How tall is Joey Ramone

Joey Ramone's Height

6ft 6 (198.1 cm)

Rocker from the Ramones. Has been described 6ft 6 and 7.

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6ft 5.46in (196.7cm)
Alex.7 said on 21/Apr/24
I am surprised people dont talk about Joey more. No one seems to know this guys height for sure. Someone said he claimed even high as 6'9! Personally, i would say 6'6.5-6'7 with good posture.
XAM3AT ?ETPOB said on 3/Sep/23
Danimal : you think ramone was 6'7 or 6'8??? hahaha
Danimal said on 30/Aug/23
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 30/Aug/23
Danimal, he's easily dropping a good inch in height there....I'd still say even with the bad posture he was comfortably taller than Nealon and Conan O'Brien

Yeah, in his younger years when he had good posture he was bare minimum 6'6" and more likely 6'7" or the 6'8" his brother and mother claimed he was. There was a picture on the internet when I began posting on this site back in late 2004/early 2005 of a younger Joey circa 1990 standing next to Howard Stern who was bare minimum 6'5"-6'5.5" and Joey was leaning in to Howard while Howard was standing straight and Joey clearly was still taller than Howard.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 30/Aug/23
Danimal, he's easily dropping a good inch in height there....I'd still say even with the bad posture he was comfortably taller than Nealon and Conan O'Brien
Danimal said on 29/Aug/23
Here is Joey in 199 at the end of his life with very bad posture next to 6'4" Kevin Nealon and 6'4" Conan O'Brien: Click Here
QM6'1.5"QM said on 19/Feb/23
No less than 197cms.
Always had the worst posture around.

The cult punk (pop) culture icon and very marked voice!

He died listening music on his player.
R.I.P Joey!!!
Panko said on 13/Dec/22
I dont think he had Marfan,his brother is pretty tall as well, 6'3 or 6'4 and is also really skinny, ive met him a few years back in Rio de Janeiro, but he has a pretty bad posture, like Joey. Also, Monte Mel nick their manager confirmed on his instagram that Joey was 6'6.
Sandy Cowell said on 29/Nov/22
I noticed that Dee Dee Ramoneโ€™s music was used in Pet Sematary Two. Stephen King used The Ramones in his first excellent film, and he made a cameo in it too.

6ft6.25 will do nicely! ๐ŸŽผ๐ŸŽต๐ŸŽถ
avi said on 24/Nov/22
People on here saying he didn't have Marfan's syndrome but his height was not natural. He most likely had undiagnosed condition . I think it was Marfan's has all the traits of it. Albeit maybe nto a severe case of it
Sandy Cowell said on 13/Nov/22
Mick looked enormous in that episode of Star Trek, and he was instantly recognisable, Matt!

Matt6'4.5 said on 30/Jun/22
Rob, at their peaks, who would you pick as taller: Joey Ramone or Mick Fleetwood?
Editor Rob

Joey could possibly have the slight edge
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 2/Apr/22
I missed the Ramones on Sky Arts the other night. I do hope the concert is repeated!

Tall Sam said on 18/Sep/21
Oh man, apparently Pete Davidson has been cast the play Joey in some sort of biopic. I know he evidences some lankiness and paleness but I don't see a lot of similarity in personality or voice. That wouldn't matter if it is well-acted but I haven't seen a lot of evidence that Davidson is a talented actor, mostly on SNL seems to play variations on himself (I haven't seen The King of Staten Island but what I understand is that is basically a fictionalized version of himself). Maybe it's on me since Davidson is better known for his tabloid presence and womanizing than his work thus far. I'm sure there will be trickery in the cinematographer to make Davidson look truly huge in height.

Anyway, here's Joey with Iggy Pop, unbelievable the amount of slouching Joey did, he looks to be nearly on the verge of teetering over.
Click Here
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 30/Jul/21
I noticed the song 'Pet Sematary' was written by the Ramones when I saw the remake the other night. Bloody good remake, with a few changes thrown in, but the lorry driver wasn't playing the Ramones when the accident took place, unlike in the first version, and a different child was hit, offering scope for a more enriching outcome.

Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 15/Feb/21
Wore boots that probably made him 6ft8
5'10eddie said on 6/Nov/19
Strong 6โ€™6โ€
He was a very tall man who looked gigantic because of his thinness in some photos could look even 6โ€™8โ€
genuine tall dude without a doubt
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 3/Nov/19
Those skinny long legs makes him look like 6'7.
Tsb said on 14/Mar/19
not only did he slouch he is rumored to have had kyphosis and shows all the known symptoms. he was probably much taller than he made himself out to be. especially since he didnt stand up straight (rumored eventually couldnt from kyphosis) and always tried to look slouched and meek in photos
Zappa said on 11/Mar/19
Thats what Danny Fields said about Joey:"Look how he provides such a perfect vertical element in the composition; when he was with other people, he'd stoop a little to make himself not so tall, which doesn't ever work. Tall is tall, and when he was able to be un-self-conscious about his height, he just let himself be, as I said, vertical, flexible, beautiful, like a tree."
There is a video and a magazine article from the 90s where Joey claims to be 6'3. Obviously impossible,he tryed to avoid attention to his height because of his insecurities. Shy guy, tough childhood, lots of health problems,his mother said that in 3rd grade he was over 5 foot tall. In anyway he overcame all that.A true king for the underdogs.
Sandy Cowell said on 6/Mar/19
Stephen King has a fondness for 'The Romones'. He used a lot of their music in his films, which, thankfully for us, are still being made!

6ft6 and a quarter will do nicely for Joey.
Panko said on 22/Oct/18
Marky Ramone in his book claims that Joey was 6'6 and couldn't fit in the shower or the hotel beds.Handsome Dick Manitoba,says that Joey was 6'5 with bad posture.
Zippy said on 14/Oct/18
Funny how everyone just ignores the two comments in this thread from people saying they new all the Ramones personally for decades and actually know the real heights, and yet most idiots continue to talk about a picture they saw or some one said something yadda yadda. People never fail to disappoint en mass with their stupidity.

Joey was definitely over 6โ€™6โ€ period.
Tall Sam said on 25/Jan/18
I think Johnny really was closer to 5'10"-5'11" actually.
electricblue said on 24/Jan/18
yes johnny did claim 6 feet "I wasnโ€™t a rock star, but I liked to dress well. I was six feet tall and weighed about 150 pounds, so I could wear a lot of things."

i dunno if he really was though, something like 5 11 and a half is more likely for him.
Danimal said on 5/Jul/17
There's a backstage pic of Joey with Howard Stern who was 6'5"-6'5.5" and Joey has significant height on Howard AND Joey was leaning in while Howard was standing straight. Joey was closer to 6'7"-6'8", not a mere 6'6".
Sandy Cowell said on 22/Jan/17
So the legendary Joey Ramone is all of 6ft6! I was aware he's tall, but that's enormous!
That's even bigger than 6ft4 Stephen King, who seems to be a fan, as he's used the Ramones' music in his films before!
Broinko said on 10/Oct/16
Watch his interview on conan o'brien,he looks taller than conan even with his horrible posture,i would say that he is a 6'5 with a bad posture,6'6 with a good posture.
Alfredo said on 3/Oct/16
Looks 6'7 - 6'8 even in this photo. Definitely taller than 6'6.
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Jwwmantis said on 3/Aug/16
I went to see Richie Ramone and didn't realize how tall he is. I talked with him and he said he was 6'3 which seemed right compared to my 5'9 height. He then told me Joey had 3 inches on him, making Joey 6'6, Johnny was 6' and Dee Dee 5'10. I have met CJ also and he is 6'1.
Eric said on 9/Apr/16
Definitely a 6'6 guy. One thing I noticed is that his shoe size looked kinda small for someone his height. Looks like he wore somewhere around 9.5 to 11 shoes.
Lil Ramona said on 13/Nov/15
Joey did NOT have Marfans Syndrome. It was clarified by Mickey. Stupid rumors get started and ppl are stupid enough to believe them.
Sam said on 8/Oct/15
I'm just not convinced he was as high as 6'8", 6'6.5"-6'7" is within the realm of possibility but generally he looked 6'5"-6'5.5" with his usual slouching posture IMO.
John said on 12/Mar/15
Definitely taller than 6'6
Ramona said on 6/Feb/15
Lol at people who think that Dee Dee is taller than Johnny. Dee Dee wasn't 6' and Johnny definitely wasn't 5'9" lmao. Dee Dee was 5'10" and Johnny was 6'. If you look at pictures of them standing next to each other it's obvious that Johnny was 2 inches taller than Dee Dee.
Jake said on 4/Feb/15
Actually, he was 6'8". Lots of sources say this but Joey claimed 6'5" - 6'6" because he was insecure about being so tall. Take a look at pictures of him next to 6' Johnny or Dee Dee. It's really obvious that if he were standing up straight he'd be taller than 6'6".
Sam said on 20/Oct/14
Here's Joey with Jim Jarmusch and Johnny Depp, slouching as usual but looking around 6'5.5" IMO.
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Len said on 18/Oct/14
Johnny claimed to be 6' but always looked more like 5'9", maybe 5'9.5". Lots of short-ish guys do this, i.e. round up to 6 feet, lol.

Far as Joey being listed at 6'6", that seems correct.
6'1" Julian said on 30/Aug/14
Wasn't Joey so tall and skinny because he had Marfan Syndrome?
wrecktum said on 18/May/14
IMO, Dee Dee & Johnny were around 6 feet, being an I had an audition to play
bass when Dee Dee left, but was told by friend Actoro they wanted someone
at least close to 6 feet, being 5'7 not to bother.
Ernest said on 21/Mar/14
I knew the ramones and I concur with bubbles as he should know ( he was there tech for a decade, hi Mitch) Joey as around 6.5 both Johnny and DeeDee were 6 ft and Marky is more average around 5' 10". Overall, the Ramones were much taller than your average rock band for sure. Anyone who thinks these guys were small are fools. Now if you wanna talk short lets talk ACDC, or Tommy Ramone!
ninja said on 24/Jun/13
yeah johnny claimed he was 6 ft, 155lbs but i highly doubt that. joey however, would have easly stood 6'6". Elvis ramone was Blondie's drummer Clem burke who drummed in i think 2 shows. he is listed at 5'11" in his bio.
Sam said on 19/Jun/13
I don't believe any of the older line-ups of the Ramones included anyone over 6 feet other than Joey. Johnny would have been lucky to get to 5'10" IMO. In the later line-ups, Ritchie claims (or is listed as) 6'3". He's still a good margin shorter than Joey, 3+ inches.
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I don't know about later guys (C.J. and Elvis) but I'd estimate the Ramones:
Johnny- 5'9.5"
Dee Dee- 5'10.5"
Tommy- 5'5.5"
Marky- 5'9"
Joey- 6'6"
sehr said on 7/Dec/12
In Johnny Ramone's autobiograpgy "Commando", Johnny says he is 6 ft.
cyrus said on 21/Nov/12
tommy ramone 5'5.5"
marky ramone 5'9.5"
johnny ramone 5'9.75"
dee dee ramone 5'10.75"
elvis ramone 5'11.25"
c j ramone 6'0.75"
richie ramone 6'3.75"
joey ramone 6'4.75" (slouching)
6'6.25" (fully erect)
bubbles said on 8/Nov/12
I know/ new the Ramones for decades. Joey was about 6'5, johnny/ Dee dee about 6' etc. These guys were all above average in height. They were especially tall compared to most musicians as on average rock musicians are shorter than average like actors.
Joey said on 17/Aug/12
In "I Slept With Joey Ramone", his brother describes him as being 6 foot 5, so that sounds like a pretty definitive claim to me.
Sam said on 10/Feb/12
I read accounts that claimed Joey was 6'3", which is ridiculously low
wolly said on 6/Feb/12
if you have seen the rock n roll highschool music clip from on the sha na na show you will notice at the start when joey is standing up straight that he has about 3 inches on bowzer and bowzer was 6'3" so that would make joey around 6'6"
Debs said on 13/Jan/12
I just watched an interview with Joey and Marky Ramone on Youtube. The host of the TV show asked Joey how tall he was. Joey replied : I AM 6 FOOT 3. Sorry people he was not as tall as you think. Why would he lie about his height? His very thin limbs gave him the illusion of being taller than he really was..
LAN Jiao said on 8/Oct/11
A real 6'6height nothing more or less.
Ghost said on 1/Oct/11
Wow what a wide range of answers, making them all useless. So lets go with safe sizes:

Joey: 6'5 - 6'6
Johnny: 5'9 - 5'11
Dee Dee: 5'11 - 6'1
Marky: 5'9 - 5'10
Shaun said on 13/Sep/11
Brad says on 14/Apr/11
Joey was as listed is good enough for me. It sucks being his height.

Given the choice though, surely you'd rather be 6'6" than Justin Bieber height?
Banana said on 19/Aug/11
He was 6ft6". In the early early 7Os when Glam Rock was about he had a pair of platform boots that made him 6ft9". Of course they were at the height of glam fashion so Joey wore them but didn't seem very confident walking around NY being 6ft8"/6ft9". He slouched alot then. His slouch stayed with him so I guess he would've come across as maybe 6ft5" but if he stood straight maybe an inch taller? Johnny and Dee Dee have to be at least 6ft. Tommy was much shorter than Joey but I think 5ft5" is a bit to small he was probably about 5ft7 at least.
nirvAnA said on 6/Aug/11
joey was every bit 6'6" find it hard to believe dee dee was 6' although he has been listed at 5'10" johnny has been listed at 5'9" but oddly almost always appears taller than deen dee.
Carlos said on 14/Jul/11
I met The Ramones and Joey was CERTAINLY about 6'6" or even more (6'7 maybe). Johnny was about 5'10 to 6, cause he was just a little taller than me (I'm 5'9"). CJ was about 6'1 cause he was a little taller than Johnny. And Marky is the shorter, maybe 5'9 just like me. I never met Dee Dee or Tommy but comparing them in the pictures, I can supose that Dee Dee was about 5'8 or 5'9 and Tommy was the short one, maybe 5'5 or 5'6.
Ramona said on 21/Apr/11
I think he probably would've been 6ft6" without the slouch right? He was quite a reserved guy who didn't seem to love getting tonnes of attention so he probably slouched because he was uncomfortable with his height?

Johnny Ramone I think was 6ft4" wasn't he?
Dee Dee was 6ft3" (almost the same height as Johnny)
Tommy was the shortest (but still rather tall) and he is around 6ft.
Brad said on 14/Apr/11
Joey was as listed is good enough for me. It sucks being his height.
Danimal said on 13/Apr/11
photog says on 13/Apr/11
I photographed the original RAMONES - Joey was 6'1" -6'2" I also lived on the Bowery and saw him on the street, often "โ€ and always in the slouch. That was really him. Think he was 6'7"? You probably think there was a shooter on the grassy knoll and Noah really had an ark. Dream on.

6'1"-6'2"????? What kind of crack are you on??? He was taller than minimum 6'5" Howard Stern and Joe was leaning in... Joey was closer to 6'8" in reality...
Sam said on 13/Apr/11
Umm, the shortest estimates I've ever heard for Joey were 6'3" and that was due to his way he was 6'1"-6'2"
photog said on 13/Apr/11
I photographed the original RAMONES - Joey was 6'1" -6'2" I also lived on the Bowery and saw him on the street, often "โ€ and always in the slouch. That was really him. Think he was 6'7"? You probably think there was a shooter on the grassy knoll and Noah really had an ark. Dream on.
will yerger said on 16/Dec/10
yeah possibly taller
MOI said on 10/Dec/10
OH MY GOD! I knew he was tall but seriously. That's extreme!
Brad said on 17/May/09
6' 5.5" I know I just had him by a wee bit, both in Chuck's of course. Johnny was 5' 10". Dee Dee I can't remember, had Cobain posture 4 sure.
Nate said on 27/Apr/09
Thats a shame about the photo Glenn. At least you got to meet Dee Dee. He did look to be a few inches taller than Johnny who was 5'10? Joey and Dee Dee were always my favorites of the group.
Mark said on 26/Apr/09
In view of how tall Joey was, it makes the cover to the debut Ramones album seem incredible. The ledge that the 5-5 Tommy's standing on couldn't have given him more than a 3 inch boost and though Joey is slouching, he's not doing so to any exaggerated degree. And yet, Tommy and Joey look nearly equal in height! That album cover was one incredible piece of trick photography.
glenn said on 24/Apr/09
dee dee was 6ft.i asked him.his horrendous posture made him look 5-10.i made the mistake of not taking a photo with him the last time i saw him.he died 2,3 months later.i have only one.luckily,i can find i lost at least 50 pics over the years.if not 100.he has bleach blond hair in it.and a suit.i dont like the way he looks in the pic,circa 1993.i last saw him looking like dee dee,2001 i think.and i ruined the moment by not capturing it.
Nate said on 23/Apr/09
Glenn did you ever meet Dee Dee? And do you how tall he was?
flash_of_eden said on 6/Mar/09
id say 160 to 165.
glenn said on 6/Feb/09
no clue rachel.i see his brother all the time.ill ask him.probably heavier than we imagine cause of the height.but im bad with guessing weight.
rachel said on 5/Feb/09
does any1 no how much he weighed??
glenn said on 30/Jan/09
thanks brad.anyway,joey was no more than 6-7.his brother told me joey was 6-5.5.joey was that or 6-6 most likely.
Gabriel said on 29/Jan/09
Met him in 92 in Rio. At least 6'8 cause i asked him his height and he answered 6'9... He was a true giant!
Brad said on 13/Aug/08
6' 5" and a 1/2. Met him in '79 & '82 and in both cases I was taller than him in same style sneakers by an inch. Glenn said 6' 7" to benefit the 10" difference between he & Joey. Joey wears Converse, Glenn wears Portman's.
sam said on 28/Feb/08
he's really really SUPER TALL like 6'8-6'9. Looks kind of petrifying too, lol
AAAA said on 6/Oct/07
In their 50th ANN. edition( for October) in america, GQ profiled the ramones and said they were fronted by gangly, 6'3!!!! joey Ramone. It is on page 377-79. 6'3.....that makes everyone 3.5-4 in smaller now.
Anthony said on 23/Sep/07
I have a friend with Marfans Syndrome. He had to have heart surgery becuase the speed of his growth put strain on his heart. He's 17 now and stands 6'8. He's about 150 pounds tops, too. Very sad condition.
glenn said on 16/Aug/07
his mother was average.his brother was 6-1 or under.i posted it below i think.
S.J said on 15/Aug/07
i read somewhere that he had Marfans Syndrome which could have made him tall
unless he has a tall family and its just geneticly
does anyone know how tall his family is???
croat said on 19/Jul/07
I think he's just a bit shorter than 6'7'', Krist Novoselic.
Croat said on 18/Jul/07
He could very well be in between 6'6'' and 6'7''. I think he's over 6'6'', for sure, but not sure if it's 6'7''. Probably closer to 8 than to 6, perhaps in the middle.
Alex said on 13/Jun/07
Looking at the height difference from Glenn who is 5'8'' right? He seems to be at his neck. It looks like he has a good 10 inces over Glenn so i guess 6'6'' - 6'8'' maybe more
sam said on 15/May/07
More than likely, Joey is seated and the guy is leaning.
Anonymous said on 14/May/07
This guy's got to be 6'10, he towers over Joey.
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Viper said on 30/Apr/07
I just read a couple of 6-5 estimates for him in person.
Kev said on 29/Apr/07
at the very least looks 6'6 but could get away with anything up to 6'8 or 9 because of his extremely slight build
Anthony said on 26/Jan/07
Styxfan, maybe you don't know this, or at least it seems that way from your post, but Joey Ramone died about 4 years ago.
Gonzalo said on 26/Jan/07
Syxfan, there are things I don`t understand about your comments. Why you talk about Michael Jordan, Hulk Hogan and Charlton Heston? Are there pic of them next to Ramone? Or you say that because you are comparing hte heights of these four tall guys?
Styxfan said on 26/Jan/07
yeah before I knew Joey's an inch taller than Michael Jordan, since he was always slouching or doing things to make him look shorter so he could fit in the pictures, I used to guess he was 6'2". But now when I see him in other pictures, he definitely looks 6'7". If he still is 6'7" and even rake thin in 50s now, then that's pretty amazing compared to Charlton Heston and Hulk Hoagen!
sam said on 25/Jan/07
Most pictures with the other Ramones are deceptive, because he often had bad posture and was made to lean on things or stand at a height disadvantage so as not to tower as much over them. You can see this on the cover to their first album. I think the rest of the Ramones ranged from 5'7" to 5'10".
Styxfan said on 25/Jan/07
wow! He's huge! Johnny must be 6', Dee Dee 5'8" and their drummer 5'10"?
S.J said on 29/Dec/06
Well it look like a Ramones Pic from in the 90s or 80s becuz joey had more long hair than in the 1970 pics but in 1970 he wore tennis shoes and in the later days he wore these big boots so that may put about 2 inches on him (is that CJ ramone cuz if it is that pic was takin around 1990s i think)
Anonymous said on 8/Dec/06
Yeah, he does look like 6'8 (2.03), he's like 30 cm taller than Glenn, though maybe, since he has the shape of a palm tree, that makes him look taller, so 6'6 could well be right, plus, he's closer to the camera, and we don't know if the floor was flat, he's hiding half of his body behind a wall (or whatever it is), he could have been using big boots....From 6'6 to 6'8.
Viper652 said on 30/Nov/06
How could they think he was 2 inches shorter with how skinny and tall he was in the first place? You would think they would overestimate.
Glenn said on 30/Nov/06
I agree.he looked 6-7 in the flesh.but his brother said 6-5.5 and my friends said 6-5.I say there all wrong.
Anonymous said on 29/Nov/06
I believe him to be 6'6, was he using boots in that picture? it would make him 6'7-6'8 perhaps
lillo thomas said on 15/Nov/06
the 6'5 claims are ridiculous . he looks like a legit 6'7
Anthony said on 5/Aug/06
Yes, Joey was definitley a very larger than life presence on stage. Even if his weight added to the illusion of him being so tall, I'd still he was at least 6'7 even.
Viper652 said on 4/Aug/06
That is exactly what I see Anthony. Also If you have seen old videoclips of the guy he looks 6-7.
Anthony said on 3/Aug/06
I can't see Joey really being anything under 6'6.5, the lowest. I'm sure if Glenn was standing a little closer to him (you can tell he's standing behind Joey) and Joey were standing straight, he'd hit a minimum of 6'7.
Danimal said on 3/Aug/06
I would believe 6'8". I see over a foot difference actually there. Glenn, you're at the bottom of his neck and the average head is 9". His brother could have stated his height when they were yonger, before he stopped growing. That man is no 6'5.5". My step bro is 6'5.5" and when I was 5'8", there was a difference in height, but not that extreme as you and him. Just my opinion.
Glenn said on 3/Aug/06
I always saw friends would argue he was 6-5.
Viper652 said on 3/Aug/06
Ive always read 6-7 for him too. He looks bare minimum 6-6 1/2 in the picture but he is slouching. Standing up straight would be over 6-7 it looks like.
Glenn said on 3/Aug/06
Im with you Viper,but why would his brother say that? he could be wrong.
Anthony said on 2/Aug/06
Yeah, I'd find it quite strange for someone of Joey's height to wear footwear that would almost another 2 inches to your already towering physique. 6'7 seems right.
Viper652 said on 2/Aug/06
6-5 1/2 is hard to beleive. Maybe he wore enhanced footware? You wouldnt think so for a guy that tall to begin with.
Glenn said on 1/Aug/06
His brother told me 6-5.5.I agree he looked 6-7.
Anonymous said on 1/Aug/06
According to his brother and Mother joey was 6'8" tall. he might look shorter because of poor posture. Also he had Lymphoma for the last 7 years of his life.
Anthony said on 7/Jul/06
Sorry, Dan, Joey was that gaunt in real life. Maybe normally not that pale, but he was a very skinny man, and was in poor health for quite some time. I'm unsure of when the picture was taken, but I highly doubt it's a cutout.
Glenn said on 5/Jul/06
Your right,its a cutout,just like the other 700 pics on the site.
Dan said on 1/Jul/06
Well whatever the case, Joey Ramone was certainly one TALL larger than life rocker on stage, for whoever was priveledged to see the Ramones in concert back in the day, no KISSesque platform boots needed. He, Johnny and Dee Dee (RIP), have certainly been missed by many since their final show in 96. I also think its a cutout of Joey in the picture, aside from looking completely aloof to everything around him, he looks awfully gaunt to be a real person. However by most accounts he was quit sickly the last few years of his life, which he was, very sad...:-(
Anthony said on 31/May/06
Ramone to me looks a solid 6'7 in that pic. For some reason, even though his brother said so, he looks more than 6'5 1/2. I saw the picture of Glenn with 6'5 Tim Robbins. In that pic, Robbins did not quite have a full head on him (Glenn still was up to his chin), meaning there would be little to no ddifference if the difference was half an inch). In that pic, he is slouching, so he might look a little shorter. If he stood up, I'm sure he'd look a full 6'7. Also, being that he was quite thin, he could possibly pass for a little taller.
Ramone77 said on 30/May/06
It is noted in Most places that Joey was 6-5 or 6-6, so if his Brother says he was 6-5and a half, it speaks for itself.
LC said on 26/May/06
I'm 6-4 and when I met him in 1979 he was about 2 inches taller than me, both of us in tennis shoes. He had poor posture so it was hard to tell, but 6-5.5 or 6-6 sounds correct.
Viper652 said on 22/May/06
looks 6-6 1/2 in the picture to me.
Glenn said on 21/May/06
6-7 in boots.though there is a 10% chance his brother was wrong.
Jason said on 21/May/06
I thought he looked tall for even 6'6'', but if his brother said 6'5 1/2'' then 6'5 1/2'' it must have been. Glenn got the scoop, Rob.
Glenn said on 21/May/06
I always thought 6-6, friends say 6-4.coincedently,I ran into his brother friday night at the annual RAMONES tribute party and had turn the grill.his brother,who is 6-2.5,said Joey was 6-5.5.there you have it folks.
J-Dog said on 20/May/06
I told you I wasn't having a Dream Joey Ramone looks right at 6'7" Look at that sheer height difference, you can see Joey has at least two inches on the photos that Glenn has taken with guys in the 6'4"-6'5" range like Tim Robbins, Steven Seagal and the list goes on. Looks 200cm
Anthony said on 19/May/06
Wow! Ramone is certainly taller than I thought he was. He looks spot on 6'7 in that pic, if not that a solid 6'6 1/4 - 3/4.
Mikex said on 25/Mar/06
He looked extremely tall in that pic, plus he is the palest man I've ever seen outside of vampire movies.
Gonzalo said on 10/Mar/06
He looks huge in this picture, on the verge of 6-7. And he is slouching a bit. Just compare this picture with others with Glenn and 6-4ers, such as Robbins, Goldblum o Selleck. Joey looks far taller. The only one who looks bigger than Joey is Chris Novoselic of Nirvana.
I saw the Ramones back in 93 supporting U2. Pretty good concert
Glenn said on 4/Mar/06
yeah I faked joey.and the other 250 photos up.DUH.
Glenn said on 7/Feb/06
he looked 6-6.
Danimal said on 28/Jan/06
Jone, Joey wasn't an old guy? Why would he have lost 2 inches? Jone do you only see 10 inches between Glenn and Joey? You are the same guy who gives Arnold 6'4", so your credibility is shot anyways.
Rocky said on 23/Jan/06
I thought it was a mannequin???
J-Dog said on 22/Jan/06
Looks like Joey Ramone should be knocked up to at least 6'7" if not hitting 6'8".
Marc said on 22/Jan/06
Joey Ramone was a man of poor health: He was, for example, sterile, had lymphoma for a good protion of his life, and was known to be extremely thin, only enhancing his towering height of over 6'6".I am quite sure that he is about 6'7", and he usually wore Converse Sneakers. The other guy in the picture, who could be Marky Ramone, I estimate to be 6'1"( since he has about 5 inches on 5'8" Glenn). He comes up roughly under Joey's nose; therefore Joey is at least 6 inches taller.
Danimal said on 22/Jan/06
I see over a foot there in height difference between Joey and Glenn. Glenn is WELL below Joey's chin. 6'7" MINIMUM, and probably closer to 6'8".

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