How tall is Kylie Minogue

Kylie Minogue's Height

5ft 0 (152.4 cm)

Australian Singer and actress best known for playing Charlene in Neighbours and appearing in film Streetfighter. In a Smash Hits article with her sister Danni, the interviewer asks: "Tell us something surprising about Kylie?", to which Danni replied: "She lies about her height! Kylie always says she's 5ft 1in. But she is so not. She is actually 5ft". In the NY Times in 2020 she said "They had to have the mannequins made really tiny — I’m 5 foot and a whisper."

How tall is Kylie Minogue
Photo by PR Photos
I had my anorexia scare some time ago. I couldn't put on weight, but luckily the doctors told me I had nothing to worry about. I'm only five feet one inch tall and weigh about six-and-a-half stone [91 lbs].
-- Manchester Evening News, 1988
As far as my stature goes, I'm five foot one. There's nothing of me. My problem is more so trying to keep weight on when I'm really busy and stressed.
-- 2002 AP interview

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Average Guess (45 Votes)
4ft 11.49in (151.1cm)
Lyndsey said on 24/Sep/23
I get that some ladies on here are happy to own their short stature, but I think it depends where you are from on how much under five foot you are.. I live in the UK and I am 4’8” and I weigh 80 pounds. I take a size 2 shoe UK and have tiny hands. My proportions are deceptive and I look like a 5’8” girl that someone used a shrink ray on. Kylie would tower over me! Most girls I know are 5’5” here. I have an 8 year old niece who insisted we measured back to back, and was delighted that she was already taller than me. It might sound amusing but when she has her friends around my house, I am the shortest person there. I used to wear heels but I was just too short for them to cover up my tiny height. I was constantly asked to take them off by fascinated people even on dirty train platforms. When you are the size of an 8 yr old you tend to act like one when asked to do things by people who are physically higher up the food chain. I got sick of having dirty feet and now wear flats. I am constantly hit on by hormonal 13 year old boys that seem to think the fact that I am so small gives them the right to stare at my breasts and fantasise. I can’t just act tall. I don’t work out and I am not only tiny but proportionally weak. There are very few people, including some children that are simply bigger and much stronger than me. I have a 12 year old stepson that is constantly refusing to respect my privacy, often barging in my bedroom without knocking. I got angry about this and marched over to tell him off, but I literally come up to his armpit and I let it go. I get the idea of owning your height, but I just wish I was a foot taller. Life would be easier.
Britney Spears fan 2000 said on 26/Mar/23
Thought she was much much taller like 5"7 Idk enough about her to vote
Comentarista said on 17/Sep/22
Leesheff85 said on 4/Jul/22
how much height would she get in the above photo rob? could she potentially reach 5ft 6ish?
Editor Rob
Not that tall, 5ft 5 maybe
Elene said on 10/Aug/21
Could be taller
P.K.W. said on 29/Mar/21
I can't see Kylie being any taller than 4ft 11in bearfoot at age 52. Probably 5ft or over in her twenties.

She has kept herself slim, and usually wears 4in+ heels which helps with the impression of appearing taller.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 11/Nov/20
@ Rob - I really can't see her lying, so 10am it probably was! Her short height hasn't done her career any harm at all. 😁👍
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 10/Nov/20
What are the chances of this? I've turned over to 'The One Show' and Kylie is on! What a nice suprise! She an uplifting, young-looking honey of a girl.

5ft. 🎶👱‍♀️💐
Editor Rob
I'd added a recent quote from Kylie saying 5ft and a bit, which might well be possible if she measured 10am
Laura99 said on 4/Jul/20
I think she is as tall as me. I would say she is 1.51 m (4 ft 11.5 in).
mande2013 said on 7/Jun/20
Rob, how tall would you say the guys on either side of her are: Click Here

The French actor Denis Lavant on the left, and the director Leos Carax on the right. She obviously has thick heels on. Lavant is 5'3 according to most sources. I suppose Carax could be a weak 5'5...?
Editor Rob
5ft 3 and 5 seem possible
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 29/May/20
💐🎂🎶🎉 Happy Birthday Kylie! 🎉🎶🎂💐

A Very Happy Birthday to the ageless Kylie, who turned 52 yesterday!

5ft0.5 😁🥂🥀

Paul Wood said on 3/May/20
Another celeb who is regularly listed taller these days than she used to be (at 4ft 11in in the 1980s and 1990s). I think she could be very slightly under 5ft.
Michael 5'10", 178 cm said on 16/Dec/18
Kylie is 5'0" and no taller. This is a good listing for her
Gracian said on 6/Jun/18
Rob, I think that judging Kylie based on how she looked in the 80's is unfair to her. She was at the age of adolescence and she could still gain a little height. I still want to argue at 5'0.25" for her, this time I found a lot of arguments... You can see her next to someone like Queen Elizabeth, Luke Evans, Elizabeth Hurley, David Beckham, Jake Shears, Dwayne Johnson, Heidi Klum, Avril Lavigne, Dannii Minogue, Prince Charles and Benedict Cumberbatch: Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
She really does not look as low as the flat 5 feet. Rob, you said 5'0.25" is not impossible for her. Can you now give her a quarter inch upgrade?
Editor Rob
I've been happy with the 5 foot mark for Kylie, but I don't know if I'd put her 1/4 over. It is of course a possible though...
Gracian said on 24/Apr/18
Rob, it looks like Kylie really needs an upgrade to 5'0.25". Look at her with John Travolta: Click Here
See her with Boy George: Click Here
Click Here
Rob, will you give her an upgrade to 153 cm?
Editor Rob
On neighbours back in the 80's she really looked 5ft at most...there was an actress Anne Charleston who claims 5ft 6.5 (in spotlight directory) and towered over her regularly.
Gracian said on 7/Apr/18
I do not understand people who want to argue for Kylie by 4'10" or 4'11"! She can not have less than 5 feet, I think she can be a little over 5 feet. Rob, look at her photos from Van Damme and from The Rock: Click Here
Click Here
Rob, do you think 153 cm (5'0.25") is possible for Kylie?
Editor Rob
5ft 0.25 isn't impossible, there might be a greater chance than as short as 4ft 11.
MAD SAM said on 15/Dec/17
Looks 4’10”
Sandy Cowell said on 28/Dec/16
@ Sandy - On second thoughts, I think you might be a girl Sandy because you put kisses and that is more of a female trait!
Sandy Cowell said on 27/Dec/16
@ Sandy - Hello! Do I assume correctly that you are a boy Sandy?
Sandy said on 24/Dec/16
There all the same height lying down! X X X
DC said on 29/Nov/16
The above photo is actually life-size...
realheight said on 4/Jun/16
peak: 4'11"-5'0"/150-152cm
now: 4'10"-4'10.5"/around 148cm(+/-0.5)
Rojina said on 18/Oct/15
She has legs that go on forever for such a small lady
Libertariandude said on 7/Oct/15
Wow. I knew she was short, but I'm surprised at how truly petite she is. Kylie is living proof that a woman can be quite small and yet extremely sexy. I'm a big fan of small gals, in general. :D
spainmen said on 3/Sep/15
Rob, how tall do you think is the guy with kylie?
Click Here
Click Here
Editor Rob
could be 6ft 3-4
Mouse22 said on 14/Aug/15
Well, Greatheight, that's very relative, some 12 year olds are close to six feet, and a lot of adult women are five feet and under; I doubt that Kylie is not a bit more than 4'11", but even if she's exactly that it actually isn't as tiny as people think.
Greatheight said on 13/May/15
Omg, i don't wan't to be rude, but i never realized she is so little, that is crazy..that is the size of a 12 year old girl and not a grown woman. But good for her, she has great proportions..i would not ave guessed her small height
Kylie said on 11/Dec/14
She's so adorable. I remember when she was dating Andres and he's like twice as tall as she is. She looked tiny next to him. Oh, and I'm not being picky, but Dannii is spelled with two i's at the end and you spelled it with one, so... Sorry! Lmao!
FlameBoy said on 1/Oct/14
OMG Amazing height for a woman BUT she is smaller

the story
my older sister went to one of her Concerts and her gay Friend passed out or something and hit his head or something like that so as a treat they got to backstage and meet her my sister is 5ft on the dot and according to her she was smaller by around 2 Inches

4 ft 10 For Kylie
Ellen said on 17/Aug/14
She has a lovely, well shaped body that can make her look taller than what she actually is.
I'm 5'2" so I'm taller than her but I'd love to have a sexy body like her.
David said on 12/Feb/14
It's funny on here that some people reckon Jason Donovan is over 5ft 10 even six foot!Jason is short below the average height only 5ft 8 and that's with one inch heels on a shoe!Having said that although Donovan stands 5ft 8 he still looks alot taller than Kylie Minogue who i think is slightly under 5ft.
Lily said on 17/Jan/14
Surprising! She lied about her height by an inch big difference!
Arch Stanton said on 11/Jan/14
Jason Donavan, 5'10.5" I'd guess.
Marian said on 11/Aug/13
I am also the same height as her (5ft), but she always looks so tiny in photographs! :S
Kylie said on 10/Aug/13
She is so lovely and beautiful I'm the same hight as kylie and I love it
David said on 29/Jun/13
Jason Donovan is actually 5ft8 with shoes on and kylie i reckon is 4ft 9 -4ft 10.
lara said on 13/Dec/12
i remember i was watching a show years ago and danni minogue was being interviewed, and the guy who was interviewing her said to her 'so how tall are you really? You're tiny' and I could have sworn she replied 'I'm 5'1 and Kylie is 5'0.' I've heard from several people that Kylie is apparently under 5"0, more 4"11 and Danni is just on 5"1. They both appear taller than what they are.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 8/Aug/12
Rob, how tall is Jason Donovan, 5ft11, 6ft or something
like that?
Editor Rob
he claims 5ft 11, but I think he's somewhere in 5ft 10 range...

incidentally my sister met the guy who played Joe Mangel at edinburgh festival the other day and he's about 6 foot.
Silent d said on 12/Jan/12
5 foot. Danni doesn't look shorter than 5 foot 2.
Daniel said on 4/Jan/12
Click Here
According to this article quotes Kylie "standing at just under 5 foot" Rob do you think there's a slight chance she could be 4"11.5
Angromie said on 26/Dec/11
Hi, Dont know how tall Kylie is but I know for certain that Dannii Minogue is not 5ft 2inchs tall I know this because I stood next to her for half an hour at a record signing putting the records through the till (yes this was a long time ago). I was wearing flat shoes and she was wearing heels and I was still taller than her and I am only 5ft 1.5" tall I would say that Dannii was 4ft 10/11" tall at the most but she had the smallest waist I had ever seen but she was a total misery.
Izzy said on 6/Dec/11
I'm 5' 0" and I've never found my height a problem or had any problems attracting tall men.Most men aren't so shallow that a woman's height is of any great importance, though I suppose a small man might feel a bit awkward going out with a very tall lady. I don't understand all the rancour shown by so many people, insults just because someone is taller or smaller. How can it possibly matter? Kylie is gorgeous, just as Princess Diana was gorgeous, but in neither case is their attraction down to their height. You can have a pretty face no matter what height you are, you can be stylish and sexy whether tall or small, you can have a great personality regardless of your stature. Lighten up and enjoy your life - if you're healthy and happy that's what really matters.
TGG said on 25/Oct/11
@Shaun i am 6'4'' and my gfriend is 5'11'' .my cousin is also 6'4'' and his wife is 5'8''. a friend of mine is 6'3'' and his wife isnt taller than 5'3''

@Nicki Minaj have comfidence.i am sure that you look just fine.the fun will stop in some years when they grow up so dont worry.i love how in this side tall people help the shorter ones and the short ones always say bad things about tall people(especially the gyus)
Nicki Minaj said on 19/Oct/11
Im the shortest pesons in my class sometimes I lie about my hieght just to make friens until they see me. I get made fun of because of my hieght I WISH I WAS TALL!!!!
Shaun said on 5/Oct/11
4'11 definitely not a full 5'0. I know a chick called Gillian who looks almost a body double of Kylie and she's actually 4'10" and a half! Danni replied: "She lies about her height! Kylie always says she's 5ft 1in. But she is so not. She is actually 5ft". That's because Danni herself is 5'1"!!! Kylie is two inches shorter at 4'11".
Kiki said on 7/Sep/11
Why do people here bash one another for their hight thats silly in this case especially weird for tall people or those who prefer em to insult smaller women cause its abaout kylie minogue after all(whos tiny!)~.~ After all both has its positive sites according to ur personality some like being cute and attractive for man in my experience mostly tall and some smaller women might love to be tall amazon type because its how they feel inside and u get more respect like just not wat u actually are thats with me and my friend i.e she wants to be petite I would prefer standing above others I love it even if its just with heels and I dont really care to attract anyone anyway^^
MARY said on 14/Aug/11
WOW! Watching her concert in TV, I thaught she is around 5'5 or taller. incredible!
Isabel said on 26/Jun/11
Tony, i would kind of agree with that. I mean, compared to us, you are sorta tiny at that age. -_- hmm kylie is 5ft right? Some of my classmates are just as tall as her then.
steve said on 17/Jun/11
I'd be one of the very few men kylie would be tallerthan especially if she is wearing her high heel shoes and I'd find it quite a turn on looking up into her eyes from my 5 3 height mind tou she is my favourite celebrity
jtm said on 15/Jun/11
why are people not talking about kylie minogue's height? look at her next to meryl streep. she is nothing over 4'11.
Kat said on 14/Jun/11
Kylie Minogue is very petite - about 5'1". Tony - I live in the "U.S. of A"as well (in fact, I've lived all over the "U.S. of A", from New England to California and now Washington D.C.), and I can tell you without a doubt that you're wrong. The average American woman is about 5'4" or 5'5", depending on race. In places with poor nutrition, women are even shorter. Even in places thought to have very tall women, like Sweden and Germany, the average height for a woman is only about 5'5". In the Netherlands and Norway, where people are exceptionally tall, the average height for a woman is about 5'6". For a woman anywhere in the world, 5'7" is considered tall. Five minutes of even minimally thoughtful research will confirm as much. You might want to reevaluate your sources of information, especially if you're citing the star of "Showgirls" as an authority.
TJ said on 13/Jun/11
Tony, what are you talking about? The average height of women in both the US and the UK is around 5'4. No more than 5'5. How could 5'7 be short when it is 2-3 inches above average? As for 5'9.5 being average.... that's one of the most ludicrous things I've ever read on here.
The Horse of FUNK said on 13/Jun/11
Wtf do you live, Tony Greene, Rivendell?
size 0 said on 9/Jun/11
she said she is only 5ft.
Bob said on 7/Jun/11
@lyimm, dont worry many tall men prefer short women.
lyimm said on 1/Jun/11
im 34 5.1/2 when iwas teen about 18 i often sad becase i cant groow again, but someday there was tall man and we love each other, so i think diferent, im short but i can find tall man,and i belive god is fair he create human with diferent size to completly each other, tall mate short , so dont be sad if you are short becase even you short you can marry with tall man .heheh single now any tall man love short me lol
Robert said on 30/Apr/11
I'm an older guy who's 6'5". As a child I was so ashame of my height because my shorter male Italian relitives and friends made me feel awkward about being tall. Today I'm proud... ;)
Ntswaki said on 24/Feb/11
Im 22 and 1.63m tall and a size 6 and im always teased at how tall and thin i am and i just dont have confidence anymore. I always wear flat shoes.
anon said on 8/Feb/11
@tall guy...i dont get that comment about 'how awful they look together', i think they look really sweet together and as long as people are happy why make mean comments like that?
Zarina said on 3/Feb/11
tall guy- Hi, sorry I did not know it was you,the greek guy. You and your girlfriend are the perfect height together, but not everyone finds their perfect height partner. As long as they are soul mates, that is all that is important. Kylie and her boyfriend may be perfect soul mates.We both agree, height is nothing.
tall guy said on 2/Feb/11
@Zarina we have chated on nicole kidman height,i am the greek,it is ok with you,and from what i remember,you are not the most polite person ever.i agree of course height is nothing
@Cam you said that Each to their own and i agree.i am 1.94 and i dont think that it would THAT cute to be with a 1.52 women,i prefer my 1.78 girl.i understand that you dont mean that tall guys,you may mean guys around 1,84.tall women have heart and feelings aslo,like short(petite for you)girls.the fact that you are a lot more doesnt make you small girls better or more valuable than tall girls.i just wanted you to know that not ALL guys like short girls.and my previous comment was a little stupid to be honest.i just feel that comments like GO PETITE GIRLS etc are like we are on war or something,sorry if i am wrong.and believe me a am not a women or something else.i am a 25 years old guy who is dating a girl
Zarina said on 2/Feb/11
tall guy: It does not matter how they look together. As long as they are happy, that is all that counts. You must have some deep seated insecurity.Height means nothing. You must have issues with your height,perhaps you are not that tall....
Cam said on 1/Feb/11
tall guy-they actually look gorgeous together. It seems from your previous comments that your taste is not petite women. Many men however LOVE petite women. Each to their own. I think a tall man with a petite woman looks very cute.Look around you, most petite women have over 6 ft partners. I would expect a tall woman to feel the way you do, not a man.
iRack said on 28/Jan/11
Kate says on 28/Nov/10
I`am a tall girl 167 cm and don`t want to be shorter because i can wear high heels and I`m proud of my height and never needs to slouch. Bob i think you are very feminine? You are not tall, Kate. LOL. Tall women are over 173 cm / 5'8".
tall guy said on 28/Jan/11
@Cam yes.and they are awfull together
Cam said on 23/Jan/11
Anonymous- Just shows you , plenty of tall men prefer petite women. Of ALL the tall models he is exposed to, he prefers petite Kylie. GO KYLIE! GO PETITE WOMEN!
Steve said on 3/Jan/11
Saw kylie on jools holland new yrs eve she must have been wearing v high heels cos she towered over wanda jackson and ruby thomas
Rachel said on 1/Jan/11
no shes about 5ft
Nicole said on 28/Dec/10
im 5'5, i dont know whether thats tall or short but i just want to say that you cant help what height you are! if your tall then keep your head up because its better to be tall & confident than tall & insecure. and being petite is great too, just look at kylie and cheryl cole! and remember no one can make you feel inferior without your permission :) <3
Bob said on 1/Dec/10
Come on guys dont get so upset. This is a fun website. Height should not be taken too seriously! No superficial things count anyway, it is the inside that counts!
anon said on 30/Nov/10
oh my god...why are so many people being so bitchy? height is NOT important tall people are tall petite people are petite...who actually worries to that extent? all that matters is who you are surely?????????
tall girl said on 30/Nov/10
@Amy i made a mistake whille writing.i mean CANT look great
tall girl said on 30/Nov/10
think that neither @tall guy nor me nor @kate nor @lili did say that a small women canT look great.
tall girl said on 30/Nov/10
@Amy dont worry.we cant all be an average 5ft 5.i am 5 11 girl and i had never had problem in dating.and my biest friend since 1999 when we were kids,now is 5 2 and she also had never problems in dating.i think that neither @tall guy nor me nor @kate nor @lili did say that a small women can look great.
but come on sweetheart read @bob comments
Amy said on 29/Nov/10
I was heartened to read some of the comments on this site. I am a five foot woman - size 8 - who has done underwear modelling also. I have had many negative comments - more recently I have found now I am in my 30s. I have to say mainly from women. Recent ones being 'you are so short!!!' - 'You are like a doll' and 'Oh look at Amy wearing high heels trying to look taller.'

The point is I would never say to someone 'God you are so fat' paricularly to the women in question! The fact is my good friend at work gets comments about being tall, especially in heels - so maybe unless one is 5ft 5'' someone will always comment!

Reading down these posts it is a shame the 'shorties' and 'tallies' are seemingly sparring against one another. Beauty can be found in many shapes and we should remember that! Beauty is surely in the eye of the beholder. Kylie is surely as beuatiful as any tall model as she is in proportion and has the face of an angel.

Good wishes to you all from London!
tall guy said on 29/Nov/10
@Lili i am in love with you...
Kate said on 28/Nov/10
I`am a tall girl 167 cm and don`t want to be shorter because i can wear high heels and I`m proud of my height and never needs to slouch. Bob i think you are very feminine?
tall guy said on 26/Nov/10
BOB????AGAIN????you again???you are in all celebritie comments being rude with tall girls.i really dint see anything insecure in are having a serious problem either you are a girl or a boy,,a serious insecurity,you are the most complexed human on this side.
you should face your fears men...good luck
Matt said on 26/Nov/10
Angie says on 18/Nov/10
Us short girls can wear high heels and look taller. The tall ones can do nothing except become hunched after a while.


Angie said on 18/Nov/10
Us short girls can wear high heels and look taller. The tall ones can do nothing except become hunched after a while.
Bob said on 17/Nov/10
Faye: I agree with you. Well done! Models are just walking hangers and when they are over the hill, above the age of twenty, they stand around like bean poles. Tall women are not feminine, they look like men. May as well date another man!
Bob said on 17/Nov/10
Mimi: Shame I feel so sorry for you. You are so insecure about being tall. Petite women rule! Giraffes are also elegant, yet they are giraffes. Petite Barbies are gorgeous. Tall women look like men! Stop trying to comfort yourself.
monsieur said on 14/Nov/10
kylie said''he is 6.4 and i am 5 foot NOTHING''when she was talking about her new model boyfriend on american 'today show'.
Click Here
Sandy2 said on 4/Nov/10
Who cares? Each to their own, world would be a boring place if we were all the same. There's someone for everyone regardless of height and as for taller people being more successful, I'm a strong believer that success is something you make yourself so if you think negatively (ie I'm short, can't be a success I'm a job whatever) you're not going to be. Works both ways. Be happy with what you've got, make the most of it and you'll be fine. More important things to worry about :-D
Sandy said on 4/Nov/10
Who cares? Each to their own, world would be a boring place if we were all the same. There's someone for everyone regardless of height and as for taller people being more successful, I'm a strong believer that success is something you make yourself so if you think negatively (ie I'm short, can't be a success I'm a job whatever) you're not going to be. Works both ways. Be happy with what you've got, make the most of it and you'll be fine. More important things to worry about :-D
theenforcer22 said on 27/Oct/10
Ellie is someone who thinks that cos she is tall she is superior to others. She thinks that men should therefore fancy her over shorter women, and can't handle it when a shorter woman is preferred to her.

She mentions about men having tiny willies? Well if that's the case it must mean they avoid tall women they have a big loose fanny?
Anonymous said on 31/May/09
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J said on 25/May/09
Just curious..What is really the best way to reply when people make comments about your height? I'm 5'0 and have a bit of a redheaded temper, so sometimes when I get too many comments, I get kind of upset, if for no other reason than because yes, obviously, I'm small. They're not really surprising me with some brilliant observation. It kind of makes me like people less when I first meet them--sometimes they say it before they even know my name.
I know it's silly and I don't want to be rude to strangers, but how is it really polite for people to just walk up and say things about my size? What if I had walked up and said "Aw look at you, you're really big and fat"?
I don't know how I'm supposed to respond anymore.
littlesue said on 13/May/09
Unless you have bad osteoporsis you should'nt really shrink in your 30's!! I'm 49 and I'm 4ft 10 3/4. I hit the same notch on the door my mom made when I was 16. My mom, who is 72 and was 5ft 1 uptil she was 65 has now gone down to 4ft 11 1/2.
Mike said on 13/May/09
Why the hell would woman want to be tall / be worried about being short anyway? It's feminine to be small & petite, it's masculine to be tall and/or larger. END OF STORY - that's why woman feel self concious about being tall / big & men feel self concious about being short / small.
Tonya said on 13/May/09
At my tallest, I was 5'3"-and-a-half, but now that I'm in my thirties I've begun to shrink! I'm 5'2" now. Nobody ever commented about my petite stature until I entered my thirties and I think I know why: while "normal" height women are starting to look their age, I am not. I am routinely told I look 10 years younger than I am. Those woman who are of "normal" height look their age or older and I find it interesting that it is they who chide me about being small, men never do. I think it's jealousy, to tell you the truth. Their height is all they have over me and so they latch on to that and run with it. I have a sister who is 12 years younger than me, but she is 5'10" and people mistaken us for being roughly the same age.

I have never met a man who didn't like petite women, although I know they are out there. A few months ago, my response to a female "friend" of mine who was making fun of my height was this (and there was a group of men there): "Have you ever seen a gymnast? They're small and flexible, right? Well, a petite woman can crawl all over her man and get into all kinds of positions that would tie a tall woman up into knots and make her look like an ungainly giraffe. And petite women are very portable: we can be picked up and moved from room to room while in the throes of passion. It's pretty fun. You should try it. Or not."

I will say, however, that as a petite woman, the key to really looking good is keeping your weight down. We all know that a petite woman will show even the smallest weight gain, (in my case, even three pounds is obvious), while taller women can gain far more weight and it doesn't seem to show. So petite women, watch those calories and make the Amazons look like giants compared to our doll-like selves:)
Naomi said on 29/Apr/09
For all the 'short' girls out there; don't let anyone make you feel bad about your height. EVER!
I'm 5'0" and ALL of my friends are taller- and on top of that, I can't wear heels because of my feet, so I'm never taller than 5'0".

The weird thing is when I'm out with my friends, the attention I get from men is never negative. The only negative comments come from women.
Why? Is because they're threatened. It's their own baggage; forget them.

Being 5'0", I actually think you stand out more in a crowd. If you look at pics of Kylie posing with others, your eye goes straight to her because she's short.
Embrace yourselves ladies (and gents!) of short stature. Trust me, no one you meet is hung up about your height - no matter how you might imagine they are in your mind.

Kylie is a wonderful example. She's beautiful BECAUSE she embraces her self completely : )
angie said on 5/Apr/09
anon. if she's 5'0" in that picture andres is 6'5".
if he really is 6'2.5" like they say, then 4'11" seems about right for her.
Doug said on 2/Apr/09
All those girls who are in the 5'0" range don't worry about it. A lot of men like smaller women exactly as Kyle said below. Some bigger guys myself included often find something very attractive in small woman with a pretty face and bubbly personality. I've met a number of women 4'10"-5'3" who have been sexy. In fact when I was in sixth form the girl who the guys considered the sexiest was actually a tiny 4'10", but she was a stunning blonde looked a little like Saraha Michelle Gellar.
Doug said on 2/Apr/09
Kylie 5'9"? LOL everybody knows she is tiny. I always believed 5'1" but sometimes she really looks like she is struggling to reach 5'0" flat.
Anonymous said on 30/Mar/09
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Best regards :-D, Nevada.
Jess said on 27/Feb/09
I'm 45, 5.0 tall and people think that I am in my early 30's. The advantage of being small is that your physical age is also slower...I've noticed this among a lot of smaller women. Less oxidization in our blood, I guess. Remember there are "little old ladies". Never heard of "big old ladies"...
Kyle said on 25/Feb/09
as a 6'4" male, I must say that there is something irresistably endaring about a petite cute little 5'4 and under woman. maybe its the "opposites" effect, maybe its the hardwired tendency to wanna protect those smaller than you (think of the "snow sasquatch" from bugs-bunny toons...LOL), but I'd leap at the chance to have an attractive 5'2" over a more attractive 5'6"+ anyday. And short(er) always works better for females than males anyday. Girls know they're susposed to be small and petite, guys however develope that notorious "napoleonic" complex on top of an already stacked inferority complex...seesh!! I know, got 2 little bros to prove it. And for those of you in Kylie and Kirsten Kreuk's catagory...have more confidence!! Trust me, 6'4" never automatically brings confidence. Your "view" of the world doesnt get better either. If anything, it dims after hitting your head so many times on things others never notice! lol... but really, have more confidence. If anything, you can see better than anyone how high people have their noses stuck up in the air even when they "look down" on you.
donna said on 31/Jan/09
hi everybody... I was ok with my height until a year ago, when suddently people started al looking taller and prettier. i'm just a 5" at 20! however i want to say one single thing. this is how we were made and this is how we will remain! the best thing we can do to ourselves is get used to it and start loving ourselves for what we are! we will find those who love us and does who dont! being confortable with oneself is the best way to enjoy life and be happy! no one can be truly happy is we keep on picking on ourselves because of our height! in my country we say "l aseza fil flixken iz zghar" (malta) which translated means "essence is found in small bottles" - and this is always my comment to anyone who tries to pick on me! beauty is not all around height! kylie minogue is a crystal clear example! come on girls and enjoy life :) we're still young to bother about anything!
clara said on 24/Jan/09
Well, I've been reading all these comments, and you know what? You really guys made me feel better :) i'm only 5ft, and im 19 yrs old girl! Many People comment about my height, make jokes all the time! Example last time i met my cousin who is only 12 yrs old, and when i saw him i was like omg he's taller than me! It used to bother me alot, but now im getting used to it. I think that many people joke about our petite figure, just coz theyre jelaous. I think this because the other day my friend began teasing me about how short i am, and when i told her about kylie minogue, she just said you really beleive all the **** they put on internet? she really tries to make me feel down all the time, and make me beleive that im the only one that has the ''problem''. I know theres many people out there like me, but you know peoples comment really make you beleive them, as they continue judging ALL the time. But knowing that there are many celebs just as short as me, i really put up some courage, and im determined to follow the way kylie minogue just make herself look AMAZING!! But remember people although many people tease us, there are also many others who thinks that we are really cute, and they're right arent they? :P As we get older im sure we look at our height different the way we look at it nowadays. Kylie is a gr8 example :) :D xxx nd sry 4 my english =)
suse said on 19/Jan/09
I'm 5 ft my boyfriend is 6'2 and it's been wonderful so far. Regardless of your height being confident is what matters. But I do have to exercise and eat healthier than I have before since I'm starting to tip the scales. Ten pounds makes a HUGE difference between healthy and unhealthy.
Mandy said on 14/Jan/09
Well I am 5'1" petite...and I agree that it's good to be cute and petite. However once you reach your 30's, not sure if it's still good to be cute..or is it possible to be cute? I am in my 30s and I's not nice to be petite any more.. I have enjoyed being cute during in 20s though.
Doris said on 10/Jan/09
Lol.. that was nice of her sis. It's funny cause I just watched "Did it again" her video and she is behind a meausre thing the whole time and is supposed to be 5'7" (in heels).
anon said on 8/Jan/09
Click Here

either she is shorter or he is taller than 6'2
petite said on 2/Jan/09
I'm 4'11 and i'm already 20 yrs old. My friends always tease me about my height. It didn't bother me that much before but it gets too annoying now. Do I have to be constantly reminded of how short I am?? I'm trying to get taller by taking up growth enhancing vitamins (I'm not sure it works though and its kinda embarrassing too, haha ). But when I searched for petite celebrities like Kylie (love all her songs!), I'm kinda loving my height now. Although, there are a few disadvantages of being short, but still, its really CUTE~!^^

So, all the petite girls out there! Let's enjoy our height and never stop being cute.. hahaha
alexandra said on 20/Dec/08
haha jess, your probably of an average height then? so u wouldn't know what it actually felt like? me being 16 and 4ft 11, i know exactly how you guys feel (: people make fun of me day in day out + then ask if i care that i am small. well no i wouldn't, if people didn't keep mentioning it!
Jess said on 5/Dec/08
To Julie & Meagan, you two are young, I don't think youse should fret yet. Until you're 25 yrs, you haven't stopped growing yet. LOL & Ur right, being short isn't the end of the world. Look @ Kylie. Hahah this site makes me crack up cos people haggle over a couple of inches for some selfish reason. Its interesting tho, cos like someone said its the new 'anorexia'.
Julie said on 2/Dec/08
Im 16 years old and 5 ft 0...i didn't like myself at all, 'cause Im the shortest person in class...I didn't like going to disco and that kind of stuff 'cause I tought that everyone is looking at me and making fun of me...this website also helped me like Megan, i saw that there are people just like me....
Megan said on 21/Nov/08
Im 16 year old and 5 ft 1, and personally don't like being small, but its something Im going to have to get used to. This website has sort of helped as to know that there are ALOT of people out there like me. That know what its like to get regular comments about being short!
Its not that bad in school, as there are a good few people around the same height as me, or smaller, but when Im outside of school, I feel very petite next to everyone else!
Kylie is a great example of someone who is proud of her height, and that has confidence!
ash said on 17/Nov/08
i am 5ft & petite.i hv been the butt of jokes.but now as i am 27 & still luk about 20,i think itz pretty cool.i luk a lot younger than most of my friends,they think i am really cute.
laura said on 14/Nov/08
As mentioned quite alot in these posts,
i am also 4ft11, 16 and i truely hate it i feel like i cannot compare to any of my friends, and feel like the little kid of the group, i guess im just hoping for someone to tell me it actually does get better
and that guys are still attracted to small girls ?
sarah said on 10/Nov/08
I too am a petite woman - 5'1" and have heard all the short comments and jokes my whole life. But the older I get, the better it gets to be cute and petite. Instead of being called short in a more negative way like during school, now people seem to think it is very cute :) Also, I go to the gym a lot and notice that I don't feel short there because a lot of women are just a couple inches taller in tennis shoes and I even see a few that are my same size. I am 25 now and glad to be 5'1" and cute and unique!!
deevaxx said on 12/Oct/08
Reading all these comments below made me come to a conclusion, and annoymous down there, great stuff! I'm a 5'0 1/4 woman, maybe a tad shorter, which some people may perceive however they like. I used to not care what people thought, why...because I'm a human being. I know I'm short, and so does everybody else, but my personality and confidence is what makes me seem older. I can get 15...and I can get 22.. It's all about how you work it..If you are feeling insecure, chuck on some heels and style your hair! Kylie couldn't be a more better example. It's all about how you take care of yourself..Kylie is tiny and doesn't she have the record for having the hottest ass? If you lack in one thing, make something else stand out! I mean, my best friend is 5'9, practicallty a model! I don't sit and moan that I'm not tall...I work what I have..and when you gain confidence, i guarantee you'll get head turns.
If that means dropping weight, changing your clothing style, adding a touch of make up then you should do it. We come in all shapes and sizes, and I know that If I lack in height, I have other assets that cancel that out.
Sure you get the odd "wow, your short, how short are you?"... you just say thanks for noticing.. glad to get your attention.. Your bound to have a response like "well you have nice taste in style and gorgeous eyes" if you have a positive outlook about it. The less you think about your height, the more things other people are going to notice about it.
Be loud, be proud of what you have been given.
We are even lucky to be healthy, let alone whining about a few inches we don't have. That's what heels are made for. If you think positive, stand up straight and look confident, your engery will sparkle more than your height.
Liina said on 29/Sep/08
Well said, ''Anonymous''. That's it, you know!
kimbo said on 18/Aug/08
kylie is just 5'0, she has a great body, and still flaunts her sexiness to all us young lads, she knows she turns heads, even justin timberlake grabbed her bum, who can blame him, even at 40 i would still tap her ass and get with her if i could shes hot.
Anna said on 23/Jul/08
Seems that stars 5' and under always claim that they are 5'2"
laura said on 19/Jul/08
I saw Kylie on her X tour and she is tiny.When she was standing next to her dancers you really could see she isnt that tall.She is only very slim so carries it well. Im only 5'2 and i think she is an amazing singer/person regardless of her height.
Josephine said on 12/Jul/08
She is as small as Paula Abdul then. Paula looks smaller! I guess Kylie has a more slender/ proportionate body which gives the illusion she is at least 5'5" tall.
Claire said on 11/Jul/08
I met Kylie at Buckingham Palace last week. I was joking with her because Im exceptionally short (5ft). She laughed and said 'I used to tell everyone I am 5ft 1, but I don't think i'd even reach that'. She's beautiful in real life and seems to be a really genuine, lovely person. She's like a mini Marylin Monroe, her body was slim, but soft and slim, not hard, bony skinny. She also has the most beautiful creamy skin and wasn't caked in Make up. After having height issues when I was younger, then maturing into a woman, I realize that my height plays a big part of my sexuality. I think that I'd blend into the crowd if I was any taller. Men absolutely love to protect a woman and defend her. It's part of the hunter/gatherer instinct. The majority of men that I've been with absolutely adore my height and being small. One guy used to nickname me his 'pocket rocket'. One of my friends describes my figure and height as being 'a little pot of sex', It's brilliant being little, I'd much rather be small and petite than long and lanky.
Zooza said on 5/Jul/08
I remember reading that Kylie is actually 4 foot 11...but she seems to carry it off well as she is so slim and she always seems so happy so who really cares? Regards to y'all.
Raql said on 4/Jul/08
I used to have very low self-esteem about my height. I feel better about myself now, but I realized there's a good thing about being a short girl though... Short girls like us, make every man tall enough to date ;)
MJlover said on 5/Jun/08
@john: Thanks for telling me that! Yes, I think they're a bit jealous of me actually..Many teachers always say good things about me and I'm doing pretty well. I'm in a culture class, and I really can sing, draw and act very good, and people are telling me that. I like my look and friends tell me that I would be PERFECT if I was just taller, ha ha! But I think I've always had confidence, until some people started to say 'I'm so short'. Anyway, I feel better now! :)
john said on 31/May/08
@jenny: "It would be boring, if everyone would be the same"
I could not have said it better myself!
"I know that a while ago I asked for help myself, but now I'm trying to help"
Your English is quite good, too!

@MJlover: The reason people say things like "I feel so tall next to you" is because they wish they were tall. They're also not that confident about their height. But sometimes people your age can be just flat out mean. They think they have some advantage over you because they're taller and they try to make you aware of it.

I don't know if they're just saying it, or if they're trying to be mean. Either way, they will learn and eventually stop doing it. They're also probably jealous of you. They will eventually regret what they do, and you will have nothing to regret.

Confidence makes someone more attractive than anything else. But to have confidence, you have to ignore things and not let things bother you. But if you're 150cm tall, and you may grow 4 or 5 more CM, if you add heels to that, you'd be in the average range for height.

Heels can give you more confidence, but you should give yourself more confidence than anything else!
Aimie said on 30/May/08
wow I thought she was at least 5'7'' or something. High heels and good exercise can do wonders.
MJlover said on 30/May/08
Yes...I can really understand how you feel. Remember: The most important thing is to shine! The height doesn't matter anyway...Just a little...But it wouldn't hurt if I was only some inches taller ;) .
jenny said on 28/May/08
I feel that way too.. Specially, when someone is saying just something like that like MJlover said.. Specially then I feel myself soo short, and soo small. But my doctor said, that we are not SMALL we are short. And she said, that they are two totally differend things.. And she also said, that you maybe don
payton said on 25/May/08
Thanks for both of you :)))

"As far as concerts go, just wait a few years until all the boys are strong enough to put you on their shoulders. Then, you'll be taller than everyone!" Hehe xD true :)))
john said on 24/May/08
@Payton: Height doesn't matter when it comes to looks. But in my mind, it's sometimes the shorter the cuter. That's just me. I'm not "tall", I'm 5'10". People always say I'm "tall" though, maybe because I'm on the thin side. If you scroll down to the comment I made on 1/Mar/08, you might understand more.

There's many fish in the sea. Billions actually. I would never think someone was ugly because they were short. The mere idea makes me laugh.

As far as concerts go, just wait a few years until all the boys are strong enough to put you on their shoulders. Then, you'll be taller than everyone!
Russ said on 24/May/08
@payton: There is really no right or prevailing answer to your question. Every man just like every woman has his personal ideas about height attractiveness and beauty. My wife is 5'2" and I am little over 6'1". When we first started seeing each other it was kind of wierd to have a foot of difference between us. Now I don't even feel height difference. In my eyes she is not short.
payton said on 23/May/08
I sent one comment/question, but it
Russ said on 21/May/08
@jenny: Your doctor is right. She is talking about hormons or other chemical substances used to force a human grow. Other body parts become enlarged as well when hormons used.
However, the method I mentioned here is natural. No such side effects because there are no hormons or chemicals involved. Show it to your doctor.
jenny said on 20/May/08
My doctor said about "not natural growing", that if you are not missing that hormon, your ears, nose, fingers and toas may come a lot taller.. And she said, that she knows many people, who happend like that.. But I don
Russ said on 20/May/08
Ok. I misread. I wouldn't mind to be 6'4" though. Playing basketball is a whole lot easier when you are tall. Too bad I can't grow naturally now.
john said on 18/May/08
@Russ, thanks for the information. But my last comment was saying how I would NOT like to be taller! :P
Russ said on 17/May/08
@john: If you are in your midteens and able to stick to regimen you can do it. You will need at least a couple of years of such training. Many sport stars are so tall because they were training from early age. You can actually see they are stretched out. Coaches know it very well.
john said on 15/May/08
@Russ, That is a very good suggestion! I hadn't known that you could actually "stretch" yourself to be taller. I did, however, know that weight training shouldn't be the first thing you do. It seems to make sense to me. But if you would tell me the same thing, I'm not so sure I would want to be 4-5 inches taller! (I'm 5'10" by the way)
Russ said on 15/May/08
@jenny: You still can grow. You have about 4 years for that. Assuming you are in good health. What you need to do is to change your diet (eat a lot of veggies and fruits, especially carrots, don't forget to have a good balance of protein and carbohydrates as well, take multivitamis with minerals. Vitamid D and Fish Oil) Have about 6 small meals a day. You MUST exercise properly in a very contolled and loaded manner (at least 6 times a week). Swimming, Track and Field, Basketball. Don't do weight training. Try hand down on the pull-up bar with velcro weights attached to your feet for at least 30 mins. Any good sports store sells them. You can add probably about 4-5 inches (10-12 cm). Make sure first talk to your doctor and then slowly get into regimen.
Good luck
jenny said on 14/May/08
Thanks, again ;))
C. said on 13/May/08
@ jenny: You probably wouldn't be happier. You're fine the way you are. If high-heels are what make you feel comfortable, continue to wear them-- although I advise not to wear them too much as they can hurt your feet.

If you go to various portions of this site, you can read posts of people ranging from short, average, and tall whom ALL are constantly at odds with their height. People want to be shorter, people want to be taller. What matters is not your height but yourself as an individual.

If you're short, rock it. If you're tall, rock it. If you're of average height, rock it. Your height is only detrimental or a disadvantage if you make it as such. As you can very well see, celebrities come in various sizes-- petite, tall, skinny, plump, whatever. The most remembered ones are not remembered for their height, but for their talent. Don't ever let anyone make you feel ashamed of your height or anything for that matter. They aren't worth your time or energy.
jenny said on 13/May/08
Thanks really much for answerving! But this came into my mind last night: Doctor asced me very honestly: "What IF I could give you 5cm or 10cm just like that more high? Would you be so much happyer, than now, and why?" I really thinked that, and now I realise, that maybe I wouldn
Susan said on 13/May/08
i am 158 cm and im 14 years old.. am i going to grow up and do u think this hight is normal for my age?all my fr think that im short and they are joking actually they dont mean to hurt me but u feel confused :( can someone tell me am i goin to grow up? :(
Russ said on 5/May/08
Can't believe she is 5'0". Wow. After watching Spinning Around clip, I just fell for her. Usually short people can easily be spotted in the crowd. Not in her videos though. Not even in her appearance at the 2000 Sydney Olympics closing ceremony. How they do that? BTW, How tall is her sister Dannii?

P.S. I know how it feels being short. I used to be very short in high school. Peers would tease me by calling Shorty. I think I was the shortest one in my class. It was next to impossible for me to get dates. But then... I grew like a mushroom. I am now 6'1" and well-built. Freak lazy genes I guess.
Kat said on 26/Apr/08
As a tall 5ft 8 woman, I have always wished I was shorter, about 5 ft 5.
another petite somewhere said on 12/Apr/08
i am 32 and my height is 4'11" (148.5cm). I have a baby face. Some of my friends say that i am extremely cute. what's "WORSE", i am thin. and so, i am always mistaken as a kid by strangers. Sometimes strangers talk to me very nicely, thinking that i am a child and should be treated sweetly. But then, when they, after talking to me for half hour, they ask me about my age, to which i tell them the truth, they immediately give me a hateful face. I think they think that i have cheated them or what! i feel very hurt in this kind of occassion. Now, i have learnt that: either i tell people in the first second my age, or when they ask me, i lie to them about my age (normally 10 years younger). I hope they forgive me that it is just a beautiful lie, for i cannot stand the disappointing look the give me. Anyway, being petite with a babyface is my biggest problem in my life, but it is also my biggest advantage somehow, for it seems i can still attract some "kinds" of men! if i can choose, i will choose to be of more normal height. When i feel frustrated because of my height, Kylie is my medicine. i mean, even i am so short and look so young, i can still be successful and better than tall mature-faced people---like Kylie, who is so beautiful and brilliant despite her being petite!
Drnalldavid said on 12/Apr/08
When I see Kylie on stage,wow she's sensational,never mind her height.For you girl's out there of a similar height, take big note of Kylie and her grooming, and follow.
Spike said on 6/Apr/08
I believe Kylie's height is 5'0" (152,5 cm). He can't be taller than that! For example, during one of her performances on T4, the host said Kylie was 152,5 centimeter heigh. And know what --- I believe him!
Small said on 4/Apr/08
I havent grown. Before in school people used to never notice my height, now theyre like WOAH YOURE SHORT!
I take it as a postive, i can wear small shoes size 3(uk) and even the odd size 2! and shop at kids sections for shorter tops and trousers even though im a size8 (uk)
And also if tall people hate their height they cant get any shorter, we can wear heels.
If anyone calls me short i just say no, im PETITE.
It still annoys me sometimes cos when im walking with friends im so awkward and feel like im getting in their way.
The thing that makes it a bit annoying for me because it adds to the face that i have the face of a 11 year old when im actually 15!
And I love Kylies smallness!
anonymous said on 4/Apr/08
I'm a solid 4 feet 11 and a lot of people think I'm five feet. I've never lied about my height b/c thats just something you can't hide, but sometimes I think I can get away with it until I meet someone who is actually 5 feet. I wouldn't be surprised if she's actually 4 feet 11. Its hard to determine how accurate a person's height is unless you go into their medical records.
brapp said on 30/Mar/08
ok i have a short friend (about 4'11") and shes really small and cute but i won't say anything to her about it just in case she don't like it really. SO you lot letting of steam has helped another petite lol =]
XXX said on 30/Mar/08
Kat, you described it exactly! I also get comments from people who are smaller then me. There are loads of small people in the world and I don't understand why people feel they must comment on it like its a disability or something.

There is a guy at my work who is so tall he has to bend down when he walks through a door. Every day people comment on his height and I feel bad for him because im sure he feels the same way as me. Some people are just very strange and, for whatever reason, feel they have to make a comment about height. I don't know why because it doesn't achieve anything and there is really no need for it, as if we don't already know how tall (or not) we are!
Kat said on 29/Mar/08
I know exactly what you guys mean. I'm 24 and 5'1 and I'm sick of people saying something about my height. I mean it's worse now as an adult than it was when I was in High School. I never got picked on at all when I was a teen. There were other girls that were around the same height as me, so it wasn't like it was unusual. Once I finished school and went to work, that's when I got the comments. And you know sometimes its the other people that are small that mention it more than tall people. I've had other short people measure themselves against me to see if they were taller. I've had someone shorter than me tell me that I looked shorter on a particular day, I mean hell they were shorter than me I don't know what they're on about. Now I work with another woman who's 5'2 and she's constantly making fun of her height. Now it would be okay, except for the fact that she's offending me everytime she does cause I'm smaller than she is.
I really have no problem with my height, but it seems like everyone else does because they have to mention it. I mean look at this website. People are practically dissing people because of how tall they are. I really hate it when people say oh she's short, but she's hot so that's okay. It's like they're saying being short is bad, but if you are hot than its okay. So what does that mean if you're ugly but your tall than thats better?

I find it amazing that people are surprised that celebs lie about their height. It's no wonder they do with all the negative comments people seem to write about short people. Seriously, I know heaps and see heaps of women that are as small as me or even smaller, so I find it strange that people are surprised when celebs are small. It's like they think only tall people can make it in this world.
XXX said on 27/Mar/08
Petite, that is exactly how I feel. It's nice to know your not alone! I agree about not being respected as an adult and I also feel the same - I like being petite and small as it is feminine and that's why I can't understand why people are so judgemental and say strange things! I don't mind they way I am but it makes me feel like im not quite good enough when other people make comments, like there's something wrong with me.
hamawyn said on 27/Mar/08
petite, you described it perfectly!
kaha said on 26/Mar/08
petite I've got the same thing it is really annoying when no one treats you serious
hamawyn said on 25/Mar/08
i'm a little bit taller than 5' and everybody says "oh, how short you are!". but they see women like kylie only on tv and they don't have any idea lots of beautiful and famous women are also short!
casie said on 25/Mar/08
well,mistaken for younger,this is what i often encounters.and remember,i'm a boy,so this can be an insult to me,you know,you just think if i really look like a mama's boy.anyway,i agree with john,you be happy when you're 30 or older when you look like 20s.
and thank you john,i try building myself up,and that really boosts my confidence,even though it works practically immediately,which means i really don't have any chance to grow :)
john said on 23/Mar/08
XXX, I am moved by your response. I never thought about it that way, about being charged for child rates and stuff. At 23, I would become very frustrated about that myself! I do have some suggestions, though. You could:

1. Wear high heels or boots to make you appear taller - I know plenty of girls that do this and it really works for them!
2. I'm not sure if this would work or not, but since you're petite, you could gain some weight (muscle/fat/both) - please don't take offense to this suggestion; I'm not telling you to change your appearance!

It's funny you should mention how you're mistaken for a younger person, because I am sometimes mistaken for someone else, too.

I am a 5'10", 150lb., clean-shaven, thin man. Nothing unique about that, right?
Well, I should mention that I have VERY long hair. Down to my shoulder blades. Just recently, I was at an old folks' home, and one of the women there mistook me for a woman! I felt so insulted! After I thought about it, I figured that most older people didn't grow up with men with long hair, so they just automatically think long hair=woman. I also thought that she might not have had the best vision, either. But if you think about it, most thin, long haired, average height guys look similar from behind as tall, long haired, slender women! At least, I like to think that. Also, I thought she offended herself, too! Because I would make one sorry excuse for a woman!

I guess I could stop shaving so much and put on some weight to distinguish myself, or I could simply get a pair of scissors and..............
Yes, it was embarrassing, and irritating! But remember, she was OLD. No one else has ever mistaken me that way before, at least not that I know of.

However, your situation isn't quite as easy as cutting off your hair! With that, I can only offer my suggestions and advice. Don't ever let what people say make you feel worthless! Even if it was by mistake, they meant no harm!

Believe me, you will become more fond of your youthful looks as you get older. You'll look youthful when everyone else looks, well, OLD. I just can't figure out how so many people think you're so young. I know many small, petite girls and never have I thought they were younger than they really are. Some I even think are older than they really are! I guess I just have good age instinct when it comes to women.

XXX said on 19/Mar/08
John, I am a girl! I have thought about what you said and I guess why people always comment is because not only am I short (5'0) I am also very petite and have the body of an average 12 year old. I also look young in the face so I get mistaken for a 14/15 year old when I am 23! Everywhere I go people are so shocked at how old I am because I look so young. Maybe I am just sensitive but I hate going out anywhere as I often get charged a child rate and get so fed up with the comments. It may sound silly but it is embarassing and after so many comments and shocked looks you get a bit of a complex!
john said on 11/Mar/08
XXX, you have never mentioned if you are a girl or a guy! But, I can confidently infer that you are not a 5' tall guy. 5' girls are easy to come by, but a 5' guy is a rarity. Either way, just try to hang around with people that don't judge you by height. I must be a lucky soul, because I have never seen anyone intentionally insult or offend someone with a "short" remark. The only time we would ever make a joke about someone's height is after they make a joke first having something to do with us! I usually find that jokes disappear as the friendship strengthens. Also, if the shorter person jabs at them self from time to time, they are less likely to hear it from other people. But the key is to never put yourself down about it. Make it comical, and exaggerate. This builds confidence. One example is to say that you're much shorter than you really are.

My question for XXX is: What could people possibly be saying every day to make you feel worthless? These people sound like jerks to me!

Height is usually thought to have a relationship with strength. Taller=stronger. But that's bull, and an ignorant reasoning. I know plenty of guys shorter than me that could whoop my sorry a**! But nobody ever scuffles, because we all get along. Lucky me? Being a guy, I would say that this is more of a problem amongst women than men. I think this is because women feel more of a need to compete against each other. That's just my opinion.

Casie, I don't think anyone would think you look weird with a "tiny" frame but a visibly strong build. I can't see any reason why you would gain anything but respect with a little more weight to you. Most (if not, all) of the shorter guys I know have a visibly strong build. That would never look weird to me, no matter how short the guy! Plus, it's not so much height that makes you look older, as it is your features. "Heavier" shorter guys have a much easier time blending in and looking older. The closer you get to the average weight, the less the height difference is perceived.

The shorter guys I know have absolutely no problem getting dates. Some girls like less tall guys, just like how some guys like shorter girls, too! This is from a guy's point of view, of course. But let's face it. None of us guys ever REALLY know what a girl wants, do we? haha

One couple that comes to mind is Avril Lavigne and her husband, Deryck Whibley. If you put those two together, you're lucky to get 200 lbs.! Of course, I'm kidding.

Wow long post. I hope I helped.
casie said on 10/Mar/08
thx,john.but i wonder if i might look weird having tiny body with strong build.what i'm asking YOU ALL (answer please)is : do you think a diminutive guy should have a muscular build(of course not too much) or not.
XXX said on 8/Mar/08
Some people are just cruel and that's what makes you weak. If you hear bad comments about yourself every day you start to believe it. I used to be a happy person but now I just feel worthless.
Johanna said on 5/Mar/08
I agree with John, insecurity is what makes someone weak...i'm 5'0 and i live hapilly with that LOL...I heard a lot of jokes about it but i never bothered with the height o have, including from some insecure people that takes every chance the get to show everyone that they're great but i always steped out of this situations making then feel like stupid...seriously... i love being petite i wouldn't change it if i could... People say i'm a strong person because i don't allow anyone make me feel bad or sad about being shorter. There's nothing to be ashamed of.
=D ;)
john said on 1/Mar/08
The strongest, most beautiful person I have ever met is a girl who is under 5 feet tall. I am an average height guy, and I have never looked up to anyone as much as she. 'Nuff said

I agree with Lucy. It is an observation. If I met a really tall guy, I'd probably say something about it too! Like, "big man" or "big guy". Although, there's always someone who is insecure about their height, tall or short. That insecurity is what makes that someone, tall or short, weaker.

As for Casie, I know a guy who is 5'4" or 5'5". Everyone jokes from time to time about it, but it's only because we know he can back himself up VERY well. If you're worried about looking too young, just sport some facial hair, and get some muscle definition. If you can't get the muscle definition you want, well then you know you still have a lot of growing left to do (upwards)! You'll never hear another "young" joke again. I wouldn't say this guy I know is anywhere over 155lbs., but he is quite strong and intimidating. NEVER consider your height a shame.
TJ said on 28/Feb/08
bethany, the only way Kylie is taller is if she's in large heels.
bethany said on 28/Feb/08
is she heck 5ft i seen her in concert she isnt 5ft mi mate tom bent is 5 ft 1 n e ded small she is welll taller than im im in it at school xxxx
weemee said on 24/Feb/08
this is to all im a 28 yr old police woman and im 4ft 11, iv had all the jokes going throughout my life and you know what they have made me the woman/mother i am today, when eva anyone says anything to me now and yes they sooooo still do i jus say 'oh u bore me! thats like soooo original like ive neva heard that before' lol remember every comment you get the person thinks they are the 1st to say it so its funni but laff at them and they will soo turn the other cheek, hold your head up high walk tall and talk proud and the world will look up to you not down!!!! x
casie said on 17/Feb/08
To XXX,i may be worse than you because the fact is that youre a girl,which can make you look cute.But me,being 5'5" as a 17 boy,it is really a shame (sometimes i really think).Everyone looks me as a 13 or 14,but that's OK to me because i know that it's your caliber rather than your height that really counts.Sometimes i'll just look up to Kevin Connolly,who's as short as me but looks sexy.
Lucy said on 16/Feb/08
Ppl only say "wow you're short" coz they don't actually see it as a negative attribute - they think it's just an observation like saying to a friend "Wow you're hair is quite short!"
chris175 said on 10/Feb/08
XXX and cassy, you girls have nothing to worry about, as cassy correctly said, there are loads of guys who love short girls, and at the end of the day its not all about height, height is only a minimal factor when im seeing a girl. my last girlfriend was 5-0 and she was sometimes put down from cruel people about being short but i admired the way she handled it and she really didnt seem short to me, but more cute, and i have to say XXX some of the most beautiful girls on the planet are 5-0, so just try not to let it get you down and all the best :)
TJ said on 9/Feb/08
XXX, when you're over 30 you will be very glad to look younger than your years :-)
XXX said on 8/Feb/08
Thanks Cassy it really helps talking to other people who feel the same. At 16 you still have time to grow! Your words have really cheered me up. As you get older take your own advice and dont let it ruin you life because your teenage years go really quickly and at 23 I still feel (and look) like im 16! I wish I hadn't spent the last 8 years worrying about it but sometimes you cant help it and other people dont understand! x
Cassy said on 8/Feb/08
xxx- just turn those comments into something positive, iam smaller than you- at 4'11 and my height really gets me down most of the time...i feel like a small child...when i tell people im 16 they're like "say whaat?" lol but sometimes i think its cute, as do other people. Some guys in my school keep telling me how pretty (or gorgeous in their own words lol) iam and that there's nothing wrong with being short which helps ^__^ but you have to find it whithin yourself to love yourself for who you are and to find all the positive things about you. Everyday i get a comment on my height, but never a rude one because iam a nice and friendly person and people have never been rude to me (thank god). whenever im out i always look at other short people and i think actually its not that bad, which boosts my self-esteem knowing that im not alone. Don't let those people get you down i know a lot of people who wish they were small, a lot of guys love short girls ;)
hope this helped xx
XXX said on 2/Feb/08
I'm 23 and 152cm (5ft). I hate being small and I also look young for my age which doesnt help, just makes me feel like a child. I always get comments on being tiny and looking young and it really gets to me. Some people are just so rude it can make you feel worthless. If anyone has any advice please share it!
Mike said on 24/Dec/07
Hey Steph, don't worry about it. Guys usually finish growing after girls do. Once you're 18, it won't be a problem. You're only bullied because they're jealous, and intimidated. I'm your height and I wouldn't think anything is strange about it! And here's a tip... if you wanna find a taller guy at least a couple of inches taller than you, just hang around the basketball courts! But at 15, most guys are not near done growing yet. And as for clothes that fit, I know they're out there! They're probably not amazingly cheap, though. More material = more cost!
C said on 23/Dec/07
I'm 4'11''. You can get "short" jeans at Aeropostale (sorry if I spelled that wrong) and old navy. Aero.'s jeans are perfect though
Steph said on 22/Dec/07
I'm 5ft 11 and its really horrible i am 15 and although i look older i get bullied alot and its harder to find clothes that fit. Plus you know in films guys are always taller than the girl! That never happens with me :( i don't choose guys for there height its just not romantic if the guy is on tip toes to kiss me you know?
v.p. said on 15/Dec/07
I'm 5'1''. it used to bother me cuz' I couldn't get jeans short enough of the sleeves were too long etc. now I take everything in my self and I've become very good at it :). I've always dated tall guys my current bf is 6'2'' I love all guys though regardless the hight. I can still pass for a 16 yr old and it's been like that since I was 16 :). Don't let you hight bother you at all even when a store doesn't carry size 5 shoes you will def. learn how to just love love loooovee yourself and hight. Tall girls have the same issue too. I have a girl friend who is 6'1'' she loves wearing heels that are 3-4 inches tall I just love that about her
sarah said on 9/Dec/07
i'm 4'11 too,
and i reckon its harder when your younger cos you look so much younger than your friends, cos im 14 and its quite difficult. i get self conscious cos i when im out with my mates people think im a couple of years below, its quite embaressing.
but my mums the same height and she says when she got older it wasn't that much of a problem and you learn to like your height!
: ) said on 6/Dec/07
jess i'm 4'11 and i know exactly what you're going through so don't worry coz you're not alone. I can't go 1 day without somebody commenting on my height, and sometimes i love it but sometimes i just wish i could grow a bit more. A lot of people love the fact that im small though, coz they think it's cute or whatever and no-one has ever been rude to me about it they usually go "awww" lol. At the end of the day being short should'nt be a negative thing, think about it in positive terms trust me; i used to really hate my height now im learning to love it and that's what you should do too...hope this helped xx
kirsten x said on 6/Dec/07
im 4 11 and all round petite i love bein tiny but sumtimes its hard 2 get many clothes that r petite. and i may b small but ive got a big heart and people love me 4 that so b proud of who u r and wot uve got xx
Mike said on 1/Dec/07
Hey Jess, don't feel bad. If you're still in your teens, you still may grow. Even though I'm a foot taller than you, that's no excuse for me (or anyone) to not like you or take you seriously. Shorter girls are almost always cute and charming. I have never even thought about taking a taller girl more seriously than a shorter one, ever. I have a friend who is 6'2" and he went out with a girl who is 4'11". She was the one who broke it off, though, and not because of height. You'll learn that height doesn't matter and doesn't change who you are. In fact, I seem to like girls on the shorter side more than taller ones. That does not mean I wouldn't date a taller girl. But it's all about what a person is born to like. Only SOME guys prefer taller girls, definitely not ALL. You shouldn't take it as an insult unless it was intended to be. And for as far as what sf says, well, you can't simply change how tall you are, but you can change what you weigh. And it's not bad for your health to be short, but being overweight is different. It's all about constructive criticism, and learning when other people can see that you need help with something. Don't feel like you have to win over the people who don't take you seriously, because THEY'RE the ones not worth being friends with. Trying to "win" their respect is not going to help anything, and just might make you look bad like them.
sf said on 30/Nov/07
Jess - don't you love how people think it's okay to say to you, "wow, your short!" But, say to someone, "wow you're ugly!" Or, "wow, you're fat!" and that's just not acceptable, is it?? Try that, next time. Or, "wow you're insensitive!" or, "wow, you're stupid!"......
TJ said on 28/Nov/07
Lina said... "Height is only a pro or a con, depending on whether that person is overall attractive or not (in my opinion)."

And for women, that's right, as echoed by Desislava. Not the same for guys though. Desislava points out that men "adore" her height and I can well believe that. You won't find many women feeling that way about a really short guy's height though. It's almost always a big negative.
Desislava said on 27/Nov/07
Perfectly said, Lina! I am as tall as you are and that I consider my height rather as a quality, than a shortcoming. I used to feel bad about it when I was a teenager, but men adore my height and I got used to it.
Jason said on 26/Nov/07
Height is a considerable factor in attractiveness to many and indicator of good genes, but it depends on what you find attractive. I don't really have a preference for height in women, myself.
Leung said on 26/Nov/07
Kylie is a bit more curvy now, I would guess that she would be around 105lb now. She
Lina said on 23/Nov/07
I adore Kylie, always have since I was a little girl (I'm 26 now). From what I've read she is (or claims to be) 152cm tall, and 91 lbs. I'm 4'10 and 84 lbs, and in all honesty my height has never hindered me in my looks and attractiveness. It's all about being in proportion, and I often get the comment "small, but perfectly formed" from ppl I just met. I never feel of myself as inferior to my other friends who are taller, and some of my friends are model types, as we all have the same level of attractive boyfriends and so on. I never look at a guy and think "he's out of my league" because I'm smaller, it never even crosses my mind, and I often like tall guys! If someones attractive, they're attractive, and if someones not, they're not. Their height is only a pro or a con, depending on whether that person is overall attractive or not (in my opinion). So a woman can be attractive for being tall and statuesque, or she can be equally attractive for being petite and feminine and delicate. :)
Gail said on 21/Nov/07
Im a petite laydee at 4'10" glad kylie is showing the world how sexy petite woman can be ...go girl x x
kiki said on 11/Nov/07
this height thing sucks, am a guy 5'7" and i still consider myself quite short. Kylie is 5'1", wow, thats comforting, lol
uk-Tim said on 5/Nov/07
I'm 5'2", and 28yrs old. To be honest, height has never been a big problem, and equally I've never made it a problem, which I think helped. However I do agree with another poster here who mentioned it can sometimes come across that girls scratch you off a list before you even open your mouth, even stand-offish. My last girlfriend happened to be 5'7", so I guess it's their loss.

I find ladies of all sizes attractive. I've never had any particular stigma that girls should be a certain height in order to be date-worthy. I think it may be harder for us lads who are shorter, but it's most certainly not the end of the world. Life's too, er, brief to worry about what you can't change. ;) If people can't accept you for what you are, then it sorts the wheat from the chaff.

However, for what it's worth I can't help feeling shorter gals are sexy as hell!! They tend to be very playful. ;) Bags of fun.
kristian said on 21/Oct/07
amy...... sorry but you know ....what this web site is ????
Amy said on 19/Oct/07
This is stupid. Nobody can help how tall they are and shortness or tallness doesn't mean anything when it comes to peoples personality. People cant change their height.
JEWEL said on 25/Sep/07
Absolutely Heba :)
Heba said on 18/Sep/07
I believe that the heals make her look 5'4.
Being a 5 ft my self I believe that their is nothing wrong being short espacialy 4 us women. Being short makes us look very young ,and what we lack in height we make up for in personality ^_^
Am I right?
prestige said on 6/Sep/07
@kris yes kylie is maybe complexed but when they talks about her they ever ever ever reminds that she s short I dont think this is politically correct,If you feel right with your body and people just repeat continously that you got something so horrible like being short I think you ll be very complexed!!
prestige said on 6/Sep/07
I don't think there is something wrong to be short, It's not a choice, we cant do anything to change height, so let the people live for what they are and take the beauty for what it is...something that makes you happy and graceful,this is the sense. I know a lot of petite women who are really hot and preatty. I think people that are so rude are insicure.
Kelpie said on 5/Sep/07
Saw her on Bugs Bunny show many years ago with the lanky Sophie Lee. Lees legs were draped in front of her on the couch they were sharing, Kylies feet did not reach the floor. She looked like a funny little doll next to Sophie with her oversized teeth and head on that tiny little body. Her beauty is hugely overrated as are her singing talents. Disturbing in light of her tremendous success at marketing both of these limited "assets".
Bombay Rocker said on 1/Sep/07
Well i agree with most people here....i am not too tall either, i am 5 feet 7 evening height and can get upto 5 feet 7.5 if i dont do much work and just go out in the evening for partying but the thing about short girls giving that " i stared at you and i just dont wanna talk to you", i dont know if i can attribute that thing to my height but ya i have felt that too and i also agree i find girls a little taller than me very attractive and most seem very friendly. Hey btw guys, i live in sydney and i just saw kylie about 45 days back and she was short but hot so i dont think it matters if the girl is short or tall as long as she's smart, intelligent, goodlooking, can hold a conversation and funny but i go in for girls a little taller than me...its just the way i am, no offence to anyone.
JEWEL said on 29/Aug/07
Guys Guys Guys

well..., each to their own.

amazing how nobody is secure in their heights really.

if you visit the extreme heights section, everyones putting up little defences like:

tall "well..., when your tall you attract more attention and clothes look better on you, you are more powerful and people take you seriously"

short "well..., when your short people are not intimidated and guys find it easy to approach you - besides a woman only looks better when her limbs are not too long, ladies with long limbs look weird, good things come in small packages"


PeaceOut, AmOut.
bananaman said on 28/Aug/07
I'm 6ft 3 and prefer shorter girls
Jon Doe said on 25/Aug/07
I'm only 5'4 and I just perfer someone closer to my height,but not many girls like short guys especially at my height so it's like before I get a word in they're just scratching me off a list or something it kinda sucks.
Shorter girls always seemed even meaner to me I don't know why, but a tall 5'7 girl liked me back in the day now she's going out with some other guy though.
And I agree with Lisa about how it's rude to comment on people's bodies but sometimes it's all in good fun like this tall guy I know I call him Lurch and he calls me Frodo but we get along and I don't think we get offended to bad,he actually doesn't like being tall and he's kinda shy but yet he's a very nice guy.But since I'm adopted when I meet one of my long lost sisters/half sisters/brothers/half brothers or whatever they always comment on how short I am like it's my fault.
Lil Naz said on 21/Aug/07
Being a 5ft girl myself I have a question for the guys: Do you find taller girls sexier than the shorter ones????
Linda said on 20/Aug/07
i'm 4ft 11 3/4ins and 44 yrs old most times my height doesnt bother me, people are more surprised when i tell them that my inside leg is 23ins. i think people lie about their height is because at one time there used to be a stigma at being small. most people associate people under 5 ft part of the dwarf like people who often get pointed and laughed at.
Lisa said on 1/Aug/07
I'm just under 5'1" and am considered very pretty. But people often comment on my height as though it were a defect. I think it's very rude to comment on people's bodies. I wonder if Kylie is offended by articles that call her tiny or minuscule. Clearly she is very media-savvy and wouldn't necessarily say so, even if she were. It seems journalists always feel compelled to comment on people who are short.
minoguemanfan said on 6/Jun/07
she isn't 5 ft i have met her numerous times she is closer to 4ft 10
kostas said on 15/May/07
what is about the average loss of height for a man???
semmy said on 11/Apr/07
I am 154 cm and 14 1/2 years old, the doctor said I'll grow 3 cm I'll become 5'2(157 cm)Well actually I hope so! I don't think I'll grew that much, but I hope so, who of you(girls) has grown after her 15th birtday?
Linda said on 13/Mar/07
Hi every body, I am 5" myself. Once i saw Kylie in Lodnon on the opening of her new Fragrance and i believe she is slightly taller than me. I am sure she is not less than 5 but she is less than 5'1.
Bombay Rocker said on 22/Feb/07
Click Here
i doubt if she is even 5 feet. I was watching brits awards and kylie was wearing 4 inch heels and she was pairing with justin timberlake who was wearing sneakers which looked like 1 inch heel and he seemed about 8 inches taller than her. I think justin is about 5 feet 11 - 6 feet, no more no less.
Dudie said on 3/Feb/07
Wow, thats quite reassuring you know, Kylie is one of my role models lol I'm also quite little, 5 ft, and I used to be quite self-concious about it. I've now learned to like my height and accept it, but sometimes I just look at the taller people and think 'gee i wish i was taller'.. so yeah, it's reassuring.
georgina said on 12/Jan/07
i have seen her up close im 5'11 and she is tiny compared to me. i would say she is 4'10!
alina said on 11/Jan/07
yes I think 152 cm is right...even if once I thought that she is taller(somewhere at 157 cm) but after I looked at her pictures I realised that she cant be taller than 150-152 cm
Sarah said on 9/Jan/07
Well said Bianca. That is the best attitude to have. I am 4'11" and I am now 29 years of age. It has taken me this long to accept that I am this height and I finally see it as a good thing now rather than a bad thing. Like you I would rather be this height than be tall. I only wish it hadn't taken me so long to realise this. I have had years of being teased and made to feel 'abnormal' by average height/tall people and that hasn't helped at all. I think it's terrific that you are happy with your height (and so you should be!). To anyone else out there who is struggling with their height there is a short persons support website (Click Here). I have only recently found this site and found it quite reasuring. Especially if, like me, anyone else out there has had to put up with comment after comment about your height. I actually think shorter women have a more femine appeal. Please don't take as long to become comfortable with your height as I did. I regret being as embarrased as I was, and please don't take any abuse from people. Remember, small is beautiful.
bianca said on 23/Dec/06
i agree with beauty and ester. I'm only 4'11 and 13. I'll probably grow to about 5.1 but theres nothing wrong with being short. I used to be conscious about my height but theres nothing wrong. If you are worried when you're older, you can wear heels and gain up to 5 inches. but i don't see a problem, infact i would prefer to be short than i would to be tall
Sammmm said on 19/Dec/06
I am a self confessed kylie fanatic & i went 2 the exhibition of her costumes last year & she is tiny. I'd say she's 5 ft or even smaller. Her shoes were a size 3! Her body is in proportion with her heoght though and she carries her self well. I saw her in concert last week & they had her bare foot next to her dancers who werent that tall & she looked miniscule! She is adorable & i love her. Im so jealous of the people that have met her. She's my idol.
Jessie said on 17/Nov/06
A British research study found that tall men and shorter women (4'9" - 5-2") have a greater chance at getting married and having kids. Just search for "tall men short women" and see for yourselves. I agree with the people who say that proportion is most important no matter how tall a person is. I'm 5 feet nothing and have always dated men who were about 6' or more because they also were attracted to me. I married a 5'10" guy.
Danielle/Danii said on 8/Nov/06
Well, where do i begin. Let me just start by saying that a guy in my gade (Jason) is 16?cm tall so thats taller than Kylie!By the way im in yr 6! I was reading something and it said that kylie is 155cm tall! But then i was reading something else it said she was 152cm tall! So i guess she might be 152cm tall according to this website.:):)**(:(:
ForensicNYC said on 7/Jun/06
Despite her height hovering between 4'11" to about 5'1", Kylie has a WELL PROPORTIONED body, which standing on her own, looks to be about ANY HEIGHT up to 5'6"...
Click Here
But with other taller celebrities, she is petite. 6'0" Justin Timberlake has to really bend down to sing with her...(or is it his right hand?..Hmmm)...
Click Here
Recovering from cancer therapy...
Click Here
Get well soon KM!
Emma said on 13/Apr/06
Weird. I thought she was about 5'9, lol
scott said on 19/Mar/06
I was with a friend (who is 153 or 5") and met Kylie. Kylie had higher heels than my girl friend and my friend was taller. I think Kylie is 4"10 or 4"11. Someone please get the tape measure out!
bella said on 26/Feb/06
True. Kylie is very well proportioned. To me a short well proportioned girl is far more attractive than a tall girl with weird proportions. Personally I'm 5'4-5'5 but have longer legs than some of my 5'7-5'8 friends. So when people say I'm short that annoys me, cause I fit the same clothes as them.
phil said on 12/Feb/06
Kylie is exquisitely well proportioned, so it doesn't matter if she is short. Sarah Jessica Parker is another example of how being short does not stop you from looking fabulous if you are proportioned.
nicky said on 2/Feb/06
I have seen her form very close. and im totally sure she is not more than 5ft feet. cuz im 4.9ft and we looked the same. however i think people like to say over and over again that Kylie is very small cuz she has been selected many times as one of the hotest,so they are just jealous
ester said on 28/Jan/06
beauty, i'm only 5"3 and i agree that there's nothing wrong with being short. i somehow don't think that people who say short girls are aliens are insecure, they probably really think being short sucks, but i think being very tall sucks too. i'd rather be my height than 5"10 any day. any tall people reading this and saying "she's just jealous", you wish!
beauty said on 25/Jan/06
I don't understand the problem of height! I'm 5 1 and I'm a very pretty girl and I never think that my height can change my life, I have a normal life, I eat what I want, I wear all dresses that I want...AND i see ather girls like me! I think that person who says that short girls are like some alien are bery insicure!
ester said on 23/Dec/05
i've read on MX that she's 1.57 and that she weighs 44kg (97lbs) but then again MX can be unreliable
Sarah said on 8/Dec/05
I stood being Kylie in the queue for ski boots in Colorado once, so both standing in our socks. I'm 5ft 1.5in, and my cheeky boyfriend commented: Wow, you're actually taller than someone! That someone was Kylie. I reckon she's 5ft, and only just.
srdr said on 1/Dec/05
I doubt she is 152 cm. Even 150cm is doubtful... She is one of the smallest women I've ever seen
Lindsay said on 26/Nov/05
Kathrin I have two friends who are 16 and one is 4"10 and the other is 4"9 so your definately not the only one!
ema said on 21/Nov/05
Yvonne i wetn their on saturday to madame tussaudes
kathrin said on 18/Nov/05
I'm 4'10 add so glad there are some celbs out there who are small like me! I'll only grow a few more inches but I'm happy since I wont be the on adult whos 5ft
Yvonne said on 30/Oct/05
In Madame Tussaudes the London Wax Work museum she is wearing REALLY huge heels and still only came up to my ear and I'm 5"4 so she has to be under 5ft!!!! The Wax Works are know to be exact replicas also
CelebHeights Editor said on 29/Sep/05
Re: the weight thing. Back in a 1988 Manchester News article on Neighbours, she said: "I'm only five feet one inch tall and weigh about six-and-a-half stone. It's not bad for somebody who's constantly on the go. However, I have been advised to follow a high energy diet to prevent serious weight loss". I still believe her sister Danni about kylie 'inflating' up to 5ft 1. 6.5 stone = 91 pounds.
Ellectrika said on 23/Sep/05
I've met Kylie many times, from being an avid fan and she is indeed very small.

She's just slightly over 5ft though, but not much. 5ft 1" at the most.

Elle x
Shaz said on 25/Mar/05
Well I'm 156 cms and I thought I was short! I'm so glad someone famous is shorter than me! I read in some biography book that she is 152cms ...
CelebHeights said on 10/Feb/05
Carmen, her sister Dani Minogue said a while ago Kylie lies and says 5ft 1 when she's closer to 5ft. Here is the Quote
Carmen said on 10/Feb/05
i've met her before, and I have had the chance to ask her a few quick questions, and my last question was about her height, and she said that she was 5'1" or 5'2".. i am 5'3.5" and she was only a little bit shorter than I was, however I was wearing flats while she was wearing heels, so i don't know... she was probably lying then?

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