How tall is Bill Gates

Bill Gates Height

5ft 9 ¾ (177.2 cm)

American Businessman, founder of Microsoft.

How tall is Bill Gates
Bill, Mischa Barton, Carl Lewis, Denis Leary
Photo © / Acepixs

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Average Guess (66 Votes)
5ft 9.8in (177.3cm)
Jack Cooper said on 15/Sep/23
I say the stack is 5’8” or 5’9”.
James (179cm) Jones said on 25/Apr/23
5'10 ¼ peak
5'9 ½ ish now
Arch Stanton said on 16/Feb/23
Klaus Schwab looks about 5 ft 10, but he's 84, might have been 6 ft in his prime.
Abdulrahman said on 1/Feb/23
I’d say that Bill could have been as tall as 5’10.5 or 5’10 1/4 at his full potential peak.
C: The Height Analyzer said on 30/Jan/23
Next to his late father, who was 6'7,'' Bill Gates looked 6 feet even.
berta said on 27/Jan/23
denis leary look really tall in this photo. i usually think he look legit 6´1 ( never under 185 and not over 187) But in this photo he pull of legit 188. Now to bill gates: he always look shortish but not short. I think under 5´9 is imposbiile and over 179 also. that prett ymutch all i can say. if we go with the middle then around 177 seems about right.
Abdulrahman said on 14/Jan/23
Peak 178 cm.

Today - 177 cm.
Seba T... said on 14/Dec/22
What do you think about his newest photo with Beckham? If Beckham is 180 there seems to be way more of a difference than 3 cm.
Editor Rob
Bill today might be at most 5ft 9
Abdul-DK said on 19/Nov/22
177.7 cm.
jokey said on 11/Oct/22
@Rob any chance that he was 5'9.75 at his peak? Looks 5'10 in almost every pic with Steve Jobs.
Editor Rob
Yeah, from the 80's and 90's, it is likely a fair mark to give him.
82H said on 25/Apr/22
5’10 - Peak Height

5’9.25 - Now
Zero said on 15/Feb/22
Never look a full 5’10
Arch Stanton said on 29/Jan/22
Search "Tim Robbins height" on the Bing search engine. Bing really needs to sort out their height search algorithms!
Editor Rob
Who programs Bing's search algorithms 😄
Dexterdrake said on 11/Oct/21
What is paul allen height. He is listed at 5'10 but he looks much taller like a 6'0. Please upload his height.
Editor Rob
Paul was likely 6ft
Peter175 said on 29/Aug/21
Was he listed as 5'9.75 before? or always this listing
Editor Rob
I am sure 5ft 10.
toddd0461 said on 15/Aug/21
Is this height his peak or his current height? I'm sure he lost height considering his age.
Editor Rob
chance of near 5ft 10 peak, I hadn't decided on that, hence it wasn't updated.
MaskDeMasque 5'9.5 said on 15/Aug/21
5'9.5 peak, 5'9 flat today.
thechosen1 said on 4/Jun/21
Chaos Control that made me laugh.. but Id say if he stands on his wallet he will be over 30000 feet flat.
Nicster1298 said on 14/Mar/21
probly 5'10 peak
Chaos Control 6'2.5 said on 14/Mar/21
He’s 30 feet flat standing on his wallet
johnnysidgursson said on 28/Jan/21
5´10 at his peak
Canson said on 23/Nov/20
Tough one. He’s not at his peak anymore I doubt
Average Heighted Male said on 22/Nov/20
Bill Gates a a nice,cool dude but I would not give him anything over 5'11"(180 cm), yet I couldn't see him being as low as 5'9" either. Slight 5'10", weak 5'11". He's just a slight-framed guy but hella rich(billionaire!!!) and has been married to the same women since the 90s, no scandals, hasn't lost money. He seems so grounded and non-flashy,despite his billionaire status.

But recently finding out his late father was 6'6"!!! I would have been bitter to not even be as tall. I would have loved to have been at least 6ft2in. Oh well, Bill could stand on his wallet and be taller than all of us. His bank account is over 7foot!!
Editor Rob
speaking of 7 foot, here is Bill and Shaq.
Jkiller said on 25/Oct/20
5'9.75 (177cm) for sure, no doubt about it.
BrianC said on 4/Sep/20
177.2 cm peak, these days closer to 175.9 or 5 9 and a quarter
Thomas12231 said on 2/Sep/20
Bill Gates may be a tech giant but his father's a real one!
Animus said on 29/Aug/20
To call his father +6ft is the understatement of the year. His father is around 6'6!
1 man united said on 26/Aug/20
the craziest part of this is his dad is +6ft. His dad must be a genetic anomaly
Nik Ashton said on 22/Apr/20
He’s above average peeps!
K.A 188.4! said on 14/Apr/20
He is a billionaire not millionaire.
Yang (5 footer 8, 172-173) said on 3/Aug/19
This millionaire's height is around 176cm. 5ft 9 quarter range as of now cause it's possible that he lost mm due to his age in 60s... He is actually 3 years younger than my dad.
khaled taban said on 9/Jul/19
Rob, 178cm peak?
SnerhagAip777 said on 3/Apr/19
I once read an interview with Bill where he said that he really LOOKS UP to his dad despite obviously being more successful than he ever was. I don't doubt that for a second.
alabamafr said on 11/Nov/18
What's Bill's head size? It looks tiny to me
Editor Rob
Maybe not over 9 inches, a bit less? Possible.

Though, he looks to have a distinctly average sized cranium, he is obviously an extremely intelligent individual.
Mark Wang said on 2/Nov/18
probably peaked out at 178 cm now probably 176 flat at the max right now
JD 5'9" said on 26/Oct/18
@Bard I think his mom was short. It's not un-common for a 6'7" man and a 5' woman to produce an average height son.
Tod Charming said on 31/Aug/18
Being ranked as the 2nd richest man in the world at a $90 billion networth really shows that height is not a determining factor in one's success. Bill Gates is an average height person who slouches :-)
Animus said on 22/Aug/18

He hardly slept as a high school student, apparently, as he was coding at the nearby university during the night when the computers were free. I wouldn't think that caused him to be that much shorter than his father, but it might have meant he didn't reach a strong 5ft10 or something like that.

By all accounts he was always small as a child. Just like tall people can short parents, short(er) people can have tall parents.
Bard said on 11/Apr/18
It's amazing how much shorter he is than his father, wonder if he did anything to stunt his growth.
Peter175 said on 24/Mar/18
@Mr Fish @Editor Rob, seems unlikely that he's that low

Click Here

With 5'6 Ellen he looks to still be around 5'9 range
MrFish said on 23/Mar/18
Rob, is it possible that he's dropped to the 5ft 8.5-8.75 range at this point?
Editor Rob
he might be down to that range.
Conan said on 22/Mar/18
He is tall as me. I'm 5 ft 9 3/4 in (177 cm) on barefoot so he is ảound that range
PLB said on 29/Jan/18
Gates is tallest when he sits on his wallet.
176cm guy said on 19/Nov/17
@Irfan Google isn't going to be that specific and say 1.765m for Bill Gates. The easiest and most specific to memorize better for an average person if it's in Tenth and not Hundredth. For example, They probably would put in a data where they put in 5'9.5" as his height and then translate it to meters. Since 5'9.5" is 1.765m in meters. So they round up to the nearest cm and so that's why it says 1.77m on his google profile.
avi said on 15/Oct/17
Looks under 5'9.
Irfan said on 20/Sep/17
on google bill g was 177cm. how is he 176.5cm
Cameron said on 30/Aug/17
5'10" flat at his peak.
mande2013 said on 28/Jul/17
Rob, how tall would you say Jeff Bezos is?
Roger said on 12/Jul/17
I've had the pleasure (?) of meeting Gates, Ballmer, and Jobs. I'm an honest 6-0 -- just measured again the other night -- at 62 years old. Bill was 5-10, at least when younger, but as many have said, has the worst posture imaginable. But he's not short. No way no how is Ballmer 6-5, and I have no idea where that comes from. I'll give him 6-1, maybe 6-2 in his shoes. He is a big dude. Steve was just over 6-0; we can give him 6-1 and not be unfair. Stood up straight and was a striking, dynamic figure, even as his personality flaws have been well-documented.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 26/Jun/17
With a 6ft7 father you'd think he'd at least clear 6ft by a fair amount.
OK said on 22/Mar/17
Johnson said on 24/Jan/17
What do you think about the pictures of Arda Turan and Gates? Gates does not look taller in any case
Editor Rob
certainly Arda doesn't look less, in fact possibly more...but Gates is at an age now, where he might have lost an inch.
spainmen191cm said on 29/Nov/16
Rob, this means that having a very tall father doesnt mean your are going to be tall, genetics are funny. I mean for example Will Smith is 6ft1.5 and Jaden is only 5ft6.5, Bill Gates father was atleast 6ft7 at peak and he is only 5ft9.5, Clint Eastwood was almost 6ft4 and Scott Eastwood is a weak 5ft11. Kiefer Sutherland is 5ft8.5 and has a 6ft3.5 father and a 6ft5 brother!
Editor Rob
humans have been around many thousands of years...the natural average is kept in line because of randomness of genes.
Johnson said on 3/Aug/16
Bill Gates with Arda Turan 176
Click Here

With Arda Turan and Aleix Vidal 178
Click Here
Johnson said on 26/Jul/16
@Rob nowadays Bill Gates is not over 174 cm. There are some pictures with Barcelona footballers Arda Turan (176 cm) and Aleix Vidal (178 cm)
Jedi Master 6'0 said on 15/May/16
I could see 5'11" during his younger days. The actor who played him in Pirates of Silicon Valley was listed at 6'2" I believe but was downgraded to 6'0" ish
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 13/May/16
Bill gates height said on 10/May/16
Bill Gates height is 6' 1"

Bill Gates height is 6ft 1in (185cm)

Bill gates height said on 10/May/16
Bill Gates height is 6' 1"

Bill Gates height is 6ft 1in (185cm)
S.J.H said on 22/Nov/15
177cm seem right. My dad was 5'10.75 in his 20s he met bill gates told me gates was not 5'10 as his listed hes like a full inch under him. He could be even 5'9.25 at lowest
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 10/Nov/15
I've an 85 year old uncle whose a strong 6ft5 (peaked at 6ft6). He's like James Cromwell. It sort of annoys me.
WAF said on 19/Jun/15
@jeff dan

Steve Ballmer is not 6'5".

Here he is with Bill Gates:

Click Here

Here he is with Doc Rivers, a former NBA player, who is likely between 6'3" and 6'4":

Click Here

Although the angle is not conducive to accurate assessment, it can safely be assumed that Ballmer is not 6'5".

Here Ballmer is with Chris Paul, who was measured at 5'11.75":

Click Here

It seems like he is roughly 6' tall. He might have a shoe disadvantage in that photo, but Chris Paul has probably just played a game and is at his low. I still think Ballmer is taller than Paul, though.
SteveJobs said on 5/Jun/15
I think he's around 5"10-5"11. His unique posture cuts off couple inches, probably from being sedentary. He also tends to walk/ stand little hunchbacked and with his legs slouched.
Arch Stanton said on 2/Jun/15
Yeah look at the length of that university gown in the prime pic. You could imagine how that would look on an average guy like Bill LOL. I think the gown looks even longer than one of Alan Napier's long coats and that's saying something!
Arch Stanton said on 2/Jun/15
Manganiello and his brother with a 5'11 father end up 6'5-6'7 and this guy with a 6'7 father ends up 5'9" range. Doesn't make sense LOL, genetics are VERY complicated!! Also there's environmental/health factors when in teenage years of course which means you might not achieve your genetic potential. Bill might have been ill as a teenager or something. Kiefer Sutherland I think started smoking at a very young age which might have affected his growth.
Arch Stanton said on 2/Jun/15
@Amaaze, I think that's his mother on the right in the first photo I linked, he looks a bit like her facially, more so than his father. Can't see footwear but she's clearly a decent height.
Arch Stanton said on 2/Jun/15
A guy 6'5 or 6'6 at 70 is something, but a guy near that height at 90 is most extraordinary!!
Arch Stanton said on 2/Jun/15
Where I used to work a 5'9 ish older lady said her brother was 6 ft 8 and a half. Didn't believe her. Well I saw him one say and even at early 70s odd he did look near it, had a good six inches on me, I'd have said more 6'7.5-6'8 though, but he might well have lost an inch or so. I think he'd have genuinely measured that at peak! I think that's the tallest old guy I've seen. There was also a massive Jeff Capes look alike old guy on holiday once who had to have been about 6 ft 6 and 20 something stone. He was about 70 odd too and peak might well have been 6 ft 7 range. He was a massive guy. You don't see guys over 70 that tall very often.
Amaze said on 31/May/15
WOW His dad is a extremely tall guy LOL, he looks like a giant in that prime pic im not even kidding. he is HUUUUUUUGE. Massive.

at 90 he's still 6'4.5-5! holy **** that guy is Massive lol extremely tall. how tall is his mother?
i'd say bill gates is lucky!! he got that luckier gene. must be wierd having to look up at your dad when hes like 90 and your like nearly 60 xD

ive never seen an old person look that extremely tall before!
Arch Stanton said on 31/May/15
The odd thing too Rob is that his mother looks tallish too, so it's not like his mother is like Bieber's. What happened!!
Editor Rob
genetics favoured the average genes more than the tall ones.

Since humans have been around for a very long time - although compared to dinosaurs it's barely anything - if genes always favoured the tall then people would be absolutely enormous by now.
Arch Stanton said on 31/May/15
No guy with a 6 ft 7 father should be under 6 ft LOL!!!
Arch Stanton said on 30/May/15
Click Here That's his dad in his prime. 6'6-6'7 quite possible for him.
Arch Stanton said on 30/May/15
Rob, how tall does his dad look to you? Click Here Click Here I think he looks 6'4.5-6'5 even at 90 odd! He was supposed to have been 2 metres tall at peak and I think that's quite possible don't you? Bill Gates and his father is even worse than Donald and Kiefer!! I could buy 6 ft 7 for him prime if he's that height at 90 odd!
Editor Rob
he may well have lost 2-3 inches and was 6ft 7 range.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 29/May/15
His father whose like 90 almost towers over him!
Vince said on 14/May/15
Just looked at some more recent photos of him. David Cameron has an easy 3 inches on Gates. Yeah, 5' 9.5" currently.
Vince said on 14/May/15
5' 10"? Or could he have shrunk? What do you think, Rob?
Editor Rob
a bit under 5ft 10 today I think he can look.
Vince said on 14/May/15
Also looked 5' 10" with Prince Charles.
Vince said on 14/May/15
Haha! He's no more than 2 inches shorter than Tony Blair though. So either Gates is 5' 10" or Blair is not quite 6' 0".
Vince said on 11/May/15
Didn't you have him as 5' 10" before? If so, why the downgrade?
Editor Rob
my Windows kept crashing!
SportsHeight said on 7/Apr/15
Rob, how tall would you say CEO Jeff Bezos is?

Here he is with Bill Gates (Gates' shoes appear to be a bit larger):
Click Here

And with Mark Zuckerberg:
Click Here
Editor Rob
somewhere in 5ft 8 range.

177cmGuy said on 9/Jan/15
5'10 (178cm) at peak height. Today most likeley 5'9 (174-176cm) he's turning 60 this year.
thatguy said on 3/Sep/14
He's around 5'8 (172-174cm) today. He also does wear a lot of dress shoes, that give him at least 1.5 inches of height.
Efoersaan said on 16/Jan/14
In this commercial with Seinfield (180 cm) at 28 seconds Click Here
Bill doesn't look anything taller than 175 cm. But it should be said that he has some terrible posture. Maybe 177 cm 30 years ago standing straight.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 13/Jan/14
Rob, could Bill Gates be more 5ft9 range?

You have Steve Jobs at 6ft flat but there was easily at least 3in there, if not 4in.
Editor Rob
yeah he can look 5ft 9. Never would say Jobs looked 4 inches taller, maybe 3 though
avi said on 5/Sep/13
@[Editor Rob: considering the size of wallet he carries around, it wouldn't surprise me he lost height.]

Bill never carries his wallet Rob so maybe he hasn't lost height! anyway his father was 6'6 or weak 6'6 i think now maybe 6'4 zone at 87-88 yrs old. Bill seems 5'10 next to him but i believe Bill could be 5'9 and change
jeff dan said on 3/Sep/13
Steve Ballmer is 6ft 5.
jam said on 27/Aug/13
Has he lost height? he seems more 5'8 territory these days.
Editor Rob
considering the size of wallet he carries around, it wouldn't surprise me he lost height.
Anonymous said on 8/Mar/13
does anybody know how tall is steve ballmer?
true said on 31/Jan/13
5'10 , has bad posture that makes him look 5'9
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 29/Jul/12
Rob, could Steve Jobs have been 186-187cm?
Editor Rob
6ft 1 range is possible for him, but I don't know about adding
avi said on 11/Feb/12
@Maverick says on 15/Dec/11
Editor Rob ... please change the comment you put under Bills height, about him counting bank balance, that comment is extremely rude to someone who has sacrificed his life to help the poor. Much Appreciated

ah you're a baby. he hasn't sacrificed his life to that he has nothing else to do
avi said on 11/Feb/12
nah he can't be. next to German president he is way shorter. also lots of women are taller than him. weak 5'9 at best probably less.
Matt said on 2/Jan/12
Gate's seems 5'10 or a little bit taller. I think that his posture gives the illusion of looking shorter though.
Ikbob said on 31/Dec/11
hes actually closer to 5'9 nowadays.

Around 0:25 in this video he is standing next to Rosell and Pep Guardiola. Pep Guardiola is 180cm (5'11) tall. So I think Bill Gates is around 1.5-2inches shorter.

Click Here

Agree anyone?
Todd said on 30/Dec/11
Maverick - get off your high horse it was just a comment
Maverick said on 15/Dec/11
Thank you Rob .... You are truly Understanding. Respect !
the carl said on 14/Dec/11
5-10 is right on for gates. he's 2-3 inches shorter than steve jobs, who by the way is NOT 6-2 as he's often listed. jobs is (was) between 6 ft and 6-1.
Steve said on 13/Dec/11
Ive met Bill Gates a couple of times. I'm 6' 2" and he is about my height. 6' or so.
george555 said on 29/Nov/11
Bill's dad is 6'6 1/2, or aroundn 6'5.5 or something-you can tell in the pictures that he is like a tower over them
Shortish86 said on 12/Nov/11
Larc 6 ft 1.75 in says on 19/Oct/11
His father is 6'6 and he's 5'10...odd

Unless his mother is really tiny.
SUV said on 27/Oct/11
I think Bill Gates is as tall as me, 5'8.5". He just can't be a six-footer. Steve Jobs, as far as I know, was around 6'2".
Shaun said on 19/Oct/11
S***t is that really Bill Gate's father. He looks around 6'6" and he's old too!!
fate said on 10/Oct/11
seems legit. i think 6'2 is perfect height. i'm a bit shorter but being taller would be worse imo coz it would be awkward to mate. i feel it's a bit weird that other men want women that are like a head or two shorter than them. that to me is creepy.
ali said on 28/Sep/11
Bill Gates' father, very very tall.

Click Here
Mesay said on 25/Sep/11
He is like 5'9, search bill gates slash in google and you will see...
Hagrid said on 20/Sep/11
6'7 is the best height
d said on 15/Jul/11
Tony K says on 16/Dec/10
Bill Gates is 5'10"? really? He's relatively tall... thought he was like a 5'6" guy or so.

for white people? average is 5-10 for white americans from what I read
Mr. Tempus said on 9/Jul/11
a weak 5'10 seems right for him
truth said on 16/Jun/11
about 5ft9 I would say, Steve Jobs is 6ft.
Lenad said on 9/Jun/11
doesnt look anytaller than 5'10 to me
Mohammed said on 20/May/11
How tall is steve jobs? Looks like 6'1 in comparison to Bill.
pjkaka said on 14/Apr/11

It peeves me a lot when people regard only looks and height as 'genetics'. So according to you, Bill Gates has poor genes because of his height or looks? What about the fact that he is probably smarter than 99% of the human race and could buy a couple of African countries?

Really, would you want dumb, no-talent children who are 6'3" tall and look good, or average looking, short kids who have the brains to change the world, plus wonderful personalities?

I'd prefer the latter any day.
Anonymous said on 17/Feb/11
@manoj naj...bugger! Naidu is barely 5'6" or 5'7" tops! Fool!!!
JMS said on 1/Feb/11
looked about 5'9" on the Daily Show last night. Bad posture and age might be shrinking him a bit
Legend said on 11/Jan/11
He's a genius, and rich. I only wish I was that smart, and rich so that I had the means to travel across the world and sweep someone I want off their feet. I'm depressed about it lately, so excuse me haha :)
Chris said on 2/Jan/11
Wow, it's crazy like alot of people I thought he was 5'6 bit I guess he's one of the lucky nerds
Tony K said on 16/Dec/10
Bill Gates is 5'10"? really? He's relatively tall... thought he was like a 5'6" guy or so.
Mr. Kaplan said on 14/Dec/10
Bill, 6'3"? Is that a joke? He's 5'9", 5'10" tops. His father is 6'5".
slope said on 16/Nov/10
I saw Bill Gates in Omaha once. My brother, who is 5'10" was there, too, and Gates was the same height as my brother. So this site is correct: Bill Gates is 5'10" and I am an eyewitness.
Newt said on 26/Oct/10
Wayne, the average height for Black americans is 5'9 while the average height for Africans is 5'6. Stop trying to defend someone based on their skin color with facts that doesn't agree with reality.

Click Here
James said on 3/Jun/09
Bill consistently looked at least 2 inches shorter than 5'11 Jerry Seinfeld when they did the Vista commericals together. In some scenes he even looked 3 inches shorterm it depended on the camera angles. I don't think Bill was ever a legit 5'10, mabey 5'9-5'9.5.
Bo said on 3/May/09
His dad could be that tall. My dad is 6'2, brother is 6'5, sister is 5'8, and Im a male at only 5'8-9
I'm a PC said on 16/Nov/08
He is 5ft9
footballed28 said on 10/Nov/08
Frank you have my full support. He always gives a 5'9 impression
anonymous said on 27/Sep/08
Alex, it is possible that Bill's dad was 6'6. My dad is 6'5 and I am only 5'9.
Frank2 said on 14/Sep/08
Did you see their feet? I can't tell you ow many times I've seen a celeb stand up on his tiptoes just as a photo is about to be taken. All I know is I stood right in front of Gates and I was taller by at least two inches and I'm a solid 5'11".
Alex said on 14/Sep/08
Lol this is funny, considering that the current CEO of Microsoft, Steve Ballmer (Bill Gates best friend) is 6ft 5, and when i saw them in a picture, it looks like Gates is a little bit taller than his chin, so i recon the Bill Gates is most probably 5ft 10 - 5ft 11, this was right, Gate's is that tall, because if he was 5ft 8 or 5t 9, he would be up to Steve's shoulder, but hes almost up to his nose, so i recon 5ft 10 - 5ft 11, but apparantly Bill Gate's dad was 6ft 6, somebody told me that, but i find it hard to believe.
Frank2 said on 9/Sep/08
Gates is about 5'8" to 5'9". I saw him one year in Las Vegas when he addressed the NAB. Afterwards, he was at a small party I attended. He's an unassuming man who unless you knew who he was you'd have guessed he was just another nerdy guy, not the richest and one of the most influential men on the planet.
Marty said on 9/Sep/08
Look at what Seinfeld is wearing at the end of the commercial though.
He's wearing sneakers that give him at least a 1.75" lift.
kay said on 7/Sep/08
seinfeld/gates commercial proves he is 5-9 to 5-10
Tom said on 5/Sep/08
Just saw the Seinfeld-Gates commercial. If Seinfeld is 5-11, then Gates couldn't be any taller than 5-9.
anonymous said on 16/Jul/08
sorry, vegas, i just don't see 7 inches at all.
Vegas said on 2/Jul/08
anonymous in that photo you posted Click Here

5 inches shorter would be around his dads eyeline, there is no less than 7 inches there, his dad's head would be approx 10 inches long and gates only comes to his mouth, measure from the top of your own head to your mouth and see how many inches you get
anonymous said on 1/Jul/08
If his dad truly was 6`6, then he has lost 3 inches of height: Click Here
I don't see much more than 5 inches, maybe 6 at a stretch. Although the difference in their shoulder height is amazing.
Vinnie said on 30/Jun/08
I saw Bill at a trade show once. I am 5'11" and Bill looked considerable shorter as he walked by - I would say 5'8-9"
footballed28 said on 24/May/08
I honestly think Gates is no taller than 5'9...saw a pic of him standing with a bunch of asian executives and he was either the same height or somewhat shorter than a lot of 5'9 is more suitable for him (I honestly doubt 50% of those executives are 5'10 or taller)
Elizabeth said on 19/Nov/07
Mr. Gates has the essence of a comedian - so I'm betting on 5'8" and still growing.
K said on 21/Oct/07
"For his part, Bill also isn't particularly tall, ringing in at 5ft 10ins (1.78m) at a time when the average American male stands about 6ft (1.83m) high." No way, the average American male stands 6ft, the average is about 5'9.25...The Average White or Black male stands about way 6 feet!
S.J said on 9/Aug/07
yeah how the hell is he only 5,10 his dad is like 6,6
also kiefer sutherland is like 5,10 or something and his dad is 6,4
Georgio said on 26/Jul/07
how the heck is he only 5 ft 10 in and his dad is 6 ft 6 in?!?!?!!?!??!

how tall is bill's mother, 4'4"?
leonari said on 24/Feb/07
same with Downey jr. Same with Kiefer Sutherland....

nothing soooo uncommon
Viper said on 24/Feb/07
TheMan, I dont think Bill Gates is losing much sleep about the tall genes backfiring. Id rather have had the tall genes backfire on me If I could have his money.
tall guy said on 22/Feb/07
clive thats rediculous 6 feet tall average in u.s, sorry but that articles about 2 and a half inches off
Snapper G said on 20/Feb/07
Anybody have a height on Steve Jobs? Also, Gates might get his relative stature from mother's side of family, I have definitely seen the reverse where dad is short and son is tall, but mother is tall relatively speaking and has height in family.
TheMan said on 22/Nov/06
It is insane how he's dads 6,6 at yet Bills only 5,10 in comparison. Yes i think after awhile the tall genes backfire i mean i guess they can't just keep going up.
Antron said on 22/Nov/06
Re: Clive's article...Since when does the average American male stand 6 feet tall? 5'9-5'10" is the average for US males. Come on now BBC.
ForensicNYC said on 8/Sep/06
"Bill, you gotta quit that slouching and straighten up...see here comes the CAMERA!..."
Click Here
This is the REAL PERSPECTIVE...Bill is taller than Bono and Tony Blair!
Click Here
Boins said on 15/Aug/06
He didn't look much shorter than Bill Clinton on the news last night
Glenn said on 28/Jul/06
Wow! they say taller men are more sucsessful,well that throws that out the window!
James said on 27/Jul/06

This one absolutely surprises me. I always perceived Gates to be about 6'1".
One other surprise for me was Leonardo DeCaprio. I figured him to be a bit shorter. In the 5'8" to 5'9" range.
Seen said on 16/May/06
I think 5'10.5 is a lil bit overevaluated for Bill Gates, I got a pic of his height with the Senator Ensign (182cm) and Gates clearly looks more than 1 inch under... However with all the sites I saw on his height we can say he's a solid 178cm : Click Here

Editor Rob
for crimes against computing, yes, 178cm on the nose
Rich said on 16/May/06
Sure Gates is 5'10 look at this site where he's with Wil Shriner who's 5'11.
You'll see there at least 2cm of difference !!!
Click Here
ForensicNYC said on 8/May/06
There is a HARVESTER PROGRAM that trawls the NET for his name and classifies it into three categories: GOOD, BAD, AND VERY BAD. Hey William! Your height is good! Celebheights' your friend, OK?
Clive said on 7/May/06
Yes You Can Rob !!! On every site I saw Bill Gates is ALWAYS listed as 5'10...
I took for example this one who looks quite serious :
Click Here

Look at the quote : "For his part, Bill also isn't particularly tall, ringing in at 5ft 10ins (1.78m) at a time when the average American male stands about 6ft (1.83m) high." It's when he's compared to Napoléon !
Bill Gates said on 4/May/06
I am 182 cm, dear users!

Editor Rob
oi, my windows xp keeps crashing...personally fix it, or I'll downgrade you!
SH said on 24/Mar/06
to gates is ok, here is the article about bill gates father, who stands at 6'6''
Click Here
Clive said on 14/Mar/06
This site directly shows Bill Gates and Patrick Stewart face to face.
There is no doubt Gates can't be more than 178cm!
Click Here
WayneO said on 12/Jan/06
I've stood within a few feet of Bill Gates at the Comdex computer show in Vegas. His entourage was so large I couldn't get too close. I tend to agree with the 5'-10.5" theory. I'm 6' and he seemed a tad shorter but close.
Ujane,Moscow said on 18/Nov/05
I think he is about 181-182! This dude looks pretty well on the photos..perhars he just got such kind of body that makes him look taller! But its my opinion.
Anonymous said on 29/Apr/05
I'm just a teenager, but my dad works with him, and says lately he has been seeming very tired and worn out, which could also lead to slouching.
Smoke said on 8/Mar/05
Not the nicest guy in the world, Gates doesn't sign autographs if approached. Not the tallest guy in the world, but also looks shorter sometimes because he seems to prefer women who are quite tall. He does seem to be about 5'10" though.
gates is ok said on 5/Mar/05
C'mon,the guy is great,he is down to earth,don't have any vices,all of his money will go to charity and invests his money for the good of mankind,not for trash like majority of other richy riches.
Anway, i read interesting thing,his dad is 6'6"(198cm)

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