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6ft 1.31in (186.2cm)
mike said on 14/Jul/07
Hey Adam... if you are 6'3 , you would most likey get billed at either 6'3 or 6'4 (probably 6'4)... they dont tend to exagerated with guys that tall anyway. Dont get me wrong, they dont do it for literally everyone ... some players they get pretty accurate.. For instance Agassi... And I wont say right off the bat Maria isnt 6'2 only because I havnt seen her in person, but its highly doubtful.
Adam said on 14/Jul/07
Mike so Maria isn't really a full 6' 2" barefoot then? So is she more like 6' 1" barefoot? I can difinetely believe that they are measured in tennis shoes because if you compare Nadal and Federer thay are both listed as 6' 1" and i have looked at buying both of their tennis shoes online and i can tell that Nadal's would give more height that would get him closer to 6' 1" if you get what i mean? Im about 6' 3" in shoes so does that mean in the lta i would be billed at 6' 3"?
pova said on 13/Jul/07
The photo of Maria and the other WTA women is from January 2007 so I doubt Vaidisova has grown since then.
Mike said on 13/Jul/07
To Adam: The WTA do do height in shoes... I have been to the AUS open a few times and this becomes apparent when you see them in person. For players 6'3 the heights are usually very accurate as there is no reason to fib. The worst exageration was Mark Woodford at 6'2... real height 5'10' - 5'11.
Terence said on 13/Jul/07
It is amazing the Maria is 6'2" and isn't afraid of wearing 4" high heels either.
Adam said on 13/Jul/07
From that picture i would say that Venus was taller but i would of thought that her shoes are bigger than Maria's. I would probably say Venus is 6'1" and Maria is 6'1.5" barefoot. I defo think the wta round up or do height in shoes. Be interesting to see all the pleyers heights barefoot and in cm. Theres alot of players whos height in cm doesnt match their height in feet and inches. i.e tommy haas (187cm 6' 2"???). Nadal (182cm 6'0")
Anonymous said on 12/Jul/07
More confusion, at the ESPY awards, Maria, in big heels, looked to be about the same height as the 6-3.5 listed Josh Duhamel.

[Editor Rob: Here are her Heels. Pretty flat fronted but long foot. She's probably getting near 2 inch advantage over his shoes.]
V.M. said on 11/Jul/07
That pic of Maria with Clijsters, Vaidisova, Schnyder and others is an old pic, certainly not from this year and Vaidisova would have grown since then.
The video posted by xXx was very interesting if you pause it at the 1:40 mark. Sharapova and Venus meet at the net and though Maria is standing straight and Venus isn't the pic suggests Maria is a bit shorter. The camera angle may be in Venus's favour but if you look at them relative to the net, Venus legs are higher above the net than Sharapova's (even though the net is a bit lower where Maria is standing as the net tends to be lower at the middle and higher at the ends). I think it casts quite a shadow of doubt as to whether Maria is taller than Venus.
Gramps said on 11/Jul/07
Maria looks about 1.0-1.5" taller than Vaidisova earler this year. Nicole's heels look slightly bigger than Maria's:
Click Here
mike said on 9/Jul/07
Not a good shot in that video as in the shot where they are side by side, Venus is closer to the camera. Cannot tell anything really.
xXx said on 9/Jul/07
this a video from that much. That pova posted.
If A Picture is Worth A Thosand Words. How much thas a video Worth?
Click Here
pova said on 8/Jul/07
Here is the handshake between Maria and Venus at wimbledon 2007, not the greatest angle:
Click Here
What do you think?
pova said on 7/Jul/07
Sorry but the best pictures, such as the handshake are on g e t t y images, where we're not allowed to post links to. Feel free to look yourself and you will see that Maria is clearly taller than Venus.
Anonymous said on 6/Jul/07
Damn, I'd love to believe that she is 6'2, but "pova" if you're gonna show a picture, show one from a front position. This one's at a terrible rear angle!
pova said on 6/Jul/07
Venus (6'1) certainly did not look taller than Maria at Wimbledon. If your gonna claim something at least back it up with a photo.
Click Here
Again, I think her 6'2 official height is correct.
Anonymous said on 6/Jul/07
Ivanovic said herself that she is 6-1. If Vaidisova was taller then she has definitely grown. Rob I think we should a section Vaidisova as well, or is she not quite a 'celeb' yet?
Anonymous said on 6/Jul/07
In french open, Ana Ivanovic was around the same height as Maria. And in Wimbledon, Nicole Vaidisova was 1 to 1.5 inch taller than Ana Ivanovic. Ana ivanovic is listed as 6'0 and Nicole is listed as 6'1', so therefore Maria can't be 6'2". I think she is more like 6'0.5"
Anonymous said on 6/Jul/07
Venus Williams looked taller than Maria at Wimbledon and Venus is listed at 6'2" so maria is defnitely not taller than 6'2". From what I saw Maria has defnitely bulked up and is nearer 160 - 170lbs and not the ridiculous 130 she is listed at. Did any of you see Nicloe Vaidisova she is the next glamour girlafter maria and is rite up there in height as well.
mary said on 30/Jun/07
i had an opprtunity to stand next to sharapova.i am 4'8" tall and maria was looking like giant with me.i could hardly reach her brest.i think she was wearing 3inches heels.i was just like kid infront of her.she must be at least 6'3".
Anonymous Rex said on 29/Jun/07
def 6-2.5 to 6-3.25 in tennis shoes= 6-1.25 to 6-2
Adam Brimacombe said on 21/Jun/07
I believe the growth spurt between 2002-2004 (3inches) but then to carry on at a rate like that to reach 6"2 in just a year is abit to much? I think Maria is in the 186cm mark.

Davenport: 189cm
Sharapova: 186cm
VWilliams: 185cm
Ivanovic: 1Has anyone everconsidered that the wta and atp round up on height for players? I guess thats where they get measure right? For example Andrew Roddick is listed as 6'2" (187cm)? and so is a few other players where the no of cm doesnt account for the height in feel and inches. Like Rafael Nadal is listed as 6ft (182cm)? Maybe Roddick was measured as 186.75cm they round that up to 187cm the look what that would be in feet and inches and see 187.96 as 6ft 2inches and list him as that? Does anyone think that is a possibility? Maybe height should be just done in cm?
Gramps said on 18/Jun/07
I'm convinced she's a genuine 6'1.5" to 6'2" barefoot, but not as tall as 6'2.5", and will not grow anymore from age 20. Weight about 150-155. Ivanovic is definitely 'thicker' than Sharapova. I think Maria's wide shoulders give more impression of weight. I've got dibs on the measuring tape and scale!
l0ck n l0ad said on 18/Jun/07
Fair enough Ryan, she might be 6'1-1/2" barefoot afterall, but unlikely she sprouted to 6'3" in half a year at her age!!!
ryan said on 18/Jun/07
Lock and load, i read it abt 6 to7 months back.
ManAtWork said on 18/Jun/07
I think Sharapova will still put on a few more kilos. I dunno for some reason she still looks thin, especially from the side. About the height, it will go on and on until she's being measured live during press conference.
l0ck n l0ad said on 17/Jun/07
No dice here! This site beats big-headed pygmies hands down!!! The thing that made me crack up the most is some guy on big-headed pygmies wrote that 'needs to wake up and smell the coffee', yeah righttttttttttt.
IMHO this site is the best for celebs' height and discussion in a good manner.

[Editor Rob: lol, I just read that and noticed the name...he posts here!!!]
glenn said on 17/Jun/07
its a bit scary that people reconizing me has been on the wasnt like that the 1st year on the site for me.i hope we continue for as long as possible.i have bigger plans.i hope.

[Editor Rob: I'm sure you're not complaining about being recognised a bit? For every person who actually says he recognises you in the street there will be more who see you and recognise but might not say it...]
vurhd said on 17/Jun/07
on the official maria sharapova sight there is a very recent pic with maria standing next to yuri sharapov and both look approximately the same height.... now the question is , 'how tall is her father?'
TheJerk said on 16/Jun/07
I could be wrong, but I think that big-headed pygmies site is supposed to be satire? I saw it once a week ago and thought to myself how infinately better this site is.

[Editor Rob: maybe a few heights might be satire, I don't know...all I know is I created my own site with an intention and its pretty much on track. I said in 2005 a goal was 5000 heights...I'm not far from that now, another goal now is for me to get 500 okayish pics. By that time I'm sure glenn will be well past 5000!.

One thing though, I certainly don't need to scramble about guestbooks looking for visitors like some do, especially when I regularly get 15,000 daily visitors.

As I've said before, and others who have met me in person will attest, this site entirely covers loads of wee getaways for me, I've been all over the place the last year visiting friends, having a ball at conventions and whatnot. I fully plan to continue with that through 2008, I may be holding back putting some of my pics up, but there's no rush.

Come 2009, that would be 5 years...sometimes, 5 years on one site is enough.]
Viper said on 15/Jun/07
They have Tom Cruise at 5-4.
Arjun said on 15/Jun/07
Viper, some people on that Big-Headed Pygmies site had Arnie at 5'6" - 5'7"!
l0ck n l0ad said on 13/Jun/07
ryan, how long ago was this?
ryan said on 13/Jun/07
i read in her interview which i cant find sorry, but dam sure she said 6feet1 anf a half.
Gramps said on 13/Jun/07
The photos from Anonymous show a one inch difference between Maria and Ana Ivanovic, based on where the top of Henin's cap aligns on the face of the other two girls.
Alex said on 12/Jun/07
I agree with most heights on this site but some I do think are off 1-2 inches. A lot of my estimates with Viper are about an inch apart really.
But face it everyone on this site thinks their estimates are the most accurate really.
Viper said on 12/Jun/07
Lock, when people say Im downgrading heavily, then I know Im right :) Hell I would have said the same thing about myself when I beleived in billed heights. If you want to see some downgrading, head on over to the big-headed pygmies site. They have people like Orlando Bloom at 5-5 and Kirsten Dunst at 5-0, with no evidence to back it up too.
l0ck n l0ad said on 11/Jun/07
I don't think Viper will be off more than an inch on celebrity's real height, even tho if that inch is one inch less than his true height, he's just keeping things real. In the same respect there are people who tend to upgrade celebs.
Anonymous said on 11/Jun/07
Henin with Ivanovic
Click Here

Henin with Sharapova
Click Here
Anonymous said on 11/Jun/07
During the french Open Presentation Ceremony, Mary Pierce was on the dias to present the trophy and Ana Ivanovic looked to be abt 2 inches taller than Mary Pierce who is 5'11", so that makes Ana 6'1". One thing which was very noticable was how big mary pierce had got, she came onto the tour as a 16yr old who was 5'11' and 130 lbs. She ended up retiring at abt 160lbs but now she looks abt 190 lbs.
Viper said on 10/Jun/07
Most are :)
bob said on 10/Jun/07
I've noticed something on this site. The guy named Viper always says the person is one or two inches shorter than the posted height. Honestly, why would every (yes, every) person be listed taller than they really are? That Viper just needs to quit hatin!
RRR said on 9/Jun/07
Gramps, look the pic where Elena is next to Monica Seles and Venus. She is the same position and Venus is taller.Click Here
hannah said on 9/Jun/07
Next to Ivanovic in April: Click Here
Next to Venus Williams: Click Here
Click Here
Next to Dementieva: Click Here
Click Here
Gramps said on 9/Jun/07
Here with Venus (standing tall) and Elena on one leg, she's almost the same - - both in tennis shoes.
Click Here
RRR said on 9/Jun/07
Gramps, looks the pics Click Here Dementieva next to Venus. If Dementieva is 185, how tall is Venus for you???
Gramps said on 9/Jun/07
I think Dementieva is more like 185cm. Here she is with 189cm Davenport:
Click Here
l0ck n l0ad said on 8/Jun/07
If Dementieva is really only 180cm, then almost every player next to her is about 2cm then what we thought.
I think Gramps has an interesting point when he said she doesn't want to be seen as a tall girl, 180cm just sounds fine, a round number, making her sound tall, but not too tall and that's what she wants to be known as.
RRR said on 8/Jun/07
l0ck n l0ad,, I think Dementieva is 182cm, she is 3 or 4 cm less Venus Willimas
l0ck n l0ad said on 8/Jun/07
RRR, how tall do you think Dementieva is? The 180cm she is listed or 182cm as she says herself? or possibly taller than 182cm, only that she does want want to be seen as a 'very tall' (over 6 foot) girl therefore downplaying her height.
V.M. said on 8/Jun/07
Gramps is right. One pic shows Ana looking marginally taller than Sharapova while the other pic shows Maria clearly taller than Ana. The camera can play tricks so the only way to properly compare the heights of two people is to have them standing directly next to each other.
RRR said on 8/Jun/07
Click Here
Anonymous Rex said on 8/Jun/07
This morning, I just heard Jim Courier on a sports radio show say that Sharapova is 6 ft 3. I'm sure he's judging from his own height and in tennis shoes because she's not listed as 6 ft 3.
l0ck n l0ad said on 8/Jun/07
I'd like to see Ana standing next to Elena. I haven't checked Ana yet, you guys pretty sure she's a legit 6'1"? I thought she's around 6'0".
tallgalslover said on 8/Jun/07
i think ivanovic seems to be taller than maria .i love to c some pics where some gals tower over maria!!!!
TB said on 7/Jun/07
Click Here
Gramps said on 7/Jun/07
Another "angle:"
Click Here
Gramps said on 7/Jun/07
Here is one pretty good one, but angles are always deceiving. Some of you may remember two photos at the net I linked a couple months back, each showing a different player looking 1+" taller than the other, and the photos were taken at the same instant by two differen photographers from similar perspectives. Again, angles are very tricky.
Click Here
pova said on 7/Jun/07
Well she wrote on her website that she only grew to 6 foot 1 a few months ago so it is possible.
In this photo they look pretty much the same height, but the angle isn't the greatest.
Click Here
V.M. said on 7/Jun/07
You'll find a picture on The pic is not a full length one though. It seems to suggest that Ivanovic is at least Maria's height. Tough one to call.... is it possible Ivanovic could have grown? How old is she?
pova said on 7/Jun/07
Can anyone find pictures of the handshake from Sharapova's match today.
She played Ana Ivanovic, who is 6 foot 1 so it should give a very good comparison.
I watched the match and there seems very little difference between them, but it is hard to tell when they are moving. Pictures would help :)
l0ck n l0ad said on 7/Jun/07
Interesting point Gramps, very much unlike Sharapova who wants to be seen as tall as possible.
Gramps said on 7/Jun/07
I think she may be among those women who fear being seen as six feet or above.
l0ck n l0ad said on 7/Jun/07
Finally the pictures worked...
So Gramps... Dementieva claimed herself 182cm in an interview, you say she is over 6ft (182.88cm), so you really think she in the 183-184cm range and taller than the 182cm she claims?
Gramps said on 6/Jun/07
l0ck n l0ad: Dunno, they all work for me. Anyone else have a problem with the photos? or not?
l0ck n l0ad said on 6/Jun/07
Gramps, I got "You are not authorized to view this page" for all the pictures you posted, is it only for my network?
Gramps said on 6/Jun/07
Maybe less than a 2" difference here between Maria and Elena:
Click Here
Here Maria has at least a 2" heel advantage on Elena:
Click Here
Check where their heads are relative to the horizontal wall markings, noting that Maria has the heel advantage by at least 1":
Click Here
Elena with 3-4" on the 5'9-1/2" Jelena Jankovic:
Click Here
Finally, Elena looks as tall as a young Clint Eastwood here surrounded by five "average" people:
Click Here
l0ck n l0ad said on 5/Jun/07
I agree Gramps we should write a letter to Dementieva's website asking them to bust out the measuring tape on her, I would be suprised if they replied you saying she is still only 5'11". I admit she can look more 6ft than 5'11".
I'll see if there's a way to contact her web site official if there's any update on her height. One thing that puzzles me is that she's already getting close to 26, so when exactly did she manage to squeeze an inch after she's been listed 5'11" for so long already? Is there any something in playing professional tennis that causes late growth spurts? lol
l0ck n l0ad said on 5/Jun/07
Yep, tallgalslover, Dementieva looks no less shorter than Sharapova over there! Dementieva is known to be 180cm, I saw her on WTA Istanbul clips she looked very tall I almost mistaked her for being Sharapova from a distance.

If you look at that picture, Dementieva is wearing a dress which I assume she is wearing some sort of heels with that, although we don't know if they're big heels or what. Sharapova is wearing a jeans and long sleeves t-shirt, so I'm assuming she is in normal footwear? but you never know.
Elis said on 5/Jun/07
in this pic Maria is in flats and Elena in hihg heels. Elena height is around 182 cm.
Gramps said on 5/Jun/07
After looking at LOTS of photos, I'm convinced Elena is over 6'0".
tallgalslover said on 5/Jun/07
in tht pic posted by me,elena and maria look same ...tht raised my doubts!!!
Anonymous said on 5/Jun/07
sharapova, dementieva and vaidisova all look the same height. Deentieva is only 5'11" is in heels as are all the other girls in the pic exxept for sharapova. The only girl who is close to sharapova in height is the 17 yr old nicole vaidisova who is 6'1". Rob its high time she was included as a seperate entity as she is a celebrity and a 6 footer too
l0ck n l0ad said on 4/Jun/07
Haha and I guess the commentater also said she's 130lbs?

Gramps, Sharapova doesn't look to me nothing over a flat 6'2" at best there. I give her 185cm-188cm for current height range. Disregarding 6'3", at best that could be her height in tennis shoes or what so ever.
I still want to know why got presented as 185cm in WTA Istanbul.

@tallgirlslover: What are you talking about?
tallgirlslover said on 4/Jun/07
Click Here
sharapovas height confusing with tht of dementieva
Anton said on 4/Jun/07
I saw the match yesterday against schnyder. Sharapova must be over 1.90m now!
Truth said on 4/Jun/07
The commentaters said she is now 6'3!!! She is a giant!
Gramps said on 4/Jun/07
Sunday at the French Open with 5'6-1/4" Patty Schnyder:
Click Here
l0ck n l0ad said on 3/Jun/07
lol zach, that's terrible footage
sharapova is not standing well, plus they are both in heels which i cannot be certain for the height boost they offer, and don't forget there's nearly a whole foot difference between them! its not easy to judge height like that. besides maria is not some 7 foot giant that we need to compare her to people a foot shorter on average. theres much better people to compare her with closer to her height. i believe now sharapova is a flat 6'1" and no more.
Zach said on 2/Jun/07
<Click Here>

Here you can find Maria standing upright next to Kelly Ripa who is supposedly 5 ft 2.5 in (159 cm).

<Click Here>

Maybe someone can volunteer to do a screenshot and do the math -- I am too lazy. :)
Josh said on 31/May/07
when she was listed as 6'0 she was really 5'10.5 but she really grew now a days she looks 6'1 barefoot 6'2 with sneakers.
l0ck n l0ad said on 31/May/07
You don't believe she is 185cm or 188cm?
Sarah said on 30/May/07
I dont believe that she is that tall
Anonymous said on 29/May/07
Lookin at the sharapova - ivanovic pic, cant come to any conclusion on the heights cos they lookt the same height. One thing is for sure from thepic and that is sharapova is as broad and bulky as ivanovic who is listed at 165 lbs but is nearer 175 lbs. So Sharapova is defnitely abt 175 lbs and the 130 lbs she is listed at is ridiculous
l0ck n l0ad said on 26/May/07
Gramps, are you very certain that there isn't a chance she got measured for the WTA Istanbul?
msn87 said on 26/May/07
just a random question,

aren't these ABG's getting on your nerves guys?

for my part, i've had enough this round. (ugh... i think i just threw up in my mouth)
Gramps said on 26/May/07
They do not measure the players at tournaments.
l0ck n l0ad said on 26/May/07
So..... anyone got a clue yet why is she presented as 1.85m / 6'0.83" in the WTA Istanbul Cup 2007 while other players there are listed with their official heights as always?

Only because Istanbul is located in a foreign country to the USA, and they use metric system over there, I have this suspicion she was measured for the WTA over there at 1.85m where they didn't have any reason to inflate her height like in the states where she easily gets listed at 6'3" as she's much more popular over there.

Her 130lbs weight listing is completely bias, sometimes I think she bribes the guys taking her measurements to not reveal her true weight lmao. Afterall she's just a girl and like 99.99% of women most likely has weight obsession. My guess is 170-5 lbs for her.
l0ck n l0ad said on 25/May/07
lol xXx, had to mute the damn video, the turkish commenter and maria's grunting gave me a migraine.
Anyway to the main point now. It goes without saying that in Turkey heights are in the metric system, and weights are in kilos, I converted the heights and weights to inches / lbs to the nearest 2 decimals to make it quite accurate and easier for others.

At 7:04 you can see Pironkova stats as:
height: 1.80m / 5'10.87" weight: 65kg / 143.26 lbs

At 7:49 you can see Sharapova stats as:
height: 1.85m / 6'0.83" weight: 59kg / 130.04lbs

Now here's the tricky part. I don't know if they measured her in Turkey for the WTA Instanbul in barefeet and got 185cm or whether they just converted her official 6'2" height to metric height. Now bear with me, I seen this mistake happening quite often in foregin countries when converting inches to meters, instead of multiplying the inches by 2.54, they multiply by 2.5 only. Here, for example, 6'2" is 74 inches, there for 74 multiplied by 2.54 is 187.96, but 74 multiplied by 2.5 gives 185, which COULD be how they got her 1.85m height. I'm just saying it's a possibility that they converted her original 6'2" / 130lbs stats to meters and kilos and messed up in the height conversion as I explained above.

Who knows maybe she did get her height checked for the WTA and really measured up to 185cm since they go by the metric system in Turkey, which shows she's really just a shade under 6'1". Now another question, if they measured her at 185cm is it barefeet or with tennis shoes? I recon it's barefeet, makes sense...

By the way if you watch the interviewer next to Pironkova, he's slightly taller than her, and then when he interviews Sharapova, she is slightly taller than the interviewer. If you add the difference between how much taller the inteviewer is from Pironkova and then add to that the difference between how much taller Sharapova is from the interviewer, I think you get more than 5cm altogether, but I'm not the best judge of height at that, have a look for yourself.

P.S. Here's the link to the video as originally posted by xXx Click Here
Carin said on 25/May/07
Ivanovic is 6 ft 1 now - you can see it in her official site! So Maria must be really 188 cm.
xXx said on 25/May/07
I found a video that shows Tszvetana Pironkova and maria Click Here .

P.S. I found that maria official site has updated her height, mmm. I also see that lately very few pics are been posted about her. Specify at her site. Well, I hope this video helps a little with the pic shortage.
RS said on 24/May/07
With that last Flickr link, its obvious that Sharapova is a good inch or so at least taller than Ivanovic who is supposedly 6ft.
Click Here this one is it
RRR said on 24/May/07
Click Here
Sharapova is big heels, Dementieva little heels and venus tennis shoes.
l0ck n l0ad said on 23/May/07
Nice pic Gramps. I got to admit, if they're on even ground and similar footwear, Sharapova does seem the full 6'2" if not a tad more, but need to keep looking out for this girl, still got my doubts on her.
Anonymous said on 23/May/07
Its impossible she's below 6 feet. I saw the net meeting between her and the 5-11 listed Tszvetana Pironkova after yesterday's match and Maria was a lot taller.
Gramps said on 23/May/07
Carin: You're right about the shoes - Maria is wearing white heels and Venus in tennis shoes. Can't tell about the stairs, though.
Gramps said on 23/May/07
Carin: maybe TWO steps lower...
Carin said on 23/May/07
You know, Gramps, Sharapova is in big heels here, Dementieva and Venus are without heels... Look at www. Photogallery - 2007 - Istanbul...There are some photos from the same event. But!!! I have sauch a feeling that in this picture Maria is on the stairs and stands one step lower than Elena and Venus!!!
Gramps said on 22/May/07
Taken yesterday in Istanbul: Maria with Venus and Elena D. Maria looks more than an inch taller than Venus here.
Click Here
l0ck n l0ad said on 22/May/07
Gramps, I zoomed in, drew lines and all and tried to study those pictures, if Henin is 5'5-1/2", Sharapova looks a little under 6'2" actually... if we could get a 6'2" person (without an abnormally big head) to pose next to a 5'5 1/2" person and compare the difference, it would be easier to conclude Sharapova's height.
V.M. said on 20/May/07
All women look more classy and elegant in high heels than flat shoes. That is as true for a woman 5'2" as it is for a woman 6'2". This is the precise reason supermodels are usually required to wear heels when modelling. It accentuates the legs. It doesn't mean the person is trying to be tall or has an issue with their height. It's not like she wears outrageous heels or platforms like Christina Aguilera for example.
Gramps said on 20/May/07
5'5-1/2" Henin and Sharapova:
Click Here
Click Here
8.5" difference = 6'2"......well?
Click Here
Click Here
msn87 said on 19/May/07
"i don't f*ck if she's not shy about her height."

hmmm... seems like i can't make sentence that makes sense too...

but honestly, i really don't give a f!ck about if she's not shy about her height or not, cause that's actually what's make me think that she wants to be as tall as possible. hence she wears heels almost all the time.
msn87 said on 19/May/07
i don't f*ck if she's not shy about her height. she's not a full 6'2!
...and learn to spell "Kleiner Teufel"
Anonymous said on 19/May/07
~Kleine Teufel~
Oh my God! Maria's height is 6'2 - no more, no less! She's 20 years old and scarcely continued grew up (maybe 1-2 cm, no more). She's pretty tall, had harmony and beautiful body for her height, long sexy legs and pretty face. She often wearing hills and not shying that she looks VERY tall. Well, no matter for she what saying other people about her height. It's cool :)
Anonymous said on 19/May/07
Its tough to estimate her height from the pic with justine cos of the wierd angle. Though one thing is very noticable and that is Maria has bulked up quite a lot, especially her upper body, shoulders and arms look pretty muscular compared to her earlier days
Anonymous said on 18/May/07
And let me tell you they say Justine is more like 5'4.
Anonymous said on 18/May/07
This is weird, I mean I know it's a bad picture, but if Justine Henin is just 5'5 it would look as if Sharapova was no more than 17 cms taller than her in this pic (eventhough she's slouching she'd still look about that height):

Click Here
Anonymous said on 18/May/07
6'1 sounds dead on. The 185.2 cms sounds about right, 6'1.25 by the morning and 6'0.75 before going to bed. This guy in this pic is 5'7, he reaches up her nose. She's using heels there. Late August 2005. Check out the same pictures for that event and look at Sharapova's heels. Not sure if she's grown or not though. I don't think she did, she was already 18.
Click Here
Matt Thomas said on 18/May/07
Eli Manning Never looks 6'4 next to his brother more 6'3ish

Like right here He doesnt Peytons 6'5 btw
Alex said on 16/May/07
I believe that, but its weird how he looked much shorter from a distance.
Viper said on 16/May/07
Alex, Eli Manning is a measured 6-4.6!!
Alex said on 16/May/07
With Wade who's about 6'4 barefoot add shoes and you get 6'5-6'5.25 and she looks a bit taller than him in heels but he appears to be leaning a bit. She looks a legit 6'2 there though.

[Editor Rob: in the other pic the model she is taller than is 5ft 10, but small pics though]
Alex said on 16/May/07
I agree with Jason that she's 6'1 and change or 6'1 at the least. The 6'2 may just be rounding up.
Doink said on 16/May/07
As Rob says, Wade's 6-5-ish in shoes. Those look to be around 3-inch heels. Even if they're bigger, they're not platforms, so this Click Here principle is in play and she can only get about 3 inches out of the shoes.
Jason said on 16/May/07
She appears about 191cm/6'3 1/4'' - or a half inch shorter than 6'3 3/4'' Wade - in heels with him. That would suggest 6'1''ish bare foot.
Viper said on 16/May/07
The 6-2 listing could very well be her height in heels.

[Editor Rob: In heels with Dwayne Wade. If he's 6ft 5 in decent shoes, I doubt she's 6ft 2 in decent heels.]
Jason said on 16/May/07
She (Sharapova) looks like a 6'1.25''-6'1.5'' chick...
Anonymous said on 15/May/07
umm Michelle Wie turns 18 later this year, not sure where you got 15 from, so doubt she is still growing (or will grow little more than what she is now)
msn87 said on 15/May/07
i'm starting to get really tired of all these ABG's.

and once again, she wears heels almost on all of the pics here.
Viper said on 15/May/07
Jennie Finch is 6-0, not 6-1.
V.M. said on 15/May/07
These pics continue to fuel more debate. Maria looks 6'2" next to LeBron but doesn't measure up as she should against 6'5" Manning. Jennie Finch looks almost as tall as Manning which suggests she is taller than Maria although she is listed at 6'1". There's a pic of Finch (full length) where you can see her feet (though not her shoes). Her soles appear flat on the ground which implies that her heels aren't high at all.
It would have been informative to see Maria stand next to her. Even if she grew after turning 18 (which is very rare, especially for a girl) it couldn't be more than an inch. Michelle Wie, the 15 year old golfer stands 6'1" and is still growing. It would be nice to see Maria stand next to some tall female athletes at events such as these.
I still believe Maria to be 6'2" or thereabouts as she is taller than Venus. Plus, in the sports illustrated swimsuit shoot with supermodels such as Daniela Pestova, Veronica Varekova and Rachel Hunter ( who is 5'11") she is comfortably the tallest although she slouches next to them. Finally, in the pic earlier on this forum of her standing next to Claudia Schiffer she was again noticeably taller in spite of her slouching. She only seems to stand erect when next to people that are much taller than her. She ought to be proud of her height. It makes her look really nice, she doesn't look overly lanky.
Alex said on 15/May/07
How much taller is Peyton Manning than Eli Manning though? I know Eli is listed at 6'4 but when I saw him at a football game he wasn't close enough to get a very good estimate on his height nor was he on the same level ground I was on and I know he can't be this short but he only looked 5'11 from a distance.
adriana said on 15/May/07
Maya said on 14/May/07
Editor Rob, why don't you add some more tennis players - both male and female? I think they are much more famous than some obscure actors that you've got here, so they do qualify for the
Alex said on 14/May/07
True, I forgot that was in 2005. She may have been 5'11-6'0 there and then got up to at least 6'1 which is the minimum height I think she is.
Alex said on 14/May/07
Lifts while playing Tennis? You won't be able to play good at all then, let alone move around well. But Maria has me stumped on her height though, because she really passes as a 6'1-6'2 girl to me almost all the time but with Peyton she looks 5'11.

[Editor Rob: with peyton that's july 2005, wasn't the point, through that year to 2006 she grew.]
Gonzalo said on 14/May/07
Pova, in that pic of 2007 Maria is wearing lifts. She is one of the few players who wears lifts while playing
msn87 said on 13/May/07
that 2007 pic isn't that good: again, can't check the footwear(i know she isn't wearing heels, but some tennis-shoes gives a little more height than others).

notice Serena's shoulders, bending a bit sideways, cause she's problems holding the trophy: not standing 100% straight up.

if she was standing straight, the top of Serena's head would be above(not much but above) Maria's eyelevel; that's 4 inches

Serena is 5'9.25 (1'76 m). now do the math...


1'86½ m (1'89 m+ w/ tennis shoes)
pova said on 13/May/07
There is absolutely no point on posting old photos like many have been doing recently because here you can see how much she's grown in the last few years:
Maria in 2004: Click Here
Maria in 2007: Click Here
If people only posted photos from 2006 onwards it would help a lot.
Viper said on 13/May/07
Gonzalo, shows us any picture where this chick looks TALL. She doesnt even look it in heels. For god sakes she might be under 6-0 with 6-5 Peyton Manning.
Alex said on 12/May/07
Shes a little under Peyton's eye level which could be 5.5 inches. He has a long forehead so that would make Maria 5'11 in that photo or just under.
Viper said on 12/May/07
Also, If she was really 6-1 or even 6-2, how come she never looks 6-3-6-5 in pictures If she is wearing heels?
msn87 said on 12/May/07
[just a side note: even though i.M.D.b isn't reliable, i saw very suspicious downgrade a few months ago which suddenly got back to 6'2 again.

the downgrade was: 5'11.75 (1'82 m)

even <(thanks Rob!) which has had her from 6'2 up to 6'2.75,
has her now at 6'1.]
msn87 said on 12/May/07
"Have any of you guys thought that the reason she looks 6-1-6-2 is because shes in heels?"

that's what i'm trying to say all the time. but at same time that picture was in mid-2005.

Viper, how tall do you think she was then(2005). and do you estimate her in late-2006/2007?
Gonzalo said on 12/May/07
You guys love to downgrade people`s height. Maria is clearly taller than 6`1
Viper said on 12/May/07
The top of her head looks to be about level with Peytons eyes I thought. Thats 5 inches. Either way shes no taller than 6-0 there. Have any of you guys thought that the reason she looks 6-1-6-2 is because shes in heels? That Peyton picture just about blows her tall claims out of the water.
msn87 said on 12/May/07
"These pictures are all over the place. She looks 5'11 then 6'0 then 6'1 then 6'2. I still am sticking to at least 6'1 because thats what most pictures point to at least."

exactly... here are a lot of people who claim she is 5'11-6'0 and then 6'2-6'3. do the math, use your brains and be REALISTIC.

= 186½ cm barefoot/189 cm incl. shoes(adds 2½ cm)/A.B.G with high heels.
Alex said on 12/May/07
Viper, with Peyton she looks 5'10.5-5'11 really. Thats more than 5 inches.
Alex said on 12/May/07
These pictures are all over the place. She looks 5'11 then 6'0 then 6'1 then 6'2. I still am sticking to at least 6'1 because thats what most pictures point to at least.
msn87 said on 12/May/07
Again... she's wearing heels(on most photos.when do you get it?!. and Roger Federer is 6'1 flat.

"Maria is 6'2...because she said so!"

I feel sorry for you, really.
Mike said on 12/May/07
Ey Gramps, Federer is 6' not 6'2 plus Shes in heels.

maria ...5'11.5 without shoes
Truth said on 12/May/07
Maria is not shy about her height! Any girl shy about their height would not wear 3-4 inch heels! She loves her Christian Loubitions!

Maria is 6'2...Andy is self-concious about his height, he's always telling Maria to take off her heels or he stands on his tip toes.

Maria is 6'2...Venus is a listed as 6'1 and she is a little shorter than Maria. If Maria is 6'1 or 6' then that would make Venus 5-11. I have seen Venus in person and there is no way she is under 6'.

Maria is 6'2...because she said so!
Mike said on 12/May/07
Yeah and Tom Cruise 'claims' to be 5'11". People claim alot , that is the point of this site really. To debunk the claims.
Gramps said on 11/May/07
Maria with 6'2" Roger Federer:
Click Here
...with 5'6.5" Martina Hingis:
Click Here
...with 5'10" Serena Williams:
Click Here
...with 5'8.5" Kim Clijsters:
Click Here
...with 5'7" Anna Chakvetadze:
Click Here
Viper said on 11/May/07
Very good chance shes in heels with Lebron. Chicks stop growing at an early age. I highly doubt she grew any since 2005. Right now Id say shes 6-0 tops or possibly below that.
Alex said on 11/May/07
Leonid, I do think she's at least 6'1, likely 6'1.5 and probably not a full 6'2 but most tall women will not inflate their height up. Hard for me to believe she's under 6'1 but with Peyton Manning she looks 5'10.5-5'11.
msn87 said on 11/May/07
what's the big deal?! The picture with Peyton Manning says it all; there she was 5'11.5(1'82 m)[excluding heels]- the year is 2005 and she's 18(should've stopped growing at that age).

as of late 2006 she has grown about 2 inches(4-4½ cm)[very unusual!especially for a girl]< i suspect HGH.

so today she should be 186½ cm [189 cm with shoes. and 194 cm and more with heels = major ABG!!!]

note: she's not the first celeb to include her shoe-height as barefoot-height = she lies.

at last the people who blindly believe she's 6'2 'because she said so' or more (6'3-6'4
the NEXT person who says somethin like "my god, people come on" or "People!!!" and once again states "at least 6'2" or "she recently saic 6'4", is officially an IDIOT(i feel sorry for you).
Leonid said on 11/May/07
I also wanted to add a response too picture of Maria next to the 6'5" Peyton Manning, here's the photo Click Here

Now here's another picture of Peyton Manning next to (supposingly 6'1) Jennie Finch. Click Here

Now I don't know if Jennie is 6'1" or less but she does look taller than Sharapova next to Manning, I guess it's all about what kind of footwear Sharapova and Jennie are wearing in their photos...
Leonid said on 11/May/07
Maybe you guys forgot, but Maria reported on growing to 6'2" around late augost in 2005 already. She made a big issue about it. You can guys search for articles over the internet about it, they are all from late augost 2005 when Maria reported she's already grew to 6'2".

This is just too confusing... so Maria reported she grew to 6'2" in augost 2005, where almost 2 years later it seems like she is still not the full 6'2" she claimed in 2005... or perhaps she claimed to be 6'2" while still being 6'0", hoping she will grow more? lol

What I don't understand is if Maria was still only around 6'0" in 2005, so why did she claim the growth which made her 6'2"? and it seems like most of you think she was only 6'0" in 2005 and only recently she grew a little an inch or two... it's just too messed up.
Alex said on 11/May/07
Really she would be 5'11 or even 5'10.5 with Peyton if you look at it again. Thats more than 5 inches. His eye level from the top of his head is 5-5.5 inches and she's just under it. Its crazy because she looks 6'1-6'2 in any other picture. She's closer to Lebron James than she is with Peyton! But could be in heels in one photo and not the other.
Alex said on 11/May/07
6'7 is Lebron's barefoot height. I think he's listed at 6'8. Maria still comes across MINIMUM 6'1 to me.
Mike said on 11/May/07
Alex: First , in nba they round heights up and measure in shoes. So we cant be sure of Lebrons real height. That adds more error. Second, he is leaning in and she is wearing heals. Not a good comparison. You can see the heels here:

Click Here
Mike said on 11/May/07
msn87: Yes, anything is possible, but until we see proof, its just speculation.
Alex said on 10/May/07
Look at this picture I found on another page. Maria with 6'7 Lebron James and she looks 6'1-6'2, more 6'2.

Click Here
Chris said on 10/May/07
Yeah she has grown some more inches since 2005. I don't think she's 6 ft 2 though. She's more like 6 ft 1 nowadays
Alex said on 10/May/07
She looks 6'1-6'2 to me almost all the time but that picture with Peyton she looks no more than 6'0, but that was 2 years ago and she has grown a little since then. Thats the explanation. She still physically looks 6'1-6'2.
msn87 said on 10/May/07
@Mike and Viper

:remember this was 2005(age 18);don't you think she has grown a bit since then?
Viper said on 10/May/07
Shes 5 inches shorter than 6-5 peyton. No taller than 6-0 there. And If shes wearing heels shes well below 6-0.
Mike said on 10/May/07
Eliza... the thing is most people here ARE trying to estimate her height from various pictures with her in it, which is very innacurate... because I havnt met her personally, you are right, I cannot say for certain what height she is... its just a gut feeling now. I guess what spawned this off was when I met Andy Roddick at the Aus open and was surprised at how much shorter he was in person than on TV (we were the same height and im 6' without shoes). He also looked more thickly built in person. Hes a solid 190 + lbs easy. So thats why when I saw pictures with Roddick and Sharapova together and she isnt taller in any of them, it makes me think shes not over 6ft, although i cannot say because they are just pictures.
msn87 said on 10/May/07
Sharapova with 6'5 Peyton Manning; this looks similar to the pics where Glenn is next to 6'0-6'1 guys:

Click Here
msn87 said on 10/May/07

"Perry - she easily looks 3" taller"

:'hope you mean '3 cm' and not 3 inches (7.5 cm)[!]

;notice his shoulder height and posture(minimal slouch). plus she's a bit closer to the camera(and probably with small heels)

"Roddick #1 - That laughable photo has been shown here so many times that Roddick's arches are cramping from standing on his tippie-toes so long!"

: XD... (as far as i remember THIS particular pic has not been shown... oh well)

so what's your piont? you think she's at least 6'2?
Viper said on 10/May/07
Somebody explain to me how shes 5 inches shorter than 6-5 Peyton Manning.
Eliza said on 10/May/07
Mike!!!! But all the people who have seen here say she is taller than 6,0! PIctures is nothing - you cannot estimate somebody`s height only looking at the pics. You must see this person in reality.
Mike said on 10/May/07
"A tall woman would not upgrade her height"... Anthony, dont worry about this... shes getting paid 50 million a year to be tall and blonde... being tall is part of her Gimmick. She likes it.
Mike said on 10/May/07
Doesnt matter what she confirms...the photos say otherwise. I come across people all the time who lie about their height... some do it on purpose, some genuinely dont know. No picture I have seen suggest shes over 6ft. I will be the first to admit im wrong if I do see some good pictures. Perhpas come Wimbledon we may get some.
Eliza said on 10/May/07
What are you talking about? 1-1,5 year ago Maria said herself: I am 186,5 barefoot, so in my favourite shoes I am 6 ft.4! It is a little bit too much!... So, yes, her height is 187-188... SHE CONFIRMS THAT NOWADAYS!
Gramps said on 10/May/07
msn87: All three photos are bogus:
Perry - she easily looks 3" taller
Roddick #1 - That laughable photo has been shown here so many times that Roddick's arches are cramping from standing on his tippie-toes so long!
Roddick #2 - Roddick is closer to the camera, which is also much lower than their heads = useless photo.
Anthony said on 9/May/07
I don't think she's under 6'2. It's pretty obvious from a few quotes (including the one Rob posted) that Maria is shy and self-conscious about her height. A tall woman would not upgrade her height. She's at least 6'2.
msn87 said on 9/May/07

keep in mind that since 2005, she has maybe grown a bit - her notorious growth-spurt has been mentioned a few times; but how much can that be. not more than an inch.
Viper said on 9/May/07
Actually, If shes wearing heels with Peyton then shes under 6-0 pretty easily. I also showed pictures where she looked at least 2 inches shorter than 6-2 3/4 Terrell Owens. And she might have been in heels there as well.
Viper said on 9/May/07
Perry is 5-10 MAX. Nowhere close to 6-0. Shes looking 6-0-6-1 there. Pretty much her true height. She also looks 6-0 Max with 6-5 Peyton Manning on the same page. Hell, Im starting to think she might be just 6-0 and not even 6-1.

[Editor Rob: Glenn GOT the perryman, although how much his lean effects how short he looks will be debatable when it goes up...

actually glenn has been on fire for 2007 with the pics he's gotten, I really hope he hangs around here! Lots of top names...]
msn87 said on 9/May/07
sorry if i said CLEARLY taller about the Matthew Perry pic, i just remembered it as he was the taller one. maybe she wears small heels.

Sharapova with Perry(who's probably 5'11-6'0)in 2005:

Click Here

and then a really good one with 6'1.5-6'2 Andy Roddick in 2005(maybe with small heels[!]):

Click Here

from another angle:

Click Here

now it's up to you height-judges ;)
msn87 said on 9/May/07
yes Viper, she doesn't. wait till i find some pics which are rather 'shocking' for the people (incl. herself) who claim 6'2 or 6'3 (btw she likes being tall. methinks she lies about 6'2-6'3).

I saw one pic(was i.M.D.b i believe)with Matthew Perry who's 6'0 or 6'1. He's clearly taller.

Viper among others may disagree, but once again my guess is(may be 187cm in the morning)186.25cm and 186.75cm at the absolute MAX.
Mike said on 9/May/07
Yes I agree, she might be 6'1.5 in tennis shoes, and they just call that 6'2 like with Roddick. And in response to "Anonymous"... that picture cannot be used... please your kidding? Roddicks head is bent down..worst comparison photo. Unless there is photo evidence, I hardly think a misguided quote of Maria sayin "not wanting to be 6ft'2" can be taken as gospel. Thats why half the quotes on this site are wrong. She could have been exagerating or quoting her height in shoes. The photo evidence that she is 6'2 is heavily lacking is all im saying. 5'11.5 without shoes is my guess.
Viper said on 9/May/07
She doesnt look 6-2.
Alex said on 9/May/07
Maria could be 6'1.5 and rounding up but most girls won't round up since they don't wanna be taller so she may be a legit 6'2.

Venus at 5'11 is very hard to believe. She's gotta be 6'0 at least. 6'1 possibly.
Ray said on 9/May/07
I would bet that she is no way 6'3" or close to it. Slim, tall girls always appear taller than guys of the same height because of their smaller heads and higher & narrower shoulders. Its like that architectural trick of making a building seem taller by tapering it as it goes up. She is 6'2" (188 cm), but in her tennis shoes. That puts her around the 6'0.75 - 6'1" mark in her barefeet.
Kate said on 9/May/07
My GOD! People! Sharapova confirms herself that she is 188 cm. A tall girl will never say she is taller than she really is. You can always see that Maria is always much taller than anybody in all the pics (nowadays, I am not saying about the pics that were made some years ago)!!!! Venus is always very tall - just look at the pics with her sister Serena (the difference is about 10 cm.). Official sites of Maria say: height: 188 cm. official sites of Venus say that her height is 185 cm. Do not you think that they write in the sites their heights also in tennis shoes (sorry for my poor English).
Anonymous said on 8/May/07
Sorry wrong link, i posted the picture with Zvonereva. Heres the one with Roddick:
Click Here
Viper said on 8/May/07
Ive read 5-11 estimates in person for Venus before.
Anonymous said on 8/May/07
Mike "I have yet to see her even appear the same height as him in ANY photo."

Here: Click Here
msn87 said on 8/May/07
but at same time it would mean that for example Venus Williams then is shorter than the given 6'1; makes little sense. but maybe you're right wit the tennis-thing (measuring with shoes)- so she(Williams)would probably be 6'0.

but Maria is still taller than her. my gues is still 186.75 for her.
Mike said on 8/May/07
Trust me, I have a brother who is 6'2 and you can clearly tell the difference between us... 6'2 is damn tall and you would know it straight away... she would tower over Roddick all the time (you cant use that "angle" BS for analyzing every photo"), but I have yet to see her even appear the same height as him in ANY photo. And him being 6ft suggests to me she is 5'11 to 6ft, with a slim frame which gives more illusion of height.
Mike said on 8/May/07
Some of the claims on here are just plain ridiculous. 6'3? MY conservative estimate on her height is 183 cm. For all you using the Roddick comparison to prove points you should know Roddicks height is 6'0 even. In tennis, 6'1.5 means 6'0 (they probably measure them in shoes). But its not just guessing, because I stop 1 meter away from Roddick at the aus open on even surface and my father said I was as tall if not slightly taller (im 6'and a quarter). Sharapova im guessing is between 5'11 and 6'
msn87 said on 7/May/07
i personally think she's 6'1.5 on the spot. and yes, she should probably have a 6'6.5 guy. then it would fit...XD

but if you ask me, women should be MAX 5'11 and nothing more than that, otherwise it's disgusting.
Leonid said on 6/May/07
Heck, tell me about it, I'm 6'3" and would never consider going out with a 6'1 - 6'1.5 chick, it's just way too tall. My ex-girlfriend was quite tall already and still liked wearing big heels to events and concerts. Now, Sharapova say 6'1 to 6'1.5 and we know she likes wearing heels to public events, she would be taller (in her heels) than a 6'3 guy wearing regular shoes. I'd say she's better suited with a guy around 6'5" height wise.
msn87 said on 6/May/07
"3. She's really only 6'1" - 6.1.5", but definitely under 6'2" "

ONLY 6'1.5? that's pretty damn tall for a girl... Anyway, you're right about the 3 main groups; but it will stay this way until a pic with glenn or rob arrives.
Leonid said on 5/May/07
So... what's the verdict? It seems like we grew tired of figuring out her true height and we divide into 3 main groups...
1. She's still growing and nearly 6'3"
2. She's 6'2" as said here
3. She's really only 6'1" - 6.1.5", but definitely under 6'2"
msn87 said on 29/Apr/07
All i can say is, the day i when check in here on this thread and suddenly see her height is upgraded to 6'3, i think i'll get a heart-attack:o. But if it is downgraded to 6'1 or 6'1.5, i'll realize there's justice in the world...XD
gramps2 said on 28/Apr/07
I think 6'6" is a stretch. How about 6'3"?
U.N. Owen said on 27/Apr/07
Wow, Gramps... I'm impressed -- but I can't imagine Maria is really THAT tall!

If Zvonoreva is really 5'8" and the camera angle were level, that would put Maria at about 6'6"! (thus putting both premises in question)

Still, it shows she's significantly taller than Vera Zvonareva.
Gramps said on 27/Apr/07
Maria recently with the 5'8" Vera Zvonareva:
Click Here
Leonid said on 20/Apr/07
Kia, it's been said that Roddick is on his tiptoes in that picture, I don't know myself if it's true but if Roddick is 6'1.5" and Maria is also around 6'1" and wearing heels she should be significantly taller than him. If Maria is wearing flats and Roddick is not tip toeing then I could believe Maria to be around 6'0" to 6'1".

I'm starting to believe myself Maria is around the 6'2" and I'm just too amazed at her growth rate from 5'3" to 6'2, makes me wonder if her father gave her HGH lol.
Gramps said on 20/Apr/07
Kia: the guy is standing on his very tippie toes in your photo - - it's obvious he'a puffing himself up. Here's a shot from that same few moments, except Roddick isn't "posing:"
Click Here
V.M. said on 20/Apr/07
This picture shows them both from the waist up. It is inconclusive again as there is no way to tell whether she has on heels unless you actually see them. Are they on level ground? Is he on tip toes? If in fact it can be proven that she is in heels, then I would have to agree that he is taller. For example, the pic with her and the canon girl next to her provide conclusive proof that she is at least a few inches shorter than that girl (they are standing next to each other and you can see their footwear). Pics like this one with Roddick don't provide clear answers.
Doink said on 20/Apr/07
That's the same picture where Roddick is standing on his tiptoes... I just posted this 3 weeks ago. Try to read some of the older discussion.

The pic from the personal site is useless without knowing the date it was taken. Maria's doing some extreme slouching/bending in that one and Roddick is much closer in the frame.

Click Here

Two pictures don't prove Roddick "towers over" Sharapova.
Kia said on 20/Apr/07
If you say she's every bit as tall as Roddick, why is she always dwarfed in comparison? And don't tell me every picture up here is in his favour. Just admit it. Besides she looks like she's got heels on in this picture (still not as tall as Roddick). I'm still not persuaded that she's 6'2!Click Here
V.M. said on 19/Apr/07
Again, it is not possible to accurately compare Sharapova's height with Roddick. He is closer to the camera and the angle is in his favour. It would be possible to compare only if they were next to each other. I think she looks every bit 6' 2", especially next to tall players like Venus and Dementieva.In her sport she is right up there in height, trailing probably only Davenport.
However, it would be cool to compare her to female athletes in other disciplines. Her compatriot and namesake Maria Stepanova plays in the WNBA and is 6'8". So is Katie Feenstra and Lindsay Taylor. Margo Dydek is a staggering 7'2" (taller than Shaq!!) and is therefore a whole foot taller than Sharapova.
In Volleyball, there are many Russians 6'9" and above, like Ekaterina Gamova and Nelly Fonova. Even Kerri Walsh and Gabrielle Reece at 6'3" each will look short next to them.
Even the tallest tennis players will be dwarfed in comparison to their counterparts in basketball and volleyball. Unfortunately, as they are in different sporting disciplines we may not see any such pics of Maria standing toe to toe with these girls.
pova said on 18/Apr/07
Maria in 2004: Click Here

Maria in 2007: Click Here

Maria was listed as 6'0 in 2004.
K.i.a said on 18/Apr/07
Well, for starters, remember all the other photos in which Sharapova had heels on. With all that, she and Roger Federer were the same height. In this picture, she doesn't look like she's got heels on. Thus she's not 6'2, more like 6.
Ray said on 18/Apr/07
In that pic with Roddick, Sharapova (accounting for the slouch and the camera favouring Roddick) is no taller than Roddick. Roddick is at best 187cm. I'd put Sharapova at maybe 6'2" at a push. Definitely not 6'3". Also, the guy beside her, if Sharapova stood up straight probably has 3" on him, do you think he's 6 foot ???
Jason said on 18/Apr/07
Roddick is listed at 187cm as far as I know ... they just round it to the full 6'2''.
K.i.a said on 17/Apr/07
Well folks, another controversy. If you guys can remember, Andy Roddick is listed as 6'2 himself, nes pas? Now check this picture out with Roddick and Sharapova. I know, she's got a slight slouch, but if she were to stand straight, not that much of a difference, and she's supposed to be 6'2 as well. Personally she's a much smaller version of 6'2 by a good 2 inches. I'd say 6'0 Click Here
Jameson said on 17/Apr/07
Just a question to all you tall gals out there, do you prefer short guys or tall guys? Please answer!
Jason said on 17/Apr/07
I've always thought Sharapova is 6'1''-6'1 1/2''.
williams said on 16/Apr/07
hi...nice to have a tall gal like adriana in this 6'3 tall guy .....adriana could u ls post ur pic here so tht it would be encouraging for budding female models to improve their heighjt and physique......
anonymous said on 16/Apr/07
adriana...could u pls post ur pic with maria
Gramps said on 16/Apr/07
The video is actually almost two years old, as it was taped in August 2005, one week before the 2005 U.S. Open.
short guy said on 17/Oct/06
omg 6 foot 2 for a female is like......i dont wanna talk bout such tall peeps makes me feel so short :(
jon said on 17/Oct/06
6'3 looks right whatever that means. How in the world people can argue the minuate of the height of people they've never met is a mystery. Someone says "well she's 8 inches taller than..." but for that to work they have to validate that persons height. If you have the unlikely chance to measure someone fine-otherwise take it for what it is-a fun game. NEWSFLASH-every celebrity is'nt shorter than listed.
Alex said on 15/Oct/06
She looks taller than 6'1 to me. 6'2 seems right enough for me. She looks it on the court and she's in tennis shoes too so no heels or big boots.
mike said on 13/Oct/06
dude kelly ripas not 5'6 but maria does look solid 6'2 unlike brooke hogan lookin 6 even maria does look tall, but honestly whether shes 6'1 6'2 or 6'3 she'll still be lookin up to SLY STALLONE b/c hes gronw to 6' i really think maria is 6'2, not 6'1 or 6'3
Anonymous said on 12/Oct/06
Well if you happen to visit other forums, ppl that met her usually type how they gawked at her height and built. She's the celebrity whose height is most talked about on the planet! So she must be unusually tall i guess...
Anonymous said on 11/Oct/06
A pic in Kelly Ripa's section suggested that she's 5-6. So here's the same Ripa barely coming up to Maria's shoulders.

Click Here
Viper652 said on 3/Oct/06
A 6-1 chick on a tennis court looks just as huge. I havnt seen any evidence yet where she looks 6-2.
Chris said on 3/Oct/06
No she is a full 6'2''. She looks huge on tenniscourt. By the way, I see there is another Chris. Maybe one of us could change to a small c?
Cantstop25 said on 2/Oct/06
I defintielly agree with you chris, WHen she say that she wishes she would stop growin IM nto buying it. and if she really si 6'3" I just hope she does not grow beyond that because 6'4" I dont find too attractive. But thats just me.
Glenn said on 2/Oct/06
Guys friend saw 6-4 in sneakers and my friend is 6ft.after a she is at least 6-2.5,6-3.
Chris said on 2/Oct/06
Maria Sharapova is still 6'0 ft tall. The girl loves being and looking tall. With trainers, she is 6'1. In parties, she wears 4 inches heels, which makes her seem like she's 6'4. But her natural height, barefoot is 6'0.
Viper652 said on 1/Oct/06
I cant beleive I actually agree with Ralph. Even a blind squirrel gets one right I guess.
Anonymous said on 27/Sep/06
I read that Sharapova was indeed listed as 6-3 by the TV for the US Open final.
Anon E Mouse said on 23/Sep/06
Obviously, I've had *waaaaaay* too much time on my hands lately!
But really, it doesn't matter what *anyone* says, does it? Not even Ms Sharapova! It's so easy to get into circular logic. There obviously isn't any way you can know 'beyond a reasonable doubt' what either her height or her weight is, unless they submit to measurement. In the end, short of having irrefutable proof, we'll all believe what we want to believe. Happy continued speculating!
Gramps said on 23/Sep/06
Camera angle can make all the difference...two shots at the same moment:
Click Here
Click Here
serendip3 said on 23/Sep/06
it was the last year that maria insisted she had grown 2 inches.
Anon E Mouse said on 23/Sep/06
If I read correctly, that photo (I could only get one link to work) were time-stamped to last Septmeber. And I think the whole point specifically with Ms Sharapova is that she's continued growing since then...hence the inaccurate height and weight stats prevalent online. Obviously, what we need from a scientific point of view is for someone to get her to fall in love with them and create the circumstances in which a good and proper measurement is possible. Either that, or some laser-based remote measuring device...
serendip3 said on 23/Sep/06
here are photoes i linked before.

Click Here

Click Here

i think maria is 6-1.
sf said on 22/Sep/06
Why? They aren't bigger than Sharapova. Anyway, who cares? This is about height and I do believe Sharapova is about 6'3". And, damn do I love her long legs.
Anonymous said on 22/Sep/06
sf- if you think that maria is near 180 lbs than that would mean that players like serena williams and lindsay davenport are near 200 not so sure about that...
sf said on 22/Sep/06
Nope, sorry, no money, Mr. Mouse. You think because you're relying on something you read on the Internet, that it must be true? That Reece is 170? Sorry - because someone wrote that, doesn't make it so. Didn't I just provide a reference from the Internet that says Maria is 130 and only 4 pounds heavier than a woman she is 9 inches taller than? Do you believe that?

And, even if Gabrielle, herself, said that she was 170, it just doesn't make it so. Like I said, women, just like you pointed out, usually don't want to be too tall and weigh too much. They lie about both. And, I'd bet Gabrielle is over 170. Sorry, but common sense just tells me she probably is. But at least she's not claiming she's 125 or something. My neighbor's girlfriend claims she's only 6'1". Yet, she's too inches taller than my neighbor, who is 6'1". She is obviously self-conscious about her height. A girl I had a blind date with, insisted she was 5'7", 140 pounds. Even when we met, she talked about working out, etc, and how she's "happy" with her phsyique/weight, etc. Of course, since she probably weighed about 200, I wasn't as happy.

My belabored point is that women lie about their weights - all the time. I do believe that Sharapove is near 180.

At least we agree on height. I'm done with weight. Sorry Rob!

Anon E Mouse said on 22/Sep/06
ralph... Actually, that picture doesn't 'prove' anything. The only picture that I've seen on this page that 'proves' anything is the one I linked to with Henin-Hardenne at the US Open, when they're both in tennis shoes, standing right beside each other...and Sharapova is actually not even standing up perfectly straight. The photo with Barton is hardly evidence of anything except Maria bending so as not to look *that* much taller than the actress...who herself is *very* self-conscious about her height. Us males forget that women generally *don't* want to be tall, hate to acknowledge they're tall. All the 'sizable' women I've had in my life *loved* being made to feel 'tiny' in comparison to me. This is why so many actresses (and female athletes) flat-out lie about their heights. (Gabrielle Reece is an exception, but then she ended up with Laird Hamilton, who is 6'4"...and probably made 'Gabby' feel all the better about her size.) Men, on the other hand, tend to exaggerate most things.
ralph said on 22/Sep/06
Anon , the pic with mischa barton proves that sharapova isnt anything near to 6'3"
Anon E Mouse said on 21/Sep/06
Here's an interesting frame of reference for you: Click Here
Gabrielle Reece, a genuine 6'3" athlete. Similar frame to Ms Sharapova, but is 16+ years older...and weighs 170 lbs. So there is every possibility that Maria could end up at this weight, or even more...but no matter that she's a professional tennis player, she's still a veritable kid and simply does not have the mature muscle mass to tip the scales at some 'Xena-ish' number. In five years, sure. but right now, she's somewhere in the neighbourhood of 'a buck and a half'. (You wanna have someone hold our money, sf...?)
sf said on 21/Sep/06
Anon E Mouse - agree with you on some point regarding Henin, but she's been in the game a long time - longer than most people realize. And, at a later stage in her career, she is actually excelling. I think she was in the final of every Grand Slam tournament this year. Won at least one of them. Size can be important in tennis, but really isn't that much of a determining factor when one has the skills, determination and mental toughness...
sf said on 21/Sep/06
Anon - that's where you're wrong - I DID get your little subtle attempt at humor. Still says Mouse....which seems even more odd if you're 6'3" and 255! Besides, I needed something to get back at you with!

Ok, no more arguing. I still say Maria is damn near 180 pounds, but I guess this isn't is it?

and, I'm with you that Maria is a good 6'2" plus....

To "Mighty" - oh yes, because I have talked about Sharapova means I'm attracted to Amazons. Well, let's see - I've talke about Michael J. Fox, so I must be attracted to short guys. And, I've talked about Andre the Giant, so I must really be attracted to huge, gigantic guys. And, I've talked about Sylvestor Stallone, so I must have a thing for lift-wearing guys.

Get a brain...
Jason said on 21/Sep/06
She's taller than 6'0''.
Anon E Mouse said on 21/Sep/06
sf: Just for the record...seeing as you missed my minor attempt at screen name is a wink at 'Anonymous'. And as for what is says about me... I'm almost 6'3" and 255 lbs, have always been athletic and have spent most of my adult life in gyms. 'UltraMouse', maybe... :)

Henin-Hardenne's weight is actually probably pretty close to what you found listed. Her size is going to be the determining factor as to how long she lasts in the game; she's actually on the 'frail' side for someone generating the power she needs to excel in the woman's game right now.
Louie John Buluran said on 21/Sep/06
I think Maria S... is closer to just only 6 foot as his tennis Profile listing.....She could be 6 ft 1 in the morning... but who cares she is the hottest chick in the planet
Mighty said on 21/Sep/06
sf, 185lbs is over 13 stone which for a 6'1" guys is a normal healthy weight. If you look at football players (or soccer if you are American) then the majority of them who are my height weigh in the region of 175lbs to 190lbs.

I have a 33" - 34" waist, is that skinny for a 6'1" guy? Any larger and I would consider myself getting a bit of a belly.

I'm with you on her fantastic build, I like the look of fit, muscular looking women too, however, there is real life and there is fantasy and although I would love to see a pumped up Masha at 180lbs the reality is that she is not.

I think your attraction to amazons (which I am not knocking by the way) is clouding your judgement.....
sf said on 21/Sep/06
Well, I stand corrected. I just did a search for Maria Sharapova and weight and it says she's 130 pounds. Oh, yes, it also says Justin is 126 pounds. Yes, I believe that. I'm sure that Sharapova, who is 9 inches taller than Henin-Hardenne, is only 4 pounds heavier...
sf said on 21/Sep/06
Anon - I'll give you one thing - that's a GREAT picture you posted next to Henin-Hardenne. I'd say at least 8 inches, and Maria is leaning in to Justin.

Add 8 or 9 inches and you're at 6'2" or 6'3" to the disbelievers. Now, if only we could get her to stand on a scale.
sf said on 21/Sep/06
Ralph - did you see Maria Sharapova, just a week ago, standing next to Dick Enberg in her tennis shoes? She dwarfed him. I don't know how tall he was, but she was much taller. I was amazed how tall she was. This was in tennis shoes, standing next to a man who is not short (don't know his height, but thought close to 6'0") Anybody know how tall Dick Enberg is? Cause Maria was a lot taller. And, this was one week ago, so I doubt she's grown any taller since then.

Anon, or whatever, yes I'm projecting my awful body-image issues!!! Ahhhh!! What does a screen name with "Mouse" in it say about someone????

No, I'm just being sensible. Maria IS muscular. I didn't say she was a bodybuilder! She swings a racket, runs all over the place, works out - she's gonna have muscle. More than the average person who never exercises. Playing tennis, she's constantly using her muscles. And, you can be svelte and muscular.

My 5'5" girlfriend who weighed 145 was gorgeous, not a bodybuilder, and looked great. I'd post a picture if I could. People have different physiques, different bones structures. My friend, Sarah, is 5'7" and has a great body, and beautiful, muscular legs. But not more so, than Maria's, I'd say. My friend wieghs around 145-150. She is honest and has no problem telling me. Again, she's 5'7". She's not a body-builder, but does take care of herself, and does strength training and runs.

People have this perception that all women just weigh so little. No, most women lie about their weights. It's like if you're a woman, you can't weigh more than 120 lbs. A 6'3" woman, and I still stand by that (at least 6'2"), is gonna weight a lot - she can't help it.

I'll put a ton of money that she is near 180.

And, I still say 6'1" and 185 is kind of skinny for a guy. I'm not trying to put anyone down. That was just as statement.

Any woman that's 6'3" and only 150 pounds - THAT's skinny...
Anon E Mouse said on 20/Sep/06
OK. *Third* time lucky? Click here: Click Here

Justine Henin-Hardenne = 5'6"
Maria Sharapova = Oh...say EIGHT INCHES taller in the photo, taken right after the Final, with both of them wearing tennis shoes...

Let's see, what does my abacus say 5'6" plus 8 inches equals...?
ralph said on 20/Sep/06
SHE'S NOT 6'3". Click Here

Mischa Barton says she is 5'7" and sharapova looks about one inch taller. I am sure Barton is lying, but she is no more than 5'9.5"
Anon E Mouse said on 20/Sep/06
Hmm... Now people are calling each other names and that's not nice.

First off, if you're a guy and you're 6'1" and you're 185, you're certainly not 'skinny'. sf, I don't know how tall you are or how much you weigh, but I suspect you've got *some* kind of body-image issues, because you're surely projecting them!

If your girlfriend was 5'5" and 145 and 'not an ounce of fat'...then she was a bodybuilder, or at least had the mass of one.

Obviously we can't even come to a consensus on how tall Ms Sharapova is, but as for her weight... She ain't 'big'. In fact, she's 'svelte'. She's got tremendous structure, but she ain't muscular, she ain't a behemoth...and she surely isn't anywhere near the weight you're guessing. And I would put a *ton* of money on that.
sf said on 20/Sep/06
No way. She's muscular, athletic and 6'3"!! Not all women are model proportions: 5'9" and 120 lbs. That's too damn skinny! Imagine a 6'3" woman
weighing only 140. Gross.

Mighty - I understand where you're coming from, but you have to be kind of skinny to be 6'1" and only weigh 185.

I still say she's 6'3" just based on the fact that she was standing next to Dick Enberg and easily 3 or 4 inches taller. Easily. Also, my neighbor's girlfriend is about 6'3" and she told me once how much she weighed which was damn near 180. Doesn't surprise me. She's big. Maria Sharapova is big. There's no harm in weighing more when you're big. My 5'5" girlfriend weighed 145 and she was perfect. Not an ounce of fat and looked great.

People got to be kidding or deluding themselves if they think she's only 150 pounds. She's a 6'3", muscular woman!
Anonymous said on 20/Sep/06
"A solid, 6'3" girl. Come on - she weights 180 if she's an ounce."

your an idiot, she is extremely thin, I would sy 150 lbs at best, your probably just some scrawny little guy who has fantasies of large women overpowering you. Dominatrix

Anon E Mouse said on 20/Sep/06
sf: Then she weighs an ounce.

As mentioned previously, I've had Amazonians for girlfriends, I've got a pretty good idea of how much tall gals weigh. But seeing as Ms Sharapova really doesn't feel comfortable being as tall as she is, I can imagine how mortified she'd be reading your comment! (If she didn't wee herself laughing so hard...)
Mighty said on 20/Sep/06
SF, although I agree with you that she is probably heavier than what we think, I would say that 180lbs is way too high. I'm a 6'1" male, who weighs 185lbs with a decent build but I'd be very surprised that Masha is almost the same weight as me (although, I would wager that her shoulders are as broad, maybe broader).

If she is 180lbs now, then in a few years time, when she has completed filled out, she would be almost 200lbs which is huge for a male or female.

At the moment, she certainly is no way skinny, and when she is interviewed on TV I always think that her arms look pretty big but at the moment I reckon she is in the region of 154lbs and will max out at about 165lbs.....

Anonymous, who is the girl with Masha in the photo's below?
Anonymous said on 20/Sep/06
See how much Shazza's slouching in this pic
Click Here
Anonymous said on 20/Sep/06
Ok this is another photo, but Im still not convinced that Maria's standing to her full height.
Click Here

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