How tall is Kristofer Hivju

Kristofer Hivju's Height

5ft 11 ¾ (182.2 cm)

Norwegian actor best known for playing Tormund Giantsbane in HBO series Game of Thrones. In film he can be seen in After Earth, 2011's The Thing and Force Majeure. His agency describe him as standing 183cm tall.

How tall is Kristofer Hivju
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Average Guess (38 Votes)
5ft 11.59in (181.8cm)
Jimmy_ESB_182 said on 1/Sep/22
It's funny how similar he is to Travis Fimmel. Both are redhead, big beard, viking-ish role, 5ft 11 3/4 yet dwarfed by many co-stars including a woman
Ndomingu said on 28/Aug/22
It’s interesting that Game of Thrones decided to use this actor to play Tormund Giantsbane when his book character counterpart was described as “being short, having a broad chest, a massive belly, and a beard as white as snow.” I will say that the TV Show Tormund Giantsbane was 6’0” or maybe a weak 6’0” at the lowest case scenario. In the books, Tormund Giantsbane is probably around 5’3”, but I could see 5’2” or 5’4” being possible height guesses for him in that story too. All we know is Tormund Giantsbane was shorter than Jon Snow was based on how George RR Martin would describe their characters physical appearances. Book Jon Snow must be taller than Kit Harrington is, it’s an interesting contrast.
Dom5'11.5 said on 10/Dec/21
Don’t think he falls under 182cm. 182.2 before bed and 184-184.5 out of bed
Animus said on 21/Jul/20
He's easily 95-97kg (209-214lbs) in photos I've seen of him. He's rarely in t-shirts, but when we wears a suit with an open jacket you can see he's got a bit of a gut. That combined with his broad-shouldered, big-back physique makes 210-215lbs very plausible for him.
Jkiller said on 1/Jul/20
5'11.75 is a good listing.
Knut said on 21/Apr/20
I’m Norwegian and I’ve met him several times. This listing couldn’t be more precise. You’re a genius on guessing heights Rob. He is that height, end of discussion!
6ftdutchman said on 6/May/19
I think he is 181.9 cm
Jakob said on 23/Apr/19
Rob, he's listed on his agency page as 97kg; surely he's not that heavy. I wouldn't have guessed over 200lbs.
Editor Rob
WOuld be his peak weight I feel, normally around 200-205 could be likelier.
Animus said on 27/Nov/18
I take that back - his inseam is probably around 32 inches. His legs are bulky, so they can appear shorter, but his inseam is likely still roughly 32 inches.

It's quite clear, though, that his legs are shorter than Iain Glen, who is listed at 6'0:

Click Here
Animus said on 26/Nov/18
He seems to have shorter legs for his height. Do you think his inseam could be 31½ inches, Rob?
Editor Rob
It might be around that, certainly not long!
Alex65 said on 8/Sep/18
Look at this pic from Fast and Furious next to Kurt Russell (that you listed about 5ft 9):
Click Here
For me, Kristofer looks here no more than 5'10.5/5'11... (179/180 cm).
What do you think about it Rob ? Personally I would say about 5'11.5 (181.7/181.8 cm) cause he looks taller on other pics and in GoT.
Editor Rob
Kurt has certainly looked near 5ft 10 at times, Hivju can look 5ft 11 flat too.
MAD SAM said on 12/Aug/18
I would say 6 feet at 182.5 cm
sumdude said on 4/Dec/17
182.2 is spot on. His heightloss journey has begun, will probably fall below 182cm once he passes 45.
robson said on 24/Nov/17
He gives 6'1 impression but probably beacuse he was usaually seen in GoT within short actors, but something aroung 6ft seems legit.
Animus said on 16/Sep/17
I think he'd measure shorter than someone like Mads Mikkelsen. Hivju seems closer to 182cm than 181cm, but he's probably a weak 182cm.
Anonymous said on 14/Sep/17
I wonder how men can grow these type of beards?!? I had a beard a couple of times in my life,I didn't have the desired effect i wanted it to have.I did grow one in my early 20s for a month or so then at a different time in my mid 20s.It was itchy when i grew them and difficult to keep tidy.
SportsHeight said on 13/Sep/17
Rob, any insight into when beards stop developing or "filling in" for men? Is it typically around the same time as height, or sometime later?
Editor Rob
I think some men in early 20's might find that they can grow a better beard in their 30's...

I remember trying to grow a fuller beard around 23-24 and it wasn't as full as it could be in 30's or now in 40's.
Tom said on 17/Aug/17
What did you think hivju looked like next to the hound aka Rory McCann or mormount. In the latest episode that got leaked season 7 episode 6.
Tom said on 13/Aug/17
Hey rob do you think hivju wears lifts on game of thrones or no?
Editor Rob
he might wear a thicker boot to add to his character's size.
Briemund said on 31/Jul/17
Hehe Kristofer had some not so subtle lifts in his boots during this gem of a scene with Gwendoline.

Click Here
Editor Rob
those boots are known as The Winter Portman's ®
Season 7 said on 21/Apr/17
Next to Gwendoline Christie, this listing definitely correlates. Also, very excited to see where they take this subplot!

Click Here
Rhodes said on 17/Apr/17
Managed to edge out 5ft 11.5 Vin Diesel by a fraction with both wearing black combat boots, would definitely settle on Hivju being a weak six footer but nothing more or less.
Tom said on 16/Apr/17
He seems to edge out Vin Diesel just by a little in Fate of the Furious. If Kristofer is as listed, then Vin Diesel might need a slight downgrade.
See If Crows Can Fly said on 3/Feb/17
Here is a picture from "Walk of Punishment", face to face with Ciaran Hinds. Kristofer might be the flat 11.5 but nothing lower.

Click Here
Season 7 said on 24/Dec/16
Looks like he'll finally be sharing screentime with people of similar height in the coming season, like Paul Kaye.
Belfast Examiner said on 14/Dec/16
Also do you think he needs a downgrade to 5'11.5? I don't think he is any higher or lower than that.
Editor Rob
BE, it could be possible he is right on that 11.5.
Belfast Examiner said on 14/Dec/16
Oh alright, thanks for the feedback!
Belfast Examiner said on 14/Dec/16
Thanks for the input Rob. Just curious, but what do you mean by him falling under six foot?
Editor Rob
he looks 1/4-1/2 inch under six foot in that photo.
Belfast Examiner said on 11/Dec/16
Hey Rob, what do you think of everyone's heights in this new picture?

Click Here
Editor Rob
BE, I think Kristofer still falls under six foot there.
berta said on 21/Nov/16
hm i can say one thing that he isnt more than 182 because in the swedish movies beck he is couple cm shorter than Mí¥ns Nathanaelson who my broder have seen and said was at most 184 cm. Because of that i will say he is betwwen 181-182 . coulb be a weak 182 guy
See If Crows Can Fly said on 10/Nov/16
Just watched the episode "Walk of Punishment", and saw him standing face-to-face with Ciaran Hinds. Eye level was not equal but noticeably a smidge under.
TJE said on 29/Aug/16
Maybe by a cm or 2. Certainly more 6'0 than 6'2, unless Dean's allergic to shoes and socks.
BigSmallJon said on 12/Aug/16
@TJE After seeing pictures of Dean next to Kristofer on Dean's Instagram I concluded that he was visibly taller than him.
The Norwegian Region said on 12/Aug/16
Solid listing, he didn't look a strong 6 footer next to Ciaran Hinds in the Season 3 premiere, but he's able to stand out among his Nights Watch and Wildling costars with his tallish height.
TJE said on 12/Aug/16
Dean Jagger isn't even 6'0, let alone 6'1.5.

Look at him with Natalie Tena and Kit Harington.
Season 7 said on 9/Aug/16
Sounds fair Rob, though the mud seemed pretty even in my opinion. Except Kristofer did walk on top of something near the end of the scene and suddenly stood about 4 inches taller!
Season 7 said on 6/Aug/16
Just checking in again Rob; have you seen the episode 9 camp walking scene? And if you have what do you conclude from it?
Editor Rob
I've seen it, but with the ground I don't think it reveals much about who might be taller.
6ftBen said on 29/Jul/16
What is odd is that the Tormund character is one of the shorter ones yet they cast a tallish man in the role which he owns admittedly. Same with Jonathan Pryce who is 6' but High Sparrow is little.
Season 7 said on 27/Jun/16
So Rob, after seeing Kristofer and Liam standing next to each other in episode 9, can you agree that they are the exact same height?
Editor Rob
I still haven't seen it...
BigSmallJon said on 24/Jun/16
Rob, any thoughts on Dean S. Jagger who portrays Smalljon Umber? He claims 6ft 1.5 which seems reasonable to me.
Editor Rob
not seen much of him to tell if he's that tall
Season 6 said on 22/Jun/16
Idk Rob, I rewatched the camp scene and Liam is sloping his neck downward but his shoulders are above Kristofer's and with his sloped head and neck his eye level still stays level. Any chance Liam might actually be 6 ft 0.75 or is Kristofer shorter than we've been lead to believe?
Editor Rob
there's little chance I'd have guessed Liam was over 6ft.
Season 6 said on 20/Jun/16
Yeah Rob, their shoulders do seem to meet equally in this photo and in the camp scene from Episode 9. Liam seems slightly looser though but still manages to meet Kristofers eye level in the episode.
Editor Rob
I haven't seen episode 9 yet, but will watch soon.
Season 6 said on 17/Jun/16
Also Rob, there's some good shots in the episodes Hardhome and The Gift where Kristofer stands next to Kit Harington and Ben Crompton.
berta said on 9/Jun/16
i Think he is 182
ARGH said on 9/Jun/16
he def isn't a tall guy. always thought he was 5'10 but it seems they try to make him appear LARGER
Del Mar said on 24/May/16
This is an interesting listing! We are both from Norway and I met him briefly back in 2009 for a short film production and before Game of Thrones. He actually looked 181-182 range to me, but it could be due to slouch. Anyway slightly below 6 ft could def be correct. I'm 6 ft myself and it's usually easy for me to judge a height when it's so close to my own.
Season 6 said on 4/May/16
Rob, consider this, he seems at the same height or ever so slightly shorter than Liam Cunningham, who he shares scenes with in the most recent episode, with both of them holding good posture. Also, they both stand next to Ben Crompton who's height is still unknown but both seem to hang above Crompton at the same height.
Editor Rob
Crompton looks in the 5ft 6 range, they didn't look 6 inches taller than him anyway, 11.75 might at least be nearer...
Birken said on 1/Mar/16
Rob, have you noticed that the showrunners try to make him appear taller on screen by standing him near shorter actors or being filmed at low angles to create that tall illusion?
Editor Rob
I'm not sure if they'd really use angles like that.
Birken said on 14/Feb/16
Rob, would you consider Kristofer slightly shorter, taller, or on the dot of 6'?
Kristofer with Jakob Oftebro at a recent premiere, who himself claims 5'11.25
Click Here
Editor Rob
I'd say 6ft at the most, 11.5 at the lowest...anywhere amongst that range could be argued.
Esplanade said on 5/Jan/16
Definitely a legitimate 6 feet, his wide frame makes him look shorter in certain Game of Thrones scenes.
Colton said on 8/Dec/15
Liam is leaning on something in that last picture, which is why he may seem shorter
Colton said on 6/Dec/15
Here's the pic Rob I forgot to post it.
Click Here
Colton said on 4/Dec/15
Rob, here's another photo of Kristofer and Liam at the same event. May have a quarter inch on Liam or same height I'm not sure.
Colton said on 28/Nov/15
Rob, here's Kristofer next to Liam Cunningham. Liam's posture isn't that good but both seem about the 5'11.75 mark.
Click Here
Sean said on 25/Oct/15
Rob, do you think he needs a downgrade or is he actually a spot on 6 footer?
Editor Rob
I'm still not so sure, anywhere in 5ft 11.5-6ft range is arguable for him.
Jonas said on 24/Sep/15
Hey Rob would you agree that Kristofer is only 5'11.5 based on the Jakob Oftebro picture?
Editor Rob
5ft 11.5 is a height he can look.
Jonas said on 16/Sep/15
Please disregard my 5'11 comment. The 5'11.5 comment is correct, as he also stood across from 6' Stephen Dillane in the Mance Rayder BTS video and looked half an inch shorter than him.
Jonas said on 11/Sep/15
He's 5'11.5 at the most. Here he is next to 5'11 Jakob Oftebro.

Click Here
Jonas said on 11/Sep/15
He's 5'11 at the most. Here is a picture of him standing next to 5'11 Jakob Oftebro.

Click Here
5'9.5'' said on 28/May/15
IDK why everyone thinks people are really tall nowadays, im supposed to be exactly average but I feel tall most of the time so I feel average height is still about 5'9''

And as for Hivju 6' easily, no way would a 5'11.5'' consistently look 6' with his loose posture
Tom said on 19/Jan/15
Also rob are you Irish because you look like you would be a little?
Editor Rob
I know a grandparent was Irish, but I really don't have a great interest in ancestry.
Andrea said on 16/Jan/15
So, Rob, what do you think? Would you do a video like that, in the street?
Editor Rob
I really don't know.
Andrea said on 15/Jan/15
Lol, Rob, i've seen that video right yesterday and i was going to ask you to do a similar video... Why don't you do that? It would be also interesting to see what girls claim to be and if they really look that next to you ;)
Tom said on 14/Jan/15
What was the video called and by who?
Editor Rob
here's kind of videos I've seen Click Here.
Tom said on 13/Jan/15
So rob when are you going to start doing videos on youtube agian. Also are you still thinking about the what height do women prefer video. Where you go out in public and ask women and men what height they prefer.
Editor Rob
I had a look and saw at least 1 video of a guy doing that with girls.
cole said on 30/Dec/14
@Editor Rob: I wouldn't consider 5'11.5. He can probably appear that, but his posture is very loose most of the time. I'm quite certain he would measure nearer 183 than 182 cm after meeting him twice, as well as meeting the guy in the middle in this pic (Jakob Oftebro): Click Here Don't know the footwear situation, but both times I met Kristofer he had quite modest/regular footwear, converse in the summer and a standard yellow timberland boot in the winter, so I wouldn't think of him as a guy to wear overly sizable footwear. Jakob holds a very good posture in person and appeared almost identical to my height, maybe a smidge shorter, so a solid 179 cm is the lowest I'd go for him and quite possibly he would be near his 180 cm claim. Paal Sverre Hagen (the tall guy on the right) claims 197 cm. Here's Jakob next to Stellan Skarsgaard and Paal again appearing on the right: Click Here
Editor Rob
anywhere in 5ft 11.5-6ft range is arguable I feel.
Tom said on 30/Nov/14
Hey rob is this guy comeing to a event any time soon that you know of?
Editor Rob
I don't know, I would hope he would agree as I know 90% of the GOT cast get asked...some won't do them though.
Tom said on 19/Nov/14
Oh okay so you think he is still 5 foot 11 and a half or something? Also rob your a funny guy so you should go out and interview women and ask them what height would they prefer a man to be and post on your channel. Also people subscribe to big rob on youtube.
Editor Rob
I would like to do something like that.

5ft 11.5 I'll consider, I did watch him in the Thing movie and thought he could look in that range too.
Tom said on 18/Nov/14
So rob are you planing on to downgrade him beacuse bradley is the same height as you and kristopher doesn't look 6 feet. But in the game of thrones he appears as a big tall man. What do you think 5 foot 11????
Editor Rob
there is a chance he's not a full 6ft
Tom said on 17/Nov/14
Rob did you see the pics with him and bradley. Also are you going to do a video???
Editor Rob
yeah he doesn't quite look a 6ft guy with bradley in the couple of photos together. I'm not sure about this 5ft 11.75 video...
Tom said on 14/Nov/14
Rob type kristopher hivju and jhon bradley. There is a picture with them standing next to each other.
Tom said on 12/Nov/14
Rob I love your videos on youtube. I just saw the tape measure one. Can you make a video on where the point 5 foot 11 .75 is on the tape measure thanks man. And agian love your videos. Or can you get a guy in person that's 5 foot 11.75 or .5 in a video beside you.
Tom said on 6/Nov/14
Rob would you classify kristofer hivju as a bit guy or no??
Editor Rob
with his intensity and big beard/hair, a near 6ft guy like him can definitely look a 'big guy' and intimidating.
The Horse of FUNK said on 5/Nov/14
Rob has a point. We, a humans, tend to notice those who beat us or whom we deem to be 'superior' to us. It's like a competitive sport. A handful of competing athletes in an entire league will generally only notice and compete against themselves over who is top dog while the rest of the players are just kinda... there, irrelevant. Think of Tom Brady vs Peyton Manning. No one gives a hoot about other quarterbacks when those two are being discussed.
Nick said on 2/Nov/14
Also rob I'm 5' foot 11. People say a I'm about above average in height but it doesn't seem that why when I go out in public. By the way I'm from Canada
Editor Rob
it might not feel that way at times, maybe your brain is recognising/registering more people about your height and taller than it does below your height? So it can feel like 5ft 11 is just average...
Nick said on 2/Nov/14
Hey Robert I think average height for man in the Us is about 5 foot 9 hey rob?
robert said on 31/Oct/14
Hey Nick today average for a young man is about 5ft10.25 - 5ft10.5 Dont you agree rob ?
Editor Rob
for US, overall (not just considering one ethnicity) I don't think it's quite that.
Nick said on 1/Oct/14
Okay so average for a man is 5 foot 9 in the uk and United States. I leave in canada and I think it's five foot ten here. But that is from a 2010 listening. I feel like people are really tall now a days like 6 foot 1 or 2???? What's your opinion ????
Nick said on 29/Sep/14
Hey rob what's the average height for man and women up to date in 2014???
Editor Rob
in the US/UK it is still within that 5ft 9-9.5 zone for overall average.
Nick said on 25/Sep/14
Rob also ciaran hinds is listed as 6 feet tall and he looks a bit taller the hivju Noo???
Scott said on 24/Sep/14
Rob when you watch him in the game of thrones, what height does he appear like to be to you??
Editor Rob
well I watched GOT and then saw him in The Thing and thought, he could be 182-3 range, not over 6ft anyway.
cole said on 24/Sep/14
He nearly fooled me for 6'0.5 when I met him in Oslo in the wintertime a few years back, but it was on the snowy streets and he was wearing chunky boots. Met him on flat ground early this year and I thought he looked about 6'0. At times though the way he stands can make him look 5'11 flat, but from meeting him in person I'd say he's pretty near 6'0 - nothing under 5'11.5.
Steve said on 11/Sep/14
Damm right rob, beards are dam sexy. Men give you respect and some women hate them. But those women are not women they are girls. Haha
Steve said on 10/Sep/14
Rob do you think beards make a man look taller?
Editor Rob
I don't think so, because if there is a bit of depth to it, then the person's head can look longer, so since many people judge on things like chin lengths, it might be a slight disadvantage.

As for beards themselves, I encourage all men to grow one, it's quite natural. Only problem might be your partner might not like kissing you :) In that case...maybe think twice ;)
Steve said on 9/Sep/14
Good point.
Steve said on 9/Sep/14
Okay. So rob to you he looks like a solid 6 feet guy? Also I just saw a pick of hivju with a guy that you have a photo with who is 6 foot 1. And beside him hivju looks actually the same. So is 6 foot 1 possible ?????
Editor Rob
I think there is a chance the other guy is between 6ft and 6ft 0.5, but Kris isn't over 6ft, more chance he would be 182 than 184 :)
Steve said on 8/Sep/14
Rob would 5foot 11 be fare for him. Next to 5 foot 7 kit harrington
Editor Rob
5ft 11.5 isn't impossible
Sam said on 29/Jun/14
Hey rob I saw mads Mikkelsen height and he looks a good 4 inches taller than you in the top photo. I Think he is 6 feet on the dot at 183 cm?????
Sam said on 21/Jun/14
Hey rob is five foot eleven and a half considered tall??
Editor Rob
as I've said before it is within the zone that is kind of transitioning from upper average to lower end of the tall range.
Sam said on 19/Jun/14
Hey rob he goes to a lot of comic cons and game of Thrones panels, do you think you will have a chance to meet him there?
Editor Rob
really don't know, here's hoping, I know the guys who do the english events like Game of thrones and try to get as many as they can
Sam said on 16/Jun/14
Hey rob, are you going to meet him soon at a convention ????
Editor Rob
don't know if he'll do one
cole said on 5/Sep/13
Just a heads up Rob, if you are going to add pages for other Norwegian actors in the future, it's safe in my opinion to go with their agency listings. From what I can tell, they almost allways seem pretty reliable and accurate.
Roic said on 20/Jun/13
That's a great beard! I think a beard can add height. If you're already reasonably tall (6ft) with a broad frame.. The beard adds 'roughness'. Makes you indeed seem more like a mountain giant walking the earth :-)
cole said on 6/Jun/13
I've met him twice, easily 182/183 cm.
Balrog said on 3/Jun/13
He towered Kit Harington he does look legit 6'0''
Sam said on 3/Jun/13
Yeah, Rob, you might want to start a page on how many inches your beard can add to your height...sometimes on the show, Kristofer to me resembles James Cosmo (Ser Mormont).
Arch Stanton said on 1/Jun/13
Good grief, he looks like he's been living in the mountains of northern Norway all of his life and suddenly come out of his primitive background and put on an Armani suit! A beard that long gives the impression of a much larger head and I saw the photo before the height and was expecting to see something like 6'6"-6'8" or something.
MaskDeMasque said on 30/May/13
I think his beard is 6' as well lol.

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