How tall is Kevin Jonas

Kevin Jonas Height

5ft 7.75in (172.1 cm)

American singer and actor from the Jonas Brothers. In a 2006 online chat he claimed "I'm 5ft 8".

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5ft 7.96in (172.6cm)
Tallish89 said on 5/Oct/17
Kevin Jonas (with Joe & Nick) wearing 2-3 inch heels

Click Here
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NB// Only Joe Jonas wears regular shoes in these pics, both Nick & Kevin usually wear shoes with 2-3 inch lifts

Needs a downgrade to 171cm

Same as Joe, only looks taller because of footwear.
height said on 25/Mar/17
i think 5 ft 7 clearly
michiWL said on 11/Jul/16
real height 166-167 cm
John Cena said on 17/May/16
real height is 168 cm
kelvin said on 30/Apr/16
he is 5ft9inches
MD said on 4/Feb/16

Is this guy a full inch-to-inch-and-a-quarter taller than his brothers Joe and Nick repsectively, or are they closer? You haven't rejiggered his height after you did the other two.
Editor Rob: he could fall in the almost 5ft 8 range.
MD said on 1/Feb/16
Why compare him to Jane Lynch, when you can compare him to his brother Nick, who is much closer in height? He's very marginally taller than Nick, and that's about the end of that.
charlie said on 30/Jan/16
mistake on my last post stop the video at 4:38 Click Here Jane Fynch is indeed 6 ft tall than he appears to be shy of 5 foot 9.
charlie said on 30/Jan/16
This is tough one. Just going by him standing beside 6 foot Jane Lynch and giving thought the human height is 9 inches close to 10 inches. He looks closet to 5 foot 8.75. feet.1 am 5 foot 10 inches and 2 inches looks a tiny bit taller than Kevin. Heres the proof in this youtube video Stop the video at 1:39 Click Here
plus said on 12/Oct/15
Lance Bass and Kevin Jonas

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Click Here
Armandy said on 21/Jul/15
5'7.5 same Joe
Robby D said on 7/Jan/15
Saw him on celebrity apprentice and he looked nowhere near 5'8" to me.
MD said on 2/Feb/14
With 5'7.5" Darren Criss:

Click Here

Click Here

Time for a downgrade. I thought I'd showed with the Joe Jonas photo with Wilmer Valderamma that none of the brothers are over this.
Marc said on 30/Dec/11
is he not the tallest one?
No way said on 5/Sep/11
Ha! No way is he 5'8". I saw him in a NJ mall last year with his wife (who is tiny, BTW) and he is itty-bitty-5'6" at best, probably more like 5'5". I am 5'7" and I looked *down* at him as he walked by.
Wide not tall said on 27/Aug/11
Here's what I think of the Jonas boys heights

Maximus Meridius said on 21/Aug/11
Rob is there a chance Nick Jonas will have a page.
Gained weight instead said on 20/Aug/11
® said on 5/Aug/11
5'7 range
-A said on 4/Aug/11
He's 5'6 & he wears lifts " 2 inchs" that makes him 5'8
jake said on 28/Jul/11
He has to be shorter than this, Click Here
MD said on 19/Jun/11

Here is Kevin with 5'9" Bon Jovi:

Click Here

Click Here
la culisuelta said on 19/Jun/11
[Editor Rob: I will now give Joe his own page :)]

Yes please! :)
la culisuelta said on 18/Jun/11
joe jonas's twitter
@joejonas what's your height?
@JonaticaAVRG 5 8 I think
[Editor Rob: I will now give Joe his own page :)]
andre said on 7/Jun/11
Cranberries you need to remember that this guys are taller in other places

Short men have the same and deserve respect because are humans

take on your 6ft4 guys and chose 5ft6 guy
Cranberries (6 ft. 3.25 evening, 17 years, \ said on 17/May/11
I'm stupid because you outdid yourself trying to make the point that height isn't the most important thing? I don't know why you wanted to go there, since I agree that height isn't exceptionally important.

My sister is an example: she's 5'11", and both her boyfriends have been around 5'9". However, both were also intelligent and athletic, two traits that could be considered equally as beneficial as height. I don't understand it, but I accept it.

So no need to throw insults there, little guy. I think you're projecting.
Anon guy said on 17/May/11
Cranberries: never understood teenage girls idolization of short guys?
Cos they havent been indoctrinated into your narrow-minded way of thinking that only really tall guys are hot. If a guy is hot, he's hot. Height isn't the only factor in a complex network of factors that determine if some is deemed attracted. and then of course that's all subjective. god your stupid.
Cranberries said on 12/May/11
Sara, men have more torso and bigger faces than women in general, giving them a more "robust" look (as opposed to lanky).

For example, take a look at John Mayer. Looks around 5'11" due to his proportions, but is actually 6'3" (tall).

That being said:
Joe: 5'7"
Kevin: 5'7.5"
Nick: 5'7"

...Very short dudes. Never understood the teenage girl's idolization of short guys. Especially Zac Efron.
nishant said on 20/Apr/11
these guys are not more than 5.7
Sara said on 4/Apr/11
I'm 5'9" and I have long arms and legs. Mind you, I'm a girl... but still. When I look at pictures of these guys, I can't really see how any of them are above like 5'7"..?
look said on 27/Mar/11
look this
Click Here
with frankie muniz
caca said on 23/Mar/11
fallon is claiming to be 6ft and he was about 3 or 4 inches taller than the jonas brothers wich makes them 5'8...i just dont see them at 5'9 ....they could be about 5'7 or 5'8 at max..
DrJJ said on 22/Mar/11
There is no more than 2" difference in that photo, probably 1.5" when adjusted for posture and hairstyle. 5'6" maximum, and that is if the girl is actually the height claimed. She kinda gives the impression of 5'3" proportions. If only we knew the height of the cups they are carrying, we could then calculate the heights. 5'6" for him. Max.
Big boned said on 17/Mar/11
Joe looks about 5'7.5 there.
Moke said on 16/Mar/11
Joe jonas, who might be slightly taller than Kevin with his girlfriend Ashley Greene (5'4.75): Click Here
Big boned said on 12/Mar/11
sophy says on 11/Mar/11
i met joe and nick in february , im 5'9, i was standing beside them and we are the same height!

They could've been wearing lifts or had big hair. They're about 5'7 to 5'8 really.
sophy said on 11/Mar/11
i met joe and nick in february , im 5'9, i was standing beside them and we are the same height!
NVADA said on 6/Mar/11
Nick and John Legend are the same height?? So... 5'8"
5'8.5" for Joe and 5'7" for Kevin. Kevin is very obviously the smallest, he just wears big shoes
Nikki said on 4/Mar/11
At the Motown tribute, Nick looked about the same height as John Legend (although John's frame was still bigger). Jamie Foxx was way taller, and Seal was just freakin' huge compared to Nick.

As for Joe and Kevin, I really have no idea... seems they're never photographed with people other than each other.
DrJJ said on 22/Feb/11
4x4's often have their suspensipn lowered, especially in celeb world, so official manufacturer dimensions aren't always what you see.
AdamRyan said on 21/Feb/11
Joe are about prety sure....
Prowler said on 19/Feb/11
As request by Arnold on apr 26 2010 the truck is a Lexus RX350.It's 173cm height but he seem a little bit in front of it
K4 said on 11/Feb/11
I would say Kevin and Joe are around 5'7 and Nick about 5'8ish. They nearly always wear bulky thick shoes and mopped up hair to make them appear taller.
K4 said on 5/Feb/11
Jayd, Kevin is the shortest and always wears big shoes and has big hair.
jayd said on 29/Jan/11
i have met them and im just under 5ft5 and joe and nick are 5ft6 and kevin is 5ft7 ish :)
Anonymous said on 20/Jan/11
Dang Fallon has like 3-4 inches on all of them and he's only 5'11"??
K4 said on 18/Jan/11
Joe looks about 5'6.5. The Jonas brothers are short. They always use bulky shoes and hair to increase their height, quite common among young people these days.
DrJJ said on 17/Jan/11
Wow! Great pic, Larry lookin cool. Jonas boy definitely struggling to make 5'5" in that pic. The brothers should have auditioned for the new Hobbit movie. Only qualification the don't have is the big hairy feet. Precious.
K4 said on 8/Jan/11
Larry King has shoe and hair advantage and I don't think Kevin is 5'8, he has big hair and wears big shoes a lot, he looks about 5'6.75. Joe looks about 5'7.25 and Nick 5'7.75, possibly 5'8 and might still grow a bit more.
ak said on 6/Jan/11
here is joe jonas with 5'8 77 year old larry king Click Here
Anonymous said on 5/Jan/11
he's not 5'7...he's 5'8....
mmmtx said on 5/Jan/11
Here are a couple screen caps from Late Night. Notice that Fallon is much taller, in fact he keeps leaning hard to not stand out too much. Look at the footwear, Kevin has at least 2" heals, maybe more, Joe has no heel, Nick probably slightly less than the dress heels Fallon had. Based on this video I would put Joe/Nick at 5'8" and Kevin at 5'7".

Click Here
Click Here
® said on 3/Jan/11
All of them are 5.7.rob how can be demi lovaro 5'4 when all these
guys are 5'7 tops.
MD said on 2/Jan/11
Just some pictures for reference:

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here
fabian said on 1/Jan/11
they are somewhere around 5'7.5 -5'8.5..but no more than that or less...
DrJJ said on 1/Jan/11
Another case of some short celebs being compared with other celebs who give inaccurate accounts of their own heights and fans who cannot stand to see their little idols cut down to size by hard photographic evidence. Having lived in central London all my life, having seen many many of them out and about, having had numerous celebs in my clinic, the one thing you will always be surprised about is their height. Either shockingly small or surprisingly tall - very rarely in between. The Jonas brothers are clearly not surprisingly tall. That just leaves shockingly small. 5'6" tops.
Gerus said on 30/Dec/10
He is only 5,7. Go heck the photo together with Chelsea Staubt 5,7 and maby even 5,6. Case closed
bruiser said on 30/Dec/10
@Fabian, David Henrie actually guest starred on the Jonas Brothers' tv show. He looked significantly taller than all of them. I would put David at 5'10" and the Jonas bros are 5'8" and under.
Kristian said on 27/Dec/10
Fabian, taylor swift is no taller than 5'10" but most likely 5'9" and under a you even check robs opinion before you spurt such nonsense?.....and last time i checked, 3 celebrities (the ones you mentioned), is not everyone and yes, seacrest is a cheeky bugger, we all know that. You are right they may be 5'8 however no taller than 5'9" though thats for sure
linke said on 24/Dec/10
yeah henrie is one of the taller disney kids?my guess 5'9,can look taller though.sterling knight is 5'8 for sure.
fabian said on 23/Dec/10
rob..please add david henrie...he's in the 5'9-5'10 range....but im not sure..
fabian said on 23/Dec/10
then every celebrity is a liar...cuz sterling knight said he was 5'10.5,,,,and taylor swift says she's 5'11 in her interviews...and seacrest says he's 5'8 ......but im sure the jonas brothers are not 5'7..they could be 5'8 or 5'9 but no more than that...
linke said on 23/Dec/10
sterling knight 5'10.5,are you for real?That kid is 5'8.
fabian said on 22/Dec/10
mm.then why does joe looks just a little bit shorter than sterling knight ( 5'10.5)..............??????????????????...well he's not 5'7 ...he's in the 5'8 -5'9 one knows his exact rob..go find your job...heheh....
Siklas said on 20/Dec/10
Nick Jonas is 5'8" The other two are a few cms shorter than that. Case closed, I hope
Kristian said on 19/Dec/10
Firstly fabian, taylor swift is no 5'11" and i highly doubt chelsea staub is 5'7", and seacrest is definitely not a 5'8", but hey keep deluding yourself
fabian said on 8/Dec/10
they are definetly 5'9 cuz joe is just a little bit shorter than taylor swift(5'11 tall) and he is just a little bit shorter than abby pivaronas and she's 5'10.....and joe is taller than chelsea staub and she's 5'7 and joe is a little bit taller than ryan seacrest and he's 5'8.....and the three brothers are exactly the same height so yeah...i insist they're 5'9 and a strong 5'9 ,,,so they're kind of average height ....i would say less than an inch below average so they are still considered average height.....
fabian said on 4/Dec/10 can they be 5'7???...chelsea staub is 5'7 and they're about 2 inches taller than i insist they're 5'9...
anon said on 25/Nov/10
i don't think they are even 5ft8. this is a pretty decent picture, similar footware, standing straight and if ashley is 5ft4.75 as she's listed here then joe looks what, 5ft6?? 5ft7 max

Click Here
Hannah B said on 23/Nov/10
Yeay they are all taller then i only have crushes on guys who are taller then me i know the sound concided but im 5,8 and everyone in my school are shorter then me accept a few and the guy has to be tall stronger and older :{)
chantal said on 22/Nov/10
i met Frankie too and he is really cute and funny and he is not small as you think
jazmin said on 20/Nov/10
i agree with fabian :) because i met them, im 5'9 and they have the same height as me
fabian said on 19/Nov/10
they're 5'9 cuz they're taller than ryan seacrest and just a little bit shorter than abby pivaronas and she's 5' end of debate
chantal said on 17/Nov/10
i met all 3 Kevin, Joe, and Nick and they are all taller then me and i am 5'8.
twitterfreak said on 16/Nov/10
joe jonas on idol with seacrest

Click Here

skip to 2:49
Marissa said on 16/Nov/10
Joe is 5'9-5'10. I met him and I'm 5'8.5 and he is was about an inch to an inch and a half taller than me :)
Anonymous said on 9/Nov/10
they are all taller than ryan seacrest.
fabian said on 6/Nov/10
i think the three brothers are 5'8....and nick is probably not 5'9 because he looked so much shorter than michelle obama and she's 5'11
DrJJ said on 28/Oct/10
Sem, I have checked the link you posted. Thanks for that. The calculator on it converts 68 inches to 172.72 cm. Which is basically what I said. 173cm is 5'8". These are standardised units, they don't float around between two very different values. I think you are mixing up 5'8" with 5.8 feet, which is very different. 5.8 feet is 5'9.5", which is closer to your 176cm. Don't forget there are 12 inches in a foot, not 10!
amanda said on 6/Oct/07
keven looks cool in that picture and nick and joe the funny one joe makes me laugh!cool pic im your biggest fan!
Anonymous said on 26/Sep/07
When i wet nick he was about my height just like a cenemeter taller nd im 5ft 6 nd kevin was taller then me by a couple inches so hes like 5ft 8 or 9
kim said on 18/Sep/07
the only reason he looks taller is cuz hes closer to the camera he's only 5'6"
and i agree with stevie
april navarro said on 14/Sep/07
i love you guys you are super hot and me and my friends love you it would be really cool if you guys had a concert in laredo texas me and my two other friends have a favorite mine is joe my friend hazel is nik and my friend grecia kevin so we all have a favorite and maybe if you had a concert in laredo we could all hang out it would be awsome bye guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dea said on 6/Sep/07
I like this picture all of the guys are cute, and they take good pictures:)
Are they Christians???
Stevie said on 3/Sep/07
Ive seen pictures latly and NICk seems all tall as his brotherse somtimes have man heels on a dn are taller....but now in sept....NICk seems to be like 5'8 ....oh and girl DONT CLAIM HIMA LIKE A PRIZE TO BE ONE!!!!! let him like whoever
vaderr said on 30/Aug/07
they are so unbelieveably hot. in order of hottness (from hot to hottest): kevin, then joe, then nick(whos the hottest). nick is mine bitches and i will fight for him. lol. hes perfect for me. and on that hannah montana episode, did you see how good he looked in that orange shirt, i mean did you see how sexy his arms looked!!!! ahha i want to have his babies!! lol

glenn said on 20/Aug/07
glenn said on 20/Aug/07
i think they were all wearing sneakers.
suomymona said on 19/Aug/07
I agree with the link just for teen celebrities! I like the whole idea of the height thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!=)

[Editor Rob: I don't like kids...they grow and make many listings look foolish when I forget to check ;)]
anonymous said on 17/Aug/07
Rob, I think you should create a link just for teen celebrities. I think a lot of kids would like that! Thanks! The link could be in the column with the stuff like "heel height truth", "elevator shoes", and "celebs my height".
6'3'' JK said on 11/Aug/07
Glenn can you remember what footwear they were wearing?
Charissa said on 10/Aug/07
They seem to decrease an inch as the age decreases. Such as Kevin being 5'8, it looks as if Joe is 5'7 and Nick is 5'6. (ex. Stair Steps)
6'3'' JK said on 8/Aug/07
Rob you know you could downgrade him to 5'7.75'', because he dosen't look a solid 5'8'' like Glenn
priscilla said on 8/Aug/07
yeah i noticed that too "6'3Jk". he looks 5'6. but also notice that the 3 brothers are all slanted to the side. so if they stood straight up like Glenn i could believe Kevin was 5'8.
Hallie said on 7/Aug/07
Kevin's hair is kinda tall in that picture so that is probably incorrect info. How tall is Nick??
6'3'' JK said on 5/Aug/07
Rob you are being fooled by Kevins hair in that picture, his hair is easily giving him extra 3 - 4 cm, so i think he is 5'7.5'' at the most

[Editor Rob: no idea on glenn/jonas bro's footwear, what I mean if it is all equal.]
joviana said on 31/Jul/07
When I met the jonas brothers, Nick looked just a little bit shorter than Kevin, and Kevin looked a little shorter than Joe. When I asked them how tall each 1 of them waz, Joe said "I'm 6'1", Kevin said "I'm 5'9", and Nick said "5'6"!!! (JB, luv u guyz!!!:))
6'3'' JK said on 31/Jul/07
This guys Hair is making him look same height as Glenn and making him look taller than he actually is, Look at his and Glenns eybrow levels Glenn easily 3cms taller, So Kevin Jonas is no more than 5'7''
carlenna said on 30/Jul/07
i think kevin just right for his height joe look taller than kevin . kevin must be 5'8' joe must be 5'9' and nick must be 5'6' so non jonas brothers are not stort. lucky i love tall guys so they just right for me
Gabbie said on 12/Jul/07
I thought that the height order from tallest to shortest was Joe, Kevin, Nick but when i met them Nick looked taller then Kevin and a little shorter than Joe. AND btw NICK is MINE!!! jk lol
glenn said on 10/Jul/07
couldve sworn one was taller.and one was shorter.
6'3'' JK said on 10/Jul/07
Glenn, were all of them the same height of 5'8'' when you met them?
claudeen said on 29/Jun/07
well, i thought kev was 5'8"just like a magazine nick had to fill out questions and he wrote 5'6"for his height and that was months ago and few days ago i saw pics and nick looks the same height as his brothers.nick,14 joe,17 and kev,19 and they are the same height i am pretty sure nick is going to be taller than his brothers.
chelsea said on 20/Jun/07
I love Nick! and he is the perfect hight for his age. and i dislike the fact that Miley said she likes Nick 'cause hes MINE! jk i wish.:] then kevin and joe are pretty tall 4 their age so their all perfect in every way.
Jackie said on 5/Jun/07
I totally agree with Kourt. Rob, u need to add joe and Nicks heights on here.does miley really like nick?does he like her too? Nooo. he could have me!jk.but seriously,he is really really cute!joe is the hottest, and nick is really really good looking.and looks really hot in alot of pics.
Jasmine said on 30/May/07
I like Nick I don't agree with that Jamie I think Nick is Perfect height for his age. Also people what do you think about Miley saying she Likes Nick?
Jamie said on 13/Apr/07
I think that Nick is short for his age but Joe and Kevin a tall I think Joe is going to grow up to be taller then Kevin but I don't know nick is pretty short but I love them so I don't really care how tall they are.
maria said on 8/Apr/07
there like so short for there age
Kourt said on 21/Dec/06
hey rob, you need to get Joe's and Nick's heights on here too. oh and i think you should up kevin's height to 5'9" cuz he's as tall as Aly from aly and aj and she is 5'9". but kevin is so dang hott
Kourt said on 21/Dec/06
That does seem about right, though i thought he was maybe an inch taller. But kevin is so hott.

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