How tall is Rachel Bilson

Rachel Bilson's Height

5ft 1in (154.9 cm)

American actress, best known for her role as Summer Roberts in TV series The O.C. She has also starred in Hart of Dixie and appeared in the film Jumper. She said about her height "There just aren't many jeans that fit when you're 5-foot-2. I still have to have them hemmed.". She also mentioned "I'm only 5ft 2in. I have been trained how to wear heels because of my height."

How tall is Rachel Bilson
Kristen Bell with Rachel
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Average Guess (12 Votes)
5ft 0.77in (154.4cm)
Tallish89 said on 17/Aug/17
Strong 5'1

My guess 5'1.5
Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8) said on 5/Jul/17
Like B.B. said, she admitted to being 5ft nothing, so it's not possible for her to be 5'1". She looks about 5'0" when standing next to other celebrities anyway.
Morris said on 9/May/17
Sandy Cowell said on 22/Mar/17
I have read both 5ft1 and 5ft2 in my magazines, but I think Rachel is definitely nearer 5ft1. This is only based on the pictures I've seen of her as I haven't seen her act yet. I'm sure I read as well that she has very small feet - size one or size two! That's smaller than my three-and-a-halfs!
B.B. said on 24/Nov/16
She said herself in a music "I'm 5foot nothing...." I think no one short would claim less than the real height. Also next to her husband she does look 5ft.
Amy said on 25/Mar/16
Is it weird that Rachel is shorter than both her parents?

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sofia said on 6/Sep/15
i don't see her at 5'2 neither at 5'1. for me she's as tall as hayden panettiere (5'0)
tiny said on 26/Mar/15
Rachel Bilson is 5'0" tall and weighs 105 lbs. Very tiny and very pretty.
P'lette said on 3/Mar/15
I'm from LA and I've seen here around LA; She is 5'0 - so pretty and tiny! She is so adorable on Heart of Dixie!
Nolie said on 20/Dec/14
So annoying when celebs ly about their height, I'm 5'3", and read elsewhere she was 5'2" - and I was shocked to think I look almost as tiny as she in HIMYM! But if she's really 5'0" I'm relieved.
Wishbone said on 8/Aug/14
Nice pants Rachel wears in this picture.Comfortably and calmly fitting her petite 5'1" body frame without smothering her.She is pretty and sweet,even though I've only lightly seen Rachel. Yet she shares my Facebook friend Kelly Mickoalczyk's Aug.25 birthday. Nice shoes she wears in the picture,too.
Greg Lehmann said on 27/Jun/14
Rachel brought up an interesting point here about how tricky it is for petite women to find comfortable clothes,but she's pretty on her tiny 5'1" frame. My friend Annette Kimmet from Trade Winds is also 5'1",but she has little trouble finding jeans,a pants suit,or slacks comfortably fitting her.I'm gently warming up to Rachel,but she's proof petites are pretty.
K said on 4/Jun/14
Little K is right. Without her shoes, she's probably right at the 5'0 mark.
k said on 3/Jun/14
i would say 5'0 or a bit taller but she seems to be under 5'1 and @liz is right she describes her at "five foot nothin'" in her video "call me doctor".
Lara said on 31/Jan/14
I am sorry but I do not see how she can be 5"2. Not even 5"1. Kristen Bell is renowned for being one of the few celebrities to not lie about her height (she says herself she is 5"1. Everyone I've heard who has met Bell says she is 5"1- no smaller, no taller.) I honestly think Bilson is 5'0.5 tops.
Balrog said on 23/Aug/13
In Jumper she looked a foot shorter than Hayden Christensen, really tiny but beautiful girl. 5'0.5" might be better.
said on 12/Aug/13
In the picture with Kristen Bell it looks like her heels is about two inches higher than Rachel's. And in that pic it looks like Kristen is about 1 inch taller, so 5'2 seems to be the right height for Rachel.
Cliff said on 11/Jul/13
I think Bilson need a slight downgrade Rob, since she's clearly shorter than Kristen Bell. There are also other pictures of the pair together that confirm this. Maybe 153-154cm?
Arch Stanton said on 11/May/13
Seems about right. Really gorgeous face though, hypnotic eyes almost black.
Fouad said on 4/Jan/13
I Used to work in down town LA in American Cafe i remeber serving her table she stood up to me i am about 5'7 and she was at my shoulder i'd say she was about 5'2 which is about right
Elizabeth said on 13/Dec/12
I think K. Bell is a smidge taller. Rachel is so pretty and does a lot of damage to my wallet- her shoes that she designs at shoemint are SO cute and I buy too many pair!
Johnnyfive said on 24/Nov/12
Isn't 5'1 Kristen Bell a little taller in that photo with both wearing heels? 5'0 maybe?
BellaPetite said on 20/Nov/12
These are two of Bella Petite Magazine's favorite petite celebs! Thanks celebheights :)
liz said on 8/Oct/12
She's 5'0, she says it in her rap video!
Kila said on 4/Sep/12
My brother knows her, she's soo short! I'm 5'1" and she's shorter than me. Love that she's petite but still curvy and well proportioned. I think that's why she looks taller.
Lee said on 2/Sep/12
Everyone in Hollywood adds an inch or 2 to their height. Look at her next to other actors. Kristen Bell is one of her best friends and claims to be 5'1" They are always photographed together. Rachel is barely 5'1", if that, but not taller.
texas said on 9/Aug/12
CC sorry to break this to you, but if you had the body and the face of a model you would be one, even if you were 6 ft 5.
clint said on 19/Jan/12
No way is she only 5'1"! A horrible way off guess! You should give it up, Rob!
she Hayden Christensen said on 2/Jan/12
she Hayden Height 5-1 weight 140 little over wright I don't smooke Dark Brown hair Long Hair green black ski jacket collor earing
mrleft said on 12/Nov/11
@Danielle there are no SHOULD and MUST in height.anyone can be cool at any height.mi gfriend is 5'10.5'' i tottally dissagree that short is better than tall,even in women
maya said on 31/Oct/11
i'm just 5'0 and have been feeling really bad about my height.but thanks to all you guys, i dont feel so insecure :]
Danielle said on 30/Oct/11
to all you insecure short girls out there, know that you are beautiful!
i'm here to tell you that if you are short (even if you're not the best looking girl in the world), it's better then being tall. this may seem harsh but hear me out; other people have already stated this on this thread. short girls are generally more attractive to guys because they are delicate and don't overpower/immasculate guys (they aren't man-like). i'm 5'11 and i get lots of compliments but i feel like the amount of guys that are dateable is a lot smaller then "normal girls". if 85% of the population is shorter then you, and most (but by no means all) shorter guys feel intimidated, it's hard not to feel discouraged. the average height for women is 5'4 or something, being so far above that is terrifying at times. i believe tall guys shouldn't feel as awkward as tall girls because women LIKE tall guys, it's actually a hugely attractive attribute. not saying that tall girls aren't attractive, with our long legs and limbs we're very sexy, but i believe the social stigma still exists that girls should be small. to any tall girl reading this, confidence is the most important part! @CC i feel your pain, don't let the world get you down!
Silent d said on 25/Oct/11
She is tiny. Five foot one is right but i think kristen bell is five foot 2.
Sean73 said on 9/Oct/11
I had no idea she was 5-0 to 5-1.She doesn`t seem to be the same size as ellen page.I figured her for 5-4 or more.But hey, that don`t matter cause what`s inside a person is the important thing.If u got the goods a 5-0 person can feel like a 6-0 person.
T-mo said on 30/Sep/11
One downfall of my lack in height is that I'm often not taken seriously. I also don't wear make-up and i get mistaken for a child a lot. I have a daughter who attends an after school program and whenever I go pick her up I almost ALWAYS get mistaken for a middle schooler. All the eighth graders are taller than me. High school kids think I'm a joke. But I know I'm the snizzle so I don't let it bug me.
T-mo said on 30/Sep/11
@CC, I have a friend who is 6'3" and she is a model. She has tons of guys chasing her all the time. I think her confidence and genuinely kind heart have a lot to do with it. I don't think your hieght is your problem, it's your attitude about your height. I am 5'0.5", I model also and also have guys chasing me all the time. I'm cofindant and I'm not insecure about my height. I was in the military and had a "man's" job. I loaded massive bombs on fighter jets. a lot of people would say "You're an ordie, NO WAY!! You're too small." But I was the one laughing when I could litterally carry twice my own weight up 3 flights of stairs. Stop beating yourself up about how tall you are and embrace it. I've been called some pretty bad things and a lot of people mess with me by putting things just out or my reach and such. but I always get the last laugh one way or another.
Phil said on 4/Sep/11
@ Heightgirl
i would say 5 foot 0 and a half.
jake said on 10/Aug/11
She was destroyed height wise to the point of embarrassment- by 6ft Hayden Christensen. Christensen can look 184 cm though.
Heightgirl said on 8/Aug/11
She's seems less than 5f1 because when she was next to 5f1 Kristen Bell she looked an inch shorter. I say 5 foot even. Click Here
Sandra A said on 17/Jul/11
Hey,let me tell you I'm 5'1 and i have any complaint about my heoght i really love to be short, i can ask cute guys to help me to reach stuff for me :)
greek guy said on 16/Jul/11
@CC my gfriend is 5 11.ok not as tall as you but still quite tall
zarina said on 16/Jul/11
it is always the small ladies this side has been friendly with.the tall ladies...not so much.@CC i would try to make you think positive but that would be a waste,you seem very insecure and i dont think i can help you.if you were short there would be tones of messages trying to support you,but you are tall,so nobody the way i am 1.78(5 10)and i had never been rejected because of my height,and i have my flirts with tall guys(and i mean tall guys,over 6 2,not the 1.78 you mentioned)and short guys too,and my bfriend is
6 3
i think that any height can be great,kristen bell and ana ivanovic are the most beautyfull ladies in the wordl i think
John said on 30/Jun/11
Hi im a guy and just saying to that one girl whos 6'1. i find tall women very attractive and by the way, i got picked on alot when i was in school. i'm 6'5 and let me tell you i dont mind. people are always asking me to get stuff up high and dust the ceilings and get the cobwebs...
Jasmin said on 21/Jun/11
i am 25 middle eastern girl my height is 5 foot 1 _ i hv always felt insecure about my height though every one tells me i am beautiful _ some times i just wanna get the tiny short stigma aoutta of me

but seriously thank u guyz u mad me feel better xoxo
lilly said on 19/Jun/11
OMG! Im 5.9 feet tall but for some reason i feel the same way as u because this tall guy always calls me short. Dont worry about your height because a lot of guys go for short girls because they are cute. Plus most guys will be taller than you but not at my height.
Gregory lehmann said on 10/Jun/11
Rachel Bilson warmed my heart last December 2 when,watching "Rawhide,"I caught a delightful No Nonsense knee high commercial.Calmly and gently putting the soft suntan reinforced toe knee highs on with the 5'1" sweetheart's blue pants she wore,Rachel just looked sweet and pretty! But happier yet,no cough medicine commercials this time out. And Rachel's knee highs delightfully tickled Rachel from knee to toe. Now I love you,Rachel!
funsized said on 25/May/11
im 13 and im not 5 feet almost there but you know not actually used to my height I've been short all my life...i dont get picked on AT ALL at least not to my face and a lot i have lots of guy friends...they jokingly tease me about my height but it doesnt confident and i never had a troubles with guys...they call me pretty and REALLY have to stand straight all the makes you look mom is 5'1 and my dads 5' you think i would still grow? I HOPE SO! I want to be at least 5'3
funsized said on 25/May/11
im 13 and im not 5 feet almost there but you know not actually used to my height I've been short all my life...i dont get picked on AT ALL at least not to my face and a lot i have lots of guy friends...they jokingly tease me about my height but it doesnt confident and i never had a troubles with guys...they call me pretty and REALLY have to stand straight all the makes you look mom is 5'1 and my dads 5' you think i would still grow? I HOPE SO! I want to be at least 5'3
shorty said on 18/May/11
Tori, you've made me laugh so much! I am 5'4'' and I would do anything to have your height. Just like you've said, small girls are "cute", but sometimes I want to feel sexy, not "cute". And with this short legs it's really hard... So enjoy your height, a lot of women dream about being that tall!
shorty said on 18/May/11
Tori, you've made me laugh so much! I am 5'4'' and I would do anything to have your height. Just like you've said, small girls are "cute", but sometimes I want to feel sexy, not "cute". And with this short legs it's really hard... So enjoy your height, a lot of women dream about being that tall!
CC said on 17/May/11
I wanna say to all of you to not bitch about your height. Suck it up. I'm 6,1 and yes a girl. I'm slim and don't look like a man but I certainly feel like one. It's always awkward when you are sososo tall. I wants to wear heels more than anything. No guys want me and believe me, you think you are being teased? Come and live my life. It always makes me so mad to see cute little girls whine about their height. Just today I found out that I don't fit for anything. Even for a model I'm too tall, even though I have a face and body for it. So all my dreams are crushed and if there were a surgery that would make me smaller, I would pay millions. i cry over my height every day and even now when I'm wiring it. I fell like I won't find a descent man in my life. Of course, all pervs look at me because of my long legs. My advice to you is just live. Live your happy little lives and know that someone has a crappier life than you.
gregory lehmann said on 15/May/11
Just warming up to Rachel Bilson,but she's happy at 5'2."
ssportess said on 8/May/11
I think that the women shouldn't have to worry even if they are short.It's not a big problem if a girl is short the problem is when the guy is short
Kate said on 5/May/11
WOW. U ALL ARE SO AWESOME, POSITIVE, & POLITE TO EACH OTHER - VERY REFRESHING! Height conversations always get nasty, but here it's, "Oh, i wish i was like you" or "Don't worry about your height, just be confident" and so on -- encouraging words. Really cool. ...With the exception of "anonymous" who obviously is challenged with reading comprehension and somehow attributes our positive short girl pep talking as tall girl bashing. Ah, hello? If we're saying we wish we were taller, isn't that PRO-tall people?
Vic said on 26/Apr/11
Hey short girls, don't worry about your height. I'm 5'2 and 38 years old. As long as you take care of your body, are healthy, in good shape and most important, confident. That's what is truly attractive to men. By the way, all 3 of my boyfriends before I got married were over 6 ft tall. My husband is 5'10. I have always attracted very tall men and I think men like shorter ladies because they like the way they look beside a petite lady: masculine and strong. So relax, get some heels for going out, and enjoy!
james said on 1/Apr/11
I'm a 5'5 male and I prefer nothing more than a woman that's my height or shorter. Growing up, I've never seen the shorter girls get picked on for their heights (unless they were quite tall).
jamie said on 13/Feb/11
cassidy- at 14 yeah you stand a good chance of growing. but how much is impossible to tell- how tall are your parents? have you already had a big growth spurt? the best indictation is when you got your period- usually you finish growing about three years after that.
I am really surprised to hear your comments- men tend to be nicer about my height - 5'1- if they bring it up much at all. are you sure it isn't just their way of flirting? at 14 boys can be very bad at that stuff- they tease instead of complimenting- sometimes because they are uncomfortable with their feelings and worry about what their friends will think. either way i wouldn't worry- while i wouldn't describe myself as a man magnet-sadly- all the women in my family are short like me, and many of my friends aswell, and none of them have ever had problems attracting men- have to say i'm pretty jealous of most of them!! whenever i feel low I take comfort from seeing girls like rachel bilson, kristen bell and knowing how gorgeous they are and how little their height affects them.
i hope that helps.xx
Cassidy said on 23/Jan/11
Reading this has made me feel so much better but I was wondering if somebody could please answer my question. :) I am 14,(freshman in highschool),only 4'11, and proportionate. I know it's not too likely, but do I still have the chance of growing or "shooting up"? I get the words "adorable" a lot from my friends, but when it comes to guys it's always "midgit, dwarf, elf" and "She would be cute... if she weren't so short". This has made me more insecure than ever before and I was wondering what your thoughts on this were? I have spent lots of time asking (and yes, googling) about if being short is okay and praying about being happy with my height but I can't really just accept it for what it is and I could really use any reassurance anyone has to give. It would sure help me a lot.
Phaedra said on 10/Jan/11
It sounds like a lot of girls on here are insecure about their short stature. It's a shame because there is no reason to associate short height with negative attributes. I'm 5ft7.5 but my best friend is 5ft1. She gets just as much attention from guys and looks just as cute in clothes as me or any of our tall friends! In fact a lot of guys I know seem to prefer short girls because they associate short and thin body types with femininity. Personally I would never wanna be over 5ft9 because really tall girls look man-ish. Kate Moss is the most successful and most beautiful supermodel of all time and she's barely 5ft6. So if you are a little on the shorter side don't feel bad! Petite girls are largely preferred by boys. So be happy with your body!
An0n said on 1/Jan/11
Girls, what matters the most is always your personality and how you present yourself.
I went out with a friend who's 5'11 and I'm a mere 5'2.5. He thought I was 5'5. When you are confident and can give people a good impression, whatever height doesn't matter. I see many confident girls around me who are smaller and I always envy them. They also have boyfriends who are 6'++.
Rachel Bilson is pretty and confident in her own way - I never thought she was 5'1. There are many celebs (Kristen Bell, The Veronicas, Isla Fisher etc) who I thought were tall too, but they're intelligent/confident so I just assumed they were all 5'5+. Know how to appear with a lot of moxy, and all the height nonsense disappears. The relevance of sparks and emotional linking doesn't always have to do with face/height/appearance.
Kate said on 7/Nov/10
@richelle: how are you short? im a little younger than u and 5'4.
well anyways, i think two inches below the average height is not really that short. we dont call 5'6 girls giant because they're 3in above average.
kat said on 7/Oct/07
on other websites it says she is 5 ft 3 or something.. im 5ft 2 and everyone bags me about my height and guys always look at my best friend and she looks like micha barton! and about the same height. so it makes me feel good if rachel bilson gets guys like adam brody and hayden christensen!
5678dance said on 29/Sep/07
im 5'1 and my bestie is 5'8 its real crazy cos i look up to her and she looks down at me! its so funny! nice to know guys like small girls ;)
truus said on 21/Sep/07
I live in Holland, and they are one of the most tallest people in the world. and i am only 5.1 and the average height here is getting up. bur reading your comments makes me feel happy. thanks
mia said on 20/Sep/07
im really insecure about my height im only 5' i doubt il get any taller. my boyfriends 5'11 and whenever were together i always look like his little sister. rachel bilson is gorgeous and shes petite. i still feel extremely insecure though.
patricia said on 18/Sep/07
No way Rachel is 5'2". Next to Adam, the difference seems to be at least 30 cm. I am 5' and my husband is 6', and our difference is not so great like theirs! Besides, people never believe I am 5', they think that I am 2" taller (I guess, because most of the people lie about their height). And in any case, it is impossible that she weights 50 kg. she has to be much skinnier.
corney said on 9/Sep/07
most of the guys are bout 5'9''-5'11'', and all think rachel is sexy even if some consider her as "short", but they like her being not that tall at all, cause they want to be protective
Lizzie said on 8/Sep/07
corney how tall are the boys you are talking about? cos if you meet a tall guy then im sure he'll want to protect you :) maybe the boys ur talking about are just short and want there girls to be shorter than them.

anyway about rachel im not too good with height but if that's her height then she's the same as me :) im quite happy with the height i am but i get the impression she isn't, i hope she'll realise that she suits being that short cos shes dead cute and needs to be proud of her height! :D
corney said on 6/Sep/07
I'm 5'6'' which isn't extremely tall at all, but i wish to be shorter cause all the boys i know do like tiny girls bout 5'0''-5'2'' cause then they have the strong feeling they need protection and that's what guys like to do, being protective, and they always tell me I'm to tall i don't look as if i need any protection at all, so girls be glad about being 5'1'' or so, and like rachel shows "tiny" girls can be extremly hot...
Taylor said on 13/Aug/07
I know Rachel is only about 5'1. In the magazine "us weekly" she said, "I see myself as a short little person who looks very young." She shouldn't feel that way tho...she's so pretty :)
Viper said on 12/Aug/07
You make no sense when you say you look loike a child with tall guys. Why not be with a dude who is 5-5 then?
kris said on 11/Aug/07
its so weird, i saw her in a magazine looking really good in these 7's jeans, and i swear to god, i was like "wow, shes sooo tall, like 5'9." now that i'm reading this, i feel so stupid. they must have shot it from below.
dreamette said on 9/Aug/07
its funny because i heard mischa barton say (on TV) "I wish I was shorter" and from other stuff it's quite obvious that she's height-concious ! Also Rachel has more of a figure.
dreamette said on 9/Aug/07
i hear ya dana ! my perfect height is also 5'8 or even 5'6 but i stand at a measly 5'1, but hearing comments from other 5foot-nothing-girls i feel better that there are LOADS more girls my height and im probably not the only one who gets jibes about their height. Its just frustrating because I like tall guys like 5'11-6'2 and I'll end up looking like their child
anonymous said on 15/Jul/07
Is she really only .5" taller than Ashley Olsen? I'd thought at least 1 or 2" difference. So is she taller or are mk and ashley smaller? Or does she just seem taller and are they really just .5" apart?
Gemini said on 11/Jul/07
I agree with the site, I think Rachel is exactly 5'1.5. This explains why she can get away with claiming to be 5'2"- she's just rounding it up half an inch.
Anna said on 7/Jul/07
You should not worry about your height because like 'Duchess...' articulated so well, nobody is really satisfied with their own height. Shorter girls always want to be taller and taller girls always want to be shorter. And 5' isn't terribly short, it is definitely on the shorter side, but many guys find shorter girls cute whereas some are frightened by taller girls. I mean all guys are different of course, but it's true for some guys. And think about it, when you're shorter you can get shorter guys who some taller girls may not be able to get because they're taller than them; e.g. Daniel Radcliffe and Ben McKenzie :) So, I guess I'm not as short as you at 5'4", but I'm definitely happy to be 5'4" rather than 5'8" because of the above reasons.
DuchessOfPhilly said on 6/Jul/07
Every's girls body is different and that's what makes her unique. You know, the girls that are extra tall want to be shorter? I'm serious! It's funny because every girl is almost never happy with her hair or height . . . my body is still developing so I'm not sure what kind of body type I am, but if you look at Rachel Bilson---she maybe petite but she handles it with colossal grace.
Dana said on 29/Jun/07
Rachel is hot even at her height. I'm confused too. Is she 5'3" or 5'1"??? I'm only 5 feet. I don't think I can grow(taller) anymore and I'm extremely worried. Most of the teenagers now want to be taller than their moms. And I'm not really close to that. I'm fourteen. I'm trying everything. Skipping, sports, anything that helps, but I haven't seen any changes for the past 6 months. And my IDEAL height is 5'8". Really LONG way to go..
lena said on 6/Jun/07
im worse off. i think i haven even reached 5 foot and im 14 ):
but anyway rachel is indeed gorgeous.
Rae<3 said on 3/Jun/07
I searched it up on google and im still pretty confused. there are many who say 5 ft 4 while there are others that say 5 ft 2!!!!to me she looks about5 ft or
2-3, though im still confused here!!!! well being short aint that bad, coz im 14 and i stand only at 5ft tall and my friends always said that i was so tiny and cute....!!! i pretty much stopped growing but i really hope i succeed over 5ft tall, even if its only an inch or so!!! rachel bilson is definitely my style icon and its even better that shes short like me!
Lexi said on 27/May/07
I'm only 5'2'' and unlike many other girls, height (NOT weight) is my insecurity. Although I don't say it, everytime I see a (slim) taller girl, I deep down feel insecured. I wish I were like 5'5''-5'7''.
Rachel is my shortee-inspiration and helps me gain confidence.
Alex said on 26/May/07
She looks 5'1 looking at her in general and most here are saying 5'1-5'1.5 anyway.
Astrid said on 12/May/07
I am 14.5 and have stopped growing (taller) at 5'9.75", exactly.
mina, if you think you are short... I have a friend who's older than me and is only 4'7" tops. She's not a "dwarf" either, she is just very very tiny.
Cat said on 7/May/07
Wow ... I cant believe there are so many girls who wish they were taller ... I am 5 foot 10 and feel soooo insecure about this!!!! I suffer from serious insecurity due to my height and would do anything to be smaller!!! Trust me, to be taller is definately not all that!!! p.s Mischa Barton is 5"9 ;)
Anonymous said on 6/May/07
Huh? 156 cms? In a magazine there was written that she is 163 cms.
Karmabelle said on 3/May/07
Yeah, Emily, I don't know either. I'd say she probably is about 155cm but I don't know about her weight. I'm about 157cm and I weigh less than 50kg but Rachel looks much thinner than me in pictures and on TV.
Emily said on 2/May/07
"155cm and weighs about 50 kilos."

that's my exact measurements!!! woah. i'm sure she's not though.
TheJerk said on 29/Apr/07
To all you girls who want to be taller: Why bother? Rachel Bilson is knock dead gorgeous and shes 5-1. A girl can be beautiful at any height.
Wannabetall said on 25/Apr/07
okay, now i get what you're saying mina, no hard feelings.
sometimes its hard to get the tone of someone on the internet. i was thinking you were some amazon woman who thought anything under 5'6" was short and ugly, so i was offended. but now i get what you mean, and it's all good. sorry to blow up on you
mina said on 25/Apr/07
well Wannabetall - i am aware that the average height for a woman is five four or five three. i am about four feet eleven and a half, and yes, i will readily admit, i have an insecurity about my height, and many people have mentioned this to be a thing that is (for lack of a less crude way of putting it) my 'defect'. so yes, i know that people cannot choose their heights, because if i could choose mine, i would be a GREAT deal taller than i am now. i wasn't trying to be mean at all, just stating a fact that guys who are insecure in their heights tend to approach shorter girls, as it's automatically less of a challenge for them. just look at the general height page, and i think u'll see what i mean! i know this may seem like a very blunt way of putting it (i probably shouldn't have said it at all because i know some people would take offence to something so blatantly true, but discouraging), but it's very much a reality and a truth in our world. and no doubt that he might be going out with her coz she's 'cool or pretty' to quote u, im not saying that she isnt, because OBVIOUSLY she must be, but im sure her short statue would be contributing to her 'positive' attributes in his eyes, if u know wat i mean.
melissa said on 23/Apr/07
I think she's about 5'1 at the most, just saw a few pictures of her next to a lexus suv and she looked extremely tiny. doesn't take anything off her beauty though. I think she's gorg!
Wannabetall said on 21/Apr/07
woah mina why are you being so mean? it's not like people can choose their heights, and did you ever think that her bf goes out with her because she is a cool girl and she's pretty? FYI 5'4" is average for a girl. I think that YOU are the one who is insecure.
mina said on 20/Apr/07
um laura thats a bit TOO short.... between 5 foot and 6 foot is fine for a girl, i think. and ur boyfriend probably only goes out with you coz he towers over u and has more power over u, he's probably too insecure to approach someone like mischa barton - nice and tall.
Wannabetall said on 17/Apr/07
laura, good for you for having that attitude. you'll probably grow. at 14 i was 4'11" and shorter than all of my friends., now i'm 16 and 5'2" but i haven't gotten my period yet so my doc think's i'll be 5'4". everybody grows at different times, but you'll probably break the 5-ft barrier at least. and even if you don't that's still cool.
laura said on 14/Apr/07
hey, she isn't small.i am small, i have 4 feet 9.5 inch (145 cm), some people laugh of my heght. but the dosn't stop me to have a 5 feet 10 inch boyfriend. I'm 14, i hope i'll grow. I love Rachel and i don't care if she is 5 ft 1.5 in, 5 ft 2 in or 5 ft, she is beautiful. so...petit girls rock!!!!!
mina said on 11/Apr/07
i have a feeling that rachel is about 150 cm and Mischa about 175cm... I sitll think Mischa's beatuy is utterly out of this world though, and Rachel has a more homely, believably good looking face thats not too great. But i admire both chicks, and I envy Misha's height terribly! :)
sophie said on 23/Mar/07
Hey all shorties! I'm 16 and probably just over 5'0. Some people tease me about it, and sometimes it bothers me, but I think it's great being petite. It makes you special, and not to mention adorable! Rachel is my shortie idol, she owns her height and she is beautiful, just like every tiny person can be! rock on.
sunbeame said on 17/Mar/07
Here is a link to the article that says she is 5ft 1 (155 cm)
Click Here

I think this is more accurate than 5ft 1 and a half. She may even slightly round up to 5ft 1, but this is close.
Karmabelle said on 12/Mar/07
An article in the S liftout in the Sunday Herald on the weekend said that Rachel is 155cm and weighs about 50 kilos. Go the short girls!!!
Realme said on 12/Mar/07
After looking at those pictures I am convinced she is in the 5'1" range or lower!
Ellie said on 10/Mar/07
here's another:
Click Here
Ellie said on 10/Mar/07
check this out:
Click Here
i'm pretty sure adam is 5'11", and this height gap looks huge. i'd say she's between 5'1"-5'1.5"
london calling = said on 27/Feb/07
ana i feel ur pain, i am in rxactly the same situation...maybe like me u grow v e r y s l o w l y, as not everyone goes through a rapid growth spurt.
ana said on 19/Feb/07
i don't know my exact height, but i'm between 5'1.5 and 5'2.5... I don't know why i didn't grew taller if my dad is tall and my mom has a good height, and all my friends are taller than me. i'm 17 so i know that i'm not gonna grow any taller.. rachel bilson looks so good, but, why do almost all the famous and hottest actress have to be so tall?
Anonymous said on 31/Jan/07
hey all my life I've been tiny :( id say im 4'11/5'0" and im 16!!! rachel bilson is my idol, i'd say shes about 5'1" but she looks great anyways! :)
laura said on 30/Jan/07
woah mischa looks like a giant there
a gorgeous giant of course =P
melinda said on 23/Jan/07
i know rachel and she is quite small but in all the pictures when she is with other people it is because thay are wearing heels and she dose not like to hope this helps
daisy said on 18/Jan/07
i've always thought about becomeing an actress but my height always stops me from even considering it.
im just 4'11, i hoope i grow :/.
dang some people are like i wanna be 5'8 and im like shoot i just want to get to 5!
Anonymous said on 10/Jan/07
omg!! hello all shorties! i make 5ft just, and yeah i think guys do like tiny girls cis there cute and u can protect them, but i aslo think guys like tall girls cos their impressive and stunning, but rachel bilson is georgoeus!!!
soo pretty, i think it helos that she reallly thin, im like a size 10 and thtas not fat, but on a 5ft person it makes me feel HUGE!
Anonymous said on 6/Jan/07
I am exactly 156cm, and my best friend is 5'7", the same as Mischa Barton. I always feel so short next to her, and she always feels so tall. We love watching the OC, cause we can relate! And I love the fact that my boyfriend thinks that Summer is hotter than Marissa - it gives me hope!
Lauren said on 30/Dec/06
hey, devyn, how tall is 44 1/2?
I'm 15 too.... and 4' 11''....sometimes I play up the 5' 1'' but ppl ALWAYS tease me for my height....personally shortness rocks :]]
Fab said on 26/Dec/06
I always see th oc, and comparing with ben, adam and misha, I think she's 5 ft 1, no more than that, because she always has to use big heels and she still looks little, but she's really tiny too, I guess that makes her look more petite
Lucette Missioni said on 17/Dec/06
i met her in NY, and everyone says we look alike bt i am only 14 and I am taller than her !!!! i am 5ft 9.
bt i think she is taller than 156 cm
shes about 5 ft. 2.5 inches ........
]Misha Barton is way taller though.
sunbeame said on 8/Dec/06
Thanks for the downgarde Rob, definitly more accurate.....although from the latest pics of her, standing with the confirmed 6 foot Zach Braff (said it on Johnathan Ross) amongst others, I would still say more like 5ft - 5ft 1. But yes, i agree, no way 5ft2.
Deutsche said on 21/Nov/06
Yes, Sharon, don´t be so upset! You´re way taller than I am! I´m 5'0'' and my fiance is 6'4''! There´s nothing wrong in it! See Rachel next to Mischa! Both are gorgeous! Height isn´t everything!
Luthise/Lulu said on 20/Nov/06
rachelin the oc looks so much smaller than 5ft 2in! when she stands next to seth (aka adam) and Marissa (aka Mischa) she is dwarfed by them a lot. but hey, you cant have everything in life! wonder how many times rachel imagined being taller.... of course i cant talk as i am 162cm.. on the bright side though, apparently guys prefer smaller girls because they want to look dominant and protective over girls?! hopefully that can be right.
Farhana said on 30/Oct/06
wow! i didnt know there were so many short 16 and im like 44 cm-which i think is round about 4 ft bangladeshi and all my family are short.its a real downer to think that you're never going to be taller.i dont think i've had a single growth spurt since i was 11.most guys are so much taller then me, so that does kinda become a problem, it can be really awkward when your standing side by side and you only come up to his elbow!!hahaha
L21 said on 18/Oct/06
Sharron- Haha, take it easy! Try being a 5'1 [almost!] girl! It's not that bad, and think of the advantages- guys like short girls..YAY! Trust me, the pros outweigh the cons! Sure there are days i wish i was a 5'10 model, but if ure short, you'll always be cute. You can't say the same about tall girls [sorry, ladies!!!]
Viper652 said on 16/Oct/06
Looks 5-0 1/2 to me.
sunbeame said on 23/Sep/06
I've just seen her latest pictures (available on getty images) of her promoting her new film (looking stunning as always!). She looks positively TINY! I have friends who are 5'2 and they appear nowhere near as small. I think even 5'1 would be a bit generous! I've seen some old episodes of the OC and noticed how she will always be in platform heels to try and even out height differences, but she still looks way shorter than all the others.
Editor Rob - i think this actress seriously deserves a 2nd look from you, check out her new photos. A 5'2 girls in her heels wouldn't look that small, i don't think.
Anonymous said on 15/Sep/06
Sharron - please don't be upset about your height. There are advantages to being both tall and short. I'm short too but i love it, it's sweet and feminine. And remember you can wear heels to look taller but your friend can't make herself shorter! 5'2 isn't even that short. So don't be upset and try to learn to like your height.
SHARRON said on 14/Sep/06
i hate my height, im constantly wishing i was taller. i am 157cm tall and i wear the same sized clothing as my best friend who is 170cm tall, only i look soo much fatter than her. bcoz i am around my slim, tall best friend all the time i feel very short and scared it will wreck our friendship cos i will get too jealous to be around her..i always look up celebrity heaights on the net..i am OBSESSED. if any one can help my self esteem i'd love it..and a huge thanku to rachel..YOU MAKE SHORT LOOK GOOD...thanku so much! your beautiful and my inspiration xxx
Anonymous said on 10/Sep/06
I know exactly how you feel Sara,me being a 5'1 swede isn't very easy either:(
Maybe i'll grow a little more because i'm 14 but i will never be tall.My relatives are pretty tall,I've a 6'0 female cuosin and she doesn't care if i'm short but why would she? The older i get the more i see that there are many shorties out there,even in sweden there are many.This site makes me feel much better about my height.To me rachels height seems about right.
Sara said on 6/Sep/06
This has nothing to do with Rachel Bilson but I'm thankful for this site. As a Pakistani shorty, I've had to put up with many disturbing comments. Beauty really does come in any size and that might be another name for beauty itself.
I am still obsessed with my height...but it's good to know that there are people out there who aren't rude and point out flaws to make one feel even more insecure.
goodthing,small package said on 23/Aug/06
I constitantly am told that i look like rachel Bilson, and I'm around her height(about 5'3). Whether she is 5ft or 5'2 shes still petite and theres nothing wrong with that, frankly i don't know why people care so much.
Sophie said on 15/Aug/06
I really don't understand what the big deal is. Maybe Rachel's 5ft, maybe 5ft 2. Ok, so she's definitely not a tall woman. but she's really beautiful, and I think being short is possibly more attractive than being as tall as Mischa Barton. She looks far more feminine the height she is.
Anonymous said on 13/Aug/06
i am exactly 5 ft tall (xcept in the morning when im like 5ft 1 lol)and rachel bilson has approx. the same proportions as me. most of my friends are around 5'2, but she does not seem that tall. i think shes 5ft maybe 5ft 1/2.
Kori said on 8/Aug/06
In pictures with Zach Braff for their new movie together, I'd say 5'2" is even a stretch. I'd put her at 5' or 5'1".
Jane said on 8/Aug/06
I’ve meet her last year and yep she is around 5’2….and??? I don’t see why it’s a negative thing thing.
I’m around 5’5 which I think is average. I love short gals they are always sooo pretty and petite. Rachel is no exception-she is stunning!!!
And I know guys who hate tall gals & think they are unfeminine (NOT True!) and won’t date them! OMG! Tall and short whatever- Gals of all sizes are gorg.

Also I just meet Mischa (she’s in Australia at the moment promoting a store) and I have to say I think Rachel is far prettier. (Mischa is still pretty though).
But Mischa is massive, she’s sooo tall and skinny. People who meet her kept commenting about her weight.
They even asked her about it at a press conference I was at…lol.

P.S-To the last post and the person who has a fascination with very petite female celebrities who have even shorter mothers..LOL!!! That's soo weird-sorry!
But most people are taller than their parents-esp mothers so if they are quite petite doesn't it make sense for their mothers to be smaller?? Duh..
Anonymous said on 27/Jul/06
I have provided these pictures of Rachel and her mother. They appear to be wearing similar footwear....I was wondering if you (or anybody else) could offer an opinion on who they think is taller:

Click Here
Click Here

Looks pretty close to me, but I have a fascination with very petite female celebrities who have even shorter mothers.
Anonymous said on 27/Jul/06
Some pictures of Rachel and Mischa together, with similar sized shoes:

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

I'd say the height difference is pretty significant.
Haylie said on 18/Jul/06
There are a lot of pics of Mischa Barton with Nicole Richie at the moment (they are best friends for now apparently)and the height ratio between them is similar to the one between her and Rachel. I think Rachel is 5'1-5'2
sianna said on 15/Jul/06
that pic mya has could prove she is really 5'2..she looks a tiny bit taller than kristen bell but she has her knee bent so standing straight she could actually be 5'2...she does look REALLY small but...see im 5'3.5 but people think im lyk 5'1! next to my friend who is 5'8-5'9 i come up to her its hard sometimes to tell what rachel's height really is..she's a tad taller than kristen..but a whole head shorter than mischa! mischa could get away with 5'10-5'11..but she did look 2 inches shorter than karolina kurkova (5'11)
Sonia said on 11/Jul/06
Rachel Bilson is pretty tiny. I agree with Mya. She's somewhere between 5'1", 5'2". She's gorgeous though.
Mya said on 10/Jul/06
I think Rachel is definately arouns 5'1-5'2. In the picture with Kristen Bell (Click Here) they look to be around the same height as each other. If Kristen is 5'1 then Rachel has to be at the most 5'2.
ice said on 17/Jun/06
I don't think I've commented on this actress's page before, but now I have to after seeing delanC's pic. She's on a step, on her tippy toes, and still is not of equal height to Adam Brody. I think she has to be 5'1 MAX. Adam's not even considered a tall guy. He's under 6 feet. This site gives him 5'11, but I've seen other sites give him 5'10. 5'2 is surpisingly too much for her.
Leah said on 12/Jun/06
about the pictures with her and kristen bell, she's not shorter, if you drag your mouse across her head to kristen's Rachel's about an inch taller, 5'2" is right on the money
RWFender said on 7/Jun/06
Trust me, i saw rachel in person and she had to be 5'2, but no way did i think she was taller. Adam Brody and her came to my university to film the OC and i saw them both. I am 5'10 and I have a 5'1 sister so I had a good way of gauging what range they were both in. Brody looked 5'11 and Bilson looked 5'2. I was kind of expecting both of them to be an inch shorter but they both looked exactly as how they are listed on this site. Good job Rob.
delanC said on 6/Jun/06
Click Here
Nazrin said on 1/Jun/06
Rachel might be shorter, because she probably slouches or crosses her legs differently just naturally. My cousin is 5'4 and i am 5'2 and we look as if we are the same exact height together, because she keeps slouching and crossing her legs even when she wears heels.
sianna said on 29/May/06
yer i dont think i am taller than that, but my dad measured me n sed i was 5'4..mayb im just under....see i rekon im really short...but maybe its just the fact that lyk all the girls at my school are over 5'6...which is weird since the average height in aus is 5'4
samantha said on 21/May/06
well then sianna your must be taller, because you'd have to be atleast 5"4ish to be up to her nose. I doubt one inch take or leave on rachel would make a difference as to where she stands next to mischa. I'm 5"2. It's really not that short I don't know what you all are talking about.
ela said on 8/May/06
do magazines always add two to three inches to celebs heights? i read a comment once from a woman who use to work for USmagazine and she said that they always post the height of the celeb when wearing heels
Anonymous said on 4/May/06
she came into my shop a few days ago and i didnt know who she was untill my coworker mentioned who she was. thinking back i thought she was really short me being 5'4" she looked at around 5' if that.she was shorter than every body around and every body at my shop is short. and im height consious.
cheryl said on 3/May/06
my god,she's got to be so much shorter than 5.2!!!well,not much but she's like a little doll,i mean,it shocks me!i'm surprised if she's even more than 5ft.
jazna said on 21/Apr/06
HAS ANYONE SEEN RACHEL AND MISCHA NOT WEARING SHOES,RACHEL LIKE COMES UP TO MISCHA"S SHOULDERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i think rachel's either 5 ft 0.5,or 5 ft 1,no taller
rachel said on 19/Apr/06
Yeah i believe that rachel is only 5'2.. she is very short and tiny but i think that the most beautiful women are short!! me too ;) I'm 5'2 like rachel .
sianna said on 19/Apr/06
hmmm. i think ive figured out how tall Rachel is. My friend is 5'9 (same height as mischa) and im 5'3.5. When i stand next to her, i come up to her nose, maybe slighty higher. if Rachel was 5'2, she would be up to Micsha's nose, but she is a whole head shorter. i think 5'1 sounds closer, although she does look taller. i dont no how right my 'calculations' r, but im sure i am 5'3.5...i doubt im tller....but i wish i was!!! i think Racehl is still the most beautiful girl on the show...even is she is a shorty like me!!!lol
Diana said on 14/Apr/06
you know...everyone tells me to be happy with what ive got...but i cant because its impossible. I hate everything ive got and wish i could change it.
Diana said on 14/Apr/06
I'm 16 and 5'2", which is tall for me even though my friends tell me that im short. i just hope i dont grow.
Diana said on 14/Apr/06
you are perfect, or maybe short for guys and your family
Diana said on 13/Apr/06
my mom always told me that guys like taller girls, but i dont believe her. i dont know why but i prefer being shorter for beauty. hehe

[Editor Rob: I don't hear many girls wishing they didn't grow, well maybe those who are 5ft 10-11! I guess, be happy with what you've got...]
Diana said on 13/Apr/06
i think rachel is lying about her height because she wants to be a bit taller, but its normal because there are many people out there that have something that they cant stand about themselves and wish they were changed. Like me, for example, i wish i was 5'0" instead of 5'2".
Diana said on 13/Apr/06
i am such a weirdo. I won't stop comparing my height to Rachel Bilson's picture on image in order to make sure i haven't grown cause i'm 5'2" right now and i dont want to grow anymore. I just want to be short for some reason cause i think its attractive.
rwfender said on 29/Mar/06
i saw rachel bilson today at my school during the filming of the OC...she looked 5'2 to me...i think this height is right on the money
sunbeame said on 24/Mar/06
It may not be 'unacceptable' as such but i can see what Mari means - most celebs who are a bit shorter than average add on a bit of height. I agree that Rachel is very tiny, 5'2 is an exaggeration.
Morgan said on 24/Mar/06
Mari she does look tiny in those pics but the angle is odd so it is very hard to judge. I don't think its unacceptable to be under 5'2" in Hollywood look at Nicole Richie. I agree Rachel is beautiful- soooo much prettier than Mischa
cheryl said on 18/Mar/06
there are so many short girls in hollywood,that if you saw them you'd be surprised.i think rachel looks like a 5ft tall.
Jessica said on 13/Mar/06
She's definately not the only short gal to make it in hollywood- its a real mixed bag. I think Rachel is absolutely stunning and that she is actually 5'2"
ceceblue said on 6/Mar/06
I agree that Rachel is probably no more than 5'1 if that. I am 5' tall and her proportions seem very similar to mine. Its great to see a short girl make it in Hollywood!
sunbeame said on 5/Mar/06
I really am with those people that think she is not 5'2. I think she may say that she is but it's a definite case of rounding up. She just looks so tiny in all her photos, you can't ignore the picture of her next to Kristen Bell. And she looks miniscule next to her boyfriend, Adam Brody:
I would put her at 5'1 (max) i think.
so said on 24/Feb/06
it's great the fact that she's short because it maks her good body show more. imagine her taller... see for some people (i include myself) does't work to be tall
Deac said on 23/Feb/06
I am as tall as Rachel Bilson is, 5'2" and I am pleased with my height even though many taller people insult me about it. But I always say that "Rachel Bilson is the same height as I am" And then they shut up. For you short girls, I promise that will work!
rockstar said on 18/Feb/06
I think that height can really be dependent on where your from. Where I'm from at age 13 5'7 isn't tall however it is good height. I am 5'9 and usually feel tall whenever I travel. There are girls at my school who are 6'2'' and this isn't particularly uncommon! But yeah, i would have to say average height is about 5'4'', however in general 5'4 is still pretty short! The average height is lower because of informality of some very very short women. As for Rachel, 5'2'' sounds about right, she is small, but there absolutely nothing wrong with that!
rockstar said on 18/Feb/06
I think that height can really be dependent on where your from. Where I'm from at age 13 5'7 isn't tall however it is good height. I am 5'9 and usually feel tall whenever I travel. There are girls at my school who are 6'2'' and this isn't particularly uncommon! But yeah, i would have to say average height is about 5'4'', however in general 5'4 is still pretty short! The average height is lower because of informality of some very very short women. As for Rachel, 5'2'' sounds about right, she is small, but there absolutely nothing wrong with that!
Emily said on 17/Feb/06
I met Rachel a few days ago and since I have seen this website prior to our encounter, I asked for her height. She says that she, and I quote "I would have to say that I am 5'2''." So I guess that endes this whole argument, doesn´t it?
Anonymous said on 28/Jan/06
I never understand why somebody comes to a site called celebheights, which was made for the purpose of discussing heights of celebrities, and then ask why people are discussing somebody's height.

That said, I do have to believe that Rachel is 5'1", since she looks no taller (possibly even shorter) than Kristen Bell in recent photographs.

Also, Rachel is an absolutely gorgeous person who seems to have an extremely likable and glowing personality. She is easily (in my opinion) the most beautiful person on The OC.
Anonymous said on 17/Jan/06
If you check out recent pictures of her and Kristen Bell at the Golden Globes, she actually appears to be SHORTER than Bell (and they appear to be wearing similar sized heels):
mary said on 16/Jan/06
i believe rachel is 5'2 inches. I passed her one day in LA when she was wearing flat shoes. there is no way that girl is 5'4. Her beauty makes up for her height. There is no doubt bout that

also get a life ester
kristi said on 9/Jan/06
ya i bumped into her in SoHo on new years day and shes really short, im around 5ft7 and i would say she was a full 5 feet shorter then me, so 5ft2 is right
angel said on 24/Dec/05
in an issue of ellgirl from the summer of '06 she said she was 5'2

[Editor Rob: are you a a time-traveller ;)

I think it was 'Rachel Bilson is a diminutive 5ft 2 and wears a size 5 shoe'
Anonymous said on 30/Nov/05
I think this picture is pretty revealing, with both Rachel and Mischa in high heels:

Mischa is STILL a complete head taller than her, with Rachel displaying a "taller" posture.
:D said on 7/Nov/05
I think that she is shorter than 156 , just look at har photos with micha barton. But she is VERY sweet
CelebHeights Editor said on 1/Nov/05
Doh, I must have missed the comment here from 9th october where she's beside kristen '5ft 1' bell...should Bilson be lower? Link Again
my ass is cute said on 25/Oct/05
hey, i think that rachel is about 5"1, which is a sweet height to be at for a woman, aparently guys prefer shorter girls :)
Anonymous said on 9/Oct/05
Rachel and kristen is under 5'1" check this pic. out...
Ema said on 28/May/05
Having worked as an extra on the O.C. I have personally observed her being one of the shortest people (outside of the jockey community) I have seen. Her height was exageratted in every scene with her standing on planks. I can only conclude her height to be barely over 150cm.

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