How tall is Mischa Barton

Mischa Barton's Height

5ft 9in (175.3 cm)

British/American Actress best known for playing Marissa Cooper on tv series The O.C. In a 2006 Harpers interview she said "At 5 foot 9 I'm a good height for flats."

How tall is Mischa Barton
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5ft 8.45in (173.9cm)
Sandy Cowell said on 12/Jun/17
My comment from February, 4 months ago today, said that I hadn't yet seen Mischa Barton act in anything! Well, I have now and can verify that she is as tall as 5ft9, slender, but healthily so and very pretty! I saw her in the film 'Octane', playing a vulnerable 15-year- old at loggerheads with her Mum, played by Madeleine Stowe!
Was it a good introduction to Mischa's work? You bet! She was great in what proved to be a very taut little thriller!
She gets 5ft9 for sure!
Sandy Cowell said on 12/Feb/17
I must admit, I was quite bowled over when I found out from a magazine that Mischa is this tall! I thought she was quite a bit smaller from pictures alone because I have never seen any programmes with her in them yet!
S.J.H said on 18/Jan/17
I mean she look closer to 5'8.5 but as much as i see her look more in a solid 5'8 range maybe just 5'8.25
S.J.H said on 24/Sep/16
I agree shes not 5'9 but closer to 5'7.5 or right on it
SK said on 10/Mar/16
Saw her in person about 5 years ago, and she's really not this tall. She was wearing skinny jeans and flats, and she looked about 5'6"-5'7". She's probably 5'9" in heels, but not in flats. Also, this was when she was heavier, but she was very pear-shaped and did not have the proportions of someone who is supposedly 5'9." Her legs were very short compared to her torso.
MaryAnne said on 13/Jan/16
Is this page with the most comments?
Editor Rob: they all have a limit, sometimes 250 up to 400 in the past.

Tom Cruise, Arnie, Bieber are all pages who over time have had 10,000+ comments submitted to them...
Allie said on 31/Dec/15
Whoa. She was a popular subject for 06-07. After that, Not so much. Makes sense though. The OC ended in 2007 and I don't remember seeing much of her after that.
Editor Rob: data from 09-12 isn't available, but interest in her did fall off.
MaryAnne said on 28/Nov/15
It's understood from the entries way back to 06 she was so popular once upon a time!
tunaslou said on 2/Nov/15
I did not know she was this tall. On imdb a long time stated that she was 5'7".
Brody said on 1/Aug/13
Legit 5'9". She was an inch taller than 5'8" Benjamin McKenzie (Ryan) in the O.C.
Silent d said on 26/Jan/12
5 foot 9. What happened to her? Don't see her anymore.
uhhh said on 13/Jan/12
same person... rob, jimmy kimmel is 6'1 because she was wearing heels on his show, and she was wearing heels, and they were the same height. So either jimmy IS 5'11 then mischa is 5'7?
[Editor Rob: it depends how big heels are. They could give say 2.5 up to a large 4.5 (and in heel terms that's huge, the ones that give 4.5 inches get advertised as 6-inches usually).

but he's got 1 inch shoe, so the footwear difference might not be as much as imagined?]
Silent d said on 25/Oct/11
She is tall but I've only seen her in the oc. I know she is a model but her acting career has gone down the drain. That is definitely not Blake lively. Get your facts right. 175 is about right.
sugar said on 17/Aug/11
ye she is 5'9". with,3" she look 3" taller than rihanna who stands on her injured foot.
Anonymous said on 16/Jan/11
Anon,that is definately not Balke
Anon said on 8/Jan/11
She looks much taller than Blake Lively even in flats.
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Shaun said on 15/Nov/10
Just saw her interview with Fearne Cotton and she came across as really weird. Almost like a split personality. She'd be really nice one minute then she made Fearne wait outside her house for 4 hours. She did look 5'9" sometimes and then other times more like 5'7".
frfrf said on 11/Nov/10
She does not look 5'9 at all
Anonymous said on 2/Oct/07
Interesting photo:
Click Here
Anon said on 2/Oct/07
Yeah, I think 5'9.5 is just about right. She's a really tall girl. Gah luckyy
Anna said on 25/Sep/07
I know, she's too tall, it's kind of scares me to be honest. But, anyway, she should be upgraded to a solid 5'10" in my opinion seeing as she is not a full inch shorter than Adam Brody. She looks taller than him at times. I wonder if she'll be in any upcoming movies. And I also wonder how old she is, does anyone know?
sam said on 17/Sep/07
same to susan also. I realize your father's a doctor, so is mine actually! However though no one expects an 18 year old to grow, there's always the rare excetions I guess. Mischa won't grow more at this age but whatever I think she's grown enough!!!
sam said on 17/Sep/07
Actually corney, some people still grow after 18, just usually not girls. For example, i grew 2 inches since that age! doctors didn't really think I would. However, i was slightly behind in growth so I guess everyone's a litle different...
corney said on 17/Sep/07
what's up with this comments? i thought we are all here to "discuss" about people's height not about how much people have to share one computer in one household with three dogs and two cats and maybe mice?!!! so don't blame rob he made up this site so be glad to use it and if you are so many people who study why don't you use your comp for studying, and let this girl who found the site use it alone?
scullsandskies said on 16/Sep/07
Oh really! Coming from someone who runs a site about actor's height I 'll take that as a compliment. We are all students who use the same computer in the house-not at school-why is that so questionable? What is your e-mail we will send a photo of all of us together-
BTW we are all way TALLER then 5"8!!Thank God!

[Editor Rob: Please skull, go on, send a pic to me of yourself and your Phoenix buddies with celebheights page loaded in the background on your comp...the email is where it says 'contact rob' top of this page.

I take nothing personal anyway...]
scullsandskies said on 16/Sep/07
DEAR ROB-I would like to bring to your attention that several students share this computer and we all like your site. Our ages range from 19 to 23. There is even a model/part-time student that lives here-she is the one that found your site-but we all know think it's a riot, and enjoy commenting about celeb's height. However-One of us noticed that you started blocking our comments. Are we all suppossed to use the same login name? Are we know indefinitely blocked because we wanted to use our own login name? If so we can just use one-we picked scullsandskies to use for all of us. THX

[Editor Rob: come on, some of those comments sounded more dodgier than the results of a Robert Mugabe election.]
glenn said on 13/Sep/07
i have another where she is in slippers.she was 5-9.5 tops.i was surprised.
Anna said on 12/Sep/07
Okay, so both glenn and Mischa are bending, so I think it's safe to say that Mischa is about 4.5 inches taller than Glenn in 2.5" (?) heels, so, that would put Mischa at 2 to 2.5 inches taller than Glenn barefoot and, seeing as Glenn is 5'8" barefoot, Mischa would be 5'10" to 5'10.5", would she not be? There is absolutely no way she is anything under 5'9.5", but I honestly think someone can go as high as 5'11" for her because when standing up straightly she is as tall if not taller than Adam Brody.
corney said on 6/Sep/07
susan is right people stop growing at the age of 18 so mischa's not going to grow anymore and will not be 6'0'' anytime
glenn said on 31/Aug/07
if you ask everyone esle,they would tell you the opposite.i think i stand straight.i dont take photos for the site.i take them for myself and proof in my autograph happy to contribute to the site.
susan said on 30/Aug/07
ahm she's 21 she's not going to grow anymore!!! people stop growing between the age of 17 to 19, trust me, my fathers a doctor! at the age of 24-26 she will start shrinking! so she never will be 6'0'' she's at best 5'10''! so i would say i'm not the funniest one here, you are, believing she's going to grow at the age of 21? i can't believe you have to do this for school, do you even attend school? i mean, if, you have to know people stop growing at the age of about 18...
and how do you know her father's 6'7''???
Anna2 said on 30/Aug/07
Glenn in all the pictures with the celebrities you are kinda bending. so most of the times you look about the same height with everyone. the pictures can't really help. you should try to stand straight.
susan said on 29/Aug/07
ok skulls&skies she really pushs her leg forward but if she would stand up straight she would be as tall as adam but adam does sth weird with his feet too so he doesnt stand up straight too and mischa wears heels so i'm sure she is not as tall as adam, i would give her 5'9.5''like its listed on that page, ahh maybe i should write her doctor a letter and ask him about her height...
susan said on 28/Aug/07
right i found a pic of mischa and lily (5'10.5'') cannot see mischas heels, but lily doesnt stand straight up and mischa too, but lily still seems taller than her..dont know..
Click Here
this one shows her with adam and the rest, mh adam is taller than her and she already wears heels so if adam is 5'11'' she is obviously not 5'11'' or even 5'10''
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francis said on 28/Aug/07
didnt read my coment? pics can lie, if not, how is it possible that she looks at one pic shorter and on the next one taller than this guy??? pics can lie! i've seen photos of her and melinda clark, both look the same height but in fact melinda is 2-3 inch shorter, and she cannot be 5'10'' if model gemma ward and lily cole who are 5'10'' are always taller than her, and there's nothing bout the shoes, both wore flats and stand straight up...but anyway what the hell..if she said i'm 5'9'' she is knowing better than glenn(sorry Glenn ;)) cause she's talking bout her own height and liv tyler isn't 5'10'' shes 5'8'', and well i always thought alexis bledel is tall watching her at gilmore girls and on pics but in reality she is 5'6'' so she isnt that tall at all so in tv or on pics people appear taller than in reality...anyway theres an article on this site telling how pics can lie so dont tell me pics cant lie blue eyed something!
lucy said on 27/Aug/07
ohhh but a picture can lie...they are taken at all sorts of different angles of people wearing all sort of different shoes............
Hugo said on 25/Aug/07
Mischa Barton looks 5'7" to me. Half the time Mischa's wearing high heels or some kind of boots with heels. I don't think the 5'9" listing is correct.
l0ck n l0ad said on 23/Aug/07
Haha marleen I have always had this funny image in my mind of cinemas in Holland, I can probably imagine how alot of the Dutch audience critize how almost every other Hollywood celeb might seem 'short' in their eyes in a country where the average man is at least 6 feet.
marleen said on 22/Aug/07
its so funny i am the same height but i live in holland so i am not the tallest at all americans are much smaller we are tall people haha
francis said on 22/Aug/07
well anybody who says she is bout 5'7'' is a fool, obviously she is taller! but those who say she's taller than 5'10'' are fools too, cause as mentioned several times mischa next to 5'10'' girl gemma or lily is shorter so i would say 5'9'' is quiet right, anyway didn't she always say she's 5'9''? so trust her she's the person who knows best bout her own height!!! and astrid mischa isn't taller than adam if she is shorter than lily and gemma and she is!!! she can not be taller than 5'11'' boy adam! anyway i wouldn't trust those pics at all cause pics can variey ones height, there are pics of mischa and carlos lopez, the boy she hangs out with(the dark, on one she seems 2 inches taller than him and on the next one he seems 4 inches taller than her, and both stand straight up side by side so...well seems mischa is able to change her height whenevr she wants ha? no but understand what i mean? pics deceive
Mike said on 18/Aug/07
I've never met her but IMO she looks about an inch taller than this so 5'10.5. She looks a solid 5'10 to me. She looks taller than this with Sharapova, who I have seen in 'real life' but 5'10 everywhere else.

Sharapova btw is HUGE, not just in height but she was much broader than I expected too. I saw her at the DFS classic tournament in Birmingham for the last two years, she towers over everyone.
HAAA said on 12/Aug/07
misha i'd say shes 5'9. in the picture she does taller then him even though its an inch it still could makee a difference when ur next to someone. i'd say a half an inch next to a person is not tht much difference but an inch is when u can tell more who looks taller.
mf said on 12/Aug/07
Mischa can't be taller than 5'9 1/2, as the pictures of her next to the 5'10 supermodels make clear.
Astrid said on 10/Aug/07
Sorry, that last Anonymous comment on the 4th of August was from me. I forgot to put my name in. I agree with you as usual, Anna.

By the way leila, in that second link you posted, Mischa is TALLER than Adam, (Adam Brody = 5'11") and her head is slightly tilted downwards AND she's not standing up straight! They're not the same height at all!

In that link, Mischa's heels seem to be about 2.5-3" inches high. Therefore, Mischa has got to be taller than 5'9.5, because she's certainly more than half an inch taller than Adam in the link!
Anna said on 8/Aug/07
Just a question I have, since when is one inch "way shorter"? And, yeah, Anonymous, there is no way Mischa is shorter than 5'9". I too believe she said 5'9" just because she downgraded her height. I've actually heard say as low as 5'7" and judging by her posture, she is, at the least, a bit uncomfortable with her height. People always think that a person would NEVER downgarde their height, but I think that some girls, especially taller ones like Mischa, are very keen to downgrade their height. And if you have seen the show, you will see Mischa is at the least 5'10". Yeah?
Leung said on 6/Aug/07
Anna, I think she is close to 5’10”.
leila said on 5/Aug/07
no she is not as tall as adam!!! look at the two pics, one shows her beside adam-they are the same height, but the other shows that she is wearing high heels, so if she is with heels as tall as adam there is NO WAY that she is as tall as him barefoot!!!
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Anonymous said on 4/Aug/07
I'm 5'9.75" so I'm closer to 5'10" than 5'9", but I still say that I'm 5'9" when people ask me how tall I am. I have a feeling Mischa could be a hair off 5'10" (much like myself - only a quarter of an inch) but she's still going to say 5'9" regardless.

5'9.5 still seems right for Mischa.... or at least until we can get more proof.
Besides leila, Mischa is nearly if not as tall as Adam Brody on the OC, and he's marked at 5'11"... she's at LEAST 5'9"!
leila said on 4/Aug/07
i agree with ANONYMOUS, mischa, standing next to model gemma ward is ways shorter, and gemma is 5'10'' so there is no way mischa is 5'10'', she is at best 5'9''
Anna said on 3/Aug/07
Okay, maybe that's it then? Then what do you think Mischa is, Leung? I would reckon a strong 5'10"-5'10.5" because she can sometimes look a full inch taller than Ben when he's wearing heels. And if he were only 5'7", that would put Mischa at 5'10", although I am sort of thinking he is really 5'8". Dunno though.
Leung said on 3/Aug/07
I think Ben McKenzie is barely over 5'7", maybe he is 5'7.5" on a good day, because even with his big heels he was struggling next to Mischa in flats.
Anna said on 1/Aug/07
I'll agree with a strong 5'10", but what I don't understand is how her height can vary so much in pictures and on screen. For example, in some scenes of The OC she can be wearing flats and Ben can be wearing his special shoes and when Mischa actually stands up straight she is easily 1/2"-1" taller than Ben, which would lead one to believe she would be more like 5'11". However, there are some premiere photos taken of her and Julie Cooper (her real name is escaping me as of now) and Mischa barely looks 2 inches taller than her. Moreover, I remember a scene in the first episode of the second season and Mischa is barefoot and Julie is wearing some huge, stacked heels and Mischa is at least as tall as Julie, maybe even taller than her. It just confuses me. Does it anyone else?
Anonymous said on 1/Aug/07
I agree with Lucy. Mischa is about 174cm or 175. She can't be 177 or Lily Cole and Gemma Ward would not tower over her as they do.
nic said on 17/Jul/07
if you notice in many scenes in the OC when she was in it she would wear ballet pumps even with dresses and ryan would always wear proper shoes even in casual clothes just to add an extra inch or so
glenn said on 16/Jul/07
5-9.5 to 5-10.i studied her long in flats.
lucy said on 16/Jul/07
yehh she's 5'9
i keep seeing mischa wearing huge heels just when shes walking down the street in paparazzi pictures
if she was unconfudent about her height she wouldnt be wearing them or it might mean she wants to be taller~!
no taller than 175cm for mischa id say
felicia said on 11/Jul/07
i met her and she had heels on couldn't tell how high tho she seemed about 2-3 inches shorter than me and i'm 6'0"
lee said on 11/Jul/07
shes 5,9 i kno coz i asked her myself.
i was walking my dog down a street i wont mention.
and she stopd and said he was cute.
im 183 and she was like you make me feel short so i asked her how tall she was and she was like 5.9.
shes really nice.
lucy said on 8/Jul/07
arghh!!! how can you say mischas over 5'10"!! you just need to look at a photto of her with a real 5'10" girl, gemma ward to see that mischa's a lot shorter!!!!!
Anna said on 6/Jul/07
I would say that Glenn is kind of standing up more straight to get closer to Mischa's height and didn't he say that she was slouching in this photo. And according to this website, if he's up to her eyes, that's a 4.5" difference, which would mean Mischa's 6'0.5"+ in these heels. I would say 5'10"/5'10.5" at the very least for her barefoot height.
lucy said on 6/Jul/07
after enlarging the pic showing mischas heels, i can see that they are very high heels and even have a platforum at the 5'9" and if i was wearing those id be over 6" and towering over someones whose 5"8' and slouching aswell

also, mischas pictures with 5'10, 5'11 models gemma ward and lily cole show mischa atleast two inches shorter than both.
mischa is 5'9!!!
john said on 28/Jun/07
glenn said himself that mischa is at least 5'10 and mischa is also slouching not just glenn
lana said on 28/Jun/07
Click Here
this picture was taken the same day glenn met mischa, and here you can see her shoes and if they are small heels i really don't know what high heels are, in the picture with glenn he is slouching, standing straight up and mischa without these heels they would be the same height 5'8'', the heels are as high as half of mischa's head and on the pic mischa is half a head taller than glenn...
john said on 28/Jun/07
how the hell can you say she's 5'6 to 5'7 when there is a picture above of her and a 5'8 Glen in which she's much taller and wearing only small heels?
sf said on 26/Jun/07
oh mh how can you know that there were bad camera angels???
and in 2004 she was 18 so she wouldn't have grown much at best one inch... vafunculo
olerika said on 23/Jun/07
oh wait i feel stupid now. that picture was taken in 2004 with bad camera angles. dumb me!
olerika said on 22/Jun/07
mh look: that is mischa with vanessa minillo both wear high heels, with the same height and now guess how tall minillo is? she is 5'6'' to 5'7'', if mischa would be 5'9.5'' she would be miles taller than minillo, but she isn't, in fact she is not taller at all even if she would stand straight up she wouldn't be taller than minillo
Click Here
Astrid said on 22/Jun/07
Olerika, she's not 5'8". Come ON. Who are you kidding??

I'm a teenage girl and I'm 5'9.75" - seeing as she always slouches and wears flats I'd say she would try to avoid even the slightest exaggeration on her height at all costs.

Most tall women/girls dislike their tallness and will exaggerate DOWN. Take me, for example. Even though my height is CLOSER to 5'10", I still say I'm 5'9". Why? Because it makes me feel more comfortable with myself.

AND regardless as to what the bio she said when she was 18 (I'm guessing '04 - where's the link), she has already said last year that she's 5'9"!!!

Oh and funsized is right, I think she said she was 5'7" when she was 15.... this might have been true, she still could have done growing since then.

Bottom line: she's 5'9.5" at the minimum.
funsized said on 17/Jun/07
and this girl has also once claimed to be 5'7". Talk about seriously downgrading her height. "come on i mean please everyone in showbiz is lying...". That's a pretty grand statement to make. Celebrities are humans with widely varying opinions just like us. Have u ever considered that not every celebrity wants to be taller? I know you've posted pics trying to prove your point. Some of those pics are quite convincing, too, but there are also people that have posted pictures that are also equally convincing and contradict your height speculation of mischa. Naturally, you're going to look for photos that confirm what you said, but the question is, how many photos did u actually go through, and what's the percentage of those that back you up? Of course, the same question goes to the other people posting their photos. I can only really take Glenn's word because, after all, he did see her face to face and has a much better idea as to what her height really is. Even the picture above contradicts what you claim. Then again even glenn himself could be off by 0.5 inches or even 1 inch, but i don't think any more than that.
olerika said on 15/Jun/07
so why shouldn't she lie? nobody can proof if she does! i have an official bio of her where she states herself as 5'8'' and that's exactly her height the bio was written when she was not so famous at all, when she was 18, and no one grows much after age 18, but now she is famous, people admire her also for her height, come on i mean please everyone in showbiz is lying...
funsized said on 14/Jun/07
Well, for one, she is tall enough to be a model, so she doesn't need to add inches to her height for that, it's pointless. That would be like filling an already full bottle of liquid with more liquid. Secondly, according to boo, she stated on TV that she wanted to be shorter. I don't know if that is still not considered reliable enough to you, but that's also not the first time i've heard that she dislikes being tall. I am aware that sources can be unreliable, but i'm not about to go out of my way to try and prove them false, you can do that if you want to. Thirdly, the quote above "At 5 foot 9 I'm a good height for flats". Tell me what girl that wants to be taller would say that? It sounds as if she doesn't like wearing heels because it'll only make her taller. You yourself stated that "most add one inch or so", may be Mischa isn't part of the "most" category. You may argue that she wears high heels, so that defies her statement above, that's true, but i wear high heels too sometimes, not because i like them, but because either the occasion calls for it, or some clothes just look better with them, otherwise, given the chance, i'd wear normal runners any day. I'd imagine with Mischa, many occasions she goes to call for high heels.
olerika said on 13/Jun/07
they want to be tall cause it's an unwritten law that tall women are more beautiful than shorter ones (of course it's not true anyway...), only tall women can be models and models are seen as perfect beautiful women and did you hear her saying it or did you read it somewhere, well you know you can read many stuff which is not true...and hey if she really said that who can say that she didn't lie?
funsized said on 13/Jun/07
female celebrities want to be tall when they're short or average height, not when they're already tall. Mischa is already in the tall range, what could she hope to gain by adding an extra inch to her height? And why would Mischa pretend to be taller than she is if she herself said she wished to be shorter?
olerika said on 12/Jun/07
oh no female celebs want to be tall, most add one inch or so and it cannot be proofed so why not lying? and so far did you looked well at the picture? nope cause brandon is slouching too not like mischa but a bit and well she would be the same height as he is if she would stand straight up or she would maybe be a bit taller, but nevertheless she wears high heels and she is not slouching that much and without heels there is no way she is the same height as brandon!no way look at the picture!!!
boo said on 12/Jun/07
olerika can you not see that mischa is slouching in that picture? her knees are bent and she has a bad posture. It's exactly what Katie holmes does as well, they slouch to make themselves look shorter- also why would she go on record saying she's 5'9? Most female celebs don't like to be too tall. In addition she was also in a series of adds for Channel 4 (UK) where she clearly stated that she wished she was shorter, she's too tall. So there you go.
olerika said on 11/Jun/07
haha idiot the picture with brandon davis, dear astrid, proofs that she can not be as tall as you want her to be, here you can see their shoes, and she wears high heels and is the same height as brandon who 5'9'' so she can not be 5'9'' when she only is 5'9'' with high heels! hahaha so explain that!!!
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lucy said on 10/Jun/07
mischa's seroiously isnt that atll there are pictures out of her and 5'10/5'11 models gemma ward and lily cole and mischa is A LOT shorter
olerika said on 10/Jun/07
ah mine are rubbish why? one of astrids pics does not show what shoes mischa is wearing so let me say they are rubbish you!
well i am really interested, why are they rubbish, i mean they are normal pics showing mischa with other persons proofing that she can not be taller than 5'8'' i mean the pic with adam, first you can see that she is wearing high heels and next to adam she is as tall as him so she can not be the same height sfacciato
Piú scemoa non potevi nascere!!!
anna said on 9/Jun/07
Yes, I highly doubt that this jeanna has worked with Mischa. And if you are 5'11" yourself, why would you not be a model? That is huge for a female! Anyways, I have to agree with Astrid, all of his/her photos prove that Mischa has to be more than 5'9.5", I would say 5'10" or 5'10.5" at the shortest, 5'11" at the tallest, maybe slightly more. Because in the first and last photo, Mischa is wearing flats, absolute flats with, like Astrid said, maybe a 1/2" of height. Then, Brody and Mckenzie are wearing tennis shoes, which would mean they would have the same or a little bit more height in the footwear field. And the first photo proves that Mischa is at the very least the same height as Brody, because since the shot was taken from above, she loses height because she is standing in front. So, that would mean she is 5'10.5" to 5'11" seeing as Brody is 5'10.5" on this site. Then, in the last photo with Mckenzie, he is wearing those boot things that he always wears, which probably give him 1.5"-3". That would mean he would be about 5'10" (slightly more, slightly less) in those boots. Seeing as Mischa is basically barefoot, slouching extremely, and still looking as tall as Ben, it would seem to be obvious that she is at least 5'10.5", maybe even pushing 5'11". Absolutely no way 5'9.5". And no offence olerika, but your photos are rubbish. They do not even deserve to be explained.
Anonymous said on 5/Jun/07
I doubt you're a valid IMG model, no one on their site, even in development, are named Jeanna and I doubt even more that they would have a more celebrity rather than model have just a test shoot with another model.
jeanna said on 3/Jun/07
im an img model as well and i have worked with mischa before. I am 5'11 barefoot and when i worked with Mischa at a shoot she was about two inches shorter then me. whoever said that since she has a long torso and that makes her look a lot taller that is true she appears to be a lot taller then she actually is. but so does paris hilton who is 5'8 slim bodies and long proportions will make some look taller
olerika said on 1/Jun/07
well they are the same height at best, but you have not explained my pictures at all so what are about them ha?
Astrid said on 1/Jun/07
In that last link I posted with Mischa next to ben (Click Here).... she's not wearing heels at all! They're flats with only a bit more than a half inch heel at the most! Click the picture and enlarge it to see for yourself.
olerika said on 31/May/07
first mh well i guess she has heels on but not very high ones, second you can not see if she wears high heels, but i am sure she does because she is not as tall as brandon (i've seen other photos with them) and third she has heels on, also not high ones, but if ben woul stand straight up he would be taller than her and now it is you'r turn, explain my pictures!!!!
Astrid said on 31/May/07
Olerika, explain this:
Click Here
And this with then-boyfriend Brandon Davis (5'9")
Click Here
Slouching next to 5'8"-5'9" Ben McKenzie:
Click Here
anna said on 28/May/07
I don't really care about her height anymore. I am celebrating over the fact that she and Jamie Dornan are together, how hot is that?! He is gorgeous.
olerika said on 28/May/07
okay sorry this was the picture which i meant with melinda:
Click Here
hm.... said on 28/May/07
The best way to estimate somebody´s height is to see the person. Glenn has seen Misha - he says she is around 177-178 cm. I think this is right. Misha really seemsa taller than 175 but not 180 either.
olerika said on 27/May/07
the last one:
what about that, mischa melinda and rachel, melinda is listed at 5'7'' (but people consider her to be shorter...), all wear heels and damm daramm damm...surprise surprise
;) melinda and mischa are the same height(OHO! how can that be when mischa is 5'9.5''????????)so whatever mischa said (dear astrid)she lied!
Click Here
olerika said on 27/May/07
there is another picture with teri hatcher and nicole richie, teri is 5'6'', and all wear high heels, and mischa is only a bit taller than teri so believe me she is NOT taller than 5'8''!!!
Click Here
olerika said on 27/May/07
and what is about this: the first picture shows her alone, but one can see that she wears very high heels
Click Here
and this one
Click Here
shows her next to adam and she is nearer at the camera so she is all in all taller or appears taller, you know, objects near at you are taller than those which are away... so by the way adam is the same height like her at the picture and i am sure he does not wear heels, so why is she the same height (5'10.5'' =adam's height), when she wears high heels? so there is NO WAY that she is 5'10'' she is at best 5'8'' (the heels are about 3 inch high )!!!!!
Astrid said on 27/May/07
anonymous, she's already said she's 5'9"... why would she be "a bit above 5'8"? I'm 5'9.75" and I while I'm fine with my height I would never say I'm taller than what I really am.
Mischa Barton = 5'9.5" - 5'10"
Oh and, I consider flat shoes to be slip ons.. usually with a .5" or less of a sole. A shoe with an inch high heel is still a heel.... not a flat shoe.
anonymous said on 27/May/07
she's in fact shorter than listed. she is a bit above 5 foot 8 but is very slim.
glenn said on 26/May/07
she had almost slippers on.
Alex said on 26/May/07
What do you people consider flat shoes? Anything an inch or less of heel?

Glenn, yea she does look around that 5'10 mark, 5'9.5 at the least. You do have plenty of tall girls out there who say they are less than they really are. Its the opposite with guys.
Astrid said on 26/May/07
olerika, if Mischa herself has already said she's 5'9", why would she be 5'7" or 5'8"? Brody is 5'11", by the way.
ss and daria, the links you provided are inaccurate as we can't see the shoes they're wearing.
daria in the picture on your link, Mischa's leaning back, anyway.

I rest my case: 5'9.5" - 5'10" it is.
ss said on 25/May/07
here's the link of gemma posing with mischa:
Click Here
there is another picture of model lily cole with mischa.
Click Here
lily is 5'10" and mischa is shorter than her in these pictures. i don't think mischa could possibly be 5'10" or even 5'9.5'
5'9" seems more accurate.
daria said on 25/May/07
there is a great picture here with 5'10 model lily cole
Click Here
lucy said on 25/May/07
theyre are new pics out with mischa and 5'11 model gemma ward....mischa is considerably shorter. im thinking 5'9 for mischa

[Editor Rob: where abouts, post link. Gemma Ward was photoed with Sharapova here]

glenn said on 24/May/07
got her again a few weeks ago.she had complete flats.she is between 5-9.5 to 5-10.more on the 5-10.rob was kinda right.
lillo thomas said on 24/May/07
ciara height is not a factor that affects girls onless they are very tall
over 5'10 . Most guys not care about the girls height aslong the girl is shorter than him . You are about average to a girl , your height is very good most guys will be taller than you .
l0ck n l0ad said on 23/May/07
She got a new boyfriend Jamie Dornan, some model dude. Don't know his height but I-M-D-B gives him 6'0". Here are some pics of Mischa and him together Click Here for comparison.

Click Here
**Ciara** said on 23/May/07
as a girl is it important to be tall? are small(er) girls not that sexy? whats the perfect height and whats the minimum? i am 5.4-5.5. is that too small to be sexy? please answer. thanks a lot.
olerika said on 23/May/07
there is no way that she is taller than adam (5'10''), or even the same height, look at this:
Click Here
she wears high heels and isnt as tall as adam, so she cannot be 5'10'' or 5'9'', she may be 5'7''-5'8''
Astrid said on 22/May/07
If you click this link you'll see Ben and Mischa kissing (Episode 10, "The Perfect Couple", Season 1).
Mischa's in flats (I'm guessing a .75" increase in height) and Ben's wearing socks, as he kissed her just before he put his dress shoes on.
Click Here
And here's a clearer view of Mischa's flats, you should click the picture once the page loads, otherwise it looks confusing.
Click Here
So if Ben's marked at 5'8" barefoot, if Mischa was 5'11" - 5'11".5" barefoot, she'd be considerably taller than him. I can only see about an inch difference in height (look at their chins!) Either Mischa is shorter than everyone else thinks, or Ben is taller. I think Ben is 5'9" b/f and Mischa is 5'10" b/f.
jenny said on 22/May/07
mhmmm she is only one!!! head taller than rachel bilson and that would make her a bit over 175cm.. she can look taller because she is always wearing high heels. i think 5'9.5 is right.
anna said on 21/May/07
She's 5'11" or 5'11.5" and you know it Rob. Is this a punishment and/or joke?
anna said on 15/May/07
Er, okay Ashlee? And the point of that was....?
Ashlee said on 10/May/07
Hi i love mischa barton adore her i want to be just like her i am doing acting/drama at my school and im not being boastfull but i am pretty good at it im in year 8 and my teacher gave me a 9A the highest ever drama/acting level for an year 8 i so want to go to the college of university i cant remeber but of yale to do acting and hopefully become like my idol mischa barton she looks gorgous howvever she looks her hight makes her look slim but she is so beautifull huw cares i love you xx
anna said on 7/May/07
gf: Modeling/acting agencies often change their clients' height to make them more desiarable for the job. For example, in Mischa's case, they would most likely list her shorter than she really is because in the move business, they often want the male to be taller than the female and that can be extremely difficult if your client is 5'11" and a female. I also remember reading somewhere that Mischa's height was downgraded to 5'9" because it would make her the same height as her co-star, Benjamin Mckenzie.
ta said on 5/May/07
I would actually like to see Mischa and Katie Holmes stand next to each other. You have Katie Holmes listed at 5'9" and Mischa at 5'9.5" If anyone saw the pictures at the Giorgio Armani pre-oscar fashion prive, both Mischa and Katie posed separate pictures with Giorgio and both towered over him (both were also wearing about the same size heels). It looks as if Katie seemed slightly taller standing next to him than Mischa did (although it may have possibly been the camera angles of both pictures). Does anyone know of any possible pictures with them standing side by side?
Leung said on 3/May/07
They are likely to be very similar in height but I might give a slight edge to Mischa.
glow said on 3/May/07
I actually would like to see her and Charlize Theron stand next to each other. Both are listed at 177cm and both seem to have poor posture and extremely tall proportions for their height.
gf said on 3/May/07
Modeling agencies often add or knock a half inch or inch off a model's height. This may be due to the fact that our heights changes over the course of the day (we are taller in the morning and shorter at night). That makes me think that perhaps Mischa could be taller than what she claims, but I would find it hard to believe that she's the 5'11 or more that some on here have suggested.
gf said on 3/May/07
Anna: As I posted a while ago, her height at her modeling agency, IMG, is listed as 5'9". I am trying to understand why she would lie about her height, assuming that she is indeed taller than what she claims? I agree that she *often* looks taller than 5'9, but photo angles and body posture can often mislead.
anna said on 29/Apr/07
Okay. Once again, I'm really sorry about that. But do you think you're going to upgrade Mischa ever?
anna said on 29/Apr/07
What's going on Rob? Why have you deleted all of my comments?

[Editor Rob: it was a delayed punishment for using several names in 2006...only effective a year later as a warning to others]
Anonymous said on 25/Apr/07
In a pretty funny visual, in the first season episode of The O.C. titled "Best Chrismukkuh Ever" Mischa and Ben are shopping in the mall. At one point, Mischa puts on high heels, stands straight up, and looks down at the much shorter Ben. Pretty funny (and surprising, due to the amount of effort they go to in order to minimize their height difference) scene:
Click Here
Drew said on 25/Apr/07
Click Here

She's a good ten inches taller than Bilson to me.

Click Here

Looks about an inch taller than 5'11" (possibly 5'11.5") Adrian Grenier. So if she has a 2 inch advantage with heels, she'd still be at least 5'10".

I think Glenn is right. She's 5'10", possibly 5'11". Anyone saying she's under 5.9.5" is being ridiculous.
G-unit said on 24/Apr/07
In OC, ryan is 5'11 in his 3inch boots and marissa is about 5'11 in her sandlas. I think she is about 5'10.5 barefeet
Viper said on 23/Apr/07
If Misha is under 5-10 then you would have to lower Sharapova's height to 6-0.
glenn said on 21/Apr/07
mischa is at least 5-10.and maybe 5-11
Sera said on 21/Apr/07
The heels are not equal - Sharapova heels are like 7 cm, Mischa heels are like 11 cm, so.... I think Misha is really 179-180!
Astrid said on 20/Apr/07
Sorry to spoil your theories, but I just can't picture Mischa being as tall as 5'11"-6'. I mean, it could be true, and I'm all for discussing this for the next month, but I really think Rob needs to reach a finalised decision - especially considering most of us (including Glenn) consider her taller than 5'9". I haven't been on for a while, so I hadn't seen the Mischa/Maria Sharapova picture. But I recognised her Studio 54 heels instantly in the the picture. And these really are "high heels" - we are talking an extra 4", probably greater.
Initially I couldn't find the heels anywhere when I tried Googling... so I went to Mischa-B and looked.... and I found them! :)

1st Picture is the same as the one in my magazine:
Click Here
Click again on the picture for a better look; it really proves how high those gold heels are.

And here are a few more:
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

I think this time when Mischa says she's 5'9", I don't think she's lying. 5'9.5", probably. 5'9.75", possibly. But is she really taller than that?
Let us know Rob, Glenn, Anna etc
belinda said on 18/Apr/07
in this picture Click Here next to sharapova(6"1) they are both wearing heals sharapova is full standing up without bending legs and mischa is bending and there about the same height so i'd she's 6ft
Viper said on 9/Apr/07
Misha should convince you guys that Sharapova is 6-1 max.
glenn said on 8/Apr/07
thats funny anna.sometimes id like too.
AAAA said on 8/Apr/07
if sharapova is really a legit 6'2 then you gotta give Misha at least 5'10.5, more like 5'11. She is tall
glenn said on 6/Apr/07
there is no way she is smaller than 5-10.
6'2.5'' JK said on 5/Apr/07
I think she is nothing more than 5'9.5'' as she is listed, 5'10'' is also too much
Viper said on 5/Apr/07
5-11 is just too much. I can definitely buy that shes a solid 5-10 though.
The Horse of FUNK said on 4/Apr/07
By the way, on second look at the OC cast pic, I believe Peter Gallagher is a legit 5'9" (not the 5'10" - 5'11" he's sometimes credited as). But, you can clearly see Mischa is purposely surrendering some height with posture. To me, if she were to straighten out like Gallagher is, she'd be bang on at 5'9.5".

Depending on footwear, I'd say she's 5'9.25" minimum and 5'9.75" maximum. Which means the current 5'9.5" suits just fine for now. Until proven otherwise, I don't know where these 5'11" claims come from for this pretty lady, granted she does look near 5'10" with Glenn. But, then again, I guarantee you if I were to pose with Glenn, you'd swear I'm like 6' - 6'1" when I'm only 5'11.5".

Yet another note about her: Despite being a good looking lady, I've noticed she could use a few cheese burgers. And we all know how tricky thin people can be.
The Horse of FUNK said on 4/Apr/07
Some OC cast pic: Click Here

Looks 5'9" at most with Kevin Spacey and Shirley MacLaine:
Click Here

Here she is with supposedly 5'9" Joy Bryant in August of 2005:
Click Here
With Joy Bryant again in Feb/March of 2006:
Click Here

I'm thinking she's either 5'9" - 5'9.5", or she experienced a freakishly late and potent growth spurt that sprung her up to the 5'10" realm, which would explain the OC photo and Glenn's encounter. I've always thought females stop growing at a max age of 16 - 17 though. *shrugs*
Viper said on 4/Apr/07
I never say this too often on this site but she should probably be upgraded to at least 5-10-5-10 1/2.
glenn said on 4/Apr/07
she was bouncing from party to party and went to her hotel maybe she changed.or had another pair inside her suv vehicle.
glenn said on 4/Apr/07
i didnt think you were horse.
Fifi said on 4/Apr/07
Mischa love to wear big heels. See the same event:
Click Here

[Editor Rob: to be fair glenn thought small heels, she could have changed? Would she have changed though...those heels probably give net close to 3]
glenn said on 3/Apr/07
i always have bags under my eyes and there are worst photos.i dont think you meant harm.neither does franco on my weight,but after awhile you cant help but wonder what people are not sensitive to my weight,cause in person i look ok.the photos add more weight to me.but you did sound a little funny,hence bombays outburst. but you were always cool with me.thank you both,and thank you bombay for being there for me.
The Horse of FUNK said on 3/Apr/07
Looks like you've got some bags under your eyes. But whatever, might be lighting.
glenn said on 3/Apr/07
i dont understand your sleep comment?
bam said on 3/Apr/07
rob, why don't you upgrade her?
Glenn believes she is between 5'10 and 5'11.5. I'm pretty sure his picture reaffirms that. I do admit that a 5'9 girl can come across as a giant, since 5'9 girls are nearly eye to eye with an average height 5'9/10 guy. At 5.5 inches taller than the national average, Mischa Barton is the equivalence of a 6'3.5 guy. (which is already a giant). In barton's case however, she may be a true 5'10, or even a weak 5'11. Maybe I'm wrong. She is definately hard to pin down.
The Horse of FUNK said on 2/Apr/07
Looks like you could use some sleep, Glenn.

Oh, and I agree with Rob's estimate: 5'9.5"
Bombay Rocker said on 2/Apr/07
And if mischa is like 178 or maybe 179 then Ben Mckenzie is atmost 172, maybe even 171, no shorter than that or else he will look like a shortie which he doesnt look anyways, so maybe ben is 171 - 172, mischa is like 178 and ya that will mean that adam brody is a max 179 and rachel bilson maybe 5 feet 1 and this is what she looks anyways
Bombay Rocker said on 2/Apr/07
Pretty that megan gale pic......if that chic megan gale is 180 cms, ya Rob Mischa has bigger heels and i think that slouching is almost equal and megan is definitely taller. If this all is true then 177 - 178 is spot on. Anyways Rob do u think she will have any upgrade in near future since almost 80% people here believe she is about 5 feet 11...whats ur take...U think this is what her max height is or she can be a lil taller than this in all pretty confusing
Franco said on 2/Apr/07
screw you all....she's 5'10 flat ;)
Goldberg said on 1/Apr/07
who is taller? Click Here

[Editor Rob: this is 180cm Megan Gale and mischa is shorter in all shots and has the bigger heel by a little bit...]
jess said on 31/Mar/07
i think mischa is 5-10 to 5-11.
she's def. not under 5-9. i hate her slouching, it does'nt even make her look shorter.
AAAA said on 31/Mar/07
How can Maria Sharapova be over 6'2 when she is smaller than a hair under 6'2 Andy Roddick. She can't be much over 6'1. I mean she is TALL. Have you ever met a woman who is 6 feet or over. The always seem taller than they are. I've seen volleyball players at my school who looked almost 3 inches taller than they really are. It's strange but it is true. I see 5'11 for misha barton
Viper said on 29/Mar/07
Sharapova doesnt look 6-2 next to measured athletes such as 6-2 3/4 Terrell Owens. I give her 6-1 Max. Misha looks 5-11 with her.
Bombay Rocker said on 29/Mar/07
She is very tall, I would say she is about 182 - 183. A friend of mine has met her and he is a full 175 , sometimes can be 176 at night. He said she was wearing small heels like 3 - 4 cm but was still more than 3 inches taller. Big upgrade needed, Rob man, u know it thats for sure coz i can understand if you can be wrong with like one inch but i think this one is more thna 2 inches.I just saw an episode of The oc and u guys are right ben is a max 174, most probably 173 and she is absolutely taller than him by more than 1.5 inches and she virtuall is barefoot, i mean look at her flats, they aren't flats, they are ultra ultra flats and he still wears 2 inch shoes which might have lifts (not sure)
Viper said on 29/Mar/07
I see Sharapova at 6-1. Misha could be just 2 inches shorter.
Joy said on 28/Mar/07
I'm a 18 year old Female I have the same length of Misha, I fell very bad because every one is shorter than me. I wish I was 160cm but I am 176cm. But still I like Misha she is how she is because I thing she is perfect!!!!
glenn said on 28/Mar/07
hard to imagine she is 6ft.but its very possible.a hair under 5-11 at the least.
Carry said on 28/Mar/07
I do not really think that Misha is 6 ft. Uma always looks taller. I think Misha is around 179-180, Uma is exactly 183 cm - nothing less than that.
glenn said on 27/Mar/07
i only see a 3 inch difference at the most. mischa is for sure 5-11ish.cause maria is at least maybe uma and her are the same height,its just i see uma in bigger heels.
glenn said on 26/Mar/07
barton could be 5-11.6ft sounds to much.uma is close enough to 6ft.
glenn said on 26/Mar/07
uma is about an incher uma at 5-11.5.and barton at 510.5.
Goldberg said on 25/Mar/07
Is Maria Sharapova the tallest girl ever seen next to Mischa?
glenn said on 25/Mar/07
no,misha,actually im not one for slowly expanding,thank you.
glenn said on 25/Mar/07 wonder i look so short next to her.sharapova was pegged at 6-3 by my 6ft friend when he saw her.very nasty she is.
Goldberg said on 25/Mar/07
yes but in that picture i can't see her footwear...maybe Mischa is in heels and Maria in flats or both in flats but Mischa on tip toes! for sure Mischa is very tall,about 180 and no less,but you must admit that Maria is(much)taller than her. Do you still disagree? in the picture you can see that Maria is also a lot "bigger",with longer legs and much larger shoulders....proves that there's an important height difference between Maria and Mischa! I think Mischa with high heels is almost as tall as Maria barefoot.
Goldberg said on 25/Mar/07
there's a picture of Mischa next to maria Sharapova who looks much taller. I think Mischa on tip toes would be still shorter than Maria barefoot...what do you think? anna,what's your opinion?
misha said on 24/Mar/07
Glenn, thank you, I was correct after all. I misinterpreted a comment about location you'd made earlier. Have you ever thought about opening a similar enterprise here in Southern California? And, yes, the paparazzi are like rotting filth clogging a sewer drain - they're out of control and they're everywhere. You must have a high tolerance of pain.
glenn said on 24/Mar/07
my place of business is the streets of midtown manhattan.
misha said on 23/Mar/07
Glenn, nothing to do with lovely elegant Mischa, whom I'm willing to give as much as 5'11.5" to, but where is your place of business? How could I have misread things so badly to think it was New York?
glenn said on 23/Mar/07
i have little respect for them.they tell me to get out of the way.fuck off.
The Horse of FUNK said on 22/Mar/07
Paparazzi must be a pain in the ass for everybody, even for people in Glenn's field. I was watching those Britney Spears videos where she flips out on the paparazzi. Even though she's still a nutty woman, I can kinda understand why she flips out like that. The way they stand in front of the car and snap like 20 photos in a second would drive a lot of us nuts.
glenn said on 22/Mar/07
i almost got rachel a couple of recent as last month.paparazzi always get in my way.
glenn said on 22/Mar/07
yes misha,around 5-11.she can be tough to get.she came out of this hotel that had an even and looked around nervously.i immediately put her at ease and said," there are no photographers,just us 2,can we get photos with you?"she obliged.
gf said on 22/Mar/07
She's listed as 5'9 at her agency IMG models (see: "England")
misha said on 22/Mar/07
Glenn, you look smitten by Cupid's arrow - would I love to trade places with you! She is a rare beauty who stands out as quite special in a world full of pretty faces. I'm curious about your impressions of her and the conditions under which the photo was taken. She looks quite happy to be with you. Also, I can't believe she's only 5'9.5" (not based exclusively on this photo, where her heel lift is an unknown to me, but based on a number of comparative photos). Something around 5'10.5" - 5'11" feels right to me - what do you think?
glenn said on 10/Mar/07
your not kidding anna.imagine what i deal with.
glenn said on 10/Mar/07
small heels.she is more than a few inches on me.
Astrid said on 10/Mar/07
Mischa can't be "5'8 exactly", she's already said she's 5'9", and most of us agree she is at least that tall. What sort of shoes was she wearing in that picture, Glenn? She looks around 3 inches taller than you in your pic.

I am 5'9.75", and I own Keds myself and they are definitely flat soled. Which is pretty much why I wear them most of the time. (:

Stop slouching Mischa!!!!! >:[
Realme said on 9/Mar/07
jamaican trudy says on 7/Mar/07
anonymous you speak trash. converse and vans have about .25 inch soles. they give absolutely no height whatsoever. they are the most honest sneaker in the world in that regard. get a pair of nike jordans or timberlands, then you will see what i am talkiong about. and yes, i have tried on KEDS."

Just wanted to ask about converse height. How much height does it actually give, because I believe Rob wrote this for Paul walker-- US Actor from the Fast and the Furious. In Cosmo Girl he says, "I love kids so much more than big people, so I'd probably be an elementary school them - since I'm 6'3, I'm awesome!". He has a tendency to wear 0.6 inch converse at a lot of events so can appear shorter although in Skulls really looked similar to Joshua Jackson.

A O.6 inch converse sounds way more acurrate, then a .25 inch converse to me.

[Editor Rob: actually see this page sneaker height, I was looking at my measurements and the 2 types of converse and had to redo them again on a better surface with max posture each go...and really barely any diff from classic to special. I go back on this to the original talk of 1.4-1.6cm range.

the black/green traditional (i.e. the type walker wears) should give 1.4 or 1.5cm depending on accuracy in measuring...]
glenn said on 9/Mar/07
yes,anna.a few of us are making sense.misha is clearly embarressed by her growth spurt.
glenn said on 8/Mar/07
who are these guys posting? did you ever meet her? do you see my photo proof? photo of her and i? she is 5-10 minimum.possibly 5-11.
jamaican trudy said on 7/Mar/07
and listen, i am sorry to bust your bubbles about this, but mischa is 5'8 exactly. look into it a bit and you'll see.
jamaican trudy said on 7/Mar/07
anonymous you speak trash. converse and vans have about .25 inch soles. they give absolutely no height whatsoever. they are the most honest sneaker in the world in that regard. get a pair of nike jordans or timberlands, then you will see what i am talkiong about. and yes, i have tried on KEDS.
Anonymous said on 7/Mar/07
Converse/Vans (the shoes that Adam wears on the show) give one a lot more height than the shoes Mischa has to wear, I have both so I would know. Also, in teh pictures that I posted, the camera angles are good and it is easy to see that Mischa is slightly taller than Adam, how is it not? When I look at them she looks about 1/2" taller than Adam, making her around 5'11"-5'11.5".
Astrid said on 7/Mar/07
I have to disagree anna. I just don't think she'd be taller than Adam Brody. Even though she slouches in The O.C, Adam wears Converse nearly all the time on the show, and Mischa is almost always in flats. Surely she isn't 5'11" +. 5'9.75" seems to be accurate.
Anonymous said on 5/Mar/07
Click Here

Proof that Ben wears shoe lifts, because he is as tall as Adam Brody! Also is Mischa slouching, because she is shorter than both of them in that pic. It doesn't make any sense.
Anonymous said on 4/Mar/07
Rachel and Mischa standing face to face, both barefoot...
Click Here
Leung said on 4/Mar/07
Good points Ara. Perhaps on The O.C. the producers told Mischa to be aware that she needs to look shorter, thus the flats and bad posture. But it was annoying because when Mischa slouches I think it is unattractive and makes her look self lacking in confidence. It’s much better when Mischa stands up straight with good posture, she looks way sexy then.
Goldberg said on 4/Mar/07
anna, can you find a picture that shows (if is true) that Mischa is a full head taller than Rachel? in your opinion what's the difference in cm?
Celina said on 3/Mar/07
i think she's 5'9....and ben is like 5'7 5'8...Click Here
Ara. said on 3/Mar/07
I'm 5'11 barefoot, and I'm in flats 24/7 yet people often think I'm 6'1 or something. Looks can be deceiving, it's all about the way you wear your height, I stand up straight, shoulders back and no slouching. My 6ft friend looks a lot shorter than me because his knees are always bend. Anyways I think Mischa is at least 5ft 10,5 and if I were famous I'd downgrade my height too, because yeah, being tall sucks.
Goldberg said on 2/Mar/07
Is she a entire head taller than Rachel Bilson in your opinion?
Leung said on 1/Mar/07
Mischa seems a little uncomfortable with her height. Mischa is a tall and sexy woman, she should walk tall and wear heels if she wants to and be confident in herself.
Goldberg said on 1/Mar/07
what's her shoe size?
Editor Rob said on 1/Mar/07
And then in 2006 Harpers, "At 5 foot 9 I'm a good height for flats."
Editor Rob said on 1/Mar/07
Here was her full quote in 2005, "I can't wear heels on the show, because I'm [5 feet 8 inches tall]. The other actors are so much shorter than me, even the boys -- except Adam [Brody]. But I'm happy to wear flats."
london calling = said on 27/Feb/07
at most mischa should be upgraded to 5'10. in one of the photos with ben mckenzie and adam brody, the boys are slightly slouched over. mishcas only been slightly taller than mckenzie and she wears VERY flat shoes and he wears chunky boots so at most there is a one and a half inch difference and hes listed here as 5'8...actually 5'9 1/2 sounds pretty accurate.
Mark said on 20/Feb/07
Mischa is I believe 6ft. tall.
OC fan said on 15/Feb/07
I don't know how tall she is now, but I do think she was being honest when she said she was 5'7" back in 2001. Here's a photo I found of Mischa with 5'6" Piper Perabo and 5'9" Jessica Pare at the 2001 Sundance Film Festival. All of them wearing snow boots.

Click Here
Anonymous said on 15/Feb/07
Anna out of curiosity may I ask how tall do you think is the main cast of the OC? That would consist of Barton, Gallagher, Rowan, Mckenzie, Bilson, Clarke and Brody.
WavyDavyGravy said on 14/Feb/07
Met her last week. She is at least 5ft 11.5
Glenn said on 13/Feb/07
Yeah,Alex.its weird.Biel is filming in the west coast.
Alex said on 12/Feb/07
Glenn, funny she says 5'7 then 5'8 while she's easily 5'9 and possibly closer to 5'10. Some girls who want to be shorter than they really are will say they're 1-3 inches shorter than they really are.
Glenn said on 6/Feb/07
So,Rob,what is your take on all this?

[Editor Rob: I can see her being near 5ft 10 and slouching a lot to look shorter. With claudia schiffer she looks near it]
Glenn said on 5/Feb/07
Yeah,Rob.why are you silent?

[Editor Rob: I'm silent on the 5ft 10+ claims of 'anna', not on slowly upgrading her...]
Stephanie said on 4/Feb/07
She's gotta be 5' 10" barefoot, 5' 11" in shoes, and like 6' 1" or something in heels. Glenn is 5' 8" and Mischa is way taller than he is!
Astrid said on 2/Feb/07
I am 14 and I'm 5'10" (barefeet) exactly, and have stopped growing. I have pretty much the same build as her: slim/slender build and long legs. In many, many of the Mischa pictures I've seen, she is slouching or bending slightly to make her appear shorter, and in The O.C. she is rarely seen in heels, she's almost always in ballet slippers, Keds or other similar flat shoes. Let's face it, Mischa is tall! Fellow tall girls like Mischa and myself will try to hide our height through bad posture and take an inch or two off the truth. I'd say Mischa is a 5'10", possibly an .5 inch or .25 inch taller, even. Editor Rob, again please reconsider. Surely she is taller than 5'9.25 - it's not a bad thing either :)
Glenn said on 1/Feb/07
Exactly anna.
Alex said on 31/Jan/07
She is a strong 5'9, possible she's 5'9.5.
Markus said on 30/Jan/07
She looks slightly taller than Liv in that pic.
Why do taller girls always say they're shorter? I dated a 6'2" girl one day (barefeet), who said she's 6 feet...she almost gave me neckcramps...
Lika said on 30/Jan/07
Yes, she is really 178 I guess.
Look! Mischa with Liv Tyler.
Click Here
brother_h said on 30/Jan/07
the girl looks atleast 5'10-6'0, wow im lucky im 6'1!!!
Glenn said on 30/Jan/07
She was 6ft or near it in footwear.5-10 minimum barefoot.theres a chance even more as anna says.Im bad at judgeing womens height,but I know what a 5-8,5-9 girl looks like in any heels.I dated them.
Viper said on 29/Jan/07
She does seem to be 5-9 minimum, 5-10 Max.
Alex said on 29/Jan/07
Glenn, even though your leaning she still looks 5'11 plus in whatever footwear she is wearing.
Glenn said on 29/Jan/07
She must be 5-10 barefoot cause I had 5-8,5-9 girlfriends that wore big heels, and I didnt look like a midget like I do fact I would look their height while they wore some cases I was a hair taller.womens heels arnt always what they are cracked up to be. it depends on foot placement and posture.she had small heels here.she was nice to me when I explained there were no photogs around.
Diandra said on 28/Jan/07
I think Mischa is about 5'9", she has really long legs.
Manu said on 28/Jan/07
minimum 5'9.She looks too tall,but still gorgeous.
Crissy (RKOchick) said on 28/Jan/07
mf, only her shoulders are slouched which wouldn't give anymore height than maybe a half and inch. I think 5'8-5'9 is pretty accurate
Cliff said on 28/Jan/07
Mischa is 5ft10 barefoot. Comparing her next to Liv Tyler and Claudioa Schiffer, she couldn't be anyhting less than this. She is also an inch or so taller than Peter Gallagher.
mf said on 28/Jan/07
Without knowing her footwear, the picture clearly shows that she's standing a good 3 inches taller than Glenn. She is also sloughing over which would make her even taller. Then there's the real possibility that she's bending her legs. This is something that a lot tall women do to mask their height. Substract two inches heels from her leg bending and slouching and we're looking at height of approximately 5'10. I don't know if I'd go higher than that (given how she stands with other 5'10ers, which is usually about the same, give or take a half inch), although there is a possibility that she's taller. I wouldn't go any shorter, though.
anonymous said on 28/Jan/07
I'd say she's 5"10 at the MINIMUM!!
S.J said on 28/Jan/07
she must be wearing heels shes thats not an Inch Diffrence
Markus said on 28/Jan/07
Wow she looks really nice, beautiful lady! She must be wearing heels, looks like a 3 inch difference. I can see Glenn is enjoying the moment. (so would I!)
ilovesanfrancisco said on 28/Jan/07
i am sure mischa is wearing very high heels
Austrian said on 28/Jan/07
wow she looks good in the photo

and she looks about 6' tall lol
Editor Rob said on 28/Jan/07
I'm saying with lohan the heel difference doesn't look much.
The photo of Glenn's is up now in any case!
Lika said on 26/Jan/07
Anna this woman in the photo is Joy Bryant - she is 175 cm.... :-)))))
radio_man said on 23/Jan/07
5'9 seems right she's talle than ben mckenzie about 2 inches taller and he seems 5'7 so, 5'9 its correct!
Glenn said on 21/Jan/07
BTW Rob,the last 48 hrs the site wont come up on a computer for me.but it will on my cell.BUT some of my comments wont come up.still had no chance to put up photo.sorry.Ill try tuesday.

[Editor Rob: yeah, shredder pointed out same thing - I did reboot the server. I can't think of any obvious reason why some comments won't come up though, you appear to use the same cell service for the site for a number of months now.

next time you're on a computer, if you can't see the site send an email from that computer...same for anyone else, send an email.]

carla said on 19/Jan/07
anna, 5"10 is probably minimum. 5"11 seems right to me!!
Anonymous said on 18/Jan/07
Just to make one thing clear, Willa Holland is NOT 5'7" or 5'8". I Believe that as much as I believe Nikki Reed is 5'8". If anyone is still watching that show, Willa plays Melinda Clarke's youngest daughter. And if Willa actually is that tall, that means Melinda Clarke and Kelly Rowan must be 5'10" MINIMUM.
Anni said on 18/Jan/07
Anyway! Mischa is not taller than 178 cm - it is maximum... Claudia Schiffer is around 182 cm.
Anonymous said on 17/Jan/07
Anna I looked carefully at the beach photo you sent. What's good about that photo is that they're all bare foot and you could see who has the advantage on who. I find it interesting that you just compared Mischa to Adam but not the other cast members. Rachel Bilson is about eye level to Mischa in that photo, but what's even more interesting is that Rachel's feet level is lower than Mischa's, which means Rachel actually has the DISADVANTAGE. There's also another person I'm interested in that photo and that's Kelly Rowan. Kelly looks close to Mischa's height in that photo. I even took a ruler and measured the two of them, they are close in height. So Anna you're a strongly believer that Mischa is atleast 5'10", so how tall do you reckon Kelly is?
Mark Burdeos said on 17/Jan/07
Hey, I believe Mischa is more closely to at least 6 feet tall. I say that because watch The OC from last season. Specifically watch 5ft. 7in Willa Holland alongside Mischa Barton. Notice that Mishca towers over her. That is at least a 5 inch differance between them. Making Mishca closer to 6 feet tall.
wicked said on 17/Jan/07
The girl to her right is Doutzen Kroes, she's a model.

In that picture she looks a bit shorter, the one I saw had a different perspective, it seems!
wicked said on 16/Jan/07
I recently saw a pic of Mischa next to Claudia Schiffer at a party held a few months ago, and they looked exactly the same height! And both had similar heels. I'm going to see if I can find it and put it here. I used to think she was 5' 9", but that picture changed my opinion...

[Editor Rob: a few on this. Wonder who the girl to her right is also...]
ilovesanfrancisco said on 15/Jan/07
the picture is in the book o.c undercover from brittany kent, look at maybe you find it there and can search inside, YOU are really obsessed in belivieng she is taller than him, at o.c california she often appears taller but that is television, at charmed holly and alyssa are much smaller than rose, but they appear the same height because the producers want them to look the same height, that is television, nothing is at it seems
ilovesanfrancisco said on 14/Jan/07
there is a photo in a book, named o.c undercover, and on the photo you can see ben, rachel, mischa and adam, mischa stands next to adam and wears high heels, but she is already smaller than him, so she cannot be the same height, she is not 5'11" she is more 5'9"
Cheryl said on 12/Jan/07
No, I always thought that Haide is rather tall and it is no need for him to wear lifts, but if he really does, then Mischa can be taller...
Glenn said on 11/Jan/07
I agree Anna.either way,she was huge.and Sharapova was 6-3 according to my friends.
Cheryl said on 11/Jan/07
Anna in that picture with Sharapova, Misha heels are very big (like 11-12 cm), Masha heels are around 6-7 cm. Also Masha slouches very much, Misha is standing straight. I am sure that Misha is 175 cm - look at this picture!Click Here
Glenn said on 11/Jan/07
6ft in small heels.
Glenn said on 9/Jan/07
Yes,must make those priority.the Mischa was the night of Travis Barker,3 months ago.I couldve sworn she was 5-10ish and wore flats.
Glenn said on 8/Jan/07
Rob-I didnt send this? She TOWERS over me.unless Im thinking of the wrong girl.

[Editor Rob: no, I never seen Mischa pic, you got this girl???! Add that to your future send list (you know, the one where john leguizamo sits in bold letters at the top ;) )]
carla said on 7/Jan/07
yes anna, she is tall. She tries to look short but she can't. Next to Paris her height isn't that noticable.
Cheryl said on 18/Dec/06
Yes, according to the picture with Hayden Mischa is exactly 175 cm.
Fifi said on 18/Dec/06
Click Here
Full body shot with Hayden Christensen.
carla said on 16/Dec/06
Mischa is 5"10, probably. I haven't actually met her yet. I know she doesn't like being tall-very unusual! If I was that tall I'd love it. However, Mischa is NOT 5"7.
Sarah said on 8/Dec/06
I'd say shes easily around 5"9. I know someone said about her legs being so long but I'm around the 5"8-5"9 mark and have l ike a 35inch inside leg which probably looks much longer than somenoe of that height.
Jon said on 7/Dec/06
I don't think the Sharapova photo is particularly useful as her (Sharapova) heel height is not visible. Also Sharapova has everything against her in terms of judging height in this photo; her position in the photo, her posture, the hip-sway, the angle of the shot etc, while Barton is standing perfectly straight on one leg (gaining her around half an inch of actual height), and with her head tilted upwards (adding to her percieved height).
Regarding the photo with Chris Carmack, both he and Barton are leaning on a bar surface and their legs are not visible so we don't know which of the two is losing more height from the lean. Judging from the Baldwin photo Carmak appears to be around the 5'11" mark and in a majority of photos he does appear to have 1.5 - 2" on Barton.
A good photo series to use for comparison (available on Getty Images) is between Barton and MTV presenter Damien Fahey who this site has pegged at 6'2". Fahey appears around 2.5"- 3" taller than Barton (wearing a 3" heel) in all of the full body shots, placing her at around the 5'9" mark.
Jon said on 4/Dec/06
I don't think the Sharapova photo is particularly useful as her (Sharapova) heel height is not visible. Also Sharapova has everything against her in terms of judging height in this photo; her position in the photo, her posture, the hip-sway, the angle of the shot etc, while Barton is standing perfectly straight on one leg (gaining her around half an inch of actual height), and with her head tilted upwards (adding to her percieved height).
Regarding the photo with Chris Carmack, both he and Barton are leaning on a bar surface and their legs are not visible so we don't know which of the two is losing more height from the lean. Judging from the Baldwin photo Carmak appears to be around the 5'11" mark and in a majority of photos he does appear to have 1.5 - 2" on Barton.
A good photo series to use for comparison (available on Getty Images) is between Barton and MTV presenter Damien Fahey who this site has pegged at 6'2". Fahey appears around 2.5"- 3" taller than Barton (wearing a 3" heel) in all of the full body shots, placing her at around the 5'9" mark.
Josh said on 23/Nov/06
I doubt so John in the sharapova pic both are wearing heels and maybe Mischa´s heels are bigger and also sharapova has a weird posture in that pic shes not standing straight as mischa is standing as straight as posible , also Tate Donovan always had good inches on her in the oc she´s under 5'10 look at the pic with Amani Toomer she gets dwarfed by him shes wearing flats and looking 5'9
I saw that pic posted here not sure it is still there , she really looks 5'9 and the tallest she can look in some pics is 5'9.5 (177cm) no more than that , also Willa Holland looks to be in the 5'6 / 5'7 range also look at the pic with the 5'11 model wicked kid posted that model is taller than Mischa.
Josh said on 20/Nov/06
Chris is shorter than the guy who plays the role of Mischa´s father in the oc I think hes name is Tate Donovan something like that, hes listed at 6'0 so chris is not taller than 5'11 I think, he really doesnt look taller than that and in most episodes of the oc he looked to have 2 inches on mischa.Also when he was in smallville 6'2 Tom Welling had easily 3 to 4 inches on him , he cant be more than 5'11.

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