How tall is Ben McKenzie

Ben McKenzie's Height

5ft 8 (172.7 cm)

American actor best known for playing Ryan Atwood on tv series The O.C., Jim Gordon on Gotham and Officer Ben Sherman in Southland. He told Elle magazine that "I'd like to be taller and tanner. I'm 5'9", but I'd like to be six feet tall. It's the perfect height. Maybe occasionally you'd be uncomfortable on a coach flight".

How tall is Ben McKenzie
Photo by PR Photos

How tall is Ben McKenzie
Morena Baccarin and Ben
Photo by vonora/

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Average Guess (45 Votes)
5ft 7.74in (172.1cm)
Rodygoot said on 6/Jun/22
Rob, check out this video with Ben McKenzie and Ellen in 2008.

Click Here

They wear similar footwear and they are exactly the same height. She's supposed to be 5'7" back then, so I can't see how Ben could be 5'8". He's 5'7" tops.
Editor Rob
Could look 5ft 7-7.25 range there.
ddreadd said on 26/Jan/22
I'm just watching Gotham season 4 and was surprised that David Mazouz is actually taller than him, looks more than 2 cm difference tbh.
Maxumized said on 17/Dec/21
Well, in that pic with Morena, he’s wearing about a 38-40S jacket and in the photo by himself, he’s wearing a 38-40R jacket. I’m 5’-71/2” flat footed and I can tell you, I look the same in those different jackets. I can say he’s definitely 5”-7” to 5’-8”
ALEXIZ/180cm said on 12/Apr/21
173 cm
em97 said on 30/Mar/21
Because it’s actually youre middlefigure between morning and night that you should claim or be listen at so 173 cm or 5ft8 is fair for Ben
bird in box said on 17/Jan/21
handsome guy. 5'8
George 89 said on 13/Jan/21
You can't be serious with this listening. 5ft7.5 flat is what he is.
Slim 6'1" said on 22/Dec/20
171-172 not the full 5’8”
elvis said on 26/Nov/20
174.5 cm mornig 172.5 cm night thats spot on !!
Slim 6'1" said on 7/Aug/20
strong 5 7 171 172
JohnMoore-162cm said on 26/Jun/20
McKenzie is weak 5ft8 ..Definitely not 5ft9
TheBat said on 24/Feb/20
5'8" flat is spot on for Ben.
khaled taban said on 17/Jun/19
5'9"? No.
He is 172cm range, maybe 173 on a good day.
JD 5'9" said on 28/Nov/18
I'd say 172cm. I.E high end of short.
Guest10 said on 9/Jan/18
You must really get a personal picture of you with Bem, like you did with the other Gotham actors. Please try to get that pic!
Shoe Lift Steve said on 10/Dec/17
He's definitely not over 5ft 8, but does a good job of appearing taller at times, with the help of his posture and big boots. My reckoning is 5ft 7.75
Slim 186 said on 10/Dec/17
He claimed 5’9” so this definitely means 5’8.25”-5’8.5” is arguable.
Jennie said on 1/Dec/17
Rob, how tall would you say Taylor Handley is? He was Ben's costar in the OC and LAPD
Pepsiman2112 said on 5/Oct/17
5' 8" are you kidding? He's lucky if he's 5' 3"
Original said on 24/Sep/17
He looks the typical 5'8" guy imo.
Slim183 said on 16/Aug/17
He'd be shorter than David mazouz now. Looked around the 5'8 mark throughout Gotham, probably has a higher chance of landing on a strong 5'8 as opposed to a weak one, compared to robin taylor.
Jani said on 13/Aug/17
Don't think he is quite the full 5'9" what he had claimed himself since he looks shorter than 175cm Mischa Barton in many photos and Adam Brody who is around 178-179cm looks like 6cm taller than McKenzie. 173cm is pretty close but probably more like 172cm. Also McKenzie seems to vary in height and his footwear from time to time looks suspicious.
Bobby said on 31/May/17
He gives a tall impression on Gotham but I knew he had to be under 5'10, 5'8 seems right for him.
Scott said on 9/May/17
Can't see him as anything lower than 5'8" if Morena Baccarin is 5'7" in 2-3" heels and is barely taller than him in Gotham on even ground.
Cameron said on 23/Mar/17
The show sure does a good job of making him look taller. At times he gives the impression of a solid 5'10" guy. HE's actually closer to Robin Taylor's height than Donal Logue
Sonnecker said on 23/Feb/17
I totally agree with Rob.
Once I thought he was taller, but looking at him more carefully he's probably around the 173 cm zone.
spainmen192cm said on 19/Feb/17
Rob, maybe its time to a 172cm weak 5ft8 downgrade?
Editor Rob
Spainmen, based on all the gotham cast I've met, I feel he could lie anywhere in 172-3 zone.
Revisionist said on 17/Feb/17
For those who keep insisting that he's no taller than 5'7," if Barton is 175cm as listed, then he's only around 3cm shorter: Click Here

I can't see him quite as low as 170cm unless Barton gets downgraded (she looks like a legit 175cm to me): Click Here

He's probably a very weak 172cm.
OC said on 22/Dec/16
He looked noticeably shorter than Marissa at some points.
spainmen191cm said on 23/Oct/16
Rob, I think 5ft8 is just too much for Ben, maybe a downgrade to 5ft7.75 may be more accurate listing
Charizard said on 9/Aug/16
Seen him in person at morning and he is at a push 174cm barefoot and can only just pull of stretching it 177cm in footwear.
question? said on 23/May/16
Click Here

Rob, if he is 5"8 how tall is everyone else there? i know you have a page for every actor there but he looks very short to be 5"8.
Editor Rob
he's the furthest away in half inch sneakers with amell and matt in boots. I watched a few episodes of gotham and his range appears at worst 5ft 7.5, at most 5ft 8 I thought.
datguy said on 11/Apr/16
he's 5'7.5 He even appears less than that in some photos
MD said on 14/Mar/16

If Andre Holland is the most 5'9" you guessed him at in my request, there is NO way that Ben is realistically 5'8":

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here
Editor Rob
172cm has always been a good possibility for Ben.
Ambidextrous said on 4/Feb/16
5'9....what the hell...He looks about 5'10-5'10.5 on Gotham
TJE said on 12/Nov/15
Milo loves wearing big boots and going up on one foot, as exemplified in that pic.
MD said on 6/Nov/15

Here is Ben with 5'8.5" Milo Ventimiglia (and a listed 5'11.5" Sean Pertwee). The angles aren't great, though.

Click Here

There's another picture with Milo right next to him, but Milo is bending down enough that it's deceptive. Anyway, Milo has to be more than half-an-inch taller, right?
172.4cm guy said on 3/Nov/15
Ok, so I keep watching Ben and Michael Chiklis, a 5-7 guy, interact in Gotham. Ben is normally taller by Michael, by about 1-2inches, so I was starting to think 5-8 for Ben was a fair listing. However, things seemed off...he just has a smaller build than Michael, and given his body proportions, his legs would need to be disproportionately longer than the rest of his body, which I remmeber was never the case. So, I found this picture of Ben and Michael doing a press event. Even though Ben's head is tilted downwward, it is evident Michael has some height on him. Michael's footwear might be giving him a boost, the same footwear boost Ben gets on Michael in the show, but I think there is strong evidence Ben is a max 5-7 guy! Click Here
Tipper said on 27/Oct/15
5-8 is being too generous Rob!! I would put him at 5-7, maybe a weak 5-7.5
MD said on 15/Sep/15

Taking into account the angles (though, Ben has a slight advantage being on the rug. lol), how tall does he look here with Milo Ventimiglia?

Click Here

Seems it may be time to finally give him a more realistic listing.
Dan said on 11/Sep/15
I'm watching this guy on that Kelly and Michael show and looks really small. He was either the smaller or the same height as the audience when he walked on stage and looked only a bit taller than Kelly Rippa. If he's 5-8 than I wouldn't downgrade anyone on this site
TRUE said on 12/Aug/15
I don't agree with that height. I've started to watch gotham yesterday, and I think he's 172cm or 170cm..look this picture Rob, I would like to know your opinion.

Ben mckenzie next to Donal Logue on the newspaper,178cm:

Click Here
172.7cmguy said on 8/May/15
After watching Gotham for the whole season, I can't get over the camera tricks and angles that are done to make Ben look taller, especially when he's standing next to Donal. Based on this excellent photograph of comparative heights for the cast of Gotham, it's evident that Ben just edges out Robin Lord Taylor, a 168cm guy, in similar footwear. Based on this, I think Ben is 170-171cm tops. Click Here
Yaspaa said on 6/May/15
There was a huge difference between Ben and John Doman in the Gotham finale.
SHEMA said on 30/Apr/15
Next to stephen amell looks sometimes 5ft8 and others 5ft6
clearly he is a lift wearer
should be downgraded to 5f7~5ft6.75
MD said on 30/Apr/15
5'6.5" is too short, but he's definitely closer to 5'7" than 5'8". It seems to me that is also a case of a lift wearer as he pretty routinely looks different heights. I notice that when he's around 5'6" Robin Lord Taylor who is often in flat shoes he wears heeled shoes to look a good two inches taller. He also does the trick of putting his arm around him in such a way as to pull himself up. Robin Lord Taylor seems far less concious about his height often not even standing up to his full height whereas Ben is nearly on toes in these pictures.
Loop said on 28/Apr/15
needs downgrade to 5ft6.5
Lucas said on 28/Apr/15
He is 5ft7
Damon said on 15/Apr/15
Rob, can you add to the description that he is in TV show Gotham?
Click Here
He and Sean

You and Sean
Click Here

He is 5'7" for sure
Chloe said on 9/Apr/15
A weak 5'8''.
spainmen191cm said on 4/Feb/15
@Editor Rob:Yes, 172 is a big possibility ,also he tends to wear thick boots in The O.C like in the 1.5inch range?
Editor Rob
he could wear thicker boots in the past, although as seen in some photos he also will wear a low sneaker and at that time he can look probably not as much over 5ft 7 mark.
spainmen191cm said on 3/Feb/15
Rob, we would see a downgrade soon?, to 5ft7.5-75? As you had said he is in the 171-172 range
Editor Rob
172 is a good possibility, but I can't see him much lower than that mark.

If anybody is in Chicago he is doing a convention in the summer!
Andrea said on 30/Jan/15
Ok. Look at Andre with Eric Johnson: Click Here
I see no less than 4 good inches between them... Now, there's a good chance Eric is a bit under 6'1.5. How can Eric possibly be 5'9.5?
Editor Rob
if there's about 4 inches between them then he could be near 5ft 9.5, certainly wouldn't say he was much under that.
And[ITA] said on 30/Jan/15
You meant this one or "Andrea"?
Editor Rob
go back to andrea now.
And[Ita] said on 30/Jan/15
Well, have you seen Andre with a guy like Eric Johnson? He looks no less than 4-4.5 inches shorter and you can argue Eric is under 6'1.5 with Tom Welling...
Editor Rob
change your name back as the one you used just now will trip the filter.
And[Ita] said on 29/Jan/15
Well, Morena certainly doesnt't look a big 5'7 woman with you... How tall is Holland then?
Editor Rob
he could be 5ft 9.5 range, Ben is possibly 171-2 range. But look at him with sean pertwee in some scenes in Gotham - that guy clears 5ft 11 easily in person
Andrea said on 19/Jan/15
Yeah, Rob gives big benefits of doubt at times... This guy really seems 5'7.5, AT BEST!
Editor Rob
he was taller than morena baccarin so I'd rule out a 5ft 7.
MD said on 18/Jan/15
@Andrea, yeah, I was being generous with Holland, but didn't want to estimate him. Even if he were 5'10" there is no way Ben is 5'8". That Holland is actually maybe even closer to 5'9" puts Ben at 5'7" TOPS. I honestly don't know given all of this proof how Rob can claim the guy looks 5'8". He looks 5'8" when hehas on his boots. lol
Andrea said on 17/Jan/15
Well, i don't think he's less than 5 inches shorter than Stephen Amell, who is a weak 6'1... What about Andre Holland? I haven't seen The Knick yet but from the screencaps here and there he looks no more than 5'9! Still he looks at least 1.5 inches taller than Ben! What about downgrading him to 5'7.5 to begin with?
Andrea said on 17/Jan/15
Well, he does look at least 5.5 inches shorter than 6'0.5 Stephen Amell and also looks near 2 inches shorter than that Andre Holland guy! How can he possibly be near 5'8?
Editor Rob
I think he has 0.5in sneakers and Amell in 1.2 boot so I'm not sure the difference is as much as it appears. The lowest I'd argue is a possible 7.5.
Andrea said on 16/Jan/15
I took a quick look at Andre and he actually doesn't look over 5'9, next to other actors... Still he looks near 2 inches taller than Ben!!! Rob, don't you think he should be downgraded to 5'7.5 at least and actually could be just 5'7...
Editor Rob
I think he's nearer 5ft 8 than 7, that would seem too low.
MD said on 16/Jan/15
Here he is with actor Andre Holland, who I'm fairly certain is not over 5'10 juding him next to six-footers:

Click Here

Click Here

Here is Andre Holland with 6-foot Common:

Click Here

This is another two-inch rule example. I'm thinking 5'7" is pretty close to as much as he can be.
172.4cm guy said on 13/Jan/15
I could buy 171cm for Ben, but not 173cm. He wears boots/lifts in most of his roles, and the shoes he wears in Gotham make him look about 175cm. But given the photos, his build, and short appendages, I think he is closer to 5'7". With that said, he is a very good, solid actor.
pjk said on 19/Dec/14
I would say 5'7" from the last photos like. He is awesome in Gotham.
Rikashiku said on 26/Nov/14
A weak 5'8" looks about it.
MD said on 12/Nov/14
With a 5'10" Matt Ryan (far left) and 6'1" Stephen Amell to the right (6'0" Grant Gustin far right):

Click Here

Click Here

Matt Ryan has a footwear advantage, but 5'8" looks too tall for Ben.
MaskDeMasque said on 28/Oct/14

Really? I thought he looked like a strong 5'7/weak 5'8 kinda guy. 5'7.5-75 range would be my best guess.
John86 said on 17/Oct/14
Looks 5'8.5" on Gotham, unless he's wearing lifts. Don't think he wears boots in it.
AM said on 17/Oct/14
Do you think Colton Haynes is wearing lifts next to him in the first of these images? And why do you think Ben look so much shorter next to Stephen Amell in the second compared to the first?

Click Here

Click Here
Editor Rob
I think in that photo maybe a little camera and footwear disadvantage for Ben, yeah on Gotham he can look a decent 5ft 8 range.
rufian said on 8/Aug/14
he is 5'7.5, slightly taller than ellen degeneres. He always wore boots in the OC, which probably lifted him up to 5'9, slightly shorter thant 5'9.5 adam brody, you can see this on the show, that the difference between is slight, no way adam brody is 5'11, for that to happen, mckenzied would have had to wear almost 4 inch lifts
Small dude :( said on 12/May/14
he's not this tall. Watch The O.C. He's barely 5'6.
truth said on 18/Apr/14
Sorry i forgot the link of the video
if she 's 170 i think he is more like 171 172 so a bit under 5'8
please let me know what you think about it Rob
truth said on 15/Apr/14
Rob can you please check this video , he s with 5'7 (170cm) ellen degeneres we can see through the video that she is not wearing lifts and still looking slightly taller than him
what do you think ?
Editor Rob
I just looked at a clip of them with trainers (both) and he looked a bit taller to me!
MD said on 12/Feb/14
Here he is with 5'9"(ish) Jason Ritter, who has his head bent down:

Click Here

He's not quite 5'8", that's for sure.
Drew said on 9/Feb/14
He seems shorter...
J-Dog said on 27/Sep/11
The picture below is from the website "****yeahshortguys" you can google it.

Anyhow here is the quote "Ben Mckenzie from the OC, who claims 5'9 standing next to 5'4-5'5 Emile Hirsch. I don't get why celebrities are so insecure about their height!"

And here is the picture below check it out guys, what do you think?

Click the link below

Click Here
leonari said on 12/Sep/11
Flat 5'7" guy.
J-Dog said on 11/Jun/11
I agree, this needs a downgrade, the guy is always in large heeled boots. 5'6-5'7' sounds more right.
Toby said on 28/May/11
this height is actually way off rob

apparently this guy is actually more like 5'6 or 5'7 but wears very big heels

5'10 adam brody towered over him
boomboom said on 25/May/11
Anna:I'm a 5'7" woman and, to me, anything under 6' for a guy is short. I'm not sure why, but my boyfriend is 6'6", so maybe I just have high standards.

Anyway, I'd say Ben McKenzie is 5'8.5", but no matter how tall he is, he's really hot.

Guncis said on 24/Apr/11
I am 172 and I am okey!
Shang said on 5/Apr/11
Bloop says on 3/Mar/11
MIKE. Your wrong. Average is around 5'7" to 5'7.5"

No, that's wrong. The median height is 5'8, average height is 5'8-5'10
Bloop said on 3/Mar/11
MIKE. Your wrong. Average is around 5'7" to 5'7.5"
Anna said on 2/Dec/10
I'm a 5'7" woman and, to me, anything under 6' for a guy is short. I'm not sure why, but my boyfriend is 6'6", so maybe I just have high standards.

Anyway, I'd say Ben McKenzie is 5'8.5", but no matter how tall he is, he's really hot.
Anonymous said on 6/Jul/09
I think realistically this guy is no more than 5'7, but I think he does well to disguise it, with his posture, build and of course his shoes. I'm 5'8.5, but my slim/toned build and good posture, along with shoes which give me an invisible 2 inch lift, can make me look at least 5'10 and even pusing 5'11 ;)
Plopsyjoe said on 2/Jul/09
He's definitely max 5'7, and that's on a good day. He lies about his height and wears lifts, giving a distorted view of how tall he really is.
nath said on 28/Apr/09
hello does any1 know what make these boots ben wears in season 3/4?????

Click Here
Rick said on 9/Apr/09
Definitely shorter than 5'8". look at how much shorter he is than 5'10.5 Adam Brody in Realme's pic, even with lifts.
anonymous said on 7/Mar/09
rob im just a little curious... and i hope youll share your thoughts with me..
if ben mckenzie is really 5 8, then how is he still shorter(an inch maybe) than 5 9 barton when shes in flats and hes in those monster boots? this is visible in plenty of scenes where theyre standing side by side/face to face.. i just find it extremely hard to believe hes a full 5 8
Realme2008 said on 20/Feb/09
He's 5'7.5 or 5'8" at the tallest. The reason he looks so short is, because of his proportions and his build. He has the body proportions of a short man in the 5'7-5'7 1/2" range.Click Here

Pay attention to his shoes in the second picture, because those are some obvious lifts: Click Here

I think Rob is being a little generous with his height listing actually, because he looks below 5'8". Here is next to 5'9" Peter Gallagher: Click Here
Sara McKenzie said on 19/Feb/09
Ive always been barely shorter than Ben and I'm 5'8. Even though that's tall for a girl Ben is about a half an inch taller than me and is about average height for a man.
jim said on 21/Jan/09
who knows what boots he wears in season 3??

Click Here

Click Here

do you think they give him as much lift as those loggers?
leonari said on 16/Dec/08
Source: you're off he never looks that tall. He would look 5'11 in those boots and as tall as Adam Brody who was wearing the flatest shoes on O.C. Sorry bro the guy is max 5'8".
Source said on 16/Dec/08
Think he's 5'9. Think people often misstaken 5'9 people for 5'8.
Gabriel said on 6/Dec/08
he was taller than 5'6" al pacino in 88 minutes i agree hes about 5'8" hes a medium height
Tom said on 12/Nov/08
DAvid: if you really are his cousin (i doubt that), it makes sense that u make ben taller...he probably asked u to do it..
Emilie said on 7/Nov/08
I think Mischa is definitely around 5ft 9. It's hard to tell exactly how to tall Ben is as everybody has already pointed out he always seems to wear boots whereas Mischa only ever wears flats.
Anton said on 3/Nov/08
Hello,I found a good scene to judge he's height, check out episode #10 of the O.C.'s first season, "the perfect couple" there is a scene where Mischa is wearing 1/2" sandals and Ben is not wearing shoes, if Mischa is 5'9" Ben can easily be 5'9" or at the very least 5'8.5"
miser said on 30/Oct/08
maybe it is because Mischa Barton is at the very best 5-8, more likely 5-7.
anonymous said on 22/Oct/08
and honestly how is he 5 8?? even with those huge boots he barely scrapes scrapes mischa barton's height even when shes in flats and slouching...
Johnny said on 19/Oct/08
I am Ben's second cousin and I say Ben's first cousin lies!
David said on 12/Oct/08
I am Ben's first cousin and he is about 5'9 to 5'10 and also is extremely
muscular and athletic. I am 6'2 , and he is not small.
tom said on 30/Aug/08
5ft7 tops. He wears huge heels
poop said on 21/Aug/08
I don't think he's that tall. Around 1.68-1.72. David Archuleta is 5'5-5'6 and he looks quite tall at times...I am 5'5 (16 year old..yeah..short..but my brother is 15-years old and he's 180cm...) and sometimes I can be seen being just 5cm shorter by my 177-180cm friends.
kirk said on 6/Jul/08
so... for everybody who wants to know what boots ben wears... im 100 % sure he wears "Cove Double Tuff Men's 8" Steel Toe Logger Boot" ... the add 1 3/4 "
ericj said on 2/Jul/08
its almost kinda ridiculous when i think about it.
ericj said on 2/Jul/08
so if this guy is only 5'8 (or less). Exactly how much is he packing in his shoes? I mean if he can look almost as tall as brody, what do you guys think his heel height is?
mehm said on 3/Jun/08
tom s picture has a bad perspective i think. Adam Brody is like 15 cm. taller than him. no way
Random #2 said on 31/May/08
5 8 for this guy? seriously? someone needs to take a look at that picture tom's linked... theres no way ben mckenzie's 5 ft 8 when hes that small in that picture even next to 5 9 peter gallagher
Random Person said on 27/May/08
Ummm actually, that picture that Tom posted is quite surpsing. He's actually looking 5'5" next to Adam Brody. He really can't be *that* short, can he? Nonethless, I saw 5'8" is out the question at this point. More 5'7". Boots can do wonders.
Melinda said on 20/May/08
I think he's 5'7.5". It was almost laughable picking up on the crew's effort to create the illusion that he was taller than Mischa on the O.C. She was always in flats (even her boots were flat-healed), standing a few inches farther back, and hunching over. Oh well, he's still got a well-muscled physique to work with ;)
robbie said on 11/May/08
he cannot be 5'8 ..if mischa is 5' what you've listed..
he wears big heeled shoes and mischa in flats are pretty much of the same i would say 5'7(168-170)
Alex said on 26/Apr/08
Ive seen Ben in L.A im 6ft 1 and he was around 1-3cm shorter than me
Leanne said on 19/Apr/08
I just watched Ben on Ellen a couple of days ago. Ellen's supposed to be 5'7. Ben was wearing sneakers, not the stack-heeled boots he often wears. When they stood together they looked exactly the same height. I think he's definitely 5'7. Maybe 5'7.5 max.
Bosco said on 2/Mar/08
metalmaster, I agree with you..he's only 5'7 and 5'7.05 at his best...
mehm said on 27/Feb/08
look at this picture that really changed my vision. I don't know with whom he is but he can't ben over 171 according to this picture.

Click Here
Tom said on 12/Feb/08
I found something really interesting... take a look at this pic:
Click Here
They all stand on flat and even ground. it also seems, that the camera angle is straight and does not cause confusion here. Everyone's footwear is visible.

Ben wears his boots and is still a lot shorter than adam. I think Adam is a steady 5'10.5. And I can't help myself but according to this pic I would say Ben is max 5'7.5.. And he is also shorter than peter gallagher...

never thought he is such a dwarf
metalmaster said on 28/Jan/08
glenn is possible that mckenzie is only 5-7 and with big boots is in 5-9 range?
Sam said on 4/Jan/08
accually mckenzie is more like 5'7-5'8 compared to peter gallagher , gallagher's got at least 2 inches on him. plus ben wears those boots to increase his height, this pic is hard to tell: http:/ , but i'd say peter is about 5'9 and mckenzie is 5'7-5'8.
chris175 said on 3/Dec/07
i think he is about 5 feet 8 barefoot, he seems to wear a big heel aswell, max 5 feet 8
Lara said on 2/Dec/07
Has anyone seen 88 minutes? Ben is taller than Al Pacino. So what? Al Pacino is a hell of an actor. It is not the size that matters! Besides I am slightley 5'4" and I never wear high heels. Mr.Schenkkan a little more confidence!
Robe said on 11/Nov/07
Click Here

he looks a whole 5 inches shorter than adam , maybe someone forgot his heels ?
dude said on 11/Nov/07
Doeas anybody know what boots mckenzie wears? I mean the ones he wears from the midle of season 1 until the end of season 2. That one: Click Here
tehlangy said on 7/Oct/07
for sure ben is shorter than gallagher by at least 2cm so i'd say he's 173cm or 5'8''. must be the boots he wears that make him look a tad taller, i'd like to see him in a pair of chuck taylor's standing next to adam brody maybe then we could tell his height better? :P
mehm said on 29/Sep/07
as you agree ben is smaller than peter gallagher, but its a big shock to me because in the pilot episode of the OC he looks at worst as tall as 175 176 peter gallagher. maybe he tells the truth about his height. whay do you say?
this is what im talking about:
Click Here
jebus. said on 7/Sep/07
k, im sorry. but no. i don't care if he is lying about his height in some degree. but that pic from global with him and the rest of the four can literally sum it up. he can be 5'4'' for all i care, but mischa is slunching down from her full height by an inch. her back isn't curved to the point to dramatically lower your height and she has one of her legs LOCKED. when you lock your leg and you arent double jointed in the knee you arent losing more than a centimetre or two of height. she basically loses a bit more than an inch. id say 1.5 to please you people. ben is around 2 inches taller than her at that point with him standing straight with his head bent. that basically cancels mischas slouching back. his hair may add a little bit because of volume. but the "evidence" is there. brody is 5'11'' or close, and he looks almost 2 inches taller than ben. let it go. the boots help obviously, but depending on shots and the actions either actors are doing, on can look taller than the other. this screen shot has them basically standing still. its the best judge and it works.

AAAA said on 6/Sep/07
I have similar boots to the one in the firts pic kirk posted. They are frye's harness boot and add about 1.5 inches fresh out of tthe box. Mine make me 6'3.5. The look like a 2in heel, only because the heel is cut out, similar to a cowboy boot
Anna said on 3/Sep/07
It's hard for me to see what it says about the boots kirk, can you post what the caption says?
kirk said on 8/Aug/07
Check this out! Click Here

and this (4) Click Here
Leung said on 7/Aug/07
kirk, those boots are so ugly that Adam Brody is ashamed to be photographed next to Ben.
Ben McKenzie has said that he wished he was taller, saying that he thought 6’ was perfect height.
kirk said on 6/Aug/07
why does everybody found those boots so ugly??? i like them! and by the way... i don't think ben has a problem with his height... in one interview he says he has the perfect height... and i also think he's 5'7''... and the argument "he looks small because he is muscular" is crap... he has very narrow shoulders what should look him even taller!
MarkMark said on 1/Aug/07
Mehm's pic has the answer. He's wearing shoes with a huge 4cm heel, also he's standing much closer to the camera (this is often ignored in pics) and still looks 3 inches shorter than Adam.

He can't be above 5'7".
leonari said on 23/Jun/07
same frame as Whalberg. Still amazed people think these guys are of real average heights. They are not. Both are 5'8" MAX. If Ben was as tall as 5'9" which he is not he would look around Brodys height with his huge ass heeled boots but there is never ever as single shot where these two look the same height and Brody is always in converse or very flat shoe. Get real people!! They use all tricks to dimish the huge gap between Mischa and Ben.
mehm said on 2/Jun/07
not a single episode but totally ben looks taller in the 4. season. i think he wakes up just before his filming but others not. that is the explonation . right
Bombay Rocker said on 22/May/07
Hey sorry guys, that was me who posted that last post, i dont know what happ but my nick changed to anonymous on its own...anyways just wanted to let you guys know my opinion.
Anonymous said on 21/May/07
Ben might be 170 - 172, look at his pics on getty with another actor whose listed as 5 feet 9 here and he looks easily 4 - 5 cms shorter than him and besides if that's true then mischa is probably more 5 feet 10 - 5 feet 10.5, which also seems fair and the fact that he is a little height counscious makes me believe that when he said he is 5 feet 9, he was rounding up. One more thing his official myspace says 175 cms.
anna said on 19/May/07
There is just absolutely no way that Ben is only 1.5 inches shorter than Mischa. In the show, she is 1 to 2 inches taller than him and that's when he wears those crazy shoes and she wears flats. He's 5'7"/5'8" and she is 5'11"/5'11.5".
mehm said on 14/May/07
i didn't see him in Emmy Awards but, here we go the short Benjamin again.
Click Here
i really wonder how his height changing so dramatically when comparing with the picture i gave below .Attend the giant boots
Anonymous said on 11/May/07
Have anyone seen the Emmy Wards 2004?Mischa was MUCH, MUCH taller than McKenzie, and she was wearing 2-inch heels at the max...
mehm said on 6/May/07
he is not with sb. but he looks solid 1.75-76 here. maybe more
Click Here
Bombay Rocker said on 26/Apr/07
Astrid i totally agree with you. He certainly is no shorter than 173, he is a very strong 174, 173 at the very very least. Mischa does look pretty taller than him cause he looks about an inch shorter after wearing 2 inch heels and she wears practically nothing and we all know that mischa is more 5 feet 11 - 5 feet 11.5, even rob knows it. If he was as short as 5 feet 7, he will look abnormally short and he certainly looks normal.
Astrid said on 25/Apr/07
How do we know he wears lifts? Yeah his boots are chunky, but I watched (and still do watch) the OC religiously, and in a couple of episodes he's barefoot next to Adam (also barefoot). He's about 2.5 - 3 inches shorter, which would make him at 5'8.5" - 5'8".
I honestly do not think he's any shorter than that. Mischa is about 5'10", and she doesn't tower over him.
Leung said on 2/Apr/07
I reckon that if they were both barefoot and standing upright then Mischa would have Ben beat by 3 inches.
Bombay Rocker said on 2/Apr/07
Cmon man he looks atleast 2 inches shorter than her and i am sure she is like 181, so that makes him 177 - his shoie heels which are 4 cm minimum, making him 172 + mischas shoe which has maybe 2 cm, so making him 174 but i still think 173 is correct
radio_man said on 2/Apr/07
mehm, you forgot the fact that ben wears lifts all the time!!!
in the pic he looks 5'9 exactly like mischa who's wearing flats..
Ben:5'7 tops
Mishca: 5'9 tops!! and I think she's not taller than that, she can look taller sometimes cause she's toooo skinny
Adam: 5'11, but in that pic he only look 5'10
Rachel: like 5'1 , she's so tiny!!
mehm said on 1/Apr/07
what about that picture then. he's obviously as tal as mischa so it makes him 5'9.5 at least
Click Here
radio_man said on 30/Mar/07
I think mischa it's 5'9 tops and he with his big boots with 2 0r 3 inches is still shorter..
son dont you think he's 5'6? maybe 5'7 tops!
radio_man said on 29/Mar/07
this guy its 5'6 5'7 tops his legs are too short and hi shoulder..dont know, bue this guy int's not 5'8, he always wears lifts or big boots in the oc, it's perfectly noticeable...Ben it's 5'6
AA said on 28/Mar/07
That's a "rule" in Hollywood. The leading man always has to be the tallest of the cast (except on Comedy, that the character is most of times a dorky freak, so he can be 5'10" or less)
That way, Ben is 5'8" and I think Mischa is 5'10.5". She's REALLY tall and her romantic pair has to be taller, so Ben wears heeled boots that makes him almost as big as 5'11" Adam Brody.
Mark said on 21/Mar/07
My guess is 171.5cm. At times he's barely any taller than 5'7" Kelly Rowan.
Leung said on 15/Mar/07
The O.C. is terrible for comparing the heights of Mischa and Ben.
In The O.C. they put Mischa in flat ‘barely there’ footwear and she’s always slouching and bending her knees to minimise her height, on the other hand Ben wears big chunky ‘man heels’ to try to make him look taller.

Mischa is easily taller than Ben, she’s got him beat by 2-3 inches.
Astrid said on 15/Mar/07
In the Season 1.04 Episode (The Debut), Ben and Adam are BOTH wearing SNEAKERS at the Cotillion rehearsal. If I find a decent screenshot I'll post it....
Global said on 14/Mar/07
Ok Anna, but mischa is not 4 inches taller mckenzie max 1 inches...
mischa is militar posture..
sorry for bad english
statto said on 9/Mar/07
In that photo bens standing as tall as possible and closer to the camera where as mischa is further away and slouching. so from that photo i wouldnt say that ben is taller than mischa at all.
Global said on 8/Mar/07
Look this
Click Here

Hes solid 5-9, Mischa 5-8, Brody 5-11, rachel 5-0
Lmeister said on 8/Mar/07
That driver's license doesn't prove anything. I bet that He'd put 5'10'' to his license, if he'd really be 5'9''. I would trust a medical record/military record those are usually accurate measured barefeet.
Brah said on 7/Mar/07
A driver's license doesn't prove anything though. You can put down any height on your driver's license. I know 5'7" guys who put 5'9" down on theirs. The DMV doesn't check or care.
Astrid said on 7/Mar/07
Okay, okay... everyone's entitled to their opinion. You HAVE to check out this link before you make up your mind though (I discovered this 5 mins ago on a The O.C. photo gallery website): Click Here
interested, uk said on 17/Feb/07
hm......if only we could get a photo of Cruise and McKenzie standing that would be interesting..
Leung said on 14/Feb/07
yes spot on leonari, Ben always has bigass chunky shoes
leonari said on 14/Feb/07
Astrid: bull..sorry bull.Gallagher is always taller than Ben but he wears regular dress shoes compared to Ben who 99 percent of the time wears Big soled, heel can he be 5`9"? he is lucky if he is 5`7.5" duri the day...
interested, uk said on 13/Feb/07
Hey Astrid. Sorry, got to disagree with you on 5'9" for Ben. Peter Gallagher is 5'9" at best as most of us have already agreed. Ben is smaller by 1 inch at the very least.
Astrid said on 12/Feb/07
I think Ben is 5'9", Mischa is 5'10".
I've seen numerous screenshots of them both next to each other. There is a scene in an episode (can't remember which one, sorry) where Ben takes his shoes off as Adam comes through the door of the pool house. Adam (wearing dress shoes) is apparently 5'11", and looked about 2 inches taller that Ben (barefooted). If I find a screenshot of this, I will post it.
interested, uk said on 23/Jan/07
The oc, season 4, episode 11: Ben and Rachael Bilson [5"1.5] are in the kitchen in one scene. Using the 'four and a half inch' rule from brow to top of head, Ben looks approx 5"6 when comparing him directly with Rachael. I think you could be generous his way and give an extra 1".5, making him an even 5"7.5 on a really good day. Response welcome on this one if you see the scene.
mehm said on 22/Jan/07
He looks about 5'8". In the entrance when he and mischa at the beach house,they look nearly the same height. Maybe Mischa is 1-1.5 inch taller than him because of leaning a bit forward. So no way he is under 5'8".
Leung said on 14/Jan/07
It’s very funny that on the OC they had 6’3” Kevin Sorbo as his dad because it was a huge mismatch. There was a scene at the end of an episode where they hugged and Ben was standing on a step so that he could reach Kevin.
ally jade said on 11/Jan/07
I think Ben would be around 5,8 to 5,9.I definately don't think mischa would be 5,11 to that person who said that,below.she would be about 5,9.
anonymous said on 8/Jan/07
I don't know I think he looks more like an inch shorter than Alexander. I would say 5'7.
JT said on 6/Jan/07
I think he is around 5'6, maybe 5,8 or 9 with shoes with the high heel. In the first season of the OC his character was always wearing those huge ass work boots that have the three inch heel in the back, and in all the publicity shots early on they always make sure he is in the foreground or standing on something to elevate him.
Thomas said on 25/Dec/06
Well I also think, that the last episode of the 3rd season is a perfect way to measure their heights. Mischa is certainly taller than Ben. I guess 5'8 for Ben and 5'10 maybe 5'9.75 for Mischa fits. No way ben is 5'7. If you look at the pics from john where ben and adam are in florida, and we assume adam is 5'11 the 5'8 for ben are pretty exact.
Shiblamo said on 30/Nov/06
ok.. he's 5'7 - 5'8. lets stop bickering over an inch. jeese luize. Hes a small guy like me. He probably weighs like 155 - 170. thats it. no more talking!
AA said on 18/Nov/06
Mischa is definetely taller than him... I believe she's around 5'10"... that puts Ben at 5'8"-9"
ralph said on 16/Nov/06
Mischa Barton was listed at 5'8" because they wanted to make Ben taller than her. Mischa is 5'10"-5'10.5", as you can see in that pic with 6'1" maria sharapova.
Anonymous said on 8/Nov/06
I reckon McKenzie is about 5'5 or 5'6
Paul said on 20/Oct/06
Mischa is 5'7.5, McKenzie is 5'5 and Adam Brody is 5'10. No way that this guy is 5'8. Nearly all Hollywood actors are "height overrated".
anna said on 17/Sep/06
How much height do you think those shoes give him? To me it seems like more than two inches. So, if he is 5'7" he would be 5'9"-510"+ in these shoes and then Mischa is basically barefoot in her shoes and she is still taller than him in the show. This means that Ben is 5'7" and Mischa is easily 5'10", most likely 5'11". The producers would not give Ben such big heels if he were 5'8" and Mischa was only 5'9". The gap must be bigger than we think.
mous said on 17/Sep/06
wow, look at Height Dectective's picture there. I have never seen such height on a sole of a shoe for a male. If you can see light shining from the opposite side of the shoe hitting the floor beneath the shoe, then that is way too much lift. Doesn't look normal; more like high heels. Hey, I bet it would be easy to rob this guy - take his wallet, since if you grab and run, he won't be able to catch you in those shoes. He'll just stand there like he's stuck in the mud.
derbi said on 15/Sep/06
ben wears 2 inch boots and mischa just flats which are giving her almost nothing. But also with that footwear they look about same height, so I think ben has to be downgraded...
em said on 13/Sep/06
mischa barton is taller than ben mckenzie when she is wearing FLATS and when he is wearing shoes that have atleast an inch HEEL - she is supposebly 5'7"... so one of them is lying!
Height Detective said on 9/Sep/06
Hey Rob , i have read that you are looking for this pic
Click Here

[Editor Rob: shows his more than average heels, cheers]
mous said on 7/Sep/06
Average U.S. White Male height is now 5'10.2" NHANES survey conducted in 1999-2002.

I believe it is simply an illusion that a 6 footer can look 6'2", simply because those shorter misjudge how tall a person is, when they are much shorter themselves. The closer you are to 6' yourself, the better judge of height you are near others that are around 6'+/-, and since average white male height is only off by less than 2 inches, most people can judge fairly well (except clueless people).
Viper652 said on 4/Sep/06
A legit 6-0 looks 6-2 to a lot of people though. And 6-0 is 3 inches above average height. Its still tall.
mous said on 4/Sep/06
Ben thinks 6' is the perfect height. His vision of height is completely skewed. 6'2" is now the perfect height (for males). People are growing taller everyday. 6' is just a lil' bit above average now. :(
anna said on 27/Aug/06
Okay yeah anonymous, I am going to have to flip flop now. I think that muscular guys look shorter and thinner guys (actually not just guys girls too) look taller.
anonymous said on 24/Aug/06
I would diagree that muscular guys look taller. I usually find they look shorter than they are because of their thicker body. Anyways, I agree that he is probably around 5'7 or 5'8.
Lmeister said on 24/Aug/06
I think he is in the 5'7''-5'8'' range. I'm a weak 5'8'' myself and weigh about 170 pounds. I'm the same size as Ben. Sometimes people think that I'm around 5'6'' and some say that I look like 5'10''. It really depends a lot of ones footwear and posture.
anna said on 8/Aug/06
I would say 5'8" tops for him. Probably more like 5'7"? Yeah I agree bill, guys with muscular builds can often look taller than they really are, but ben looks really short in that picture with Alessandro. Ben- 5'7"-5'8", Mischa- 5'10"+
bill said on 8/Aug/06
You can tell by the show that he's on the short side. 5'8 is not exactly short. 5'7 is short. I'm 5'7 but people always say I look in the 5'8-5'9 range. Some people's perception of height is poor and mislead. Especially if someone has a muscular build like me or Benjamin Mckenzie. (Or Stallone for that matter)
MD said on 6/Aug/06
I don't think he looks that short. I'd originally thought he wasn't anything more than 5'7" which is short, to me.
MD said on 5/Aug/06
I'm coming around to the possibility that he could be 5'8". Here he is relatively recently with Alessandro Nivola, who's 5'9"

1. Click Here

He doesn't look to be in lifts in this one, because I've seen another pic of him looking the same height as Alessandro, but it was at a premier where actors are especially notorious for lifts.

Editor Rob
for once maybe he wears normal shoes, not those 1.8 inch cowboy or oversize doc martins. In those series of pics he sure does look short
bill said on 4/Aug/06
Anywhere between 5'7 and 5'8 I would say. I don't think there has ever been a SHORT moviestar be honest about his height other than Dennis Hoffman. THey ALL add at least 2 inches. In Stallone's case, 3 inches.
anna said on 15/Jul/06
Mischa Barton is taller than Ben McKenzie on the OC even though she wears really flat shoes and Ben wears chunky 2 inch or so boots (at least that is how tall I heard they are). Can anyone explain this to me? Maybe Mischa is 5'10"+ and Ben is more around 5'8"??
175-77cm17andgrowing said on 11/Jun/06
Yeah, he's small. But one thing you have to admit is that hes very built and that can make gim look taller. I still say 5'9'', maybe he's slouching a little. See, he says he's 170lbs and I believe him now. He's very built. He does sit-ups I guess and I KNOW that you're slouching a little then because your abs hurt. You also get some back problems and that's why. Now his feet are thicker than they were in the first 2 seasons but he still looks great.
Anonymous said on 27/Apr/06
The scene at the beach hut in bare feet is actually very revealing - Mischa is slid a little down the wall and is slouching, McKenzie is standing as tall as possible. She is definately around 2 inches taller.
Bronwen said on 26/Apr/06
I searched and found the the pic you mean. They look the same size and both have bare feet like you said. True...true...true.
radio_man said on 25/Apr/06
he`s 5`7 no dount, in the Oc he wear elevator shoes however Mischa barton (175Cm)wears normal shoes and they are the same height (with elevator shoes wearing mckenzie)
Nina said on 10/Apr/06
do what??. i saw an episode a few weeks ago where you could perfectly see he´s taller than 175cm
175-77cm17andgrowing said on 5/Apr/06
Please do that. So everyone sees Ben is 5'8.5'' or 5'9''.
Pippa said on 3/Apr/06
I have reserved judgement until I saw an episode where both Mischa and Ben were in bare feet for all the world to see. Proof for all. An episode where they are kissing in a beach hut. They are the SAME height. I can direct everyone to a website that has episode clips. Even surface both standing straight - She is very slim and he has a great physique. No trick photography .
Bryant said on 24/Mar/06
From everything I have seen, I would say pretty definitively that he is 5'8". I am about 5'7" myself and he looks about an inch taller than me. His boots make him seem taller than he is, and he probably exaggerated with the "I'm 5'9"" claim, but he's definitely not shorter than 5'7.5" or taller than 5'9".
Mari said on 24/Mar/06
I also think Ben is 5'8 or maybe even a little bit shorter. And he definitely tries to look taller with those big shoes.
I've noticed especially that in events with the cast he tends to stand next to Rachel Bilson...that kind of bothers me because I want to see Rachel next to Adam!!!!! I love them together :-) But Ben wants to look tall! Anybody can look tall next to Rachel, LOL
Joy said on 23/Mar/06
Ben looks 5` 8 to me. Strong build. My sons are 6`2(and still growing) and 5`9. I`m 5`5 their Dad is 5`11.They weigh the same and share clothes. Genetics eh!!!
Belle said on 23/Mar/06
If this guy was slimmer he would look taller. He is muscley. Long faces and high foreheads always make people taller. He has a very cute rounder face. He in my opinion is around 5`8`. No shortage of female fans either. Gorgeous.
bikagyura said on 22/Mar/06
5' 8½ sounds right... at least wouldn't say he's any taller than that
jasna said on 8/Mar/06
i think 172cm if he took off his huge shoes and mischa took of her flats she would easily be 1 inch taller cause he's like 1cm taller than her in his ginormous shoes while she wears the flatest flats.And he always looks 3 inches shorter than 5ft 11 adam brody
Bryant said on 24/Feb/06
Look at this picture: He's on his toes and Tate Donovan is bending down and is still taller.
Joson said on 22/Feb/06
I don't think so Piper. Ben has the napoleon complex - has to exagerate other areas to offset his shortness. He may not be stuck up, but he has NC!
Piper Dickson said on 7/Feb/06
Ben is so hot I loved him in june bug and love watching him in the OC he is such a good actor I like him because he really touches my heart when he acts he is very moving the way he is on the tv he as a great big loveable heart and he has great passion for what he dose is is very talented and another thing I like about him is that he is no stuck up or think that he is better than every body he is the most unselfish person i think any ways i love ben for what he is and for what he dose thank you and God Bless PiperDickson from Perkins ok
Thomas said on 22/Jan/06
I think he is close to 5'8", max 5'8.5". No way he is 5'9" ! At the picture where Ben stands close to Adam Brody (5.11) in Florida at that weird game, he looks a lot shorter.

I mean almost every man who is unsatisfied with his height lies about it an adds 1 inch.
175cm16andgrowing said on 21/Jan/06
But Brandon Lee was 5'11''-6' and weighed around 180 I read. What do you say?
IMO Dacascos and Lee are lookalikes and were the best "Crows". McKenzie sometimes looks as tallas Brody... same footwear... both smaller than Barton in heels... does Brody also wear lifts? He looks 5'10'' I'd say.
Bakane said on 21/Jan/06
Dacascos and Mckenzie, can't be compare.
Not the same body not the same training.
Mckenzie looks to be a "natural born strong" and probably do body building.
Dacascos is a martial artist, he probably didn't work out to gain muscles, it came with martial training. He's got a condition similar to Bruce Lee, and Lee, before he died, was around 120 lbs (true !!!) and was very proud it.
175cm16andgrowing said on 20/Jan/06
Thanks. And I thought he would be far under the 170... he wished he was taller. So if he's 5'9'' or 5'8.5'' he probably's really 170lbs. What again doesn't speak for Pitt and 155lbs... man, that's a debate!
It was hard to imagine that McKenzie could be that "small" and that "heavy" because Marc Dacascos is 5'9'' and has 155lbs, sometimes 10 more and sometimes 10 less. But the guy is so ripped and muscle.
Bakane said on 20/Jan/06
@175cm16andgrowing : To answer your question about his weight, first of all, I don't know this guy and this show :) (I remember you I am french !!)
But with the pics i saw on google, I can say if he's 5'7" as you may think, he can't be under 70 kilos (154 pounds) He looks to have an heavy bone structure, he looks muscular but with a little fat... So I would say around 72 kilos (160 pounds) is a good gess.
anonymous said on 4/Jan/06
I don't think he is as short as 5'5. Most people who have claimed to see him in real life guess he's around 5'7 and that looks right to me.
Viper652 said on 3/Jan/06
so Anonymous, your saying he is 5-5?? Its possible I guess.
175cm16andgrowing said on 3/Jan/06
He said he's 5'9'', just look up. He's listed as 5'9'' everywhere though we know his footwear but when wearing his "heels" he'S sometimes nearly as tall as Adam Brody who also wears shoes. Mischa said herself she's 172cm and after that people said she has to be taller, than she admitted "yes, maybe a little bit" and Mischa isn't 25 yet so she can still grow.
Anonymous said on 3/Jan/06
This guy even says he's 5'7'. Why inflate so much. It's rediculous. I have seen him in TX where he is from and he is tiny. And Mischa is only 5'7" too. The height inflation is kinda weird on this site. There is a lot of it. Like Owen Wilson. Know him fairly well through family and he is a short dude. Like 5'8". Not what you have him as here. Weird.
175cm16andgrowing said on 2/Jan/06
Well... I am also kinda muscle, I am 5'9'' and I weigh 140lbs and I'm a guy... male star, yes :D.
anonymous said on 1/Jan/06
I think male stars are less concerned with their weight than they are their height. He looks fairly muscular and compact to me. I would buy him weighing 170. He definately not small as 140. I would guess his height as being about 5'7 maybe 5'8.
175cm16andgrowing said on 28/Dec/05
Perhaps you're right but I don't think so. He has skinny legs and he looks like... 160lbs max if he'S 5'9''. I think 5'7'' may be correct, just as I think 140lbs could be correct. Do stars just lie about their height? Don't they also lie about their weight?
MD said on 8/Dec/05
Looking at him, 170lbs wouldn't be out of the question at 5'8" or even 5'7" IMO. He's a pretty stocky guy. He just doesn't look the 5'9" be claims unless he's in those big boots.
175cm16andgrowing said on 7/Dec/05
The guy weighs 170lbs, he has to be 5'9''. Either the weight isn't correct or the height isn't he says he has.
MD said on 5/Dec/05
Yeah, I think even the current height listed here is being generous. In this shot, you get to see some of the cast memeber (full body). Not only does this photos favor Ben because he's closer to the camera, but he's in some serious heeled boots. To tell you the truth, I don't think he's anything over 5'7" barefoot.


And this one shows how high they can get his lifts next to castmate Adam Brody:


And, ignoring Mischa Barton's serious hills, try and look at the difference in height of Adam and Ben. If Adam is really 5'11", Ben is struggling with even the 5'9", I think.



He seems as if he can look 5'9"/5'9.5" but if you look at his footwear and short legs he obviously seems a bit smaller.
cj said on 5/Dec/05
ben mckenzie is abt 5'7 and NOT the 5'9 which he claims to be. He wears like 5cm boots in the oc which yea makes him abt 5'9 but barefoot, i dont think so. He is even shorter than mischa barton who is wearing flats all the time and she is being listed as 5'8.
anonymous said on 4/Nov/05
Someone on Mischa Bartton's thread claims they know Ben and that he is 5'7.
Kat said on 24/Oct/05
In reply to anonymous.Actuually I didn't say his boots were 1 or 3/4 inches. I said they were at least 1 and 3/4 inches.
Anonymous said on 22/Oct/05
say mischa is 174 or 175cm, at the most, she wears her flat 1cm ballet shoes, while ben wears like a 4-5cm boot, yet she is still taller then him. So if shes still about 2cm taller then him, he would be at MOST 170cm, more likely just under. Which works out to be like 5'7" or 5'6.75" which would start to justify while people who have see him say he is small as under 170cm is regarded as below average height. As for his boots only being like 3/4 or 1 inch, thats only 2.5cm, a regular shoe gives that much, and a big boot like his gives double that.
Kat said on 16/Oct/05
He usually wears boots. I think most of his boots have heels that are around at least 1 and 3/4 inches.
Anonymous said on 15/Oct/05
anyone know what kind of shoes ben always wears on the OC?
x&y said on 27/Sep/05
humm... the person in the forum said he was about 5'7 shooting The OC...and we must remind that he always use boots and heels in his shoes... so.. he must be shroter than that
BR said on 18/Sep/05
Check this out...
J. said on 3/Sep/05
After reading the article posted in a link in which he comments that his 'shortness' (right from his own mouth) is what is 'sexy' about him, I can conclude that this dude has a serious complex about his height. The boots. The mention of it in many interviews. It speaks for itself. He's has to be shorter than 5'8.5" because why is he always mentioning his lack of height? Also, from just observation, many shortish guy say they're 5'9". (i.e. Katie Holmes' "boyfriend" ;-) )
anonymous said on 2/Aug/05
In a recent article a guy who interviewed him commented that he looked shorter than 5 foot 9. I'd say he'as about 5'7 or 5'8. I highly doubt he's shorter than 5 foot 6.
Mr. X said on 6/Jul/05
I think Benjiman McKenzie is 5'9" when he has those shoes that he wears on the show on, but doesn't want to admit that if he and Mischa Barton ever stood together bare foot, he'll be slightly shorter than the 5'8" Barton.
leonari said on 27/Jun/05
Yes you're right he is wearing regular shoes...and...clearly 3 to 4 iches smaller than Adam Brody whi ain't more than 5'11" closed. The guy is between 5'7 and 5'8 abolute max!!
john said on 27/Jun/05
episode at nanas in florida, near end of season 2

regular shoes?
later that day
leonari said on 25/Jun/05
JOSH thank you! Finally somebody agreeing and mentining that Mischa wears 70 % of the time ballerina shoes which have barely 0.5 inch heel. I totally agree with you. This guy is 5'7.5 max. Period. Not a single episode where he is wearing sneakers... or other shoes that these stupid loking platform boots where you can also hide another 1-2 inches of lifts. Isn't that strange???? It's hot in L.A...
Josh said on 24/Jun/05
I think he is 5'9 (175cm)with his boots but without them he must be 5'7.5 (171cm) and mischa looks 5'8.5 (174cm) next to him with her flat ballerina type shoes.
Lmeister said on 9/Jun/05
The more is see this guy the more I think he is not 5'8''. I can prove it to U. First of all Peter Gallagher (5'9.5'')is wearing rather high heeled shoes and so does Mr.McKenzie so we don't have to think about the shoe factor while comparing these guys. Just watch an episode of O.C. and U will see that Ben is around 2 inches shorter than Peter, if he'd be only 1.25 inches shorter U'd barely notice it. This leads to simple calculation 5'9.5''- 2''= 5'7.5''
leonari said on 7/Jun/05
Thanks for agreeing guys. I 'm so convinced that this guy is a bit below 5'8" is also that his body looks very similar to mine. He is quite bulky and muscular. Adam Brody is always wearing extremely flat shoes and if Mischa Barton if wearing heels which are barely "real" female stiletto high heels(I consider real female heels like 2,5-3 inches at least). I am convinced this guy is 5'7.5 MAX!
KJ said on 7/Jun/05
I'd say Ben is at least 5'7.5 But wears like 2 inch lifts on the show to look the same height as Adam
leonari said on 6/Jun/05
Sorry but it seems as if I'm always the guy pointig out the 5'7" club members! NEVER ever stands this guy 5'9 nor 5'8.5 nor 5'8". Why would they make him wear these ugly big heeled shoes on a sitcom...On O.C he is always wearing them. Never a sneaker or a regular shoe. Get real and accept that this guy is 5'7.5", all his physical features indicate that and since I am in this height category myself and I am a huge movie and sitcom fan my eye is trained to detect these guys who are a bit below average.
Nico said on 5/Jun/05
There is NO WAY Ben McKenzie is 5'9" or even 5'8" for that matter. His body, especially his legs, are just way too short overall. Unless he has most of his height in his torso and not his legs. Also, on an episode of MTV's PoWerGirls, Lizzie Grubman and her assistants sit around the morning after a club opening for which they all worked the door and one girl said "Ben McKenzie is SO TINY!" And the other girls all agreed. Would a girl really say a guy is TINY if he is almost 5'9", especially if Ben wore dress shoes out that night, which would've given him at least another inch? No way.
NewportChick said on 3/Jun/05
No Ben is taller or the same height as Mischa! He's 174 and she's 173.
guest said on 17/Mar/05
he is definately shorter than 5'8.
in o.c. he always wears shoes like those on this picture and he is still shorter than mischa barton (she is listed about 5'7) wearing flat shoes.

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