How tall is Kane Hodder

Kane Hodder's Height

6ft 1in (185.4 cm)

Peak height was 6ft 2.5in (189.2 cm)
American Actor and stuntman best known for playing Jason Voorhees in Friday 13th movies like Jason X. He said in a chud interview: "I'd like to correct all the information on the internet because it's got me older, it's got me born in Chicago, but it's basically 6'5", 255. Born in Crystal Lake". In a JoBlo interview he also said "like 6'3" and half.". On his ImdbResume he put down 6ft 4 (no half inches I guess) and 230 pounds. This photo is from a 2008 London Expo.

Kane Hodder is tall
5ft 8 Rob with Kane

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Average Guess (22 Votes)
Peak: 6ft 2.17in (188.4cm)
Current: 6ft 0.84in (185cm)
baja74 said on 13/Oct/17
I'm starting to agree with this. I have seen countless photos of Kane standing next to other actors while potentially wearing lifts. And he still looks shorter than the 6'3"-6'4" that he claims. So, even if he is wearing lifts next to Rob, he isn't even close to 6'3"-6'4" in them. So, who's to say that he isn't even 6'1" barefoot? Even if he's standing next to Derek Mears who is at least 6'4", and Kane is wearing lifts, he was looking a lot shorter than just a few inches.
So, I'm changing my guess to a 6 foot flat these days. And maybe he was measured back in the day in inches and was 73" inches. Some people might confuse that with 6'3" instead of 6'1".
So, peak 6'1.5" and 6 feet even now.
Jim Hopper said on 2/Oct/17
Total B/S. He was 6-3 in boots. 6-1" in socks. The guy has always had a height issue thing.
Rising - 174 cm said on 10/Sep/17
I can see 6'2" in his prime as possible seeing Kane in costume looking really big with Arsenio Hall, but I have trouble seeing him more than that seeing him in costume seem about 3" or so shorter than Ken Kirzinger at the same time in Jason Takes Manhattan. As for Kane more recently next to guys like Derek Mears and Tyler Mane, he did have his platform boots, but I have no idea if he had extra lifts inside them. I tend to doubt it as he'd be much shorter than we all think and as it is, I doubt he's still 6'1". These look pretty much like one of the pair of New Rock boots he's worn: Click Here The heel is apparently 6.5 cm and platform 4.5 cm and while I can't say if he has that precise model, it looks possible in these pics: Click Here Click Here Click Here Although Kane has also worn a more solid black model that Rob posted a closeup of some time back and I can't find a model that looks like possibly the same one, but they seem about this size regardless. I don't know if Kane has ever worn the full 3" heel and 2" platform rkscustoms mentioned, but Kane still looked a good 6" shorter than Tyler Mane to me even when he had these boots and that was a few years back now. He had these boots when Rob met him as well and that was 9 years ago. I think 6'0.5" is most likely today.
baja74 said on 7/Sep/17
Once again this awesome guy's height is always in debate. I just can't see him losing several inches unless he had some disks in his back removed. It's possible he was 6'2" back in the late 80's before age, and stunts started to compress his posture. I know many guys who have lost height with good posture. I don't see that Kane has lost much posture either.
I would say a solid 6'1" now days. I might argue 6'0" though. Just seeing him stand next to Derek or Ken leaves me doubts about his claim. Was he wearing lifts when he stood next to those guys? Because if he was, he would be 6'0" or under.
Rising - 174 cm said on 5/Sep/17
@rkcustoms: Thanks, that was a very informative and helpful post. Kane's platforms from(I guess a few years ago now) do look like different styles of the new Rock Reactors. 3" heel and 2" platform looks in the ballpark. If Danielle Harris is wearing heels as big as when she met Rob, she'll hit around a solid 159 cm in them so Kane does look to reach around 189 in his boots, possibly even 190 if standing straight as there could be a foot difference: Click Here Even from a quick search, I can find New Rocks that look quite a bit like these: Click Here But in that pic standing with Danielle, or any of these sitting shots: Click Here Or the pics on this page from 2006: Click Here The boots really look crazy whether it's standing where almost all his leg length seems below the knee with this another example: Click Here or how high his knees are when sitting and at such an angle. Is it from injuries and surgeries like a hip replacement or is he supplementing even those platforms with a lift at times? I can't imagine the latter considering those boots, if the specs are about accurate must give 2.75" or so. There are slightly smaller, fairly similar models, which say they have a 5.5 cm heel and a 3 cm platform.

And here's 2 shots of the boots Kane is wearing in 2017: Click Here I could see rkscustoms as being correct again as those do look like they could be elevator boots with a lift inside. I doubt they add more than the New Rocks -- possibly not even as much -- but they're much more subtle and look better overall, at least if Kane's purpose is to look genuinely taller.

I also have it on good authority that Kane did stuff his boots as Jason and use tricks to look taller. The specific method I've been told of was rolling up socks and putting them above the heel of his boot, but it stands to reason that if he'd try something like that, he'd have at least tried insert lifts at other times. But I'd like to add that I honestly think Kane could still physically make a good Jason onscreen.
rkscustoms said on 2/Sep/17
To the platform boots everyone keeps referring to that kane use to wear are called New Rock reactors they have a 3 inch heal and 2 inch sole. He no longer wears them. He now wears elevator shoes with lifts built into them...dont believe me? Look them up.
Nik said on 28/Aug/17
He has the hard man look! Smashing bloke!
Michael Voorhees said on 24/Aug/17
6'0' peak for Kane Hodder, 6'2' when he played Jason with lifts in his boots. He looked 3 to 4 inches shorter then 6'5.5 Ken Kirzinger in Jason Takes Manhattan.
Rising - 174 cm said on 21/Aug/17
This still only gives a rough idea of the height difference for obvious reasons, but Kane in costume looks about 3.5" shorter than Ken Kirzinger: Click Here I did think it was at least 3" in the film as well, though it's obviously a brief encounter. The only thing I can think is maybe Ken was supposed to look quite a bit bigger than Kane so Jason would be shown easily taking out a much bigger guy. Ken obviously was and is much taller than Kane, but based on their listings here, it would have been 2.5" barefoot, not 3" or more and that's with Kane wearing thick boots in costume, but I don't know what kind of shoes Ken wore.
Bradley said on 21/Aug/17
I have a magazine from the Jason goes to he'll comics it has in the back of the magazine an interview he did where it says he graduated high school at 6ft 1in 150lbs before he bulked up. magazine is called official movie adaptation jason goes to he'll that's my two cents
Ice said on 14/Aug/17
lol a 6'1 dude claiming 6'4 how sad .
Rising - 174 cm said on 11/Aug/17
That has to be the real Kane Hodder because who other than Kane Hodder would say Kane Hodder is 6'4"?! Seriously, I'm a fan, but probably about 6'2" or so in his prime depending on what was going on with those boots back in the 80s and early 90s. Nowadays, probably not over 184 cm without those platform boots. Definitely a big, imposing guy, but those heights you see tossed around are probably with the boots. I don't doubt he was 6'4" or so in costume as Jason, but closer to 6'1" than 6'2" already looked likely by Kane's late 40s. He paid the price for those stunts, but he's done remarkably well in his field. There's not really anyone else who played a non-speaking role like Jason, Michael Myers etc. and built the fanbase Kane did.
Sandy Cowell said on 9/Aug/17
@ Kane Hodder - Is that you, seriously?
Is this THE Kane Hodder as photographed with Rob here?
Hmmmm... that would be very interesting!
You still get 6ft1,and a peak height of 6ft3! Does that sound fair? I hope so!
blazer said on 8/Aug/17
@Kane Hodder,. Yes 6'4 with those massive heels!
Kane Hodder said on 7/Aug/17
Def 6'4
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 6/Aug/17
I think he was near enough 6ft3 back in the day and 6ft4 range in boots.
Rising - 174 cm said on 31/Jul/17
6'5" is really incredible as is 6'4.5". 6'2" range seems most likely peak, but he's tricky. It's interesting when you see tall men inflating their height by a large amounts and even wearing built up boots to try to make the lie believable. Looked tall on Arsenio in the late 80s, but not that tall with Ken Kirzinger in Jason Takes Manhattan and didn't seem that tall without his Jason boots in Best of the Best. Nowadays, he really only looks like a solid 6'1" range guy even in those enormous boots so he's probably not even hitting 6'3" in them. Once I find out if his Jason Goes to Hell boots contained built in lifts, I'll have at least a bit better idea of his peak height.
bobbyh3342 said on 27/Jul/17
kane is a 6 1.5 prime 6 0.5 current but with his big boots he can still pull off 6 2.5
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 23/Jul/17
I don't see him as low as 188cm peak. A decent 189cm, possibly near 190cm at a stretch. From there could easily hit 6ft4 zone in boots
MJKoP said on 17/Jul/17
Six foot five looks to be about as high as he himself must've been when he claimed it. :D
Paul murphy said on 6/Jun/17
Sorry to burst all of the "super Kane hodder fans" bubbles but this guy was never a laughable 6'4.ill give him 6'1-1/2 in his prime.and that's a stretch.(no pun intended) take away his 3" platform boots that he wears today I would bet he's no more than 5'11 to 6' max out of bed barefoot.....sorry super fans!!
World Citizen said on 6/Jun/17
184 or 185.
RisingForce said on 28/May/17
I thought his height only became an issue for Freddy vs Jason when he was turned down? I wonder if Kane's custom boots now are much bigger to make up for height loss. Here's the boots he wore in Jason Goes to Hell and includes the current owner of them: Click Here They don't look so unusual, though someone would have to contact the guy mentioned who owns them now to ask if they have lifts inside.

You can't gauge the precise height difference, but it does look to me that 6'5" Ken Kirzinger had a minimum couple of inches on Kane: Click Here Kane's boots obviously gave him an advantage as well, but how much is the question. Given even a conservative estimate of footwear advantage and height difference, I wouldn't go over 189 cm for Kane's peak based on this. Could Ken have been 6'5.5" peak? Kane, in normal shoes(I think) looks like a big guy, but not THAT big in Best of the Best. Not that good for comparing height, but he didn't seem dramatically bigger than a weak 5'11" guy like Chris Penn, though I think Penn had cowboy boots. In costume as Jason in his prime, I'd bet he'd measure about 6'4" or so. I think the height loss hit him pretty early, though. 6'1" range by early 2000s when he was only mid 40s.

I do have to wonder how about the boots he wears now. If the outside of the boot suggests about 2.3" gain then surely he could be much more subtle and get the same from a common style like Timberland type, which give near 1.5" as it is with simply an extra 1" lift inside. Maybe he just figures he might as well wear his lifts on the outside, sort of like platforms in the 70s? The more you see of these boots, the more intense they seem. The angle and his knee height are insane in this sitting shot: Click Here You see full shots and his legs look almost all lower legs: Click Here Click Here But Danielle Harris can pass for near 5'2" in big heels and he looks nearly a foot taller, so he does still pass for a 187 cm man there in big boots. A lot depends on his posture, but it really does look to me that he's dropped below 6'1" today when you consider these boots. Anyone have knowledge of his injuries and surgeries?
Paul murphy said on 25/May/17
This guy begged too play the role of Jason.the producers didn't want him for one major reason.they said he was too short.they put him in lifts to sell the he has to wear those Frankenstein boots everywhere he goes.
Paul murphy said on 25/May/17
This guy begged too play the role of Jason.the producers didn't want him for one major reason.they said he was too short.they put him in lifts to sell the he has to wear those Frankenstein boots everywhere he goes.
RisingForce said on 24/May/17
With 5'9" Robert Englund back around 2001: Click Here Seems about 4 inches taller to me.
RisingForce said on 7/May/17
Wow, those boots at the Men Behind the Mask panel are truly enormous and it wouldn't surprise me at all if he had an additional lift inside there. Vin Diesel wouldn't even wear those! Just goes to show, whether it be selling an image or whatever else, people of any size can want to be taller. He does clearly look like a guy who would shrink more than most from stunts, heavy weights, perhaps long term steroid effects etc. Just something about the way he stands and looks, I can imagine he's lost a lot of height. But I just can't buy him less than 6'2" peak unless someone has some surprising pictures or video from the 80s/early 90s. Just look at how Kane in costume towered over 5'10.5"-5'11" Arsenio Hall: Click Here He obviously has built up boots with big heels, but they're not as thick as what he wears now and he could have probably measured pretty close to 6'5" in them if Arsenio Hall is nearly 6 feet in shoes. 189 cm peak seems about as good a guess as any, but it wouldn't surprise me if he's down to about 184 cm today considering those huge boots. JJ, Dolph Lundgren was most likely 6'4" peak and at age 53, he was still at least 6'3", maybe still 6'3.5" standing straight as you can see comparing him to Terry Crews in 2010 or David Hasselhoff in 2012. Now Dolph today at 59 years old may very well have shrunk 1.5", or certainly at least close to it.
Arch Stanton said on 30/Mar/17
6'3.5 is probably the honest one peak, but in shoes..
Ice said on 29/Mar/17
Wannabe tall guy
baja74 said on 23/Mar/17
Hey Rob, any chance you can put a tape measure in the photo with you and Kane? I would say you both are tilting about the same and given he has his trademark boots on, that he is most likely 6'1" today. Maybe a strong 6'2" back in the day before age and repeated stunt work took over.
Editor Rob: I feel he could seem over 6ft 1 that day, of course with boots I'd have said maybe 6ft 1 was the most he might have been in hindsight and a few years ago he was at an event and really, say compared to someone like Gwendoline Christie, he looked 2 inches smaller and had big boots!!!
Jordan87 said on 9/Mar/17

This Link does require some Scrolling down ,which I know you are pretty bad at.

P.S. If you actually scrolled down Kane's actual page on this site, you would see Rob Posted a Picture of the Type of Boots Kane was wearing when they picture was taken. Its more than 1-1/4" Buddy. Sorry to break that to you by the way.....Actually this is pretty enjoyable.

Click Here
Jordan87 said on 9/Mar/17

Lifts? Try Thick Heeled Boots Buddy,. There are countless pictures on google of him wearing them ( More than 1-1/4", dude start using google, its your friend. If you look at my earlier posts you will see I called him out on his 6'5" Claims, so yes I saw his Quote, learn to Scroll down. He also said he was 6'3.5". Guess you missed that one and are using the higher claim to pump your hero up.

And I can cant figure out how you missed his picture with Rob above.

Again, this man is with Rob and if he has his 1.25" Boots( Minimum,, I know, the facts hurts) he is still getting .75" Footwear Advantage over Rob. Take that .75" Away and you get a 6'0.5 man With Rob. You seem to think he Shrunk 2" by age 53? Ok even so he was 6'2.5" in his prime. Simple adding. He is not taller than 6'1 with Rob in the picture above when you take his shoe advantage into effect. Even he he shrunk 2" ( Which i think is BS) he still wasn't 6'3".
JJ said on 9/Mar/17
@Jordan I'm going by how tall he has claimed and most importantly how tall he LOOKS his boots really are just standard 1 1/4" inch (which is the average for boots) I mean unless he was wearing lifts in his shoes six-three peak I just can't see it, the lowest you could argue his peak was is a solid six-four but no lower, and also LOL that you think he wears lifts tell me who is putting this rubbish in your head? it seems everyone accuses celebrity's of wearing lifts. No stop. Also LOL that you think a six-one man would lie and say he's six-five no one and I mean NO ONE exaggerates there height by four inches imao that would be massively embarrassing and said individual would quickly learn to cut that sh** out, encase you didn't see the six-five claim at the top here it is again "I'd like to correct all the information on the internet because it's got me older, it's got me born in Chicago, but it's basically 6'5", 255. Born in Crystal Lake. Oh one more thing men can lose one and a half inches at 53 just look at Dolph lundgren and Dolph didn't even do stunt work anywhere near the to the same extent as Hodder did so yeah for Hodder 2 inches is also quite possible never mind 1 1/2" inch loss
Jordan87 said on 8/Mar/17

If you see a 6'3" Man Standing in the picture with Rob ?. He is 6'1.5 with Rob and that includes his footwear advantage( Thick Boots). How you think he is 6'3 now and was 6'4.5" in his prime is beyond me.

He was 53 years old when this Photo was taken with Rob. Men that age loose 1/2" of Height typically. 1.5" is way to much.

Now: 6'1" ( Without his Lifts)
Peak: 6'1.75" ( Without his lifts).

Kane was the best Jason IMO but people need to stop wishing their favorite Actors are certain heights when there is clear evidence against it.
JJ said on 5/Mar/17
I believe he was six-four and a half in his prime and has now shrunk down to six-three nowerdays, so really his six-five claim was perfectly reasonable he was just rounding off to the nearest inch, but he was near his six-five claim barefoot midday back in the 80s and 90s........
Jordan87 said on 25/Feb/17
That guy,

The lol should be directed at yourself since rocks far shoulder is higher than hodder s. Rocks shoulder closer to hodder is lower, thus showing how much he is leaning. As rob stated before rock is in sanders and hodder had a height complex since yes, he is always in some form of boot.

Sorry that your hero isn't as tall as you had hoped for.

He is not even over 6'1 with rob ( wearing his boots) and people think he was a legit 6'3. The photos with rock had to be 2002 since rock had his shorter hair at the time. So you are saying from 2002 to 2008 hodder lost that much height ?
ThatGuy said on 23/Feb/17
Just by rock's shoulder level he would be taller than hodder? lol huh? his shoulder level is under hodder's. as for hodder's boots back in the day he wore standard 1.5 - 2in boots, not lifts. look up when he went on the talk show as Jason, you can get a clear shot of his boots when he's walking to the stage, just regular boots. rock isn't as tall as people seem to think, I feel like some of you are giving the rock an edge because you like him over hodder, ignoring the facts presented in the pics seems silly to me. also Im not sure how much of a hair advantage hodder really has here, rock's hair was receding so bad and hodder's hairline comes down much further on his forehead giving him the appearance of having tall hair, but in reality their hair very likely gives a similar amount of added height, it's a bit of an illusion.
Editor Rob: Hodder isn't much taller than the Rock, but I'm sure most would say Rock might be losing an inch more in posture.

Plus Rock is in Sandals.

I'd be shocked if Hodder was in sandals, he's never out of boots of some sort, but I didn't see what Kane is wearing in any photo.
Jordan87 said on 20/Feb/17

Just by rocks shoulder level he would be taller than Hodder. Hodder most always wears his Munster lifts , likely bc he himself thinks he isn't tall enough( or he wouldn't wear them, get it? ) , that's apparent.

Also hodder has a hair advantage over the rock, and it's clearly not my opinion, that is it fact my friend.

This man is no more than 6'1.5" with rob ( including his boots) and you seem to think he shrunk and was once the rocks height?
Danimal said on 19/Feb/17
Jordan87 said on 16/Feb/17

If Rock Straitened up he would be clearly Taller than Hodder, you cant see that?

Clearly? Your opinion Jordan. At best he would be the same height as Kane there. You are also speculating that he was wearing monster boots back then. There was a time (in his prime) that he was a LEGIT tall man who has since lost a lot of height due to injuries/operations and age.
berta said on 19/Feb/17
yeah a think the rock could be 1 cm taller if he stood up straight. Dwayne at almost 191 and hodder 190 in the photo. but then hodder probably hade his special shoes on. if he did not have them on then he was really 189-190 but if he had them on then he npot taller than 188
Jordan87 said on 16/Feb/17

If Rock Straitened up he would be clearly Taller than Hodder, you cant see that? Hodder I can bet is wearing his MUNSTER Boots and has High Hair these are facts. Rock is Clearly Leaning, another fact.
Danimal said on 6/Feb/17
Pic with the Rock from probably the late 90's/early 2000's. This pic should NOT be ignored. He was clearly taller than The Rock at that time. Gave off an easy 6'4" in that pic, so even with 1.5-2" boots, he was clearly at least 6'2"-6'2.5" barefoot at peak (maybe taller) and a big guy (easily 255 pounds there). The proof is in the pic. The man was taller than a PRIME Rock who was close to 6'3" himself back then:
Click Here
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 27/Jan/17
Out of bed: 191-192cm
Before bed: 189-190cm
berta said on 27/Jan/17
take a look at him with bruce cvampbell. he is 2,5 cm taller than bruce with his monster lifts. my guess is smae height as bruce these days ore 1 cm shorter. cant be 185.5 when he barely taller than 184 guy with lifts on
berta said on 23/Jan/17
peak 188 now 184
Jordan87 said on 14/Dec/16
I Don't know how the hell he can claim 6'4 and 6'5 when he is just about 6'1 with Rob, and has REALLY THICK Shoes on to boot. He may be a nice guy off Camera but sounds delusional.
Sandy Cowell said on 4/Nov/16
@ baja74 - Hello again! I guess I do rather enjoy films of the horror genre! There's nothing quite like the adrenalin rush that watching them brings about! I have never met any of the actors from them; if I had a choice, I'd sooner meet a comedy actor like Stephen Fry, or perhaps one of the many all-genre actors who has often excelled in horror film parts like Sam Neill, who was so good in 'Event Horizon', 'The Final Conflict' and also a little-known film called 'In the Mouth of Madness.' The latter is well worth checking out, I can tell you! It took me ages to track it down!
Of course it's nearly two years too late to meet the great Christopher Lee. I would have loved to have met him! He saw someone being guillotined in France in the 1930's when he was still in his teens. I would NEVER have recovered from witnessing that! I even had nightmares when I was studying history at school, but I found it so fascinating that I'm still learning about it to this day! I love it and you can never know enough history! Also, it is staggeringly horrific...
baja74 said on 3/Nov/16
Sandy - You really know your horror films. It's nice to see someone like you. Have you ever met any of these guys before? I never have. I'm jealous of Rob! Hahaha
I just watched a old news clip about Kane after he did Jason twice. They said he was 6'3" and 215 lbs in 1990. He appeared 6'3-ish when they showed him in the gym hitting the weights. The news clip is on Youtube called Kane Hodder On a current affair in 1989
Click Here
Sandy Cowell said on 3/Nov/16
@ Baja74 - I have seen 'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III' only fleetingly! I remember seeing Viggo Mortensen in it and thinking "from the King in the LOTR to this piece of nastiness.." AND he played the angel 'Lucifer' in 'The Prophecy!' What a contrast of roles, but that is what makes an actor interesting!
I didn't know that stuntman Kane Hodder was in TCS III. I'll check for his name when I see it next. Standing in for Viggo Mortensen in a 'full body burn', it wouldn't be very convincing IF you happen to notice the size difference between the two men! Something else I'll check out! Cheers!
Baja74 said on 1/Nov/16
Sandy - If you ever saw Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3, there is a scene where Viggo Mortensen (sp?) character is set on fire. Apparently Kane did that fire sequence since that is his claim to fame. It's obvious that the man who is on fire is clearly larger than the Viggo character. I know in most cases they always try to get a stunt man who is similar in structure as the actor.
So, yes Kane is a very large guy for certain stunts these days. I heard rumor that he might be considered for next year's Friday the 13th. I would imagine he would need to slim down a bit and put those elevator shoes on.
Anyway, I would guess kane was a max 6'2" and now 6'1"
berta said on 22/Oct/16
in a scene in the movie wishmaster he stand in front of the russian guy from lost who is listed 185 here and they are about the same height i would say kane is maybe 2 max 3 cm taller. i think he was at best 188 peak and now 184
berta said on 18/Oct/16
i think he can look 6 foot 2 these days with his boots and they give him maybe 6,5-7 cm so i guess he is around 184 today
Sandy Cowell said on 14/Oct/16
Kane seems mighty big to be a stuntman but having studied his body structure, he is clearly an enormous great powerhouse of a man and got that way through hard slog. A great deal of weight when packed like that is quite frightening; imagine being near him if he slipped over - he could kill someone!

Ironically, I saw his name come up as the stunt coordinator at the end of a film tonight. I wasn't paying enough attention to be able to name the film for certain so I won't guess as it could be one of two.

In the 'Friday the Thirteenth' series of films, we never get to see his face properly so I didn't have the vaguest idea of what he looked like. He can hardly be called a brilliant actor as his parts were given to him on account of his size and he didn't have to learn any lines to speak of, (sorry!) so it makes sense that he has another showbiz job - that of a stunt coordinator, so fair play to him.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 14/Sep/16
6ft3§ is still a stretch but a big improvement from 6ft5! Possibly an out of bed height (like hed know or even care about that!) but definitely a mark he could hit in regular shoes.

Rob, in the biggest boots available to him could he have reached 6ft5?
Editor Rob: some of these boots he has worn could give 2-2.5 inch range, so he might have measured near 6ft 5 in them.
Josh jeffords said on 3/Sep/16
Big tall guy he lied about his weight duh so maybe his height too.
Looked 6 6 at least 255 275 as jason in boots of course..
The Man said on 9/Aug/16
A 6'1" guy claiming 6'5"... What a joke.
James said on 13/Jul/16
Does anyone know if he is playing Jason again in the upcoming 2017 F13 movie? Apparently they are filming it still but not leaking any cast info.
I keep going around and around with his height. Why is this guy's height so debatable? Sometimes he looks like 6 foot even. And other times he looks 6'4". His boot size seems to be the big question. Not to mention his posture. So, I'm gonna agree with a 6'1" on a good day for this guy. He might have to loose some tummy if he's gonna do Jason again. Just my opinion.
BigBertha said on 8/Jul/16
I concur with Gary, when i relax my spine and slouch slightly with my head tilted, i do lose a few inches. This guy looks like a shrimp next to derek mears in that group photo, but there is another taken and he looks an inch shorter - hes standing straight. Of course this guy wears ridiculous boots, new rocks brand which tend to have 3in or more heel/platform. This also helps to explain why he looks taller/shorter, seemingly changing event from event. Sometimes he wears his lifted boots, sometimes he wears normal boots, or perhaps a logger style (still a normal boot though a slightly larger heel). I can buy 6'1 or even 6'1.5 barefoot, then between 6'2.5 to 6'4 in his boots.(standing height in the boots.)
Peter 179cm said on 5/Jul/16
184cm/6'0.5 is more accurate.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 19/Jun/16
189/190cm peak is fair. Wouldn't have completely ruled out 6ft3 either.
TapeWormMeasure said on 19/Jun/16
Kane always gives off a huge presence. I think 6'2 current would be more fair
berta said on 8/Jun/16
i dont Think he was mutch over 188 peak and now he looks with his shoes to be 187 then we tae of maybe 3,5 cm extra in shoes that makes him 183,4 but i give him 184
Crane said on 1/May/16
So this guy can be anywhere between 6'1 - 6'5....
DarthVader said on 12/Apr/16
James said on 29/Feb/16
"take off those gloves and shake a hand like a respectable person. Should be hand sanitizer available for hand shake events for fear of touching other's hands."
Not sure what this has to do with height, but since you brought it up, he was horribly burned earlier in his career. His hands look like boiled crabs, pretty sure you would wear gloves too.
Gary said on 11/Mar/16
I can see him as a legit 6ft3 guy with horrible posture. Maybe in Jason X, he looked 6 ft3, and now he's more of not even close to the that height with rob because he's leaning towards him; head slightly tilted. But not many of you may know this but when your head is slightly tilted, you lose a lot of inches or maybe centimeters, but for Kane's case you may think he doesn't look like he has a neck, we'll he does; and when he hyperextends his posture you'll see the difference between what he really looks and what you see from this photo.
John said on 3/Mar/16
6'2.75" peak height
James said on 29/Feb/16
I think he's struggling to hit 6'1". He looks quite small next to Mears, Brooker, and Graham at those conventions. My question would be, why he would NOT wear his thick boots at those so he looks taller. He knows he's going to be standing next to them and others getting photos taken. I think he needs to unfold his arms, take off those gloves and shake a hand like a respectable person. Should be hand sanitizer available for hand shake events for fear of touching other's hands.
Anyway, 6'0" to 6'1" tops and 230-240 lbs.
Editor Rob: how much height he has truly lost can be hard to pinpoint, but he really does look like he's lost more than an inch.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 20/Feb/16
Weird...he looks 6ft4 range w/h The Rock who many think was a strong 6ft3 back then.
noah lawson said on 15/Feb/16
he wears a new rock boots
Maximus said on 22/Oct/15
Click Here
Here he is with 6'3 Dwayne Johnson, and appears a tad taller, likely due to a footwear advantage.
Ice said on 20/Oct/15
So this guy stands a ( comperably to other horror stuntmen) pretty merre 6'1 , and once claimed a massive 6'5 like Kirzinger ? This is ridicilous . He also wears massive lifting boots , like does he think nobody will notice that ?
bugs said on 14/Oct/15
Rob at 1:48 he is next to 196 cm Ken Kirtzinger who played the cook in that movie,and he looks only 186 cm
The film was made in 1989, so his peak was only 186? Click Here
[Editor Rob: it's such a small encounter that it can be hard to say if it was more than 3 like nearly 4...considering his boots were probably thick.]
Maximus said on 2/Oct/15
Click Here
Check out the beginning of this video! You get a clear shot of his boots. What do you think, Rob?
[Editor Rob: comfortably in 2-inch range, I believe these are the type of boots also 'big G' wears now.]
Maximus said on 22/Sep/15
I just got some Logger boots, and they have around a 2.25" heel and are nowhere near as large as Hodder's. I think you may be right in that he wears a custom boot, as I've searched online for it and can't seem to find any information on it. It really seems to be around a 3" heel. Notice how big the front of the boot is too, in comparison with the back. My logger boots don't have nearly as big a sole on the front. If they do add 3", that would explain why in some photos he appears taller than some 6'3 guys such as Schneider - or near the same height as Tony Todd in a few photos I've seen - and then look so tiny next to Tyler Mane. Some of the pictures of his boots seem to be smaller than others - not sure if this is a camera trick or if he in fact has multiple boots of varying heel heights. Would also explain why some supposedly 6'4 guys on here claim he's the same or near height, whereas some smaller guys also make the claim.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 19/Sep/15
6ft4½(194cm) in boots = 6ft5 claim
Matthew190 said on 11/Sep/15
Maximus said on 24/Aug/15
Rob, you mentioned it is likely that his chunky boots add 2" - 2.25" of height, yet at 6'1 that would only make him 6'3.25" at max. John Schneider is 6'3, and with shoes (even dress shoes add a tad bit of height), he would likely be in the 6'3 to 6'3.5 range, perhaps taller. How is it possible for Kane to appear so near, if not AT, 6'4 in his big boots, if they only add 2 inches to his 6'1 height?


Hodder's boots definitely add some solid height. He can appear 6'2" - 6'3" in them from time to time in photos but take them off and there's no way he's gonna be much more than 6'1", if that. In his heyday he was probably somewhere around 6'2" (give or take a half inch). I could buy up to (but not over) 6'2.5" but I wouldn't be completely shocked if it turned out he's never even been more than 6'1.5" either. Needless to say, he's lost at least a little bit of height over the years and he wears massive boots that can make him look taller.
Maximus said on 24/Aug/15
Rob, you mentioned it is likely that his chunky boots add 2" - 2.25" of height, yet at 6'1 that would only make him 6'3.25" at max. John Schneider is 6'3, and with shoes (even dress shoes add a tad bit of height), he would likely be in the 6'3 to 6'3.5 range, perhaps taller. How is it possible for Kane to appear so near, if not AT, 6'4 in his big boots, if they only add 2 inches to his 6'1 height?
[Editor Rob: in person Schneider appears taller than Hodder to me.
The boots when blown up larger do look quite significant. How much advantage he has is debatable. It could be John has 0.8in shoes and Hodder's give 2.3, I don't know what model or if it's a custom boot Hodder wears Click Here]
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 24/Aug/15
I think 6ft2½-3 range peak is fair. At that height it's possible to clear 6ft4 in boots and I think he could possibly fool people into thinking he was 6ft5.
Journey said on 9/Jul/15
How is he shrinking so much.
TRINACRIA said on 4/Jul/15
I saw him yesterday (friday 03 june) at the Montreal Comiccon. I'm 1m84 cms and he was more or less (a bit shorter I'd say) the same height despite big boots. I was wearing those shoes : Click Here
[Editor Rob: he's shrinking every year...]
Jim Hopper said on 19/Jun/15
Without boots 6-1" max!! Why wear those dumb shoes???
[Editor Rob: he just likes being a bit taller really.
Matthew said on 18/Jun/15
Maximus says on 31/May/15
Looks a good 6'4 here next to 6'3 John Schneider.
Click Here


Of course, we can't see what his footwear looks like.
[Editor Rob: he isn't taller than John, here is Footwear...he's in his big boots he wears a lot.]
Maximus said on 31/May/15
Looks a good 6'4 here next to 6'3 John Schneider.
Click Here
G said on 27/May/15
I watched Jason X, it seemed to me 6'2.5 or 6'2.75.
Rancor said on 25/May/15
I'm 6'4 and met him today at a convention. He was the exact same height as me, though he had on monster boots. I buy your 6'1 estimate.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 23/May/15
Wow...imagine him claiming 6ft5 today.
Charon540 said on 23/Apr/15
185 cm seems spot on
His posture is going really bad
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 17/Apr/15
Rob, could he be heading toward 184cm now even?
[Editor Rob: in next 5 years I'm sure he'll be heading there.]
Onrey96 said on 8/Apr/15
6' 2" to the max
shivaya said on 29/Mar/15
i think he is a solid 6'1
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 26/Mar/15
"Peak height was 6ft 2¾in (190cm)"

Rob, is it possible that he thinks that he was 6ft5 and that he's currently 6ft3½?
[Editor Rob: I think height loss is definite with him, how much though...I mean last year I saw him a few times and he had at least an inch more footwear but really didn't look more than 6ft 2 at the absolute most, take off advantage and I can't buy him more than 6ft 1 barefoot.]
Gonzalez said on 14/Mar/15
There were two options about his height: 6'2.5" (189 cm), 6'3.5" (192 cm). Maybe in big shoes but barefoot he's no more than 6'1". The best Jason Voorhees all time.
Onrey96 said on 10/Mar/15
He looked pretty tall in hatchet
Onrey96 said on 7/Mar/15
6' 3" not 6' or 6' 1" don't know where you guys get that from
[Editor Rob: from seeing him up close.

Not a chance he's 6ft 3. He has lost height though, I'm sure.
Alex 6'0 said on 25/Jan/15
Rob, when was this pic taken? 6'2.5 peak is very possible. 6'2.5 in pretty big boots he'll def looks 6'4-6'5 range in Friday the 13th movies. This picture he looks no more than 6'1.
merf said on 8/Jan/15
Just watch "killer xtras"on f13th ult edition dvd collection.whatch secrets behind the gore.u can tell kane is standing on a box behind the bench to appear taller.look at kanes full body castings.they look petite.he wears gloves all the time too.why?little hands!!thats why ted white was the best jason.for one thing he actully is 6'4"
ice said on 30/Nov/14
Damn this guy is 6'1 and claims 6'3.5 ?! Ridicilous
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 15/Nov/14
I can believe he was 6ft4 in boots as Jason Voorhees
Danimal said on 22/Oct/14
Check out the boots Hodder wears to conventions/interviews. This is from last year. Those babies look 3" easily. He must be compensating for his height loss. Especially next to a legit tall guy like C.J. Graham:
Danimal said on 19/Oct/14
Finally found the video of A Current Affair where they do a profile on Kane Hodder!!! At 3:15 they say he is 6'3" and 215 pounds. Remember, this was 25 years ago (1989). He DID get heavier in the next few years, but I do believe that 25 years ago, he WAS close to 6'3". Here's the video:
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 13/Oct/14
He doesn't look very healthy
mId said on 10/Oct/14
Part 1: Was just a kid.

Part 2: ~5'11 if memory serves me right.

Part 3: 6'3

Part 4: 6'3-6'4

Part 5: 6'1(Listed 6'2, but is shorter than Harold Raimis when stuntdoubling.)

Part 6: 6'3(Get's listed 6'4 but I'm not so sure.. Don't look it on screen.)

Part 7-JasonX: ~6'1(Wears big boots as Jason.. Even as himself :p Was deemed to short to play Jason in the Freddy Vs Jason movie.)

Freddy Vs Jason: 6'5 or over.

Reboot: 6'5. Could be little over also.. Don't remember exactly.
miko said on 8/Sep/14
Maybe at his prime of 6'2/6'2.5 he measured himself in boots and just went with that.

He has obviously taken a battering over the years and lost quite a bit.
SaveUsY2J said on 16/Jul/14
It's possible, like Ben Affleck, that he measured 6'3.5 in shoes at his peak and that's where his claim comes from.
Mathew said on 25/Jun/14
6'2.5" peak sounds good. I certainly don't think he was the 6'3.5" - 6'4" range, let alone 6'5".
Mathew said on 23/Jun/14
6'1" today. I would guess he was 6'2" peak, although 6'2.5" isn't impossible either.
[Editor Rob: you can tell with this guy's back that today he's lost a good chunk of height.]
Alex 6'0 said on 28/May/14
The Jason character was billed as 6'3 and always looked 6'3 or taller in the movies even when Hodder wasn't playing him. Other Jason actors were 6'3-6'4 range as well. Hodder Id say between 6'2 and 6'3 peak and today 6'1
Elias said on 20/May/14
Rob why do you downgrade him ? 6ft1.5 (187 cm) seems correct
[Editor Rob: the guy is shrinking more]
176,2Tunman said on 18/Feb/14
Funny pic,Rob.LOL,imagine that he saw your listing, he would probably have killed you
[Editor Rob: he's doing a con later this year, I don't know if it's worth getting another photo, maybe I'd strangle him!]
kyuss said on 14/Feb/14
6-1 peak. now 6-0 or bit under. 6-5 is retarded to even say that height.
Lorne said on 4/Feb/14
Well 6ft3.5, that is far less ridiculous then 6'5...
mId said on 20/Dec/13
I agree with Ali Baba.. Plus, I Think he's been 6' all along.. atleast not over 6'1.. he was wearing BIG heels as Jason(as seen in the arsenio hall interview when he walks up the steps) and even then didn't look that tall.. not in the Movies either. Looked 6' with Chris penn in 'best of the best' too.
Mathew said on 10/Nov/13
About 6'2" peak, 6'1" today.
Ali Baba said on 4/Nov/13
If he's wearing those ridiculous boots he likes to wear in the picture with Rob he probably closer to 6'0" than 6'2".
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 2/Nov/13
He could pass for your dad, Rob.
Brad said on 31/Oct/13
He was chucking it up last night on Coast To Coast. The guy is 6' 1" not 6' 5" his resume job height. He got canned from Jason vs Freddy when the producers did test shots with Englund and hired a legit 6' 5.5" actor. Look at the Mears & Mane shot by him, he's getting blown out by a legit 6' 5"er. Wears chunky height enhancing boots at every convention. Said he was stunting on Emergency & Franciscus' Hunter shows....... um, his age is wrong too, Universal doesn't hire teens for stunting.
The Creeper said on 28/Oct/13
Met Kane Hodder this past weekend at Spooky Empire. He was wearing thick soled boots. I'd say the listing here is accurate for what Hodder may be barefoot. 6'1appx.
Matt 184.7-186.7cm said on 26/Oct/13
6ft 5 what?? not even in a pair of dons!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 27/Jul/13
He could appear 6ft3-6ft4 range in the 80s.
I think 6ft2.75in/190cm peak is possible.

Today is a solid 187cm
196 cm said on 25/Jul/13
im solid 6'5 and Ive seen him , he was a lot shorter than me . How he was able to claim 6'5 is beyond me . He appears taller than he is because he wears really thick healed boots
Emil said on 12/Jul/13
I think he was reffering to Jason Vorhees height. A 6'2.5 should not have a complex
Lorne said on 19/Jun/13
Wow... 189cm peak claiming 6'5? I hope to god he was Referencing Jason...
josh said on 3/Jun/13
yeah 6'1 - 6'1 1/2
jimmy said on 23/Apr/13
Lol I think that even Robert Downey Junior would be jealous of this guy's shoes.How much do you think they add to barefoot height Rob? 2"-2.25"?
[Editor Rob: that range is likely]
Tommo said on 14/Apr/13
Not sure if it's me being thick but surely his description up there is him joking around and describing Jason Vorhees? Crystal Lake is the lake from the movies...
LG69 said on 4/Apr/13
mId said on 3/Apr/13
Click Here

He didn't look that tall in best of the best. looks about 6' in that. Chris penn who's the other guy in this scene looked around 5'10-11 when doing a Movie with don the dragon wilson(5'11-6')
ice said on 13/Mar/13
actually he looks like 6 feet here
Mathew said on 25/Jan/13
I think he is about 6'1" today. He's 57 and with his career in stunts, I can buy that he's lost a bit of height. I can buy a 188 cm - possibly 189 cm peak height. So I'm fine with as listed, but I very much doubt he was ever any taller barefoot.
Ice said on 2/Dec/12
6'5 is laughable . This listing is correct.
Chameleon said on 26/Oct/12
on an i-m-d-b threat about this guy, people say he was 5'11 - 6'0 standing next to him where he also had elevator shoes on they said. Interesting really. 1 of those guys also said Russel Crowe is 5'10 standing next to him on level ground. My estimate of him is 6' - 6'1 after watching Wishmaster. But 6ft max? Its not like I would be suprised as actors lie and this guy wears some huge shoes but ye 6'1 max is my estimate peak.
luck said on 17/Sep/12
This guy goes to my gym I see him all the time, didn't realize he was a stuntman. With shoes on at the gym I'm almost 6'3, more like 6'2 barefoot and he is clearly shorter than me by at least 1.5 inches maybe more. Good LIsting
gsbr said on 7/Sep/12
I know this has been mentioned before, but Hodder was likely referring to the Jason character as when he said he was 6'5'', not himself. In an Arrow in the Head interview, Hodder said he was 6'3'' and a half.
Derek D said on 2/Sep/12
He looks like he would be around 5'11 ish if he wasn't in those huge boots next to Derek and Mane. How did he ever claim 6'5?
Chameleon said on 19/Aug/12
In Wishmaster he looked 6'1 with 6'1 Andrew Divoff, and that was back in 1997.
Mathew said on 19/Aug/12
My guess would be peak 6'2.25" and an inch shorter today. Not much more than 6'1" now as the photos prove.
Danimal said on 18/Aug/12
6'5" Derek Mears (who is closer to the camera) with Kane Hodder in 2009. Kane looking a solid 6'2" there: Click Here
Danimal said on 13/Aug/12
jtm says on 12/Aug/12
yeah can't believe he is listed at that height. even nowadays he is at least 6'1.

I agree. Imo he was between 6'2" and 6'3" in his prime (late 80's/early 90's). Today, imo, he's still over 6'1" easy.
jtm said on 12/Aug/12
yeah can't believe he is listed at that height. even nowadays he is at least 6'1.
Danimal said on 12/Aug/12
Someone on I M D B put him at 5'10 3/4". It sucks how members can edit stars profiles on there.
Danimal said on 11/Aug/12
Close to 6'3" in his prime (into the early 1990's at least). Just watched Friday the 13th Part 9: Jason Goes To Hell (1993) and at the beginning when the Black Coroner (player by Richard Gant, who is 6'4" and who looked it as Tommy Gunn's manager in Rocky V) is being frisked by the security guard (played by Hodder), he looks to be about 1" taller than him. So, Kane was around 6'3", or just under it in the late 80's/early 90's for sure. I thin he's lost over an inch since then.
Danimal said on 11/Aug/12
Close to 6'3" in his prime (into the early 1990's at least). Just watched Friday the 13th Part 9: Jason Goes To Hell (1993) and at the beginning when the Black Coroner (player by Richard Gant, who is 6'4" and who looked it as Tommy Gunn's manager in Rocky V) is being frisked by the security guard (played by Hodder), he looks to be about 1" taller than him. So, Kane was around 6'3", or just under it in the late 80's/early 90's for sure. I thin he's lost over an inch since then.
Danimal said on 26/Jul/12
He was on Entertainment tonight in the late 80's and they said he was 6'3" and 215 pounds at that time. 6'3" may have been a roundup from 6'2" and change (his peak height). May have lost some height since then. Definitely not below 6'1" today.
Andrzej said on 14/Jun/12
movie data base says very precise 5'10.75 thats 180 cm. surely they are hursh.
Cobain said on 11/Feb/12
I thought you had a ponytail Rob, then I realised it's Kane's fingers.
Chameleon said on 8/Feb/12
Rob in Wishmaster he is the exact same height as Andrew Divoff, he is 6'1 needs a downgrade.
aaron1337 said on 1/Feb/12
What do you think about these photos Rob? Here is Kane Hodder next to 6ft5 Derek Mears and 6ft8 Tyler Mane. He doesn't even look 6ft2 next to them. Besides compare the heel size of Hodder's shoes with the other two.
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Here is Hodder with 6ft3 listed CJ Graham, Hodder has probably his big heeled boots on:
Click Here
[Editor Rob: maybe he is nearer 6ft 1 today, those were basically the kind of boots he had when I saw him.

it is possible he has lost height over the last 20 years. ]
nice guy said on 30/Jan/12
I dont get it why does a tall guy like him need to lie like this? - I mean i get it pitt, diesel, sly and all the others need to lie since they're all below 5'11 - but that dude here? damn he is a solid 6'1 and yet he claims 6'5 lol..
Chameleon said on 28/Jan/12
Hes 6´1
Sasha said on 25/Jan/12
Rob and Kane stand too slouchy to estimate the height properly. But from this picture I got the 5" height difference. So Kane is 6'1", maybe 6'1.25". Unless Kane holds Rob in the air. :)
Cranberries said on 16/Jan/12
Maybe when he says "basically 6'5", 255, born in Crystal Lake" he's referring to his character Jason. Kane Hodder doesn't seem tooo egotistical, and he's certainly nowhere near those stats.
Michael said on 8/Jan/12
Looks around 6'2.75 when standing, rounded to 6'3''. I agree that his height has probably decreased considerably over the years.
Danimal said on 11/Dec/11
Close to 6'3" (maybe 6'2.5") in the late 80's.. Today looks to be down to 6'1" (give or take .25"-.5") (may have had back surgery, or hip replacement).
Jake T. said on 25/Nov/11
Kane used to be 6'2.5 but now he is looking 6'1.5. I think in the photo with Rob he does reach 187 cm too.
Big Mike said on 8/Nov/11
He looked 6ft3 in the Friday the 13th films but they game a big heeled boot his height I think was the reason why he wasn't in Freddy vs Jason he was considerd too short they wanted someone to dwarf Englund who is 5ft9 so they casted Ken Krinziger who is 6ft5
Alex said on 30/Oct/11
I can see a 6'2.5-6'3 peak but hes looking 6'1 with Rob. Also in Friday the 13th movies he wore good sized boots so I can see 6'5 in boots! He sure looked very tall in whatever footwear he was wearing in the movies
Mathew said on 26/Oct/11
Maybe 6'2.5" peak. 6'5" is obviously not right.
jeremy said on 25/Oct/11
thought he would be bigger 6ft1.5
Chameleon said on 8/Oct/11
Yeah Robby, I agree with 6'1.
Robby said on 7/Oct/11
I saw him at Comic Con Chicago in August. He wasn't listed to be there but I saw him walking around. I am guessing he was there because Horror Con was also going on at the same time. my friend Rich is 6 feet tall and I am 5'9.5" he was wearing these huge had to be 3" combat looking boots. in all honesty I wouldn't put him taller then 6'1" barefoot. he went over to say hi to the Nasty Boys and he wasn't much taller then Knobs and Sags in those boots.
Chameleon said on 1/Sep/11
He's eye to eye with 6'1 Andrew Divoff in Wishmaster.................
Danimal said on 30/Aug/11
Smarty says on 20/Aug/11
Prime - 6'4. Today - He's no taller then 6'2 at best. I guess all the injuries he's sustained in the course of his career have all caught up with him.

Was never 6'4". Entertainment Tonight did a spot on Kane Hodder in the late 80's (1989 I think) and they claimed that he was 6'3" and 215 pounds. The link USED to be on this site about 6 years ago. Looks to be in the 6'1" range today. He's definitely lost height (his neck is shorter for starters).
Smarty said on 20/Aug/11
Prime - 6'4. Today - He's no taller then 6'2 at best. I guess all the injuries he's sustained in the course of his career have all caught up with him.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 16/Aug/11
6ft1 out of bed isn't a fair evaluation, in my opinion.
Chances are he still measures over that mark at any point in the day, but certainly not by 4cm.
187cm today and a solid 6ft2 peak maybe pushing 6ft2.5(189cm)?
Phill said on 25/Jul/11
Just met him on July 23rd in Louisville KY at Fright Night Film Fest. I would guess he is a 6'1'' guy out of bed. He had on thick boots & still only had me by 3" tops around 2pm & I'm 5'9.5" & had on 1" heel boots. His boots were at minimum .5" thicker than mine. He was much thinner than I expected since he looked so thick in Jason 7-X. He wasnt overly friendly but still joked around a bit.
James said on 18/Jul/11
does not look over 185cm with rob considering he had thick shoes.
[Editor Rob: I saw a photo of a horror website guy who was standing with kane and taller, but then he was standing with derek mears and was I think 3 inches shorter...]
Chameleon said on 10/Jul/11
I agree needs downgrade
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 6/Jul/11
He needs a downgrade Rob
James said on 27/Jun/11
LOL 6'5
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 23/Jun/11
lol 6ft4.75. Now ive heard it all. 186/187cm in the pic but would maybe look over 6ft2 with better posture
Legend said on 22/Jun/11
186cm in the picture. 6'5 is a big fat joke.
James said on 3/Jun/11
186 or 187 in the photo
Candyman said on 1/Jun/11
Looks 6'1.5 to me but pictures can lie.
James said on 31/May/11
itymsel does he look 9 inches taller than rob to you?
Chameleon said on 19/May/11
Rob also states he has thick soled shoes, Im not buying no 6'2.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 17/May/11
He doesn't look 6"2 because he's hunched
Chameleon said on 16/May/11
You guys really see 6'2 ???????

I cant see it! Why? Because its not there.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 15/May/11
6"2.75(190cm) peak
6"2(188cm) today
James said on 13/May/11
Dman could be right

6'2.5 (189cm) peak
6'1.5 (187cm) today
Chameleon said on 6/May/11
Agree with JamesZzZZZz
Dman1528 said on 5/May/11
i would say 6'1.5" now 6'2.5" peak and he does this same pose in the picture with pretty much all of his fans. i have heard he is a really cool guy. and i know he goes to lots of autograph signings.
James said on 4/May/11
6'3 is a joke for this guy more like 6'1
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 4/May/11
That's not impossible, James
Danimal said on 4/May/11
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 18/Apr/11
He looks 6"1.5(187cm) maybe 6"1.75 tops now... closer to 6"3 back in the day. I doubt he was ever 6"5(196cm) even in boots...probably 6"3.5-6"4 tops. The reasons he claimed such an outlandish figure is most likely to do with his ego...

Honestly though...he seems like a complete douch with his hands around Rob

Honestly, he's in character. Get a sense of humor Hugh...

[Editor Rob: I had a scared face at first, for some reason the women looking at the photo at the table said smile. It would have been better with a scared face!]
Danimal said on 4/May/11
Was described as being 6'3" and 215 pounds on Entertainment tonight in the late 80's..
Lenad is sexy said on 2/May/11
Doesnt look 6'2 min here more like 186cm max
James said on 1/May/11
6'1.25 (186cm) with rob maybe???
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 30/Apr/11
I agree...I don't see 188cm(6"2)
Chameleon said on 29/Apr/11
sorry but im struggling to even see 6'2 here XD
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 28/Apr/11
230lbs tops I think
Mathew said on 26/Apr/11
Aaron says on 19/Apr/11
Lmao, maybe he weighs 255 after eating several pizzas and 2 liters, but this guy isn't big. 6'2"-6'3" peak, tiny head, tiny hands, narrow shoulders, and long spindly legs... Plus a neck that attaches to the front of his chin.
Maybe he's a nice guy though!

I don't know if I'd go that far in describing him. He's decently big. Not 6'5" 255, but at 6'2.5" and 235 or what ever he is, still a pretty big man.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 24/Apr/11
6"2 at the VERY most today. 187cm is a safer bet in my opinion. But the 80s he was most likely closer 6"3. The claimed weight of 255lbs is like his 6"5 claim, interlinked with his ego.
Aaron said on 19/Apr/11
Lmao, maybe he weighs 255 after eating several pizzas and 2 liters, but this guy isn't big. 6'2"-6'3" peak, tiny head, tiny hands, narrow shoulders, and long spindly legs... Plus a neck that attaches to the front of his chin.

Maybe he's a nice guy though!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 18/Apr/11
He looks 6"1.5(187cm) maybe 6"1.75 tops now... closer to 6"3 back in the day. I doubt he was ever 6"5(196cm) even in boots...probably 6"3.5-6"4 tops. The reasons he claimed such an outlandish figure is most likely to do with his ego...

Honestly though...he seems like a complete douch with his hands around Rob
Ryan said on 3/Apr/11
I'm 6'5" and I tower over guys who are 5'8". Unless Rob is wearing elevator shoes, Hodder is no more than 6'2".
robbie said on 17/Mar/11
i see a hatchet man on his hand whoop whoop to him.
Matt said on 1/Mar/11
lol 6ft 5... more like 6ft 1.5 ish
Moke said on 25/Feb/11
omg he really claimed 6'5? I would be really embarrassed to make myself that much taller :D He looks 6'1.5" in the pic.
James said on 24/Feb/11
184cm in the pic
Mike A said on 3/Feb/11
Kane looks like a good 6 ft 2 in the Jason movies he had a pretty good size boot heel and he's def a lil heavier than 215 about maybe 230 but he's a muscle bound guy
James said on 31/Jan/11
With rob looks 6'1
Anonymous said on 13/Nov/10
looks 6
Adamz said on 13/Nov/10
lolz @ Vipah
Viper said on 2/Nov/10
A LOT of people on here cant tell height, or refuse to accept that most people in hollywood as well as sports stars are upgraded by 1-2 inches on average. Its quite sad really. You would think a height forum would attract a larger percentage who are usually correct like me, but alas that is not so for some reason. There are plenty of sane individuals evicwho agree with me as I also post good evidence a lot of the time with my claims.

ACG, maybe once you are sane enough to actually get out of you mental ward and into the real world, you will see the light and not be so hillariously awful in your estimates. I just saw you think Tom Cruise is 5'9, LOL. High comedy.
Danimal said on 1/Nov/10
Kane WAS 6'2"-6'3" about 20+ years ago.. I saw him on Entertainment Tonight in the late 80's (1988-1989) and they said he was 6'3" and 215 pounds... Looked to be physically heavier than 215 at that time. Looked to be at least 240-250 pounds... As for his height today, I'd say he's about 6'1"... (age and the beating he has put his body through in the last 30+ years as a stuntman)...
ACG said on 1/Nov/10
Viper says on 12/Oct/10
LOL, only an upgrader like RisingForce would think I downgrade. How delusional of him.

1st off, get your user names right. Yet it really makes no difference- just about everybody here knows you almost always downgrade; no real secret at all.

2ndly, it's obvious that you're choosing some obscure actor's page to "upgrade" on just so you can't be accused of downgrading 100% of the time(now we're down to what, 99%? 98.5?).

3rdly, please just GTFO. You contribute absolutely nothing to this site, aside from borderline comedy when you flip out and call people insane if they see you as wrong(which would then make just about all of celebheights one big loony bin).
Alex said on 23/Aug/07
6'2 250lbs sounds accurate for Kane I think.
Ed said on 20/Aug/07
Kane just made a movie about Ed Gein where he plays the real life killer. It's kind of funny though considering Gein was a short little stocky old man who liked to wear plaid and those hats with the ear flaps, and then you have Kane looking like a mountain man lumberjack in the role. He's a big dude no doubt, and he walks around in an apron with no shirt and you can just how large he is. He's not ripped, but built like a powerlifter. 250lbs without a doubt, and he did look 6ft3ish in the boots he was wearing in the film!

On another note the guy has got one creepy mad dog stare, that's for sure. When he looks into the camera at times he appears like he's going to come through and strangle you, lol! In the majority of the film he barely talks but just stares at people, and it's pretty freaky. All I could picture was Jason though, because he kills people just like him in the flick not like what Gein did at all!
Alex said on 19/Aug/07
Ed, thats what Kane looked to me then. I haven't seen him in a while. Maybe he lost weight or something but def looked a good 240-250lbs when he was Jason. Whether or not he was 6'2-6'3 or in between he still looked around 250lbs.
Ed said on 18/Aug/07
Alex, I agree 6ft2( maybe 6ft2.5)and 250lbs sounds like a very realistic estimate! He's just too big to weigh much less, at least now a days.
Alex said on 17/Aug/07
Kane has gotta be closer to 250lbs. When he looked that when he was Jason. He's probably really 6'2-6'2.5. I don't think he's as short as 6'1.
Viper said on 12/Aug/07
He looked taller than the Rock I thought in a couple of those pics. But yeah he could have had a footwear advantage.
Ed said on 9/Aug/07
Danimal if he's 6ft3, then so be it! It's not that I want him to be less, I've just always been suspicious of the monstrous footwear for such an obviously large man. I don't get it? Your between 6ft1.5 and 6ft3 barefoot, big as a house, and yet you wear huge heeled shoes. Not to mention his height is up and down all the time. He looked the same height as The Rock(6ft2.5), but I'd be willing to bet he was wearing his 2 inch boots and the Rock was wearing normal footwear or even sandals based on the clothes he was wearing in the pic.
Danimal said on 9/Aug/07
Ed, it seems like you don't want him to be 6'3". Can't we just sometimes accept the height that is given, without dissecting it to this extent. As I said, he may only be 6'2" and change and rounded up. I'm willing to live with that. Cool?
Ed said on 8/Aug/07
Danimal, I agree he did look quite tall on the beach, but I don't know how tall is wife is and she could be very short for all we know. The funny thing is did you notice his shoes on the beach, they looked quite large as well. Like giant high tops with big heels! I wonder how much lift he got out of those? Another thing is if you've ever seen Wishmaster, Hodder has a small role as a security guard who meets an untimely end with the DJinn(Andrew Divoff/6ft1). There's not much of a difference between the two maybe an inch or so in Hodder's favor, and you can view the clip on youtube. I stumbled across it after looking at the clip you found.

While wearing his boots he could have been near 6ft5 in his youth, now a days he's not looking much bigger than in the 6ft3 plus range. I agree he's a big dude regardless! What puzzles me is if he was 6ft3 in his youth, what's with the big heeled lift boots he's wearing all the friggin time? 6ft3 is pretty damn tall, especially when he's a big musclebound guy as well. That I don't get?
Danimal said on 8/Aug/07
Ed, Lou has gone through all kinds of stages of development over the years.
Kane saying he is 6'5" is obviously with his shoes on. His BOOTS I should say.
He did look 6'3" while walking on the beach with his wife. He was a tall man. Again, he could be 6'2" and change and just rounded it up to 6'3". Either way, 6'2"-6'3", he is still a large man.
Jason said on 8/Aug/07
Yeah, I would agree 230. The chopping his legs off was rather overstating things lol.
Ed said on 8/Aug/07
I can't see 215lbs and 6ft3 in the video segment at all. Hodder's looking a good 230 in that clip, and as for Ferrigno he was ripped like hell, not beefy like a lumberjack the way Hodder's always been. In the above pic with Glenn he looks around 6ft3ish, but that's with his big boots(near 2 inches in heel). Hodder might have been near 6ft3 in his youth, I still think he was less and the fact he's also quoted above as saying he's 6ft5 255lbs doesn't lend much credibility.
Jason said on 8/Aug/07
I assumed the 215 comment is in recent times. There's no way he's only 215 at 6'3'' in the above photos unless someone chopped his legs off.
Danimal said on 8/Aug/07
Oh come on Jason. Stop doing that. You have no conception of bodyweight. He could have been lean as anything and weighed 215 pounds at 6'3". Lou Ferrigno went down to 220 pounds at 6'4"+ in the 1980's and still looked muscular.

This man was 6'3" or damn close to it at his peak. In fact, I remember reading in an old Fangoria magazine from the late 1980's that he was 6'3" and 240 pounds.
Jason said on 8/Aug/07
If he's 215 then whoever said he might be in the 6'1'' range must be right.
Ed said on 7/Aug/07
Danimal, I agree it's hard to make out. At first it does sound like 250, but then I realized as well it's 215. Still 215 sounds way too light for him! I'm curious when he switched from saying 6ft3 215lbs, to 6ft5 255 lbs in the quote above under his bio. That's a bit of a jump, lol!
Danimal said on 7/Aug/07
Ed, at first I heard 6'3" 250 pounds and then I relistened and he said 215 pounds. He looked a good 30-40 pounds more than that, but obviously not. The interviewer clearly got those stats from the horses own mouth. Now we know that he was NEVER taller than 6'3" and is probably only around 6'2" today.
Ed said on 7/Aug/07
There's nothling like mullets and raquetball, lmao! Good find Danimal!

At 6ft3 though and 215lbs wouldn't Kane be a lot skinnier? I'd say more like 230-240lbs, he was definitely the thinnest I've ever seen him but he was still pretty big!
Danimal said on 7/Aug/07
6'3" 6'3" 6'3" 6'3" 6'3" 6'3" 6'3" 6'3"

YESSSSSSSSSSSS, it's said in this EXCLUSIVE 1989 interview with HIM, at 3 minutes and 17 seconds in: Click Here
Alex said on 10/Jun/07
He was wide in person too yet I'm holding my own there too.
Viper said on 10/Jun/07
I want that leather coat that Batista is wearing. Lock you are right though he does look like a roasted turkey on steroids. hillarious
Alex said on 9/Jun/07
She's another female wrestler and hot yes. This was kinda of a waste of money though as my other wrestler pictures came out better and were more enjoyable. I was going to stand in the picture but I would have probably been cut out so I had to crouch. And with all the other ones I met I at least talked to them a bit.
There was someone on line who was saying Batista is 6'5 and I was like no he's really more 6'3. Also someone on line said they saw Batista walk in to the table so if I stayed down by the table a little longer before getting on line I would have had Batista walk right by me and get a very good height estimate, damn. He did look at least 280lbs though for sure.
l0ck n l0ad said on 8/Jun/07
Haha, nice pose Alex ! Batista looks like a roasted turkey on steroids next to you. Is that his wife there?? She looks pretty hot!
He should have really at least smiled or put his arm on you, or any sort of friendly gesture, at least his wife pulled a smile there, she looks quite warm and friendly.
I can guarantee if you told him you're bigger he'd get off his fat ass and stand like a rooster with his chest pumped out hhahahhaha, there's nothing to fear even if you would manage to piss him off he's not gonna lay a pinkie on you in a crowd of people starring at him, despite his 'tough guy' attitude over there. Maybe he refused to stand up because he knew he's not going to look as tall as 6'5" - 6'6" like his fans would think he is?
Alex said on 8/Jun/07
Lock, when I was there I was thinking to myself that I should have told Batista that I was more biggger than him and maybe he would have gotten up! LOL
But I got the picture on my computer as I posted it on the Batista page but I'll post it here again.

Click Here
l0ck n l0ad said on 8/Jun/07
Yeah what's up with Batista he acts no better than a grumpy bulldog with his fans, thank god I'm not one of them. Does he realise that his fans are the most important for his career? or perhaps it's his strategy, being hostile with them, yeah that should make them really like you...
Triple H is doing great with fans, seems like a nice guy outside the ring.
Is it possible to get a photo next to Sharapova after a match or practice while she's still in trainers? otherwise it's no good when she's out on the town with mega heels.
Btw I'm a major sloucher next to shorter guys, as if I'm guilty for being taller than them. Next to 6'3" and taller guys I'm nearly walking on my tiptoes lol. I thought Nike Shox were good too, till I got my boots (similar to military ones), give a solid 4cm and they look alright, not too comfortable for the summer, but works very well for the winter.
Alex said on 7/Jun/07
I'd love to get a picture with those guys and Sharapova. I actually got one with Batista but he's sitting though. I was going to get him to stand but the line was pretty big and they seemd like they wanted to hurry so I figured he wouldn't stand, plus he looked pissed off.
l0ck n l0ad said on 7/Jun/07
Viper, I would gladly send you off to photograph with Hodder, The Rock, HHH, Batista, Edge :-) oh yeah... and Sharapova too... she's starting to annoy me with commentators calling her 6'3".
Alex said on 6/Jun/07
Viper, at 6'3 standing straight you'll def appear even a bit taller. I have a friend who is about 6'5 1/2 and if he stands straight he is pretty tall but sometimes can appear more 6'4 or so with bad posture. In Nike Shox type sneakers he looks his tallest, thats why he told me he likes to wear very thin heeled sneakers.
Viper said on 6/Jun/07
I usually stand with good posture in photos.
Alex said on 6/Jun/07
Danimal, exactly look at the picture with me and Kurt Angle where he is leaning a bit and took an inch away from him.
Danimal said on 6/Jun/07
I remember at my 10 year High School reunion in the Fall of 2005, I took a picture with tons of people and I was shocked to see how I matched up in height to guys who had a good half a foot on me in height school. I took a pic with 6'8" Greg and I was hoping to see a good 10-10.5" difference in height between the 2 of us, but he had bent his knees and leaned down and was barely taller than me in the pic. It depends if the guy wants to make you feel like his equal, or YUP, make you feel short (inferior). It can go either way I suppose.
Danimal said on 6/Jun/07
But even a slight lean can take off 1-2" Rob.
Ed said on 6/Jun/07
Alex, I agree it just depends on the person. I also stand up straight, as much as I possibly can. Some taller guys slouch because of self esteem issues, or because they just want to fit in the frame in a photo op. If the person they're taking a photo with is considerably shorter, they might hunch over out of deference for the shorter person. But, some people would stand up straight regardless, and not care in the least if they made the other guy look like a hobbit.
Alex said on 6/Jun/07
Some tall guys like 6'4 don't slouch for crap, even with short guys. Some guys just love to stand straight.
Danimal said on 5/Jun/07
I see a flaw in that Rob. The 6'2"-6'4" guy would have to slouch so not to make the celebrities feel bad about their height, as most tall guys slouch with 5'7"-5'8" Glenn. A 6'0" guy would solve a lot of problems. A LOT.

[Editor Rob: yeah, only if the tall guy stands straight, although I know a few at cons who don't bend down or slouch in that range, the celebs usually stand tall.]
Alex said on 5/Jun/07
I'm 6'0.5 and no matter who I'm with in pictures or just in general I'll normally stand pretty proper and straight.
Alex said on 5/Jun/07
Ed, yea even a guy 6'2-6'4 would be good to get pictures with celebrities.

[Editor Rob: very true, especially if guys like that stand normally, far more often the celebrity won't be slouching you can bet...I see it at every photoshoot I've been at really, if a 6ft 3 guy comes along, practically all the celeb men would stand decent if the tall guy doesn't slouch down.]
Ed said on 5/Jun/07
LOck n LOad, I mentioned once before the same thing regarding the closer you are to one's height the better judge you are. This site would be lacking severely without the eyewitness accounts and pics of Rob and Glenn, but it wouldn't be a bad thing to have a 6ft autograph dealer like Glenn to provide some reference as well. Both are go to eyewitnesses are 5ft8, so a taller one would be interesting to have give accounts of in person meetings, and as a gauge to measure height against.
As for my judgement I'm as reliable as most I guess, I'm pretty positive I screw up from time to time.
Alex, maybe Kane was taller in his youth and has lost a few over the years. I just know I saw him a lot shorter than the 6ft5 listing he originally had and claimed. He looked 6ft3ish to me in his boots, and that's all I know.

[Editor Rob: undoubtedly a 6ft guy could get more pics where celebs in the 5ft 11 - 6ft 2 range stood better and also give good estimates because of lesser problems with posture or eye levels..]
Alex said on 4/Jun/07
Ed, I can accept Kane as low as 6'2 now, but I think he was probably 6'3 when he was younger.
Lee said on 3/Jun/07
This guy doesn't look 6'5 to me. I'm 6'5.5 and he isn't close to me.
l0ck n l0ad said on 3/Jun/07
Ed, don't worry mate I'm no less obsessed with height than you are. What would be a better (minimum requirement) height without being ridiculously good for making it to the pros, 6'3" - 6'4" ?

I tend to believe your testimony, I don't think you'd make it up. The question is now can we trust your height judgement? I would say yes, usually people obsessed with height can guess quite accurately people's height in person unlike the average person who always tell me I'm 6'3" when I'm an inch shorter.

Maybe Hodder was 6'3" peak, I don't see him over 6'2" right now. I still wonder how come Glenn saw him at 6'3", Rob at 6'2.5" and you saw him at 6'3.5" with his boots. I think the closer you are to the person's height (assuming you know your true height), the easier it is to judge.
Ed said on 1/Jun/07
LOck n LOad I think your referring to me. The obsession over height was a reference to me being a kid and playing basketball, and I desperately wanted to be taller. However,when I stopped growing I ended up at 5ft11.75 out of bed and that was not gonna take me too the pros(unless I was ridiculously good!).

As for Hodder, I grew up watching the Friday movies and thought Hodder was massively tall in those days. By the time Part 9 came out, and I saw the scene where he's out of his Jason costume and playing a SWAT officer, I was shocked to see how much shorter he looked. When I saw him at a convention a few years ago, I was wearing skecher type shoes if I remember correctly, which would put me at anywhere between 6ft0.5-6ft0.75 maybe. Hodder seemed to be only 6ft3plus while wearing his boots. I didn't see him walking around a lot, it was for a split second as I approached the table and he sat down. As I stood at the table, and after I walked away I kept checking out the boots and was blown away by their size. I looked up pics of him online and at the Friday the 13th website forum, and saw a lot of comments by people who had met and felt his boots were what contributed to his intimidating stature. They are really thick soles, but not heels. I don't know though anymore about his height, it's impossible to tell accurately with those boots. Maybe he's 6ft2, possibly shorter perhaps.
Alex said on 1/Jun/07
I do rememeber that picture as Rock was a bit shorter than Kane but in reality could be the same height since Kane could have had on bigger footwear than Rock. Either way I'm can't see Kane under 6'2. 6'3 at his peak though.
Danimal said on 31/May/07
Viper, The Rock isn't as low as 6'1".

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