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6ft 1.31in (186.2cm)
gorge said on 12/Jun/12
sharapova taller than nadal
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Cranberries said on 10/Jun/12
@anon: Maria Sharapova is infinitely better-looking in body and face than Kvitova.
small man syndrome said on 9/Jun/12
too tall for a woman.
The Karl said on 31/Jan/12
i can remember when she was six foot, then she grew some more, she was like 18. very strange growth pattern. not sure she is a full 6-2, but she's close.
anon said on 30/Jan/12
@cranberries: Agree with u that Ana Ivanovic is much better looking than either Sharapova or Kvitova but my question was amongst these 2 tall long legged girls, which one is more attractive (Ana doesnt qualify cos she is not in the same league rite now). Agree that in her playing gear Kvitova looks hideous but take a look at her pics with her hair loose and dressed differently, she is quite a looker.
Mona said on 30/Jan/12
@nona - does that question even need to be answered?
AG said on 29/Jan/12
She is definitely tall for a girl, but i think her claim of 6'3 is a little bit exaggerated. I haven't seen her in person so i can't have a clear statement about her height, but as i have seen all her pictures till now i can say that she is between 6'0 - 6'0.5 range. Sometimes she wears heels like 3 to 4 inches with them she should have been 6'5 - 6'6 if she was really 6'2. The height of 6'2 is a giant for a woman and she doesn't look like a giant, she is just a tall girl that's all.
joey said on 28/Jan/12
1m 85 without shoes 1m 88 with shoes on court
Kevin said on 28/Jan/12
She was on the David Letterman show and she said as quoted "I am 6'3 without shoes" but more recently when she was on the Ellen Degeneres show she said that she was 6'2. I think she is over 6'3+ but doesn't want to sound too tall so now she says only 6'2.
Ras said on 26/Jan/12
jasperwazap says on 23/Jan/12
always wondered about the growth hormone. she did have a growth spurt at 13 when 5'7'' already above average for a young girl but not super tall. but now she is ultra tall at 6'1''.


Indeed it is quite suspicious, you would have expected ANY woman between 13-15 years old to grow MAX 5'9, 5'9 and change (if she really was 5'3" around that age). I don't know how tall her mom is/was but I've read her dad is no taller than 6'0", thus her 6'2ish height shouldn't be due to genetics, that is BS. I say she took HGH and other kinds of weird substances to get that tall.
Cranberries said on 26/Jan/12
@nona: Neither. 6'1" 150 model-esque Ana Ivanovic wins over both. She's pure fit class!
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Kvitova is hideous TBH.
T said on 26/Jan/12
If Petra Kvitova is really 6ft then Maria has to be 6'2. Look at this pic and decide Click Here
nona said on 25/Jan/12
Who is more attractive, the 6'2", 155 lb Maria Sharapova with her flat tummy, flat chest and neverending skinny legs OR the 6'0", 165 lb Petra Kvitova with her very visible tummy, love handles, ample chest and neverending muscular legs
anon said on 24/Jan/12
At the Australian Open Ana Ivanovic is listed at 186 cms whereas Petra Kvitove is listed at 182 cms. However when they shook hands at the net after Kvitova demolished Ivanovic, it appeared that Kvitova was about 2 cms taller than Ivanovic. Does that mean that Kvitova is 188 cms (which I doubt) or Ivanovic is 180 cms (which is more likely). Will put Ana Ivanovic at 180 cms and 154 lbs and Petra Kvitova at 182 cms & 165 lbs
jasperwazap said on 23/Jan/12
always wondered about the growth hormone. she did have a growth spurt at 13 when 5'7'' already above average for a young girl but not super tall. but now she is ultra tall at 6'1''.
leo said on 22/Jan/12
basically as the other LEO said, 6'2" in her tennis shoes means she is in the 6'1"-6'1.5" range.
LEO said on 21/Jan/12
6'2" in her tennis shoes
leo said on 21/Jan/12
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don't think she is 6'2" since novak is a legit 6'2". I personally am a legit 6'2" and i know people who claim 6'2" but really aren't.
somedude said on 19/Jan/12
well if she had a late spurt then there is hope for me :) i am 18 and 6 foot 1 hoping to reach 6'2 before i am done growing. i am also 164lbs if that makes any difference.

on a side note maria is a very stunning girl!
nona said on 18/Jan/12
Sharapova is looking tall, strong & healthy at the Australian Open. She seems to have added some meat onto those bony shoulders and her hips and butt semm fuller and curvier, would pu ther at close to 165 lbs right now. Guess its the time spent in the gym & elsewhere with her fiance.
anon said on 18/Jan/12
Azarenka is 180 cms / 5'11" and weighs 70 kgs / 154 lbs
maio said on 14/Jan/12
@silent d:
i belive Federer is 6 ft 1 in/185 cm while Nadal 6 ft 0.5 in/184 cm.
I think athletes in the most of the cases are not measured because i saw diffrent athletes who were shorter or taller (rarely) than their mark. I gave you an example: in BB diffrent player (Michael Jordan, Charles Barkeley...) are shorter than their mark. The height for tennis isn't so important so i think during the medical visit, doctors simply ask them. I think Maria is in the 186-7 cm range (personally i'd say 6 ft 1.5 in/187 cm)...
Silent d said on 12/Jan/12
I think athletes are measured. Wouldn't they? Were do they get their ridiculous claims? Federer is definitely taller than nadal who is the same height. Weird. If she was 180cm, would she claim 6 foot 2? That is outrageous, people will be laughing at her. She is definitely taller than ana ivanovic whos is at least 182cm. 187cm for sharapova. She has bad posture because she is freakishly tall. Still hot though. I grew 38cm in 8 years and might still be growing. Hopefully I can reach the six foot mark but i think my growing days are over. I'm 178cm now. Sharapova is 187cm.
maio said on 8/Jan/12
Maria has the same height as Roger Federer. I met Federer in Rome in 2009 and he looked a to me a strong 6 ft 1 in/185 cm, max 186 cm. Maria is not over 187 cm. Ana is 2 in/5 cm shorter than Maria, so 5 ft 11.75 in/182 cm (her first mark) abd Daniela is 3-4 shorter so 179 cm max is right for her.
I think tennis-players are never measured, they simply claims an height like for basketball, swimming, boxe...
Arhem said on 8/Jan/12
Next to mamun she looks like a solid 187(if you want to see a solid 188 next to mamun look for Ryan Reynolds height) BUT she is wearing 5-10 cm heels so i'g give her 180-184 tops Djokovic is 188 and looks always taller 184 is right
She went from 160 cm in 2001 to 175 in 2002 15 cm that's just ridiculous, because even a 1 year old baby grows less than 10 cm year being the greatest grow time for any human.
After that she grew anothe 13 cm being 18 yo., if all of this was real she'd have a monster face due to gigantism. Growth hormone would have destroyed all her facial features. I know it because i was 171 when i was 14 now i am 188 and had a lot of trouble due to this. face hair etc. just because i grew 17 cm, doctor alwys told me that from 14 yo grow usually 10 cm nothing more if you grow more you could have problems.
I donpt like her she has an strange face and doesn't look to feminine. i'd prefer shorter girls

I'm a monster myself but that doesn't quit me the right to have an opinion does it?
Silent d said on 7/Jan/12
Daniela hantuchova is not 178cm. The female commentator said she might have the longest legs in female tennis. I thought sharapova had the longest legs. Daniela is taller than kaia kanepi who is 180cm. She could be 6 foot but more likely 182cm. I believe maria sharapova is 188cm. Weird when she stands next to 6 foot 1 guys she looks about the same height. Like george clooney and 180cm stacey keibler. They are similar in height and she is taller than him.
kalil said on 7/Jan/12
Sharapova is EASILY taller than Andy Roddick! She is 6'2.5" possibly a weak 6'3" without a doubt.
maio said on 5/Jan/12
Maria Sharapova: 6 ft 1.5 in/187 cm
Ana Ivanovic: 5 ft 11.75 in/182 cm
Venus Williams: 6 ft 0.25 in/184 cm
Daniela Hantuchovà: 5 ft 10.25 in/178 cm
Tatiana Golovin: 5 ft 8.75 in/175 cm
Silent d said on 3/Jan/12
She is 6 foot 2 easy. When she stood next to 184cm ana ivanovic i could see 4 cm difference. No way ana ivanovic is 180cm like people claim. She was much taller than 173cm kim clijsters last night. The commentators said she was 6 foot plus. They are pretty accurate. 188cm.
jake, 1.82 m- 1.83 m said on 1/Jan/12
Roddick is 6' 2" (1.88 m) easy, Sharapova is shorter so she is 186-187 cm.
anon said on 28/Dec/11
Sharapova is 6'2" & 165 lbs
mda said on 26/Dec/11
I think 6'2" (188 cm) is legit
Mr Man said on 16/Dec/11
@ Sasha,

Those pics are useless as they are not full body shots, and you can't tell if she is slouching or what shoes are being worn. In the last pic, it is clear she is NOT standing fully straight.
Ricky said on 16/Dec/11
@ Dom. Look at google research [ serena and jankovic] for exemple and you'll see she's not more that 172. For Wozniacki, 176 is possible...but more 175 for me. For Mary Pierce I'm sure with no doubt..178 ( you can search [pierce- petrova (178)].They are the same height...And Clijsters said to me at french open to be 173. I work at french open every years...
leo said on 15/Dec/11
With Bradley Cooper, exact same height. I think 6'1" max maybe 6'1.25".
Sasha said on 14/Dec/11
Maria stands 1.5" shorter with 6'2" Andy Roddick:
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+5.5" with 5'7" Ari Borovoy:
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-5" with 6'5.5" Peyton Manning:
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And she wears near 0.5" sandals like these:
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So, unless all that 3 men wore 2" shoes, she is not 6'2".
6'1" is more plausible. Maybe, 6'1.5".
In some kinds of sports the sportsmen are measured in footwear. Maybe, that's why Sharapova is mentioned 6'2" almost everywhere.
5" shorter than 6'5.5"
anon said on 13/Dec/11
Yeah Jim, Sharapova has the build of a volleyball player with her long legs and arms but most volleball chics are much stronger in their legs than Sharapova. Volleyball players have strong shapely thighs and butts
JIm said on 2/Dec/11
ran into her yesterday at a store in LA and my buddies recognized her. i checked to see if i was taller. for the record, i am 6ft 1.5 (just under 6.2) and wore Sketchers shape ups that moment, adding height (6'6 people appear almost at same height if they wear flat shoes). She wore strongly padded workout sneakers that add height as well. i stand about 6"4.5 with sketchers, and had about 1/2 or 3/4 inch (if that) on her, making her 6"3.5 , or just under.
noticeable: the tallest girl in the mall, and her butt is as high were other womens chest would be. so i would substantiate her height of 6, 2" easily, nothing under 6'1 (no way), so 6'1.5 to 6'2 seems very very right. small head, wide shoulders (thought a volleyball player at first), sort of like a cheetah - in human form, if you know what i mean. also has the seriousness and focus of an athlete. nice, but well, focused. looks typical scandinavian, german, russian.... not a model by any rate - more like college girl / varsity team blond american player looks - just a bit older.
Dom said on 2/Dec/11
@Ricky alot of these are off, like Radwanska (shorter), Clijsters (taller), Wozniacki (taller), Zvonareva (taller). Capriati (taller), Pierce (taller), Jankovic (taller).
SIlent d said on 30/Nov/11
188cm. Really tall russian beauty.
SAK said on 29/Nov/11
Downgrade needed to 187cm for Shazza.
Ricky said on 24/Nov/11
So, we can trust me =
Sharapova 185; Ivanovic 181; Dementieva 181; Safina 184; Venus 184/185; Serena 176; Clijsters 173; Wozniacki 175; Kvitova 181; Azaranka 179; Radwanska 172; Kuznetsova 172; Bartoli 169; Zvonareva 166; Capriati 171; Seles 176; Pierce 178;
Jankovic 172
Men = Federer 184/185; Nadal 183/184; Djoko 186; Verdasco 186; Roddick 186/187, Murray 186/187, Tsonga 187...
Chameleon said on 21/Nov/11
I agree, Novak Djokovic killed her 6'2 claim. Didnt Venus Williams too? x)
nona said on 17/Nov/11
Sharapova's height and weight is up for debate but there is no doubt that she has the longest legs in women's tennis and a nice shapely behind to go with those legs
Larc-186.7cm-188.6cm said on 17/Nov/11
Novak Djokovic is 6'2 and looks almost always taller than her with the same footwear, she's 6'1.
LAN Jiao said on 16/Nov/11
Max 6'1 and lightest weight 140lbs 6-7years ago.
Tman said on 10/Nov/11
1,86m and nothing more!
LAN Jiao said on 8/Nov/11
nah.. she could be lighter at 155lbs. add on Andy Roddick is 6'2 and look exactly 2" taller than sharapova. i don see her over 3" top 5'9 Serena Williams.
nona said on 8/Nov/11
Move aside Sharapova and make way for Petra Kvitova the hottest player on the tour right now. The fact that she is 6'0" tall and weighs a healthy 160 lbs is great too
Alex said on 5/Nov/11
Um daniel, you're a delusional fanboy. Women lie about their height and weight all the time.
nona said on 5/Nov/11
Would love to see a pic of Sharapova with serena Williams. There is no doubt that Sharapova at 6'2" is 5" taller than the 5'9" Serena bu tit would be interesting to see the difference in their builds. Guess just Serena's huge upper body (broad shoulders and massive chest) weigh as much as the whole of Sharapova.
LAN Jiao said on 4/Nov/11
her recent pictures with roger federer and will ferell she looks a like 158pounds girl. lol..
LAN Jiao said on 2/Nov/11
shes min 6'0
daniel said on 28/Oct/11
haha, @Alex, no girl above 5'10'' would lie about being taller, trust me, not a single one. Maybe she would lie about being shorter, but not taller.
If we were talking about a man it could be possible, but not in this case.
Alex said on 28/Oct/11
I'd give her 6'1 flat
LAN Jiao said on 21/Oct/11
6'2 in her 1.5" tennis shoe and her weigh 130 claim is nuts. she is closer 150 , straight to the point she is 184cm and 67kg.
Alex said on 20/Oct/11
Lol daniel use your brain, the reason why this site plus pictures plus board exists is because people are LYING about their height.
LAN Jiao said on 20/Oct/11
17 at 6'0 is impossible to reach over 6'1 for girl like sharapova whose tallish of normal growth since kid. She is 6'0.5 max
xyz.reg(6 ft 1.5 in) said on 20/Oct/11
Looks 6ft 2in min because of her slim figure...She looks 6 ft 0.5max as per pic with venus williams....she not a full 6ft 1in for sure...pic with Novak Djokovic is another proof....though in this case their footwear is not visible..!!
daniel said on 16/Oct/11
@Paco you're totally right, and @Rusty, in one of the photos of the link provided by @Paco you can see her whole body and tell she's not by any means wearing those "monstruos heels" you mentioned, she's most certainly wearing flats or some shoe near to that. And in any case, Uma would be wearing high heels, too, which would make the difference of shoe length irrelevant. Just cope with it, she's 6'2''.
daniel said on 16/Oct/11
She's 6' 2'', why on earth would she lie about her height and say she's taller, being that she's already pretty tall? Some of you really need to think with your head instead of being fooled by your eyes.
Alex said on 6/Oct/11
Old pic of Maria and Andrea Petkovic. Note that Maria is a couple of months older though I don't know how old they were when the pic was taken.

Click Here

Andrea looked like a boy even back then. Today she's a claimed 5'11 (looks legit) while Maria claims to be 6'2 which is definitely not true. Same girls at the French Open 2011.

Click Here

On this pic Maria only seems about 1.5 inches taller. She also claims her weight to be 130 lbs (59 kg) which is ridiculous considering her physique. I think she's closer to 150 lbs.
Vegas said on 28/Sep/11
nearly sure thats a landrover range rover at the start which has a height of 73.3 inches Click Here
Kalle said on 28/Sep/11
You are all such fools who think she is just 6 feet on this pciture. It has nothing t do how tall you look on a ptictur, cause its says very little.
Click Here
On that very picture she has her left leg back and and thnx to that its really easy to look shorter if you want, but also taller. Its clear that she wants to look shorter on that picture. She is at least 3-4 cm taller if she stod as straight as roddick.
SAK said on 27/Sep/11
I would say looking at the evidence posted Sharapova is 186cm/6ft1.

Does anyone know how tall Ivanovic is?? It says 6ft1 on numerous sites but I can't see that being correct.
anon said on 14/Sep/11
Is there a pic of Sharapova and Serena Williams togther. Would like to see the difference in sizes amongst these 2 top players
Larc 6 ft 1.75 in said on 14/Sep/11
I sayed they are the same height, she looks 6'0.5 at most.
Hm said on 14/Sep/11
Maria's height feels really inconsistent. One minute I'm convinced she's barely 6 ft, the next she does seem 6'2.

Click Here

From 2:50-3:01 she looks every bit of the 6'2 she claims to be, but then in the pictures from the same event, she somehow seems short compared to even Federer. Yet we clearly see in the video that she's taller. It's just odd.
RoryJS said on 13/Sep/11
Standing next to 6'2" Novak Djokovic
Click Here
RRR said on 12/Sep/11
Larc 6 ft 1.75, do you think Venus is taller Sharapova???
look Click Here
Vegas said on 11/Sep/11
Wallace says on 10/Sep/11
Maria was right in front of the camera while Federer was further away from the camera.

sorry but the opposite is in fact true, roger walks closer to the camera to meet roddick
Larc 6 ft 1.75 in said on 11/Sep/11
Andy Roddick made her look barely 6'0, 6'2 is a joke Rob, if she's 6'2 then Roddick is 6'4.

6'0.5 is closer for her, with the same footwear (for sure) she is not even a mm taller than 6'0.5 Venus Williams:

Click Here
Wallace said on 10/Sep/11
Vegas, I saw the video you posted but at the 3:45 mark where you compared Sharapova to Federer there was a few feet between them.... they were not standing side by side and Maria was right in front of the camera while Federer was further away from the camera. The only way you can accurately make a height comparison between two people is if they are side by side.
Mr. R said on 10/Sep/11
Several years ago I was watching a match, and the commentators noted that Maria said 6-2, but that she had really gron closer to 6-3. They said she wants to play down her height.
Vegas said on 9/Sep/11
Wallace says on 5/Sep/11
Vegas argument the next day that she isn't standing fully straight does not hold true because one of her legs is straight while the other is bent.

so you missed the video i posted 21/Jul/11, that has roddick and federer
Wallace said on 5/Sep/11
I have always believed that Maria was 6'2" because she is so leggy and no one has ever posted damning evidence to the contrary. Johno's post on 23/Jul/11 is the first time anyone has given concrete evidence that she is actually less than 6'2". In the photo she is standing directly next to Roddick and it is full length with shoes visible. Vegas argument the next day that she isn't standing fully straight does not hold true because one of her legs is straight while the other is bent. It is a fact that as long as one leg is straight we are at our greatest height.... even when she straightens the other leg there will be no increase in height. She is definitely a couple inches shorter than Roddick and not towering over Serena the way a 6'2" girl should. As I looked at more pics of the gorgeous Sharapova in that same album.... she was barely taller than Daniela Pestova (5'11") and rachel Hunter (5'11") in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2006 press event despite wearing some very high heels (probably about 4 inches). Pestova's and Hunter's heels could not be seen so we cannot make a definite conclusion but it 's difficult to see it being higher than Sharapova's.
are said on 5/Sep/11
The New York Times in 2005 lists her at 6ft (she was 18yo at the time).
truthman said on 4/Sep/11
He has BIG heels on in Donik video and still barely taller than Roddick in flats. Both listed at 6'2. Hmmm...
Lukasaaa said on 4/Sep/11
Maria Sharapova height=188cm with high heels she can be 200cm easy ! 74 kg,43 shoe size,legs 120 cm +
Ajax said on 4/Sep/11
Isn't Roddick listed at 6ft2? He easily has 2 inches on Sharapova in one of the pictures below... I don't buy her at 6ft2 at all... probably more like 5ft11.5 - 6ft (no shoes)
SAK said on 27/Aug/11
Sharapova & Djokovic screen cap.

Click Here
SAK said on 26/Aug/11
The video with Djokovic/Sharapova is very telling. Because Djokkovic gets listed as 187cm/6ft1.5 and Sharapova as 188cm/6ft2. But here Sharapova is wearing not too high heels and she doesn't looks that much taller then Djokovic. So I would suspect Djokovic is in fact 187cm but Sharapova is 186cm/6ft1 @ her lowest point maybe nearer 187cm @ midday.
Doink said on 25/Aug/11
Sharapova and Novak Djokovic
Click Here
Hansen said on 25/Aug/11
slender body type maria fits on 1.5in tennis shoe at noon 6ft2 , barely 6ft0.5 and with ultra heels 6ft5-6ft6. i suspect her 6ft2 claim for longtime, 6ft was her min and 6ft1 max.
Wide not tall said on 21/Aug/11
I heard the reason she had a major growth spurt was becuase she took growth hormones.
Nadine said on 12/Aug/11
Maria Sharapova is actually 6' 0.5" ( 184 cm )
Joe said on 5/Aug/11
@ anid myskina, andy roddick is listed at 6-2 and he looks to have at least 2 inches on her in that picture johno posted. i doubt roddick would lie about his height. no man over 6 feet would.
anid myskina said on 5/Aug/11
hi,i m sharapova's lady gym instructor,me 5ft3inch tall she is really giant with broad shoulders,she is really 6ft2inch tall
TPH said on 5/Aug/11
I think women max is 5ft11 - 6ft is pretty, more that 6 is giant even tho' they pretty but still GIANT !!!
Maria Sharapova is tall girl, we cant deny it. Sometimes she look beautiful & sometime just normal but anyway she's fine. Again, she's 160-165lbs, no way 130lbs
joe said on 4/Aug/11
johno, wow. she looks about 6 foot there.
anon said on 25/Jul/11
Sharapova & Serena, what a difference in their builds. Despite being taller I guess Sharapova gets a complex standing next to Serena considering Sharapova is so flat
Vegas said on 24/Jul/11
so now full height is bending your legs??

if sharapova is 5'11 then Petra Kvitova is ~ 5'9 Click Here
johno said on 23/Jul/11
- Sharapova is lucky to even see 6'0, let alone 6'2

Click Here

She doesn't even have 3 inches on the 5'9 serena williams. Well, you could always deny that serena williams is 5'9 or pictures lie.

Serena williams 5'9
sharapova 5'11-5'11.5
Vegas said on 21/Jul/11
GPDRF says on 14/Jul/11
sharapova is shorter than federer and just a little bit taller than azarenka who is listed 1.80m in competitons


she is taller than federer on video at the us open in 2009, forward to about 3mins 45secs Click Here

not sure her heels at the recent espys gave 5 inches?? without a platform at the front i can't see them giving that much, probably closer to 3.5 inches over barefoot i would have thought maybe 4 inches at a push

amare is a measured 6'10 in shoes and robs got rachel nichols at 5'9.5 Click Here
Dominic said on 21/Jul/11
GPDRF says on 21/Jul/11
Click Here pls tell me is she 1.88m tall while roddick is 1.87 and serena is 1.75??

Her leg is bent, she's not standing straight but even so I don't think she matches Roddick. I think 185-6 could be her height. 6'2 is far too much.
GPDRF said on 21/Jul/11
Click Here pls tell me is she 1.88m tall while roddick is 1.87 and serena is 1.75??
GPDRF said on 21/Jul/11
Dexter...most of the celebrities(athletics,actors,actresses,...)are used to lie about their heights to gain more respects for the publics,i have a magazine it's for 2006 and has an interview with sharapova she says she is 6'3"!!!two years later i saw her in a mall as usaual with heel,i'm 1.85m but she wasn't taller than me more than max 4,5 cm! i ask you te check out nike's clash of the champions photos,she is satanding with federer,nadal,mcenro and can see she is shorter than fed in all og the photos and a little bit taller than azarenka,pls check that out! i can swear that she is not more than 1.82m...
Dexter said on 18/Jul/11
OK, I guess we can put all the questions to rest about her height, the pics and video with Stodemire and her heels are proof she is at least 6'2", maybe taller. GPDRF, I don't know how you find that unbelievable. Video trumps photos.
anon said on 18/Jul/11
@Tall Girl: Sharapova has wide shoulders not necessarily broad. Ur rite abt her being abt 6'2" & I wud put her at close to 165 lbs.
@Doink: All the women at the ESPY's were in very high heels & most of them were very tall women. Sharapova was in abt 5" heels and that wud have taken her to 6'7". Lindsey Vonn was abt 6'3" in her heels and looked huge (abt 175 lbs) with her recent weight gain
Doink said on 16/Jul/11
Sharapova, Erin Andrews, and Amare Stodemire from the ESPYS
Click Here

Here's Maria's whole outfit so you can see the heels
Click Here
Tall Girl said on 14/Jul/11
Sharapova ia a monster! She is huge and very broad shouldered, theres no way she is under 6'2 or ways 130lbs!!!
My estimate is in the 6'2 - 6'3 ranges and at least 150-160lbs. She is a BIG woman.
GPDRF said on 14/Jul/11
it's unbelievable that maria sharapova be 6-2!!!Guys i offer you to check out nike clash of the champions photo;there are some photos there;yield that sharapova is shorter than federer and just a little bit taller than azarenka who is listed 1.80m in competitons
Dexter said on 13/Jul/11
I'm watching the ESPY's right now, she is presenting with Amare Stodemire. Standing next to him, she looks about 3 inces shorter than him, he's 6'10". Accounting for 5 inch heels, that puts her right at about 6'2"
Rusty said on 6/Jul/11
Who has validated Kvitova at 6 feet (looks 5'11"ish)? I don't see much more than an inch between them in Vegas' link. You have to take posture into account, obviously, and Petra is clearly slouching while Maria is straight as an arrow. This matters.
anon said on 5/Jul/11
@ Shaun: agree with u, Sharapova must be betwn 155 - 160 lbs. Since u consider urself good at weight estimations how much do u think Serena Williams weighs?
Wallace said on 4/Jul/11
Sherlock... How do you see them as the same height??? Sharapova is clearly taller than Kvitova in that pic. I still wish to see her next to some volleyball or basketball athletes... only Amanmuradova on the WTA circuit is taller than MaSha
Shaun said on 4/Jul/11
All those 6'8" range Russian female volleyball and basketball players are starting to scare me.. A 6'8" chick is equivalent to a 7'1"-7'2" guy. Insane.
Shaun said on 4/Jul/11
I'm usually pretty good with weight estimations and I reckon she's around 160 pounds.
Shaun said on 4/Jul/11
130 lbs at 6'2"?? WTF. She has to be 150-160 surely?
anon said on 4/Jul/11
Sharapova is clearly 2" taller than Kvitova who is 6'0". You can also notice that Sharapova looks just as broad and has legs as thick as Kvitova. Since Kvitova is listed at 154 lbs there is no way Sharapova can be only 130 lbs as listed
Sherlock said on 3/Jul/11
Sharapova is the same height with kvitova when they stand together. How she be 6'2"?
Vegas said on 2/Jul/11
full length shot of 6ft listed kvitova and maria from the wimbledon final Click Here
Mark said on 30/Jun/11
She's probably a true 6'2" with no exaggeration where as most people tend to exaggerate. I saw her in a photo shoot with NFL quarterback Matt Stafford and with heels, she towered over him. However, there's no way she's 130 lbs. 6'2", 130 would make her thinner than pretty much all the supermodels.
anon said on 30/Jun/11
Maria Sharapova - 6'2" & 165 lbs, Sabine Liciki - 5'11" & 160 lbs, Petra Kvitova - 6'0" & 165 lbs, Victoria Azarenka - 5'11" & 143 lbs. Nice line up of 4 tall, well built blondes in the Wimbledon semi finals. Liciki by far is the most powerful of the 4 girls and she has legs like tree trunks.
EagleEye said on 29/Jun/11
Click Here

Another link where Maria says she's 6-2.

"..."I came in saying: 'You know what? I'm 6-foot-2, and I don't care about anyone else,'" she said. "I'm going to be selfish and say I love ballerinas..."
EagleEye said on 28/Jun/11
Click Here

Link has an interview in 2008 where Maria admitted she's 6-2.

"...her game and her serve as well, because the ball kind of jumps up. And even though I'm 6'2" - wish I was like 6'5" on these courts - it would be a little bit easier..." - Maria Sharapova
hs2011 said on 28/Jun/11
germanjorg says on 10/Jun/11
@ hs2011 we all know already that you are a fanboy proves like the posted McGahee pictrues are always ignored by you so keep on dreaming and here some words im german for you du lebst in schande du mí¶chte gern allwissender mí¼ll schreiber

Seriously calm down. Firstly, I can't be a "fanboy" because I'm not a boy! Secondly, if I was a "fanboy" I would insist that Maria is 188cm which I don't. So perhaps get your facts right before you act like a big tough guy over the internet.

The whole point of this site is to debate the height of celebrities, so it's only logical IMO that if you make a claim of someone being shorter/taller than somebody that you post a link. I don't see why posters expect you to google something to prove something that they've said. You make a post, you back it up!

BTW Maria said in an interview today at Wimbledon that she is the same height now as in 2004, despite being listed 2" taller. Take that for what it's worth :)
Rusty said on 28/Jun/11
@Paco Like I said before she wears monstrous heels to events, I'd be willing to bet she has much larger heels than Uma. A true 6'1" or 6'2" woman wouldn't need those stilts to stand out.
anon said on 28/Jun/11
Maria Sharapova (6'2") v/s Dominika Cibulkova (5'2') in the Wimbledon quarter finals should give us some good comparison pics. They had playd each other in an earlier grand slam and Cibulkova came upto a little below Sharapova's wide shoulders. Just for the record Cibulkova won that match by thrashing Sharapova
Vegas said on 27/Jun/11
rob any chance you can put up mamuns shot with maria, i know its nowhere near perfect but its as useful as his shot with undertaker imo
[Editor Rob: I can put a link to the photo, I will do that.]
anon said on 27/Jun/11
Check out this pic of laura Robson and Maria Sharapova after their match at Wimbledon. Click Here
If laura Robson is 181 cms, please tell me ho wtall Maria Sharapova is?
anon said on 27/Jun/11
Sharapova is listed at 6'2" & 130 lbs on the WTA website. From what I read on her height here most people say she is shorter than 6'2". Also from what is seen of her on court she looks much heavier than 130 lbs. Maybe she was 130 lbs couple of years ago but now she has bulked up a lot and the proof is in her arms and legs which are a lot bigger and which give some bulk to her wide shoulders. I will put her at 6'1" & 160 lba.
Paco said on 25/Jun/11
Rusty if maria is less than 6´1 how can you explain the big diference with maria and uma?? Click Here
Rusty said on 25/Jun/11
This is one of the worst listings on this site, IMO. There is plenty of proof that she is less than 6'1" actually. She looked the same as 6 foot McGahee. If she was 188 cm or even 185 cm she wouldn't need to wear 5 inch heels to stand out at events. Pls fix, Rob.
Ron said on 24/Jun/11
Sharapova never stands straight when meeting Djokovic while Djokovic does the opposite, standing straight! He does not want to look almost as tall as Sharapova

I'm sure Sharapova can not be shorter than 186cm

To tell you again! Safina's coach told me Safina is definately 186cm without shoes! So you can easily conclude how tall Sharapova is! no shorter than 186cm

187cm is the most accurate! and Djokovic is 188cm!

It is impossible Sharapova is clearly shorter than Djokovic both in flats, just a bit shorter
EagleEye said on 24/Jun/11
Click Here

Link has a photo of Maria and Laura Robson, who recently said she's 181cm.
anon said on 22/Jun/11
6'2" in her shoes 6'1" max without
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 22/Jun/11
186-187cm max. Always looks shorter than 6ft2 Lyndsay Davenport
Jed said on 20/Jun/11
Hs, just google it. There are hundreds of pictures to back it up. The actual instance I was referring too was on tv during the French open. She stopped and chatted to him for a second and was definitely shorter than him. I'd say she's 185ish and ivanovic is 6' flat - she was the same height as her ex bf. You don't need links every 5 minutes. Use google.
Ron said on 19/Jun/11
Safina is 186cm for sure, her coach told me ! Maria is 1cm taller, so Maria is 187cm
germanjorg said on 10/Jun/11
@ hs2011 we all know already that you are a fanboy proves like the posted McGahee pictrues are always ignored by you so keep on dreaming and here some words im german for you du lebst in schande du mí¶chte gern allwissender mí¼ll schreiber
hs2011 said on 7/Jun/11
Jed says on 5/Jun/11
She's at least an inch shorter than djokovic

Proof? It's really frustrating when people say things, then don't post a pic to validate it.
Jed said on 5/Jun/11
She's at least an inch shorter than djokovic
hs2011 said on 4/Jun/11
Sharapova with 5'11" Andrea Petkovic: Click Here
She's definitely 6'2" or thereabouts, perhaps 187cm.
nona said on 3/Jun/11
even thought Sharapova has gained some weight and is now about 150 lbs, she is still very thin considering her 6'2" height. What surprises me though is the width of her shoulders. She has very wide shoulders but not broad or muscular. Just imagine if she had developed shoulder muscles like Serena, she would look huge with such wide muscular shoulders
miser said on 7/Jul/09
here's another view of that meeting, maybe Leung can offer his thoughts :)

Click Here
miser said on 6/Jul/09
sharapova and safina meet at the end of this video: Click Here
Stu said on 4/Jul/09
Miser,look at this photo of Sharapova next to Djokovic.
Click Here
She is clearly taller than 5'11 here.
miser said on 2/Jul/09
Errr... I suggest "Leung" gives one rational reason why the possibilty of her being 5-11 (or 5'11" and a half, as I have said many times) should be "ignored" given that she looks smaller than Venus Williams who is 6'1", and also looks about the same height as Dinara Safina who is about 5-11, or, at most, 6'. May I also suggest he should logically, RATIONALLY address the pictures I posted? I think not, that would be too much for him. That would require him to step out of his giant-amazon-fantasies. Let's just ignore each and every person who clings to reality. What a dork, honestly.
Ali said on 1/Jul/09
She is shorter than Djokovic. So she can't
be 6'2.

She is definitely a tall woman. 185-186cm.
Leung said on 1/Jul/09
I suggest everyone to simply ignore Miser
ZAQ said on 1/Jul/09
she was born on april 1987

so in 2001 she was 5'3 and 14
so by 14.5 she was 5'9
by 15.5 5'10 1/2
and at 17 she was 6'0
18 6'1 1/2
19 6'2

she was a late bloomer obv
miser said on 1/Jul/09
The pictures I posted of Sharapova with Venus Williams were taken in 2008.
Anonymous said on 1/Jul/09
There is a nice comparison pic of the 6'0", 165 lbs Dinara Safina & the 5'2", 125 lbs Dominika Cibulkova before their match at the French Open. Safina looks so huge and muscular next to the tiny Cibulkova.
Craig said on 1/Jul/09
i dont know why people are having such a tough time accepting maria sharapova as 6'2", people are postin her pics from 2003-2004(when she was 6')and are claiming her to be shorter. so pls check the dates of your pics before posting your claims
miser said on 30/Jun/09
Click Here
miser said on 30/Jun/09
If she is 6'1" how tall is Venus Williams, Leung? How about Lindsay Davenport?

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Anonymous said on 30/Jun/09
Think we should get over Sharapova and concenterate on the younger lot of players who give Sharapova arun for her mony in the height & looks department. Take for example the 17 yr old Coco Vandeweghe of the USA who is 6'1" & 160lbs or the 16 yr old Kristina Mladenevic of France who is 6'0" & 130 lbs. Coco could easily give the skinny Sharapova a ride on her broad shoulders
miser said on 28/Jun/09
"Wrong miser, those 5in heels would have only given her 3ih at most. Read the heel height truth article here."

I have read that article, it's not quite right. Some kinds of heels can give women 4 inches... 5 is exaggeration, but the fact that Sharapova said they were "5 inches" shows that she is very aware that her shoes give her alot of height.

"So I think you will find she is 6'2."

6'2" for her is pure fantasy.
R said on 27/Jun/09
Wrong miser, those 5in heels would have only given her 3ih at most. Read the heel height truth article here. So I think you will find she is 6'2.
miser said on 27/Jun/09
Safina is about 5-11, she is about the same as Sharapova.

Click Here
Click Here
miser said on 27/Jun/09
"Those weren't "monster heels" miser, they look to be around 2-3 inches. "

Sharapova herself said they were "5 inches":

"When I walked out of the dressing room in five-inch heels, the look on Matthew's face said he wished I'd gone with flats. "You're going to tower over me," he said. (We're both 6'2" barefoot.) "You need to get used to powerful women," I replied. "Stand on an apple box.""

"And the notion that she is 5`11 barefoot is utterly insane. She towered legit 6`0 Uma Thurman, and so many others."

She towered over "legit" 6'0" Uma Thurman in these same 5-inch-heels, yeah... ;-) Sharapova is smaller than Venus Williams who is about 6'1". Maximum height for Sharapova is 6' even... 5'11" or 5'11" and a half more likely. Here is a rare picture of her without her monster-heels:

Click Here
anon said on 27/Jun/09
I've stood next to her at my tennis club multiple times while inline for food. I'm 6'2" and she's at least as tall as me and I'm guessing an inch or so taller. My guess is closer to 6'3".
Pete said on 27/Jun/09
I'm 6'2 in bare feet/6'3 in standard shoes (I had my height measured recently for a BMI survey). Last year at Montreal when she was heading to the practice courts, I was an inch taller than her. I think that she is 6'1 in bare feet and 6'2 in tennis shoes. Of course a person's official height is how tall they are in bare feet without the aid of shoes, so she is 6'1.
On an unrelated note Ivanovic who claims she is 6'1 is no taller than 5'11. Petrova and Safina on the other hand are probably slightly taller than they say they are. Petrova is probably 5'11 and Safina 6'0.
Ace said on 26/Jun/09
Those weren't "monster heels" miser, they look to be around 2-3 inches. And the notion that she is 5`11 barefoot is utterly insane. She towered legit 6`0 Uma Thurman, and so many others. The shortest she can be is 6`1.
miser said on 26/Jun/09
"Anonymous3 says on 20/Jun/09
6`4? are you delusional? I think you`d be lucky to catch her at 6feet... She wears ridiculous shoes that make her look like a hooker."

Lol, I agree, those monster-heels are not only dishonest, they also make her look worse... she is about 5-11 barefoot, there's no need for these things.
miser said on 26/Jun/09
"there you go, another confirmation from Maria that she is 6'2."

Lol, sure, if she says so herself (again) it must be true... what this excerpt actually does is to show her fixation on this fantasy of hers... it shows that she wants to be seem as very tall. "You NEED to get used to powerful women guys"... lol! ;-D
Anonymous said on 21/Jun/09
Doink says on 20/Jun/09
From the latest ESPN the Magazine issue (which Maria is the guest editor) on the Stafford makeover:

When I walked out of the dressing room in five-inch heels, the look on Matthew's face said he wished I'd gone with flats. "You're going to tower over me," he said. (We're both 6'2" barefoot.) "You need to get used to powerful women," I replied. "Stand on an apple box."

there you go, another confirmation from Maria that she is 6'2.
Doink said on 20/Jun/09
From the latest ESPN the Magazine issue (which Maria is the guest editor) on the Stafford makeover:

When I walked out of the dressing room in five-inch heels, the look on Matthew's face said he wished I'd gone with flats. "You're going to tower over me," he said. (We're both 6'2" barefoot.) "You need to get used to powerful women," I replied. "Stand on an apple box."
Anonymous3 said on 20/Jun/09
6`4? are you delusional? I think you`d be lucky to catch her at 6feet... She wears ridiculous shoes that make her look like a hooker.
cantbitetongue said on 14/Jun/09
dude, anon. i have to say i think YOU need the psychiatri medication.
Because you seem to think that you can barter Height. it doesn't matter whether or not you like M. or her game or her shoulders or the color of the swoosh on her bag her height is her height. AND Get This
Maria Sharapova is taller than Venus Williams POSSIBLY BY a Full 1.5 inch
its hard to believe i know but youll have to adjust
cantbitetongue said on 14/Jun/09
listen, someone who has personal -in the flesh- experience TOLD You she is at least 61 probably not over 62 in her feet. Venus Has NEVER EVER EVER been HAIR over 61/2 not 61 not 62 SIX Feet and a half inch Not a Hair more think
Anonymous said on 12/Jun/09
@UN Owen: my math that gives me the impression that Sharapova is under 6'2" is as follows. Matt Stafford measured at 6'2". Sharapova looks about and inch or two taller than Stafford. Sharapova has a footwear advantage of about three inches. Best case scenario is 2 in. advantage - 3 in. footwear = -1 inches. 6 foot 1 inch.
hh said on 8/Jun/09
i see in a site that now she is 6foot4
El said on 6/Jun/09
hehe ) Maria's height's 188 cm now.. and she weights i think about 57-60 (max) kilos :) yeah..think she'd be great playin v-ball LOL

and she's so tall coz serving the ball makes u growin.. also swimmin and servin in volleyball ))
Anonymous said on 4/Jun/09
The french open match betwn Maria Sharapova and Dominica Cibulkova was a great chance for some good height comparisons betwn the 6'2" Maria & the 5'3" Dominica. Maria was a whole head taller but Dominica as a whole was much better packaged
U.N. Owen said on 26/May/09
Anonymous, your math makes no sense whatsoever. 6'2" is not at all an unreasonable estimate for Maria, even if Stafford were really closer to 6'2" himself. (I liked the Kylie Minogue comment earlier BTW... LOL)
Anonymous said on 23/May/09
In the Matt Stafford vid Sharapova heels looked to give her about 5 inches or more in height. Taking Stafford's boots giving him about 2 inches and his much more relaxed posture I would put Sharapova at about 6 foot 1.
Anonymous said on 21/May/09
she looks at least 6'2, probably taller. she may be shorter than venus though who is probably 6'3 if she stands up straight. I don't think Venus wants to be seen as a freak so she either lies about her height or doesn't stand up straight when measured. It seems like really tall girls make their height a little shorter than it is. I mean how many tall girls have you seen that claim 5'10 when you know they are around 6'+.
Ace said on 16/May/09
Wow, Maria really was taller than him. If he is a legit 6`3 (which he looks to be), then she is no shorter than 6`2.
U.N. Owen said on 15/May/09
>Yeah Sharapova is not a turn on...

LOL -- Speak for yourself! Did you see the look on Stafford's face when Maria reached down to tie his boots?

Wow, she positively towered over the 6-3 quarterback. I think he'd need to stand on tiptoes if he wanted to use her shoulder as a chin rest. She really seems to enjoy being taller than everyone else in the room. Those monster shoes made her about 6-8... she must learn to duck when she goes through doorways.
Anonymous3 said on 13/May/09
slightly over 6' at best. and heels do give a lot of height depending on the shoe
Anonymous said on 9/May/09
Yeah Sharapova is not a turn on cos she is too thin at that height, maybe just abt 155 lbs. Compare that to the supremely athletic Candace Parker, the 6'4", 175 lbs WNBA star and you will realise what Im talking about.
Anonymous said on 9/May/09
Maria looks to be wearing abt 3" heels in that video which takes her to an imposing 6'5", but still too skinny for my liking. One thing which is very clear in that video is that she seems to be smitten by Stafford and is all over him, but he just does not notice her.
JJ said on 30/Apr/09
Doink, heels don't give 5.5 inches. Or 4.5 inches. Her heels look like 2 1/2 or 3 inches maximum.
Doink said on 29/Apr/09
Click Here
Here is the video, they are supposed to post additional footage later. Not much you can tell for sure given the footwear (Stafford puts on boots that give him at *least* two inches) and I'd estimate Maria's heels at 5.5 in for a height gain of about 4.5 inches (they have a bit of a platform). By my math, she looks a strong 6-2 here.
Doink said on 25/Apr/09
Maria will be on ESPN's E:60 this week in a segment where she "makes over" Georgia college QB (and now Detroit Lions QB) Matthew Stafford. He was measured at the NFL combine at 6'2 1/4". Should be a pretty good gauge of things.
Anonymous said on 24/Apr/09
Wow!! she's really tall for woman, and i thought Gisele Bundchen (5'11) is the most tall woman, but Maria had same heights with Ashton Kutcher!!!...
yoyo said on 22/Apr/09
at 22 now i believe she can't be growing anymore. she does look near 6ft2 but not a strong 6ft2 i guess. like 186~187 to me.
Doug said on 7/Apr/09
I love the way Sharapova is open to attracting the jealous ladies as does Angelina Jolie on here. Sharapova is 5'1.5" I swear!! Kylie Minogue had an inch on her in heels LOL. I saw her on Regis and Kelly and MAN! is this girl tall. You better beleive she is every inch of 6 foot 2 and she was looking in the 6'4" range in two inch heels no doubt about it!. This is legit, as if being 6' wasn't enough. Steroids is bull, although I am inclined to believe she likes being this tall more than she is letting on.
Anonymous said on 7/Apr/09
If Sharapova had taken steroids, Im sure she would have bulked up together with getting taller. Sharapova is in no way muscular, she is just tall and lanky. She would look so much more attractive if she put on some muscle onto that 6'2" frame of hers. Muscle not as in the Serena Williams type but more of the Nicole Vaidisova types. Nicole is 6 ft tall and weighs abt 170 lbs and is so fit and toned, unlike Sharapova who look so weak
Maribel said on 5/Apr/09
She doesn't really look 6-2, more like 1m83 perhaps. I heard the only way you could reduce your height is by takin estrogens, but not so sure and I also heard that girls grow six feet or over by takin anabolic steriods. I heard a while back that Sharapova took steriods.
Kendra said on 2/Apr/09
6'3" 172 lbs. here
Anonymous said on 31/Mar/09
There is a Czech tennis player called Eva Hrdinova, who is 6'3" & 181 lbs. She is taller than Sharapova and is so well built that Sharapova at just 160 lbs wud get blown away by this girl
Anonymous said on 30/Mar/09
Check out the award winners of the WTA tour. We have Dinara Safina, Liezel Huber & Ana Ivanovic at 6 ft, Elena Dementieva at 5'11", Caroline Wozniacki at 5'9". There is a pic of them together and all of them look so tall and fit.
diana said on 29/Mar/09
lol i agree completely with UN owen i don't care about models
but regular people don't look too kindly on tall girls and a lot of girls moreso hate being tall for some reason even though i think its really cool to be taller than people
but in heels she is quite a bit taller than josh duhamel who on this site is 6'3.5 so she HAS to be 6'2. girls don't round up with their height ever and she has said she doesn't like her height so i don't really see how she is shorter than 6'2.
Yasi said on 28/Mar/09
I knew from some sources that she is about 6.2"
malo said on 25/Mar/09
she is indeed 6'2", I met her recently she was wearing flats and we are same height and i am pretty sure I'm 6'2"
Alex said on 3/Mar/09
I'd like to see a picture of Maria with 5'11.5-6'0 Famke Janssen.
R said on 3/Mar/09

Everyone keeps mentioning heels, but 10cm would not give her 10cm (4in) extra in height, it would be closer to 7.5cm (3in) ish, which would mean she is indeed 6'2". I seriously don't think she is anything but that height or at the very least 6'1".
Rx said on 2/Mar/09
I would wager money that, in this case, the "secondary" growth spurt was decidedly not of a normal course; rather, due to the introduction of exogenous growth hormone. It's a common abuse amongst adolescent athletes (with means) that is rarely, if ever, discussed in the mainstream media - primarily due to ignorance of its frequency. Parents/trainers doctor-shop for a physician who is willing to make a subjective diagnosis, contrary to ethical practice, of "idiopathic short stature" and, thus, offer a course of growth hormone replacement therapy to "attenuate primary idiopathy and associated symptom clusters."
aram x said on 28/Feb/09
It's also worth noting that she's got very square (although I am not sure about broad) shoulders. Which for some reason makes her appear taller.
aram x said on 28/Feb/09
anyways 6ft plus is really tall for a girl...
ANON said on 26/Feb/09
This beauty is just under 6' 1" that's her correct height,believe me I should know!
LOL said on 18/Feb/09
I'm 6'4" (1.93 meters)and i meet with her once. with 10 cm heels she is taller than me for a inch. she not 6'2". 6'1" exactly no more no less
miser said on 17/Feb/09
I think primarily in centimeters/meters, I'm not american/british. Sharapova is under 185cm, she's between 180cm and 183cm. Venus is about 185cm. Ivanović probably 177cm to 180cm.
kampioen said on 16/Feb/09
The thing is, I think, with all those confusing heights, that a lot of people take 6 ft as being 180 cm. It has to be 183 cm. So I think it's better to measure in meters and cm, for there is no confusion about that.
A view examples:
Maria Sharapova: 185 cm (so 6 ft 1!)
Elle MacPherson: 180 or 181 cm (so 5 ft 11, or 5 ft 11,5; she is the same height or even a cm smaller than Uma Thurman)
Ana Ivanovic: 180 or 181cm (so 5 ft 11 or 5 ft 11,5)
Juliana said on 13/Feb/09
Wow, Maria is a tall girl :)! People say she's 130 pounds?? That's not a reasonable weight for that height. I'm 5'10 and I'm 140.
lullemans said on 11/Feb/09
Sorry for my previous comment. Yes, I was pretty confused indeed. I only watched the last part of the video after posting my first comment. So I apologize for that, just forget what I said, ok?=)
miser said on 11/Feb/09
jesus, you're pretty confused there lullemans... ;-)
Leterman is taller than sharapova barefoot. Watch the final part of that video when they greet each other by the net.
lullemans said on 10/Feb/09
According to the above, Sharapova is 188cm and David Letterman is 187 cm, but take a look at this video:

Click Here

Pause it at 0:20 and watch. If David Letterman really is 187 cm, then Sharapova should be a giant monster, standing above 200 cm. That doesn't make sense, does it? I know Letterman is standing on a platform, and Sharapova is wearing heels, but how much of a difference could that make? Is the platform Letterman is standing on about 30 cm high? And do the heels she is wearing make her look 10 cm taller? I'm just guessing, but if we take those numbers and add them to their heights, then Sharapova should be 198 cm and Letterman 217 cm, a difference of 19 cm, and it doesn't look as though Letterman is 19 cm higher than Sharapova on that video.

If you imagine away the platform and the heels, then Sharapova should still be about 20 cm taller than Letterman. Would it make any sense if Sharapova was 20 cm taller than Letterman, making her 208 cm tall, or would it make more sense if Sharapova is 188 cm and Letterman is 20 cm shorter, making him 167 cm tall?
Felix said on 9/Feb/09
Land8: It's pretty friggin obvious that Sharapova's wearing heels in that picture. That's the only way she'd be that MUCH taller than Fed.
Mc79 said on 5/Feb/09
She looked the same height as Letterman serving those balls. I'm 6-2 on a good day; I'm sure she's somewhere around my height (but without my size 13's:)
Land8 said on 2/Feb/09
I saw her at the Rogers Cup, and I'd say she is 6 foot 1
She is definetely not taller than 6 foot 2 !

Yes she is tall for a woman but she is not VERY tall

Sometimes Maria looks smaller :

In this pic, she looks smaller than Tara Moss (6ft1)

Click Here

In other pics, she looks like a giant !

She was only 17 years old on this pic (after winning Wimbledon) and she towers over Federer (6ft1) !

Click Here
Anonymous said on 31/Jan/09
Doug, if the heights are legit than why arnt the weights so?? its ridiculous the weights at which some of these girls are listed. For example Sharapova at 130lbs, Serene Williams at 143lbs, Nadia petrova at 150lbs etc
miser said on 30/Jan/09
oh sure. if you were really 6-2 everybody'd guess 6-4 or more for you ;-), people tend to exaggerate when they see something out of the ordinary.
Anonymous said on 30/Jan/09
DOWNGRADE TO 6'0-6'1 -.-

She's never ever over 1,86m/ 6'1.25
Jamie! said on 29/Jan/09
I am a 6' 2'' female and no one ever thinks I am as tall as I am. They always guess about 6'.
J.J. said on 27/Jan/09
this is giant status cos thats an equivalent for a 6'7" man which is 2 metres plus and any man who is 2 metres plus is a giant and any woman who is 1.88metres is also a giant cos women hardly reach these heights.
Anonymous3 said on 25/Jan/09
i don't see 6'2, 6feet best.
Eagle eye said on 23/Jan/09
Hey Rob, introducing Kristina Mladenovic. She's a 15 yr old French tennis player and is currently 6 feet 1. Last year she was listed as 6 feet. She's a promising player as well. Could be a good addition for this site.
Doug said on 20/Jan/09
Note also that for tennis players if they are listed at a certain height you'd better believe they are every inch that height as they are legit barefoot measurments taken by the LTA. This is an official height which she also claims, amd more than likely would want to downgrade it. 6'2" for a woman is the equivalent of a 6'6"-6'7" guy, which is borderline "giant" so why would she claim it if it wasn't true?
Doug said on 20/Jan/09
Easily 6'2". Google search sharapova on regis and kelly. She had nearly a foot on Regis, easily 6'2" barefoot and was around 6'4" in two inch heels. Looked every inch of it.
Anonymous3 said on 16/Jan/09
THERE IS NO WAY SHARAPOVA IS 6'2, 6'2 is a joke, 6'3 is a dream and 6'4 if they ever list her at that is WISHFUL THINKING, she never even looked legit 6'2 tall. I have seen a friend (male) who is a strong 6'2 legit and he looks very tall already even for a guy. He was beside this 6'4 classmate of mine and the difference was minimal. Maybe around 1.5inches if both stood straighter. Sharapova never looked 6'2 in any photos even with her heels. She has to wear platforms to even come close. 184cm tops. Likely more 6feet even or even less. I can't believe they list Dinara Safina as 6'2 when she is obviously listed at 5'11/180cm most places. Proves how the height is so inflated. Seriously you don't see many 5'11-6'0 women, let alone above that. Women are genetically programmed to be shorter than men. Since most men are under 6feet or around it, most women are under 6 feet for sure. It's nature. Anything out of the normal range 5'-6' max for women maybe. and 5'5-6'5 for guys. Although there will be people who will surpass the range + or - by 2 inches or so.
Alex said on 9/Jan/09
A 6'10 male would be equal to a 6'4-6'5 woman which is giant status for their genders. 5'10 and up for a woman actually would be considered very tall by most.
Anonymous3 said on 8/Jan/09
Miser, I think she can be 6'2 with lifts lol. I think she is somewhere between 183-186cm. She can't be any taller. 6'2 would look borderline freakish/freakish, its almost 190cm, 5'11 and up is very tall, 6'3 and up woman are true giantesses I think someone stated. 6'6 and up is very tall for men, 6'10 and up are true giants for men.
anonnymous said on 8/Jan/09
Miser, if you think that I and anonymous are the same person you'v got it wrong. I post under name anonnymous with two n's on purpose so I can be differentiate. You can see down there in my posts that I said that Maria is around 6'1, and probably about half an inch or so taller than Venus. The problem is that whoever say so you try to disrespect that person oppinion, like everybody else is a fool and you are a smartass.
anonymoose said on 6/Jan/09
yes Rob downgrade her to 6"1 for now
Alex said on 5/Jan/09
I could buy Maria at 6'1, anything under that I'd have to see her buy a height chart or something.
Andy van Karlsen said on 3/Jan/09
Downgrade to 6'0-6'1 pls
anonymous said on 3/Jan/09
enough, rob has made it clear that we are not supposed to be nasty in anyway shape or form. btw, i have never called you a name.
anonymous said on 2/Jan/09
I only post under anonymous miser, rob would know since he can check IP addresses. Plus, how am i being vindictive. For the past couple months, you have been showing poor evidence to say that sharapova is under 6`1, and you attack all others who disagree with you by either going on a rant, suggesting medication to others (telling U.N. Owen to take "haloperidol", seriously grow up). Just move on already, or tell people something they haven't heard 50 times.
miser said on 2/Jan/09
>miser you seem almost vindictive about this. You have been commentic almost soley on this page for months now.

*I* am the one being "vindictive" about this? It's you sharapova-adoring nutties that form mobs to diss and attempt to ban anyone that says anything you don't like. :-)Ask Anonymous3 and Mikez.

>Are you not going to move on?

I think it's more than time for you to move on, how about you take your "asinine" commentary somewhere it might be appreciated? Maybe here? Click Here Or at least stop posting under different names and hiding behind an "anonymous" heading.

>And btw, all your pictures of venus and sharapova have sharapova visibley bending,

geeez, here you go again. she isn't BENDING, what's the matter with you? she's looking a bit down in that one shot, yes, but there was a video on youtube, which i'm sure you saw and ignored, that showed her standing beside venus for minutes... she was not looking down all the time.

>plus you ignore the clear 4-5 inches maria has on serena williams.

i don't know how tall serena is, she could be 5-8 for all i know. what i'm taking as a definite standard is the height of davenport, she was measured and her height was given out as 189cm. venus is maybe more than an inch shorter than her, and venus has another inch on sharapova. it's a lot better to compare people of similar heights.

>U.N. Owen says on 31/Dec/08
>@miser: Have you considered switching to Decaf? Sheesh!

in addition to skipping anything that contains caffeine, i would recommend you and your buddies a medicine called haloperidol, it usually ameliorates symptoms quickly. drop by and i will give you guys a prescription.
U.N. Owen said on 31/Dec/08
@miser: Have you considered switching to Decaf? Sheesh!
anonymous said on 30/Dec/08
miser you seem almost vindictive about this. You have been commentic almost soley on this page for months now. Are you not going to move on? And btw, all your pictures of venus and sharapova have sharapova visibley bending, plus you ignore the clear 4-5 inches maria has on serena williams.
miser said on 30/Dec/08
"While it's fun to argue about photos, footwear, and camera angles, I don't doubt her at her word when she says she's "about 6-2.""

Well I think the fun part of this website is exactly to "verify" if what "celebrities" claim as their height is true or not... I think most of them don't lie about it, some do. This particular case is rather cute because of the way Sharapova lies about, she augments her height too much, by about 2"... she seems like a rather clueless teenager lying about it... probably got caught up in the excitment, everyone remarks on how tall she is everywhere she goes... She really was a teenager not long ago.

"There's frankly no reason for her to exaggerate her height"

What nonsense... yes there are reasons for her to exaggerate her height, she gets more hype as someone here said and consequently more media exposure, more advertisement. In other more cash and attention.

"as our society generally does not look kindly on women taller than they're "supposed to be.""

Oh sure... look at all these "supermodels", for example. Some are arond 5-10, even 5-11 and they sure are not considered "manly" or inadequate in ANY way. If anything they are role models for most women.

"She is also significantly taller and stronger than the average man. The two are not mutually exclusive. "

She may be a bit taller than average males, but she isn't "stronger"... she's got a thin build, which is the reason she still looks feminine at that height.
U.N. Owen said on 30/Dec/08
I for one disagree with all of these calls to "downgrade" Maria. While it's fun to argue about photos, footwear, and camera angles, I don't doubt her at her word when she says she's "about 6-2." There's frankly no reason for her to exaggerate her height, as our society generally does not look kindly on women taller than they're "supposed to be."

As just about every heterosexual male would agree, Maria Sharapova is drop-dead gorgeous. She is also significantly taller and stronger than the average man. The two are not mutually exclusive.

Keep her at 6 foot 2 until she goes back-to-back with Gabby Reece barefoot. I volunteer to be a judge, BTW... :D
miser said on 27/Dec/08
"Alex says on 27/Dec/08
She looks at least 6'1 with Serena though. Fine she may not be as tall as 6'2 but 6'1 may be more accurate. This 5'10-5'11 stuff seems too short for her."

Who the heck said she's 5-10? There ain't a SINGLE coment in this page saying that. And what do you mean by too short "for her"? Is she "supposed" to be a certain height? If anything she's TALLER than what she was "supposed" to be, she is way taller than both her parents. She has probably done the best out of her genetic potential, standing at 5'11½... Venuses' and Davenport's parents for example are way taller than Sharapova's.

"She is still taller than Josh Duhammel"

No she isn't. Not even on those monster heels of her. Look up the ESPN video on youtube.

"Anonymous says on 24/Dec/08
no more than 5'11, 3cm shorter than venus lol Click Here"

LOL, I suppose this picture has no "angle problem". That similar picture of her with Davenport by the net also has no angle problem. But the picture and the video of her standing side-to-side with Venus has angle problems. Get a clue already.

"Bud says on 21/Dec/08
Here she is with a modest 2-3" heel height advantage..."

A "modest" 3 inch advantage, lol... Do you consider the gap between a 5-8 and a 5-11 to be "modest"? It isn't... If we take a 6 feet tall guy and put him in a huge heels he will be about 1.90m too. SO WHAT? Does that mean he has turned into a 6-2, 6-3? Absolutely not, geez... back to earth folks.
Alex said on 27/Dec/08
She looks at least 6'1 with Serena though. Fine she may not be as tall as 6'2 but 6'1 may be more accurate. This 5'10-5'11 stuff seems too short for her.
anonymous said on 26/Dec/08
Here are a few reasons i will not believe she is anything shorter than 6`1:
She is still taller than Josh Duhammel (yes she is wearing heels, but he is 6`3.5 (6`4.5 in shoes) and she is still a half inch taller than him): Click Here
She towers Uma Thurman by what looks to be nearly five inches (if uma is wearing flats and sharapova is wearing 3 inch heels, than it would equate to 6`2): Click Here
She also has about 4-5 inches on 5`9ish serena williams: Click Here
miser said on 26/Dec/08
We already know the truth Randy, she's about 5'11½, 6' tops. But if you could get a picture to stamp this page, it would be good... maybe it would scare off all these crazies who desperately want to believe she is over 6'. Otherwise they will simply never give up, lol. ;)
Randy said on 26/Dec/08
Next tournament I go watch, I'll try to get a pic with her so we can finally know the truth. For now, a 1" or 1 1/5" downgrade is in order for Ms. Sharapova.
anonymous said on 25/Dec/08
there are very few pictures of maria sharapova standing straight though. in most of her photos, she is typically slouching, or leaning in. that does make her look occasionally shorter.
Andy van Karlsen said on 25/Dec/08
6'1.5 never. I thought she's 6'1.5 at max but now i know that it is impossible. She's 6'0.5-6'1
Dom said on 25/Dec/08
Maria is at least 6'1,5" but probably 6'2". I watch tennis all the time and she always looks taller than Venus and Barely shorter than Davenport. And she looks it in every pic Ive seen of her axcept maybe two pics with weird angles miser and anonymous found.
Anonymous said on 24/Dec/08
no more than 5'11, 3cm shorter than venus lol Click Here
anonymoose said on 24/Dec/08
yes Rob u need to downgrade Maria to 6"1 as of now
Alex said on 24/Dec/08
I do think the angle favored Venus a bit. Both I would think are about the same height still.
Andy van Karlsen said on 23/Dec/08
Downgrade by 1 inch MINIMUM pls!
Bud said on 23/Dec/08
She may have been 130# in 2004 when she was 6'-0" tall and won Wimby. Now, I'd say she's a couple inches taller and 165-170#.
anonymoose said on 23/Dec/08
even if Maria is 6"0.5-6"1 it doesn't matter coz she is still a very tall girl
Andy van Karlsen said on 22/Dec/08
As I said. between 183-187 ;) can we settle on 6'075 (approximately 184.5cm)? 188cm is really a joke and I don't want her to be very tall. If so I would affirm "SHE'S A GIANT SHE'S 6'2... NOOO SHE'S 6'3+ !!!!"

She's a weak 6'1 in my eyes... that's it!
Pako said on 22/Dec/08
Only in the last pics you can see Venus taller but at all the others pics Maria is taller so I think Maria is really 6'2 and Venus 6'1
Alex said on 22/Dec/08
Maria gets listed at 6'0 and 6'2. 130lbs for her you think is accurate?
anonymoose said on 22/Dec/08
Maria can be 6"1... in the Venus pics she has angle disadvantage..but hey isn't Venus listed at 6"0.5 on this site??? so Maria is either 6"0.5 or 6"1..I think both Maria and Venus r of the same height :) Maria just creates the illusion of being 6"2 but she is below it man :)
Bud said on 21/Dec/08
Here she is with a modest 2-3" heel height advantage... AND slumping (standing on 1 foot with her neck bent)... Yet, she still towers over these 3 military guys (in their chunky military shoes). The guy on the right has to be at LEAST 6' tall. I've stood next to Sharapova and she's definitely 6'-2" tall (minimum). I'm not sure why people have such a hard time believing that.
Click Here
Anonymous3 said on 21/Dec/08
mister you're right. She's is right around 6feet, Venus is taller than her definitely. But one thing's for certain, she is doe growing. Even most guys don't grow past 20. Guy's are mostly done around 18,19 and maybe for late bloomers at around 20. Girl's I find it hard to grow past 20, 21, or 22. She's not going to be taller than me. I'm 6'8 according to the media and its upgradeable heights. I'd like to see her grow to 6'10 or more to tower me! hehe
miser said on 21/Dec/08
Yes Anonymous3 she will soon catch up with and then pass you, at least according to our giantess-loving friends here on this page. She will never quit growing... lol.

"miser I honestly think that you underrate her height for some reason."

Honestly I think it is OVERWHELMINGLY obvious to any rational reader that you WANT her to be very tall for some reason. Just how the HELL could she be 6'1.5 (187cm) if not even Venus Williams is that tall? Venus at the most 186cm and has maybe more than an inch on Sharapova:

Click Here

Even if Venus is 186cm, Sharapova is 6 feet at best. 5'11½ more likely.
Anonymous3 said on 21/Dec/08
lol mister....catch up with me? She'll never me a legit 196cm barefoot. Since you inflated her height by like near 3 inches I'll just claim 6'8/203cm. Is she going to be having a 4th and 5th growth spurt? I high doubt it at her age. She's done growing for good at 21 turning 22 at 6'-6'1 at a stretch.
Andy van Karlsen said on 21/Dec/08
miser I honestly think that you underrate her height for some reason.

She's 100% between 6'0 and 6'1.5. Never ever at about 5'11 (ridiculous!!!) or over 6'1.5 (187cm). Even 6'0 is very tall for a woman but I think she's 6'1 or a little under (184cm). Williams is maybe a strong 6'1 186cm. Sharapova isn't more than 2cm shorter so 184cm would be correct.

Isn't there an approved voucher out there? I'm sure she lied by saying that she's 6'2 in that TV show months ago. Maybe in 1+x inch sneakers ;)

My guess (+/-1cm) is 6'0.75 (184.5-185)

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