How tall is Kylie Minogue

Kylie Minogue's Height

5ft 0in (152.4 cm)

Australian Singer and actress best known for playing Charlene in Neighbours and was also in Streetfighter. In a Smash Hits article with her sister Danni, the interviewer asks: "Tell us something surprising about Kylie?", to which Danni replied: "She lies about her height! Kylie always says she's 5ft 1in. But she is so not. She is actually 5ft".

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Average Guess (13 Votes)
4ft 11.31in (150.6cm)
Ana said on 25/Jun/17
Sandy Cowell said on 28/Dec/16
@ Sandy - On second thoughts, I think you might be a girl Sandy because you put kisses and that is more of a female trait!
Sandy Cowell said on 27/Dec/16
@ Sandy - Hello! Do I assume correctly that you are a boy Sandy?
Sandy said on 24/Dec/16
There all the same height lying down! X X X
DC said on 29/Nov/16
The above photo is actually life-size...
realheight said on 4/Jun/16
peak: 4'11"-5'0"/150-152cm
now: 4'10"-4'10.5"/around 148cm(+/-0.5)
Rojina said on 18/Oct/15
She has legs that go on forever for such a small lady
Libertariandude said on 7/Oct/15
Wow. I knew she was short, but I'm surprised at how truly petite she is. Kylie is living proof that a woman can be quite small and yet extremely sexy. I'm a big fan of small gals, in general. :D
spainmen said on 3/Sep/15
Rob, how tall do you think is the guy with kylie?
Click Here
Click Here
[Editor Rob: could be 6ft 3-4]
Mouse22 said on 14/Aug/15
Well, Greatheight, that's very relative, some 12 year olds are close to six feet, and a lot of adult women are five feet and under; I doubt that Kylie is not a bit more than 4'11", but even if she's exactly that it actually isn't as tiny as people think.
Greatheight said on 13/May/15
Omg, i don't wan't to be rude, but i never realized she is so little, that is crazy..that is the size of a 12 year old girl and not a grown woman. But good for her, she has great proportions..i would not ave guessed her small height
Kylie said on 11/Dec/14
She's so adorable. I remember when she was dating Andres and he's like twice as tall as she is. She looked tiny next to him. Oh, and I'm not being picky, but Dannii is spelled with two i's at the end and you spelled it with one, so... Sorry! Lmao!
FlameBoy said on 1/Oct/14
OMG Amazing height for a woman BUT she is smaller

the story
my older sister went to one of her Concerts and her gay Friend passed out or something and hit his head or something like that so as a treat they got to backstage and meet her my sister is 5ft on the dot and according to her she was smaller by around 2 Inches

4 ft 10 For Kylie
Ellen said on 17/Aug/14
She has a lovely, well shaped body that can make her look taller than what she actually is.
I'm 5'2" so I'm taller than her but I'd love to have a sexy body like her.
David said on 12/Feb/14
It's funny on here that some people reckon Jason Donovan is over 5ft 10 even six foot!Jason is short below the average height only 5ft 8 and that's with one inch heels on a shoe!Having said that although Donovan stands 5ft 8 he still looks alot taller than Kylie Minogue who i think is slightly under 5ft.
Lily said on 17/Jan/14
Surprising! She lied about her height by an inch big difference!
Arch Stanton said on 11/Jan/14
Jason Donavan, 5'10.5" I'd guess.
Arch Stanton said on 11/Jan/14
Marian said on 11/Aug/13
I am also the same height as her (5ft), but she always looks so tiny in photographs! :S
Kylie said on 10/Aug/13
She is so lovely and beautiful I'm the same hight as kylie and I love it
David said on 29/Jun/13
Jason Donovan is actually 5ft8 with shoes on and kylie i reckon is 4ft 9 -4ft 10.
lara said on 13/Dec/12
i remember i was watching a show years ago and danni minogue was being interviewed, and the guy who was interviewing her said to her 'so how tall are you really? You're tiny' and I could have sworn she replied 'I'm 5'1 and Kylie is 5'0.' I've heard from several people that Kylie is apparently under 5"0, more 4"11 and Danni is just on 5"1. They both appear taller than what they are.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 8/Aug/12
Rob, how tall is Jason Donovan, 5ft11, 6ft or something
like that?
[Editor Rob: he claims 5ft 11, but I think he's somewhere in 5ft 10 range...

incidentally my sister met the guy who played Joe Mangel at edinburgh festival the other day and he's about 6 foot.]
Silent d said on 26/Jan/12
5 foot.
Demi said on 15/Jan/12
OMG u guys serious? what's that racist comments towards tall women? I'm 5'2 and if I had a chance to become taller I would refuse, because I like myself and I'm self-confined but I respect and like tall ladies very much and stop saying that tall girl is not feminine, because being feminine or manlike has nothing to do with height, if u don't take care of yourself, u have no sense of style... in other words, tall and petite ladies, u are all gorgeous, just take care of yourselves.
P.S. yeah, tall guys really like small girls and it's true because the smallest of my boyfriends was 188 and tallest 197, but i have lots of not very tall boy friends, who simply LOVE tall girls it's just their self-consciousness because of height make them just dream about tall girls and date shorts instead :))
Silent d said on 12/Jan/12
5 foot. Danni doesn't look shorter than 5 foot 2.
Daniel said on 4/Jan/12
Click Here
According to this article quotes Kylie "standing at just under 5 foot" Rob do you think there's a slight chance she could be 4"11.5
Angromie said on 26/Dec/11
Hi, Dont know how tall Kylie is but I know for certain that Dannii Minogue is not 5ft 2inchs tall I know this because I stood next to her for half an hour at a record signing putting the records through the till (yes this was a long time ago). I was wearing flat shoes and she was wearing heels and I was still taller than her and I am only 5ft 1.5" tall I would say that Dannii was 4ft 10/11" tall at the most but she had the smallest waist I had ever seen but she was a total misery.
Izzy said on 6/Dec/11
I'm 5' 0" and I've never found my height a problem or had any problems attracting tall men.Most men aren't so shallow that a woman's height is of any great importance, though I suppose a small man might feel a bit awkward going out with a very tall lady. I don't understand all the rancour shown by so many people, insults just because someone is taller or smaller. How can it possibly matter? Kylie is gorgeous, just as Princess Diana was gorgeous, but in neither case is their attraction down to their height. You can have a pretty face no matter what height you are, you can be stylish and sexy whether tall or small, you can have a great personality regardless of your stature. Lighten up and enjoy your life - if you're healthy and happy that's what really matters.
<3 said on 26/Oct/11
Good things come in small packages
TGG said on 25/Oct/11
@Shaun i am 6'4'' and my gfriend is 5'11'' .my cousin is also 6'4'' and his wife is 5'8''. a friend of mine is 6'3'' and his wife isnt taller than 5'3''

@Nicki Minaj have comfidence.i am sure that you look just fine.the fun will stop in some years when they grow up so dont worry.i love how in this side tall people help the shorter ones and the short ones always say bad things about tall people(especially the gyus)
Nicki Minaj said on 19/Oct/11
Im the shortest pesons in my class sometimes I lie about my hieght just to make friens until they see me. I get made fun of because of my hieght I WISH I WAS TALL!!!!
Nicki Minaj said on 19/Oct/11
Im the shortest pesons in my class sometimes I lie about my hieght just to make friens until they see me. I get made fun of because of my hieght I WISH I WAS TALL!!!!
Kiki said on 7/Sep/11
Why do people here bash one another for their hight thats silly in this case especially weird for tall people or those who prefer em to insult smaller women cause its abaout kylie minogue after all(whos tiny!)~.~ After all both has its positive sites according to ur personality some like being cute and attractive for man in my experience mostly tall and some smaller women might love to be tall amazon type because its how they feel inside and u get more respect like just not wat u actually are thats with me and my friend i.e she wants to be petite I would prefer standing above others I love it even if its just with heels and I dont really care to attract anyone anyway^^
MARY said on 14/Aug/11
WOW! Watching her concert in TV, I thaught she is around 5'5 or taller. incredible!
Isabel said on 26/Jun/11
Tony, i would kind of agree with that. I mean, compared to us, you are sorta tiny at that age. -_- hmm kylie is 5ft right? Some of my classmates are just as tall as her then.
Isabel said on 24/Jun/11
it's not really a big problem if you're tall or short. i'm a girl and i'm 164cm in height. i'm only 14 years old and in highschool. there are totally lots of girls in my school that are the same age as me but are taller than me! in my class i am the 3rd tallest but in our whole batch, i am like, the 14th or something like that. plus, my boy friend who's the same age as me is taller, he's like 5'9. he's the tallest in our class btw. but not the tallest in our whole batch. there are plenty boys out there taller than him. there are lots of small girls in my batch too, most of them just about 4'7-5. there's no big deal about our heights. we get along just fine! and as for the stuff about boyfriends and petite girls, it... depends. in my own opinion, we can't say for sure whether they look cute together or they look awful together. I mean, it really depends. So just... stop criticizing people, whether they are tall or short. everyone's the same. and it's not the outside that counts, it's the inside.
steve said on 17/Jun/11
I'd be one of the very few men kylie would be tallerthan especially if she is wearing her high heel shoes and I'd find it quite a turn on looking up into her eyes from my 5 3 height mind tou she is my favourite celebrity
jtm said on 15/Jun/11
why are people not talking about kylie minogue's height? look at her next to meryl streep. she is nothing over 4'11.
Kat said on 14/Jun/11
Kylie Minogue is very petite - about 5'1". Tony - I live in the "U.S. of A"as well (in fact, I've lived all over the "U.S. of A", from New England to California and now Washington D.C.), and I can tell you without a doubt that you're wrong. The average American woman is about 5'4" or 5'5", depending on race. In places with poor nutrition, women are even shorter. Even in places thought to have very tall women, like Sweden and Germany, the average height for a woman is only about 5'5". In the Netherlands and Norway, where people are exceptionally tall, the average height for a woman is about 5'6". For a woman anywhere in the world, 5'7" is considered tall. Five minutes of even minimally thoughtful research will confirm as much. You might want to reevaluate your sources of information, especially if you're citing the star of "Showgirls" as an authority.
TJ said on 13/Jun/11
Tony, what are you talking about? The average height of women in both the US and the UK is around 5'4. No more than 5'5. How could 5'7 be short when it is 2-3 inches above average? As for 5'9.5 being average.... that's one of the most ludicrous things I've ever read on here.
The Horse of FUNK said on 13/Jun/11
Wtf do you live, Tony Greene, Rivendell?
size 0 said on 9/Jun/11
she said she is only 5ft.
Bob said on 7/Jun/11
@lyimm, dont worry many tall men prefer short women.
lyimm said on 1/Jun/11
im 34 5.1/2 when iwas teen about 18 i often sad becase i cant groow again, but someday there was tall man and we love each other, so i think diferent, im short but i can find tall man,and i belive god is fair he create human with diferent size to completly each other, tall mate short , so dont be sad if you are short becase even you short you can marry with tall man .heheh single now any tall man love short me lol
Robert said on 30/Apr/11
I'm an older guy who's 6'5". As a child I was so ashame of my height because my shorter male Italian relitives and friends made me feel awkward about being tall. Today I'm proud... ;)
4'11 said on 29/Mar/11
Im only 4'11 90 lbs and my boyfriend is 6 ft and he sometimes says that I look like a 12 year old but I dont let it get to me because i know that He obviously loves my height we have been together for 8 years so.. I would think so, plus he has made comments on how much he loves it, but its been awhile he just says I look like a 12 year old to be a jackass. And he is not insecure trust me lol he is very gifted down south ;) and is very secrue and happy with himself i can assure you. he doesnt choose to be with a barbie to make him feel better about himself thats a bunch of bull****. But I have had several men and women tell me that they LOVE my size. I used to be really self consious exspecially when my boyfriend told me i look like a 12 year old, im 21 and i want to look like a woman u know but my body is proportioned very well for my size im just "minature". And im not defensless either I wont take crap from anybody 7ft 350 lbs or not its whatever. Mostly all little women i know are quite intimidating, mayb not their size but everything else about them is. If your really tall n skinny quit crying about it and gain some weight, fill yourself out. Make your self eat more than average and drink shakes, workout that will help alot. If it makes you feel better about yourself than work for it. I have to really work at keeping my weight up or ill lose it and just look really short and really skinny and I hate it. i want to be healthy looking ya dig?
Ntswaki said on 24/Feb/11
Im 22 and 1.63m tall and a size 6 and im always teased at how tall and thin i am and i just dont have confidence anymore. I always wear flat shoes.
anon said on 8/Feb/11
@tall guy...i dont get that comment about 'how awful they look together', i think they look really sweet together and as long as people are happy why make mean comments like that?
Zarina said on 3/Feb/11
tall guy- Hi, sorry I did not know it was you,the greek guy. You and your girlfriend are the perfect height together, but not everyone finds their perfect height partner. As long as they are soul mates, that is all that is important. Kylie and her boyfriend may be perfect soul mates.We both agree, height is nothing.
tall guy said on 2/Feb/11
@Zarina we have chated on nicole kidman height,i am the greek,it is ok with you,and from what i remember,you are not the most polite person ever.i agree of course height is nothing
@Cam you said that Each to their own and i agree.i am 1.94 and i dont think that it would THAT cute to be with a 1.52 women,i prefer my 1.78 girl.i understand that you dont mean that tall guys,you may mean guys around 1,84.tall women have heart and feelings aslo,like short(petite for you)girls.the fact that you are a lot more doesnt make you small girls better or more valuable than tall girls.i just wanted you to know that not ALL guys like short girls.and my previous comment was a little stupid to be honest.i just feel that comments like GO PETITE GIRLS etc are like we are on war or something,sorry if i am wrong.and believe me a am not a women or something else.i am a 25 years old guy who is dating a girl
Zarina said on 2/Feb/11
tall guy: It does not matter how they look together. As long as they are happy, that is all that counts. You must have some deep seated insecurity.Height means nothing. You must have issues with your height,perhaps you are not that tall....
Cam said on 1/Feb/11
tall guy-they actually look gorgeous together. It seems from your previous comments that your taste is not petite women. Many men however LOVE petite women. Each to their own. I think a tall man with a petite woman looks very cute.Look around you, most petite women have over 6 ft partners. I would expect a tall woman to feel the way you do, not a man.
iRack said on 28/Jan/11
Kate says on 28/Nov/10
I`am a tall girl 167 cm and don`t want to be shorter because i can wear high heels and I`m proud of my height and never needs to slouch. Bob i think you are very feminine? You are not tall, Kate. LOL. Tall women are over 173 cm / 5'8".
tall guy said on 28/Jan/11
@Cam yes.and they are awfull together
Cam said on 23/Jan/11
Anonymous- Just shows you , plenty of tall men prefer petite women. Of ALL the tall models he is exposed to, he prefers petite Kylie. GO KYLIE! GO PETITE WOMEN!
Steve said on 3/Jan/11
Saw kylie on jools holland new yrs eve she must have been wearing v high heels cos she towered over wanda jackson and ruby thomas
Rachel said on 1/Jan/11
no shes about 5ft
Bob said on 3/Dec/10
tall girl: Thanks for standing up for me with the paedophile part. I did not mean my comments to come out as general oppinion. I think you are classy in the way you respond and like you no matter what height you are. We all know height is not important. The comments were to get a response in a site like this.To start off conversation, that is all.
Bob said on 3/Dec/10
tall girl: Thanks for standing up for me with the paedophile part. I did not mean my comments to come out as general oppinion. I think you are classy in the way you respond and like you no matter what height you are. We all know height is not important. The comments were to get a response in a site like this.To start off conversation, that is all.
tall girl said on 1/Dec/10
1)kate is not tall.she is 1.67
2)your opinion is not a single opinion.a single opinion would be like=i like petite girls,i prefer them-something like that.not your comments(i am not going to repeat them)
3)i agree,you cant call someone paedophile in a heigh side
Bob said on 1/Dec/10
Kate: to call someone a paedophile is a very serious offence. You must have serious insecurities to make such a strong accusation. You obviously are not proud of being tall if you are soooo offended by a single oppinion about tall women.This is a site where people can voice their oppinions and preferences.
Bob said on 1/Dec/10
Come on guys dont get so upset. This is a fun website. Height should not be taken too seriously! No superficial things count anyway, it is the inside that counts!
anon said on 30/Nov/10
oh my god...why are so many people being so bitchy? height is NOT important tall people are tall petite people are petite...who actually worries to that extent? all that matters is who you are surely?????????
tall girl said on 30/Nov/10
@Amy i made a mistake whille writing.i mean CANT look great
tall girl said on 30/Nov/10
think that neither @tall guy nor me nor @kate nor @lili did say that a small women canT look great.
tall girl said on 30/Nov/10
@Amy dont worry.we cant all be an average 5ft 5.i am 5 11 girl and i had never had problem in dating.and my biest friend since 1999 when we were kids,now is 5 2 and she also had never problems in dating.i think that neither @tall guy nor me nor @kate nor @lili did say that a small women can look great.
but come on sweetheart read @bob comments
Amy said on 29/Nov/10
I was heartened to read some of the comments on this site. I am a five foot woman - size 8 - who has done underwear modelling also. I have had many negative comments - more recently I have found now I am in my 30s. I have to say mainly from women. Recent ones being 'you are so short!!!' - 'You are like a doll' and 'Oh look at Amy wearing high heels trying to look taller.'

The point is I would never say to someone 'God you are so fat' paricularly to the women in question! The fact is my good friend at work gets comments about being tall, especially in heels - so maybe unless one is 5ft 5'' someone will always comment!

Reading down these posts it is a shame the 'shorties' and 'tallies' are seemingly sparring against one another. Beauty can be found in many shapes and we should remember that! Beauty is surely in the eye of the beholder. Kylie is surely as beuatiful as any tall model as she is in proportion and has the face of an angel.

Good wishes to you all from London!
tall guy said on 29/Nov/10
@Lili i am in love with you...
Kate said on 28/Nov/10
I`am a tall girl 167 cm and don`t want to be shorter because i can wear high heels and I`m proud of my height and never needs to slouch. Bob i think you are very feminine?
Kate said on 28/Nov/10
Don`t cut the crap Bob you must have a bad confidence maybe you were not allowed to play with dolls when you were a chid or you are pedofil? I really feel sorry for you because you have a big male body but you like midgets. I think it`s depending on that they are more deffensless and you can feel power. I can give you a peace of advice if you cant find a petite dwarf go to a toy store and buy a doll, and why not a infatable Barbara! Poor Bob
tall girl said on 27/Nov/10
@bob...i dont care if you are a 4 11 girl or a 6 5 boy.i am going to be polite with you....what is the point in being so rude?stop being racist.because a tall girl may have being rude with you that doesnt mean that you must had a really difficult puberty age because you are jujing people about height,hair or have to face it honey...this is a friendly advise.
i am really surprised with short like his comments beacause he writes good thinks for you?but you dont care about his comments contain??
become hunched @ angie?????ha ha
Lili said on 26/Nov/10
Judging from the comments below, a human height is apparently a big issue for a lot of people. I am a tall European woman - 181 cm (5'11 1/2"). Some men find me gorgeous, others find me too tall. I feel attractive, sexy, feminine and I am happy with my body. I believe all women, regardless to their height, can be beautiful. Reading some of the comments from short/petite women makes me feel a bit surprised and confused. Why do small women use such nasty words in their remarks about tall women???? As a tall woman I have never been critical of short ladies and never thought of them as ugly midgets. Personally, I prefer being tall to being petite. Nevertheless, I have never had the urge to say or write something nasty about small/petite women. It makes me wonder why there is so much ugliness and bitterness in their words against us tall ones? Could it be their self-consciousness and complex or just simple hatred and envy towards somenone different? If these small women were completely satisfied and happy with themselves, they would have no need of using such sharp and nasty words.
tall guy said on 26/Nov/10
BOB????AGAIN????you again???you are in all celebritie comments being rude with tall girls.i really dint see anything insecure in are having a serious problem either you are a girl or a boy,,a serious insecurity,you are the most complexed human on this side.
you should face your fears men...good luck
Matt said on 26/Nov/10
Angie says on 18/Nov/10
Us short girls can wear high heels and look taller. The tall ones can do nothing except become hunched after a while.


Angie said on 18/Nov/10
Us short girls can wear high heels and look taller. The tall ones can do nothing except become hunched after a while.
Bob said on 17/Nov/10
Faye: I agree with you. Well done! Models are just walking hangers and when they are over the hill, above the age of twenty, they stand around like bean poles. Tall women are not feminine, they look like men. May as well date another man!
Bob said on 17/Nov/10
Mimi: Shame I feel so sorry for you. You are so insecure about being tall. Petite women rule! Giraffes are also elegant, yet they are giraffes. Petite Barbies are gorgeous. Tall women look like men! Stop trying to comfort yourself.
monsieur said on 14/Nov/10
kylie said''he is 6.4 and i am 5 foot NOTHING''when she was talking about her new model boyfriend on american 'today show'.
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Sandy2 said on 4/Nov/10
Who cares? Each to their own, world would be a boring place if we were all the same. There's someone for everyone regardless of height and as for taller people being more successful, I'm a strong believer that success is something you make yourself so if you think negatively (ie I'm short, can't be a success I'm a job whatever) you're not going to be. Works both ways. Be happy with what you've got, make the most of it and you'll be fine. More important things to worry about :-D
Sandy said on 4/Nov/10
Who cares? Each to their own, world would be a boring place if we were all the same. There's someone for everyone regardless of height and as for taller people being more successful, I'm a strong believer that success is something you make yourself so if you think negatively (ie I'm short, can't be a success I'm a job whatever) you're not going to be. Works both ways. Be happy with what you've got, make the most of it and you'll be fine. More important things to worry about :-D
theenforcer22 said on 27/Oct/10
I am 5'8 and i firmly believe that men who strictly prefer short women have ego issues as well as sexist view of thinking. Just look at Bobs comment. "I love to have e petite,feminine barbie doll on my cute and vulnerable.." EEWW!!! He obviously does not feel confident in his manhood, he needs a midget to make him feel like a man. Tall ladies are JUST AS FEMININE!!

Don't you know people have certain tastes and natural attractions. Some men like brunettes, some men like busty women, some short women. You don't choose what your attracted to.

She mentions about men having tiny willies? Well if that's the case it must mean they avoid tall women they have a big loose fanny?
theenforcer22 said on 27/Oct/10
Ellie is someone who thinks that cos she is tall she is superior to others. She thinks that men should therefore fancy her over shorter women, and can't handle it when a shorter woman is preferred to her.

She mentions about men having tiny willies? Well if that's the case it must mean they avoid tall women they have a big loose fanny?
JEWEL said on 25/Sep/07
Absolutely Heba :)
Heba said on 18/Sep/07
I believe that the heals make her look 5'4.
Being a 5 ft my self I believe that their is nothing wrong being short espacialy 4 us women. Being short makes us look very young ,and what we lack in height we make up for in personality ^_^
Am I right?
prestige said on 6/Sep/07
@kris yes kylie is maybe complexed but when they talks about her they ever ever ever reminds that she s short I dont think this is politically correct,If you feel right with your body and people just repeat continously that you got something so horrible like being short I think you ll be very complexed!!
prestige said on 6/Sep/07
I don't think there is something wrong to be short, It's not a choice, we cant do anything to change height, so let the people live for what they are and take the beauty for what it is...something that makes you happy and graceful,this is the sense. I know a lot of petite women who are really hot and preatty. I think people that are so rude are insicure.
Kelpie said on 5/Sep/07
Saw her on Bugs Bunny show many years ago with the lanky Sophie Lee. Lees legs were draped in front of her on the couch they were sharing, Kylies feet did not reach the floor. She looked like a funny little doll next to Sophie with her oversized teeth and head on that tiny little body. Her beauty is hugely overrated as are her singing talents. Disturbing in light of her tremendous success at marketing both of these limited "assets".
Bombay Rocker said on 1/Sep/07
Well i agree with most people here....i am not too tall either, i am 5 feet 7 evening height and can get upto 5 feet 7.5 if i dont do much work and just go out in the evening for partying but the thing about short girls giving that " i stared at you and i just dont wanna talk to you", i dont know if i can attribute that thing to my height but ya i have felt that too and i also agree i find girls a little taller than me very attractive and most seem very friendly. Hey btw guys, i live in sydney and i just saw kylie about 45 days back and she was short but hot so i dont think it matters if the girl is short or tall as long as she's smart, intelligent, goodlooking, can hold a conversation and funny but i go in for girls a little taller than me...its just the way i am, no offence to anyone.
JEWEL said on 29/Aug/07
Guys Guys Guys

well..., each to their own.

amazing how nobody is secure in their heights really.

if you visit the extreme heights section, everyones putting up little defences like:

tall "well..., when your tall you attract more attention and clothes look better on you, you are more powerful and people take you seriously"

short "well..., when your short people are not intimidated and guys find it easy to approach you - besides a woman only looks better when her limbs are not too long, ladies with long limbs look weird, good things come in small packages"


PeaceOut, AmOut.
bananaman said on 28/Aug/07
I'm 6ft 3 and prefer shorter girls
Jon Doe said on 25/Aug/07
I'm only 5'4 and I just perfer someone closer to my height,but not many girls like short guys especially at my height so it's like before I get a word in they're just scratching me off a list or something it kinda sucks.
Shorter girls always seemed even meaner to me I don't know why, but a tall 5'7 girl liked me back in the day now she's going out with some other guy though.
And I agree with Lisa about how it's rude to comment on people's bodies but sometimes it's all in good fun like this tall guy I know I call him Lurch and he calls me Frodo but we get along and I don't think we get offended to bad,he actually doesn't like being tall and he's kinda shy but yet he's a very nice guy.But since I'm adopted when I meet one of my long lost sisters/half sisters/brothers/half brothers or whatever they always comment on how short I am like it's my fault.
Lil Naz said on 21/Aug/07
Being a 5ft girl myself I have a question for the guys: Do you find taller girls sexier than the shorter ones????
Linda said on 20/Aug/07
i'm 4ft 11 3/4ins and 44 yrs old most times my height doesnt bother me, people are more surprised when i tell them that my inside leg is 23ins. i think people lie about their height is because at one time there used to be a stigma at being small. most people associate people under 5 ft part of the dwarf like people who often get pointed and laughed at.
Lisa said on 1/Aug/07
I'm just under 5'1" and am considered very pretty. But people often comment on my height as though it were a defect. I think it's very rude to comment on people's bodies. I wonder if Kylie is offended by articles that call her tiny or minuscule. Clearly she is very media-savvy and wouldn't necessarily say so, even if she were. It seems journalists always feel compelled to comment on people who are short.
Bombay Rocker said on 13/Jul/07
No kris..i am sure she was wearing those lace up flats....i don't think she has a height complex though coz what she lacks in height, she makes up for it with her voice and she's so damn hot and sexy man, besides i don't think height matters so much to girls...its either the figure and weight or like the texture of skin or hair and all....i havent heard any of my friends(girls) say they they wish they were taller and i have a few friends who are like 5 feet, 5 feet 1 - 2.
kris said on 30/Jun/07
@ Bombay Rocker: she is around 4´11 may be shorter..... so i don ´t think that she will be wearing only flats in a public apparition..... i think also that she has a complex with her height ..... just my opinion
minoguemanfan said on 6/Jun/07
she isn't 5 ft i have met her numerous times she is closer to 4ft 10
Bombay Rocker said on 2/Jun/07
Forget about height man, shes still so damn hot...just saw her like an hr before here in sydney......was a lil far but strangely looked close to 4 feet 11,was wearing flats, maybe she seemed short coz she had a slope disadvantage, she was coming out of park hyatt...hotel here.....shes damn hot though and she wasnt wearing heels strangely, seemed to me she was in flats, but she made everyone else look like giants, bodyguards were so damn huge.
kostas said on 15/May/07
what is about the average loss of height for a man???
semmy said on 11/Apr/07
I am 154 cm and 14 1/2 years old, the doctor said I'll grow 3 cm I'll become 5'2(157 cm)Well actually I hope so! I don't think I'll grew that much, but I hope so, who of you(girls) has grown after her 15th birtday?
Richard said on 16/Mar/07
Yes- everything points towards 5'0 ....Close family usually have a pretty good idea about height so Danni's comment (see above) is probably correct.
I love the fact that Kylie actually turned down Robbie Williams when he made a pass at her during the shooting of that music video they did together about 5 years ago. robbie is an arrogant guy with 'fcuk me eyes' and is certainly not used to being turned down by women, so nice one kylie.
Linda said on 13/Mar/07
Hi every body, I am 5" myself. Once i saw Kylie in Lodnon on the opening of her new Fragrance and i believe she is slightly taller than me. I am sure she is not less than 5 but she is less than 5'1.
Bombay Rocker said on 22/Feb/07
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i doubt if she is even 5 feet. I was watching brits awards and kylie was wearing 4 inch heels and she was pairing with justin timberlake who was wearing sneakers which looked like 1 inch heel and he seemed about 8 inches taller than her. I think justin is about 5 feet 11 - 6 feet, no more no less.
Dudie said on 3/Feb/07
Wow, thats quite reassuring you know, Kylie is one of my role models lol I'm also quite little, 5 ft, and I used to be quite self-concious about it. I've now learned to like my height and accept it, but sometimes I just look at the taller people and think 'gee i wish i was taller'.. so yeah, it's reassuring.
georgina said on 12/Jan/07
i have seen her up close im 5'11 and she is tiny compared to me. i would say she is 4'10!
alina said on 11/Jan/07
yes I think 152 cm is right...even if once I thought that she is taller(somewhere at 157 cm) but after I looked at her pictures I realised that she cant be taller than 150-152 cm
Sarah said on 9/Jan/07
Well said Bianca. That is the best attitude to have. I am 4'11" and I am now 29 years of age. It has taken me this long to accept that I am this height and I finally see it as a good thing now rather than a bad thing. Like you I would rather be this height than be tall. I only wish it hadn't taken me so long to realise this. I have had years of being teased and made to feel 'abnormal' by average height/tall people and that hasn't helped at all. I think it's terrific that you are happy with your height (and so you should be!). To anyone else out there who is struggling with their height there is a short persons support website (Click Here). I have only recently found this site and found it quite reasuring. Especially if, like me, anyone else out there has had to put up with comment after comment about your height. I actually think shorter women have a more femine appeal. Please don't take as long to become comfortable with your height as I did. I regret being as embarrased as I was, and please don't take any abuse from people. Remember, small is beautiful.
bianca said on 23/Dec/06
i agree with beauty and ester. I'm only 4'11 and 13. I'll probably grow to about 5.1 but theres nothing wrong with being short. I used to be conscious about my height but theres nothing wrong. If you are worried when you're older, you can wear heels and gain up to 5 inches. but i don't see a problem, infact i would prefer to be short than i would to be tall
Sammmm said on 19/Dec/06
I am a self confessed kylie fanatic & i went 2 the exhibition of her costumes last year & she is tiny. I'd say she's 5 ft or even smaller. Her shoes were a size 3! Her body is in proportion with her heoght though and she carries her self well. I saw her in concert last week & they had her bare foot next to her dancers who werent that tall & she looked miniscule! She is adorable & i love her. Im so jealous of the people that have met her. She's my idol.
kristian said on 29/Nov/06
i remember on an MTV europe music awards it must have been 2003, she get two awards and had to stand on a box to reach the micro. she asked the publicum if she was the shortest person there!!!!!!!
i think that kylie is under 5´0
Jessie said on 17/Nov/06
A British research study found that tall men and shorter women (4'9" - 5-2") have a greater chance at getting married and having kids. Just search for "tall men short women" and see for yourselves. I agree with the people who say that proportion is most important no matter how tall a person is. I'm 5 feet nothing and have always dated men who were about 6' or more because they also were attracted to me. I married a 5'10" guy.
Danielle/Danii said on 8/Nov/06
Well, where do i begin. Let me just start by saying that a guy in my gade (Jason) is 16?cm tall so thats taller than Kylie!By the way im in yr 6! I was reading something and it said that kylie is 155cm tall! But then i was reading something else it said she was 152cm tall! So i guess she might be 152cm tall according to this website.:):)**(:(:
Emma said on 13/Apr/06
Weird. I thought she was about 5'9, lol
scott said on 19/Mar/06
I was with a friend (who is 153 or 5") and met Kylie. Kylie had higher heels than my girl friend and my friend was taller. I think Kylie is 4"10 or 4"11. Someone please get the tape measure out!
bella said on 26/Feb/06
True. Kylie is very well proportioned. To me a short well proportioned girl is far more attractive than a tall girl with weird proportions. Personally I'm 5'4-5'5 but have longer legs than some of my 5'7-5'8 friends. So when people say I'm short that annoys me, cause I fit the same clothes as them.
phil said on 12/Feb/06
Kylie is exquisitely well proportioned, so it doesn't matter if she is short. Sarah Jessica Parker is another example of how being short does not stop you from looking fabulous if you are proportioned.
nicky said on 2/Feb/06
I have seen her form very close. and im totally sure she is not more than 5ft feet. cuz im 4.9ft and we looked the same. however i think people like to say over and over again that Kylie is very small cuz she has been selected many times as one of the hotest,so they are just jealous
ester said on 28/Jan/06
beauty, i'm only 5"3 and i agree that there's nothing wrong with being short. i somehow don't think that people who say short girls are aliens are insecure, they probably really think being short sucks, but i think being very tall sucks too. i'd rather be my height than 5"10 any day. any tall people reading this and saying "she's just jealous", you wish!
beauty said on 25/Jan/06
I don't understand the problem of height! I'm 5 1 and I'm a very pretty girl and I never think that my height can change my life, I have a normal life, I eat what I want, I wear all dresses that I want...AND i see ather girls like me! I think that person who says that short girls are like some alien are bery insicure!
ester said on 23/Dec/05
i've read on MX that she's 1.57 and that she weighs 44kg (97lbs) but then again MX can be unreliable
Sarah said on 8/Dec/05
I stood being Kylie in the queue for ski boots in Colorado once, so both standing in our socks. I'm 5ft 1.5in, and my cheeky boyfriend commented: Wow, you're actually taller than someone! That someone was Kylie. I reckon she's 5ft, and only just.
srdr said on 1/Dec/05
I doubt she is 152 cm. Even 150cm is doubtful... She is one of the smallest women I've ever seen
Lindsay said on 26/Nov/05
Kathrin I have two friends who are 16 and one is 4"10 and the other is 4"9 so your definately not the only one!
ema said on 21/Nov/05
Yvonne i wetn their on saturday to madame tussaudes
kathrin said on 18/Nov/05
I'm 4'10 add so glad there are some celbs out there who are small like me! I'll only grow a few more inches but I'm happy since I wont be the on adult whos 5ft
Yvonne said on 30/Oct/05
In Madame Tussaudes the London Wax Work museum she is wearing REALLY huge heels and still only came up to my ear and I'm 5"4 so she has to be under 5ft!!!! The Wax Works are know to be exact replicas also
CelebHeights Editor said on 29/Sep/05
Re: the weight thing. Back in a 1988 Manchester News article on Neighbours, she said: "I'm only five feet one inch tall and weigh about six-and-a-half stone. It's not bad for somebody who's constantly on the go. However, I have been advised to follow a high energy diet to prevent serious weight loss". I still believe her sister Danni about kylie 'inflating' up to 5ft 1. 6.5 stone = 91 pounds.
Ellectrika said on 23/Sep/05
I've met Kylie many times, from being an avid fan and she is indeed very small.

She's just slightly over 5ft though, but not much. 5ft 1" at the most.

Elle x
Shaz said on 25/Mar/05
Well I'm 156 cms and I thought I was short! I'm so glad someone famous is shorter than me! I read in some biography book that she is 152cms ...
CelebHeights said on 10/Feb/05
Carmen, her sister Dani Minogue said a while ago Kylie lies and says 5ft 1 when she's closer to 5ft. Here is the Quote
Carmen said on 10/Feb/05
i've met her before, and I have had the chance to ask her a few quick questions, and my last question was about her height, and she said that she was 5'1" or 5'2".. i am 5'3.5" and she was only a little bit shorter than I was, however I was wearing flats while she was wearing heels, so i don't know... she was probably lying then?

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