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5ft 11.23in (180.9cm)
HonestSlovene said on 7/May/19
5'11" ranger that claims 6'0", not that bad actually.
Takeoff said on 4/May/19
Rob,what do you think about his hat size,his head seams bigger type of
Editor Rob
I really couldn't say hat size or anything, because I don't even know what my own hat size would be.
TheBat said on 2/May/19

Not true at all. That would make my mom 5'8" when she's actually a true 5'9", which I saw her get measured at. Here he is with 5'8" Mark Wahlberg, Leo has a little over three inches on him.

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halister said on 24/Apr/19
@179cm guy @TheBat
Not agree he always has looked in the 5'10 range but not a strong 5'11. My guess is 5'10.5 range and 5'10.75 at most.
TheBat said on 24/Apr/19
@179cm guy

I 100% agree with you. My mom has met Leo, she's 5'9" and she told me he's in the 5'11" range. 5'11 1/8" is the absolute lowest I can see him at and 5'11.25" to 5'11.5" on average.
179cm guy said on 22/Apr/19
All of these claims that DiCaprio is anywhere under 5'11 or even as short as 5'10 are egregiously false. He is a rock solid 181cm guy pushing 5'11.5 5'11 is too short, 6'0 too tall, and 5'11.25-11.5 is the range that he falls in. Although he has appeared to be sub 5'11 on some occassions this is either due to a bad camera angle, him slouching, or other people having a footwear advantage over him. Standing tall Leo doesn't measure below 181cm except perhaps on a bad day and even then I doubt that he falls all the way down to a flat 5'11.
ulaix said on 17/Apr/19
Actually my guess is a strong 179 guy at 5'10.5 on feet
ulaix said on 17/Apr/19
mohammad said on 16/Apr/19
I wouldn't rule out 5'10.5 for Leo. His body figure and head size make him look taller than he is.
mohammad said on 16/Apr/19
A solid 5 foot 11 , period ! , because 5 foot 10 is an impossiblility ( not possible at all ) .
Daycringeothon said on 13/Apr/19
I meant to say 36” inseam mistyped 38”. 38” would be still be long for
a 6’6” guy.

Dicaprios father was probably 5’8” peak height. Leo has 4” on him in recent pictures on google. His mom is maybe 5’3” range. It isn’t that amazing a difference in height between him and his parants. He just grew a couple more inches above his expected final height.
Bora said on 7/Apr/19
Yes he is around 179-181 cm
179cm guy said on 29/Mar/19
Rob, would you say that Dicaprio's head is closer to 9 or 9.5 inches in length?
Editor Rob
It really has looked anywhere amongst that range...
Johan 185cm said on 28/Mar/19
To be honest next to Obama even full 5'11" seems a stretch. Wonder if he lost a small fraction or had less shoe.
cmillzz said on 27/Mar/19
38” inseam on a 191-192 cm guy certainly seems above average for sure.
Greg said on 26/Mar/19
@Daycringeothon Yes anything is possible, I believe Rob even said before that a 6 footer can have a 32 inseam, same thing with Wingspans it's not impossible for someone to have a much larger wingspan then their height. For example I am 179cm and my wing span is around 187/188cm.
Daycringeothon said on 20/Mar/19
Is it possible for a 181cm-182cm guy to have only a 31”-32” leg inseam. I’m inclined to think so. 33”-34” would be somewhere near average. Guessing a 38” leg inseam for a 191cm-192cm guy is about average.
179cm guy said on 20/Mar/19
Rob, how long would you say Leo's head is? It's always looked rather small to me but I could be wrong.
Dmeyer said on 20/Mar/19
Has looked 5'10,25-10,5 with Obama and Tarantino but has looked 5'11,5 also usualy apears 179-181
Daycringeothon said on 19/Mar/19
Dicaprio 180.5cm-181cm (peak height)afternoon height. Jake Gyllenhaal 179.5cm-180cm afternoon height.

Brad Pitt is a funny one. Obviously insecure about his mediocre height at best. Pitt 5’10.25” 178.5” afternoon height. Maybe 181cm for a few minutes in the morning lol. Arsenio Hall who is isn’t exactly tall either once described Pitt as a wee guy. It was the one with Guess Jeans model Anna Nicole Smith.
billionaireslayer said on 18/Mar/19
5'11, maybe 5'10 n half never comes off as tall but average to taller height, never seems like he is wearing lifts in paparazzi photos. Can easily come off as 6ft in movies with certain shoes.
179cm guy said on 18/Mar/19
Rob, what would you guess his inseam at to the nearest inch? He seems rather long-legged to my eye.
Editor Rob
Might wear 33-33.5 inch trousers.
Lara said on 18/Mar/19
He seems to be 1.80 m.
Pierre said on 13/Mar/19
Click Here = Watch at around 0:23 = Barack is slouching Leonardo is standing straight = Barack around 6"0.75' ,i guess Leonardo under 5"11' by this comparison
179cm guy said on 27/Feb/19
Rob, which of these would Dicaprio measure? I would have personally thought that he wouldn't fall below the B-C range. He's always appeared to be in that strong 5'11 range to me (5'11.25-.5). I personally can't seem him dipping below the 181cm mark except on a bad day, and if it was a toss-up between him measuring at either a flat 180cm or 5'11.5 in the evening I would have said that there was a greater chance of the latter. He can have 5'11.5 from me.

A) 184cm/182cm
B) 183.5cm/181.5cm
C) 183cm/181cm
D) 182.5/180.5
E) 182/180
Editor Rob
A seems too high and maybe D too low, either B-C I would guess on.
Zimi said on 27/Feb/19
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Seeing 6’1 Barack Obama stand next to and walk with Dicaprio makes me think Leo is barley 5’11, probably closer to 5’10.5 after seeing the two together
Original said on 13/Feb/19
Peak is 181 def imo, nowadays maybe 180.
Pitt is shorter, sure.. about 177, maybe 178 w/o his lifts of course, with lifts about 180-183 (183 using a big elevators of course).
Mister lennon said on 10/Feb/19
The shortest that i can buy for dicaprio is a flat 5'11.
TheBat said on 9/Feb/19
My mom met Leo about 20 years ago. She's 5'9" and told me that he was around 5'11", so I'll say Leo's about 5'11" to 5'11.5". And 6'0" in some of the shoes he wears.
Zachary Bode said on 8/Feb/19
Easily 5’11” range, 6 feet in shoes.
Hijoputamus said on 3/Feb/19
Rob, lads, do you think Leo and Brad agree on not cheating height on this movie? George Clooney joked about Brad being super tall *blink blink*
Leo always looked like a languid sloucher 5ft11 kid but now he seems like a solid 5ft10 man, who knows...
Editor Rob
I'm not so sure Leo is as bothered about height as someone like Brad might be.
JustForFun said on 31/Jan/19
Leo is a 179-180 guy. Not a full 5'11. I'm 5'9 3/8 late evening and no way Leo has 5 cm on me or 2 inches. Tha's a joke. He looks to be 3 cm taller than me no more. Rob Downgrade 5'10.75. 5'11.25 is too high.Tired how people has worng perceptions and lie. A real 5'11.25 guy is very tall!
BT said on 30/Jan/19
@CDS: Yeah, the footwear is interesting in those shots, but there could be other factors at play there, like sloping pavement or different postures. The camera angle is low as well. Still, I doubt there would be much between them if measured - 5'11 flat, or a touch below at worst, like 5'10 3/4 - 5'10 7/8 range. Not that the current difference of 1/4 inch between their listings is a lot.
CDS said on 28/Jan/19
Those pics below BT posted,,, see the footwear. Pitt is wearing his usual, easily liftable shoes, but really the smoking gun, is Leo. Those are practically high heels he has on! So the fact they look about dead even in that pic vs in the past when brad edged him out, says more about Leo's height NOT being the full 5'11.25" listed here,,
Mister lennon said on 20/Jan/19
Dicaprio: 5'11.25-5'11.50
Pitt: 5'10.50-5.10.75
Jtm said on 19/Jan/19
i would give dicaprio 5'10-5'10.25 and pitt 5'9.5.
JustForFun said on 19/Jan/19
So what's the highest you would go now Rob in 2019? I'm sure in the past maybe you guess he was over 5'11.25 but nowdays what's the higuest you go? I go 5'11 at most if he stands tall and 5'10.5 low
Editor Rob
5ft 11.25 is still what I think he might measure, but also 5ft 11 has looked quite possible in recent years.
JustForFun said on 18/Jan/19
Rob how's Dicaprio at over 5'11?
Click Here
I always see him under 5'11 and in the 5'10 range in every single photo next to other actors etc
Click Here:
With Mario Lopez
He stuggles to be over 179 cm or 5'10 1/2
Anyone please tell me whrn he is 6'0? or over 5'11.5? Unreal guesses lol
Editor Rob
He has looked sub 5ft 11 at times, but when he stands tall I can't see him under 5ft 11.
BT said on 17/Jan/19
On set of the new Tarantino movie with Brad Pitt

Click Here
Click Here
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JustForFun said on 16/Jan/19
@robertat yeah I guess he was a 5'10 guy in Titanic. Probably he grew nearly an inch knowing he grew so late. Overall I'm not sure he is a full 5'11.. Rob maybe a weak one. Rob do you really think he is over 5'11?
robertat5'9 said on 9/Jan/19
Watching the movie I see a 177-178 5'10 max and he was 21-22 year old. His slim body maybe feel you look taller?
robertat5'9 said on 9/Jan/19
I know Leo is tall or over average in USA but In Titanic was 21 year old and looks just 5'10. Anyone can see this? He looks just a slim and average teen
Guest66 said on 9/Jan/19
@robertat5'9, Waking up at 0.75in taller in the morning is pretty common, even if Leo is a hair under this listing you wouldn't be able to distinguish him from your average 6'0 guy first thing in the morning.
robertat5'9 said on 7/Jan/19
Rob If he is 5'11 or solid 5'11 at evening there's no way he wake up at 6' I would say he is 5'11.5 after bed. Average morning height after bed is about 1/2 inch than evening height. I'm 5'9.5 right after bed and 5'9 evening.
robertat5'9 said on 5/Jan/19
Rob what height do you think he wakes up at? And Do you think his lowest is 181 cm?
Editor Rob
180 I think would be the lowest I'd really try to argue, but generally I think in afternoon he still might be a solid enough 5ft 11 and wake up on his yacht about 6ft or near enough it.
Canson said on 5/Jan/19
I don’t know if he would reach 6’ out of bed or not. He may just be your run of the mill 5’11 guy who is 5’11.75 out of bed but doubt less than that at this stage and could be what he’s listed here. Wonder why they listed him 5’10 in the article
Canson said on 5/Jan/19
I don’t know if he would reach 6’ out of bed or not. He may just be your run of the mill 5’11 guy who is 5’11.75 out of bed but doubt less than that at this stage and could be what he’s listed here
Spencer said on 2/Jan/19
6 feet in the morning.
Peter 180cm said on 2/Jan/19
He's definitely not 6ft or close to it. He looks maybe around 180cm with 185 Obama if not 179 range.. 5'11 flat is the most he could be but guessing a little under isn't impossible either.
Yang (5ft 8 Chinese men) said on 31/Dec/18
Agreed with your listing on Leo's height. He doesnt seem like he is solid 6 but I can say tiny bit more than solid 5ft 11 somehow when he was standing with Nicole Kidman who is around 179cm or so unless Kidman wears 2 inch 👠 that would make her look like 6footer range...When Kidman wears no heels, he is DEFINITELY taller than her for sure to say at least. I dont agree with anonymous saying he is 5 footer 10 half at all...
Banaanas said on 30/Dec/18
Stong 5’11 never seems less
Bradley said on 29/Dec/18
Pitt needs heel and wedge with the Leo The Height Lion.
hackyons said on 27/Dec/18
Full agree. Actually since 1995 in Basketball Diaries looked tall. I'd say between 1995-2005 looked taller because he was in his 20's and he was so slim and lighter than nowdays. After 2005 he started to gain some weight. He is just 44 years old so I'm sure he didn't lose height. He doen not look as before just because he is heavier and his posture is not so good. You can argue max 1/8 inch lost or 3 mm If he lost anything which I reall doubt. Being honest doen't seem he was over 5'10 3/4 or 180 cm. Classic 179-180 guy
Original said on 25/Dec/18
He looked taller between 1997-2005 than he looks now.
I'm going with solid 5'11.25" in that time and 5'10.5/5'10.75" nowadays. Overall could be still around 5'11.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 23/Dec/18
I think the original 5ft11½ was a safe middle ground. His height has varied over the years
Celebheights 6'1.5" said on 22/Dec/18
Out of bed height: 183.7 CM
Before bed: 181.3-4 CM

I know that I’m in the minority here, but he really strikes me as being a tallish guy who never dips below 5’11 3/8”, and he easily wakes up at a bit over the 6 feet mark out of bed. He looked to be about 1/2” of an inch shorter than a Tom Hanks who many people have met, estimating him to be around 6’0”. He also appears to be an inch taller than Orlando Bloom, and five inches taller than Jonah Hill. The photos with him and Obama, however, do make me wonder a bit.
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 17/Dec/18
He had a face of a 5'9-5'10 guy but a height def not under 5'11.
KingWillie said on 18/Nov/18
When you're around 5'9" or 10",you'll really understand how tall 5'11 is. You can get close with better footwear but they'll still look longer and bigger. Leo is 5'11" give or take a few.
Peter175 said on 16/Nov/18
He's one of the few 5'11 guys that actually seems quite a bit above average height

I guess good posture but I think he's nearer to 6ft than 5'11 flat. I think 5'11.5 is probably better.

His height looks to be at least 75th percentile
hulver said on 8/Nov/18
This guy was 5'10 range today 5'10 on the nose. Tired of overlistings
HonestSlovene said on 3/Nov/18
He's a strong 5'11, weak 6'0", the listing is correct.
Fanatic said on 30/Oct/18
I wouldn't be surprised if Leonardo DiCaprio is only 5 ft 8 in. He was standing at almost equal height to Ben Kingsley who stands at 5 ft 8 inches. Both were with regular shoes. Only difference is Ben Kingsley is bald and Leonardo has hair to cover that extra inch. In a picture with Tom Hanks who stands at 6 ft he had the extra height shoes on standing straight and Tom Hanks was standing with his legs wide to appear shorter comparable to Leonardo's height with those shoes.
Simon6.0 said on 27/Oct/18
I guess he was somewhere 178.5-179. Today 178-178.5
CristopherAlex said on 12/Oct/18
178-178.5 cm or 5'10 1/4 max. Just compared him with other actors in many pictures. Impossible he is over 179 cm.
Tall Sam said on 12/Oct/18
If anything, I'd say a quarter inch under rather than over it would generally seem to fit DiCaprio well.
Danimal 5'9 3/4" said on 8/Oct/18
I see him closer to 5'10". Here he is next to 6'1" Barack Obama:
Click Here
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Davey said on 4/Oct/18
A good 181 guy. 182/183 out of bed
Spencer said on 24/Sep/18
180-181 cm. 5'11.25" morning. 5'10.75" night.
Animus said on 24/Sep/18
In my view he's exactly 5'11¼. I did wonder for a while whether he had a 1cm on a prototypical 5'11 man, i.e. whether he was 5'11⅜, but I have since dismissed that notion. He can look 5'11 flat more than 5'11½, so I think an exact 181cm suits him.
Kev said on 23/Sep/18
he's 5'11

but does he wear lifts?
gunton said on 15/Sep/18
Strong 178 cm maybe he was 179 on a good day
Matthew Cooke said on 10/Sep/18
He's probably about 5'11". At Madame Tussauds he was about an inch or shorter than me (by comparison I'm 6'0"). In one photo I was leaning in and I was still taller.
Rising - 174 cm said on 9/Sep/18
@Esponage: What do you mean obviously? If you're going to say that, at least post some evidence of Leo wearing lifts to red carpets.
Tod Charming said on 30/Aug/18
Strong 5'11. Can pass as 6 feet because of good posture and slim appearance.
Tod Charming said on 30/Aug/18
Strong 5'11. Can pass as 6 feet because of good posture and slim appearance.
Esponage said on 23/Aug/18
Matt99, I dont get the logic with the comparison to Tom Hardy. It’s pictures from the red carpet when Dicaprio obviously wears lifts.

He is tops 5’11
Emil said on 15/Aug/18
I can buy anything between 5'11 and 5'11.5.
He certainly doesn't fall outside of that range.
Mister lennon said on 15/Aug/18
181-182 range. Could look 180-181 range sometimes.
Matt99 said on 13/Aug/18
Listing is fine, if he was in the strong 5’10 range then Tom Hardy would be in the strong 5’8 range which I really don’t see at all.
QM6'1QM said on 12/Aug/18
He's 2 inches shorter than Barack Obama = 5'10.75-5'11" (maybe less).
The end of story.
Animus said on 9/Aug/18
Rob, do you have any idea what his inseam would be? He seems rather long-legged to my eye.
Editor Rob
possibly 33 inches.
biller6 said on 8/Aug/18
He always looked a typical 5'10 guy to me. I say he is in the 5'10 range. These comments are hilarious I see some few say 183..Not serious. He is 5'10 or 178-179 at best. Rob another actor upgrade come on..
Caliofio said on 8/Aug/18
There is no way he is over 5’11

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

With 6'0 Nate Diaz
Click Here

Next to Toni Garrn
Click Here

Erin Heath, 5ft 10 ½
Click Here
Click Here

With Blake Lively, 5ft 8 ¾
Click Here

He looks to be in the 5’10 range with regular shoes on. With lifts and costume shoes 6'0-6'1.
Tall Sam said on 4/Aug/18
Tarantino looks to have lost some weight and is standing well, he makes DiCaprio looks 5'11" tops.
Kevin Bg said on 3/Aug/18
Is his eye-head bigger than his eye-chin or are they equal? How long do you think his head is overall.
Editor Rob
could be very close to equal ratio, 4.75 range
Waww said on 3/Aug/18
Dicaprio next to Tarantino. Both wear regular sneakers.

Click Here

Click Here

Big difference in height!
Click Here
Warren said on 26/Jul/18
5'11.25" is yummy, super sense of it
Rising - 174 cm said on 26/Jul/18
I agree 179 is low, but he can look about that height with Spielberg and Ridley Scott and he could look just a weak 5'11" with Tom Hanks and Obama. Here's Leo just 2 months shy of his 24th birthday looking no taller and possibly shorter than 5'11" Joe Mantegna: Click Here Click Here I know Leo grew late, but I doubt he was still growing at 24. Leo also looked about 3 cm shorter than Clint Eastwood in 2011: Click Here Clint was already down to around 6'0" by then. There was also a Time Magazine interview with Leo while he was filming The Beach called "A Visit with Leonardo DiCaprio" and he was described as 5'11" and 175 pounds so 5'11" is certainly a reasonable guess for him, as is Rob's listing.
Warren said on 26/Jul/18
No need a peak topic, he still is an early 40's! 180cm for sure
Clikster said on 25/Jul/18
Rob this is a very generous listing funny how people guess his lowest at 5'11. I would love to prove he really is 5'10.25 range and not over 5'10.5
Glisten173cm said on 25/Jul/18
people are funny and blind, Please anyone can tell me when he ever look 5'11.75. He struggles at 5'11. Over 5'11 makes no sense guess
Animus said on 24/Jul/18
Leo should be listed no lower than 5'11¼ and a listing of 5'11⅜ is arguable at times. The downgrading has gone too far.
Colberto said on 23/Jul/18
Rob, the funny thing is people ask for an upgrade to 11 1/2 when he was that listing before. Is 5'11 1/8" a good shout. Anywhere between 180.5-181cm.
Mister lennon said on 7/Jul/18
179 is too short for leo. 180 mnimum. Y think that he id a good 181 guy.
Alexalexan said on 6/Jul/18
Leo is not over 179 cm not over 5'10.5. He slouches and sometimes lookes a weak 5'10.
Mister lennon said on 4/Jul/18
Solid 5'11.
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 1/Jul/18
Above quote mention: On Teletext UK, a journalist once said "He stands no more than 5ft 10ins (if that), is rake thin".
Well that is amazing how Leo get 1.25" off the sights from the Journalist estimatation. Some heels might be on the journalist feet. Must be a women. Lol.
MAD SAM said on 30/Jun/18
Rob upgrade quarter inch to 5’11.5” at least
QM6'1QM said on 28/Jun/18
Yes, he looks 180 cm with Barack Obama, but his broad head makes me think he is 179 cm. In general, of course, he is not above 181 cm and is about 180 cm / 5'11", no more and on that well.
HonestSlovene said on 26/Jun/18
@Darkpower72 I agree, he is somewhere within 5'10.75"-5'11.25" range.
Darkpower72 said on 24/Jun/18
He never struck me as being extremely tall but he does tend to be taller than most dudes he’s seen with. I think he’s at least above average height and arguing anything under 5’10.75” is ridiculous.

Morning Guess: 182cm (5’11.65”)
Night Guess: (~5’11”)
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 13/Jun/18
Look 180.5cm with 185cm Obama.
Mijony180 said on 10/Jun/18
Rob: (I'd be surprised if Leo actually lost any height. By his 50's yes he might start losing a fraction, but as of today I'm not so sure.)
Well Rob I agree Karenmer maybe he over exaggerate but some people in his 40's could loss a very very small fraction some mm in his case I believe. Dicaprio possible lost a quarter inch or a half cm. He is going to be 44 years in november. I guess he is 179 range today standing tall corectly.
Didijons said on 8/Jun/18
Leo is shorter than Arnold Schwarzenegger and Arnold is a weak 5'11 more 5'10.75. Leo next to Rafa Nadal who is 5'11.75 is a full inch on him. Leo can't be over 5'10.25 I heard he doesn't stands with a correct posture but I know some friends who met him and told me he is 5'10 range mmax 5'10.25. I believe he maybe hit 5'10.75 in his prime at most because this guy had never been on a correct posture and healthy life and he is still very young but in this case I'd guess he lost 1/4 inch a little fraction.
karenmer said on 7/Jun/18
Rob have you thought to list a peak height?. I think Dicaprio lost a very small fraction due to his bad posture and a guy who never practiced fitness or sports. He was 5'10.75 in his 20's and today 5'10.25
Editor Rob
I'd be surprised if Leo actually lost any height. By his 50's yes he might start losing a fraction, but as of today I'm not so sure.
karenmer said on 7/Jun/18
Yes Rob. Dicaprio is a typical 178-179 guy. I would no go over 5'10.25-5'10.5. Just a few months ago met Rada Nadal who is a legit 6 footer but not a full 183 more 182'5 cm and in different pics with Dicapario was 3 cm on him.
The official pic here: Click Here:
You guy don't know but Dicaprio was closer to the Camara and still shoter than 182-183 Rafa Nadal. Dicaprio maybe was 179-180 a good day in his 20's today is a strong 5'10 man Rob.
Peter175 said on 6/Jun/18
5'11.5 imo
Taxi Driver 101 said on 5/Jun/18
Leo was never a 6 foot guy, always looked 5’11 range to me.
karenmer said on 4/Jun/18
Rob I saw him at the stars night even in LA at just 4 feet from me. I swear he is 5'10 max he was in a good posture.
I could not take a pic with him. Impossibe! I'm 5'11 and clearly I saw he was shorter, he can't be over 5'10.
Here Dicaprio with Mario Lopex who is about 5'8.5 he uses elevator shoes to look an average 5'9 guy. Click Here:

Click Here:

How can you guys estimate his height over 5'11. I see 5'10.25 maximum and in person looked a classic a 5'10 to me I clearlt saw I was taller than him at 5'11!
Editor Rob
I'd be surprised if he was only 5ft 10!
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 27/May/18
@viper If Clooney is only 5'9 then Matt Damon would be 5'8 and Leo will be 5'9 3/4.
Heighliker said on 7/May/18
Full agree dude.
No matter our opinions. Rob just list and is amazing how he has all upgraded or most of them
dicaprio said on 7/Apr/18
This site overrates everyone. Dicaprio is 5.10. He used to be 510.75 but now he is 510 and has lost ht with age. He is only 511 in the morning. Clooney is 5.9 flat but here he is listed as the same ht as mcconaughey, who in reality is 5.10. swarzenegger has always been no more than 6'0.5". pitt has always been 5.10.5. tom cruise is 5.6.75. When you meet these people in real life they are tiny.
Smiles03 said on 24/Apr/18
A very strong 5'11 and almost 6'0
haxxx said on 23/Apr/18
5'11 most of the day. 5'11.25 out of bed, 5'10.5 before bed.
Warren said on 18/Apr/18
At least 179cm easy, probably 180cm for sure
viper said on 11/Apr/18
I do agree that Clooney is 5-9
WiiU200 said on 9/Apr/18
5'11.5 at best
dicaprio said on 7/Apr/18
This site overrates everyone. Dicaprio is 5.10. He used to be 510.75 but now he is 510 and has lost ht with age. He is only 511 in the morning. Clooney is 5.9 flat but here he is listed as the same ht as mcconaughey, who in reality is 5.10. swarzenegger has always been no more than 6'0.5". pitt has always been 5.10.5. tom cruise is 5.6.75. When you meet these people in real life they are tiny.
Jakob said on 22/Mar/18
Rob, what do you think his ex meant by her looking for a guy taller than her? By your estimations he is at least an inch taller than she is!
Editor Rob
Maybe in heels she was always looking down a bit and meant it that way...she surely wasn't as tall as him barefoot!
Animus said on 21/Mar/18
It suited his heartthrob status to be as skinny as he was - a babyface is more important than a hulking physique for that.
MJKoP said on 18/Mar/18
Animus said on 18/Feb/18
Actually, I have seen one source claim he was 140lbs range during Titanic, but that seems very low for 181cm.

I can buy it. He was skin and bones back then. I distinctly remember many of my ten-year-old female friends(I was ten, too, so don't get any wrong ideas!) complaining about how badly he needed to bulk up.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 11/Mar/18
@JJJ: Zane is more 184-185cm than 183cm
JJJ said on 27/Feb/18
Click Here:

With Billy Zane in Titanic who is supposedly 183cm.
Dmeyer said on 27/Feb/18
When i met him he has 1-1,5cm more shoes and à hat and walked quickly by me and he seemed 6ftish minus 0,5in shoes plus 0,5in haïr and hat about 5'11 probably he is defenetly not 5'10 or 6ft since he looked over 5'11 and 6 FT plus shoes haïr and hat he would have looked near 6'1
Animus said on 18/Feb/18
Actually, I have seen one source claim he was 140lbs range during Titanic, but that seems very low for 181cm.
Animus said on 18/Feb/18
Rob, what do you think he weighed in the heyday of Titanic? 150lbs range?
Editor Rob
140-150 is possible.
Dmeyer said on 10/Feb/18
I use to believe hé was 5'11,5-11,75 now i think 5'11-11,25 in person fooled me for near 6ft
Dmeyer said on 8/Feb/18
I am starting tout believe 180,5cm is possible he Can look anywere 5'10,5-11,5 but with 177 Damon AT the 186 radio Guy he Can look 180cm , Can look 179 180 and 181 somethimes 182 , with Obama looks 178-9cm with Hanks 180,5-181
Vexacus said on 3/Feb/18
He's 5'11.25 barefeet , 6 ft with regular shoes , all my respect to Jack Dawson .
Warren said on 2/Feb/18
Just the typical round face. He was late bloomer and has long legs, 180-181 range for sure
tobo said on 28/Jan/18
180m. his big head makes him looks short.
Psychedelic Earth 187 said on 25/Jan/18
I disagree @don Julio. 5’11” is too close to 5’10”.
Don Julio said on 18/Jan/18
Forget 6 feet, 181 cm is ideal male height Leo reps it so well, a solid 181 guy is as good as 6 feet, most women think 6 feet is 179 these days. Easily 6 feet in fancy shoes, no doubt Leo stands at a strong 5'11"
Animus said on 15/Jan/18
His lanky frame can make him seem taller than 181cm, like he is more in the 182cm range. However, it's been established quite conclusively that he's in the 5'11-5'11½ range. I do wonder if he is a strong 181cm, like 181.3cm - in other words a 1cm taller than a prototypical 5'11 man. That's probably the most I'd argue.
Flyin said on 13/Jan/18
Yes, very strong listing I think. Years ago did we have 182cm here.
Don Julio said on 12/Jan/18
Rob have you seen The Basketball Diaries and What's Eating Gilbert Grape. I think Leo never got to 5'11" in these movies yet even though in Basketball Diaries he was 19 when they filmed I think, possibly late grower because he was like a little over 2 inches taller than Mark Wahlberg and he already fully grew and I believe Wahlberg was a legit 5'8" then. They were basically wearing converse the whole movie so it was easy to tell. In What's Eating Gilbert Grape, Leo was same height as Johnny Depp. Depp looked 5'9.5" during that time of age for him I think or at least 176 and Leo was same height he was like almost 18 I think so he had to have grown 2 inches when they filmed Romeo and Juliet in 1996. At 17-18 he was 5'9" area, 19-20 he was 5'10" area and 20-21 he reached his peak, which I think is between 5'11 1/4" to 5'11 1/2" that's 5'11 3/8"/181.25-.3 and I have seen most of his movies but I think I should re watch to focus more on his height and even watch the bad ones too. I will update my opinion when I have completed my full analysis and Leonardo DiCaprio's height.
Editor Rob
Not watched it for donkey's years, but I do think in 18-21 range Leo did do a Bieber and gain a bit of height.
Psychedelic Earth 187 said on 12/Jan/18
Same height as Vin Diesel.

@King of the hill, he wore lifts in the aviator and boots in blood diamond.
Guest66 said on 9/Jan/18
Totally agree with 180cm at worst 182cm at best for him.
King of the hill 91 said on 9/Jan/18
I dont thing he has much lift really 182 cm i have said for ages
King of the hill 91 said on 9/Jan/18
Its hard to say his height i am a big fan very big my favorite actor what is the lowest and most tallest he could be to you leo i have all your movies i love blood diamond i could go 182 .5cm maybe weake 183cm early morning or flat 182 cm i stated for ages
King of the hill 91 said on 9/Jan/18
What range do you have him at mate
Psychedelic Earth 187 said on 8/Jan/18
King, I’m not him but 180 at worst and 182 at best. Even though he stands with horrible posture. He still has the proportions of a tallish man that can’t be faked with lifts.
King of the hill 91 said on 6/Jan/18
Rob what is the lowest and most you would list him
Alp said on 6/Jan/18
Looks tall on the "beach" . İmo close to 6 ft in his 20's
Anonymous said on 2/Jan/18
Funny thing about DiCaprio is that he hit puberty so late. He was like 19 before he hit his growth spurt and his voice changed which you can see in movies like this Boys life and what’s eating Gilbert grape. This may be y many perceive him shorter. I’d say he is a solid 5’10.
King of the hill 91 said on 31/Dec/17
Jamie fox has bigger boots he isnt under a strong 180cm 181cm to 182 cm but 182 cm he rdally could be
Psychedelic Earth 187 said on 31/Dec/17
he looks 6' next to ioan gruffudd. who robs listed at 181 5'11.5"
Psychedelic Earth 187 said on 30/Dec/17
@animus, Leo could very well be 182cm.

The guy stands with such bad posture, it’s as if he sleeps while standing up....
Animus said on 28/Dec/17
A good question to answer would be to determine in what movie DiCaprio started looking his current height. It's probably around 1995 in "The Quick and the Dead", "The Streets of New York" or "Total Eclipse".
Jack Daniels said on 28/Dec/17
Hi kids I'm back! For me Mr Leonardo is 5'11", maybe 5'11" and a quarter. He's shorter by one inch with Tom Hanks (6ft). He's clearly shorter when he's standing beside 6'1" guys (in Titanic for example). Personally, I'm 5'10" and three quarters (179,5 cm) when I get up morning, and shrink to 5'10" and a half late in the morning, 5'10" during the rest of the day. People sometimes think I'm 6ft or near, because I'm thin and always standing straight, particularly on photos.
Psychedelic Earth 187 said on 27/Dec/17
Click Here
Animus said on 26/Dec/17
People who claim that DiCaprio looks 5'11 or 5'11½ need to know that it's perfectly consistent with being 5'11¼. You can't really distinguish between people who are less than 1cm apart. I'm sure Rob would agree.
HonestSlovene said on 26/Dec/17
He's in that 180-182 cm zone and has 2 cm on Pitt, 3 cm on Clooney and 4.5 cm on Damon. 1 cm shorter than Hanks and Norton.
Psychedelic Earth 187 said on 25/Dec/17
Pretty much looked identical to Ioan Gruffudd, I guess 5’11.5” would suit him good, not sure about footwear though.
Slippin said on 25/Dec/17
5'11 1/2 I have seen 90% of his movies and for sure that he is a mid 5'11 guy.
Kourosh said on 23/Dec/17
@Real Cavil

you need help.

go to a therapy. if this is how you react on height debate god helps you on more important issue.
Psychedelic Earth 187 said on 22/Dec/17
Cavill, I understand your 5’10” guess for Leo though, he stands with horrible posture and doesn’t have any upper body muscle. Robs listing is fine though.

we have a photo with him Glenn Cunningham next to Leo, not sure why rob hasn’t put on top of the page yet.
Editor Rob:
I always wondered why Glenn said Doc Martin's gave him almost 2 inches and he measured converse at an inch...he may well be admitting surreptitiously to a half inch lift.

Possible lift-wearers are better kept on joke sites like Youtube or Twitter.
Psychedelic Earth 187 said on 22/Dec/17
Real Cavill, another visitor was discussing politics and swearing and threatening other users, he got himself banned. Just a heads up mate.

You’ll thank me later.
Real Cavill said on 21/Dec/17
@KousKous said "stop this downgrading nonsense by some of the users in here." Valid opinions you don't agree with are nonsense eh? So anyone saying Leo is 5'11" or under is nonsense?

You're right I let my emotions overtake me. I tried to make a blind man see but didn't realize he's holding his hands in front of his eyes. That became more evident with your insults and the fact that you actually defended yourself using another name which is very sad. Evil seals its own heart. Yeah don't waste your energy on me because you will gain nothing since you believe in nothing. To someone like you, anything that is not material based is a waste of time so follow your material ways if you think it will earn you success in the end. For some reason you also seem to think you're wanted or needed for something to happen. You're not.
Kourosh said on 20/Dec/17
@Real Cavil
you aint emotional while write me an essay to impose your feelings on me.
i told you what i meant. I wouldn't waste my energy on somebody like you not worth it.

Leo Fanboy? lol like i said dont be emotional kid.
Psychedelic Earth 187 said on 19/Dec/17
It's a real shame we can't just get along for a moment and learn from each other. I now understand why a lot of visitors quit this site. Most users have no manners.

@real cavill, i very much doubt you're spiritual minded, you hate another visitor. @kourish knows leo is a legit 5'11" ranger (180-181). anything more or less is wrong.
Real Cavill said on 19/Dec/17
@Kourosh....There you go again trying to shame people. It's all in black and white so don't lie. You said people are saying "nonsense". Who the hell are you to call good opinions nonsense? Because you think you are smarter than other people that's why and you think thats some kind of modern thing.

Yeah I'm being emotional because you're a DIC-tator telling people they're nonsense and to stop being emotional? I guess you're a robot you sound like one. Being emotional doesn't change the facts of someone's answer. In fact, emotion is just as important as logic because people often get a gut feeling that ends up being true. That feeling can be coming from the third eye or "spiritual eye". That's my quote, but you will steal it just like you did the emotional line. That's why you messed it all up because you simply copied what you heard and didn't think, so you didn't see the faultiness of your logic.

Under 180cm is nonsense? You need thicker glasses Leo fanboy.
Kourosh said on 18/Dec/17
@Real Cavill am i stopping anyone to express their opinion? what makes you think like that? i just simply said anything below 180cm is nonsense and some come here just try to downgrade for no reason but feel free to post it.

So, no hard feeling and stop being emotional.

Peace out.
Real Cavill said on 16/Dec/17
@Kourosh......Why are you trying to stop people from expressing a reasonable opinion? Did anyone say Leo is 5'3"? He looks 5'11" because he probably is. I may even go as far as saying 5'10.75". You think because people downgrade they must be up to some nonsense? Maybe because you think like that then you believe everyone thinks like that.
MAD SAM said on 15/Dec/17
182 cm surely
Slim 186 said on 14/Dec/17
hes got 176 damon by 5 cm here: Click Here

i think his old listing can be re-argued.
Ted said on 8/Dec/17
Never anything over 182cm.
Slim 186 said on 5/Dec/17
@Ediit e Rob, who would give the edge between Leo and Brad?
Editor Rob: I think they can look within a small fraction, but brad I feel is the man with a more optimal posture...I still would say DiCaprio has the better chance of edging Pitt out if it came down to a proper measurement.
King of the hill 91 said on 4/Dec/17
179cm no way to low jamie has bigger boots 180cm strong lowest to 182 cm
Grit said on 4/Dec/17
I see 5'11.5
Warren said on 4/Dec/17
No under 179, looks probably 5'11 flat with Obama(183-185cm)
Brad said on 2/Dec/17
As listed.
Bobby said on 30/Nov/17
Was he ever 6ft in his 20s? He's always been listed as 6ft.
Kourosh said on 20/Nov/17
no less than 5'11.5
stop this downgrading nonsense by some of the users in here.
Anonymous said on 19/Nov/17
Absolutely 1.79
Real Cavill said on 19/Nov/17
Looks 5'11". The best proof was that pic with him and Tom Hanks posted here by MM. In that pic he looks 5'10" but we can list Leo at 5'11" for now because we couldn't see the footwear.
Jeremy said on 17/Nov/17
Weak six footer
King of the hill 91 said on 13/Nov/17
181cm maybe weake 182 cm
Nino said on 13/Nov/17
Click Here

Max 1.80 no more. In titanic he looks 5.9/5.10 in all scenes with billy Zane.
Anonymous said on 12/Nov/17
How much Leo weighs? Google says 75kg - 165lbs which imo is bs, that's skinny for his height.
Dillinger said on 10/Nov/17
Let me be sceptic about this listing.
21 years old Leo with Pitt in 1995.
Slim 184 said on 8/Nov/17
Rampage 🍀, he did get beaten up a bit while filming “the revenant” but I’m not sure if it knocked a mm off him.
Sacred said on 6/Nov/17
I think he is 6 feet in Inception.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 6/Nov/17
You don't lose height at that age unless you've had injuries.
Slim 6' said on 2/Nov/17
Frost said on 1/Nov/17
@slim you think he lost height?
A mm or 2 isn’t impossible.
Frost said on 1/Nov/17
@slim you think he lost height?
Slim 6' said on 29/Oct/17
5’11.5” in his 20’s is entirely possible.
c-mo said on 27/Oct/17
@Tim no he is not 5'9 but more like 5'7
Soije said on 26/Oct/17
Has anyone visited Madame Tussauds in Vegas to see his wax figure? It's freakishly tall, like over 6 feet tall, same with Andre Agassi. I have no idea what to believe. On the flip side, Michael Jordan, Dwayne Johnson, and Arnold Schwarzenegger were not as tall as expected. Shaq was though.
Tim said on 24/Oct/17
atleast he looks in the 5'9 zone because he has a bad posture when he walks. He is 5'10 and with luck was 5'10.75
Tim said on 24/Oct/17
today is in the 5'9 zone with luck 5'10 maybe he was 5'10.75 nothing over this marck
Peter175 said on 24/Oct/17
He really is well below 6 foot. Cant believe I thought he was honest with his claim.

Barely above 5'11
Alex2401 said on 23/Oct/17
Looks solid 6 maybe 183cm
Melyst said on 20/Oct/17
What makes the feeling everyone say a Little over 5'11 and no a flat 5'11? To me looked 5'11 at best I say he was 5'10.5 5'11 righter after bed
King of the hill 91 said on 11/Oct/17
Weake 182 cm range his old listing
Dmeyer said on 8/Oct/17
Late pics hé look 3-4cm over 175cm Fox so CAN look 5'10,75 180cm
Slim 6' said on 7/Oct/17
Robs listing is fine guys, he's a bit taller than 5'11"/180 listed brad pitt: Click Here
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 30/Sep/17
Leo's face doesn't actually appear to be small to me. It's just very stocky, which makes it look a lot smaller than it really is. It was slightly smaller than Tom Hank's face was, however (who has a head that's easily in the 10" inch range). Maybe his face is in the 9.7" inch range?
hardguy said on 29/Sep/17
5ft 11.14in (180.7cm)
robson said on 26/Sep/17
Barefoot, solid 5'11 but nothing more,he is like 182 morning and 180-181 at average,maybe even 179 late evening.In that picture with Jaimie Foxx 2017 he even looks for 178-9 but I can belive Jaimie has 0.5inch higher shoes so clear 5'11 is accurate at least.
Edimar1.84 said on 25/Sep/17
This guy is 5ft11.5, he is not 1.81 at night and at morning probaly 1.83.
Spencer said on 23/Sep/17
5'11" 182 morning.
Yati said on 23/Sep/17
@Tonyx...that picture of Leo with Jamie Foxx. Foxx is wearing lifts for days!
Guest66 said on 21/Sep/17
That pic is one the examples where Leo can look 5'10 range against 5'9 Foxx. But no matter what, Leo is at least 180cm.
Rising - 174 cm said on 20/Sep/17
I don't see Leo more than a weak 5'11" there with 5'9" Foxx, even considering the Adidas Foxx is giving might give him near 1 cm advantage, but on other occasions, Leo in similar shoes as he's wearing there has looked over 2" taller than Foxx: Click Here I'd like to see video of that recent Telethon to see what the actual difference looks like. Foxx can pass for 176 cm these days as well.
Slim said on 18/Sep/17
Tonyx said on 14/Sep/17
Leonardo with Jamie Foxx in 2017.
Click Here
Leo looks 5'11.25" there.
Tonyx said on 14/Sep/17
Leonardo with Jamie Foxx in 2017.
Click Here
Slim said on 12/Sep/17
Only if 5'11.38" was a listing.... he is closer to 180 than 182/183 but he is closer to 5'11.5" than 5'11.25" barely, I think his old listing was ok and his downgrade was unnecessary.
Rising - 174 cm said on 11/Sep/17
Leo looks 5'11" flat at best with Hanks and honestly under it with Spielberg. Tarantino has the oddest posture I've ever seen which can literally make 5'9" Kurt Russell look as tall as him. I doubt Orlando Bloom is much over 5'10" as well.

5'11"-5'11.25" is fine, imo, bit 5'11.5" is pushing it.
Peter181cm said on 10/Sep/17
He is 1.81m or 5'11.25 at the best..
But he not 1.83m or 6' ;)
Original said on 9/Sep/17
Looks 5'11 1/4 with Tom Hanks. I think he is ~183 out of bed and 180,5/181 at night.
Animus said on 7/Sep/17
He's definitely closer to 5'11 than 6'0, let's establish that. The question is where he falls in the 5'11-5'11½ range. Standing poorly Leo can seem no more than a weak 5'11. Standing well under optimal conditions he can seem a good 5'11½. One thing about Leo's height is for sure and that is that he never seems like a six-footer in normal footwear (i.e. sneakers/trainers).

Taking all this into consideration listing DiCaprio at 5'11¼ seems the most balanced and accurate.
Slim said on 5/Sep/17
I agree, such an unnecessary downgrade, his skinny-fat body and low eye level can make him look shorter, but truth is the guys 181.5. He looks identical to watanabe, maybe even a quarter inch away, not sure about footwear though.
MM said on 5/Sep/17

I only gave you an excuse for the Chris Rock picture, I just corrected all your other idiotic estimates based on YOUR ''evidence''. I did say that 5'11.5 is possible, but on your first comment you said he looks 6 feet, which is plain wrong.

Does your boy look 6 feet here too, with Tom Hanks, who claimed to be 6 feet even at his peak height?
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Doesn't look 5'11.5 either.

Does he look 6 feet here, with a guy between 6-6'1 range?

Click Here

F*ck No. He even looks a weak 5'11 in this pic.

Learn to be objective, fanboy. Dicaprio usually looks 5'11 to 5'11.5, with a little above AND below exceptions, hence this 5'11.25 listing. He is nowhere near 6 foot flat.

Have fun!
Willes188 said on 4/Sep/17
Ken Watanabe has at most 1.5-2cm on DiCaprio not a full inch. All the other pictures are just you having bad excuses, I always deliver on evidence like the ones I posted, and it proves that 5'11.5 is a better listing.
Slim said on 4/Sep/17

Jack Lowden: 5'11.5"
Leonardo DiCaprio: 5'11.5"
Christopher Nolan: 5'11.5"

I honestly don't know who's be taller by the mm though.
Editor Rob: they could all measure within a 1/4 inch...
MM said on 3/Sep/17

1) Looks 1 inch shorter than Tarantino but has camera advantage

2) Looks 1 inch taller than Crowe

3) Does look 6 foot with Rock, but footwear and pavement aren't visible, plus it's a close shot.

4) Orlando Bloom is potentially more of a 5'10 guy than 5'10.5, plus he doesn't have a good posture. Dicaprio looks 3 cm taller than him, so as listed.

With Watanabe he looks exactly as listed, 1 inch smaller than him.

I don't think you could argue anything over 5'11.5 for Dicaprio. He could well be 5'11.5 though.
Slim said on 31/Aug/17
Leo's a late bloomer like me, lol.
Sorry will but Leo at 6' would put tom hanks at 6'0.25"+.....
Willes188 said on 30/Aug/17
With 6'1 Tarantino Click Here

With 5'10 Chris Rock Click Here

With 5'10.5 Russel Crow Click Here

With 5'10.5 Orlando Bloom Click Here

With 6'0.25 Ken Watanabe Click Here

With 6'0 Clint Eastwood and 6'4.5 Arnie Hammer

Looks 6ft
James said on 29/Aug/17
I think he is a solid 6 feet
mickey said on 29/Aug/17
strong 5'11. 5'11.5ft
Slim said on 29/Aug/17
Ok Willis, a good picture with Obama he looked 181 range, it's just that Obama has a long skinny face(high eye level) and Leo has a short fat face(low eye level)
Click Here
highlysuspect said on 28/Aug/17
Clooney was never taller than 5'10.5". Now looks 5'10" flat
Pitt 5'11" max
DiCaprio 5'11" max as well. Might be a hair taller than Pitt
Norton peak definitely 6 foot
Hank peak 6 foot too
McConaughey 5'10.75"
Bale Peak 6 foot
Willes188 said on 28/Aug/17
Slim no 188 is fine for now since that's my lowest height.

Good picture with Putin, proves that strong 5'11 (5'11.5) is bang on
Slim183 said on 26/Aug/17
Definitely taller than Vin Diesel.
Jtm said on 26/Aug/17
I doubt blanchett is a full 5'8 let alone a strong 5'8. Look how short she looks with Tim Robbins in heels and also the picture az posted march/15. His footwear looks questionable in that picture. Obama isn't over 6'1 and DiCaprio is more than 2 inches shorter.
Anonymous said on 25/Aug/17
Leo and Putin(169cm by Rob)
Click Here
Slim183 said on 22/Aug/17
How about 186 Obama 20s and 30s(1980s and 1990s) and 184.8 today?
Rising - 174 cm said on 22/Aug/17
I see 5'11"-5'11.25" with Cate, but I can't see Obama as high as 6'1.5", especially with Kobe and Jordan. He really didn't look much different than Trump. I don't think I saw the comment you're referring to on the Taylor Lautner page?
MaskDeMasque said on 21/Aug/17
In the films i've seen him in, i've never seen him as a solid 5'11. I think 5'11 flat is spot on.
Slim183 said on 21/Aug/17
Rising - 174 cm, lol, I take it you saw my comment on the Taylor Lautner page.

Willies188, if ur 189 I'd recommend updating ur nickname, just browse in incognito mode or clear ur history.

Also keep in mind, Leo has a short broad face, aka low eye level and may be why he can look shorter, this is why I judge from the top of the head and not the eye level.

He does look 5'11.5 next to strong 5'8" listed Cate Blanchett. Also Obama was more of a 6'1.5 guy not sure how much he's lost due to stressful job.
Slim183 said on 20/Aug/17
Id 5'11.5 him.
Rising - 174 cm said on 19/Aug/17
@Slim183: I'm just disagreeing that 5'11.5" was a better listing. I think this is closer since the more I look at Leo, the more he looks around the 5'11" mark to me. Btw, off topic, but seems you were 181 not long ago! Unfortunately, my height will only change in the other direction.
Willes188 said on 19/Aug/17
Rob, his shoe size is said to be 12us by the majority of internet sources, do you think that's accurate?

It's interesting how shoe sizes can differ as much as they do, I'm wearing a size 9.5us myself at strong 6'2
Editor Rob: it's a quite big foot for 5ft 11-6ft men, maybe 1.5 sizes above what you might expect.

I had a quick look at his feet though, and they didn't look that much bigger than average, so it's not out of proportion.
5'11.25 at noon. said on 18/Aug/17
Between 0.5 to 1 inch shorter than Chris tucker I'd say he's 5'11.25
Celebheights 6'1.5 said on 18/Aug/17
HonestSlovene said on 9/Aug/17

Norton: 5'11.75"-6'0"
Hanks: 5'11.75" peak, 5'11.5" now
DiCaprio: 5'11.25"-5'11.5"
Pitt: 5'10.75" peak, 5'10.5" now
Clooney: 5'10.5" peak, 5'10" now
Damon: 5'9.5"

Edward Norton: 6'0", although he did look shy of it with Tom Hiddleston. To be fair, however, Tom was probably standing up straighter.
Tom Hanks: 6'0" in his peak, and 5'11 1/2" today. His posture can make him appear taller, just as his proportions often make him appear shorter. He did appear to be 6'1"-6'2" in Forrest Gump, however.
Leonardo Dicaprio: 5'11 1/2", and he really doesn't look any shorter than that.
Brad Pitt: 5'11"
George Clooney: 5'10 3/4", and maybe 5'10 1/2" today? He's shorter than Matthew McConaughey though.
Matt Damon: 5'9 3/4"-5'10" after seeing some more photos of him.
Slim183 said on 18/Aug/17
Rising174, lmao if u think Leo is 5'11.5 max, why are you even arguing? It's just confusing.

I don't mean to start an argument.
JJ said on 17/Aug/17
Rob, how much does he look shorter than Chris Tucker by looking at this picture?
Click Here
MAD SAM said on 17/Aug/17
Cmon guys his height is equal to that of Kelly Rohrbach
He's nothing more than 5'10
Click Here:
Rising - 174 cm said on 17/Aug/17
I disagree, Leo honestly looked more 5'10.5" with Spielberg and Ridley Scott. Tom Hanks had him looking maybe 5'11" flat during events for Catch Me If You Can if Hanks was still 6'0" himself. Obama had Leo looking more a weak 5'11" late last year as he had Leo by a solid 2". In the photo above, I'd say Leo looks more a solid 5'11", say 180.5 cm. I'm fine with 5'11"-5'11.25" range, but I think 5'11.5" would be a max for him.
Slim183 said on 17/Aug/17
5'11.5 was a tad better listing though, but like the Arnold page, this will be endlessly debated as some see Leo as 5'11 flat, wether as some see Leo at 5'11.5
Rising - 174 cm said on 16/Aug/17
Leo can look both over and under 5'11" so this listing is fair.

@HonestSlovene: I'd guess for those guys

Norton: 5'11.75" peak and maybe down to 5'11.5" now
Hanks: 6'0" peak and closer to 5'11" these days, maybe 5'11.25". 5'11.75" peak is also possible of course.
DiCaprio: 5'11", maybe 5'11.25" as listed
Pitt: 5'10.5". I see no evidence he's lost anything, but 5'10.75" is about as likely.
Clooney: 5'10.5" peak, 5'10" current
Damon: 5'9.5"

So we're pretty close with our guesses.
Junior said on 16/Aug/17

He can't be only lost 1cm in a day. He should be 182cm morning out of bed, 180cm in evening/night.
Slim183 said on 16/Aug/17
5'10.75 is harsh, I would argue 5'11 minimum. Leo would edge out guys like brad, Scott Eastwood, and fassbender for sure.
Andy said on 14/Aug/17
I have seen all his movies I grew up watching him turn into the big star he is now. I believe hes 181cm in the morning out of bed, 180cm in evening.
Willes188 said on 13/Aug/17
Slim he is obviously taller than 6'2 range, the 6'4 as listed wouldn't shock me. This just proves that DiCaprio could have been better with the previous 5'11.5 listing.
Original said on 13/Aug/17
180,5 at night.
Leo said on 13/Aug/17
Leo and Ben Stiller(June 94)
Click Here
Slim 182 cm said on 11/Aug/17
For starters, that guy doesn't even have a listing on here, he's probably nowhere near that mark, probably 6'2 range and finally we don't even know their shoes, so it doesn't really mean much.
Willes188 said on 11/Aug/17
Norton is one of the most solid 6fters in Hollywood...
Wayne said on 10/Aug/17
Next to 6'4" french animator Denis Brogniart Click Here looks a legit 6' here
Slim 182 cm said on 9/Aug/17
I doubt pitt has lost more than an eighth of an inch ATM.
A weak 5'11 would be great for pitt, it would explain why he looks a strong 5'10(178) with half an inch of footwear, and a weak (182)6' with 2 inches of footwear. Nortons slouch kinda makes him look shorter+ he did break his back a few years back, Wouldent surprise me if rob saw norton before his injury and gave him a 6'0.25 upgrade. But no more than 183.5 absolutely maximum.

But I wouldent judge nortons height from fight club as pitt wore boots, stood with millitary posture and may have had the camera angle advantage.

Click Here

All those guys are great actors btw, yes even Pitt and Clooney who they say are overrated for their looks and whatnot.

Heights are barefeet estimates, derived from quotations, official websites, agency resumes, in person encounters with actors at conventions and pictures/films.

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