How tall is Matt Bomer

Matt Bomer's Height

5ft 11 (180.3 cm)

American actor best known for roles on TV shows White Collar, Chuck, American Horror Story and films Magic Mike, In Time and Flightplan. In 2020 on Jimmy Fallon, he claimed "I'm Six Feet tall" and also once claimed "Just under Six Feet".

How tall is Matt Bomer
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Average Guess (77 Votes)
5ft 10.94in (180.2cm)
Putrescent said on 25/Apr/24
Rob, here are some additional photographs of Bomer with another actor, Jelani Alladin, who claims (and is listed) 6ft flat everywhere (he is definitely around that range with others listed 6ft or over. Clearly shorter than 6ft 2 listed guys.). He is the tallest one in all of the photographs and is wearing a similar Cuban heel to everybody else.

1:Click Here
2:Click Here
3:Click Here

Alladin self-listed 6ft flat on his resume: Click Here
And also claiming it on social media: Click Here

From what I am seeing, Bomer is struggling to look even within half an inch of 5ft 11. He also did not look any different from the 5ft 10 Kevin Bacon (who is now 65) with Bradley Cooper.

Bomer with Cooper: Click Here

Bacon with Cooper (there is a lens advantage in favour of Cooper, who is closer): Click Here

Another couple with Cooper where he looks at least two inches shorter below.
1: Click Here
2: Click Here
Putrescent said on 28/Nov/23
Any thoughts on the photographs, Rob?
Editor Rob
There is a case for the weak 5ft 11. For a few years I thought it did suit him!
Putrescent said on 27/Nov/23
Rob, I think Bomer's height should certainly be re-evaluated after some recent press photographs, which I have outlined below.

With Jonathan Bailey, who is listed at 5ft 11, but you have seen that he is not quite comfortably there:
1) Click Here (he looks over an inch shorter; footwear is not very dissimilar.)
2) Click Here (footwear seems to be unequal and favourably so for Bomer. Still looks almost an inch shorter.)
3) Click Here (footwear seems about equal, but maybe Bomer's heel is larger. The difference here seems to be much larger than in the previous photographs. Maybe the camera is tilted a tad.)
4) Click Here (same event as the last photograph, but the camera seems more level. Again, the difference is very considerable.)

With Bradley Cooper, who is listed at 6ft 0.5:
1) Click Here (here, Bomer looks a full two inches shorter to my eye. Bomer's footwear: Click Here and Cooper's: Click Here
2)Click Here (again, Bomer looks 5ft 10.5 at best with Cooper.)

As you have probably seen, Bomer is struggling to look even close to 5ft 11 with both of these guys. This is even more surprising because he is wearing either Chelsea boots or a Cuban-looking heel in every single photograph. What do you reckon, Rob? Does this even remotely substantiate his current listing?
Ray (5'10/177 cm) said on 8/Dec/22
Even though his lean build makes him look taller he’s still tall for an American male I’m thinking about 179 cms I’m sure he has his days where he can pull off 5’11 and depending on the shoe wear he could pull off 6’0
Putrescent said on 14/Aug/22
Rob, what is the absolute lowest you would argue for Matt?
Editor Rob
10.75 is the lowest I've ever really considered for him. a fraction over 5ft 11 the highest
Flare said on 11/Jun/22
You're right Rob! I didn't pick up on that before! That's interesting. I can't see him being taller than someone like Michael Fassbender or Viggo Mortensen. He looked shorter than 5ft10 Kevin Bacon (who had a shoe advantage to be fair), standing side by side. I think if Cooper is 6ft 0.5, Bomer is around 5ft10.5-5'10.75 range. Do you think that is looking like qa possibility yourself?
Editor Rob

In the past I’ve thought weak and strong 5ft 11, but the more I saw the less like I’ve thought he was over it.
Flare said on 10/Jun/22
Here a few more Rob, looks a little smaller here:
1:Click Here
2:Click Here
3:Click Here
4:Click Here

Is it a 1.5 or 2 inch difference in these?

Also he claims 'just under 6 feet' on this podcast in 2020, around 15 seconds in: Click Here
Editor Rob
Looks at least 1.5, but a full 2?

I noticed in that clip he almost said Five...before 'under six feet'.
Pere said on 19/Nov/21
@Rob How tall is a 5.11 twelve hours after waking up?
Pere said on 17/Nov/21
How much measures someone who is a 5.11 flat after 12 hours awake? 179.8 ? Or less?
Editor Rob
Yeah at lunch could be 180.3 and bedtime 179.8-9
ALEXIZ/180cm said on 1/Oct/21
Sorry but i think he is 178 cm
Dmeyer said on 18/Mar/21
5 FT 10,75 , looks smaller than Pitt near Gosling , 6-0,25 in Gosling about 4cm taller
tony t. said on 2/Jan/21
I always get this guy and Henry Cavill confused.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 11/Oct/20
🎁🎂🎊🎈 Happy Birthday Matt! 🎈🎊🎂🎁

A Very Happy 43rd Birthday to Matt Bomer. He's wishing him a lovely time with his Hollywood Publicist partner, Simon Halls, and their 3 sons.

5ft11 for handsome AHS actor, Matt.

michael kielty said on 10/Oct/20
Honestly surprised, thought this guy was closer to 6ft
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 3/Sep/20
@berta Bare in mind that Pitt is a lift wearer.
berta said on 30/May/20
he was 1 cm shorter than brad pitt cleary beside eath otehr. i think at best 180 cm
Vsquad said on 16/May/20

That photo is deceiving from being so close up. Here's 2 photos with Matt and Bill from the same link you posted -

Click Here
Click Here

Bill looks 2 inches taller, which lines up with Rob's listing of Matt at 5'11 and Bill's listing at 6'1. Even if Bill is as high as 187/6'1.5 - 6'1.75 as Google says, he looks to have 5 cm on Matt, which would make Matt 182 max. And that is still not believable.

Matt does not touch 6'0 at all.
Editor Rob
With someone like Reed it's hard to imagine Matt's claim of six foot being anything but in shoes.
Neen said on 9/May/20
Okay, so here´s my theory. I´ll take Chris Messina and Bill Pullman, whom Matt had acted alongside recently on The Sinner, as examples.
Bill is 187cm and here, they do not look 7cm apart but more like 4-5. Which would make Matt 182/183cm.

Click Here

Here, next to Chris, who is 175cm (Matt is standing at full height, no elevator shoes in this scene I guess ^^), and he looks a lot taller, even though Chris is looking up. Could easily be 7cm.

Check out this GIFset / 3rd GIF!

Click Here

Click Here

He seems to be closer to Bill than Chris. Which, when you do the math would make him a tat bit taller than 5´11 (180cm).

So, my point being. If Bomer says he is 183cm/6´0 - I believe him. :)
BT said on 2/Apr/20
5'11 is fair for Bomer, 5'10 1/2 is too low. He can arguably pull off 5'11 1/4, but can also look more 5'10 3/4 other times. I'd say he looks closer to the former than the latter here with Gosling (if we think he's right at 6'0 1/4), with similar footwear/posture: Click Here.
Vsquad said on 14/Mar/20
How could Bomer even try to claim 6ft... Has he seen himself next to Chris Pine and Ryan Gosling (both self-claiming 6 footers themselves)?

Has he seen himself next to Zachary Quinto? Like come on dude...
Nik Ashton said on 28/Feb/20
He may be 6’0” if he is measured with his shoes on!
Geeze said on 28/Jan/20
Rob, Matt just claimed '6 feet tall' on Jimmy Fallon... How off is he really?
Editor Rob
Barefoot, it seems hard to imagine he's that tall.
Jay Donnelly said on 27/Dec/19
It's great that Matt Bomer is so honest!
1999 said on 20/Oct/19
Rob he looks around 5'10 here with Cindy Crawford and James Corden.
I would assume that he is 5'10.5 at best.
What do you think?

Click Here
Editor Rob
For me he seemed nearer 5ft 11 than 10 there.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 11/Oct/19
🎁🎂🎈🕯️ Happy Birthday Matt! 🕯️🎈🎂🎁

Wishing an actor I've only truly recently got to 'know' even though I've seen 'Flightplan' a couple of times, is Matt Bomer, who takes on some plum parts in the 'American Horror Story' Seasons. I'd like to take this opportunity of wishing this exciting actor Matt a terrific 42nd Birthday. He bears a striking resemblance to Cheyenne Jackson, and the only 💯% guarantee I have of being able to tell the difference between the two is to look at their heights - of course!


Miss Sandy Cowell said on 7/Jun/19
I have to check Matt out in 'Flightplan'. The way the actors are made up in 'American Horror Story' can look so incredibly far and away from their usual appearances that it would be a rare treat for me, or indeed for anyone to whom this series is new, to see Matt (or any of the other of the novelty stars) looking like, eh, Matt, just like he does in the picture up top!

One thing I must say, however, is that with each and every actor or actress that I have become 'acquainted' with via 'American Horror Story', I am now interested in finding out more about the other film roles and get to thoroughly know what sort of acting is their usual style. I can't imagine being let down in any of their cases! I find it such fun to start a new Season and see which members of this acting 'family' star therein, and as what, and they ARE like a big family, coming in all different shapes, sizes and colourings and having worked with each other for years. I bet they get on fantastically and have such fun together because the end results are second to NONE!
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 6/Jun/19
No, the husband and father of the little boy IS 6ft3 Will Drake, played by Cheyenne Jackson!

I told you I mixed them up!
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 6/Jun/19
I agree with MarkK79 that Matt's physique and excellent posture make him look taller. In fact, I was getting him mixed up with (and this is a hard one to admit!) the 6ft3 Cheyenne Jackson until I saw them standing together! How embarrassing is that?

I'm loving his roles in 'American Horror Story', and am currently watching him play the part of Donovan in Season Five, 'Hotel', wherein he plays the lover of Lady Gaga, and the son of Kathy Bates's Iris. He has himself a sweet little son with long brown hair, and it's for the child's sake that I wish he'd open his eyes and realise that Lady Gaga's Countess is merely using him. He explains to his son that he is bisexual, but in finding the Countess, he has finally found his someone special.

I simply can't go lower than 5ft11 for him. 🤔😏 After all, I did mix him up with a 6ft3 guy.... 😭😝😂
MarkK79 said on 22/Jan/19
Dude is 5’10 in shoes with good posture. Gives the appearance of being taller because of his very slim build.
Coostur said on 11/Jan/19
Rob, how tall does Matt look here: Click Here with 6'1" Joe Alwyn? Looks around 5'10.75", or a weak 5'11" right? Bearing in mind Joe is looking down a notch
Editor Rob
He could pass for almost 5ft 11 with Joe...who could be argued a solid 6ft 1 range himself.
berta said on 9/Oct/18
brad pitt would edge this guy out
JoeSmith said on 30/Jul/18
He's a taller than his co-star Josh Wiggins in "Walking Out" and light enough for him to be carried most of the movie. Rob how much do you think he weights and how tall Wiggins is?
184.5cm said on 25/Jul/18
5ft 11.5 or 181.5cm. Looks so with 5ft 7 max Darren Criss: Click Here
MAD SAM said on 11/Jul/18
179.5 cm or 5’10.75”
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 2/May/18
Look 5'10 3/4 max with Zachary Quinto. There is no way he could be 5'11.
berta said on 3/Apr/18
this guy looks 179 range
Junior Hernandez said on 2/Feb/18
@Kevin True he look under 180cm.
growtallerguru said on 19/Jan/18
If I was him, I wouldn't complain about my height or my face.
Kevin said on 12/Dec/17

He looks nowhere near 5'11.5 with Ryan Gosling. 5'10.5 tops.
Neal Caffrey said on 2/Dec/17
Matt is a solid 5ft 11.5.
Junior said on 30/Oct/17

Alex Pettyfer may not be legit 5'10.5" more like 5'10-5'10.25" and Matt look 5'10.5-5'10.75" along 6'0.75" Zachary Quinto.

Click Here:
berta said on 28/Oct/17
for some reason i think a guy like brad pitt could be 0,5-1 cm taller than this guy is believe he could be 179,5 guy ore barely 180
Slim 182 cm said on 12/Aug/17
Be careful, he does wear boots to pass of as a six footer. And the ground wasn't that great in magic mike, plus he may have asked for the camera angle advantage.
Michael said on 3/Aug/17
He looked slightly taller than Alex Pettyfer (1.79m) in Magic Mike. I think Matt may measure 1.81m, not more than 1.82m though.
berta said on 13/Jul/17
i think he is 179,5-180 cm looks small
S.J.H said on 13/Jun/17
Seriously i look through Mark Ruffalo with Matt Bomer. 5'10.5 and not higher for Bomer if Ruffalo is only 5'7.25 and Taylor Kitsch is probably 5'10.25 not over
Average height and slim said on 28/May/17
Same height as Matthew McConaughey in magic mike
179.5 cm (5'10.75)
Jonah said on 25/May/17
Click Here

measured 176cm in this picture?
Editor Rob
I believe those markings are inches, like 75/6ft 1.
Dan said on 23/Mar/17
Looks 5'10 tops
Elias said on 21/Mar/17
The more I look at him the more i think he can hit 180/182 cm range
HonestSlovene said on 29/Jan/17
Between a weak 181 cm and a strong 179 cm I'd say. 5'11"/180 cm is on the money and 179-181 cm as an overral range for him.
Jones said on 7/Jan/17
What are the chances of him being 181cm or even 182cm?
Editor Rob
Jones, at times I've thought he could pass for it, but the more I've seen him over the years, I think the lesser chance he'd really hit 5ft 11.5
Russell said on 22/Dec/16
Rob do you think it's time for a little downgrade? I'd say 179 cm seems more accurate.
Editor Rob
Russell, I've not seen enough to say 179 is a better fit.
ml said on 8/Dec/16
@Rob look these picture

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

He is shorter than Gosling and close to Russell Crowe so Bomer is between 5'10"/5'11"?
Trent Bastillo said on 15/Oct/16
He seems like a 6ft 1in. Take a look at him carefully on White Collar
Nick said on 1/Aug/16
Rob, do you think he's possibly snuck in a sneaky lift every now and then to give a taller impression?
At times he looks way smaller than Tim DeKay (6'2) Click Here and sometimes it seems like he's scraping 6'2 Click Here
Here's Bomer with Willie Garson, who's listed at 5'7,5 (171cm) Click Here and judging by that pic, he's not one bit taller than 179-180 cm
Editor Rob
if you think about it - a proportion of men buy lifts. There are dozens of elevator shoe retailers globally, and many sellers of shoe lifts.

I mentioned on here, my neighbour once told me (he was near 5ft 11 he says in 20's and at 55 was down to 5ft 10) he saw young guys getting taller and went and ordered elevator shoes and wore them a period...after a while gave them up...but it shows, people you least expect sometimes have worn them.

A celebrity is in a looks-driven industry...part of that looks is height, and generally the taller the better in hollywood (up to a point...)
MD said on 2/Jun/16
Some recent photos he was looking really close to Ryan Gosling, but then I saw some where the footwear and elevation were more even, and it's clewar Gosling is quite a bit taller. It honestly looks at least a solid two inches to my eye even with the different stance:

Click Here

He is certainly nothing more than listed, though he can certainly look taller at times due to his physique and posture.
roy said on 30/May/16
With 6 foot Jensen ackles Click Here
Editor Rob
it's just a digital altered photo, not a real one.

Although we also have lens-altered photos which can add or remove height from individuals in photos.
Ran said on 12/May/16
Rob, do you think he has a larger than normal head? His forehead seems larger than average
Editor Rob
to me it doesn't appear to be anything out of the ordinary...wouldn't have said much more than average.
TJE said on 6/Apr/16
Yea he looks two inches shorter than Jim Parsons.
Johnny said on 5/Apr/16
@Rob why did you shave the 0.25?
Editor Rob
overall I think it is probably the best fit for him.
Andrea said on 1/Apr/16
Rob, you can see him with Mark Sheppard and Reed Diamond, that you both met!
He really struggles to look even the full 5'11 with them, let alone 181!
He can look just 5'10-5'11 in some photos with them!
Editor Rob
I think 5ft 11 on the nose is probably safer bet, he could look a big amount shorter than Joe manganiello as well.
Joe said on 23/Mar/16
Hey Rob, what height do you think the bottom of his eyes are at? Also at what height do you think his harline starts?
Editor Rob
he's possibly got 4.7-8 range eyelevel and a hairline almost 1.5 inch
Borats chicken said on 8/Jan/16
Rob, My grandfather was 5ft 11in when he was younger and now hes 170cm at 80s
Do you think that someone can lose alot of inches when they older?
BT said on 20/Oct/15
Bomer gives off a classic 5'11 flat impression and he always holds great posture. No less than 2 inches shorter than Quinto and Parsons, about 3.5 inches taller than Ruffalo, barely edges Kitsch by a hair, more than 1 inch shorter than Tatum.
dmeyer said on 18/Oct/15
Rob do you think he will win brad pitt by 0.25in on your stadiometer at night
Editor Rob
sometimes I think they both could be 5ft 11!
Allie said on 16/Oct/15
He's a couple inches taller than Alexandra Daddario whose 169-170 and was wearing heels in white collar.
dmeyer said on 12/Oct/15
There is a lot of 181ers on this site , thaugh if i was a celeb i would have been listed 5'11.5 maybe even 5'11.75 since at my low i am 181.3-181.8cm and you often list afternoon height
Josh1 said on 3/Aug/15
5'10 maybe even 5'9.5 he just doesn´t look 5'11.
Dom said on 10/Jul/15
I was surprised but he easily looks the height listed here next to Magic Mike costars
Mike said on 6/Jul/15
Just does not strike me as a 5'11 guy, has the proportions of someone slightly smaller.
J'J said on 6/Jun/15
He is 5'9 I'm sorry!
Lucho said on 3/May/15
He doesn't look anything over 180 cm with Kevin Nash . He is 5'11" (179.7/180.1 cm)
cole said on 13/Apr/15
To me Hutch Dano looked taller than Matt on White Collar even when he wasn't standing as well as Matt, I'd say weak or solid 182 cm is a fair shout. I'm fairly convinced Bomer is a 180 cm flat guy, but he can of course look a little taller when standing with better posture than the people around him.
MD said on 26/Mar/15
With a flat 5'11" Asa Butterfield.

Click Here

Click Here
cole said on 11/Mar/15
Wanted poster from 'White Collar' gives 5'11: Click Here
One of the few character heights on that show that actually fits the actor...
Hypado said on 21/Feb/15
181 cm (5ft 11.25in) for Matt Bomer.

Maybe a weak 182 cm, 5ft 11.5in
Voiceless Dental Fricative said on 20/Feb/15
Click Here
looking same height as 5'10 Kevin Bacon here
MD said on 13/Feb/15
With 6'1" Zachary Quinto:

Click Here
horacle said on 31/Jan/15
i think he is around 5'10 no more and wears small lift to look 5"11
burtmacklin said on 30/Jan/15
this guy is more like 178-179
Atom said on 28/Jan/15
Needs serious downgrade. Here is a pic with Mark Ruffalo listed 5'7.5(171cm), no way the height different is 10cm. Bomer is between 5'9"~5'10". Seems like he's a lift user.
Click Here
MD said on 8/Jan/15
He is really quite a bit shorter than Zachary Quinto.
onthemoney said on 20/Nov/14
@rob did you upgrade Ian somerhalder? They look the same height on several occasions
Editor Rob
a while ago he got a 1/4 inch extra, I think a solid 5ft 9 is what he'd measure...unless he has wee lifts in his shoes or boots, something I do wonder about!
Polorpie said on 14/Nov/14
This weeks show when he bent down to pick up his hat he was wearing 2 inch high boots. He looks at least 2 inches shorter than Tim DEkay. Minus the two images for his boots if Tim decay is 6 ft 1 in. So minus 4 in. that makes Matt Bomer about 5'9".
cole said on 7/Oct/14
@Kevin: Come on man, that's a bit harsh. Those are hardly "elevators". Looks like a pretty standard 2 cm heel - with maybe a 1,5-2 cm insole judging by the angle of his foot. He'd still probably have a small advantage over the 171 cm Mozzie in that shot though.

In a scene (can't remember episode/season, they were talking by the balcony door or something like that) I did think Matt could look 11-12 cm taller, wearing standard dress shoes and Mozzie was a little hunched over, wearing socks. He can look 6-7 cm shorter than Tim Dekay on the show, but he doesn't strike me as a true 188 cm guy - much like Hugh Jackman he could be just 186-187 cm range. I wouldn't loose much sleep had I placed a solid bet on Matt measuring 180 cm. 181 cm is maybe giving him the benefit of the doubt, but it's not impossible.
Damon1994 said on 2/Oct/14
Do you really think he's wearing elevator shoes? How can you tell??
McEddy said on 17/Sep/14

You caught him - obvious lift wearer. Why would a solid 5'11+ dude need to wear lifts?? That is a solid height for Hollywood/movies/TV. I'm thinking he's probably a stretch at 5'10, and likely shorter.
Lebensdorf said on 7/Aug/14

Those are pretty nice elevator shoes he's got on.
kevin said on 8/Jul/14
look at his elevators haha

Click Here

hes no more than 5ft11 flat maybe even a fraction less
cole said on 25/Jun/14
I'll try that first one again: Click Here
cole said on 22/Jun/14
Of course in some distorted pics he can look shorter than 5'11, or taller than 5'11 like he has with Jim Parsons in some other, also distorted shots. But in this one he looks pretty much 5'11 on the nose I'd say: Click Here Saw another pic from that event that showed their footwear, which looked pretty equal, but I can't seem to find it...

Here he is with Jim Parsons and Taylor Kitsch. He looks 5'11 here as well.
Click Here
Click Here
5'8.5'' guy said on 14/Jun/14
hes 5'9-5'10
Aton said on 12/Jun/14
I agree, he appears at least 3 inches shorter than Zachery Quinto who's listed 6'1" here. There are seperate photos of each at Just Jared both with normal footwear. Guess Bomer is a secret lift wearer. He's about 5'10".
vtec said on 10/Jun/14
needs a major downgrade

with zach quinto
Click Here
cole said on 3/Apr/14
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Can't see footwear, but next to strong 6 footers (6'0.25) Sharif Atkins and Reed Diamond as well he can pull off 180-181 cm. Can look anywhere between 1-1.5in shorter than those guys. So 5'10.75 - 5'11.25 is my guess range for him.
cole said on 2/Apr/14
@Editor Rob: He has done to me too, but I think the times he has appeared a strong 5'11, is compared to guys whom might be a bit generously listed to begin with / who's height is debatable! But he does give a decent 180 cm range impression in most of the stuff I've seen him in, so 181 isn 't impossible, I just wouldn't go any higher.
cole said on 16/Mar/14
@Editor Rob: Will you go with the 5'11 flat?
Editor Rob
it isn't impossible, I've thought he can pass for a strong 5ft 11 a fair amount.
vtec said on 24/Jan/14
5'10" max
Elias said on 6/Jan/14
i'm sorry,I just noticed that this is a fake photo, but in this picture:
Click Here
Elias said on 6/Jan/14
why does ian somerhalder seems to be quite the same height as him ?
Click Here
cole said on 22/Nov/13
I have to estimate him at the height I think he looks on Chuck. As Rob has met Zachary Levi and he seems like a pretty legit 191 cm guy. Matt's lean frame makes him look taller at times I'm sure, but I doubt he's much taller than 5'11 after re-watching Chuck. So 5'11 for Mr. Matthew Bomer.
MD said on 18/Nov/13
Yeah, the quarter inch seems a bit gratuitous.
cole said on 15/Nov/13
At times when he appeared on Chuck, he could look around the 5'10 mark and even a litte bit lower next to Zachary Levi (could look around 5'11 also, but never close to 6ft). I think 5'11 flat is a fair shout for him.

Whilst not impossible, the 5'11.25 is maybe a tad generous, Rob?
Sarah said on 4/Nov/13
5'11". He was about 4 in shorter than 6'3" Zachary Levi on Chuck.
Elias said on 2/Oct/13
he looks 179 cm
Dmeyer said on 18/Mar/13
Looking at pics with dekay 181cm looks bang on he apears 5'11-11.5 zone
Brock said on 27/Jan/13
In response to E, I agree he looks more 5' 11" but to make the statement that you've never heard of anyone who was 5'11" wearing less than a 42? Are you kidding me?! Height has nothing to do with chest size! I am exactly 5'11" myself and wear a 38R. It's called being slim!
E said on 19/Jan/13
I don't know. He looks 5'11, but there are a lot of times when he stands next to other people and looks really small. Not to mention his wardrobe manager says he wears a 38S. I have never heard of anyone 5'11 wearing less than a 42.
NYCTheatreguy said on 18/Jan/13
I'd say more like 5' 10" as I know Tim DeKay and he is no more than 6' 1", so assuming the three-inch difference which most everyone seems to agree on, Matt's a solid 5' 10".
Hew said on 14/Jan/13
5'11 on the dot, shave the .25
lol93 said on 12/Jan/13
what about this picture Rob? Click Here
Ash Navarre said on 9/Jan/13
Big head, voluminous hair, small shoulders: he probably looks smaller than he really is. Dekay (tall guy, possibly in the 186-187cm range) has better proportions; Bomer looks less than 2" shorter than him in WC. Still, Zach Levi towered him in Chuck. A good 5'11" sounds good
SAK said on 6/Jan/13
While watching Chainsaw Massacre Beginning. Bomer looked less then an inch shorter then R.Lee Ermey(6ft). 5f11/181cm is spot on for him.
Kat said on 20/Nov/12
This seems like the correct height for him, if Tim Dekay (his costar on White Collar) is 6'2 Matt has to be 5'11 at least because he doesn't look more than 3 inches shorter than Tim.
Hew said on 6/Nov/12
Around 5´11 for sure (like 179-180 cm). Rob, would you at least consider shaving the .25"?
Lo Sgozzatore said on 31/Oct/12
Rob, he looks 3+ inches shorter than Tim Dekay... You think he could be under 5'11 or Tim over 6'2?
Editor Rob
I think 3 inches between them is close, I don't know about more than that
Silent d said on 12/Oct/12
I use to think this guy was 5 foot 9 until on et for magic mike said he was 5 foot 11. Rob why would you give him an extra cm? WCD mega high heels would make her 6 foot. Depends how huge her heels were. 15/16cm heels? 5 foot 11.
Editor Rob
5ft 11 on the nose probably is an honest assessment!
WCD said on 24/Aug/12
Sorry, I meant "barefoot" and not "barefood". ;)
WCD said on 20/Aug/12
When he (barefood) acts with Hilarie Burton (high hells) he's definitely smaller. She is told to be 171 cm, with mega high hells it would be 180, so he never is taller then 178.
Hob said on 7/Aug/12
im catching white collar on dvd , more i see him he does't look over 179cm.
Joey said on 31/Jul/12
In the new episode of WC, Tim Dekay states he is 6'2. There was always a bit of a difference btw the two. About 2 inches i'd say making him around 6'0 in his dress shoes......5'11 barefoot
BigT said on 28/Jul/12
Been looking at this guy for a while now, I would say 179-180 cm, not entirely convinced he's 181 cm.
Hob said on 27/Jul/12
i heard someone pointed he claim 6'0 in person
bam said on 3/Feb/12
holds his own near dekay, it defnitely doesn't look like a 3 inch difference.
Steven said on 11/Jan/12
he look 179-180cm so 5'11 or 5'10.75
yh said on 6/Jan/12
5'11. but hes very Good looking guy!
jase said on 15/Dec/11
Been watching this guy for ages in terms of height. Comparing him with yvonne stravoshki in chuck, he looks pretty close in height with her? She is in flats and so is he in episode 10. Although when compared with costar in white collar, he looks almost 6 feet in some pics.

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