How tall is Jon Bernthal

Jon Bernthal's Height

5ft 11 (180.3 cm)

American actor best known for playing Shane on AMC's The Walking Dead and Frank Castle in The Punisher and Daredevil. In film he has appeared in Fury, The Wolf of Wall Street, Snitch and Rampart.

How tall is Jon Bernthal
5ft 8 Rob and Jon (age 37) @ London Film & Comic Con, 2013

How tall is Jon Bernthal
5ft 8 Rob and Jon @ LFCC 2013

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Average Guess (258 Votes)
5ft 10.78in (179.8cm)
Ratboy said on 6/May/23
I think you need to reevaluate your listings. Jon, in this YouTube video with Thomas Jane, who you have measuring shorter is actually visibly taller. Click Here
6'0.5king said on 27/Apr/23
No way he’s under 5’11 🤣
sreesmith said on 9/Apr/23
Rob, how tall he looks with Charlie cox
Editor Rob
In person he's like an inch taller, I think he has to measure near 5ft 11.
400R said on 24/Feb/23
He has an illusion of looking much shorter than he is. He can look 5’8 to 5’9.
Abdulrahman said on 17/Dec/22
181.5-179.7 cm. So a solid 180 cm.
DefyYourLogic said on 28/Nov/22
Definitely looks the full 5’11 in that first photo, I can’t see under 5’10 3/4 at a bare minimum.
QM6'1.5"QM said on 2/Oct/22
He's not over 5'11" and still taller than Pitt.
I mean 5'10.75- 5'11" for Bernthal and 5'10.5" (10.25"?!) for Pitt is very accurate and probably their real height!
pattinsonfan2022 said on 3/Aug/22
He looks quite "small" in certain images for The Punisher, might be his big head, not sure if his frame is small.
Slim 6'0.25 said on 9/Jun/22
He can pull off strong 5’11 range
Tall Sam said on 8/Jun/22
Yeah they could be close but Bernthal can seem to edge slightly Brad Pitt, with Pitt in some instances possibly adding a bit more footwear to give himself a slight boost.
QM6'1.5"QM said on 6/Jun/22
Bernthal is 5'11".
Pitt is 5'10.5"

It's place for discussion or even downgrade!
william5'11 said on 1/May/22
Hey Rob do you think he could be 5'10 3/4?. and is it possible he can get a slight downgrade to 5'10 3/4?.
Editor Rob
That might be my bottom line for Jon...I don't think I would attempt to argue anything lower having seen him up close.
Andrea said on 26/Apr/22
The more I see of him, the more I think he falls under 5'11...
Brockley said on 6/Apr/22
His eye-level is too high to be a 5'10 guy. He looks like he would measure around 5'11. I can't see him much above or below that. I think he would be similar to someone like Brad Pitt.
Matt V said on 2/Mar/22
PJ is right definitely in the 5’10 area most likely 5’11” though
I’ve met him as well
sinik said on 30/Jan/22
1m78 max
lincoln and berthal pictures Click Here
GaRo said on 6/Jan/22
He looks like 5'10.5
Keyten said on 17/Dec/21
Definitely at least 5’11 probably 6’0 in the morning 5’11 at night
ADAM VARCO said on 11/Dec/21
Looked 2 inches shooter than Will Smith in King Richard. I think either he is closer to 6 feet tall or Will Smith shrunk.
Jordan87 said on 30/Nov/21
Great actor, Was waster in Many Saints of Newark. I thought that movie was horrible, so did most everybody I talk to.

Great actor though, pushing 5'11 , may be under it slightly for most of the day.
Crixus said on 21/Oct/21
Every bit of the 5'11 listed. Has always looked like a muscle bound semi tall guy.
Roby Italy said on 12/Sep/21
Ehi rob, how do you think of his weight range? I think 175-180 lbs.
Editor Rob
Seems a fair estimate for him
...... said on 13/Aug/21
It's weird I'm 5"11 (180cm)But to me he feels more like a 5"10 guy
Editor Rob
really impossible to be only 5ft 10
Jason 6'6 said on 13/Jun/21
I could mistake him for 6’0 if I had to guess
shweta said on 9/Jun/21
Slim 6'1.5 said on 3/May/21
I think he’d edge Crowe, McConaughey & Clooney
Nothing 5’10 about him the listing is perfect 👍
Megrace said on 8/Apr/21
looks 5’11” to me
JD said on 24/Mar/21
Looks good. From memory, on TWD, I didn't think Rooker, Bernthal, Lincoln and Reedus could be separated by much at all. No surprises looking at their listings today.
Sammy 6'5" said on 20/Feb/21
looks 5'10.5", maybe 5'10.75" on a good day
slim 6'1 said on 31/Jan/21
He’d definitely edge Charlie cox, always pulls off flat 5’11”
JohnnyBravo said on 27/Jan/21
The poofy hat and head-tiltback are clever ways for Bernthal to look taller than he really is.

He’s 5’10” flat at most. Could be slightly less.
slim 6'1 said on 21/Jan/21
5’10” range is too low for bernthal
slim 6'1 said on 4/Jan/21
Pulled off 180cm in punisher
Slim 6'1" said on 18/Dec/20
Legit 5’11” here guys no need for a change of listing
Genau said on 21/Nov/20
Looks like a weak 5ft11 id give him 5ft10 7/8 but since thats not an option i give 5ft10 3/4
jon bernthal stalker said on 20/Nov/20
I'm 5"11 and to me feels more like 5"10 when I watch him on screen.
Slim 6'1@ said on 4/Nov/20
Rock solid 180CM
Tamilicious said on 30/Oct/20
He’s 5’10”.

Can play a really convincing jerk. When Rick killed him in The Walking Dead, you don’t even blame Rick at all.
Slim 6'1" said on 25/Oct/20
Legit 5’11”
Slim 6'1" said on 24/Sep/20
Bateman: 179
Bernthal: 180
Slim 6'1" said on 24/Sep/20
Bernthak would edge Jason Bateman
Jani said on 17/Aug/20
He looks a bit taller than Charlie Cox (178cm). Probably not the full 5'11" but pretty close. 5'10.5" minimum.
Tall Sam said on 10/Aug/20
Would be interesting to see Jon in a back to back with Jason Bateman, I figure they'd be very close.
slim 6'1 said on 8/Aug/20
listing is good, average guess sucks
Slim 6'1" said on 7/Aug/20
5'10 is outta the question hes 180.2 at his low
Black Noir said on 5/Aug/20
Does he claim a height? At best I’d say he’s 180.5 cm
Slim 6'1" said on 1/Aug/20
180cm legit
Vexacus said on 9/Jun/20
Lowest I could give him is 5'10.5 , it's insane how people say 5'8 , 5'9 . Haters always gonna be haters.
PJ said on 7/May/20
He's a friend of a friend I've met, he's in the 5'10 area.
Nik Ashton said on 8/Apr/20
I’m not convinced that he is 5’11”!
Ali Noufal said on 4/Apr/20
Definitely near 5ft 11, was taller than 5ft 9-5ft 10 guys like Norman Reedus and Andrew Lincoln.
6footTom said on 11/Mar/20
5'11" max. There is a solid inch between him and Ben Barnes. It's kinda silly that they try to pass him off as 6'2" on The Punisher when the guy just doesn't have the proportions to pass for someone over 6 foot since usually those guys generally have a lankiness to them even when well-built. Bernthal, on the other hand, has got a big head and a stocky build that generally makes him look around 5'10" on his own.
Dmeyer said on 14/Feb/20
Da 6.05" said on 20/Dec/18
Click Here

Check out this. Looks 1.5inch shorter then Brad Pitt. , look well at the pics if you consider head tilt they are the exact same height max 0,25in of each other , i learned a lot from rob how to look at pics
Kristian Storvold Davidsen said on 5/Feb/20
I think 179,7cm is about right.
Jkiller said on 25/Jan/20
5'10 and a half.
Terra said on 1/Jan/20
I am a 5’9 female- met Jon with my about 6’ husband. Jon has on boots that probably gave him 1.5 inches. He was taller than me for sure by a sizeable amount (I’m super height conscious being one of the taller girls my whole school life and adult life lol) is say 4 inches taller and I was in flats. So I’d say 5’11 is about right. He slouches a certain way tho- my brother (an mma fighter) said that’s because he’s a boxer- it’s sort of a fight stance kinda thing, hell if I know. Lol
Ben Bell said on 8/Dec/19
Another one Rob has spot on.
I’m 6’025 bare foot. John had big leather boots on. If I stood tall I’d say I had just over 1” on him Click Here
khan 177 cm evening said on 10/Nov/19
Khan 177 cm evening

Was he friendly in person Rob? He always seemed like one of the genuinely most friendly/fan-friendly celebs around.
Editor Rob
Yeah he was cool with people that day from what I'd seen.
Leno511 said on 3/Oct/19
He looks legitimately 5'11 inches, solid 180 cm tall, not much above it, but also doesn't seem to measure less.
Nik Ashton said on 26/Sep/19
The photographs above are very interesting!
Littlelee5ft6 said on 20/Sep/19
Mad how much taller he looks than rob in one photo and barely taller than him in the other. He didn't appear smaller than rob at all he still edges rob out just not like in the first photo still think hes a strong 5ft 11
Arthur! said on 30/Aug/19
Rob, what time of the day did you meet him? The fact that he appeared smaller than you the second time you saw him indicates he wasn't at his low. How do you know he doesn't drop more?
Editor Rob
I am not sure on the exact time, but it wasn't before 11am for sure.
Yang (5 footer 8, 172-173) said on 13/Aug/19
He is 5ft 10 in my eyes!!!
PS. I forgot to mention his name aka one of celeb I wish to meet him in a person to take a pose like in these pics before!!!!!
Nik said on 9/Jul/19
T-hat 🎩 is deceptive!
Importer said on 2/Jul/19
Jon Bernthal looks an inch taller than listed 5'10 Scott Atkins just by side by side comparisons. If Bernthal was say downgraded to 5'10 3/4 that would make Atkins 5'9 3/4.
Importer said on 2/Jul/19
@WatchYourBack 170cm eyelevel at only 179.5cm in height?! You either have a smallhead size or measured wrong. 170cm eyelevel is 181cm in height most of the time. My eye is 171cm and measure 182cm in height, you would look barely shorter than me probably unnoticeable. A flat 180cm dude would have 169cm eyelevel on average. You can have the 5'11.
WatchYourBack said on 21/Jun/19
I think he's 179.5cm with a 170cm eye level just like me. Can I claim 5'11 flat or 180cm flat with those numbers?
Editor Rob
Many people would round up to nearest whole inch.
Jammes said on 2/May/19
Sorry Ruan but that would mean Ben Barnes is like 6'2 if You think Bernthal is 6' 1/3. Barnes looks 6'0 and Bernthal looks 5'10
jon is 1.84m (6 feet 1/3) and wears military boots of 3.5cm adding 1.87m (6'1 + 7/8 almost 6'2 in the series he appears measuring 6'2 when he is arrested is precisely for that reason) said in an interview that he wears boots because they are comfortable, I particularly agree because I also wear ".... I'm impressed, do you have a terrible vision of proportion? maybe because they are accustomed to feet which is an archaic and imprecise measure.
Bwk said on 23/Mar/19
Definitely 5'11'', maybe even 5'11 1/8th''.
6feetjackson said on 20/Mar/19
A soild 180 imho.
Sonny Black said on 15/Mar/19
I was way off, I thought this guy was average height, like around 5’8 - 5’9... I have to place him at 5’10 cause imo he doesn’t look near 6’0 tall.
6footTom said on 5/Feb/19

The mugshot from season 2 puts him at 6'2" though. He must have been at least wearing some elevator shoes for those shots.
Jammes said on 2/Feb/19
@Frank R,on the Punisher Hes usually wearing boots,thats were the 6'0 height came from on the show
Frank R said on 24/Jan/19
The “fake height chart” for the Mugshots in ‘Punisher: Season 2’ is bound to mislead some audiences about Jon Bernthal’s true height. I also have to wonder whether the other actors on the show also stepped up on the same platform as Berthal did for their own Mugshots.
Peter 180cm said on 19/Jan/19
As i've said in the past,he looks 183 in the top picture and about 178cm in the bottom one.Rob is right,he's at worst 179 range or 5'10.5-5'10.75 but i just don't see him that low.In all honesty he looks a legit 180 or 5'11,we'd probably be pretty close if i met him in person and he could have a slight edge over me.
Editor Rob
Whatever Jon is, I think Pitt and Bernthal are within a small fraction of each other.
Haze said on 19/Jan/19
Those 2 pictures are a very good example of what posture can do in a photo to make someone seem shorter than they really are. I like the height chart overlay you got going on now. Pretty cool.
Rising - 174 cm said on 3/Jan/19
Pitt may have the edge in pics from that one event, but as I showed on 20/Dec/18, Bernthal is taller at two other events including video at one. Bernthal is either the height listed or the average guess. Pitt is the real mystery.
Da 6.05" said on 28/Dec/18
Click Here
Click Here
I think the listed height in Google is right on spot. Bernthal needs a downgrade Rob!!
Da 6.05" said on 25/Dec/18
Ye forgot about that. Ye Pitt wears lifts. But still in those pics Pitt have a edge over him. My guess is Bernthal's 179cm.
Da 6.05" said on 25/Dec/18
Ye forgot about that. Ye Pitt wears lifts. But still in those pics Pitt have a edge over him. My guess is Bernthal's 179cm.
Jtm said on 22/Dec/18
there is a lot of evidence pitt is no taller than 5'9.5 without his lifts.
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 21/Dec/18
@Da 6.05"

Pitt is an infamous lift wearer. I wouldn't rule out the chance of him wearing lifts in that pic.
Rising - 174 cm said on 20/Dec/18
@Da 6.05": That's no more than an inch and look at Bernthal's posture. The difference would be small if Bernthal straightened up. Btw, Pitt only looks a weak 5'11" there or 5'10.75" next to 5'7.5" Logan Lerman. Check this video out, Bernthal is taller than Pitt: Click Here same thing in the pics: Click Here and same thing at this event: Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Granted, Pitt is bending his knees a bit in some, but there is a tilt in Brad's favor in some as well and his boots should give him a fraction advantage, which also might be true at that first event. I don't think there'd be more than a small difference either way, but having seen them together, I'd guess Bernthal to have the edge before I guessed Pitt did.
Da 6.05" said on 20/Dec/18
Click Here

Check out this. Looks 1.5inch shorter then Brad Pitt.
Da 6.05" said on 21/Nov/18
Looks at his pics with Bradpitt at fury promos! Looks 5.10" to me!
Bobby said on 14/Nov/18
He looks proportionally very much a 5'11 guy on Daredevil. Hands down.
houss said on 13/Nov/18
If he was 180 cm ,why he's billed at 178cm on Google !
Editor Rob
I would never guess Jon as short as 5ft 10. In that case I'd confidently say it was at least 2cm less than what he was in person.
nikomies10 said on 2/Oct/18
If you watch the movie "The Wolf of Wall Street" where Jon Bernthal is playing "Brad", you can see in his mugshot that he is just about 71 inches tall which is 180,34 cm, or 5'11.
John Christos Haralampopoulos said on 30/Sep/18
5'10.75" minimum, 5'11.25" max. I think that a solid 5'11" is the perfect compromise
Animus said on 3/Sep/18
He stands well with DiCaprio, so minimally 5'10¾. I can see a decent 5'11 for this guy, though.
Theboyyy3returns said on 19/Aug/18
Dunno man even with his head tilted up, he doesn't look like a weak 5'11 one
Powerhouse said on 16/Aug/18
Looks close enough to 5’11, he doesn’t have the best posture. He walks with his head a bit down and his shoulders hunched a bit sometimes.
Rourke said on 14/Jul/18
Rob, without sounding too pedantic or precise, do you think maybe 5’10.75” is more fitting? I just don’t know why but I can’t see him quite getting the full 5’11, on here, on the walking dead or otherwise. You’re judgement is best.
Editor Rob
10.75 would be the lowest I'd guess him, 5ft 11 and a little the highest, so anywhere amongst that range I feel he potentially could measure.
Theboyyy said on 29/Jun/18
@Porey but you must keep in mind that Waldau is roughly 187 (6'1.5 is like 186.7). He still won't tower Bernthal, but you're gonna notice the difference immediately
Theboyyy said on 29/Jun/18
I don't understand why people keeps downgrading Bernthal, when it's pretty clear that in the second shot he's leaning, while in the first shot's tilting the head too much, losing almost an inch.This guy's lowest is 5'10 3/4
MarcusTheSwede said on 25/Jun/18
Agree with RANCE Jon isnt taller then max 177cm at best without shoes.
6'2_inshallah said on 16/Jun/18
Looks 5’10 in the second shot
Westworlder said on 6/Jun/18
(Posted on Ben Barnes page as well) Here's a pic from the season 2 set of Punisher, Bernthal with 6ft-listed Barnes -

Click Here

Looks like a 2cm difference or close to it from either end. Yeah I'd put Bernthal at 5'11, Barnes at 6'.
Dogggg said on 20/May/18
In TWD, he always wears huge boots that add height and he comes off not much bigger than Rick in that show... I’d say 5’9 at most...
joe### said on 20/May/18
5´11 flat
Smiles03 said on 30/Mar/18
He's like James ganlfni ganlfini is between 5'11 and 6'1
World Citizen said on 21/Mar/18
Hey Rob why are you always wearing a shirt?
Editor Rob
That is my costume...I'm cosplaying as myself 😉

I do like having pockets to keep tickets, passport, schedule 😎
Tall Sam said on 9/Mar/18
Haven't seen the film but from this still, both Bernthal and Coster-Waldau look more or less as listed, the latter guy being 2.5 inches taller.
Click Here
Porey said on 6/Mar/18
If Bernthal really is 5'11, then people seriously need to look at him with legit 6'1 guys like Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (in Shot Caller) and Ebon Moss Bachrach (in Punisher).

5'11 guys always say that the difference between 5'11 and 6'1 isn't noticeable... Well, just look at Jon with those guys and you'll have your answer. Which is that theory is wrong. I don't know why 5'11 guys have to resort to undermining those 2 inches, in retaliation for people exaggerating them. Both sides just look bad in the end.
Rance said on 20/Feb/18
After watching every episode of the punisher, I am astounded to see you guys have him at 5.10 or 11? This guy looks 5ft 8 and no more. In the punisher practically every male Co star towers over him, he is of very medium height he can't be 5ft 10,- 11? He's even very skinny and he still doesn't look that tall.
The Shredder said on 26/Jan/18
If he's a good 5'11 than he is a guy that appears shorter than he really is ... He seemed like a 5'10.5 ish guy to me that walks around looking 5'9 with posture
Psychedelic Earth 187 said on 25/Jan/18
@Shredder, 5’10.875” is actually 180.0 Cm.

He’s in that 179-181 zone.
The Shredder said on 19/Jan/18
Rob , 5'10 7/8 ?
Psychedelic Earth 187 said on 14/Jan/18
Rob mate, surely 181 is arguable, right? He clearly looks tallish on the screen, not sure about in person.
Editor Rob
181 might be the upper limit I think you could estimate. 179 the lower limit, absolutely not shorter than that.
FatBoySlim185 said on 7/Jan/18
A rare under listing by Google, which has him at 5'10". 5'11" looks right to me, though, as he seemed to have an inch on Andrew Lincoln.

Click Here
The Shredder said on 6/Jan/18
He walks around like a 5'9 guy , but looks at least 5'10.5 when he stands better
Leno said on 4/Jan/18
He is 5'10 like me, he looks taller than he is,but is a solid 5 feet 10.
The Shredder said on 4/Jan/18
I just watched the Punisher , He did look to edge C. Thomas Howell , but honestly not by much and he had boots on. I really don't think he is the full 5'11 but he is closer to it than 5'10
Sam said on 31/Dec/17
Also Jason T. Moore who plays Curt on The Punisher should perhaps get a page. He looks a solid six footer, taller than Bernthal, similar to Ben Barnes and edged by Ebon Moss-Bacharach.
Sam said on 31/Dec/17
Could you also add The Punisher now as he did a good job as the lead in that?

He slouches a fair deal on the show I feel and doesn't seem to care on film how tall he appears in contrast to fan shots where he stands tall and throws his head back a lot. At times on The Punisher someone like Ebon Moss-Bacharach can seem to almost have him by 3+ inches due to Bernthal's posture.

In premiere stills, he actually looks the same height as 6'0" listed Ben Barnes, but might be sporting a bigger boot:
Click Here
The Shredder said on 30/Dec/17
Well , whatever he measures , He walks around slouching appearing 5'9.5 at best.
Tamberlain said on 30/Dec/17
Bertnthal's never looked taller than 5'10". I think he's fooling Rob some via a lot of head tilt and a poofy cap.
The Shredder said on 25/Dec/17
Rob , how tall do you think I actually saw him at with that slouch? 5'9?
Editor Rob
5ft 9-10 I mentioned once myself, the second time I seen him he just didn't seem as tall as he was up close...if that was the first and only time I'd definitely have given him weak 5ft 11 range, but the first time I don't know, I wouldn't have thought less.
The Shredder said on 24/Dec/17
Truth said on 24/Dec/17

Yes , 5'10.75
Randomthought12 said on 24/Dec/17
Click Here
Randomthought12 said on 24/Dec/17
Pic of him and Ben Barnes on the Punisher

On my instagram jorel_riordan22
The Shredder said on 24/Dec/17
I think 5'10 3/4 might be a good shout. I thought closer to 10.5 and you thought 5'11 max. It evens it out.
Truth said on 24/Dec/17
The Shredder said on 23/Dec/17
Yeah , I really didn't think 5'11 , more 5'10.5 but no lower , He looked under 5'9.5 with a slouch.
The shredder said on 21/Dec/17
To make as full 5'11 seem even more of a stretch is that this wasn't even as tall as he looked when walking , He was walking with a slouch and only looked similar to Reedus or slightly shorter.

Here is proof ...

Click Here

Click Here

It was only right before we took the pic that he stood at his fullest and honestly I thought it looked not much different than legit 5'10 guys I know. So I would have thought a strong 5'10 range or 5'10.5 . I wouldn't bet on him being under 5'10.5 range like you said , but I thought he should have looked a 6 footer if he really was 5'11 and he didn't look that tall. Even Jamie Kennedy who was in converse still looked taller than him in a boot.

My bet is on a legit 5'10.5 or 5'10.75 rather than a full 5'11 , 5'10.75 can easily look 5'11 with the right boot and posture. I think we should even him out with a 5'10.75 listing.
Editor Rob
5ft 10.5 really is the worst I'd expect him to measure, I wouldn't rule out the 10.75, with 11 about the most.
The shredder said on 21/Dec/17
Rob , here I am with Him ... Click Here

He had on a good inch ( or more ) boot , I was in loafers that are only about 1/4 , so He had easily 3/4 more footwear over Me.

So I will be looking closer to 5'5 actually when I'd easily measure 5'6 at the moment of the photo. How tall would you say he looks here?
Editor Rob
yeah he could look under 5ft 11 from what you said of your own encounter.
Shredder said on 20/Dec/17
Rob , if I post my pic with him here will you block my face?
Editor Rob
yes I will
Psychedelic Earth 187 said on 19/Dec/17
Rob, who would you say has a longer head between tom hanks and jon bernthal?

i would say tom's, not sure by how much though.
Editor Rob
I never really thought hanks had that big a head, though a quick look with other people, it's certainly a bit more than average. Couldn't tell if any bigger than bernthal though!
Psychedelic Earth 187 said on 17/Dec/17
the worst i'd even try to argue is 179.5 and the best 181.5 you can tell he has the proportions of a tallish man, hes got thick fists like bale and timberlake and a large head thats easily 10 inches long. and in punisher he looked 5'11", and with boots he pulled off 6'
The Shredder said on 17/Dec/17
He's at least 5'10.5 , but I personally wouldn't say 5'11 + after meeting him. I say he is 5'10.75 with lose posture.
MAD SAM said on 15/Dec/17
He doesn’t appear more than 178 cm with you Rob
Anonymous said on 14/Dec/17
you guys with this 5 10 crap rob has stood next to the guy and got a pic taken with him and pegs him at at least 5'11. id take robs word for it,,, if he didnt meet him it would be one thing but if rob has met him and pegs him at 5'11 then well,,, hes 5'11,
Nino said on 12/Dec/17
He had to wear lifts in wolf of wall street! He is definitely not taller than Leo . Might be the same hight but definitely not taller.
Leo could have a fraction on him 1 or 2cm.
Anonymous said on 11/Dec/17
if yoo look at wolf of wall street, he is taller than leo decaprio. And leo is 6 ft. Pretty sure jon isnt 5'10
The Shredder said on 11/Dec/17
My bad , I meant 5'10.5 or 5'10.75 ( not 5'10) , but yeah he is a good 5'10.5 minimum and he could be that if his footwear was bigger. I do think he is closer to 5'11 than 5'10 but I really did feel he wasn't a big 5'11 guy! when he first walked up to the table he was slouching and only looked similar to Reedus at best , but He did gain about an inch when he stood for photo and looked maybe a little taller than legit 5'10 guys and he had a boot.

My bet is 5'10.75 as I can see him measuring as low as 5'10 1/2 up to 5'11 flat.
harland said on 11/Dec/17
Lol at the people who think he's under 5'10". I think he's a strong 5'10". I doubt he's a solid 5'11".
Jay said on 10/Dec/17
Looks 5'10
Shredder said on 10/Dec/17
Rob , I must say that he really didn't look like a big 5'11" , I think he'd be closer to 5'10.5 or maybe 5'10 , he didn't look much taller than 5'10 guys I know.
Editor Rob
absolute worst might be 5ft 10.5, but I'd only say that if I underestimated what his boot gave....sometimes some boots certainly have more insole than you think, I was in a shop the other day looking at a bunch of boots and some had 2mm insoles, others seemed like the insole was 1cm above the top of the actual heel part itself.
Daniel said on 9/Dec/17
I don’t believe he’s any taller than 5ft9. Footwear can make a difference and that hat certainly isn’t doing him any favors in defining his true height. Still think he’s a great actor and is great as the punisher!
Editor Rob
well he had a boot on the day I seen him, but he did seem shorter on another occasion...I suppose a fraction under 5ft 11 isn't impossible, though the first time he definitely looked near 5ft 11.
Slim 186 said on 4/Dec/17
A tall-ish guy who’s looked similar to leo and brad, maybe he is a solid 5’11” guy.
NickNate said on 26/Nov/17
@Josh @Bruce Wayne
There's something off about that pic. The cm/inch conversion is completely off. Which leads me to believe that it's not completely accurate and/or just a rough prop for a set. It also doesn't help that we can't see the full length of the pic. Either way, I personally can't see this guy under 5'10.75/179.7cm, and could believe up to 5'11.25/181cm. He looked to be about the same height as Leo/Brad Pitt, and gives off a "tall-ish" impression in his roles more often than not.
Bruce Wayne said on 25/Nov/17
I think he is wearing shoes in this.

Click Here
Luker said on 22/Nov/17
Bernthal's co-star in The Punisher show Ebon Moss Bachrach is a legit 6'1". There usually looked to be 2 inches between him and Bernthal, sometimes even 2.5 inches. All the guys in the show wore really big boots... hard to pinpoint them for the most part tbh. Between Bernthal and Ben Barnes there only looked to be an inch between them at most, although a lot of their scenes together don't have have the best camera angles.
Slim 185 said on 21/Nov/17
My gosh. Loved to see him return playing the punsisher, he really nailed the role.
The Shredder said on 21/Nov/17
You know I haven't ruled out the 5'10.5 or 5'10.75 for him , When I met him he had boots on and only looked around 5'11 max when he stood for photos , He walked around looking about 5'9.5 at best with lose posture.
JJAK said on 20/Nov/17
Good character actor does a great frank castle not punisher yet..
FYI he is inches shorter than ben barnes who is listed under 6 ft.
He was almost 4 inches shorter than ben affleck weak 5 11 at best.
Evidence puts him more a strong 5 10 I have yet to see footwear in Martv Punisher, but should be in boots another nail in the 5 11 coffin.
Slim 185 said on 19/Nov/17
Can’t wait to see him as the punisher!!
The Shredder said on 18/Nov/17
Josh , If he had shoes on there than no way is he over 5'10.75 , maybe even 5'10.5
Josh said on 17/Nov/17
Click Here
Luker said on 17/Nov/17

No way. You can argue Ben Barnes' own cases against guys like Redmayne, yes, but Jon Bernthal has barely if at all been able to edge 178-Andrew Lincoln, Charlie Cox and other 5'10 guys. He's the bare minimum of 5'11" at 180, maybe even drops to 179 before bed. Even with his new photos with Barnes, I still can't see him over it.
The Shredder said on 17/Nov/17
He walks around like a 5'9 guy in person actually , but than stands better for a pic and boom 5'11 ish.
Elias said on 15/Nov/17
In new pictures of punisher's New York premiere in gettyimages, he is the same height as 5ft 11,75 listed Ben Barnes (Lots of visitors of the site argue that he can be the full 6ft which is far for being impossible as he is very close to Jeff Bridges and edges out Eddie Redmayne and Jimmy simpson). Jon Bernthal as way more chance of being 182 cm than being 179 cm. This listing seems correct. I wouldn't rule out 181 cm or 182 cm for him .
Nik said on 14/Nov/17
He is under 5'11' for me! I will giive him 5'10.5"!
Nino said on 14/Nov/17
Looked the same height as andrew lincoln in TWD. Weird. If he's really taller than lincoln not more than a fraction 0.25 inch max 0.5
Just watch first 2 seasons of TWD there several scenes they're straight standing to each other.Jon never looks taller than andrew
Dmeyer said on 12/Nov/17
bernthal 5'10.75 pitt 5 ft 10.75-11
Truth said on 10/Nov/17
5ft10.75 is arguable for him considering him standing next to Charlie Cox
Slim 6' said on 28/Oct/17
More 179ish if you ask me.
Slim 6' said on 20/Oct/17
5'10.75" downgrade necessary.
I do believe Jimmy Fallon and Hugh Grant would edge this guy out.
Slim 6' said on 7/Oct/17
179.5 downgrade necessary, this guy wasn't an inch taller than Charlie Cox, more half an inch if you ask me.
Pierre said on 24/Sep/17
@Baja74 say on 12/Sep/17="the elevator shoe argument is getting old"
Ok then Brad is probably the elastic man
Morris said on 20/Sep/17
Real question is how tall is Michael Pena. Then add 5 cm max and you'll get the height of Pitt and Bernthal. Rob are you tall as Michael Pena? probably 1 or 2 cm more than him?)
Morris said on 20/Sep/17
Real question is how tall is Michael Pena. Then add 5 cm max and you'll get the height of itt, Bernthal. Rob are you tall as Michael Pena? probably 1 or 2 cm more than him?)
Editor Rob
Pena is about 5ft 7 in person, he was there with Jon that day and looked around 4 inches smaller.
Realist said on 14/Sep/17
Just over 5'10 I think he never looks tall
baja74 said on 12/Sep/17
Well said Rising! Even if Brad had "elevator shoes" on, then they aren't very elevated then. Why even bother with them unless you really want to appear taller? And something tells me that Bernthal isn't the type to lie about his height. So, I will agree with 5'10.5" to 5'l1" tops. I'm sure that there is someone who looks at the top photo with Jon and Rob and thinks that the top of Jon's hat is the top of his head. It's not! Gotta go right to where that 5'11" line would be is where the top of his head is. So, roughly 4" from a person's eyes to the top of the head. The bottom photo has a bad angle and Jon is crouching down.
But yeah, the elevator shoe arguments is getting old.
Rick said on 11/Sep/17
Legit 180.3cm.
Rising - 174 cm said on 7/Sep/17
@Pierre: You've proven no such thing. A subtle elevator shoe MIGHT give you 1.8"-2" in actual height and even then, the trained eye can often tell by the cut of the shoe or especially if the ankle is visible and too high. Your proof is you taking the word of elevator companies who are trying to sell a product. Don't get me wrong, I love capitalism, entrepreneurship and the free market, but it's well known that advertisers take liberties trying to sell a product. They almost always measure the highest point of the back of the shoe and use that number, NOT what the shoe gives.

Seriously, the lift thing has gotten out of control. I try to be careful and I have an open mind, but people will look for anything to see as a sign of lifts and it doesn't even enter some people's mind to be skeptical if the person is say 6'2". Some 6'2" men will wear lifts, but you'd think there was an army of them judging by some of the posts here.
Pierre said on 30/Aug/17
@Rising say on 12/Aug/17=Ben Affleck doesn't wear lifts he usually doesn't even bother to stand straight.
I have proven in Brad's page with pictures/video that shoes you can not suspect can give you lots of height(09 and 10 august Brad's page)
The shredder said on 29/Aug/17
Met him , he is 5'10.5 or 5'11 , nothing else.
G 5'11 said on 27/Aug/17
@Crusher, you're trolling he doesn't look under 5'10 in this picture, he's probably somewhere between 5'10-5'11 range but certaintly not over. Wouldn't go as short as 5 ft 9
Tonyx said on 19/Aug/17
No matter how hard i try i just can't see him at 5ft11in. Good actor, muscular, big head, but he is 5ft10.5in late afternoon. Maybe he is 5ft11in in the morning. Taller then Brad Pitt barefoot.
crusher said on 15/Aug/17
Legit 5'9".....
Rising - 174 cm said on 12/Aug/17
Ben Affleck doesn't wear lifts. He usually doesn't even bother to stand straight. It's not unheard of, but it is very rare for men around 6'2" to wear lifts. As for Bernthal, it seems both Rob and Shredder agree he's a 180 cm guy give or take a few mm having seen him in person. The video I posted on 26/Jul/17 is why I'm convinced he's taller than Pitt.
Slim 182 cm said on 10/Aug/17
Pierre, I'm not convinced Afflecks in lifts, I think the way the light angle on his shoe kinda looks like a ramp, hence why a lift.

Okay, I agree, bernthal is a flat 5'11 absolutely maximum.
Pierre said on 8/Aug/17
@Slim(30/Jul/17)=Be careful with Ben Affleck height,it seem to me he could be sometimes a lift wearer Click Here
Rent said on 6/Aug/17
I don't think he's that tall, but he really looks 6' on the top photo!
The shredder said on 6/Aug/17
He could be just under 5'11 , I met him and didn't think he looked any taller when he stood fully and he had a boot , he actually walks around looking below 5'10 do to posture.
Rising - 174 cm said on 5/Aug/17
Rob said Bernthal was 5'10.75"-5'11" than 5'11"-5'11.25", so I'm inclined to agree he's more of a weak to flat 5'11". Everyone can seem to look taller with Ben Affleck, who I think is probably a flat 6'2", but his posture can even make him look closer to 6'1" at times. There were times he didn't look much taller than Bradley Cooper a few years back.

As for Bernthal, he's taller than Pitt, but doesn't look that tall with the rest of the Fury cast, who aren't exactly tall with 5'7" Michael Pena, 5'7.5" Logan Lerman and weak 5'9" Shia Labeouf, who I think may be more like 174. I'd give Pitt a 1 cm downgrade, but at the very least based on what Rob saw in person, it doesn't sound like Bernthal will be getting upgraded anytime soon. I won't argue anything around 180 cm for Bernthal while I think Pitt has to be more a weak 5'11" and really I see him as a 179 guy, especially at the events for Fury.
Slim 182 cm said on 31/Jul/17
Agreed Pierre. I think 180 or 181 are reasonable arguments, Outside I might reject,I myself are sticking to my strong 5'11 guess.

And without a doubt in the first picture he stood erect, wether as in the second he shrivelled up. And strong 5'11 men are still tall today imo.

The reason I back up 181 so much is if he were to sit on the couch all day he'd max out to 182 which he looks in the top picture. ALL IMO BTW. Same height as Leo, footwear first so we don't throw my evidence out the window: Click Here
And the decent angle: Click Here
Slim 182 cm said on 30/Jul/17
Rise, 181 isn't impossible. Watch daredevil for ur opinion, if you want. This guy held his own against ben Affleck in "the accountant". @rob add credits pls.

But if pitt is shorter, this guy needs a upgrade or pitt deserves a downgrade. I'd go with the former! 😉
Dmeyer said on 29/Jul/17
5'9 in one pic 5'11,5 in the other
Pierre said on 29/Jul/17
Strange,in the first picture he look 6"0' in the second he look 5"10' max
Rising - 174 cm said on 28/Jul/17
I think he's a classic 180 cm guy being somewhere from 5'10.75"-5'11". At one event, he was looking only 177-178 cm with loose posture, so I'd say more a weaker 5'11" or 5'10.75", but a full 5'11" is more than possible as he looks it in the video I posted below compared to 5'7.5" Logan Lerman. Most guys around 5'11" are going to claim and be listed at 6' so it makes sense Bernthal apparently is.
Slim 182 cm said on 27/Jul/17
I'd go as high as 5'11.5 tbh.
Slim 182 cm said on 27/Jul/17
He's taller than brad pitt, give him the 181 upgrade, if u want. Great listing btw, he looked over an inch taller than cox in daredevil. Great actor too.
Rising - 174 cm said on 26/Jul/17
@BlueHead: He probably does claim 6 feet.

From Men's Health: "But even at 6 feet and 180 pounds, Bernthal's not intimidated." Click Here

Interviewers often get those figures from the actor himself.

He's taller than Brad Pitt: Click Here so minimum 5'10.75" and he could definitely be 5'11", but seeing him at some of those Fury events with 5'7.5" Logan Lerman and a 5'8.5", maybe weak 5'9" Shia Labeouf, I'd be bet on a weak 5'11" before a strong 5'11". Although this certainly makes a flat 5'11" more possible for DiCaprio and Bernthal often slouches.
BlueHead said on 25/Jul/17
Based in the first picture , it surprised me that he doesn't claim 6 foot , I could believe that.
5'11 nothing less.
even said on 20/Jul/17
1,800 millimeters
Stassy said on 3/Jul/17
@Amy It looks like a baker boy hat.
Amy said on 25/Jun/17
Rob What is the name of the hat he is got on in the photo above seems a pretty stylish guy can easily look 6"0 though?
Editor Rob
I am not sure of the type in America, but I call it a Bunnet, the kind of hat every bloke would be wearing 60-80 years ago.

Still see Bunnet's around these days, many elderly gentleman wear them regularly still.
Slim 181 cm said on 24/Jun/17
Flat 5'11"
Shredder said on 15/Jun/17
Tommy , you look about the same as me with him , maybe a little shorter. I had really flat shoes though , like 1/2.
Slim 181 cm said on 15/Jun/17
Tommy, Jon has 15 cm on you.
Tommy Conlon said on 14/Jun/17
Here's a link to the pic on my Instagram
Hope the link works

Click Here
Tommy Conlon said on 14/Jun/17
I met him at Alamo City Comic Con last year and got a pic with him
He was wearing his military boots (which looked pretty flat) and I was wearing my Nike air max and I'm 5'5"-5'6" and he looked a solid 5'11"
At least 5'10"
Some pics he looks the same as Charlie Cox
Epiphany said on 2/Jun/17
He looks like the guy that could be a 181, minimum a 180.5
Average height and slim said on 27/May/17
180.5 cm according to the picture above, seems to fall in between 5"10 and 6"
berta said on 25/May/17
me personally think brad pitt is 1 cm taller than this guy i can believe this dude to be 5`10 3/4 and brad pitt 5`11 1/5 Bacically this guy is 179,8 and brad pitt 180,6-7 that how it look to mw. But we dont know if brad uses shoes that sometimes make him look taller because he can look 182 sometimes. if he uses shoes like that all the time then both of them could be roughly 180.
insomniak said on 5/May/17
@S.J.H do you have some sort of vision problem? In the link you posted brad Pitt obviously looks taller you can even draw a line and see for yourself.
Rob#2 said on 25/Apr/17
Rob, who do you think is taller; Jon Bernthal or Brad Pitt? Or dead on identical.
Editor Rob
within a small fraction...
Bobby said on 3/Apr/17
I should mention offhand, anybody saying "I met so and so, they aren't as tall as I expected." Or something to that effect, I take those statements with a grain of salt, it's very possible to meet someone that looks similar to a celebrity, and if this person is wearing high heels (if you're a woman) don't go around saying this celebrity is short when you have a footwear advantage. Point is, trust but verify, never take anything for granted. I'm sick of reading these claims that someone has met a celebrity, or claims their boss or coworker did. People can be fooled easily by optical illusions, I don't trust human perception all that much. Be realistic and reasonable, is all I'm saying.
baja74 said on 29/Mar/17
I would buy 5'11" based on the top picture. Nothing faulty about that one because they are back-to-back. It just shows that the angle does play a big factor on the bottom one.
I see a lot of places that list him as 5'10", the same as Thomas Jane. And like Jane, they are both 180lbs for the Punisher.
So, I guess I'll round out his height and say 5'10.5".
Chris said on 27/Mar/17
Looks 5'10" tops until you're standing next to him, but he had at least a half-inch on me at a convention, and I'm a strong 5'10". 5'11" is about dead-on.
Shredder said on 14/Mar/17
S.J.H , he is more 5'11 in person than 5'10
Bard said on 14/Mar/17
Why does he look 5'11+ in the top picture and 5'9 in the bottom? I can't believe it's just the angle.
Editor Rob
that photographer is standing quite close to us in that portrait shot, which means if one person is a bit closer it could make them appear a bit taller.
Mike said on 6/Mar/17
And... Danai: 5ft 6, Melissa: 5ft 5.5-5.75, Austin: 6ft 2.5, Michael: 6ft 1, Lennie: 5ft 9.5, Ross: 5ft 11.75-6ft
Shredder said on 1/Mar/17
Mike , those look about right
Mike said on 20/Feb/17
Andrew: 5ft 9.75-5ft 10,
Norman: 5ft 9.5-5ft 9.75,
Jon: 5ft 11,
Yeun: 5ft 8.25-8.5,
Jeffrey: 6ft 1-6ft 1.5,
Chandler: 5ft 5-5ft 6?
Shredder said on 15/Feb/17
I've met Reedus and Yeun twice! Reedus is 5'9.5 easily and Yeun isn't shorter than a guy like Rob. Trust me! He isn't 5'7.5.
Lodge said on 14/Feb/17
Tallest of the lot in TWD and only guy with a genuine claim. He is truly 5'11" while Rick is imo 5'9" wearing cowboy boots and Reedus is the same height just with more modest footwear. Glenn is probably 5'7.5" while Negan appears to be around 6'1". Jesus is super short, 5'6" max. They all fall within the average to short range. I'd bet at 5'11.5" I would tower over most of them barefoot.
Mr. Psychopath said on 16/Jan/17
I think his height is 181.
Mr. Psychopath said on 16/Jan/17
Who are the highest: John Bernthal, Andrew Lincoln, Charlie Cox and Elden Henson?
Editor Rob
John is comfortably taller than the other 3.
J World said on 15/Jan/17
At very minimum i'd say hes 177 at most 180. Solid average height guy.
Realist said on 9/Jan/17
I thought he was 5'10 in the accountant
mary said on 9/Jan/17
looks like 510 what is 180
Victor Surratt said on 1/Jan/17
Good listing, he
Tom said on 27/Dec/16
@Forbin Height isn't everything dude. Otherwise most of the Marvel cast members would be bad choices to play their roles because most of them are a couple of inches below their characters' described height in the comics. It's like saying Robert Downey Jr was a bad choice for Iron Man because he's 5'8" and Tony Stark is described as 6'1" in the comics.
Forbin said on 24/Dec/16
Jon was a bad choice to play The Punisher because Frank Castle is always listed as 6 feet 2 inches in the Marvel's biographies of superheroes. Ray Stevenson at 6 feet 4 was a more imposing figure.
Shredder said on 21/Dec/16
He isn't over 5 ft 11 in person honestly , but He does look near it when he stands up.
Shredder said on 27/Nov/16
That is what he looks in person , 5'10.5 to 5'11.
Scott said on 26/Nov/16
Looks 5'10.5'' to 5'11'' max. He is no more and no less.
S.J.H said on 14/Nov/16
He can look like 5'9 range when nobody stood next to him

Click Here
Shredder said on 12/Nov/16
" One thing I wanna mention, you often can't tell how tall someone else is compared to you until you're standing next to them. On camera things can be misleading. Especially since the lens isn't quite at a proper eye level. "

Exactly , Steven Yeun In my case , I stood by him twice. He isn't as short as you'd think.
Bobby said on 10/Nov/16
One thing I wanna mention, you often can't tell how tall someone else is compared to you until you're standing next to them. On camera things can be misleading. Especially since the lens isn't quite at a proper eye level.
Matthew said on 10/Nov/16
Solid 179cm 5'10.5
S.J.H said on 4/Nov/16
Jon Bernthal = Bard Pitt = 5'10.5
Shredder said on 2/Nov/16
6'0 in the top pic , 5'9.5 in the bottom pic.
Peter 179cm said on 28/Oct/16
Looks about 183 in the top pic and barely 179 in the bottom one... Cameras really can alter and change perception,i'm guessing he's a solid 180 with a chance of near 181.
Tiago said on 24/Oct/16
He is 5'10 FT (1,78) CM just look he with Andrew Lincoln
rrr said on 24/Oct/16
rob can you explain me why he look way taller in the first pic and same height as you in the 2nd pic
Editor Rob
it's perspective and camera position.

He's not really 6ft, but he is near 5ft 11.
Shredder said on 15/Oct/16
Rob's head is leaning in and Jon is slouching. He is around 5'11 in person.
Bobby said on 12/Oct/16
I'm not really seeing a three inch difference here, especially on the bottom photo, the top one is definitely 5'11 though.
Shredder said on 10/Oct/16
He isn't 5 ft 10 , he is more 5'11 in person and looks it with Andrew
Editor Rob
zero chance he's 5ft 10 unless he's always in lifts!
Tiago said on 9/Oct/16
I have sure that he have 5'10 FT equal Andrew Lincoln
Shredder said on 25/Sep/16
He did look about 5'9 when he first walked up to his table , but he was slouching. It wasn't until he actually stood by me and another 5'9 " guy that I thought he looked 5'11.
Adamz said on 24/Sep/16
Rob, whats the footwear?
Editor Rob
within a few mm.
Shredder said on 30/Aug/16
He isn't 5'10 flat, Just look at him with Lincoln , He is bare minimum a strong 5'10.5.
Roger said on 29/Aug/16
The first pic is misleading as he is closer to the camera. Second pic also slightly misleading as he's further away but I don't think he's the full 5'11. Hard to tell with the hat but he could be as low as 5'10.
Lynx said on 24/Aug/16
I think he's a little under 5'11
He looks like an inch shorter min. than Josh Radnor even with that posture, and he also looks shorter or same height as Andrew Lincoln on most pictures.
Click Here
Shredder said on 24/Aug/16
He is leaning in the bottom pic , I saw him in person go from 5'9 .5 up to 5'11 ish.
RichardHY said on 22/Aug/16
If you are 5'8 then he is barely 5'9.5, 5'9.75 tops. His hat helps him appear taller. Definitely he's nowhere around 5'11!
Editor Rob
he is a lot closer to 5ft 11 than 10 up close I thought.
Puma said on 20/Aug/16
Second pic is suprised.
He is no more than 178 cm.
Mike said on 28/Jul/16
It's funny how the internet has The Rock at 6ft 5 and Bernthal at 5ft 10 when The Rock only looks about 3-3.5 inches taller...
Shredder said on 25/Jul/16
He is more 5'9 in the bottom pic , which is a height he looked to me when slouching.
Kin said on 24/Jul/16
Why in the second picture he seems about 5'8.5-5'9? LOL
Shredder said on 21/Jul/16
He actually looked 5'9 , 5'10 range to me when he was standing loose , but after he stood normal he looked about a weak 5'11 ish.
Josh said on 20/Jul/16
He's obviously in the 5'11 range, He might after a very long day dip to 5'10.75. This is a good listing
Mat said on 19/Jul/16
Editor Rob: I think the day I seen him first I wouldn't have thought much under 5ft 11, but seeing him at another event, there might be a chance...but 5ft 10.75 is the lowest I would have thought, 5ft 11 I think is still ok.

So you felt he was 5'10 7/8 the last time? So you can really tell if someone is 1/8 of an inch shy of a mark?
Editor Rob
I'm saying he appeared more like a 5ft 10.75-5ft 11 range, rather than a 5ft 11-11.25.
Mike said on 18/Jul/16
He wasn't much shorter than The Rock, definitely 5ft 11 range.
Dale said on 9/Jul/16
Always thought Jon was somewhere between 5'10.5 and 5'11 good call

Heights are barefeet estimates, derived from quotations, official websites, agency resumes, in person encounters with actors at conventions and pictures/films.

Other vital statistics like weight or shoe size measurements have been sourced from newspapers, books, resumes or social media.

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