How tall is Katie Leung

Katie Leung's Height

5ft 4 (162.6 cm)

Scottish actress best known for playing Cho Chang in the Harry Potter films and also appeared in TV series Strangers. In the Spotlight database, she used to be listed as "Height:5'5" (165cm)". In this photo I'm wearing 1 inch Nikes, whilst Katie was wearing 0.6-0.7 inch Converse.

How tall is Katie Leung
5ft 8 Rob and Katie@ LFCC 2018

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Average Guess (36 Votes)
5ft 3.79in (162cm)
Jackie Lee said on 1/Apr/23
She looks Cantonese and for a Cantonese woman 5'4 is pretty tall considering they are close to Southeast Asians.
Natalie said on 15/Jan/22
Looked ever so slight shorter than 5'4.5 Daniel Radcliffe in Harry Potter. Katie gets a flat 5'4
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 13/Jan/22
Excusez-moi for repeating myself! 😩
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 10/Jan/22
I have Katie's Harry Potter Cho Chang doll as well - and she's 10" tall as well.

Katie grew up to be 5ft4. πŸ˜‰πŸ‘ŒπŸ’
Elene said on 4/Sep/21
Looks under it
RJT said on 2/Sep/21
5'3 3/4" imo, but 5'4 is fine

She looks Cantonese which is from South China, East Asian from North East Asia have different facial characteristic just like in North EU vs South EU.
SL9 said on 17/May/21
@CChristianNo, Japan doesn't "only grant citizenship to people who are ethnically Japanese" Lol. This is not the 19th century.
Realist said on 21/May/20
I will be generous and say 5'4 and thats it she looks under 5'4 here
Eve2 said on 31/Mar/20
She does not look shorter than Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe..and if I remember well she was listed at 5 ft 4.75 or 4.5 just like them.. has she been downgraded since the convention (and pic upload)?
Should they get a downgrade as well Rob?
Editor Rob
I think radcliffe edges leung out, but it might not be really noticeable.
Nik said on 1/Feb/20
This is a great picture of two Scots who are both average in height!

R-A-N-D-O-M C-E-L-E-B!
Nik said on 28/Jan/20
@ Mimi - I agree!
Nik said on 28/Jan/20
@ Lily Jarvis - Most guys and gals are less than what you say!
Yang (5 footer 8, 172-173) said on 25/Aug/19
She is at least few inch taller than her Harry Potter friend mate and vegan friend Evanna Lynch with solid 5ft 2....
Nik said on 25/May/19
She's a sweet girl! The average vote is TOO low!
Mickie said on 25/Feb/19

I get what you mean, but you'd have very few actors categorized as "American" if we just went by ethnic origins. Plus ethnic origins can be more complex. I'm mostly Irish but I also have a little Swedish ancestry. There are people who have backgrounds far more mixed than my own, and that's already more complicated than calling me American.
Christian said on 19/Dec/18

In Katie Leung's case, she was born and raised in Scotland and her citizenship status is Scottish/UK, so it wouldn't make sense to describe her as anything other than Scottish, here. You can't compare her case with yours. First of all, you may be born in Japan but you weren't raised there. Second, Japan is one of those types of countries where they only grant nationality status to people who're ethnically Japanese, while the UK doesn't. Like the point I made before, It would be silly to describe Will Smith as an African or Justin Bieber as French or German. Smith wasn't born or ever grew up in Africa and Bieber wasn't born or ever grew up in France or Germany. In this site at least, Rob list celebs based on their nationality/citizenship and not race or ethnicity, so Leung is described as Scottish and Smith American and Bieber Canadian.
Peter 179cm said on 17/Dec/18
A weak 5'4,162cm is more likely unless we're counting hair as height xD.
Zineddine said on 8/Dec/18
rocking with beard rob !! really like it .. how many weeks does it take you to grow such bears ?
Editor Rob
I'm sure a couple of months of growth, but I think the longest I went is 3-4 months. I have yet to decide for 2019 whether to have short beard or big beard...or no beard.
Bobby said on 7/Dec/18
@Christian 6'5 3/8"

Nah, it's quite logical. Nationality isn't the same as ethnicity. Like, if you're not anywhere close to looking Celtic, why would you say you are? It's like I was born in Japan to Greek parents but I tell people I'm Japanese, that's stupid. I'm clearly Greek, so that's how I ought to identify myself. It's also an honest to real Japanese people, and so likewise with real Scottish people. I can tell I'm in the minority here, but that's all I'm saying.
Mimi said on 3/Dec/18
She's average height in Scotland I think. Around 5ft4
Nik said on 8/Nov/18
@ Rob - This is a nice picture of two Scots!

Will Katie be added to the Random Celeb file?
Editor Rob
Of course, I just haven't updated it for a few weeks.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 7/Nov/18

That's rather a silly idea. By that logic, Will Smith would be described as an African actor and Justin Bieber would be described as a French-German singer here.

@Andrea and Zampo

I agree, she looks 161 in the pic, but with 1cm less footwear than Rob, so 162.
Andrea said on 6/Nov/18
I'd say no less than 4.75 inches, Zampo, so if I had to gauge her height based solely on her photo with Rob, I certainly wouldn't put her over 162, all things considered.
Nik said on 6/Nov/18
@ Sandy Cowell - You are absolutely correct! There will be more interest in Katie than most with her being a Random Celeb as well as being the latest celeb to be given a photograph, currently there will be more traffic and comments on her page than ever before and it's amazing that different celebrities go through these periods on celebheights! I hope that Katie Leung is aware of the fact that she is so popular on celebheights at the moment, she is a sweet girl and I am pleased that this is the case! Here she is in this fine photograph with Rob, wouldn't it be great if she popped up as a Random Celeb while she is the latest celeb to be given a photograph?
Editor Rob
She wasn't added to random yet, usually I update that file a bit more irregularly when newer people get added.
Bobby 5'10 said on 6/Nov/18
She's not Scottish, you're Scottish, Rob. Shouldn't we personify celebs by their ethnic background, and not their nationality?
Editor Rob
Considering she was born and grew up in Scotland and calls herself She Scottish (she also called me a fellow scot in person), I think she is a 5ft 4 range Scot 😻
Sandy Cowell said on 6/Nov/18
@ Nik - Isn't it amazing how all of a sudden there is a sudden upsurge of interest in certain celebs? I think in Katie's case, it's down to her appearing regularly as a Random Celeb. She's been here right from the beginning!
A2Z said on 3/Nov/18
Ah, I remember seeing her in Harry Potter, I would say she's 5-4 max because Emma Watson has an edge on her.
Zampo said on 3/Nov/18

I think (not taking footwear into consideration). The photo above typifies what a near 5 inch (4.5-5 inch) differential looks like. Personally, I opt for 4.75 inches. That would put at Katie at 160.9 cm. Adjust for the footwear discrepancy and that would put her at 162 cm. I don't think 5'4 is that far-fetched of an estimate judging by the photo with Rob.
Andrea said on 2/Nov/18
While her listing certainly matches up with Emily Carey's in that photo, she doesn't look over 162 here, given that with 0.4 inches less footwear she looks much nearer 5'3 than 5'4 (161 MAX)...
Editor Rob
Well she did seem a bit shy of 5ft 4, but with less sneaker I think would measure somewhere around 5ft 4 range.
Nik said on 2/Nov/18
@ Sandy Cowell - Yes, it is clear that 5'5" is out of the question! For me absolutely anywhere from 5'4" - 5'4.5" is liable for Katie, her dress is nice and it suits her!

Sandy Cowell said on 1/Nov/18
No way is Katie 5ft5; there looks to be a good 4" between her and Rob, so I will go with 5ft4. I was even going to go slightly below that....

Seeing her bright Summery dress here makes me realise just how Autumnal it is now, but I love it! It means it's nearly Christmas! πŸŽ„πŸŽπŸ€£

πŸ˜πŸŒ²πŸπŸ‚ πŸŒ‡πŸŽŠ
Nik said on 31/Oct/18
Katie Leung is a sweet girl and I like her name and her outfit too! I certainly think that she can pull off 5'4.25"!
Zampo said on 31/Oct/18
Bizarrely I was wondering about her height a few days ago when Kae Alexander (both on Strangers) popped up in the random celebrity part of my screen. She is older than I had initially guessed. I would peg her in the 5'4-5'4.25 range. 163 cm suits her well. Looks smaller on screen to me.
MAD SAM said on 25/Sep/18
She’s obviously very pretty, I’d say she’s 5’4” at 162.5 cm
Dude 173 cm said on 3/Dec/17
How many difference between Daniel and her? (Height)
Editor Rob: over an inch

Hi Rob, So Why are listed the same height?
Editor Rob
I must have been thinking of one of the other actresses, although she can look 5ft 4 flat herself at times πŸ‘
Lily Jarvis said on 13/Feb/17
5'5" all the way. That's ladies' average height, you'll find most to be that height. It's around 5'10" or 5'11" for guys.
theblacklab said on 31/Jul/12
When Goblet of Fire was filming, she was 17 years old - so pretty much done growing, perhaps she had about another half an inch to accumulate on to her eventual adult height. Emma on the other hand, was much younger, only 14 when she acted in the same film. I think she would of been about 5'1", and Harry 5'2.5" at that point. I think Katie, at an adult height is 5'4" dead, and about 5'3.5" at 17 years of age (while filming Goblet of Fire). This would make sense as Emma is now 5'4.5" (her claim of 5'6" should be completely anulled) and Dan has fulfilled his perfectly believable claim of 5'5". You tell by the scene on the slippery steps where Harry asks Cho to attend the Yule Ball and the kiss scene (though this was in Goblet of Fire's sequel, Order of the Pheonix) that Katie is, or at least at the time, taller than Dan.
M M said on 12/Jan/12
Ya, this estimation is pretty accurate. Comparing the dancing scenes in HP Goblet of Fire with the dancing scenes in Twilight with rpattz, katie looks taller than kristen.
Clemencia :D said on 18/Nov/11
Okay. Dan is in no way a 5'5". He's 5'4" tops. And Emma's 5'2"-5'3".
Shannon said on 31/Oct/10
Emma is NOT 5'6. Alot of celebrities say that they are taller than they really are.Emma is 5'4-5'4.5. She totally looks it in HBP next to 5'5 Dan who was MEASURED as 5.5.And Rupert is 5'7.25. It all fits in the scene in HBP where they take the cursed neckalace to Snape. All three of them are standing in a row on even surface and in flats. Emma looks about an inch shorter than Dan and Rupert looks about 3 inches taller than Emma. Look it up. 1 inch is'nt too much of a difference so if Emma is a little closer to the camara she looks taller, and vise versa...BUT it the shots where they are beside eachother, same distance from camara, Emma looks a bit shorter.Case closed.
Anonymous said on 24/Dec/08
Click Here

take a look at this. considering that emma is wearing at least 2in heels and katie's shoes are flat, and that emma is slightly hunching and bending at the knee while katie is poker straight, they should be around the same height imo.
Anonymous said on 12/Oct/08
Than you Rezzzzz, you speak the truth to be completely honest.
Rezzzzz said on 9/Sep/08
simply put, emma is taller than Katie and probably bonnie..And she was taller than bonnie for alot 2 years ago but now bonnie is around the same my guess is
if Katie is 5'4, emma is 5'5-5'5.5, and Bonnie is 5'5
Mr. shorty said on 28/May/08
to lucian-ro: haha I just found out about dennis rodman having a late growth spurt. There's a video on youtube titled dennis rodman beyond the glory where he says he grow from 5'9" to 6'8". I'm 19 years old and only 171 cm.
Antron said on 28/Jan/08
Did your parents grow later in life? If so, then you might. I'd guess that if you are in the 5'8" range and taller than your father you're pretty close to maxed out; you certainly could grow a bit more by the time you are in your early 20's, but probably not a ton... If its any consolation you are taller than me (24yr old 169cm).
Lucian-Ro said on 13/Jan/08
can somebody help me? I read here some comments about havin' a late growth and about matthew lewis wesley snipes kevin costner and dennis rodman and they had a late growth so i asked my father the age that he stopped growing and to my surprise he said that he grew several centimetres between 19 and 20.5 years.
May that mean that i will have a late growth to??? ... because I'm 17.5 years old and only 5ft 7.75 when i go to sleep and 5ft 8.5 when i wake up ... though and i'm half an inch taller than my father ... please give an answer ..
Will said on 6/Jan/08
In most of those pics katie looks a clear two inches taller than dan.
Traemon said on 31/Dec/07
OKAY. Dan has said that he is only 5'5". Emma wears heels usually when she's next to Dan, so she's gotta be 5'4 1/2 - 5'5" and no taller. Trust me. Katie Leung is shorter than Dan. Look at this picture ->Click Here and click on it for the larger image. Look at Katie's heel- it's got to be 2 inches at least. Making her 5'3" - 5'4". Emma, on the otherside is reportedly 5'6"- but that's not true at all. She is around 5'5" making her taller than Katie Leung.
Will said on 8/Nov/07
Clearly people....They are the same height at 5,5 who ever said emma is 5,7 needs their eyes checked!
anonymous said on 15/Jul/07
since when do we trust publicity shots? Do you realize the shots taken for the poster are digitally enhanced/altered etc? Sometimes the pictures of the different actors have even been taken seperately.

And look at the photocall en the Japan press conference pics of GOF ( Click Here and Click Here )
, and you'll see that Emma and Katie were exactly the same height. In the photocall Katie looked taller because she had heeled boots on to Emma's converse, and at the press conference Emma looks taller because she wears converse and Katie flats.

More recent: Click Here It's hard to find one where Katie isn't slouching, tilting or bending her knee, but even when she's standing remotely straight, she's as tall or taller than Emma. She does have higher heels though. As she's nearly three years older than Emma, we can assume it's more likely for Emma to have grown than for Katie, but as Emma really doesn't look taller than Katie, I doubt it. I'd say Katie, Emma and Dan are all 5'5"-5'5.5".
Anna said on 14/Jul/07
Yeah, I honestly didn't like her in Order of the Phoenix and I don't think it was entirely her fault, I think a large part of the blame can be placed upon the writer, her part was just so different than it was in the book. Ah well though, she seems like a pretty cool person other than her acting. And even though it's only 1/2", she probably is more like 5'5" if we are assuming that Daniel's claim of 5'5" and Emma's claim of 5'6" are accurate. She looks roughly the same height as Daniel in the film.
Jo said on 14/Jul/07
I think Katie not really pretty, they should have choosen better girl than her...Emman and Katie about d same height, maybe because of asian people have slightly different bone frame, asian are more petite, so she looks taller than Emma like some of the comments given here
ratrace said on 8/Jul/07
no way! look at this photo.

Click Here

granted that both are bending a bit, but with heels, emma is the same height as katie. so how is it that emma is stated as taller?
anna said on 6/May/07
I would say that this listing is almost perfect seeing as she and Dan are almost the exact same height. However, I found this photo quite interesting. Click Here Okay, so Emma was about a 1/2"-1" taller than Katie during the GoF "era", which would make sense because it would put Emma at ~5'5"-5'5.5" and this is the height she said herself in 2005. However, Emma looks at the least 2 inches taller and Katie and is standing in front (the floor is "slanted") and is slouching, which would mean Emma would be 2.5"-3.5" taller than Katie in reality.
aihna said on 1/Apr/07
she's around 5'2" is really being tall affects you to become a star?
Lily said on 8/Mar/07
She's maybe 1/4 of an inch taller than Emma. Not much, they might be the same, but she looks a tad taller.
Serene said on 1/Mar/07
hello~...she can't get any taller unless she gets a surgery..
so Rob's stated height is almost accurate for Leung
ice said on 10/Feb/07
Feet cannot be seen in that picture, anna.
heidi said on 22/Jan/07
5'7.5 and emma????omg...watever :|
ice said on 28/Dec/06
I saw those pictures, and I still say they are the same height.
ice said on 19/Dec/06
All of this arguing, and those girls are the same height. Rob says Emma's shoes give her 1/2 inch. Well, i highly doubt Katie's getting any more than 1/2 inch from hers. They are the same height.
Serene said on 5/Dec/06
Yeah..she's more likely to be 5'4.5"...
Emma certainly is taller than Katie..
moody said on 20/Oct/06
really? look more than 5'4" but less than 5'5"
Charlotte said on 28/Sep/06
Katie is about 5'4", slightly taller than Emma.
Wicked Kid said on 8/Sep/06
Brick insoles? Awesome...Lol. OK. But my point is that they ARE the same height. I just don't get why you list Emma as 5'5" and Katie at 5'4.5". Can't see the .5" difference.
Wicked Kid said on 6/Sep/06
Her sole is at least half an inch thinner than Emma's. Yes I like the "anti-lifts" idea. LMAO.

[Editor Rob: those converse watson is wearing give 1/2 inch]
Anonymous said on 29/Aug/06
anna/john link, why does Emma and Katie look the same height here, when Katie is wearing flip-flops?
Click Here

oh I know, Emma must be wearing negative 2-inch "anti-lifts" that make her shorter than she really is
anna said on 25/Aug/06
Okay, there is basically no way that Emma and Katie were the same height in GoF and next to no chance that they are the same height now seeing that Emma has grown since GoF. First of all Emma was about an inch taller than Katie in the moive making her about 5'5.5". And a good set of pictures to compare for their current heights is the batch from the Tokyo premiere (however, I think the gap may be larger now). Just search GoF Tokyo premiere and you will see that Emma is about 1/2"-1" taller than Katie in the pictures. Emma is wearing flats with at the most 3/4"-1" of height on them and Katie is wearing boots with extremley large heels on them. I would say they have about 3"-4" of height on them?? So, Katie is 5'7.5"-5'8.5" in the pictures using her list height. Emma looks to be 5'8"-5'9.5" next to Katie. Subtract the inch of height for Emma's heels and you get her barefoot height to be 5'7"-5'8.5". I am just estimating the footwear height, but I think 5'4.5" for Katie sounds right and 5'7.5" for Emma sounds right.
Kourt said on 15/Aug/06
in the movies emma is about an inch or more taller than katie. and dan is taller than katie also. she is the shotest of the three. i'll go find pictures.
Wicked Kid said on 14/Aug/06
Yep his link doesn't work. Katie and Emma ARE the same height, people!
Stephanie said on 28/Jul/06
Katie, Dan, Emma- 5' 4"- 5' 5"
Rupert- 5' 6.5" or 5' 7"
Bonnie Wright- 5' 4"
Tom Felton- 5' 10"
Devon Murray- 5' 3"
honey said on 1/Jul/06
john link, depite your nick here, your links never work
john link said on 30/Jun/06
Click Here
Right, Rupert is 6 inches taller than Emma.
honey said on 30/Jun/06
Nay, Natalia, Rupert ain't that tall, he's 5'8" MAX, perhaps a bit under that; however you're right, he is notably taller than his co-stars (because they are all under 5'5").
Natalia said on 29/Jun/06
WOW. i just found this site and found it to be very odd, but interesting. ANYWHO.... in my opinion, Emma and Katie are at the same height. For the Tokyo press conference pictures, you have to take into consideration that Emma is ahead of Katie and Robert at LEAST a good 1 or 2 inches -- this is your depth perception fooling you; She is not taller than Katie, nor is Katie taller than Emma. And Emma MOST definitely is NO WHERE NEAR Rupert's height; He is much taller than her, around 5'11"-ish (maybe 5'9" or 5'10" even) from what I last heard. As for Daniel now, I think that he is around the two girls' height as well -- well, maybe an inch or so taller; I'd like to give him the benefit of the doubt! :D SO.... KATIE & EMMA are about 5 FT 4 to 5 INCHES tall :)
Charlotte said on 29/Jun/06
She DOES look slightly short. I think Emma is of an average height, (5'4) and Katie Leung is the same (or half an inch shorter? Even though Katie looks a touch taller in several photos).
Serene said on 14/Jun/06
Yes, if Emma has grown during the premier. Why most of the time she is looking short? I am not talking about footware.
I think Katie is around 5'3.5"- 5'4". I don't believe she is taller than Emma .
Anonymous said on 10/Jun/06
John link, Emma looks about 0.75 or at most 1 inch taller. I think you don't have a feeling, how much is an inch, two, three... in photos like that.
john link said on 9/Jun/06
anonymous: I've seen their footwear before and Emma has on about 1/2" to 1" heels and Katie has like 1.5" heels on. Katie doesn't look to be slouching, but you never now. Emma does look a good 2 inches taller than Katie though, and she is farther back. The possibility of Emma being 5'7" is becoming even more likely.
anonymous said on 9/Jun/06
Katie could be bending her knee in that pic serene, you can't really see their feet and she did bend her knee an awful lot of times from what I could remember of past pictures, plus you can't see their footwear either.
john link said on 8/Jun/06
How tall do you think she is? She seems taller/same height as Dan when he is wearing his elevator shoes. I think it would make sense if Katie is in the 5'4.5" to 5'5" range, making Emma in the 5'7" and up range because I think that Emma has grown since the premiere.
Serene said on 8/Jun/06
No problem, John Link.
But still, I don't think that Katie is 5'4.5" tall. To me, it is impossible.
john link said on 7/Jun/06
You know what I mean Rob? When you enlarge, Emma really isn't that much farther in front of Katie. I would also like to know your opinion about those other pictures I posted? They seem pretty good to me, but I am not positive. From what I can tell Emma is at least two inches taller than Katie who is about 5'4.5". I am also pretty positive that Emma is more than two inches taller than Katie because of this picture that is also on Emma's page (thanks Serene). Click Here
Emma looks at least two inches taller than Katie.
Serene said on 7/Jun/06
Though the picture of Rob provided us was very good but I have seen Emma wearing that shoes for few events already. I'd say Emma shoes has a little height there and I say that the little height of the shoes is about half inch..

If so, Emma's height would be the same as Katie. 5 feet 4 and a half inches tall.
anonymous said on 7/Jun/06
The picture Editor Rob provided is much better, considering Emma was in converse and Katie was in ballet flats then their height difference is really small, about half an inch, so I guess this proves Katie's about 5'4.5 and Emma's around 5'5.
john link said on 6/Jun/06

There is also an option to enlarge the pictures. When you do this, you can see that Emma is actually barely in front of Katie. The gap also looks larger too (in proportion if you know what I mean, not just because the picture is larger.)
john link said on 6/Jun/06
Okay I thought you would say something like that. I know that Emma is closer, but it seriously gives her like 1cm at the most. The point is that Emma is a couple inches taller than Katie. And sorry for posting the same picture twice. I mean to post these ones too. Sorry.
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Sorry. So, as one can determine, Emma is about 2 or more inches taller than Katie here. This was a couple months ago and I think Emma has grown in these months, so the gap should be even bigger now.
Serene said on 5/Jun/06
Katie is petite type,small famed but not SHORT!!! Please not that. Emma is between curvy and petite sort and both of them are average but I do say that Katie is shorter than Emma and Emma is not 5 feet 7!!!
Charlotte said on 4/Jun/06
Her shoulder's (and arms) are broad only. She isn't fat and she isn't lanky. If you are not lanky it does not mean you are fat. She has an average, even body, in my opinon. Then again, I did grow up with truly lanky, tall people and I'm quite sure I'm a good judge of it in this sense. Maybe to a tiny person she would be lanky and tall ,but not to me.

As I've stated before, she doesn't look to have grown since 2005. Many people agree with this, as her height has not been updated, simply because she hasn't grown.
john link said on 3/Jun/06
I still think Emma is in the 5'7" range and quite lanky. And I am not sure what you are trying to get at Charlotte, do you think Emma is fat? Because she is not in the very least, she has a great body and she is both tall and to me she does look lanky, but I guess we disagree on that. Emma looks like she will easily reach 5'8". As for your heights you have posted, how can you think that Emma and Dan are the same height? That is absolutely ridiculous, no offense. She looks at least an 1.5" taller than Dan when Dan is wearing, most likely, elevator shoes, and Emma is wearing boots with less than a 1/2" heel. Not to mention Emma looks as tall (I actually think about 1/2" taller) as Rupert who has to be at least 5'6.5". As for Katie's height, I would say 5'4.5" is pretty accurate. Emma looked about an inch taller than her at the NY premiere where they were wearing pretty even footwear. So, Emma was about 5'5.5" and Katie was about 5'4.5". As I have said, Emma has grown about 2 inches since that premiere and I don't think Kaite has grown because she is 17 or 18? So, Emma is now 5'7" or more and Katie is around 5'4.5". It seems to make perfect sense.
Charlotte said on 3/Jun/06
Her other features are not masculiene. Her shoulder's are the only part about her that is somewhat masculiene.She isn't a lanky girl, nor a tall one. Emma doesn't resemble a pre-pubescent boy in the slightest, nor does she resemble a model. They have little curves, and if you have good vision, you'll notice there is zero resemblance.

She doesn't look to have grown more than an inch since 2005 BAFTAS, where, as you might recall ,she as 5 ft 3 in to Mischa Barton's lanky (that is what I'd call lanky, Emma has a totally different body type to Mischa Barton, she isn't tall or lanky) 5'8.5" frame, even when she was slouching (taking away approx 2 inches).

Katie - 5'4"
Emma - 5'4"
Rupert - 5'6"
Dan - 5'4.5" (or .5" less, most probably)
Serene said on 1/Jun/06
Rupert is 5'7".. but looks far shorter in pictures.. Weird.

But I still don't think that Katie is 5'4"..
Anonymous said on 31/May/06
That sound correct. I think it can be true. Although I think Rupert could be 5'7''.
Serene said on 31/May/06
Both of them have beautiful bodies.

Since Katie is asian, and most asians are petite ( including me) she looks tall but rather short if she is standing with the trios.

Emma is tall but the photos are making us all dizzy.. Giving us all the weird spaces. I'd say that both of them have the same size and same height.. but Katie a little shorter.
john link said on 30/May/06
Well, Charlotte, you are being a little confusing. In an earlier comment (I am not sure which page it was on) you said that tall models are almost always masculine looking. You went on to say that Emma is not masculine looking. Now, in your last comment on this page, you say Emma is a rather broad girl. Isn't that a masculine feature? And, if anyone has read my last comment or looked at any recent pictures of Emma, you can see she looks a lot skinnier, lankier, and taller than she did at the GoF premieres. That is, Emma has definitely had a growth spurt and is now 5'7".
Stephanie said on 29/May/06
In no way is Emma taller than Rupert.
Rupert: 5' 6.5"
Daniel: 5' 5"
Katie: 5' 4.5"-5' 5"
Emma: 5' 4.5"
Charlotte said on 28/May/06
Emma looks far 'stockier' than Katie in that picture.Katie is just naturally fine-boned and Emma's are quite obviously shorter and thicker.Emma isn't lanky at all.She's a rather broad girl

Katie was wearing 2.5" heel in that photo and is at least 3 inches taller than Emma.Considering this,Emma is 5 ft 4 in and Katie is 5 ft 5 in.
Emma said on 27/May/06
NO WAY!!! Emma cannot be shorter than Katie. She is taller than Katie and Dan is shorter than Katie. Sorry maybe a bit confusing.
Emma: 5'6
Dan: 5'4
Katie: 5'5
Rupert: 5'7
Robert: 6'1
Tom: 6'1
Stan: 5'11
anonymous said on 23/May/06
Haha, interesting you say that because I think it is the complete opposite, Katie looks petite while Emms has the broad shoulders, curves etc, I don't know how you can think Em look lanky in this pic of the two girls lol Click Here
I mean, you can see the bones on Katie's shoulders-rather scary actually.
But really, you shouldn't rely on these measurements to predict their future height.
john link said on 21/May/06
I find it interesting the difference between Emma Watson's and Katie Leung's builds. Emma is very long and lanky and Katie is more, not meaning to say fat, but just "stockier." (For the record, I do not think Katie is heavy at all, she just has shoter limbs and smaller hands and feet than Emma.) I think this difference explains why Emma is taller than Katie and why Emma will continue to grow taller while Katie will most likely stay the same height. Not that Emma looks awkward at all, it just seems like she has more growing to do. She just looks like she will grow more and will grow to be above 5'8'. Kind of an odd post, but I am just saying my opinion. If you look at pictures of Emma and Katie or just Katie then Emma, maybe you will see this difference.
john link said on 11/May/06
Yeah I think Emma is the tallest among Rupert, Katie, and Dan. Emma seems to be at least 5'6", increasinly closer to 5'7" these days.
Serene said on 11/May/06
You mean Emma is the tallest among Dan,Katie and Rupert?

Hmm.. I still don't think, do u really think that katie is 5'4"? how about consider her a bit shorter?
john link said on 9/May/06
lol sorry serene i just had toanswer anonymous, but i do not understand why you cannot see that emma is taller than both rupert and dan. you're considering looking at the foreheads, right? i mean it is pretty obvious, at least when i look. as for katie's height, 5'4" seems pretty accurate, she seems about the same height as dan in the movies and in premiere pictures. emma is the tallest out of the four.
Serene said on 9/May/06
I looked really careful and I do think that Emma is shorter than Dan and rupert is really short. I mean slightly taller than Dan.
None of them look like that they have reached 5'7"...

Okay hang on, this is Katie Leung's page for debating her height. What is going on with Emma and Daniel's height here??
Katie is really 5'4" my view or lesser..
john link said on 8/May/06
Look closer anonymous. Instead of looking at the tip of their heads (or wherever you are looking) look at where their foreheads end. It is much more reliable because Dan and Rupert's hair is tuffed up. You can see that Emma is as tall as Rupert and easily 2 inches taller than Dan. Dan is 5'4" and Emma is at least 5'6.5". Check my post on emma's page to see why. I firmly believe this, there is just too much proof to belive otherwise.
anonymous said on 8/May/06
it's still not a fair comparison because tilting your head gives a taller impression, but seriously, the tips of their head end at the same place in all photos so they're the same height, making Dan 5'7(yea right!)since you claim Emma is 5'7
john link said on 7/May/06
I disagree can you say that Emma is stretching her neck to the max? No, she is not, she is standing in a natural and relaxed position. The one who is stretching their neck to the max, however, is Daniel Radcliffe. I have noticed that in many pictures he cranes his neck to look taller, whereas Rupert and Emma stand normally. In these pictures, they are all standing realitvely in the same stance, and you can see that Emma is at least an inch taller than Dan. Also, in the one where Emma is tilting here head back, do you realize that if she tilted it to a normal position, she would be even taller? When somebody tilts their head back they lose height, they do not gain height. And about the tips of Dan and Emma's head ending at the same place, I do not think that is true. If you look at where their foreheads end, you can see that Emma's is at least an inch higher than Dan's and about equal with Rupert's. As for Katie's height, I think 5'4.5" is pretty accuarte.
anonymous said on 7/May/06
well, in the pictures john link provided, emma is tilting her head back and stretching her neck to the max so its not a fair comparison. I think Emma has a short neck and rather manly shoulders that might make her appear taller at times, especially those middle two photos even though the tips of Dan's and Emma's head end at the same place. Anyway, back to Katie, I think the height on this site is pretty accurate.
Serene said on 5/May/06
Okay John Link, if you are so good and measuring heights without using any high-tech softwares that are able to measure heights (if there is one) do you have any proof that she is 'at least 5'6.5" '?
I don't know Rob could do that either...
john link said on 4/May/06
Serene: Sorry if I sound arrogant, but why are my pictures not suitable? Everyone is standing up straight, the camera angles are equal, and the planes are equal. I just do not understand what is wrong with it? Also, Wicket Kid, Emma does not have the best posture, I just don't understand how you are saying that?? In every picture Dan cranes his neck to get the most possible height, whereas Rupert and Emma are much more relaxed. And to everyone, can you guys just get some information to support your opinions? It seems like when I try to support my opinions you guys just criticize them, but do not tell me why they are bad. I actually think they are quite good and they show that Emma is the tallest out of the four. Current Heights:
Emma: at least 5'6.5"
Rupert: 5'6.5"
Katie: 5'4.5"
Dan: 5'4"
I've supported my opinions, I am just asking you to support yours.
Serene said on 4/May/06
Man, John link... can I say that you need to get your facts right? And you really need to choose a correct suitable and right picture to compare and not saying something you THINK is right. That is just being arrogant.
Well, I used to get that alot then but now, I realise that being arrogant is not the best way to tell the truth.

Yes, Emma got the best posture like what Wicked Kid said...but in some angles ( which I don't consider them as correct and right)Katie and Emma has the same height...

But I really do think that Katie and slightly ...just slightly shorter than Emma...
Wicked Kid said on 4/May/06
Wrong, john link, on the contrary, Emma's got the best posture of the trio. And I really don't think Katie's shorter than Emma.
john link said on 30/Apr/06
Serene: Rupert and Emma slouch when they stand, but Dan? In every picture he is craning his neck to look as tall as possible, and the amazing thing is, Emma is still 2 inches taller than him! lol
ice said on 30/Apr/06
with all of these people seeing this mysterious 3-4 inches between dan and emma, i'm beginning to think there's some unspoken joke or gag going on. I see them as being very close in height, and obviously the editor sees that too.
john link said on 29/Apr/06
What are you talking about ice? Emma Watson looks extremely tall compared to other actors. She is up to Jason Isaacs eyebrows when she is not even standing up straight! He is 5'11" so if someone is up to his eyebrows, they are pretty tall, especially for a girl who is still growing. Also, how can you say she is shorter than Dan and Rupert! She has 1/2" on Rupert with a footwear disadvantage and Dan, oh my gosh she is like 2-2.5" taller than Dan with a huge footwear disadvantage. She is quite a bit taller than Katie also, at the Tokyo event, she was easily 2 inches taller with a footwear disadvantage. Emma is at least 5'7", and I have never thought that 5'7" was short for a girl. Emma is 3 inches above average and still growing!
Anonymous said on 28/Apr/06
after looking at the pic anonymous provided on april 2, I'd have to say Rob that Katie looks more 5'3" than 5'4.5", especially considering the controversy surrounding the trio's heights and Katie's tendency to wear higher heels than Emma.
ice said on 28/Apr/06
Taking it all in, here's my guesses.

Emma: 5'4
Daniel: 5'4.5
Rupert: 5'6.5

They may all look tall when standing solo, but when placed next to other actors of average size, they look like hobits.
Serene said on 26/Apr/06
Haha.. very funny..Rob..very funny

To me, Katie is an inch shorter than it will be 5'4".. but let us see..
Serene said on 19/Apr/06
Did anyone notice Emma,Dan and Rupert likes to hunch while they are standing? I mean most of the time are Emma and Rupert. Rupert is the most.

But I have never seen Katie hunch before. Yes,she is shorter than Emma,eventhough Emma does look taller than her. But both of them have the same height ( I guess)

Is just that,some people likes to hunch while some people don't.

Haha, in a parallel dimension, daniel is 5'7" and rupert is 5'10".. I think both of them are shorter than my dad, Rob.

Editor Rob
in a parallel dimension I'm even 6ft 3!!!
john link said on 17/Apr/06
Emma is quite a bit taller than her now, so this seems about right. However, I think that you should downgrade Dan's height to 5'4.5" because Katie seems as tall or taller than him. I mean, at the premier and in the GOF movie, Katie seems as tall or taller than Dan. Emma seems to be about 2 to 3 inches taller than both Katie and Dan and seems as tall as Rupert.
Click Here
When Emma actually stands up straight she has a couple inches on Dan. In this picture, Emma is wearing flat boots whereas Dan is wearing heeled dance shoes. So, if both were barefoot, Emma would be about 2 to 3 inches taller than Dan.
Emma: 5'6" to 5'7"
Katie: 5'4.5"
Dan: 5'4" to 5'4.5"
Serene said on 16/Apr/06
K, where did you heard that Katie Leung saying that she is 5'5" I think Katie is even shorter than Emma Watson.. by 1

Editor Rob
in a parallel dimension daniel radcliffe is 5ft 7 and grint 5ft 10
k said on 13/Apr/06
think she is 5'5 like she says she is
Serene said on 11/Apr/06
Rob, when did you change her height? Why did you change her height?

Editor Rob
I start to question these potter heights again...
Serene said on 5/Apr/06
you are right. Clemence is 5'7" and katie got to be like 5'3" or 5'4"
anonymous said on 2/Apr/06
Click Here

clemence poesy is 5'7 so that means katie has to be like 5'3 to 5'4
ice said on 27/Mar/06
Considering that Glenn said Dan is about 5'4, That visistor might be right with the estimate she gave.
anon said on 18/Mar/06
i find what karee said about emma to be ridiculous,and i find it strange that so many people are saying emma will be at least 5' 9" or 5' 10", most girls don't grow more than half an inch after the age of sixteen, and if she looked like the kind of person that was going to be 5' 9" or 5' 10", she'd have a longer body with longer more slender limbs, trust me, i'm 5' 9" and thats the way i'm built, i'm also 15 going on 16 and my doctor told me i won't be growing anymore, so there you have it. To me, emma is 5' 5" at the most, considering, in the film she is the slightest bit shorter than dan, and 5" 5.5 is the tallest she's getting.
Serene said on 16/Mar/06
Yeah.. Katie Looks like she is 5'3".. not 5'7"
Anonymous said on 16/Mar/06
I don't think it's quite clear that she's in the 5'5" range. Looking at photos of her next to Robert Pattinson who is between 6'0"-6'1", she is about 9 inches shorter than him. If we say Pattinson is 6'1", then Katie is more 5'4". She seems a bit shorter than Emma; roughly an inch and Emma seems to be a legit 5'5" as well as Daniel from recent photos. As for Rupert...well, he seems as if he's stopped growing. He looks between 5'6"-5'7"...Check them out of editorial getty images.
jojo said on 11/Mar/06
I know Katie in person.She is just 5'3.5.Daniel is taller than Emma now.way taller.You can check you the news photos.
Serene said on 23/Jan/06
Nah, I don't think so neither of them are 5'7". Katie is 5'4" and Daniel is 5'5.5" tall...that is my guessing..
Arrow said on 18/Jan/06
There's a chinese newspaper somewhere that say's she's 5'7". Besides, I read somewhere that Daniel is 5'7" so I think it would make sense.
Serene said on 17/Jan/06
Kelsey, I do agree with you. Katie can be 5'3" - 5'4" range as she is slighty shorter than Emma Watson.
Karee said on 16/Jan/06
Emma is quite a bit taller than Dan and Katie. Dan is 1/2"-1" taller than Katie and Katie is about 2-3 inches taller than Dan. In all of the pictures that I have seen Emma looks about 2 inches taller than Dan. In these pictures Emma is wearing flats and Dan is wearing dress shoes (and he may be wearing shoes that make him look taller...have you heard of those?), Emma is still 2 inches taller which leads me to believe that Emma could be 3-4 inches taller than him easily. Here is a list of how tall I think everyone is:
Katie: 5'3" to 5'4"....will be 5'3" to 5'4"
Dan: 5'4" to 5'5".....will be 5'4" to 5'5"
Emma: 5'6.5" to 5'7.5"....will be at least 5'9.5" (probably more around 5'10")
Rupert: 5'7.5" to 5'8" (the height gap between Emma and him is closing)....will be 5'8.5"
This is what I think their current heights are and how tall they will grow to be. Mark my words...Emma will be the tallest!!!
Katie said on 1/Jan/06
Katie does not seem to be up to Robert's eyes.
Kelsey said on 1/Jan/06
Katie isn't taller than Dan in heels? It doesn't seem like that is a true statement according to this picture. In my opinon, Katie is the shortest out of Emma, her, and Dan. Emma is the tallest. I think that Katie is about 5'3" to 5'4". Here is what I think their heights are:
Katie: 5'3" to 5'4"
Dan: 5'4" to 5'5"
Emma: 5'6" to 5'7"
These may seem far fetched, but Emma really does look that much taller in recent pictures. These three websites list Emma and Dan's heights: (scroll down to the bottom and look under GoF promoting)
Also, consider that Emma almost always wears flats and Katie heels. Dan usually wears shoes with quite large soles too. So, I think that Emma is the tallest and Katie is the shortest.

Another thing I would like to mention is age. Katie is 18 years old and most likely done growing. Dan is 16 years old and shows no signs of growing any taller. However, Emma is only 15 years old. She seems like she could grow to be around 5'9" to 5'10".
Cassie said on 30/Dec/05
Robert is 5' 10". Katie is 5' 5" even. Daniel Radcliffe is WAY taller than Katie even when Katie is in heels.
You know how people kept saying that Katie was in flats at the NY premiere of GoF? Well... they were wrong. Her shoes have 1/2"-1" heels:

And here is her next to Daniel Radcliffe, who is 5' 5.5":

Emma Watson looks to be in the 5' 5.5"-5' 6" range rather than the 5' 5" most sites list her at. She seems to be about the same height as Daniel Radcliffe (who seems to be getting closer and closer to 5' 6" these days):
..And Rupert is 5' 7" not 5' 10"
Wicked Kid said on 30/Dec/05
Yeah, right.
Katie_Leung_Look_Alike said on 29/Dec/05
Actually, if you look at the pictures of Robert and Katie, she comes up to at least his eyes and he's listed at 6'1' and so I would think 5'6" or 5'7' would be right.
Serene said on 2/Dec/05
Well,thanks Wicked Kid.

There are still many actors and actress's in the Harry Potter movies haven't listed in this site yet,you know.
Wicked Kid said on 30/Nov/05
I agree with Serene's statements. You can't trust the heights stated in magazines. If you do, then there's no need for this site in the first place.
Serene said on 28/Nov/05
Erm, Katie Fan-- Merly.
Some magazine don't give the correct answers, you know.. sorry to tell you that.
I am really sorry.

Yeah, she is taller than Dan but in the movies she is not taller than Dan,you know. Except for the ball scene, she is wearing high heels..

Really sorry..
Katie Fan--Meryl said on 28/Nov/05
I read up in a magazine that she is 5ft6 what. and it is said that she is taller than Dan....
Serene said on 27/Nov/05

Okay, yeah, I shouldn't do that. It is really stupid of me doing that. Really sorry. Erm, yeah, some Chinese who lives in UK or US are simply taller than the average Asian Chinese one. I don't know why but most of my relatives are taller than their parents except for my cousin, Mal who is 4'6.5" and she is 28 years old. Really pity her though..
Wicked Kid said on 25/Nov/05
It's really ok, Serene. Well in Singapore, most chinese female stars claim they are 5'5" and above. Note the word "claim". Lol. Quite a handful are supposedly in the 5'6" and up range. But we can't use Chinese female stars from Asian countries to estimate Katie's height. She lives in UK, has a different environment and diet. So because of that, she could be slightly taller than the average chinese living in Asia. But I don't know the average Chinese female height though.
Serene said on 25/Nov/05
Oh,I am really really really really really SORRY for mistaking that. Really very sorry.

Erm,but since you mention it, she really looks kinda 5'4". And most of the Chinese stars from Taiwan or China or Singapore or even my own country Malaysia, female stars are mostly stated as they are 5'4"..

Weird...which it is not logic at all.
zahid said on 24/Nov/05
i am 17 yrs old and only 5'3 ..can i grow..wat can i do 2 grow taller
Wicked Kid said on 24/Nov/05
No you got me wrong, Serene. I'm not saying Katie's 5'5". I think she's like 5'4". But she IS closer to 5'5" cos Emma's probably 5'3".
Serene said on 24/Nov/05
Well,sorry to say this,Wicked Kid.

Katie is like an inch taller than Emma. Yeah,it is close to 5'5" but in the Ball Scene in GOF, she wears heels like Emma.
Wicked Kid said on 22/Nov/05
Well at least Katie's closer to 5'5" than Emma. Ok, so now I'm thinking that Dan really isn't 5'5.5"...
Serene said on 22/Nov/05
Another one saying that girls still can grow after 18. Who says girls can't grow after 18 ?

Really, sometimes really get annoyed. But really, Katie doesn't seem 5'5" to me.
Lindsay said on 20/Nov/05
Girls can totally grow after 18! my mum grew 2 inches in her first year of collage she was 19!!! So there all you non believers!
Annoyed said on 20/Nov/05
Katelyn, I 100% agree with you on girls can't grow after 18. That is just stupid to say that girls will stop growing about 15-16.

But,in one magazine that I just read, she says that she is 5'4". I don't know whether this is true or not. But in someways, Emma looks in many different heights,don't you think?
Serene said on 14/Nov/05
No, you are both wrong. Although Emma seems ALMOST the same height as Katie, it doesn't prove that both of them are really the same height.

If you see closer, Emma is slighty shorter than Katie. And Katie is slighty taller than Emma. So, see properly first before you do anything.

Plus, in NY Premier of Goblet of Fire, Emma is wearing shoes that is half inches higher than Katie because Katie is wearing flats..

I don't think the fact of girls stop growing at the tender age of 16 because some girls still grow until they are 18.
Casey said on 14/Nov/05
No. Because there are girls who get their first period at 12/13 and don't grow until 16.
Michael said on 14/Nov/05
No. Katie and Emma are the same height. The other pics were misleading because Katie was in small-heeled boots and Emma was in flats. If anything, Emma is the slightly taller of the two. In this pic, they are actually wearing the same shoes:

Emma and Katie are both 5' 5".
Wicked Kid said on 14/Nov/05
Well, according to most books, majority of girls stop growing taller at 16 and for boys 18. Note I do say majority. And though genetics play a vital part in your final height, lifestyle is believed to be a factor too. I could believe that Katie is 5'5", but I doubt Emma is 5'5". There are many short parents out there who have tall kids and vice versa. And this site is for discussing their current heights ain't it? Btw, most height is gained from the first year of puberty anyway.
Wicked Kid said on 11/Nov/05
To Kate M: perhaps it's cos you underwent puberty only at the age of 15? And I guess most agents bump up their clients' heights? To Serene: I find it extremely hard to believe that Emma's even 5'4".
Serene said on 8/Nov/05
I argee with Wicked Kid. But in, Emma says that she is 5 foot 5. It is very hard to believe that she is 5 foot 5.

But on the other hand, I believe Katie's height that she is 5 foot 5 but not Emma. I also agree with Shiela.
Anonymous said on 8/Nov/05
I have an agent and am 5'3", but she decided to put me at 5'5"
heightgirl said on 7/Nov/05
Oh, and you have to remember Dan might be wearing the handy 'ol platform shoes, so she might be a smidgen shorter. Probably more like 5'4, I agree.
heightgirl said on 7/Nov/05
Sorry, I don't think my link is working anymore, here it is again:
Yes, I'd have to agree with Dan, Katie's definitely between 5'4-5'5. Unless Dan's been lying about his height....
Wicked Kid said on 7/Nov/05
I've to half agree with heightgirl. In the pic you've provided, Katie's obviously a dead 1.5" taller than Dan. It's hard to see how high her heels are, they look fairly tall but not huge, though I can only be sure it's more than 2": ; ; ; ; On second thoughts, I'm pretty sure it's 3"heels. So calculation time: 5'5.5"(dan's height) + 1.5"(Katie's height advantage) - 3"(Katie's heels) = 5'4". And plus, Katie did look taller an inch taller than Emma in the photocall and shorter than Dan by an inch: & ; Therefore, my conclusion is that Emma's highly possible to really be the 5'3" - 5'3.5" that was claimed by the agent and Katie is 5'4", if Daniel is the 5'5.5" he claimed, which makes sense to me. Does anyone here agree with me?
Serene said on 7/Nov/05
I think you are right. But she is definately not 5 foot 3. Right? I agree with you.
heightgirl said on 6/Nov/05
Recent pic of Katie at the GOF premiere - in heels she's about an inch taller than Dan. I think's she's more around 5'4-5'5ish. What do you think?
CelebHeights Editor said on 16/Oct/05
I said I'd come back to this girl...well, I think that old 5ft 3 is on shaky ground now ;) Maybe the 'way taller than 5ft 3' was half-way right!

Back in july 2004 BBc newsround said of Robert Pattinson, "Robert, who is from London, is a strapping 6ft 1."...

Rob Katie 1 and Rob Katie 2.
Serene said on 2/Oct/05
Well, If u say that Oprah can ask the Olsen Twins about their height, when can she ask Kaite? I mean..ok..I think we must or shall wait until the film is out..
Wicked Kid said on 25/Sep/05
Hmm. How can Katie Leung be "way taller than 5ft3" when out dear Daniel is only 5'5.5". I'm sure she had to be shorter than him to get that part.
Serene said on 23/Sep/05
So, if she is way 5'3",why no one is interviewing her and asking her what is her height????
Which is really confusing!!
HK said on 1/Sep/05
katie leung was born in april of 1988 Rob. During filming, she was 16 and is now 17. i doubt she grew and if she did, maybe a centimeter? wait till the movie, we'll just have to wait to see her shoes when she's with daniel! lol
Serene said on 28/Aug/05
Sorry for the rudeness, but Katie doesn't seem to be 5 feet 5 inches. She is more to be 5'3" to be exact. And mostly people describe her as 5'5". I don't think she is the same height as Daniel plus she is wearing heels.. dude..

Heights are barefeet estimates, derived from quotations, official websites, agency resumes, in person encounters with actors at conventions and pictures/films.

Other vital statistics like weight or shoe size measurements have been sourced from newspapers, books, resumes or social media.

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