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6ft 2.95in (190.4cm)
artha5 said on 1/Apr/08
Actually, if you see the pic of Glenn with Kevin Costner, Kevin is standing straight and Glenn is in the same height next to him as Josh in this picture, except that Josh is leaning his head.
BlackRay said on 23/Mar/08
I'd say 6'2" for sure no less.
Jo said on 22/Mar/08
stoo... Not much taller than Lucy Liu; are you kidding?!

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Brah said on 21/Mar/08
Probably because they had her standing on a box? They do that alot in movies when there is a large height difference. Or maybe because she was wearing high heels in some scenes?

He was taller than Bruce Willis who is close to 6 feet, and taller than Morgan Freeman in that movie.
stoo said on 21/Mar/08
just wondering, how come he doesnt look so much taller than the tiny lucy liu in sleven? He doesnt look over a foot taller than her for sure in any scene.....
JOhn said on 17/Mar/08
I just saw him in Hollywood Homiced and couldnt believe how tall he was. People with short faces always throw me. Think Derek Jeter--who is 6 3

Anyway he was towering over Harrison Ford all picrure in every angle and he's over 6 about 6 3 sounds right
davej said on 17/Mar/08
down grade!! just saw reserecting the champ and sameul l jackson is taller than hartnett. hartnett is 6'1 mabe a tad over and can be 6'2/5 easily with shoes.(cool movie that)
Davej said on 15/Mar/08
Down grade, down grade!! Just saw reserecting the champ. Samel l jackson taller than hartnett. This guy is 6'1 if that.
cm / inches said on 14/Mar/08
that s right anonymous , come on ! this guys looks 185 , 186 cm next to countless other celebs , like Samuel Jackson , Kate backinsale , Scarlet Johanson and so on ...
Anonymous said on 13/Mar/08
I say he is 6-1 to 6-2 max barefoot. 6-3 is in shoes
cm / inches said on 19/Feb/08
He look 185 186 cm in the pic with Glenn no way 189 , or Glenn is wearing lifts!
AAAA said on 4/Feb/08
I like the 190 personally. I think he'd look similar to routh and schneider if he stood up straight. Though I don't get how Garner looks 5'8 and is in flats in Glenns pic, which Glenn confirms, and she was in heels in Dare devil near Affleck and he looked at least 6'3 near her in the playground face off, and he looks a smidge shorter than Hartnett who may not be quite 6'3 when they have similar posture.
Viper said on 4/Feb/08
Hes slouching, but he wouldnt be 6-3 If he stood up straight. Hes certaintly around the 6-2 mark for sure though.
sam said on 4/Feb/08
hate to burst your bubble for people who think hartnett is shorter than 6'3 but in this pic he is slouching like a maniac!! if he stood up straight with glenn, sure he'd be just about 6'3.
Sureshot said on 26/Jan/08
6'3" is a stretch i think. this is a "shoe call" to me. i am 75" flat and have alot of 6'-6'2 friends that can look taller than me. it really gets blurred when you are within an inch or so of people you see on a daily basis. shoes and even weight distort things. if you have muscular or fat legs, your stance is widened, hence, loss of height. sorry to trail off.
dmeyer said on 23/Jan/08
hartnett is nothing under 189 cm
dmeyer said on 23/Jan/08
if you look at lucky number slevin willis apears 3.5 to 4 in shorter than hartnet in one scene ,if willis is 6'1 then hartnett is 6'4.5 to 6'5
chris175 said on 2/Dec/07
glenn looks taller than 5 feet 8 here, i think josh is at least 6 feet 2
Radcliffe said on 15/Nov/07
I dont think this guy is listed height, maybe 6' 2.75 outta bed, but then 6' 2.5 to 6' 2.25 day an 6' 2 at night. Time he was lowered IMHO. Glenn said he saw this guy at 6'2 barefoot, no way he is under that but time he was brought down.
Hmm said on 27/Sep/07
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He is tall. But I don't think that he is taller than Ryan Reynolds
dmeyer said on 17/Sep/07
he looked as tall as freeman in 1 in shoes even thaugh he had sleepers 6'3 is steel possible for him he had 4 in on ford
Starfish said on 16/Sep/07
He's 6'2.5 cuz in Lucky Number Slevin he's almost same height as Morgan Freeman who has half an inch on Hartnett and Freeman's 6'3 soo i feel Josh is a strong 6'2.5

Editor Rob
he's got slippers on, so does have a disadvantage in footwear.
Alex said on 3/Sep/07
Hartnett looks at least 6'2.
jackieee said on 30/Aug/07
interesting, i was watching a video with glen and josh just now...
l0ck n l0ad said on 23/Aug/07
I recon 187cm might suit Affleck very well. For Harnett 188cm, maybe 189cm at best but I'm going with 188cm based on Glenn's photo.
Viper said on 1/Aug/07
I think its more Affleck 6-1 1/2, Hartnett 6-2.
dmeyer said on 1/Aug/07
did have a solid 0.5 in on affleck
JanJ said on 1/Aug/07
He's 190 pearl harbor he was about 1cm taller than affleck
Franco said on 31/Jul/07
wow i never thought he's that tall, most of the time when i see him in movies to my eyes he looks in the 184-185cm range with shoes so its obvious how the SHOT in the movie was taken, possibly because he must appear like a more vulnerable person infront of a "big" boss or something.

i still think he's not more than 188cm to be honest.
l0ck n l0ad said on 17/Jun/07
For some reason Affleck established himself as 6-2.5 in the media very well, probably except us on the height board nobody else suspects him for possibly being shorter.
ER. said on 14/Jun/07
Hartnett 6-3, Affleck 6-2 3/4.
AAAA said on 13/Jun/07
I still think he is a strong 6'2 or a weak 6'3, however you want to word it. If he is really 6'2.75 then I wouldn't harp on the guy for saying 6'3....except for us on thos site, who really cares or can see .25 inches?
And his frame can make him seem taller anyway, he is kinda lanky.

And on a side note, he also grew the worst rape stache I have ever seen at the end of sin city
Alex said on 12/Jun/07
At least 6'2, if not 6'2 1/2.
REds said on 12/Jun/07
Excuses , for me look 186 cm at top in that pic with Glenn , cause the G. head is over his eyes .
Josh said on 12/Jun/07
189cm to 190cm is fair for him , and about Ben Affleck Viper is right 6'1.5 (187cm) I dont know why people think Affleck is taller hes barely over 6'1.
l0ck n l0ad said on 9/Jun/07
Hah nice Viper, I think the same only that it will take another million years until they get downgraded and if Harnett will finally drop to 6-2, it's only fair that Beck Affleck will drop 3/4" to a full inch from his current listing.
REds said on 7/Jun/07
In that pics he's looking 1.85/ 1.86 cm no more, I guess .
Viper said on 6/Jun/07
Guess what lock, Ive been saying 6-2 for Hartnett and 6-1 1/2 for Affleck for a million years now :)
l0ck n l0ad said on 5/Jun/07
If Harnett drops to 6'2" like he really seems, then Affleck will have to drop from 6'2-1/2" to 6'1-1/2" or 6'1-3/4", only seems fair.
Tony Hawk (slouching as well) seemed like a much more solid 6'3" next to Glenn compared to Harnett.
ryan said on 1/Jun/07
Bro, Josh is the word sloucher he can drop 3 inches trust me, u may ask proof?, jus see 40 days and nights u ll see thin ultra think waist , real long torso and broad shoulders, which makes lose three inches, bt if u say himt o stand real hard like brad pitt and great khanli , u ll see glnn near his lips. glenn has great eyes by the way!.
OutBenchThis said on 31/May/07
He still only looks a solid 188cm guy even from those still images Vegas supplied. At 6'3" Glenn would should be between Hartnett's lips and nose.
Drew said on 31/May/07
Good work Vegas.
glenn said on 30/May/07
interesting vegas.good work.thanks.when veiwed fast,i look a freakish 5-11.
Vegas said on 30/May/07
Sorry drew you are right me bad. The video is 1.04 long!!!

Glenn he looks approx 7" taller than you at times during that video Click Here and Click Here and about 4-4.5" taller when he slouches Click Here (thats also your own main photo above just from a different angle btw)

Now if i didn't know much about Josh Hartnett (which i don't lol; it was Viper who told me about this video) I would say he looks 6'2.5-6'3 based on that video
Drew said on 30/May/07
Vegas, the 1.04 mark??? The video is less than a minute long!
glenn said on 30/May/07
vegas,how much taller? i cant get to a computer at the moment.
Vegas said on 29/May/07
Viper that video of Hartnett and Glenn is excellent and shows how much leaning affects someones posture. Pause the video at the 1.04 mark; now how much is Harnett taller than Glenn????
Viper said on 29/May/07
This also proves that video may not be very reliable as well.
glenn said on 29/May/07
at least it prooves i aint 5-7.
l0ck n l0ad said on 29/May/07
glenn, measure your height again, i think you'll be pleased to find out you recently had a 4inch growth spurt, at least it looks like it in the video lol;)
glenn said on 29/May/07
reality king,you speak reality.sometimes.or alot maybe.i dont agree with alot of your gauging.your good though.i respect you.
reality king! said on 28/May/07
GLENN am i not right when i said josh is actually 6.2 barefoot, u also said the same,and i also said in my previous post hugh jackman is taller than bana , u also feel the same. Rob doesnt, hehe
glenn said on 28/May/07
maybe i should do video from now on to look taller.
TheJerk said on 28/May/07
Think its the angle, and Glenn is closer.
Viper said on 28/May/07
I dont understand how Glenn looks so much taller in the video.
glenn said on 28/May/07
reality king studies them but on dvd.i study them in the flesh.yeah,i do look a shocking 5-11 in the video!
Drew said on 28/May/07
I agree to a certain extent Reality King, but you must remember that a lot of people have met these celebrities (Glenn most importantly), so it's not just about comparing them with other celebrities. And secondly, I can't imagine why a tall (6ft or over) guy would ever lie about his height. If they exagarrate it's probably because they were incorrectly measured not because they are conciously lying.
Korben said on 27/May/07
haha that video of glenn is cool, it is a weird vid glenn looks like 6 ft in it lol
reality king! said on 27/May/07
TO TELL THE TRUTH, I THINK 40% of the heights are not real because we compare one actors height with another , some actors could be wrong so the comparison is wrong, it is a big vicious circle, for example i think i josh is in reality only 6.2 barefoot, ashton kutcher 6.1.5, brandon routh 6.2, rock 6.2, sean william scott 5.10, bradpitt 5.10, leonardo di caprio 5.11, i can say this because i have been watching heights fromt the last 18 yrs, n benaffleck is also 61 to 6.1.5, eric bana is 6.1.5to 6.1inch.75com , hugh jack man 6.2 strong, mathew lillard 6.3 leonardo di caprio is 5.11. all these are barefoot heights,elijah wood is 5.4 in reality. I think if all the heights are rightly put all might get bored , is nt so, let it be changing, i ll keep having fun.
Drew said on 27/May/07
I agree G-Unit. He is listed as 189cm on practically every website. I don't know why he's listed higher here.
G-unit said on 26/May/07
6'2.5 should be more accurate maybe
msn87 said on 26/May/07
"me says on 25/May/07
He is one of those guys who looks short but is actually really tall."

no, the other way.
Glenn said on 26/May/07
wow.I do look tall or he looks shorter in the video.
me said on 25/May/07
He is one of those guys who looks short but is actually really tall.
glenn said on 25/May/07
security? i dont understand your point?.there was event security.they didnt get in my way.they gave others a hard time.he could be 6-3 with a bad slouch.sure.possible.but most agree on 6-2,including me.i still havnt seen this footage.luckily i dont look too short.rocking the adidas too.
Drew said on 25/May/07
Now that I've seen Rob's pic, I think he is 189cm, and in fact, that's his official height. He just doesn't look like a full 6'3" guy.

Editor Rob
its still hard to say how much posture effects, even with video, you could argue he's around mostly shorter folk and has loose posture in each pic he was taking in the video. Maybe he is closer to 6ft 2 glenn estimated. Actually, was there any security around there?
glenn said on 25/May/07
at least 6-2 barefoot.didnt seem more though.
Melvin said on 25/May/07
Glenn look much taller in the video than the photo.
dave j said on 25/May/07
glenn, this is question's for u.. because u met josh,is he 6'2 barefoot or like 6'2 with shoes on. come on tell the truth.
Drew said on 25/May/07
Somebody, in the video you can see Hartnett leaning quite a bit when Glenn stands nexto him. If he stood up straight he'd have another 2 inches on Glenn. I give him 188cm.

And you're right about Glenn's posture.
dave j said on 25/May/07
we all know hartnett is tall! even 5'11" people are considerd "tall". there were coments about hartnett and affleck. that hartnett had an inch or so on him. i always thought they were the same at 6'1/5 - 6'2, and i still do. here's a pic of them together with the crew of pearl harbor. almost look like affleck got something on hartnett there. but thats me, u guys can make up your own...(i know footwear can't be seen, but come'n, hawaii) Click Here
glenn said on 24/May/07
all i did was arms back then.5 pounds.all my childhood friends are 5-7 to 5-9,so i dont think it hurt benching at 14 powerlifting at the age of 20.maybe.but they say thats a myth.its probably true to a point,depending on how serious the workouts were at an early age.
somebody said on 24/May/07
for me personally the height gap appears to be much lower in the video than on the pic ... judging by the video hartnett doesn´t appear at all as a 190 cm guy ... especially if you take glenn´s quite relaxed posture in consideration.
on the pics glenn looks to stretch out quite to the max next to tall guys ... but the vid shows something different ;)
derbi said on 24/May/07
Glenn, you really started working out at the age of 10? Didn't that have an influence on your growth?
msn87 said on 24/May/07
"OutBenchThis says on 24/May/07
Rob, are you going to move him down after the new pic *and video) with Glenn ? Looks more 188cm than the 191cm that you have him now"

no, he's not. the fool has even moved it up...tsh

;he would do himself a favor by downgrading ms.
that's my 2 cents.
msn87 said on 24/May/07
must be 187-188cm barefoot.
Drew said on 24/May/07
OutBenchThis he is listed as 190cm not 191cm...
OutBenchThis said on 24/May/07
Rob, are you going to move him down after the new pic *and video) with Glenn ? Looks more 188cm than the 191cm that you have him now
Drew said on 24/May/07
Hartnett is easily 2-3 inches taller than Leo if you had to compare the pictures. If Hartnett stood up straight, Glenn's head would be halfway Josh's nose (this is much more evident in the video). In the Leo pic, Glenn reaches Leo's eyebrows.

Josh is leaning a lot, whereas Leo seems to have decent posture. It is very clear in both the video and picture.
glenn said on 24/May/07
both are close least in the pics.
dave j said on 24/May/07
thanks glenn, for that pic... i know josh is a tall bloke, but there's nothing more in it between this pic and latest pic u have with leo dicaprio. go see, looks the same to me. thought hartnett was lot taller. looks 6/75 too me. or dicaprio is really 6'1/5Click Here
l0ck n l0ad said on 23/May/07
6'2" for josh, pretty much as I thought the 6'3" is stretched out, still not buying that extra 0.75" he's being listed here. he's a tall dude never the less. most likely that "almost 6'3" is his height straight out of the bed.
glenn said on 23/May/07
been had it long for 19 years.not this long.its stopped growing in 1992 actually.stopped at one lenght.heating damage and gel perhaps?
Viper said on 23/May/07
Kevin, how in the world did you find that video? Yeah, he still looks about 6-2 in the video as well.
Drew said on 23/May/07
I had no idea you had long hair Glenn! And he does look 6'2", both in the video and the picture, although maybe he didn't have the best posture.
Anonymous said on 23/May/07
He never seemed more than a strong 6'2 to me.
Viper said on 23/May/07
Josh Hartnett at 6-2 makes Ben Affleck to be marginally under 6-2.
glenn said on 23/May/07
i havnt really worked out in a decade.but that was at home.i did some cardio 7 years ago.i was working out since the age of 10,until 25.
Viper said on 23/May/07
Hes looking 6-2 with Glenn, just as I suspected.
TheJerk said on 23/May/07
I just started to workout for the first time in 3 years as well, it wasnt me who convinced you was it? ;0 Thats really cool that you found a video of Glenn on the net. Hes pretty tall but no way 6-3. 6-2 or so is fair enough. He seems to be the tallest of everyone there.
Del Mar said on 23/May/07
I agree on 6-2 Glenn. Or even maybe 6-1 in the video clip but because of the angle it's harder to judge from there.
OutBenchThis said on 23/May/07
wow thanks for the vid kev! Hartnett looks pretty tall with everyone though..hard to tell how tall really. I'd be guessing 6'2.5"???
glenn said on 23/May/07
there must be tons of footage out there of me.i heard people telling me that in the early 90s.can make a box set of dvds out of it.wish i had all the footage.i have a couple lost tapes here.i wish i can see the footage now.need to get on a computer for that.there will be tons more new footage hair grew out of nowhere since last september.hasnt grown in over a decade.weird.hit the gym for the first time in 7 years ill try to look better in my celeb movies for you guys now.josh seemed 6-2 to me.
ryan said on 17/May/07
Kevin in all da pics u gave shows no footwear , go down u ll see my video.
dave j said on 17/May/07
reply'in on kevin's judgement with hartnett and williamson. hartnett is same height as williamson. look very closely... hartnett is on his tipy toes and williamsom in 1/5" dress shoes. hartnett lill over 6.1
6'3'' JK said on 16/May/07
Still looks a legit 6'3'' to me
Viper said on 16/May/07
I think Hartnett is just a flat 6-2.
kevin said on 15/May/07
again doesnt look 191cm next to bruckheimer

Click Here
kevin said on 15/May/07
Click Here
hartnett with williamson. they are more or less the same height even hartnett is in slippers. williamson listed here as 187cm.

Click Here
williamson is only an in taller the cage. so maybe closer 185cm.

Click Here
smaller then lillard for sure.

Click Here
here with 6ft1in chris klein. and doesnt look 2 full inches taller

my guess is that hes a little over 6ft2in like 189-190cm.
dave j said on 15/May/07
hey ya ray.. so are u saying that josh is taller than jackson?
i would not be a surprise to me if so, but we all know that jackson is'nt a short bloke.
RAY said on 15/May/07
hi dave, BELOW pic shows michael l jackson has same height as travolta, will ya believe?, no becuz the footwear isnt seen.
RAY said on 15/May/07
Click Here
dave j said on 15/May/07
josh can't be a solid 6'3.. look at him compared to 6'2 sameul l jackson.(look at link below) both of them are slouching. if sameul is 6'2 barefoot, that will put him around 6.3(with shoes) in that pic. if hartnett is 6'3 barefoot + an inch with shoes, that will put him at 6'4. but for me jackson got hartnett with at least 1" to 1/5" in the pic. that would put hartnett around 6'1. 6'1/5 at best. (by the way, hartnett is best actor nowadays!!! )
Click Here
RAY said on 15/May/07
In the below link you will observe a video of so called 6.3.5 mathew lillard and josh hartnett and pause the video on 0.11 seconds and/or 0.39, 0.40, 041 seconds, or see the whole video when they stand right next together they look the same even though mathew is in dress shoes and josh slouches. the maximum i left if not same height lillard could be jus .5 inch taller or .225 inch, but they look same to same.
RAY said on 15/May/07
Click Here
Fox said on 14/May/07
in wicker park he was barely shorter than matthew lilard.. like .5 inch soo 6'3 seems right
OutBenchThis said on 11/May/07
Rob, when/why did Josh move down to the 190cm mark? I never got the feeling the guy was any taller than 6'2.5" but I am surprised you've moved him down since he's been at 191cm for so long.
Friend said on 26/Feb/07
I have no idea whether he slouches or it's just camera angle, but definitely looks like not 6'3" guy near 6'0" Blair.
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Click Here
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dmeyer said on 25/Feb/07
a lidl taller than affleck and freeman towers over willis .... defenetly 6'3
ShortGirl said on 25/Feb/07
My husband is 6.2 and I am 5.25 and in our the pictures the difference in out height looks exactly like in the picture the thomas.midas posted of Josh and Scarlet. Hence is Josh is 6.3 Scarlet is about 5.35
6'2.5'' JK said on 24/Feb/07
He is slouching with Scarlett Johansson and not stnding straight, He still looks a Solid 6'3'' Guy to me
Viper said on 24/Feb/07
Thomas, thats what I see. A solid 6-2 guy but not 6-3 for Hartnett.
thomas.midas said on 23/Feb/07
he dont look a solid 6'3 with scarlet johansson whos 5'4 maybe even 5'3 his posture dont look that bad.. and her shoes look smaller than his... im not saying hes short but definately not a solid 6'3... barefoot id give him 6'2... im 191 barefoot and i totally DWARF 5'4 people their around 2 inches under my chin... in this picture with scarlet johannson whos 5'4 possibly shorter!!!!! Click Here
hes just not a 6'3 guy there... it just doesnt work out.. like in the other Thomas and Emils posts... yeah he looks big next to lucy liu but shes 5'2...
in all photos ive seem of him and scarlet she is at his chin level if you search youl find this too... i just cant believe hes a solid 6'3.. all you people who say solid 6'3 do you mean with shoes? depending on the shoes i can be 6'4 to 6'5 (timberland boots) but im still only 6'3... i dont have a long neck or a small head nor am i skinny so i dont look taller than i actually am... i have a big boof head and im 191, 245 lbs so i dont look all that tall until im next to someone... my mums 5'6 and the comparison is about the same as the pic of him and scarlet... so i cant see him at that height... o well just my take on things...
Faust said on 21/Feb/07
Click Here the interview with Jonathan Ross
Jordan said on 20/Dec/06
I agree with Drew, 6'3 seems the best estimate.
G said on 17/Nov/06
i am 190 and my girlfriend is 160 and we next to each other exactly look like Josh hartnett and lucy liu in the new movie LUCKY NUMBER SLEVIN... so i guess he is 189-190!;)
Anonymous said on 2/Nov/06
He looked shorter than master P in hollywood homicide and they are both listed at 6'3!
Anonymous said on 1/Nov/06
He looked shorter than master P in hollywood homicide. No way they are both the same height.
Viper652 said on 21/Sep/06
Hartnett looks more 6-2-6-2 1/2 Max to me.
kenneth pz said on 21/Sep/06
hey jackie, ur pics can't even prove his taller than Warren Beatty at all.. you should put a closer image of josh and warren standing near each other..
Emil said on 20/Sep/06
Aussie Bloke: "But I reckon you guys probably have this one spot on at 6ft3, coz like I said, he is generally the tallest bloke in every movie he's been in."

That doesn't follow logically. It's not a valid argument. "He's generally the tallest man in films, therefore he is his stated height of 6 foot 3 inches." Doesn't work that way. :)
ER. said on 16/Sep/06
He's one of the few actors that has ALWAYS looked his legit height of 6-3 too me.
Anthony said on 15/Sep/06
I just got back from "The Black Dahlia", and Hartnett looked at least 6'3 throughout the entire film.
Viper652 said on 15/Sep/06
Harnett is 6-2, not 6-3. I agree Ed that he needs to be downgraded an inch. Hes never looked 6-3 in pictures or movies.
Ed said on 14/Sep/06
Well I watched Slevin, and Hartnett wears slippers in that scene, real flat ones. He looked pretty much the same height as Freeman who was wearing dress shoes. If Freeman is 6ft2.5 that would put him at least at 6ft3.5 with shoes, I don't think Hartnett's that tall. I think Freeman needs to be bumped down to 6ft2 barefoot, which would put Hartnett at close to 6ft3 barefoot. Hartnett towered over people in this film, and he looked pretty much the same height as Ashton Kutcher does in relation to Bruce Willis in the film.
Ed said on 10/Sep/06
I haven't seen Lucky Number Slevin, but in the pic of him with Freeman is Hartnett wearing shoes. I thought for some reason in the trailer he was barefoot when brought before Freeman's character in his towel. If so that puts him about an inch taller than the 6ft2 Freeman, and spot on the 6ft3 listing. Making Affleck more like 6ft2, since there's a similar pic of him with Freeman where he's the same height in The Sum of All Fears, and their both in dress shoes. In fact Affleck looks a tad bit shorter.
Jackie said on 4/Sep/06
Hartnett at 20 in 1998 with Warren Beatty (6'2") He seemed about an inch taller than Beatty, perhaps he still grew a bit after that

Click Here
Anthony said on 31/Aug/06
Well, he's definitely the tallest guy in this pic:

Click Here
Emil said on 28/Aug/06
Then please explain the photos of him and Scarlett where she is consistently above his chin level. The top of her head is at 5'4" MAX (that's what she has stated herself), but his chin is below that level which doesn't add up with a 6'3" guy. My guess from those pictures = 6'1" at the most.

Click Here
JK said on 15/Aug/06
The man is a solid 6'3''.
Anthony said on 8/Aug/06
Scarlett is 5'2 TOPS. Go to her page and I posted a pic with her and 6'1 Bill Murray in which she barely scrapes his chin.
Viper652 said on 5/Aug/06
Josh looks 6-0 in that picture If Scarlett is only 5-2.
Emil said on 4/Aug/06
Check out this picture: Click Here

Now, Scarlett is probably standing slightly in front of Josh, but on the other hand, her shoes look thinner than Josh's. Neither of them strikes a pose. Considering that Scarlett is 163 cm (which is the absolute MAXIMUM, considering she's stated it herself) I can't see how Josh can be 191. That would put the bottom of his head at about 169 cm, and thus Scarlett would be a few cms beneath his chin. Yet the top of her head is clearly higher than his chin. That either means that Scarlett understates her height (and as we know, that is very, VERY unlikely) or Josh is not 191 cm by any stretch of imagination.
dmeyer said on 28/Jun/06
in slevin he apeared the same height as freeman but he is wearing sleepers so itmeans he is a hair taller than freeman so 6'3" seems thrue
Tom said on 9/Apr/06
I walked right by Josh on 6th Ave awhile back, and he's certainly not 6'3". I am 6', and he only appeared to be slightly taller than I am. He may have been slouching slightly however I thought him to be no bigger than 6'1.5" or a weak 6'2".
kevin said on 28/Mar/06
in wicker park hes an inch smaller then lillard whos 6' 3.5''. so 6' 2.5'' is more accurate i think.
ds said on 15/Feb/06
My friend Maddie is like obsessed with Josh Hartnett and she got to meet him, and she said that he was REALLY tall, she's not very tall (5'4"), but I don't know if that helps. But I remember her telling me how incredibly tall he was, and other she mentioned his height like 5 times. But yeah I guess 6-3...
supes78 said on 29/Jan/06
He definitely has a few inches on 6' to 6'1" tall Harrison Ford in the following pics:
Thomas said on 24/Dec/05
Sorry, Sally, this is the first time I've checked the site since I originally posted. Well, I'd say Josh had me by a hair--maybe a half inch at the very most. If pressed, I could agree with his being listed at 6'2 1/2". I know that, ultimately, a half of an inch is pretty much meaningless, but he's just not a legitimate 6'3". Close enough, though, I suppose.
Brett said on 5/Dec/05
He looks smaller then beniffer in that pic
Jay said on 29/Nov/05
See him in Halloween H20. You can tell he's slightly over 62. 6 foot 3 seems spot on to me.
Mr. R said on 14/Nov/05
I did meet Josh, and made him stand up, so that I could get around his chair one night in Hollywood. He is pretty close to 6-3. He is taller than Affleck in Pearl Harbor (6-2), and Harrison Ford (6-0 about).
ER. said on 14/Nov/05
I think you're wrong here, Viper. This guy has always looked a legit 6'3" to me. He has never looked and shorter than that to me, be it in pictures or in movies. And when he was on the Tonight Show with Letterman Show he had AT LEAST an inch on the allegedly 6'2"-Letterman. I'm 188-189 CM. myself, and just by looking at pictures of this guy I can tell he's taller than me. He's also taller than Affleck who I honestly believe is at least 6'2". 6' is freakin' absurd for this guy, no offense. ;)
Viper652 said on 13/Nov/05
Is it just me or am I crazy, but hes never looked the towering 6-2-6-3 that hes perceived to be. Looking at just stand alone pics of him next to average looking people, he doesnt tower over them like a guy that height would. Honestly, he looks like a 6-0 dude. Still pretty tall, but not the towering 6-2-6-3 hes listed. I could be way wrong on this though. Ive never met the man, just a hypothetical.
Anonymous said on 3/Nov/05
Thomas, who was slightly taller, you or Josh?
Sally said on 31/Oct/05
My boyfriend is 6"4 and when we met Josh we couldn't beleive his height. He was no more than an inch shorter. I would say 6"3 exactly, he looks alot taller than Affleck in Pearl Harbour and his registered movie height is 6"3. He also claimed to be 6"3 so let's take his word for it.
Thomas said on 26/Oct/05
Welp, here's some very accurate news: I'm a UCLA student working at a nearby (can't say which right now) 5 star hotel that Josh and Scarlett were staying at for about a week. I'm 6'2" and a good judge of height (my pop is about 6'7" which made me very aware of height, bit of a complex I think). Several times I stood up right next to him, while both of us were wearing normal sneakers and a few of the guys I work with can verify this as well, as they saw the two of us together: we're almost identical in height. He must have given his height in shoes during the Jonathan Ross interview, because he's certainly not 6'3".
CoolJ said on 12/Aug/05
Anonymous.. He looks like hes not standing up straight.. but I agree he doesnt look a full 6'3"..
Josh said on 31/Jul/05
Josh i´ve always seen josh as a 6'3 he is really tall i met him on vacations I´m 5'11.5 (182cm)with sneakers and he was pretty taller than me he looks taller in person he´s truly 6'3 i agree with sonicsoul many guys can´t belive some actors are tall look at that old movie h20 and you can see josh is as tall as michael myers the killer of that movie , in all movies he looks really tall like in that movie with cris klein who is more less 6'1 (185cm) and josh was about 2 inches taller and also pretty much taller than lyly Sovietsky who is tall for a woman at 5'9.5
sonicsoul said on 25/Jul/05
"Callum" must have a complex because Affleck is at least 6'2". I am amazed at how people on this site hardly ever think that people are their listed heights. I chalk it up to complexes. It is possible for people to be tall! I am between 5'8" and 5'9" and know I am not tall and have no problems admitting height.
Patrick from Germany said on 6/Jul/05
I met him last year on vacation and I've gotta say he's really tall.I'm about 1,88metres and he was at least 1,91 metres.
elle said on 9/Jun/05
Josh says in an interview with jonathan ross that he's 6.3.
Mr. R said on 26/May/05
I've met Mr. Affleck, and he is definitely 6-2, and maybe a little over that. In the worst film of the decade, Pearl Harbor, Josh is at least an inch taller. He is close to 6-3.
callum said on 25/May/05
Watch Pearl Harbour and you will see that either Hartnett is not 6ft 3in or that Ben Affleck is taller that 6.1, they look about the same height in that film. i would say Hartnett is 6.2 at most as Affleck is reliably 6.1
joeyb said on 15/Feb/05
you sure he's that tall...i would say 6 2.5 - 6 3 whats ur evidence for his height?

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