How tall is James Marsden

James Marsden's Height

5ft 9.5in (176.5 cm)

American actor best known for roles in X-Men, Enchanted, Hairspray and TV series Westworld. In Starlog magazine, he revealed when playing the character Cyclops, it posed a problem: "I actually had to wear lifts in my shoes to get up to where I needed to be", which is understandable. He also reveals that "[I'm] 5-foot-10 and ...(Cyclops)... is 6-foot-3. Wolverine is supposed to be 5-foot-3 and Hugh is 6-foot-2, I think. We had to shorten him and stretch me out a bit. So I was hanging myself upside down in my closet at night"

How tall is James Marsden
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Average Guess (24 Votes)
5ft 9.64in (176.9cm)
Flyin said on 17/Aug/17
100% in point with the downgrade from a few years ago. Looking at Westworld he didn't quite seem 178cm.
Junior said on 14/Aug/17
Couldn't disagree with this listing. James Marsden at times look close to 5'10 but more like 5'9.5"
adam said on 14/Aug/17
he's 176 cm
Bobby said on 27/Jul/17
He gets 5'10 from me.
Truth said on 21/Jul/17
the above picture looks 5ft 10 to me
EVOOO said on 19/Jul/17
Strong 5'10"
John said on 17/Jul/17
Seems a 5'9 to me. He looks about even with Ed Harris.
MaskDeMasque said on 3/Jul/17
I'm 5'9.5 and in the photo above he looks proportionally very similar to me. Plus i never thought he looked the full 5'10 in Xmen.
EJ said on 5/Apr/17
Click Here If Ben is listed 5'11 and Luke 5'9.5 James is probably 5'10...
Flyin said on 7/Mar/17
Well he pulls off 5'10 in film quite well. But looking at that picture of Josh Radnor he will be the 177cm with Radnor the solid 5'11.25 at 181cm.
delancey said on 24/Feb/17
Looks 5'10 in Westworld. But seeing some of the pictures posted here makes me agree that he's under.
Andrew said on 24/Nov/16
Click Here

5'7-5'8 tops!
Arc107 said on 7/Apr/16
I think 5'9.5 is the lowest he could be and 5'10.5 is the most but he's most likely in the middle so rob maybe put him in at 5.10?
Lonestar said on 28/Nov/15
Hes 5'10
luckyluke said on 19/Jun/15
Nuni says on 31/May/15
Just saw him at a restaurant I'm 5'8 he was much taller then me easy 6 foot

Hahaha he's 5'10 you must be much smaller than 5'8 if he towered you
Nuni said on 31/May/15
Just saw him at a restaurant I'm 5'8 he was much taller then me easy 6 foot
Josh said on 8/Feb/15
He is definitely 5'10
xaoxio said on 17/Oct/14
well Rob, take a look, if Marsden is 5'9.5" then how tall is Luke Bracey? Click Here
Click Here
your thoughts????
[Editor Rob: 5ft 11 range could be possible]
Kenny said on 11/Oct/14
Why the downgrade rob?
[Editor Rob: I think just under 5ft 10 is more suited]
Andrea said on 30/Aug/14
Rob, that guy (Luca Argentero) and Raoul Bova will be in a movie together, so it'll be interesting to see the difference between the two. Btw, i met an italian guy who is pretty famous here and who claims 188. I saw him close and i am sure this guy is not over 183-184. Well, this guy "interviewed" many celebrities and Bova too. Bova easily looked at least 2-3 cms shorter and he also probably had shoe advantage, so he really isnt over 180-181! ;)
Andrea said on 26/Jul/14
Rob, what about a downgrade? And please dont't answer with "he's likely a weak 5'10" or something like that! He's 5'9.25 at most, being generous...
[Editor Rob: 5ft 9.5 might be an ok shout]
cole said on 25/Jul/14
@MD: 100% agree. 5'9 flat has been my estimate for him for as long as I can remember.
It should be quite obvious that this guy is not the 5'10 he claims.

It's worth posting this again (with 5'11 Josh Radnor): Click Here
Both are wearing flipflops at this event. Compared to a 5'11 guy - Marsden's a 5'9 guy if I ever saw one...

@Editor Rob: Steve Carell claims 5'10, but is listed 5'9 because he genuinely looks it - Marsden is exactly the same, and should be listed accordingly ;)
Hypado said on 22/Jun/14
looks 178cm in Walk of Shame (2014)
Byron T. said on 19/May/14
I'm seeing no more than 5'9'' flat for James Marsden, if a 5'8'' Patrick Stewart in 2 inch heeled cowboy boots is slightly taller than him. Marsden probably has a 1 inch heel, if that.

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
5'11 morning said on 27/Feb/14
Hollywood adds 2-3 inches on most male actors who are average height. Burt Reynolds said it best.
Realist said on 23/Feb/14
5'8.5 evening 5'9 morning.
MD said on 19/Feb/14

Here he is with 5'9" Steve Carell. The rest of the set of pics at Getty show that they are both in boots:

Click Here

Click Here

Unless Carell is in lifts, too - and I guess anything is possible - there is no way James if a full 5'10". The 5'10" claim is his shoe height, obviously.
lelman said on 7/Oct/13
Clearly taller than 5'8" Cameron Diaz in 'The Box'. 5'10" seems fair to me.
shamrock said on 25/Aug/13
Flight attendant alert : Carried him on flight. 5'7 max. Same height as me or smaller.
mork said on 19/Jul/13
Marsden must have been standing on a box the entire time he was shooting X-men
cole said on 13/Jul/13
He's clearly more than 1.25" shorter than Josh Radnor who might even be 5'11 flat. I don't buy 5'10 for this guy. Closer to 5'9 range is more likely.
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Click Here
Mamaflapjacks said on 12/Feb/13
No way is he 5'10". It was obvious in 27dresses that he is shorter than Katherine Heigl and she is 5'9"
Silent d said on 28/Oct/12
5 foot 10.
SAMMY DERRICK said on 15/Oct/12
Ed said on 8/Aug/12
I wonder how he looks taller than Famke Janssen in some of his photos with her.
Silent d said on 30/Dec/11
He was a little shorter than jesse tyler ferguson who is 5 foot 10. Unless jesse is actually 180cm than it doesn't make sense. How tall is eric stonestreet? He looks about 6 foot 1 or 2.
linke said on 20/Dec/11
Gary said on 8/Nov/11
u nuts? He's probably just 5"8.
Legend said on 6/Oct/11
I guess he got shorter when he came out of the closet.
Voiceless Dental Fricative said on 18/Sep/11
Hard picture to judge. He's closer to the camera and leaning in.
James said on 11/Sep/11
Legend says on 6/Sep/11
No he doesn't James. He's in front of Mamun and still looks no more than 1.5 inches taller.

Mamun is a strong 5'8 like 173-174cm. Marsden is losing about half an inch with his posture in the pic. Granted as well maybe his hairstyle might be adding more height in the photo?

I think 5'10 is fine
Legend said on 6/Sep/11
No he doesn't James. He's in front of Mamun and still looks no more than 1.5 inches taller.
James said on 4/Sep/11
he looks a little over 5'10 flat with mamun like 5'10 1/2.
Legend said on 31/Aug/11
I agree with Lazlo somewhat.
Lazlo said on 29/Aug/11
at best 5'9 even in that picture above, could in fact be wearing lifts in the pic --honestly looks like a 5
8 dude
Terryman said on 27/Aug/11
he does not look 179cm in the pic above people,he is infront of the camera a flat 5'10 is ok for him
DF said on 21/Aug/11
Click Here
Legend said on 17/Aug/11
He's 5'9 after I had time to really look at this picture. He's definitely no 5'10. I would say 5'9 flat.
Katya said on 12/Aug/11
Andrea must be right. In Hop Marsden seems to be around 2 and a half inches taller than Kelly Cuoco when they are both in flats. Cuoco is 5'6.
Tyler said on 18/Jul/11
ANDREA[ITA] said on 13/Jul/11
Click Here
here he's with two italian... the man on the left is 181! the man on the right is 180! for rampage that says that italians are short: they claim these heights and marsden is 175 tops! so you are the short one, rampage! -.-
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 4/Jul/11
Legend said on 20/Jun/11
He looks 5'10.
Mathew said on 15/Jun/11
Looks easily 5'10" next to Mamun.
Eva said on 9/Jun/11
James Marsden must be 5 ft 10, like he says. I dont know any models under that height, and he did modelling earlier in his career.
TheVerve180 said on 2/Apr/11
camera angle nick...damn you are stupid.
random guy said on 28/Mar/11
probably 5'10.5 he's leaning over a bit here.
James said on 9/Mar/11
looks 5'10 1/2
anonymous said on 28/Jan/11
Unlike a lot of actors who claim 5'10 he looks as tall as he says he is.
PatB said on 26/Dec/10
To me arguing as to whether he is 5'9" or 5'10" seems silly. He's about average for a Caucasian American male - the average being about 5'9" or 5'10" depending on your source. He's definitely too short to be the ideal screen hero who is about 6'2" (e.g. Pierce Brosnan or Gregory Peck - guys with a similar look and coloring to Marsden). But he isn't one of those poor ****s like Robert Downey Jr. or Robert De Niro who is below average in height and spends his whole career trying to hide that fact.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 14/Nov/10
177cm is closer.
Anonymous said on 18/Aug/07
Mardsen is no taller than 5'8 and i am quite certain of that , his pictures are enough to prove that.Famke is 5'11 and through out the X Men movie she looked a little taller than Mardsen who had lifts on.Hugh was diminshed a little because he looked only an inch over Famke where is he ought to look 3 inches taller than her.
Addy said on 11/Jul/07
I would have to agree with the poster from 05'. Marsden looks a whole lot closer to 5'5 than 5'11. Just take a look at this set of pictures. in 72/98 he definitely doesn't look over 5'7. Click Here
Ed said on 18/Apr/07
That's crazy, that means Marsden had to wear 4inch lifts to be able to look the same height as Jackman. Mane wore huge boots for Sabretooth, but those were obvious as hell, they looked like Frankenstein boots covered in fur. Funny considering he's already 6ft8!
But in the scene where Wolverine wakes up and is running around the school, Marsden(Cyclops) walks right up to him, face to face and looks taller.
Nicola Phan said on 15/Mar/07
James Marsden's height 5 ft 10.5 in (179 cm) to be exact. Because Famke Janssen (5 ft 11.25 in-181 cm) looked slightly taller than him (without high-heel) in X-men

[Editor Rob: he's only said he's 5ft 10, and in x-men as mentioned wore lifts]
Scott summers said on 13/Mar/07
Marsden is definately 5'10". Refer to superman returns. Brandon Routh, who is 6'3" looks almost 5 inches taller than him. So marsden is 5'10" for sure.
Jewel said on 11/Mar/07
theres a movie called "disturbing behavior" on lifetime movie network haha and he is opposite katie holmes who is 5 9? hes atleast an inch and a half taller than her... the movie was made in 1996
Cycklops said on 30/Jul/05
Marsden came by the office I work at (movie production company) a couple days ago.

He's 5'10" or so. Not a small guy.
Buster said on 14/May/05
I just saw Disturbing Behavior. He, Nick Stahl and Katie Holms are all about the same height. There's a scene in the beginning when all three of them stood next to each other in the supermarket.
Anonymous said on 26/Apr/05
This is something interesting. I know a friend who worked on X-2, and I asked her how tall were the X-men this was what she told me. Hugh Jackman is about 6'2", Famke Jannsen is about 5'9", Rebecca Romijn is about 5'10" and James Marsden is about 5'5"! She told me that James required to stand on boxes to level up to Famke. Also worth noting there was a Glamour magazine issue that featured Famke Jannsen, Halle Berry and Rebecca Romijn on the cover. In it Famke and Rebecca said that because they're tall, there would be male actors who would say they're 5'11", when really they're 5'6"

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