How tall is Logan Lerman

Logan Lerman's Height

5ft 7 ½ (171.5 cm)

American Actor best known for roles in the Percy Jackson movies, 3:10 to Yuma and Fury.

How tall is Logan Lerman
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Average Guess (45 Votes)
5ft 7.39in (171.2cm)
dreus23 said on 15/Apr/23
Rob, wouldn't you say he looks quite a bit taller than this here:

Click Here= (I actually thought it was Tyler Posey first since that's usually also how Posey looks with O'Brien)

Click Here

Click Here
(I think O'Brien has thicker shoes here as well)

Click Here
(Compare to Masi Oka and Sanada)

Click Here
(Aaron is probably wearing heels here as well)

Looks minimum 5'8 to me
Editor Rob
5ft 8 isn't impossible, though would be highest I could attempt to argue.
Joe chidiac said on 4/Apr/23
There’s no way he’s 5’9.
In fury with brad Pitt there is a minimum 10 cm difference
Here’s the link Click Here
moe amine said on 18/Mar/23
this comments section is funny the guy is 174 cm stop cutting height from every celeb
Realist said on 4/Feb/23
I think 5'7.5 is fair for him. I saw a movie Hoot which was filmed when Logan was 13. He looked to be 5'4 or 5'5 during the filming of that movie. He grew a legit 2 or 3 inches after 13.5 that's not a lot of growth. I grew 2.5 inches after 14.5 so with that being said. Guys who don't grow much after 13 or 14 usually aren't super tall unless they're already very tall for their age.
Alex1.1 said on 20/Jan/23
He's a very good looking guy but rather short! Looks tall next to Al Pacino who is more than likely about 5.4ft now at 82 years old!
SAMU said on 9/Feb/21
He believes that 5'7.25 is ideal.
Mimi said on 19/Jan/21
Happy 29th birthday to this gorgeous man Logan Lerman! 🎂🥳 Can't believe he's almost 30 as he was only 18 when he did Percy Jackson.
Leesheff85 said on 23/Dec/20
5ft 7.5 is fine for him
Yang (5 footer 8, 173, Aries) said on 12/Sep/20
Strong solid 5ft 7 IMO.
Paul Wood said on 2/Apr/20
On the short side, but not unusually so. According to the CDC percentile calculator for a 20 year old man (20 is the maximum age allowed in the calculator) 171.5cm is almost at the 23rd percentile and 172cm is almost at the 25th percentile (i.e. one in four 20 year old males are that height or shorter).
Nik said on 19/Aug/18
@ Letorgi - He doesn't look anywhere near 5'9" in the picture above!
khaled taban said on 17/Aug/18
5'7.75"/172cm is the best guess
delancey said on 28/Feb/17
Looks this height next to Lebouef who I am convinced is actually a 174cm/high range 5'8 kinda guy.
Vibram said on 10/Oct/16
Look at this pic. Click Here Did Brad forget his lifts? I think Logan is wearing his and is tilting slightly.

In my opinion

Bernthal: 178cm
Lerman: 172cm
Pitt: 177cm
Lebouef: 174cm
Pena: 172-173cm
Sully said on 20/Aug/16
Hi Rob , he looked about 2 cm-3cm shorter than Shia Labeouf in Fury , do you think Logan might be 172 cm - 173 cm?
sam said on 1/Jul/16
then why does he always look shorter than alexandra daddario in lightning thief, and she's not even a full 5'7
Editor Rob
not sure what kind of footwear daddario had, but I'm sure it wasn't just a sneaker?
word1234 said on 6/Jan/16
hey rob did you use to have a page for brandon t jackson?
Editor Rob
no, I never added him yet, I know he claimed 5ft 9 a few times, he could be somewhere in 5ft 7 range, he wasn't happy about some 5ft 6 listings out there on the web ;)
the shredder said on 27/Nov/15
This guy is not even a full 5'7.
Columbus said on 2/Feb/15
in an interview with jimmy kimmel he said his dad makes stuff like shoe lifts...hmmmm LOL. No doubt he wears them
Eclipse said on 29/Nov/14
5'7. Post-Percy Jackson fame, he's been wearing lifts at public events. Much like Sylvester Stallone, Robert Downey Jr., and James McAvoy.
Clumsy said on 20/Nov/14
Looks only 2 cm shorter than shia. Saying that, i still think he is 171 cm. shia 173 cm (shia needs a downgrade).
Drew said on 23/Oct/14
@word1234 Logan looks like he edges out Pena by a fraction of an inch, while Shia looks a solid inch or more over Logan. If Shia really is as listed on here, then I could easily believe 5'7-5'7.5" for Pena/Logan.
word1234 said on 22/Oct/14
Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

I think we need clarification here! Is Pena 5'7 is shia 5'9 and is Logan 5'7.5
word1234 said on 22/Oct/14
Click Here

Click Here
word1234 said on 21/Oct/14
Click Here looks 5'6.75 next to 5'11 bernthal. After seeing the fury premiere Pena is probably more 5'6.25-5'6.5 than a full 5'7
Master Jedi said on 18/Oct/14
At the Fury Premiere with 5'9 listed Shia LaBeouf, 5'7 Michael Pena, 5'11 Jon Bernthal, and 5'11 Brad Pitt

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here
Clumsy said on 12/Oct/14
Looks 5'8" to me. maybe 172 cm is a better guess.
Drew said on 30/Aug/14
5'7.5" seems right.
Drew said on 30/Aug/14
@rm, Logan looks as listed in that picture imo.
Y said on 10/Aug/14
Looks 5'8 in Noah
Realist said on 26/Jun/14
Rob could he be 5'7.25 ? What height do u think he is at night 171.1? Definitely not 5'9.
Drew said on 1/Feb/14
@Adam, many people seem to think Shia is around 173 or 174cm. That may very well be the case.
Adam said on 28/Jan/14
Logan is not 4 cm shorter than shia labeouf. Click Here and Click Here . I realize shia is slouching in 2nd pic and do think he is taller than Logan but not more than 2 cm. either shia needs a slight downgrade, or Logan needs a slight upgrade
Josh said on 29/Aug/13
5'6.5'' or 5'7" flat.
Balrog said on 2/Aug/13
He looked 5'7'' max next to Ezra Miller. Maybe Miller is taller, Rob?
da_truth said on 25/Jul/13
Drew says on 9/Jul/13
Next to Brad Pitt and Shia LaBeouf, 5'7.5-3/4" max for Logan, this listing is fair. Click Here


Fair assessment...and Shia looks like he's in Military Boots (roughly 2 inches added on).
Drew said on 9/Jul/13
Next to Brad Pitt and Shia LaBeouf, 5'7.5-3/4" max for Logan, this listing is fair. Click Here
jo said on 14/Jun/13
Click Here
Excelsior said on 17/Feb/13
Just got done watching Perks, and everybody is probably right in their guesses. 5'7" max. Looks very tiny next to Ezra Miller - no getting around that. Emma Watson, on the other hand, looked his height or just a tiny bit shorter. Sure, she was wearing heels throughout the movie, but I think Logan might have been too. Notice how Joan Cusack sat down while barefoot Logan stood in that last scene. That would have been awkward.
Balrog said on 21/Jan/13
The listing is fine, but he gives the impression of less height, at first I thought he was 5'6'' range but he does looks 5'7'' range in the pics posted.
Joey said on 24/Nov/12
He is only 5'6.5'' or 5'7" flat. Nothing more!
J said on 10/Oct/12
At least 5 inches taller than Emma Watson (look for Perks photos from Pittsburgh last May, ignore premiere photos) who is a bit less than 5'3" in real life.
Drew said on 5/Jun/12
Next to 5'11 listed Ezra Miller at the MTV movie awards,and every other picture shoes the same height difference. I think this listing is spot on correct.

Click Here

PS, glad the site is back up :D
Drew said on 5/Jun/12
Next to 5'11 listed Ezra Miller at the MTV movie awards, this listing is spot on correct. PS, glad CH is back up :D.
CK said on 10/Feb/12
I agree with Drew, he's still 5'7.5" and likely finished growing. He was on Ellen about 3 months ago and didn't look much taller than her.
Drew said on 8/Feb/12
@Tyler, In very recent photos he appears as listed, 5'7.5". He was probably wearing lifts during that premiere. That pic is nearly 2 years old and he still looks the exact same height since then. Here he is with 5'8 listed Alexandra Daddario. Click Here
Tyler said on 7/Feb/12
Rob, I believe he needs an upgrade to 5'8.5". Please look here?

Click Here
Click Here
luluizawesome said on 1/Jan/12
logan is about 5'8 and will grow in his twenties but... he is taller than brandon T. jackson
Chris said on 5/Dec/11
Weak 5'8. In the pic with Emma he's closer to the camera and Emma is holding some movies so she's not standing straight...
heightheightheight said on 24/Nov/11
I think he's no more than 5'8...but then again, these actors can wear elevated shoes in public.
TruebloodFan said on 5/Nov/11
looks 5'8 flat.
Fry said on 4/Nov/11
Definitely 5'7.5" as listed - has a 5" advantage over Perks co-star Emma Watson, who is at least 2 inches less than listed here.
Drew said on 21/Oct/11
Saw him on the Ellen show and looked just slightly taller than 5'7 Ellen. This listing seems pretty acurate
jackie said on 3/Oct/11
I've met him and he actually seems closer to the 5'7" mark...or maybe that's just me
Gained weight instead said on 18/Aug/11
I think he's barely over five eight in the morning. Probably 171 on a bad day.
Drew said on 16/Aug/11
173 max is fair, nothing more.
Meat said on 15/Aug/11
I'm pretty sure he's a bit taller than this, 173-174cm.
ashley said on 23/Jun/11
im pretty sure logan lerman is 5'8
Jay said on 3/Jun/11
@Drew in the photo you posted, the height difference is essentially exactly the same as the photo Nina posted. Incidentally, Emma Watson is between 5'2" and 5'4", not anywhere near 5'5". There's at least a five or six inch height difference between them, so Logan is probably about 5'8" max (unless Emma is SHORTER than 5'3" or so, and apparently she is much shorter than she says so...)
Drew said on 31/May/11
Also, Chris Columbus must be under 5'8", since 172cm Yu Inaba looks exact same height as Logan, and is also taller than Columbus. Yu Inaba is one of far left. Click Here
Drew said on 31/May/11
@Nina, that is just a bad camera angle, and here is another pic of same day, Logan has shoe advantage also over 5'5" listed Emma Watson. Click Here
Nina said on 29/May/11
He can't be that short! Look at him with Emma Watson:
Click Here
Cranberries said on 29/May/11
I'd say 5'8.5" is closer to the truth, comparing him to 5'7" Brandon T. Jackson and 5'8" Chris Columbus. He's easily taller than both. And this was over a year ago.
Click Here
Looks almost 2 inches taller than Jackson in other pictures.
Ellen said on 18/May/11
Dang, he's short! Even I'm taller than him D:
Drew said on 12/May/11
@Light heavyweight, I agree, he is likely in the 5'7 3/4 to 5'8 range.
Light heavyweight said on 11/May/11
I don't think he's a full 5'9. I would give him no more than 5'8.25 at the very most.
Ano said on 3/May/11
K4 says on 9/Mar/11
Since he's still a kid, kind of, he might get to 5 feet 9.

He is now. Here's a pic of him standing next to 5'8 Chris Columbus. Lerman needs to be upgraded.

Click Here
K4 said on 25/Feb/11
Looks barely 5'8. Probably no more than 5'8.25 at most.
Drew said on 14/Feb/11
In recent pics he looks 5'8 but could be a slight bit more.
K4 said on 13/Feb/11
Jake and Daddario are closer to the camera. Lerman maybe 5'9ish. Rob, you outta upgrade this guy.
K4 said on 18/Jan/11
That photo must've been from last year, look at him with Chris Columbus, he looks like he'd grown.
Anonymous said on 14/Jan/11
He does look to be a strong 5'7, probably between 5'7.5 and 5'8.
K4 said on 11/Jan/11
He looks 5'8 to me. Seems a lot of guys nowadays are about 5'8-5'9, probably by not working out much.

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