How tall is Macaulay Culkin

Macaulay Culkin's Height

5ft 6 (167.6 cm)

American actor best known for the Home Alone series of films, Uncle Buck and My Girl. His arrest sheet listed him as 5ft 7 and just over 9 stones in weight.
How tall is Macaulay Culkin
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Average Guess (46 Votes)
5ft 5.73in (167cm)
Beau said on 24/Dec/22
There's a handful of pictures of Macauley and Kieren where it seems Kieren edges him out - their heights on this site should be swapped.
Leesheff85 said on 16/Sep/22
No Jimmy 5ft 6 is fine for him about the same height as his brothers
JimmyJones said on 12/Sep/22
He was on Red Letter Media's Best of the Worst (Youtube) in 2020. He looked a good couple of inches shorter than 5'7 Jay Bauman, and tiny sitting on the couch. So, I think 5'7 and 5'6 guesses are too high. Definitely closer to 5'4 or even 5'3
Jackie Lee said on 28/May/22
Wow I'm surprised he's nearly my height!
He looked pretty tall in these photos to me. I guess having lanky proportions help make you look quite a bit taller than you actually are.

Click Here
Toby Barrett said on 10/Oct/21
when he was 14 he said he was 5'2 so 5'6 makes sense for him to grow 4 inches in 4 years
Harry Tom said on 19/Feb/21
I think this guy is exactly my height with a very similar build. Culkin is around 165cm late afternoon / evening and probably wakes up just under 168cm. With his hair up and with shoes, he will look a very weak 5’7. Although you can get away with claiming your out of bed morning height, as you will look it most of the time...
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 3/Oct/20
Rob, do you think that Michael Angarano had an easy edge on Macaulay?
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 26/Aug/20
🎂🎁 I got a little carried away this afternoon rooting around for information about Macaulay Culkin's super-sized family. There are five boys: Christian, Shane, Kieran, Rory and, of course, Macaulay and the girls are named Quinn and Dakota; There was a half-sister, Jennifer, but sadly, she died from an overdose. Dakota was tragically killed in an RTA. So, so sad.

🍀 Bonnie Badelia is the Godmother of Michael's three children; Michael Junior, Paris and Blanket.

🎂🎁 It's Macaulay's BIG 4️⃣-0️⃣ today, so a Very Happy Fortieth to him! 🎁🎂

5ft5.75 is my Birthday guess for the actor and singer. XXX

berta said on 14/Jul/20
i thought he was shorter than this, maybe 165-166
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 27/Feb/20
I've just read that Macaulay is joining the cast of American Horror Story Season 10. Now that should be interesting!

Paul Wood said on 25/Oct/19
Amazing the Culkin brothers are so similar in height. My brother is three inches taller than me.
Y07 said on 30/May/19
Hey Rob, I think you should add James Rolfe. His YouTube has a near 3 million subscribers, and has a total of 1.5 billion views for all his videos. Also he's been there during the dawn on YouTube. He seems celebrity status enough to me. Not only Macaulay Culkin was a guest on his show. Even comedians Patton Oswalt and Dane Cook mentioned about him.
Y07 said on 3/May/19
Hey Rob, how tall do you think James Rolfe looks closer to? 5'10 or 5'11?! Click Here
Editor Rob
Could be in between that zone.
Mayfield said on 18/Jan/19
Click Here

For Rolfe, look at these with Ernie Hudson, Sid Haig and Jerry Springer. Realistically, he could be under 5'11
Paul NS (6ft 0.5) said on 22/Dec/18
Never doubted Rolfe being close to 5'11" myself, although admittedly he hasn't stood next to many people with a "known" height so to speak.
Quoter987 said on 22/Dec/18
James Rolfe is definitely not 5'11. I would say 5'10 range, probably 5'10.5". His buddy Mike I would say is 5'11".
Starlo3 said on 22/Dec/18
@Anonymous921 Great question, as I've always wondered James Rolfe's height, myself. He's listed as 5'11 on Google but I've always seen him at 5'10. Him standing next to Mac definitely makes him look a lot taller!
Anonymous921 said on 19/Dec/18
Rob, how tall is AVGN in this video, if Macaulay is 5'6? 18:26 - 18:32

Click Here
Imamsocoollikereallycoool said on 15/Dec/18
Definitely 5’4”
Anonynon said on 14/Dec/18
Guaranteed to be between 166-169 cm. Either 166-168 or 167-169.

I give him 167-169, but maybe it's because of his thin frame which makes him look taller.

He could very well be 166-168, but 165.1-167 is way too low and impossible.
Josh Jeffords said on 3/Feb/18
This is believable but generous he looks very small childlike even in his teens.
I did not see him in much after his 20s but he looked short.
The child star thing is likely due to them being small and being able to pull of kid roles later.
Warren said on 14/Dec/17
He's lost some height with that young? really, but yes he's 166 too, can't be like 168 or more and I guess Paris's 172-173 range
at least unnecessary upgrading her
Wil said on 26/Nov/17
166 is my guess (5'5 1/2), met him around 15 years ago in NY and was definitely shorter than me (5'7). He's probably lost some height with age too. Always thought he was taller judging by photos etc. - slender guys tend to create that impression.
MJKoP said on 12/Oct/17
Looking at the candid shots of him and Paris Jackson, I don't see only two inches between them. Looks at least three, if not more. Either the former needs a downgrade or the latter needs an upgrade - or possibly even both.
Sandy Cowell said on 5/Sep/17
@ Rose - Hi! I thoroughly enjoyed your no-nonsense reply to Chip, so much so that I went along to the Macaulay Culkin page to find out what was being discussed a bit more fully than I'd been able to gather merely from your comment, which I'd found on the 'Latest Comments' page. Interestingly, I was amused to find that yours was a sensible ending to a discussion that had taken place 10 YEARS AGO!

Well, better late than never, Rose! 🌹

Macaulay can have 5ft5.75 from me, though I must say - I thought I did him ages ago! 😦
Rose said on 3/Sep/17
"Chip said on 14/Aug/07
Wow, I had no idea Macaulay was this short. I mean, I always though he was 6'2" or something, but I'm not a fan of him anyway, so I wouldn't have paid any attention. Why does it seem that so many (not all, but a lot) of child actors end up very short? Jonathan Lipnicki is only 5'6", and Haley Joel Osment is around 5'6", too. Maybe they don't get enough sleep or something."

It is because a child who is 12 but can pass for 9 is going to be more sought after as a child actor. It is easier to work with a 12 year old who can play a 9 year old's part than to work with an actual 9 year old. These child actors were successful in part because they looked like children until they were 15 or so. Most people who were very small for their age as children turn into short adults.
Richardspain said on 2/Sep/17

Only 167cm????

Amazing!! :-|
Joe said on 13/Jul/17
Rob, is there a chance he's 5'7"? Also, is there a chance he's 5'5 3/4"?
Editor Rob
I wouldn't go as high as 5ft 7, somewhere in 5ft 6 range I thought was more likely.
Magic said on 26/Nov/15
But usually in a arrest they coming measure with shoes, Rob?
Editor Rob
yeah, if a guy like Macaulay stood beside a height chart, with shoes and hair he'd probably look 5ft 7 range easily enough.
BrandonB said on 12/Oct/15
so they don't properly measure height then?
Editor Rob
no, not an actual measurement, more either ask the person or they look how tall you appear beside a height chart, which can get a rough idea. He may well claim 5ft 7 or look 5ft 7 in footwear beside a chart.
BrandonB said on 11/Oct/15
so if the arrest sheet says 5 ft 7 that's official enough,, so why don't you list him as that rob? He must of been measured.
Editor Rob
sometimes that is what the suspect say themselves, other times it is what the officer guesses they are (especially if they stand beside a height chart).
Phil said on 6/Feb/15
@Ai: I was doubtful at first, but looking at many pictures from the early 2000s (mostly the ones with 5'3" Seth Green), I think you're on to something.
the shredder said on 21/Nov/14
His prime? He is 34 and very relaxed.
Ai said on 18/Nov/14
Quite sure 5'7 at his prime - he stood significantly taller than Seth Green and looked around the same height as Chloe Sevigny even when barefoot . Not sure how tall he is now guy slouches a lot and could lose a inch or so - my husband who was 5'10 at age 21 is now 5'9.5 at 31 . My uncle who was 5'7 in his 20s is now 5'4.5 in his 60s
Realist said on 25/Apr/14
With Mila Kunis i dont see any more than 166 cm.
lulz said on 22/Mar/14
I'm confused...I think he's gotta be closer to 5'7 if Seth Green's number (5'3") is accurate. Just going by the premiere/screening shots for Party Monster where he is quite a lot taller. But then when he stands with Mila Kunis, he seems only 2 inches taller
tony said on 17/Mar/14
The dude is small. 168 for sure.
Goose said on 3/Feb/14
Seen him standing on the theater district 5'5 - 5'6
without shoes.
cd said on 17/May/13
He's probably closer to losing height than growing. See Rob's page about height loss it says it actually starts late 30s, and, contrary to what most people think (many people say men grow until their early twenties) the average male stops growing at 17. I know this sounds unbelievable, but a growth specialist told me so.
more like 5'5 said on 5/Feb/13
Click Here

mila kunis listed as 5'4 (more like 5'3)
more like 5'5 said on 5/Feb/13
Click Here

mila kunis is listed as 5'4
truth said on 22/Dec/12
you are done at 28 vibram lol, wayyyyyy before that (10 or 8 years before).
SpaceInvaduhs said on 10/Jul/11
5'6 yeah right! More like 5'4! Google Mila Kunis and Macauly Culkin pics and you'll see what I mean.
Danimal said on 4/Jul/11
5'7" in shoes maybe?
Big Mike said on 4/Jul/11
I saw a pic he dosen't look anywhere near 5ft7 compared to Kunis he looks only about 2 or 3 inches taller than her if Mila is 5ft3 he would be 5ft5 if the 2inches is right or he would be 5ft6 if it's three
Big Mike said on 4/Jul/11
Yea next to Mila who is 5ft3 he looks 5ft5 I think this is a little bit too tall for him
Monica said on 2/May/11
He looked max 5'5 or 5'4 next to Mila Kunis (5'3)
jen said on 15/Jan/11
For a fact he's taller than elijah, think I read somewhere he's(wood) 5'5, making culkin at least 5'6.5
maximus meridius said on 23/Dec/10
he is defiantly 5ft 8in at least if he is 5ft 8in Elijah Wood is defiantly 5ft 7in at least.
j said on 18/Dec/10
there isnt much height difference between his fiance mila kunis in all their candids. mila is always wearing flats or sneakers
Tony said on 30/Jun/09
Zoe, Seth is definetly 5'4, he claims it, and all he does is spike is hair unlike most people who wear heels.
Somborac said on 29/Jun/09
Met him on the set of Party Monster. I'm just over 6ft & had just over 5 inches on him, he's about 5'7".
Anonymous said on 8/Jun/09
@ Vibram: Natural growth at 28 is impossible.
macaulyheight said on 14/Apr/09
this guy is obviously a legit 5'7, there's only a 1 inch difference if u go from top of the head between glenn and this guy and I am myself 5'7 and i have the exact same build. Sometimes people think i'm 5'6 but the truth is I'm really 5'7.
glenn said on 30/Jan/09
what on earth is donatello talking about? reading comprehension avoids debates and arguments.
Donatello said on 30/Jan/09
I don't know why Glenn is saying hes 5'7", I have a hard time buying 5'6" for this guy.
Alex said on 29/Jan/09
Complex, I was mentioning that sometime ago about the picture of him and Mila Kunis. He really only looked an inch taller there but because she was in a bigger boot and he was in converse he would probably have more 2 inches on her. 5'5-5'5 1/2 he probably is.
Joe said on 29/Jan/09
5-5, maybe 5-6. I see three inches from the top of his shoulder to Glenn's.
Trent said on 28/Jan/09
Is it true that his father is 5'10 while he's 5'5 to 5'6?
glenn said on 26/Jan/09
i was responding sarcastically to james 5-8 comment for caulkin.james-the dress shoes comment was about toby.
Source said on 26/Jan/09
His name is spelled wrong, it's supposed to be Macaulay Culkin.
ACG said on 26/Jan/09
Vibram, read glenn's post from January 25....I take it he was being sarcastic the day before when he said culkin was around his height. He was responding to James who suggested that very thing on the 23rd.

Please correct me if I'm wrong, glenn.

Could Kevin McCallister be a 173er in "disguise??"
Vibram said on 26/Jan/09
Do you think he's still growing at 28 or done? If glenn says he's nearing his 5ft8 then he's definately grown in the last 2-years cos he measured about 5ft5-6 when stood next to Mila Kunis a year or two ago.
glenn said on 26/Jan/09
toby without a doubt is 5-7 min.possibly 5-8.though i dont know why he looked 5-6 once in his suit and dress shoes to me and my friend.
Kev said on 26/Jan/09
wow didn't think he'd be this short. i thought he would be at least 5'7.
Anonymous said on 25/Jan/09
Didn't think he'd be this tall. Learn something new every day I suppose.
Anonymous said on 25/Jan/09
Hi glenn who u think is more taller tobey maguire or this dude.
glenn said on 25/Jan/09
100 percent agreed complex.5-5 is not impossible.most likely 5-6.
Complex said on 24/Jan/09
5'5 in that picture, 5'6 TOPS! There is a 1.5-2 inch difference between him and glenn. Plus let's not forget the picture of him and 5'3 Mila, a flat 5'5 wouldnt suprise me..
glenn said on 24/Jan/09
thats right james.culkin is close to 5-8 like i am.
Joker said on 24/Jan/09
That arrest sheet is his height in shoes probably.
Ras said on 24/Jan/09
5'6 sounds right.
Vibram said on 24/Jan/09
His shoulder height is still way below glenn's, so don't think he'll be around glenns 5ft7.5 or 5ft8 if he straightend up, his head isn't that long, also the eyeline would still look about 2" below glenns if he was straightend. 5ft6 max, more 5ft5-5ft6 range. He was 28! here if this was shot October 2008.
theman said on 24/Jan/09
Looks 5'5" in this pic
Trent said on 23/Jan/09
I see 5'5.5 to 5'6 max for Culkin. There is at least 1.5 inch difference.
Alex said on 23/Jan/09
5'6 is the very most you can give him really. And more likely is 5'5. He can give a taller impression sometimes.
rob89 said on 23/Jan/09
He's a bit closer to the camera than glenn, which might make him seem closer to 5'7. If he took a step back and stood with similar posture to glenn i think 5'6 would be a very good estimate. I can't see him as low as 5'5 though.
glenn said on 23/Jan/09
dont know what that is acg.thanks for the spot.ill zoom it in and let you a wuss with the cold the last 5 years or if im in a t-shirt,it mustve been warm.
ZAQ said on 23/Jan/09
He is still looking pretty young..
he is almost 29 now
and he still looks a lil older than what he played as richie rich
Anonymous said on 23/Jan/09
Culkin is the proof of how in the movies even a short guy may look average. Really, I always thought he was 5'9" or so, but in the pics he looks for sure shorter than 5'7"
Bruce said on 23/Jan/09
Glenn u look atleast 3 inch taller , he looks 5.5 here
ACG said on 23/Jan/09
glenn- right below your right elbow(well, YOUR left one) it looks vaguely like there could be a small pile of snow.

i know obviously that there isn't and upon first glance it never would have stuck out to me, but i think that this is what derbi was talking about...
glenn said on 23/Jan/09
acg-never saw him before.yet he was a common sight for years.and never posed.started posing again like crazy since last year.he was just walking down the block.
glenn said on 23/Jan/09
what snow? this was october.maybe late september.
Donatello said on 23/Jan/09
Hes looking around 5'5" 1/2 IMO. Hard to believe this is the same kid from home alone, looks like a junkie.
Chris said on 22/Jan/09
Weird, I thought this guy was 6'.
SerStrong said on 22/Jan/09
I met him, he is 5'5" at the least and 5'7" at the most.
runt said on 22/Jan/09
Looks more intimidating than Michael Jackson.
Derbi said on 22/Jan/09
Glenn, there is snow on the street and you sweat in a t-shirt. What the...??
ACG said on 22/Jan/09
The only thing that would make this pic cooler would be if both of you were making the screaming "home alone" face. lol. but he must get asked that be people ALL the time!!

Seriously, tho, I always thought he was a good sized grown-up, but i guess he just fooled me because of how thin he was(and is).

But now I truly believe he is 5'6. This is because when I was 5'6, I had posture VERY similar to Mac's and the difference between me and my younger brother(who was glenn's height, 5'8) was the EXACT same as it was in the above picture.

In other words, I know what a legit 5'6er with a bad slouch looks like next to a legit 5'8er from first hand experience.

Thanks for the pic, glenn, i was hoping you'd get him for awhile now....nice going.

The only thing that would make this pic cooler would be if both of you were making the screaming "home alone" face. lol. but he must get asked that be people ALL the time!!
Jlee said on 22/Jan/09
how come culkin still looks 12?
Lego said on 22/Jan/09
i've been looking for a decent image of Macauly to compare, at last.

Thanks glen!

definitely looks 5'6 next to glenn, maybe 5'6.5 with a push.
Brad said on 22/Jan/09
He'll be 50 and in the same pose dressed in the same leather and the same height. 5' 5 and a half.
glenn said on 22/Jan/09
i dont understand what your seeing james.he isnt even 5-7.taken last fall.
glenn said on 22/Jan/09
wrong on both dude.if he is 5-6,which he is,i see 5-8 on top.
glenn said on 22/Jan/09
one inch difference? get your eyes fixed.looked 5-5 in the street.5-6 he has to be.
leonari said on 22/Jan/09
Glenn: The final verdict?
RICHARD said on 22/Jan/09
Mac's dad was 5'10 yet he's 5'6. I heard his brother,Shane, is 5'9
miko said on 22/Jan/09
Straighten Culkin out here and you'd see 1" max difference.

Depends on his footwear I guess.
Trent said on 22/Jan/09
I always knew that he isn't over 5'6
Anonymous said on 22/Jan/09
OMG. I knew he was short, but I never expected that short. He looks 5'5" (he's got camera angle on his side and his shoulder is at least 4 inches lower than Glenn's though he's leaning a bit)
Danimal said on 22/Jan/09
I give him 5'5".
Dude said on 22/Jan/09
He's 5'4 and Glenn ain't 5'8.
Ghost said on 22/Jan/09
ER. says on 22/Jan/09
Strange how all these actors who start out very early, when they're just children, are nearly always short / below average height when they're fully grown. I might be wrong, but that's usually my impression.

That's partly because short kids can play characters younger than what they really are, so child actors are usually short/young looking for their age already as kids, which means they will be short/young looking as adults too.
ER. said on 22/Jan/09
Strange how all these actors who start out very early, when they're just children, are nearly always short / below average height when they're fully grown. I might be wrong, but that's usually my impression.
Alex said on 20/Jan/09
There is a picture of him and 5'3 Mila Kunis and he only looks an inch taller but she has on boots and he has on converse type sneakers so I could see him at 5'5 based on that.
glenn said on 16/Jan/09
i just finally got this guy.alot easier than he used to be.though i strangely never saw an illusion of 5-4 in my photo due to horrendous posture.5-6 he is in reality.if he is 5-7,then im 5-9.
Anonymous said on 16/Jan/09
I saw a picture of Culkin and Mila Kunis together and Mila had flat dancer's slippers on and Culkin had Addidas shoes on....he looked a half inch taller than her at best. If you want to see this picture just google "Macualay Culkin pictures" and you will come across it and many others that prove that they are just about the same height. He is no where near 3 inches taller than her as Glenn suggests on this site. Culkin's height needs to be changed to 5'4"
Zoe said on 22/Oct/08
No way this kid is that tall. I agree with Dude with he says he must be 5'5". Seth Green is def NOT 5'4". It's hard to compare Seth, Mac and Chloe in that movie ( party monster) since they are all wearing platform shoes. From pictures, Mac is not 2 inches taller than Mila.
sinlessbeauty116 said on 17/Aug/08
seth is 5'4 making culkin 5'7, isnt chloe 5'7? he and her are the same height. He looks an inch taller than mila in pic because she is in heels most of the time.
Dude said on 3/Aug/08
I would guess 5'5" for Culkin. In party monster he looked tallish because of Seth Green being shorter. Wilmer Valderama looked even taller in that movie, and he is about 5'7".
Josephine said on 12/Jul/08
I agree with Clay and Aimie, from pictures Culkin looks barely an inch taller than Kunis.He looks a solid couple of inches taller than Seth Green though, which leads me to think Seth is only 5'2" and Mac is 5'5" at the most.
diana said on 3/Jun/08
haha BAD picture aimie
first of all angles, she's more forward in the picture
second he's taking a step which causes a person to become slightly shorter
that's at least 2 inches right there
Aimie said on 31/May/08
I just looked at pictures of Mac and Mila and if she is only 5'3'' tall there is no way this guy is 5'6''.He isn't more than 2 inches taller than she is. In this picture they are both wearing normal shoes and there isn't much difference in height, even with her being in front.Click Here
Clay said on 21/May/08
I remember that picture and it made him look 5'4'/5'5 next to Mila Kunis.
glenn said on 18/May/08
he hasn't posed since he was a kid until a month maybe ill get him.never saw him strangely.saw his brother once who also doesn't pose.i keep missing him.he walked by a street last month i was walking back and forth on and i didnt see person i know posed with him.
Guido G. said on 17/May/08
No more than 5'6 for this guy, thats for sure.
A well shot picture on this site would be nice, that's a job for glenn ;)
Alex said on 4/Jan/08
I would believe 5'6 but there is a picture on I M D with him and 5'3 Mila Kunis and he he has an inch tops onn her but she appears to be having a footwear advantage so I'd give him 5'5.
Rob what do you think about that picture?
Jon Doe said on 16/Nov/07
it's impossible for him to be 5'4,he's atleast 5'6.What is he walking around in high heals or something?
Anonymous said on 8/Oct/07
I stood near him in nyc last month when he was trying to hail a taxi. He is no taller than 5'4!
Jon Doe said on 7/Sep/07
It's weird coz he seems only a little taller than Mila Kunis who always seems just a little shorter than Seth Green who everybody knows who is a fan of him knows he's 5'4 and I think they're all friends Seth Green Mila Kunis and Macauly Culkan.But in the movie Party Monster Macauly did look 5'7,what's going on there?Or Macauly hunch sometimes and people just think he's shorter?
sleuth said on 26/Aug/07
If he's 5-6.25 then he's taller than most women. But in the photographs I've seen, I see no evidence of that. He's only taller than women who are obvious petites!
Chip said on 16/Aug/07
Jon Doe, if Haley and Jonathan aren't 5'6", then they must be shorter, like 5'4" or so. You're probably right about them being chosen for younger parts, though.
Chip said on 14/Aug/07
Wow, I had no idea Macaulay was this short. I mean, I always though he was 6'2" or something, but I'm not a fan of him anyway, so I wouldn't have paid any attention. Why does it seem that so many (not all, but a lot) of child actors end up very short? Jonathan Lipnicki is only 5'6", and Haley Joel Osment is around 5'6", too. Maybe they don't get enough sleep or something.
anon said on 21/Jun/07
saw him at JFK Airport today. I am 5 6.75, almost 5 7, and I was taller than Macaulay by more than just a little bit. We walked right by each other, and he was definitely shorter than me. I'd say 5 5 if not shorter.
Ai said on 14/Jun/07
hes at least 5' way hes 5'4....he was way taller than Seth Green in Party Monster
glenn said on 4/Apr/07
ran into keiran 4 weeks ago.never met mc.both never do the photo with.keiran was about 5-5,5-6.
Elizabeth said on 3/Apr/07
Click Here

From the Sundance mug shots they took this year (he's on the bottom left corner).
Alex said on 21/Dec/06
With Mandy who is a 5'9.5 girl herself makes Culkin look 5'6.5., but the photo with Mila we see a full body shot with footwear and Mila's footwear is giving a bit more than his I bet, but still he would only be 5'6 tops with her.
Anonymous said on 8/Dec/06
I met Macauly once and I am only 5 feet tall, he was really only about 5'3, maybe 5'4. He was really, really short. I was suprised.
Glenn said on 20/Oct/06
strangely,I never seen him.and he is in my circles.I know people that got the photo with during the home alone days.he now rarely guess was 5-7.more evidence is pointing to 5-6.
Alex said on 19/Oct/06
Glenn, what would be your estimate on Culkin's height? With Mila Kunis who is really like 5'3 he doesn't look more than 1.5 inches taller than her. Maybe she was wearing bigger heels since she did have boots on while he had sneakers on. I see a few 5'7 listings of him and he really doesn't look that tall. I'd say 5'5 tops which is possible but no more than that.
Alex said on 19/Oct/06
I was looking at the Mila Kunis page and they were together and Mila looks 5'3 to me and Culkin wasn't more than 2 inches taller. He looks 5'4-5'4.5. He needs a downgrade unless Mila is taller than I think she is.
Glenn said on 4/Sep/06
Wilmer is between 5-7 and 5-8.
trueheight said on 4/Sep/06
this is the best proof that can be offered as far as candids go; Also watch party monster where Valderamma is noticeably taller than Culkin in every shot; and we all know Wilmer isn't exactly a tall guy
trueheight said on 4/Sep/06
Actor and online friend Michael Ray Bower(confirmed 5'6) w/ culkin; definately 5'6. also check out the other celebpics on the main page, e.g. wilmer valderamma at 5'7

Click Here
Anonymous said on 11/Aug/06
He's 5'6, a definite downgrade needs to be done here.
kim said on 31/Mar/06
never trust those arrest sheetes. I'd say 5'8 from his appearance on will& grace
6' & 18 said on 24/Mar/06
this height is way 2 generous, Culkin is 5' 5". He was 5' 7" in the report but that was with wearing big shoes.
trueheight said on 17/Mar/06
um, are you counting shoes? cuz barefoot, he's undoubtedly 5'6. Police almost *never* make you take your shoes off. Think about it, in wanted posters, you're not asked to identify a potential suspect *barefoot*, as if thats even possible. Its including shoes, just like all arrest sheets include shoes. nOt to mention Culkin appeard 2in shorter than Wilmer Valderamma in Party Monster

Editor Rob
A lovely couple - there he looks a 5ft 6 guy, although beside Seth Green he looks 5ft 7, although green at 5ft 4 is probably still debatable to some
pre10shus said on 10/Feb/06
My Police report had me down at 5'10" but I am only 5'7". I had 2" lift shoes on and they didn't ask me to take them off (they didn't know I was wearing them). The police report could be off 2 to 3 inches depending on what he was wearing.
ice said on 8/Nov/05
I think he's 5'6. If the police report had 5'7, then you have to minus an inch (usually). They usually don't make you take on your shoes.
CelebHeights Editor said on 8/Nov/05
From gossip group: "I met McCaulay in London and he is definitely not 5"8. I'm 5"2 and he was not much taller than me. He's a couple of inches shorter than 5"8. BTW, he was very good in the play that I saw him in The West End."
CelebHeights Editor said on 8/Nov/05
From a gossip group:
"Passed a surprisingly tiny, tell-tale pouty lipped Macauley Culkin. I'm 5' 9" and was wearing 2" heels, but he seemed to be about 5'6" tops-- and that's being terribly charitable. Internet "fan sites" etc seem to boost him up to 5'7" or more. Impossible"
Shane130 said on 28/Oct/05
Well, that was a different person, on the prison page, under Mac's name, it says 5'7"
sf said on 14/Oct/05
No, if you look closely, the police report has Culkin at 5'7" and the OTHER guy at 5'4'.....
Polska said on 20/Jul/05
Macaulay Culkin was at my old highschool filming Saved. I saw him in person but only in his wheelchair. Still, many people I know met him in person out of the chair to get an autograph. I asked how his height compared to my own (I'm 5'7") and everyone listed him somewhere in the range of 5'4"-5'6". They could have been just being nice for my sake, lol, but I thought I'd mention it anyway.
trueheight said on 9/Jul/05
definately this guy is taller than 5'4, i can say that for sure. Just watch Party Monster w/ Seth Green, he is significantly taller in every shot.
ajwells11 said on 25/May/05
I laugh everytime I see Mac listed as 5'8... there is no way in hell he is 5'8... After seeing the picture with him and Mila Kunis who is 5'5... he is about even with her... Everytime I see him next to someone in pictures he look very short, He is not taller than 5'7 flat!!!

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