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Peak: 6ft 2.09in (188.2cm)
Current: 6ft 1.54in (186.8cm)
Sawyer03 said on 21/Jun/13
If that guy is not 6.2 then nobody is, some people in this forum are crazy to say he is just 6.0, come on look how big the guy looks in that picture, then look at a picture of Nicolaj Coster-Waldau or even Ryan Reynolds.
Lo sgozzatore said on 21/Jun/13
Yeah, big chance he's not over 6'1.5. Just look at him with Brandon Routh, he's at least one inch shorter...
cole said on 19/Jun/13
Rob, how would you explain the difference between Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman in the pic in the description? She seems to have a 2" (2.5"?) heel, making her 184-185 cm in footwear, and Jackman only looks 2-3 cm taller, so 187-188 cm in footwear? That doesn't make sense if you think Hugh is 188 cm barefoot. I recon he's more 6'1.5 (186-187 cm).
Rico said on 17/Jun/13
Rob, what do you think about the height of Hugh Jackman compared to Ben Affleck? They have lots of pictures together and they seem almost identical in height.
Taylor said on 5/Jun/13
Rob have you ever met Hugh Jackman before?
[Editor Rob: not yet]
Mr. R said on 4/Jun/13
Yeah, he is actually 6-2.5. I met Nicole and she is at least 5-11 without heels.
Cosette said on 3/Jun/13
From the pictures I see, he looks like he's at a 6'0.5"-6'1.5" range. But I think he's more like he's 6'1" exact from the photo above. Nicole is wearing 1 inch heels at 5'10.5" which makes her 5'11.5" and she only looks 1 inch shorter. This would put Hugh Jackman at 6'0.5".
Len said on 17/May/13
I'd guess 6'1" for Jackman, at most

Kidman's heels in that photo are not especially tall, she's probably 6'1" in that photo, and looks very close to Jackman in height there.

His dress shoes add an inch, so you could even argue that he's more like a strong 6'0".

Why do nearly all male Hollywood actors (and not a few female ones) *insist* on adding 2 inches to their heights? It's almost standard practice, it seems.
Dejavu said on 12/May/13
He is 6'2
johno said on 8/May/13
I believe reynolds edges him.

To me jackman is between 6'1 - 6'1.5
Linebacker28 said on 20/Apr/13
Can look 6'1", 6'2" and even 6'3" from time to time. I'd say a solid 6'1.5" is on the target.
Lenad said on 13/Apr/13
Kidmans heels probably give 4 inches. Plus hugh is leaning more. Barefoot i estimate 187cm
Balrog said on 8/Apr/13
I think Reynolds is more ecto than Jackman.
jimmy said on 4/Apr/13
Bron drops 1cm here but besides that he looks taller than Jackman does next to Lebron.And Kaka is only 6'1.5".

Click Here
jimmy said on 4/Apr/13
Bron drops 1cm here but besides that he looks taller than Jackman does next to Lebron.And Kaka is only 6'1.5".
Lenad said on 4/Apr/13
hes probably a weak 6'2
space balls said on 2/Apr/13
now,this is how a solid 6'2'' guy would look like! he could even be 6'2.5'' inches.i'd buy it.just look at how long his legs are in x-men origins:wolverine,especially at the scene just after he crashes down the helicopter.
jimmy said on 20/Mar/13
Either Lebron James is 6'8" as he claims or Hugh Jackman is not 6'2".He looks 6 good inches shorter than him.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 2/Mar/13
Anything less than 188cm is a joke.
"Hugh Jackman height: 6ft 2.25in (189cm)"
James said on 27/Feb/13
Yeah he looks barely taller than cooper
penguinboy25 said on 24/Feb/13
6'1.5. He looks exactly 1 inch taller with Bradley Cooper. According to this site Cooper is 6'0.5 at best.
James said on 18/Feb/13
He can struggle too look 6'2 with Sachs baron Cohen at times
James said on 12/Feb/13
Well arch I think that is because Sacha is slim and has great posture.
Arch Stanton said on 12/Feb/13
Sacha Baron though always appears a bit more than a flat 6'3" to me though James, I think he a strong 6'3"; seeing his comment to Howard Stern I think he considers himself too tall as it is.
Arch Stanton said on 12/Feb/13
189 isn't extreme for Jackman but 6'3" is. He looks a legit 6'2" to me, not buying 6'1" range.
Keeny said on 9/Feb/13
Met Hugh Jackman at a theatre in New York. He wasnt any taller than me.I am 6ft 1 inches tall.
James said on 4/Feb/13
Very close too 188cm though. 189cm was defo extreme for Hugh jackman
Balrog said on 4/Feb/13
Reynolds and Jackman are same height, James can't see a difference between those two.
kevin said on 4/Feb/13
i believe to that hes not 188cm. just a bit below that mark at 187cm.
James said on 2/Feb/13
ben afflick 6'2.25 (189)
hugh jackman 6'1.75 (187cm)
sacha cohen 6'3 (191cm)
ryan reynolds 6'2 (188cm)
James said on 1/Feb/13
Hmmmmm rob do you think he looks a bit shy of 6'2 next too 6'3 sacha barohen cohen?

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what do u think rob? 6'1.75 isn't impossible i guess? i think hes very close too 6'2 but he could measure just a tiny fraction under 188cm.
[Editor Rob: for every guy who is 6ft 2 there's another who is 6ft 2.25 and another 6ft you could have 2 guys saying 6ft 2 and they'd look half inch apart.

it is bound to be the case for a lot of people who don't say fractions, jackman I think is near 6ft 2 flat, he could always dip a little shy of it, more than being like 6ft 2.25 ]
Lo sgozzatore said on 30/Jan/13
I think Affleck is a bit taller than Jackman, at about 6'2. Jackman looks a weak 6'2, i think a 6'1.5 listing would be closer, maybe 6'1.75 but i doubt he's a full 6'2 guy
Balrog said on 29/Jan/13
Affleck is clearly closer to camera not to mention the angle isn't the best.
Sam said on 29/Jan/13
Xina, Affleck's head almost right next to the camera here, so the photo has a warped angle. In some other shots they appear around the same mark:
Click Here
Click Here
Xina said on 28/Jan/13
Here is the delicious Mr. Jackman with Ben Affleck (6' 2.5"), Affleck seems to be a lot more than 0.5" taller. Click Here Is a downgrade needed?
Silent d said on 22/Jan/13
He did look 6 foot 1 next to russell crowe and didn't look 6 foot 2. My conclusion is that russell had a little lift. 6 foot 2.
185-186 said on 19/Jan/13
Jackman 188-188.5
Reynolds 187.5-188
Balrog said on 12/Jan/13
Ok he does not look a full 6'2'' in a lot of pics but Rob clearly says he wears ultra thin footwear so you should look the full pic to be sure.
Lo sgozzatore said on 11/Jan/13
He cannot look short next to SBC. He's still quite tall, he's over 6'1
Sam said on 11/Jan/13
Jackman does not look as short compared to Sacha Baron Cohen in every picture:
Click Here
Balrog said on 7/Jan/13
Wow this guy Rampage really needs glasses.
Danilo018 said on 30/Dec/12
In movie Deception his character was described as "about 6' 1'' ''. So that gives perspective about his height. If you check pics of him and Ewan Mcgregor it appears that Hugh is 186cm tall.
James said on 30/Dec/12
He's probably 6'2
Lo sgozzatore said on 28/Dec/12
Yeah, in fact you're famous in this site for upgrading everyone... :) Look at the photos and dont shot the heights that pass in your weir mind
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 27/Dec/12
You suck at guessing height...all of you
Lo sgozzatore said on 22/Dec/12
Routh IS one inch taller than Jackman! Same shoes, no excuses! Jackman does look 6'1.5 also with O'Brien and Baron Cohen... 6'1.5 is definitely closer! Noway Kutcher is the same height of Welling! He'd be at least one inch shorter! Not to talkabout L Jackson who was at least 15 cms shorter than Magic Johnson! The same Johnson appeared a bit taller than legit 194-195 ibrahimovic... Fox did look 1-2 cms shorter at least than MCGainey who seems to be a legit 6'2 guy! Not to talk about the other guys! Ahah rampage, you're the best! These height could be right! Yeah, IN SHOES
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 21/Dec/12
190cm actors: Routh, Welling, Kutcher, L. Jackson, Hoult and Elba
189cm actors: Connery, Jackman, Madsen, Reno, Cusack, Weaving and Affleck.
188cm actors: Caine, Whitaker, E. Grant, Fox, Owen, Goodman, Goode and Reynolds.
187cm actors: Carrey, Smith, Brosnan, Bridges, Noth, Burgi, Scwarzeneggar, C. Reilly and C. McGinley

I think we're done here :)
Larc-186.7cm-188.6cm said on 20/Dec/12
I bet all my money that this guy will be eye to eye with me if we met, and Ryan Reynolds too, both are 6'1.5, nothing more or less.

A true 6'1.5 guy can give a full 6'2 impression a lot, that's why he looks 6'2 sometimes, he's a weak 6'2.

A classic example of a legit 6'2 is Jean Reno, who easily towered over a lot of actors in some of his old movies.
Lo sgozzatore said on 17/Dec/12
Then, Cohen is near 6'4, Conan O'Brien near 6'5 and Brandon Routh 6'3+
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 17/Dec/12
He looked 189-190cm in Swordfish next to a then 184cm Travolta.
Not suggesting he is that tall but I don't think he's under 6ft2.
Lo sgozzatore said on 16/Dec/12
He does look under 6'2 with Conan O'Brien, Sacha Baron Cohen, Brandon Routh!
6'1.5 is closer
Arch Stanton said on 4/Dec/12
As listed, but he's surprisingly naturally skinny. He has a classic meso build, chest arms and stomach all typical meso without the "ripped ab" look. All I can say is that he must be eating half a farm and lifting twice a day to maintain it. Reynolds is an endomorph and could never look as solid as Jackman.
Dmeyer said on 25/Nov/12
To me hé alwais looked 5-6cm taller than travolta Jackman is 6'1.75-2 in , rob is there a chance travolta was not mire than 5'11.75 but swordfish time 2001 Late 40s , hé dosnt look a strong 6 ft near jackman more like 5'11.75 , today looks 5'11.25-11.5 , to me hé was never more than flat 6 ft
James said on 23/Nov/12
He might measure 187cm before bed?
blow said on 20/Nov/12
I do not see it below 187 cm. So 187cm minimum.
Lenad said on 13/Nov/12
I doubt hes over 6'2 realisticly
James said on 5/Nov/12
Conan 6'4 (193cm)
Hugh Jackman 6'1.5 (187cm)
Chameleon said on 29/Oct/12
I never said Conan is 6 feet 1, I said Jackman looks 6'1 range with Conan.
Silent d said on 28/Oct/12
6 foot 2. Chameleon conan is not 6 foot 1.
Aragorn 5'11 said on 26/Oct/12
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover, you're definitely right with those claims. Any of them could be right!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 26/Oct/12
Ryan Reynolds 6ft1.75(187cm)
Hugh Jackman 6ft2.25(189cm)


Ryan Reynolds 6ft2(188cm)
Hugh Jackman 6ft2.5(189cm)


Ryan Reynolds 6ft1.5(187cm)
Hugh Jackman 6ft2(188cm)
Aragorn 5'11 said on 20/Oct/12
Hugh Jackman is a weak 6'2. He's about 2 inches taller than Christian Bale (6'0) and about an inch taller than Michael Caine (6'1). And he's around the same height as Ryan Reynolds (6'2). Ryan Reynolds even said in an interview with Craig Ferguson that Hugh Jackman is 6'3. Though I think that he's a weak 6'2 or if not then he's very close to it. He's also noticeably taller than Ewan Mcgregor (5'9.5).
James said on 15/Oct/12
Defo 6'1 1/2
Chameleon said on 13/Oct/12
Indeed Jackman looks 6'1 range with Conan aswell. He is not a legit 6'2.
balrog said on 12/Oct/12
6 inches shorter than LeBron who is a a legit 6'7.25'', I think Jackman is closer to 6'1''
Chameleon said on 14/Sep/12
Rampage makes me laugh so hard. With each post he proves how crazy he is.
Jackman is 186/187 MAX.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 13/Sep/12
"Hugh Jackman height: 6 ft 2.25 in (189cm)"
6 1.5 said on 11/Sep/12
Lamarr wodley was measured 6'1 1/2 n looks 1 inch taller than hugh. The proves that celebrity's lied about their height
Tony said on 28/Aug/12
I found a picture of him standing next to linebacker lamar woodley, its a terrible picture but lamar was measured at 6'1 and 4/8 or 6' 1.5 and he looks taller than hugh. Of course the angle is bad and lamar could have a shoe advantage but I digress
Click Here
If the link does not work, just google lamarr woodley hugh jackman and the picture should come up
ANDREA[ITA] said on 12/Aug/12
Yeah witchdoctor, 187 is a good guess for him!
Chameleon said on 11/Aug/12
Lol ok he clearly is not 188cm, my estimate is 186cm.
Witchdoctor said on 10/Aug/12
I would n't Say Jackman is 1.89m with a straight face,1.87m could be on the money for him! Click Here
ANDREA[ITA] said on 9/Aug/12
Brandon Routh IS a legit 6'2.5 and had about one inch on Jackman... No way he's 6'2.5 or anything over 6'2... I think he's in the 6'1.5-6'2 range!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 8/Aug/12
Not buying anything less than 188cm for Jackman.
He's listed at 6ft2.5(189cm) in most places and looks
to be around that.
Chameleon said on 3/Aug/12
He did look more of a 6'1 guy with Conan aswell, also Jimmy Kimmel said this guy was easily shorter than Liam Hemsworth(190cm). Jackman could be 186cm.
Hob said on 2/Aug/12
whenever i see pic of jackman it driven out of mind thinking 6'1 range. he look a tiny bit under ryan reynolds i won't go more than 6'1.25 for jackman.
Witchdoctor said on 1/Aug/12
he is not 1.86m(6'1) or 1.89m(6'2.5),it either 1.87m or 1.88m I say the former! Click Here
Jake T. said on 28/Jul/12
If Hugh wears the thin trainers that would explain why he looks smaller sometimes but I still believe he is under 6'2, maybe 6'1.25 or 186 cm.
Penguinboy25 said on 7/Jun/12
Not convinced he walks around most of the day at a full 6'2. I'd say he's 187 cm.
Chris said on 8/Feb/12
Even taking into account the big forehead that Reynolds has, he's not taller than Jackman. They are same height.
James said on 7/Feb/12
i think theres a chance that he could be 6'1.5....

Hugh Jackman 6'1.5 (187cm)
Zach Ryder 6'2.5 (189cm)
ANDREA[ITA] said on 5/Feb/12
Looks max 6'1/2 next to legit 6'2.5 brandon routh! 6'1.5 is closer, in my opinion! 6'2 in the morning!
Chris said on 31/Jan/12
I always thought that Jackman is a legit 6'2 guy. 6'1.5 is the minimum height i'd give him.
James said on 30/Jan/12
maybe all those years of weightlifting have taken height away from hugh jackman?
maio said on 29/Jan/12
6 ft 1.5 in/187 cm for him on a good day it's the best for him, i think. Today i think he's not over 6 ft 0.75 in/185 cm.
James said on 29/Jan/12
I belive Zack Ryder is 6'2 (188cm) since he has 1.5 on john cena

Click Here
Click Here

not sure what jackmans footware was like but if ryder is 188cm then jackman looks 186cm in comparison.
Vegas said on 27/Jan/12
ryder is not 6'3, he was clearly shorter than ~6'3 edge when they were together
Josh said on 27/Jan/12
Jackman looked 6'2 on RAW and Zack Ryder is 6'3 but wwe bills him as 6'2 because hes pretty thin for a 6'3 wrestler. They did the same thing with Christian back when he was a cruiserweight.
Clay said on 1/Jul/09
Hugh, where are you getting that from ? On Sportscenter it looked like they were both wearing .75 sneakers.
Lenad said on 30/Jun/09
I will confess he doesnt look a hair over 6'2 next to Ronaldo but in other photos he looks the same as Will smith. I still don't buy anything under 187cm for Jackman
Hugh 190cm said on 30/Jun/09
Ronaldo's in football boots while Jackman is in sneakers. Jackman is 189cm.
Clay said on 30/Jun/09
Huge, Ronaldo is listed everywhere as either 6 foot or 6'1 flat. Jackman as can be seen in that pic is no more than a half inch taller.... and when Sportscenter covered it you could see they were wearing similar footwear.
Hugh 190cm said on 29/Jun/09
Ronaldo looks around 184-185cm to me. Jackman is no less than 6ft2. 6ft2.5.
Clay said on 29/Jun/09
Isn't there some form of pilates and Yoga that is supposed to stretch the spine and can give you an additional 1 inch in height ? I read about it in some magazine.
aaa said on 29/Jun/09
Clay, no I
Gotxo said on 28/Jun/09
Well Ronaldo is a solid 6 footer (183-184cm) that puts Jackman at 6'1" at very best.
Clay said on 28/Jun/09
Maybe Ronaldo grew Up ? Are you serious ? Ronaldo was done growing a while back. Jackman cannot be more 6'1.75 so about 6'2 in the morning.
aaa said on 28/Jun/09
Well, maybe Ronaldo grow up :), anyway he can be 184cm tall so I think Jackman is 187cm maybe weak 188cm.
Clay said on 27/Jun/09
aaa, I saw Sportscenter covering Jackman meeting Ronaldo, they were standing on the same elevation.
aaa said on 27/Jun/09
I think we cannot decide what is his height by comparing him with Ronaldo on this photo. Futhermore Ronaldo is closer in that photo (look at the nearer arms of both - Ronaldo
Clay said on 26/Jun/09
Doesn't look 188 in the pic with Ronaldo. See for yourself. Click Here
Anonymous said on 26/Jun/09
he is a legit 188 cms, I thought he was very close to 6'3.
Clay said on 26/Jun/09
Lenad he looks tall because of his body type. I have the same type(long lanky legs, small head) and people think I'm 6'6 or 6'7 when I'm actually only 6'4 flat. Look at the pic of him next to Ronaldo, Jackman is obviously not over 6'2.
Hugh said on 26/Jun/09
Manuel both Ronaldo and Cristiano Ronaldo are not 6'1". Ronaldo :182-183 cm, Cristiano Ronaldo:184 cm.
Lenad said on 26/Jun/09
6ft1 is dumb for hugh. 187cm is the lowest he could possibly be. I'm sorry but there is no way in hell that a guy who is 6'1 1/2 max would look that tall
JJ said on 26/Jun/09
Jackman is pretty tall, 188cm would be accurate like he said
Manuel said on 25/Jun/09
Ronaldo is not 6'1, he is 6 feet, you are confusing him with cristiano ronaldo who is 6'1
Clay said on 25/Jun/09
Mhouillon rather than being condescending about it just look at facts. Kidman cannot be 5'11 because she is 1.5- 2 inches shorter than Ashlan Gorse who measured in at 5'11.25. Jackman is a half inch taller than 6'1 Ronaldo as the picture proves. Why do you refuse to look at factual picture proof ? Kidman is not 5'11, she's at best 5'10 and Jackman is at best 6'1.75.
MHouillon said on 24/Jun/09
Klem... What do you mean with "She's never 5'11"... Do you think, she's taller ? Yeah, maybe.

Ahh... Kidman is never 5'11... Okay. You got me.
I know.
In fact, she's a weak 5'6, Jackman is barely 5'10, like me.
We once met, and he was my height. In fact, a little less than me. So maybe 5'9.5, even maybe 5'9, or more, 5'8, as he's known of wearing lifts and high heeled boots and shoes. So anything above 5'10 is ridiculous for Jackman.
Maybe he's even Tom Cruise's height, but thanks to "frog angle"-camera-technique...

Who knows ? I could even stand a 5'6 for Jackmann. Or even 5'5.
rov said on 23/Jun/09
This guy is not 6'2 by no means, he looks exactly the same height as ronaldo in thos pics
klem said on 23/Jun/09
Kidman is never 5-11, by that claim you are probably be one of the people who estimates all taller women at 5-11 to feel better themselves.
klem said on 23/Jun/09
I would estimate he is 6-1.5 or 187cm in the evening and 6-2 first hour out of bed.
Clay said on 23/Jun/09
Hugh, how is it ridiculous ? Look at the pic next to Ronaldo who is 6'1(same distance from camera and similar footwear). Because of his body type Jackman can often look taller than he is, he is not more than 6'2. He absolutely did not look 6'2.5 next to 6'3 John Krasinski.
Hugh 191cm said on 23/Jun/09
6ft1.5 is ridiculous. 6ft2.5 rob?
Clay said on 22/Jun/09
Adam, here Jackman is next to 6'1 Ronaldo Click Here

Does he look 6'3 at all ? No. Now John Krasinski is a legit 6'3
Clay said on 22/Jun/09
Mhouillon, If you think Jackman is 6'2 and a half than Ryan Reynolds would be an easy 6'3(which having met him I can confirm he is not) and Liev(who claims 6'3) would be 6'4 and Taylor Kitsch(who claims 5'11) would be 6'1.
Clay said on 22/Jun/09
Mhouillon, Kidman was 2 inches shorter than E reporter Ashlan Gorse when they were both wearing 4 inch heels. Ashlan as a joke was measured on the show and her height came out 5'11.25. Also how can Jackman be 189 when he is pretty much the same height as Ronaldo, look at the pic Click Here

And Ronaldo was measured at 6'1.
adam said on 22/Jun/09
This man is more likely 6-3.
MHouillon said on 21/Jun/09
Kidman a "strong" 5'9... Yeah, ofcourse.

Jackman = 189cm.
Clay said on 20/Jun/09
Leung, Your friend needs to go watch Jackman and Bana in more movies. Not only are they both tall but they are also muscular. Your friend sounds too shallow for her own good, and it's not as if either Bana or Jackman would even be remotely interested in her when they could have any girl they want.
Clay said on 20/Jun/09
MHouillon, First of all Kidman is a strong 5'9, she is absolutely not 5'11, she was 2 inches shorter thna E reporter Ashlan Gorse who is 5'11 and they were wearing similar footwear. Look at pics of Jackman next to Ronaldo and Chris Bale, he is not more than 6'1 and a half. If he was 6'3 then Liev would be 6'4 and Ryan Reynolds would be 6'3.75, and Taylor Kitsch would be 6'1. No more than 6'1.5 as can clearly be seen in pics next to Ronaldo.
Lenad said on 20/Jun/09
188-189cm most likely.
Hugh 190cm said on 18/Jun/09
6ft2 minimum and 190cm max. He should be put back to 6ft2.25, rob.
MHouillon said on 17/Jun/09
Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

With ultra-high-heeled and thick-soled 5'5.5 Halle Berry (who is gets pushed up to 5'10-5'11:

Click Here
MHouillon said on 17/Jun/09
Sorry, but such a nonsense !

The red carpet pics show 5'11 Nicole Kidman with 3-4 inch heels, making her 189-190cm (6'2.5"-6'2.75"). Jackman wears flat heeled shoes (barely 1 inch heels). He still is 1.5-2 inches taller (3,5-5cm) than Nicole Kidman. Making him at least 192-193cm tall (6'3.5-6'4) IN SHOES. Reduce the shoes that Jackman wears, and you have 190cm, in Germany called "Ein neunzig". Which is almost 6'3, or 6'2.75). If he straightens up, he's 190. Needs an upgrade.

6'1" is .... I'd have to swear here to commend this 'claim'.
keegan said on 15/Jun/09
i see jackman as a strong 6'2 ... 189cm ,mayb even 190cm with perfect posture
Ali said on 14/Jun/09
185-186cm is my guess. That would be
6'2 in Hollywood.

He is no full 6'2.
Big King said on 14/Jun/09
Nothing more than 6'2". He looked about 5 inches shorter than Kevin Durand in Volverine.
aaa said on 12/Jun/09
Hugh no, I
Hugh said on 12/Jun/09
aaa I never read something more than 183 cm about Ronaldo (Luis Nazario de Lima). 80% of the internet tells 183 cm, 20% 182 cm (no matter what he tells about himself). Perhaps you are confusing Ronaldo and Cristiano Ronaldo (which is normally listed at 184 cm, 185 cm sometimes).
Lenad said on 11/Jun/09
6'1 max...
aaa said on 11/Jun/09
Ronaldo is 183 at least, maybe 184 (he said it in one of his interviews) and Jackman is 187 cm tall at least. I doubt that he just add himself one inch.
Hugh said on 11/Jun/09
Anonymous says on 20/May/09
Both Reynolds and Jackman are 6'1 barefoot.

Go back through the comments on this page. Every site had Reynolds at 6'1 when he started off. Hollywood eventually added an inch. If its not too much hassle, you can even use the photo Mamum provided. I see 5 inches max.
Also check out Jackmans premi
Clay said on 7/Jun/09
Alexiel, ideal height for a girl depends on how tall she is, most tall girls 5'8 and up prefer their guys to be 6'2 and up. That way if they wear hells the guy won't look small.
Clay said on 7/Jun/09
I have never once heard any girl above 5'5 claim that a 6'2 guy is too tall for her, tall and muscular makes the girls feel protected which is why so many girls love Jared Padelecki whi is 6'4 and muscular. Taller girls who are 5'9 or 5'10 would be taller than a 6 or 6'1 guy if they wore 4 or 6 inch heels.
alexiel said on 7/Jun/09
to sum up,look at jackman words:"I'm 6-foot-2, so I'm too tall to sit comfortably in most chairs"
Clay said on 6/Jun/09
alexiel, for girls who are tall, 5'8 or more they prefer guys who are 6'2 and over. If girls didn't like guys over 6'2 then basketball players wouldn't get girls. Look at all the women who love guys like Jared Padalecki(6'4) or Ryan Reynolds(6'2) or Tom Welling(6'3). The list goes on and on.
Klem said on 6/Jun/09
Girls here finds ideal height for a guy between 180-190cm from what I heard from them, and most of them say around 185cm when you asked them for ideal height.
alexiel said on 5/Jun/09
Clay,i think that most of girls and men are agree with me that best height for a men is 180-186.188 cm is not too tall?So what you say about men with height 170-175?
Lenad said on 5/Jun/09
188-189cm. Hes the same height as Ryan Reynolds
Hugh 190cm said on 3/Jun/09
189cm. He was half an inch shorter than Liev Schrieber.
Clay said on 3/Jun/09
No I am a dude, I am going by what my female friends have told me and what I have read on the subject. I have never heard a girl over 5'5 claim that anything over 6'2 is too tall.
bobo said on 3/Jun/09
Clay: Wow. Thats amazing insight, man. Or are you a girl?
Clay said on 1/Jun/09
Alexiel, also i'd like to add that even smaller girls like Kristen Bell like guys who are 6'2 and don't consider them too tall. Taller girls who are 5'8 or 5'9 or even 5'10 prefer guys who are 6'2 and up. Otherwise if a 5'10 girl like Tricia Helfer wore 4 inch heels she would be taller than a 6 foot or 6'1 guy. Seems like you are just saying 6'2 and up is too tall purely because a 6'2 man would be taller than you. Girls find tall guys sexy, it makes them feel protected.
sebby said on 1/Jun/09
Ronaldo is 183cm Raul is 178-179cm at most. Does anyone have a good pic of Ronaldo and Hugh together in the vid its hard to tell but there doesnt seem to be much of a difference bw them.
Clay said on 1/Jun/09
Alexiel if you are 185 yourself then why would you want a guy smaller than you ? In a study almost all girls prefered guys at least 3 inches taller than them, that way if they wear heels the guy won't look too tiny. Most girls 5'7 and above prefer men who are at least 6'1. And if girls didn't like guys over 6'2 then basketball players wouldn't get so many girls.
alexiel said on 30/May/09
for the most girls.6ft 2 or above is too tall I am 185 cm tall and i towered most of girls so i think if man has height between 180-185 is very good
Clay said on 29/May/09
alexiel 188 is 6'2 on the dot, girls over 5'7 would prefer a man who is 6'2 and above. Short girls might find 188 to be too tall.
alexiel said on 28/May/09
no,188cm is too tall,the best height for a men 180-186
Kall said on 25/May/09
Very likely a 6'2". His wider frame makes him appear a little shorter than what a leaner aka 6'2" actor would look like. My guess is 188 cm, hell thats good enough for me, I'm 184cm and I wanna grow a little taller. Guess 6'2" or 6'3" for a guy is swell these days
Nick said on 21/May/09
I saw Hugh being interviewed by Oprah (5-6)to promote the film Australia. When he came on and greeted Oprah he did not look much taller than her. Even if Oprah was in heels I would have not have put Hugh at much more than 5-10, certainly 6-0 max. What was also interesting was that Nicole Kidman was already on set but did not get up to greet Hugh so I could not get another point of reference.

Conclusion: I am not disputing the 6-2 height given, just be careful in judging heights from tv! real life is better.
calvinator said on 18/May/09
6'2.5 on the money for him.
aaa said on 18/May/09
Ronaldo is at least 183cm tall maybe 184, Ra
gilipollas said on 17/May/09
Ronaldo is 1.82 at the most. he was a tado bit taller than Ra
anon said on 16/May/09
ye i agree, he does'nt look the tallest (but still quite tall) in photos of the whole cast, beacause he's the only one wearing flats whereas every1 else wearing formal/heeled shoes and boots.

(the guy who plays gambit is wearing massive elevator boots in those photos, so i reckon hes probably like 5'9.5 - 5'10 range barefoot
Clay said on 16/May/09
Liev is a legit 6'2, maybe even more.
anon said on 15/May/09
honestly, i always kinda knew ryan reynolds would be tallest out of all the cast in wolverine. he looks an actual 6'2" and mayb more, whereas hugh could scrape 6'2" in dress shoes, im not sure about liev, because there arnt as many pics with him and ryan,

Click Here

jackman - 6'1.25" - 5"
liev - 6'1.75" - 6.2"
ryan - 6'2"- 6'2.75"

looking at the photos (especially where ryan stands up straight) he does look a good 1.25 - 2 inches taller thab jackman. im not sayin jackman aint tall, (6 foot 1 and is half a very good height), but rob i reckon u should knock him down half an inch maybe, or upgrade ryan.
oh ye an the deadpool movie is gunna f*@#^$g kick a**!!
Sebby said on 10/May/09
Although i have never met Fat Ronny he has always been my fav footballer. He stated in an interview in Brazil that he was 184cm tall a while back. But Ronny is a legit 183cm i have always taken notice of his height.
Original said on 10/May/09
Ronaldo Listed 184cm in new club.
183 is correct
k mart said on 7/May/09
after seeing x men i think he looks a solid 6ft 3in he is tall suave and sophisticated and is one good actor
bikbanban said on 7/May/09
yeah Ronaldo's been listed from 181 to 183cm and never above that range. I'm just considering the fact that, well, ye' know they (almost) always put an extra cm or two. remember Rivaldo? his so-to-speak official height is 187, but in an interview in Japan (when he was playing for barcelona) he said that he was 185cm. even though I could be wrong about Ronaldo natch.
Leung said on 7/May/09
Ronaldo has got the double chin and big gut happening there, man he looks in terrible shape for a pro athlete. I hate to imagine how big he will get after he retires.
Syf said on 6/May/09
@ bickbanban: Ronaldo is 6'0(1,83m) tall. You can clearly see Hugh Jackman is taller than him, I would say he's 1,85- 1,86m tall (6'1 1/2).
I'm from Rio, Brazil, I've seen him, didn't get too close, I'm 5'11 (1,80m), the guy looked around 6'1, not 6'2. I would say 1,87m max.
Anonymous said on 6/May/09
Looks more like 6'1" next to Ronaldo, although maybe Jackman is wearing flats while Ronaldo is wearing cleats.
steve said on 6/May/09
wolverine is supposed to be short.(-: but i honestly dont think any other actor could have portrayed the raging ANIMAL that wolverine is, at least without making us all laugh our asses off. can u imagin any actor screaming like him? haha nope.
bikbanban said on 5/May/09
I dunno, just saw a report yesterday (05/05/09) showing Jackman in Brazil with soccer player Ronaldo at a soccer field. Ronaldo is 181-182cm and, well, just check yourself. Click Here
dire said on 5/May/09
he is 188...not smaller and not bigger...
this height is right for him...
bobo said on 5/May/09
Anon: easy with the hate, Guy.

Whats wrong with you?

People can be so sensitive on here. calm it down a bit.
linebacker40 said on 5/May/09
After seeing Wolverine, I'd say 189-190cm for Jackman. Just a tad smaller than Liev.
Leung said on 3/May/09
I will clarify that my comments were regarding two separate conversations with two different colleagues.

My comments on 20/Jan/09 were regarding a conversation with my colleague Deb who has never met Jackman and is bad with height estimates. Her conversation amused me because she was very inaccurate in guessing that Jackman was only 5
Lenad said on 2/May/09
After seeing him next to Ryan Reynolds I now think 187cm min.
Daniel said on 1/May/09
I'm sure all the listed and claimed heights would be more accurate if it wasn't for that imperial system (inches, feet). The metrical system is far better and more precise
MHouillon said on 30/Apr/09
You see, Rob ? Even the critical ones see a legit 189cm (6'2.5) for Jackman.

Don't tell why you downgraded him, just give him the 189cm again he is.
Sam said on 30/Apr/09
It looks like Schreiber is slouching unlike Reynolds & Jackman.
OutBenchThis said on 29/Apr/09
Recent photos with Ryan Reynolds, who I suspect is a full 6'2"-6'2.5", Jackman looked a little smaller. I think he may well be 6'2" flat but it's pretty hard to tell as he's never been one to play up his height (always wearing flats, downgrades etc). Why the downgrade now Rob?
Ace said on 29/Apr/09
This is an interesting photo. Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman look very close in height (taking Reynold's posture into account), but one thing odd is that Liev Schreiber looks shorter than both Reynolds and Jackman. Whats up with that: Click Here
Daniel said on 29/Apr/09
Steve, this is celebheights, so 1/8 inch DOES matter. If you don't like it, just go away and discuss fashion, make up, hairdressing or something like that
yoyo said on 29/Apr/09
why is jackman height been downgraded in this web? he should be 6ft2.5 tall. he looks alot taller than 5ft10.5 nicole kidman.
MHouillon said on 26/Apr/09
Never saw that so many people agree on the 189cm for him, so 6'2.5" (as Rob had him for quite some time) is really accurate. You know... He confessed, that he wants to look shorter by waring flat shoes, so what do you expect to hear from a 6'2.5 guy, when asked about his height ? 6'2".

Jackman is a little over 6'2.

buuret said on 26/Apr/09
im 6'3 and when i saw him for an autograph we were practically eye to eye
Steve said on 26/Apr/09
Amazing to me how everyone bickers about an inch or two. Does it really matter?
James Carter said on 22/Apr/09
6ft 2.5" he's in the same range as Ben Affleck, Ashton Kutcher, Brandon Routh and Josh Hartnett.
Josh.J said on 22/Apr/09
looked an inch taller then jonathan ross, who is 187 according to this site. i reckon he's in the 189, 190cm range.
Clay said on 20/Apr/09
David, Eastwood is not like any of the characters he plays. People who have met him say he's a very nice, chill guy.
Jeremiah said on 19/Apr/09
6'2" dang he's way to tall to play wolverine. Wolverine was suppost to be short and stalky.
Doug said on 17/Apr/09
He just appeared on Jonatahn Ross and certainly didn't look 6'3". I was expecting him to be look easily 6'2.5-6'3" but I think he was 6'2" flat he wasn't much taller than Ross. I think 6'2" flat, I had always thought 6'2.5" but he definately looked nearer 6'2" than 6'3".
Anonymous said on 16/Apr/09
I think the ultra thin trainers part is true. I saw pictures of jackman and daniel henney, who's 6'2, in seoul. And henney was slightly taller. But then today I saw a video on youtube they did to promote seoul, and jackman was half an inch, maybe even an inch taller than henney. So in my opinion at least 6'2.
Jenny said on 10/Apr/09
actually...i don't like him being wolverine! i just his acting and face bc, It's pretty similar to wolverine. But in the comics wolverine height is only 5'3" that's why i can't accept him as wolvie even though he's a great actor. I'm pretty sure that Jean Claude Vandamme is more suitable for that role^_^
That's just my opinion...^_^
Lenad said on 9/Apr/09
Actually I think 186cm is lowest and 187-188cm is bang on. He has got long legs which make him look taller.
Lenad said on 8/Apr/09
If Jackman is 188cm then Bale is 182cm.
Hugh 190cm said on 8/Apr/09
But personally I think Jackman is 189cm which would put Bale at 183cm.
Lenad said on 7/Apr/09
189cm isnt too high for this guy but 188 does look closer
Hugh 190cm said on 6/Apr/09
James, 189cm is not unrealistic at all. It's the ideal height for him. 6ft2.5 is spot on. I don't know why Rob downgraded him. Rob has been downgrading everyone, no disrespect rob. Have you ever read any of my opinions on who shouold be upgraded and downgraded?
Hugh 190cm said on 4/Apr/09
Rupert Everett is 6ft4, built like a brickhouse and is gay.
Clay said on 3/Apr/09
Doug, height has nothing to do with being manly. Plenty of gays are tall.
BW said on 27/Mar/09
does not look a hair over 6'2
Hugh 190cm said on 27/Mar/09
Looks slightly taller than 6ft2. 6ft2.5 c'mon Rob.
Mr. R said on 26/Mar/09
People Mag says 6-2.
Jake said on 24/Mar/09
I always had the impression of Jackman being 6'3. Thought he looked HUGE in the first X-Men.
Alex said on 24/Mar/09
He is honestly a very tall guy from what I know. I have seen him from a distance of about 10 feet and I would say he is around 6'2...
Doug said on 23/Mar/09
I'm talking about the sort of guy who looks like he could chop trees down and chop wood by himself and is not afraid of physical labor, not the sort of actor who wears elevator shoes and would pay somebody to do it while he looks in the mirror and fiddles with his hair. You know what I mean!
Doug said on 23/Mar/09
Looks 189 cm to me I agree Hugh. It is me or is Hugh Jackman one of the few "classic looking" masucline film stars we have around today. I mean the days when movie stars like Eastwood and Stewart etc were all well over six foot and didn't rely on lifts to look tall. Even 6' legit is very tall in Hollywood today the way things have gone. Jackman seems one of the few actors who seem real or particularly manly, he even resembles Eastwood a bit in stature and presence. I thought the beard looked cool on him and testament to the sort of rugged look that Clint exhibited in the past. In my view we need more actors like this as they are a dying breed.
Hugh2 said on 20/Mar/09
Easily 6ft2.5.
Ali said on 19/Mar/09
I think this guy is 186-187 cm. 6'2 is a bit too
much. Still a tall guy
Arman said on 16/Mar/09
I don't know why his height wasn't modified when he portrays Wolverine. Originally, wolverine is only 5'3". The film makers disregarded that.
grace said on 14/Mar/09
Met him once in Sydney last Year on February.He was the same height as me 6ft1.5inch.It was around 9am.Very handsome and sympathic guy.
\_-_-_-Hugh-_-_-_/ said on 6/Mar/09
Anything below 6ft2 is ridiculous for this guy. He's 188-189cm on the dot. I do not know why Rob downgraded him.
Lenad said on 6/Mar/09
I would say min is a solid 187cm. He looks more 188 than 189 next to people nowadays. Still 189cm is possible.
\_-_-_-Hugh-_-_-_/ said on 5/Mar/09
A very strong 6ft2 guy. Rob when was the last time you upgraded a celeb. You downgraded Matthew Lewis, Michael Caine, Josh Hartnett and now Hugh Jackman? what is the world coming to with you. No disrespect or anything.
linebacker40 said on 5/Mar/09
a 6'3" flat for Jackman
Lenad said on 5/Mar/09
He looked 6'2 max next to Beyonce Knowles.
Anonymous said on 4/Mar/09
i don't care whatever his height is. he is definitely not under 6 feet. i see some people came up with crazy heights that they themselves know not true.
_-_-_-Hugh-_-_-_/ said on 4/Mar/09
Definitely nothing less than 6ft2. 188cm-190cm range.
Lenad said on 4/Mar/09
Lately this guy is having lows of looking 6'2 max.
Sam said on 25/Feb/09
Jeff, jackman is .5" shorter than Screiber, he is def not taller.
Rusty said on 25/Feb/09
I dont think he is 6'2". At the oscars when he danced with Beyonce, who is 5'6", he had 4 inches on her max. She appeared to be wearing 4" heels and him 1" dress shoes, so 6'1" for him in my opinion.
Upol said on 23/Feb/09
hmm definetly 6ft 2
-Jeff- said on 20/Feb/09
he looks taller than Liev Schreiber or pretty much the same size in alot of pictures. Sabretooth is supposed to be considerbly taller than Wolverine.
Lenad said on 20/Feb/09
I think he is closer to 6'2
5'11" said on 16/Feb/09
i think he is closer to 6'3"
Lenad said on 15/Feb/09
Hes listed at 6'3 on a few sites.
Lenad said on 14/Feb/09
I'm starting to think this guy could be a little under 6ft2. But 187cm strong has to be the minimum. He still looks pretty tall, thats an undeniable fact.
Lenad said on 13/Feb/09
You know 188 does look closer when he stands next to Nicole Kidman. The funny thing is, I once thought he was 189/190!
Sybil said on 12/Feb/09
Let`s google "pennywilliamsmgt", his agent.You will see there it`s written down in black and white 6`2(188cm). That`s the best hight for a normally lean man and shows the best propotions in physique.
cb said on 10/Feb/09
thanks for the downgrade
Sam said on 9/Feb/09
Jackman is also a Full inch shorter than Lieve Screiber in their new X-men Movie. Screiber is listed here at 6'3 but could be shorter. Jackman doesnt seem taller than 6'2 to me, especially since Screiber is not over 6'3.
mike said on 7/Feb/09
Met him last year on january in perth.He was the same height as me 6ft1.5inch.Was surprised that he wasn`t taller than me.
cb said on 4/Feb/09
Brian,take a look on BW's pics, Jackman was noticably shorter than Gottschalk, and Gottschalk is listed as 6'4".
Brian said on 4/Feb/09
He looks a little similar to Abraham Lincoln by the way :) Seemed almost as tall as the host from TV show "Wetten dass...?" named "Gottschalk" who is 6ft4.5, so I doubt he`s "only" 6ft2.5. Solid 6ft3.
Lenad said on 31/Jan/09
Doesnt look a hair over 6ft2 when he stands next to Nicole Kidman
Kim said on 30/Jan/09
My friend met him last february in Sydney.Hugh was the same height like my friend 6ft1.5inch.
Trace said on 29/Jan/09
No offense BW but we're not as exact as you might think.My former classmate got 6ft3 writen in his I.D.He isn't even 6ft.In shoes.So please don't generalize.
BW said on 29/Jan/09
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
BW said on 29/Jan/09
hi guys, well I think i just found some good pics to eventually downgrade Jackman to 6'2". He was with Nicole Kidman on a German TV show. The Germnan Shomaster is supposed to be 6'4". Germans are very serious living up to rules and pretty exact when it comes to height.
Now take a look at those pics and tell me what you think, but ther is clearly a noticable difference.
Click Here
Click Here
If want to see for yourself type in the names JACKMAN and GOTTSCHALK (that's the German guy's name)
leonari said on 20/Jan/09
Leung: goes to show how bad women are when judging height. Incredible. Hugh Jackman is a big guy. His upper body is like a rock. not manly enough...hahaha. Maybe because these guys are too good looking and not ugly fellas...
chicks...gotta love em.
Leung said on 20/Jan/09
I had the following conversation today with a female colleague,
Me: who do you find more attractive Hugh Jackman or Eric Bana?
Colleague: neither they are both too short and wimpy looking
Me: how tall do they look to you?
Colleague: about 5
Hugh said on 9/Jan/09
6ft2.5 it is.
leonari said on 8/Jan/09
Avergae76:Cause Mcgregor is not 5'7" or 5'8"!!! Where do you get these ridiculous heights from? He is a 5'10 guy or really close to it. 5'7"...incredible.
glenn said on 8/Jan/09
mcgregor? ewan? he is 5-10.5 when he wakes.thats why.5-9.5 with bad posture or late at night.
average76 said on 8/Jan/09
A 6 ' 2.25'' Jackman was supposed to tower a 5'7"/ 5'8" McGregor. Could anyone explain why he doesn't? I guess he's 185 (barely taller than Travolta
, Bale could be only 180). Jackman has very long legs , that's way he looks taller.
Anonymous said on 7/Jan/09
They shot with different angles and only from the waist up in scenes he was right next to other actors to make him look Wolverine's height. His height was a huge problem when the first film came out for comic book fans.
linebacker40 said on 7/Jan/09
A guy whose height ranges about, similar to Pierce Brosnan. He can look as low as 6'1.5" to as high as 6'3.5". I approximate him at the 6'3" flat mark.
Hugh said on 5/Jan/09
Mister Lennon, Jim Carrey is not the same height as Hugh Jackman. He's about 6ft1.5.
Hugh said on 5/Jan/09
I can relate to this guy. We're similiar in height and have the same.
Nicole said on 5/Jan/09
Very good actor, looking very intersting and seem a nice guy.Looks a strong 188cm.
JTRoN said on 4/Jan/09
jackman and berry

Click Here
Marty said on 3/Jan/09
The comic book character Wolvering is supposed to be 5'3", so Hugh is about a foot taller than the character he plays. They could have at least got someone in the 5'6" range.
Ben said on 2/Jan/09
I'd say between 6'2 and 6'3 is spot on, He looked pretty damn big in Australia, he looks big in the new wolverine trailer as well.
I think he's a guy who always looks tall, always appears at least 6'2.
Never wears lifts, an actor who is what he is.
Mister Lennon said on 1/Jan/09
6'2 and a half for Jackman. he is about the same than Jim Carrey.
anonymous said on 1/Jan/09
6 foot 2 and will smith is 6 foot 2.

Heights are barefeet estimates, derived from quotations, official websites, agency resumes, in person encounters with actors at conventions and pictures/films.

Other vital statistics like weight, shoe or bra size measurements have been sourced from newspapers, books, resumes or social media.

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