How tall is Joe Calzaghe

Joe Calzaghe's Height

6ft 0 (182.9 cm)

Welsh Boxing Champion. In this photo I was wearing Clarks Boots, whilst Joe had almost 0.4 inch less footwear.

How tall is Joe Calzaghe
5ft 8 Rob and Joe (age 38) @ Collectormania London, 2010
In my year out of boxing I had a growth spurt, to a height of six feet, but I was still a couple of years away from shaving....I was a slow developer, maybe I'd stunted my growth through all the years of making weight

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Average Guess (61 Votes)
5ft 11.37in (181.3cm)
RoyzDaBoi said on 1/Apr/23
I think he's slightly shorter than 182-183cms Carl Froch, by a centimetre perhaps. I'd go 181cms for Joe. One of the best fights that never happened (Calzaghe vs Froch!) I'd have said Calzaghe would win that comfortably on points but we'll never know.
Andy Knightley said on 12/Mar/23
I have been a fan of Joe for many years, he as developed his boxing skills throughout his boxing career, I followed him as a young amateur, as I once was, I’m so so proud of you Joe and I always will be you ment and still do to the world of boxing, I still get excited even when I watch back at your fights, one in particular when you beat Chris Eubanks, to become the WBO super middle weight champion of the world and to follow that you beat Jeff lyase up and he could not cope with your superior power, every credit Joe you mean the world to us boxing fans, Thank You for everything. Andy Knightley.(fan).
Griffith said on 16/Feb/23
Rob you reckon Calzaghe could edge out Mark Selby?
Editor Rob
Unlikely he would edge him. Selby likely a more solid 6ft guy.
Griffith said on 27/Jan/23
Hi Rob what's 5'11.75 in cm?
Editor Rob
182.2-3 zone
Griffith said on 26/Jan/23
Rob you you said by lunch time joe is very close to 6ft so does that make him 5'11.75...rather 6ft???
Editor Rob
His potential range afternoon could be 5ft 11.75 to 6ft zone.
Griffith said on 17/Jan/23
Hi Rob you reckon Calzaghe can edge out Pearce Quigley?
Editor Rob
Maybe both are in that zone of being close to 6ft, more than 11.5.
Griffith said on 7/Jan/23
Rob you reckon Big Adam would edge Justin Timberlake..
Editor Rob
I think if they stood together it would be very close.
Griffith said on 5/Jan/23
Rob if Joe was in his socks you reckon he would be taller than Big Adam?
Editor Rob
I think he would edge Big Adam, whether it's a 1/4 or 1/2 is the question really....
Leon Evans said on 26/Dec/22
With you giving Joe 183 cm almost I’m guessing your going with average for example
Morning 184 cm
Night 182

Griffith said on 3/Oct/22
Rob did Joe looked much taller than Danny dyer in person
Editor Rob
Not much between them really, I can see the argument both can look like 5ft 11.75 guys.
Griffith said on 2/Oct/22
Rob, did he look significantly taller than Benedict cumberbatch in person
Editor Rob
Looked within a similar range, over 5ft 11, but not 6ft...however like I say, footwear disadvantage with Joe made me think closer to 6ft.
Griffith said on 28/Sep/22
Rob how tall did he looked with his converse?
Editor Rob
Didn't think he was less than a 5ft 11.5 guy standing around that photo area.
Griffith said on 22/Sep/22
Rob if you never met joe in person what precise figure you would of list him
Editor Rob
I might have went with 11.75.
Jimmy_ESB_182 said on 14/Aug/22
I can't see him more than 181 here but surely Rob wouldn't mis-estimate like that.. maybe 182
Eli Shahar said on 10/Jun/22
He’s a weak 6 ft I feel like he’d measure 5’11.75 just a fraction under the mark. Thanks Rob 👍
Quis said on 11/Apr/22
Are you sure he is 6ft. If he was 6ft your eyes would be below his mouth level. He honestly looks 5'10.5. Do you agree with me.
IceCold said on 2/Apr/22
Does he much slouching there? He looks nowhere near 6 ft
Editor Rob
he's dropping height in this pose for sure.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 7/Aug/21
Minimum 182cm
Mikester said on 23/Apr/21
5ft11.75-5ft11.5 maybe?
Editor Rob
11.75 would be lowest I'd go
Shayz said on 12/Dec/20
Definitely 1cm shorter than Froch
Arch Stanton said on 3/Dec/20
Towered his dad, certainly did well to reach this height! His dad and trainer Enzo died a while back, only heard about that recently, sad, he was a year younger than my dad too! Calzaghe has a very similar look to Joe Rogan.
Nik Ashton said on 29/Nov/20
@ Rob - I-N-T-E-R-E-S-T-I-N-G!
Eric W Tam said on 26/Nov/20
It's amazing how short a hat can make someone look.
Roots4828 said on 10/Nov/20
Benefit of the doubt listing. Puncher’s chance of being the full 6ft at night.
Thomas 12231 said on 5/Sep/20
@Slim 6'1"
I think 5'11 is tallish, not quite tall but higher than average range
Slim 6'1" said on 7/Aug/20
i feel 181-182 just isnt tall anymore. more 6'-6'1" is actually tall
Slim 6'1" said on 7/Aug/20
nearer 6 than 5 11 181.5-183 is good
ajax509 said on 7/Aug/20
5ft 11.5 would be a better fit.
OriginalAnon said on 3/Aug/20
6' is a stretch. I've always seen him as a 5'11'' guy, no more than half an inch over that.
Christian 6'5 3/8 said on 18/May/20
That's interesting, despite him claiming that he possibly stunted his growth. Imagine how tall he could've been if he maybe didn't.
Editor Rob
It was strange he mentioned stunting, given the height of his parents.
Nik Ashton said on 11/May/20
The average guess is TOO low!
Editor Rob
Joe's father was quite short Click Here and his Mother was short too. He exceeded what many Doctor's might have predicted for him.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 4/May/20
Slightly small hands for a boxer of his height.
Richie said on 24/Apr/20
I would say based on the pic Calzaghe is in the 5'11" range, he doesn't appear to have four inches on Rob, a strong 5'11" tops.
ArjunaKorale said on 17/Oct/19
I think that Hopkins is a little shorter than 6 ft 1. I think he’s more 6 ft 0.25 or 6 ft 0.5 inches tall. Holyfield is around 6 ft 1 or 6 ft 1.5” and on pix of them together, Hop looks a full inch (at least 3 cm) shorter than Evander. Also look at pix of Hop with 6 ft 1 Chad Dawson or 6 ft 1 Antonio Tarver - Hopkins looks a couple of cms below them in height. This would make Hop a fraction over 6 ft tall which would correspond to Calzaghe’s true height of 5 ft 11.5 or so as I too feel that he’s a couple of cms shorter than Hopkins (I refuse to believe that Joe is a full 6 ft tall).
ArjunaKorale said on 13/Oct/19
Rob, how tall do you think Bernard Hopkins is?
Editor Rob
Looked 6ft 1 with Joe
Emil said on 12/Sep/19
I'll be generous towards Carl and give him a 5'11.75/182cm estimate.

He just doesn't strike me as a full 6 footer - he's at least half an inch shorter than Kessler whom I'd guess is around 6'0.25-6'0.5
Boxing fan 07 said on 18/Jun/19
I say 5’11”. He looks shorter in the picture with you, than Froch does. Although Calzaghe was leaning over is he pic.
movieguy12 said on 21/Apr/19
Mikkel Kessler looked huge for a super middle. Taller than Calzaghe and more built. How he made the weight I've no idea.
Animus said on 8/Dec/18

Well, he's also minimally 5'11¾. He edges out every 5'11 opponent he's ever had. It's really a mystery why he was ever listed around an inch shorter than he is. I'll give him 6'0
Canson said on 14/Oct/18
He is slouching in the pic with Rob clearly
ArjunaKorale said on 6/Oct/18
I have no doubt that Calzaghe is a maximum 182 cm (5 ft 11.75) tall. This is the figure in Calzaghe’s autobiography ‘No Ordinary Joe’ so there is no way (at any time of the day) that Calzaghe was 183 cm (6 foot) tall. You guys really need to downgrade him a bit.
Animus said on 13/Sep/18
Mikkel Kessler stood roughly equal barefoot to Calzaghe in thick sneakers. Kessler also edged out Andre Ward. However, he was seemingly the same or slightly shorter than Carl Froch.
Incidentally, I have also seen a photo of him with Mads Mikkelsen, where Kessler is clearly taller.

Rob, what do you think? He's in the 183-185cm range for sure, but where does he fall? Perhaps a 184cm guy?
Editor Rob
Around 6ft looks ok for Kessler.
Zampo said on 6/Sep/18
One of those I feel that measure at about 182.3 cm in the evening. Probably bang on 6'0 (182.9) at lunchtime. Either 5'11.75 or 6'0 would be reasonable.
Animus said on 22/Jul/18
@Redwing @Rob

Well, he was undefeated as a professional, so he was not just "good", he was "great". He is one of the greatest of all-time in his weight class.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 8/Jun/18
Rob are him and Carl Froch actually similar in person?
Editor Rob

He looked a bit shorter than Froch because he had a more noticeable footwear disadvantage that day, as mentioned near 0.4 inch.

I know he's been billed at 5ft 11 flat too, on BBC site.

If he was only 5ft 11 he'd have looked 5ft 10.5 range. There is not a chance in hell he was that short unless the guy was wheeled in on a trolley and was near his morning height.

5ft 11.5 would be the lowest I think I'd attempt to argue for him.
Adnan said on 24/Mar/18
5'9" to 5'10"
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 24/Feb/18
184-185cm zone out of bed
Slim 6' said on 30/Oct/17
11.76” is a good downgrade 182.2.
King of the hill 91 said on 14/Oct/17
Upgrade 183cm .5cm maybe
King of the hill 91 said on 11/Oct/17
Rob in the morning and out of bed What do you have him weake or flat or strong 183cm and weight
Editor Rob
out of bed I feel Joe would comfortably measure 6ft 1/2 inch at least.
King of the hill 91 said on 10/Oct/17
Thanks mate rob What six foot range do you have him at weake or flat or strong 183cm and weight what range mate
Editor Rob
I'd say for a proportion of the day he probably measures over 6ft, then by lunch maybe very close and by evening he might dip a fraction under.
King of the hill 91 said on 8/Oct/17
Rob What range do you have him at afternoon and morning and out of bed and weight
King of the hill 91 said on 8/Oct/17
Rob What range do you have him at afternoon and morning
Editor Rob
I think at lunchtime he is close to 6ft, he may well fall a little fraction under it by dinner.
King of the hill 91 said on 7/Oct/17
Rob What range do you have him at night and afternoon morning andoutof bed What is the tallest he could be and what range do you have him weight now the sun had him 182 cm and 183cm
Editor Rob
182cm at night is very possible, but 181 at night I'd be surprised at.
hardguy said on 29/Sep/17
5ft 11.49in (181.6cm)
BoxingFan said on 27/Sep/17
Why hasn't this height been adjusted? There's no way calzaghe is 6'. Even in boxing where heights are almost always exaggerated, Calzaghe was always listed as 5'11 or 11 1/2".
Slim said on 19/Sep/17
Rob, even 5'11.75" would be closer to the truth.i doubt this guy would be eye to eye with bale, Norton and hanks.
Editor Rob
1/4 inch shy isn't far from his claim, but I'd rule out 5ft 11-11.5 completely for him.
Slim183 said on 25/Aug/17
Strong 5'11".(181)

Guys read the desc the guy had 1 cm less footwear.
Afyzilla said on 3/Aug/17
He stood face to face with 5ft11 Roy Jones Jr and appeared at least an inch taller than him.
even said on 16/Jul/17
by looks of things this man cant be over 5'11"
Bobby said on 5/Jul/17
Seems more 5'10 than the 6ft listing.
World Citizen said on 4/Jun/17
Looks 5 ft 10.5
Vibram said on 21/Nov/16
He was listed as 5'11" in the late 1990's on his bill card. That looks about right, certainly not a 6 footer. He's 1 inch shorter than Froch
King of the hill 91 said on 7/Nov/16
Sorry my keys didnt work when he would fight he would be put 182cm or 183 cm against kessler who is listed 19 185cm Sorry my keys are playing up the pundits had him down 181 but glen said if you watch on tale tape he said hes taller he over 181
King of the hill 91 said on 3/Nov/16
In the sun they had him when he would 182cm or 183 cm sometimes
Rory said on 10/Oct/16
@Rampage, you clearly haven't seen the video of them then standing talking in the ring where they are literally eye to eye. Watch that video first, then reassess.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 8/Oct/16
He looks like he'd be 2in shorter than Froch
Redwing said on 30/Sep/16
Hi rob, how tall did he look to you? He was a good fighter wasn't he, Italian and undefeated like Marciano!!
Editor Rob
he fought some good, but some bad fighters. In person he did seem a bit over 5ft 11, then add 0.4 inch difference in footwear I think he had to be 5ft 11.75 minimum.
PhysicsEnemy said on 21/Sep/16
I have Froch @ 5' 11.5" and Calzaghe @ 5' 11.25". Froch's slim build, smaller skull and good posture can fool people. Surprised people are considering the photo with Rob, useless to gauge with the footwear and posture difference!
Aza said on 9/Aug/16
Agree with MD. He might measure 5'11.5 ft first thing and rounds up?
MD said on 8/Aug/16
I've been saying for years he's not 6'0" and it's painfully obvious.
Junior31 said on 6/Aug/16
Loose posture or not. There's is no chance of him being 6'. Look at his stare down with a 40 year old 5'11 Roy jones junior. Jones is taller. Look at his stare downs with 6'1 Bernard Hopkins. 2 inch difference and that's gracious. Joe is at best 5'11. No .5 more. And certainly not 6ft. I think hes 5'10.75-5'11. He's listed 3/4 of the time at 5'11. 6' is his round up billing.
Rory said on 6/Aug/16
Why would you think he was 5'11.5 or less when rob whose met him is quite clear he's a 6 footer, and actually he looks the same if not slightly taller than Froch when they are stood eye to eye in video from the boxing ring ? It's pretty plain to see he's leaning down in that photo with Rob and has less footwear.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 5/Aug/16
5ft11½ is possible and that's being generous considering he looks about 5ft10 w/h Rob.
Rory said on 5/Aug/16
Actually if anything in the video with Froch and Calzaghe together, Joe looks like he might edge him.
Editor Rob
I think at times Joe has a loose posture, and a decent sized head I can understand why he is guessed 5ft 11.
Peter 179cm said on 24/Jul/16
178 tops in the pic but obviously not standing as well as Big Rob...Maybe more 181-182 range(5'11.5)?
Editor Rob
Calzaghe might be a little under six foot, but if it is, I really don't think it is more than 1/4 inch. I think he and carl froch are within a 1/4 inch of each other.

Joe has a pretty big head in person too.
Phil said on 31/May/16
He is 5 foot 11 and a half.
the Slav said on 22/May/16
I think both Calzaghe and Froch dip a fraction below 6'0 in the evening.
movieguy said on 1/May/16
Looked at the video with Calzaghe and yeah Joe is just as tall . Surprised by this as Froch always looked taller to my eyes.
HULK said on 25/Apr/16
Joe calzaghe looked 5'11 max next to Chris eubank sr(5'10 on this site)
here is a video of the two.skip to 3:00 min
Click Here
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 31/Jan/16
He looks like at least 2in shorter than Froch does with Rob...
Editor Rob
they are very close in height in person...I met Joe when I had a 1 inch heel and he had converse, so near 0.4 inch footwear difference.

actually you can see a video of Froch and Calzaghe chatting together in the ring...
Emil 183 cm said on 23/Jan/16
I see 5'11.5-5'11.75 for Joe. The 6'0 is not totally out of the water but its a bit of a stretch tbh
Junior31 said on 28/Sep/15
Rob search for joe Calzaghe Carl froch. You have both listed at 6 even and froch has an inch on him in every photo. He's listed everywhere at 5,11 and his pictures with froch prove it.
div said on 11/Sep/15
i think he is about 5ft 11.5.
Nickname said on 8/Sep/15
It does look like he's sloching by quite a lot. Judging by where his shoulders are at I can believe 5'11, maybe 5'11.5 but I don't know about 6'0".
Enzo said on 15/Jun/15
lol even in boxing Calzaghe was viewed as being 6'....5'11-11.5
Dmax said on 28/Apr/15
This dude doesn't even look 3 inches taller than you Rob.
120 said on 28/Mar/15
He still looks 5ft 11
Alex said on 18/Mar/15
Yeah ok yeah he's 5'11 definitely 5'11 yeah
doddy dan said on 17/Mar/15
i have met Joe Calzaghe in poerson i am exactly 5'10 barefoot and i would say he is at least 5'11 maybe just 6 foot
Sam said on 14/Mar/15
He looks 5'11 in the picture, but if he wore the same shoes to match Rob he would look perhaps 5'11.5. The full 6' however? I don't know about that.
Tunman said on 11/Jan/15
possibly 5'11.5 Rob?maybe a good example of what I was saying recently
Bonnets could give fake illusions of tallness
if the commander is only about 5'10 1/8 then Joe looks roughly 5'10.75,well rather 5'11.25-11.5 assuming footwear,look at eyelevel.
Editor Rob
Joe does have a larger head than average aswell...I suppose I wouldn't rule out a chance of 182 range, it's not impossible, but I thought he was 5ft 11.5, then with 0.4in less footwear I bought 6ft.

Sometimes there will be times a guest has time-advantage and I will be at my lowest and they may not be.
Vibram said on 26/Nov/14
He is listed 5ft11 in my 2009 PS3 game Fight Night Round 4. I think a flat 5ft11 is accurate (180cm).
Lee said on 14/Aug/14
some sources have him listed 5'11 but he claims 6'0 himself, I think he looks around weak 6'0, He might be similar to Carl Froch or bit less
person said on 25/Apr/14
bent over 5'8 standing up 5'9/10
Editor Rob
he has near 2 inches on me there and about 1.5 worse posture and 0.4 inch less shoe.

You can see calzaghe with another guy 'commander idham' who wears shoes so would have advantage in footwear over joe

Click Here

The commander is 2 inches taller in person than me whever I have seen him...I'd recommend looking at his collection to spot some tilt and camera position and how some photos are effected by it...for instance look at his maryse quellett pic as the most clear example.

As I said on the barbie blank here, the photographers position can add height at times...the photographer himself has a portait shot with maryse and he is taller than her...and giles the photographer is 5ft 11!
MD said on 21/Apr/14
You can totally ignore the photo with him and Rob, and just look at him with celebrities of known height, and it's clear he's not 6'0". I'd ignore the picture with Rob, altogether, since he's bent. There is more than enough evidence aside from that.
jordydecke said on 19/Apr/14
@chris92 it's 'he's' not his...come on man that's basic level English.

As for Calzaghe I know he's a bit bent over in the pic but as Rob's 5'8 he looks nearer 5'10 than 6'0. I have seen him before but in the distance so couldn't check height - he looked average to me.
chris92 said on 24/Jan/14
Rob in his fights his always been listed at 5'11. I doubt his 6 ft tall, im a big boxing fan and know that bernard hopkins is a legit 6 ft 1 and he had about 2 inches on calzaghe.
Editor Rob
if Joe was 5ft 11 he would have looked 5ft 10.5-10.75 because he had converse and I had exactly 1 inch shoes...but as I said I didn't think he looked that short
Junior31 said on 10/Dec/13
Rob this listing is shot, he looks to be the same height as Tyson and or any other 5'10 listed guy on here. You have him listed at the same height as Froch but Froch is CLEARLY taller at Froch is legit 6ft. Being in the sport I've heard Calzaghe is a strong 5'10 along the line of 5'10.75 or 5'11 at best. This guy needs a downgrade brother!
Editor Rob
I wouldn't say the listing was shot - Tyson looks shorter in person than Calzaghe does.
Vibram said on 26/Nov/13
I think 180cm / 5ft11 flat for Joe Calzaghe.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 7/Nov/13
Rob, he looks shorter with you than Mike Tyson does?
Editor Rob
Tyson is noticeably smaller in person, although he had the advantage that the photographer added height to many of his shots by being stood not directly between the punter and Tyson, but on Tyson's side!
Bard said on 4/Nov/13
He looks 5'11 at most here, accounting for footwear.
Voiceless Dental Fricative said on 2/Nov/13

Are you sure Calzaghe looked 6' in person? He constantly gets billed at 5'11.

It'd be strange for a boxer to be under billed. Most are over billed (e.g. Froch, Tyson)
Editor Rob
at worst I think he'd measure a little below the mark, but he had a stonewall 0.4 inch less sneaker than me, if he was 5ft 11 he should have looked about 5ft 10.5 but he was taller than that.
Scott five eleven said on 7/Sep/13
Have met him a couple of times. Great welsh boxer! I'd have said he was a weak 6'0 myself. Also enzo maccarinelli who I see fairly regularly is definitely 6'4. Have photos with him and there's 5 inches easy and in similar footwear.
Yaspaa said on 31/Aug/13
Les Dennis is said to be 5'9, if he is, Joe looks close to 6'0.
SAK said on 21/Aug/13
Click Here

The guy on the right is Matthew Hoggard (gets listed online as 6f2). He looks over 2" shorter then him.
miko said on 11/Aug/13
I think Froch is a legit 183cm and Calzaghe would just fall short at 182cm.
miko said on 5/Jun/13
Rob who do you think is taller, Calzaghe or Froch?
Editor Rob
I think they are within a fraction of each other, both near 6ft, Froch might have a slight edge...
Emil said on 5/Jun/13
FACE says on 12/Apr/13
How tall do you think Nathan Cleverly is?
Please? I really wanna know.
He is listed as 6'1/185 cm - 6'1.5/187 cm

Cleverly has an advantage with the angle. I think he's 6'2
Miiiiiiighty_l- said on 14/Feb/13
181cm indeed
LJ said on 16/Jan/13
180cm for Calzaghe. 6'0 Mikkel Kessler had an inch on him.
Stephen said on 8/Jan/13
181.7 is the max i can express...
Aragorn 5'11 said on 2/Jan/13
strong 5'10
solid 178cm
gaz said on 23/Dec/12
He gets listed as 5'11 everywhere so i as expecting him to be listed at around 5'10.5 on here..but what a surprise tho 6'0! lol Rear to see a fighter listed lower than he actually is but stranger things have happened.
Joey said on 7/Dec/12
looks 5'11 in this picture
matt said on 12/Oct/12
Yeah I would say 5'10.5 or 5'11....
Space said on 17/Sep/12
Calzaghe definitely isn't 6'
Shaun said on 25/Aug/12
He edged out Stallone in the Vegas pics in his usual customs and Sly can reach 5'11"-5'11.5" typically in them so 6' or a fraction under looks about right. No idea why he was always listed at 180cm though.
ArjunaKorale said on 7/Aug/12
Yeah, Mike, I agree he would knock me out o bed(!), but Calzaghe is still no 6 footer!
mike 6 feet out of bed said on 7/Aug/12
@arjunacoral. Whats your deal man? Why do you care about his height so much hes 6 feet and Hell knock you out no matter what height he is!
mike 6 feet out of bed said on 7/Aug/12
A lot of boxers will get measured at there worst.. in some cases after hard training on feet. That would make them get measured even worse than there low
Jake: 1.82 m-- 1.83 m-- 1.84 m said on 30/Jul/12
He's 5ft 11.75in (1.82 m).
ArjunaKorale said on 26/Jul/12
Rob, no matter whatever length of time passes, I cannot accept Joe as 183 cm! Nowhere is Calzaghe down at that height. Calzaghe is down at 182 cm in his own autobiography. And many respectable boxing site such as boxrec have got Joe listed at 180 cm (5 ft 11). I'm leaning towards this 180 or 181 cm estimate. So, I seriously doubt the 183 cm height estimate for him. You need to correct this, please!
Ace said on 22/Jan/12
He must be one of the first boxers to be genuinely listed lower than he actually is. He is stated to be 5'11 in every fight. Although judging by his lean with you, he must be taller.
Jack said on 16/Jan/12
Then why is he listed at 5'11"(180 cm) almost everywhere?
Editor Rob

Joe claims 6ft for his height.

if he was 5ft 11 then he would have looked about 5ft 10.5 considering he had about 0.4 inch less sneaker than my inch heel.

He just did not look that small to me, I saw him with quite a few folk that day.
Theman said on 15/Dec/11
Calzaghe i belive is around 182cm just shy of the full 6 foot. I doubt hes had a growth spurt he probably is a little taller throughout the day due to no training. So hes probably abit taller for longer.
MD said on 5/Dec/11
I'll stop being "rude" when you stop spamming pages with multiple, consecutive posts, okay? Thanks.
Shaun said on 4/Dec/11
MD seriously you need to chill out mate. You come across as very rude.
Michael said on 26/Nov/11
I bet it's awesome meeting all these celebrities Rob! Plus I always expected Joe to be about 6 ft 5, obviously I was incorrect.
Editor Rob

the actual getting photos is a good part of these trips, the travelling/costs/time/crowds I put up with.
MD said on 25/Nov/11
Come on; let's get real, here. He is not 6'0", nor has he ever been.

With 5'9" Woody Harrelson and 5'10" Michael Sheen:

Click Here

This guy was always 5'11" at the very most...just as he was listed throughout nearly his entire career. Let's quit this silliness.
Shaun said on 23/Nov/11
Shaun says on 12/Nov/11
I still think of him as a flat 5'11" guy, but I guess Rob saw him at 6'.
[Editor Rob: he just never looked as short as 5ft 10.5 that day (which would make him 5ft 11 basically with sneaker disadvantage).]

I trust your judgement, although it would seem odd for a sportsman to downgrade their height!! Especially in a sport where intimidation is key.
Editor Rob

"In my year out of boxing I had a growth spurt, to a height of six feet".

that's from his own hand in his book
Shaun said on 12/Nov/11
I still think of him as a flat 5'11" guy, but I guess Rob saw him at 6'.
Editor Rob
he just never looked as short as 5ft 10.5 that day (which would make him 5ft 11 basically with sneaker disadvantage).
Shaun said on 12/Nov/11
Well Rob Gordon Ramsay had an least 2 inches on him and as we know he is not a legit 6'2".
HULK said on 13/Oct/11
Joe Calzaghe with Robbie Williams(5'11.5/6ft)
Click Here
Click Here
With Tom Jones(5'10)
Click Here
Josh B said on 10/Oct/11
My apologies, Woody is 5'9.5 as opposed to the 5'9 i thought he was. That would mean 5'9.75 for Baker is pretty accurate as 0.25 of a centimeter is easily unrecognizable.
Josh B said on 8/Oct/11
If i may i'd like to use your pic to demonstrate that Simon Baker is the same height as Woody Harrelson in that pic. As we have suspected, Rob, he's closer to 5'9 than 5'10.
HULK said on 1/Oct/11
Joe calzaghe next to gordan ramsey----------- ON the far left hand side is LIVERPOOL FC legend IAN RUSH who's 5'11
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Bronson said on 1/Oct/11
Anyone know how old he was when he had a year out of boxing and the growth spurt?
johno said on 21/Sep/11
Honestly, in the above picture, he must take the record for looking the shortest looking 6'0 next to rob/mamun.

If calzaghe were to stand straight and taking his footwear disadvantage into perspective, i would say that the tip of robs head would be slightly above or inline with calzaghe's eyebrow. Which means, theres alot of lost height and compression in calzaghe's posedown with rob in the above pic.

I remember a 6'4 listed, gameshow host, vernon kay dwarfing him on itvs ''beat the star''. The difference was not less then 5 inches solid. Theres actually pictures of them two together.
johno said on 21/Sep/11
Honestly, in the above picture, he must take the record for looking the shortest looking 6'0 next to rob/mamun.

If calzaghe were to stand straight and taking his footwear disadvantage into perspective, i would say that the tip of robs head would be slightly above or inline with calzaghe's eyebrow. Which means, theres alot of lost height and compression in calzaghe's posedown with rob in the above pic.
HULK said on 19/Sep/11
JOE calzaghe with 5'10 CHRIS EUBANK
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Ulrich said on 22/Aug/11
@Rob How tall are Mikkel Kessler and Bernard Hopkins?
Editor Rob
hopkins does personally say 6ft 1 for his height.
HULK said on 22/Jul/11
Joe calzaghe looks 5'11 next to Mickey Rouke whos a 5'11
Legend said on 17/Jul/11
He looks 5'11 in the photo.
Maximus Meridius said on 14/Jul/11
Rob is there a chance Joe is under 6ft i think he is more 5ft 11in than 6ft maybe 6ft in trainers and 5ft 11in barefoot do you agree with me.
Editor Rob
there is always a chance, but this guy looked near 5ft 11.5 to me but then he had 0.4 inch less sneakers...

if he was 5ft 11, he would have looked 5ft 10.5 to me which is unbelievable to me.
Shaun said on 19/Jun/11
Looks an easy 6' next to 6'2.5" David Haye. If the man says he is 6' and Rob has seen him several times and thinks he looks a solid 6' then that is surely good enough? Sports listings are not always correct. They often underlist Mark Philippoussis too as a flat 6'4" when he is 6'5" range.
jay said on 17/May/11
alex says on 15/Feb/11
Hi, big boxing fan here.

He's 5'11" he even says so in his autobiography, on his boxrec page and on his hbo and sky box office fights he was always listed at that height

[Editor Rob: would this be the same auotbiography where Joe says:

"In my year out of boxing I had a growth spurt, to a height of six feet, but I was still a couple of years away from shaving....I was a slow developer, maybe I'd stunted my growth through all the years of making weight" ?]

come on rob, seriously?!, the man retired from boxing in 2008 and hes 39 now, you HONESTLY think he had a growth spurt of 1 inch at the age of 36-37...? no chance in hell, hes 100% 5'11 as hes listed everywhere

Editor Rob
the quote is in his book. You mustn't have read the quote properly because he he mentions how he was still a couple of years away from shaving. Of course, he's talking about his teenage years, not his 30's.
thorterr said on 25/Apr/11
he looks like a skinny wee dude with a fresh innocent face(im not talking about you rob)hard to imagine hes a world boxing champion and 6ft aswell
MD said on 14/Mar/11

Instead of just telling us that, put in the simple effort to link us to the phot.
Truth said on 14/Mar/11
Looooot at Joe calzaghe next to 5'10 charlie sheen!!!!!
In google images
SAK said on 13/Mar/11
He is 5ft11.5/181.5cm

this photo(taking into account shoe disadvantage), and other photos I seen of him prove he is not full 6ft0.
jrock said on 9/Mar/11
also rob you really need to downgrade him, hes listed everywhere as 5'11 and i dont know why they would underlist him for boxing

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thats the pro boxing record keeping website, hes 5'11 there so im pretty sure thats his height

Editor Rob
I seen the man several times. If he was only 5ft 11 he should have looked around 5ft 10.5 because he had 0.4 inch less shoe than me. I never saw him looking that range.

There is an unquestionable quote at the top of the page by Joe (for those who didn't believe he told me himself he was 6 foot :) )...maybe that gives an idea why some 5ft 11 listings existed very early in his career.
Detox said on 9/Mar/11
He has always been listed as 5'11.5" his whole boxing career. Look's it too.
jrock said on 7/Mar/11
lou90 says on 27/Jan/11
His biceps are the size of small children,, he dosent look 6 foot tho

yea except he was 46-0 as a pro boxer so im sure he'd knock your head clean off with one punch from those "children sized biceps"
d wade said on 5/Mar/11
here with david Haye Click Here
Anonymous said on 19/Feb/11
He doesn't look 6 foot in this picture at all
Shaun said on 16/Feb/11
His biceps look normal to me, about my size. You want biceps the size of small children google image Jay Cutler....

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Shaun said on 16/Feb/11
His biceps look normal to me, about my size. You want biceps the size of small children google image Jay Cutler....
alex said on 15/Feb/11
Hi, big boxing fan here.

He's 5'11" he even says so in his autobiography, on his boxrec page and on his hbo and sky box office fights he was always listed at that height

Editor Rob
would this be the same auotbiography where Joe says:

"In my year out of boxing I had a growth spurt, to a height of six feet, but I was still a couple of years away from shaving....I was a slow developer, maybe I'd stunted my growth through all the years of making weight" ?

Rino said on 10/Feb/11
i always thought he was a 6fter but most websites have him down as 5ft 11-flat
i think hes 5'11.5 next to Roy jones jr whos a strong 5'11- so no more than 5'11.5
thers a pic of him next to david haye whos given 6'3 but is really 6'2--6'2.5 joe calzaghe looks 2/2.5 inches shorter than david haye---its quite confusing!!
Dominic said on 10/Feb/11
Rob if his eyes line up with the top of your head both bare feet, does that make him a 6fter?

Editor Rob
it would be near 185cm for that
Dominic said on 7/Feb/11
Rob can you explain why he's listed at 6' when you only have a 1cm/.4in height advantage? Call me blind but even assuming the disadvantage against you, he looks like 5'10.5 ( I see his head finishing 2 inches above yours)

Editor Rob
he looked nearer 5ft 11.5 than 5ft 11 to me, when not counting the shoe difference.
Rich said on 1/Feb/11
Calzaghe is 5ft11 according to most of his boxing statistics and there usually quite accurate
SAK said on 31/Jan/11
I use to think he was 6ft0, but I think he's actually a weak 5ft11(180cm) now, He needs a downgrade, at least to 181cm/5ft11.
Anonymous said on 31/Jan/11
He is no more than 5'-11" barefoot (looks about 3 inches taller than Rob)
Anonymous said on 30/Jan/11
When someone is 5'11.5" they will usually just say 6'0". I think he needs to be downgraded to 182cm.
James said on 30/Jan/11
Tom Jones is no more than 5'10 (178cm) today. He was 5'10.5 as a young man though.
Philip said on 30/Jan/11
I live near him.He's local.5'11' definite but 6' if he really stands upright and stretches.
MD said on 27/Jan/11
With 5'10.5" Tom Jones:

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lou90 said on 27/Jan/11
His biceps are the size of small children,, he dosent look 6 foot tho
Legend said on 27/Jan/11
He really looks 5'11 Rob.
Moke said on 26/Jan/11
Rob, is there another pic with Calzaghe? he has this "monster-slouch" that some guys do when standing next to shorter people :)

Editor Rob
thats only shot I have, unfortunately I wanted to do a fist pose.
Jimmy said on 26/Jan/11
5'11 and that's accounting for the slouch.

Other 6' people look taller standing next to Rob.
miko said on 26/Jan/11
You'd agree that he was a weak 6"0 though Rob?

Maybe more 5"11.75 than 6"0.25 if you know what I mean.

Editor Rob
there's always a chance.
MD said on 25/Jan/11
I honestly can't figure ouot why he's being given a full 6'0" when he doesn't claim it.

Editor Rob
when I spoke to him at that event he said he was 6 foot.
Jack said on 25/Jan/11
5'11" barefoot. 5'11.75" with shoes.
Dean said on 24/Jan/11
Hes a 5'11 guy...hes no way a flat 183cm..from this pic he looks 176cm lol but theres something up..he stood next to james corden on " a league of their own" and had james by about 2-3 inches. james is about 5'9 so id put joe at 181-182cm
ArjunaKoral said on 24/Jan/11
Rob, Mate:
Calzaghe is 182cm (5ft 11.5in) & no more! Calzaghe has even said so himself in his autobiography entitled "No Ordinary Joe"!!! Please check it yourself! Still this is tall for a supermiddleweight boxer. Please could u do an entry on new suppermiddleweight king Carl Froch - i much prefer him over Joe. Froch boxes much more classically, & unlike Joe (a figher with a v ugly fighting style) is beautiful to watch!!!
Joe said on 24/Jan/11
looks to be a comfortable 6'0.
reg said on 23/Jan/11
Rob did Joe seem taller then 511.75 Danny Dyer?Cheers.

Editor Rob
I thought danny had an inch of hair
henry said on 23/Jan/11
its a slouch some people too quick to judge on here.rob wouldnt put his height as 6ft if it wasnt the case.
Derek d said on 22/Jan/11
5'9 and a half? Why do people here view pictures so simple minded? Lol he's slouching guys... Use your imagination and think of what he would look like if he was standing up straight. Probably around 6 ft as listed.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 22/Jan/11
If he's a good couple of inches taller won't that make him 6"0.5(184cm)?

Editor Rob
the photo there is a good 2 inch difference I'm saying.
Anonymous said on 21/Jan/11
looks about five nine and a half in this pic
James said on 21/Jan/11
5'11 1/2.

rob do you agre he looks 5'10.5 (179cm) with poor posture in this pic?

Editor Rob
well he's a good couple of inches taller.

Goliath of Gath said on 21/Jan/11
Sometimes a guy who is 6 feet with a strong build of 200 lbs or more might appear more 5 -11 ish, than say a 6 foot man who is 170 and looks 6-1 ish. Slender guys sometimes appear taller.

Take JFK for instance. He was 6 ft 0, 172 lb and appeared quite tall when comparing the 5-11.5 Richard Nixon who had a shorter looking build, but within 1 inch of Kennedy.

I think Joe is more closer to 5-11 than 6 ft.
MD said on 20/Jan/11
He's 5'11.5", always has been, and simply rounds up.
Lmeister said on 20/Jan/11
Rob are you afraid to put his official listing 182cm ;) No big deal he probably hits 6ft in the morning.

Editor Rob
he said 6 feet to me, you don't get more official than that ;)

the times I saw him that day up close I thought, this fella looks taller than 5ft 11 flat (i.e. 5ft 11.5, considering I had 0.4 inch more shoe than him).
Godred said on 20/Jan/11
6 ft with shoes maybe?
MD said on 19/Jan/11

How are you going to put him at 6'0" when he's officially listed at 182 cm?

Editor Rob
he said he was 6ft.
Anonymous said on 19/Jan/11
He was listed at 5'11" through his entire career. I always thought 6'0" could be possible though.
d wade said on 19/Jan/11
no way 6 feet in the picture but he is leaning.
sean89 said on 19/Jan/11
looks 5'10 here rob and hes not standing very straight prob around 178 179 cm.
SAK said on 19/Jan/11
He does not look 6ft0 in this pic, but he does have shoes disadvantage, and it looks like he is trying to b same height as Rob, when taking pic.

I have seen him in his boxing matches, always looks around 5ft11-6ft0.

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