How tall is Maria Menounos

Maria Menounos Height

5ft 7in (170.2 cm)

American tv Presenter and Actress recently in One Tree Hill. In Parade magazine there was a mention: "I dropped 40 pounds in one year," says the 5-foot-8, 123-pound Maria. "I cut back on carbs and worked out with a trainer on an elliptical machine." On her twitter she also mentioned her height, saying "People ask all the time-im 5'8".

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Average Guess (7 Votes)
5ft 7.11in (170.5cm)
Intevel said on 13/Sep/17
Angels who is the blonde girl?
Angelos said on 24/Jul/17
Rob ,how much of a height difference do you see between maria and the blonde girl who claims 178cm
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Editor Rob: in that photo, it may be a bit over an inch
Lanaka said on 2/Jul/17
5'7 and thee quarters-5'7.75 on a Howard Stern show appearance in 2011, but she rounds up and says 5'8 because it is so close to 5'8 and she is 5'8 with shoes obviously.
Hans Meiser said on 1/Jul/17
Maybe 171cm.
J.Lee said on 18/Nov/16
Rob is Maria taller than 5 ft 10.5 Bryan Cranston at this event? How tall would she be in this photo?

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Editor Rob: J.Lee, they are probably very close there, I think Bryan has at most 0.75 inch shoes.
J.Lee said on 26/Sep/16
Rob how tall do you think Kevin Undergo is?
Jay said on 22/Jun/16
Rob, I don't see any pics of Maria being shorter than Guiliana Rancic. They are the same height.
Adolfus said on 14/Mar/16
Sorry, Rob, she is definitely not under 5'8".
J.Lee said on 23/Feb/15
Rob what made you downgrade
[Editor Rob: not enough to suggest she is her claim, but generally does look under it.]
lala said on 2/Feb/15
She always seemed 5'5-5'7 to me, neither short nor tall.
Rick said on 9/Jun/14
john 89

it is all about positioning :)
john 89 said on 22/Feb/14
How about this guy next to her he is listed 1,83 cm I really cant understand his height in some pics looks really tall and in other about 175
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chris said on 8/Dec/13
She doesn't look taller than average because she hasn't got longer than average legs. She has the average torso and legs, which most 5.5 women have, she just has a really long neck giving her the additional height.
J.Lee said on 3/Jul/13
Hey rob, found some pics where it looks like Maria might be taller than Nancy O'dell... Click Here and Click Here
[Editor Rob: they look pretty close (nancy being a bit further away I think)]
J.Lee said on 7/Apr/13
Ron how is she in your photo and how tall in these Click Here
Silent d said on 31/Oct/12
5 foot 7.
Nobody said on 11/Oct/12
Taking their shoes into account, Tyra is wearing a platform shoe and Maria appears to be wearing a smaller than 4" heel. Could be wrong. But following that, Maria seems about 5" shorter than Tyra. Tyra is probably 6'2.5" (4.5"shoe plus 1" platform=about 4.5" added height) which makes Maria 5'9.5" in heels. Subtract 2.5" (appears to be less than 4" heel shoes) from that and Maria is 5'7" flat.
J.Lee said on 1/Oct/12
Rob she is much shorter than mario and tryra like the 2 comments below said. How is that?
Silent d said on 26/Sep/12
If she is that tall, i might believe mario lopez is 5 foot 11. I always thought she was tall but i think 5 foot 7 is more accurate. She was pretty tall at the emmy's. Same height as mario in heels. I think renee bargh is 5 foot 5. She never looked short.
Johnnyfive said on 1/Sep/12
The Tyra Banks pic from Chris puts this beauty at about 5'6 or 5'6.5 so about a full inch shorter than this listing. Who cares anyway? Shes gorgeous.
J.lee said on 7/Feb/12
Yes, Rob in the new bikin bet, she looks a bit shorter than mario lopez. By about 3 inches.
Chris said on 31/Dec/11
This picture begs to differ. Click Here
Even taking into account Tyra's bigger heels, Maria is not 172. Even without this pic, she never looks it to me, she just hasn't got 172 legs.
clint said on 21/Dec/11
she is 5'8" to 5'8.5"
clint said on 18/Dec/11
About 5'8" is about right.
Andrew said on 18/Sep/11
5'7.75 is probably her barefoot height. In 1-inch heels or regular shoes, she'd only be 1/4-inch under 5'9, which seems likely since she wasn't much shorter than Chris Evans in Fantastic Four.
Alex said on 27/May/11
@MILTOS...I just played in a video of Sakis and i stood next to him...he is 1.80cm(5.11)exactly because both my brother and i are at the same height and the 3 of us where exactly at the same height...and we even have fotos...
Anonymous said on 7/Aug/07
Thanks, Rob!

Maria's definitely not short.
Anonymous said on 7/Aug/07
How tall is Al Roker? In heels, Maria towers over him. But I don't see a height for Roker listed on this site.

[Editor Rob: "I'm 5 feet 8" is what Al has said. I've no idea who he is, but that's what he said.]
alex said on 30/Jun/07
what are you talkinig about??sakis at 1,90??hahahahaha...i am from greece and i assure you that sakis isn't more than 1,75-1,78...
albi said on 21/May/07
Sakis Rouvas 6'2.5 or 6.3? I'd rather believe Stallone was 6'. Like it or not, the greek are a short nation, the shortest in the Balkans. Their average for the new generation is about 5'9. The older generation is of course shorter.

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If Sakis were 190cm, that short looking bald guy would be about 183 and that taller man in the back would have to be about 193. Highly unlikely, especially in Greece.

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If Sakis were 190cm and the girls were wearing 7cm heels (you cannot dance with higher heels, at least not Live), the short one would have to be about 184-5 and the taller one about 188-190. Now when was the last time you saw 2 beautiful, sexy professional dancers with a perfect body at 185 & 189? In Greece, never!

More... the big-looking Zeljko Joksimovic (Serbia, the tallest nation in the world?) is rated at 183. Sakis, one of the shortest of Eurovision 2004 at 190?

Lastly, even the greeks have a misconception that Sakis is short. He is definitely not short (although very slim and with an excellent posture), but being thought of as short at 190?

Sakis is no more than 180. I'll give him that because shorter than that, on TV you either look short or your legs look perfectly long (like Stallone's)
joz said on 7/Apr/07
women like about their height and weight she looks same height as jessica biel at 5'6
Bel said on 6/Mar/07
she cant be 5'8. in her new movie, next to michael rosenbaum who is described as 5'11.5, she looks almost a head shorter than him, if not a head shorter. and hes not even 6'1 or higher so she has to be 5'4-5'5 at the max. i know someone who is 5'4 and next to a 6'2 guy shes not even a whole head shorter, so maria has to be tiny
liz said on 21/Feb/07
what? haha. she looks 5'2... especially since shes super thin, it makes her look taller. she always wears HEELS too. theres no way shes 5'8... this is coming from someone whose 5'8/5'9 and who is bigger then her, and looks taller too
Nino said on 5/Aug/06
Mouldy, sure your mum may be quite tall in Greece but generally she wouldn't be considered that tall at all, just taller than average. She wouldn't even qualify for most Tall Clubs where women have to be a minimum of 5'10 (and that's considered small by their standards).
So your mum isn't THAT tall, just moderately tall.
mouldy said on 4/Aug/06
Nino: ARe you kidding? 5'8.5" for a woman is not tall-ish, especially here in Greece! It's plain tall! My mum's easily taller than most women here..I hardly ever see a woman her height, and if I do it's usually some Dutch tourist (cos Dutch people are really tall!). 6'1" is ultra-gigantic for a woman, especially here!It's already tall for a man...At my school there are very few guys that are that height!
Nino said on 3/Aug/06
Hi Mouldy, thanks for the answer. I asked because to me Dora doesn't quite look 6ft tall from the pictures I see of her and I would give her around 5'10-5'11. If she was half a head taller than your mum, and your mum wasn't in heels and she's definitely 5'8.5, then I guess that does make her around 6ft after all.
Unless of course your mum has shrunk from 5'8.5 (which is a possibility no?)
Also, I think in Greece 6ft for a woman is very, very tall. Even your mum's height is considered tallish, so Dora must really seem gigantic!
mouldy said on 2/Aug/06
Nino: My mum pretty much never wears high heels cos she can't walk in them!The most I've seen her wear is 2.5"-3" and that is once in a million years! And she only wears them at formal events, like New Years Eve or so. All the other time she wears flat sandals or sneakers so...No!
Nino said on 1/Aug/06
Mouldy, was your mum wearing heels when she stood next to Dora Bakogiannis?? I've never seen Dora wearing high shoes, so it would be interesting to consider the difference.
mouldy said on 30/Jul/06
...Of course, that is assuming she was wearing 4 inch heels and Sakis wearing formal dress shoes. I don't remember exactly what they were wearing on the night of the Finals...But I do remember she was wearing some massive heels, 4" maybe 5" even! Sadly I don't remember what Sakis was wearing. But I still think she's about 5'10"-5'11" cos if she's 5'8" then she'd have to wear like 7+ inch heels to be even with a 6'4" (6'2.5" + 1.5" shoes assuming he wore formal dress shoes) guy!
mouldy said on 30/Jul/06
Actually Sakis is very tall, cos : in 2004 he represented Greece in the Eurovision Song Contest, and came 3rd, which was the best position Greece had ever landed at that time (until Elena Paparizou won last year!) so a "congratulations"-comitee was sent to pick him up at the airport when he returned to Greece. The leader of this comitee was Dora Bakogiannis, the major of Athens, and she is VERY tall, 6'1", it's a well-known fact in Greece. Both my mum and dad have met her and said she's gigantic. My dad said she was around 6'1" and my mum (who's 5'8.5" by the way!) said that when she stood next to her Dora was "half a head taller" (in my mum's words). Anyway, it was in the news when she & the comitee welcomed Sakis back and congratulated him, and you could clearly see he was even taller than her, easily 1-1.5 inch if not more, with her wearing formal shoes (1.5 inch heel) and him wearing sneakers (he always does!). SO...roughly estimated he's about 6'2.5"-6'3". So Maria is about 5'11" I'd say, subtracting her heels and all.
MD said on 8/Jul/06
Except that Jeremy is definitely not 5'9".
adam said on 8/Jul/06
i saw her next to jeremy piven 5'9 and she was the same height.She was wearing high heel so that makes her 5'5
Dont laugh at me,I"ll grow! said on 21/May/06
Maria is Greek and was the co-presenter of the Eurovision song contest which was held in Greece this week.She was standing next tallish (6 ft I guess)Sakis Rouvas (I know,u dont know him) and they were nearly equal.The thing is she is tall guys,apprx 5-9.5 to 5-11 in heels
Mooch said on 9/May/06
I also saw her on Access Hollywood with Hilary Swank. They seem to be approximately the same height there. Hilary was wearing something akin to bunny slippers and Maria was wearing sneakers.
Here's a capture shot:
Click Here

and here's a link to a videoclip of them together:
Click Here

[Editor Rob: ah, nice, that was what the philly flash person was saying, she is a little taller, hard to be exact about it...could be 1 inch in the last part, but in first part looked closer, hmm]
Anonymous said on 14/Aug/05
yeah, maria did say she lost weight and was 160 pounds at 5'8"
HK said on 2/Aug/05
In a magazine, she was described as 173. She loves heels so that's why she looks taller. Funny how when celebs become more known, somehow they end up with an extra few centimeters

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