How tall is Joe Jonas

Joe Jonas Height

5ft 7 ½ (171.5 cm)

American Singer from The Jonas Brothers. On his twitter account he mentioned in reply to a question of his height, "5 8 I think"

How tall is Joe Jonas
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Height of Nick Jonas
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5ft 6 ¾ (170 cm)
Height of Kevin Jonas
Kevin Jonas
5ft 7 ¾ (172 cm)
Height of Sophie Turner
Sophie Turner
5ft 8 ¾ (175 cm)
Height of Taylor Swift
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Average Guess (102 Votes)
5ft 7.5in (171.4cm)
Sean95 said on 29/Jul/20
I like that he's with a attractive woman that's taller than him. There's still hope for us sub 6 footers.
Jam Cherry said on 24/May/20
Joe is like 171 cm
Nik Ashton said on 16/Apr/20
Look at this:

Click Here
Litenko said on 17/Sep/19
Rob how can you spot difference between Jonas brothers, they always look very similar height? :D
Editor Rob
I think the more I've seen of them, one is a bit taller than the other 2...but I can see how they generally seem within same range most of the time.
james7 said on 9/Aug/19
Joe & Sophie (Joe wearing converse)
Click Here

Joe at disney wearing normal sneakers
Click Here
Annnnoni said on 2/Aug/19
Looks 5’6 Click Here
Mj7 said on 30/Jul/19

Check out the filming of Jonas brothers Only human video in NYC. Joe is wearing low cut converse while Kevin and Nick seems to be wearing 3 inch elevator shoes.
khaled taban said on 4/Jul/19
He is as tall as Zayn Malik, both are 5'7.5".
Mj7 said on 22/Jun/19

Google has Justin Bieber and Zayn Malik listed at 5'9. Both are 5'7.5
I think most of their height are inaccurate
Jonaslover said on 22/Jun/19
Rob why is joe is listee at 5ft7 flat by google
jriggs said on 21/Jun/19
Jonas with Turner Paris

Click Here
Mj7 said on 12/Jun/19
I honestly don't know how much photo has been posted showing the guy practically barefoot with turner yet haters will ignore post a photo of Turner either

1. Walking on higher sidewalk
2. Wearing 2.5 inch ladies sneakers
3. Wearing high heels

At most there is 1.5 inch barefoot between them
jriggs said on 11/Jun/19
@Logan M Barringer

Here pics of the guy in flip flops... with Turner..
Click Here

Still seeing 3 inches? smh
Logan M Barringer said on 7/Jun/19
No way the guy is only an inch and a half shorter than Sophie Turner. There is at least 3 inches between them. Either he needs a downgrade or she needs an upgrade.
jriggs said on 6/May/19
With Carrie Underwood 5'3 wearing heels Jonas 5'7.5
Click Here
Damon Blank said on 30/Apr/19
Wow, the Jonas brothers really are short. 5 ft 6 isn't that tall, but 5 ft 9 and under is average to short. Joe is second tallest at 5 ft 7 and that's short.
Mj7 said on 20/Apr/19

All three brothers barefoot dancing

Kevin 172-173cm
Joe 171.5cm
Nick 168.5-169cm

Click Here
Brittany said on 14/Apr/19
With Joe Jonas being 5ft 8in
jriggs said on 8/Apr/19
With Zac Efron 5'8

Click Here
jriggs said on 8/Apr/19
Like I said not even sure she is a full two inches taller!
Click Here
jriggs said on 8/Apr/19
Barely 6cm between him and Turner
Click Here
EJ said on 6/Apr/19
Obviously a bit of forced perspective going on here but this picture makes their height difference quite hilarious. Bloke can't be more than 5'7" out of bed.

Click Here
Editor Rob
He is miles away from her.

But then check out this photo with Click Here. He's got some advantage, but is nearly 5 inches taller.

Posture, a bit closer (not hugely) and lower camera can add a couple of inches quite easily.
Dr JJ said on 4/Apr/19
@Mj7 ROFL your own picture. He is in the foreground so impossible to compare. My picture - even if you tilt the sidewalk to 45 degrees he is still not talker than Hadid. In any case, the sidewalk camber is very very minimal. This guy is about 5’ 6.5” and the one married to Chopra is at least 2” shorter.
Mj7 said on 28/Mar/19
Barefoot & slippers

Not 5'6 but strong 5'7.5 min!

Click Here
Mj7 said on 26/Mar/19
@Dr JJ

Are you saying Sophie Turner is less than 175cm?

Gigi and Joe are walking he is on the lower side of the sidewalk ROFL

All I said is he looks 5'7.5 sometimes a weak 5'8 like 171.5cm is 5'7 and 172.7 is 5'8.

It is 1cm reason I said that is he has terrible posture. Just look at videos of him in Miami with his brothers and Sophie. The guy slouches a couple inches.

Turner is not 172.7cm or 173 or 174 she is 175cm minimum!

She isn't 7-8cm taller than Joe she is at most around 5cm
jriggs said on 26/Mar/19
Sophie Turner height
Click Here

5'9 average guess but hey... let's upgrade lift wearers like Zayn Malik & downgrade artists don't
jriggs said on 26/Mar/19
@Dr JJ

Mid stride on pavement why do you keep posting same old useless photos when there are so many barefoot & slippers pics with Sophie Turner (5'9) read rob article on mid stride.

Explain to me how you can say 5'6 when he doesn't look 3 inches shorter barefoot with Turner

Click Here
Click Here
Dr JJ said on 25/Mar/19
Mj7 - if he is a weak 5’ 8” barefoot, then explain this...

Click Here
jriggs said on 25/Mar/19
Again Joe Jonas (5'7.5) in slippers with Sophie Turner (5'9) way to many photos of him barefoot and in slippers with her to say he is 3 inches shorter (5'6)

Click Here

Bieber & Joe
Click Here
Mj7 said on 24/Mar/19
@Dr JJ
1. Joe's shoe insole is 1.5cm at most whereas Sophie shoe is about 3cm or about 1.1 inch

2. Joe looks 5'7.5/weak 5'8 barefoot and in slippers next to Sophie.

@jriggs photos most accurate.
Joel Masterman said on 20/Mar/19
Any Idea on his Weight Rob?
Editor Rob
140 maybe
Lara said on 18/Mar/19
I think he is 1.70 m.
Dr JJ said on 18/Mar/19
Maybe it all comes down to her real height, but this type of picture is so frequent that I have to say 5’ 6.5” as a maximum for him. He also does not have very good proportions, so that does not help his case -

Click Here
jriggs said on 1/Feb/19
In slippers with Sophie Turner (175cm) doesn't look under 171cm, flip through to view other angles!

Click Here

His brother Nick usually looks a inch or two shorter when he forgets his lifts
Spark said on 14/Sep/18
The only time S.Turner looks 3-4inches taller is when she wears heel footwear other than that sometimes I could barely see more than a inch between.

He does has a bad posture though.

Lowest guest is 5'7.5 but with Demi I do see 5-6 inches difference
My morning guess is 172cm
Tifi said on 30/Aug/18
Sophie Turner stood 5'10.25/5'10.5 in front a height chart

Going with that and Zac Efron comparisons he is a weak 5'8
Lul said on 30/Jul/18
Zac Efron is 5'8. A weak 5'8, but 5'8. Zac was taller than Ryan Seacreast who is 5'7 wearing flat shoes and, taller than Robert Di Niro, who is 5'7.

So, yes, you can use Zac as a ref. Joe was the same height as Taylor while wearing flip flops years ago and she was wearing boots.
emberly said on 7/Jul/18
joe is 5'7, his gf sophie is 5'10. her mouth is the same height as his eyes. this is the case with 5'10 and 5'7 couples.
Tiemo said on 11/Jun/18
I think he looks almost 5’9
Peter175 said on 24/May/18
Nick is without a doubt below 5ft7.

Joe is in the 5'7.25-5 range. I think a listing of 3/8s would be best for this gentleman
Bri said on 12/May/18
172-173 range and his gf 176
Link said on 15/Apr/18
JOE IS 5'8 maybe 5'8.5''
NICK IS 5'7.7'' maybe 5'8''
Nik said on 6/Apr/18
He looks 5'7.5" all day long!
Jonathon said on 5/Apr/18
@Tallish89 The best picture is the last picture of them both barefoot on the beach, definitely over 5'7 there if Sophie is around the 5'9 mark. Actually looks 5'8 in this pic.
Tallish89 said on 7/Mar/18
Rofl trolls

Joe Jonas look throughout 2017/2018, consistently showed him not wearing lifts but a lot more low cut shoes.

Guy will probably wear more boots here and there.

Looked 5'7ish barefoot next to 5'9 Sophie Turner.

Here are 2017/2018 photos

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Monkey knees said on 3/Mar/18
Constantly wearing lifts and huge heels. 5.7ish.
Tallish89 said on 7/Feb/18
Zac Efron is 5'8 lol
Dr JJ said on 6/Feb/18
Yep, Efron is nowhere near 5’ 8” either. You cannot use him as a point of reference.
Peter175 said on 2/Feb/18
Zac is taller there but its in the realm of a cm at most
Nik said on 31/Jan/18
I can happily offer Joe Jonas 5'7.5"!
Tallish89 said on 31/Jan/18
Joe with (5'8 172.7cm) Zac Efron
Click Here

Another photo from same day showing Zac Efron on his tip toes and leaning forward to appear taller
Click Here

Zac Efron has proven he is 5'8 172.7cm min, no way Joe is just 5'6
Dr JJ said on 30/Jan/18
Yep, that tan suede bomber jacket reveals his shortness, once again, as the waistband comes down lower than his crotch. It should hit at the waist. A standard size M bomber jacket would be 67cm long, back-length from collar seam to bottom edge. 5’ 6” tall. No more.
Peter175 said on 27/Jan/18
Upon a closer look Joe does honestly look not much if any below 5'8 when he's standing up straight. With Efron there's basically no height between them. He has a tendency to lean his long neck downwards dropping up to an inch in pictures. He also walks with a long stride

Click Here

His body proportions are very bad as well. He looks short while Bieber who is maybe 1/4 inch taller at most pulls off looking average height most of the time
rockitbaby said on 13/Jan/18
5'7, like his brother Nick.
Peter175 said on 20/Dec/17
Rob how tall does Joe look next to Nick?
Looks over an inch at least
Click Here
Editor Rob: in that one photo you'd think there was 2 inches between them.
wrs5678 said on 18/Dec/17
He does looks the same as Zac Efron. Those pictures just shows how a hobest guy can look shorter next to men wearing lifts. I can't see Zac Efron any less than 173cm and Joe clearly holds up a solid 172 minimum next to Efron. Joe Jonas has to be atleast a weak 5'8 (172.7cm) or 5'7.75 (172cm)
Tallish89 said on 11/Dec/17
For those that think Zayn is taller than Jonas even though he had on a good heel in the photos taken.

Joe Jonas height gap with Gigi Hadid (175cm) nb// these aren't sidewalk photos but a pic taken on level ground
Click Here

Zayn before he started wearing heels/lifts with Gigi Hadid
Click Here

Fact remains Jonas confidently wears low cut shoes with women 175cm e.g. Gigi Hadid/Sophie Turner still looks strong 171cm

Fact remains Zayn height varies because he wears heels/lift sometimes he looks 5'7, 5'8, 5'9 & sometimes 5'10
Peace said on 6/Dec/17
He is exactly the same as Zac Efron 173cm.
ALEXANDRE ALVES BR said on 27/Nov/17
He seems average to me
Aish said on 22/Nov/17
Nick Jonas is around 5'8'' and Joe looks 1-1.5 inches taller so yea probs 5'8'' to 5'9''
Tallish89 said on 24/Oct/17

He's clearly a strong (5'7) 171cm guy I would say near that 172 like 171.5cm unless you want downgrade Sophie Turner from 175cm

Click Here
Click Here

Click Here
Peter175 said on 23/Oct/17
Lol Warren, clearly above 5'7 flat
Warren said on 22/Oct/17
Just 5'7"(170cm) no under no more
Tallish89 said on 17/Aug/17

Standing still picture of Joe Jonas nb// no thick heeled boots & no lifts are needed

I mean the guy is wearing boat (1cm at most) shoes with Demi ( in heels)
Click Here

I myself use to think 5'5-5'6 thanks to mid stride pics of him posted on this page but after looking at him myself I noticed he wears low cuts, toms, slip ons & boat shoes even at events/awards yet looks pretty solid 5'7 standing next to women 5'2'-4 in heels

Usually I see male celebs in thick heeled boots & lifts ;)
Slim183 said on 16/Aug/17
Tallish, I appreciate the effort, but photos captured while in mid stride aren't reliable as one might be up in the air and the other on the ground, try it yourself if you want. I said it on the Evans page.
Tallish89 said on 15/Aug/17
@Slim 182 cm

Remember they are on sand... too..

There are a lot more pics since rob listed Turner at 175cm & then there is Demi Lovato at 5'2.5 (159) which leaves him around 171cm

Joe Jonas wearing toms & Demi Lovato in heels probably she reached 5'5.5 in those heels

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

If he was 5'6 or less than 171cm he won't pull of that height difference with her wearing a toms
Slim 182 cm said on 13/Aug/17
Thankyou tallish, this guy is 5'7 absolutely maximum.
It's obvious his claim was in shoes, there's nothing mysterious about his height tbh.

Btw draw a line at joes feet, he is standing closer to the camera, and I believe Sophie is listed at 5'8.75.
strangerdnce said on 12/Aug/17
He is a strong 5'7 probably weak 5'8 at times.
Tallish89 said on 11/Aug/17
@Slim 182 cm

Barefoot Joe Jonas & Sophie Turner.
Click Here

I posted same & lots more lower down. He looks the same height every time his picture is taken by paps. When Sophie Turner wears heels he doesn't grow taller so he clearly doesn't wear lifts.

I honestly can't say that for other celebs like the 1D guys.
Slim 182 cm said on 9/Aug/17
He probably isn't even the full 5'7.
Peter175 said on 2/Aug/17
He's anywhere from 170-171.

172 seems impossible for him given how he looks with Sophie Turner.
Pop00 said on 25/Jul/17
He's got a bit on Darren Criss 171 and looks the same as Zac Efron who is a strong 5'8
strangerdnce said on 24/Jul/17
Looks 173cm
Tallish89 said on 10/Jul/17
More clear evidence he's not under 5'7

Video with Alessia Cara (rob listing 5'1) who is wearing heels Click Here

Photo with Alessia Cara in sneakers Click Here
Bee123 said on 19/Jun/17
Joe Jonas world's is full of insecure 5'7ish male celebs who are clear lift wearers.

He has looked 5'7.5(171-172cm) in flip flops/shoes at awards shows, tv and fan taken photos.

I don't think we will see other 5'7ish male celebs like

Zayn Malik or Justin Bieber standing barefoot next to known 5'9 female celebs like Joe does... and still pulls off a strong 5'7.5

Beach photos with Sophie Turner settle his height.

Although I thought pictures of him and Zac Efron 173cm proved the fact he had to be atleast 5'7.5 and not the 5'6 some 1D fangirls and Beeber fangirls are posting...
Peter175 said on 7/Jun/17
I agree Tallish but this listing is max for Joe. I can still see 5'7 flat arguments at times
Tallish89 said on 27/May/17

They are not Hispanics lol
Realist said on 26/May/17
Every Jonas brother is between 5'6 and 5'8 no taller or shorter it's actually average height for Hispanics.
Tallish89 said on 25/May/17

I'm not saying he's 5'8 I'm just saying he isn't 5'6.75 170cm

Just go to Sophie Turner page dude
Rob has his reasons for having her at at 175cm I just went with his listing on her

But you can always just google Joe (18-19) and Camille Belle claims 173cm (rob listing 171cm)

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

He wore low converse just saying those are 2009 pictures he still looks the same today unless Camille Belle is 5'5 I can't see Jonas at 5'6
Bee123 said on 24/May/17
Dude said flat sidewalk lol

You can clearly see Joe walking down a slope
Peter175 said on 24/May/17
Tallish89, firstly you will have to provide evidence that Turner is a legit 175-176 girl. From everything I've seen on her she's a weak 5'9 at best or maybe closer to 5'8.5.

And she looks at least 4 cms over Joe. So I'm not saying he's shorter than this listing but he certainly isn't above it by any means whatsoever. I pushed for the initial upgrade to 171 so I'm not a hater of the guy but there isn't any evidence of him being 5'8 and if I had to toss a coin, I'd say he's more likely to be below this listing than above it
Tallish89 said on 23/May/17
@Dr JJ

I refer you to ONCE AGAIN to these picture of Sophie Turner 5'9 175/176cm & Joe Jonas BAREFOOT! These photos nails it! He's not 5'6 but somewhere between 5'7.5-5'7.75 / 171-172cm

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

I also refer you here to (wearing boots) Zayn Malik 172cm last year being towered by Gigi Hadid wearing converse
Click Here

Here is Zayn side by side with Gigi looking 5'9
Click Here

Point Joe looks same height next to Sophie Turner 5'9 wearing shoes his height remains the same. He may look shorter at times on a sidewalk. You know a sidewalk is high and low smh.
Dr JJ said on 21/May/17
I refer you once again to this picture. Flat even sidewalk, both in thin-soled shoes. Hadid is literally towering over him. She is listed at 176cm on this site, which I think is overly generous given the amount of pictures with Malik putting her more in the 174 - 175 range. Jonas is 5' 6". I'll only believe he's any taller when he submits to being measured by Rob. This picture nails it....
Click Here
Chris said on 20/May/17
Definitely nothing above 172cm, Definitely nothing below 171cm. Judging by how close he looked with Zac Efron and how tall he stood next to 5'4.5 (164) Daniel Radcliffe - I'd be inclined to go for the 172cm.
Tallish89 said on 19/May/17
In sneakers with Niall Horan who is wearing dress shoes

Click Here
Tallish89 said on 19/May/17
More pics with Sophie Turner 5'9 he looks 172cm 5'7.75 barefoot next to her

Click Here

Here again
Click Here
Click Here
Michael Lindemberg said on 17/May/17
The guy is 173cm. Sophie is 175cm.
That's it.
Tallish89 said on 17/May/17
However tall Sophie Turner is he's just a little more than an inch shorter than her. one thing for sure she isn't 5'7 but just over 5'9!
Peter175 said on 15/May/17
She looks at least an inch and a half taller than him in a lot of these photos.

Joe is no more than 5'7.5. He never looks 5'8 ever with her
Quoter86 said on 13/May/17
Rob you are downgrading the attractive male celebrities. Joe is 5'8 and Efron 5'9. The photo evidence is clear.
Editor Rob: of course, I'll just go knock a half inch from my listing too while I'm at it 😍😍
Leo2001 said on 11/May/17
Others with Sophie
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Click Here
Tallish89 said on 10/May/17
With Sophie Turner 5'9

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Caballo said on 9/May/17
The guy is same as zac efron 175.
Tallish89 said on 8/May/17
Joe Jonas and Josh Hutcherson rob listing 5'5
Click Here

Joe Jonas and Daniel Radcilffe rob listing 5'4.5
Click Here

Joe jonas and Corbin Blue rob listing 5'8
Click Here

Video of Joe Jonas and Ciara wearing a bit of a heel rob listing 5'7.5
Click Here

No guy 5'6.5 wearing such low cut shoes, will look that close to Ciara in that bit of a heel.
Leo2001 said on 7/May/17
With Nick:
Click Here
With Sophie:
Click Here
Tallish89 said on 4/May/17

You see I think like Justin, Joe has been victim of height jokes but if you go back to photos of him at 18-19 wearing toms, low cut converse with people like Demi Lovato 159cm-160cm & Camille Belle 173cm he doesn't look 169cm.

He has always looked 5'7.5-5'8ish to me, does look shorter around lift wearers his height but under 5'7 no...
Wrs567 said on 2/May/17
@Tallish89: Cool man, if that's your opinion, then cool I get it. I'm okay with it.

But I don't agree with you. We can agree to disagree.

That is one of the worst pictures ever with Joe and Justin, where both guys are dropping height.

No person except the biased can call height from looking at that picture

I still think 169cm for Joe is good, and 172cm for Justin is good.
J5'8 said on 2/May/17

The only photo you have of Justin Bieber taller than Joe Jonas is that one with Bieber wearing 2-3inch heeled boots at halo awards.

The other photos of Justin in normal footwear they are both the same height!

Give it a rest.
Tallish89 said on 2/May/17
@wrs567 Justin Bieber isn't taller than Joe Jonas, they are both the same height 171cm
Click Here

The only time Justin is a little taller is when he has on high heeled boots like these he wore at the Halo awards
Click Here

For last time just accept it.
Wrs567 said on 1/May/17
Looks like all this twerp wanted was the last word on here, since she has stopped commenting lol

Like I said Joe is actually more 5'6.5'' than 5'7''

Shorter than Zac, Zayn, Lewis, Colton, the list goes ON! and these are not even tall guys!

Nothing wrong with Joe being short. But I need to call it like I see it.
Tallish89 said on 1/May/17
Joe & Sophie
1. Look at his shoes his ankle isn't way high up, so he can't be wearing insoles Click Here
2. Note he is walking on higher side of the sidewalk Click Here

171cm min!
Tallish89 said on 1/May/17

Joe and Justin is same height around 171cm-172cm, the only major difference is weight. Justin isn't taller or shorter just accept it
Bee123 said on 28/Apr/17

Ignore wrs567 at Halo awards Justin Bieber had on a really high heels that's why he looked 2 inches taller.

I think maybe she needs glasses or something lol
Leo2001 said on 28/Apr/17
i dont see a good 2 inches Click Here
Cal77 said on 28/Apr/17
How can Joe be 5'6 or 170cm when he's literally less than 2 inches shorter than Sophie Turner who is probably 176cm/177cm by now at age 20?

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

He'll probably measure at 171cm lowest he's never looked 5'6 he has always looked around 5'8
Wrs567 said on 28/Apr/17
I think Joe Jonas is actually more 5'6.75'' than 5'7''

Maybe a little over 5'7'' in shoes, but that's not real height

He is shorter than Bieber, Lewis Hamilton, Zac Efron, Zayn, Dwarfed by Colton Haynes

The list goes on......

Bieber looked a good 2 inches taller at the Halo Awards

But even if they were barefoot, instead of having 2 inches on Joe

Bieber would still be taller by a good 2 - 3 centimeters
Tallish89 said on 28/Apr/17
Joe Jonas 19 yrs old with Camille Belle (Rob listing 171cm) again noway he's 5'6.

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

If Rob has Belle at 171cm then I'm guessing a 19yr old that looked a little taller at times wearing what looked like a low cut converse can't be 5'6!

Jonas is close to 5'8
Tallish89 said on 28/Apr/17
Ignore the fangirl wrs567 she is asking for Bieber to be upgraded to 172cm but still telling rob he looks over 5'8

5'8= 173cm
5'8.75 =175cm

Her posts are getting a bit silly now....

{Wrs567 said on 18/Mar/17
Rob, any chance of a final 172cm upgrade?

He does look over 5'7.5'' a lot, closer to 5'8''. Even over at times.
Editor Rob: I'm happy with the 7.5 figure for him just now.}
Bee123 said on 27/Apr/17
Halo awards pictures with Joe Jonas and Justin Bieber says it all Bieber doesnt tower Jonas and is only taller with heels.

Joe had on as usual low cut shoes.

Which leaves Bieber same height as Joe at 171cm.

Unlike other celebs Joe doesn't appear 5'9/ 5'10 at awards and then drops to 5'7.5 on other days wearing vans.

That's that!
Dr JJ said on 26/Apr/17
Is Bee123 in fact....Joe Jonas? Level ground? The picture of him with Hadid is about as level as you could get. He's 5' 6" if he's lucky....
Wrs567 said on 26/Apr/17
@Bee123: Listen buddy, I'll say it once again, since you have difficulty reading

I have NEVER said Bieber was 5'10'' ever!

Instead of being lazy, why don't you scroll down the Bieber page and try to find it yourself?

It will do you a world of good too, your reading skills and IQ will hopefully slightly increase.

By the end of it your IQ should be higher than a microwave.
Tallish89 said on 26/Apr/17
Joe Jonas and Zac Efron (rob listing 173cm)

Click Here

Notice how Zac leans forward to appear taller & is on his tip toes, whereas Joe just stands back and posed for the photos.

Click Here

Both Zac and Joe are same height
Click Here

Which proves Joe isn't shorter than 171cm.
Bee123 said on 26/Apr/17
Anyone knows how to link wrs567 comments on Justin Bieber page claiming him to be 5'10?

The more recent comments have her claiming 172cm lol
Bee123 said on 26/Apr/17
Agree with that Lewis Hamilton comment.
He claims 5'9 looks around 5'9 or a little bit more at times and yet he gets meassured at 5'7

Joe looks 5'7.5, looks same as Ryan Seacrest, Zac Efron etc even has barefoot photos with Sophie that shows same height range.

He's same 171 as Bieber accept it.
Bee123 said on 26/Apr/17

Both Zac and Joe are exact height. Enough photos of those two have been posted to prove that what's funny is you are accusing plp of claiming other celebs in the photos taken wear lifts when in reality....

Its true... Colton Haynes in arrow looks 5'7 sometimes his height is inconsistent.

Its also true for...

Justin Bieber photos with Joe at Halo awards you continue to ignore Bieber footwear advantage and claim he's 172-173

Bieber is known for wearing shoe lifts one day he looks 5'10 next day in vans he's 5'7.5 with Ryan Seacrest.

As for Joe being 20-21 with Zac and won't have grown since then... other people have posted alot more pictures showing both same height.

What's silly is you trying to prove Bieber towers Jonas Brothers and Ryan Seacrest when he's same height.

Joe is not 5'6 and Bieber isn't taller without heels.
Wrs567 said on 26/Apr/17

How come whenever Joe looks short everyone else is always 'wearing lifts' or someone has 'big heels''?

It's always some sort of excuse with you people.

Just accept the fact the MAX Joe could be is 5'7'' barefoot

He just looks way too short to be any taller than that in reality

I wouldn't be surprised if he was 5'6.5''

Zac has always been taller than Joe, I don't know what you're talking about

Click Here

Click Here

Joe was 20 - 21 in both these pics, so of course he hasn't grown
J5'8 said on 25/Apr/17

Colton Haynes wears lifts thats no secret. His height varies alot sometimes he is 5'7 sometimes he is 5'9.
As for Lewis Hamilton he claims 5'9 looks 5'9 but when he got measured he was only 5'7 which just confirmed he's a lift wearer.
Joe is same height as Zac Efron. Don't understand why you are trying to claim that guys like Bieber or Zayn dwarfs him.
He dont wear heels like them
Tallish89 said on 25/Apr/17

A clear picture of Joe and Gigi not walking on a sidewalk both are standing on level ground.

His shoes is at most I'll say 1.5cm

Click Here
Shredder said on 25/Apr/17
That is a weird pic with Colton , He doesn't even look 5'7
Wrs567 said on 25/Apr/17
@Bee123: Not only are you just a Fangirl

but you are also an illiterate goofball that needs to learn how to read

I have NEVER said Bieber was 5'10''! EVER! only 172cm MAX

so either you can't read or you're plain delusional

Both for you seems fair.
Bee123 said on 25/Apr/17

Fangirls? Joe Jonas? Ok believer ;)

You are a Justin Bieber fangirl trying prove Bieber is not 5'7.5 but 5'10 on Bieber page.

Since I posted those Halo awards pictures of Joe in low cut shoes with maybe a dr.scholls lol and Bieber wearing high heels you've been on Joe's page since then trying to prove that Justin Bieber is 5'9 and towers Joe....

With his heels yes
Bee123 said on 24/Apr/17

Nope it just confirmed he's 1.5 inch shorter and not 4 inches.

Rob has Sophie Turner at an average 175cm did you check that page recently? Most people are leaning to her being around 177cm.
Wrs567 said on 24/Apr/17
Rob has met Stephen Amell and Amell has about 4.5 inches on Colton Haynes

This puts Colton at about 5'8.5''

Click Here

Click Here

So why does a 5'8.5'' Colton COMPLETELY dwarf Joe?

Click Here

Come on FanGirls? what's your excuse now for Joe Jonas?

I'll wait this should be good
J5'8 said on 23/Apr/17
People try downgrade his height to upgrade celebs that wear lifts.

He's 171cm min.
Bee123 said on 23/Apr/17
Again at Halo awards Joe had on low cut shoes. What would he fit in that a dr.scholls?

Justin Bieber had on like 3 inch heels... post the pictures again!

Lewis Hamilton was measured shorter than the 5'9 he claim his height is inconsistent... most of the time

Why not compare Joe to Zac efron? So many pictures of both Joe and Zac are you saying Zac is shorter than Bieber?
Peter175 said on 23/Apr/17
The standing beach photos pretty much destroy any chance of him being actually 173. I think maybe efron is shorter than his listing tho as he seems weak 5'8 near joe and plenty of others.

5'7.25-5 is my final guess. no way is he only one inch shorter than her
Revisionist said on 22/Apr/17
Conclusion from those beach pics: Sophie is looking GOOOOOOD!
J5'8 said on 22/Apr/17
He's no less than 171/172cm if Sophie is 175/176cm.

Didn't appear any shorter barefoot.
Bee123 said on 22/Apr/17
@Dr JJ

If you walk on the lower sidewalk and someone takes pictures you can appear shorter too....

On more level ground he's like an 1.5 inch shorter barefoot and low cut shoes
Wrs567 said on 22/Apr/17
@Bee123: Bieber is slightly taller than Lewis Hamilton who Joe is dwarfed by

So how can Joe be the same height as Bieber? That's not making any sense

Bieber still has Joe by a few centimeters barefoot. Absolute max for Joe is 170cm
Tallish89 said on 21/Apr/17
More barefoot photos of Joe and Sophie

Click Here
Click Here
Bee123 said on 21/Apr/17

Bieber is around Joe's height without lifts.

Those Halo awards photos of both Justin and Joe proved it.

Given Bieber massive heels that he wore
Dr JJ said on 21/Apr/17
I'll post this again, with Gigi, who is wearing Nike Flyknits with a Free 5.0 sole (that's effectively 0.5 cm).
Click Here
Wrs567 said on 21/Apr/17
If Joe Jonas is 172cm

Then Bieber and Zayn are both 5'9'' barefoot

It would also make Lewis Hamilton 5'9'' too, since all of them are taller than Joe

And those pictures are on the beach, of course it's not level ground!
J5'8 said on 20/Apr/17
The pictures posted by Ian are on more of a level ground. Joe looks 171-172cm.

Although I do believe Sophie Turner to be a bit taller than Taylor Swift but for now I'll say she's about 176cm until I can find more solid evidence.

She does look more 5'9.5 to me
Bee123 said on 20/Apr/17
Those beach photos just confirmed him at no less than this listing.

Tallish89 said on 20/Apr/17
Sophie Turner interview quote

"Then Mario asked Sophie if she always insisted on Joe wearing boots - because she is a few inches taller than her musician boyfriend - but the Game of Thrones star seemed not to understand the question. "Boots? Why would I make him wear boots," she asked, sounding confused."

Click Here
Leo2001 said on 19/Apr/17
Other photo with Sophie
Click Here
Ian said on 19/Apr/17
here is Joe Jonas (barefoot) with alleged 5'9'' Sophie Turner.

Click Here

Click Here

Rob, what do you make of these?
Editor Rob: hard to say if the ground is really level or not.
Tallish89 said on 19/Apr/17
Same height difference barefoot at the beach with Sophie Turner, usual 1.5/2 inch difference.....

Click Here

Wonder what the people who were trying downgrade him to 5'6 by claiming he wears lifts will say now? I'm guessing They'll downgrade Sophie Turner from 5'9 to 5'7 ;)
jonsnow said on 18/Apr/17
I guess not. Might be a slight footwear advantage to sophie turner and a slight slope of the pavement. I'm 6'1'' so I wouldn't know that much about lifts
Shredder said on 18/Apr/17
If Joe is 5'8 than Puth has got to 5'10.5. Has got to be.
Peter175 said on 17/Apr/17
Bee123, no look at Sophie Turner and Kit and her with Joe. They are similar range. Joe is half inch more at MOST. They are barely 1 cm different. Sophie never seems to walk straight but if she stood up normally it'd be easily 1.5 inch nearing 2.

Also Darren Criss doesn't look more than 5'7 flat at most. Joe edges him. Needs a downgrade imo
Wrs567 said on 17/Apr/17
I don't think Joe wears lifts at all. He always looks around the same height

You can tell someone is a lift wearer when their height is all over the place.

One minute they can look tall, the next minute they can look short. Someone like a Harry Styles

Or even someone like a Zac Efron
J5'8 said on 17/Apr/17
Joe in flip flops, toms & low cut shoes looks same 172/173cm.

Same can't be said for celebs like Justin Bieber and Zayn Malik they wear alot of heels.
Bee123 said on 16/Apr/17

How can someone wear lifts in low cut shoes?

The only thing that would fit is a dr.sholls 😂

She's only ever 3-4 inches taller when she wears heels.

If Joe shorter than 171cm then Jon Snow must be 165 cm
Tallish89 said on 16/Apr/17

3-4 inches? more like 2 plus they are on a sidewalk


He can't hide lifts in low cut shoes he wore at airport with her.
jonsnow said on 16/Apr/17
I think he might wear lifts. When he's out with Sophie Turner they seem to be of similar height a lot of times and then I saw this picture where's she's towering him by 3-4 inches Click Here
Tallish89 said on 12/Apr/17
Why do people keep comparing Joe's height to Zayn? Zayn wears really high heels, that's no secret. Without his heels he's like 171/172 also.

Same goes for his pictures with Justin Bieber, the fact that Bieber only looked a inch taller in those massive heels he had on at halo awards says a lot!

Compare Joe with Zac efron's who is a legit 5'8, Darren Criss is 5'7.5/5'8 & Sophie Turner is 5'9.

Or Nick who's 170cm but wears chunky heels most of the time.
J5'8 said on 11/Apr/17

With heels Zayn is 175/177cm.

Common sense
Joe Jonas is 173cm without heels. If Demi Lovato is 5'2/5'3 then Joe is 5'8
Peter175 said on 10/Apr/17
*175 my bad
Peter175 said on 10/Apr/17
He is 5'7.5 maximum. If he's 5'8 than that makes Zayn Malik a genuine 173
Tallish89 said on 6/Apr/17

Sigh you Bieber fans are devoted!

But guess what making Joe shorter only makes Bieber looks shorter cause Joe isn't wearing heels
Wrs567 said on 6/Apr/17
@Tallish89: Justin is still dropping height in the picture with Joe. In similar footwear Justin still would be an inch taller

Zayn is also taller than Joe. Zayn is wearing normal shoes here by the way. And he has shorter hair

Click Here

5'8 listed Colton Haynes owns Joe

Click Here

Heck Even 5'7.5'' Lewis Hamilton is taller than Joe

Click Here

Joe is 5'6''/5'7'' at best. And Yes Justin is taller than Lewis Hamilton

Click Here
Tallish89 said on 6/Apr/17
I can't understand why people post pictures that don't show footwear.


Justin Bieber wore massive heels in that picture taken with Joe Jonas. Yet your posting he's an inch taller, yes I agree but look at their FOOTWEAR!

Bieber heels in that picture Click Here

Joe Jonas shoes in that picture Click Here

Again consistently gets trashed for being a legit 5'7.75/5'8 guy.
Cool dude said on 6/Apr/17
@MD and @Wrs567 nick's footwear
Is usually thicked soled sneakers or boots, and Justin was wearing like 2.5 inch shoes in that picture, 172cm is a better listing for him even though 171.5cm is also good, to be honest a 1cm difference is not that noticeable
Shredder said on 6/Apr/17
I half agree with MD . I do not think he is more than this but at the same timne I wouldn't say a flat 5'7.
Wrs567 said on 6/Apr/17
Justin Bieber is a good inch taller than him

Click Here

172cm is more Justins height, not Joes

Joe always struck me as a 5'6.5''/5'7'' guy
MD said on 6/Apr/17
With his not even 5'7" brother:

Click Here

With 5'10" Thomas Rhett who is probably listed too tall, himself:

Click Here

He should have never been increased, but he's certainly not taller than his current listing.
Cool dude said on 6/Apr/17
Rob I think joe may need an upgrade to 172cm, I've been looking at a lot of photos of him with nick, zac, zayn and other celebrities, he's consistently looking taller than 5'7 and akmost always wears flat shoes and trainers, heeled boots don't seem to be his thing lol
Editor Rob: yeah there is a chance he is 172
Peter175 said on 5/Apr/17
Efron is clearly taller than Joe.

Proof he isn't 5'8. Efron isn't exactly a strong 5'8 either, strikes me more as a guy who barely makes the 5'8 cut. Probably would measure shorter than the definitively strong 5'8s like Kanye West, Mark Walhberg or James Corden
J5'8 said on 5/Apr/17
Its hard for guys like Joe, they are geniune about their height but around lift wearers and people who make ridiculous height claims they get trashed on alot
Leo2001 said on 4/Apr/17
Sophie has a shoe advantage over Joe.
She is not much taller.
Leo2001 said on 4/Apr/17
With Zac Efron
Click Here
Tallish89 said on 4/Apr/17


With Sophie Turner...

Click Here

Click Here

His airport pictures with Sophie Turner also prove it, he only celeb on this site that gets down listed for not wearing shoe lifts.
Revisionist said on 4/Apr/17
I still think that Joe's listing should be a bit higher (172). He was never 4cm shorter than Turner, and she has pretty solid posture.

Neither he nor Hamilton wears lifts. In that photo, Lewis is simply closer the camera. Why would one guy who showed us his actual measurement, and another guy who honestly claims no more than 5'8" resort to lifts? Lifts are for people who refuse to talk about their heights, or for those who blatantly lie like all but one of the 1D guys.
Bee123 said on 1/Apr/17

Lewis was measured at 171cm, the only reason he appears 5'9 is cause he's a lift wearer.
Jul said on 31/Mar/17
Hello from France @rob I came across a picture from internet featuring Joe Jonas along with 171-173cm range celebreties. Nonetheless, we can notice that there is a gap difference between Joe and 171cm Hamilton even Darren Criss claimed at 171cm appears noticeably shorther than Joe and Hamilton. Do you think they both are 171cm or like 168-170cm range ?

here is the pic : Click Here
Editor Rob: well I think a guy like Lewis at times looks taller than he measured, but big Joe certainly can look taller than darren there and I doubt darren is less than 5ft 7 range himself, so Joe can seem actually closer to 5ft 8, the 2 on the right are a bit nearer to camera.
Peter175 said on 29/Mar/17
He is a stronger 5'7 I agree, but then that makes the case for his brother Nick less believable if he is 5'8ish which i doubt

I think this listing but absolutely no more. People forget how short he looked next to Gigi hadid in sneakers. Comparing him to Zayn isn't fair as zayn wears boots, heels and lifts but I'm certain he isn't 5'8
Tallish89 said on 28/Mar/17
Noway he's just 170cm or a weak 5'7.

When he's walking down a side walk or something people love to post pictures of him being towered by Sophie Turner but they forget that she's still on higher ground.
Click Here

This was taken same day he's looking normal 5'7.5/5'8
Click Here

Or these airport pictures of him and Sophie, he's wearing a THIN SOLE LOW CUT SHOE and SOPHIE IS WEARING A HEEL.

Click Here

Click Here

People seem to forget this guy is one rare male celeb that's not so height conscious he doesn't walk around wearing heels or lifts look at his shoe...
Click Here
Reality89 said on 27/Mar/17

Sophie Turner isn't a weak 5'9 she's more like a wea 5'10. If Kit Harrington is 169cm then noway Joe's 170cm
Bee123 said on 27/Mar/17

I honestly find it hard to say he's just 170cm because of pictures with him and Sophie Turner standing side to side.
Walking sidewalk photos he can appear shorter because of the angles but whenever you look at photos of both standing at the gym on instagram or photos of them standing next to eachother shopping he isn't much shorter.
Even their recent airport pictures he looked a inch shorter.
Peter175 said on 26/Mar/17
@J5'8 - he looks similar to efron is some pics but efron is noticably shorter. if he was 172 then he'd look identical

@Tallish89, if he was really 172 aka weak 5'8 he'd look not so short next to his weak 5'9" GF sophie turner when both in sneakers. I'd be beyond surprised if he measured above 5'7.5. I am the guy who pushed for the initial upgrade to 171 so I don't think he's sub 5'7" and I'm not a hater. He just hasn't proven enough to me that he is more than this listing. The pictures you posted are all of him with footwear advantage, using crusher arm on his gf and one she is mid step.
J5'8 said on 25/Mar/17
The more I see him the more I think he's really a 5'8 guy.

Just look at his picture with Justin Bieber, Bieber was wearing 3 inch heels if not more.

His photos with Zac Efron he looked the same height.

His pictures with Zayn Malik says a whole lot again people don't look at footwear and would just assume Zayn is taller but Zayn hasn't been spotted in normal liw cut footwear since 2010!
Cal77 said on 24/Mar/17

I think he seems to be one of the most honest celebs when it comes to his height. I do think he's 5'7.75/5'8.

Unlike his brothers Kevin and Nick or other male celebs he has been picture with, he never wears the ridiculous elevator shoes that these guys use 24/7.

Take Zayn Malik for example when Gigi is in flats he's just 2 inches shorter, yet when Gigi is in heels Zayn still 2 inches shorter. Compare that to her pictures with Joe, he stayed same height never seem to suddenly grow taller when she wore heels, he seems pretty secure with his height.

Hope Rob eventually gets to meet him would be interesting if he does measures 5'8
Tallish89 said on 23/Mar/17

You sure about that? At first glance Kevin and Nick can look taller but when you look at their shoes.
Kevin and Nick wears some high heels whereas Joe Jonas most of the time wears low cut shoes, Toms etc

Click Here

This one with their wax figures note both Kevin & Nick heels

Click Here

Rolling stone again Joe in regular shoes, while both Kevin and Nick wear heels.

Click Here
Peter175 said on 21/Mar/17
I think previous listing was spot on. He doesn't look only .25 shorter than Kevin Jonas and looks more than 1.25 shorter than Sophie turner.

I mean he could be this height, but its a MAX listing imo. I think 5'7.25 is perfect and would encompass what he looks like most of the time during the day
Bee123 said on 7/Mar/17

I feel like Charlie shoes are something to look at now compared to when he was less famous.

His shoes are always thick sole. Won't be surprise uf he eventually tries claiming 5'11 or even 6ft
Shredder said on 4/Mar/17
If he is 5'7.5 which is spot on , Than Charlie Puth is over 5 '10.
Tallish89 said on 3/Mar/17

I noticed your picture with Ashley Greene looks same height difference as with her and Joe Jonas. Why is he listed at only 171cm if your 174cm?

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Think he is really a 5'8 guy. Doesn't magically get tall when his taller girlfriends wear heels. He stays same consistent height.
Editor Rob: in some photos he will look taller, I think generally he can look at least 5ft 7.5
Bee123 said on 26/Feb/17
After looking at pictures with him and Spohie Turner in equal footwear he seems to be either 5'7.75 or a really weak 5'8.
Nova176 said on 11/Feb/17
His head is bigger than Bieber's.

I feel as though 5'7 changers can look very average but flat or weak 5'7s usually look quite short
Revisionist said on 1/Feb/17
Chris, I think it's because his head is quite small.
Chris said on 9/Dec/16
Why does he never look predominantly "short" the way a lot of 5'7s do. Is it because of his under-average size head? Or tricks of the camera?
BirchGirl said on 8/Dec/16
Joe Jonas does look about 5'7". I just saw a pic of him (by himself) and I thought to myself...hmmm wow he looks kind of short...but when he's standing next to someone, you can tell he is 5'7". Even though guys usually have longer torsos, his legs still look very short to me. That's probably why he can look shorter than he is.
Evans said on 30/Nov/16
He is not more than 1.70 unless you count the hair...
Johnson said on 28/Nov/16
Lance Bass and Joe Jonas

Click Here
rockitbaby said on 6/Nov/16
Jonas seems as tall as Seacrest so 1,71m is likely to be correct. Nothing more.

Click Here
Leonardo 1.73m said on 1/Nov/16
Nick Jonas 5'6.5
Joe Jonas 5'7
Kevin Jonas 5'7.5
Peter175 said on 18/Oct/16
Good update Rob. Looks about right now. I guess his claim of 5ft8 isn't so bad when he could well reach it in the morning
Peter175 said on 16/Oct/16
Yeah Joe needs to be brought back to 171 at least. He's clearly a strong 5ft7 and never even dips into 5ft6 range. He can look pretty small with Gigi because of hells and her being almost 5ft10 but he clearly strikes me as more 171 than 179
Editor Rob: I had another good look at him and I can fully appreciate a bieber type listing may well be closer.
spainmen191cm said on 9/Oct/16
I would say 5ft7.5 for Joe and 5ft6.5 for Nick
Height stalker said on 21/Sep/16
Rob, how can he be 5'7 when him and Ryan seacrest look around the same.
Editor Rob: they can look close, it may well be Jonas could be a bit over 5ft 7
Peter175 said on 16/Sep/16
I was going to show a lot of those pictures you posted lol. Especially the ones with Josh and Efron. I'm quite certain joe is 5'7.5 a full 171 not barely 5ft7. Yeah bieber's boots makes him a good 2 cm taller so yeah I'm certain they would measure near the same irl barefoot. That said he's clearly NOT above 173 or even 172 imo. I think 5ft7.25-5ft.75 is a good range, the one rob had him at for the longest up until a year or two ago
Chris said on 11/Sep/16
@Kei - the photos you posted with him and Efron are on the street. Walking on the road can increase the height difference by inches, it's obvious Joe is on the higher side of the street - and still looks a similar height to Efron - especially when two people are within 3cm of each other, the eye can easily be fooled. Your best bet is a full body shot inside somewhere, where the ground is more likely to be flat.
Chris said on 11/Sep/16
I don't know what it is with this guy, but I just can't see him being under 172. Next to Daniel Radcliffe and Josh Hutcherson (posted below) - he just looks nearer 5'8 than a weak 5'7.. Perhaps his frame and face size is contributory to this :o
Kei said on 7/Sep/16
Joe Jonas with Josh Hutcherson (165cm)

Click Here
Click Here

That looks more than a 5cm difference!
Warren said on 6/Sep/16
Joe looks 172-173cm almost perfect not 170cm
Kei said on 6/Sep/16
Joe and Wilmer Valderrama who is wearing boots....

Click Here
Kei said on 6/Sep/16
@Peter175 Joe and Justin at 2015 Halo awards...

Beiber massive heels Click Here Click Here

Joe and Justin Click Here

Joe regular shoes Click Here
Kei said on 5/Sep/16
Video of Ciara in heels and Joe wearing flat shoes.. Click Here

Pictures Click Here
Peter175 said on 5/Sep/16
He's the same height as Bieber. Like 5ft7 and 1/3 inch. He needs an upgrade. I'll post some convincing evidence when I get on my PC
Kei said on 5/Sep/16
Pictures of Joe and Daiane Sodre 5'11

Does not look 5'6.9 as listed on this site needs a little upgrade to around 173cm Click Here Click Here

Why is Zac Efron listed as 173 but Joe is listed as 5'6.9? Here he is with Zac in a few pics Click Here Click Here
Kei said on 30/Aug/16
Take a look at this video of both Nick & Joe on Ellen, watch their shoes you'll notice since Nick doesn't have any lifts but just what looks like vans he's a little bit shorter. Click Here

If Nick 170cm on this site think Joe needs a little upgrade.
Kei said on 29/Aug/16
1) Joe always wear regular shoes, if he wore elevator shoes like Zayn he'll look 5'9/5'10 to

Click Here
Kei said on 27/May/16
@Dr JJ

There are a lot of pics with him and Gigi I think he's 171-174cm that pic she looks to be wearing those chamaripa 3 inch sneakers.
Dr JJ said on 11/Mar/16
Check this out because if Gigi Hadid is 5' 9.5" (which I doubt when she's seen with Malik) then Jonas is 5' 5" or 5' 6" max Click Here
Rebecka said on 22/Dec/15
Here he's with 5'5 Daniel Radcliffe :-) I think Joes is around 5'9 he is also shown in pics with 5'10 Gigi Hadid :-)
Click Here
word1234 said on 10/Dec/15
@theshredder, i have to disagree with you maybe on joe's best day he's 5'7.25. I would say he probably sits on 5'7 at night. Nick is anywhere from 5'6.5 to 5'6.75. As well I believe kevin to be around 5'7 as well! not sure why rob has him at 5'8.
the shredder said on 4/Dec/15
I think he clears 5'7 , but is under 5'8 for sure. 5'7.25 might be better.
Ditya said on 29/Nov/15
Check this out rob..
Click Here
MD said on 5/Nov/15
Yeah, I was thinking if there is a difference between the two, it's no more than half-an-inch, and probably closer to just a quarter, though, I'd have to study more pictures. The 5'6.75" is a definitely a more accurate listing for Nick if Joe is a full 5'7".
MD said on 4/Nov/15
Now, all that's left is to get his brother Nick's height more accurately listed. It's hard to find pictures where both are stanidng straight and in similar footwear, but the few you can find it seems that Joe is slightly taller. They are close enough that either one can look taller than the other dependent upon the footwear, angle, and lean of the photograph.
[Editor Rob: a weak 5ft 7 for nick might be closer, I had a good look at him and could buy around the Big G range.]
Rere said on 3/Nov/15
Rob, in recent photos with Gigi Hadid he's in trainers and she's in flats but he has a little less than an inch on her. My question is can Nike trainers contain a 3 inch heel support? Gigi is 178cm and he's atleast 179 those pics. In other photos he looks around 6-8 cms shorter than her
[Editor Rob: I looked at some photos and in sneakers he still looks a few inches smaller than her, maybe in some random instances, he could look taller though.]
the shredder said on 3/Nov/15
Rob , Nick is 5'6 than.
MD said on 3/Nov/15

If Charlie Puth is 5'9" (and he's certainly not taller than that), how can Joe Jonas be this listed height (or even 5'7", really)?

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here
[Editor Rob: he can look in 5ft 7 range, having looked at him with some other girls I met, I would say he can look closer to 5ft 7 flat.]
MD said on 10/Sep/15

It is weird. Sometime he looks slightly (but clearly) taller than his 5'7" younger brother Nick, and other times they look nearly exactly the same height. I've seen him even look shorter than Nick, but it's usually a footwear difference.
David said on 7/Sep/15
There are some height inconsistencies when he's with certain people who should be taller than him so I'm assuming he wears lifts occasionally.

In this picture we were both in converse so equal footing, looks about 5'7 solid since I'm a solid 6'0.

Click Here
potatocat said on 5/Sep/15
@height183 Click Here
Height183 said on 6/Jul/15
I apologise to MD. That was childish of me. I was an idiot there. But Zayn is taller though Lol.
Height183 said on 30/Jun/15
@MD: You seriously have no clue about height do you? That is the joke I'm afraid. It's almost like you're trying to insult my intelligence. You've lost all your credibility with just one ludicrous comment. Even Stevie Wonder would be able to see that Zayn is clearly taller than Joe.
MD said on 30/Jun/15
Wait, is that a joke? Zayn clearly has a footwear advantage. Not huge, but no, he's not taller than Joe.
word1234 said on 30/Jun/15
@height183 those are decent photos tough with angle and lack of visual footwear. Good luck getting rob to change joes height! I've believed he was more a 5'7 flat forever! And nick being a freckle under 5'7 and 5'6.75 (170cm) but rob just can't see it I suppose!
Height183 said on 27/Jun/15
Rob, what do you think about the pictures with Zayn? Do you still think they are about the same? What do you think?
[Editor Rob: they are close, although zayn maybe measure the taller.]
Height183 said on 24/Jun/15
Rob, don't you think Zayn is clearly taller than Joe? You have them both the same on here. Maybe it's time for the Long awaited downgrade for Joe!

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here
word1234 said on 13/May/15
@MD I agree with you, I don't think nick is a 5'6 flat thats to small and he never quite looks that short. But by the end of the day I wouldn't be at all surprised if he measured nearing the 5'6.75 mark more a 169.5cm. See I think Joe is a flat 5'7 but the pics I've seen with Joe and nick joe looks a touch taller.
MD said on 4/May/15
I guess it's not possible, but from all the photographic evidence I've put together, I can't see Nick much under his current listing and certainly not 5'6" flat. You'd have to offer me something to show me he's that short.
bee said on 1/May/15
@MD I dont think Nick is 5'7, he looks more like 5'6. But the way Nick poses (closer to camera etc) makes him appear taller than he is/than Joe. Look at footage of them in concerts it's clear Joe and kevin are taller.
MD said on 12/Apr/15
In the rare instance when Joe and Nick are in similar footwear, it's clear he's not taller than 5'7" Nick.
fsd said on 10/Jan/15
he's a flat 5'7ft Click Here joe has an inch on 5'6 ft ben stiller .
Height183 said on 24/Dec/14
Rob, maybe you should delete this page and add a Nick Jonas page instead? Nick is the only one in the charts now and also on TV. Not Joe.
word1234 said on 15/Dec/14
Click Here
There's no way Joe is 5'7
.5 when pettyfer is 5'10.5. With all do respect I think there's a serious amount of evidence to suggest Joe is on the lower end of 5'7. But 5'7 flat would be fine.rob how can you not downgrade this guy?!
Junior31 said on 6/Dec/14
Actually just spoke to him. He's absolutely positively 5'8
Junior31 said on 6/Dec/14
Joe Jonas is standing next to me in flats. He's a strong 5'7
Height182 said on 23/Nov/14
Come on Rob, Here he is with Danny Trejo who you've met. Joe is around 5'6'' Click Here
[Editor Rob: somewhere in the 5ft 7 range is a very good chance, but he looks at least an inch over danny there with less footwear, I wouldn't guess 5ft 6.]
word1234 said on 20/Nov/14
Click Here

Nick Jonas could he a tad under 5'7 but a weak 5'7 I'll buy that.
MD said on 14/Nov/14

I believe Nick Jonas is no more than 5'7", flat. Here he is with a 5'7" Matt Lauria:

Click Here

Click Here

Here he is with a 5'8.5" Jonathan Tucker:

Click Here
John said on 27/Sep/14
Yeah please add a page on Nick Jonas. I really wanna know his height.
Height181 said on 24/Sep/14
Rob, I've been saying that Joe is no more than 5'6''. What do you think of this picture with 5'10.5'' listed Alex Pettyfer? Click Here I see a 4.5 inch difference minimum. Alex is also dropping some height.
[Editor Rob: I think he can look 5ft 7 there]
Issa said on 21/Sep/14
@Word1234 I think Nick is the shortest brother at 5'6.5.I think Joe is 5'7.I think Kevin is the tallest brother at 5'7.5.
Word1234 said on 17/Sep/14
@MD: how tall do you think joe, nick and Kevin are?
Camile said on 5/Sep/14
Look at him wit GIGI .. way too short off her true 5'9 5'10 stature
issa said on 26/Jun/14
Rob,can you please give a page to Nick Jonas.How tall do you think Nick is?When are you gonna give him a page?
Beliavskiy said on 6/Apr/14
Yeah, probably 5'7 at best.
MD said on 5/Apr/14
And, again with a 5'7.5" Wilmer Valderamma:

Click Here

Click Here

This is about as good a piece of evidence as you're going to get since they are all usually in different footwear.
MD said on 5/Apr/14
Rob, that's AT least a two-inch differene, right there, and I'd say it's more like three. He may be gaining some height with perspective, but he's losing some with his head cocked to the side, so it cancels out any visual advantage. Come on.
[Editor Rob: well I'd say he was for sure an inch smaller, under 5ft 8 is probably safe, 2 inches I don't know about that. You could argue 5ft 7 flat for Joe is a possibility]
MD said on 3/Apr/14
Rob, taking into account the footwear (I can't decided if there is any real advantage, here), how tall does Joe look here with newly added Colton Haynes?

Click Here

Click Here
[Editor Rob: he's gaining some height with perspective, how much is hard to tell, in some photos haynes can appear a 5ft 9 guy.]
Hello said on 1/Dec/13
Here he is with 5'9.5 Elsa Hosk, wearing only sneakers no high-heels (and that's her official height so she might even be just 5'9)

Click Here

He is obviously 5'7 solid.
MD said on 30/Oct/13
A really badly angled photo, but here he is with 5'10.5" Alex Pettyfer.

Click Here

I only post it, because even with this bad angle, it shows quite a difference in height, so Joe is not a centimeter taller than listed, and to me that looks like more than two-and-a-half inches.

With 5'7.5" Wilmer Valderrama (far right next to Joe):

Click Here

Yeah, the 5'5" and 5'6" seems pretty ridiculous if you're going to give Wilmer 5'7.5" (though, I don't think that's a correct listing), but again, he's not a full 5'8".
weird said on 25/Oct/13
some of you people have some weird obsession with making celebrities shorter... he is not 5'5...

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