn't any good directors to make that happen, just yet.
MsKitty said on 4/Mar/11
I couldn't agree with you more, Jed! You seem like an individual who knows what he's on about! :D
jed said on 3/Mar/11
JonasBlane Routh is 6'2.5 if that. Lifts/Camera angles will be used to make Cavill look taller (if they even have to be used)
jed said on 3/Mar/11
He's 5cm shorter than Routh. If that. Come on. Nobody complains that Bale is 2 inches too short for Batman. Plus the way superman is drawn in the comics makes him look far bigger than 225lbs yet nobody points that out as a problem.
MsKitty said on 1/Mar/11
So what qualifies an actor to play Supes is his height? Something that can easily be faked? In the DC Universe, Superman's stats are as follows: 6'3, 225lbs., black hair, blue that disqualifies Brandon Routh, since he has neither black hair, nor blue eyes, and the contats he wore looked completely obvious and fake...and given that theory, we could also say that Christopher Reeve was too tall and not nearly built enough. Regardless of how much Smallville fans bitch and moan, this movie is going to be fantastic and probably the best one since Superman 2...who knows, maybe better!
JonasBlane said on 1/Mar/11
Superman should be 6'3 - 6'4, Reeves was 6'4, Routh was 6'4, Welling is 6'3. He's not an average man, but a superhero, he's supposed to tower over people. And quite frankly 6ft0.5 just doesn't cut it regardless of what these people on his dick say.
MsKitty said on 27/Feb/11
@Michael "With Cavill on board the Superman franchise is going down the drain"

I'd say Superman IV the Quest for Peace with Christopher Reeve and Superman Returns with Brandon Routh already got a good head start on that one. And don't get me going on that whole Smallville thing! If anything, Cavill can in no way make it any worse, especially with Chris Nolan and Zack Snyder helming the project. And if it does tank, I'd be extremely surprised and even astonished if the reason is Cavill's lack of a couple inches. To me, that's a moot argument and a fanboys lament if I've ever heard one.

In my opinion, they can easily add inches to his height with lifts and camera angles and that'd be just fine with me. The real important thing is that the story is good as well as the acting, which I have to believe will be all that and more. This is exactly what is needed to breathe life back into this franchise. I for one am extremely excited and have no doubts that it will be great. Can't wait to see my superhero Crush back on the big screen again!
Aoknaa said on 27/Feb/11
Yes but this is Superman, he shouldn't look short next to other cast members and they already cast 6'1" Kevin Costner as his father
SolidSnake said on 26/Feb/11
@ michael give the guy a chance. Do you know how much hate there was for Daniel Craig being picked for Bond? He was blonde and the shortest actor to take the role yet Casino Royale was praised as being one of the best in the bond saga
Anonymous said on 24/Feb/11
For all those who believe that 6´1" is short for Superman, my answer is the following: "what´s really short is your minds, my dear Sirs". Superman is a very strong man, and tall also, but he´s not suposed to be a basketball player.
6´1" is a more than respectable tall height, which will have the addition of the boots (6´1" + boots: 6´2,5" aprox). Great height for this superhero. Taller than most men all around the world (he´s not suposed to be a Giant, Hulk or King Kong).
Sam said on 22/Feb/11
The recent article in Entertainment Weekly about the casting of Superman refers to Cavill as 6'1"
Kyle said on 21/Feb/11
I think his height is about right in terms of the upcoming comic movies really. Thor should be the tallest, which Hemsworth is. Captain America and Batman are around the same size, but a little shorter than Superman, which Bale and Evans are compared to Cavill.
jed said on 20/Feb/11
superman's supposed to be 6'3, I wouldn't say 5/6 cm is 'too short' for a film. I mean Brandon Routh is 6'2ish and looked fine.
gregarious ginger said on 18/Feb/11
He looks taller on The Tudors because of his shoes.This sounds like the right height.
eddie45 said on 18/Feb/11
Cavill is easily 6ft1! As i've met him in london and I'm exactly 6ft1 too. Gotta say he's a really charming fella. Hope him all the best in the new Superman film. I think he's gonna nail it as hes got the look's and acting ability to pull off the iconic role.
kcirej said on 18/Feb/11
too short for Superman;
Chris said on 16/Feb/11
I think Cavill is a little taller than 6ft0.5, closer to 6ft1 maybe. Can't wait to see him play Superman.
kcirej said on 16/Feb/11
hes too short to play superman
SAK said on 16/Feb/11
Doesn't look fully 6ft1, therefore 6ft0.5/184cm is spot on for him.
Stiffelio said on 13/Feb/11
This guy has a future: he combines good looks with great acting. He claims 6'1" but Rob's estimate at 6'0.5" or even 6' flat is more likely.
Anonymous said on 13/Feb/11
He is going to be the new Superman.... :) I think that it's a good choice.
I read somewhere that he's 6.1 (1.85).

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