How tall is Jamie Campbell Bower

Jamie Campbell Bower's Height

6ft 0 (182.9 cm)

English actor, best known for roles in movies such as The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, Sweeney Todd and Twilight: New Moon. On TV he appeared in Camelot, The Prisoner and Stranger Things. In this convention photo, Jamie had about 1/4 inch more thicker sneaker than us. His height was listed by his agency (Dalzell & Beresford) as being 6 foot, although his modelling agency (select models) used to give his height as being 5ft 11, with waist 32 inches.

How tall is Jamie Campbell Bower
5ft 8 Jenny, Jamie (age 21), 5ft 8 Rob @ Eternal Twilight, 2010

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Average Guess (61 Votes)
5ft 11.58in (181.8cm)
Jawilder said on 20/Feb/23
5’11.75 guy. Same as Charlie Hunnam.
Gian 181cm said on 13/Feb/23
Looked like a weak 6ft with Eduardo Franco.

182cm ~ 5ft11 1/2 - 3/4
Nik Ashton said on 25/Jul/22
@ Johno - He doesn’t look it next to Rob and Jenny!

Johno said on 24/Jul/22
If I didn't know his height i would have guessed 6'2.
Joyce said on 10/Jul/22
For those wondering about the model agency listing: he started modelling when he was 15 or 16, so he likely grew that last inch afterwards.
ADAM VARCO said on 5/Jul/22
Looked pretty tall in stranger things
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 14/Jun/22
I’ve just caught sight of Jamie on somebody else’s page. Hasn’t he grown up since his Sweeney Todd days?

Eli Shahar said on 9/Jun/22
He’s 6 feet flat, always looks this mark. Good listing Rob 👍
OriginalAnon said on 31/Jul/20
Anywhere between 182cm and 183cm is possible.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 18/Jun/20
Gives a solid 6ft to me more so than a weak one
Tunman said on 17/Jun/20
Rob,would you say that something like 5'11.5-11.75 is impossible for this guy?While he's definitely over 5'11 I'm not sure he's the full 6'.After all why his agency would give him 5'11 if he was the full 6'?I mean if it was a girl,I understand that taking an inch away could get her more job,but for a guy?6'could even be the perfect height in the mind of many people and certainly never too tall.The same goes for Brad Pitt and his 5'10 listing,probably very close to 5'11 but always a good chance for a fraction (like 1/4") under.
Editor Rob
Couldn't rule out 5ft 11.75, but 5ft 11 I would rule that out entirely.
barkonki said on 11/Dec/19
He looks flat 6 ft
barkonki said on 11/Dec/19
Hey rob is 6 ft tall for a guy ?
Editor Rob
A 6 footer in the UK or US should feel tall a lot of the time, especially when you consider half the population is women and only a very small percentage of them are over 6ft.
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 1/Apr/19
Agree with Zampo. Only with heel boots he gives a 6'0 impression.
Oneiroi said on 25/Mar/19
Solid 6'0
Zampo said on 13/Sep/18
5'11.75. Would definitely measure closer to 182 cm than 183 cm. I think 182 cm on the nose at his lowest.
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 1/Jul/18
Anyway i can only see Jamie look 2-3cm taller than 5'10.5" Charlie Bewley. 5'11.5" i believe he can measure it not sure if is his lowest. Legit 6'0 is more like peak Nicholas Cage and Christopher Meloni.
Dream(5'9.5 said on 22/Jun/18
Would you say Pilou Asbaek would be taller than Jamie Campbell Bower?
Editor Rob
In person I would say they seemed similar, but then Jamie has a fraction more compared to Pilou, so I'd say Pilou was taller.
Nik said on 15/Jun/18
5'11.75" - 6'0"'!
Yht said on 28/Apr/18
Waist 32 inches? Sure.
Probably hips 32 inches.
Dreampuffe(5'9.5") said on 25/Nov/17
@Junior and Jensen ackles at 5’10.5?

The photo isn’t online anymore, but I recall seeing Jamie with Jensen Ackles. Jamie was an inch taller than a ‘boot wearing’ Jensen Ackles.
Junior said on 23/Nov/17
Spot on six footer was a joke. 5'11.25" at best and more like 5'11 with 5'10.5" Charlie Bewley. I found evidence that even with boots on Jamie don't look over 0.75-1" taller than Charlie Bewley.

Click Here: Jamie had 1.5" style boots

Click Here: Charlie Bewley is 5'10.5" and look nothing over 1" shorter with less footwear.

Click Here: Their footwear can be seem. Bewley had 1.1" dress shoes on.
Dreampuffe(5'9.5 said on 10/Nov/17
Rob, I wouldn’t downgrade this guy at all.

He’s a spot on ‘six footer!’
Editor Rob
well he was certainly a decent 6ft that day up close, just a fraction more footwear so I can believe he measures near enough 6 foot on the nose.

Bear in mind he was maybe 2cm taller than the photographer (the same guy who has 1.5 inches on tyson too...).
Dreampuffe(5'9.5") said on 20/Oct/17
Actually, i’d keep campbell Bower at this listing. He actually looks 184 cm here.
Csimpson 6ft said on 23/Sep/17
I've looked at Jamie again and I used to think he looked around 6'0 but taking into account for his big hair and the 1/4 inch footwear he actually could be a bit under the mark, I wouldn't go as low as 5'11.5 but 5'11.75 is certainly possible right Rob?

I think I'll vote him at that
Bennett said on 25/Aug/17
Nah this mate is 179cm he always wear heeled style cuban boots given 5cm
musicgeek said on 23/Aug/17
Rob have you noticed how far back the top of his head is compared to most people? I'm guessing that although his true height is 5'11.75"/182.5 cm (not convinced he's a full 6'0"), the doctors' offices would probably measure him at 180-181 cm because the stadiometer rod wouldn't catch the top of his head if he were standing back to the wall. Do you think this might be the reason for the 5'11" measurement one of the agencies gave him?
Editor Rob
it might be he was on the agency books at a younger age when he still was 5ft 11, he's much more nearer 6ft than 11 though.
Junior said on 23/Aug/17
I think he look more in 5'11 range in 2009 The Prisoner along 6'1 Jim Caviezel. I will vote 5'11.25".
Pierre said on 15/Jul/17
More 5"11.75' imo
S.J.H said on 19/Jun/17
Dead on 180cm like his model agency given to him.
Mark(5'9.25 said on 11/May/17
Rob, out of curiosity, who gave a slightly taller impression, Jamie Campbell Bower or Tom Cavanagh?
Editor Rob
Bower because he had a little bit more footwear, he was definitely taller than the photographer (a guy who is at least 1.5 inches taller standing talking to mike tyson...)
Kaneff 6'0.25 said on 17/Apr/17
@Christian-196.8cm (6ft5.5)Noon

Yeah I had forgot to take his footwear advantage into account with my previous comment. 5'11.5"-5'11.75" or 182cm isn't impossible then. I don't know how old his 5ft11 listing is, but if it was from his late teens he could've grown a fraction. If they actually did round him down that would be pretty unusual because agencies usually try to round up/round down everybody to be within the 6'0-6'2 industry ideal. Even legit 6'0 guys get listed at 6'1 in a lot of cases, but getting rounded down at 5'11.5" I guess it's possible some agencies are more honest than others.
Christian-196.8cm (6ft5.5)Noon said on 17/Apr/17
His modeling agency wouldn't have given him a 5ft11 listing if he was a legit 6ft. He looks 5ft11.5 with Rob minus the footwear advantage. Maybe he was actually measured at that and they rounded him down instead of up.
Kaneff 6'0.25" said on 12/Apr/17
Legit 6'0". Maybe at worst he could be 5'11 7/8" at the end of the day.
Original said on 9/Apr/17
Looks 6'1 there.
S.J.H said on 7/Mar/17
He only look about half inch or more taller than 5'10 Charlie Bewley. Not over an inch. Jamie Campbell Bower is 180cm
Wrs567 said on 11/Jan/17
I don't think the top of his skull is at the 6'0'' mark that's shown on the picture, it's definitely lower

that's a lot of hair

and also considering he has 1/4 more sneaker, he is definitely under 6'0''

he needs a downgrade
Giorgi said on 11/Jan/17
I see votes always downgrade on this site. Looks a solid 6 ft.
Sandy Cowell said on 6/Jan/17
Jamie looked so young in 'Sweeney Todd' that anyone would have been forgiven for thinking he wasn't fully grown yet!
I didn't know he was a model and I haven't seen 'Twilight' yet, but he does appear regularly in my magazines. I think he's 5ft11.75 - and has yet to grow into his skin!
My boyfriend thinks he looks like a young Mick Jagger, and coming from him (a massive Stones fan), it is a compliment!
Jake said on 17/Dec/16
No more, no less
travis said on 29/Oct/16
legit 6'0 he tall and lanky like myself
S.J.H said on 29/Jul/16
His not even 5'11.5 in person. He only look about half inch taller than 5'10-5'10.25 Charlie Bewley who rob listed 5'10.5 so campbell bower at best 5'11
Peter 179cm said on 12/Jul/16
Closer to 182cm imo,although he does look a legit 183 with advantage.
OKL said on 4/Mar/16
6 feet include his hair?
Moke said on 20/Oct/15
"5 inches difference means that the shorter one reaches up to the eyebrows of the taller person." More or less. So it is generous to give Jamie the 6ft, altough he's 5'11.5.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 15/Sep/15
Very solid 6ft-er. Definitely edges out Jensen "I'm 6ft1" Ackles.
Looks 184cm in the picture but w/h a little advantage.
Guy said on 28/Aug/15
"Rob would reach the eyebrows of a 6'1 person that's standing straight."

I see these comments a lot but people have to remember that height is distributed differently. For example, someone with a large forehead will likely have a lower eye and thus eyebrow level than most who are the same height. Now this guy doesn't have a big forehead so, admittedly that's not as relevant here.
Height183 said on 20/Jul/15
Rob, is 182cm possible? considering his huge hair (which no one has picked up on!) and his footwear? I'm positive I'll be taller than him!
Editor Rob
he is very close to big Alex in person.
Josh1 said on 18/Jul/15
Does look 6'0
Moke said on 16/Jul/15
Rob would reach the eyebrows of a 6'1 person that's standing straight. So this guy is not "a solid 6 footer". He's 5'11.5 max. This extra cm is just a little bonus. But this height still is perfectly fine as it is.
Emil 182-183 cm said on 9/Jul/15
Looks half a centimeter taller than me. A solid 6 footer
Connor6ft said on 20/Feb/15
I weren't suggesting he could be 184cm Rob I meant he could be 183.5cm.
Editor Rob
if you got him 10am you might get him in that zone.
Connor6ft said on 7/Feb/15
Jamie is a true solid six footer, Rob is it possible he could be 6ft 0.25?
Editor Rob
with any listing there is a potential to be a bit above/below the mark. He had a little fraction more footwear so I am not sure he'd be nearer the 184 mark than the 183.
Judd said on 18/Jan/15
Légit 6'0" guy with a chance to be 6'0.25"...
Hypado said on 7/Nov/14
Jamie Campbell Bower is 6ft 0in (183 cm)

Dingus said on 25/Oct/14
6'00.25" ft
Amaze said on 4/Aug/14
another legit 6'0
how much do you think he weighs rob? and does he have a big frame in ur opinion
Editor Rob
probably not much more than 160ish, he looks a relatively skinny guy although I think bulked up a bit for recent role in Mortal Instruments
Alex 6'0 said on 28/Jun/14
Legit 6'0 he is
J said on 14/Feb/14
Avi, he's a legit 6foot alright. I'm the same height, I dare you to say I look 5ft11 to my face.
cole said on 28/Dec/13
Legit 6ft.
ElAmante89 said on 14/Aug/13
Nice Thundercats hoodie Rob. :D
Emily said on 14/Aug/13
Is his head the same length as yours Rob? 9,4 inches?
Editor Rob
I'd say in that photo it's closer to 9 inches than 9.5
thicke said on 10/Aug/13
legit 6',maybe 6'0.25
Emily said on 8/Aug/13
He's very hot. I think he could pass well as a woman, he's very thin and has feminine features. I think he's an honest 6 ft.
avi said on 23/Jun/13
5'11 seems like it would fit better.Rob would you say he is a strong 5'11 as opposed to 6'0 flat? i mean you come up above his eyebrows so it honestly cannot be 4 inches...
Editor Rob
I think he is a six footer.
Balrog said on 27/Jan/13
Legit 6'0'' guy.
Trent said on 26/Jan/13
Looks 6 foot exactly everything considered.
Stephen said on 8/Jan/13
183 is fair enought 182.8-183.3 range.
Elijah said on 30/Dec/12
He is not less than 182 and not more than 183 taking into account footwear advantage. Rob is spot on as usual.
Yaspaa said on 26/Dec/12
To each her own I guess.
Ashley said on 24/Nov/12
Yeah he looks to me around 6'0, maybe even a bit taller. What a hottie!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 6/Oct/12
"Jamie Campbell Bowers's height is 6 ft 0.25 in (184cm)"
Shaun said on 13/Sep/12
I can't look at this guy without seeing a combination of Axl Rose, Jesse Spencer and Jon Bon Jovi LOL.
Maximus Meridius said on 28/Aug/12
That's a good example of how a 5ft 8in guy looks next too a 6ft 0in guy.
ramiz said on 31/Jan/12
pretty tall guy 6 ft
Jack said on 16/Jan/12
No way only 5'11". Just look at their eye-levels...6"0(183 cm)
steven said on 16/Jan/12
he look like 6'0 in boots. pushing 5'11 barefoot
geant said on 30/Dec/11
1.83 the short of the tall
Attila_194cm. said on 28/Dec/11
I think he is a solid 6ft0 or 184.
Attila_193cm. said on 28/Dec/11
I think he is a solid 6ft0 or 184.
Jack said on 4/Dec/11
Looks a bit taller than 6"...I'd say 184 cm might be closer..
jake, 1.82 m- 1.83 m said on 22/Nov/11
Looks 5ft 11.75- 6ft 0.
Godred said on 7/Nov/11
@Tom101 - Short person aversion goggles again?
Tom101 said on 5/Nov/11
im from manchester england and i'm 6'2.5,most guys i know are 5.9-6.1,,a few taller than me also,BUT the younger guys are defo getting taller,my friends lad at 16 is 5'11,a good few of his mates are over 6',the trend i see now is the younger generation is a 2 inches on 15 years ago imo.
LAN Jiao said on 22/Oct/11
Look 181cm consider 1/4 more footwear.
random guy said on 10/Oct/11
Man, some of you guys are trolls, 6ft for a white english guy is tall (Ok it's not huge though) Just look at the percentiles, Not sure exactly but it's about the 80th. So that is without question above the average limit..
USYD said on 5/Oct/11
A true 183cm to me. He looks quite tall.
Kostas said on 21/Sep/11
Menace 195cm says on 25/Mar/11
He is 6'0" on the spot.
6'0" is "Not" tall. It is the average.
5'10"- 6'1" is average height
6'1" -6'3" is slightly tall
6'3" onwards is legit tall.
Me being 195cm feel tall sometimes and look down to most people. But my cousin is 6'8" and make me feel like a shrimp.

Someone is clearly exaggerating.
Jerb said on 18/Sep/11
Menace, Aaron and Cranberries are all spot on. Being a 6'-6'1" Swede myself, I often find myself to be of equal height compared to your average Scandinavian male. Hell, even a good portion of the female population are about 5'10"-6' nowadays. (Most females are on average 3.5-6 inches shorter than their fathers, unless the genes roll in their favour or disfavor)

As an example, my current class consists of 9 men and 7 females. Among those men, 8 of them are swedish, including myself. Literally all of us are within the 5'11"-6'1" range. Same goes for most of the other classes, with the exception of that there are a few 6'2"-6'4" males in those classes.

Also, you really can't compare x race of y gender from z country to someone of similar gender and race from a completely different region/continent/country, unless the said region/continent/country is of equal average height. You could still do that if you'd like to know how you measure up to the average white male, but at least not if you wanna know how you measure up to the country you live in.

There's only a few variables that you'll have to take account for into the equation. Don't exclude those few variables.
Alex said on 20/Jul/11
Looks 6'0 give or take 1/4
Drago said on 2/Jul/11
On Camelot, 6 foot 1 Peter Mooney is taller than Jamie, and Jamie looks to have a small advantage over Joseph Fiennes.
Toby said on 28/May/11
Thats absolute rubbish. The international average height for men is more like 5'7. And for white men in western nations its still only about 5'9.
paddy said on 25/May/11
Menace, if u used ur brain for a while... 5'10 is officially an average height for men. Anything above it, talking strictly mathematically, would be considered tall. If you say that 6'1 is not tall, then you are simply ignorant. 6'3 is considered 'very tall'. 6'5 or more - gigantic, or otherwise 'exceptionally tall'. It's all about vocabulary here. 5'7 for men is short. 5'2 is very short.
Best regards
Cranberries (6 ft. 3.25 evening) said on 15/May/11
~5'10.5" = average for all white males; Bower happens to be white.

6'0" is "above average" but certainly not tall by any Western standards. Heck, if you'd consider a 6' Swede tall, then by the same standards a 5'5" Indian man could proclaim themselves "tall" as well (half an inch above the MEASURED average of 5'4.5"). That just doesn't make sense though. Averages are always relative to group (genotype, ethnicity, nationality, etc.); there are 6.75 billion people in the world, so "world averages" are impractical.
sean89 said on 7/May/11
@menace 195 6 ft aint average you damm fool its 5'9 end off.
Aaron said on 5/Apr/11
Agreed, Menace. I think it's the general concensus that anything over 6'3" is "tall", legitimately. My ex-girlfriend stood 5'1" (I'm 6'5") and she told me she thought I was "kinda tall, not really". Lol.
Menace 195cm said on 25/Mar/11
He is 6'0" on the spot.
6'0" is "Not" tall. It is the average.
5'10"- 6'1" is average height
6'1" -6'3" is slightly tall
6'3" onwards is legit tall.
Me being 195cm feel tall sometimes and look down to most people. But my cousin is 6'8" and make me feel like a shrimp.
Shaun said on 11/Mar/11
He's like a cross between Axl Rose, Jesse Spencer (Billy Kennedy from Neighbors) and Jon Bon jovi LOL
James said on 14/Feb/11
184cm with footware advtange
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 20/Jan/11
Solid 6"0, 184cm...
Anonymous said on 20/Jan/11
According to Rob and the scale, he might be like 182 cms even with Boots, Rob can you use the scale with Jenny with most meet celeb, is a good prove.

Editor Rob
I did one recently on william b davis page.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 12/Jan/11
Got measured at my gym
Moke said on 15/Nov/10
@ RampageClover 190.8cm
Yeah, specific whether he's 182 or 182.5 ;) How did you measure yourself at 190.8cm anyway? o_O

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