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6ft 3.31in (191.3cm)
Larry said on 29/May/06
Hi Jason - Ahhh... that was a Jimmy Dean song. I wouldn't think it was Big John Hamilton. But I recall the song from my junior high days: "BIG BAD JOHN!"
I think the John we all knew & loved was more like 275 pounds and he had a VERY nasal voice. Well, so DO I being from the same area of Texas. :-) I asked my cousin about seeing John Wayne & he said Mr. Wayne looked about 6'4" and weighed maybe 260-270 when he saw him. He didn't get a look at footwear.
That would have been about 1968.
Frank2 said on 26/May/06
About as hilarious as wasps in one's pants.
Jason said on 26/May/06
Larry, I remember once hearing this song on the radio called ''Big John''. Was an old song about some dude called Big John lol. Said he was 6'6'' 245lbs if I remember correctly. Was it about the Big John you're talking about?
Tiger said on 24/May/06
I know that Clark/McFly/Harvey is a nut; we all know that! Rob: I think you should let this clown have his remarks posted. They are great comic relief. It is fun to watch a person of this nature make a complete idiot out of himself. He is so dumb that he's actually hilarious!
Larry said on 23/May/06
I never saw Mr. Wayne in the flesh, but my cousin did in 1967. I'll ask him about the details when I see him. He stated that Mr. Wayne was his height at the time, which would have been 6'4". Also, we were good friends (my family) with a sometime actor named John Hamiliton (AKA: Big John). He owned a barbeque restaurant in San Antonio, Texas when I was a young man. John Hamilton stood 6'6". He was 1" taller than I. He was in a couple of movies with John Wayne (The Alamo & McLintock) and he said he was about 2" taller than John Wayne. He had a photo of them in his restaurant.
Mikex said on 20/May/06
Wayne was a very big man by the standards of the time although of course there were always guys who were bigger. Although I'm somewhat of a liberal in my views I think that he was a superb actor and his politics should not distract from this. There's a story about an awards ceremony at which Wayne is given an award. Laurence Olivier is there and someone turns to Olivier and disparages Wayne's acting skills. Olivier replies to the effect that Wayne is a superb actor who is capable of things that he himself can not dream of. By the way i hope Frank2 is still contributing to this site as his comments are always interesting.
Tiger said on 12/May/06
2 nights ago, on public television (PBS), there was an excellent documentary on the relationbship between John Wayne and John Ford. It discussed how they worked with one another, the films they made together, their political views, and how they became close friends over time. As I watched it, the show stated twice that Duke Wayne was 6-4 1/2.
sam said on 11/May/06
Wayne was no taller than Jimmy Stewart. He was 6'3" in his heyday and about 6'2 1/2" later. Jimmy was 6'3-6'3 1/2". Heston 6'2". Eddie Albert was 5'10".
Frank2 said on 30/Apr/06
In the film The Fighting Seabees, John Wayne is taller than Dennis O'Keefe who was at the very least 6'2". Both men wear regular shoes and in long shots where they're together it's clear that Wayne is taller and taller by sometimes two inches. No ramps, no boxes and no lifts.
mike c said on 28/Apr/06
Frank 2..what wonderful pics!..especially love the shot of John Wayne in London while shooting Brannigan. Tiger, can't resist a little mathematics here! JW measures (on my computer screen) 5.25" and the belt he has on measures 3/32"..again, using proportions of elements in a pic. to their true measurements I've come up with 77" for Wayne....3/32" (.09375)divided by 1.375" (actual measurement of the belt in real life [measured some of my own for this])is equal to 5.25" divided by X (Wayne's real height)..see below for the steps involving cross multiplication and solving for X..Wayne, Frank, with what are apparently normal shoes measures a full 77"..6'5"..add the inch for the heel..he's lost 1/2inch since the log cabin a challenge! Frank, why don't you write a book (unless you've already done that)..your pics. and info. are priceless.! Remember guys, let's have some fun..enough crap out there..we don't need anymore, especially on a site that should be fun!Rob, this is my favorite page!
richinkle said on 26/Apr/06
Incidentally, I'm watching a 1955 episode of I Love Lucy with John Wayne. Wayne is wearing 2" - 2 1/2" cowboy boots, and Lucy is wearing about 2 1/2" to 3" heels. Wayne is no more than 7" or 7 1/2" taller than Ball, who comes up to somewhere between his nose and mouth (it's hard to tell exactly because she's wearing a handbag on her head). In another scene, Wayne in 1/2" slippers is about 5" taller than Desi Arnaz in 2" - 2 1/2" heels. With Lucy at 5'-7 1/2" and Desi at 5'-9 or 9 1/2", John Wayne is easily about 6'-4".
Frank2 said on 26/Apr/06
I'm talking about those on the far left who totally disregard religion, disregard the Constitution, embrace communism and desire to install a radical brand of socialist government to replace of what we have. They should cause you greater concern.
George H said on 26/Apr/06
Frank2: (off-topic) Surely you are not saying there are no "God-loving lefties" around? That being a "lefty" or being "God-loving" is mutally exclusive? Frankly (how appropriate) some of your and Tiger's remarks and theories about the course our nation should fare, cause me great concern, especially since I am stationed overseas at the moment.
I apologize, Editor, for going off topic here, but I couldn't ignore those remarks.
Tiger said on 25/Apr/06
Frank2: I very much admire you the more I read your commentary. Very well-said and I very much agree! As far as Duke's height and what a small number think of him negatively, he has and always will endure. He will always be a legend and larger than life. No one can take him down! I would say most would want our great country to get back to the ideals that Duke represented and I think most have never lost those ideals. The one great thing about our country is that, no matter what piece of garbage comes along and no matter who tries to be "heroic", we always seem to get back to what makes this nation the best. We will always endure and outlast those who basically stand for nothing!
Frank2 said on 25/Apr/06
As far as I'm concerned, people are entitled to any political belief they want just so long that it doesn't end up destroying the country. Those on the extreme left or right end up doing exactly that, but God-loving traditionalists who feel that the left has gone too far in its thirst for power have a good point when they criticize them for being un-American. Today we're seeing a bunch of scum (not you) who would sell their mothers into slavery just to gain power. They don't give a damn about the Constitution or the Bill of Rights although they love citing it when it serves them to do so. They see the Constitution as a "work in progress" that can be altered to suit their nutty beliefs. They routinely sell out national security which emboldens our enemies to fight harder and they do this thinking it will eventually bring them what they want. They discredit the current administration in ways that before the dark days of Vietnam would have caused many of them to be accused at the very least of sedition. When Clinton was President we saw some of this action going on from the far right. Of course Clinton walked right into it by his reckless actions within the Oval Office, but the furor over discrediting him just to gain the right more power was despicable to say the least. Now were hearing the Democrats wanting to impeach Bush and right when we're fighting a war on terror with radical Islamo/fascists who want us all dead. Asinine to say the least! Pretty soon no matter what party is in power the other will try to destroy it and those who represent it. This is why George Washington warned how divisive as well as destructive two battling political parties could be to the very health of this great nation. Wise man that George! End of my rhetoric. Back to the topic at hand.

Wayne was most likely 6'4" when he was young. He was measured at the University of Southern California when he attended that school and played football. He towered over most of the actors he worked with. As he got older he might have lost an inch, but that would still have made him taller than most. The idea that he was just six feet and wore four inch lifts is ludicrous. If that was true his cowboy boots would have had to be all been custom made and supposedly Capucine stated she saw the lifts being inserted into his boots. That would be impossible since one couldn't shove their foot inside a boot where four inches of padding was placed. So let's say they were custom made like Stallone's or better yet, Burt Reynolds'. If that was true then you'd see it in Wayne's films. I've watched closely and I've never seen what look to be lifts in his boots. And what about when he wore regular shoes such as in "The High and the Mighty?" He was taller than any member of the cast. Bob Stack was six feet and in the film was at least three inches shorter. 5'11" Bill Campbell was four to five inches shorter than Wayne. And Wayne's shoes were not lifts. I've seen plenty of stills taken on the set and he was wearing regular lace-up oxfords with one inch heels.

Bottom line: Accusing Wayne of being much shorter is an old myth going back to when the far left in Hollywood began to despise him for his political beliefs and used the cheapest, shoddiest methods to take him down. The funny thing is that this sort of juvenile behavior only occurs on the left. We never see conservatives doing that sort of nonsense. At least I never saw it during my near forty years in the biz. In showbiz the nastiest people are those on the far left.
George H said on 25/Apr/06
Wayne was a physically big man, period. I never heard about him wearing lifts, and at his size I doubt it would be necessary. However, claiming that anybody who doesn't agree with Wayne's politics is un-American is BS!!! I have two nationalities, one of which is American and I am a Liberal and I am seriously incensed when rightwingers immediately claim somebody's unpatriotic or doesn't love his country or is anti-American, just because he doesn't share their conservative views. Sorry, just had to get that off my chest, guys.
Frank2 said on 24/Apr/06
Actress Jo Ann Pflug is about 5'9": Click Here
So if she was wearing heels she was over six feet.

Wayne with 6' US Air Force officer John Quinn who was visiting the set of The Alamo: Click Here
Wayne's wearing moccasins with no lifts inside.

And to Harvey who seemed to put down Wayne for wearing a hairpiece, so did Gary Cooper! Coop started wearing rugs going back to the late 1930's.

Also I wonder what those on the far left would say if they heard Coop's remarks while under oath as a "friendly witness" while appearing before HUAC Senate investigation committee looking into Communists infiltrating the entertainment industry. Cooper put down the commies in a manner that would have made John Wayne proud. He stated that communism wasn't "on the level" as far as telling people the truth. Cooper mentioned that he saw scripts which he felt had a communist influence to them, although he couldn't recall specific titles.

Hollywood folks have always had a special place in their heart for communism. They see it as a social equalizer. But most are so damned stupid they fail to understand that in order to equalize the people, the party must control everything and in each and every case where communism has been implemented, they end up with a full-blown dictatorship where just about everyone is equal when it comes to being able to question their own government. In other words they all have to keep their mouths shut.
Frank2 said on 24/Apr/06
Hmmmm....lets see. I guess meeting Bill Holden and seeing he was about an inch shorter than me surprised me even though I never pegged him at being 6' like his publicity stated. Steve McQueen really surprised me since I had thought of him like so many others as being no more than 5'7". He turned out to be almost as tall as me! Recently I was at a party and met Harry Dean Stanton who was so short that I literally towered over him. I don't think he's now much over 5'6". The IMDb lists him at 5'8". That could have been the case when he was much younger, although short people tend not to shrink as much as taller folks do. And when I met him he was wearing cowboy boots and I was in my usual shoes with no more than an inch high heel and I could just about look over the top of his head. Mickey Rooney turned out to be shorter than 5'3" I met him back in the 1960's and he came up to my shoulder. I'd say he was no more than about 5'1". Johnny Carson surprised me since I believed him when he said he was 5'11.5". In reality he was just 5'10." Dean Martin surprised me somewhat since I had thought he was slightly taller before I met him at NBC back in the 1960's. He was like Carson just 5'10" as was Jerry Lewis. I knew Lewis wasn't 6' since I had seen him many times going back to when I went to school with his two sons at Black Foxe Military Academy in Hollywood. (Now a condo complex) There I was a couple of classes behind Gary and two or three ahead of Ronnie. I should have figured that Dean was only 5'10" seeing that he was the same height as Jerry or just slightly taller when wearing lifts, but you see I hated their films and didn't go to see them. I preferred Laurel and Hardy, even Abbott and Costello. Let's see....who else? I'm really good at picking heights so over the years I've had very few surprises. If I think of any more names I'll post them.
Frank2 said on 24/Apr/06
I knew Albert since he and his wife were friends with my folks. When he was younger he was a solid 5'11". In the film Madison Avenue (1962) he's about an inch taller than 5'10" Dana Andrews. I haven't seen Brother Rat in years so I can't remark on the height difference between him and Reagan. I never saw An Angel from Texas. I do know that Reagan was 6' after he left office since I met him on at least two occasions and both times he was an inch taller than me.
Tiger said on 24/Apr/06
Frank2: AMEN on all accounts! Perfectly said! Most today would run with their tails between their legs. We saw what people were made of in the 60s; our country turned to instant _____.
Frank2 said on 24/Apr/06
Wayne did a lot of USO tours starting during WW II up through Vietnam and to my knowledge was always greeted with respect. When the Duke toured Vietnam, he was cheered. Wayne wore Capt. Stephen P Hanson's "Prisoner of War" bracelet after the Marine was shot down over Laos, Vietnam. Sadly, Hanson never came home but John Wayne stayed in contact with his wife and young son. Wayne wore that bracelet in his later films and never took it off.

By the time the United States entered WW II, Wayne was 35 years old. He was later given 2-A classification, "deferred in support of [the] national . . . interest." Other older actors such as Henry Fonda enlisted, but remember that famous actors were mostly held back from the front lines. To my knowledge, of all the famous, established stars who entered WW II, only Jimmy Stewart put his life on the line by flying 20 combat missions, earning the Distinguished Service Medal, two Distinguished Flying Crosses, and four Air Medals. Stewart retired as a Brigadier General in the Air Force Reserves. Tyrone Power enlisted in the Marines and became a flight trainer stationed in the States. Later he did reportedly get to fly in supplies to troops stationed at Iwo Jima, but shortly after Power had enlisted, he returned to Hollywood at the request of 20th Century-Fox, to complete one more film, 1943
Paul said on 24/Apr/06
Frank2, in your opinion, could Eddie Albert have been 6 foot in the 1930s/early 40s? The reason I ask is that I've seen several Warners films in which he appeared with Ronald Reagan and I can't see 2 inches of difference between the two (6'1" vs 5'11"). They look very close in height. Check out Brother Rat or An Angel from Texas for two films in which they appeared in many scenes together.

I'm starting to think Reagan was perhaps closer to 6 foot than 6'1" (maybe 6'0.5"). It's been a while since I read it, but I think Reagan mentioned in his first biography that he was quite undersized as a youth (being something like 5'3" as a middle teen) but then he had a late growth spurt that elevated his height to just over 6 foot.

Tiger said on 24/Apr/06
Bleemo: excellent commentary on Duke's height, but can you document for us where Duke was booed off-stage? If it is well-documented, then there should be something to look at.
Frank2 said on 23/Apr/06
"Albert was 67 in that film and by that time he was no more than 5'9"."

So how tall was Ava Gabor?: Click Here
Albert is more than a foot taller and Eva wore four inch heels in Green Acres.

Eddie, Bea Benaderet and Eva: Click Here
Bea was a very close friend of my mom and was about my mom's height or 5'4". She tragically died from cancer in 1968 at the age of 62. Green Acres was on in the mid-sixties or about nine years before McQ. I visited the set and noticed that he was my height or 5'11". Albert was about 58 at that time. I seriously doubt he lost two inches by the time he did McQ. He was in terrific shape and lived to the ripe old age of 99! I would also see him on the set of Switch starring Bob Wagner and by then he was about an inch shorter than 5'11" Wagner and that was around 1975 so no way was he 5'9" a year earlier.
Frank2 said on 23/Apr/06
"By the way, while they were making North to Alaska in 1960 Capucine actually witnessed the lifts being fitted into Wayne's boots each morning while he was putting his wig on."

This asinine, ill-informed statement shows that little common sense is being applied. It's virtually impossible to fit four inch lifts inside standard cowboy boots. A person couldn't get their foot inside if that happened.

The trouble ain't that people are ignorant: it's that they know so much that ain't so.
-- Josh Billings
Bleemo said on 23/Apr/06
Actually John Wayne was booed off stage a couple of times when he went to "rally" the troops during world war II, this is again well documented.

But lets try and stick to the height thing, to be honest I did think this guy was a legit 6'4, he was that in Madame taussuads in London and they said they had him in. The only thing that I don't get is that one picture with 6'3 gary cooper where he looks shorter, there's just no explanation to it.

Click Here
Tiger said on 23/Apr/06
Mike c: well-said again! Hope all is well! Frank2: more great photos. However, when one is as ignorant as McFly or Harvey, does it really matter and are they worth the debate?!!!! I tend to think not!
Frank2 said on 23/Apr/06
God bless you too, Mike!
Gonzalo said on 23/Apr/06
Well, we are not even saying that Wayne was just 6 feet but we are also arguing that Wayne was a good actor! That looks too much to me. So Wayne was like women when they wear 5 inch heels! I can
mike c said on 23/Apr/06
Frank, what great pictures! The one with Henry Fonda is special..that was one of the scenes that came to mind as I read Harvey's remarks regarding Wayne's political views and "obvious lack of talent and must have a "treasure of photos!"
mike c said on 23/Apr/06
Great pics. Frank...I like you a lot! Wayne was indeed only 6' tall...because all your photos and those of other intelligent people are doctored! Harvey has all the answers....of course, he's not only a mathematician, but a history buff who has absolute proof that Wayne was a short, no talent
C actor...hey, when you're wrong, you're wrong!..wonder if he's a friend of the other genuis McFly...hope I've gotten his spelling correct. Seriously, you need a little common sense when you look at a photograph...guess Harvey has a problem with perception and proportion...look at the surrounding elements, e.g. cars, fences, log cabins,at nauseum!..then make a ridiculous statement that Wayne was only 6'1" at most.....Ed. Rob..still love your pages in spite of what I've read from a couple of individuals who, I think, are not using their intelligence when they make statements that are just ridiculous..Hi Tiger!ps Frank..I agree with you that Wayne did more for the morale of the troops during WWII than any soldier fighting on the front...he WAS a great actor, human being, albeit with numerous flaws (except for Harvey, he's perfect and his politics are just what we need right now with Iraq and Bush)and, he was a good role model for our youth...not the crap we get from actors and athletes today...
Frank2 said on 23/Apr/06
Wayne with 5'10" Richard Widmark: Click Here

Wayne with 5'10" Charles Coburn: Click Here

Wayne with 6'1" Red Skelton (slouching) and 5'9" Tommy Smothers: Click Here

I don't think they made ski boots with lifts: Click Here

Wayne next to 6'1" Henry Fonda: Click Here

Frank2 said on 23/Apr/06
Wayne in London during the filming of Brannigan: Click Here
They don't look like lifts or elevators to me.

Another shot: Click Here

And another: Click Here

Wayne didn't wear lifts in this film: Click Here
And towered over everyone.

He doesn't look like he's wearing lifts in this shot: Click Here

Looks pretty tall to me: Click Here

And unlike a lot of actors who were and are bald, Wayne didn't care if he appeared in public without his hairpiece. Burt Reynolds wears his to bed! I think he also wear lifts to bed!
Frank2 said on 23/Apr/06
God bless you tiger! We may disagree on how tall some actors were, but we're both on the same page as to the value of their colossal talents as well as how they benefited society as a whole. Harvey claims Wayne never did "a single heroioc thing in his life" which just goes to show how ignorant the man is. I won't go into details, but I will say that what Wayne accomplished through his acting did as much or more for American moral during WW II than what any soldier on the front line firing a gun happened to do. I also suspect that Harvey would be the first to run off to Canada if we ever ended up drafting people for the armed forces.
Tiger said on 22/Apr/06
Frank2: I did not know that about 'High Noon'. Thanks for clarifying that. A little like Dirty Harry throwing away his bagde at the end after killing Scorpio in the original 'Dirty Harry'? I don't think it has anyhthing to do with being anti-American, just getting the 'bad guy'.
Frank2 said on 22/Apr/06
In fairness to Harvey, Wayne did dislike High Noon with a passion and repeatedly said so. What irked him was the marshal throwing his badge away at the conclusion of the film. He felt it was degrading somehow and anti-American. Later when he starred in McQ, Wayne purposely had it written so he throws his badge away in order to work better capturing the criminals and then at the film's conclusion conveniently accepts it back when it's handed to him by his boss played by Eddie Albert. And in that film, Wayne didn't wear lifts and was five inches taller than Albert who was about 5'11" when he was younger.
Frank2 said on 22/Apr/06
For what it's worth, I have an actor friend who once worked with Mitchum, even got him to autograph an unauthorized bio about the star. Bob signed it with the amusing comment, "Guilty as charged!"

My friend asked Mitchum about the lifts crack and Mitchum admitted it was just a joke. Anyone who knew Mitchum understands he was a practical joker who didn't take much in life that seriously. He was also a certified genius who could talk on almost any subject with authority.
Frank2 said on 22/Apr/06
No, I'm not irritated. Just laughing my ass off! If Bob Mitchum was only 5'11" then I guess I'm only 5'9". That makes George Segal 5'8" and Jeff Kramer 5'6" and Deidre Hall 5'5" and Tippi Hedren 5'2" and all the stars I've met over the years two inches shorter including Elvis who now must have only been around 5'9.5"!

[Editor Rob: time to downgrade Elvis!]
Mikex said on 22/Apr/06
Harvey I reckon your right. Your evidence conclusively proves Wayne was 5'8'' in his boots with lifts while standing on a box. Also don't forget the stetson. All told Wayne was probably about 5'2'' or 5'3''. Also I saw Clint Eastwood today at the garden centre and he was shorter than me and I'm barely 5'7''. No wonder they call Hollywood the dream factory.
J-Dog said on 22/Apr/06
Frank2 you are right about Wayne's longer torso. I also don't understand how some people can in vein try to downgrade those who aren't even suspect by throughing the whole "he wore lifts" assumption, and where is the proof? Cowboy boots or not assuming that he got 4" from them is ridiculous.
mike c said on 21/Apr/06
Hi Tiger! Just when I thought it was safe to go into the water...we've provided enough proof on Wayne's height to convince a jury yet there are still people out there that won't accept the facts...I love it!...Tiger, am I the only person who can scroll down and actually read what we've repeatedly said regarding the math,your comments, and the wonderful pics from Frank 2 (I still like you Frank!) say that John Wayne was only six feet tall in spite of all his pictoral history and documentation. It borders on nonsense!.. I especially love it when one can ascertain an actor's height while he's getting a massage...yes, he was just 6 feet tall...saw the same episode a number of times...sorry, can't my opinions below!Editor Rob, am I the only one that can see what I've written regarding the Duke? My dad always told me, "Tell a lie enough and soon people begin to believe it".
Tiger said on 21/Apr/06
Frank2: thanks for the great photos! You are much better at that than I am. Harvey: have you changed your opinion yet?
Frank2 said on 21/Apr/06
I suppose everyone is entitled to their opinion. They're also entitled to be foolish. John Wayne, who I saw in person, stood next to and shook his hand, towered over this 5'11" pilgrim. He was at least 6'3" by the time I saw him which was in the 1970's. His station wagon had the door height increased so he wouldn't bump his head getting in and out! He had a very long torso. I know since I have one myself. If my legs were proportioned correctly I should be 6'3" myself. I have problems bumping my head in cars. My father-in-law is 6'5" and towers over me yet his torso is exactly the same length as mine. When seated we're the same height. But he has legs that go on forever! So did Wayne. And wayne had talent that went on forever!

Wayne and director John Ford: Click Here
Ford was a six footer! That's the huge Cinerama camera.

Wayne and 6'1" Bob Mitchum: Click Here

Wayne and 6'2" Ray "Crash" Corrigan: Click Here
Corrigan played in a lot of westerns and even played the monster in the sci-fi film It the Terror From Beyond Space, a low budget 1950's cheapie that inspired Alien.

Here's another with Crash: Click Here

And Crash in his alien suit: Click Here
The girl looks like she's having fun! FYI That suit was designed to fit another actor who became ill at the last minute so Ray literally filled in. The costume barely fit him and in the film as well as in this shot his chin can be seen sticking out of the mouth in the face mask. In the movie it looks like a tongue.

Wayne and 5'2" Liz Taylor: Click Here
Even with her bad back, Liz wouldn't be caught dead without wearing at least four inch heels when being photographed.

Wayne with Barbara Walters: Click Here
That was a splendid interview.

Wayne and Bob Hope: Click Here

Wayne and 6'3" Chuck Roberson: Click Here
Chuck was a stuntman by trade, but acted in several Wayne films. They were good friends.

Wayne with famed film composer Dimitri Tiomkin (center): Click Here
Dimi was my height or 5'11". Tiomkin wrote scores for many great Hollywood westerns including such classic Wayne films as Red River, Rio Bravo and The Alamo.

5'10" Jonathan Winters and Wayne: Click Here

I doubt Wayne is wearing lifts here: Click Here

Mikex said on 20/Apr/06
Oh come on Harvey! John Wayne 6'1'', only a dyed in the wool Commie would believe that.Joke. I think he was 6'4'' when young. However 6'4'' could legitimately cover anything fom 6'3'' 1/2 to 6'4'' 3/4 so maybe there were other 6'4'' guys a little taller.
JT said on 20/Apr/06
I've heard stories saying John Wayne was anywhere from 6'4" down to 6'0". Watch the "I Love Lucy" episode where he guest-stars. He wears his cowboy boots, so he naturally appears tall. However, when Lucy gives him a rub-down, he's barefoot and really doesn't look much above 6'0". He's still the Duke and a great American.
Tiger said on 19/Apr/06
Frank2: I'm not sure that Wayne lost an inch by the time of 'The Searchers'. That movie was from 1956 and Wayne was only 49. Duke was one to hold his height to the very end. If he lost any height at all, it would be in his movies from the 1970s. Even his last film, 'The Shootist', he is consistently taller than the 6-3 1/2 Jimmy Stewart. I have seen the photo of the two from the movie that you submitted a while back and Stewart is a hair taller. That is not indicative of the movie. Duke is taller throughout. It starts with their first meeting in Stewart's office.
Gonzalo said on 18/Apr/06
I admit that it surprised me to see Elam was 6`2. He looked tall to me but not that much. I thought he was 6 feet or 6`1 at the very most.
It seems that everything is getting clear about Wayne`s height. And about Wayne`s talent
Frank2 said on 16/Apr/06
Wayne was 6'4" when he attended SC and played football there. I have a friend who's big in the alumni organization and he looked him up for me. In the film Big Jim Mclain, Duke lists his height at being 6'4". Veda Ann Borge refers to him as "76" or senety six inches. Jeffrey Hunter was about 6' tall so by the time of The Searchers, Wayne had lost about an inch in height. That's why he's five inches taller than 5'10" Dean Martin in those cooking shots which I've seen. And when Wayne came on Dean Martin's TV show he was at least five inches taller. Jack Elam was no more 6'2" than I am! I met Jack many times and he was about 6' tall and remained that height until just a few years before he died. In High Noon he's at least three inches shorter than 6'3" Gary Cooper. Do not trust the IMDb for heights!
Mikex said on 15/Apr/06
Difficult one this, at least 6'3'' but was he 6'4''? Great actor though whatever his height and I think unfairly maligned in some quarters a bit like Chuck Heston. He was right wing but in the freedom loving as opposed to facist sense of the word.
Gonzalo said on 6/Apr/06
Well, it seems that we are kind of quiet lately. I was reading the comments about James Garner and our friend Gramps said that Jack Elam (that ugly great actor) was 6`2. In IMDB Elam is also listed 6`2. I remember Howard Hawks
mike c said on 29/Mar/06
Guys, the current issue of Italian Cooking and Living, March 2006, page 41 shows a vintage picture of John Wayne and Dean Martin cooking pasta...1965....very impressive height difference..easy 5 inch difference + for Wayne...great photo..think it provides yet another proof of JW's height..but, maybe he was wearing lifts!
Gonzalo said on 27/Mar/06
Hi, guys. I saw
larry said on 19/Mar/06
So, Frank2: Was Mr. Wayne 6'4" at his peak? He describes himself as 6'4.5" in THE QUIET MAN. Raining like the dickens here in Texas! Flooding all over the place. Having been a zoologist for decades, harmonious wouldn't be my first choice of a word to describe nature. :-) Nature can certainly be beautiful, but there is a brutal, indifference to it too. I've learned to observe, record, and accept it.
Something I always liked at John Ford's movies were his locations! :-) They were a character in themselves. Mr. Wayne seemed to "act" so much better with Ford and Walsh, and another director who I can't recall. I agree: THE SEARCHERES was one of his best. I loved RIO GRANDE and SHE WORE A YELLOW RIBBON too.
mike c said on 17/Mar/06
Today is St. Patrick's Day and I'm going to sit back, relax, and watch The Quiet Man all the other crap on the tv with the possible exception of the Cooking Channel. and Emeril, Mario, and Bobby....and yes, I'll have a few beers in memory of The Duke, Barry, Ward, Victor, and of course Maureen...what a wonderful time..and so much talent..! Tiger, today, if a person feels passion for what he/she believes in, it considered a's weakness in the eyes of those that just don't feel any connection/passion to an ideal, an idea, a point of view....we live in "now" society and the only thing important is "what I want"...what a shame we've come to this..perhaps, soon, another JW will come along....
Tiger said on 17/Mar/06
Frank2: ditto on the Duke! The very best at what he did! A true legend! The most impressive thing about Duke, among all his great attributes, was his unshakeable belief in his values. He carried them consistently to the end of his life. Society, today, lacks those values; we have gotten soft.
Frank2 said on 17/Mar/06
Did you ever see the interview Wayne did with Barbara Walters shortly before he died? Talk about one classy man! Boy! Do we need his kind his days! Wayne stood for what he believed in and took a lot of heat for it from his peers (or inferiors!) in the land of make believe. But he remained steadfast right to the very end. He loved his country as well as his fans. He took great pride in his work and was a deeply spiritual human being who had enough sense to realize that man didn't create God. What gets me is when I hear people knock the notion that something vastly more intelligent than us is behind everything we know as the universe. They think it was all just created by accident. Yet these same people can't create out of nothingness the simple beauty of a flower nor can they explain why nature is so harmonious. Truly amazing.
mike c said on 16/Mar/06
John Wayne loved John Ford...Ford saw something in JW and gave him his first break...JW didn't take himself seriously, he took his job, his country, his friends,and his ideals self-deprecation, pretending to stumble, is par for the course..he wasn't full of himself and that's why he has endeared himself to many of us..He was great because he played John frills, no bulls***..just plain emotions and passion on the sleeve for everyone to see. Gonzalo, I agree with you 100%. Duke was great and Maureen was and still is beautiful...a great actress and a wonderful human being...she makes all of the new comers look like amateurs! I still have a crush on her...wonder if she would go out with a 59 yr. bachelor with two grown daughters who have no idea how great she was/is?.I'm going to try to get a copy of The Searchers...if anyone knows where I can buy a copy, write in. Frank 2, I've always read Chuck was 6'6"...
Frank2 said on 16/Mar/06
The Searchers is my personal John Wayne film. I've seen it so many times I know almost all of the dialogue. It's a film that cannot be watched just once. It's one of those rare movies that if it happens to be on TV and I switch to it when I'm just flipping channels I always stop and end up watching it to the finish. And I have an excellent letterboxed DVD of it. It's a very complex film. And Wayne gives an Academy Award performance as Ethan Edwards, a man who's prejudices are at odds with his true feelings. It took me a long time to figure out the real meaning of the film. But I started watching it back when I was just a kid. My dad took me to see it when it first came out. My father was huge western fan and would drag me to see just about anything that came out in that genre. We went to see The Big Country in 1958. That's another masterpiece. By the way, Rob, If you add Charles Bickford to the list, he was about 6'1". Burl Ives was about 5'11 and 1/2" so 6' would cover it. Heston and Peck were both 6'3". Ex-baseball player turned actor Chuck Connors was at least 6'5", maybe even 6'6". I saw him a few times walking around Century City when I worked at Fox Studios. He was a big man!
Barry Lane said on 16/Mar/06
I came face to face with John Wayne in London 1974, he was here filming Branigan. I must say as old as he was at that time, he was a huge man, he towered over everybody around him & he didn't have cowboy boots on either. I won't ever forget it.
Gonzalo said on 16/Mar/06
Mike C, I read that in the book "Print the Legend - Life and Times of John Ford" by Scott Eyman. For my birthday I got another book about Ford written by Joseph McBride; I haven
Tiger said on 15/Mar/06
No doubt! 'The Quiet Man' is a masterpiece. Duke Wayne truly demonstrates that he is a great actor in that movie. He never, ever got the true credit he deserved for being a great actor. To me, if there is any doubt about Duke's acting ability, all one has to do is watch 'The Quiet Man' or 'The Searchers'. My all-time favorite movie of anyone is 'The Shootist', a biography of Duke's life; it is outstanding! And Clint is my all-time favorite along with Duke; they are the 2 best in my book. The truly great ones are no more, except for Clint! O'Hara is also outstanding in 'The Parent Trap' (1960).
mike c said on 15/Mar/06
Frank, that did it! I like you and I appreciate what you said about the Duke. Loved O'Hara...thought she was great. And you're 100% right..she WAS the perfect match for JW..I watch The Quiet Man a lot and each time I focus on one of the actors..they were all great! I think Tiger agrees!I agree, Gonzalo, the bike scene and the subsequent shots bespeak a lot about their talents..great love scene..very believable...not the crap we get favorite scene, because I love action, is the fight scene and the moments leading up to it..comedy, action, and great entertainment. I think Clint Eastwood used the idea in his orangutan movies..also love see, the old movies did it before the new kids on the block...guys, enjoy reading all your comments..without the name calling and tough guy attitude..don't get me wrong, I like a good debate, but I think you all agree this should be fun and for me it IS! Keep it coming, guys!! ps.Gonzalo, Maureen had her baby on the scene of The Quiet Man as JW had his children there in the movie....where did you read that about Ford...she truly was a beautiful woman!
Frank2 said on 15/Mar/06
I was watching Turner Classic Movies and O'Hara was on telling how she had to once drive The Duke home from a party. She sort of had an idea where he lived, but wasn't quite sure. All of a sudden Wayne ordered her to pull over to the curb. When she asked him if that was his house he said, "No. I just want to get a drink." They both walked up to this house and Wayne rang the doorbell. This was very late at night. A couple opened the door and were shocked to see two big Hollywood stars standing there. Wayne asked for a drink and they invited them in. To this day O'Hara wonders what in the hell those two people thought after having them show up at their home unannounced so late in the evening. Maureen O'Hara's brother, Charles Fitzsimmons was a close family friend. I'd see Charlie at my home a lot when I was a kid. Maureen too. Charlie became a successful TV producer after a brief stint as an actor. He had a small speaking part in the 1953 b&w version of Titanic. He's one of the ship's officers, the one with a thick Irish accent. At one time my mom auditioned for the role of Esmeralda in the 1939 Charles Laughton version of Hunchback of Notre Dame. She told me that the film's director William Dieterle informed her in a thick German accent that she was too fair a complexion for the part. My mom was a blonde with very light skin. Redhead O'Hara got the role at the tender age of 18. Her mother would drive her to RKO each day and then home. Oh, and Maureen is quite tall, Id say at least 5'7". She was a perfect match for Wayne. I love The Quiet Man. The film is an absolute masterpiece and anyone who says The Duke couldn't act will have to explain away all the juveniles that populate the screen today who are called "actors." None could rate even being a flunky for The Duke.
mike c said on 14/Mar/06
Rob, see! We can discuss height, have fun, and respect each other....I think there's hope for Frank...Even Tiger seems tranquil..testing must be over. Hope you did well, Tiger. Gonzalo, in the English version of The Quiet Man Barry is taking John to his home town and, while on the buggy asks, "6 foot six?" to which JW responds, "6 4 and one half."....great shot of his shoes...still one of my very favorite movies....enjoyed reading what you wrote guys!
Frank2 said on 14/Mar/06
Tiger, That's a great article! Thanks!! It's true. Cruise is about 5'7" and Stallone is about 5'7" without his huge lifts. And Desi Arnaz was 5'9" and Reagan was 6'1" when he was young and about 6' when he left office. I met and spoke with him and he was about an inch taller than me. Dean Martin was 5'10". This I would take an oath on. If I had a sure-proof way of making you know I'd bet the damned farm on it! But since digging him up is out of the question you'll just have to take my word. That or go on believing the publicity.
Gonzalo said on 14/Mar/06
Congratulations, Rob, for he page. It
Tiger said on 13/Mar/06
Rob: did you know that there is an on-line article about It is titled 'Male Hollywood Stars Don't Stand As Tall As We Imagine' by Mark Roth, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette(3/3/06) Click Here
I think that is pretty awesome! Great Job!
mike c said on 13/Mar/06
Frank, pal 'o my comments below regarding the Duke and the time he did The Shootist, JW had gone thru' hell and back physically..hope with all the photos you have of stars you have the ones in The Duke, A Life in Pictures! Mitchum was good, but not in the league of JW....I'll debate that anytime. Glad everyone is civel and respectful...let's have fun with this. Has anyone on this page beside the Tiger seen The Quiet Man?..come on, admit it!
Gonzalo said on 13/Mar/06
Mike C, thank you for your sentence in Spanish. It was perfect! Take care
Gonzalo said on 13/Mar/06
Mitchum was a couple of inches shorter than Wayne in El Dorado. Wayne was taller than Stewart in the Shootist, although in that picture they look the same height, or maybe Stewart looks a little bit taller. In The man who shot Liberty Valance, one of Wayne`s real masterpieces, JW and James Stewart were very similar in height. Woody Storde was also in that movie and the three of them looked the same height. Strode is reported to be 6-4.
PS Mike C, you have to see The Searchers.
Tiger said on 12/Mar/06
Frank2: watch 'The Shootist' and you will see Duke consistently taller than Stewart throughout. Very obvious! 6-4 1/2 Duke to 6-3 Stewart. That is my all-time favorite film and I've seen it I don't know how many times. Martin said he, himself, was 6-1 on that program? I do agree, though, the Dean Martin celebrity roasts are a great way to estimate the heights we have come to know about. Almost every star of the era appears in some way.
Frank2 said on 12/Mar/06
This is Mitchum with Wayne: Click Here I only see a two inch difference. To Tiger, when Mitchum appeared with Dean Martin he was a lot taller. A LOT TALLER!! When he appeared as a surprise guest on Dean's TV program and came out from behind the door he looked so big next to Dean that it prompted Dino to say, "I'm six foot one and he makes me look like nothin'!" That line just cracked me up to no end. Here's The Duke with Jimmy Stewart: Click Here They seem to be the exact, same height. It's from The Shootist which was Wayne's last film.
mike c said on 12/Mar/06
Frank, what is Jo Ann Pflug wearing...3 inch heels...? What year was the photo taken...still think Gonzalo's photo is a gem!
Tiger said on 12/Mar/06
I don't know Frank2: I think Sinatra looks alot more than 5-7 in the different-angled photo of the one above.
Tiger said on 12/Mar/06
Wait a minute Frank2: no way I am going to try and visualize Duke's height; certainly not against a JoAnn Pflug,please! He is 6-4 1/2 period. Been through that, done that! The Martin, Sinatra, Wayne, Hope, Reagan photo above shows Duke tower over everyone AND it shows Martin and the 6-1 Reagan almost the same height. Also, you have the 5-11 1/2 Hope standing next to the 6-1 Reagan. This photo, from any angle (we've seen at least 3 now)is a classic with all these American icons and it is a good reflection of the documented heights we've seen.
Frank2 said on 11/Mar/06
Here's another shot taken of the above: Click Here
Frank2 said on 11/Mar/06
Here's the Duke with actress Jo Ann Pflug: Click Here
Jo Ann is about 5'9", possibly 5'9 & 1/2" barefoot so Wayne msut have shrunk some when thi photo was taken. I worked with her on The Fall Guy TV series. Nice lady.
Tiger said on 11/Mar/06
mike c: well-said. We are all having a pretty good discussion. I have seen Garner in too many movies and on TV to vision him less than 6-3. Of course, now he is older and has had some major physical problems. His knee injuries/surgeries have been well-documented over the years. In 'Rockford Files', he stood very tall. Even with 6-4 Clint and 6-4 Sutherland in 'Space Cowboys', he was still very near his 6-3, if not his 6-3. In regards to Nelson, I have a couple teen mags from the early 60s that I'm going to look through and see what I can find. A half an inch to one inch, to me, is no sweat. More than that is sweat.I think Frank2 is fine, but some of his recollections are hazy, I think. Although, he has convinced me, somewhat, that Jerry Lewis MAY not be 6 feet. I think, for now, 5-11 is more accurate, peak height-wise. Dino is taller than Lewis. But, Lewis did explain why this is. I don't know. Enough for now!
mike c said on 11/Mar/06
Tiger, 5 days of testing plus make-ups!!!Now, Frank 2, I'm 59 and been around the block more than you would like to know...seriously, I'm a great fan of the Duke and Clint, and James Garner always had a special place in my heart because he's a great actor...the man is believable!!! No way was he 6'1" in his the way, you're obviously very sincere so don't take this as an afront...I just don't agree with you , because I've seen too many photos of JG and I can't buy may be right, but, for now, Frank 2, let's just say we'll split the difference...The Duke, no doubt 76" plus, JS almost 75", and JG close to 75" who knows the real height!..beginning to like you Frank. Tiger, what do you think, is there any hope for Frank 2.? ps, when I was growing up I remember hearing that Ricky was 6'+...again, guys, we're talking about the width of the average man's tumb!!! Editor Rob, love this chance to unwind and have fun...ppss..Frank, by the 60's I read that Garner was having terrible health problems regarding his me,I can read and do understand the English language.
Tiger said on 11/Mar/06
Frank2: when you initially submitted the photo of Garner and Nelson, you said there was a 2-inch height difference! (5-11 and 6-1)
Frank2 said on 11/Mar/06
Regarding Ricky with Garner, there's a clear three inch difference. They're both equally hunched. Look, I've seen both on numerous occasions and I'm telling you people, Ricky or Rick as he later wanted to be known, and Garner were the heights I've listed, no more, no less. I stood next to Garner and Sidney Poitier and noticed Poitier was taller by at least an inch. I first met Garner in the late-sixties so I doubt he had shrunk any by then. And Rick, well, I saw him grow up. I used to visit General Service Studios where they filmed the Nelson family's TV series. Ozzie was about 5'9" and David is about 5'10 & 1/2". David is quite stocky and looked shorter on film.
Tiger said on 11/Mar/06
mike c: 5 days of testing ? yikes! I thought 3 were exruciating! Good luck with that. Try to get some grading and some lesson-planning done. That's how I used my time while the kids were testing. I think I am going to buy that Martin/Lewis book also. I was never really into them until I came to this website. See how Rob opens doors for all of us :) My all-time favorite movie, by anyone, is 'The Shootist' (1976), Duke's last film. One can see how Duke and Jimmy Stewart were still awesome. Duke still had the height edge by just a bit.
mike c said on 11/Mar/06
Yep! add 1-2 inches to Garner in the pic. if he were straight. Remember the pic. with R. Scott and the Duke..the Duke was several inches way, Jose! ps. Tiger I'm exactly 5 school days from T. Day...state tests...5 days of agony for my kids....keep up the good work!
Tiger said on 11/Mar/06
Said photo looks more like 6-3 Garner (slightly slouching forward) with 6-1 Rick Nelson(slightly slouching forward and bent at the knees). Nonetheless, a great photo!
Glenn said on 11/Mar/06
I had talks with autograph dealers from the 70s who told me that estimate.they could be wrong.they told me hendrix mightve been 5-8! bruce lee 5-7,jim morrison 5-11,john lennon 5-9.etc.
mike c said on 10/Mar/06
Now guys, that's much better..eveyone sharing and providing info. in a manner that invites debate, promotes respect, and yes, makes it fun to contribute. Frank 2 is calm...we can tell by the response to Tiger....and Tiger, I hope you're done with the testing....will buy the Lewis and Martin book this only day off! ...Gonzalo, bien alegro que estas de acuerdo con la idea de que esta pagina es para diversion...translation..Gonzalo, well said..I'm glad you agree with the idea that this pages is for fun..I don't recall seeing the Searches, but will get it ASAP..sounds like a great movie..enjoy!
Frank2 said on 10/Mar/06
Here's 5'11" Ricky Nelson with 6'1" James Garner: Click Here
Tiger said on 10/Mar/06
'The Searchers' is one of the best films ever, by anyone. I can watch that film over and over. I have the 3 tape + 1 'Carson Collection' and it has the famous Carson/Webb 'clapper caper'(Dragnet spoof) and it is hilarious! On the same tape, they have a monologue blooper where the overhead microphone doesn't drop down to its normal position, so Carson is not as loud as he should be. He says, "What the hell is that thing doing way up there ? I'm 5-11, not 6-5. Ed, can you reach that? " Of course, ever the quick-wit, Johnny goes and grabs a stool from behind the curtain, brings it out and stands on it. Everyone goes nuts! Classic!
Frank2 said on 10/Mar/06
Wayne was usually taller. I watched The Spoilers last night on TCM and Wayne appeared to be slightly taller than co-star Randolph Scott who was a solid 6'3". Wayne made Jeffrey Hunter look small in The Searchers and Hunter was 6' tall. I know since he and my dad were very close friends. I saw Hunter quite often. And Glenn, where did you hear that Carson was only 5'9"? By the way, on the classic Carson-hosted Tonight Show where jack Webb appeared, the two men were the same height. I worked with Jack "just the facts mam!" Webb at Universal on a godawful TV series about a policewoman and her police dog. Webb was exactly 5'10". He loved to drink and each day at 4PM he's stop work when he was supervising in the editing room and invite the editor Bob Leeds and yours truly to his office for cocktails. I did it only twice since Webb would keep filling my glass to the brim with Scotch. Fortunately I lived only a couple of blocks away from the studio and could stagger home! Webb was a fascinating guy. He told me a lot of great stories. He was one of a kind.
Gonzalo said on 10/Mar/06
Well, guys. I think we should all take it easy and enjoy the debate. In this page we are talking about Wayne and Frank2 said he was 6-3 in his sixties, which makes easy to believe that he was taller at his peak. Let
Glenn said on 10/Mar/06
I heard carson was 5-9.

[Editor Rob: I wonder if anybody can remember Pele on Carson's show...]
Frank2 said on 10/Mar/06
I gave you evidence with Carson's broze statue. Why make it smaller than he was in real life? If you don't belive me then go there and see for yourself. Jack Benny's bronze is nearby and they have him accurately standing at about 5'7" which is what he was in his youth. My mom worked with him in radio and she told me he was that size. I knew a lot of folks at NBC and they all knew Johnny Carson to be about 5'10". I was friends with Perry Massey who was an exec at NBC Burbank. He worked with Carson going back to when he originated the Tonight Show in NYC. One night he was out with Carson for drinks when Johnny spotted a very attractive woman seated across from them at a table with two rather rough-looking men. Carson ask Perry if he would go over and ask her to join them. Perry looked over and immediately realized that the woman was seated with two mob figures! He told this to Carson, but Carson kept demanding to meet her. Fortunately Carson was so loaded that Perry was able to get him out of the bar before things got too hot to handle. True story which I can now tell since Johnny has passed away. Carson was one of a kind and no one will ever replace him. Leno doesn't measure up nor does Letterman. We lost a comic genius when he died. And Johnny was a pretty nice fellow. Not easy to know, but nice just the same. And very fair in his dealings. In other words a class act all the way. He just would get a little crazy under the influence.
Tiger said on 9/Mar/06
mike c: we are doing state-mandated testing right now; I hate every second of it. I wish they would just let us teach. I have seen that Martin/Lewis book you mention and it does have some great photos! This website is fun and it should always remain so. I love reading and contributing!
mike c said on 9/Mar/06
Tiger, I'm getting my school ready for state mandated testing...same bs you might be going through...this page is a welcome respite from the stress of running a school....recently saw pics. of Lewis and Martin at the local Barnes& Noble...will go back there to buy the book...some great pics of Jerry and Dean...very young, near a mic....I'm sure the shoes are regular shoes..they both look like 6 footers to me...sure wish I could scan the photos and attach to this message...glad the Wayne debate has quieted down for anyone could argue his height given all the research and, yes, proof, is beyond me....I think the best pics are the ones of JW in front of the log cabin and Gonzalo's pic...and his anecdote about the Duke in Spain....if nothing else, this page is great entertainment; a time to put our energies into somehting that should be fun...given the myriad problems we all deal with on a daily basis...Keep up the great work Editor Rob...Tiger, don't make a lot of sense...and Frank 2, relax, I don't think anyone thinks you're not's just that we require a little more proof than "I knew him" or "I met him"...because for every pic. you produce, we'll come up with one that just might dispute it...bottom line, let's have fun with this...remember we're getting excited about an inch. or so (and most of us are not girls!!)...the width of my thumb..I'm 5'6" in bed, on my back, in the morning...more about 5'5.5" around quiting time at the stable.....! Can't wait for the response.
Tiger said on 9/Mar/06
Frank2: I have absolutely no problem with someone disagreeing with me. I know that you disagree with me. I know that I am pretty good about documenting and submitting credible information. I'm for finding and researching before I form an opinion. I try to state my opinion through some sort of "evidence". I think this website is all about that. Do you have a picture ? a quote ? a reference ? We don't know you at all and you have made alot of claims. This is the kind of stuff one reads in tabloids. In journalism, they call it the "unnamed source". I guess your "unnamed source" are your recollections. As cool as it is that you have met so many people, you have to look at from the perspective of us who have not had that good fortune AND don't see things matching up.
Frank2 said on 9/Mar/06
I saw Wayne in person on several occasions and yes, he was very tall! I'd say he was 6'4" when he was young. When he did Rooster Cogburn at Universal he looked like he was more in the vicinity of 6'3". The truth is that Tiger doesn't like it if anyone disagrees with him or with what he reads at official sites. If I ever decide to make my actual name known and start publishing photos, Tiger will be the first to eat crow. And one more time with Dino. I saw him several times and not once did he ever appear to be taller than 5'10". With his lifts on he was just under six feet. Why on earth would I make this up? As for George Burns, by the time he was in his eighties he had shrunk down to where I could look over his head. I'd say he was about 5'6" by then. The last time I saw him was at a black tie event and he was walking by with two six foot tall (in their heels) gorgeous women. He looked VERY happy! And to Tiger, Carson was 5'10". His bronze statue in front of TV Academy Headquarters in North Hollywood on Lankershim Blvd. shows him to be that height. I saw him several times and on each and every single occasion he was at least an inch shorter than me. So when you asked was Carson lying about his height? The answer is yes! But then I'd say most people lie about their height. So what?
Tiger said on 9/Mar/06
mike c: I'm here, man. I'm trying to make sense of this Frank2 guy and I'm not sure I am going to get anywhere. How is it going with you ? I have been hanging out mainly on the Elvis and Dean Martin pages lately. I've been told by Frank2 that my research doesn't matter because HE KNOWS WHAT HE IS TALKING ABOUT AND HE DOESN'T CARE WHAT ANYONE SAYS!
Gonzalo said on 9/Mar/06
Wayne was tall, very tall. I don
mike c said on 8/Mar/06
My apologies again editor Rob, in trying to correct spelling, etc, I inadvertently hit the submit button...I think the second message is the one I was trying to send...this gets better and better..where are Gramps and Tiger?
mike c said on 8/Mar/06
Frank 2..Hmm! Small intellects? I agree that to be a star one has to have drive, feel very good about oneself, have high self-esteem, but that does not mean, my friend, they are not capable of intelligent thoughts...I may be reading you wrong, but anyone in the league of Wayne or Martin has worked very hard to achieve fame and, trust me on this, by natural talents that you or I would gladly welcome if offered to us by the Universal Spirit.....Wayne was 6'4.5 in my notes below, and I've seen a ton of pics on Martin...very close to 6'..and yes, I'm looking at the shoes..maybe you know something the rest of us don't..don't doubt your sincere thoughts for a moment, albeit dubious.
Tiger said on 8/Mar/06
Frank2: that is an excellent photo; I've never seen that one before (3 legends). I can see Hope losing an inch in height at 75 years of age (still looked great). Carson, always fit and healthy, is 53 years old in the photo. George Burns (82 in the photo and 5-7, according to and possibly an inch/inch and a half. Regardless, I really like that photo. does have some rare photos if one looks through all the photo galleries.I am definitely getting suckered into judging photos; normally, not my thing :)
Tiger said on 8/Mar/06
Johnny Carson has stated his height as 5-11 many a time on his show. Is he lying ? It is also documented in several locations(on the web and in reference books). Frank2: I think you have the ego!
Glenn said on 8/Mar/06
Frank2,I dont doubt you,but you wouldve put me to shame in photo department if you took pics.why did wayne look so tall? 8 inch lifts?
Frank2 said on 8/Mar/06
Here's a shot of Hope taken with George Burns who by then was about 5'5" and Johnny Carson who was just under 5'10".,%20Bob
Frank2 said on 8/Mar/06
Look, I can readily understand people's reluctance to accept what I'm saying as fact. After all I could be some nitwit kid just pulling people's chains. But so help me God I'm totally legit. So when I say Ricky Nelson wasn't 6'1" or Dino was just 5'10" I'm telling you what I've seen for myself. Had Dino or Ricky been what their official heights say, I'd admit it freely. You have to get into the mindset of celebs. Their egos are as huge as their intellects are small. If average people out there knew some of these folks as I do they'd not appear so glamorous to them. I remember one day I had to take my car in to be serviced. At the same dealership in Beverly Hills was Sharon Stone. Without makeup she's a fright! And yes, she's 5'8". Anyway she was really screaming at the service manager about her Aston Martin DB-7 convertable not running well and at one point said loudly that she is known to be a real bitch! The service manager calmly looked her straight in the face and said, "Now that I do not doubt for a second!" Well, I cracked up and she turned to me and gave me a look.....well...if looks could kill I'd be dead!
Viv said on 8/Mar/06
Frank2 - I enjoy reading your thoughts here. And, I do believe you've met and know/knew a lot of celebrities. But, it's difficult for the members here to just "go on" someone's words without knowing who they are and not having pictures of said person and the celebrity together. Pictures help a lot. A member here, Glenn, knows quite a few celebrities himself and he gets pictures of himself with them and he notes their heel height, possible lifts, etc. With pictures and the knowledge of things such as heel height, etc. to go on when the picture was taken, it's a much clearer way for the people here to actually deduce for themselves the heights of celebrities. Anyone can say anything, but pictures help greatly in surmising a celebrity's height (if all manner of complicating factors: heel size, possible lifts, etc. are taken into account). The people who read this site are not stupid for not agreeing with you. We're only trying to take in all the information we are getting to make a sound and educated guess. Rob is really good at weeding through all the information here and coming up with the most likely height of a celebrity. So, I trust what he comes up with.
...And, getting back to John Wayne's height, I've always heard 6'4" for him...I'll ask my fiance who has met him, too (in a bar, no doubt), and see what he says. He has met a few celebs when he was in Colorado and California. So, I'll see what I can come up with there.
Paul said on 8/Mar/06
I can buy Hope at 5'10" in his younger years based on observation of his movies and still pictures. One of his earlier movies (I forget which) references him as that height. Hope in his 90s had diminished to the point where he was several inches shorter than Jay Leno when he last appeared on the Tonight Show. He was also several inches shorter than Tony Danza when Danza co-hosted his last network special.

Whatever size Hope was, he was a true giant in comedy and that is what we should remember.

[Editor Rob: I've yet to add Hope here, actually a lot of heights from golden era I've not added because I've not got as much knowledge or seen enough of their shows/films]
Frank2 said on 8/Mar/06
Nope. Hope was five ten in his youth. Later he was as short as five foot six. Look, I'm not some flake who's here just to add a bunch of BS to this forum. I knew plenty of these people, far more than most of you. My dad was a rather successful film producer who at one time owned and ran his own independent studio. My mom was an actress in botyh radio and the movies. At one time my uncles owned General Service Studios in Hollywood. That's where I met Ricky Nelson and the whole Nelson family back when they filmed their series. George Burns kept an office there until the day he died. Bob Cummings shot his series there. And Bob was only 5'10". I've got pictures of Hope with my dad and they were the same height. My dad was slightly under 5'10". Hope was never just under 6'. Bing Crosby was 5'8" and wore lifts and Hope only appears to be an inch or two taller at best in all the films they made together. Hope looks like a shrimp next to Anthony Quinn in The Road to Morocco. In the same film he's measured for a coffin and the guys doing it say he's 5'11" which was put in there to make him look bigger. What will it take to sink in that what I'm saying is the truth?
Tiger said on 7/Mar/06
From the 'Movie Encyclopedia' (1987 Williams): "Bob was the essential all-around comic. He could do stand-up, vaudeville, movies and television. He did a great Chaplin impersonation on a whim. You would think it was Chaplin, except for the fact that Bob stood a hair under 6 feet tall." I think the reference assumes we know that Chaplin stood 5-5.
Tiger said on 7/Mar/06
Where is it stated that Hope was 5-10 ? He was 5-6 in his seventies ? What ? I think I see a pattern here. There was another visitor to this site (don't remember his/her name) that was always down-grading everyone's height. Strange, because that person, also, just made statements and never documented nor gave any type of evidence; they just spoke.
Frank2 said on 7/Mar/06
Bob Hope was never 5-11 1/2. NEVER!!! My God! I knew Hope. My dad directed him in a commercial. I saw him over the years and he was at the very most 5'10". By the time he got into his seventies he had shrunk to about 5'6".
mike c said on 6/Mar/06
Correction,editor Rob, sorry, wrote 4 instead of 5...meant five...guess was overwhelmed by the proof!Great Picture!!!!
mike c said on 6/Mar/06
Great photo, Gonzalo! What a wonderful piece of history...four men who impacted on our society in a very positive way, albeit with faults..they were human, but in public, at least, represented good role models...I applaude you for the, is it my imagination or does the Duke have a good 4-5 inches on Ronald? Do you suppose John W. was wearing boots and lifts because he knew he would be photographed with these men? Tux. and boots!
Gonzalo said on 6/Mar/06
Strong debate about Wayne
Tiger said on 5/Mar/06
Rob: you know for a long time, IMDB had Rock at 6-6. They might have changed it based on your site. Anyway, at, the title is Rakish Rock Hudson and they list his height at "6-4 to 6-6 depending on the source." I always saw this guy as super tall. I always saw Duke as super tall also, but he is a lot more solid and has much more girth than Hudson.
Tiger said on 5/Mar/06
But, in that photo above, Hope is just about as tall as Reagan and Martin. Reagan and Martin are the same height. Duke is definitely slouching forward. Martin is 6 feet even, Reagan 6-1, and Hope 5-11 1/2. These are all pretty solid, documented heights (though I have seen Martin listed at 5-11 on a couple websites, but mainly have come across 6' even). We have debated and discussed Duke Wayne alot on this page. I have never thought him any less than 6-4 1/2. Hudson is a bad example because he is listed places at 6-5 or
even 6-6. If going by movies, Hudson and Wayne were the exact same height all throughout in 'The Undefeated' (1969). Arness was 6-7. He would make anyone look shrimpy. Not a good comparison.Duke Wayne is definitely 6-4 1/2. I have seen some opinions and theories presented here and they just don't add up. Please see my research below and my research on the Dean Martin page. I don't think Editor Rob will let me repeat everything I've submitted and take up so much space.

[Editor Rob: I know in at least one biography of Hudson, the author described him as 6ft 5...]
Frank2 said on 4/Mar/06
Dean wasn't six feet. More like five-ten max. So was Jerry. Reagan was at least six feet at the time of the photo. Hope was about five eight by the time of that photo. He had been as tall as five-ten when he was younger. I have a shot of him with my dad who was just under five-ten and Hope appears about the same height. As far as Wayne's height, I think he was closer to six-three. I just watch some western he was in with Rock Hudson who I know for a fact was six-four and The Duke was shorter by at least an inch, possibly two. Also in the film Big Jim McLain, Wayne is obviously a lot shorter than James Arness. A LOT SHORTER!
mike c said on 4/Mar/06
My humble apologies ed. Rob...I thought for a moment you went over to the dark your pages. Mike

[Editor Rob: there'll be some obvious signs if I ever turn to the dark side...Arnie will become 6ft 2.5, Cruise will shrink back to 5ft 7.]
mike c said on 3/Mar/06
I guess original thought is out in this type of internet communication page...forget the movies, the photos, the fact that he towered over everyone...yep! he wore lifts..someone said so!...I hope your comment is made tongue in cheek, editor Rob....I truly do...or else you're having a problem accepting the had Jerry Lewis as short as 5'6"..I saw all his movies in the 50's and early way, Jose! 6 feet or very close to it!!! Wayne? 6'4"/6'4.5" yourself a favor and go to original sources..and break down and buy The Duke, A Life in Pics. but, then again, your stirring up debate...good job!

[Editor Rob: read the height I list him and the first quote at the top of this page for my opinion. I'm merely illustrating to people who read this page, that in the past, several actors and other folk have spoken about Wayne wearing lifts, Darin, Rock Hudson, Cicelino etc. Whether they are true or not is another matter, but they are interesting for various reasons. If a rumour gets around that 'Mr X' wears lifts, then other people can then begin to believe it and so other celebrities might then have heard this and speak about it...
Tiger said on 3/Mar/06
Well: who is everybody and did Capucine see Duke wear lifts or did she "hear" about it from somewhere?
Lou said on 22/Feb/06
My aunt got the Dukes autograph while he was shooting True Grit- her brother,(My dad) was 6'4" in his prime so compared to my father she is positive that Wayne in his boots looked 6'5"- so without boots, a solid 6'4"
mike c said on 21/Feb/06
Tiger, thanks, I really studied hard for this test!...I also taught bilingual Middle School math for 24yrs...currently a principal in an elementary school...most of my friends are 6'2+....some even 6'4"+ and I've gotten used to tall guys and gals in pics..they just stand out....the formula I used came from Wood Magazine, Oct. 5, 2005 issue 165..article on duplicating furniture from pics..of course, we'll hear from one or two "scholars" who still insist JW was 6'tops...appreciate your common sense...
Tiger said on 21/Feb/06
Mike C: now that's a lot of information :) It is a great point and I think one can estimate a height mathematically, though I've never seen it done. No doubt in my mind that Duke was 6-4 1/2 and maybe a little more. Your formula and ratios do assume, but no doubt you've come to a height familiar to us all! I am a middle school math teacher and I can say your calculations are correct and you get full credit for showing your work :)
mike c said on 20/Feb/06
Interesting what one can do with mathematics! Looking at a picture and knowing or intelligently guessing the measurements of some of the items in the picture can help one determine certain facts. For example, the approximate height of a figure in a photo... Take the picture of John Wayne against the background of a log cabin, dressed in skins, with flat deer skin (could be another animal, but let's say deer) shoes on...Using mathematical ratios (the ones used by many a carpenter or furniture historian to duplicate furniture from pictures) one can say that in the picture of John Wayne, page 16, of.. The Duke, A Life in Pictures... it is possible to mathematically approximate his height. It's not that difficult if you understand that there is a ratio ( a mathematical relationship) between what an object measures in a picture and its measurement in reality. Let's say that in that picture (you'll have to buy the book to appreciate this or get the picture from the internet), when you measure the belt he has on, the belt measures 3/16" wide. I guess that in reality the belt measured 1 and
Mario said on 14/Feb/06
John Wayne and James Stewart.

Wayne was very ill during this movie. I think that Stewart (who isn't full straight) is 1.5 -2 inches taller than Wayne.

I still think that Wayne was 6 ft 4 + at his peak.
Viper652 said on 14/Feb/06
Most college heights are inflated by 1-2 inches Tiger. Even the NFL inflates about half the players in its league by the same amount. Its possible that Wayne's height was legit though.
mike c said on 13/Feb/06
Tiger, don't you see that there was a plan way back in the 1920's when JW played football for the Un. of Southern Calf.: "let's all add inches to his height...He has the potential to be a very famous American some day. Hey, 6'4.5" sounds good!!"...why didn't I see this before!! It's so obvious!
Tiger said on 13/Feb/06
I should clarify that I was measured at 6-1 1/4 my senior season in high school in all three sports. Anyway, watch the NFL combines on ESPN every year and you will see heights down to the nearest 1/8 of an inch (source: Chris Mortensen, ESPN analyst/insider). The one that sticks out in my mind is Tom Brady of New England. He attended the combine in April of 2000. He was listed at 6-3 5/8 and in the Patriot media guide he is 6-4. Hardly 1-2 inches. In addition,I played sports with a number of guys who were recriuted for college and one of the first things they had done were extensive physical measurements, especially height and weight.
Tiger said on 13/Feb/06
Viper652: How do you know this? When high school players are recruited and attend the various tryouts and combines, height and weight are measured to the nearest 1/8 of and inch. I played high school football, baseball, and basketball and was always measured at 6-1 and 1/4. My current height is a little over 6-1. The USC roster back in 1925 may be inaccurate, but why would it be? No one knew that Duke Wayne was going to be a world famous legend and icon.
Viper652 said on 13/Feb/06
That roster is not accurate, because they inflate most players by 1-2 inches in College football.
Gotxo said on 11/Feb/06
Tiger: Congratulations for doing so an interesting finding.
In th searchers he towers over Jeffrey Hunter, who looks to be 6' to 6'1", wich is
a very difficult thing to achive if he was the same height as some mad guy has pointed.
mike c said on 10/Feb/06
Excellent research, Tiger! In the book I bought, The Duke, A Life in Pictures, page 16 shows him against a log cabin background(1930)...there's no argument; flat buckskin shoes!..very tall and no lifts or stilts in sight!!As a man who grew up in a carpenter's home, I know that the diameter of most of the logs is at least 10"+..a conservative measurement..let McFly do the math!...But, let's continue the it when people just talk and don't bother to at least do a bit of research to make it interesting...what happened to Gramps? He made a great deal of sense as you and a few others do. I'm enjoying this!
Tiger said on 10/Feb/06
From 'John Wayne: An American Legend'(1986 Smith)- John Wayne attended USC on a football scholarship from 1925-27. The 1925 football roster lists Duke
as a "6-4 3/4 in and 215 lb defensive end" Talk about a rare piece of information. I found this book at a library in the biography section. The author of the book cites the University of Southern California as the source of this info.
Tiger said on 3/Feb/06
Mike C: again, very well-said. McFly is not worth trying to reason with on any level. He doesn't bother me much. I think his write-ins are hilarious. Take a look at the Elvis page; McFly really shines over there, although a lot of his comments have been eliminated. I think they are being eliminated for a reason. We've seen enough responses from people to know that no one takes him seriously at all, nor does he have any credibility. I think at this point, he is a minor nuisance.I just wonder why someone would continually display a lack of knowledge and act as if it is okay.
Tubbs said on 3/Feb/06
According to McFly, Richard Harris was 5'10, Roger Moore 5'11, and Michael Caine 5'7'5". I think we all know he is messing about and is just after a reaction from someone, the sad thing is though, it works everytime! The Duke was 6'4".
mike c said on 2/Feb/06
Tiger, the sad part is that McFly apparently refuses to go to sources that contradict his opinion, albeit lame as it is. It's one thing to provide some weak evidence to back up a claim, it's another matter entirely to speak with authority yet not have one bit of evidence. The Quiet Man is proof that Wayne was 6'4"+ if he would only take the time to watch it...of particular interest is the bar scene with McLaglen. Of course, if you want more than one bit of info. you would want to carefully view the scene when Wayne approaches McLaglen's house to ask to date his sister...look at the height difference between award winning Barry Fitzgeral and Wayne...Fitz. was 5'4"..a blind man can see the diff. and look at the shoes JW is wearing...give me a break McFly. By the way,by the time True Grit was filmed, John already had a lung and two ribs taken out...ergo, the hunched position/appearance in many photos..have ribs removed and tell me you can stand up straight. Besides, there's a 50 to 80 pound diff. in weight from the Quiet Man (pre-sugeries) and True Grit..but then, again, he's still 6'1" because, because...McFly enjoy the movie if you can find the time to think clearly.
6 foot 1.5, 16, still growing said on 31/Jan/06
yep, that sounds correct. I was at the YMCA a couple of months ago and I saw an older looking guy (around 60 something) who claimed to be around 6 foot 6, and looked it. We talked about height for a while and we came to a discussion about how short celebrities are these days. And then the conversation led to John Wayne and him saying that he saw John Wayne back in the day and was surprised to see that he was at least 2 inches shorter than him, given that ALL his costars are constantly TOWERED over by him in the movies.
Tiger said on 31/Jan/06
Loved 'The Quiet Man'. One of Duke's best movies. He really gets acknowledged for his acting in that film. Sometimes that gets lost in the legend: Wayne is a great actor. The man was truly bigger than life on screen and off.
mike c said on 30/Jan/06
Tiger: Amen!! Hope you rented The Quiet Man! You sound like an intelligent man..enjoy the book!
Tiger said on 30/Jan/06
To Editor Rob: the first sentence in my respnse may not be clear. I am saying that Duke was 6-4 1/2 and I have never,ever doubted that. Would you please post this ? Too early on the west coast.I don't want anyone "trying" to figure out what I'm saying; they shouldn't have to. THANKS and SORRY FOR ANY INCONVENIENCE! "Pilgrim: How bout another whiskey!"
Tiger said on 30/Jan/06
Mike C: I have never, ever doubted that Duke was less than 6-4 1/2.
He is that and always has been. Jimmy Stewart has always been 6-3, Clint has always been 6-4,and I have seen Hudson listed as tall as 6-6 (2 sites that I will try and remember). A lot of people on this website speak without ever doing their homework or offering any evidence; they just throw out opinions and back them with garbage like 'lifts' and other nonsense. I have seen that book in stores and it is excellent; I am going to purchase it. Your response was well-said! To the Duke: "Gimmee a whiskey pilgrim!"
mike c said on 29/Jan/06
Tiger, good research! Babyboomer, what a great experience!!Just bought from Barnes & Noble..The Duke,A life in Rob L. Wagner....pages 76 and 77 are very 76 shows the Duke with Jim Hutton..reportedly 6'5"/6'4.5", I may be wrong, but the chin lines show equal height...of course JW could be standing on a chair!..better yet is page 77..the Duke with Clint, Jim Steward, Rock Hudson and others 6' or better..all in, maybe the Duke is on stilts..but, he's bending forward to cut a piece of cake...hmmm! could it be he's at least 6"4".?.Steward was 6"3", according to many sources..and Clint, he was 6"4" in his prime!!!...very eye opening this pic...Hudson was reportedly 6'5"..this picture should quiet the people that insist Wayne was only 6'2" or even it!!!! Buy the book! I'm not a paid ad. for Barnes and Noble..just a fan of one of the best heroes we've had...he was not perfect, but we can't argue with the messages his movies espoused!
ColinG said on 29/Jan/06
I've only just read this piece. Thank you very much, Tiger!
"Who is Barry Norman?"
That made my day. Fellow Britons will know what I mean...
Tiger said on 25/Jan/06
From an interview with Ann-Margret after acting with Duke Wayne in 'The Train Robbers' (1973): source- 'Movie Review' magazine 1973. "Working with Duke has been one of the highlights of my career. He is a giant in legend, not just size. One does not expect a man 6-4 1/2, chiseled and rugged to be a softy. Well, let me tell you. Duke is one big teddy bear and I love teddy bears."
babyboomer said on 25/Jan/06
Hi! I saw Mr. Wayne with Glen Campbell and the female lead (Kim Darby?) at the premiere of True Grit in Dallas, Texas. The Duke was wearing a black suit and loafers (they LOOKED normal to me!). Mr. Campbell was the one in cowboy boots (with very high heels, maybe 2.5 inches). As I've stated elsewhere, I'm 6'4" (actually a tad over at 194 cms) tall and Mr. Wayne was the same height as me. Glen Campbell looked MAYBE 5'11" IN the boots, but more like 5'10.5" to me. Mr. Wayne was very broad-shouldered and was a bit heavy then. I didn't see any sign of a "girdle" either. Kim Darby was about 5'2" IN platfiorm shoes. I'm a big man at 230 pounds and the Duke was probably 260ish then.
mike c said on 14/Jan/06
Mikex..Wayne was tall by any standards..taller than Ward Bond (6'3") and Victor McLaglen (6'3") who stared in a couple of movies with him. Just when did the meeting with Wills take place..before 1955? All movies deliberately empahsize the qualities of the staring man/woman....that's why they're the leading or buy "The Quiet Man".. you'll no longer doubt Duke's height...very, very tall..6'4" at death, no, but 6'4.5"-6'4" in his prime..
Tiger said on 14/Jan/06
Who is Barry Norman ?

[Editor Rob: he's a uk film critic...equivalent I guess of US roger ebert...]
Mikex said on 7/Jan/06
6'3'' I reckon. In a biography by Gary Wills a guy speaks of meeting Wayne for the 1st time and seeing surprisingly that he was taller than Wayne. This guy was 6'4'' exact. Also Barry Norman the film commentator wrote about meeting Wayne and stated what a big guy he was, at 6'3''. Although Wayne was clearly a very big man by the standards of his time, his movies deliberately emphasise his size. Wayne always appears bigger than anyone he appears with although this is unlikely to have been the case in reality.
mike c said on 25/Dec/05
Great pics.'ve done your research...remember the camera angles! Mentally move JW back a half foot or so...check the chin lines and shoulders..perhaps RS wasn't 6'4"...Wayne was 6'4.5" according to a few sources....but, glad you agree he was at least 6'4"...glad some people can discuss without using names and or the term nutriders...still have no idea what it means and I've been around the block more than once.
Xhavier said on 22/Dec/05
Look at these pictures:

He is with known 6'4" Randolph Scott, I agree for once that John Wayne was 6'4" in the early years and whole heartedly agree 6'2" during the middle years and probably 6'0" near the old old old years.
mike c said on 17/Dec/05
irishdavey!!! Stop drinking the Irish coffee for a while and rent "The Quiet Man"!If and when you get sober and view the movie to the end without falling asleep (caffene will do that) you'll realize we're not idiots...but, I suspect anyone who uses the term "nutriders" and "idiotic" in the same sentence is having a problem holding his "coffee"!
Gramps said on 16/Dec/05
irishdavey has been drinking too much irishcoffee it would seem.
irishdavey said on 16/Dec/05
you are idiotic if you think this man is 6'4", dont be such nutriders it's obvious he was about 6 foot 1 or so at the very most.
mike c said on 14/Dec/05
Ok guys, one inch.!..the Duke still towered over Dean..I wish I could get a copy of the still pic where the JW surprises Dean on the Dean Martin Show...Duke is very tall....! a good 5 inches...which makes 5'll" plausible..Jerry Lewis stated on a number of occasions that Dino was 6'...still a great, funny singer/comic..loved the old timers...
Gramps said on 13/Dec/05
I've read reports of Dean Martin being 5'11" and 6'0".
John said on 13/Dec/05
I believe Dean was actullay 5'11.
mike c said on 7/Dec/05
Right on, Mark! The Duke did a movie with James Arness (6'7"-6'6")..I think, in the fifties...saw it a while ago...both men stood face to face...guess what? James was taller, but not by that much(both men were in suits and dress shoes...guess they put the Duke on stilts!) James didn't tower over the Duke as the Duke towered over Dean Martin (6') on the Dean Martin Showappearance...common sense tells us the Duke was tallllll! the debate! ps...if you think JW wore lifts...observe how a girl walks in high heel shoes..then observe the Duke in The Quiet way!
Gramps said on 6/Dec/05
Don't hold back, Mark, tell what you REALLY think? :-)
John said on 29/Nov/05
I believe based on the books I have read about the Duke that he didn't begin wearing lifts until middle age. That picture above was taken in 1966 I think, so Wayne at 59 may have naturally lost an inch due to age and increasing weight, plus major lung surgery in 1964 might have damaged his posture. There was no way he was ever below 6'2. Period.
Gramps said on 28/Nov/05
He may have been 6'2" in the '60s and '70s, but I think he was 6'4" back in the 1930s and '40s.
mike c said on 28/Nov/05
Great pic. Gramps..hope you've been able to rent The Quite Man..he was 6'4" ..makes for interesting debate.
Jason said on 27/Nov/05
John Wayne was most probably around 6'2'' in bare feet.
Gramps said on 27/Nov/05
Here's a very early Wayne with the 6'3" Yakima Canutt:
Anonymous said on 26/Nov/05
6'1" at most when he was younger, 6'2" in regular 1" soled non-lift shoes. Period.
Gotxo said on 18/Nov/05
Funny comments!
Ok, Rock Hudson was no one to critizise the others actors he earned a good grant playing the kind of man he wasn't, wich proves he was a good actor.
Or does anyone expected Cristopher Reeve to fly?
Though that only tell us he wore lifts and pretended to be slimmer, nothing more.
By the way he really dragged his feet when walking, but that might reveal some
feet/heep/spine too!
We need more!
Mr. R said on 17/Nov/05
Obviously, I agree with Rock Hudson on Hollywood, but I would say that Hollywood is RARELY what it seems. Of course, Rock would know, given that he was portrayed as the virile straight lover of every women's dreams!
mike c said on 16/Nov/05
I guess when Rock Hudson said that he was disappointed the Duke wouldn't bend over...he's not even in the same league as Wayne..
CelebHeights Editor said on 16/Nov/05
Another quote, I think it's legit, from This page

Rock Hudson on Wayne: "I did a movie with Duke Wayne and was very surprised to find out he had small feet, wore lifts, and an corset. Hollywood is seldom what it seems."

I'm sure Mr R. would agree with Rock.
CelebHeights Editor said on 16/Nov/05
Lol, I totally forgot about the Mitchum quote. Good old Bob said about Wayne:

"Wayne had 4-inch lifts in his shoes. He had the overheads on his boat accomodated to fit him. He had a special roof put in his station wagon. The son of a bitch, they probably buried him in his goddamn lifts!"
mike c said on 1/Nov/05
Gramps...Gabby Hayes and Roy Rogers were 6 ft....think the camera angle throws everyone off...again, watch the Quiet Man...Francis Ford, John Ford's brother was 6 ft. the Quiet Man! Bond was 6.3 as was the boxer McLaglen...hulk of a man! read his bio. Glad you're observant.. They were all great actors..I'll take Wayne, Bond, etc. over the new guys anytime!Bottom line, Wayne could have kicked both our asses without breathing hard! Will someone tell me how tall Emeril Lagasse is!
Gramps said on 31/Oct/05
The third photo below, with the Duke and Ronald Reagan and Dean Martin, Wayne definitely looks 6'4". Check the first two, however, with Ward Bond. There looks to be the expected 1" difference in the first, but Bond looks to have shrunk about a FOOT in the second! Very curious.
mike c said on 14/Oct/05
You have to watch The Quiet Man carefully...Ward Bond was also 6'3. He's just as tall as Victor McLaglen. Wayne stands next to Bond and Victor on a number of scenes...Wayne is taller..checks out the shoes, guys, small heel in the opening to tall the whole movie from beginning to, of course if McLaglen and Bond were in fact short...and Holywood lied..then Wayne was no more than 6' tall..don't think so. If Wayne put lifts in his boots then he was 6'6"..go back and watch all his movies and all his appearances.on tv. towers over Dean Martin on one of Martin's shows..look at the way he walks when he's in regular shoes...all hints..but then again, I thought Martin Short was short! Now, how tall is Emeril Legasse? Still love Wayne!
Mr. R said on 13/Oct/05
Mike C - Someone, I believe it was Bobby Darin, said that Wayne put lifts in his boots, even though he was taller than everybody else. He wanted to make sure that he towered over everybody!
mike c said on 12/Oct/05
Guys, rent The Quiet movie Wayne made..Victor McLaglen is 6'3"..see how tall Wayne is next to him..Wayne appears to be taller...look at the earlier movies of Wayne..especially the one with Arness..he's not that much shorter..give the guy a break..
Christoffer Slotte said on 20/Aug/05
I read in a biography on Wayne that he was 6'4 in his boots. That would make him maybe 6'2 in reality.
Parker said on 5/Aug/05
Johm Wayne was without doubt 6'4 - As mentioned previously he's been in too many films and towered over all his co stars - The Gary Cooper photo is inconclusive because you can't see their feet - Cooper could have been stood on a step, and probably was.
Bleemo said on 28/Jun/05
I always thought this guy would be smaller but Madame tussauds had him at 6ft4 and they measure each person accurately, there other heights were very revealing.
sam said on 17/May/05
to Tommmyp, the celebheights guy is right. He was just too tall next to every co-star he had (except maybe James Arness) to not be anything other than 6'4".
Tommyp said on 23/Apr/05
There's a bio of Wayne that came out in the past ten years. The book quoted a couple of guys who knew him and they said he was 6'4" his cowboy boots. These men were 6'3" or 6'2" and said that he wasn't any taller than they were. Wayne seemed happy to let the public think he was taller than he really was.

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Other vital statistics like weight, shoe or bra size measurements have been sourced from newspapers, books, resumes or social media.

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