How tall is Sophie Turner

Sophie Turner's Height

5ft 8.75in (174.6 cm)

British actress best known for playing Sansa Stark in HBO's Game of Thrones.

Maisie Williams and Sophie
Photo by PR Photos

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Average Guess (56 Votes)
5ft 9in (175.3cm)
Travis said on 16/Oct/17
No way in hell is she under 5'9". Easily 5'9.5", probably pushing 5'10"
Zampa180 said on 1/Oct/17
There is a picture on instagran showing her close to 5'10 on a height chart she was wearing sneakers.

She has to be at 5'9 min
Imam said on 19/Sep/17
Sophie Turner with 5.8' Kit Harington..She is also looking the same height here..I think she is actually 5.8'..That's it.
Click Here:
KH said on 19/Sep/17
She doesn't look two inches taller then Jonas in those pics with the one beach pick it looks to be about an inch. This listing seems about right to me with a chance to be more like 5'8.5. Game of Thrones has a lot of tall men and short men there aren't a lot of average sized guys to compare her too. She is consntaly being shown with weak 5'7 guys like Theon, Jon Snow, and Ramsey.
Lili said on 20/Aug/17
She actually looks 5'9.5-5'10 to me
John Davis said on 13/Aug/17
@Tallish89 she's wearing heels you
john snow said on 13/Aug/17
i think she is 5"11' 180cm at least
Afka9 said on 10/Aug/17
She could be 176-178 cm.. Her shoulders is too broad
Grey said on 3/Aug/17
robson said on 21/Jul/17
Picture with Joe Jonas solves everything,they are both barefoot so there is no point of arguing about shoes.If you look closely it comes Sophie is taller than Joe 2-2.5cm at most so 173-174 is mostly accurate for her,175 maybe early morning.And as many people said she usually wears quite high heels,so compared to many people she looks closer to 180 than 170. Nevertheless,she is tall woman for sure but does not lack of feminine because of height like Gwendoline Christie does for example.
6'6'' said on 13/Jul/17
She is 5'8'' approx in my opinion
Tallish89 said on 10/May/17
With Joe Jonas rob listing 171cm

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Tallish89 said on 1/May/17
Either she's 5'10 or Kit needs a downgrade from 170cm Click Here
Wrs567 said on 29/Apr/17
@Bee123: I think you need glasses
delancey said on 26/Apr/17
This is a solid listing. Looks 174/175 cm next to 171 cm listed Joe Jonas.
Bee123 said on 25/Apr/17
Looks a couple inches taller than Kit
Tallish89 said on 20/Apr/17
@Ian that last one he's sinking in the sand
Ian said on 19/Apr/17
One more, Rob.

Click Here

Ian said on 19/Apr/17
Here is Sophie (barefoot) with alleged 5'7.5'' Joe Jonas.

Click Here

Click Here

Rob, what do you make of these?
Bee123 said on 29/Mar/17
She's closer to 5'10 her pictures with Kit Harington who Rob has at 170cm proves it.
MrFish said on 4/Mar/17
Rob, given that I wake around 5ft 9.5in after a good 8+ hour sleep and am usually 5ft 8.75in in the afternoon on a normal day, dropping to 5/8ths after a busy day, how would I compare to Sophie?
Editor Rob: put a red wig on and I'm sure you'd look like height twins!
Tallish89 said on 3/Mar/17
@curiousjames They're both walking so you can't exactly judge and say she's 2 inches taller than Joe. Gossip sites like that link you shared love to post pictures/headlines of Joe being towered by his girlfriend especially PerezHilton. This picture taken same day he actually looks taller but like I said they are walking.

Click Here
Ria said on 25/Feb/17
No, Sophie Turner is actually 5'10" in her bare feet. She is taller than Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift was shorter at age 14 than Sophie Turner was at age 14.
Ria said on 25/Feb/17
No, Sophie Turner is actually 5'10" in her bare feet. She is taller than Taylor Swift.
curiousjames said on 16/Feb/17
I feel like you need to either upgrade her height or downgrade Joe Jonas' : she looks more than 2 inches taller than him in these recent pics.

Click Here
lan said on 12/Feb/17
With 6' George MacKay

Click Here

Here is Sophie's footwear

Click Here

Rob, how many inches do you think she is gaining with those heels?
Editor Rob: Ian, they are around 3 inches, so at least a good 2 inches footwear advantage over big George.
robin said on 10/Jan/17
With Dominic Cooper

Click Here

Asuming Dominic really is 5'9.5, how tall would you say Sophie would if both of them were to stand barefoot next to each other, Rob?
Editor Rob: robin, interestingly Dominic has a quite thin dress shoe...without knowing if the insole was really thick, the outside is no more than half inch, while she is getting a good 3 inches out of her heels.

I do think Dominic is going to measure taller than her.
michel said on 10/Jan/17
Strong 5'8.5 I'd say.
lan said on 31/Dec/16
Rob, how tall would you say she late at night? 5'9" flat?
Editor Rob: lan, I still feel she will dip under 5ft 9 a bit.
MrFish said on 29/Dec/16
Rob, what would her out-of-bed height be around?
Editor Rob: wouldn't you like to know! 😘

I believe 5ft 9.5-9.75 range.
rockitbaby said on 5/Dec/16
Rob, you should raise Jonas height a bit or lower hers because she's wearing high heels and she's slightly taller than him.
Burg said on 22/Nov/16
rockitbaby said on 11/Nov/16
@andreea When I was 14 I was 2cm shorter than my current height. I think it depends on the person. But I agree most girls are already done growing up by the age of 16-17.
andreea said on 10/Nov/16
Dan said on 28/May/15
Okay 3 things:
1. Girls start puberty before boys and finish earlier as well. Most girls are done growing in height by the age of 16-17, so its very unlikely that Sophie has grown any taller than she was in 2013. maybe a few millimeters, but that is negligible.

2. Jourdan Dunn is around 5'10 and not 6'.

3. If you observe the picture carefully, Sophie it at least 3 inches shorter than Jourdan, and Jourdan isn't ever standing completely straight like Sophie.
oathkeeper said on 26/May/15

Dan, majority of girls stop growing at the age of 14, not 16-17. The age of 16-17 is the age when most of the boys don't grow anymore.

I speak from big experience and being obsessed with height from middle school that I have seen no girl that grew after 15 or boy that grew after 18. Those are mainly myths that says boys grew after 18 or girls after 15. 90% of grils stop growing at 14 and 90% of boys at 17.
rockitbaby said on 29/Oct/16
In here she's wearing shoes and she looks 5'9. Remove her shoes and she'll seem 1,74m.

Click Here
bk3008 said on 24/Oct/16
I think she might be 5'9" flat
rockitbaby said on 3/Oct/16
I'll give her 1,74m.
Axl said on 19/Sep/16
Rob, do you think she can pull off 175 cm flat at night, or would you say she drops some mm?
rockitbaby said on 17/Sep/16
She's definitely taller than Tye Sheridan, like 2cm or so, but I don't think he's 5'8 either (he seems a 1,71 or 1,72). I guess Sophie is 1,75 tops.
MC said on 7/Sep/16
Rob did you upgrade Sophie a fraction of an inch? Or has she been a weak 175cm all along?
Editor Rob: a few months ago I thought almost 5ft 9 was probably from all I've seen a reasonable figure for her.
oathkeeper said on 4/Sep/16
@Sam Really? One word: footwear
Sam said on 3/Sep/16
Explain me this
Click Here
jonsnow said on 28/Jul/16
looking like a prizefighter next to her mum Click Here
she also seems to dwarf every female fan that takes a picture with her. I think her listing is pretty correct
Donny said on 20/Jul/16
She is no taller than jennifer lawrence . And if jennifer is 5'7" how can she be 5'9" . Rob??
Editor Rob: sometimes I think Lawrence wears bigger heels than her.
Pitch_Fork said on 3/Jul/16
Tall hot chick
172.4cm guy said on 10/Jun/16
I think Sophie can be listed as a solid 5-9. She was definitely an inch over Tye Sheriden in X-men: Apocalypse, and Tye stands at about 5-8. She is also an easy two inches above Kit Harrington in GoT, with similar footwear in both instances. She's also noticeably taller than Aiden Gillen in GoT, but it's not quite an inch between them.
Peter175 said on 30/May/16
She's been done growing since the second season when she was 15 ish. I always knew it was at least a 1.75 inch difference between her and Kit. I always thought it was strange back when she was listed as 174 and him at 171 or 1.25 inch difference when its clearly more.
Idk said on 13/Apr/16
Think this listing is generous. In a picture with Thomas Brodie she's wearing heels and looks like she may have at most 1/2 inch on him. She seems to be like Taylor swift in that they are both very height conscious and try to appear taller than they are most of the time.
marc said on 5/Mar/16
assuming your listed height for her is wrong (for some reason) would you bet she is taller or smaller than the 174 cm ?
Editor Rob: she can pull off 174-5 zone more than 173-4 last couple of years.
Lis said on 29/Feb/16
I think that maybe this Click Here would be better to have as her picture? She's wearing flatter shoes and since she's wearing pants it's easier to notice her proportions. Sorry about the triplepost :p
Lis said on 28/Feb/16
Click Here This woman here from a spa where Sophie went believes her to be around 175/5'9
Lis said on 10/Jan/16
I do believe she is no shorter than 5ft 8.5in and it's probably about 5'9. I think she can appear shorter because she's broadly built, she's not willowy or long-limbed and got a somewhat bad posture.
Ron said on 3/Jan/16
One of those heights I really don't get the debate over. In my view she cannot be above 5'8.5 and is more likely closer to 5'7.5 if anything. Her "ladies" posture and constant heels in Thrones make her look taller granted, but I do not see anything to suggest she's above that. One day of those times people like to bull**** and force her to live up to a tall predicate
Lis said on 2/Jan/16
I think it's a power trip thing, I'm close to her height and I'm usually the same height as most men I pass by. Coupled that with broad shoulders(Sophie has them too) I end up looking huge next to some people, and I enjoy it too. She probably sees this as the feature that makes her stand out, and being around 5'9 she's bound to see a lot of people, mostly men, much taller than her, so when she makes the most of when she gets the chance to be the taller person in the room.
oathkeeper said on 31/Dec/15
@Calvin Interesting, but we're on the Internet, so without proof this is not more than a story.
Calvin said on 19/Dec/15
I know Sophie from a mutual friend who went to school with her when his family lived in England. They're really close so I've met her like a dozen times. I've gathered a few things from this.
1. She's taller than all of you say
2. She is always in heels and really into her height
I'm 5-6 so I knew she would be taller than me, but I didn't expect her to need to bend over and put her ear by my head when I spoke, that's for sure. She is taller than my girlfriend who is 5-9, although she was in huge heels and my girlfriend was barefoot when I saw them together. Still, Sophie made me not want to get up and meet her after she commented on how her heels made her feel big with smaller girls to a 5-9 girls. But in her defense they were like 5 inch heels on a probably 6-0 girl. I did however get up and received from laughter from my girlfriend and Sophie and my friend who is her friend. She was like a foot taller than me in those heels and kept commenting on it all day and then the next day when we went to a restaurant she made me compare heights with her so the waiter could see. She is really really into being tall for some reason.
oathkeeper said on 2/Dec/15
@Marcinho She might have half of an inch there, see my previous post; Definitely not under 5'9".
Marcinho said on 24/Nov/15

First she is not direct in front of the height chart and you cant see her footwear..
fireisle said on 2/Nov/15
Closer to 5'10" probably: Click Here (ST posing with height chart)
Andrea said on 24/Sep/15
Strange you still haven't found a claim or something, Rob! She does look tall in GOT, easily taller than Aiden Gillen (who is not much over 5'8 though)... 5'8.5 is believable!
[Editor Rob: there's an aussie model sophie turner who claims 5ft 9, but this one, I only looked once, not since. If anybody ever finds her mentioning it do let us know.]
marc said on 20/Sep/15
rob when did you listened her?any chance that she is 5'9 today?
[Editor Rob: she can pass for near 5ft 9, although she doesn't wear flats on GOT.]
oathkeeper said on 28/Aug/15
Click Here Unless that height chart is wrong, I'd say she's 5'9" or 5'10".
littlesue said on 25/Aug/15
Would'nt it be easier just to wear shoes with 2 or 3 inch heels then instead of the skyscrapers she usually wears?
Daddaaar said on 23/Aug/15
You will notice in any photograph Sophie always stands with one hip out and the opposite knee bent, to reduce 2 - 3 inches from her height.
Mighty_- said on 9/Aug/15
I don"t think she is under 5'9
She looks to have grown and she has that tall look in most of her scenes, even rivaling most of her male costars
Manuel said on 8/Aug/15
I would believe she is 6 foot
Caleb Smith said on 8/Aug/15
5-10 and still growing
hal said on 27/Jul/15
Lol at the people saying she's 5'7". Sophie Turner is at least 5'8.5", and that's a fact. But I think she's 5'9". These "met her" stories are BS. You downgraders are just pathetic sometimes.
mariam1 said on 4/Jul/15
She's 5'9 all-out. At the second season of GoT she was little bit taller than lena headey (she's 166) so I think Sophie was 5'7 or 5'7.5 already at the age of 14-15. And she has grown since 2011-12 for 1.5-2 inches. I think strong 5'8.5 (174) or maximum 5'9 (175).
Jay said on 10/Jun/15
Sophie is not smaller than 5'8.5.
Coolgirl781 said on 31/May/15
@oathkeeper, girls usually reach their adult height by the age of 15, so even if Sophie is a late bloomer, she's done growing. I saw your post from 11th May. In the video Sophie is clearly 1" taller than Gillen, but the footwear is not shown properly. Both of them are wearing boots, but I'm sure Sophie's boots have more heel than Gillen's.

Heels for women on TV shows has a very simple logic. Heels tilt the pelvis forward causing the butts and boobs to like bigger, given a more curvy look to the body

Looking at Dan's post, the height of the girl on the right is definitely not given anywhere in the article, but I would agree that Andini is 5'3 or 5'4 tall (5'4 is unlikely). My best estimate for Sophie would also be 5'7 or 5'7.5

I went through the earlier posts, I think Rob is definitely taller than Sophie (comparison with Gwendoline Christie). Though the difference may not be much (0.5/0.75 inch)

One thing always to be kept in mind is that we girls have a curvy and slender bodies. This really makes us look taller than we actually are
oathkeeper said on 30/May/15
Where are you getting the height of "unknown person XYZ" from? I have done some research and there is no mention of her (Andini Ria's) height. It's also a picture from July 2014. There are more recent ones on her twitter account, but we cannot see the footwear.

Puberty is different for everybody, some people grow into their late twenties.

Jourdan Dunn is 6' according to this site, which I will always choose over others.

[Warning: Contains Game of Thrones season 5 spoilers ] That might be true, but that was over a season ago in King's Landing. Since she has returned to Winterfell we have a good scene with Aidan Gillen where they wear similar shoes (see my post from May 11th). A good 1" gap is visible in all shots.
Dan said on 28/May/15
here is a picture of Sophie with a fan. Click Here

the girl on the right is 5'2 or 5'3 wearing shoes with 3 inches of heels. Sophie is wearing flats of around 0.5-1.0 inch heel. Sophie is 1 inch taller than this girl. this puts Sophie somewhere around 5'7.

just look at the picture people, just look at sophie's body sturcture, does she look like a 5'9? Nope! something more like 5'7/7.5. keep in mind that she is a woman, women have slender and curvaceous bodies making them look taller.

here is another picture of sophie with the same fan, from the same day. Click Here
Coolgirl781 said on 28/May/15
I think Sophie is around 5'7 or a weak 5'8. She is always wearing heels at events so she appears to be very tall. 4 inches is the least that brands make for heels with 5 inches being the norm. She's a teenage girl, probably obsessed with heels, just like me

She appears to be 1-1.5 inches taller than actors like Alfie Allen or Adian Gillen but she wears heels. In an interview she said that she always wears heels with costumes. She said
"... I kept tripping in that dress. I can't even tell you how many times I tripped up the stairs. It was so embarrassing. I wear heels with all my costumes as well, and this dress was super long, super heavy. I kept falling".

Here is the page Click Here
Dan said on 28/May/15
Okay 3 things:
1. Girls start puberty before boys and finish earlier as well. Most girls are done growing in height by the age of 16-17, so its very unlikely that Sophie has grown any taller than she was in 2013. maybe a few millimeters, but that is negligible.

2. Jourdan Dunn is around 5'10 and not 6'.

3. If you observe the picture carefully, Sophie it at least 3 inches shorter than Jourdan, and Jourdan isn't ever standing completely straight like Sophie.
oathkeeper said on 26/May/15
The "Another Me" premier and the ELLE Sytle Awards are both from 2013, the NYC premier is from early 2014. She could've grown since when.

Let's get some fresh pictures in. Like these from the May 4th MET Gala: Click Here Click Here

She's standing next to the 6' tall Jourdan Dunn, if they wear the same heels (Sophie does not wear a plateau Click Here ), I cannot see a 5" gap there. 5'9" would be my guess.
Ron said on 25/May/15
At this point I would be open to 5'7, as people have said she is somewhat slender and if she's been wearing heels in a lot of what she's been in that will tip the scales in her favour, especially seeing as she spent a lot of time with Gleeson, Gillan, Rheon and Dinklage - heels would give her enough to appear just taller than he other two, as she does. I'm only open to it though, I still think she's more likely 5'8 or even 9.
Dan said on 25/May/15
so putting all that in perspective, Sophie Turner is 5'7, not 5'9 as people say. she has a slender body and she is a female, so she appears to be taller than she actually is
Dan said on 25/May/15
another example here, look at this image Click Here
it is from the Another Me premier. Gregg Sulkin is 5'8, add another inch to his height due to the shoes. Sophie is again wearing 4-inch heels and stands 2 inches taller than Gregg, at 5'11. so if you subtract her heels, you get 5'7
Dan said on 25/May/15
also, take a look at this picture. Click Here

Sophie with Jack Gleeson. Jack is 5'7, add 1 inch due to his shoes and he stands at 5'8. Sophie is 5'11 next to him in 4-inch heels. so if you subtract her heels, she is 5'7
Dan said on 25/May/15
Sophie Turner is 5'7. My sister met her at the Los Angeles airport. they took a picture together and both are of the same height. both were wearing the same kind of sneakers
boingyoingyoing said on 24/May/15
Click Here
Ron said on 22/May/15
Something else to add: in the latest episode she does not look that much taller than Iwan Rheon at about 5'7.5. She's taller, it's noticable, but no more than two inches maximum, I'd say 1.5 perhaps. Again, you can't really tell but from the way she walks it looks to me like she's wearing a small heel, and the sound dubbing guys certainly dubbed in a distinct heel-clacking sound every time she moved across the stone floor. Say Iwan has a good boot with about 1 inch of lift and she has a small heel of aboutn1.5inch lift that puts her pretty squarely in Robb's estimate. Certainly no taller than 5'9.5 total maximum, and unlikely to be any shorter than 8.5
Ron said on 16/May/15
People here saying she's above 5'9 or even as high as 6'! I'm sorry, but I find those numbers laughable! She's tall, yes, but not that tall! Gillan is about 5'8, give or take, and in the most recent Thrones series she looks a maximum of an inch taller than him, in scenes when he's wearing relatively flat boots and she's in at least 1.5 inch heels, or strongly heeled boots (you don't often get the chance to see her footwear, but you can tell by the way she walks that she's got some heel height there that Gillan doesn't.
She's also the same height as Asa Butterfield in heels that were at least 3 inches tall. Say that makes her about 6'. Butterfield is about 5'11, though personally I doubt this, I think he's a strong 5'10 but his slender frama, big hair and always big-geeked shoes favour him. In big shoes he should be approaching 6' too. So Turner can't be much above 5'9 if that. So she's tall, but not excessively so like some here suggest! I bet if you flat-footed her and Gillan she'd have at most a 1cm advantage
oathkeeper said on 11/May/15
I thought I wouldn't be able to show the scene I mentioned, turns out the official Game of Thrones YouTube channel did that. Click Here
hal said on 11/May/15
I think she's at least 5'9". I highly doubt she's below that. She's a tall girl, and very pretty.
oathkeeper said on 7/May/15
Ed2882 is right, in Season 5 Episode 4, she appears to be more than an inch taller than him. They also wear similar footwear and the floor looks even.
Ed2882 said on 4/May/15
Sophie has definitely grown since the start of the show. In Season 4, she started just under Aiden Gillen's height (174 cm) but is now noticeably taller than him at the start of Season 5 (by 3-4 cm). It looks like the cameramen are doing a lot of trick shots to make Aiden appear similar in height to Sophie, but it's clear Sophie's height should be upgrade to at least 177cm. Check out this GoT shot of Aiden and Sophie for comparison. Click Here
Calvin said on 4/May/15
When they started filming season 1 she was 14 and already listed as 5-9. Based on her comparison to the grown men in the show, it's very clear she has grown over he time on the show. I went to an event after season 2 and met the cast. I am a 5-5 man so I'm used to it, but I was taken aback by her height in her heels. My guess was 6-2 in some 4 inch heels so 5-10 at the time. My guess is 6-0 now
jeb79 said on 20/Apr/15
She was 13 or 14 when they actually shot the first season and has definitely grown over each season. Looks 5'9" or 5'10"
Chris said on 31/Mar/15
She makes manlets cry in their dreams
172.7 guy said on 13/Mar/15
She seems to have grown since the first season of GoT. In scenes with Aidan Gillen, she is almost eye-level with him, and she may only have a slight heel advantage in the shoes that she wears. Given that he's about 176cm, I'd say she's 174-175cm.
BGee said on 14/Jan/15
Strong 5'8 or 5'9 max.
Pedro said on 8/Dec/14
Here is Sophie next to Asa Butterfield: Click Here
Here is also a better perspective of Sophie's heels: Click Here
Pedro said on 2/Sep/14
Here is Sophie next to Hailee Steinfeld: Click Here
Ian said on 1/Aug/14
A lot taller now.
TJE said on 23/Jul/14
Click Here

With a 3 inch footwear advantage, she's maybe 1.75 inches taller than Richard Madden here. I think this listing is spot on. If anything, she isn't any lower than listed. Same with Madden.
Patrick said on 25/May/14
Don´t trust people, rob.
In game of thrones she wears heels, so he can have an inch on gillen, who also wears boots, but not that thick.

you seldom see woman wihtout heels in game of thrones
oathkeeper said on 24/May/14
Well, I can confirm pretender's comment, she looked taller (1-2") than him. However, the footwear situation is unclear and there is snow on the ground.
the pretender said on 23/May/14
apparently she towered Aidan Gillen who is listed 5'9" with at least an inch in the last episode ... i would say 5'10" or 5'11" range .. what do u think rob ?
[Editor Rob: I've not watched recent episodes yet but in s3 she looked quite close to his height]
littlesue said on 5/May/14
They not average size heels!! they look like they have a inch platform at front and by the tilt of her leg I would say they about 4.5 inches
Anton said on 15/Apr/14
Looks taller than 5'11.75 Liam Cunningham in average size heels, perhaps she's more like 5'9? Click Here Click Here
Sam said on 9/Apr/14
I agree that Rob looks taller compared to Gwendoline than Sophie Turner but the potential uneven ground and posture may come into play. I still think 174 cm is possible for Turner.
steven said on 8/Apr/14
That pic is actually pretty good. Rob, you seem slightly taller standing next to Gwendoline then Sophie. Do you think it`s the uneven ground that makes her slightly shorter?
[Editor Rob: the ground probably isn't quite perfect]
Balrog said on 29/Mar/14
Accurate listing, she deserves that slight upgrade.
Pedro said on 27/Mar/14
Here is a fan-picture where she stands in flats next to Gwendoline Christie: Click Here
[Editor Rob: in person Gwendoline looks what she says, 6ft 3, I mean I come up to the end of her nose myself...]
Balrog said on 26/Jan/14
Pedro said on 23/Jan/14
Here is a recent picture of Sophie, Isaac and Maisie. I don't know about the size of their heels, but the height difference between Sophie and Maisie looks gigantic: Click Here
Balrog said on 14/Jan/14
Pedro said on 20/Nov/13
Her stunt doubles in "Another Me" and "Barely Lethal" are both listed in their resumes at 5'8". So I think that it is very likely that Sophie is around that height as well.
T2N said on 20/Aug/13
I thought she seemed at least a solid 5'10". She always looks like a giant on the show, especially next to her female co-stars.
Girl170cm said on 9/Aug/13
I don't think the girl's still growing. Girls reach their adult size around 13 years old and after that we don't grow much more. She is 17 already. But she is definitely above standard height in women, so nothing to worry about.
183CM said on 3/Aug/13
I'm pretty sure she is 5'9...and growing
That dude said on 28/Jul/13
Click Here

With 5'6 Lena Headey, though footwear might be different.
She looks a solid 5'10.5" next to 6'3" gwendolyn Christie
Sam said on 10/Jul/13
It seems the consensus is to do the upgrade on Turner, Rob.
Sam said on 24/May/13
Rob, is this just an estimate of her height. I agree with the concensus that she is nearer 5'9" than 5'8".
[Editor Rob: she might be 174cm]
Sam said on 23/May/13
Is this from a quote or an estimate, Rob? I agree with the concensus that she's a bit close to 5'9" than 5'8".
Balrog said on 21/May/13
She looked 3in taller than Natalie Dormer.
Kira said on 29/Mar/13
Yes yes shes 5'9 8 ish but how much does she weigh???? about?
Balrog said on 15/Feb/13
Rob she's looking close to 5'9''. Any chance she grew I little bit more? She's 16 I think.
Steven said on 14/Feb/13
Click Here Most recent pic with other actors from the show
Ahboh said on 29/Jan/13
In the pilot she seems 1 inch shorter than Madden (Robb) whom in turn seems 1 inch shorter than solid 5'10 Sean Bean (Ned)

Considering that she was 14 when the pilot was filmed and usually girls don't grow much after that, I think she is truly 5'8/ 5'9
Chiara said on 18/Nov/12
How do you get 5´9/10 feet from this picture? She definetely only looks 5´8. (Which is still a great height for women i think)
Cliff said on 17/Nov/12
She's actually a pretty legit 5'9."

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