How tall is Josh Peck

Josh Peck's Height

5ft 11 ¼ (181 cm)

American actor, best known for films such as Mean Creek, Drillbit Taylor, Red Dawn and TV series Drake and Josh. CelebHeights noticed he once claimed on Twitter to stand tall at "6'1............and a half". In 2022 he said "I'm six feet now".

How tall is Josh Peck
Becca Tobin & Josh
Photo by kathclick/

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Average Guess (91 Votes)
5ft 11.65in (182cm)
Abdul-DK said on 11/Dec/22
181.5 .
Johnny Miles said on 22/Jun/22
5’11 and 3/4
Celebheights 6'1.5" said on 9/Apr/22
He does appear taller than listed next to Kenan Thompson:

Click Here

Kenan Thompson wasn’t much smaller than Eddie Murphy, who is a strong 5’9”. So I think the former is a bit over 5’8”.
Craig Picnot said on 22/Oct/21
Josh peck might have touched the 6 foot mark in shoes but, I saw a video of Josh at the chiropractor from 2019 and Josh said that when he was 17, he was t boned in a car accident and the chiropractor said that his spine was not aligned and he had forwarded head posture.
Pere said on 22/Sep/21
5ft10guy said on 21/Jan/21
Taller then 5ft11.Very close to 6ft
Brooke Tatom said on 19/Jan/21
based on pics with 5'7"-5'7.5" drake bell like this one Click Here and this one Click Here (considering camera disadvantage on the second one and heeled miranda cosgrove) he can pull of a weak 6' pretty regularly. i don't think he's the full 72 inches but he can look 5'11.5" at times.
FE said on 11/Dec/20
Yo Rob, Could u add him to Youtube Stars Category?
JasonTodd2001 said on 8/Dec/20
Looks like a solid 5'11
Rob do you think it's possible that he experienced a late growth spurt when he was 20 years old ?
Editor Rob
In the 18-20 range maybe put on a little more
Vsquad said on 3/Nov/20
Guys, look at this video starting around the 7:00 mark. Josh Peck next to Jeff Wittek, who consistently claims 6'1 max himself -

Click Here

Josh is clearly, noticeably shorter. He even has footwear advantage over him (Jeff's wearing Vans).

Also, While Jeff claims 6'1 he has always looked more in the 6'0 range. Regardless, Josh honestly looks close to 2 full inches shorter than him. So guys, please: don't get too wild with giving Josh the full 6'0 lol, he clearly doesn't touch it at all.
PFinder said on 11/Oct/20
He looks fairly tall. I don’t know that I’d say 6’1” and a half for him, but I bet he looks Christian Bale eye to eye. 6’0” isn’t out of the question for him.
Jeevehs said on 18/Aug/20
Nahhhhhhh he ain’t 5’11 mates
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 13/Jul/20
@Davidjr My high school basketball team describe me as 6'7 so i am 6'7? Truth was that i am barefoot 6'5 5/8 and under 6'7 with normal sneakers on. Josh dare to claim 6'1 1/2 and he is nothing more than 6'0 1/2 with dress shoes on. You can't trust some sites listing they aren't accurate than here. Google had a 5'7 plus Kenny G down as 5'2 and a 6'4 1/2 Ryan McPartlin putting down on 6'2 3/4 look at how ridiculous even Yahoo once had a listing for a peak 6'4 1/4 Jeff Goldblum at 6'2. Josh could have a chance to be 5'11 1/2 but i doubt close to 5'11 3/4. 6'1 Josh Holloway had 4-5cm on Josh Peck.
Davidjr said on 14/May/20
He is 6foot he is described as 6foot 183cm
Kitbit said on 13/May/20
Looks about 5'11". Rob, in the first season of Drake and Josh he was 18 years old and looked an inch taller than 5'7 1/2" Drake.Between season 2 and 3 he looked like he gained 3 inches of height at age 19-20. Do you think his diet, exercise and lifestyle change made him grow that much? Or did it not matter?
Editor Rob
Yeah around 18-20 could have gained a bit more height.
Edso said on 6/Jul/19
Looks .25-.5 of an inch taller than 5’10.5 John Stamos
Nik said on 8/Apr/19
The average vote is very high!
Thabani said on 7/Apr/19
Josh peck is a low 6ft
TheBat said on 14/Mar/19
Well I guess I'll just claim 6'0.75" from now on lol!
Bwk said on 16/Nov/18
This is too low for him in my opinion. 5'11.75'' seems like It'd be a much more accurate figure.
berta said on 19/Apr/18
with chris hemsworth he doesnt look a mm over 180 cm with josh holloway i get weak 181 wibe. his claim is standing on his tip toes with boots on :P
Johns said on 20/Sep/17
LMAO when did Peck claim 6'1"? Before or after he did his movie with HONEST 6'1" Josh Holloway who put him to shame in that movie they did together.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 25/Aug/17
Idiotic claim...
5ft10guy said on 25/Aug/17
He looks tall in movies.His frame is big.
Andrea said on 7/Aug/17
LOL, Azuya, calm down! You speak as if Josh got officially measured at 181! He just got a 181 listing, that's all. A height I've never completely ruled out, btw... I did say that maybe 181 wasn't impossible but that's really his best of the best case scenario for him, IMO. 😊
I still think that somewhere around 180 was a better listing, from what I've seen. Which is not only those pictures with Chris Hemsworth. If that was the case, I wouldn't have argued over 5'10 for Josh, considering that Chris can easily look 5 good inches taller than him for some reason... 😉
With Alan Ritchson, Josh Holloway, Sean Astin and Tony Revolori I wouldn't have guessed him over 5'11 as well.
As I said, 181 is not a crazy listing or something. I have not seen enough to completely and safely rule it out but he generally doesn't look over 180!
S.J.H said on 7/Aug/17
6'1.5 claim was biggest joke ever. 5'11 tops
Azuya said on 20/Jul/17
Thanx for the Upgrade Rob 👍

Josh does looks over an inch on Edwin Hodge
Click Here

And Edwin is 5'10" as seen with his Aldis Hodge
Click Here
Click Here

Also Josh standing with Adrianne Palicki
Click Here
Click Here

So he's definetely over 5'11" a fair bit. So it's possiblehe would edge out Adrianne. This Listing seems fair, tho one might even argue that he still looks 5'11.5".
Funny thing is that few years back, i wanted Josh to be upgraded from 11.5 to 11.75".
So i did originally thought
he was a weak 6 footer. Anyways, Lets just hope Andrea doesnt BURST HIS BUUBBLES or GETS ANGRY by seeing this 😠.
So far ive posted alot of pics and i would like to see if Andrea would post more evidence than i do because ive only seen the Chris Hemsworth pic. Not that i have something against u ,but just posting very few pics such as with Chris Hemsworth or John Stamos (who constantly wears heeled with possible lifts in them) isnt going to help that much. Sorry Man ¯_(ツ)_/¯
Editor Rob
at the moment I wouldn't go back to 11.5 range as I haven't seen enough, but about 181 is still maybe more realistic.
Azuya said on 18/Jul/17
@Editor Rob,

Standing next to Holly Willoughby, Tom Fletcher and Danny Jones
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

In the Nick Awards 07, He's Standing Right next to Holly Willoughby, Tom Fletcher
and Danny Jones and u can see their footwear on separate images.
Josh looks easy 2 inches taller than Tom and Danny. Also looks a lot taller than Holly.

So do u think 181cm is a better fit?
Editor Rob
overall it probably is a quite arguable figure, at times only 5ft 11, other times he can still pull off 11 -11.5 range.
Christian-196.5cm (6ft5 3/8) said on 15/Jun/17

Probably just an error by the editor. I don't think Peck himself ever claimed to be that tall, or he would've easily been called out for lying.
Fez said on 1/Jun/17
@Editor Rob,

Here's another pic....

Josh with Kyle Pryor
Click Here

Kyle has 180cm on his Agency (and once had 182cm), but he's probably 5'11" flat and Josh seems to look an inch taller.
If that is the case, then Josh definitely looks over 5'11" there, if he isn't 6ft.

Rob, Could he be 181?
Editor Rob
of course he could be 181, I did for a while think 5ft 11.5 was possible, but the more I seen, the more maybe 5ft 11 flat...but between those 2, right on 181cm may well turn out to be the best fit!
Nacho said on 31/May/17
@Editor Rob,

He's not much shorter than Scott Mechlowics
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

BTW i dont think Scott is under 6ft and Josh was only 18 years old at the time, so theres a good chance that josh
might b 181 at least.

What's your Thought on this?
Editor Rob
my thoughts are still, yes you could still make the 181cm range argument for him
Vincent said on 26/May/17
@Editor Rob,

Josh looks only an inch smaller the Tom Pelphrey
Click Here

Josh was wearing converse, while Tom is wearing dress shoes and even if the pic is rotated a bit that would still make Josh 181-182 range if Tom is 186.

Do u agree Rob?
Editor Rob
there looks a 2 degree tilt, I'd have said he was around 2 inches shy of Tom and near 4 inches shy of Jimmy...harder to say with Joshua Jackson as he might be a couple of inches further away.
Headbanger said on 4/May/17
Rob, if he is listed 5'11 here so, is he 179.8 at night?
Editor Rob
he might fall into slightly over it, so I'd say it's possible closer to 181...
Celebheights 6'1.5" said on 12/Apr/17
Drake Bell should be downgraded to 5'7" flat if Josh Peck is going to be listed as 5'11" flat. There was easily at least 4" inches between the two. Josh looks more 181-182 CM than he looks 180 CM, however.
Azuya said on 7/Apr/17
@Editor Rob,

How tall do u think Josh looks in this Mugshot?
Click Here

He was wearing converse BTW.
Editor Rob
hard to tell, he is surely losing at least an inch in height.
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 5/Apr/17
He claims to be 6'1 1/2"? I would definitely be taller than this guy in person if I saw him by 4-5 CM.
Azuya said on 4/Apr/17
Hmm, im a bit surprised u don't even know who Robin Shou is? The guy who was liu kang from the VG Adaption films "Mortal Kombat" and "Mortal Kombat Annihilation" (Terrible film btw), which was 20 odd years ago. But i dont kno if ur into videogames tho. Anyways, I did think Robin Shou was a weak 6ft back then, But Rob thinks that he's not much taller than Lambert or Remar. Although he did say there was a chance Robin was 181.
Back to Josh, Yeah i do agree that his 6'1.5" claim was silly to b fair.
He should have claimed 6ft at least (as he might measure that in sneakers or in the morning perhaps) or maybe 5'11" perhaps?
I would also b surprised if he was anything under a solid 5'11"!
Rob said 180.5 is possible, so i wouldn't go under it tbh and as i said before, iam not sure if he looks 2 inches shorter than Holloway bcuz he seems to look more 1.5-1.75 inches shorter. So my Prediction is that Rob might upgrade Josh up to 181, Just Saying :-).

BTW I wonder whos taller? Josh Peck or Jake Gyllenhaal, since both of the guys met Ben Kingsley. Jake is also 180-181 max.
Azuya said on 3/Apr/17
@Editor Rob,

I found a Mugshot of Josh Peck
Click Here

This is a scene from "Merry Christmas, Drake and Josh", Where Josh was wearing converse sneakers at this moment. It looks like he's at least touching 6ft if he stood up straight and the angles don't seem to be off tho.

What do u think Rob?
Andrea said on 1/Apr/17
Fe (or Azuya 😂), actually among all those guys you have named, I only "know" Justin Chatwin and I agree that at times he can pull off taller than 5'11 flat... 5'11.5 is probably not unreasonable but I wouldn't have guessed him as tall as his agency's listing, 6' (which is probably his claim)! I do remember him for his role in Shameless, in which I thought around 5'11 was quite possible! It's been a while since I looked at him, though!
Again, about Josh, I think 180-181 is really the most I'd argue and, from what I've seen, I'd be really surprised if he was much over 180... Not surprised at all if he measured under 180!!! More chance of 5'10.5 than 5'11.5, IMO! With Big Josh, from that clip and a few pictures, I think he looks right around a couple inches shorter, so 5'11 I guess is still a decent shout, for now! That being said, you at least will agree with me that his own claim is a big joke, to say the least! Hell, he could even be 3 inches shorter than that!!! Maybe he was just trolling the guy who asked him his height (I hope 😅)...
Azuya said on 30/Mar/17
@Editor Rob,

Which option would u place Josh at?

(A) 184cm/ 182cm
(B) 183.5 cm/ 181.5 cm
(C) 183 cm/ 181 cm
(D) 182.5 cm/ 180.5 cm
(E) 182 cm/ 180 cm
(F) 181.5 cm/ 179.5 cm
(G) 181cm/ 179cm

IMO i think he can look C range and Maybe pushing B.
But i wouldnt go under D Range to be fair.
Editor Rob
D might be possible, A seems too high.
Azuya said on 30/Mar/17
Well the devices i used is My phone, a Computer and a Laptop, also using the Intnernet Exploerer, Google Chrome and the Incognito Tab on chrome. thats how i have so many accounts. And no iam really not BT!
I usally put a 2 spaces after saying "@Editor ROb" name before whenever i start my sentances.

Now i dont try to upgrade most 5'11 guys up to 181!
Do you think Brad Pitt is 181? ofcourse not!
I dont think he's 181, he's more like a weak 5'11er.
There are more than few guys that i think that has a
much higher chances of being 181 according to my research, based on some comments and these guys are...

Josh Peck (asformentioned)
Robin Shou
Eka Darville
Adam Goldberg (Despite claiming 5'11")
Justin Chatwin
Vanilla Ice (Despite Being described 5'11")

So do agree with me on these guys Andrea?

Anyways back to Josh, i havent seen much of him next to Hemsworth, but yeah he might look shorter there.
U did say u agree with Rob that he looks closer to 5'11
than 6' which is why i said Holloway looks a strong 1inch
on Josh, Maybe almost 2inch. But Josh's Hairstyle makes
him look taller than he is tho.

To be fair our arguments 180 vs 181/182 isnt that bad actually at least where not argue for 1-2 inches ;-).
Tho i still think he's a legit/solid 181 guy despite
him looking shorter next to Hemsworth.
Andrea said on 29/Mar/17
Creepy? 😂 l just have a very good memory... 😜😎
Having read a few pages of guys listed around 5'11, I've noticed there were a "few guys", that often commented on them and tried to "push" those listings to 181... And they all seemed to have a very similar "writing style", even if under (many) different names! That's all!
Just click on "Celebs My Height" and select "5'11 male" celebrities. It's not that hard to retrieve those names (and I'm pretty sure I'm missing a few)! 😁
Is BT another one of your accounts? How many fuc**ng devices do you have? 😂😂😂
Don't misunderstand me, I have nothing against you... In fact, unlike most of the people on here, you seem to offer quite decent pictures and videos to support your argument! I do appreciate that 👍
As for Josh, I do agree with Rob... Even in that photo and clip you just posted, he does look a lot closer to 5'11 than 6' with Big Josh! Maybe 181 is not totally impossible but, as I already said, I would haven't guessed him much over 180 at all! And hey, saying that he can look just 5'11 with Chris is a bit of an euphemism!!! Chris can make him look barely 5'10 in some shots 🤔
Azuya said on 28/Mar/17
@Editor Rob,

I think a Solid 5'11" range is more believable, I think 90 percent of us could agree on that
(apart from someone else ;-)). I didn't think he was under 5'11" at all.
BTW funny thing is that he looks same as 181 listed Jake Gyllenhaal when standing next to Ben Kingsley. But to b fair Josh gives a taller impression than Jake does.

Do you agree Rob?
Azuya said on 27/Mar/17
@Editor Rob,

How about this clip instead?
Click Here

There are shots from Peck standing right next to Holloway.
And im seeing only 4cm difference tbh, not quite 5.

What's your thought on this?
Editor Rob
the most I'd say is about 181cm there, certainly I think six foot seems hard to believe.
Azuya said on 26/Mar/17

woow there mate, yes i do change name alot only because im using different devices all the time, but at least im more of a possitive guy (unlike other commenters trying to downgrade other celebs). No offence Andrea but its a bit creepy when ur mentioning my other accounts.
BTW 181 is not too much for Josh peck of course he does look just 5'11 next to Hemsworth, but from other projects like Drake and Josh i thought he look at least 6ft (or a weak one).
The only reason i like adding celebs to "the 181 club" is because i like experimenting something thats all. Ive only been commenting on celebheights for 4-5 years now!

@Editor Rob,

Heres a pic of him and Holloway
Click Here

Holloway looks atleast a strong inch on Peck, tho im not seeing quite a 2 inch difference.
Do you agree Rob?
Editor Rob
in that still, Josh looks closer to 5ft 11 than 6ft, but I haven't seen clips properly.
Andrea said on 26/Mar/17
I've not seen that much of him, to be fair, but from the pictures I've seen I wouldn't have guessed him over 5'11! I mean, look at him with Alan or Josh... He does look 180 at most with them! Not to mention how short he can look with Chris!!! It is true that you can't see his footwear in those scenes (maybe he's a guy who often wears converse in movies) but even 181 does seem too much with them!
Btw, I might be wrong but there seems to be a guy who generally comments on people around 5'11 and tries to add a few more celebrities to the "181 club"? 😂 And he keeps changing his name... Is this Vincent, Fe, Fez, Tony Stork, Azuya, Fa,... the same person, Rob? All "these guys" seem to have a very similar "writing style" too... Again, I might be wrong...
Editor Rob
it is certainly advisable to stick to the one name. Our friend Fe has been around a while!
Azuya said on 26/Mar/17
@Editor Rob,

Then why not upgrade him back up to 182 then?
Editor Rob
he could look 3 inches under alan richston, I might see how he looks with Josh Holloway, as he seems a good example of 6ft 1.
Azuya said on 25/Mar/17
@Editor Rob,

He's not much different from Ryan Hansen
Click Here

Do u agree Rob?
Editor Rob
he can look quite close yeah.
Vincent said on 24/Mar/17
@Editor Rob,

[Editor Rob: you can still make an argument he is over 5ft 11 like 181 range.]

Yeah true, but i still think 5'11" flat is way too low for him. He just doesn't seem that short and i just cant except this 5'11" listing!
I think the best thing to do is give him that 181 listing at least?
Vincent said on 22/Mar/17
@Editor Rob,

Do u think a fraction over 5'11" is possible?

I remember watching him in Drake and Josh back in the days and thought he really did look close to 6ft (final 2 seasons). He looks more 4 inches on Drake....

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

I personally don't think Drake is under 5'7.5", so don't you think 5'11" is a bit harsh?
I really thought the original 182 listing was a fair shout. I just think 5'11.5" was better, 11 flat is just too low, but maybe 11.25 might adjust things a bit.

What's your thought on this?
Editor Rob
at times he has looked tall, like over 5ft 11, but the last time I looked at him, I could see how he seemed closer to 5ft 11 than 6ft...but of course, you can still make an argument he is over 5ft 11 like 181 range.
Ron said on 28/Feb/17
He got a 5'10.5-5'11" body with a 6'6" face. Lol jk but I honestly believe he is 5'11.5" maybe just maybe 6' in the morning but nothing more than this, and no less than 5'11 at the end of the night. I consider him a weak 6' and a strong 5'11 guy and always will. And anywhere near 6'1" is crazy talk.
Andrea said on 28/Jan/17
Yeah, his claim is quite outrageous... Maybe he's best friend with Sam Witwer! 😝
Andrea said on 28/Jan/17
Yeah, even with Alan I don't think he looks as low as that but you must admit that he looks quite short with Chris (might be the ground, might be some kind of footwear difference, might be Chris who decided to wear lifts :P)!
I've seen he's done a movie with Josh Holloway... Here's a photo:Click Here
Editor Rob
imagine those 2 having a conversation...Big Josh claiming 6ft 1, then little Josh claiming to be half an inch taller 🤥🤥
Andrea said on 28/Jan/17
Look at him with Chris Hemsworth: Click Here Click Here
Can't see their footwear but he struggles to look even 5'10!!! Which is what he looked in the movie I've seen: not over 5'10!
Editor Rob
can't even remember if I've seen that one, but I'm sure I have it on a shelf somewhere at home. I'm donating a ton of old dvd's this year to charity shops.

I don't think Peck looks quite that low with an 'almost as tall as big g' guy like sean astin.
Andrea said on 28/Jan/17
Yeah, maybe near 5'11 is not impossible but that's probably the most he could be! He may well be somewhere between 5'10 and 5'11 which means he's basically adding 3 inches to his claim!!! Maybe he's just joking but you never know... Maybe he truly thinks to be 6'1.5 😋
Andrea said on 27/Jan/17
Rob, MD has a point... He doesn't look much different than John Stamos in pictures!
I've recently seen a movie with him and I thought he could look around 5'10 with Tony Revolori (if that guy really is as low as 5'4.5)!
Now, maybe he is not as low as 5'10, but are you sure he's as tall as 5'11.5???
Look at him with Sean Astin: Click Here
But wait... The funniest thing is his claim which is... 6'1.5!!! Click Here
A real disgrace to true 6'1.5 guys!!! Can't see the footwear but does he really look over 5'11 with Alan Ritchson? Click Here
Editor Rob
the 6ft 1 and a half claim suggest a classic 2 inch boost 😃 thanks, I will add that and with Richston/Astin he certainly looks at least 2.5 inches under his claim.
Arbee said on 18/Dec/16
@MD Look at the thick shoes Stamos is wearing, of course Josh is taller. Wouldn't be surprised if Stamos was wearing lifts as well lol.
Giorgi said on 21/Nov/16
Rob, as mentioned below, he really doesn't look an inch taller than that Stamos guy.
Tony Stork said on 16/Oct/16
@Editor Rob,

What do u think his head size is?
He's always referred as "the guy with the big head" in drake and josh. Even josh himself said he has a big head lol.
Editor Rob
from having a look at him with a few others I would say a 10 incher.
Clint said on 1/Aug/16
Lol Stamos is practically wearing high heels in that picture, Peck is roughly 6'0", maybe a fraction under
Josh said on 17/Mar/16
In that photo with Stamos you can clearly see it has a much higher heel to it. Josh is just wearing normal dress shoes. This listing is fine for him.
MD said on 27/Feb/16

This is too tall. He is not taller than Stamos:

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here
Jake: 1.84 m- 1.85 m said on 31/Dec/15
I think he looks very close to 6ft.
MD said on 27/Oct/15
This guy is not taller than 5'10.5" John Stamos from the photos I've seen.
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM said on 25/Jul/15
They were trying to make Chris Hemsworth look taller since he was supposed to be Josh's tougher/more dominant brother. 3" inches wouldn't have been as convincing as 5" inches would be.
Dan said on 17/Jul/15
Chris Hemsworth is listed at 6'3". Josh seems to be at least 4 inches smaller in Red Dawn. Therefore I'd have Josh at 5'10.5"-5'11", and Drake Bell at no more than 5'7".
cole said on 16/Jul/15
John Stamos looks noticably taller than Josh whenever he's on his vine videos.
an anonymous peach said on 14/Jun/15
This guy is living proof that you can grow a considerable amount after 18. He only had 1 inch on Drake (listed at 5ft 7.5) at that age but managed to get another 3. His diet and exercise probably helped him to gain his full height potential before it was permanently stunted.
CA said on 3/May/15
He's nothing over 5'10 compared to chris hemsworth
Josh said on 5/Mar/15
Really did look around 6'0 towards the end of drake and josh. He was 4-5 inches taller than drake
Dutchman said on 23/Jan/15
180/181 CM more likely
Jeds said on 23/Oct/14
Josh peck's costar Drake Bell from Drake & Josh is 5'8"!
James B said on 29/Sep/14
I M D B once listed him 6'3 1/2 rob......................
lelman said on 20/Sep/14
He looked about 5 inches shorter than Chris Hemsworth in Red Dawn, hardly over 5'10".

Click Here

Do you think they had Hemsworth in lifts or something? I don't doubt for a second that Josh is over 5'11" but watching this film he struggles to look 5'10".

Click Here

Josh is in sneakers here and Hemsworth is probably in combat boots, or lifts. If you look at Edwin Hodge (who is apparently 6'0") he looks about the same height as Josh.
Concerned said on 29/Apr/14
I think he's an interesting case. He looked only slightly taller than Bell for most of the show, even when he was about 18, as pointed out. By now he's towering over him at 4-5 inches. Rob, do you think this had anything to do with him getting in shape and improving his nutrition, or was he always just going to be a late bloomer?
issa said on 21/Apr/14
Rob,do you think Josh Peck is 6'0.
Editor Rob
he can look near it
Ron said on 14/Apr/14
I'm sure with all the exercise and nutrition improved his height as well.
Realist said on 15/Feb/14
This guy has proved that height growth can take place after 18. In 2004 he looked an inch taller than Drake Bell, officially who is 5'8.5 so lets take max 5'9.5 (5'8.5 more likely) and now he is touching 6'0 and towers Drake Bell who you have listed as 5'7.5. So those under 21, we still have a little time.
Zijuun said on 20/Oct/13
@ fa
"He always looks tall. 182cm (5'11.67") seems accurate. It's fair for him to claim 6'0". He can look it."
I agree with both of them~ ^^^
Derek said on 27/Dec/12
The guy that plays Josh's father Walter on Drake and Josh is listed at 6'0" on some other sites and on the show he looked about an inch taller than Josh. I'd say 5'11" flat for Josh.
Joey said on 25/Dec/12
at first i thought he was a legit 180cm flat (5'11)....but after seeing him with 6'3 (191cm) claim chris hemsworth (who i think is more like 189cm/ 6'2.5 flat and rounded up a little since 6'3 sounds better ^^) I'd say that josh peck is closer to 5'10 (178cm) than 5'11 (180cm) ...maybe any case never ever above 180cm unless in shoes
hawk said on 10/Dec/12
in red dawn he looked around 5'10 standing next to 6'3 Chris Hemsworth.
Conti said on 1/Dec/12
I would say he's 5'11 barefoot.I've seen him wear vans sneakers that make him 6'0.
Tony said on 30/Nov/12
@Cranberries even still, I mean I havent seen Peck in many movies, Not sure he has been in much besides drake and josh, so not a lot to compare to, Maybe I was in a downgrading mood when I said 5'11 but There seems to be a really big difference between him and chris, but in the actual movie Hemsworth seems significantly taller than 6'2 brett cullen(well probably more like 6'1.5 these days, hes 56)so Id be wise to the footwear too.
Tony said on 16/Nov/12
Click Here

If chris Hemsworth is 6'3 No way peck is 6 feet. Of course taking into account Hemsworth probable large footwear and camera advantage, I still dont see peck taller than 5'11"
kid123 said on 6/Nov/12
looks about 6 ft between listed height and 6 ft
Derek said on 10/Oct/12
Looks about 4 inches taller than 5'7.5" Drake Bell on Drake and Josh. He may be 5'11.5", but this is a fair guess too. A quarter of an inch doesn't show that much, so you could have this guy spot on.
kohj said on 3/Oct/12
do they measure heights barefoot and with the legs together and body standing straightup? when your legs are apart you are shorter than when together
5'10 guy said on 27/Jul/12
Hes going to be in a movie with Chris Brown(6'0) its going to be good to compare these two.
5'10guy said on 12/Jun/12
He is most likely 6'0 flat but he could pass for this too
nice guy said on 10/Jan/12
5'11 flat..he wears thick shoes to scratch 6'1
T.J. said on 1/Jan/11
Looks 6'1" next to Method Man (6'3") and Howie Mandell (5'9.5")
Glenn said on 9/Jan/07
Is that really you? how ya been?
Shannon Curfman said on 8/Jan/07
Hahaha.... That's so funny. I'm 5'7" but I was leaning to the side. :o)
Glenn said on 13/Jul/06
5-7,5-8.6 years ago and I dont remember footwear.
Al said on 13/Jul/06
She doesn't look like she's standing at her full height. Maybe she's more than 5'7", unless she's wearing heels.

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