How tall is Lindsay Kay Hayward

Lindsay Kay Hayward's Height

6ft 8 ¼ (203.8 cm)

Peak height was 6ft 9 (205.7 cm)
American actress and former wrestler (Isis) who has appeared in R100. She says she is "6'8 1/4 tall" although "By age 13, I was 6' 9", but later lost about 3/4" in height due to a slipped disc."

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Peak: 6ft 9.07in (205.9cm)
Current: 6ft 8.14in (203.6cm)
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 15/Jul/19
@straightahead Somehow maybe you're right shes no chance to be 6'6 but maybe she is still a little over 6'4 because we don't know the high top snow boots she wear gain how much when she walk through the door, but that Krista who claim 6'6 is ridiculous claiming too high as well that i have watch some short clips she look 1.5 maybe 2" shorter than Lindsay. I believe Lindsay maybe max 6'5 like Colleen Smith. But if Lindsay is really only 6'4 there will be a big disappointment for Colleen Smith being 6'4 and Krista 6'2-6'2.5". Nancy Mulkey i respect the most she is still the most noticeable real giant girl in My Giant Life than the rest of the girls. Click Here Katja measure at near 6'6 3/4 in boots i was shocked to see this clip at 0:11 you may take a look, Katja boots heels look to be close to 1.5".
Sotiris Gravas said on 15/Jul/19
Here she is w/ Robert Rhine from 2013 (footwear visible)... Click Here On Instagram she claims her platforms are only 4.5", but in that video, she says 6".

Hayward in heels w/ maybe 6'9" Nancy Mulkey in flats... Click Here , Click Here
Better look at Hayward's footwear... Click Here

A different time together, Mulkey in flats again, Hayward, 6'6" Colleen Smith and 6'5" Haleigh Hampton all in heels... Click Here
Footwear: Click Here

How can Hayward be 6'8.25" when even in 2-inch heels, she can look 2" shorter than 6'9" Mulkey in flats? It doesn't make sense. There's no way she's that tall. Hayward can look as low as 6'6" barefoot. Zero chance she's what Rob lists her as. Impossible.
straightahead said on 13/Jul/19
@Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 you clearly didnt see the entire video, since Robert asked her if she was over 7ft and she said yes because of the big platforms she weared, SO in that video Lindsay has 6 inch footwear. Then if you read the comments Robert says himself "And I'm 5' 10" (which imo includes footwear since he didnt look to be 5'10 next to Tyler Mane). Funny how you mentioned doorways, thats how i first found out about Lindsay since she always walked through them with ease wearing big boots, and it was some inches left for her head. So even in this case: Click Here again wearing boots and a couple of inches left, to say atleast - she has alot of hair packed. So 6'4 is tops for me. Nancy i think could be a legit 6'8 barefeet, and she was the taller one in flats even when Lindsay had her heels on
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 10/Jul/19
@straightahead Click Here this clip we couldn't see their heels differences so how to compare an atual height different? Also added Robert Rhine could be lower or higher than 5'10 we don't know it. You had Lindsay max 6'4 that is too low from the perspective from My Giant Life i agree all overexaggerate their height from 1" up to 3". The few who claim 1" is honest i can go along they are Colleen Smith, Nancy Mulkey, Katja Bavendam. Others is like 2-3". We go for the comparison of 6'5 Colleen with Lindsay there is 3cm between them but look to be only 1cm if we check on footwear so the worst is still 6'5 3/8 inch for Lindsay not 6'3-6'4 that is ridiculous. Click Here 0:22-0:23 Nancy duck through a 6'8 door in shoes so shes at least 6'8.
straightahead said on 10/Jul/19
Tunman said on 5/Jul/19
Stop at 1:31 You can see that Colleen looks 8" taller(assuming her head is like 9.5") than her 5'10 boyfriend and she's in flats while he has boots so about 9" difference.Although I'm not 100% sure about the ground,I know the guy is honest so 6'6.5"is fine enough.

Thats more like a 7 inch difference than 8, i have seen 6'5 guys looking taller than that next to someone who is 5'10 and that guy is nowhere near 5'10. Then add to the fact that 99% of the americans will tell their height WITH footwear (so why wouldnt he?) Every single one on that show overexaggerate their height.

The photo i posted of Robert Rhine and Tyler Mane is all the proof you need
straightahead said on 6/Jul/19
Junior Hernandez 1990: why do you compare these girls from the show with each other?! its like comparing one billed wrestler with another one. Instead you should compare her to ppl of known height, or for example a standard 6'8 doorway (...which she can easily walk straight under wearing big boots)

5'10 Robert Rhine and Lindsay + 6 inch platforms, do you see even close to 16(!) inches of a difference here?!(asuming his footwear is approx 1 inch): Click Here
Robert and 6'7-6'8 Tyler Mane: Click Here
Tunman said on 5/Jul/19
Rob,how tall would you guess this man is (the woman is 6'5)
Click Here:
Maybe somewhere between 5'9 and 10?Anyways I saw that very tall women often don't mind to choose a shorter partner.Ironically it would be much more difficult for such man to get say a 5'11 woman.Could be the fact that at 5'11+men are still available but much less at 6'5+?
Tunman said on 5/Jul/19
Click Here
Stop at 1:31 You can see that Colleen looks 8" taller(assuming her head is like 9.5") than her 5'10 boyfriend and she's in flats while he has boots so about 9" difference.Although I'm not 100% sure about the ground,I know the guy is honest so 6'6.5"is fine enough.
Tunman said on 5/Jul/19
lol at 6'3-4 barefeet.It doesn't make sense to bring her to that show if she was only that height.She's still taller than Colleen Smith who is 6'6.5(she rounds down to 6'6)but not by much,still 6'7 minimum though.
Hampton got also a 6'6 listing which is already more believable than 6'7 although possibly morning height,more likely 6'5.5"evening.
Nancy is probably as honest as Colleen looks every bit of her 6'9 claim.
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 1/Jul/19
@straightahead What you mean those are 5-6 inches heels? Okey those were at least 3" but maybe near 4" i don't think its over it and 5-6 inches it is off Click Here Haleigh Hampton claim 6'7 and standing right next to 6'9 1/2 Nancy Mulkey (wear flats) still look 1.5" shorter and we can say Hampton is 6'8 with those 2.5" heels and 6'5.5" barefoot and there is no way Lindsay is shorter than her. The worst could believe Lindsay 6'9 claim was her WWE billed height and she's at least 6'7 and slipped disc making her drop into 6'6 1/4 zone as most of the time she always fit in some big heels and even heel boots that is thick. But Hampton could even be 2" shorter than Nancy because Nancy is further from camera behind her. Lets just say Haleigh Hampton is 6'5 and Lindsay Kay Hayward is 6'6 1/4, i need to add on this girl Lexie next to 6'9 1/2 KD Click Here she was also on the TLC My Giant Life show and she claim 6'6 that is very BS look at struggle to reach 6'4 1/4 without a hair next to KD who tilt his head down a bit and i saw a video clip during her college volleyball interview she even claim 6'7. Click Here Colleen Smith is also quite honest claim 6'6 maybe 6'5 barefoot look taller than Haleigh Hampton you can see both standing on straight line Click Here,
Katja Bavendam is also more honest 6'8 than those girls look at least 6'7 and Nancy Mulkey 6'9 somehow reliable and look at least 6'9 with sneakers. So i don't think you can rule that out 6'3-6'4 for Katja that is far lower her barefoot height. Biggest lies on the show should still be 6'4 Lexie Majors. Katja, Nancy and Colleen real height were just estimation maybe they were really what the internet listed them although i rule it out barefoot height an inch down i might be wrong. Click Here Check out this clip Lindsay in normal looking boots is no way 2.25" taller than 6'6 Colleen Camp in flat slipper we can see 0:10-0:11 there is only 1.25" between them walking.
straightahead said on 28/Jun/19
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 1/May/19
Click Here Nancy Mulkey (blue and black striped dress) is 6'9 1/2 with flats here and not shorter than Lindsay, Lindsay heels wasn't lower than 3". Click Here Heres a closer look when Nancy and Lindsay stand next to each other close, Lindsay look half inch taller when compress down her thicker hair when means Lindsay is at least 6'10 with 3" heels and shes like 6'7 and probably barely 6'7 max and 6'8 with sneakers. I previously thought she was Greg Davies height, i think i'm wrong about this.

Those heels arent 3 inches, but more like 5-6. Theres no way shes taller than 6'3-6'4 barefeet and the same goes for Katja
Tunman said on 26/Jun/19
Yeah,but the pics of that show aren't that reliable Click Here: hard to tell who is taller although I still think Lindsay might edge out Nancy,which taking off a good 2.25 heel advantage won't make Lindsay more than 6'7.25 barefeet (possibly 6'8.25 in sneakers?)
I think some heights might be measured in shoes possibly even early in the day like Haleigh Hampton,the girl next to Nancy who claims 6'7 but looks more 6'5.5 next to her 5'8 husband (who has probably slightly thicker shoes)Click Here:
cmillzz said on 5/Jun/19
I doubt a disc injury can cause that much height loss. Very skeptical of it.
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 1/May/19
Click Here Nancy Mulkey (blue and black striped dress) is 6'9 1/2 with flats here and not shorter than Lindsay, Lindsay heels wasn't lower than 3". Click Here Heres a closer look when Nancy and Lindsay stand next to each other close, Lindsay look half inch taller when compress down her thicker hair when means Lindsay is at least 6'10 with 3" heels and shes like 6'7 and probably barely 6'7 max and 6'8 with sneakers. I previously thought she was Greg Davies height, i think i'm wrong about this.
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 29/Apr/19
I don't think shes ever legit 6'9. Maybe not a low measurement or just 6'8 3/4 round up 6'9 and probably not over 6'8 as i remember shes not taller than 6'8 Katja Bavendam. In opposite side Katja look to be the taller one. Lindsay could be somewhere 6'7.75-6'8" like Greg Davies.
straightahead said on 7/Jan/19
I rest my case. Kim Blacklock was clearly measured by Guiinness with her big boots on; Click Here so why would Lindsay have been measured any different? and even when wearing her big boots, she is no way near the 7ft mark Click Here she looks approx 6'8 at best, and then add to this that ppl appearing taller in mug shots than what they really are.

Rob seriously? 6'8 1/4 is absolutely ridiculous. She isnt even CLOSE to that...
Editor Rob
I would say Blacklock is at a photo opportunity, not an actual measurement.
I don't know what Lindsay's boot thickness is, or how far off her measured height she is standing.
straightahead said on 6/Jan/19
If Guinness themselfs claims 6'8 1/4 then you cannot ask for a better evidence - for a hoax. Guinness are making the fastest even faster, smallest smaller and the biggest even bigger, and so on - thats their entire selling point. I know a woman who tried go get her dog into Guinness, the problem was that she was too honest. She was measuring her dog at his withers, while the previous record holders was measuring their dogs at the top of its head (and advertising it as shoulder heights) so it wouldnt surprise me if Lindsay mas measured to 6'8 1/4 in her HEELS...!
straightahead said on 6/Jan/19
she's like 6'4 at best
Michael, 5'10" 178 cm said on 4/Dec/18
I could buy 6'9" for her peak, most wrestlers do lose some height after all. However, she still claimed 6'9" on the TLC series My Giant Life, even though she knows she lost height and she's obviously lying. She looked shorter than 6'9" Nancy Mulkey in the show and appears to be more around 6'8" range because she looked like 6'8" at most compared to the other 6'6" and taller women. She is still a very tall woman though, so I don't know why she would lie. She lost at least 3 cm. Lindsay was 6'9 at peak, more like 6'8" now.
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 16/Nov/18
My friend who use to be a solid 5'9 3/4 between 15-19 years old and lost 3/4 due to slipped disc just like Lindsay. Many younger people lost the same amount of 3/4 inch due to slipped disc issues some even lost up to 2".
Rodrigo Teixeira said on 1/Sep/18
Hello everyone, I'm from Brazil and I was astonished to see her talking to me, measuring 2.06 tall: Obviously this is a lie, how is she going to have it all? Look at her height well without any filming trick and the tactics between the celebrities who are around her: do you really think she has such a disproportionate height? If so, are you either blind or very ingenous: she is normal in height. Of course, if she is 1.90 in height, already it's a lot: if you compare her to the very high actors in American cinema, she's lower than all of them: where is she more than 2 meters high? she's fooling you: because dolph ludgren has 1.96 of height, at least according to certain sources, and she is by no means ever taller than he, and moreover, must be even lower: stop with this absurd belief: it is almost the height of a door?: here, where I live, the doors have 2 meters and 10: she is lying and you believe: she is very displayed and a liar:
MAD SAM said on 11/Jul/18
206 cm peak height 😂 ; 204 cm now
Nik said on 18/Jun/18
I have got to say that Lindsay looks tall, in fact very tall, but I would not have said 6'8.25" based on this picture! I trust Rob and the average vote!
Christian-6'5 3/8" said on 15/Jun/18

I disagree. Even fat (no offense to Lindsay) people who're tall have proportions that are different than medium and short fat people. You can tell just by this pic that she's very tall.
Christian-6'5 3/8" said on 14/Jun/18

I disagree. Even fat (no offense to Lindsay) people who're tall have proportions that are different than medium and short fat people. You can't tell just by this pic that she's very tall.
Nick B said on 13/Jun/18
In video interviews, she comes across as a real laugh. Wrestling wasn’t for her ... it’s claimed she was kicked out of WWE for attitude problems but WWE is a notorious snake pit for backstabbing politics. Chances are, she ran into the same brick wall as Chyna where guys refused to sell for her but what Diva short of Beth Phoenix realistically stands any chance against a 6’8”, 250lb giantess like Lindsay? On top of everything else, she’s extremely strong, probably stronger than any woman in WWE history bar Possibly Chyna and Nicole Bass. She’s probably stronger than a good proportion of current male WWE superstars to be honest and as strong as the Undertaker these days. On YouTube, there used to be a video of her running around an office giving piggybacks to a series of guys 6’4” and over and laughing her head off while doing it. Anyway, I hope she has some acting talent because she could be pretty successful on TV or in the movies if so.
Jason 193cm said on 21/Mar/18
Interesting proportions. In the pic she looks like an average height woman.
Canson said on 20/Mar/18
even said on 20/Mar/18
age 25 = 6 foot 9 hands down , today you have to subtract half an inch
Pete Pilarinos said on 5/Feb/18
I am of the opinion that she is not over 6'8 at this time. 6'9 is believable in her prime though.
Marcus Paulo said on 4/Feb/18
Rob Do You think there is a possibility that Lindsay has less than 6 ' 7 without shoes?
Editor Rob
She might look that short in some photos, but I do believe she still measures above that range.
Paulo J?nior said on 29/Jan/18
Rob ,,,I think they included the height of her hair because she seems to actually have 6 ' 7, or measured her with shoes, plus she doesn't seem to have it all.
Paulo said on 28/Jan/18
Rob....How does Guinness make this average account of the three measurements of height taken on the day? Does anyone know what the calculation is?
Editor Rob
From what I gather, for anybody who takes part in a height measurement, it's done 3 times and average taken.
Realist said on 20/Jul/17
Wow she doesn't look that tall lol at my 5'9 to weak 5'10 she would have an easy 10 or 11 inches on me.
even said on 19/Jul/17
peak = 6 foot 9 now = 6 foot 8 weight = a minimum 270 pounds
Tyson said on 12/Jul/17
Out of bed 6'9.5, maybe 6'9.75
Low 6'8.5

Peak height: 6'8.75

@A cool guy
218 cm male version
even said on 5/Jul/17
she was a legitimate 6 foot 9 . but she seams to have lost an inch .

im really really sorry but i dont think that 6'9" is the ideal height for a woman i mean its too tall im so sorry to say that so sorry .
A cool guy said on 24/Jun/17
7'3 in male version.
Lee168cm said on 6/May/17
Would she be close to 7 foot in the above photo?
Editor Rob: probably 6ft 11 range, considering that she may be nearer 6ft 8 than 9 in the photo.
Mark(5'9.25") said on 19/Apr/17
Taller than Tyler Mane even if she lost height.

6'9" peak

6'8" 1/4 are fine.
jessman said on 11/Feb/17
Saw her with her dad on a tv documentary. He was a little shorter than her so 6'7 seems about right. They had been estranged for years and she also met her half-brother (on her dad's side) but he was much, much shorter than her. She also mentioned that her mom is 5'11. Her mom looked this height next to Lindsay.
Mimi said on 10/Feb/17
She says on the wendy williams show that her dad is 6ft7 and mom is 5ft11-6ft
Bioshock12345 said on 10/Jan/17
What do you think her height would be in heels
Editor Rob: Bio, in a normal heel she will be about 6ft 11 range, but even a simple 1-inch style platform heel, she could be brushing against that 7ft mark.
Guyster said on 17/Dec/16
An enormous woman very good wrestler, hope she keeps wrestling she is big and beautiful, i would.say Kevin Nash would edge her in a.staredown wearing equal footwear of course, i do admit it.would be close.
jacob said on 6/Dec/16
Rob what about my second question?
Editor Rob: jacob, somewhere around mouth of big Lindsay and probably even a bit above eyebrow of Gwendoline.
jacob said on 4/Dec/16
Rob who you think will be taller lindsay kay in flats or gwendoline christie in max heels.
I am 183 cm tall, I think I'll reach eye level of gwendoline and chin level of lindsay kay, Am i correct?
Editor Rob: jacob, I'd still say big Lindsey would edge her out, but if you mean 5 inches style heels, then they would be far closer.
Leonardo 1.73m said on 26/Nov/16
Click Here
Leonardo 1.73m said on 26/Nov/16
Can you put up her recent claim like her peak? This is a injustice for Gwendoline Christie.
M said on 22/Nov/16
By this photo above I would never say she is that tall(Like she is 1.75m)
Josh Jeffords said on 17/Nov/16
Good god she is as tall as my biggest friend!
And still hot now that is an amazon!
Leonardo 1.73m said on 15/Aug/16
The measurements of Guinness are a average of morning/afternoon/evening, so really she was between 6'8.25-6'8.5 (204 cm) in her peak because "Amazon" Eve is 6'6.75 with Rob.
S.J.H said on 9/Aug/16
She still claiming 6'9 on a youtube show and variety show
mrtguy said on 31/Jul/15
She looks 3 inches shorter than Big Show and 5 inches shorter than Ian Whyte.
Mouse22 said on 26/Jul/15
It seems close, but Lindsay says about herself nowadays that she's 5'8.5"; she talked to me a few times on Twitter and Instagram and, btw, seems to be an extremely nice lady who loves her dog and and enjoys compliments, perhaps particularly such which refer to things beside her height.
joe 193cm night said on 15/Mar/15
So guys like Ian Whyte could be taller than her, she is very high
182 at lunchtime said on 5/Mar/15
It's amazing because I don't know this girl, and without a reference point, I would have said maybe 5'5 or something.

So is just larger/taller in perfect proportion, very interesting indeed!
Tunman said on 13/Feb/15
In an article she said she wouldn't date anyone under 6'4
Imagine the Rock being rejected for being too short.
Except maybe Valerie Vili,no women names come to my mind as possibly stronger than her
Grottesca said on 2/Feb/15
Wow, she's a true amazon. Gorgeous.
EzioAuditore711 said on 20/Jan/15
Kane would be shorter than her.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 20/Jan/15
She's taller than Undertaker, Kane and Sid Eudy. A match between those four would turn pro-wrestling into an SNL skit!
Jake T. said on 20/Jan/15
Wow...a really tall woman, I wonder how would she look next to big guys like Kane or Big Show
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 19/Jan/15
Rob I'm 192cm on the nose (6:30pm).
Would I meet her eyeline?
[Editor Rob: yes you would probably just be around there. She's not afraid of wearing high heels at times though, so in that sense you might be looking under her chin.]
tiny said on 19/Jan/15
Lindsay was imposing as a high school athlete and has only become bigger and stronger as she has aged. As a high school basketball player she was listed at 6'9" & 220 lbs at age 14 and now she has gained weight and tips the scales at 260 lbs. As Isis the wrestling star she used to quit effortlessly lift other male wrestlers. She has broad shoulders and is very strong.
Judd said on 18/Jan/15
Bishop says on 17/Jan/15
Not the best pic since we can't see footwear, but here is Amazon Eve next to the Wadlow statue: Click Here

from that picture she looks like a 6'9-9.5" girl, but as you said before we don't know what kind of shoes did she wear...
I think she could be in the 6'6"-6'8" range, but precisely i don't know...
Doink said on 17/Jan/15
Lindsay was actually measured at 6'8" 1/4 by Guinness, so that height's 100% legit (measured 3x during the day, both standing up and lying down).
Click Here

I don't believe the "I was legit 6-9 until I had a slipped disc in my back" story though. She was listed at 6-9 for basketball by the time she was 16 and never "grew" after that.
Paul said on 17/Jan/15
I think this new entry may have been prompted by myself who mentioned Lindsay 14th Jan at 206cm elsewhere on this site. Nice one if so. Didn't know she was a bit less height wise now though.
Andrea said on 17/Jan/15
I would never use a picture like that to guess someone's height but she does look like she could be 5 inches shorter than the barrier which means she's 6'8 range... IN BOOTS! So, no, she doesn't look her claim there but as i said i prefer to compare people to people ;)
Here she is with big heels next to 185-186 Evander Holyfield who strangely holds his own next to her :) There, she doesn't look 6'8.25 too...
Tunman said on 17/Jan/15
Actually she's rather nice looking for a woman in her range which is quite rare.
Maria Stepanova is another giantess who also looks not bad.
Arch Stanton said on 17/Jan/15
Could be 4 inches off the barrier, and I doubt those boots give that much height, they're relatively flat. I think the 6'8.25 is legit, I mean, why would a guy that tall let alone gal exaggerate.
Arch Stanton said on 17/Jan/15
Click Here I dunno, there she looks about, what, 5 inches off it and is in boots!
Arch Stanton said on 17/Jan/15
If you g image her there's a picture of her in boots standing under a 7'1" barrier and she's not that far off it.
Bishop said on 17/Jan/15
Not the best pic since we can't see footwear, but here is Amazon Eve next to the Wadlow statue: Click Here
Vegas said on 17/Jan/15
for those asking for comparisons

lindsay standing (in heels) with bill apter Click Here
sid eudy (whom rob has currently at 6'6) with apter Click Here
Andrea said on 17/Jan/15
The link isn't working, even if i think to know what is the picture you're talking about which, btw, is completely useless...
[Editor Rob: hit ctrl+f5 or return to see it if it says 'referral denied'.]
Tommo said on 17/Jan/15
Thanks for adding Rob!
Vegas said on 17/Jan/15
her old college basketball bio Click Here
Judd said on 17/Jan/15
Rob any chance you will reserve a page to Amazon Eve?
She's a super tall woman, like Lindsay...
linke said on 17/Jan/15
She was signed by WWE for the all divas NXT season but was cut for some reasons. She was described as 6'9.
Judd said on 17/Jan/15
Judd says on 16/Jan/15
rob you know how tall could be Mikayla Miles? she does look a super tall woman...
[Editor Rob: she does claim 6ft 3]

really, only 6'3"...i guessed she was at least 6'5"...her feet are something like 28-29 cms long...XD
Arch Stanton said on 17/Jan/15
What would you guess for her weight Rob? She'd have to be near 250 lbs surely? Anything between 240 and 260 is probably in the ballpark, in some pics she looks to have gained weight though.
[Editor Rob: yes 240-50 range]
Arch Stanton said on 17/Jan/15
What makes it even more remarkable is that her mother is actually half Korean, and Koreans and Eastern Asian women are usually tiny!!
Arch Stanton said on 17/Jan/15
I don't know about anybody else here but I find her oddly attractive LOL in a "sit on you in bed and squash you bullyish sort of way" hehe.. She looks like she has charisma and might be a really nice person.
Tunman said on 16/Jan/15
Okay after looking to more pics,maybe not as hot as one could have expected from the above pic.
BTW in an article,it says that she was 6' at 9 and 6'9 at 13.I wonder where she got her height from,maybe some family members were 7'+?
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 16/Jan/15

Let me guess, 6ft3-4 mother and 6ft8-6ft10 father Rob?
[Editor Rob: 6ft 7 Father.]
Arch Stanton said on 16/Jan/15
Yeah the 6'8.25 seems honest. She easily looks it!! Andrea might disagree though, we'll have a comparison with Magic Johnson before you know it! ;-)
Tunman said on 16/Jan/15
Imagine,she's 6"taller than Gwendoline Christie.
A true giantess.And she looks hot isn't she?
FlameBoy said on 16/Jan/15
Jesus Christ that is one Towering imposing female i Am Around 5 ft 6 what part of her body would i come up to out of Interest ?
[Editor Rob: your eyes probably would be at chest height on her.]
Judd said on 16/Jan/15
rob you know how tall could be Mikayla Miles? she does look a super tall woman...
[Editor Rob: she does claim 6ft 3]

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