How tall is Matthew Kelly

Matthew Kelly's Height

6ft 2 ½ (189.2 cm)

Peak height was 6ft 5 (195.6 cm)
British TV Presenter and actor known for hosting the TV show Stars in their Eyes. His agency CV lists him as 196cm (15stone) and in 2001 mentioned his weight: "I went up to just under 17 stone. My average is about 14 stone, which I am now. I'm 6ft 5ins. Which is tall, but I don't think of myself as a big bloke. The only time I ever remember I'm tall, is when I'm talking to someone at eye level, standing up. And I think, "Blimey! They're tall." So I realise I must be tall too."
However, in the Coventry Telegraph over 10 years later, he revealed "I used to be 6ft 5inches, but when I was measured up for a costume-fitting at the RSC and I was 6ft two-and-a-half! I couldn't believe it!"
Yeah, I always used to say I was six foot six but I knew that was a lie. I knew I was six foot five. Then I had an accident when I was parachuting for Game For A Laugh. I broke my leg and became an inch shorter. When I started my career, they used to say, ‘Oh, you’re too tall’, or ‘We haven’t got any parts for policemen’, or ‘We haven’t got any costumes to fit’. Coming here to work for the RSC, I’ve been measured for the first time in many years. I now measure six foot two-and-a-half. I’m absolutely devastated because, for me, being really tall is special.

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Average Guess (12 Votes)
Peak: 6ft 4.35in (193.9cm)
Current: 6ft 2.33in (188.8cm)
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 18/Mar/23
I think 4-5cm loss is likelier than 7cm, IMO.

Not quite a full 6ft5 peak and today might still stretch to almost 6ft3
berta said on 24/Jan/23
morning peak height 6´5, efternoonheight 194. today 189 if they measured him right. 5 cm loss. its very mutch but 7 cm cant be right.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 10/Jan/22
Arch, I’d give Clive the edge though...he’s down here at 6ft5½. Matthew I struggle to see that tall, unless he’s actually lost 3in!

I’m more inclined to believe the latter is still near 6ft3 and was possibly a bit shy of 6ft5 peak
Hong said on 3/Dec/21
Click Here Here's Maythew towering 5ft6.5 or 5ft7 listed Simon Callow.
Hong said on 3/Dec/21
Click Here Here's Matthew with 5ft11 listed Boy George,he's looking a good 6ft5 there.
Arch Stanton said on 2/Oct/21
It's odd Rampage to have lost 2.5 inches. I used to watch Stars in their Eyes and You Bet in the 90s and he had that looming look of a 6'5 guy Clive Mantle had on Casualty, I'm pretty sure both said 6'5.5 at some point and saw no reason to disbelieve it. But not impossible he was a little under 6'5 at lowest.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 1/Oct/21
I think he might be exaggerating his loss a little. Still has a shot at hitting 190cm and peak maybe 194-195cm range, not quite a solid 6ft5er?
Terence Perring said on 25/Mar/21
How would a leg break lose you height? Unless the accident also compressed the spine?
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 12/Jul/19
There was a Matthew Kelly in my year at junior school. He was good at sports and quite a few of the girls fancied him!

I go for the average of 6ft4.25 for Matthew's peak height and 2" less for today's height. 😁
Canson said on 25/Nov/18
@Jonathan Ince: have you actually met him? You speak as if you’ve met him or with conviction with no evidence
Jonathan Ince said on 23/Nov/18
He's 6ft 4. I'm 6ft1 and only 25 and he's considerably higher than me even at his age. Not sure why his current is so low. My family are im the entertainment industry and he's a minimum of 6ft 3.
Jonathan Ince said on 23/Nov/18
He's 6ft 4. I'm 6ft1 and only 25 and he's considerably higher than me even at his age. Not sure why his current is so low. My family are im the entertainment industry and he's a minimum of 6ft 3.
Yas said on 23/Nov/18
I always thought about 6'5 but he isn't pulling it off with 6'0 Steve Ovette here. Click Here
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 11/Sep/18
He did look near 6ft5 in the 80’s-90’s so 6ft4 flat is unlikely.
Christian-6'5 3/8 said on 6/Jun/18

I disagree, It's certainly not unlikely. Look at Jack Swagger and The Game (who's even shorter than 6'4"). They claimed 6'6". I've met a few 6'4" guys that claimed it too.
Editor Rob
Some will boost, but it's going to be rarer I feel the higher you get.
Canson said on 5/Jun/18
@Rob: it may be unlikely but not impossible. Tyler Perry claimed 6’6” before

There’s a possibility he was like Rampage says 6’4.5ish
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 1/Feb/18
Rob, is it possible that he was maybe more 6ft4 range at peak?

I think today he may measure close to 6ft3
Editor Rob
I think he was a decent enough 6ft 5, I would say it is unlikely for a 6ft 4 man to claim 6ft 6!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 31/Oct/17
I find this hard to believe...
Handy Andy said on 8/Oct/17
He Would STILL Be Six Foot Five If He Was Standing Up Straight And Not Slouching.
jervis said on 16/Aug/17
He was an easy 6ft5 when younger towered everyone he was on TV with.It goes to show the doubters out there is is possible to lose 2.5 inches by your Sixties.
Editor Rob
I added another quote, which confirms how he also lied upwards with his height to 6ft 6.

A leg break is definitely a catalyst in many people for accelerated height loss.

A common thing, many men lie...salary, lovers, height and size of c***
Terence said on 21/Jul/17
Maybe he was 6' 3-1/2" in the morning and was measured with shoes that were an inch, and measured wrongly, adding another half inch? So he would be 6'3" in socks by the afternoon, so he's lost half an inch really?
berta said on 23/Jan/17
rob was he really almost 196 cm tall? lost 7 cm at this age where some people dont loose anything :O. i think at most 194 peak and was measured 6 foot 5 in the morning and now badly measured and could still be 190
Editor Rob
I believe he really looked near enough 6ft 5 in 80's and early 90's but through 2000's lost height and by now probably is 6ft 2.5, well minimum, a chance of a bit more.
movieguy said on 10/Nov/16
Believe his quote about being 6'5''. I seem to recall there was a problem with his leg that started off his height loss. Going from 6'5'' to 6'2'' seems a big fall particularly as he is not that old as yet.
berta said on 9/Nov/16
this is to mutch to loose if he would have lost that he would be hunched over.i thoink he was 194 at peak and now 190 and maybe was measured wrong ore something
Arch Stanton said on 4/Sep/16
I saw him on a game show recently and I was shocked by how much smaller he looked than the towering figure he used to look on YouBet/Stars in Your Eyes. Really has lost about 3 inches. He's 66 now, so on average shouldn't be under 6'4 yet!. He's going Clint Eastwood way, he'll be 6' flat in ten years!
howhiami said on 23/Feb/16
Having seen him close up in the flesh a couple of years ago,I would put him around six feet four. He's one of those people who tall and has large extremities (hands feet and head) which make them seem even bigger in the flesh.
Arch Stanton said on 8/Jun/15
Click Here That was early 2000s I think, Now he does look like he was near 6'5" in frame at the beginning but that girl must be pretty tall at 2:30!!
Arch Stanton said on 8/Jun/15
Rob can you add a photo?
Arch Stanton said on 8/Jun/15
Wow, down to 6'2.5!! He's 65 so you'd expect near an inch but 2.5! You do start to question whether he really was 6 ft 5 peak but if you remember him in the 90s he looked a huge guy on his shows and towered everybody. In fact he could look 6 ft 6 at times. So I think it was honest, but that's still a lot of height to have lost. Perhaps he got measured at 6'5" in morning once and the 6'2.5 was his lowest of late.
movieguy said on 7/Jun/15
Wow, that is some height loss. I seem to recall he had a leg operation that lost him a bit of height yrs ago but going from 6'5'' to 6'2'' is crazy. Perhaps his 6'5'' claim is wrong but I remember him being very tall as a young man.
Editor Rob
it is a big loss if true...but then why would he lie about being measured 6ft 2.5.

Yeah back in 1980's he did fracture his leg quite badly in parachute accident.
Editor Rob said on 16/Apr/15
Here's an interesting quote, don't know how accurate a measurement it must have been but he's only 64 and said "You know, I used to be 6ft 5inches, but when I was measured up for a costume-fitting at the RSC and I was 6ft two-and-a-half! I couldn't believe it"

2.5 inches at his age is extreme...
Shaun said on 10/Sep/12
He once claimed 6'5.5" I think in an interview, might have been This Morning.
Ejel Khan said on 3/Dec/11
Always appeared extremely tall in Game for a laugh and You Bet, the two popular shows he presented in the 80's and 90's. Head and shoulders over celebrity guests and public. Genuine 6'5", but maybe the weight issue needs rectifying!
Shaun said on 25/Oct/11
To me he looks the same height as Clive Mantle, 6'5.5".
DrJJ said on 24/Feb/11
I saw him in London a few years back, going down the steps at Oxford Circus tube, he'd already gone down a few steps and was still taller than me lol

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