How tall is Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos Height

5ft 8 (172.7 cm)

American entrepreneur, known for founding and being the CEO of In a book about the company, the author mentioned Jeff as being "five foot eight inches tall"

How tall is Jeff Bezos
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5ft 9 ¾ (177 cm)
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6ft 0 (183 cm)
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5ft 7 ½ (171 cm)
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Average Guess (47 Votes)
5ft 7.46in (171.3cm)
Jay Suwave said on 10/Sep/23
One of the rare times when google lists someone shorter than what celebheights lists.. 5’7 ¾.
MJKoP said on 31/Dec/22
Martin M. said on 19/Dec/21
5ft 8 seems too tall for him.

Look at this video: Click Here

DiCaprio is 5ft 11 ¼ (181 cm)... Bezos can't be 5ft 8.

The difference is nearly an entire head!

Leo is obviously standing on a higher platform. Watch the very end, as the woman begins to step up. If they were standing on even ground, Bezos would be about 5'3" - which he obviously isn't.
Farhan Qazi said on 16/Apr/22
He looks the same as 5'7.5 listed Shah Rukh Khan.
Zero said on 15/Feb/22
5’7.5 like the average guess
Mohammed 170cm said on 7/Feb/22
@Rob-He was 5ft7 1/2" in his prime, but with all the money he has, he's taller than Burj Khalifa!
Duhon said on 19/Jan/22
@Rob any chance his profile photo can get updated? He doesn't look quite so nerdy anymore Click Here
Editor Rob
He did bulk up quite a lot, maybe 25 lbs more muscle than the 90's era Jeff.
Rhys 6'1" said on 18/Jan/22
This needs to be updated, 5'7" flat, probably even shorter. He looked tiny next to Leo who is only 5'11" (5'11.25" to be exact)
Martin M. said on 19/Dec/21
5ft 8 seems too tall for him.

Look at this video: Click Here

DiCaprio is 5ft 11 ¼ (181 cm)... Bezos can't be 5ft 8.

The difference is nearly an entire head!
Lobster said on 8/Jun/21
Rob, how much is his brother Mark who's going to make the space travel with him?
Editor Rob
seems to have a couple of inches on Jeff
RJT said on 27/Oct/20
If he wants to, couldn't he buy all the "grow tall" companies to make him taller? Seem like he doesn't care about it.

5'8 flat and about 100x taller than Burj Khalifa if standing on all of his money.
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Nik Ashton said on 8/Oct/20
@ Daaaaaario - He’s taller than that!
Daaaaaario said on 6/Oct/20
He looks 5' 6.5" at best
BrianC said on 4/Sep/20
1 centimeter shorter than Rob I reckon
Editor Rob
I will donate 1cm of my height to Jeff if he kindly gives me a tiny 0.001% of his wealth in exchange.

A fair trade 😁
Arch Stanton said on 26/Jun/20
Like a lot of extremely successful people (like Trump) he gives the vibe of living in his own world with an almost childlike outlook. I thought he was taller.
Kaczynski-1.8m said on 13/Jun/20

Actually, 171cm doesn't accurately convert to 5'6. You're going based on Google's conversion which doesn't accurately convert from centimetres to feet. For example, how does 180cm = 5'9, but 183cm = 6'0?
Whale said on 8/Jun/20
Bezos & Zuckerberg are both 171 cm tall, which accurately converts to 5'6", that same height as Napoleon.
Napoleon was of normal height for his era, but surrounded himself with exceptionally large security guys.
It was the English who, as a military strategy, took advantage of this to characterise him as a short man.
This gave birth to the Napoleon Complex: little guys overcompensating small stature with aggression.
In the case of Zuckerberg, we have a modest man who has an awful lot to be modest about.
Both Bezos and Zuckerberg demonstrate entitlement, sociopathy and unbridled greed.
Is there a common denominator: short stature ?
random reply99 said on 11/May/20
Rob, what do you think about his neck length? he has a long, or at least above average neck height
Editor Rob
a bit above average, his ex-wife I believe had a longer neck.
Ricky muliawan hansyar said on 26/Apr/20
Rob,jeff bezos and shahrukh khan only different 1/4 inch in some photos
Anna Smith said on 7/Dec/19
Rob, How tall is his girlfriend Lauren Sanchez?
Editor Rob
Somewhere in 5ft 4 range.
Unbewohnt66666 said on 8/Sep/19
Rob, could Matthias Döpfner on the right be 6'7-6'8 range? Some newspapers put him at 202cm.

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Editor Rob
6ft 7 range seems very possible for him.
Peter175 said on 9/Aug/19
His wife looks around 0.5-1" inch taller than him.

Definitely not a 5'10 woman.

I think google is more accurate in listing him as 5'7.5" or 171cm
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 2/Jul/19
Richest men in this world who cares how tall he is. Lol.
skylab said on 4/May/18
what would you guesstimate his brother Mark's height to be? Looks in the 6 foot range, maybe more, a little less? there's not a lot of pictures of him
Victor10 said on 27/Apr/18
Standing on his wallet, he towers over Godzilla. There's a picture of him next to Patrick Stewart and they are exactly the same height. So 5'8" is correct.
Bard said on 11/Apr/18
Think Google is underlisting him at 5'7 Rob?
Editor Rob
On occasions he might seem that short, but I wouldn't have guessed him flat 5ft 7, 7.5 is possible though.
Bard said on 1/Feb/18
He sure is the tallest now if ya know what I mean.
Height Sky said on 21/Sep/17
His listed of 5'7.5" is better for him
Dionisio Rojas said on 7/Sep/17
I've always thought the lowest height for all these billionaires. I thought he was 1.65m. Whatta surprise!.
Nik said on 7/Sep/17
@ Sandy Cowell - Hi!

Too true, 184 cat meals is a mighty lot of cat food but I imagine you are buying it in bulk and that the meals will last for a long time. I think in a lot of ways doing your shopping on-line is a lot more convenient than doing it in the supermarket as you don't have to wander round aimlessly for ages if you struggle to find what you want, as my Mum and I do! You can also save your orders for future visits when you shop on-line, this is useful as most people tend to buy the same things on a weekly basis!
You do have a lot to thank Jeff for, he has created this brilliant and safe website selling a huge range of items!
To play a man with 23 different identities takes some acting ability, James McAvoy must be one of the best actors about, I have never given him a write up on his page so the time could be nigh very soon!
My week has been fine so far Sandy, thanks for that, I hope you are having a good week too!

Sandy Cowell said on 5/Sep/17
@ Nik - Hi! Yes, I do a great deal of shopping via Amazon, so I have a lot to be thankful to Jeff* for!
184 cat meals came winging their way to my house yesterday, and I'm sure you'll agree, that's a mighty lot of catfood! On Saturday, we had 2 huge cat litter parcels from Amazon, and more catfood to boot, including treats!
I watched that James McAvoy film I was on about and it was so good that I saw it again last night! James's acting is simply terrific; he plays a man with 23 different identities, and that as a subject matter given the M. Night Shyamalan treatment, is really something else! Shyamalan is the writer and director of many films, including 'The Sixth Sense' and my own personal favourite, 'The Happening'. I can see this film going straight to my Top Three favourite Shyamalan films. I can't describe how fantastic James McAvoy is! I have never seen him act like that before! I thoroughly recommend it, not just for its acting, but also because the plot is right up my street as well!
I hope you're enjoying the new week, Nik!
Cheers for now! 👍😉

* My autocorrect tried to change 'Jeff' to 'Jaffa'! 🍺🐝
Nik said on 4/Sep/17
@ Sandy Cowell

It is a pleasure! It sounds like you do a lot of your shopping from Amazon, my Dad was always keen on getting stuff from Amazon, it is the only online company he would ever buy from!

My weekend wasn't bad thank you, I didn't do an awful lot. I posted 3 comments on Saturday, 4 if you include the reply I did on Tess Haubrich's page in the early hours of Saturday morning, but it had Friday's date on it! I did 5 yesterday, 4 are on the site now but the one on Maeve Dermody's page is still in Rob's in tray! - But that won't be the case for long, Rob does a great job!

Sandy Cowell said on 3/Sep/17
@ Nik - Thanks! 👍
I hope you're enjoying your weekend!


I had an Amazon delivery yesterday and I will have an Amazon catfood delivery tomorrow! At the moment I am watching a brilliant 1-hour 'Coronation Street' and afterwards I will be seeing a film called 'Split', starring James McAvoy, which I bought..... from Amazon!!!
Nik said on 1/Sep/17
No problem Sandy!

Sandy Cowell said on 1/Sep/17
@ Nik - Thanks! 👍 😉
Cameron said on 30/Aug/17
Honest solid 5'8".
Nik said on 26/Aug/17
He looks 5'8" or very close!
Nik said on 26/Aug/17
@ Sandy Cowell

It's easily done!
Sandy Cowell said on 25/Aug/17
🙇 Correction Time! 😝

That should read ORDERS instead of order!
(Second paragraph, tenth line down!)
Nik said on 25/Aug/17
@ Sandy Cowell

He is 53 years young! He is not very old but older than he looks!

TheChemSpark said on 25/Aug/17
Rob, are you sure he's 173 cm? Google and Bing lists him as 171 cm, which makes him 5'7", not 5'8". It's rare for Google to underlist a person, so I doubt he's any taller than 171 cm.
Editor Rob
I am mainly concerned about the height of the celeb... he looks closer to 5ft 8 than 7. Taller than zuckerberg
Sandy Cowell said on 25/Aug/17
So I have this nice fellow to thank for all my catfood deliveries, and plenty more besides!

@ Nik - So you have a cousin who is employed by Amazon? That's intriguing! Is he a driver? I guess you can be employed as anything with such a massive company! I often think about that when I sit making my orders! I wonder how many of their employees have something, however small, to do with sorting out one of my order alone? I am waiting for something today, but right now I am watching the repeats of 'Some Mothers...' - the ones, particularly good ones I might add - that were shown last night!
Anyway, I'm going to accept that entrepreneur Jeff* is 5ft8! He is on his own here so I can't compare him to anyone. He looks like a very nice young man and I don't think he looks old enough to be so successful, but that's typical jargon from the mouth of someone over 'A Certain Age!' 😭

* My autocorrect wanted to put entrepreneur Jaffa! Well, perhaps he will be some day! 🐝

Cheers Nik!
Nik said on 25/Aug/17
@ Rob

Yeah, he's a hard taskmaster!

Nik said on 25/Aug/17
He's been very successful in his career! I have a cousin who works for Amazon.
Editor Rob
at least with Amazon you probably get days off...I work for a guy who makes me work nearly 365 days a year, even on Christmas 😈
Paul said on 24/Aug/17
Odd, this must mean he is usually underlisted if he is taller than 5'7.5". I guess at a half inch it's not particularly egregious though.
PTBA said on 23/Aug/17
I always thought he looked slightly shorter than this, but who knows?

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