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Peak: 6ft 2.19in (188.4cm)
Current: 6ft 0.65in (184.5cm)
Legend said on 22/Jun/11
186cm in the picture. 6'5 is a big fat joke.
James said on 3/Jun/11
186 or 187 in the photo
Candyman said on 1/Jun/11
Looks 6'1.5 to me but pictures can lie.
James said on 31/May/11
itymsel does he look 9 inches taller than rob to you?
Chameleon said on 19/May/11
Rob also states he has thick soled shoes, Im not buying no 6'2.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 17/May/11
He doesn't look 6"2 because he's hunched
Chameleon said on 16/May/11
You guys really see 6'2 ???????

I cant see it! Why? Because its not there.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 15/May/11
6"2.75(190cm) peak
6"2(188cm) today
James said on 13/May/11
Dman could be right

6'2.5 (189cm) peak
6'1.5 (187cm) today
Chameleon said on 6/May/11
Agree with JamesZzZZZz
Dman1528 said on 5/May/11
i would say 6'1.5" now 6'2.5" peak and he does this same pose in the picture with pretty much all of his fans. i have heard he is a really cool guy. and i know he goes to lots of autograph signings.
James said on 4/May/11
6'3 is a joke for this guy more like 6'1
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 4/May/11
That's not impossible, James
Danimal said on 4/May/11
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 18/Apr/11
He looks 6"1.5(187cm) maybe 6"1.75 tops now... closer to 6"3 back in the day. I doubt he was ever 6"5(196cm) even in boots...probably 6"3.5-6"4 tops. The reasons he claimed such an outlandish figure is most likely to do with his ego...

Honestly though...he seems like a complete douch with his hands around Rob

Honestly, he's in character. Get a sense of humor Hugh...

[Editor Rob: I had a scared face at first, for some reason the women looking at the photo at the table said smile. It would have been better with a scared face!]
Danimal said on 4/May/11
Was described as being 6'3" and 215 pounds on Entertainment tonight in the late 80's..
Lenad said on 2/May/11
Doesnt look 6'2 min here more like 186cm max
James said on 1/May/11
6'1.25 (186cm) with rob maybe???
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 30/Apr/11
I agree...I don't see 188cm(6"2)
Chameleon said on 29/Apr/11
sorry but im struggling to even see 6'2 here XD
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 28/Apr/11
230lbs tops I think
Mathew said on 26/Apr/11
Aaron says on 19/Apr/11
Lmao, maybe he weighs 255 after eating several pizzas and 2 liters, but this guy isn't big. 6'2"-6'3" peak, tiny head, tiny hands, narrow shoulders, and long spindly legs... Plus a neck that attaches to the front of his chin.
Maybe he's a nice guy though!

I don't know if I'd go that far in describing him. He's decently big. Not 6'5" 255, but at 6'2.5" and 235 or what ever he is, still a pretty big man.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 24/Apr/11
6"2 at the VERY most today. 187cm is a safer bet in my opinion. But the 80s he was most likely closer 6"3. The claimed weight of 255lbs is like his 6"5 claim, interlinked with his ego.
Aaron said on 19/Apr/11
Lmao, maybe he weighs 255 after eating several pizzas and 2 liters, but this guy isn't big. 6'2"-6'3" peak, tiny head, tiny hands, narrow shoulders, and long spindly legs... Plus a neck that attaches to the front of his chin.

Maybe he's a nice guy though!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 18/Apr/11
He looks 6"1.5(187cm) maybe 6"1.75 tops now... closer to 6"3 back in the day. I doubt he was ever 6"5(196cm) even in boots...probably 6"3.5-6"4 tops. The reasons he claimed such an outlandish figure is most likely to do with his ego...

Honestly though...he seems like a complete douch with his hands around Rob
Ryan said on 3/Apr/11
I'm 6'5" and I tower over guys who are 5'8". Unless Rob is wearing elevator shoes, Hodder is no more than 6'2".
robbie said on 17/Mar/11
i see a hatchet man on his hand whoop whoop to him.
Matt said on 1/Mar/11
lol 6ft 5... more like 6ft 1.5 ish
Moke said on 25/Feb/11
omg he really claimed 6'5? I would be really embarrassed to make myself that much taller :D He looks 6'1.5" in the pic.
James said on 24/Feb/11
184cm in the pic
Mike A said on 3/Feb/11
Kane looks like a good 6 ft 2 in the Jason movies he had a pretty good size boot heel and he's def a lil heavier than 215 about maybe 230 but he's a muscle bound guy
James said on 31/Jan/11
With rob looks 6'1
Adamz said on 13/Nov/10
lolz @ Vipah
Viper said on 2/Nov/10
A LOT of people on here cant tell height, or refuse to accept that most people in hollywood as well as sports stars are upgraded by 1-2 inches on average. Its quite sad really. You would think a height forum would attract a larger percentage who are usually correct like me, but alas that is not so for some reason. There are plenty of sane individuals evicwho agree with me as I also post good evidence a lot of the time with my claims.

ACG, maybe once you are sane enough to actually get out of you mental ward and into the real world, you will see the light and not be so hillariously awful in your estimates. I just saw you think Tom Cruise is 5'9, LOL. High comedy.
Danimal said on 1/Nov/10
Kane WAS 6'2"-6'3" about 20+ years ago.. I saw him on Entertainment Tonight in the late 80's (1988-1989) and they said he was 6'3" and 215 pounds... Looked to be physically heavier than 215 at that time. Looked to be at least 240-250 pounds... As for his height today, I'd say he's about 6'1"... (age and the beating he has put his body through in the last 30+ years as a stuntman)...
ACG said on 1/Nov/10
Viper says on 12/Oct/10
LOL, only an upgrader like RisingForce would think I downgrade. How delusional of him.

1st off, get your user names right. Yet it really makes no difference- just about everybody here knows you almost always downgrade; no real secret at all.

2ndly, it's obvious that you're choosing some obscure actor's page to "upgrade" on just so you can't be accused of downgrading 100% of the time(now we're down to what, 99%? 98.5?).

3rdly, please just GTFO. You contribute absolutely nothing to this site, aside from borderline comedy when you flip out and call people insane if they see you as wrong(which would then make just about all of celebheights one big loony bin).
anonymous said on 6/Jul/09
he claims to be 6'3.5. Yet he's shorter than 6'3" CJ Graham. Hmmm?
dave said on 30/Jun/09
for some reason kane has always had an inflated opinion of his height, it wouldnt surprise me if he wore lifts actually, id say hes about 6' ish flat, 6'1-2 peak, NO more, im yet to see definitive proof that hes over that, never looked that tall to me, and also, no need to quote his height as jason etc, who knows what lifts and boots he was wearing. im 6'.5 flat midday height, and i bet i am as tall as him, as i am easily this height in boots beside my 5'8 friends
Alex said on 28/Jun/09
He may be 6'1 flat today but no lower. 6'2.5-6'3 I agree for his peak too.
Hugh 191cm said on 26/Jun/09
188cm at the lowest today. 190cm at the lowest peak.
Anonymous said on 10/Jun/09
based on further inspection of this pic. I'd give Hodder a definate solid 6'2". Could be 6'5" in the "Jason Boots" he's not 6'3". CJ Graham is 6'3" and looks taller and bigger than Kane.
Danimal said on 8/Jun/09
Was 6'2.5"-6'3" up until the early 90's. Has lost height since then. Could be floating around 6'1" nowadays.
Anonymous said on 7/Jun/09
I don't know why Kane Hodder can't just be honest about his height. Tell the truth Kane.
Hugh 190cm said on 7/Jun/09
Looked close to 6ft4 next to Tony Todd. 192cm peak actually. 6ft2 flat nowadays.
Hugh 190cm said on 7/Jun/09
6ft2 flat.
Danimal said on 31/May/09
I could see him having been 6'2.5"-6'3" in the 1980's. Today he looks to be about 6'1.5"
Alex said on 31/May/09
It could be the camera angle yea because Ken and CJ look the tallest. CJ does look a few inches taller than Kane but the angle is really in his favor though. Ted White is 6'4 and Richard Brooker is 6'3 but Brooker looks taller. White probably lost height of the angle favors Brooker. Brooker does look 6'3 compared to 6'5-6'5 Kerzinger though. Thats the best comparison you can see on there. Also Steve Dash looks 5'10-5'11.
James said on 31/May/09
About 6'1.5 next to rob.
anonymous said on 17/May/09
Hodder does look considerbly shorter than 6'3" CJ Graham and 6'3" Richard Brooker. Perhaps it's the camera angles but 6'3" CJ Graham looks considerbly bigger and taller. Anyone else see this?
Anonymous said on 8/Apr/09
Nothing under 6'2".
Anonymous said on 30/Mar/09
Click Here

From left to right

Steve Dash, Ken Kirzinger, Richard Brooker, Ted White, Ari Lehman, Dick Wieand, C.J. Graham, Kane Hodder

Im surprised at how small ted white looks, in part 4 he looked very tall but i guess hes lost some height
Anonymous said on 30/Mar/09
I think hodder is 6ft maybe 5ft 11, hes always wearing those huge boots!!!! I saw a video about when they first wanted to cast him in the part the executives at paramount thought he was to small to play the part but the director convinced them. So i think if they thought he was to small then he wasnt close to 6ft 3, cj graham and richard brooker were both 6ft 3 and looked big. Bigger than Kane in my opinion
Big King said on 28/Mar/09
Rob, this is ridiculous. Hodder looks 6'0" beside you on this photo.
el toppo said on 23/Mar/09
rob. you look totally different to what I expected. keep the noggin in. it's out there on the net now anyway so you'll never escape it. lol
Anonymous said on 1/Mar/09
Click Here
Alex said on 16/Feb/09
There isn't any Jason actors who I thought did a bad job but Kane Hodder is still the best Jason though 2 of the movies he was in, Jason Goes to Hell wasn't very good and Jason X was pretty weak, he still is the best Jason.
Morg said on 29/Jan/09
For some reason when you can see rob's whole face he looks taller.
joe oneill said on 20/Jan/09
I had the pleasure of interviewing khane and i;m 5''9 as he truely is a genttle giant and very approachable to the media as i said to khane even without the mask if i'm in the bar and a fight breaksout i want him on my side.Kane gets alot of publicity for his roll as jason but he is a outstanding stunt man who also likes to play with big knives and hatchets-haaa joe oneill movie crtic-viewer's choice
Danimal said on 17/Jan/09
Yeah, I can see him at 6'2.5" at his tallest and maybe 1-1.5" shorter today. At his heaviest, he was at least 255 pounds.
Growl said on 17/Jan/09
Noggin included please. You have a nice noggin, and seeing the center of your face cut out reminds me of that guy who lost most of the flesh and bone in his face and it's giving me nightmares. You're giving me nightmares, Rob.

So please, noggin included.
A-Bomb said on 17/Jan/09
Haha Rob you look completely different to how I ever imagined you - not in a bad way mind you :)
The Fan said on 10/Dec/08
Kane Hodder's IDBM page says he's 6'3 1/2inch. Why would the guy lie?
Jeff74 said on 7/Dec/08
I'm 6'5 and have met Hodder. He does wear big boots. I'd give him a solid 6'2 barefoot. No more than that. Derek Mears is 6'5 I have a picture of myself with Mears. Derek Mears will be a great Jason Voorhees.
Jeff74 said on 7/Dec/08
Based on everything I've seen with Kane Hodder, I'd give him 6'2 tops. When I met him he was wearing those big boots everyone talks about. Nice guy. But no where near the height of 6'5 Derek Mears.
M.o.r.g said on 23/Nov/08
Michael myers looked like he'd been pumping iron in halloween 4.and he was about 6'4 in it.What it is nowadays with horror killers,do they head straight to the gym once they get out of the grave.
Alex said on 19/Nov/08
Michael Myers now should be in the 5'11-6'1 range. Freddy is more around 5'10.
Haze said on 14/Nov/08
from what ive seen i guess this guy has a hard on for big boots and gloves. the boots i get. he wants to look taller. but the gloves i dont understand. in this picture i see a 6'1 man standing with rob. standing straight might be a weak 6'2. but def. dont look it in my eyes.
BH9 said on 13/Nov/08
I agree totally, Alex. Ken did look too skinny for Jason. Besides, I like that fact that even though Jason isn't the biggest guy he can toss someone as big as Ken around like a rag doll. I think 6'1-6'3 1/2 is perfect for Jason.
Alex said on 12/Nov/08
Personally I think Ken was a bit too tall for Jason. Jason is suppose to be a tall man but not very tall.He's made more to be big/bulky rather than just very tall. Ken wasn't a thin guy but he wasn't as massive as Kane was. I think the Jason character should be 6'2-6'3 barefoot and 240-250lbs.
BH9 said on 10/Nov/08
Kane has never struck me as a particularly tall guy (certainly not short but not 6'4 or 6'3). His build makes him look much bigger than he is but the clip everyone is talking about (Kane vs. Kirzinger) should lay all of this to rest. There is NO WAY Kane was ever 6'3 or 6'4; he looks a good 2-4 inches shorter than Kirzinger in tennis shoes. Moreover, I have never seen a publicity picture of Kane without those huge boots and I'd be very surprised (and interested) if anyone has any pics with Kane sans boots. The fact that he wears them to all the conventions should also be suspect. Frankly, though, he was the best Jason in my opinion and he always seemed the biggest both in height and build because of his approach to the character.

In regard to his weight, he looked his biggest in Jason Goes to Hell. Granted, he was in a huge bodysuit but I would say he was a solid 240-250 lbs.
Alex said on 6/Nov/08
In Jason Goes to Hell the cornerer described Jason as 230-240lbs. I can easily believe that for Hodder. He may have been up to 260lbs. I wouldn't have doubted that.
Alex said on 1/Nov/08
Ed, I think a peak Kane at 6'2 and today 6'1-6'1 1/2 may be very likely.
Alex said on 1/Nov/08
Kane as the security guard just standing there gave me an impression of a 6'2 guy, no more than that.
Ed(1) said on 31/Oct/08
Alex, I think Grant is a legit 6ft3 guy, and in the scene you're talking about he looked around 1-2 inches taller then Hodder if I remember correctly.
As for your estimates of the pic with Rob, I can see that! Not to mention Rob confirmed the boots in the above pic, check out your post on May 30, 2007.

ed2, it sure looks like him!
Alex said on 30/Oct/08
Ed, isn't Richard Gant from Jason Goes to Hell a legit 6'3 guy? I remember in the beginning with Kane is playing a security guard, Gant looks a little taller than him. I think Kane should be listed at a peak 6'2-6'2 1/2 and today 6'1 1/2. Though I wouldn't say he;s more than 6'0 1/2 looking with Rob.
Alex said on 30/Oct/08
I dont see 6 inches in the above picture. I would have said more like 4.5 inches. We also dont know if Kane is wearing his big boots there.
steve said on 30/Oct/08
how many of you guys have see wishmaster 4 ? in that there is a guy who bashes up the djinn (michael trucco) in a bar....the bouncer....his name is chad bruce....he looks some 3 inch taller than trucco [who himself is 6'3] in that scene....
ed2 said on 29/Oct/08
Isn't that Kane Hodder in the pic. He looks 2-3 inches shorter than 6'4'' Seagal.
Click Here
Ed(1) said on 26/Oct/08
Alex, I'd say Dash looked like a 5ft11-6ft guys tops! In the above pic with Rob, Hodder looks 6 inches or so taller and that's with his boots! If Rob is 5ft9ish in that pic that means Hodder is only standing in the 6ft3 range with his near 2" heels. I think it's time for a downgrade, or at least a peak and current height!
Alex said on 25/Oct/08
Ed, yea. 6'2-6'2 1/2 peak and 6'1 1/2 today as you said when you met him a few years ago sounds accurate. 6'2 barefoot with big boots he's roughly 6'4 unless the boots are giving him more than 2 inches to his barefoot height.

CJ Graham is a legit 6'3 guy. I thought he looked 6'6 in Part 6. Ted White was a legit 6'4 and Richard Brooker was 6'3 too. So Kane was only taller than Steve Dash in part 2 who thought looked 5'11 at most. What do you think Dash was?
Ed(1) said on 23/Oct/08
Alex here's a link to the Kirzinger/Hodder clip: Click Here
It does look like Kirzinger has a good 2 or more inches on Hodder easy! If that's the case Kirzinger would have been 6ft6 or so in his tennis shoes, putting Hodder at between 6ft3-6ft4 in his Jason boots. The guy has to be 6f1-6ft2 tops barefoot! There's no way he could be taller, and be still be that outsized by a 6ft5 guy! Not to mention Kirzinger was a friggin beast back then, he easily outsized Hodder both in height and build!
Ed(1) said on 17/Oct/08
Yeah in Part 7-8 he did look tall, especially 7! As a kid I always thought he looked huge when he was walking around in the woods, he looked like he was 6ft6 or taller! When I met him it was like 3 years ago I think, and yes he had the boots on, the same ones that both Rob and Glenn saw(I believe?). They looked to have about 2 inches in heel, and they were almost like moon boots in terms of the sole, it wasn't like a regular heel. Like I've said before on average I'm around 6ft0.5 in my shoes, and he seemed to be only a few inches taller. I didn't get the impression of a 6ft4 guy!
Alex said on 16/Oct/08
Ed, I paused it at the part where Jason grabs him but Jason is leaning a bit so it looks at least 3 inches but probably a bit less if straight up against each other.
Remember the scene where Jason is in the hallway where Kelly Hu sees him and it looks like his head is within a few inches of touching the ceiling. He def looked very tall there.

When did you meet Kane again? And you said he had big boots on when you met him correct?
Ed(1) said on 15/Oct/08
I'd agree with 6ft 2 or maybe a hair over back in the 80's, but today I'd guess 6ft1.5. Yeah with those boots he could have been 6ft4 or more, but to claim that as your height is a little much. If I remember correctly Ken had casual, black, loafer type shoes on in that scene from Part 8, so I'm guessing at 6ft5-6ft5.5 with those on he was 6ft6-6ft6.5 to Kane's 6ft4.
Alex said on 14/Oct/08
I can see 6'5 or close to it in his big boots but even in them he looked 2-3 inches shorter than Ken in Part 8 who could be wearing big footwear for all we know. Who know today Kane may be as low as 6'1 1/2 but 6'2-6'2.5 back then though.
Ed(1) said on 12/Oct/08
For that reason Alex it makes his 6ft5 claim even more ridiculous! I still think the guy is only 6ft1.5-6ft2, maybe a bit more in his youth, and with his monster Jason boots around 6ft3.5-6ft4.
Alex said on 11/Oct/08
I was watching some of Jason Takes Manhattan today and Jason does give a solid 6'2 impression, plus boots making him at least 2 inches taller. But face to face with 6'5-6'5 1/2 Ken he looked to be 3 inches shorter. So Kane may have never been more than 6'2 1/2 at his peak.
Alex said on 9/Sep/08
King, I'd say 6'3 based on his Jason movies but could be as low as 6'2 today. I mean he did look at least 6'5 in whatever footwear he had on in those movies. But with Rob he doesn't look more than 6'1 max.
Big King said on 9/Sep/08
He's far under 6'5".
anna said on 3/Sep/08
i was tihink about 6,2.
Alex said on 4/Jul/08
Rob, yea but is there something odd with the picture above because he only look 6'1 at most with you there.
Alex said on 27/Jun/08
Rob, what did this guy look to you in person?

[Editor Rob: I remember him looking near 6ft 3, but not as imposing a 6ft 3 guy as say Kevin Sorbo can look. So maybe 189cm but then he did have at least 1/2 inch advantage in shoes.]
Alex said on 23/Jun/08
This guys look at least 6'2 to me and def 6'3ish at his peak but with Rob he only looks 6'1 at the very most.
J.R. Clover said on 13/Jun/08
Actor/stuntman Don Shanks of friday 13th and Grizzly Adams fame is 6'1" I have worked with him several times I am 6'2" he is a "great guy" he is very athletic/muscular and an advanced student of the martial arts. these figures represent bare foot measurments.
shane bickerstaffe said on 19/May/08
my comment of kane hodder is he is at least 6ft from all his films friday the 13th another thing could you please could you send me a signed photo of kane hodder please im begging you because i really love all his films he is a very good actor and have always loved friday the 13th films since i was a little boy and will always love them im your number 1 TRUE fan!!!
Courtney said on 4/May/08
Wow he's big.... LoL
Alex said on 28/Apr/08
Ed, I almost never boosted my height up. When I was 5'11 1/2 I would sometimes just round up to 6'0 and a couple years ago I thought I hit 6'1 barefoot so I said that for a bit until I measured and found out I didn't grow anymore.

I just tell people 6'0 even though I average out barefoot at 6'0 1/4.
I could be anywhere from 6'1 to as high as 6'2 depending on the type of shoes and time of the day. Like right out of bed with nike shox I am 6'2-6'2.25 or in the evening with other sneakers I am just 6'1. Normally most of the day 6'1.25ish in sneakers.
Ed(1) said on 23/Apr/08
Alex, I usually just say a little under 6ft! I use to say my with shoes height when I was younger, but I haven't done that for a long time. LOL

Like I said, depending on what shoes I'm wearing and the time of the day, I'm anywhere between 6ft0.25-6ft1.
Alex said on 23/Apr/08
Ed, when people ask your height do you just say 5'11? You are def a solid 5'11 guy since you're just under 6'0 out of bed. For everypart of the day you're like an inch shorter than me.
Ed(1) said on 21/Apr/08
The reason I asked is because the other day I lost a solid inch, and to be honest was kind of shocked! I don't normally check my height, so this was a spur of the moment thing, and I was just under the 5ft11 mark at around 6 pm. I did spend a lot of time on my feet that day, but still I wasn't expecting it.

For the most part I'm around 5ft11.75 out of bed, and 5ft11.25 sometimes less at night. It was really weird to see myself under the 5ft11 mark though, that threw me for a loop!
Alex said on 20/Apr/08
Ed, most of the time I lose 3/4 inch going from 6'0.75 right out of bed to 6'0 by the evening. I have lost an inch at times and I think even up to 1.25 inches and thats pretty rare for me though. Because on a very good day I could hit 6'1 right out of bed and on long hard days I could hit as low as 5'11.75 by the night. What about you?
Ed(1) said on 18/Apr/08
Alex, I meant to ask you, what's the most height loss you've experienced in a day?
Alex said on 16/Apr/08
Ed, yea it was funny seeing Jason shorter than someone in one of his films. When he came face to face with Ken Kirzinger in part 8 was the first time I saw it happen. I saw 3 inches between the 2 or I could be wrong and it was more 2 inches.
Ed(1) said on 16/Apr/08
Alex, yeah he's definitely getting 2 inches from those, they are pretty much platform heels!LOL

It's funny I remember watching Part 7 when I was a kid, and in the scenes with Jason walking around in the woods, he looked even bigger to me, like 6ft7 or so. That all changed by Part 8 though, once he went toe-to-toe with Chef Kirzinger, Hodder didn't seem so big to me anymore.
Alex said on 15/Apr/08
Ed, yea def 6'5ish and I just noticed those boots now actually. Those are giving him at least 2 inches to his height.
Ed(1) said on 14/Apr/08
Alex Kane does look 6ft4-5 in that video! Did you see the size of those heels when he walks up the stairs?!!LOL They're huge!

As for his build he does look pretty broad, I'd say 230-240lbs... maybe more... I don't know?

As for Mears, he looked pretty lean but built in The Hills Have Eyes II.
Alex said on 12/Apr/08
Ed, look at this video from youtube of Jason Voorhees on a talk show. I am pretty sure this is Kane Hodder in the costume. Well he does look 6'5ish in boots in the video. I am guessing he was probably about 6'3 barefoot here and got a good 2 inches from the boots and today has shrunk a little. Also he does look a good 245-255lbs.

Click Here
Alex said on 11/Apr/08
No problem with a lean Jason as long as he's lean and built. Not just straight up lean.
Ed(1) said on 10/Apr/08
Well the new Jason will be 6ft5, and in boots 6ft6 plus! I saw The Hills Have Eyes II and Mears didn't look 6ft5 to me in the film, more 6ft3, but I could be wrong. Still he's definitely going to be one of the leanest Jasons on record, but also up there as one of the tallest.

I'm looking forward to see how it all turns out!
Alex said on 10/Apr/08
Ed, I do believe that the actor who plays Jason should be minimum 6'2 barefoot. That is because if you're 6'2 barefoot and in boots from the movie you'll be 6'4ish and be taller than most you come by and everyone in the movie. With a Jason under 6'2 you wont really get that.
RevInstone said on 10/Apr/08
Kane is cool as ****, met him twice. He's a solid 6'2 no taller. He was the best Jason EVER!!!! The new guy was stut guy in Friday 8. Kane threw him around like a rag doll.
Ed(1) said on 2/Apr/08
I don't know if you guys have heard the latest, but Hodder is not coming back for the new Friday remake beginning filming in the next few months. Instead they've got a new stunt/actor named Derek Mears from the Hills have Eyes II remake. He's apparently 6ft5 and on the leaner side, more like a muscled Richard Brooker. The guy looks the part for sure, and imo doesn't need any makeup to be scary looking.
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Jake Is Back said on 12/Mar/08
Kane's about 6'2" IMO.
Danimal said on 17/Dec/07
Yeah. It's all about the ending though!!
Viper said on 17/Dec/07
Ive never seen it. I hear its a cult classic though.
Alex said on 17/Dec/07
Danimal, I saw Sleepaway Camp the first one only one time and it was 10-11 years ago. I thought it was pretty good and a shocking ending as well. I wanna see parts 2 and 3 though.
Danimal said on 16/Dec/07
Alex and Viper, have you ever seen Sleepaway Camp? What did you think of it?

I like Friday the 13th part because they have 2 amazing scenes where we see REALLY huge @#$$ on 2 chicks. The one scene in the diner and the other one in the park. I also like the kills in that one too and that little kid was funny.
Viper said on 16/Dec/07
I think If I had to pick a best, I would go with part 1. I feel like it has the best suspense and acting overall. The opening scene is so classic. I was shocked that Jason wasnt the killer when I first saw it. But I like how you get some of the backround of Jason in it. And these characters had never heard of Jason before and there was no history of brutal murders at this camp. So these people were really in for huge surprise compared to the sequels where they knew something had happened there before. Part 2 is also very good. Similar to part 1 plus you have Jason as the killer. The campfire scene where they talk about Jason is classic. Jason in it.
Alex said on 15/Dec/07
Danimal, I like almost all of them. I'd say I like parts 3 and 4 the best probably. Part 5 is the one I disliked the most even though it had some good kills and action but the fact there was a fake imposter Jason walking around got me mad about it.
Danimal said on 15/Dec/07
Alex, what's your fav. Friday the 13th part? Personally, I think part II had the most atmosphere to me. Jason still seemed kind of human and breakable to me. He lived in a shed and was young and still small and not that strong when he fought with the guy at the end. He got hurt and he grunted a lot and he RAN back then. The end of part IV was also really cool with a young Corey Feldman, when he went psychotic and shaved his head and butchered Jason, screaming DIE over and over again. I also liked part 5 and 6 a lot too.
Viper said on 12/Dec/07
I dont have a favorite really. I like all of them to some extent except for Jason X.
Danimal said on 12/Dec/07
Viper, which was your fav. Friday the 13th?
Alex said on 11/Dec/07
Danimal, I think he's 6'2 today but I was just saying how he kinda looked 6'0-6'0.5 with Rob.

Viper, I'm a big fan of the Jason series even Jason X I wouldn't rate bad. I'd say it was mediocure. Now the worst was part 5:The New Beginning with a fake imposter Jason walking around. Some good kills and action but just the fact of a fake Jason got me upset.
Viper said on 11/Dec/07
Hodder looks 6-5 anyway in some of them. Might as well go with a 6-5 guy. Though, it has to be better than part 10 because the franchise hit rock bottom with the Jason in space stuff. I can kinda suspend reality a little with Jason getting on a boat going up to New York, or moving out of bodies because he isnt human anymore. But Jason in Space, man thats hard to buy, lol.
Ed said on 10/Dec/07
I could see 6ft2 in his youth and 6ft0.75-6ft1 today. At 6ft1 with his "special boots" he'd be around 6ft3!
Danimal said on 9/Dec/07
No way is he only 6'0" Alex. Remember this man is a stunt man and has been for YEARS. He has put his body through more of a beating than most pro wrestlers. I believe he was ONCE 6'3" (in the 1980's), when he was younger and less injuries. I don't see him at under 6'1"-6'2" today.
Alex said on 9/Dec/07
Looking back at the picture, Kane does look like he would be 6'2 with Glenn if he straightned up a bit and was equal to the camera with Glenn.
Now looking at him with Rob, dare I say this but he 6'0-6'0.5. I am a solid 6'0 and 5'8 guys come a little less up to me than Rob comes up to Kane. I can see over a 5'8 guys head almost.

[Editor Rob: to be fair his eyeline is a little down though.]
Alex said on 7/Dec/07
I say bring Kane back for another Jason. Or use Ken from Freddy vs Jason. He was a good Jason but very tall.
Alex said on 7/Dec/07
It says Tony Moran played Myers in part 1 on I M D Not sure on his height. It says Nick Castle too for part 1. 2 guys played him?
Castle is listed at 6'2 1/2 though. He looked 6'0ish in the first part.
Ed said on 7/Dec/07
Alex, Dick Warlock who is listed on this very site at 5ft9, played Myers in part 2. He wore big lifts to be closer to 6ft, and that's why he walked ultra slow and tipsy. Warlock talks and jokes all about it on the documentary I mentioned.

6ft8, 6ft10, or whatever Mane really is, was exceptionally tall for Myers. You guys who haven't seen the film need to check it out though. I'm curious to hear what everyone thinks!

As for the new Friday film, what are all your thoughts on that, and who could possibly play Jason? I've mentioned it before that Andrew Bryniarski is rumored to don the hockey mask! He'd be 3 inches taller than Hodder and quite a bit bigger. Jason would be a tank if they went with him, lol!
Alex said on 7/Dec/07
Viper, exactly. Jason was human up until part 4. Part 6 and on he became more like a zombie. Jason was huge all the time other than part 2.
Viper said on 7/Dec/07
Ed, I can understand Myers gaining weight throughout the years. But a growth spurt to 6-8? lol I still havnt seen Zombie's halloween and I dont think I want to. Though I can kinda buy Jason getting taller because he seems more like a monster than human. Danimal It seemed like Jason was more human up till part 4. Then after that he became a non-human beast.
Alex said on 6/Dec/07
Ed, Myers in part 2 was 5'9? He didn't look that short at all.
I could be wrong but he did look over 6'0 in parts 1 and 2.
Danimal said on 6/Dec/07
Yeah, Myers never came across as being overly large to me. In part 4, or was it 5, when he escaped from the hospital, he lifted that orderly off his feet and crushed his skull, so he WAS taller and larger from part 4 onwards. Part 1 and 2 were an average size man who was just insane. Kind of like Jason from FRiday the 13th part 2 (with exception to his deformed head).
Ed said on 6/Dec/07
Alex, you're kidding right? Nick Castle was maybe 6ft, more like 5ft11 and around 160-170lbs. Dick Warlock who played Myers in part 2, was 5ft9 and probably around 170lbs as well, he also wore lifts to reach near 6ft that's why he wobbled through the whole movie. He talks about it on the Halloween documentary 25 Years of Terror.

George Wilbur who played Myers in part 4 was the first genuine over 6ft actor. He was 6ft2 and probabaly 215-220lbs. The stunt men from there on out who played Myers stayed in this similar physique range, 6ft2 200-220lbs.
Viper said on 6/Dec/07
I thought Myers looked closer to 6-0.
Alex said on 4/Dec/07
Myers was still no small man at all in parts 1-2. He looked 6'2 and at least 200-205lbs.
Alex said on 2/Dec/07
I think Ken did a good job as Jason. He was a solid 6'5 guy but weighed 225lbs. Could have weighed more but some profile had that for him. wasn't a small guy but he wasn't too bulky either.
Ed said on 1/Dec/07
Myers wasn't built really big until George Wilbur took over in part 4! From then on the stuntmen cast all had similar height(6ft2)and build, until Zombie's Halloween! LOL!

As for Brooker, he always looked lean to me, maybe he was 220lbs?

So Viper if you expect Jason to have progressed to a 6ft5 beast, Bryniarski would fit the role perfect!
Viper said on 30/Nov/07
I expect Jason to be a 6-5-6-6 280 pound monster these days with the way he has progressed in all of the sequels.
Alex said on 30/Nov/07
In Jason Goes to Hell, Jason looked 250-260lbs easy I thought.
Alex said on 30/Nov/07
Jason and Myers are both built big. Myers was more leaner but still big too.

Richard Brooker I thought was 225-230lbs actually. He was bigger than 215lbs. If he was 5'11-6'0 I would believe 215lbs though but not at 6'3.

Jason, you'd make a good Jason Voorhees. My friend who is 6'5 and he weighs 215lbs but is bulky too. I've told him before he could be a good Jason.
Jason said on 30/Nov/07
I'll have to audition oneday. Wait a minute... :D
Ed said on 30/Nov/07
Richard Brooker had the perfect size for Jason, 6ft3 and I'd guess 200-215lbs. I always thought Jason and Michael Myers are best when they are on the lean side. Leatherface is the exception, you expect him to be built like a house.

What do you guys think about the rumor of Bryniarski playing Jason in the new Friday film?
Alex said on 30/Nov/07
Danimal, you're a big guy and you have the size and mass but just the height would be off for Jason. Even myself at easily 6'0 I think I am a bit too short for the Jason character. I have the size as well.
Danimal said on 29/Nov/07
How about 5'9.5" and 220 pounds Alex? My current size ;).
Alex said on 29/Nov/07
For the last 9 Halloweens I dress up as Jason, its fun. But right now at 6'0 200lbs I'm big but I think for Jason its better to be at least 6'2 barefoot and 220lbs.
Ed said on 28/Nov/07
Thanks man! Too bad there are no other level pics. Stil it's cool to see all the Jasons together.

For those that don't know, a new Friday film is in the works. It was originally intended to be a remake of the original, with Jason in it this time and not his Mom, but instead they are setting it between part 2 and 4. Marcus Nispel, the director of The Texas Chaisaw Massacre (2003) remake is taking the helm, and they promised a new lean mean Jason. The rumor for a while was Andrew Bryniarski Leatherface from the TCM remake would be Jason, but unless he loses some serious weight he doesn't exactly scream lean, mean yes! I wonder who could be the new Jason?
ed said on 27/Nov/07
That's the website where I found the photo:
Click Here
Ed said on 24/Nov/07
Lowercase ed, where did you find that pic? I'm interested to see if there are others that are more level.
Alex said on 24/Nov/07
Its a cool picture though Ed. The 2nd guy I know is Ken and easily the tallest of them all. First is the guy from part 2, not sure with one to be exact.
Richard Brooker and Ted White are after Ken.
Alex said on 24/Nov/07
Ed, CJ is closer to the camera making him look taller than Kane than he really is but he probably is a bit taller than Kane in general. Kane I am thinking is just a flat 6'2 but I doubt any lower than that.
ed said on 22/Nov/07
I have found this group photo showing the Jason actors. Second from right is CJ Graham 6ft3 and on the right of him is Kane Hodder who looks shorter than him.
Click Here
Alex said on 23/Aug/07
6'2 250lbs sounds accurate for Kane I think.
Alex said on 19/Aug/07
Ed, thats what Kane looked to me then. I haven't seen him in a while. Maybe he lost weight or something but def looked a good 240-250lbs when he was Jason. Whether or not he was 6'2-6'3 or in between he still looked around 250lbs.
Ed said on 18/Aug/07
Alex, I agree 6ft2( maybe 6ft2.5)and 250lbs sounds like a very realistic estimate! He's just too big to weigh much less, at least now a days.
Alex said on 17/Aug/07
Kane has gotta be closer to 250lbs. When he looked that when he was Jason. He's probably really 6'2-6'2.5. I don't think he's as short as 6'1.
Viper said on 12/Aug/07
He looked taller than the Rock I thought in a couple of those pics. But yeah he could have had a footwear advantage.
Ed said on 9/Aug/07
Danimal if he's 6ft3, then so be it! It's not that I want him to be less, I've just always been suspicious of the monstrous footwear for such an obviously large man. I don't get it? Your between 6ft1.5 and 6ft3 barefoot, big as a house, and yet you wear huge heeled shoes. Not to mention his height is up and down all the time. He looked the same height as The Rock(6ft2.5), but I'd be willing to bet he was wearing his 2 inch boots and the Rock was wearing normal footwear or even sandals based on the clothes he was wearing in the pic.
Danimal said on 9/Aug/07
Ed, it seems like you don't want him to be 6'3". Can't we just sometimes accept the height that is given, without dissecting it to this extent. As I said, he may only be 6'2" and change and rounded up. I'm willing to live with that. Cool?
Ed said on 8/Aug/07
Danimal, I agree he did look quite tall on the beach, but I don't know how tall is wife is and she could be very short for all we know. The funny thing is did you notice his shoes on the beach, they looked quite large as well. Like giant high tops with big heels! I wonder how much lift he got out of those? Another thing is if you've ever seen Wishmaster, Hodder has a small role as a security guard who meets an untimely end with the DJinn(Andrew Divoff/6ft1). There's not much of a difference between the two maybe an inch or so in Hodder's favor, and you can view the clip on youtube. I stumbled across it after looking at the clip you found.

While wearing his boots he could have been near 6ft5 in his youth, now a days he's not looking much bigger than in the 6ft3 plus range. I agree he's a big dude regardless! What puzzles me is if he was 6ft3 in his youth, what's with the big heeled lift boots he's wearing all the friggin time? 6ft3 is pretty damn tall, especially when he's a big musclebound guy as well. That I don't get?
Danimal said on 8/Aug/07
Ed, Lou has gone through all kinds of stages of development over the years.
Kane saying he is 6'5" is obviously with his shoes on. His BOOTS I should say.
He did look 6'3" while walking on the beach with his wife. He was a tall man. Again, he could be 6'2" and change and just rounded it up to 6'3". Either way, 6'2"-6'3", he is still a large man.
Jason said on 8/Aug/07
Yeah, I would agree 230. The chopping his legs off was rather overstating things lol.
Ed said on 8/Aug/07
I can't see 215lbs and 6ft3 in the video segment at all. Hodder's looking a good 230 in that clip, and as for Ferrigno he was ripped like hell, not beefy like a lumberjack the way Hodder's always been. In the above pic with Glenn he looks around 6ft3ish, but that's with his big boots(near 2 inches in heel). Hodder might have been near 6ft3 in his youth, I still think he was less and the fact he's also quoted above as saying he's 6ft5 255lbs doesn't lend much credibility.
Jason said on 8/Aug/07
I assumed the 215 comment is in recent times. There's no way he's only 215 at 6'3'' in the above photos unless someone chopped his legs off.
Danimal said on 8/Aug/07
Oh come on Jason. Stop doing that. You have no conception of bodyweight. He could have been lean as anything and weighed 215 pounds at 6'3". Lou Ferrigno went down to 220 pounds at 6'4"+ in the 1980's and still looked muscular.

This man was 6'3" or damn close to it at his peak. In fact, I remember reading in an old Fangoria magazine from the late 1980's that he was 6'3" and 240 pounds.
Jason said on 8/Aug/07
If he's 215 then whoever said he might be in the 6'1'' range must be right.
Ed said on 7/Aug/07
Danimal, I agree it's hard to make out. At first it does sound like 250, but then I realized as well it's 215. Still 215 sounds way too light for him! I'm curious when he switched from saying 6ft3 215lbs, to 6ft5 255 lbs in the quote above under his bio. That's a bit of a jump, lol!
Danimal said on 7/Aug/07
Ed, at first I heard 6'3" 250 pounds and then I relistened and he said 215 pounds. He looked a good 30-40 pounds more than that, but obviously not. The interviewer clearly got those stats from the horses own mouth. Now we know that he was NEVER taller than 6'3" and is probably only around 6'2" today.
Ed said on 7/Aug/07
There's nothling like mullets and raquetball, lmao! Good find Danimal!

At 6ft3 though and 215lbs wouldn't Kane be a lot skinnier? I'd say more like 230-240lbs, he was definitely the thinnest I've ever seen him but he was still pretty big!
Danimal said on 7/Aug/07
6'3" 6'3" 6'3" 6'3" 6'3" 6'3" 6'3" 6'3"

YESSSSSSSSSSSS, it's said in this EXCLUSIVE 1989 interview with HIM, at 3 minutes and 17 seconds in: Click Here
Alex said on 10/Jun/07
He was wide in person too yet I'm holding my own there too.
Viper said on 10/Jun/07
I want that leather coat that Batista is wearing. Lock you are right though he does look like a roasted turkey on steroids. hillarious
Alex said on 9/Jun/07
She's another female wrestler and hot yes. This was kinda of a waste of money though as my other wrestler pictures came out better and were more enjoyable. I was going to stand in the picture but I would have probably been cut out so I had to crouch. And with all the other ones I met I at least talked to them a bit.
There was someone on line who was saying Batista is 6'5 and I was like no he's really more 6'3. Also someone on line said they saw Batista walk in to the table so if I stayed down by the table a little longer before getting on line I would have had Batista walk right by me and get a very good height estimate, damn. He did look at least 280lbs though for sure.
l0ck n l0ad said on 8/Jun/07
Haha, nice pose Alex ! Batista looks like a roasted turkey on steroids next to you. Is that his wife there?? She looks pretty hot!
He should have really at least smiled or put his arm on you, or any sort of friendly gesture, at least his wife pulled a smile there, she looks quite warm and friendly.
I can guarantee if you told him you're bigger he'd get off his fat ass and stand like a rooster with his chest pumped out hhahahhaha, there's nothing to fear even if you would manage to piss him off he's not gonna lay a pinkie on you in a crowd of people starring at him, despite his 'tough guy' attitude over there. Maybe he refused to stand up because he knew he's not going to look as tall as 6'5" - 6'6" like his fans would think he is?
Alex said on 8/Jun/07
Lock, when I was there I was thinking to myself that I should have told Batista that I was more biggger than him and maybe he would have gotten up! LOL
But I got the picture on my computer as I posted it on the Batista page but I'll post it here again.

Click Here
l0ck n l0ad said on 8/Jun/07
Yeah what's up with Batista he acts no better than a grumpy bulldog with his fans, thank god I'm not one of them. Does he realise that his fans are the most important for his career? or perhaps it's his strategy, being hostile with them, yeah that should make them really like you...
Triple H is doing great with fans, seems like a nice guy outside the ring.
Is it possible to get a photo next to Sharapova after a match or practice while she's still in trainers? otherwise it's no good when she's out on the town with mega heels.
Btw I'm a major sloucher next to shorter guys, as if I'm guilty for being taller than them. Next to 6'3" and taller guys I'm nearly walking on my tiptoes lol. I thought Nike Shox were good too, till I got my boots (similar to military ones), give a solid 4cm and they look alright, not too comfortable for the summer, but works very well for the winter.
l0ck n l0ad said on 7/Jun/07
Viper, I would gladly send you off to photograph with Hodder, The Rock, HHH, Batista, Edge :-) oh yeah... and Sharapova too... she's starting to annoy me with commentators calling her 6'3".
Alex said on 6/Jun/07
Viper, at 6'3 standing straight you'll def appear even a bit taller. I have a friend who is about 6'5 1/2 and if he stands straight he is pretty tall but sometimes can appear more 6'4 or so with bad posture. In Nike Shox type sneakers he looks his tallest, thats why he told me he likes to wear very thin heeled sneakers.
Viper said on 6/Jun/07
I usually stand with good posture in photos.
Alex said on 6/Jun/07
Danimal, exactly look at the picture with me and Kurt Angle where he is leaning a bit and took an inch away from him.
Danimal said on 6/Jun/07
I remember at my 10 year High School reunion in the Fall of 2005, I took a picture with tons of people and I was shocked to see how I matched up in height to guys who had a good half a foot on me in height school. I took a pic with 6'8" Greg and I was hoping to see a good 10-10.5" difference in height between the 2 of us, but he had bent his knees and leaned down and was barely taller than me in the pic. It depends if the guy wants to make you feel like his equal, or YUP, make you feel short (inferior). It can go either way I suppose.
Danimal said on 6/Jun/07
But even a slight lean can take off 1-2" Rob.
Ed said on 6/Jun/07
Alex, I agree it just depends on the person. I also stand up straight, as much as I possibly can. Some taller guys slouch because of self esteem issues, or because they just want to fit in the frame in a photo op. If the person they're taking a photo with is considerably shorter, they might hunch over out of deference for the shorter person. But, some people would stand up straight regardless, and not care in the least if they made the other guy look like a hobbit.
Alex said on 6/Jun/07
Some tall guys like 6'4 don't slouch for crap, even with short guys. Some guys just love to stand straight.
Danimal said on 5/Jun/07
I see a flaw in that Rob. The 6'2"-6'4" guy would have to slouch so not to make the celebrities feel bad about their height, as most tall guys slouch with 5'7"-5'8" Glenn. A 6'0" guy would solve a lot of problems. A LOT.

[Editor Rob: yeah, only if the tall guy stands straight, although I know a few at cons who don't bend down or slouch in that range, the celebs usually stand tall.]
Alex said on 5/Jun/07
I'm 6'0.5 and no matter who I'm with in pictures or just in general I'll normally stand pretty proper and straight.
Alex said on 5/Jun/07
Ed, yea even a guy 6'2-6'4 would be good to get pictures with celebrities.

[Editor Rob: very true, especially if guys like that stand normally, far more often the celebrity won't be slouching you can bet...I see it at every photoshoot I've been at really, if a 6ft 3 guy comes along, practically all the celeb men would stand decent if the tall guy doesn't slouch down.]
Ed said on 5/Jun/07
LOck n LOad, I mentioned once before the same thing regarding the closer you are to one's height the better judge you are. This site would be lacking severely without the eyewitness accounts and pics of Rob and Glenn, but it wouldn't be a bad thing to have a 6ft autograph dealer like Glenn to provide some reference as well. Both are go to eyewitnesses are 5ft8, so a taller one would be interesting to have give accounts of in person meetings, and as a gauge to measure height against.
As for my judgement I'm as reliable as most I guess, I'm pretty positive I screw up from time to time.
Alex, maybe Kane was taller in his youth and has lost a few over the years. I just know I saw him a lot shorter than the 6ft5 listing he originally had and claimed. He looked 6ft3ish to me in his boots, and that's all I know.

[Editor Rob: undoubtedly a 6ft guy could get more pics where celebs in the 5ft 11 - 6ft 2 range stood better and also give good estimates because of lesser problems with posture or eye levels..]
Alex said on 4/Jun/07
Ed, I can accept Kane as low as 6'2 now, but I think he was probably 6'3 when he was younger.
Lee said on 3/Jun/07
This guy doesn't look 6'5 to me. I'm 6'5.5 and he isn't close to me.
l0ck n l0ad said on 3/Jun/07
Ed, don't worry mate I'm no less obsessed with height than you are. What would be a better (minimum requirement) height without being ridiculously good for making it to the pros, 6'3" - 6'4" ?

I tend to believe your testimony, I don't think you'd make it up. The question is now can we trust your height judgement? I would say yes, usually people obsessed with height can guess quite accurately people's height in person unlike the average person who always tell me I'm 6'3" when I'm an inch shorter.

Maybe Hodder was 6'3" peak, I don't see him over 6'2" right now. I still wonder how come Glenn saw him at 6'3", Rob at 6'2.5" and you saw him at 6'3.5" with his boots. I think the closer you are to the person's height (assuming you know your true height), the easier it is to judge.
Ed said on 1/Jun/07
LOck n LOad I think your referring to me. The obsession over height was a reference to me being a kid and playing basketball, and I desperately wanted to be taller. However,when I stopped growing I ended up at 5ft11.75 out of bed and that was not gonna take me too the pros(unless I was ridiculously good!).

As for Hodder, I grew up watching the Friday movies and thought Hodder was massively tall in those days. By the time Part 9 came out, and I saw the scene where he's out of his Jason costume and playing a SWAT officer, I was shocked to see how much shorter he looked. When I saw him at a convention a few years ago, I was wearing skecher type shoes if I remember correctly, which would put me at anywhere between 6ft0.5-6ft0.75 maybe. Hodder seemed to be only 6ft3plus while wearing his boots. I didn't see him walking around a lot, it was for a split second as I approached the table and he sat down. As I stood at the table, and after I walked away I kept checking out the boots and was blown away by their size. I looked up pics of him online and at the Friday the 13th website forum, and saw a lot of comments by people who had met and felt his boots were what contributed to his intimidating stature. They are really thick soles, but not heels. I don't know though anymore about his height, it's impossible to tell accurately with those boots. Maybe he's 6ft2, possibly shorter perhaps.
Alex said on 1/Jun/07
I do rememeber that picture as Rock was a bit shorter than Kane but in reality could be the same height since Kane could have had on bigger footwear than Rock. Either way I'm can't see Kane under 6'2. 6'3 at his peak though.
Danimal said on 31/May/07
Viper, The Rock isn't as low as 6'1".
Viper said on 31/May/07
Well, The Rock looks 6-1 next to him If hes 6-2 and no more.
l0ck n l0ad said on 31/May/07
Alright Rob & Glenn, thanks for your perspectives, points well taken into consideration for both pictures. I admit it's hard to gauge over 1/2" difference when he doesn't have a full-on posture and you're not certainly sure how much exactley his footwear advantage over you is. I'll keep in mind he could be 6'2-1/2" or towards 6'3", although as for the moment with Rob's latest pic I got a good hunch that he's a flat 6'2".
Btw I could swear there was on the bottom of the page a few days ago a post with a guy claiming to be very obsessed with height and good on judging people's height and when met Hodder, he estiamted him at 6'3.5" with his large boots on and estimated him at 6'1-1/2" to 6'1-3/4" barefoot. I wanted to talk to that guy but I can't find it, perhaps it got lost due to newer posts overwriting the older ones or something like that?
Alex said on 31/May/07
Also Kane Hodder is in his 50's and could have shrunk an inch easily. He may have been 6'3 at his tallest and now today only 6'2 but I don't buy him under 6'2 though even though with Rob he does look even shorter.
glenn said on 31/May/07
its a are deceiving.see the angle im in too? he is pushing me down too.what gets me is that nobodys notices the position he is standing in,in robs pic? and mine? he could be straighter in robs pic if he positioned himself differently.he still has a lean in mine.but the pushing down shoulder and me on an angle doesnt other words,in laymans terms,we need to stand like rob is in the photo.without the head tilt.
l0ck n l0ad said on 30/May/07
Rob, thanks for the great picture with the explanation, it says it all. I'm almost certain now he's nothing over 6'2". As long as you're not on your tiptoes and he's not bending his knees he looks 6'2" max and this after taking into account he's not standing full as possible. You guys might think I'm delusional lol, but as 6'2" guy, growing up with a 5'8" mother I know very well how I match up against 5'8" with all the family photos.

[Editor Rob: tiptoes are reserved for Hayden Christensen's of this world.]
Alex said on 30/May/07
We are unsure if Kane had big boots on or normal sized footwear with Rob.
He looks 1-2 inches taller with Glenn than with Rob though.

[Editor Rob: nah, not normal, they do look similar to the one on his site under fans were he's sitting down with one guy, whether it is proper 2 inch sole is what I wouldn't be certain of. If I ever find somebody posting a pic from his talk that day, I'd be more certain if seeing them sideon.]
Kevin said on 30/May/07
is this jason ? omg he almost kill you rob!
Danimal said on 30/May/07
Actually, it appears as though Rob is taller than Glenn, because Glenn some out a lower point on Kane's eyes than Rob does (about 1-1.5" I'd say).
Ed said on 30/May/07
Rob, that's weird because Kane looks all of 5-6inches taller with his boots in that pic of you both. He does not look like a 6ft4.5 in man(albeit in boots)in that pic, rather around 6ft2plus?

[Editor Rob: as I say, I too estimated near 6ft 3 he looked, I had 1.08 inches on and he has at least 1/2 inch advantage, 3/4 likeliest, its hard to see exactly if they were full 2 inches he had, could be overcut a bit, or who knows, he could have brazilian insoles.

of course he isn't as full as possible, but then I was losing a little bit by tilting my head trying to relieve the vice like grip of terror he had over me! Any moment he might have gone berserk!]
the shredder said on 30/May/07
This proves that Glenn and Rob are just about the same height !!!!
Alex said on 29/May/07
Kane could be as short as 6'2 barefoot but I highly doubt anything less though. His boots are big but to be under 6'2 he'd need 4-5 inch lifts to look 6'5.
glenn said on 28/May/07
he had heels,but they were thick.
Ed said on 28/May/07
Thanks Rob, I've finally been vindicated. You've seen them in person and can attest to their size. Kane's boots are no joke.
Alex said on 28/May/07
Rob, Kane's boots give easily 2 inches of height I think, maybe 2.5 inches.
The 6'5 is probably in those boots so 6'2.5 could be right but I doubt any lower. Also we don't know if he had huge boots with Glenn or standard shoes.
Glenn did you take a look at his boots?
glenn said on 28/May/07
good work rob.he did looks 6-5 to me in never occured to me about footwear.then,i wasnt into height.
Alex said on 12/May/07
I also met Briana Banks at a strip club in early 2004 but it was jammed packed so me and my friend got a picture with her, said a few words and had to leave since the line was that big. With Jenna Haze it wasn't packed at all, around 10-12 people there and I was there talking to her for at least 10 minutes before I left. Really nice girl. Those adult film stars are some of the nicest celebs you're going to meet.
Viper said on 11/May/07
Thats awesome :)
Alex said on 11/May/07
I'm not kidding, seriously. Not VERY erotic but the 2nd and 3rd picture she was in some nice positions. In the first picture she was grabbing me though. And she signed them with some dirty words. Not going to get into that though.
Viper said on 10/May/07
You gotts be kidding me
Alex said on 10/May/07
I took 3 pictures with her. One is a height comparison one so maybe I'll post it but she doens't have a page and all but I'll think about it. The other 2 photos are a a bit more erotic. LOL
Alex said on 9/May/07
Ed, yea. She's amazing. Her stats are only 5'2 92lbs and she is a little smaller in person than on TV, but she looked her stats though. TV gives her a bit of weight. When I first saw her she could have passed for a 15 year old girl.
Ed said on 8/May/07
Alex, I googled Jenna Haze and now I know why you anted up, lol!!
Alex said on 8/May/07
Rob, do you know why we can't link w i k i p e d i a and i m d b pages?

[Editor Rob: just tinyurl links to there]
Alex said on 7/May/07
Taking the lean into account then Gilette looks a 6'0 guy.
Danimal said on 6/May/07
I don't agree with you Alex. Gilette looks at least 4-5" on Glenn and Gilette is leaning into Glenn.
Alex said on 6/May/07
Gillete only played Jason in the window scene at the end of Part 2. He could have been 6'0-6'1 but with Glenn he doesn't look over 6'0 at all. Steve Dash played Jason for 99% of the movie and he looked 5'10-5'11 in the movie.
S.J said on 6/May/07
How tall is Warrington gillete like 6? also he only played jason Unmasked or something and it was his stuntman who did all the masked stuff
and do they know who will be jason in the Friday the 13th Remake
Danimal said on 4/May/07
Viper, The Rock isn't a flat 6'1". Please man! He's close to 6'2" and Kane Hodder is slightly taller than that. Quite possibly 6'3", or just under (imo).
Alex said on 4/May/07
Ed, I'm not sure why I cant link something from those 2 sites.
Ed said on 4/May/07
Alex, I forgot to bring that up as well. Just the mere mention of it or i m d b wouldn't got through!
Alex said on 3/May/07
Rob, why can't a link anything from w i k i p e d i a to this site. It says its an unreliable source and the post won't go through. Any idea why? I had to space it since it won't even go through if I spell it out.
Alex said on 3/May/07
Ed, I'll link you a picture of her or something to this page. And I will end up scanning the pics with me and her and maybe send 1 or 2 just to show you. Funny but nice pics though. She's only 5'2 95lbs too but hot!
Ed said on 3/May/07
Alex, there were quite a few Playmates and hot chicks from the wrestling world! I'm not sure who Jenna Haze is, but if she looks like some of the other girls taking pics and signing autographs that I saw, I completely understand.
Yeah, that would be hilarious to ask Kane for a photo than tell him we both need to go barefoot! I'd pay to see someone else try that, lol! The guy is a little on the large side, I don't need to get my neck broken by Jason Voorhees!
Alex said on 2/May/07
Ed, yea if you see him again try to get a picture with him. Maybe tell him to take the boots off and you both go barefoot for the picture. haha
6'2 barefoot and 6'4-6'4.5 in boots I think could very well be the truth.
$20 a picture isn't always worth it, depends who you meet and how they act and stuff. Almost all the pictures I got with wrestlers were worth it other than with Batista and Melina. I got a few with Jenna Haze if you know who she is and I'll tell you they were worth the money for sure!
Ed said on 2/May/07
Alex, I don't know how big exactly the boots are, and I agree with Rob that the "lifts" explanation doesn't apply to every celeb with a questionable height. But, with Hodder these boots are no joke. The sole does look to be close to 2 inches, and maybe there's a bit of an insole. I could see him getting 2.25-2.5in maybe in boost. If he's 6ft2, this would put him at 6ft4 comfortably. If he ever comes to another one of those conventions near me, I'll try to get a pic with him, but I'm not crazy about spending $20. That's the crappy thing about conventions, the ridiculous money being charged for autographs and pics. The only one time I ever did it was my first time to a convention, and it was Peter Mayhew(Chewbacca) and he wouldn't even stand up from behind the table to take a pic with me. After I dropped $20 on a stupid autograph, I had to lean across the table for a crappy photo!
Viper, Kane could be 6ft1 but then I would only say he would be 6ft3.25-6ft3.5 in his boots. He does only look about 6ft3ish in the Glenn pic, but he isn't standing up perfectly straight.
Viper said on 2/May/07
Kane could be as short as 6-1, I wouldnt rule that out.
Alex said on 1/May/07
Ed, I could believe Hodder at 6'2 barefoot and 6'4.5 in boots. 3 inch boots will result in about 2.5 inches of height given right or just 2 inches?
Ed said on 1/May/07
Viper if that's the case on August 26, 2006 you said you saw the boots, thought they were huge and that he was most likely 6ft1.5. You also said you saw the Rock as 6ft2. On Sept 7, 2006 you thought Kane was 6ft1. I'm not trying to call you out, more so just trying to figure out where you stand on Hodder's height. He can't be 6ft1 barefoot and 6ft5 in boots. The boots are big, but not that big. I honestly see him at near 6ft2 barefoot and around 6ft4 with the boots.
I personally see The Rock at near 6ft3 barefoot. Maybe 6ft2.5, and 6ft3.5-6ft4 with shoes/boots. Considering that, this would make sense with Hodder looking around 6ft4 w/boots, and about 6ft2 w/out. Hodder is the only other guy I've seen with boots that rival Vin Diesel. Well maybe Tom Cruise, lol!
Ed said on 1/May/07
Viper, were you formally Viper652?
Ed said on 30/Apr/07
All I know is when I saw him he wore the boots, when Glenn saw him he wore the boots, in every photo from a convention I've seen online he has the boots on, and from fans from the Official Friday the 13th Website his boots have been brought up and discussed before, so there's a good chance he had them on w/The Rock. I read comments on there from numerous fan encounters who remarked about the boots and his height. Some even went so far to spectulate he's only 6ft w/out them. I won't go so low as that number, but I could seriously see 6ft1.5-6ft2 barefoot. I think the boots have a good 2plus inch increase. There built up soles like moon boots not heels like cowboy boots. The height increase is distributed across the whole sole of the boot.
As for door frames in boats, I'm pretty sure they are considerably smaller than the average U.S. 6ft8 door frame.
My question still is why would you drop a guy that is near 6ft4 w/boots(albeit height enhancing boots) for a movie and say he's not tall enough! I know Ronny Yu the director for FVJ wanted a super tall guy like 6ft8, but calling near 6ft4 small is kinda funny!
Viper said on 30/Apr/07
Yep, we dont know If Kane was wearing his boots. Could have been regular shoes.
Alex said on 30/Apr/07
I remember a few pics of Rock and Kane and they looked pretty much the same. Kane may have been a smidge taller but we don't know if Kane was wearing his big boots there or not.
Ed said on 30/Apr/07
Viper he looked the same and yes a little taller in some pics with the Rock. But, I highly doubt the Rock has boots like Kane. If he was 6ft4 with those boots on and about 6ft2 barefoot, that would still make The Rock 6ft3 barefoot with normal shoes on!
Viper said on 30/Apr/07
Well, he also looked taller than the Rock in a couple of pics. Guess that makes the Rock a flat 6-1 :)
Ed said on 29/Apr/07
Don't forget Kirzinger stood in for Kane several times in Part 8. That's why Jason's height looks all over the place. I won't go as low as 6ft1, but I'd say 6ft1.5-6ft2 tops with 2 inches maybe more in boot height. Did you guys ever notice how in Part 7-10 they always use extreme angles with Kane, cameras looking from the ground up, constantly trying to make him look even taller.
He's not short by any means, but look at the pic with Glenn he looks 6ft3ish in that pic, and that's with his boots. The same boots I've been going on and on about for a long time now. Glenn saw them, they are flatter across the bottom not like a biker boot but like a moon boot. They are REALLY thick in the soles, at least 2 inches.
Alex said on 29/Apr/07
Viper, remember the scene in Jason takes Manhattan in the ship where the Asian girl Kelly Hu finds her friend dead then she runs into the hallway and Jason is standing there and is head looks to appear almost scraping the ceiling. Kane was a good 6'5 in boots I think. Now it depends on how big his boots were. He would have need 4+ inch boots to only be 6'1, thats why I think he's at least 6'2 barefoot. Its possibly he was 6'3 and had 2 inches of height added to his boots, or 6'2 with 3 inches added.
Viper said on 27/Apr/07
Alex, Kane wore HUGE boots though. I have to figure he was 6-5 or close to it. He looked it.
Alex said on 27/Apr/07
Well the guy who played him in part 2 was 5'11 I believe. Part 3 was 6'3, part 4 was 6'4, part 6 was 6'3. Then Kane played him in parts 7,8,9, and 10 and Kane's height is debatable from 6'2-6'3 but I lean more toward 6'3 though. Then in Freddy vs Jason he was played by 6'5.5 Ken who was over 6'7 in his boots.

My opinion for an actor in a movie to play Jason he needs to be 6'2 bare minimum. 6'5 at the tallest plus boots. The ideal Jason I say would be 6'4 barefoot and with big boots he's 6'6. With him weighing at least 225-230lbs.
Viper said on 26/Apr/07
I always see the the bigger zombie like Jason at 6-5, and more human one 6-3. Looked 6-0 tops in part 2.
Alex said on 25/Apr/07
If you go to house or they have some of the killers stats.
Jason- 6'3 250lbs
Myers- 6'0 200lbs
Leatherface- 6'3 300lbs

These are the stats based on the character not really the actor since the actors have changed for these men. Myers was played by Wilbur who is 6'2 240lbs or something.
Alex said on 25/Apr/07
Jason X wasn't bad but I didn't think it was very good either. Pretty decent I'll give it since I'm a fan of the series. Jason Takes Manhattan I liked though. You wanna talk bad, watch part 5 with that imposter. I hate that part. Jason was more scarier in parts 2,3 and 4 when he was more human but was still good in 6-9 as the more bigger, badder zombie like Jason too. I didn't like the cyber Jason really. I thought Jason looked good in Jason X before he turned into his robotic form.
Viper said on 20/Apr/07
As ridiculous as Jason Takes Manhattan is, its still 10000 times more beleivable than Jason 10, plus its just flat out more entertaining. Ed, I agree that Jason was his scariest in 3 and 4. He was a badass like in the later sequels except he was more human.
Vegas said on 20/Apr/07
I liked Jason X, the metal Jason was cool.
Viper said on 19/Apr/07
Part 2 is pretty damn good overall, even though I still hate that sack over Jasons head, and the overalls. But the guy was just starting out, give him a break :) Jason X was AWFUL. Just awful. For the simple fact that it had Jason on a ship in space? I like all of them in their own way except for part 10. The first one is obviously a classic, even though Jason isnt even in it. Part 3 probably had the scariest and creepiest Jason of all actually. That one scene where hes up in the attic and looks out the window without the mask and showing his messed up face is an unbeleivable scene in a horror movie to me. If I was a little kid who saw that scene it would give me nightmares for a decade.
glenn said on 19/Apr/07
i totally disagree and older fans would too.part 2 for starts was the best and creepiest of the series.and jason was the most human and realistic in that one.he getting superhuman even in part 3.not that i have a problem with that.the best were the first 3.slowly downhill from there.but still good movies in my book.
Alex said on 18/Apr/07
Oh, Jason X was ok, not bad but wasn't the best. Jason goes to hell could have been better if he was in his body the whole time. That made the movie worse.

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