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6ft 3.31in (191.3cm)
Outlaw said on 18/Nov/08
Thank you once again, mike c. It sure is one of his best, and possibly his greatest, in my opinion. No doubt he could could have been 6'4 1/2" there. Yeah, that fight scene is hilarious and most certainly, Maureen O'Hara is wonderful. She's my favorite actress. Most definitely is a classic... I agree with ya a 100%.

Take care and may the Lord be with ya.
Ed T. said on 18/Nov/08
Outlaw and Mike C., I agree that the Quiet Man is a great film and it is one of the Duke's best performances.

Wayne does look tall, but I don't know about 6'4.5". Victor McLaglen was in his mid 60's as Outlaw has indicated. He's usually listed at 6'3" in his boxing statistics. However, from what I have seen on this Site and from what I have read ( I am not an expert on shrinking height, but I have seen people on this Site comment on their knowledge of height loss ), most men are supposed to lose at least one inch or very close to it by their mid sixties (although I realize some men shrink less, others more). So , In the Quiet Man, Wayne may have been playing opposite a 6'2" Victor McLaglen.

Also, Outlaw, I don't think Ward Bond was 6'2 1/2". I believe Bond to be closer to 6'1".

In any event, the Duke help makes the Quiet Man a classic. Very possibly 6'4" in the Quiet Man. 6'4.5" may be stretching his height a little bit.
mike c said on 17/Nov/08
Outlaw, you're right on the money with the Quiet Man. I've been saying it for a long while now. It's one of the Duke's best and clearly shows his great height....6'4.5" at the time. I love the fight scene and Maureen is fantastic! Great movie and I watch at least 2-3 times a's classic and any Wayne fan would do well to see it in the uncut version. Take care. Mike C. ps. Patrick, I hope your surgery went well.
Outlaw said on 17/Nov/08
I'll be damned, I've tried to post 3 times now and it ain't put nothin' up. Hopefully this one will appear. Although, it may take several hours for it to go up, I don't know quite how the site works.

Anyway, thank you, mike c... For what would be the 4th time now! I'm happy to be aboard. It's very evident in "The Quiet Man," John Wayne's height. He stand right next to Maureen O'Hara plenty of times, and she's 5'8". She doesn't even quite come up to his chin and he's wearing regular shoes, it would seem. Also, his other co-star, Victor McLaglen, who was also no doubt huge, even broader than John Wayne, stood 6'3". He possibly lost an inch since he was in his 60s, but I doubt it as he aside with Wayne dwarfed all but 6'2 1/2" Ward Bond in the movie. You can also tell when the Duke was standing straight up and so was McLaglen, Wayne had about 2 inches on him, and McLaglen barely fit through one of the doors you see him enter. If any of the John Wayne fans on here ain't seen the movie, better do yourself a big favor and watch it immediately, as it is one of, if not his best film.

Take care all and may the Lord be with y'all.
Outlaw said on 16/Nov/08
Thank you very much, mike c. Happy to be aboard.

Take care and may the Lord be with y'all.
mike c said on 13/Nov/08
adam, give Outlaw a break. He's right on!! Did you forget what you wrote just 2 short months ago?....
adam says on 10/Sep/08:
"My height opinions about that photo Gonzalo talks about:
Lee Marvin: 6-2
Clint Eastwood: 6-4
Rock Hudson: 6-5 at that time, 6-6 peak.
John Wayne: 6-3 at that time, 6-4 peak
Fred MacMurray: 6 feet at that time, 6-3 peak
Jimmy Stewart: 6-3
Michael Caine: 6-2 (though looking clearly more than an inch shorter than Stewart... hmmm..)
Ernest Borgnine: 5-10"...Or, is this a totally different, albeit enlightened adam? Welcome aboard, Outlaw! mike c
mike c said on 12/Nov/08
Good posts Outlaw and's amazing how much proof is out there regarding his 6.4+ height and how little we've seen contradicting it....But, I guess, people see what they want to see. This is why we have a great sight, ed. Rob! Adam, do you realize that we've come within an inch of agreeing with each other!...Keep your comments coming, guys! mike c ps, take another look at the vintage video's I posted a few days ago...he as a tall man!!
Russ said on 12/Nov/08
I used to work in Newport Beach, California. As you may know, John Wayne used to live in Newport Beach. He enjoyed sailing. Anyway, many of the older "locals" in the area remember seeing John Wayne around town. More than once, I heard it said that John Wayne was a very large man. I once overheard an elderly gentlemen, who was about 6'2", say that "he (Wayne) was taller than me and half again my size". Does that convince any skeptics out there...that John Wayne truly was tall? In his movies, he "towers over" just about every other man on the set. John Wayne was tall and big. Believe it.
adam said on 11/Nov/08
the Lord is inside of me and he`s saying "Duke Wayne wasn`t 6-4, he was an inch shorter."
Outlaw said on 11/Nov/08
John Wayne was no doubt 6'4". Up until probably the early '60s, the Duke never wore lifts, and even if he did lose height near his death, it wasn't much. He pretty much towered over everyone. The only 4 actors I have seen starring with him, taller, were: James Arness (6'7" or more), Rock Hudson (6'5"), Mike Mizaruki (6'5"), and Jim Hutton (6'5"). If you noticed, John Wayne always slouched, positioning one of his legs out, bending it slighty, lowering him possibly 2 inches or so.

James Stewart was 6'3.5," Gary Cooper 6'3"-6'3.75," Gregory Peck 6'3," Kirk Douglas 5'9," Dean Martin 5'10," Lee Marvin 6'2," Clint Eastwood 6'4," Lee Van Cleef 6'2," Woody Strode 6'4,". You could clearly see when Wayne stood straight, he towered over Douglas and Dean Martin, as well as 5'10," Montgomery Clift in "Red River".

I have no clue why people are trying to undermine John Wayne's height. He was a legend... No, the largest presence to ever grace Hollywood -- he stood above all else.

That is that.

Take care all, may the Lord be with you all, and please stop hatin' on the Duke's height, for Heaven's sake.
mike c said on 9/Nov/08
An interesting USC article the caption on the right side for the fourth picture...great pictures of the Duke...mike c
Click Here
Lenad said on 9/Nov/08
The guy was in a hell of a lot of movies.
Hugh said on 8/Nov/08
Wayne was overall a huge guy. 194-195cm peak.
mike c said on 7/Nov/08
Guys, Johnny Carson was between 5'10" and 5'11" he is with the Duke during 11979 Academy Awards...Wayne would die soon after....I see at least 4-5" difference in height. I heard Carson also wore lifts. who knows, but Wayne is a "lot" taller don't you agree? Both in formal wear...let's see, 4" lifts in dress shoes......??
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Patrick said on 6/Nov/08
MikeC, Gonzalo, I leave for weeks (surgery) but I was set on saying that I just watched Circus World, a not that bad movie if you forget the terrible Claudia Cardinal acting.
That lady is listed about 5
mike c said on 5/Nov/08
Wayne with George Brancroft (Stagecoach)..he's listed as 6'2"...scroll down to the picture. Wayne towers over him. mike c
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mike c said on 5/Nov/08
adam, another vintage movie starring the Duke..enjoy. mike c
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Patrick said on 5/Nov/08
Hello Mike C and Gonzalo and all of you who render that site possible and allow great passed away stars memory so lively!
Thanks to you, they live forever and are not swept away by current stars or supposedly so.
I enjoyed a lot your pics and other you
mike c said on 4/Nov/08
Guys, for your viewing pleasure. I see a very, very tall John Wayne. Enjoy. mike c
Click Here
adam said on 4/Nov/08
Thank you mike c for that. I appreciate it, like all the others also. If you have some more rare stuff, please share them with us, sir.

I think Wayne was at least 190cm (6-2 and 3/4), Gonzalo. After watching Rio Bravo, El Dorado and Searchers again... well, he sure looks tall.
mike c said on 3/Nov/08
Guys, for your viewing pleasure. A short clip of John Wayne in a 1934 movie. He sure doesn't look small/short to me. mike c
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Gonzalo said on 3/Nov/08
I disagree with Adam. There aren
LT said on 1/Nov/08
i remember seeing an interview with a stage hand who worked with him, he said somthing along the lines of "he walked through the door and looked like he was seven feet tall in his cowboy boots, of course he was really six four"
adam said on 1/Nov/08
In "The Longest Day" Wayne didnt wear lifts. It would have been too vicible, so many stars. In a scene where Robert Ryan talks with Wayne in an office, Wayne looks shorter no doubts. Ryan is looking clearly DOWN at Wayne. I think this is also one good proof..
mike c said on 31/Oct/08
Happy Halloween! A funny video with Dean Martin, Don Rickles and Roy Rogers. Dean and Roy were at least 5'10.5-11". Check out their sites. Now, watch Dark Command with Wayne and Rogers (1940)..there are several scenes with Wayne and Rogers face to face or side by side...Wayne is 6'4+ all the way. ps. Watch the movies with Wayne and Martin..exactly the same height difference.
Click Here mike c
mike c said on 31/Oct/08
Gonzalo, if I'm not mistaken, in the photo with Forest, Wayne is not standing up straight. I think he's leaning on something. Did you see the movie? mike c
Anonymous said on 31/Oct/08
I only saw a 3 inch difference between Wayne and Arness. Wayne WAS 6'4 Prime and 6'2 at the end.
adam said on 31/Oct/08
Wayne as tall as Arness? Seeing him as tall as a legit 6-7 man only proves that he wore lifts, mike c. James Arness was 6-7 and nothing under. In Big Jim Mclain Arness looked at least 4 inches taller than Wayne. So that`s it, man...

Then about the Texas Terror film where Wayne looks tall. I certainly agree with you -he looks very tall. But I found a strange thing while go: Im 6-2 and in a filmed dancing show where I was (happened in a high school time) I looked surprisingly towering! I walked as tall as I could and with a gut-in chest-out style posture. I could`ve sworn I looked like a 6-4 man if not more! And all the others who watched that thought the same. Besides those facts I said I also have pretty broad shoulders so that might add the illusion.

So I`d say that I`ve got some similarities with Wayne. More or less a similar build and also: Wayne always walked in a tall way, he had a good posture and broad shoulders. Then he kept his belt in a very high level and he had also pretty "high" shoulders if you know what I mean. All those things make you look taller.

All in all: Yes, in that film he looks very tall, taller than 6-2. But a solid 6-2 man with those features I just mentioned could look 6-4 or even more! I`ll guarantee that. Im 6-2 and some say Im 6-4 which Im not. Height is a strange thing..

Now again, Im not saying that "Wayne was no way 6-4" because he sure might have been! But again, maybe he was only about 6-2
mike c said on 29/Oct/08
Another interesting site about the Duke..even mentions his height...
Click Here
mike c said on 29/Oct/08
Here's a list of John Wayne's movies...Maybe someone out there has seen most of them and can comment on his height. mike c
1925 - Brown of Harvard
1926 - The Great K&A; Train Robbery
1926 - Bardelays The Magnificent
1927 - The Drop Kick
1927 - Annie Laurie
1928 - Mother Machree
1928 - Hangman's House
1928 - Four Sons
1929 - Words and Music (Silent)
1929 - Speakeasy
1929 - Salute
1929 - Noah's Ark
1929 - The Forward Pass
1929 - The Black Watch
1929 - Words and Music (Sound)
1930 - Men Without Women
1930 - A Rough Romance
1930 - Born Reckless
1930 - Cheer Up and Smile
1930 - The Big Trail
1931 - Girls Demand Excitement
1931 - Three Girls Lost
1931 - Arizona, aka Men Are Like That
1931 - The Deceiver
1931 - Range Feud
1931 - Maker of Men
1932 - Shadow of the Eagle (12-part serial)
1932 - Texas Cyclone
1932 - Two Fisted Law
1932 - That's My Boy
1932 - Lady and Gent, aka The Challenger
1932 - The Hurricane Express (12-part serial)
1932 - The Hollywood Handicap
1932 - Ride Him Cowboy
1932 - The Big Stampede
1932 - Haunted Gold
1933 - The Telegraph Trail
1933 - The Three Musketeers (12-part serial)
1933 - Central Airport
1933 - Somewhere in Sonora
1933 - His Private Secretary
1933 - The Life of Jimmy Dolan, aka The Kid's Last Fight
1933 - Baby Face
1933 - The Man from Monterey
1933 - Riders of Destiny
1933 - College Coach
1933 - Sagebrush Trail
1934 - West of the Divide
1934 - The Lucky Texan
1934 - Blue Steel
1934 - The Man from Utah
1934 - Randy Rides Alone
1934 - The Star Packer
1934 - The Trail Beyond
1934 - The Lawless Frontier
1934 - 'Neath Arizona Skies
1935 - Texas Terror
1935 - Rainbow Valley
1935 - The Desert Trail
1935 - The Dawn Rider
1935 - Paradise Canyon
1935 - Westward Ho
1935 - The Lawless Range
1935 - The New Frontier
1936 - The Oregon Trail
1936 - The Lawless Nineties
1936 - King of the Pecos
1936 - Winds of the Wasteland
1936 - The Lonely Trail
1936 - The Sea Spoilers
1936 - Conflict
1937 - California Straight Ahead
1937 - I Cover the War
1937 - Idol of the Crowds
1937 - Adventure's End
1937 - Born to the West aka Hell Town
1938 - Pals of the Saddle
1938 - Overland Stage Raiders
1938 - Santa Fe Stampede
1938 - Red River Range
1939 - The Night Riders
1939 - Three Texas Steers
1939 - Wyoming Outlaw
1939 - New Frontier, aka - Frontier Horizon
1939 - Stagecoach
1939 - Allegheny Uprising, aka The First Rebel
1940 - Dark Command
1940 - Three Faces West
1940 - The Long Voyage Home
1940 - Seven Sinners
1941 - Stars Past and Present
1941 - A Man Betrayed, aka - Wheel of Fortune
1941 - Lady From Louisiana
1941 - The Shepherd of the Hills
1942 - Lady for a Night
1942 - Reap the Wild Wind
1942 - The Spoilers
1942 - In Old California
1942 - Flying Tigers
1942 - Reunion in France
1942 - Pittsburg
1943 - A Lady Takes a Chance
1943 - In Old Oklahoma aka War of the Wildcats
1944 - The Fighting Seabees
1944 - Tall in the Saddle
1945 - Flame of the Barbary Coast
1945 - Back to Bataan
1945 - They Were Expendable
1945 - Dakota
1946 - Desert Command (re-cut of serial The Three Musketeers)
1946 - Without Reservations
1947 - Angel and the Badman
1947 - Tycoon
1948 - Fort Apache
1948 - Red River
1949 - 3 Godfathers
1949 - Wake of the Red Witch
1949 - The Fighting Kentuckian
1949 - She Wore a Yellow Ribbon
1949 - The Sands of Iwo Jima
1950 - Rio Grande
1951 - Operation Pacific
1951 - Flying Leathernecks
1952 - Big Jim McLain
1952 - The Quiet Man
1953 - Trouble Along the Way
1953 - Island in the Sky
1953 - Hondo (released in 3-D)
1954 - The High and the Mighty
1955 - Rookie of the Year (TV movie)
1955 - The Sea Chase
1955 - Blood Alley
1956 - The Conqueror
1956 - The Searchers
1957 - The Wings of Eagles
1957 - Jet Pilot
1957 - Legend of the Lost
1958 - I Married a Woman
1958 - The Barbarian and the Geisha
1959 - Rio Bravo
1959 - The Horse Soldiers
1960 - The Alamo
1960 - North to Alaska
1961 - The Commancheros
1962 - The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance
1962 - Hatari
1962 - The Longest Day
1962 - Flashing Spikes (TV movie)
1962 - How the West Was Won
1963 - Donovan's Reef
1963 - McLintock
1964 - Circus World, aka The Magnificent Showman
1965 - The Greatest Story Ever Told
1965 - In Harm's Way
1965 - The Sons of Katie Elder
1966 - Cast a Giant Shadow
1967 - The War Wagon
1967 - El Dorado
1968 - The Green Berets
1969 - Hellfighters
1969 - True Grit
1969 - The Undefeated
1970 - Chisum
1970 - Rio Lobo
1970 - Raquel! (TV movie)
1971 - Big Jake
1972 - The Cowboys
1972 - Cancel My Reservation
1973 - The Train Robbers
1973 - Cahill, United States Marshal
1974 - McQ
1975 - Brannigan
1975 - Rooster Cogburn
mike c said on 29/Oct/08
Gonzalo, I think one of your pics. is when Wayne got out of the hospital after his first shot with cancer...look at the book I sent you..he's dressed the same way...mike c
mike c said on 29/Oct/08're the man! Great find and yes, they're beautiful pictures. Of special interest are the pics with Arness and Wayne..I don't see a huge difference. I may be wrong, but the difference between Joe and Wayne/Arness is almost the same...and,Ward sure looks tall...but, who knows, the guy probably wore lifts just like the Duke...Anyway, this is what makes this site special. Don't you agree, adam? mike c
mike c said on 29/Oct/08
adam, you're very welcome. I appreciate your comments and your logic. I guess we can safely say that we're narrowing the're beginning to believe that Wayne was more than 6'2" peak and I, of course, strongly feel that he was minimum 6'4" perhaps even taller. I love a good debate without anyone disrespecting another when he/she runs out of things to say. I must agree that the 6'2" article is a very good find. But, I respectfully offer that countless subsequent articles describe him at 6'4". Hey, this is all in fun. You, Gonzalo, Patrick, Frank 2 and a few others make this an enjoyable few minutes from our ( I think) very hectic lives. The fun is researching and trying to provide evidence that will "hold up in court". I loath statements that have no merit and are based on hearsay or just plain nonsense. So, adam, I know Gonzalo, Patrick, are up for the challenge. Let's hope we can keep on debating in good taste and friendship...hopefully better than our present presidential candidates...take care, adam. mike c
mike c said on 29/Oct/08
An interesting many authors of books and articles listing the Duke at 6'4" or more and people still insist he was shorter. Watch my last post if you can, the first 6 minutes are very interesting. This is Wayne in 1933...Oh, I forgot, he had 4" lift on...and how about the other man? mike c
Click Here
Gonzalo said on 29/Oct/08
Wayne looking very tall
Click Here
Wayne looking shorter than Steve Forrest
Click Here

That page has interesting pics. Check it out
Gonzalo said on 29/Oct/08
Wayne looking very tall
Click Here

That page has interesting pics. Check it out
Gonzalo said on 29/Oct/08
Hi, Adam. I was thinking the other day that Wayne has appeared in many movies next to Ward Bond: westerns and non-westerns, in the early fories and in the late fifties. The difference between them is always around the same: 5-7 cms. If Wayne really wore lifts it could be very possible that the difference between them varied depending on the film. That didn
adam said on 29/Oct/08
mike c, great find, thank you for that. Wayne looks tall, taller than 6-2 but there are obvious things that make him look even taller. First, he holds his belt about 4 inches higher than most men. That gives the illusion of having longer legs and that way, an illusion of being taller. He also walks very tall and has a good posture and so on... All in all, yes he looks more than 6-2 but I wouldn`t count the possible camera angles and lifts off. And early film, no doubts but maybe some member of the staff said "this is a real man, let`s make him look as imposing as we could to make him a star!" and so on...

That might sound foolish but it`s a possibility. But... Im beginning to believe that Wayne really was more than 6-2 peak... he looks that. JW`s article though is an excellent proof that perharps he wasn`t more than 6-2! I`m not sure..

Gonzalo, thanks a lot, great photos. Again we can`t see anything about footwear and so on so not very good pics to compare height but still great page. Thank you both.
Gonzalo said on 29/Oct/08
Great find, Mike. Wayne looks definitely taller than 6`2 in that movie.
I have found this page of a man who has pics taken with a lot of celebrities. You can check his height next to tall guys such as Heston, Hackman, Glover and Wayne. Wayne towers over him
Click Here
mike c said on 27/Oct/08
Guys, here's a 1933 movie with Wayne. My computer freezes after the first 6 minutes because I have dial-up internet. Let me know what you think. I see a very tall Wayne during the first 6 minutes.and he sure looks taller than 6'2.... ..mike c
Click Here
adam said on 26/Oct/08
Both Martin and Wayne wore lifts. Life isn
Mike C said on 21/Oct/08
This is an interesting video that has Wayne and Martin. Wayne looks huge next to Martin. They're both in formal wear.
WClick Here
adam said on 20/Oct/08
And I`ll repeat: In The Big Trail Wayne doesn`t look 6-4. He is only about 3-4 inches taller than David Rollins who was like 5-10 or just slightly more. Wayne looks tall and with his tall walk, good posture and boots he looks even taller -just not barefoot 6-4.
adam said on 20/Oct/08
Let`s put my estimates again about those guys you mentioned there Gonzalo:

Marvin: 6-2 (even though can look mysteriously a lot shorter)
Stewart: 6-3 - 6-3
adam said on 20/Oct/08
Yes, I dont believe myself that Robbins is only 6-4
Gonzalo said on 20/Oct/08
HI, Adam. I am a bit confused lately about WAYNE
adam said on 19/Oct/08
Gonzalo, great mysteries in the end of your post. I agree: height can be a mystery, no doubts.

Gonzalo, I think I
Lenad said on 18/Oct/08
I'd give him 190/191cm. He never looked quite 6'4
adam said on 18/Oct/08
"The Longest Day" was an all-star movie. There were lots of actors, lots of international actors from different countries and so on... That wasn`t "Wayne`s own movie" like pretty much all the others (espacially from his later career). That was the reason why he didnt wear lifts in that movie - it wasn`t HIS movie, he wasn`t the only king there. That`s why he looked his true height in that film -about 6-2 or less.
Anonymous said on 17/Oct/08
I've watched nearly all of Wayne's films and consider him as one of my favourite actors but I find it hard to believe he was ever a legit 6'4 barefoot. Even in his early films I just couldn't see that this was accurate. I think Wayne was never anything more than 6 ft 2 barefoot, evidently wore lifts. I'm usually an excellent judge for height and I reckon Wayne was a solid 6 ft 2 in his prime, 6 ft 1 by the late 60s and 1970s.
mike c said on 16/Oct/08
Call me silly, but sometimes you have to go into the den to meet the bear face to face. Now, adam and JW are very convinced that the 1930 Photoplay article is excellent proof of Wayne's height in his prime. I agree with them on one level; it's an excellent find! And, I respect their opinion and their tenacity. I thank them for their latest posts because it makes this site exciting and I look forward to reading what the contributors have to say. Thanks, Rob, for a great site!

Now, using their source, I found an article in Photoplay, no less, referring to a 1977 biography written by George Carpozi. This, I think, is the same Photoplay magazine that adam and JW espoused. I hope they let us know if it
mike c said on 16/Oct/08
Patrick, you took the words right out of my mouth! Keep on posting! Gonzalo, good job!! I appreciated your comments. More to follow. Mike C.
Patrick said on 16/Oct/08
Gonzalo, i have no words to qualify your written work but
Lenad said on 16/Oct/08
Thanks for agreeing with me Adam.
JW said on 14/Oct/08
Adam: John Wayne was never more than 6'2". By the early 1960s he was only 6'1". That is why he looked 2 inches shorter than Steve Forrest in THE LONGEST DAY. He had to be wearing lifts in those publicity photos with Rock Hudson, Clint Eastwood, Lee Marvin, etc. I got the 6'4" height from Hudson's biography. Rock may have been 6'5" at one time. He certainly looked that tall next to Desi Arnaz. By the time the UNDEFEATED was made, I don't think Hudson was at his peak height anymore. I recently saw some episodes of McMillan & Wife from the early 1970s and Hudson did not look 6'5".
Gonzalo said on 14/Oct/08
Rakino made one of the most surrealistic posts in celebheights: compare the height of Wayne and Eastwood when they are on different steps. Why not compare Wayne and Hudson who are standing side by side? Maybe this Rakimo is one of those guys that contribute to this page downgrading Wayne and now uses a different name. Maybe editor Rob can help us on that one.
Well, where do I start? Ward Bond wasn
adam said on 14/Oct/08
mike c, you dont seem to be quite a what I`d call a "real fast biter". Wayne was a big star in the 50s, back then he was desribed as 6-4 without a doubt. Dont get me wrong, that`s a nice article you brought to us, thank you for that... but buddy, that doesn`t prove a thing. Now the article in the early 30s, when Wayne was far from being a star, that`s a good piece of evidence that he wasn`t 6-4. Of course in the 50s he was the man`s man. He was tall, muscular, fearless, you name it. So no offence but... that article doesnt prove a damn thing.

And it also had Ward Bond at 6-3. Well... Then I guess Robert Ryan was at least 6-6 and Henry Fonda like 6-4 and so on... Bond never ever looked 6-3. I`d say about 6-1 is on the money. Also John Ford was never 6-1....

Lenad, 6-3 is a pretty good estimate, I would say. He could look taller, no doubts, but that was due to lifts.
Lenad said on 13/Oct/08
Wayne looked a flat 6 ft 3 to me.
adam said on 13/Oct/08
In The Undefeated Wayne wore lifs. Hudson said that himself. And Hudson was at least 6-5 peak, not just 6-4.

But I do agree with you JW: Wayne wasn`t quite 6-4.
mike c said on 13/Oct/08
Guys, here's another early article from Time 1952. Interesting because it talks about Wayne's height as well as Ward Bond's and John Ford's. Enjoy.Mike C
Click Here
Patrick said on 13/Oct/08
JW, the only film you quote I grant you is "the longest day".
I already said here that I just did not understand. If wearing lifts, why not wearing them "all the time"? That makes no sense.
James Arness was definitely 6'7 or else Clint Walker was not 6'6 what he surely was because he himself said "James is one inch taller than I am".
In the shootist, if you see Jimmy Stewart taller, sorry but you need glasses.
JW said on 12/Oct/08
Rock Hudson and John Wayne:
Click Here

Mike c: You wanted to know in which movies John Wayne looks less than 6'4". Try these:

BIG JIM McLAIN-completely dwarfed by James Arness (6'6" or 6'7").
HONDO-the same height as Leo Gordon (6'2").
THE LONGEST DAY-clearly two inches shorter than Steve Forrest (6'3").
THE UNDEFEATED-at least two inches shorter than Rock Hudson (6'4") and a mere five or six inches taller than Paul Fix, an actor who was almost a foot shorter than Chuck Connors.
CHISUM-only slightly taller than Ray Teal (5'11").
THE SHOOTIST-shorter than Jimmy Stewart (6'3").

I used to believe that John Wayne was 6'4" until I saw the movie Big Jim McLain. There is no way that a person 6'4" could look so small next to James Arness. After that, I noticed in other movies that Wayne didn't seem tall enough compared to other actors to have been 6'4".
adam said on 12/Oct/08
Rakino, possibly true. But Wayne looks only barely shorter than Rock Hudson which I dont buy. Wayne is wearing lifts, my friends.
Rakino said on 12/Oct/08
Click Here

Wayne's two steps higher than Eastwood, who would no doubt have at least an inch, inch and a half on him, if he stood next to him.
adam said on 12/Oct/08
Ok, sorry mike c for my arrogance. Fine article, no doubts. Thank you for that.
mike c said on 11/Oct/08
adam, who put you in charge of these posts? Now, you've decided that anthing we provide as proof of Wayne's height has to be from the 30's or 40's. If so, adam, how about the picture with Wayne, Scott, and the boxer Stein or have you decided that only magazine articles will be allowed. Please clarify, because I thought I was contributing to the Wayne page, not yours. mike c
adam said on 9/Oct/08
I was Anonymous.
Patrick said on 9/Oct/08
Ok, guys, sorry for David instead of John Caradine! I still see him a bit more than 6 foot tall anyway. I just saw him in a wonderful episode of "Twilight zone" and he is more than 183 cm.
Thanks for these pics Gonzalo and mike C!
That fulfils me with joy! You know, John Wayne was anyhow, the greatest. He definitely had something unique, magical and God knows how I love
Gonzalo said on 9/Oct/08
Great job, as always, Mike C.
Posted a long time ago. Wayne in lifts looking barely taller than this short guy
Click Here
adam said on 9/Oct/08
And Anonymous was me.
Anonymous said on 9/Oct/08
Tony G, touche.

Mike c, 1950 doesnt mean jack
Tony G. said on 8/Oct/08
Adam, David Carradine was alive in 1939 when "Stagecoach" was made. David was born in Dec., 1936 (the same year as Michael Landon).
mike c said on 8/Oct/08
adam, a current article..just for arguments, look at the picture of 23 year old Wayne...He's not even standing up straight next to the girl. Sure looks 6'4" to me..If the girl is at least 5'4", he's more than a foot taller!
Click Here
mike c said on 8/Oct/08
adam, how about 1950, January, Time Magazine. Good reading.
Click Here
mike, Patrick, Gonzalo, nice to read you my friends!
Gonzalo said on 8/Oct/08
I agree with Adam, Carradine wasn
adam said on 8/Oct/08
Wayne really was something wasn`t he -he towered a man who wasn`t even born yet!
Ok, so John Carradine was in the movie, not Dave. John Carradine wasn`t ever more than 6`0". He was rake thin and looked taller.
Patrick said on 8/Oct/08
Once more Gonzalo, you hit the nail on the head!
Sure Stage coach is an old movie and sure again, "he" looks clearly above 6'2.5!
He towers over young at least 6'1 David Caradine and moreover 6'Andy Devine.
Adam, I wish i'd send any document but I just don't know how to do! I am an old man now (joke) and if anyone can tell me the way to process, I should be much obliged!
adam said on 7/Oct/08
Anonymous 7/Oct/08 was me. Why did the name change? Well it doesnt matter.

Gonzalo, could you then show us some old articles where the man is described as being 6-4? Not articles from 1997 telling "already the 6-4 hulking actor in the 30s..." but a real old article. I`d be glad to read one, my friend.
Gonzalo said on 7/Oct/08
For one article saying Wayne was 6`2 there are five saying Wayne was taller. I don
Anonymous said on 7/Oct/08
I just saw The Big Trail. Wayne looks tall but not 6-4. I would say 6-2 is on the money. Possibly just a little bit more. Well Patrick and mike c, if you have some other OLD articles too (early 1930s..), please share them with us, fellows. I think JW scored a big one with this article.
Patrick said on 7/Oct/08
Ah Mike C, what a delight to read those articles! It
mike c said on 6/Oct/08
JW, I also think that this author had no reason to lie or allow a false impression to be given to the readers of the New York Times. There are more articles like this one out there.
From the New York Times, May 20, 2007
Building the Duke, Film by Film


[Editor Rob: mike, I can't allow the article to appear on here, so I linked it.]
mike c said on 6/Oct/08
JW, you're right, the author had no reason to lie, but perhaps got the facts wrong. Who knows. But,in my opinion, when an ex-president is part of a biography, I would think the author would want to ensure that all his/her facts are correct. I present the following from one of three biographies I have on the Duke. I'll provide more quotes in time. JW, I don't agree with you, but respect your opinion. At least you're trying to come up with proof instead of just repeating the babble of some of our contributors. Keep up the good debate.

From the Duke, We
adam said on 6/Oct/08
JW, YOU HIT THE JACKPOT HERE! I sure can buy that! He isnt under 6-2 but I never saw him as a real 6-4. 1930 article describing 6-2. JW, congratulations.
Gonzalo said on 6/Oct/08
Good research, JW. Interesting article. However, there are other sources that say Wayne was taller, for instance when he played football in USC. Or Raoul Walsh
JW said on 6/Oct/08
A 1930 issue of Photoplay magazine states that "John Wayne is six feet and two inches tall and weighs 198 pounds."

Click Here

This was written before he became a celebrity so there was no reason to lie. Until someone can furnish some real evidence that he was 6'4", I am going to go with the magazine article. John Wayne's peak height was 6'2".
Bobbie said on 5/Oct/08
I met the Duke (John Wayne) he was over 6'4. I even had my picture taken with him. I promise,he was tall.
mike c said on 4/Oct/08
JW, I met Henry Winklar in Reno, Nevado about 5 years ago at a Reading First Conference where he was a guest speaker. He spoke about learning problems, the difficulties he endured as a student, and his life in general. He wowed the audience. I'm 5'6" and he was a little bit taller than I. Look at the photo of Ron with Henry. I see at least a three inch difference in their respective heights. Now, what is Brenda wearing with that dress......flats? I don't think so. Maybe I'm wrong,but Ron is at least 5'9" and he looks like a little boy next to the Duke, who, by the way is barefoot. As for he not looking 6'4" in his movies, which ones are you talking about? Scroll down to my Aug 14 post and try to get a copy of the older Duke movies I'll change your mind. Gonzalo, Patrick, Frank 2, keep your post to read common sense for a change. mike c
mike c said on 3/Oct/08
Great photos, Gonzalo. You're on a roll! Wish my computer would allow me to save them. Cuidate, mike c
Patrick said on 2/Oct/08
Dear Gonzalo, how true are your words! The same with Brunobrowne! Nothing to add for once, for the time being.
Gonzalo said on 2/Oct/08
These aren
Brunobrowne said on 1/Oct/08
JW did not look at the photos you posted. Howard is standing furthest away from the camera in all of them. Henry Winkler is 5'6'' approx but going by your pic and estimation of Howard being 5'7'' poor Henry must be only 5'3''
JW said on 1/Oct/08
Ron Howard is not a good comparison to John Wayne. He is probably 5'7" or less. Tom Bosley is only 5'6" according to his biography and may be even smaller.

Ron Howard with 5'11" Brenda Strong:

Click Here

Ron Howard with 5'11" Jay Leno:

Click Here

Ron Howard with 5'9" Mel Gibson:

Click Here

I don't believe that John Wayne wore lifts except for some publicity photos. He never looked 6'4" in any of his movies or TV appearances. He once made a cameo appearance on the Beverly Hillbillies but there was no way of determining his height. However, there was a picture of him taken on the set with Irene Ryan (5'2"). The top of her head was about even with Wayne's shoulder. He looked about a foot taller than her. Ted Cassidy (6'9") also appeared on an episode of the Beverly Hillbillies. Irene Ryan was well below his shoulder. Was John Wayne a mere 5 inches shorter than Ted Cassidy? Not likely.
Gonzalo said on 1/Oct/08
Adam, Wayne looking taller than Corrigan. Wayne isn
bored said on 30/Sep/08
et over it short people it obvious john wayne was the height suggested 6'4" look at him against Frank sinatra, reaga, martin, hope in the photo they shared he was much taller than all-no optical illusion just fact
Patrick said on 30/Sep/08
Gonzalo, my friend, Bob Mitchum was a story-teller and joking all the time. I invite everybody to read how he (as Dean Martin) surprisingly read what he reportedly had said by an interview.
In a word, Bob
David said on 29/Sep/08
He was clearly a huge man, particularly for his time. I've never seen a movie where he looked short or even normal tall (say someone who's 6' or 6'1). He always towered over his costars and the only actors I saw that were close to his height were tall men themselves. 6'3 1/2 peak might be possible, but that's the lowest I'd consider. I was just watching the Shootist, and although his health was failing, he still absolutely towered over Ron Howard. Now Ron Howard is hardly a big man, but still, the way Wayne made Howard look like a kid, he had to be at least 6'1 and likely taller. I'm sure he had shrunk an inch or more by the time this film had been made.
Brunobrowne said on 29/Sep/08
Adam make up your mind, I thought at last you admitted Wayne was 6'4'' peak.

You and the Captain should take a look at the picture of 5'9'' Ron Howard with footwear and barefoot 68 year old Wayne. Thats all the evidence you will ever need.
adam said on 29/Sep/08
156cm is a shade under 5-2 I think.

Both Rock and Mitchum said that Wayne wore lifts. Two very different actors who didnt have any kind of connection, so it sure wasnt any inside joke... They both lied? I dont think so. Why would there be rumors about lifts if those rumors dont have a leg to stand? Wayne is pretty much the only tall man who has got these kinds of rumors. Hudson, Stewart, Peck, Price, Goldblum, Vaughn, you name it, etc.. there`s no discussion that one of those men would wear lifts. It`s not the same thing with Wayne here. And Frank2, you have a one big ego let me tell you. You seem to convince everyone that you know everything but is it really so?

Anyway. There are obviously a great number of people who dont believe that Wayne was a solid 6-4 really. Im one of those. He was over six feet (of course) but I dont buy 6-4 yet. Those cowboy boots photos are nothing. There`s Jay S` gallery where Wayne doesn`t look anywhere near 6-4. That`s from some early Wayne movie so....
Gonzalo said on 29/Sep/08
Rob, I sent a good post with several pics in which Wayne was taller than Corrigan, didn
Captain Spaulding said on 26/Sep/08
After seein lots of photos im thinkin the only way John Wayne was 6'4" would be in lifts, and that his real height was around 6'2". Because if he was really 6'4" then hed appear 6'6" since he always wore lifts, and he never ever looked that tall.

In some old movie with him and James Arness who was 6'7"+, Arness had at least 3 inches over Wayne and Wayne was probably wearing lifts. So id say 6'2" was his real height, and 6'4" max in lifts.
Captain Spaulding said on 26/Sep/08
Gonzalo says on 25/Sep/08
"Wayne looking 4-5 cms taller than Katharine Hepburn, who was around 1`56"

How tall is Katharine Hepburn in terms of feet/inches?
Gonzalo said on 26/Sep/08
In which pic, Adam? In this one?
Click Here
Anonymous said on 25/Sep/08
John was 6'3 Prime and 6'2 at the end. Wayne was never below 6'2.
adam said on 25/Sep/08
John Wayne looks shorter than the 6-2 Ray Corrigan.
Gonzalo said on 25/Sep/08
John Wayne looking short in these pics
Click Here
Click Here
John Wayne without lifts is shorter than this girl
Click Here
A picture from a very old movie, one of those according to Adam in which Wayne didn
Gonzalo said on 25/Sep/08
Wow, JW, what a great pic you have! The best we
JW said on 23/Sep/08
Yes. I have seen the picture of Wayne and Scott. John Wayne does look taller, but he is also closer to the camera. However, Scott's claim of being 6'3" could be a publicity height just like Wayne being 6'4".

In the picture with Gary Cooper, I don't believe that John Wayne or Cooper is on a step. That would create 6 or 8 inches difference in their height. The set is supposed to be a submarine which should have a level deck.

In this picture with Broderick Crawford, John Wayne doesn't look 6'4":

Click Here

Crawford is supposed to be 6 feet but that could be a publicity height for someone 5'11" or 5'10". Even though no one in the picture is standing straight, Wayne still doesn't look particularly tall.
mike c said on 23/Sep/08
Brunobrowne, which pic. are you referring to? mike c
Brunobrowne said on 22/Sep/08
JW did you see the full pic of Wayne and Scott (6'3''), footwear similar and Wayne has at least an inch on him. Scroll down.
Patrick said on 22/Sep/08
Mike C: Thanks a lot!
So Frank2 and Julian: that's some post! Ed. Rob, you can be proud of your site! Reading so many clever comments, so deep and rare in our world, frankly you can be proud. Besides, there are so many others pics who show the Duke towering over everybody. I have a pic of Gary Cooper as atll as Clint Walker with no doubt. One picture does not really mean something. That is an element to take into consideration but what really counts is the number of testimonies and the general impression you finally get all along watching movies and photos.
Halb said on 22/Sep/08
I would say Wayne prolly weighed around 250 if he was the genuine 6'4 that many say.
adam said on 21/Sep/08
You cant see their footwear, Wayne might be standing one step lower or something... So not the best way to judge height, JW.

But JW, Im with you -maybe Wayne wasn`t 6-4. Get more evidence. Watch his old movies.
JW said on 21/Sep/08
Gary Cooper (6'3") with John Wayne:

Click Here
adam said on 21/Sep/08
Are you being sarcastic here? Obviously you are, friend...

John Wayne was a great actor in westerns. He was a big man - standing 6-3
Luke Periard said on 20/Sep/08
Hi Adam.His movies are so it true that his movies either on vhs or dvd sell really well?Last week on ebay they had a suit that he wore in the movie trouble along the way.Could that really been worn by him?What got me worryied,is it did not come with a certificate of authenticity.
Julian said on 19/Sep/08
Actors like John Wayne (6ft 4in.) and Charlton Heston (6ft 3in.) were very much products of their time, especially Wayne. In those days casting people wanted to put people in pictures that distracted the general public from the poverty, privation and want that they saw each day in the Depression and then Post-War period. Going to the movies was the only escapism you could get for your money and when you saw Wayne tackling Mt Surabachi or leading the cattle drive from Texas to Montana you forgot all that. To me, that's why Wayne is the greatest star of them all. A limited actor,sure,but I'll never forget Sir Ralph Richardson on the Russell Harty show being asked who he liked to watch in the movies. He snapped back, "John Wayne". Harty laughs with his audience knowing Sir Ralph has a wicked sense of humour. Then the Knight says, "Great presence, marvellous timing. Without doubt a great film star....". You know he WAS great. I defy anyone to watch The Searchers and not be moved. Of course,he made a lot of dross too. I really like that comparison of 60's Cape Fear and the 90's version I saw lower down. It's this thing of size again. De Niro and Nolte ARE great actors, wonderful. But diminutive men. When you see Mitchum and Peck next to them the latter look like giants and act them off the screen. The point being that studios literally sought out the biggest and best-looking people to be in pictures in the 40's. That was important. Later it was who wowed them on Broadway and who takes the most Viagra. Who is the next BIG THING...even if he is only up to your armpit....
Frank2 said on 19/Sep/08
My proof is what I saw in person. I saw the Duke wearing regular shoes towering above most everyone. I also met Jimmy Stewart and Wayne was just as tall, if not taller. And when I met Stewart which was when he was in his seventies, he hadn't lost height. He was still 6'3".
adam said on 19/Sep/08
JW, you have any proof? He looked tall in all of his movies. The big question is if he wore lifts. You have proof?
Frank2 said on 19/Sep/08
JW, you need to get a life.
JW said on 19/Sep/08
John Wayne was described in a magazine article as being 6'4" and 280 pounds. I can believe the 280, but not the 6'4". I used to believe that he was 6'4" but after watching so many of his movies and TV appearances, it became obvious that he was a little over 6'. His peak height was about 6'1". By the time the Shootist was made he was only around 6'.
mike c said on 18/Sep/08
Patrick, you made my day. Well put!! Will write soon. Mike C
Frank2 said on 18/Sep/08
Never met Goldbloom.
adam said on 18/Sep/08
Take it easy, Luke. He was more than 250 in the late 60s. He began to eat a lot of peanuts, my friend!

He is arguably the biggest movie star of all time, but far too over-rated..
Luke Periard said on 18/Sep/08
Hi Adam.he must have been close to 250 lbs.His clothes probably had to be custom made for him.he was impressive on screen.He was the greatest movie star ever.I wonder if we will see the likes of him again.NEVER.I sure would like to contact his children and tell them what a great man their father was.
Patrick said on 18/Sep/08
Patrick, Henry Fonda was a great actor but a gentleman? You dont seem to know everything about the man, do you?
adam says on 8/Sep/08 Just imagine Wayne in Raging Bull, Cape Fear, Godfather
John Wayne and Charlton Heston are probably the most over-rated actors of their age.

Adam, about
Gonzalo said on 18/Sep/08
I saw Jeff Goldblum, back in 2005. I saw him in NYC outside a theatre where he acted in a play. He was very tall but less than I expected. I think I had ground advantage, or maybe he was slouching. I have always thought that he was 1`93-94 but he looked around 1`90 to me. But I guess he was taller than that and he was really 1`93 as he always looks in movies and pics.
adam said on 17/Sep/08
Luke, very interesting question. I`d like to get some answers for those things too. And how much did his weight vary during his career?
Luke Periard said on 17/Sep/08
How much did John wayne weight.I'd say 250.What are his shirt measurments,waist line,Jacket size.I know he was extra large.
Big King said on 16/Sep/08
Yes, Wayne was a bit over 6'4" but not a full 6'5". He was 6'4 1/2".
Frank2 said on 16/Sep/08
No. Probably 6'4". Maybe slightly taller. Like I said, John Williams was 5'10" and came up to Clint's nose.
adam said on 16/Sep/08
James, Clint was 6-4 peak. Not just 6ft3ish...

Wayne, Im not that sure about him if he was quite 6-4. He was enormous though, weighing around 300 lbs.
adam said on 15/Sep/08
Duke Wayne was a big man. By the time of True Grit he weighed over 300 pounds!
Frank2 said on 15/Sep/08
When I saw Clint back in the 1970's when he walked on the Universal scoring stage during the scoring of THE EIGER SANCTION, he towered over everyone. He stood right next to composer John Williams who's about 5'10" and Williams came up to his nose. So I'd say he was close to or 6'4".
Frank2 said on 14/Sep/08
Ed, looking back into my memory I'd have to say he was 5'10" so my mistake. I had such a great time with him I didn't notice his height that much since I always figured he was at least 5'10". But thinking about it, he seemed to be slightly shorter than me, perhaps by an inch. Borgnine was one of the nicer celebs I've met. His then wife was many years younger than him and he was doting over her.
Frank2 said on 13/Sep/08
Never met Sanders. I would have like to. He was a terrific actor. One of the greatest. And most likely was 6'3".

The nicest celeb I ever met was Jeffrey Hunter. But he was a close friend of my father so that might have had something to do with it. But I saw him treat others who didn't know him that well with equal respect that he showed me. I met Ray Milland and his wife in Hawaii. He was very nice, but I could tell he was suffering terribly. I later learned he had cancer. He died about six months later. Another actor who I met and got to spend some time with was Dean Jagger. I saw him with his wife in an airport cafeteria so I walked over, introduced myself and he asked me to join him and his wife. We sat there talking for almost an hour. He was charming, friendly and had wonderful stories to tell. He seemed very touched I had recognized him and wanted to shake his hand.
Ed T. said on 13/Sep/08
Adam,I agree that Wayne was most likely 6'4" peak or damn close. Looks like 6'3 to 6'3.5" later years.

Eastwood close to 6'4" peak but maybe slightly less, 6'3.5"
Marvin not quite 6'2" peak, maybe 6'1.5"
Hudson maybe more like 6'5" peak.
MacMurray 6'2.5" to 6'3" peak
Stewart 6'3" peak
Borgnine 5'10" peak

Frank2, on the Borgnine page you said that you had dinner with Borgnine and that he was your height, 5'11". Now you are saying that he is 5'10"?

By the way, Eddie Albert is usually listed as being 5'10 not 5'11". If Eddie was your height, maybe you are 5'10, not 5'11"
mike c said on 12/Sep/08
Adam, I agree 100% with your is a great picture! mike c
Mister Lennon said on 12/Sep/08
The duke was 6'3 at the very least. He looked that in all his movies and he was taller than almost everyone in his movies. The 6'1 or 6'2 things are too low.
adam said on 12/Sep/08
Frank, did you ever meet George Sanders? What was he like?

And just a little bit more of the "off-topic" conversation (if Rob allows): Which were the nicest celebs you met? What about the rudest ones? And about those older stars back in the glory days of Hollywood. Thanks, been a pleasure to listen to your comments, Frankie!
Frank2 said on 11/Sep/08
Adam, you're almost dead-on accurate with your estimates. I met Lee Marvin and he was at least 6'2". Clint Eastwood seemed to be 6'4" when I first saw him back the the 1970's. Rock Hudson was 6'5" peak and dropped to about 6'4" in his later years. He even said so in an interview. Wayne was 6'4" in his prime, but seemed very tall when I saw him in the 1970s. Fred McMurray was 6'3" in his prime and dropped down by several inches. Jimmy Stewart was still 6'3" when I met him and shook his hand and that's when he was already in his seventies. Michael Caine was 6'1". Now he's about 6' even. Ernest Borgnine was 5'10" prime. I spent an interesting evening with him and his then new bride in Las Vegas sometime in the early 1970s when he attended a charity even sponsored by the City of Hope. He was one of the nicest people I've ever met and spent time with. He later divorced and met and married Tova. I haven't seem him in many years, but have seen him interviewed on TV. He's amazing. In his nineties and sharp as a tack.

And James, Brando could look taller in some films, but he mostly looked shorter than other actors. In THE CHASE he's shorter than 5'10" Robert Redford.
Brunobrowne said on 11/Sep/08
James Caan wore lifts in the Godfather.
mike c said on 10/Sep/08
Hi Patrick, Hi Gonzalo! Patrick, you are right on with your observations. You use common sense when speaking and, yes, Wayne might not have been as great in today's spoiled society as he was in his days. People just don't see the character unless it's tied in to technology and computer softwear. The acting gets lost among the gadgets...Wayne? I've seen so many of his movies and he gets better each and every time. I saw In Harms' Way again last night and he makes it appear all sooo natural. Even Fonda, very natural, as was also Kirk. Believable actors and with an end that teaches us a lesson. Height? If you have the movie, pause it when Kirk, Wayne, and Kennedy are in the office....Wayne, getting on in years, face to face with George Kennedy (6'4")..there's no doubt. And, he towers over Douglas. I have to commend Gonzalo again for posting the now "infamous" picture of Wayne celebrating his years in the movies with such greats as Hudson, Marvin, Eastwood, McMurray, Borgnine, et al...if anyone looks at the picture, and I have a large color photo, and can't see that Wayne is a tad taller than 6'3" Stewart (he's bending to cut the cake!)then I would serciously question his/her motive. Everyone agrees that Stewart was 6'3" Wayne to him in the picture. As my buddy Gonzalo stated, look at the background lines....Oh, I forgot, he had 6" lifts on...and in a suit no less. No, even better, he was standing on lumber and the floor has these special matts....boy, do I love this page!! Patrick, Gonzalo, I'll write soon. Thanks for making my day! You, too, Frank 2! Mike C
adam said on 10/Sep/08
My height opinions about that photo Gonzalo talks about:

Lee Marvin: 6-2
Clint Eastwood: 6-4
Rock Hudson: 6-5 at that time, 6-6 peak.
John Wayne: 6-3 at that time, 6-4 peak
Fred MacMurray: 6 feet at that time, 6-3 peak
Jimmy Stewart: 6-3
Michael Caine: 6-2 (though looking clearly more than an inch shorter than Stewart... hmmm..)
Ernest Borgnine: 5-10
musicman said on 10/Sep/08
I would like to suggest something on this page and that is I believe John Wayne was 6ft 4ins tall maybe 6ft 3ins at the end of his life.

To suggest using that famous picture of John Wayne and all the other guys at his birthday party as a way measuring his height is well to be frank, pathetic! The angle of the photo and the postioning of the actors could not testify and give an accurate judgement of any of their heights. Rock Hudson, Clint Eastwood etc are all very close to the camera which always give the impression of being bigger when in reality its just the angle of where the photo was taken, I have taken similar photographs where my brother and I and our respective height difference either looks huge or small from different angles and positions of the photo. You just cannot use that photo as any form of evidence, any sensible person can see that.

Frank2 also mentioned recently that he saw John Wayne just before his death and that he stated that the Duke by then was just over 6 foot but then on this page if you scroll down he mentions that towards the end of the dukes life that he was down to 6ft 3ins from 6ft 4ins. Once again I feel although I do not dispute Frank2 and his claims of all the stars he has met but there is some conradiction and also he could never be 100% certain of any celebrties height short of getting out a tape measure and measuring them.

Kind Regards,

Frank2 said on 10/Sep/08
James, Brando was 5'8-1/2". I know since I met him on at least two occasions. He was a lot shorter than me. I posted a photo on Brando's thread showing how short he was next to Karl Malden, but the link went dead. He was almost five inches shorter. He was shorter than 5'10" Lee J. Cobb in ON THE WATERFRONT. Brando was shorter than 5'10" James Cann in THE GODFATHER.
Gonzalo said on 10/Sep/08
That pic is from 1969, almost ten years before Wayne died. I don
Gonzalo said on 10/Sep/08
James, it is hard for me to understand how you see Wayne at 1`85-86 in the pic I posted. You can see he is taller (and bigger) than Michael Caine who is listed here 1`88. ANd you can see Wayne bending buy being close to people who are near or above 1`90 such as Stewart, Hudson or Eastwood.
adam said on 10/Sep/08
Rob, what about my previous post?

Gonzalo, Cape Fear (1991) isnt of course as good as the original one but De Niro`s performance is AWESOME. And Deer Hunter, Taxi Driver and especially perharps the greatest performance of all time, Raging Bull, they are all masterpieces. Wayne was far better actor than Peck... that is just BS. Of course beauty is in the eyes of the beholder but I cant buy that. Never. Is it that hard to admit that Wayne basically played the same character pretty much in all of his films. A laconic man`s man. Yep.

Talking about Fred MacMurray, I think he is very very under-rated.

Some height info to the end:

Peck: 6-3
MacMurray: 6-3
Wayne: 6-3
Gonzalo said on 10/Sep/08
Well, Adam, I wouldn`t call Gregory Peck or Fred McMurray magnificent actors. Remember Peck in Spellbound. He was terrible. He improved as he got older. Wayne was far better than them. When you are as big as Wayne is hard to play the role of a sensitive or sentimental man. Anyway, the character of Ethan Edwards has nothing to do with Tom Doniphon in Liberty Valance or with Frank Spig Wead in The wings of the eagles. De Niro is great when he is great. He`s done a bunch of horrible, histrionic and egocentric performances such as We are no angels or Cape Fear (what a b*******t). However he was great in Raging bull or The last tycoon.
Frank2 said on 9/Sep/08
Wayne was too big to play the godfather and not ethnic enough. Brando was a shrimp and could do such roles, but he was pretty bad in a western as he was in the misguided, overlong ONE EYE'D JACKS, a film that totally bombed when it was released. Too bad Stanley Kubrick walked off the project. He could have made the film work and most certainly would have gotten a far better performance out of Brando. But Marlon's colossal ego forced Kubrick's departure so Brando took over and spent more money than Paramount had on all, but THE TEN COMMANDMENTS.

Referring to Wayne's superb performance in THE SEARCHERS "a little more aggressive" misses the entire point of that masterpiece and quite possibly the finest western ever made. Ethan's character is as complex as any played by DeNiro. And Wayne pulled it off with aplomb.

As for Fonda, in his personal life he was known as a cold fish. And he was a terrible father. In fact, Jane Fonda admitted that it wasn't that hard to play his daughter in ON GOLDEN POND since Fonda's character was so much like him.

On the other hand, Wayne was a sterling father. He was fun to be around and loved by just about all who worked with him.

Fonda was a great actor. But then, so was Wayne.

Trying to compare DeNiro with Wayne is rather silly. First off, they're from entirely different generations. Their acting style reflect those sensibilities. Secondly, had DeNiro been born much earlier and tried to make it as an actor in Hollywood, he'd have most likely failed.
adam said on 8/Sep/08
Patrick says on 8/Sep/08
Just imagine Robert de Niro as a cow boy and die of laughing!

Just imagine Wayne in Raging Bull, Cape Fear, Godfather or any other role than just playing a quiet man of action and you`d die in a shame. Wayne was good playing one role. He did that for about what, 150 times? Quiet Man, Rio Bravo, True Grit... maybe a bit different background in those characters but a similar performace; a quiet man who talks slow and not too much and never says die and so on and so on. What about his so called masterpiece, The Searchers?? Honestly, that`s just a little bit more aggressive performance but doesn`t make any real exception. Wayne was a great player in his own game. De Niro is a great player in his own game.. and other`s too!

John Wayne and Charlton Heston are probably the most over-rated actors of their age. There were a lot magnificent actors, like Patrick said: Stewart, Fonda, Mitchum, E.G Robinson, MacMurray, Grant, Peck... list goes on. Wayne just cant match with those names. He had one hell of an ego and people loved his attitude and films. I like them too, but there`s no way in hell that John Wayne can never match De Niro`s skills!

Patrick, Henry Fonda was a great actor but a gentleman? You dont seem to know everything about the man, do you?
Patrick said on 8/Sep/08
Hi MikeC, Gonzalo and Frank2! You steal words from my mouth! I
adam said on 8/Sep/08
MacMurray is the guy there between Hudson and Wayne??? He looks like a shrimp, which he wasn`t.
Gonzalo said on 8/Sep/08
As Frank2 says he shrank as he got older. You can see him here next to James Stewart, John Wayne and Rock Hudson and he looks clearly shorter. Great picture
Click Here
adam said on 8/Sep/08
He was listed that height but I if Frank met him, Frank might say something else.
Frank2 said on 7/Sep/08
That's correct, but as he got older he shrank. I saw him a few years before he died and he only looked to be a little over 6'. But he was stooped over pretty bad. Age can really rob people of things, height being one of them.
Big King said on 7/Sep/08
adam, Fred MacMurray was 6'3".
adam said on 7/Sep/08
Frank, how tall was Fred MacMurray?
Big King said on 6/Sep/08
6'4" or 6'4 1/2" sounds right for Johnny.
mike c said on 5/Sep/08
Gonzalo, great picture of Wayne and the Princess. Obviously, the writer is being facetious... he's/she's stating the opposite of the obvious to emphasize what he/she really means..cuidate, amigo. mike c
Frank2 said on 5/Sep/08
If Grant showed a lack of facial expressions, I'll eat my laptop! He was one of a kind. No emotion? Please!

Nowadays, an actor must chew up the scenery in order to get a response from the chiefly juvenile audience.

We've gone from a high level of sophistication to now where finesse is something most folks must look up in the dictionary in order to know what it means.
Frank2 said on 5/Sep/08

No, Grant was an extremely versatile actor. He could play just about any role and do it so effortlessly and with such finesse that I don't see Clooney coming close. Not today and not tomorrow. Not ever.
mike c said on 3/Sep/08
Hi Patrick! Hi Gonzalo! Guys, regarding the Scott, Stein, Wayne can't be serious. I know Labor Day is a holday, but please, don't drink and look at the photo....amazing what the human mind can come up with!!mike c.
adam said on 2/Sep/08
Clooney made some remarks about the late Chuck Heston.. you know what I mean?
Bob H. said on 1/Sep/08
Patrick and Frank2... I couild certainly be wrong about the footing level. Would not be my first mistake!! But honest mistake.... I really am a fan of both actors. But look at the diagonal lines at knee level. Lower on the right than the left. And Wayne's right foot is between Scott's. What happens if you tilt the picture on the right so that the diagonal lines are level across the picture? And if you take Waynes jacket and lay it over Scott... it seems like it would be a Zoot Suit jacket. To my eyes the photo looks schewed to make the two primary actors look equal in height. But, again, I could easily be reading too much into the photo. Click Here
Frank2 said on 1/Sep/08
There is no one like Grant and there'll never be anyone like him. No one comes close enough today to have served as his double. For those who don't know, a double is used on a set for lighting purposes. That frees up the star so he can rehearse his lines or go play golf. Sometimes, especially in the old days, lighting a set could take hours. They needed someone of the actor's height, weight and similar looks.
Gonzalo said on 1/Sep/08
Cloney is very very very far from Cary Grant. I could say a million things about Cary Grant but I will only talk about the way he moved on the screen. He seemed to float, like a dancer. Stealing the sentence from Jean Renoir about Jean Gabin I would say that God invented cinema in order to see Cary Grant acting.
adam said on 1/Sep/08
There seems to be easily over a foot difference. Just watches The Searches again (excellent film) and Wayne looked very big there. A close 6-4, yes.
Gonzalo said on 1/Sep/08
Shirley said

"I am reading a biography about Princess Margaret (UK) and after the premiere of 'The Alamo' she was presented with a Texan saddle by the equally DIMINUTIVE John Wayne. She was just over 5ft tall. This does not translate to 6' plus for him. Would be interested if anyone has any real info."

Here is a pic of tiny Wayne in the presentation of El
Anonymous said on 31/Aug/08
JW; found it; the first color photo from the bottom up on the left-hand side.
adam said on 31/Aug/08
Well alright. I
JW said on 30/Aug/08
Check this picture of John Wayne and Morgan Woodward:

Click Here

Morgan Woodward is supposed to be 6'3" and John Wayne is about 2 inches shorter. This picture was from an episode of the Lucy Show during the 1960s. I remember the episode. Wayne did not look anywhere near 6'4" and wasn't that much taller than Lucy.
Frank2 said on 30/Aug/08
Cary had a thick head of hair right up till he died. Lucky guy. One of the best looking leading men ever. We have no one like him today. No one with his talent or looks. And I doubt we ever will.
Tony G. said on 30/Aug/08
Adam... The Duke didn't wear lifts in his early movies in which it was very possible, and even probable, that he was 6'4".
(BTW, you did see the pics I posted of a barefoot John Wayne standing next to 5'9" Ron Howard and 5'9.5" Desi Arnaz (both wearing shoes)? Wayne is far taller then both of them... and more than 4-5".
Frank2 said on 29/Aug/08
Hairpiece yes, lifts no.

Tell me, did you ever meet him? Did you watch as they filmed a scene with him? I did. His boots looked normal to me. They had a two inch heel which most cowboy boots have.

Silly, silly, stupid argument trying to make out he was shorter. Why? I suggest getting a life.
Frank2 said on 28/Aug/08
A lot of famous male stars were bald or balding. Gary Cooper started losing his hair in the 1930s. But he kept his widow's peak so they added side pieces to fill it in. John Wayne started wearing rugs in the early 1950s and back then his hairpieces where excellent. But later on, in the 1970s they started looking like a carpet tacked to his head. Fonda would go from one film to another, wearing a hairpiece in one and skipping it with another. Not until he was quite elderly did he lose most of his hair. Richard Widmark wore a hairpiece. Alan Ladd started wearing rugs in the 1950's. Although never bald, his sharp widow's peak didn't look good for a leading man. Bogart always wore hairpieces going back to the 1930s. Jimmy Stewart lost hair by the mid-1940s. By the 1950s he was pretty much bald. Like Wayne, Stewart very realistic hairpieces in the 1950s, but later on they stated looking like a dead animal on top of his head. Tony Curtis started wearing a rug starting in the late 1970s. Recently he threw his away and thank God since his looked incredibly phony. Ray Milland had a thick head of hair that fell out almost all at once in the very early 1950s. He started wearing hairpieces and great ones until LOVE STORY. From then on, until he retired from movies and TV work, he went totally bald in front of the cameras.
Jay S. said on 27/Aug/08
It has been suggested the boot prints are not deep or there's an angle or that shrinkage of the concrete has occurred. The prints are clear and deep as is his inscription. If shrinkage had occurred the inscription would disappear and every foot and hand print at Grumman's Chinese theater would suffer the same fate. This is not the case. The photos others have submitted are not proof.
Frank2 said on 27/Aug/08
Show me where Fonda claimed Wayne wore lifts and a corset.

If we're going to go by actors badmouthing each other, we'll never get to the truth. I wonder how many leading men when they got to be middle age were forced to wear a corset to pull in their gut. Or women?!!! Just like Wayne, Fonda wore a rug. So did Jimmy Stewart. Does that mean they weren't as good up on the screen? Many actors when they got to be older wore false teeth. Gary Cooper and Clark Gable come to mind. Did that make them any less the great stars they were?
adam said on 27/Aug/08
One more time, fellows: Take a look at Jay S` gallery. Im very interested in early pics.
Gonzalo said on 27/Aug/08
Audrey Hepburn was 1`69 according to several reliable sources
Gonzalo said on 27/Aug/08
Fonda was around 1`87 or 6`1 1/2
Frank2 said on 26/Aug/08
Audrey Hepburn was a solid 5'7". No question.

Henry Fonda was 6'1" and pretty much didn't lose any height as he aged. I met him one day at Universal when he was buying ice cream in front of the studio commissary. He was acting in MIDWAY at the time and was two inches taller than me. Very nice man. A real gentleman. But extremely hard of hearing.

Cruise is a personality. His acting abilities wouldn't have landed him an extra's job in the Golden Days of Hollywood. He's also a bit off his rocker and somewhat nasty to work with.
adam said on 26/Aug/08
Fonda was 6-1. Hudson said the man had small feet and wore lifts and a corset! I dont think that`s a lie. Not very much class, I agree but I believe it was the truth.
Patrick said on 26/Aug/08
Bob H: buy a good pair of glasses my friend! Not on the same level!
nikki said on 26/Aug/08
frank2 I believe Ms. Hepburn was 5'6".
Scott B. said on 25/Aug/08
Again I agree with Frank2. I disregard anything Hudson said about Wayne. Does anyone know haw Tall Henry Fonda was? I saw a movie with Wayne and Fonda last night. Wayne looked 2 inches taller than Fonda.
Frank2 said on 25/Aug/08

I wouldn't go by what Hudson said. He claimed he was straight, but we all know he was as gay as an Ungaro spring frock. And Rock would badmouth people. He did this to both Julie Andrews and Blake Edwards after starring in DARLING LILI with Julie. The more Hudson drank, the nastier he got.

I saw Wayne when he was working on ROOSTER COGBURN. He didn't wear lifts in his cowboy boots. I saw him wearing moccasins and he towered over me as well as a friend who was with me when we both spoke to him and my friend is 6'. He came up to Wayne's eye level.

Bob, Wayne is on the same level as Scott. Give me a break!
Frank2 said on 25/Aug/08
He was a true original. Long after guys like Tom Cruise are gone, audiences will still consider Wayne to be a superstar. Can't say the same for Cruise.
Bob H. said on 24/Aug/08
Really nice picture of Wayne and Scott. But when you scrole down to their feet... they are NOT on the same level. Not sure how the photo was taken... with the camera angled or possibly the floor altered? But wayne's feet are well beneath Scott's. I have seen several Scott westerns which also starred 6'4" Forrest Tucker. And Scott was always about 2 inches shorter. And all the Wayne movies with Tucker had them close in height. Wayne and Scott were not the same height. Scott always looked 6'2" to maybe 6'2 1/2".
adam said on 24/Aug/08
Frank2, we`ve seen those suspicious photos (at least that Rock&Yves photo) about two million and seventy-six times. You can`t see their footwear. And what do you Frank say about Jay`s proof? And what do you say about the fact that Rock Hudson himself stated that The Duke wore lifts? You can keep putting those pics, we`ve seen them, and we know that he looks tall in most of them. He looks a solid 6-4 in 99% of them. But what about those pics that Jay has in his gallery? What about that old photo where Wayne is face to face with some guy (name?) and looks at least 2 inches shorter. There`s very little chance that the anonyme guy was a legit 6-6 or taller.
Frank2 said on 23/Aug/08
Wayne in the back row next to Rock Hudson who was at least 6'4" and probably 6'5" and 6'1" Yves Montand. When this photo was taken, Wayne was in his early sixties and by them most people have lost some height.

Click Here

Wayne with 5'10" Dean Martin who tended to wear lifts.

Click Here

Wayne with director Andy Fenady on the left and son Michael on the right.

Click Here

Both men were over 6'.

The Duke visiting US servicemen in Vietnam:

Click Here

Finally, check out this classic photo:

Click Here
mike c said on 23/Aug/08
Hi Jay S! I now believe you're trying to lead us on on. Your claims are so off the wall that any sane person would have suspect of your intent, let alone your abiltiy to see. I'm not trying to insult, but your claims are difficult for most of us to swallow. So, I think you're writing with "tongue in cheek". For now, humor me and let me know what you think of the Randolph Scott/Wayne photo. Just scroll down to my post a couple of weeks ago. While you're at it. explain to us how Wayne could possibly be shorter than Sammy Stein. How do you think the photographer was able to make Wayne appear taller than Scott (6'3") and Stein (6').(Click Here) ..I'm just curious as to how you think. Every single site I've visited on Scott has him at 6'3" or more. mike c
Frank2 said on 23/Aug/08
And for those who refuse to accept that Eddie Albert was 5'11", check out this clip from the old TV series SWITCH where he co-starred with Robert Wagner:

Click Here

They were the same height. Wagner was a solid 5'11" in his prime and back when the series was shot, Albert was in his seventies.
Scott B said on 23/Aug/08
Good pictures Frank2. Marvin was at least 6'1 and Wayne had him by at least 3 inches.
mike c said on 23/Aug/08
Great photo, Frank 2. Now, that's what I call research!
Anonymous said on 23/Aug/08
Jay S., it has been shown that some tall people can have relatively small feet and some small people can have relatively large feet. John Wayne's shoe size was an 11, certainly in the range of a 6'4" man.
And I will again mention the photos I posted of a barefoot John Wayne standing with 5'9.5" Desi Arnaz and 5'9" Ron Howard (both wearing shoes).
Frank2 said on 22/Aug/08
Wayne and Lee Marvin:

Click Here

I suppose Marvin was 5'7".

Lee Marvin and 5'11" Eddie Albert:

Click Here

And don't try to convince me Albert was shorter 'cause it won't fly. He was a good friend of my family and I saw him quite a bit. He and I were the same height.
clark said on 22/Aug/08
Prints in concrete shrink and constrict with time. There is no way in the world of science--that they would remain the same in an open enviroment.
Jay S. said on 22/Aug/08
No one has been able to disprove my claim that Wayne's boot print is too small for a man of his alleged height; moreover, no one has presented indisputable evidence to support a claim of Wayne being over 6 feet.
Tony G. said on 22/Aug/08
Mike C: Yeah, he's "up" to 5'10" now, I guess Jay will put him at 6' in a week or two!

Adam, the photo of a barefoot John Wayne I posted next to 5'9.5" Desi Arnaz (wearing shows) shows that Wayne was closer to 6'4" than to 6'3" or 6'2"
adam said on 22/Aug/08
Bruno, I do believe he was about 6-2 to 6-3, yes. And Jay has some good pics there that give you some proof that the man didn`t always look that tall. That 5-10 -thing on the other hand... I dont know what he is trying to do with that kind of claim. Wayne was over six feet. I just dont believe as tall as 6-4, that`s why Im here for. And there are only a couple of guys here who are against the 6-4 -claim and actually dont believe everything. I`d like to support them. (JW, Jay, Anonymous..)

And about his political thoughts. Well Bruno, if I have given such a picture of myself then Im sorry. That is true, I dont agree (who the hell does who has some brains!?) his political opinions but... Im really not that interested in political things. Not at all. And I DO like his films. A lot. I just dont buy his height, that`s all.
Frank2 said on 21/Aug/08
So have I and I think it's silly. Politics has nothing to do with how tall someone is.
mike c said on 21/Aug/08
Amen! Gonzalo, Patrick, Brunobrowne, Frank 2, Tony G. et. al. Boy, I just love this site. It makes my day! ...Ha!Ha!Ha! Now, Wayne's 5'10"? We're slowly creeping up! mike c
Brunobrowne said on 21/Aug/08
Adam I dont know what your buzz is. You by your own admission puts Wayne (peak) only an inch shorter than what he is listed at. Why are you trying to align yourself with Jay S who now has Wayne at 5'10'' a full 5 inches shorter.

I think your using this height discussion as a way to air your obvious disapproval of Wayne's political stance. I have seen this on a number of occasions.
Frank2 said on 20/Aug/08
JW, Leo Gordon was huge. I met him. At least 6'2", perhaps 6'3". A mountain!

Paul Fix was short. Don't go by how tall an actor appears in a movie. When Fix was appearing with John Wayne, they put him on a box. They use boards, boxes, camera trick all the time. Sometimes, they put an actor or actress on a box just to keep their face within the wide frame.

William Holden wasn't short. But when they filmed this scene in SABRINA, they made him walk on boards when he was alongside 5'7" Audrey Hepburn:

Click Here
Jay S. said on 20/Aug/08
The boot print is the only solid evidence.
adam said on 20/Aug/08
Tony, Frankie, Mike, Scotty, Patrick, my good friend Gonzalo and others: Take a good look at those pictures that Jay has in his gallery. Good work, Jay S!
And also JW has very good points too.

And football statistics.. Jesus Christ. I`ve played football too, and they had me there as 6-4. In reality Im just 6-2. And my friend was listed 6-1, when he was about 5-10 really. And yes, in university. So those football listings are BS.

I`d say: 6-4
Tony G. said on 20/Aug/08
Jay, you should upgrade Wayne's height to 6'4". Why? Check out my pics of him barefoot standing next to 5'9.5" Desi Arnaz. Are you seriously trying to say that he was only 1/2 inch taller than Desi? LOL!
lsualum said on 19/Aug/08
john wayne was listed as being 6'4.5"210lbs.when he played football for usc.i dont beleievd they lied back in those days.different people have different perception.i/ve had people estimate my height as tall as 6'6",and as short aS 5'11",im 6'3".DUKE WAYNE WAS 6'4".
Scott B. said on 19/Aug/08
I agree with Sharon. 6'4 Prime for Wayne and 6'2 at the end. We have to remember stocky people like Wayne look shorter than thin people. I recently read a Biography on Charles Lindbergh. He was tall and thin. He looked 6'3 to 6'4 easy. It turned out he was 6'2. Wayne was either 6'4 or 6'3 Prime Barefoot and NEVER Below 6'2. Adam Camera angles can only do so much. As for the below picture of Wayne and Stewart, Stewart was closer to the Camera. Also at that time Wayne Lost about an Inch. Frank2 met Wayne and said he was 6'4. I beleive
Frank2. Wayne was a Tall Man period.
Jay S. said on 19/Aug/08
I noticed Wayne wears a tapered heel, and I suspect this explains the remarkably short boot print at Grauman's Chinese Theater. I've upgraded Wayne's height to 5'10" and have added some new pictures from Neath Arizona Skies; enjoy! Click Here
JW said on 19/Aug/08
Frank2-On The Undefeated, John Wayne was only about 4 or 5 inches taller than Paul Fix. If Paul Fix was 5'8" as you suggest, that would make John Wayne 6' or 6'1". On The Rifleman, Paul Fix appeared to be almost a foot shorter than Chuck Connors. Even if Connors was 6'6", that still does not explain the height discrepancy. Yet we are supposed to believe that there was only a 1 or 2 inch height difference between John Wayne and Chuck Connors.

On the movie Hondo, John Wayne is the same size as Leo Gordon who was supposed to be 6'2", but was probably only 6' or 6'1"--although definitely not 6'4". James Arness was also on Hondo but surprisingly did not appear that much taller than John Wayne. That makes the claims about James Arness being 6'7" seem suspect. According to an article about Bruce Boxleitner, James Arness was 6'7" with boots on. That would put his true height in the 6'5" to 6'6" range--about the same size as Chuck Connors.

On the movie Chisum, John Wayne looks about the same height as Ray Teal who was only 5'11". Steve Forrest (6'3") is at least two inches taller than John Wayne in The Longest Day. That would make John Wayne about 6'1" or a little less which is what he was.
Patrick said on 19/Aug/08
Frank2, as my dear pals Mike C and Gonzalo, you are a great guy!
Common sense, a lot of cultivation, an obvious cinema lover and, at least for me, a
Sharon C. said on 18/Aug/08
My dad met John Wayne back in the late 40's and the picture he took of the two of them showed them standing together and they appeared to be the same height. My dad was 6'4" at that time but near the end of his lifed he was only 6'2"-6'3"
Frank2 said on 18/Aug/08
If I thought it was worth arguing, I continue, but it's obvious some people wish to believe what they want to believe, not the truth. I met John Wayne. Saw him several times. I also met Stewart and shook his hand. Wayne was 6'4" prime and Stewart was 6'3" prime. Stewart never seemed to loose any height, at least when I saw him and at that time he was nearing 80.
adam said on 18/Aug/08
And about Wayne`s build, what would you say about his weight, Frank2? When you met him (towards the end of his life, yes?), how heavy he was? Please write a good comment about his whole physical presence, dear fellow!
adam said on 18/Aug/08
2 inches shorter than the 6-3 Jimmy Stewart. Photo is from The Shootist (1976). By then he was about 6-1. I`d stick with a 6-2
anonymous said on 17/Aug/08
I do believe he could have been 6`4 in his prime, but here he isn't looking it: Click Here
Clark said on 17/Aug/08
Somewhere there is a photo of Christopher Reeve and John Wayne.
adam said on 17/Aug/08
Yep, 6-1 peak for Wayne! Now Frank2, go to the Gregory Peck -page, I`ve got a question for you, old man.
mike c said on 17/Aug/08
Thanks, Tony G. Much better..great photos of the short Wayne. mike c
adam said on 17/Aug/08
Who`s that tall, slim man in there? He looks taller than Wayne.
Tony G. said on 16/Aug/08
Let me try the URL again. Click where you see 4 images of John Wayne in one "photo," should be on the left side.
Click Here
Frank2 said on 16/Aug/08
Adam, what does one's politics have to do with a man's height? I do not see the connection.

As for Wayne not being versatile, I tend to disagree. He just got better as he got older. He was superb in both THE QUIET MAN and THE SEARCHERS. those roles were as diverse as it gets. Wayne could do more with a just look than most modern day actor can achieve delivering tons of dialogue.
Frank2 said on 16/Aug/08
The fellow to the right of the Duke and immediately behind Maureen O'Hara is Chuck Roberson who did stuntwork for Wayne and Wayne liked. They became close friends. John Ford always used Roberson in Wayne films. He was in THE SEARCHERS with a speaking part. Roberson was a solid 6'3", perhaps even 6'4" back when he was young. I met him sometime back in the late 1960's and he appeared to be about four inches taller than me so maybe he had lost some height by then or he wasn't standing straight. Very nice man. Loved to talk about the glory days of Hollywood. And unlike so many actors who ended up doing westerns, Chuck was a real cowboy having grown up on a cattle ranch in Texas.
mike c said on 15/Aug/08
6'3" McLaglen, second from left with 5'8" Wayne
Click Here
Tony G. said on 15/Aug/08
Here are more photos of John Wayne. He was tall, no question about it!
Click Here
adam said on 15/Aug/08
Im a young man, mike. Sorry about my unpolite remarks if you didn`t feel good about my words. I didn`t mean to hurt your feelings with such language!

Now that it`s all clear, mike c, I`d like to ask you something... Where are you from? From the States, obviously but from which state and town? Im also interrested about your political views. I can see that you seem to be quite a Duke fan, aren`t you? I have a strong feeling that you are would we say "his kind of man" yes?

Now mike, I agree with you about certain things. I like his films too. I
Anonymous said on 14/Aug/08
How old are you adam?
mike c said on 14/Aug/08
adam, let's start again. I apologize for my remarks, but you have to admit that the use of "boy" and " "Mikey" are not only offensive, but can instill anger in some men, such as yours truly. I reread your posts (as much as my computer allows me) and you seem to hint that 6'3" is palusible for Wayne..that's good. That one inch difference is the thickness of my thumb, and I'm 5'6" in the morning. I can accept that as I also accept and respect Gonzalo's claim that the Duke was under 6'4", but, adam, Wayne's politics have nothing to do with his physical stature. Personally, I don't give a damn whether he was 6'4.5" or 6'3"...he is still one of my favorite actors. Why? Because in most of his movies he played it straight. You got what you saw and there was always hope for the little guy. There was always a ray of hope that justice and being a decent person would prevail. Corny? I don't care. That's my take on the Duke. Now, if you're interested, Barnes and Noble (you can buy over the internet) sells his biographies (No, I don't work for B&N). The ones I have are: Duke, The Life and Image of John Wayne by Ronald Davis, Duke We're Glad We Know You by Herb Fagen, and John Wayne the Man Behind the Myth by Michael Munn. All are loaded with quotes and observatons regarding his stature, both physical and mental. He truly cared about the little guy and, contrary to a rccent post, he didn't invent himself when he was prop man. All three will make for interesting reading and I highly recommend to any one who wants to hold an intellgent debate regarding either his height or his views. Do I agree with everything he represented? Of course not! But, his impact on society, especially in the film industry is to be emulated. Now, I also bought several of his vitage movies. They are: Angel and the Badman, Lawless Range,The Man from Utah, Rainbow Valley, and the Lucky Texan..all were made before he turned 35..I bought them for $1.00 a piece at a local supermarket. The evidence is quite overwhelming; he literally towers over everybody, including Canutt and 6' Walter Brennan, before the fake limp, the voice, and white wiskers. So, let's keep this debate going with mutual respect. If you're as old as you're hinting then you can appreciate that the use of "boy" can hit a nerve. Good luck with your students. mike c
Frank2 said on 14/Aug/08
Desi was 5'9" in his prime and wore lifts. I saw him several times as well as Lucy who was about 5'6" possibly 5'7". When Desi got to be older he lost an inch. I saw him at a TV Academy benefit shortly before he became ill and died and at that point he looked to be about 5'8". Rock was a mountain. He was in his prime around 6'5" which back then in Hollywood meant that unless you were Clint Walker or James Arness, Rock would be looking down at just about everyone.
adam said on 14/Aug/08
mike, I think that`s very disrespectful talking things like "your not capable of teaching and I`d question your IQ" That doesn`t sound too polite to me. You dont seem to have that great amount of class, do you? And I dont think Im that much younger than you, buddy. And your from The States, aren`t you? Well that explains a lot....

Well if Desi was 5-9 then I guess big Rock Hudson had to be at least 6-8, right?
Frank2 said on 13/Aug/08
Desi was 5'9" and wore huge lifts. Ron Howard is 5'9".
mike c said on 13/Aug/08
adam, I'm an elementary school principal with almost 40 years in the business. So, I don't think you're old enough to be my dad. And, I was a boy when I was your age. So, since that's out of the way, let's start all over again, shall we? If you're in education then maybe, just maybe, you took some courses on research and how to find out information from original sources. Please don't tell me that the Duke with Randolph and Sammy Stein picture is all done with camera angles as I would certainly have doubts about your prowless in the classroom, your ability to see, and your IQ. Also, the algebraic approach to approximating heights in photos is a proven way that museums and artisans who replicate antique furniture some research on it..I won't tell you how because OBVIOUSLY you're in education and you know what to do..right? As to the old movies, I have seen many of the them and, when I compare the Duke's height with many of the actors around him...guess what? he's taller! Yakima Canutt? Do research on him.
I think you mean well, but your haven't provided a bit of evidence. Show me some pictures, give me some movies titles, and we'll go over the names, research the actors and find out about their stature. It certainly wouldn't hurt you to view the Quiet man in slow motion and dig up information on the monster of a man, McLaglen. While you're at it, view again The Shootist, especially the encounter between Wayne and Stewart in the office..put your remote on slow motion and go frame by frame as they face each other..and look at the boots.. Nice reading you! mike c. ps. please don't use the diminutive when referring to me because at 62 years of age it truly is disrespectful.
Anonymous said on 13/Aug/08
JW. Remember Desi wore Lifts.
Tony G. said on 13/Aug/08
JW: Oh, so now Ron Howard is "short!" Watch an episode of "Happy Days." Ron is taller than 5'8" Tom Bosley. There goes your 5'7" theory!
Anonymous said on 13/Aug/08
Clark Gable was 6'1.
Scott B. said on 13/Aug/08
Desi Arnaz was at least 5'9 and he wore 2 inch lifts putting him at 5'11.
There is NO way he was below 5'9. And Adam, You told me Wayne was 6'3 Peak.
There are to many Pictures of Wayne in normal footware for him to be less than what he was 6'4 or 6'3 peak and 6'2 at the end. And as for Rock Hudson??? I would not trust anything he said anyway. He lied and misled people for years.
Frank2 said on 13/Aug/08
If Wayne was only 6'2" peak, that means when I saw him he was still five inches taller than me so I must be only around 5'7". If so, Colin Farrell is 5'5". Bruce Willis is 5'7". Brad Pitt is 5'7". That also means my former assistant who was 5'10" must only be 5'6". My wife can't be 5'4", but instead must be barely over 5' tall. And back when I met Gloria Swanson, she had to have been about 4'8". By the way, she was a sweet lady. I met here at the counter of a health food store that had a small restaurant. She didn't want to discuss her career, only nutrition. I saw her there a couple of times and made a point of sitting next to her and striking up a conversation. No one there knew who she was nor cared. One thing is for sure. She really despised Bill Holden!
adam said on 13/Aug/08
JW, Anonymous: thank you, fellas. Wayne was a legit 6-2 peak, I`d say. Maybe a touch more but not 6-4. Mike c, you`re a teacher son? Well, I congratulate you for that. What are you teaching, boy? Im interested because Im doing some stuff like that myself!

Mikey, Frankie-boy: No doubts that he sure looked a solid 6-4 in MANY MANY MANY photos and films. But as well as you know and I know... show business isn`t always what it seems, right Frankie? Camera angles, lifts, postures, ground and other magic stuff will be a real difference maker in the game, yes?

Frankie, I believe you are a big fan of John Wayne. Just like many others. He is one your true heroes. I believe that you think that he was "an icon, who deserves to be a 6-foot-4-man"... But listen Frank, you haven`t seen all those celebs you really claim. I`ve seen you talkin` here and claiming things and getting a really high place here... I`ve seen you do it and I don`t like it! As far as Im concerned you are a smart man but on the other hand Jack, you
JW said on 13/Aug/08
Tony G.-I don't doubt that John Wayne was at least 5 inches taller than Desi Arnaz and Ron Howard. He was probably even more than that. However, their supposed heights of 5'9.5" and 5'9" are dubious. Rock Hudson was almost a foot taller than Desi Arnaz when he appeared on I Love Lucy. Ron Howard looked short on Return to Mayberry and Fire on the Mountain. Both of them seem more like 5'7" or even less.
Patrick said on 13/Aug/08
Those who see the Duke at 6' or even 6'1 have never, ever watched any of his films.
I can understand those who gauge him at 6
Ed T. said on 12/Aug/08
Mike C., if Marvin is 6'2", I'd say that your picture along with other "Donovan's Reef" pictures on this Site, would show Wayne at 6'5".
Frank2 said on 12/Aug/08
I've met Pat and he is 6'1". Maybe his old man was standing on a box.
mike c said on 12/Aug/08
6'1" son with 5'8" dad...Wayne sure is short!
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mike c said on 12/Aug/08
Yes, he's definitely shorter than 6'2" Lee Marvin..and his sneakers have lifts!!
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mike c said on 12/Aug/08
Now, Adam, don't attack Frank 2..just because you're getting frustrated. Follow your own advice and do the research...and, by the way, a little reading of bios. wouldn't hurt. You sound like one of my students, "because, just because!!" Other than that, I like you.
Brunobrowne said on 12/Aug/08
Check all websites and Ward Bond is put between 6'1'' to 6'3'' and taking the average this puts him at 6'2'', add aleast 2'' and this puts the duke at a solid 6'4''
Anonymous said on 12/Aug/08
I think Adam is on the money. Wayne was 6'3 Prime and 6'2 at the end.

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