How tall is Kane Hodder

Kane Hodder's Height

6ft 0 (182.9 cm)

Peak height was 6ft 2 ½ (189.2 cm)
American Actor and stuntman best known for playing Jason Voorhees in Friday 13th movies like Jason X. He said in a chud interview: "I'd like to correct all the information on the internet because it's got me older, it's got me born in Chicago, but it's basically 6'5", 255. Born in Crystal Lake.". In a JoBlo interview he said "like 6'3" and half." and on his ImdbResume put down 6ft 4 and 230 pounds. In this photo he had near an inch more footwear.

How tall is Kane Hodder
5ft 8 Rob and Kane @ MCM Expo 2008

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Average Guess (96 Votes)
Peak: 6ft 2.16in (188.4cm)
Current: 6ft 0.49in (184.1cm)
Slamm said on 26/Sep/23
I’d say he’s 6/0 flat now.
Jordan87 said on 7/Jun/23
@ Sh0ckeh

Do you see a 6'1 man with Rob?...You realize he is wearing his Munster lifts in that picture and still doesn't look 6'1". Wake up. Read Rob's Description.
Mickie said on 25/May/23
I suspect his peak height could be closer to 186 cm than 189 cm.
Sh0ckeh said on 11/May/23
Peak height was definitely around 6'2.25-6.2'5 (around 189cm), make no mistake about it, but thats his max. Nowadays he's right under 6'1 at 184cm.
Baja74 said on 29/Apr/23
Maybe it's safe to say that Kane was prime 6'1" first thing in the morning. He would then put on those 2" thick boots to give him his 6'3" claim. You can see a brief shot of his boots as Jason when he does the sleeping bag scene in part 7. Certainly, looks like thick soles to me. But I could be wrong. I know they used a lot of low angles to make him look much bigger.
Nowadays he is looking around 5'11" at the end of the day. Just IMO.
Jordan87 said on 27/Mar/23
Alex, Mickie,

I Don't know. Rob himself has posted pictures of the Footwear and it gives him over 1" of height easily.
Mickie said on 25/Mar/23
@Alex - Yeah honestly that could be right. Either that or 6'1" and change maybe.
Alex 6'0 said on 19/Mar/23
Jordan, so a peak 6'1 and in big boots 6'3? I could agree on that
Mickie said on 3/Mar/23
I do think his peak height is more likely to be between 6'1" and 6'2" rather than the 6'2.5" it's listed as now.
Jordan87 said on 1/Mar/23
Rick J,

I hear you. He looks 6'1 TOPS WITH ROB IN HIS BOOTS.
Rick J said on 21/Feb/23
I am 6'0" tall. I met Mr. Hodder a little over a year ago at Monsterfest. I have professional pics taken with him (in and out of his costume) and even with his massive boots he's no taller than I am in the pics.
Alex 6'0 said on 18/Feb/23
Jordan a 6'1 guy trying to pull 6'4 is bad lol
6'1 in huge boots you'll pass easy 6'3 anyway.
Jordan87 said on 16/Jan/23
@ Berta

He was not even 6'2.5" with his Munster boots on. The Man was 6'1 Barefoot tops.

Ya'll realize that Kane has monster lifts on with Rob, right ? He's doesn't even look taller than 6'1 with Rob and that's with Lifts. He is only 53 in the picture, so he didnt loose much height.
berta said on 5/Jan/23
its funny i saw one of the friday the 13th movies not that long ago. I think it was part 7. There is a girl that have powers, like CARRIE. Any way he looked huge in that movie. I dont understand how they made him look that tall. He could pull of 6´5 in many scenes. He really was at best 6´2 1/2. In the other ones like jason takes manhattan for example he doesnt look more than at most 6´3 with his lifts.
Slamo said on 17/Dec/22
A good Jason look but I think Ken’s looks way better. 6-5 Jason is perfect. Kane was good as it but Ken’s just better imo. 6-0 now. Peak maybe 6-2.
Sandy Cowell said on 11/Dec/22
@ Jordan 87 - Okay, I stand corrected but you could have been a bit more polite in the way you worded yourself.

I haven’t seen Jason Takes Manhattan.
Alex 6'0 said on 1/Dec/22
Jordan i agree. I liked Kanes Jason better. Perfect height size. Ken ideally a little too tall for Jason.
Jordan87 said on 29/Nov/22
@ Alex,

Yeah I mean Ken overall is much bigger but for some reason I prefer the Body Language and look of Kane's Jason.
Alex 6'0 said on 19/Nov/22
Jordan, yea a legit 6'1 can definitely pull off 6'3 maybe more in big boots plus on film. Weight at least 260 range id guess. We obviously seen him look below his claims easily with strong 6'5 Ken
Jordan87 said on 16/Nov/22
@ Alex,

Yes on screen they Made Kane look bigger. I mean I'm not saying he is a small man. I don't have him much over 6'0-6'1 in his prime but as far as his build, he was barrel chested and looked to have carried a lot of power.
Alex 6'0 said on 16/Oct/22
Jordan, physically on film as Jason he looked at least 6'3 but thats in boots plus on tv. Peak i prob could only be 6'1. I'm 6'0 and i can easily pull off 6'2 in boots to many
1984here said on 13/Oct/22
Jason Myers leatherface all should be 6-3 upwards. Being visual villains and very non vocal that presence speaks volumes. Imo 6-3 to 6-4 myers. Leatherface,Jason 6-5 to 6-6
Jordan87 said on 11/Oct/22
@ Alex,

He has certainly tried but has not gotten away with it very well. He has never looked over 6'1", and that's with his luggy Boots. He is also lucky to be 6'0 with Rob quite honestly. He has " Those" Boots on.

So ..... Yeah.....He's insecure.
Alex 6'0 said on 10/Oct/22
Jordan, not saying you're wrong. Not impossible but can a 6'1 guy really get away with 6'3-6'4 claims lol
Jordan87 said on 3/Oct/22

If ken at 6'5.25 was 3" taller, and Kane had his 1.5" Lifts in....That's makes him not 6'1.5".

77.25"- 3"-1.5" = 72.75"" ish on a good day. A Very good Day.
Alex 6ft said on 1/Oct/22
Voorhees myers, i typically dress as Jason on Halloween and I'm solid 6'0. In boots prob 6'1.5. Ideally Jason should be 6'2-6'3 barefoot plus boots so 1.5 taller. Myers 6'0 is good height for
Alex 6ft said on 1/Oct/22
Jordan, in jason takes Manhattan 6'5-6'5.25 Ken had good 3 inches on him with kane in footwear advantage so 6'1.5 peak maybe.
Alex 6ft said on 1/Oct/22
Looked couple inches shorter than 6'3 CJ Graham
1984here said on 28/Sep/22
Peak 6-2 max. Now maybe 6-0
Jordan87 said on 6/Sep/22
@ Sandy Cowell,

See previous Posts , he didn't look anywhere near 6'2.5 when he Did Jason Takes Manhattan and was alongside Ken Kirzinger.

You really need to Read some posts in a Forum before blurting out he was a stuntman and lost height.

He may Have lost height , But Again Rob Has Provided a Picture with a man who looks 6'1 TOPS " with THICK Boots On. He is under 6'0 Now, you think he lost Over 2.5" Inches by age 53 ( As He was Pictured).

Of Course you don't :)
Sandy Cowell said on 2/Sep/22
Hello Baja74!

Great to see you contributing to this great website again. I have missed you! I hope you and your family are all well.

My very best to you,

Sandy XX 😁👍🏼

Kane, whose large stature only ever increased his height and his menacing presence in his movies rather than shorten him, as can be the case with a sprinkling of well-built people, gets 6ft2.5 for his peak and 6ft for today. If I remember rightly, his Mum was played by quite an average-sized actress. It would be worth checking that out at some time or other…..

Being a stuntman, Kane might well have experienced quite a few accidents, and this could have contributed to his rather large height loss over the years, alas.
Mickie said on 1/Sep/22
I don't know about 6'0.5" peak height. I can imagine as low as 6'1" but less would be pretty surprising. One thing I'm convinced on is that he was never above 6'2" barefoot. But peak I still think he was no less than 6'1". Presently could be less than 6'0" barefoot.
Baja74 said on 30/Aug/22
@ Jordan87

I completely agree. I can't find the article where Kane said he was 6'1" in high school. But I've heard that several times. So, playing Jason he added 2-3" of footwear to be 6'3" or 6'4". And yes, there is no way he has shrunk 2" by age 53. And I think the thing that many people are not considering about most celebrities height is what their actual average height was at their peak or when they played a certain character. And for Kane that is Jason. And he would've been his maximum height in those days.
So, I believe he was 6'1" during the Jason years. Perhaps first thing in the morning. Then maybe down to 6'0 1/2" at night. And now 5'11" in the evening. Who cares what he is right now! I have seen photos of fans with Ted White (who used to be 6'4") and now looks barely 6'0". It's not a good judgement for a much older man compared to when he was prime. Just my opinion!
Jordan87 said on 17/Aug/22
@ Becheese,

Thank You. Yes. People Do not understand it, and Don't want to understand it b/c they like him as Jason ( So do I).

Rob Admite Kane had his Big Boots on in the above picture, Showing Kane to be 6'1 Tops. TOPS.

The Bad News, again for the Fanboys here, is that the Boots Kane wears give more than 1" of height.

The man is around 5'11 now ( AGAIN AS PROVEN BY HIS PICTURE WITH ROB, IN HIS MASSIVE BOOTS), and was never, ever, ever over 6'1. He did not shrink more than 2" at age 53 ( When Pictured with Rob).

Sorry, But not sorry lol
Becheese said on 30/Jul/22
6-0 range above. If he’s in boots above he’s sub 6-0.
Voorhees Myers said on 4/Jun/22
Ken was near 6-8 in Jason vs Freddy in his boots. Perfect to portray Jason. 6-5 minimum for Jason in films. Kane’s just too short for Jason now and even at a peak wasn’t tall enough imo
Voorhees Myers said on 3/Jun/22
How he can claim 6-5 peak is insane. Was peak 6-2 imo. Now looks 6-0 range
ChristianPerkins said on 27/May/22
Yeah, I wonder why he lost so much. He doesn't seem to be in terrible physical condition, at least not that I know of.
Linke said on 26/May/22
That's some serious height loss and he's not even 70!
Tech noir said on 11/Apr/22
Just 6-0 now definitely
Mickie said on 17/Mar/22
I don't know, I think 6'1.75" peak is a pretty reasonable guess. Actually I think for his peak anything from 6'1" - 6'2" is most likely. His tendency towards big shoes makes it hard to tell. He's certainly shrunk, but he's like 6' at best these days. Its not unbelievable to me that his peak could have been "only" 186 or 187 cm which would allow him to clear 6'3" in his Jason costume.
Jason Todd Voorhees said on 13/Mar/22
Kane was definitely taller in his earlier years, I've stood next to Kane Hodder numerous times.

6 ft 1 ¾ is minor lowball

6 ft 2 is about right
Daniel Lee said on 26/Feb/22
Kane Shorter
Mike voorhees said on 2/Feb/22
Looks imo he was 6-2 peak. Now 6-0
Mike voorhees said on 2/Feb/22
Looks imo he was 6-2 peak. Now 6-0
Rising174cm said on 1/Jan/22
@Mickie: Not that I'm aware of. The closest would be his appearance on Arsenio where you could argue he looked like he could measure at least 6'3.75" in 2" boots. But as mentioned, he looked shorter than that in the same costume with Ken Kirzinger in the actual film. And by age 46, Kane didn't look like he'd be much, if anything, above 6'3" in footwear(almost certainly at least 1.75") with a prime Rock in sandals. Many question The Rock's height as well.
Mickie said on 23/Dec/21
Is there any good evidence of him ever being above 6'2"? Personally I think that's about as high as I can estimate his peak. Definitely nothing less than 6'1" but not over 6'2" either.
Rising174cm said on 19/Dec/21
I was watching Jason Goes to Hell with a friend some years back and I pointed out Kane's appearance outside of costume to the beginning and mentioned that he was Jason. My friend replied that Kane didn't seem big enough to be Jason.

As for Leatherface, I'd imagine Kane would wear large platform boots for the role so I suppose it depends how much they'll add. At best, he was pulling off 6'2" or even just under in his massive platforms offscreen around 2011-2013, but he'd also have the assistance of camera tricks onscreen.
V for 1984 said on 17/Dec/21
If he’s playing leatherface in the new series he’s just too short. He’s a barefoot 6-0 max barefoot. That’s just too short for this character. 6-3 absolute minimum 6-5 maximum.
Rising174cm said on 7/Dec/21
@Jordan: That's entirely reasonable. My only point is that while he looks 6'1" in the photo, Rob said he could pass for taller at the time, but certainly wasn't anymore than 6'1" when you consider his boots. You won't find a single photo of Kane between 2006-2013 where he's not wearing minimum 2.3"-2.5" range boots. And Rob said Kane with his usual boots looked 2" shorter than Gwendoline Christie in 2 cm footwear at a 2013 event, so based on that, he would have already been struggling with 6'0" without them.

Basically, I'm being as charitable as possible to Kane. After all, it's really not likely he had lost any height by 2001 and we know that had he been standing straight Rock in sandals would have been taller than Kane. Rock was nearly as tall while losing at least an inch by leaning. And in the one photo I've seen of Kane's footwear in 2001, he was already wearing boots that were at least 1.75"-2". He's also looking just 4"-4" taller than 5'9" Englund that year. So the only way Kane could have been 6'2" in 2001 is if he wasn't wearing thick boots, which we know is unlikely.
Jordan87 said on 30/Nov/21
@ Rising 174cm,

Ken I don't think was 6'5.25", unless its early early. I consider him 6'5 and to me and believe it or not, Kane's makeup and prop add a tad bit of height with Ken as well. Ken was easily still 3.5 Taller than Kane while Kane was in those Boots.

I go with he was 6'1" Peak and around 5'11.75" with Rob. He is no way over 6'1" with Rob ( In his Boots). Rob Admits that.
Rising174cm said on 25/Nov/21
I think a page for the heights of the various Jasons would be cool since I've found Ted White claiming 6'4" and C.J. Graham claiming 6'3", but neither are probably well known enough to warrant their own page. Plus, Rob has photos with Ken and Kane so I think there's enough to work with there.

I put much more stock into what Rob says a celebrity looked than how they looked in the photo. Both Rob and Kane are posing rather than standing straight and I think the mugshot had Kane around 6'1", but iirc, Rob said Kane still passed for taller than that in '08. That said, I think Rob is being extremely conservative regarding footwear. Rob's shoes are usually around 1" and in every single photo I've seen of Kane between 2006-2013 he's wearing platform boots that have to add more than just 2". Imo, his boots added at least 2.4"-2.5" range. Kane's knees were so high when he sat down with those boots it's almost comical. Also, iirc, Rob said Kane(in boots) looked about 2" shorter than Gwendoline Christie in flats in 2013.

Based on photos I've seen from 2011-2013, Kane looked like he might measure 6'3" at best in his platform boots, which would make him 6'0.5" max at that time, imo. Other times, he only looked like he could be 189-190 cm in boots so he could have already been down to 6'0" since, as I said, I have a difficult time imagining those boots added less than 6 cm. There may have been a better chance he was still 6'0.5" in 2008, but I can't see him any taller at the time barefoot.

Here's a good shot of the boots he wore with Ken in Jason Takes Manhattan: Click Here Imo, those could be 2" or at least 1.75". Ken's sneakers really didn't look like they added more than 1". So if we give Ken the fraction over 6'5" and go with the lower footwear difference of 0.75" then Kane looked 6'1.5" at best in comparison considering footwear and the 3" or so difference. The other comparison we have of Kane at his peak(in costume) with another fairly well known height is Arsenio. If Arsenio is 5'10.75" and in 1" dress shoes then Kane did seem like he could measure 6'3.75"-6'4" in his Jason boots making 6'2" barefoot seem more possible than it does with Ken.
Jordan87 said on 23/Nov/21
@ T.M

" I estimate that he is 6'2-5/8" peak"

Bad Estimate. What's your logic ? Explain. We will all wait.
T.M. said on 22/Nov/21
Before I looked into his height I thought he was 6'3". After I looked at photos, I estimate that he is 6'2 5/8 peak. Now: just over 6'0".
Jordan87 said on 22/Nov/21
@ Myers Haddonfield,

Ken is 3" On him, yes when Hodder has his MASSIVE BOOTS ON. This evidence has been provided on here by Multiple People, not just me. So take your 6'2" Peak Estimate and shave off more than an Inch and you got his height with Ken, 6'1" Peak height is the Max he was. Now, He looks 6'0.75" with Rob, but again take the Boots into the account. He is under 6'0" with Rob. Rob admits hodder had the boots on when he was in the picture. Rob lists hi, still at 6'0 but the facts point he is actually slightly under it .
Rising174cm said on 17/Nov/21
Yeah, even though he was definitely no taller than 6'1.5" by the time of Freddy vs. Jason, that's more than tall enough compared to a 5'9" Englund, particularly with his Jason boots. Nothing against Kirzinger, but if you're going to do such a film, it makes sense to have the actor who became iconic in the part. Previous Jasons had never been as tall as Kirzinger. C.J. Graham claimed 6'3", Ted White claimed 6'4" and I'd guess he was roughly 6'3.5" when he played the role.
Myers Haddonfield said on 16/Nov/21
6-2 peak. Ken is 3” on him. And imo was a better choice for Jason in Jason vs Freddy. Now 6-0 no more
Alex 6'0 said on 13/Nov/21
Even a 6'1-6'1.5 Jason in solid boots is tall enough but they wanted an even taller Jason so they chose Ken. Solid 6'5 plus boots he had to been a good 6'6.5 maybe more
Rising174cm said on 10/Nov/21
@Jordan87: Yeah, I'm being generous to suggest Kane might have lost anything by age 46(with The Rock). Otherwise, he was never taller than 6'1.5", which is about how he seemed with Kirzinger when we take footwear into account. Funny thing is Kane insisted Kirzinger was only about an inch taller. That said, replacing Kane for Freddy v. Jason was a mistake.
Rising174cm said on 8/Nov/21
Yeah, definitely safe to say somewhere between 6'1" minimum and 6'2" maximum in his peak without his boots, imo. Boots and height loss make it too difficult to be more precise.
Jordan87 said on 8/Nov/21

Yeah, I mean I also posted some pictures from the set of Jason Takes Manhattan, showing Kane had them big boots on. With Rob, the boots Rob claims he saw would give at the very minimum and inch, I think it gives him significantly more and Kane is actually Under 6'0 with Rob ( He doesn't look over 6'0.5" with him anyway).

The man was also only 53 years old with Rob, I doubt he lost any more than 1" of height from his prime.

Also I agree with you, he doesn't look over 6'2" with Ken Kirzinger ( Thats with Boots on as well- Jason Takes Manhattan).

@ Rob, Sorry my Friend, Taking his boots into account, I am betting he would be under 6'0 with you in that picture.
Mickie said on 7/Nov/21
Sure, if you're saying 6'1" for his prime, I won't call that crazy. I can meet you in the middle and say 6'1" is definitely plausible given his propensity for big footwear. But less than that seems too short to me. The guy has clearly lost height. Anything from 6'1" to 6'2" range for his prime seems plausible to me, certainly his claims of being 6'3.5" - 6'5" seem wildly exaggerated (although to be fair maybe he meant Jason was 6'5" not himself).
Rising174cm said on 7/Nov/21
For the size of boots Kane *always* wore when photographed between 2006 and 2013, see my post on 5/Apr/21. Those boots aren't going to add less than 6 cm so he was already likely 184 cm range since he looked like he might measure 190 in them alongside others. He looked closer to 6'4" in those boots alongside Arsenio and his costume boots were more 2" then, but he looked more 6'3" in the same boots with Kirzinger so I would have thought 187 max with him and it is rumored that the inside of Kane's boots weren't empty as Jason. But again, if he was still peak height in his mid 40s with Rock then Kane was 6'1.5" max. Keep in mind, they didn't think he looked tall enough alongside 5'9" Englund for Freddy v. Jason and Kane doesn't look more than 4" or 5" taller in photos from that era and that's almost certainly with thick boots.

C.J. Graham is a contemporary of Kane's who also claimed 6'3" and he continued to look it at least well until his 50s. Look at him alongside Kane and you'll see he can look 4-5 cm taller than Kane in his platforms! Ted White was 58 when he played Jason and he claimed 6'4". Don't know if he was a full 6'4", but it was clear he was still 6'3"+ at the time.
Rising174cm said on 5/Nov/21
In his prime, he did look a minimum 3" shorter in 2" boots than Ken Kirzinger in sneakers. By Jason X era 2001, 6'1.5" is the absolute most he could be with a slouching/leaning Rock in sandals and Kane was already wearing at least 1.75" boots around the time that was taken.

I'm surprised he only had an inch footwear on Rob since he has absolutely monstrous platform boots in literally every photo taken between 2006-2013. He couldn't have been much more than 6'0.5" without them by that era. His boots weren't mere Vin Diesel type loggers.

He's tough to guess because of his constant boots, outrageous lying about his height and big presence as Jason. Definitely struggling with 6'0" flat today. Has he had anything like a the hip replacements to explain height loss in Lundgren, Hogan etc.?
Jordan87 said on 4/Nov/21

Watch the actual scene of Kane and Ken from the movie. Kane has his boots on ( Which I posted) and even with them on comes nowhere close to 6'2" With Ken ( A Proven 6'5" Guy). Watch the Scene.

Again, I love Kane as Jason but he was never over 6'1". Unless someone can proven a Picture stating otherwise.

Mickie, you need to keep in mind With Rob , he is 6'0.5" with 1" Boots on ( as Per Rob) . That's actually 5'11.5" barefoot with Rob. he Didn't shrink over 2" at age 53 ( During the picture).

So No, I disagree about the 6'1.5" and 6'2" Barefoot/ Peak height.

I'd say currently he is 5'11.5"-5'11.75" and in his PEAK he was 6'0.5" - 6'1".

215-230 lbs ? I can believe that, he was a F'in Tank and that added to the Character when he did Jason. His neck is also very thick, which adds a sort of bulldog effect to Jason.
Mickie said on 2/Nov/21
Lol Jordan easy buddy, that picture of Kane with Ken Kirzinger is not exactly the best for telling height. I have no horse in the race, I just think that Kane was absolute minimum of 6'1" peak and 6'1.5" - 6'2" could be likely. Hard to tell exactly with his huge boot tendency. But I don't believe he was ever 6'2.5"+ or below 6'1" in his prime. Maybe that figure (6'1") is debatable but he was definitely not less back in the day imo.
Myers Haddonfield said on 2/Nov/21
He’s a nice guy irl but he claims way way too much height. 6-2 peak
Alex 6'0 said on 31/Oct/21
Jordan, it shows how big boots really help you look taller lol. He looks 6'2 with Ken but in footwear advantage so i could see 6'1 or bit over peak. With rob 6'0 taking into account the near inch advantage. I don't know how kane was claiming 6'3-6'4 peak lol
Alex 6'0 said on 31/Oct/21
Jordan, lol right. So maybe 6'0.5-6'1 peak you think? In movies he definitely had on good size boots. In part 8 looked a few inches taller than solid 6'5 Ken.
Jordan87 said on 27/Oct/21
@ Alex,

Read Robs Description, Kane had boots on in the picture giving him at least an Inch, so when you say he looks 6'1, he is actually 6'0". Was not even close to 6'2.5" in his prime. Look at all the evidence below, turn your Fanboy off and use some logic.
Alex 6'0 said on 25/Oct/21
Rob he looks a strong 6'1 here but in 08 he wasn't his peak.
Alex 6'0 said on 25/Oct/21
He was the best Jason though the others were good too. 6'2.5 max at his peak. 6'2 flat more possible. 6'2 plus big boots he was easily 6'4ish in movies. Perfect height for Jason
Baja74 said on 17/Oct/21
That's a good suggestion to mention his boots. I know I myself have asked about his footwear before.

Hey Rob! There's something I wanted to run by you! When I watched your video about height loss during the day, you never got below 5'8 1/2", correct? So, most likely during these conventions and after your height loss, you are technically 5'8 1/2? Or do you drop closer to 5'8"? Just curious because you would be shortening yourself when comparing and lining up next to these celebrities.
Editor Rob
the old blue stadiometer added near 1/8th extra, so I did fall under it but didn't hit my real low the day I tested it.

I feel more active and on feet for many hours like at cons gets me closer to 5ft 8 1/8th range than say 5ft 8 3/8th, which I sometimes get in videos - I haven't been walking around with backpack for 5 hours straight in situations like that.
Jordan87 said on 7/Oct/21
@ Miss Sandy Cowell, Mickie

Click Here
Click Here

That's Kane with 6'5 Ken Kirzinger, wearing his MASSIVE boots as he did in that film. He looks STILL 4" shorter THAN A PROVEN 6'5" MAN ( PICTURED WITH ROB)

You don't like those pics? Why not? ...... I know, b/c Kane is not over 6'1" in his prime. 6'2, 6'2.5" estimates are garbage until someone posts pictures otherwise you will have to take this all in.
Baja74 said on 4/Oct/21
If the man himself said he was 6'1" out of high school, then that would be his peak height! And there's no way he was measuring himself with boots on then. And now maybe 6'0". He's still not old enough or unhealthy enough to loose multiple inches in height. Most men I've known have lost only a inch by the time they hit their 60's. And some of that was from high impact on their body. I hit my max height when I was 18. Now I'm 47 have haven't lost any height. And I've punished my body over the years. And as Rob has proven, we all loose a little bit of height by bedtime depending on activity.
So, Kane claims 6'3"? Case and point, that is with 2 inch boots on!
I agree with you all about him being only 5'10" is ridiculous! Maybe by the end of the day he is close to 5'11.5" or 6'0" today.
Kane barefoot in his prime was 6'1" (or 6'3" with 2" boots).There's just too many photos and testimonies to support a 6'0" to 6'1" reality.
Mickie said on 1/Oct/21
Okay this is getting a bit silly. He's obviously lied about his height and shrunk from his prime. But the idea that he could be sub 6'1" peak or sub 5'10" currently is going a bit far. I think his peak height was 6'1.5" - 6'2" range.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 1/Oct/21
I bought a copy of 'Jason X' only because David Cronenberg stars in it, but I saw the first three Friday the 13th films at the cinema - and he looked huge and menacing. There are some good opportunities to 'measure him', as it were, when you see Kane play a prison officer in the film 'Bundy'. I thought I recognized the actor, not having checked out the cast before buying it, and it was a pleasant surprise to see him playing someone on the right side of the law for once!

6ft2.5 peak and 2.25" less today.
Jordan87 said on 27/Sep/21
@ Hotdogbob,

All I can say is he looks 6'1" with Rob at age 53, and that's wearing his THICK boots. Not sure about 5'10, but people thinking this man was ever a legit 6'2" are completely insane.

5'10" is not as crazy as 6'2"
Hotdogbob said on 25/Sep/21
I'm 6'4 and have met this man he doesnt even come up to my shoulders... he had to jump to be in the picture with me. He was also wearing built up heels... he may at the very most be 5'10
Jordan87 said on 20/Sep/21
@ Baja,

I would not say he was ever over 6'1", there is ZERO Evidence to suggest he was. His 215 pounds is what he admitted to weighing around the Time of part 7. As We naturally age, we gain weight. Some fat, some muscles ( If you work out, which I'm sure he did). I can see 235 in 2001 ( When he played Jason in X). He was easily thicker and larger in 2001, I reckon that would be his biggest.
Baja74 said on 12/Sep/21
So, does everyone agree that Kane was a solid 6'1" in part 7 and part 8? The sleeping bag scene in part 7 shows his boots as he walks in front of the tent. Clearly looks like elevator boots. And given which type of boots he's wearing would range between 2-3 inches of lift. So, that would make his 6'3" and 6'4" claim to be accurate with those boots on!
Can anyone guess his weight in part 7? He was 215 in part 8, then 230 in Jason Goes to Hell, and 235+ in Jason X.
berta said on 4/Sep/21
i must agree with Jordan here. Well maybe not that he never was taller than 185 cm but 189 is probably to high for his peak. He was listed 187 as currrent height back when this photo was taken and he had his shoes on, that means he probably was 185 even back then. Lets say he was 186 (max) and had lost 1,5 cm from stunts when he was just over 50 years. that means he was a legit 187 man at peak. But he is a hard one. SOmetimes he could pull of 189. I personally think he was never over 189 and never under 187 peak. By going by the picture above and his age, then 187 peak sounds good. But going by what he could look from all i have seen of him when he was younger, then 188-189 could be closer. I take the middle 188 peak.
Jordan87 said on 31/Aug/21
@ Westbound On Olympic,

6'2"? Nope.....He was 6'1 With Proven 6'5 Kirzinger back in " His prime". 6'1....with Thick Shoes on. You should scroll down the page a bit to see other posts before Claiming he was 6'2 in his prime.

Hodder is the most insecure about his height I've seen on here. Gives himself 4" of height, that's insane.
Westbound on Olympic said on 27/Aug/21
6-2 prime max. Not tall now.
Jordan87 said on 27/Aug/21
Dr. Decker,

Nope, Again People need to look at the clear evidence. He was In thick boots and 4" shorter than Kirzinger who was 6'5" ( In his prime). Thats not 6'2, no matter how tall people want him to be.

He is 6'1" with Rob with Monster Boots on, he is under 6'0 now, and was never over 6'1".
Dr Decker said on 27/Aug/21
Barefoot prime 6-2 max. Now 6-0
Jordan87 said on 11/Aug/21
Click Here

Over 4" shorter than 6'5" ken Kirzinger back in 1989.....And he had his thick shoes on.

How are people seeing a 6'2" guy even in his prime? His photo with Rob ( Aged 53) Shoes a 6'1" Man who needs special shoes to get to that height even.......C'mon now.
Jordan87 said on 11/Aug/21
Click Here

What I will Never understand is people thinking this guy shrank as Much as Hogan and Prowse.

The man is pictured with Rob at 6'1" at age 53. He is wearing his thick boots as per Rob ( Meaning he is below 6'0" You people think he from age 40 to age 53 he shrank 3"? ......He was wearing his special boots in Jason Takes Manhattan (See my pic)

Again, he is 6'1" at age 53 with Rob ( with Special Boots !) , he did not shrink tons from his youth, maybe an inch tops by that age. Prowse was 73 when Pictured with Rob, Big Difference from 53.

I've concluded that b/c he was the best Jason ( Not only my opinion, but alot of peoples) the fans NEED Him to be 6'4". Well, too bad lol.
Canson said on 4/Aug/21
He’s lost a lot
Alistair Khaled Noufal said on 2/Aug/21
Could he be under 6ft now Rob?
Editor Rob
I don't think so yet
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 18/Jul/21
Wow, this low!

Hogan, Kane and Lundgren are top three most extreme height losses for below 70 males...
Ali Noufal said on 9/Jun/21
Crazy height loss!
Leesheff1985 said on 27/May/21
Sandy kane only appeared in parts 7,8 and Jason x but I agree I would have guessed him about 6ft 4 in them
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 23/Apr/21
Hi Bobby!
I'm in the process of watching 'Jason X', though it's currently on pause, but you can't see his face, just a huge, towering guy doing disgusting things, having been frozen as a medical curiosity as his wounds heal so quickly, and he and a girl (by accident) have been held in cryogenics and have been defrosted in approximately 2,454, from what I remember at the weekend.

The best film for judging his height, and seeing a different side to his acting repertoire, is the film 'Bundy', in which he plays a prison officer. I think that his height might be enhanced somewhat for his part as Jason because I was quite surprised to find he was only 6ft2.5. I saw the first three 'Friday the 13th' movies at the cinema, the third one in 3D in 1983, and I assumed him to be at least 6ft5.

6ft2.5 peak; 6ft0.75 now.
Bobby said on 20/Apr/21
He seemed a solid 6'2 in Jason Takes Manhattan which happens to be my favourite film in the franchise. Of course, this was in 1989, so I'm not if he had lost a fraction or not.
Canson said on 8/Apr/21
@Rising: excellent points as always! I also believe Arsenio to be over 5’9”. Here’s pics with Magic. He looks at least 5’10 if not closer to 5’11 at times. Not sure what he is today however

Click Here

Click Here
Baja74 said on 7/Apr/21
What would you say his barefoot height was when he was Jason for each film? This is the info I found through various sources. He always stated 6'4" while the articles mostly said 6'3". So, would you say Kane is the same height for all 4 movies? I'm pretty sure his weight changed a little. What do you think? I'm curious as to your opinion. Same question to you Rob if you don't mind! I'm only interested in what you think his barefoot end-of-the-day height for each Jason movie?
Part 7 unknown
Part 8 215 lbs
part 9 230 lbs
Jason X 255 lbs
Rising174cm said on 5/Apr/21
@al2001: Look at the insane size of the platform boots Kane wore: Click Here That is from 2013, but you can see him wearing the same type of platform boots at this event back in 2006: Click Here Look at how ridiculously high his knees were when he sat down: Click Here Click Here Click Here Or how disproportionately long his legs were below his knees compared to above: Click Here Click Here

You can't find a single picture of Kane between 2006 and 2013 without that type of platform boots. Note that brand and style of boots advertises as having a 3" heel and 2" platform for some models: Click Here and a 6.5 cm heel and 4.5 cm platform for others: Click Here Note that in 2011, Kane in his platform boots was still clearly below Tyler Mane's eyes: Click Here Click Here That should be close to a 6" difference and Mane is listed at 6'7" currently and 6'8" peak. When Rob met him in 2014, he still thought over 6'7" was possible — perhaps as high as 6'7.5" — but even so, that would make Kane what? 189-190 cm *in platform boots* a decade ago? Those boots aren't going to add less than 6 cm so that's already 184 cm max barefoot in 2011. In general, from 2011-2013, Kane looked like he might measured as high as about 6'3" or 190 cm range in his boots passing for about 187 cm, possibly 6'2". When you consider his boots, it's probable he was already somewhat under 6'1" when Rob met him.

@Canson: I don't know, 6'2" seems like the most he could be barefoot. By 2001, he was already only about 6'1.5" and even with stunts, I'm not sure he'd have lost more than half an inch by 46. By 2011-2013, he was pretty clearly 184 cm max by 56-58. In fact, Rob said Kane in huge boots seemed 2" shorter than Gwendoline Christie one event. Now, Kane is struggling with 6'0" flat. For his actual peak, as brief as the encounter is, it's clear Kane in 2" costume boots was at least 3" shorter than 6'5.25" Ken Kirzinger in sneakers, which would suggest he was not even a full 6'2", but since he looked like he'd measure at least 6'4" in boots with Arsenio, I'll give him the 6'2" flat peak. Of course, I don't buy Arsenio at only 5'9". Eddie Murphy was at least 5'9" flat, probably 5'9.25" and Arsenio was always taller.
al001 said on 30/Mar/21
He looks at least 6'1 in this picture
Chaos Control 6'2.5 said on 29/Mar/21
@Canson I also measured 6’2.5 at 2.30pm on Saturday so I assume some form of rest had to do with it
Leesheff85 said on 29/Mar/21
I know its unrelated but how tall would stuntman twan holiday be rob? I'm seeing 6ft 8 listings and he does look very tall but maybe closer to 6ft 7 with Dwayne Johnson
Editor Rob
a quick glance at him and my thought was 6ft 7 range...he did claim "6 ft 8 264 lbs." on twitter.
Canson said on 27/Mar/21
@Chaos Control: maybe not even mm. Could’ve been your exact height. The standard isn’t consistent as Rob lists some at morning heights and evening or anything in between. Steph Curry and James Harden were both proven morning measurements and both are listed at them. If Rob meets them he’ll use what they look in person. For example Daniel Cudmore was listed 6’7 when he met him now 6’6.5 after his admission but Rob also said when he met him that he wasn’t at his lowest height and a guy that size could easily deviate an inch from his morning height

As for Hodder, he could’ve been 6’2.25 afternoon or evening height or even 6’2.5” like listed or right in between. Your lunchtime would probably be 6’2.5 if you measure 6’2 3/8 in the afternoon
Chaos Control 6'2.5 said on 26/Mar/21
@Canson I measured myself at 3pm yesterday and was 6’2.375, so unless I’m getting the site standards wrong he was millimetres taller (obviously I’d be way taller than him now)
Canson said on 24/Mar/21
@Chaos Control: 🤦‍♂️ this guy is your height claiming 6’5” lol. Sorry was your height. He looks a good 6’0” but only 6’0” next to Rob today
viper said on 24/Mar/21
Is Arsenio really just 5-9?
Billy Hayter said on 22/Mar/21
I've been working on character heights for a couple years now and using my scale system, in comparison to Arsenio Hall who is 5'9", Jason (with thick shoes) measures exactly 6' even
Rising174cm said on 5/Mar/21
@Mickie: Agreed. It's easier to believe Kane lost 2" by age 65 than 2.5". I also agree he could pass for about 6'3" in his earlier Jason days and looked like he could have measured about 6'4" in the thick boots he wore in character. A conservative guess for the boots he wore as Jason would probably be about 2". That is legitimately big and the ridiculous platforms he wore for years were probably his way of compensating and attempting to maintain the presence he had as Jason in his prime as he shrunk to no more than 6'1" by his early 50s and 6'0.5" max by his mid to late 50s.
Mickie said on 15/Feb/21
I agree 6'0" is probably a better current height estimate than 6'1". I think his peak height wouldn't be over 6'2" to be honest. He could certainly look an easy 6'3" at times, but I think that was only due to wearing height increasing footwear.
Rising174cm said on 22/Jan/21
@Rob: Thanks, yeah, I had guessed Kane looked like he'd measure roughly 6'4" in those boots back when I looked at the clip some years ago using Hall as a reference. Overall, my best guess would be 6'2" peak then, 6'1.5" by 2001(when he did Jason X) and now, barely 6'0". Now apparently he used to have something inside his boots as Jason, but I'm disregarding that for simplicity and assuming he got near 2" from those boots.
Rising174cm said on 21/Jan/21
Don't know how tall Kane looks here with the same costume(and thick boots) with 5'10.75" Arsenio Hall: Click Here but that should be one of the better references for his peak height.
Editor Rob
tricky, at least 4, maybe between 4-5 range, but those boots give him a nice advantage over Hall.
Rising174cm said on 21/Jan/21
Definitely a tall guy who wanted to match the *really* tall guys who played the other monsters and now that we know he's struggling with 6'0" today, his peak height is certainly questionable and I wouldn't go above that 6'2" mark.

Don't know if Kane was still at his peak height at 46, but considering Rock is losing at least an inch leaning, he'd be taller than Kane: Click Here Click Here Click Here and that's with Rock in sandals! Click Here How tall would Rock measure in those sandals even if he was a full 6'3" at 29?

This photo with Kane dressed the same from the same month makes it clear that he was already wearing boots that were at least 1.75"-2" range: Click Here With that in mind, I wouldn't guess a 46 year old Kane was above 6'1.5" barefoot based on how 6'1.5" listed Arnold Vosloo(in normal shoes) looked next to Rock at the same event: Click Here

We do know that 6'5.25" Ken Kirzinger(in sneakers) had to have been about 3" taller than Kane in their scene in Jason Takes Manhattan: Click Here Still: Click Here And that's with Kane in thick costume boots that likely added at least around 2": Click Here So even then, I wouldn't have thought over 187 cm range considering footwear with 196 Kirzinger.
Soda machine said on 20/Jan/21
I get the impression he hates being shorter than tall guys. 6-0 now if he’s lucky. 6-2 peak maybe
Rising174cm said on 3/Jan/21
@Rob: From what I've seen of Foley, I'd have said he can look closer to 6'2" than 6'1" so I won't argue. I'm sure Kane would love to regain whatever he can. Perhaps he should give Mick's routine a shot!
Rising174cm said on 2/Jan/21
Click Here

Kane: "I'm basically 6-5. Okay, like 6-3 1/2."
Mick: "Funny you should say that. I'm 6-3."

More photos with 6'2" listed Foley: Click Here Click Here 6' flat really is the most Hodder still is. In fact, since Rob was saying 6'1.5" was likely for Foley 5 years ago and wouldn't rule out 186 cm, I wouldn't rule out Hodder being down to 182 cm. We know Foley has a lot of wear and tear, but you can see that's also true for Hodder who is a decade older.
Editor Rob
I think there was some truth in the notion Foley recovered a bit of height...he did make Kane look barely even 6ft is possible now Kane can't stretch over 6ft when getting measured.
Rising174cm said on 31/Dec/20
@berta: Yeah, just as I suspected 6' flat max with Foley in February 2020. Not surprising as Kane was looking 6'0.25"-6'0.5" max by 2011-2013 accounting for the silly platforms he still wore. A little unsure about his peak, but he was 6'1.5" max by 2001.
Soda machine said on 2/Dec/20
6-0 now. Peak 6-2
sebastiano Flament said on 29/Oct/20
I think Kane Cheated a little ont his height. I just saw a movie with him (Best of the best 2 ) and he was standing right in front Chris Penn, they looked sam height maybe a little taller (1-2 cm) than Chris, he looked like they both had low shoes.
Matt logan said on 29/Oct/20
6'1 peak now struggling to look 6'0 these days
berta said on 16/Oct/20
look at him in photos with mich foley from this year. i think he can be 6 foot flat. peak was no less than 187,5-188. i think the listed peak height could be a little high but 1/4 OVER 6´2 IS VERY POSSIBLE.
TheDon1528 said on 24/Sep/20
6'2" peak, now he's about 6'0.25" or 6'0.5" around my height.
Rising174cm said on 23/Sep/20
Good downgrade. It's been obvious to me that Kane hasn't been over 6'0.5" for years now without his platforms or elevator boots. I'd probably expect him to be around 6'0" today, but it's difficult to be precise since you'll never see him without his boots. I do agree with Danimal that he looks like a guy who has lost significant height, but I have a hard time believing he was ever 6'3". For one, 6'5"-6'5.5" Ken Kirzinger in sneakers seemed at least 3" bigger than Kane in Jason Takes Manhattan, and Kane's costume in that film included thick boots as usual: Click Here I'm thinking about 6'2" peak, but I'm certainly open to changing my mind since the Kirzinger encounter was rather brief. Admittedly, he does give a bigger impression in Danimal's video.
Danimal 176.7cm said on 7/Aug/20
Kane has definitely had some serious spinal fusion. His entire upper torso (back and neck) have completely collapsed on him. He used to have a long upper body. He has clearly had several back/neck fusions, which can account for a lot of his height loss. This is him in 2020: Click Here
Danimal 176.7cm said on 4/Aug/20
Kane Hodder in 1988 on A Current Affair. Said he was 6'3.5" and 215 pounds back then (32 years ago). This was before height loss. You can see how tall he looked at the end with him walking on the beach barefoot. Even his neck seemed a lot longer. This was before spinal compression. Click Here
Michael187 said on 26/Jun/20
I'm known for being a bit generous with my estimates…..but 193 at peak is ludicrous.

I would have had him at 190 max, probably closer to 188-189.
Wheelz said on 26/Jun/20
Some people are discounting the fact that it's only natural for a person to lose height as they get older. Considering all the stunts he's done over the years, and the probability of serious injury, It's not surprising that someone would lose a few inches after a certain age. I'm not claiming this as absolute fact, but it's certainly possible that he's had his spine compressed at least to SOME degree at some point due to injury.

Personally, I WANT to believe he's at least 6'2". From the time I first saw him in Friday The 13th Pt 7, he's always been my favorite Jason, and I've always hated the fact that he was replaced for FvJ. If you've seen Kane and Robert Englund standing side by side, you can see that Kane is definitely taller than Englund. Ronnie Yu supposedly wanted someone who would "Tower" over Freddy, well Kane may not necessarily TOWER over Robert, but I think it was a sufficient height difference to achieve the "David and Goliath" thing that Yu was going for.

Also, nothing against Ken Kerzinger, Ken is a fellow Canadian, and he did an admirable job in FvJ, but it just wasn't the REAL Jason. For me it will always be Kane. So I don't care if Kane is 6'2" or 6'8", He's the real Jason imho.

Sorry this was so long, but I've always had very strong feelings about the whole "Jason being recast for FvJ, issue". K, I'm done now.

P.S. I THOUGHT I was done, but I just wanted to say...When I tried to post, it says "Please submit a comment and vote (peak and current) thanks", well I did write a comment, as you can see above, and I gave my opinion as to "Peak Height", but the "Your Guess" part says it's optional, so I didn't do that part. But it wouldn't post. So is it optional, or not? I'll try again with the "Peak Height" part done....and I guess I'll see what happens.
Editor Rob
If there is a peak/current height for any celeb, it basically meant that you have to submit both a peak and current guess...
Mickie said on 13/Jun/20
Maybe peak 6'2" current 6'0.5"?
Vexacus said on 14/May/20
6'3 seems like a good claim since he was near that mark in his prime. 6'5 is pushing his luck , he was at least 2 inches shorter than 6'5 Ken Kirzinger in Jason takes Manhattan.
Baja74 said on 8/May/20
@ Christian - Oh I know! That 6'5" claim is really bad. I can only hope that Kane was saying what he thinks Jason is supposed to be. With good trick photography and the help of lifts, that Jason can easily appear to be well over 6'5". I've known many tall guys who were over 6 feet tall and still wanted to be taller. There always seems to be a 2 inch exaggeration with many guys. If most people are taller first thing in the morning, then we jump into some boots and then measure out a good 2 inches or more. Maybe that's how we get those extra inches.
I would love it if Rob could get one of these guys on a measuring tape! Hahaha
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 8/May/20
@ Baja74 - It's great to see you popping in to see us, Baja, and that you are safe and well.

Since we last spoke, Littlelee has got me into the American Horror Story franchise, and I have seen many new and original horrors and thrillers, but none are as good as AHS, because the stories are such novelty ones and they are portrayed with such a great sense of humour.

I recently replied to a comment you sent me last September, which was doubtless on a horror star's page. I will look around and tell you whose page it is when I find it.

Cheers Baja74!

All the Very Best,

Sandy XX

Kane Hodder gets 6ft2.5 peak and 6.25 for today. He always looks taller as Jason on Friday the 13th; camera angles perhaps?
Public Enemy said on 7/May/20
Current 6’
Peak 6’2.5

He has lost a lot of height.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 6/May/20
If you thought the 6'3" claim was bad, that's nothing compared to his 6'5" one.
Baja74 said on 5/May/20
@ Daminal - Great video you posted! I remember seeing that a long time ago. And seeing it again made me look more carefully at his footwear. Maybe I'm seeing things or going crazy. But does his white shoes seem a bit high? Is it possible to have lifts in tennis style shoes? The video is fuzzy and hard to tell. But they sure look abnormally high. Thoughts?
It's very possible he was claiming 6'3" back in the day with lifts on then. And maybe he is/was 6'1" in his prime. And now a solid 6'0".
Who knows. I just know this guy is a heavy debate on height with some of those others mentioned.
Nik said on 3/May/20
He's probably 6 foot and change today!
Nik said on 3/May/20
@ Lane - There's nowt wrong with having interests

@ Rob - I like your 👌
Matt logan said on 17/Mar/20
6'0" sounds reasonable for kane hodder
berta said on 20/Jan/20
keep in mind that this photo is 12 years old and he loook about 187 here and that is with his elevetor shoes that really seems to give 3 cm extra in height. that means that he could have been 6 foot 1 at best, this photo was also taken when he was at a age where a normal person have lost maybe 1 or at most 2 cm in height. Today he is at a age where he probagbly starting to loose height faster. i dont Think he is over 184 today without lifts. could even be 183. also peak could have been " only" 187-188 because i cant see how he manage to lose 4 cm in height at that age. if he lost 4 cm back then, then he would have lost easy 4 cm more by now. i Think 2 cm lost then and Another 2 since then. peak 187- 188 and 183,5 now. But manage to still look 187 with extreme lifts. This guy is number one lift guy in Hollywood. after him i would guess vin disel with Cruise and Stallone after.
Paddy said on 16/Jan/20
I saw him last year and he had 2.5 inch boots on and so did I. I'm max 181 cm and he was still taller than me by atlest 2 inches. This means he's 185 cm barefoot. I'd say he was 187 cm in his prime.
Jkiller said on 16/Jan/20
6'2 peak and 6'1 or right under these days.
Deathvalley99 said on 16/Jan/20
Change the list rob
Alex Katch said on 13/Jan/20
Rob, kane hodder is 185cm barefoot?
Editor Rob
Possibly down to 184 in 2020
Deathvalley99 said on 8/Jan/20
I’m not sure. Because when in the movie(1989) he came face to face with ken Kirzgiger, ken looks near 3 inches taller and kane (Jason) was in clearly footwear advantage. would be interesting to know rob's opinion
Danimal said on 7/Jan/20
This video of him is from 30 YEARS AGO (1989). At 3:15, they say he's 6'3" and 215 pounds and he DOES looks much longer/taller back then, than he has in recent years (especially when he is walking BAREFOOT on the beach). Click Here
This video is from 20 YEARS before he took that pic with Rob. I have ZERO doubt that he was close to that 6'3" mark barefoot 25-30 years ago (late 80's-early 90's):
Neville46 said on 1/Jan/20
Click Here
3:55 mark
In this video maybe you are right, kane looked over 6ft2 flat as peak. 6ft2 1/2 seems believable, what do you think?
Current height if you think that he could be heading towards 6ft barefoot, why don't you give him a fraction under 6ft1? Are you unsure?
dream1 said on 31/Dec/19
Rob,how likely is 6ft2 peak and 6ft 1/2 today?
Editor Rob
I wouldn't discount it
Neville46 said on 31/Dec/19
Today he definitily lost height, but i'm interested about his peak height.. for me kane didn't look over 6ft2 flat for what i saw. I read Old post where people said that kane looked about 6ft3 barefoot and even you said that he looked near 6ft3 but in about 3/4 of an inch footwear advantage than yours . So there is a possibility to see kane as 6ft2 flat (peak) or in your opinion he really looked over 6ft2 flat in young age?
Neville46 said on 30/Dec/19
Btw how tall was kane in the pic with you both , considering the difference of footwear ?
Editor Rob
Kane used to look 6ft 2 range (ignoring footwear), but in recent years he has been struggling to appear much over 6ft 1 range, so it's arguable today he could be heading towards 6ft barefoot
Neville46 said on 30/Dec/19
In the 1989 movie, Kane and ken kirzginger came face to face
Click Here
Ken looked about 3 inches taller and kane(Jason) was in clearly footwear advantage in those boots,
Click Here
while ken was in normal shoes. I doubt back 1989 kane wasn't in peak height. Do you think 6ft2 1/2 is fair for him? I think kane was't over 6ft2 flat as peak height
Bobby 5'10 (1.78m) said on 25/Nov/19

Let me guess. You're a slacker and a hooligan? At least we have a healthy interest in something that doesn't hurt anyone. What do you do in your time? Leave it alone lad.

Kane Hodder played Jason Voorhees in at least 4 of the entries. He's the most well-known actor to portray Jason. You should mention the ones he's been in Rob, or at least mention he's been in 4 of the entries.
Editor Rob
Judging Hodder's height today is tricky because I think the last time I seen him last year and this year I could understand 6ft flat estimates for him. I mean he might still creep to almost 6ft 1 barefoot if you put him on a stretching rack for a few minutes to relieve the pain he looks to have.
Caldonio said on 15/Nov/19
Back to the subject. I’d say no more today than 6-1. Probably under.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 15/Nov/19
@ Lane - At least we're blatant about it! What are you doing on this site then?

Kane gets 6ft2.5 peak and 6ft0.75 now. He doesn't look as tall as he used to, but he's ageing well in other ways, ie facially.
Caldoni said on 20/Oct/19
@Lane. Go away you’re poison. Troll.
Jordan87 said on 16/Oct/19
@ Lane,

The Site seems to have gotten your attention. So you are not only height obsessed like the rest of us, but you are either a hypocrite or mentally challenged. Congrats! I'm Glad I am not you!
Baja74 said on 15/Oct/19
Well said Rob!
I wanted to ask you what Kane said (if anything) when you asked him about his height? Or did you just leave it alone? Just wondering what some of these actors say or how they react when they see Rob?
Editor Rob
I very rarely would say anything about height to an actor that might upset them.
Halb said on 15/Sep/19
LOoks like a chunky DDP
Baja74 said on 12/Sep/19
@Rising174cm I have been thoroughly amused and impressed with all your photos and videos. Not to mention your comments about his ridiculously high platforms or elevator shoes. And sure enough there's the proof when you click on a photo or video. I guess the bad part about all this is that Kane is already looking several inches shorter than C.J. and even more inches shorter than Mears. And this is when he is wearing his lifts. So, imagine how short he would be barefoot.
I just can't give him 6'1" in his prime. Did he really loose that many inches in stuntwork? I don't think so. Maybe possibly 6'1" straight out of high school. And just under the 6'0" mark today.
I would love it if someone called Kane out on it during some convention. Especially since he stands back behind a table. Actually, does he even stand? Or sit? I think he is truly paranoid about someone calling him out on his height. If I had the chance I would say "kane, lets solve this mystery right here and now". As I roll out a tape measure! He'll probably settle for knocking me out first!
Nik Ashton said on 5/Sep/19
@ Hopping hopper - You are welcome! The average Horror actor on celebheights is 6’1”, like Kane Hodder! 18 of the 30 Horror actors are at least 6’0” and only 6 out of the 30 Horror actors are under 5’9”!
Hopping hopper said on 2/Aug/19
@Nik. Thanks!! Yeah 6-0 isn’t short definitely but it’s pretty harsh if you claim 4 or 5 inches over haha. But I agree with you. Jason @ 6-0 is short more to my point. :)
Hopping hopper said on 29/Jul/19
Insane claim. I just met him at comic con. I’m 6-3 and I had on vans he wore boots. I’d say he’s 6-0. Seriously I was shocked. He’s well built but not tall. Kinda disappointed now to think Jason is not tall lol.
Miiiiiiighty_- said on 9/Jul/19
This guy has to be one of the worst height liars ever .
Even worse than WWE billings...

You can tell he is from a past era before the internet when people had no access to info/pics to cross facts and had to take what was reported in newspaper/magazines/on TV shows for granted.

6'5 LOL, he doesn't even looked 6'3 in lifts in his scene with Kirzinger in Jason takes Manhattan.
Jimbo hopper said on 10/Jun/19
Struggling with 6-1. Never been over 6-2!!! Bull!!
Rising174cm said on 11/May/19
@Oneiroi: Only problem with that is Kane always wore 3" platform boots in literally every pic or video I've seen of him from 2006-2013 and that photo was taken in 2008. Even before and after wearing those massive platforms, Kane has never been without thick 1.75"-2" boots or elevator boots/sneakers.

@Jason.Voorhees1946: 6'5" is what Mears claims, but I'm not sure he's a full 6'5" since 6'4.5"-6'4.75" also looks possible. Kirzinger also claimed to be 6'5" and likely was at least that when he played Jason back in 2003. Rob lists Kirzinger as 6'5.25" peak and 6'4.5" current and remember, he's a 59 year old stuntman. Ted White indeed claimed to be 6'4" and I think it's possible he was, though I'll reserve judgement until Rob takes a look at him. Remember, he was already 58 when he played Jason. In any case, White was clearly 6'3"+, if not a full 6'4" at one time. Richard Brooker may have been closer to 6'2" or he lost height because C.J Graham looked about an inch taller when Brooker was in his 50's, though 6'3" listed John Schneider was only slightly taller than Brooker when Brooker was still in his 50's so it's plausible he had lost height as a stuntman. Incidentally, C.J. Graham does claim 6'3" and I certainly believe he was and still could be close since he's always at least an inch or even a couple of inches taller than Hodder despite Hodder wearing platform heels and/or lifts/elevators as he always does. I don't know what Morga and Gillette actually claim, but Morga did look roughly 6'1" range give or take to me, but I'm certain Gillette was closer to 5'11" than 6'0", much less 6'1". Similarly, I'm not sure yet what Dash claimed, but 5'10" is possible for his prime since I still wouldn't guess him less than 5'9" even well into his 70's.

As for Kane, he could have been about 6'2" peak, but I'd bet he's about 6'0" flat barefoot today.
Oneiroi said on 26/Mar/19
He is clearly a full 1.85 in this picture.
Jason.Voorhees1946 said on 23/Mar/19
Jason Voorhees Actors & Stuntmen By Height

6' 5" Derek Mears (2009)
6' 4½" Ken Kirzinger (2003)
6' 4½" Glenn Ennis (2003)
6' 4" Ted White (1984)
6' 4" Douglas Tait (2003)
6' 3" Richard Brooker (1982)
6' 3" C.J. Graham (1986)
6' 2½" Spencer Stump (2003)
6' 1½" Tom Morga (1985)
6' 1" Warrington Gillette (1981)
6' 1" Kane Hodder (1988/1989/1993/2001)
6' 0" Dick Wieand (1985)
5' 11" Ari Lehman (1980)
5' 10" Steve Daskawisz (1981)
5' 6½" Tom Savini (1984)
?' ?" Ellen Lutter (1981)
?" ?" Jerry Wallace (1981)
?' ?" Mike DeLuna (1982/1984)
?' ?" Johnny Hock (1985)
?' ?" Dan Bradley (1986)
?' ?" Tim Mirkovich (1989)
?' ?" Caleb Guss (2009)
Jimhopper said on 23/Mar/19
Should of been in WWE. Major issues with his height I think. Adds on 2-3 inches.
Rising174cm said on 26/Feb/19
@Jordan: Yeah, Rob is being conservative because he doesn't have a pic to confirm Kane's boots, but he did previously say they were the thick boots Kane usually wore, which at the time seemed to be those platforms and that in hindsight, Kane may have been 6'1" max when this photo was taken. As you can see, this photo is dated 2006 and he's already wearing them: Click Here Look how comically high they make his knees. Needless to say, even if the heel and platform size weren't listed by the company, we'd still know 1.75" boots don't look like that. I haven't seen many 2008 photos, but there are many 2009 photos and Kane is wearing those platforms in every one I've seen so I think we can agree Kane probably didn't just stop wearing them in 2008 and then resume wearing them in 2009. Interestingly, Rob also thought Kane seemed shorter the next time he saw him and 2" shorter than Gwendoline Christie means he was only appearing 6'1" by then. My last post features two events from that same year(2013) and you can see Kane wore those huge platforms at both. I suspect he was closer to 6'0" without his platforms by 2013 and maybe 6'0.5" when Rob took the photo with him in 2008. I'm trying to give Kane the benefit of the doubt, but it's tough to give him much more with those 3" boots.

I'm still not ready to guess only 6'1" peak, but honestly there's already around a 3" difference if you compare him to 6'5" Ken Kirzinger in Jason Takes Manhattan: Click Here and footwear is probably another inch or so considering Ken appeared to be wearing sneakers while Kane wore some thick-heeled boots in costume: Click Here so I do honestly wind up with a figure around 6'1" considering both the height difference and Kane's boots. The funny thing is, here's a 2005 interview where Kane refers to Ken as just an inch taller than himself!

Hodder: It wasn't even that, to be honest with you. They hired a guy who's an inch taller than me, so if that was really the issue, I'm missing something. Click Here

Speaking of other Jasons, I found C.J. Graham claiming 6'3" and 245-250 pounds: "Not to mention being 6’3” [weighing] 245-250, doesn’t hurt." Click Here and I do believe C.J. is/was that height or very close. You can see he looked 4-5 cm taller than Kane in my post on 17/Dec/18 even when Kane was still wearing those platforms and he's noticeably taller than Kane to this day. And it's not like Kane has stopped wearing height-increasing footwear. He just wears internal lifts and elevator boots now, some of which might add lower 2" range, but others may still add closer to 3".
Editor Rob
I am tempted to get another photo with kane if I can afford it this year, to see up close (from a distance last year he was struggling again to look 6ft 1+ with whatever boots he had)....and to confirm a current figure.
Jordan87 said on 20/Feb/19
@ Rising- 174,

Maybe the case but if Rob is saying his Boots were the way they were when he met him......This guy is no 6'1"!! He is the worst I've seen as far as Celebs Claiming a Height that they are not. HE said he was 6'5! He gave himself 5" if you ask me. That is completely stupid!!
Rising - 174 cm said on 21/Jan/19
@Jordan: Technically, he was still wearing his lifts outside his shoes then lol. In fairness, I think Rob thought Kane looked taller than 6'1" in 2008, but then by 2013-2014, Kane was still wearing the same boots and Rob said he seemed 2" shorter than Gwendoline Christie, who wore 0.75" shoes, iirc. Not sure what this tells us about Kane's peak, but there are a fair amount of full photos of Kane in those near 3" platform boots with other actors Rob has photos with.

With 4'11" Danielle Harris in 2013 Click Here Click Here Assuming Danielle's heels were about the same size as when she met Rob and looked 6" shorter, she'd reach 5'3" in them or be the equivalent of a 5'2" woman in normal footwear. Kane is more than a head taller, perhaps a foot taller considering Danielle is a bit closer to the camera so he looks like he might measure 6'3" in those boots or pass for 6'2".
With 6'7" Tyler Mane in 2011: Click Here Click Here Kane looks 6" shorter as he's clearly below Tyler's eyes and while Tyler's boots are probably 1.25"-1.5" range, they're still probably 1.25"-1.5" less than Kane's platforms. Even if we give the benefit of the doubt and say Tyler was more 6'7.5" in 2011, that still puts Kane around 6'3" in his massive boots again.
With 6'3" John Schneider in 2013: Click Here Click Here They look the same height in the first photo with Schneider leaning and Schneider clearly looks taller in the 2nd with that unusual pose. It's tough for me to believe Schneider wasn't around 2 cm taller at that event and Schneider's shoes may have been about 1.2", but that's still 1.5" less than Kane's boots. Rob met Schneider in 2007 so very likely Schneider was 1/4" to 1/2" below 6'3" by 2013, especially since he looked more 6'1.5" to a weak 6'2" in Rob's photo when you deduct for Schneider's Nike Shox. If you believe Kane actually stood as tall as John at that event then you can argue Kane was around 6'4" in boots and a solid 6'1" without, but I'd say more 6'3.5" max in boots, possibly back around 6'3".

Don't know what it means for Kane's peak, but from these, I'd say he was closer to 6'0" without boots by 2011-2013, maybe 6'0.25"-6'0.5" range. The only reason I hesitate is I'm not sure he was standing straight enough to get all the benefit of the boots with Harris and Mane, but he was standing straighter than Schneider.
Rising - 174 cm said on 23/Dec/18
@Paul NS: As you may have noticed, he stopped wearing those big New Rock platforms after around 2014. Those had 3" heels and 2" platforms so he probably got like 2.8" actual height, but so many people noticed them. I do think he's worn internal lifts in the photos/videos I've seen since 2015, but I think I know some of the [elevator?] boots you're talking about. These look similar: Click Here and imo, lifts inside, especially when you click to zoom in. These are somewhat different with a bigger heel, but perhaps the same brand: Click Here Click Here Watch the first 20 seconds of this 2017 video: Click Here Imo, there has to be a lift in there, just look at how high his knees are: Click Here Here's a closeup: Click Here and another pic: Click Here Some of the bulging is a dead giveaway. From roughly 2006-2014, he always wore those same or similar New Rock platforms, but now he seems to alternate between a few of these. They might be some kind of elevators, but even if they're not, I'd be shocked if he didn't have lifts in them.

Also, here's a better pic with Graham and Dash: Click Here Here's a video where Graham briefly greets Kane and you can see a noticeable difference, but Graham spares Kane sticking around long enough to see just how much of a difference: Click Here You can also see Graham and Dash standing a bit in the first minute of the video.
Paul NS (6ft 0.5) said on 22/Dec/18
Kane's footwear in this event from July looks new. Is it? Click Here Click Here I've seen him wear boots that look sort of similar, but these resemble regular shoes with lifts in them, or elevator shoes posing as regular sneakers. At least they aren't as blatant as the huge boots he (still) wears to conventions.
Editor Rob
I couldn't tell, but they look the most normal he's worn...compared to some of the big heels he's had in the past.
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 19/Dec/18
63 and lost 4cm? I know a retired stunt actor at 73 lost only 2cm.
Rising - 174 cm said on 17/Dec/18
@Jammes: Ted White does indeed claim 6'4" as you can hear in this interview: Click Here Timestamp starts a few seconds before and he also claims he was 230 during Friday the 13th Part 4. It stands to reason he was a very big man to even claim that and to double for actors like John Wayne, Rock Hudson, Fess Parker, Victor Mature, Richard Boone and Clark Gable. He also seems taller than 6'2.75" listed Cesar Romero in this old shot: Click Here and probably not less than 2" taller than 6'1.5" Jeff Bridges in this 1984 still considering the tilt against him and Jeff's hat: Click Here and that might be tilted against Ted. Even at 92 in this shot, he looks almost as tall as Hodder(almost undoubtedly in big boots), not much more than an inch shorter than Morga and at least a couple of inches taller than Dash: Click Here Speaking of Dash, I saw a 5'10" listing for him which seems plausible enough. Here's another recent photo, this time Kane, Graham and Dash: Click Here Not the best, but Dash surprisingly only looks 2.5"-3" shorter than Kane. I'd think Dash could be more like 5'9" range, especially now, but who knows? Warrington Gillette doesn't look anywhere near 6'1", though: Click Here Click Here I'd be surprised if he were much more than 5'11" and he could even be 5'10" range, imo. Morga at 6'1"+ peak looks possible for the 80's since he still looks over 6 feet, but he is going up on one foot in that last photo so you may have to deduct half an inch from what he looks there. C.J. Graham really does look like he is or at least was a legit 6'3", though. He looked 4-5 cm taller than Kane in these photos taken when Kane wore massive platform boots everywhere: Click Here C.J. was also taller than Brooker: Click Here though Brooker himself didn't look much shorter than 6'3" John Schneider: Click Here I'd say he was at least around 6'2" and any of these guys could have lost height by their 50's, especially as stuntmen.
Jordan87 said on 17/Dec/18
So he is 6'1 with age 53.....and has LIFTS in his I missing something? Guess what....his peak height was not over 6'1 :)
Nik said on 11/Dec/18
@ Sandy Cowell - I would love to know if Kane did indeed comment on this page, he didn't get that many replies but I know that you sent him one! The picture above of Kane and Rob is brilliant, isn't it?

I really like it that he once said "like 6'3" and half."!
Sandy Cowell said on 9/Dec/18
@ Nik - Yes, I remember the comment supposedly from the very man himself! He didn't get many replies did he, if indeed it WAS him......

Today's height 6ft1, optimum height 6ft2.5, copied neatly from the figures above! 😛
Rising - 174 cm said on 27/Nov/18
@Danimal: I agree he gives a much taller impression(without boots) walking on the beach and it seems like the interviewer thought the 6'3" was plausible enough to refer to him as a "gentle giant." I think it's possible he was 6'2.5" as Rob lists him and rounded to 6'3", but there's still that scene in Jason Takes Manhattan where 6'5" Ken Kirzinger was a few inches taller than Kane in costume.
Danimal 5'9 3/4" said on 26/Nov/18
This video of him is from 30 YEARS AGO (1989). At 3:15, they say he's 6'3" and 215 pounds and he DOES looks much longer/taller back then, than he has in recent years. Click Here
This video is from 20 YEARS before he took that pic with Rob. I have ZERO doubt that he was close to that 6'3" mark barefoot 25-30 years ago (late 80's-early 90's):
Rising - 174 cm said on 30/Oct/18
Yeah, it's tough to argue any more than 6'1" these days considering the boots he wears. He looks to have at least a 10" head in the photo above so that would typically point to a 6'2"+ guy peak rather than 6'0"-6'1" and he was taller than 6'1" Andrew Divoff in Wishmaster(1997), but I can't tell how thick his boots were. But how tall was Kane in 2001? He was 47 and if Hugh Jackman can lose a half inch, it's possible Kane already had, but you can see 6'3" Rock was still very close to his height while dropping at least an inch in posture: Click Here and Rock wore sandals to that event: Click Here while this likely shows what Kane's boots: Click Here since it was taken the same month and Kane is wearing the same clothes. Looks like he at least has 1.75" logger-type boots so if we're generous and say he was standing as tall as Rock in sandals, it still suggests he wasn't above 187 cm barefoot by 2001. Here's Kane 5 days earlier with 5'9" Robert Englund: Click Here Click Here I see about 4"-4.5" difference, but possibly 5" if Robert only reaches his eyes, though it's probable Kane had at least a half inch footwear advantage.
Paddy said on 29/Oct/18
I saw him, I am 179-181 MAX. I had 2.5 inch lifts on and he had 3 inch lifts on, maybe slightly more, I am 6'1" 1/2 in the boots and he had me by 1/4 inch. 6'1" MAX for him.
Rising - 174 cm said on 29/Sep/18
@Rob: Fair enough. I mean you certainly won't be wrong with this statement and I think conservative is the best approach to being the editor of a site like this. I do know he was wearing black New Rock platforms earlier than when you met him and after so it seems probable since you had said they seemed the type of boots he usually wears, but I can't find many pictures of his shoes at 2008 events in general, much less this specific event. I did see a photo of him in what looked like the early 90's with a fan and he looked taller than a pretty tall guy.
Rising - 174 cm said on 23/Sep/18
@Rob: I know it says at least half an inch, but that seems extremely conservative based on the shoes I've seen you wear. I'd think Kane's platform boots pretty easily gave 2.3"-2.5" range: Click Here Here's what some of those type of boots are advertised as giving: Click Here Click Here One says 7.5 cm heel/5.5 cm platform and the other gives those figures in imperial as 3"/2", respectively. Then basically the same style, but slightly smaller: Click Here It doesn't look like Kane is wearing less than the 4-4.5 cm platform/6.5 cm heels. His boots don't look that small even compared to the huge heels Danielle Harris wears: Click Here Click Here

@berta: I agree he looks 2 cm taller and with seemingly better posture than Campbell or Englund. He looked 4.5"-5" taller than Englund in the same pic. Though what Kane wore from at least 2006-2013 weren't lifts so much as platforms. However, the boots he's worn since 2015 or so could have lifts inside: Click Here Click Here Click Here Click to zoom in on all 3 pics. Hopefully someone will find out the brand he's wearing now.
Editor Rob
If I could ever find a photo of his boots that day I'd be able to confirm, but I have to be conservative.
berta said on 27/Aug/18
rob how can he be 185,5 today when he is 2 cm taller than 184 bruce campbell (probably 185 cm peak) and we all know he have atleast 3 cm lifts in the shoes. i can believe he is 6 feet flat today. ore 184
Editor Rob
He could be under 6ft 1 now
Rising - 174 cm said on 28/Jul/18
@berta: I agree since this photo is a decade old and Rob said 6'1" was probably the most he was barefoot in hindsight and seemed to lose more height after looking about 2" shorter in boots than Gwendoline Christie in 2 cm footwear. Kane looks to hit 189 cm, maybe 190 in boots in 2011-2013 photos with Tyler Mane and Danielle Harris, but those New Rock boots have 6.5 cm heels and 4.5 cm platforms assuming he didn't wear the 7.5/5.5 models so he's getting an easy 5.5, maybe 6 cm of height. He's worn different boots the last 4-5 years, but stunts and age look to be taking their toll since he looks a lot slimmer to me in 2017-18 unless that's by choice. He actually didn't look over 6'2" compared to Ken Kirzinger in Jason Takes Manhattan, which doesn't make sense since you can see he had at least 2" boots in his Arsenio appearance when I'd say he looked to reach maybe 6'4" in them. Too bad I can't find a height listing for Vincent Craig Dupree: Click Here
berta said on 25/Jul/18
rob he cant really be 6 foot 1 today he and bruce campbell are about the same height in photos. campbell is 1 cm shorter but then this guy have lifts that give maybe 2-3 cm extra. I dont think he is over 184 today nd never was taller than 188
Jrbowe42 said on 20/Jul/18
Since this guy has really damaged his body doing stunts, I can see 6‘2.5“ being his peak height but absolutely no higher. Derek Mears, who is an easy 6‘5“, made his 6‘4“ claim look ridiculous. He’s probably just barely over 6ft these days.

Also, coming from someone who is, on average, 6‘4 1/4“ right now and still growing I tower over guys who are 5‘8-5‘9 a lot more than he seems to over you, Rob. There’s no way he’s 6‘4.
Peterson188cm said on 1/Jul/18

Derek Mears: 195.0cm
Ken Kirzinger: 196.5cm
Kane hodder: 188.0cm
Kyuss101 said on 27/Jun/18
OMG! I met him at comic con few years ago. He is not a tall guy! His footwear is very odd!! People were staring at it. I really would say a tich over 6-0 without his "special" footwear. Seems very insecure over his height claims.
Rising - 174 cm said on 23/Jun/18
New Rock boots often come with a 2.5" to 3" heel and a 1.75" to 2" platform so it'd be conservative to say they give a 1" advantage over normal shoes yet Kane hasn't passed for much more than a 6'1.5" guy in recent years. I think he was just about 6'2" peak, but those stunts are probably taking their toll and pushing him closer to the 6' mark barefoot, perhaps 6'0.5'. He probably doesn't stand his best, but I just have a hard time seeing him over 184 cm if he doesn't look taller than 187 cm range in monster footwear. Think about it, he looks like he'd measure 189, maybe 190 cm in boots that could add 6 cm. A 5'11.5" guy like Vin Diesel can look pretty close to that in boots with a 1.5" to 1.75" heel and 0.75" to 1" platform, albeit with much better posture.

As for claim, it's weird since his 6'3", 6'3.5", 6'4" and 6'5" claims make him similar to Dolph Lundgren and The Rock as big guys who exaggerate their height to live up to their even bigger image, but apparently can't decide what height they like best! Dolph was a legit 6'4", but claimed 6'5", 6'5.5" and even 6'6" with metric heights of 193 and 195 cm, though the metric figures were claimed a couple of decades apart. Rock was probably near 6'3" at his peak and has claimed that height, but also 6'4", 6'4.5" and 6'5". The difference is Rock and Dolph will slouch and wear normal footwear while Kane tries to make his claim believable with platform boots.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 21/Jun/18
@Mad Sam

I know, it's a dumb claim. Horror actors usually exaggerate their height to seem more imposing but that still doesn't excuse his claim.
MAD SAM said on 19/Jun/18
How can he claim 196 cm, peak might be 188-189 cm range and currently 185.5 cm
jbaja74 said on 28/May/18
Hey Rob, what is his footwear again in this pic? I forgot what you said about it. If it's his trademark huge boots, then I would say he is only 6'0" even. Maybe even 5'11". Isn't it only about 4 inches distance from the eyes to the top of the head? And Kane has a smaller head. So, your 5'8" would be at his eyes if his head wasn't tilted.
I highly doubt he was ever 6'2" in his prime. Solid 6'1" in his prime. And a thinner build back in the late 80's made him look taller.
Editor Rob
It's those thick boots he usually wears, I don't think he ever wears anything less than 1.75 inch.
Yht said on 4/May/18
Please Stop choking Rob, Mr.Hodder the six footer :)
tree said on 16/Mar/18
I think the best height for Jason would be 6ft8 Click Here
He would tower over tall people like 6ft but wouldn't look too tall.
tree said on 11/Mar/18
Yeah they started to hire taller actors cuz people are a bit taller than 20 years ago.
I think Jason should be atleast 6ft5 at that height he can still move fast,i think till 6ft8-6ft9 is ok.
Actors like Tyler Mane and Robert Mailet don't look lanky or out of place when they play monsters.
Jordan87 said on 12/Feb/18
Jason never gave me a 7'0 impression. I always thought of him to be about 6'3. Taller than 9/10 men, not insanely tall.
Koushiro said on 23/Jan/18
@Klapperschlangensindgeil21 You're so off about Jason. Go watch part 2 through 6 and see how many scenes we saw Jason moving quickly or running. The slowness didn't start until Hodder took over, and even then he wasn't as slow as when Kirzinger portrayed him. Derek Mears as the latest to portray Jason was a quick as well.
Klapperschlangensindgeil21 said on 8/Jan/18
I think Jason could even be as tall as 7’ 0.” I mean, there really shouldn’t be a limit to how tall Jason should be. Jason has always been portrayed as a very slow, stiff person who only jogs once in the entire franchise. Now, a person like Hodder who was about 6’ 2-6’ 3” can also pull it off, but I don’t think there should be a maximum height.
tree said on 21/Dec/17
Editor Rob: I think for visuals, having Jason as an intimidating figure of 6ft 4-5 would work well in setting up menace on screen.
I also think he should be atleast 6ft5,you think 6ft8-6ft9 would be too tall?
Editor Rob
not necessarily too tall, I think Kirzinger had the right kind of height.

Hodder certainly could look a very big guy too, but then with his boots that helped him.
tree said on 20/Dec/17
Rob if u were a the director of a friday the 13th movie how tall would you like Jason to be?
Editor Rob
I think for visuals, having Jason as an intimidating figure of 6ft 4-5 would work well in setting up menace on screen.
David said on 15/Dec/17
Here is a new short video from Victor Crowley premiere, from this year 2017, Kane with Dee Snider Click Here
If Dee is about 185cm, then I guess Kane is too; nowadays, they got a comparable shoes, it can be seen from another videos from that premiere, only Kane got that bad posture, which he probably gain from days when he was bigger :)
Also a good way to determine Kane´s height might be to find out a height of Michael Aloisi, with whom he got a TV show Killer & I, like 2 years ago. I´ve seen it and they were basically same height, travelling around the world & seeing regularly wearing sneaker shoes. They look pretty big there, both of´em, I guess even bigger than 185 cm.
My opinion is that Kane wears that high / elevator shoes to conventions & similar events; to keep that Jason-a-like appearance, but when he´s in public, he´s in normal shoes, that´s why all that fuzz maybe. I believe he´s aware of that height loss, you can see even his height loss actually, like his shoulders look 4yrs ago much broader. Well, nobody´s getting younger I guess :)
My personal guess is 191cm peak, 185 cm now. Sorry for "only" cm, I´m european :)
Hassan said on 11/Dec/17
Can you check can graham height
Dan said on 12/Nov/17
I met kane hodder yesterday I expected him to be taller than he was I'd say he was 6'1" at best maybe even 6'0.5"
baja74 said on 13/Oct/17
I'm starting to agree with this. I have seen countless photos of Kane standing next to other actors while potentially wearing lifts. And he still looks shorter than the 6'3"-6'4" that he claims. So, even if he is wearing lifts next to Rob, he isn't even close to 6'3"-6'4" in them. So, who's to say that he isn't even 6'1" barefoot? Even if he's standing next to Derek Mears who is at least 6'4", and Kane is wearing lifts, he was looking a lot shorter than just a few inches.
So, I'm changing my guess to a 6 foot flat these days. And maybe he was measured back in the day in inches and was 73" inches. Some people might confuse that with 6'3" instead of 6'1".
So, peak 6'1.5" and 6 feet even now.
Jim Hopper said on 2/Oct/17
Total B/S. He was 6-3 in boots. 6-1" in socks. The guy has always had a height issue thing.
Rising - 174 cm said on 10/Sep/17
I can see 6'2" in his prime as possible seeing Kane in costume looking really big with Arsenio Hall, but I have trouble seeing him more than that seeing him in costume seem about 3" or so shorter than Ken Kirzinger at the same time in Jason Takes Manhattan. As for Kane more recently next to guys like Derek Mears and Tyler Mane, he did have his platform boots, but I have no idea if he had extra lifts inside them. I tend to doubt it as he'd be much shorter than we all think and as it is, I doubt he's still 6'1". These look pretty much like one of the pair of New Rock boots he's worn: Click Here The heel is apparently 6.5 cm and platform 4.5 cm and while I can't say if he has that precise model, it looks possible in these pics: Click Here Click Here Click Here Although Kane has also worn a more solid black model that Rob posted a closeup of some time back and I can't find a model that looks like possibly the same one, but they seem about this size regardless. I don't know if Kane has ever worn the full 3" heel and 2" platform rkscustoms mentioned, but Kane still looked a good 6" shorter than Tyler Mane to me even when he had these boots and that was a few years back now. He had these boots when Rob met him as well and that was 9 years ago. I think 6'0.5" is most likely today.
baja74 said on 7/Sep/17
Once again this awesome guy's height is always in debate. I just can't see him losing several inches unless he had some disks in his back removed. It's possible he was 6'2" back in the late 80's before age, and stunts started to compress his posture. I know many guys who have lost height with good posture. I don't see that Kane has lost much posture either.
I would say a solid 6'1" now days. I might argue 6'0" though. Just seeing him stand next to Derek or Ken leaves me doubts about his claim. Was he wearing lifts when he stood next to those guys? Because if he was, he would be 6'0" or under.
Rising - 174 cm said on 5/Sep/17
@rkcustoms: Thanks, that was a very informative and helpful post. Kane's platforms from(I guess a few years ago now) do look like different styles of the new Rock Reactors. 3" heel and 2" platform looks in the ballpark. If Danielle Harris is wearing heels as big as when she met Rob, she'll hit around a solid 159 cm in them so Kane does look to reach around 189 in his boots, possibly even 190 if standing straight as there could be a foot difference: Click Here Even from a quick search, I can find New Rocks that look quite a bit like these: Click Here But in that pic standing with Danielle, or any of these sitting shots: Click Here Or the pics on this page from 2006: Click Here The boots really look crazy whether it's standing where almost all his leg length seems below the knee with this another example: Click Here or how high his knees are when sitting and at such an angle. Is it from injuries and surgeries like a hip replacement or is he supplementing even those platforms with a lift at times? I can't imagine the latter considering those boots, if the specs are about accurate must give 2.75" or so. There are slightly smaller, fairly similar models, which say they have a 5.5 cm heel and a 3 cm platform.

And here's 2 shots of the boots Kane is wearing in 2017: Click Here I could see rkscustoms as being correct again as those do look like they could be elevator boots with a lift inside. I doubt they add more than the New Rocks -- possibly not even as much -- but they're much more subtle and look better overall, at least if Kane's purpose is to look genuinely taller.

I also have it on good authority that Kane did stuff his boots as Jason and use tricks to look taller. The specific method I've been told of was rolling up socks and putting them above the heel of his boot, but it stands to reason that if he'd try something like that, he'd have at least tried insert lifts at other times. But I'd like to add that I honestly think Kane could still physically make a good Jason onscreen.
rkscustoms said on 2/Sep/17
To the platform boots everyone keeps referring to that kane use to wear are called New Rock reactors they have a 3 inch heal and 2 inch sole. He no longer wears them. He now wears elevator shoes with lifts built into them...dont believe me? Look them up.
Nik said on 28/Aug/17
He has the hard man look! Smashing bloke!
Michael Voorhees said on 24/Aug/17
6'0' peak for Kane Hodder, 6'2' when he played Jason with lifts in his boots. He looked 3 to 4 inches shorter then 6'5.5 Ken Kirzinger in Jason Takes Manhattan.
Rising - 174 cm said on 21/Aug/17
This still only gives a rough idea of the height difference for obvious reasons, but Kane in costume looks about 3.5" shorter than Ken Kirzinger: Click Here I did think it was at least 3" in the film as well, though it's obviously a brief encounter. The only thing I can think is maybe Ken was supposed to look quite a bit bigger than Kane so Jason would be shown easily taking out a much bigger guy. Ken obviously was and is much taller than Kane, but based on their listings here, it would have been 2.5" barefoot, not 3" or more and that's with Kane wearing thick boots in costume, but I don't know what kind of shoes Ken wore.
Bradley said on 21/Aug/17
I have a magazine from the Jason goes to he'll comics it has in the back of the magazine an interview he did where it says he graduated high school at 6ft 1in 150lbs before he bulked up. magazine is called official movie adaptation jason goes to he'll that's my two cents
Ice said on 14/Aug/17
lol a 6'1 dude claiming 6'4 how sad .
Rising - 174 cm said on 11/Aug/17
That has to be the real Kane Hodder because who other than Kane Hodder would say Kane Hodder is 6'4"?! Seriously, I'm a fan, but probably about 6'2" or so in his prime depending on what was going on with those boots back in the 80s and early 90s. Nowadays, probably not over 184 cm without those platform boots. Definitely a big, imposing guy, but those heights you see tossed around are probably with the boots. I don't doubt he was 6'4" or so in costume as Jason, but closer to 6'1" than 6'2" already looked likely by Kane's late 40s. He paid the price for those stunts, but he's done remarkably well in his field. There's not really anyone else who played a non-speaking role like Jason, Michael Myers etc. and built the fanbase Kane did.
Sandy Cowell said on 9/Aug/17
@ Kane Hodder - Is that you, seriously?
Is this THE Kane Hodder as photographed with Rob here?
Hmmmm... that would be very interesting!
You still get 6ft1,and a peak height of 6ft3! Does that sound fair? I hope so!
blazer said on 8/Aug/17
@Kane Hodder,. Yes 6'4 with those massive heels!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 6/Aug/17
I think he was near enough 6ft3 back in the day and 6ft4 range in boots.
Rising - 174 cm said on 31/Jul/17
6'5" is really incredible as is 6'4.5". 6'2" range seems most likely peak, but he's tricky. It's interesting when you see tall men inflating their height by a large amounts and even wearing built up boots to try to make the lie believable. Looked tall on Arsenio in the late 80s, but not that tall with Ken Kirzinger in Jason Takes Manhattan and didn't seem that tall without his Jason boots in Best of the Best. Nowadays, he really only looks like a solid 6'1" range guy even in those enormous boots so he's probably not even hitting 6'3" in them. Once I find out if his Jason Goes to Hell boots contained built in lifts, I'll have at least a bit better idea of his peak height.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 23/Jul/17
I don't see him as low as 188cm peak. A decent 189cm, possibly near 190cm at a stretch. From there could easily hit 6ft4 zone in boots
MJKoP said on 17/Jul/17
Six foot five looks to be about as high as he himself must've been when he claimed it. :D
Paul murphy said on 6/Jun/17
Sorry to burst all of the "super Kane hodder fans" bubbles but this guy was never a laughable 6'4.ill give him 6'1-1/2 in his prime.and that's a stretch.(no pun intended) take away his 3" platform boots that he wears today I would bet he's no more than 5'11 to 6' max out of bed barefoot.....sorry super fans!!
World Citizen said on 6/Jun/17
184 or 185.
RisingForce said on 28/May/17
I thought his height only became an issue for Freddy vs Jason when he was turned down? I wonder if Kane's custom boots now are much bigger to make up for height loss. Here's the boots he wore in Jason Goes to Hell and includes the current owner of them: Click Here They don't look so unusual, though someone would have to contact the guy mentioned who owns them now to ask if they have lifts inside.

You can't gauge the precise height difference, but it does look to me that 6'5" Ken Kirzinger had a minimum couple of inches on Kane: Click Here Kane's boots obviously gave him an advantage as well, but how much is the question. Given even a conservative estimate of footwear advantage and height difference, I wouldn't go over 189 cm for Kane's peak based on this. Could Ken have been 6'5.5" peak? Kane, in normal shoes(I think) looks like a big guy, but not THAT big in Best of the Best. Not that good for comparing height, but he didn't seem dramatically bigger than a weak 5'11" guy like Chris Penn, though I think Penn had cowboy boots. In costume as Jason in his prime, I'd bet he'd measure about 6'4" or so. I think the height loss hit him pretty early, though. 6'1" range by early 2000s when he was only mid 40s.

I do have to wonder how about the boots he wears now. If the outside of the boot suggests about 2.3" gain then surely he could be much more subtle and get the same from a common style like Timberland type, which give near 1.5" as it is with simply an extra 1" lift inside. Maybe he just figures he might as well wear his lifts on the outside, sort of like platforms in the 70s? The more you see of these boots, the more intense they seem. The angle and his knee height are insane in this sitting shot: Click Here You see full shots and his legs look almost all lower legs: Click Here Click Here But Danielle Harris can pass for near 5'2" in big heels and he looks nearly a foot taller, so he does still pass for a 187 cm man there in big boots. A lot depends on his posture, but it really does look to me that he's dropped below 6'1" today when you consider these boots. Anyone have knowledge of his injuries and surgeries?
Paul murphy said on 25/May/17
This guy begged too play the role of Jason.the producers didn't want him for one major reason.they said he was too short.they put him in lifts to sell the he has to wear those Frankenstein boots everywhere he goes.
RisingForce said on 24/May/17
With 5'9" Robert Englund back around 2001: Click Here Seems about 4 inches taller to me.
RisingForce said on 7/May/17
Wow, those boots at the Men Behind the Mask panel are truly enormous and it wouldn't surprise me at all if he had an additional lift inside there. Vin Diesel wouldn't even wear those! Just goes to show, whether it be selling an image or whatever else, people of any size can want to be taller. He does clearly look like a guy who would shrink more than most from stunts, heavy weights, perhaps long term steroid effects etc. Just something about the way he stands and looks, I can imagine he's lost a lot of height. But I just can't buy him less than 6'2" peak unless someone has some surprising pictures or video from the 80s/early 90s. Just look at how Kane in costume towered over 5'10.5"-5'11" Arsenio Hall: Click Here He obviously has built up boots with big heels, but they're not as thick as what he wears now and he could have probably measured pretty close to 6'5" in them if Arsenio Hall is nearly 6 feet in shoes. 189 cm peak seems about as good a guess as any, but it wouldn't surprise me if he's down to about 184 cm today considering those huge boots. JJ, Dolph Lundgren was most likely 6'4" peak and at age 53, he was still at least 6'3", maybe still 6'3.5" standing straight as you can see comparing him to Terry Crews in 2010 or David Hasselhoff in 2012. Now Dolph today at 59 years old may very well have shrunk 1.5", or certainly at least close to it.
Arch Stanton said on 30/Mar/17
6'3.5 is probably the honest one peak, but in shoes..
Ice said on 29/Mar/17
Wannabe tall guy
baja74 said on 23/Mar/17
Hey Rob, any chance you can put a tape measure in the photo with you and Kane? I would say you both are tilting about the same and given he has his trademark boots on, that he is most likely 6'1" today. Maybe a strong 6'2" back in the day before age and repeated stunt work took over.
Editor Rob
I feel he could seem over 6ft 1 that day, of course with boots I'd have said maybe 6ft 1 was the most he might have been in hindsight and a few years ago he was at an event and really, say compared to someone like Gwendoline Christie, he looked 2 inches smaller and had big boots!!!
Jordan87 said on 9/Mar/17

This Link does require some Scrolling down ,which I know you are pretty bad at.

P.S. If you actually scrolled down Kane's actual page on this site, you would see Rob Posted a Picture of the Type of Boots Kane was wearing when they picture was taken. Its more than 1-1/4" Buddy. Sorry to break that to you by the way.....Actually this is pretty enjoyable.

Click Here
Jordan87 said on 9/Mar/17

Lifts? Try Thick Heeled Boots Buddy,. There are countless pictures on google of him wearing them ( More than 1-1/4", dude start using google, its your friend. If you look at my earlier posts you will see I called him out on his 6'5" Claims, so yes I saw his Quote, learn to Scroll down. He also said he was 6'3.5". Guess you missed that one and are using the higher claim to pump your hero up.

And I can cant figure out how you missed his picture with Rob above.

Again, this man is with Rob and if he has his 1.25" Boots( Minimum,, I know, the facts hurts) he is still getting .75" Footwear Advantage over Rob. Take that .75" Away and you get a 6'0.5 man With Rob. You seem to think he Shrunk 2" by age 53? Ok even so he was 6'2.5" in his prime. Simple adding. He is not taller than 6'1 with Rob in the picture above when you take his shoe advantage into effect. Even he he shrunk 2" ( Which i think is BS) he still wasn't 6'3".
JJ said on 9/Mar/17
@Jordan I'm going by how tall he has claimed and most importantly how tall he LOOKS his boots really are just standard 1 1/4" inch (which is the average for boots) I mean unless he was wearing lifts in his shoes six-three peak I just can't see it, the lowest you could argue his peak was is a solid six-four but no lower, and also LOL that you think he wears lifts tell me who is putting this rubbish in your head? it seems everyone accuses celebrity's of wearing lifts. No stop. Also LOL that you think a six-one man would lie and say he's six-five no one and I mean NO ONE exaggerates there height by four inches imao that would be massively embarrassing and said individual would quickly learn to cut that sh** out, encase you didn't see the six-five claim at the top here it is again "I'd like to correct all the information on the internet because it's got me older, it's got me born in Chicago, but it's basically 6'5", 255. Born in Crystal Lake. Oh one more thing men can lose one and a half inches at 53 just look at Dolph lundgren and Dolph didn't even do stunt work anywhere near the to the same extent as Hodder did so yeah for Hodder 2 inches is also quite possible never mind 1 1/2" inch loss
Jordan87 said on 8/Mar/17

If you see a 6'3" Man Standing in the picture with Rob ?. He is 6'1.5 with Rob and that includes his footwear advantage( Thick Boots). How you think he is 6'3 now and was 6'4.5" in his prime is beyond me.

He was 53 years old when this Photo was taken with Rob. Men that age loose 1/2" of Height typically. 1.5" is way to much.

Now: 6'1" ( Without his Lifts)
Peak: 6'1.75" ( Without his lifts).

Kane was the best Jason IMO but people need to stop wishing their favorite Actors are certain heights when there is clear evidence against it.
JJ said on 5/Mar/17
I believe he was six-four and a half in his prime and has now shrunk down to six-three nowerdays, so really his six-five claim was perfectly reasonable he was just rounding off to the nearest inch, but he was near his six-five claim barefoot midday back in the 80s and 90s........
Jordan87 said on 25/Feb/17
That guy,

The lol should be directed at yourself since rocks far shoulder is higher than hodder s. Rocks shoulder closer to hodder is lower, thus showing how much he is leaning. As rob stated before rock is in sanders and hodder had a height complex since yes, he is always in some form of boot.

Sorry that your hero isn't as tall as you had hoped for.

He is not even over 6'1 with rob ( wearing his boots) and people think he was a legit 6'3. The photos with rock had to be 2002 since rock had his shorter hair at the time. So you are saying from 2002 to 2008 hodder lost that much height ?
ThatGuy said on 23/Feb/17
Just by rock's shoulder level he would be taller than hodder? lol huh? his shoulder level is under hodder's. as for hodder's boots back in the day he wore standard 1.5 - 2in boots, not lifts. look up when he went on the talk show as Jason, you can get a clear shot of his boots when he's walking to the stage, just regular boots. rock isn't as tall as people seem to think, I feel like some of you are giving the rock an edge because you like him over hodder, ignoring the facts presented in the pics seems silly to me. also Im not sure how much of a hair advantage hodder really has here, rock's hair was receding so bad and hodder's hairline comes down much further on his forehead giving him the appearance of having tall hair, but in reality their hair very likely gives a similar amount of added height, it's a bit of an illusion.
Editor Rob
Hodder isn't much taller than the Rock, but I'm sure most would say Rock might be losing an inch more in posture.

Plus Rock is in Sandals.

I'd be shocked if Hodder was in sandals, he's never out of boots of some sort, but I didn't see what Kane is wearing in any photo.
Jordan87 said on 20/Feb/17

Just by rocks shoulder level he would be taller than Hodder. Hodder most always wears his Munster lifts , likely bc he himself thinks he isn't tall enough( or he wouldn't wear them, get it? ) , that's apparent.

Also hodder has a hair advantage over the rock, and it's clearly not my opinion, that is it fact my friend.

This man is no more than 6'1.5" with rob ( including his boots) and you seem to think he shrunk and was once the rocks height?
Danimal said on 19/Feb/17
Jordan87 said on 16/Feb/17

If Rock Straitened up he would be clearly Taller than Hodder, you cant see that?

Clearly? Your opinion Jordan. At best he would be the same height as Kane there. You are also speculating that he was wearing monster boots back then. There was a time (in his prime) that he was a LEGIT tall man who has since lost a lot of height due to injuries/operations and age.
berta said on 19/Feb/17
yeah a think the rock could be 1 cm taller if he stood up straight. Dwayne at almost 191 and hodder 190 in the photo. but then hodder probably hade his special shoes on. if he did not have them on then he was really 189-190 but if he had them on then he npot taller than 188
Jordan87 said on 16/Feb/17

If Rock Straitened up he would be clearly Taller than Hodder, you cant see that? Hodder I can bet is wearing his MUNSTER Boots and has High Hair these are facts. Rock is Clearly Leaning, another fact.
Danimal said on 6/Feb/17
Pic with the Rock from probably the late 90's/early 2000's. This pic should NOT be ignored. He was clearly taller than The Rock at that time. Gave off an easy 6'4" in that pic, so even with 1.5-2" boots, he was clearly at least 6'2"-6'2.5" barefoot at peak (maybe taller) and a big guy (easily 255 pounds there). The proof is in the pic. The man was taller than a PRIME Rock who was close to 6'3" himself back then:
Click Here
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 27/Jan/17
Out of bed: 191-192cm
Before bed: 189-190cm
berta said on 27/Jan/17
take a look at him with bruce cvampbell. he is 2,5 cm taller than bruce with his monster lifts. my guess is smae height as bruce these days ore 1 cm shorter. cant be 185.5 when he barely taller than 184 guy with lifts on
berta said on 23/Jan/17
peak 188 now 184
Jordan87 said on 14/Dec/16
I Don't know how the hell he can claim 6'4 and 6'5 when he is just about 6'1 with Rob, and has REALLY THICK Shoes on to boot. He may be a nice guy off Camera but sounds delusional.
Sandy Cowell said on 4/Nov/16
@ baja74 - Hello again! I guess I do rather enjoy films of the horror genre! There's nothing quite like the adrenalin rush that watching them brings about! I have never met any of the actors from them; if I had a choice, I'd sooner meet a comedy actor like Stephen Fry, or perhaps one of the many all-genre actors who has often excelled in horror film parts like Sam Neill, who was so good in 'Event Horizon', 'The Final Conflict' and also a little-known film called 'In the Mouth of Madness.' The latter is well worth checking out, I can tell you! It took me ages to track it down!
Of course it's nearly two years too late to meet the great Christopher Lee. I would have loved to have met him! He saw someone being guillotined in France in the 1930's when he was still in his teens. I would NEVER have recovered from witnessing that! I even had nightmares when I was studying history at school, but I found it so fascinating that I'm still learning about it to this day! I love it and you can never know enough history! Also, it is staggeringly horrific...
baja74 said on 3/Nov/16
Sandy - You really know your horror films. It's nice to see someone like you. Have you ever met any of these guys before? I never have. I'm jealous of Rob! Hahaha
I just watched a old news clip about Kane after he did Jason twice. They said he was 6'3" and 215 lbs in 1990. He appeared 6'3-ish when they showed him in the gym hitting the weights. The news clip is on Youtube called Kane Hodder On a current affair in 1989
Click Here
Sandy Cowell said on 3/Nov/16
@ Baja74 - I have seen 'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III' only fleetingly! I remember seeing Viggo Mortensen in it and thinking "from the King in the LOTR to this piece of nastiness.." AND he played the angel 'Lucifer' in 'The Prophecy!' What a contrast of roles, but that is what makes an actor interesting!
I didn't know that stuntman Kane Hodder was in TCS III. I'll check for his name when I see it next. Standing in for Viggo Mortensen in a 'full body burn', it wouldn't be very convincing IF you happen to notice the size difference between the two men! Something else I'll check out! Cheers!
Baja74 said on 1/Nov/16
Sandy - If you ever saw Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3, there is a scene where Viggo Mortensen (sp?) character is set on fire. Apparently Kane did that fire sequence since that is his claim to fame. It's obvious that the man who is on fire is clearly larger than the Viggo character. I know in most cases they always try to get a stunt man who is similar in structure as the actor.
So, yes Kane is a very large guy for certain stunts these days. I heard rumor that he might be considered for next year's Friday the 13th. I would imagine he would need to slim down a bit and put those elevator shoes on.
Anyway, I would guess kane was a max 6'2" and now 6'1"
berta said on 22/Oct/16
in a scene in the movie wishmaster he stand in front of the russian guy from lost who is listed 185 here and they are about the same height i would say kane is maybe 2 max 3 cm taller. i think he was at best 188 peak and now 184
berta said on 18/Oct/16
i think he can look 6 foot 2 these days with his boots and they give him maybe 6,5-7 cm so i guess he is around 184 today

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