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6ft 1.31in (186.2cm)
miser said on 20/Dec/08
"She is MINIMUM 2.5 cm shorter than Davenport which makes here 186-187cm (6'1.5)"

This is made up.
miser said on 20/Dec/08
"The pic were Williams is taller was b4 this spurt were Sharapova was in the 5'11.5-zone +/- 0.5 inches. I think that she grew at about 3cm after that picture was shot."

The pictures of her with Venus are from January/2008. But you are right, in May she had a "growth spurt" and grew 3 cm. In august she had another, and grew another 3 cm. We can't foget to account for her third "growth spurt" of this year, which happened just last November. She grew amother 3 cm there. So she is really almost 6-4 by now. Catching up with you Anonymous3.
Andy van Karlsen said on 20/Dec/08
Hello guys.

I really read all of the posts here and I had also a look @ sum pics of here/other female tennis players.

It seems to me, that most female tennis players get a boost of 0,5-1,5 inches. The only tennis players with 100% proofed height are Williams, Davenport, Vadisova and so on.

Williams is at about 6'1 which means at about 185cm
Davenport is at about 6'2.5 189cm

So... about Sharapova let's sum up the facts:

She is MINIMUM 2.5 cm shorter than Davenport which makes here 186-187cm (6'1.5)
But... she is at about the same height (even a bit shorter) than Williams which is very strange cuz she's 185cm, hmmm...

I really don't believe that Sharapova is MORE than 187cm (6'1.5) and LESS than 183cm=6'0. It's ridiculous to read some ppl saying she's less than 6'0 or more than 6'2... this can't be true. She really had a grow spurt. The pic were Williams is taller was b4 this spurt were Sharapova was in the 5'11.5-zone +/- 0.5 inches. I think that she grew at about 3cm after that picture was shot.

Again.. SHE IS MINIMUM 6'0=183cm and MAXIMIMUM 6'1.5 187cm so I would say she is really at about 6'1. A weak 6'1 maybe 6'0.5-6'0.75.

Now stop persist in saying she is less than 183 or more than 187cm. That isn't true!
Anonymous3 said on 19/Dec/08
yea sure whatever you idiots say, but the 6'2 she is supposedly listed isn't true. She is shorter than that. She's not a legit/real 6'2. She's like barely 6 feet if at all. If you guys keep this up, that gives me the right to take my height as 6'7(201cm) or something when I'm 196cm giving me the right to upgrade myself also. So there ha. I have ways to get even
Pako said on 18/Dec/08
Sharapova 6-2 I dont see any problem with that I know a Mexican volley ball player and she is 6-5 her name is Bibians Candelas and I think she is really tall
Alex said on 17/Dec/08
5'11 for a female is the start of being VERY tall. A giant for a female would be more like 6'4-6'5 plus which would equal a 6'10 man being a giant which makes sense.
Anonymous3 said on 16/Dec/08
Mikez, I figured out, you just don't want her to be taller than you. You claim you are 6' tall and she is not over 6'.To me it looks quiet oppostie of what you say about people want girls to be giantesses, it's the other way around, and some people have hard time accepting the fact that some women/girls are over 6' tall. IMO she's 6'1 or very close to it, 184/185cm. She does look like that standing next to 189cm Davenport, and other tall men and women. Some people who saw her in person say that she's 6'1/6'2, look below.
6 feet FLAT MAX, 5'11.5 MORE LIKELY, I DO NOT EVER SEE a 6'2 legit picture courtesy of Sharapova. It's the industry and endorsements way of promotion. She is basically advertising products for endorsements and is given more HYPE by raising her height. 6'3 is a joke for her, why do some people say she is 6'3. Do they not know 6'3=191cm? and 6'2=188cm? Some people probably thinks 6'2 is 185cm because an inch is 2.5cm right? It's 2.54cm/inch actually. 6 feet is not 180cm, it's 183cm. A lot of people always go with 1.8m. That's barely 5'11... It's things like these that mess up legit heights and people's perspectives.

Luckily I'm well over the hot zone at 6'5+/196cm.
miser said on 15/Dec/08
"IMO she's 6'1 or very close to it, 184/185cm"

Lol, here we go again. Did you see the pictures of her next to Venus? Venus is 186cm at the very most and certainly has at least 3 cm on Sharapova. Sharapova is 183cm at the most.

"She does look like that standing next to 189cm Davenport"

Really? Where have you seen her standing next to Davenport? Post a pic if you have one(not that same old bad picture of them at the net please)

"Some people who saw her in person say that she's 6'1/6'2, look below."

Oh I met her too. I met every single individual listed in this website. Do you believe me?
anonnymous said on 15/Dec/08
Mikez, I figured out, you just don't want her to be taller than you. You claim you are 6' tall and she is not over 6'.To me it looks quiet oppostie of what you say about people want girls to be giantesses, it's the other way around, and some people have hard time accepting the fact that some women/girls are over 6' tall. IMO she's 6'1 or very close to it, 184/185cm. She does look like that standing next to 189cm Davenport, and other tall men and women. Some people who saw her in person say that she's 6'1/6'2, look below.
miser said on 15/Dec/08
"Anyway she DOES look tall, but how many legit 5'11.5 to 6'0 (without shoes) slim long leg girls have you seen in real life? They WILL look tall no doubt. 6'2 shed look freakish."

Exactly... Then you put this 5'11.5 to 6'0 on three inch heels and there you have your giantess... she "passes" for 6-3 on these killer heels of her.
C. said on 15/Dec/08
miser says on 14/Dec/08
Mikez and Anonymous3: yes there are a bunch of lunatics here in this website campaigning for tall women, or for the supposed tallness of many women... it really is like a movement to promote gigantism among women lol, I don't know what this is about. This website has dozens of 5'9"ish women listed as 5'11" or 6'. Maybe this is orchestrated by the National Osteoporosis Foundation? I was having an argument about this with a girl on the 'Sigourney Weaver' page here, look it up.

Just because someone doesn't agree with you they're deemed as a "lunatic"? I simply ended the conversation because you kept on rambling on just because I didn't think your pictures dispelled Sigourney's height as listed here. Or Nicole's. You kept on bringing up Sharapova and all of these other females on a Sigourney page were taller than listed. I never said they weren't-- I even mentioned some that were, yet you shot it down. I also didn't claim Sharapova was 6'2", as she's an athlete and almost all of their stats are fudged even more so than actors and actresses.

And since when was 5'11" - 6' a giant for a woman? I don't here the same for men at 6'4"+. They may not be common, but they aren't that rare. I see them quite often on my campus. But then again, I'm done arguing with you. If you can't accept the fact that others don't necessarily have to agree with your point of view, then I have nothing more to say.
anonymoose said on 15/Dec/08
after looking at the pics posted by miser I think Maria is 6"1 the same height as Venus..she looks a bit shorter in those pics bcoz Venus has angle advantage
Mikez said on 15/Dec/08
Alex fair enough, I know you said you dont want her to be a giant, I was more referring to this guy Tallblondelover used to post on here in 07. Anyway she DOES look tall, but how many legit 5'11.5 to 6'0 (without shoes) slim long leg girls have you seen in real life? They WILL look tall no doubt. 6'2 shed look freakish. my bro is 6'2 and im 6'0, ha she aint 6'2.
Alex said on 14/Dec/08
I dont want her to be a giant. I just think she looks taller than 6'0.
miser said on 14/Dec/08
Mikez and Anonymous3: yes there are a bunch of lunatics here in this website campaigning for tall women, or for the supposed tallness of many women... it really is like a movement to promote gigantism among women lol, I don't know what this is about. This website has dozens of 5'9"ish women listed as 5'11" or 6'. Maybe this is orchestrated by the National Osteoporosis Foundation? I was having an argument about this with a girl on the 'Sigourney Weaver' page here, look it up.
Mikez said on 14/Dec/08
Anon3 : thanks man!

Why do people want her to be a giant? Well basically her whole gimmick is being a tall blonde amazon. THATS how she makes her money. She has to stand out. She makes a lot more from endorsements than prize money.

Theres also the reason that 95% of people Ive met just cant gauge height that accurately. And id like to point out im not a hater of tall people. Im comfortable with my height. I said myself a while ago I thought djokovic was taller than the 6'2 listed. And its been updated i think since. This all started when I went to the Aus open in 07 and saw a dramatic difference in the listed heights of athletes and what they were in person. The people 6'3 and over are all legit as they have no real reason to inflate, but so many others were much smaller in person.
Anonymous3 said on 14/Dec/08
Mikez you are right man, I don't see why everyone wants her to be a giant. Why can't she just be 5-11 to 6'. It's like they are promoting giantesses or something. She would have to be a solid 6'2 BAREFOOT in the late evening to be considered in the 6'2 range. And honestly there aren't that many legit 6'2 people. Most are within the 6'1 and 6'1.5 range claiming 6'2. a legit 6'2-6'3 of anything between can easily pass for 6'4 in this case.

I say easily because people are adding inches to their own height as well but Rob here will likely be able to tell a 6'2-6'3 person from a real 6'4 one.
Mikez said on 14/Dec/08
Lol alex, aka tallblondelover. Still hanging on to your "wish" she is 6'2. Look at some of these comments by you man"

"She looks it or close to it and thats when shes in sneakers,"
"I remember not long ago seeing Maria in a commercial and she was in sneakers and looked at least 6'2 in them"

LOL isnt this site about proof? Proof was posted, give it a rest dude.
Mikez said on 14/Dec/08
UN OWEN: Im sorry for the hostility. You are a good guy and once again im sorry. But you have to understand the history. A year ago, I played it nice, I played fair. I kindly posted she was 6ft tall and posted pics as proof. Yet I was called all kinds of names by people. So mr nice guy is GONE. Im sorry you had to get the end of this.

Mikez said on 14/Dec/08
The truth shall set you free. Finally this cant be denied anymore. I was practically made an outcast here and called a hater and an idiot a year ago for claiming she was "only" 5'11.5 to 6'0 , which is still very tall for a girl.

Case closed, can we move on now. Thank you Anon3 and miser for finally backing up the truth.

I think
Anonymous3 said on 11/Dec/08
I don't see 6'2. 6'1.5 is a stretch. 6'0.5" max. End of story. Period.
Alex said on 11/Dec/08
If Maria is 5'11 does't that make Serena like 5'6-5'7 then?
Alex said on 11/Dec/08
I remember not long ago seeing Maria in a commercial and she was in sneakers and looked at least 6'2 in them. I could be wrong but it gave me that impression
U.N. Owen said on 10/Dec/08
>Same old mumbo jumbo.. "a friend of friend"... pics with footwear accounted next to someone of VERIFIED height = proof. Anything else..zzz.
Dude, I'm just adding to the conversation. Don't really understand your hostility. Someone I KNOW (i.e. not a "friend of a friend") said by chance in a conversation about tennis that he saw her up close. Maybe he only thought he was looking up. Maybe she was wearing 4-inch elevator sneakers. In the conversation, we did agree she was gorgeous and tall.
miser said on 10/Dec/08
She doesn't look 6'2" in sneakers or in sandals, only in heels. There was no "footwear advantage" in those pictures... they were on court, both wearing tennis sneakers. And there was no angle problem there as well, in addition to those 2 pictures there was a video of that match and the following award ceremony on youtube that showed them side-to-side for quite a few minutes.

Venus is 6'1" and she is _definitely_ taller than Sharapova. Sharapova is 5'11" to 6'.
Anonymous3 said on 10/Dec/08
Sharapova definitely is NOT 6'2. I don't see 6'2 in any photos. How do you explain that? It's a myth folks. It's time to wrap this up. minimum 5'11.5 to 6' for her and max 6'1-6'1.5 maybe. She can't even look 6'1 with that 6'4 guy Murphy Jensen. He had like more than 4.5 inches on her. HE was TOWERING her in the pic I posted below. How do you explain that? The camera angle is extremely close up view already and very straight and level. Even if she had a footwear disadvantage say like .5 inch and if she were 6'2 she would still have to look 6'1.5. She was struggling to get over 6'. 6'2" is a joke. 6'.5-6'1.5 ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM dripping wet. I have solid legit 6'2 friends and HONESTLY the difference between a 6'4 and 6'2 person is just slightly about 5cm which is 2/3 of your middle finger maybe. This is why legit 6'2 guys get guessed at 6'3 and 6'4. People are clueless about people who are legit 6'+
Alex said on 10/Dec/08
I am not saying shes 6'2 because I want her to be that tall. She looks it or close to it and thats when shes in sneakers, not even heels! I wouldn't go under 6'1 for her. 5'11-6'0 for her is just too short for her. Venus I do believe is 6'1. Could be in a footwear advantage or something with Maria or some bad angle.
miser said on 10/Dec/08
Blackray - These photos are from January of this year, 2008.

JHu - Lol, you are not alone, a lot of people here want her to be 6-2. But in reality she is about 5'11 and a half or six feet tall.
Blackray said on 10/Dec/08
Miser what year was that picture taken of Veunus and Maria. Venus is slightly taller for sure.
miser said on 9/Dec/08
Venus Williams is taller than Sharapova and never claimed to be more than 6-1 as far as I know. I never saw her listed at more 6-1. Here is a listing that is probably her own quote:

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Sharapova is about 6'.
kampioen said on 9/Dec/08
Some extra proof: a picture with the same footwear with 5'10 reported (on this site) Jaleel White. Maria looks 2 or 2.5 inches taller. So 6'0 or 6'1 at most.
Click Here
miser said on 9/Dec/08
Good pics Anonymous3. Venus Williams is listed here as 184cm and she is clearly taller than Sharapova. Sharapova is about 6'... maybe a little smaller. 180cm to 183cm.
Anonymous3 said on 8/Dec/08
the FINAl SOLUTION: Click Here
this proves it once and for all there!:
her footwear:
Click Here

I GOT IT GUYS IT LOOKS TO BE MAYBE SLIGHTLY LESS THAN 1 inch footwear but she's not 6'2. She's 6'1 best I think 6'.5" (184cm) is right. end of discussion
Anonymous3 said on 8/Dec/08
I got the photo, She is wearing proper 1 inch sandal shoes
Click Here
With murphy jensen 6'4. She Looks struggling with a 6'. Rob what do you think?
Alex said on 8/Dec/08
Most proof shows that Sharapova is 6'2.
Mikez said on 7/Dec/08
"Sharapova is defnitely tallet than Vaidisova & Safina who are both 6 feet even"

Strong words, yet no proof that 1. She is taller than them. 2. They are 6 feet.
Mikez said on 7/Dec/08
Same old mumbo jumbo.. "a friend of friend"... pics with footwear accounted next to someone of VERIFIED height = proof. Anything else..zzz.
U.N. Owen said on 6/Dec/08
An acquaintance of mine said he saw her up-close in '07 at the U.S. Open. His impression was she was TALL. He's 6'3" and he could have sworn he was looking up at her as she walked by. Granted, she was wearing tennis shoes, but he wasn't barefoot, either...
Anonymous said on 6/Dec/08
Sharapova is defnitely tallet than Vaidisova & Safina who are both 6 feet even. So that would make sharapova atleast 6'1". maybe she looks taller cos she is so much more skinnier compared to Vaidisova & Safina who are strong broad shouldered beauties
Mikez said on 5/Dec/08
Actually Roddick is "only" 6 ft 1/4 I met him at the Aus open in 07 and we were the exact same height. Im 6 and 1/4 also.

I challenge anyone to show me ONE picture The only 2 conditions I ask for is that

1. Footwear and posture can be accounted for in the pic.
2. The person she is standing with is of verified heights (it helps if they are on this site)

Im not a hater, I dont discriminate if someone is short, tall , whatever. If someone is taller than I think listed, Ill be the first to admit. Rather, I am just seeking the truth, which is what the site is ALL about hey?
Anonymous3 said on 4/Dec/08
Click Here

This picture proves it Andy Roddick 6'2, could possibly even shorter than that since everyone in tennis is probably rounded up. Maria is anything but 6'2. 6'3 is a joke so closer to 6' flat. Looks barely 6' if she is wearing high heels with Andy.
Anonymous3 said on 4/Dec/08
Why do some sites state her as high as 6'3??? That's madness, I mean some of you stated she could be as low as a weak 6'... It doesn't make sense I mean some of you even posted photos showing her shorter than the 6'1 tennis player guy I forgot his name but yea. I think theres a limit to how much a person's height can be inflated maybe 1 or max 1.5 inches. But as high as 3 inches inflated? Come on maybe in like 5 inch nonplatform heels but seriously is she not tall enough?

I mean I can understand upgrading some woman who is maybe 5 feet raised to maybe 5'2 or 5'3, even that's a big stretch. It's ridiculous, are they going to say she is 6'4 next? It is clearly stated on some sites she is 184cm. Rob I think she definitely needs a downgrade. There is too much evidence against her possibility of being a legit 6'2. So 184cm is probably closer. At least give her a small downgrade for now and then when more evidence presents itself we can either raise her height again or downgrade it further? Just a suggestion.
miser said on 25/Nov/08
These pictures are distorted by their heels, and also the angle. Why would anyone hold these pictures in higher value than the pictures (and the video) of her next to Venus Williams, or the full-body pictures of her next to James Blake and Andy Roddick? In the pics with Venus they were both in tennis snickers, and standing side-to-side. Sharapova is taller than Charlize, but not by 4 inches.

anonnymous - Jesus that is the same picture that was posted before! The angle is distorted and we can't see their feet. Is there any other pic of her next to Davenport(standing side-to-side, preferably)? I would really like to see one if you can find. I have only seen this one:

Click Here
Anonymous said on 25/Nov/08
Those pics of Charlize Theron & maria gets you thinking doesnt it. Now Charlize is easily abt 5'10" and Maria has a good 4" on her.
Josh said on 23/Nov/08
6'1 and really hot but not 6'2.
the truth said on 22/Nov/08
Sharapova is clearly in the 6'1" to 6'2" range. Enough said.
anonnymous said on 21/Nov/08
OK, miser.
Here's picture of Sharapova and Davenport on the court.
So, both of them without high heels.

Click Here
kampioen said on 21/Nov/08
Another two photos of Maria and Charlize. Charlize didf have an inch heel adavntage, is 5'9.5, so that makes Maria somewhere near 6'2......
Click Here
Click Here
miser said on 21/Nov/08
"I'v seen pictures of her standing next to Davenport and she didn't look more than 3cm shorter than her which would make her 186cm since Davenport is 189cm."

Would you be so kind as to share them with me?

"She looks 1-2 cm taller than Venus Williams who is 184cm."

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

"I don't know why is it so hard for you to believe that women can be that tall."

Where have I ever said that women can't be that tall? Of course they can, look at Lindsay Davenport. She is 189cm tall. Look at Venus, about 185cm. But this particular woman, Maria Sharapova, is not over 6'. The pictures and the video of her next to Venus Williams clearly demonstrate this.

"I think she is 185-186cm tall, or 6'1-6'1 1/2"."

Lol, OK then... I think you should believe whatever you want to if that helps you in any manner and does not harm anyone (especially me!! ;-) )

Peace sisters! And remember, do GROW TALL!
Anonymous said on 21/Nov/08
How tall is the gorgeous Nicole Vaidisova? She beats Sharapova hollow as far as the overall package is concerned tho she is shorter than Sharapova
amazon woman said on 20/Nov/08
She is at least 6' 1" tall. My husband goes to get physical therapy from the same place Sharapova does (in Tempe, AZ). He's 6' 3" tall, I'm 6" tall. He stood next to her today and says she's taller than I am. His words were that she was "at least 6' 1" and that was barefoot.
Anonymous said on 20/Nov/08
Maria and Charlize
Click Here

Charlize's heels
Click Here

Maria's heels
Click Here
anonnymous said on 20/Nov/08
Miser, I see you keep saying the same thing over and over that Sharapova is not over 6 feet tall. Have you ever seen her in real life so that's why you are so true. I'v seen pictures of her standing next to Davenport and she didn't look more than 3cm shorter than her which would make her 186cm since Davenport is 189cm.
She looks 1-2 cm taller than Venus Williams who is 184cm. I don't know why is it so hard for you to believe that women can be that tall. I think she is 185-186cm tall, or 6'1-6'1 1/2".
miser said on 19/Nov/08
Sharapova is not over 6' (183cm).
Josh said on 19/Nov/08
Shes not over 6'1 (185cm).
Anonymous said on 18/Nov/08
Amy, r u talking abt Sharapova or Coco
amy l said on 13/Nov/08
she doesnt look 188 but she's at least 180.
miser said on 11/Nov/08
here's coco with Grigor Dimitrov of Bulgaria:

Click Here

Grigor Dimitrov is listed here at 5-10:

Click Here

and here at 6-1, but his weight is listed at 66kg, which is incompatible with 185 centimeters of height(they always forget to "fix" the weight, damn!) :-)

Click Here

seriously though, what is with the I-want-girls-to-be-giants craze that has taken over?
Anonymous said on 11/Nov/08
Check out the 16 yr old US tennis player Coco Vandeweghe, she is 6'1" and 150lbs. She is the daughter of former olympic swimmer & volleyballer Tauna Vandeweghe who is 6'3". Interestingly Tauna Vandeweghe was also 6'1" & 150lbs at the age of 16 when she participated in the Montreal Olympic Games and she grew to 6'3" later. Think the daughter too will follow suit.
Anonymous said on 10/Nov/08
Here's a pic of Maria with 5'10 Jaleel White.
Click Here
Anonymous said on 10/Nov/08
Serena is in flats and is maybe 1" shorter than jankovic who is in 3" heels. So in reality serena is 2" taller than Jankovic. Also if u take away dementieva's and ivanovic's heels they would be just as tall as serena, which would put them at 5'10" or 5'11" whichever u thin serena's height is. Only venus and safina are taller than 6 ft in that pic. But I bet serena is the strongest girl in that pic followed by Venus, Kuznetsova, safina, dementieva, ivanovic, jankovic and zvonereva.
miser said on 6/Nov/08
Again how can Dinara be 6'1 or more if not even Venus is 6'1? Nonsense. Safina is about 182cm (5-11.5). But she does look "strong".
Anonymous said on 6/Nov/08
Thats a really nice pic all of u are talking about, 8 tall strong leggy girls. If u notice Serena, Kuznetsove & Zvonoreva are the only ones in flats. All the rest have similar heels except Venus who has slightly smaller ones. So defnitely venus is the tallest in that group and Zvonoreva is the shortest. Jankovic too looks so tiny standing next to Safina. safina not only looks like she more than 6'1', but she also looks so broad and strong. She was never on the skinny side but this pic proves that she is easily abt 185 lbs
miser said on 5/Nov/08
oh maybe she "grew" too? lol
RRR said on 4/Nov/08
Dinara Safina changed her height in her website. Now is 6´2´´ (1.88).
miser said on 4/Nov/08
this picture is the least deceptive, Massimo:
Click Here
Venus(6-1,185cm) is the tallest, followed by Dinara(182cm), Ivanović(177-180cm?)and Dementieva(177-180cm?). I think Ivanović is slightly taller than Dementieva but I'm not 100% sure, the heels can definitely be a problem in these pictures.
Massimo said on 3/Nov/08
I am not sure about Maria Sharapova, but in this picture I have just found
Ivanovic looks shorter than Dementieva and Serena Williams clearly shorter than Ivanovic:

Click Here

Venus and Dinara are actually really tall, about 6'1".
My best guess is:
Venus: 6'1"
Dementieva: 1.80
Ivanovic: 1.77
Serena: 1.71
Dinara: 1.85

Of course I am not sure but that's the impression I get watching this
picture. In any case, 6'1" for Ana Ivanovic is ridiculus IMO.
Have a good day everyone!
anonymous said on 1/Nov/08
She looks similar in height to davenport miser: Click Here
miser said on 29/Oct/08
Please do direct me to at least one website where Venus Williams is listed as 6-2 and Davenport at 6-3. I have never seen Venus listed over 185cm(6-1). Davenport was officially the tallest woman ever to win a grand slam (I suppose they measured her to reach that conclusion) and her height was given as exactly 189cm. That's a hair over 6-2, it is roughly 6-2.

Click Here

Let's compare Davenport to Venus:

Click Here
Click Here

Davenport has at least an inch on Venus. Now let's compare Venus to Maria Sharapova:

Click Here
Click Here

Roughly an inch of a difference there as well. Conclusion: Sharapova is about 2 inches shorter than Linsay Davenport who is about 6-2. Maria Sharapova is about six feet tall.
The Truth said on 28/Oct/08
Davenport - 6'2-6'3
Williams - 6'1-6'2
miser said on 27/Oct/08
"The Truth"(yeah right):how tall do you think Venus Williams is then? And Davenport?
The Truth said on 27/Oct/08
Maria is min 6'1, max 6'2. No way she is 5'11-6ft or over 6'2.
miser said on 27/Oct/08
6'1.5 if you wanna be exact? then how come she looked smaller than Venus in January of this year? Not even Venus is 6'1.5, she is about 6-1. Sharapova is 5'11"-6'.

This last "growth spurt" that is mentioned here never happened, that is what you people are failing to see.
diana said on 26/Oct/08
also, i believe she did have a growth spurt after her wimbledon win in 2004 when she was only 17 she looked about 5'11-6' range
so any pics of her around 2004 or 2005 ...i don't think are valid. i think she grew about an inch maybe 2 inches since then. it is the only explanation that makes sense when wondering why she is so much shorter than peyton manning and andy roddick at the 2005 espn awards
diana said on 26/Oct/08
lol you people are crazy
this girl is at least 6'1, 6'2 might be a stretch
i think she is probably 6'1.5 if you wanna be exact, but she is not 6'4 or 6'5. that's a little crazy. it's just that she wears heels all the time, so its hard to realize that she is shorter because she is already quite tall (for a guy or a girl). unfortunately you have to use your good judgement. she slouches all the time and also when a girl is taller than a guy by like 1 or 2 inches people say that girl "towers over him." So it is hard to believe people's exaggerations. She is def. not 6'4 or 6'5...that's stupid.
Anonymous said on 26/Oct/08
Joe says on 25/Apr/08

Sharapova is really impressive up close, I never seen a woman built like that and this is a New Yorker talking.
She should have some LASER follicle removel on her lower legs. Up close they alway's have a thick black 5 o'clock shadow like a burley sailer.

WHAT???!!! Do u mean the face or legs???!?
Andy said on 25/Oct/08
miser said on 25/Oct/08
Andy: asked to whom? what tournament were they playing?
Andy said on 24/Oct/08
miser says on 8/Oct/08
Andy: do you know what year that picture was from? It is unlikely that a girl would show any noticiable height increase after 18... but well... she is 21 now I think. Is that from more than 4 years ago

Miser: I asked around, it's from 2003.
witnessed said on 24/Oct/08
I went to miami tournament and was lucky enough to be next to sharapova (hot) and let me tell you I'm 5'11" and she is taller than me (2 inches at least)
miser said on 21/Oct/08
The first one is the same skewed picture that was posted before. The second one is even worse, lol. That bald is 5'11"? So judging by this picture I would say Maria is 6'4", lol. Are you happy now?
Anonymous said on 20/Oct/08
Lindsay and Maria AO 08
Click Here
Anonymous said on 20/Oct/08
A pic of Maria walking with Michael Joyce who is listed as 5'11
Click Here
miser said on 20/Oct/08
Stu - Oh I am sorry I forgot to account for her "growth spurts". Didn't she have another growth spurt after that? Maybe she is 6'5" by now.

The first of your pictures has a screwed up perspective, Sharapova is closer. I can't see the second, the link does not work. Find me some similar to the ones I posted of her next to venus and then we will talk.
Stu said on 20/Oct/08
That picture of them standing is from February 2005, before Sharapova's growth spurt.
Also I see no problems with the pictures I posted as they are recent, they are both standing straight, and there is no doubt over footwear as it's the end of a tennis match.
miser said on 20/Oct/08
Stu - skewed perspective pictures are not the best way to judge. Always look for full-body pictures. This one has them standing:

Click Here

miserisan idiot - "Have you ever watched a Venus vs Sharapova match."

yes, you may watch too, here:

Click Here

"Maria is taller than Venus by an inch or an inch in a half. It's clear when you see then next to each other."

Click Here
Click Here

"The girl is tall whether you like it or not."

She is tall. 5'11.5" to 6' is tall. But she certainly isn't taller than that.

"An she could kick your scrawny ass."

Maybe. I wouldn't mind her doing so.
anonymous said on 19/Oct/08
uma is not less than 182 cm miser, and is likely closer than 183. The notion that she is shorter is inane. Sharapova has atleast 2 inches on her, which would come out to 187-188 cm. Enough with your asinine comments about sharapova being a weak 183 at best. For that to be true, it would also mean that duhammel is about 6`1 max. She is 6`2 and that is really pretty definite.
miser said on 19/Oct/08
Does anyone have a picture of Safina standing next to someone (preferably Sharapova?)

The true WTA Heights in the metric system would be (roughly) as follows:

Lindsay Davenport: 188cm to 189cm
Venus Williams: 184cm to 186cm
Safina and Sharapova: 180cm to 183cm
Dementieva and Ivanović: 177cm to 180cm
miser said on 19/Oct/08
Also, Uma is not as tall as 6'. I'd guess around 176cm-179cm for her, barefoot. Look up her page here.
miser said on 19/Oct/08
Frankly I don't think there's a whole lot of Americans out there who actually know the metric system... that may be the problem. The difference between Venus and Sharapova is more than 1cm. 1cm is not even discernible in a picture... this nonsense. Ivanović is not 182cm or 183cm (that is probably around the height of Sharapova), she is smaller.
kampioen said on 19/Oct/08
Maybe the problems is the height calculation. A lot of people are thinking, when they hear a height of 6 ft, of 180 cm in stead of 183 cm. Suppose Maria is one of the. Than het 6 ft 2 just means somewhere around 185 cm, which explains her being a little taller than Ivanovic (I think 182 or 183 cm) and a little smaller than Venus Williams (I think 186 cm). This also explains het towering over Uma Thurman with 3 or 4 inch heel difference. Problem solved?
miser said on 19/Oct/08
I was talking about the pictures (and the video) of Sharapova with Venus. These are from January.

If the one with Myskina and Dementieva was taken in 2004/2005 Sharapova was done growing anyway.
Anonymous said on 19/Oct/08
Miser- That picture from your Oct 16 post was NOT taken this year. The picture was taken in 2004 or 2005. Myskina has not played tennis in almost 2 years. She gave birth to her first child in April of this year! lol...
Stu said on 18/Oct/08
Miserwhere do you get the idea that Davenport has 3/4 inches on Sharapova?
You estimated Davenport to be 6'2, well here is Maria next to Davenport in tennis shoes...
Click Here
Click Here
Clearly shorter? I don't think so.
miserisan idiot said on 18/Oct/08
Have you ever watched a Venus vs Sharapova match. Maria is taller than Venus by an inch or an inch in a half. It's clear when you see then next to each other. The girl is tall whether you like it or not. An she could kick your scrawny ass. She's 6'2 get over it!
miser said on 18/Oct/08
OH YEAH I love to "cherrypick"... let's just base our opinion on this EXCELLENT video that shows Sharapova and Letterman next to each other for about 5 seconds from a totally skewed perspective(she looks a bit smaller than Letterman anyways, sorry Doink)... or also this excellent video where Sharapova is wearing some of her monster-heels (and is still slightly shorter than Josh Duhamel! Look at the top of their heads.). Anyways I think anyone who still has a drop of honesty in themselves got the point.
miser said on 18/Oct/08
That's what I am talking about bikbanban, if Sharapova is 6-2 then how tall is Venus, about 6-4, lol? And how about Davenport? 6-5, 6-6? Note that Venus is listed here as 6'1/2", but nowhere in the whole internet is she listed over 6-1. Hence we can be pretty sure that Venus Williams is about 185cm tall. Sharapova is clearly at the very least 2cm shorter, which makes her about 183cm, in the Imperial system that is 6'.

Anonymous - I was not talking about the "muscularity" of the thighs but the their lenght, their general size. But that's not the part of the picture that shows that Venus is taller... you just have to look at the top of their heads to reach that conclusion! Good Lord!

Anonymous - Like I said, the picture was taken in January of this year for god's sake. Maybe she had another "growth spurt" (at 20 years old) in may and just grew another 2"? Whatever mate, who am I to spoil your juvenile phantasies.
Doink said on 18/Oct/08
miser loves to cherry pick
Click Here
same height in women's tennis shoes as 6-1.5" Letterman in dress shoes (end of the clip)

Click Here
taller than 6-3.5" Josh Duhamel (easy 6-5 in men's dress shoes) in heels.

Sharapova's solidly in the 6-2ish range.
bikbanban said on 18/Oct/08
have to agree with miser. the video showing her side by side on court with venus is unquestionable. if sharapova is 6-2 venus got to be around 6-4 or play tennis on high-heels.
Anonymous said on 18/Oct/08
Miser, good pic of Sharapova and Venus, just shows that Sharapova is shorter and smaller than Venus, her thighs appear so small compared to venus's muscular thighs. Just imagine how sharapova's thighs would be if compared against serena Williams's thighs
Anonymous said on 18/Oct/08
"her own imgaination" ??!! Sounds like you are in denial. The picture you posted was taken 2004/2005 when she was still growing. Elena is wearing heels and Maria is wearing flats!
Listen, Maria said she is around 6'2. I don't believe that is her "imagination". Also, Davenport does not look peculiar.
miser said on 17/Oct/08
Lol, ok, for how much Alex? I am taking bets.

Look at the pictures of Sharapova with Venus. If not even Venus is a full 6-1 how could Sharapova be?
Alex said on 17/Oct/08
No way is Sharapova under 6'1. I can bet on that.
miser said on 16/Oct/08
The thing with Sharapova is that she never was even nearly 6'2" except in her own imagination. The TV people and websites picked this up and started calling her 6'2"... Then you have a bunch of adoring fans drooling over the 6'2" "amazon". But she really is very tall... for a woman. 5-11.5 is rather tall even for men. But then men don't wear 3",3.5" or 4" heels so they don't pass as 6-3. If this girl were really 6'2" she would not look as good as she does. She would look rather... er... "peculiar", like Davenport does.
miser said on 16/Oct/08
Maria is as tall as Dementieva in this picture, LOL? Maybe you need some GLASSES? Look closely, click on the picture to make it bigger. Dementieva has maybe more than 1 inch than Sharapova on this picture. You guys are in denial. Maybe you ought to find another "amazon" who actually is 6'2" (if that is what you want) to worship?

Click Here
hs2008 said on 16/Oct/08
James Blake's tennis trainers have thicker soles than Maria's in that pic posted below. She's definitely 6'1"-6'2" these days.
Anonymous said on 16/Oct/08
The first picture with Dementieva and Myskina, Maria is as tall as Dementieva even though she is wearing flats and Elena is in heels. And, Maria is not even standing straight.
Mike said on 16/Oct/08
Sharapova is becoming the female Sly Stallone....shes usually shorter then that Roddick dude (hes 6'1 6'2??), making her 6 maybe 6'1 but shes equal to Dwayne Wade basketball player whose 6'4, so i guess shes somewhere 6 min 6'4
miser said on 16/Oct/08
I have seen these photos, she is always wearing huge heels for god's sake! She is about 1.82m (5'11.5" - could be a little more or less)barefoot, in heels she can be about 1.90m. You have to look for the pictures with normal footwear for the truth to appear. Have you got any of these to show me?

Click Here
Click Here

Take a look at the size of her thighs compared to Venuses':

Click Here

There is absolutely no way in hell she is over 6' barefoot.
anonymous said on 15/Oct/08
miser, there is no way in hell sharapova is only 5`11.5. Just look at the photos with dwayne wade, josh duhammel, uma thurman, and countless number of other celebs that she has towered.
miser said on 14/Oct/08
The true WTA Heights would be (roughly) as follows:

Lindsay Davenport: About 6'2"
Venus Williams: 6'1/2" to 6'1"
Sharapova and Safina: about 5'11.5"
Dementieva and Ivanović: 5'10.5" to 5'11".
miser said on 13/Oct/08
Lol, that ridiculous snapshot is from January/2008, S4M. It's from the JB Group Classic in Hong Kong.

Click Here

Click Here

Sharapova is 5'11" to 6'. Convinced now? I frankly don't understand why you guys want her to be gigantic. She is beautiful and apparently a nice girl too.
S4M said on 13/Oct/08
miser, that snapshot of her and venus is ridiculous. That was a much older match [atleast 4 years ago]. Sharapova had a growth spurt later on in her career, which is why she's 6'2 now. OBviously looking at Venus u can tell that she's looking youner herself.
miser said on 12/Oct/08
Lol that's a good strategy, to put a really short person near you always makes you look like a giant by comparison. How about we put her next to 6 ft 0.5 in (roughly) Venus Williams:

Click Here

Click Here

Sharapova is definitely 5'11" to 6'. Maybe closer to 6'... Very tall for a woman.
Anonymous said on 12/Oct/08
Click Here

With 5'3" gymnast Nastia Liukin. Definitely at least 6'2".
miser said on 10/Oct/08
where did you get the notion that Venus is shorter than Sharapova?
Anonymous said on 10/Oct/08
If Maria is between the height of 5'11-6ft as some of you state, then this changes the height of Venus, Ana, Dementieva who are ALL SHORTER than her!
mikez said on 9/Oct/08
Ill give her 6'0, shes a tall girl, but not 6'2. I saw her at the open. Also the pictures next to Roddick , where shes shorter , clearly show this and roddick is 184 cm, i got his autograph at the aus open and we were the same height exactly.
miser said on 8/Oct/08
Andy: do you know what year that picture was from? It is unlikely that a girl would show any noticiable height increase after 18... but well... she is 21 now I think. Is that from more than 4 years ago?
miser said on 8/Oct/08
oh no? then how do you explain these:

Click Here

Click Here

Go ahead and search for James Blake height, I can only find 6-1(185cm)in the whole internet. Blake clearly has atleast half an inch on Sharapova (roughly 2cm), which make Sharapova about 183cm, in other words, 6'.
Andy said on 8/Oct/08
Miser: That pic was from quite a few years ago, she might have grown.
Alex said on 8/Oct/08
Sharapova isn't under 6'1 1/2.
miser said on 8/Oct/08
yeah, except the 6-2 quote for sharapova is made up. do the math yourself. have we got to high school? if dementieva is wearing 3" heels then the max difference between sharapova and her would be 2", more likely 1", since it looks like dementieva has more than 1" on sharapova in this picture:

Click Here
Bongo said on 7/Oct/08
Something called T.V. ooo and "common sense". Sharapova (6'2) - Dementieva (5'11)?? Do the math.
Anonymous said on 7/Oct/08
Dementieva on heels is actually taller than Sharapova.

Click Here
Anonymous said on 5/Oct/08
where did you get the notion that sharapova has 3 inches on dementieva?
Bongo said on 4/Oct/08
@ Anonymous: Dude, when estimates like, "Sharapova, she is at the very best 6'... 5'11" to 6'", one begins to wonder whether you've had a psycho-evaluation done on yourself. So, for the sake of argument, if she is, say, 5'11.5...that means others like Dementieva (who are 3 inches shorter, would be 5'9 (which she's not). Oo and let's see, that would make Jankovic 5'6??
Your finished here. Now be off...shoo shooo!
Anonymous said on 2/Oct/08
Lol, sure, the heels alone are like 4"... It's interesting that this website has a tendency to over-estimate women. I have seen many 5'9"ish women listed as 5'11" or 6', lol... Maybe these 4" heels have something to do with that.
kampioen said on 2/Oct/08
Wonderful picture. I think we can see a difference of 4 inches: two caused by the heel difference, 2 by the height difference. When Uma is 182 cm, Maria must be at least 187 cm. By the way: what's the site where this pic's from?
Anonymous said on 1/Oct/08
@ Bongo: Perhaps you should go back to grade school and learn how to interpret a 3 line text. Where have I implied that ALL women are shorter than men's average height or that "Venus is the only legit. six-footer in the ATP"? What I have said is that Venus, Sharapova and Davenport are the only ones near or beyond 6' IN THE ATP TOP POSITIONS, and yes of course it is genetics, idiot... height is mainly determined by genes, and men are on average taller than women. But that's statistics and biology, too much for your head at this point, maybe when you get to high school we will get into that. But of course there are taller women in existence, only they are rare... As I said you can find them in basketball or volleyball.

As for Sharapova, she is at the very best 6'... 5'11" to 6'.
Wallace said on 1/Oct/08
Although it's true that Maria's heels would give her more of a boost than Uma's boots, Maria can actually see clearly over the top of Uma's head. Even without the footwear advantage Maria would easily be taller than even the tall Uma Thurman. She would have at least a couple inches on Uma if they were both bare foot.
Anonymous said on 29/Sep/08
Yeah sure, only Sharapova is in heels (as always) and Uma is in boots.
jb said on 28/Sep/08
With Uma Thurman. The height difference is amazing. And Uma is a very tall girl as well.
Click Here
Anonymous said on 26/Sep/08
wow, she looks huge on the ellen show, must be atleast wearing 4" heels which takes her upto 6'6". One thing I noticed were how broad her shoulders were. Broad and skinny, she shud be atleast 165 lbs with such broad shoulders.
Bongo said on 25/Sep/08
@ Anonymous: so what are you suggesting -- that Venus is the only legit. six-footer in the ATP? You must be smoking some cheap dope! Why is that Davenport is almost ALWAYS 2 inches taller? She's a legit. 6'2.5! Sharapova is 6'1.5 to 6'2, as she's an inch or so taller. It's not genetics you idiot. Many women can very well be taller than men. I'm only 1.83m, and I get dwarfed often by women who are 6'2+. No big deal. It is true that MOST men are taller than MOST women...but then again, note the capitalization of the word "MOST".
Alex said on 23/Sep/08
A girl just being 5'9-5'10 in general will weight at least 115-120lbs just with that height alone which is pretty light. I'd just be suprised if she was as high as 180.
Anonymous said on 23/Sep/08
Yes she IS lying. Or "streching" it, LOL... put it as you wish...
Most of these tennis players heights are overrated, they lie and stretch their heights much more than actors do. I think that Venus' height is correctly estimated here - about 6'0.5". Venus, Sharapova and Davenport are the only ones who are really beyond or near 6'. Women are not as tall as men, it's genetics... deal with it. There are taller women in volleyball and basketball, though, there you can find women who are well over 6'. But then they are sort of weird I must say.
Anonymous said on 23/Sep/08
Alex, we are saying 180 lbs for serena cos of her build. She is so thick and muscular with broad shoulders, powerful arms and huge thighs and calves. if she were not this way , she wud be only 160 lbs like u say
Mike said on 23/Sep/08
Maria was at Ellen's and said she is 6ft 2....don't think she is lying

Click Here
Anonymous said on 22/Sep/08
If Maria is between 5'11-6', then how tall is Venus and Ivanovic?

Ivanovic is listed as 6'1 on her official website. Maria is clearly taller than Ana.

Click Here

Anyway, I noticed Maria has a very long torso...never noticed that before.
Alex said on 22/Sep/08
180-190lbs for Serena? I kinda doubt that. Even at 5'9 or 5'10 I'd still put her at 160-170lbs with her build.
Anonymous said on 22/Sep/08
About the shoes-- nonsense. Sharapova's soles actually seem thicker and higher than Blake's. Look closely.
Anonymous said on 22/Sep/08
Brenda Schultz-McCarthy is smaller than Roddick who actually is about 6'2". Maybe she is about 6'1" to 6', the same height as Blake. So Sharapova is 5'11" to 6'.
Eagle eye said on 22/Sep/08
The other girl at the net is Brenda Schultz-McCarthy. She is listed as 6-2.
Anonymous said on 21/Sep/08
The picture with Blake, Roddick and the other girl at the net, Maria looks taller than Blake and she is not standing straight. A comment posted in the thread stated that Blake is wearing thicker soled shoes too...

Anyway, I think Maria is 6'2. What should be debated is her 130lb weight. But, I this is not a weight theard so...
Anonymous said on 21/Sep/08
I am in agreement with Marc's (on 18/May/08) opinion, I think he is right on. Here's a picture of Terrell Owens with Sharapova:

Click Here

I wonder what kind of footwear she is wearing. Sharapova is 5'11" to 6'.
Anonymous said on 21/Sep/08
If anything is unfounded here is this ridiculous claim that Sharapova is 6'2". Take a look at the picture of her with James Blake, Andy Roddick and another female player(who's also taller than her!!!). The picture speaks for itself. Someone else posted the same picture before(and is of the same opinion as I am), there some more for that set if you scroll down.
anonymous said on 20/Sep/08
-petra nemcova is dating james blunt, who is 3 inches shorter than her.
-Uma Thurman was married to gary oldman who is 3 inches shorter than her
-Jack Black dated Laura Kightlinger, and she is about 2 inches taller than he is.
Why would you make comments like those? They are unfounded, and uneducated.
Anonymous said on 19/Sep/08
Take a look at this one Rob, Sharapova with 6'1" James Blake and Andy Roddick(scroll down):

Click Here

Still think she is 6'2", LOL? This girl is lying through her teeth.
Anonymous said on 19/Sep/08
Rob has Venus listed at 6 ft 0.5 in. Isn't there something wrong?

Click Here

Click Here
Anonymous said on 19/Sep/08
Sharapova is a tall girl but not as tall as 6'2", this is NONSENSE!!! Wasn't she dating Adam Levine? He's about 5'11". Surely she would not date someone 3 inches shorter than her, it would look kind of funny. This teenager is clearly streching it and you folks are falling for it. She is probably about 180cm (around 5'11", or 6' AT THE VERY MOST). She is always wearing heels in all pics, and she does look smaller than Roddick who's 6'1" and a half.
RRR said on 19/Sep/08
Safina is taller Ana
Click Here
Pammy said on 18/Sep/08
I personally think young women are generally taller than men these days.There are so many gigantic female stars just in tennis alone . From davenport to venus to maria to ana to petrova to vaidisova to safina to dementieva and the list goes on and on.I wish i could stand next to one of these players so that they could dwarf me.
Pro said on 17/Sep/08
Ana is certainly huge for a 20 yr old girl, and i think she has grown an inch after the australian open. She is now probably as tall as that giantess sharapova.
Anonymous said on 10/Sep/08
Serena seems to have become more muscular and powerful than before. watching her at the US Open gave me that impression. She shud be in the region of 180-190 lbs with those massive shoulders, arms, thighs and calves. bet she wud do well in FBB competitions
Eagle eye said on 8/Sep/08
Or maybe WTA can measure the weight and height annually for updating purpose. There's no point of them listing of out players' height and weight when its clearly outdated information.
If they believe these info are not important, then it shouldnt be listed in the first place.
ash said on 5/Sep/08
Maybe they should all do a weigh in and height check before the matches, so we wouldn't have to speculate! I bet that would go over well with a bunch of women.
Jake said on 4/Sep/08
Ana is shorter than 6 foot tall Safina. When watching her US Open matches, they always listed Safina as 5'11.5". Ana still looks a good inch shorter. She's definately 5'11.

Second, I would've believed it if they had Nadal listed at 6'0. But now that they've increased his height to 6'1, I'm doubtful. Here a picture of Nadal and Federer standing side-by-side after this years French Open 2008 match. It's quite obvious that Federer has more than an inch on Nadal. Click Here
Joe said on 2/Sep/08
Sharapova is 6'2 in cheap flat flip flops, some crew were hanging with her after the US Open when she was done. They jokingly marked the top of her head with a scratch on the wall then measured the spot.

..BTW Maria is very funny, likes beer AND ....the USTA and publicists SURE DO NOT LIKE players hiding out schmoozing having fun with the local crews !!
What nasty NASTY people run this sport !!!
Anonymous said on 31/Aug/08
Thanks for the pics Stu, specially the first one, that is a really nice pic of the 2 beauties. No doubt Maria is taller than Ana, but what surprises me is that her shoulders are broader than Ana's and her arms are as big as Ana's arms. Now Maria is listed at only 132 lbs and Ana at 160 lbs, going by this pic Maria tooshould easily be in the 160-170lbs range. Would be great if someone could post a pic of any comparisons with the 6'1", 154lb Czech Beauty Nicole Vaidisova
Stu said on 30/Aug/08
Jake you can't see the footwear in that pic.
Pictures posted when Ana and Sharapova are both in tennis shoes have shown Sharapova is a solid 2 inches taller. See these:
Click Here
Click Here
If Ana is 6'0, Sharapova is 6'2 for sure.
Jake said on 29/Aug/08
Now, normally Ana Ivanovic is listed as between 5'11 and 6'0. Here she is standing beside Sharapova at the Beijing Olympics. Does Sharapova look 6'2? Or maybe Ana is 6'2??? (which I doubt).
Click Here
Jonathan said on 26/Aug/08
Dude, why do we all argue how tall these athletes are? Just take their word for it, I think they know how tall they are! If Maria Sharapova says in an article that she is 6'2" tall, then she is that tall. I've seen her in person at a tennis event @ Villanova University a couple years ago and I can say to you she has @ least 2 inches on me. I by the way am 6 ft tall.
Anonymous said on 24/Aug/08
Words used to describe an Amazon woman are, tall, powerful, aggressive, war-like, athletic and strong. Maria fits the criteria.
anonymous said on 23/Aug/08
Anonymous, i don't believe someone as beautiful or aesthetically pleasing as maria sharapova would have trouble finding a date.
Anonymous said on 22/Aug/08
Maria Sharapova cannot be classified as an amazon. She is tall, but her physique is not huge or muscular. At the most she must be about 150lbs which is very thin for a 6'3' girl. Take a look at some of the 6'4" & 6'5" girls at the Olympics and u will see what I mean. For example Valerie Vili who won the Shot Put Gold Medal is 6'5" & 245lbs. Stephanie Brown Trafton who won the Discus Throw Gold is 6'4" & 220lbs. Aksana Miankova who won the Hammer Throw Gold is 6'1" & 187lbs & Barbora Spotakova who won the javelin Gold is 6'1" & 180lbs. Sharapova is really tiny compared to all these huge but very attractive girls
Anonymous said on 21/Aug/08
Saw her Koi at the Bryant Park Hotel and she towered over my friend who was 5'11" so I'm guessing she was around 6'3". She is sort of pretty but like Amazon woman pretty. Must be hard for her to find a date.
Anonymous said on 20/Aug/08
The real Poojashree Venkatesh is 6'2" tall. She completely dwarfs all the other players (male & female) in India.
Jake said on 16/Aug/08
Pooja Venkatesh??? HAHAHA! Plzz, indian women barely get to 5'7. And we're supposed to believe that you're 6'1?? LAUGHABLE! Sharapova is around 6'1.5".
anonymous said on 14/Aug/08
I think she looked more than a "bit" taller: Click Here
Anonymous said on 14/Aug/08
Wow. She had a growth spurt at 18? Most women don't continue to grow for such a prolonged period of time. I saw her Letterman and she was a bit taller but she was wearing heels.
Wallace said on 10/Aug/08
It's pretty sad to pretend to be Pooja Venkatesh just to try to prove that Maria is not 6'2".
anonymous said on 10/Aug/08
does anybody understand what Anonymous just said?
Anyway, Sharapova does seem to have a few inches on uma thurman: Click Here
Anonymous said on 8/Aug/08
am pooja venkatesh and amfrm india.i played in jr level n roland garos.i saw abt my ht comments here.thnx rob but am nt 6.2 am 6.1.i met maria 1nce and she was an in shorter than me
amee said on 6/Aug/08
Hey everyone. For sure Maria is tall but she is also pretty beautiful :)
So we dont care about it ;)
Anonymous said on 1/Aug/08
Jankovic is 5'9", so that would make Safina 6 ft even. Dementieva is listed at 5'11" but in most of the pics she appears to be atleast 6 ft even. Guess she suffers from the 6 foot syndrome that most girls have. Even tho they are 6 ft or taller they claim to be 5'11"
Bud said on 28/Jul/08
Dementieva and Safina also understate their true height. Both are easily 6'. When Safina played Jankovic (5'10), she was a good 3" taller when they shook hands after the match.
Anonymous said on 28/Jul/08
Claire , how much taller u get, depends on how tall your mom & dad are. Usually girls get to half way betwn their parents. Unless you are lucky liek Maria Sharapova who just towers over both her parents. By the wa believe Sharapova was only 5'3" at age 13
carol said on 25/Jul/08
does not seem 8cms bigger than dementieva(1.80), neighter 5cms than ivanovic(1.83). there's even one pic in which she seems 5cms max bigger than mischa barton(1.75)...., maria is 1.85 max
Domo said on 22/Jul/08
claire, 5'9'' is tall enough for a girl. You shud be happy at the height u are. being a tall woman isnt a gd thing. My gf is 6ft nd gets looks evrywhere she goes. Its hard
claire said on 18/Jul/08
ohmygod im so jealous i'm 15 and 5'9 i hope i grow more :(
Anonymous said on 13/Jul/08
Joe, u must be joking, maria built like a football player, no way man. She mite be tall at 6'2"-6'3", but defnitely not built like a football player. She has very broad shoulders but very lanky , not muscular at all.
Bud said on 12/Jul/08
Ian - This has been repeated over and over again... Roddick was being a character and was on his tip-toes in that picture because he didn't want to appear shorter than Sharapova. Look at his face in the pic... it's obvious. In addition, Maria was still growing upward in 2005.
Joe said on 11/Jul/08
She was at the Talkhouse (Amagansett) last night OMG She's built like a football player. No doubt 6'2-6'3 was bigger then the bouncer !!
Looks to "posh and euro-trashy" IMO...stuck out like a sore thumb
Anonymous said on 10/Jul/08
Maria is no taller than 1.85m. I'm 1.90m, and when I met her at the US Open last year I was expecting her to be almost the same height as me, but I was easily 2 inches taller.
Bud said on 7/Jul/08
Venus and Nadal (6'1) at 2008 Wimbledon. Add 3" for her footwear and 1" for his. Still an easy 6'1.
Click Here
Anonymous said on 6/Jul/08
There are more phots of Maria with Josh Duhamel from the same event. She's wearing heels and is about the same height as duhamel.
Ian said on 6/Jul/08
She is slightly taller than venus williams. A good 2 inches shorter than 6ft 2" Andy Roddick though (2006 Photo).Click Here
Anonymous said on 6/Jul/08
why are all the pics used to determine her height with her in heels. The ones i posted some months ago are where u can clearly see footwear of both people in the pic without heels. Shes a tall gal, but no 6'2.
diana said on 5/Jul/08
oh here's another one with josh duhamel who this site says is 6'3.5
Click Here
of course she's slouching *sigh* again but with heels she is clearly 6'4
once again 2005,2006 she was at best 6 foot
i mean that picture with peyton manning was so long ago. she definitely grew since then
diana said on 5/Jul/08
from 2006 till now i think she grew
i think in the last year she has been 6'2 but before then not really i mean in this recent picture (march 2008) next to camilla belle she DEF. looks 6-2
Click Here
hs2008 said on 1/Jul/08
She probably wasn't 6'2" next to Clijsters, she looks younger there. That was probably 2 years ago.
Bud said on 30/Jun/08
Anyone have a picture of Safina next to Sharapova, Venus or Lindsey? After seeing the pictures here of Safina with Ivanovich and Dementieva, I think Safina is well over 6ft. tall. She is definitely not 5'11 1/2
This plus said on 25/Jun/08
she's defintly 6-2 i'm korean and watched her on TV . She's 8-9cm taller than hong chul no who is 179, and give more impression
Ras said on 24/Jun/08
PS haircuts can be deceiving sometimes...
Ras said on 24/Jun/08
You can also see she's not 6'2 next to 5'8ish Kim Clijsters even bending her knee.
Click Here
Ras said on 24/Jun/08
Could she really be 6'2? In this pic with 5'7.75 Camilla Belle (although she could be a proper 5'8) she doesn't look like 6'2 She looks 6'1 at the most, she could be as low as 6'0.25, but just to be more reasonable I'll give her 6'1.
Click Here

Now this is how I think she should look if she was 6'2 (even considering she's flexing one leg a bit, we don't know if Camille is bending or flexing, besides I don't think it affects her posture really) Camille should be a bit below the tip of her nose:

Click Here

And if Camille was a proper 173 cm on the line she should reach just the tip of Sharapova's nose about like this:

Click Here
Anonymous said on 24/Jun/08
Poojashree Venkatesh is 6'2" & 170lbs. She was this tall and big even as a 14 year old and absolutely towered over everyone at that age
Eagle eye said on 23/Jun/08
A lot of female tennis players are super tall nowadays. Even Indians!
Watch out for Poojashree Venkatesh, she's 17 and 6 foot 1, very very tall for an Indian teenage girl.
She played in Roland Garros junior qualifiers.
Inga said on 20/Jun/08
Randy! Look at their shoes! Maria is in really big heals, maybe 2 inches bigger heels than Venus
Randy said on 20/Jun/08
New Pics from yesterday with Ana Ivanovic, Serena & Venus Williams. Venus is a little bit taller than Ana and Maria is taller than Venus, so Ana is 6'0, Venus 6'1 and Maria 6'2. BTW Serena is a dwarf at 5'9.
Go to or
Wallace said on 19/Jun/08
Well that must be a great feeling for you Brenda! Do you have the pic of you towering over Maria? It would be awesome to see Maria next to Lauren Jackson.... better still Maria Stepanova or Margo Dydek!!! Maria is still very tall regardless... and quite the looker too.
Brenda said on 19/Jun/08
I work in cannon as event coordinator and am 6ft 3 tall 40yrs old lady . I always wear flats. As event coordinator member for luk alike contest, i met maria and explained her abt event for 20 mins. As it was on spot we were standing and i was surprised that i towered maria by atleast 3 inch. Atlast maria stood tip toes and told me tht "stil am half an inch shorter frm u ms. Dowel(my surname).maria was in canvas shoes so no room of xtra inches. Sum times i measure 6.3 and sumtimes 6.4. Maria likes to take pics with fem taller than her.thts y during tht luk alike contest she askd tallest one 2 stand next to her. She gem of woman with null ego. She also xpresd tht she would like to take pics with gabrielle reece n lauren jackson. Am happy tht i towered over a tall celeb and she tip toed to reach me nd stil falling short.shes max 6.05. And tennis shoes add an inch always.
plus said on 11/Jun/08
i"m korean and she visited korea in 2006. when i saw her she's much taller than hong chul no . who is 180cm at least 3inches. so she looked 188 or 189 in prime . i believe she is 189cm indeed
xyzblast said on 10/Jun/08
There u go RRR posted some nice pics. Safina is max 6'0, which makes Ana Ivanovic 5'10.5, and Sharapova is 6'1 at the absolutest max. Although, even that looks like a stretch judging from those pics.
RRR said on 7/Jun/08
Ana Ivanovic is a liar when she said is 6
Anonymous said on 7/Jun/08
Click Here
With 5-11 Karin Knapp. I'd say between 6-1 and 6-2 with shoes on. No more than 6-1 barefoot.
Joe said on 7/Jun/08
Dinara safina was 2 inches taller than Ivanovic after the final it was clear to see. Ivanovic is 5'11 at best and Sharapova is same height as Safina if you look properly. Safina plays down her height but is in actual fact 6'1" at least. I remember an interview with Marat and his sister when she was 14. The interviewer commented how short she is and has a lot of growing to do. She was barely above Marat's chest 4'10" probably.
2 Years later she was playing Serena and I couldn't recognise her she had grown over a foot in 2 years. She dwarfed Serena.
germanguy said on 5/Jun/08
i think she is between 6'1 and 6'2 never taller than that i am 6'3 and meet justin henin and i talked to her about steffi graf her idol and asked her how tall she is and she said 5'3 is her real height and 5'5 is the offical height she said on the wta tour everyone is lying about the height and no one cares one ft more or two and no body is making themself shorter so when you are ecatly she is not 6'2 but when not no one cares because just a few people are exactly and sharapova is lying to i saw her on the french open after her suspended game against malek in flip flops she wnt out the stadion and it rained it was warm enough and i think she is 1 inch and a half or more less shorter than me gael is pretty much the same height as me but he says he is 6'4 the point she is tall and sexy perfect feet legs ass and face so we should talk about that
ironmike said on 4/Jun/08
i agree on everything but ivanovic being 6'1, she just doesn't look like that, she must be 6 foot no more,cuz there are pics with hantuchova,who is 5'11.25(1,81m), side by side and she is just a very little bit taller not 4-5 centimeter diference.
msn87 said on 4/Jun/08
Hey Rob, is it really that hard get a shot of Ms. Sharapova? I just thought I'd ask cause I'm still seeing the same "6'3 at least" "6'0 tops" comments that have been filling up this page for the last two years lol.
Anonymous said on 3/Jun/08
If any of you people saw the match betwn Dinara Safina & Sharapova even, you would have seen that Sharapova was easily 2"-3" taller than Safina who is 6ft even. That would put Sharapova at 6'3". It was a good match for tall girl lovers. Tho Safina is shorter, she is so much more muscular then Sharapova. Safina shud be abt 175 lbs wheras the twig like Sharapova must be 150lbs
Eagle eye said on 2/Jun/08
Click Here

Sorry if this pic (Aus Open 2008) had ever been posted. But it shows Sharapova is comfortably taller than Ivanovic. Now Ivanovic's height is 6-1, as she said in an interview.
???xoxosecret said on 2/Jun/08
i think the secret is tennis.. i notice tennis makes you tall so i got to try it and i grew an inch in a month(measured it and went to the doctor) pretty cool huh
Bud said on 1/Jun/08
Alex says - "Yea me, and my dad were having this conversation just a few minutes ago. While watching Rafael Nadal recive the award for winning at Hamburg. We saw him standing next to Federer who is 6'1 and he commented how Rafael Nadal grew 3 inches since he was 18 to 21 (from 5'10 to 6'1) and as well he commented as when Maria Sharapova was 18 she was 5'7 and now she is 6'2...."

When she won Wimbledon at 17 (2004), she was 6'-0" tall. She was quite a bit taller than Serena. It's too bad she grew so much after that tournament. She looked great and moved wonderfully at Wimbledon, that year. I think those extra couple inches hindered her for a few years. It definitely slowed her movement down. She's finally 'grown into' her larger body. Easily 6'2, she is now.
schmadrian said on 1/Jun/08
So Ana Ivanovic is 6'!". Nobody seems to dispute this.

At the end of the Australian Open Final match, you can see them side-by-each, Ana and Ms. Sharapova. And clearly, there's at least an inch difference.

Click Here

So. To all those naysayers out there, are you then saying that Ana Ivanovic is *not* as tall as everyone says she is...?
Alex said on 31/May/08
Marie is easily over 6'0. Shes minimum 6'1-6'1 1/2 but I'd say she looks 6'2 though.
Eagle eye said on 31/May/08
No way Maria is under 6-0. In the net meeting after the Roland Garros match against 5-11 Karin Knapp, she was clearly taller by good margin. I'd say she's between 6-2 and 6-3.

This is the link to the said video.

Click Here
schmadrian said on 31/May/08
Haven't been on here in a while, wanted a laugh, thought I'd indulge myself.

I think it's hilarious all the talk about growth hormones, trying to 'explain' her height.... Good Lord. If I heard this talk in public, I'm sure I'd laugh up a storm.

There are two very interesting photos posted recently, each conflicting the other. The first is the one with Payton Manning, the other with Dominika Cibulkova. In the latter, she's clearly somewhere around a foot taller than Cibulkova, who's listed everywhere as 5'3.5". In the former? Well, heels being equal, Manning appears a good five inches taller.

Try to reconcile the two photos. If anything, Cibulkova is going to be standing as tall as she can. And their shoes *should* be equal. So at the very least, this makes Ms Sharapova 6'2". The other shot? This height plus 3" for heels makes her 6'5"...which makes Manning ALMOST SEVEN FEET TALL!


The Letterman Show appearance... Wow. She IS an Amazon.

She should pick a charity, then auction off an accurate measuring. Surely some philanthropist out there can offer some relief to the non-believers on this site, and allow them to get back to more important 'Which way do you roll the toilet paper?'
Wallace said on 31/May/08
Lauren, even if you are really 6'6" Sharapova wouldn't be near your shoulder....her head would at least reach your nose. And why is that sad? Sharapova is beautiful, rich, tall (even if you are taller) and a great tennis player. If you're gonna make such statements you have to provide a picture where you dwarf her otherwise anyone can make whatever claims they please.
hs2008 said on 30/May/08
Yeah, Sharapova absolutely towered Rodina. Also, looking at pics of her with Ana Ivanovic at the Aussie Open earlier this year, she has a comfortable 2" on her and Ivanovic claims 6'1". For me Sharapova is no less than legit 6'2".
Anonymous said on 30/May/08
Couple of days ago Maria met another russian named Rodina who is listed at only 5'4". When they shook hands at the net Maria was head & shoulders taller than Rodina. Assuming that the neck is 4" and the head 8" (both on the minimum side) that would make Maria a whole foot taller than the 5'4" Rodina. With all this it gets even more confusing, cos Maria shud be 6'4" in the least.
apo said on 28/May/08
"In my opinion, Maria Sharapova is at best, 6'. In a picture with James Blake, Andy Roddick, and another female player, Maria Sharapova appears to be at least half an inch shorter than James Blake. (Click Here) "
if you look carefully, you'll notice that shrapova is trying to look smaller by putting her weight in one leg and by slouching, on the other hand roddick, probably intimidated by maria, has a military posture with legs together. So the pic is inconclusive, but you have to add at least 1 inch to Maria b/c of her posture. No way Sharapova is under 6', but she may be 6'1.5..
red said on 27/May/08
there is a pic on the web, you can easly find it just using google, with blake, sharapova, roddick and another player all close to the net, after a match.
well, if blake is not 6.3, she's 100% not 6.2, and blake is NOT 6.3 but 6.1 (max)
I would say she's 6.0
naomi said on 27/May/08
maria sharapova is 21 now and 6'2, she has been with djokovic a lot, both are class players and hot also,the hottest females are sharapova, ivanovic and kirilenko and for the males i have tons roddick, safin, novak djokovic,mario ancic and evgeny korolev they are all hot.
holly said on 26/May/08
sharapova is 6'2, tall lady she is hot, my dream couple would be maria and djokovic who is sexy abd also 6'2 aswell, i love serena williams she would be great with james blake and ana ivanavic is beautiful and tall 6'1 i think she should ditch nole and love ancic he is so cute
Anonymous said on 24/May/08
There is no doubt in my mind that Sharapova is easily between 6'2" & 6'3". The weight they have mentioned for her tho is ridiculous, no way is she just 130lbs as mentioned. Just take a look at her now in some pics leading upto the french Open, she has put on some muscle on those broad shoulders and her legs too look strong and sexy. She must be in the region of 160-170 now
Marc said on 22/May/08
Serena is closer to 5'8" than 5'10". Consequently, this puts Maria Sharapova's height in the range I earlier proposed.
diana said on 22/May/08
i dunno i really think she's 6'2. i also think she doesn't like being her height and tends to slouch a hell of a lot, which is too bad cause her height is a major advantage. When you find pictures of her next to serena williams she usually stands up straight and you see that she is a solid 4 inches taller.
Jason said on 19/May/08
I doubt it, they're just late bloomers.
Alex said on 18/May/08
Yea me, and my dad were having this conversation just a few minutes ago. While watching Rafael Nadal recive the award for winning at Hamburg. We saw him standing next to Federer who is 6'1 and he commented how Rafael Nadal grew 3 inches since he was 18 to 21 (from 5'10 to 6'1) and as well he commented as when Maria Sharapova was 18 she was 5'7 and now she is 6'2....
Personally through out school teachers have been telling me that you grow more rapidly from 13 to 20 or 21, and i agree to that... but my dads arguement is they are either taking growth hormones or some shots to enhance height (not steriods)...
if you got any ideas... reply.
Marc said on 18/May/08
In my opinion, Maria Sharapova is at best, 6'. In a picture with James Blake, Andy Roddick, and another female player, Maria Sharapova appears to be at least half an inch shorter than James Blake. (Click Here)

According to the ATP James Blake is listed at 6'1" and Andy Roddick as 6'2". Yet, James Blake appears to be at least 2 inches shorter than Andy Roddick. As a result, the ATP recorded heights are not in equilibrium with one another.

Fortunately, we are able to introduce a calibrating height, Terrell Owens. With a verifiable NFL Combine height of 6'2 3/4", Terrell Owens is at least 2 inches taller than Andy Roddick(picture on Click Here).

So on balance, I believe that Andy Roddick is not the 6'2" he is listed by the ATP but but more like 6' 3/4". Consequently, making James Blake more like 5' 11" and Maria Sharapova anywhere from 5'11" to 6'.
Tall said on 16/May/08
Lauren pls show ur pic with wil b awsome 2 c maria near sum gals shoulder
Vegas said on 16/May/08
Lauren says on 15/May/08
There are obviously taller girls than Sharapova. Trust me. I'm a 6'6" volleyball/tennis player.

try 7'2 Margo Dydek of the WNBA Click Here
Anonymous said on 15/May/08
Lauren, good to hear that u enjoy being as tall as u are. Wondering if ur as skinny as sharapova too.
Lauren said on 15/May/08
There are obviously taller girls than Sharapova. Trust me. I'm a 6'6" volleyball/tennis player.

Where she had a major growth spurt at 14, i had it at 15 and just kept on going up!

The difference is, i ate and still eat only foods with 100% vitamin C. Like, i won't eat anything that doesn't have 100% vitamin c. That stuff makes you grow tall!

And it's kind of cute when little guys try and hook up to you and then automatically assume you're a volleyball player or tennis player.

Seriously, I met Maria Sharapova at this expo, and i thought she was going to be really tall, but her head was, like, near my shoulder. It was kind of sad.
Anonymous said on 12/May/08
Sharapova isnt the only tennis playing Russian 6 footer around. Take a look at Dinara Safina who just won the German Open who also happens to be Marat Safin's younger sister. She is listed at 6 ft and 154lbs and looks to be atleast 6'1" and 180 lbs.
Jake Is Back said on 8/May/08
According to Rob, she was 6' by 2004 and grew more in 2005 (when the pic with Manning was taken). Keep in mind she likely even has a slight footware advantage with Manning.
Anonymous said on 2/May/08
Maria should be abt 165lbs now, the 130 they have on for her is ridiculous. Her already broad skinny shoulders appear pretty muscular now. The best part of her tho are her neverending legs
Alex said on 1/May/08
Jake, she would be 5'11-6'0 there with Peyton but she grew more after that.

At 6'2 I read she was 150 something I think.
None said on 28/Apr/08
i saw a picture of her recently, her features had become much more masculine, there is even a "beard shade" on her face, for me there is no doubt she has taken hormones, the only doubt is wether she starting taking them before or after her age majority or if it she even knew about it.
Randy said on 28/Apr/08
The Pic with Manning is from 2005, Maria was at this time 6'0. Now she is 6'3 and weighs 165lbs.
Rocky said on 28/Apr/08
That's a great picture Jake.
Anonymous said on 28/Apr/08
Hi Natalie, do u think uve stopped growing at 16 or like Maria are u still going to get taller. maria was listed at 5'3" at 11 and 5'6" at 13.
Jake Is Back said on 26/Apr/08
With 6'5" - 6'5.5" Peyton Manning: Click Here
Maybe a little under 6'2"?
Joe said on 25/Apr/08
I'm pretty sure Dave is still over 6' (I think he's gotten shorter) nobody actually see's him on the street he has a secret tunnel to a parking garage.
He doesnt hang out with the stagehands, stays in his office stinking up the room with cigars.
I cant say for sure on the height, keep in mind the ultra wide lenses on those cameras can rally fool ya.
The hard studio cameras themselves never capture below 7 feet, the monitors are above eye level at the rear BOTTOM the camera. You look "up" into them and the capture lens is actually higher.
Daves stage at the desk area is barly 7 steps deep it looks huge on TV.
Count Daves entry steps at the beginning of the show.

Sharapova is really impressive up close, I never seen a woman built like that and this is a New Yorker talking.
She should have some LASER follicle removel on her lower legs. Up close they alway's have a thick black 5 o'clock shadow like a burley sailer.
Natalie said on 25/Apr/08
i met maria in 2005 at wimbledon, i was 13 and 5ft 9 at the time, and she looked about 4 inches taller than me, so i say she is about 6ft 1 and half tall, i'm 16 now and i'm 6ft 2.5 inches tall!
joe said on 24/Apr/08
hey theres another Joe lol. yeah i saw that a couple of nights ago. yep she was a stunner. david's 6ft right? maria didnt s eem to really TOWER over him at 6'2 + heels in my opinion
Joe said on 23/Apr/08
OK Finally !
Im a tech here in NYC she was at the Ed Sullivan theatre (Letterman) hitting balls in here tennis sneakers.
I'm 6'3, met here she was right next to me she's just above 6'2.
I didnt want to ask (we spoke about about live music and Kareoke) besides im sure she gets hassled about her height all the time.
But I did ask one of her girlfriends.
Turns out many of these Russians and European Tennis players constantly tour the rest of the world really dont understand or keep up with the "inches and feet" conversions ....they go by Metric System.
Another words shes really not sure herself.
She's really looks huge and very hot in platform shoes BTW.
Amazing !!
shorty said on 20/Apr/08
i am 19 and 5ft 8(173cm) and i am not growing. sharapova is 6ft 2 or 188 cm. That means she is 6 inch or 15cm taller than me. I want to have a photograph with her

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