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6ft 1.31in (186.2cm)
ds said on 30/Jan/06
No Daniela is 5'11"ish, I met her and got her autograph :).
TheMan said on 28/Jan/06
If she gets any taller on this site then ill be 6,5 by next year. I still don't belive shes growing still. She was just missmeasured simple as that.
meeeeeshY said on 28/Jan/06
God she has to be like 190cm or something!!!!!!
Anonymous said on 26/Jan/06
She is taller than her dad by an inch or two... her mom is only 5-7. Neither of them are short but they are not exceptionally tall.
Wicked Kid said on 25/Jan/06
I'm still sticking to my 6'5" guess!!! What're her parents' heights?
Atlantean said on 25/Jan/06
Daniela is listed as 5-11 at many sites. But two yrs ago she stated that she 'grew again' but didnt know much exactly. So she could be about 6' tall
emily said on 24/Jan/06
How tall do you Maria Sharapova will get? Do you think it is possible that she could over 6'6? She doesn't seem to stop growing. She seems to get bigger in each tournament, maybe she has a growth disorder or something.
heightfan said on 23/Jan/06
I watched the match and the "net meeting" between Maria and Daniela. Even before seeing the pics from mariaworld was suprised at how Maria had outgrown Daniela. IMO 6'2" and growing.
msFan said on 23/Jan/06
Very interesting photos...
Maria and Daniela in Tokyo (Feb or March 2004)

Maria and Daniela at Aussie Open 2006

Any difference?
6 foot 1.5, 16, still growing said on 21/Jan/06
she must have had quite good nutrition to be a woman 6 foot 2. her parents, i agree, are not tall at all.
Gramps said on 21/Jan/06
Davenport is actually 6'2.5", and yes, Maria is a strong 6'2".
Stretch said on 21/Jan/06
When she is standing next to Lindsay Davenport (reported as 6'3") she is virtually the same height, so I would say she is 6 ft. 2 in plus. In addition, when Sharapova played a celebrity match in Southern California, I (6' 5") was standing at one point about 8-10 feet from her, separated by a low fence and the court boundary. Yes, at least 6 ft. 2 in.
Wicked Kid said on 21/Jan/06
I think Maria could hit 6'5" at least, the rate she's going...Adam Levine looks 5'9" to me though.
msFan said on 18/Jan/06
Everytime I tune in to Maria's matches, the commentators like to talk about her height...
gramps2 said on 18/Jan/06
Alex, I think her boyfriend would be (at least was) Adam Levine of Maroon Five, a rock/pop group. Not knowing how tall he is, don't know if he's taller or not. However, in this day and age, female over male heights don't make as much difference, which to me is a good thing. Thanks.
gramps2 said on 18/Jan/06
Alex, it was, at least not too long ago, Adam Levine of the rock group Maroon 5. Don't know how tall he is, but maybe it doesn't matter to either one of them. IMHO, that's the way it should be in height-related relationships, interracial relationships, etc. Do wonder, though, when she will stop growing because 6'6" may be a bit much.
Horatio said on 15/Jan/06
In the picture of her next to her trainer, she looks like a giant.

Everything about her is big, but her femur (or thigh portion of leg) especially looks massive in length.

As for late growth spurts, most guys are done growing by 18 and most girls done growing by 15. Of course many are done growing much sooner. And on the other hand, there are those rare folks that don't stop growing until later. Among the exceptionally tall especially, you will find that a lot of them kept growing until rather late.
Gramps said on 14/Jan/06
Well, Alex, back in my prime 40 years ago, I was very carefully measured at 6'0.25". In 2005 my son re-measured me at just a hair over 6'0" (obviously barefoot!). I'm lucky to have not been subject to any noteworthy 'shrinkage' as yet. And, since I'm within 2" of Maria's height, I could guarantee an accurate measurement - - believe me, I would be VERY meticulous!
ds said on 13/Jan/06
Yeah maybe like a little above 6-2. But not 6-3. I remember meeting a 6-1 girl and thinking she was like 6-4 until I got used to her height and seeing that she's only like 5 inches taller or so. Her mom's 5'7" they said so in an interview, and I dunno about her dad's maybe like 5'11". That must suck though. She probably can't date normal guys. And a lot of guys won't date her. I think 6'0" (even though it's too tall for a girl imo) looked really good on her. But 6-2, I think is just gross. But atleast she has her looks. She's very cute, but should definitely keep her hair up. 188 cm, just above 6-2, not 6-3...yet...
Gramps said on 11/Jan/06
I'll volunteer to measure her, you know, just to make sure... ;-)

[Editor Rob: get in the queue gramps!]
msFan said on 9/Jan/06
Maria with her old physical trainer...
Some say he's the 'mysterious person' Maria was crediting after her Wimbledon triumph in 2004...
VIIV said on 8/Jan/06
Yeah based on those photos, 5-4 Sugiyama barely reaches lower part of Maria's neck. Now the length between the top of the head and lower part of the neck is around a foot. Doesn't that make Maria 6-3 or 6-4!!
But of course, Sugiyama might be shorter than her listed height. If we speculate about Maria's height, how are we sure of other players' height.....?
msFan said on 7/Jan/06
This is another pic with 6-0 Uma Thurman
stAs said on 3/Jan/06
I watched russian TV channel and a close friend of her said she's 187cm. A very tall girl...
Marc said on 2/Jan/06
I thought she was 6'0", but the growth spurt claim is definately true. I'm aware that Lindsay Davenport is 6'2", so if you see the two of them side by side you can probably tell. Also, Sharapova makes some strange sounds when she plays! E.g. "Hoooooooooooooooooooo!"
Josh said on 1/Jan/06
Yeah she definetly grew she
jj said on 30/Dec/05
maria is definately 6'2 if not more, i met her a few weeks ago and she towered over me in sneakers, i asked how tall was she n she said that 6'2 with a smile.... im 5'11 by the way.
TheMan said on 28/Dec/05
6,2 is well off the mark a weak 6,1 IMO talk of that growth spurt is bull IMO. Whatever she was she still is. A girls spurt comes way before a boys and early she wouldent have another one that late on IMO it's impossible. Either that or she is indeed 6,2 or whatever height she was and was simply missmeasured or maybe she just dreamed it i don't know lol. Very suspect is this.
msFan said on 28/Dec/05
Again with the 5-4 Sugiyama
rick said on 26/Dec/05
"I don't know how the girls got so tall," said Serena Williams, the 2002 and 2003 Wimbledon champion, who was upset by Sharapova in last year's final. "I'm not nearly as tall as most of the girls."
msFan said on 25/Dec/05
This is another pic with the 5-4 Sugiyama:
Here Maria looks more than a foot taller!
rick said on 24/Dec/05
Very funny gramps. If shumi Yagaksu is 5'11", Danny de Vito is 6'2"
Gramps said on 24/Dec/05
Petter, I was pulling everyone's leg with that photo! :-)
Petter said on 24/Dec/05
I assume 5'11" is a typo, right? Also couldn't find anything on "Shumi Yagaksu" on Google, so is there some typo in there too?

[Editor Rob: I think that pic gramp linked to was from her tennis demo/ the person I've no idea, but here is Sharapova
near Sugiyami who is 5ft 4]
Petter said on 24/Dec/05
Thanks for posting that clip Gavin! Will dl and see for myself! :)
msFan said on 24/Dec/05
Uuuuu....if she was taller a 6-2 person, then she's definitely not 6-2
She's also pulled out from an Australian Open warm up due to a shoulder injury
I know this is pathetic but I'd love to see a reporter taking out a measuring tape to measure her on the spot during a press conference...
Gramps said on 23/Dec/05
Maria yesterday in Tokyo alongside the 5'11" Shumi Yagaksu:
anonjap said on 23/Dec/05
day before yesterday i got an autograph from her and she looked at least 6'4" tall ..she was looking much taller than that but i discounted a bit bcoz she was so thin and she was definitely not in heels but sneakers. my friend who is 6'2" stood beside her and i noticed that she was quite a bit taller (around 5 cm). i have never seen a girl as tall as she is thats for sure.
Gavin said on 23/Dec/05
btw the interview clip can be downloaded from here:
Gramps said on 23/Dec/05
Let's do the math:
Jimmy = 6'1"
Jimmy + 1" heels = 6'2"
Maria 4" taller = 6'6"
6'6" - 2" heels = 6'4" = Maria's true barefoot height!
Don't know that I'd actually go THAT far, but she's certainly all of 6'2"!
Anonymous said on 23/Dec/05
Hmmm...I though Maria is in Japan, was this show shot in Japan?

And btw Kimmel's height 6-1, Maria 4-inches taller means she's 6-5, minus 2-inch for heels, so 6-3...
Did anyone else saw the interview?
Anonymous said on 22/Dec/05
(Sharapova comes out, with probably 2 inch heels looking 4 inches taller than Jimmy Kimmel)
Jimmy Kimmel: "Maria you're very tall and then you wear heels to further humiliate me"
Maria Sharapova: "I can't help it"
JK:"Why do you do that?"
MS: "I love heels, a girl loves heels"
JK: "Well it is humiliating, How tall are you?"
MS: "I'm about... I like to say six-one and a half but I'm probably at least six-two"
JK: "So you actually underestimate your height?"
MS: "I do, I try to"
JK: "Most athletes do the opposite"
MS: "Not me, no"

[Editor Rob: she still wants that 6ft 1.5 listing ;)]
Miow said on 21/Dec/05
Dunno who's Jimmy Kimmel, but i found out through Google this guy's height is 6-1
Hope this info contributes something to the hottest debate on Maria Sharapova
Its even hotter than the topic about her boyfriend
Anonymous said on 20/Dec/05
Maria will be on Jimmy Kimmel Live December 21st, so that'll be a fair chance to get a judge on her height (or Kimmel's lack thereoff compared to the claims).
Gramps said on 20/Dec/05
She came out last summer and announced that she had grown, and was now 6'2". Everyone knows this, Ivan.
ivan said on 20/Dec/05
she has never admitted to she is 6'2"...
Jason said on 19/Dec/05
I'm undecided on Maria. She's somewhere in the solid 6'1'' - 6'2'' region. Maybe she'll reach 6'3'' before she stops growing.
Gramps said on 18/Dec/05
Ivan, she wouldn't admit to being 6'2" if it weren't true.
ivan said on 18/Dec/05
A very simple observation to see how tall Maria is to look at how she compared with 6'2.5" Davenport and 6'1" Venus. When Maria stands next to Davenport, she always looks shorter. With Venus, it depends on the angle. This clearly tells us that she is definitely shorter than Davenport but at best the same height as Venus. Again, she is NOT 6'2".
ricola said on 15/Dec/05
But I am quite surprised at how often her height had been mentioned in articles. Apparently Maria knew how quickly she's growing, and this has been affecting her court movement for a long time. Despite these problems, she still won Wimby and the Championship last yr and appeared in the semis of three Slams this yr. She's truly an incredible athlete.

Btw this from another article in January 2004
...She's over 6 feet and still growing, a liability on the court. "Last year my legs grew so long, and it was tough on me," says Sharapova, whose parents are both under 6 feet. "Now my upper body is growing. Must be the carrot juice."...

carrot juice..?
Petter said on 14/Dec/05
"This girl has been growing since 2001..."
I seriously think she has been growing all her life... Don't you? ;)
Anonymous said on 14/Dec/05
This pic is from september 2002, Maria standing next to 5-9 Laura Granville
ricola said on 14/Dec/05
MARCH 2002:
...Sharapova is 5-foot-9, but weighs 108 pounds, as should be expected from a girl so young.

As for her height, Sharapova said she always had been a short girl until the last year, when she had a growth spurt.

Gramps said on 14/Dec/05
Last winter with 6'2.5" Davenport:

With 6'1" Venus in Seoul:

With 5'10" Petrova at WTA:

With 5'6" Sorenstam:

Slouching a bit with 6'1" Federer:

Again with Davenport:

TOWERING over Venus (but with higher heels):
mr. kennedy said on 12/Dec/05
This was from january 5, 2005 I dont think venus is 6'1. seems more like 6' to me. Back then maria was aparentley 6' so considering the angle I would say they were the same height back then. Also this picture: So she might actualy push for 6'3 she's at least 6'2, really tall
Petter said on 11/Dec/05
I would really like to meet her, talk to her, and see what I feels like. I would feel wonderful to chat to a girl that goes higher than my nipples! ;)
I wouldn't be surprised if she is 6'2", I really don't think she would lie upwards, and she really does look tall! (And really beautiful... Let me meet her, please! :P)
rick said on 9/Dec/05
I work at Roland Garros and I estimate height of Venus at 184 and Serena at 176. Last year I was estimated the maria's height at around 184/185. Meaby she always grows today !
Gramps said on 8/Dec/05
Venus is certainly 6'1" at least. Here is pic with 5'9" Serena two daya ago:
Cliff Herschel said on 6/Dec/05
I actually saw Sharapova today at IMG academies in Bradenton; Our Manatee Community College baseball team trains there in the weightroom and she came in to warm up on a treadmill before she went out to one of the myriad of tennis courts there. Before she was on the treadmill she was standing there with her father and I walked by her and she was 2 inches taller than me and I'm 5'11.5. But by no means is she 6'3 barefoot, thats just rediculous. I might see her again but we only train there 3 days a week for one more week this year. HERSCH DADDY IS OUT!
ricola said on 6/Dec/05
Anyone from Australia should try to get near her this January and estimate the height. This would help millions of height-sceptics in the world....
Gramps said on 6/Dec/05
Agreed Petter and Kal. And she is just 40 years younger than me! Just right!
Petter said on 5/Dec/05
Nicely written, agreed on every point.
And she is just a year younger than me! Maybe one should try to get a hold of her and talk to her? ;)
Kal said on 4/Dec/05
Agreed that hers is a height which is very hard to pin down. Because she has these long, thin, silky white legs it tends to muddle any estimation on her exact proportions. I would have to say that even considering this though, at the current time she is a clear 6"2 (so I'd agree with the quote), but that she's leaning towards 6"3 barefoot. If you saw her in Japan she towered over the guys even when sitting down and her sexy kitten high heels were no longer an issue.

This is one girl I would love to measure barefoot (preferably in my bedroom). Also bear in mind she has long arms (long limbed in general) which would tend to indicate she's not a faker like the Williams sisters. In heels I think she is close to the 6"4 she bills herself at.

Anyway I would just like to add that she is a gorgeous blonde bombshell - though this does not affect my judgement of her height in any way. May she play tennis for many more years to come.
Gramps said on 3/Dec/05
While I agree Maria is taller than Venus and is a solid 6'2", I think mr. kennedy's photo is a little misleading due to the angles involved, the distances from the camera, and the possible tilting of the camera. I doubt there is more than a one inch difference between the two.
mr. kennedy said on 3/Dec/05
Look how tall maria is compared to venus when they go to shake hands
She looks alot taler than her to me in this pic which leads me to believe that she is well over 6'2
Jason said on 27/Nov/05
I dunno, I've heard Venus is shorter than her listed 6'1''. Serena Williams is listed at 5'10'' and she definitely ain't that tall.
Gramps said on 27/Nov/05
Venus is definitely 6'1", at least. Maybe 6'1.5". Here are photos of Venus on two different occasions standing right next to the 6'2.5" Lindsay Davenport:

And with her 5'9" sister, Serena:
starwars23 said on 27/Nov/05
[Editor Rob: she may still grow...interesting to know the heights of both girl's parents though...]

marias parents are not tall at all

and she looks really young here probably under 6'
Analyst said on 26/Nov/05
That is because Maria stands in front of Venus and making her look bigger and taller
Jason said on 26/Nov/05
Venus isn't really 6'1''.
Andromeda said on 26/Nov/05
Do you agree that Michelle Wie will become much taller than Maria?

[Editor Rob: she may still grow...interesting to know the heights of both girl's parents though...]
Anonymous said on 25/Nov/05
Yes, she's all of 6'2". Here she is with 6'1" Venus Williams:
Here with the 6'2.5" Lindsay Davenport:
And here's a pic with Davenport when Maria was only 16.
mr. kennedy said on 25/Nov/05
Well, she seems to hate the fact that she is so tall, so why would she lie by saying she's taller than she actualy is? If anything she would say that she is shorter. I would have to say that she is at least 6'2 if not 6'6'3 or maybe even 6'4 I mean, she does seem to be quite a bit taller than venis williams.
kampioen said on 24/Nov/05
They weren't in the same shoes: Uma wore almost flats, Maria had a min. 2 inch heel. So the 6'and 6'2 are about right
Greg said on 23/Nov/05
wow, that pic with uma is telling. Maria is like almost an entire head taller. If they're wearing the same size shoes and uma really is 6', then maria is pushing 6'4
Gramps said on 20/Nov/05
If you look back at that picture of Maria with the 6'0" Uma Thurman, Maria TOWERS over her by at least 3", if not more!
Wicked Kid said on 20/Nov/05
Yes!! I finally see the 6'2" *cheers". But I don't think that Maria really enjoys her height though it's a BIG advantage for tennis. I wish I was 6'2". Longer legs = ability to cover more court area. But I think it's possible that Maria's going above 6'2".
ivan said on 19/Nov/05
The following photo obviously shows the high heels Maria was wearing.
This was the same outfit she had a photo with TO.

Maria is NOT 6'2"
Gramps said on 19/Nov/05
She is a full 6'2". Unlike most men, her objective would be to be shorter, not taller. She gains nothing by claiming to be 6'2". In fact, her competitors would publicly ridicule here if she weren't a true 6'2". Think about it. I had been wondering for a long time how she could only be listed as 6'0". She towered over the other girls, most of whom are 5'8" to 5'11" anyway. I'd bet the farm she's a full 6'2".
ivan said on 19/Nov/05
She might think she growed 2" at 18... It's not really possible for most boys let alone girl... She is just a little over 6'. Check out the picture she took next to Terrel Owens, listed as 6'3".

With high heels, she's still shorter than TO. No way she is 6'2"...

She hangs around too many hollywood cele which confuses her...

[Editor Rob: was that the day she took off her shoes?]

Petter said on 18/Nov/05
What does she mean with 6'5" being too tall! I would take her any day of the week! ;) Hard to find girls who are close to my height...
zephyr said on 17/Nov/05
here's a link to the article I was referring to. The article is in Time magazine where she say's she is 6'2".
zephyr said on 14/Nov/05
I remember watching the U.S. Open and the commentators were saying that she had to change her listed height from 6'0" to 6'2". They said she didn't want to admit that she had grown another 2 inches. And they referenced some magazine where she talked about it and about how she said she thinks she's too tall particularly when she has to where heels she said in heels she's like 6'5" and she said that was too tall.

[Editor Rob: hey, I'm letting her hold onto the 1.5 just now!]
Wicked Kid said on 8/Nov/05
It's weird that Maria's past 18 and yet still having growth spurts!! I mean, it started at like 14 right? Do growth spurts last 5 years? Or is it cos of her vigorous tennis trainings? And I believe she's past 6'2" already.
a7xfan said on 6/Nov/05
I know that Andy Roddick is apparently 6ft 2, and I think he's only a bit taller than Maria Sharapova when they stand together...I think Maria is atleast 6ft.
Anonymous said on 4/Nov/05
She is still growing, she admitted that...
"My body is still growing and I'm still adjusting to my own body." - Maria Sharapova after losing to Kim Clijsters in the US Open semis
kampioen said on 9/Oct/05
Taking the pic with Maria, Uma said: "Finally! Someone taller than me. I love it!"
john said on 27/Sep/05
that pic with her and valderama proves shes about 6'1", cause im 6'1 and 5'9 is just below my eyes, and for her it was like below her cheekbone, which i worked out is what it would be like if u were 6'3", so she would have 2 inch or 2.5 inch heels on, so she is anywhere between 6'0 and 6'1.25" odd. In that pic shed be 6'3 in heels
Floyd said on 15/Sep/05
Excelent pic, Maria is clearly 2 inches taller than Uma. I thought they were more less the same height.
Anonymous said on 14/Sep/05
Maria and Uma Thurman from yesterday
RLG said on 1/Sep/05
I just worked out that the average height of the current top 20 female tennis players is slightly over 5'10". The average was slightly over 5'8" when I checked it maybe a year ago so it seems that it may go up and down quite a bit.

I'm not sure I trust the offical heights the WTA give and I used for this, though. As examples, I think that Sharapova is taller and Henin-Hardenne smaller than the official heights.
talker said on 31/Aug/05
i agree with rick.I believe she is 1.86 now.I believe she was 1.83,5(a little over6'),when she was listed as 6'and grew recently 2.5cm-an inch.She looks 6'1"(1.85),but since there is so much talk about 6'2" i'l give her another cm.
Doink said on 24/Aug/05

Don't read the article, watch the video clip from the Today Show in the box on the right, where Maria says she is "six-one, six-one and a half" at the very end of the interview. Kinda odd that she'd tell the Today Show one thing and Time magazine/LA Times something else.
RLG said on 24/Aug/05
Damn, I hit "submit comment" by accident there. Anyhow, the offical WTA height of Evgenia Linetskaya (on the right in both pictures) is 5'9.5"...

These were taken in the last couple of weeks. Maria does look 6'2" or maybe even a little more in those.
Anonymous said on 23/Aug/05
in the daily mirror it was also said that maria had a growth spurt at 18 and was 6'2...lucky 16 and does anyone kno how common it is to have a growth spurt at my age?? id love to 5'9 and can only do that by growing 3 inches
i dnt care how much itll hurt!!
Anonymous said on 22/Aug/05
From Time Magazine next week:,9171,1096513-2,00.html

[She has even sprouted two more inches--she's now 6 ft. 2 in.--which lets her cover more ground with those endless legs. "I wouldn't say I'm in love with them," Sharapova says of the extra inches, adding her signature giggle burst. "Because if I wear heels, I'm like 6 ft. 4 in. It's a little too tall."]
bla said on 18/Aug/05
They asked her recently, "Is it true about the reports that you are now 6-2?"
And she replied, "Unfortunately, yes"
RLG said on 26/Jul/05
Here is Maria with 5'8.5" Kim Clijsters and 6'2.5" Lindsay Davenport just a couple of months before Marianiac says Maria was claiming 6'3"...

It was hard to find helpful photos that are more recent, but this one from a month ago suggests she's still very similar to Venus:

Still looks about 6'1" at most to me in all photos. I think she stopped growing some time last year as that's what she looked then. :)
Danny said on 17/Jul/05
I agree with "Dazza", Maria looked really tall at Wimbledon vs. Venus. How tall is Venus? Cause Maria was easily taller than her. I also saw a pic of her next to Serena and she is like a full head taller, and Serena is not a small girl.
CelebHeights Editor said on 8/Apr/05
She said her height in 2003 on this interview
"In a short amount of time, last year, like probably in November 2002 it started, or maybe even earlier. Just a period of time where you keep measuring yourself week after week after week. It's like longer and longer and longer. So you say, "When is this going to stop?" But I don't exactly know.....I'm 6. I would say, yeah, from 5'10" I went to 6, yeah."
Smoke said on 31/Mar/05
I've met him, stood next to him, and he is indeed 185-186 cm. Having measured myself quite accurately and also standing around this height myself I can personally confirm Federer as 6'1". Plus, check his official website, it says 186 cm and I don't know the Swiss as being anything but honest. Maybe we can get a height listing for Rog as well, afterall he is the best player on the planet right now! Now Venus Williams ain't 6'1", and Serena Williams ain't 5'10", those are two players who are not accurately listed. :)

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