How tall is Karen David

Karen David's Height

5ft 1 ½ (156.2 cm)

Indian born British/Canadian Actress from Scorpion King 2 and The Colour of Magic. On TV she appeared in Once Upon a Time, Galavant and Fear the Walking Dead. On twitter she mentioned her height, saying "I am 5'3"". On her imdbResume she listed her weight as "108 lbs".

How tall is Karen David
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Average Guess (7 Votes)
5ft 1.11in (155.2cm)
Littlelee5ft6 said on 13/Dec/19
Another who should be added to the fear the walking dead thread love her in that
Mr. Tempus said on 2/Oct/11
good Mamun is almost towering her
Lenad said on 8/Aug/11
looks 4.5-5 inches shorter than Manum. and shes got heels that give like 3.5-4 inches. Id say 5'1.5 max
Alex said on 20/Jul/11
Mamun still has her by 5 inches even in her heels that look to be pretty good size. Shes probably getting 3-3.5 inches in height from those heels. 5'1 I'd go with for her. Shes a good looking girl!
yoyo said on 29/Apr/09
quite chunky shoe lift that mamun wore.. looks 5ft7 beside Karen Shenaz.
Anna said on 30/Oct/08
yup i think shes 5'1.5
unknown said on 28/Sep/08
see if you can spot the supernatural
roni7 said on 15/Sep/08
beautiful indian girl!! looks 5'2
Mamun said on 14/Sep/08
Thank you soooo much trueheight for your contribution ! I agree Hundred
percent all you have written here but I don't have your kind of writting
skills .I hope James you have read all of points and facts trueheight wrote
but the real application will always require an expert supervision . I had
more to add to this but I still can't show through my writings . Thanks
again Trueheight for your time !


trueheight said on 14/Sep/08

Deadlifts are very good, but like Mamun said, you should not do them unless you have a trainer on hand. Weight training and deadlifts are two very different things. Deadlifts are great for your back and spine though, if done properly.

When working out, make sure every exercise you engage in achieves muscle failure - if it's not intense, then you won't see alot of gains. Again, I don't recommend more than 4 days a week in workouts b/c you will see no gains if you overtrain.

4/7 days I weight train for 90min and the other 3 days I do 30min of cardio. Not only do you stay fit, but you can also pretty much eat anything you want and not worry about putting on much fat.
trueheight said on 14/Sep/08
I don't know if you can add "height" per se, but after working out I certainly have "felt" taller, to the extent that my posture is now almost always perfect. Before I only had good posture when I consciously forced it, but now it comes natural. It's made me look 1in taller than I had before. This may not be much help if you're already fit and have great posture, but most ppl aren't fit and don't have optimal posture.

I'm 5'9 and used to be 135, now 150. The best excercises for getting better posture:

1. Abs - this is what supports great posture, you can't maintain perfect posture w/o strong abdominals. Abs are worked in almost every weight training excercise and also cardio like jogging and jump rope. You may want to supplement w/ crunches a few times a week. Inverse crunches and the like (the ones that work your lower abs) are also great workouts for your back. In fact jogging is probably more effective than crunches - it's a great ab workout.
2. Lats - standard lat pulls should suffice both vertical and horizontal sitting (like rowing excercises). These work out your upper back and mids, and will help in maintaing great posture.
3. Deltoids - work the front, side and back shoulder muscles, as these will make you naturally assume a good posture and also add greatly to the effect of looking big and imposing. Various kinds of dumbell flies should suffice.
4. Squats - may seem counter-intuitive but once you start stressing and shocking your back and spine, they will adapt by adding more muscle mass and thickening the cartilege. The goal of these workouts are primarily for your legs but they also make you spine very very strong.
5. Military press - both standing and sitting. They are my favorite deltoid workout but are also awesome for back and spine.

If you have defined shoulders it will make you look masculine regardless of what height you are - and also make you want to have the best posture, as that's the best way to project your deltoids.

As for spine, you must make the muscles stronger and the cartilege thicker. This can be achieved w/ weight training - primarily squats and military presses. The key is to shock your body - which is why I recommend no more than 4 days of weight training a week - and you must vary your form. You make gains only when you stress your muscles making them adapt by adding mass. BUT REMEMBER - start small and work your way up. Again, strong abs are integral for maintaining great posture.

I have alot of friends who are constantly 2in below their real height due to posture - but all my gym buddies are 100% their height 100% of the time because you automatically assume optimal posture when you work out your spine/back and core.

I don't doubt that Mamun may have gained a few real cm by working out - I've only worked out for 1.5yrs - Mamun looks massive, he must have been training for more than 5yrs at least.
Mamun said on 11/Sep/08
Thanks for your insight Steve ! OK james , my problem is I do not have the
skills to put into writing the excersies required for having a very good
posture, back and eventualy height gain .But Here are a few tips ;----

1) Never ever sloutch while your standing or waliking ! Always stand and
walk as if your in the Army ! Ask your friends to tell remind you if
they notice that you are some what sloutching while you are talking
to them .
2) Do not smoke . If you are still a teenager and could have the potential
to gain height , smoking actually reduces your chances !
3) Try sleeping on a hard bed or even a hard floor lying on your back only.
Do not sleep on a very soft matress as that kills your back and could
cause back problems latter !
4) Here are the parts that I can't put into writting . If you go to the
GYM , then ask a BodyBuilding trainer what are the best excercises for
Leg extensions , Reverse leg curls , Back Building , best excercises for
your spine and Abbs and deadlifts and squats . But James please never
try deadlifts and squats without having a professional trainer watching
you ! They could be dangerous if your not doing them correctly .
5) If you try these work-outs for a 5 days a weeks max to a 3 days a week
min for at least a year or two , I am sure you will see results . Also
good Gymnastic excercises help a lot . Also do a lot of stretching !

I am sorry if I can't help more than this but I hope it helped some what?

Kind regards

Steve said on 10/Sep/08
Mamun I think you just need a bit more confidence, looks is only a small part of attraction especially when it comes to men attracting women they're not as superficial as us guys! I remember reading a survey where women were asked what attracts them to men and they put traits of personality e.g. intelligence, humour, charm etc at top of the list. And I think everyone agrees here you're a true gentleman! As James says you'll find your princess(es;)

Apologies for digressing just was a bit shocked a great guy like you didn't have a gf.
Mamun said on 10/Sep/08
She was a very nice person alright ! She looked 5' 4" in her heels . I just
hope one day a hot and famous actress would want me and wouldn't say the
very usual " NO " if I ask her james .


Mamun said on 8/Sep/08
I think I may have gained between 0.50 to 0.75 inches of height through these
excercises. My real bone height I think should have been 172 cm ( 5' 7.75")
at night . But then I can't tell for sure because I didn't keep track of
my height for more than 12 years since I measured my self at that height
at age 17 and a half . There is however some truth steve to the question
you have just asked me . IN one of the GBR International editions of which
the year I completely forgot , there was a mention of a man in the" man
with the most variable stature section "who could stretch himself to became
6' 4" from a height of just 5 ' 10" only by means of muscular extensions !
Also in the same section , I think most of you have already read about it,
there is a mention of a man who was only 3' 11" age 21 and soon afterwords
started to grow untill he reached 7' 6" . He was the first man in History
who lived both as a midgit and a giant in his life time . You will find this
in most GBR international editions of the eighties !

James I never get any Girl friends period . Past, present or future I
was never ever approched by hot girls . Maybe it's just the way I look .
There is a famous saying in America " Only a mother could love that face ".
So there you have it !


Steve said on 8/Sep/08
thanks for your reply Mamun as polite and helpful as ever. so how much height have you gained via theses exercises? and do you really believe its possible to reach 6ft from 5'8? or was that just a joke

thanks for your replies again
Mamun said on 8/Sep/08
Well Steve here is the thing ! First of all if I want to show you the
work-out for back extensions and so many other techniques , I must show it
to you in person and face to face . There is noway on earth that it could
be done through writing ! The logic is this ; your back is more shaped like
an " S " than straight . These techniques help straighten your back more
which leads to you adding an inch or more to your height . Also you must
remember the joints in your bones are connected by cartiledge ! when they
become thicker , especially the cartiledge in your knee and back -bone
joints , you also gain height ! This is just fracion of the information
that I wanted to point out but I hope it helped some what ?
Mamun said on 7/Sep/08
When people meet in person , I have not yet heard anyone giving me less
than 5' 8.5" . 19 out 20 people say 5' 10" and 1 out 20 say 5' 9" . It is
only here in this site , , that some good posters put me down
as low as 5' 6" . But then you can't blame them because how can you tell for
sure the height of a person that you have never met !


Steve said on 7/Sep/08
Metal leg insertions are pretty common knowledge mamun. but you said you could work out to get taller...whats the theory behind that? or if the evidence is too extensive as you mention can you point out a website with such information? thanks.
Alex said on 7/Sep/08
A legit 5'8 can sometimes pass as 5'10 or at least 5'9. But this photo appears taken from a lower angle so that could be why too.

Mamun, whats the tallest and the shortest you been guessed at?
Mamun said on 6/Sep/08
My friend john P my expalnations and evidence is soo long there is no way
I could write it here . But I will tell you this . In China, people are soo
serious about adding height that there is now an operation where they insert
Metalic extensions to your Fumer part of your leg to make it a few inches
longer . If you don't believe , then try to navigate Googles and this will
surely pop -up .


Anonymous said on 6/Sep/08
Yeah I agree with john p. Mamun you look like 5'10" in that photo next to her.
Steve said on 5/Sep/08
Are you serious about still growing Mamun? Would be interested to hear more...
john p said on 5/Sep/08
Mamum your theory is flawe, Working out will not increase your height.
Mamun said on 5/Sep/08
No I haven't done growing yet ! I will keep working out till I reach six
feet ! Beleive me my friends there is more reality to this than fiction !
The funny thing john p is that 5' 10 " is the height 19 out 20 people give
me when they meet me in person !


john p said on 4/Sep/08
Mamum you can defiantly pass for 5 '10 in this picture. Although your probaly done growing but you built up your shoulders and back well. It defiantly gives you a better presence and looks like you lost weight also.
D. Ray Morton said on 4/Sep/08
Great photo, Supes. I'm glad you're getting the footwear in some of these, too!
Mamun said on 4/Sep/08
Thank you for all your kind remarks my friends ! This was in a Comic -con
over here in Toronto Canada . There were lots of other amazing guest here
too . I took 11 very good photos of them . I had only sent two to ROB so
far . I will be sending the rest as soon as I can get hold of a scanner to
scan my pictures !

Kind regards

Lego said on 4/Sep/08
you wouldn't look bad not even if you try LOL

this girl is so beautiful! and yes considering the monster shoes she's got i think she's actually 5'1 flat.

you however look about 5'9 in the picture or thereabout. (175ish), good pic.
nate said on 3/Sep/08
ah i dig the hair mamum.
Anonymous said on 3/Sep/08
Shes half Chinese
Alex said on 3/Sep/08
I mean he has 4.5-5 inches on her still with heels. Those are 4 inch heels giving 3-3.5 inches to her height actually. Shes hot though.
Alex said on 3/Sep/08
I could see her as high as 5'2 because her heels are giving 3-3.5 inches making her than 5'5-5'5.5 and being 4 inches shorter than Mamun who is a bit over 5'9 in shoes.
incline said on 3/Sep/08
mamun, that movie was horrendous! You went to a convention for scorpion king 2...randy couture should stick to fighting (hes thankfully back in the ufc now)...hes a horrible actor.

Editor Rob
she was one of several guests at the event that photo was taken.
miko said on 3/Sep/08
Your hair looks cool Mamun, it suits you.

You look 5"9 in this photo too! You are still growing!
Mamun said on 3/Sep/08
I had a hair cut two days earlier . I hope I don't look that bad miko ?


thekiddd said on 3/Sep/08
Isn't she Chinese and Indian?
miko said on 3/Sep/08
Mamun - your hair looks different.
miko said on 3/Sep/08
I think this confirms that Mamun is 5"8.25, she is in 3" heels and Mamun is still 5 inches higher, which makes him around 5"9.5 in shoes.
Mamun said on 3/Sep/08
Even more beautiful inside than outside ! She was very nice James !



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