How tall is Michael Cera

Michael Cera's Height

5ft 8.75in (174.6 cm)

Canadian actor, best known for films such as Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, Superbad, Juno, This Is the End and for playing George-Michael Bluth in TV series Arrested Development.

How tall is Michael Cera
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Average Guess (34 Votes)
5ft 9.18in (175.7cm)
baja74 said on 7/Oct/17
@Bobby, now I'm being told that it's a joke that Cera is playing Michael. In fact, they haven't cast him yet. I'm just wondering why bring Cera's name into a joking pool with a Halloween movie? It's not even a close one.
Correct! George P. Wilbur was listed as 6'2.5" 205lbs on his earlier stuntman's association page. And the others are:
Don Shanks at 6'1"
Chris Durand 6'2" 195lbs
Brad Loree 6'2" 215lbs
And (way too big) Tyler Mane at 6'8" and 240 when he played Michael.
Case and point is that Michael should be played by a stuntman who is 6'0" to 6'2" 200-220lbs and is a no-name in the acting field.
Mark(5'9.5 said on 6/Oct/17
He actually holds so well with 6'2.5"-6'2.75" Will Arnett. To be fair, Will is tilting his head down. Still though.

Click Here
Bobby said on 6/Oct/17
@baja74, the later actors who portrayed Michael Myers, and most notably George P. C. (I can't remember his last name right now) was 6'1/6'2 barefoot. I'm surprised that Nick Castle was only 5'10, he seemed much more imposing, like around 6'2.

Edit: Yeah, George P. Wilbur. Google lists him as just under 6'2.
baja74 said on 15/Sep/17
Yeah, I guess this little guy is going to play Michael Myers in the new 2018 Halloween reboot. I saw multiple articles stating that. John Carpenter is doing this one.
So, isn't 5'8" or 5'9" a bit short to play Michael? I realize that Dick Worlock played Michael in Halloween 2 and he was 5'9". But he even used 3" elevator shoes to appear 6'0".
And now that I think about it. Even the original Michael was played by 5'10" Nick Castle. So, I guess the powers that be have this reboot all under control?
scotsheights said on 5/Jul/17
ooh look MIKE C got an upgrade
6'1.5 said on 18/Jun/17
5'9" exactly he gives a taller allusion of 5'9.25"-.5"
Chris said on 16/May/17
5"9.25-5"9.5 typical average kinda height. Taller now than in films than came out in 2007/2008 that he started in .
Mark(5'9.25 said on 15/Mar/17
He actually holds pretty well with Will Arnett. Then again, he does hold well with Brandon Routh.

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Dave said on 18/Feb/17
delancey said on 11/Feb/17
175/5'9 flat for Cera.

@anon You and I are basically the same height, I'm 176.5 outta bed, 174.5 range for most of the day and a flat 174 in the evening. I know what you mean about the 5'9 cut off and I agree cause I do feel "shortish" but not quite short at our height. I wouldn't worry too much though, honestly think that most people on the street would guess us as a flat 5'9 anyway especially in the day time.
anon said on 18/Jan/17
He might be 175cm exactly, even 5'9" flat.

Hey Rob, what's your opinion on 5'8.75" night height? That's my height, and I feel like I received the cursed title of king of the manlets. People say 5'9" is the cut off stat for short, but the 5'9" range looks tall-ish.
JAMES said on 9/Jan/17
Click Here I really think he needs an upgrade, if Jonah Hill's listing is correct!
Right said on 30/Dec/16
I know rob will put him at 5'8.5 again
Mark(5'9.25") said on 28/Dec/16
This listing is legit!
Mark(5'9.25 said on 20/Dec/16
Rob, is there any chance of an upgrade for Michael Cera to 5'9" flat? He looks to be my height from stand alone pictures.
Editor Rob: well, giving him 5ft 8.75 might be a bit fairer, I think he is such a slim guy with good proportions he can give a taller illusion.
same said on 2/Dec/16
frame wise he suggests 5'9.5. if you guys have any more doubts, see the movie Scott Pilgrim and compare his height to 5'8 Mary Winstead. They look pretty similar.
Mark said on 17/Nov/16
176 cm for this guy.
fact? said on 29/Oct/16
he does have a smallish head
Mark said on 28/Oct/16
5'10", now I'm not sure if Cera's is that tall, but a solid 5'9" or over it is closer to the truth. He appears to be the same height as I am.

Click Here
Click Here

Like I said, Michael Cera stands well with a Brandon Routh who is a legit 6'2.5"-6'2.75" when Rob met him.
Moe said on 22/Oct/16
5'10 guy
Mark said on 12/Oct/16
He would measure similar to Tom Hardy.
Mark said on 6/Sep/16
I'm alittle taller than him, but 175 cm would be better. He didn't look short compared to Brandon Routh, a legit 6'2.5". He would edge out Robert Downey Jr though.
jon said on 15/Aug/16
They Described him as Approx 5'9, 135 pounds in Youth IN REVOLT
anon said on 12/Aug/16
only 2.25 inches taller than Jonah Hill, I generally thought this guy was a legit 5'9 guy watching superbad looked a good 3 Inches taller than Jonah on that I thought, might have to watch it again was an awesome film.

Unless Jonah is under 5 '6 of course He is likely 5'6 tho, Is cera a tad undersold on here?
Mat said on 31/May/16
Rob is 5'10 possible for him?
lelman said on 28/Feb/16
I'm also surprised he hasn't been upgraded yet. He is clearly at least 5'9
JB said on 22/Feb/16
I'm surprised he hasn't been upgraded to atleast 5'8.75"
Enes said on 3/Feb/16
He looks as tall as jason bateman in arrested development season 4
MD said on 4/Jan/16
@Jason, I'd say that the footwear difference is fairly unremarkable. Guess my point is that that doesn't at all shoe Michael being taller than listed, though to be fair it's because I think Pauly D is shorter than his current listing here (go to his page and see the photos I attached).
HB183 said on 30/Dec/15
He needs an upgrade, looks to have grown an inch or so.
Jason said on 24/Nov/15
@MD I agree. Searched and found a picture of Pauly D and Michael Cera's shoes. I'm just going to assume they used the same shoes in that picture. Pauly's look very flat, maybe a bit flatter than Michael's, in my opinion. Click Here
MD said on 18/Nov/15
Look at those shoulders in that picture, Jason. Actually, if anything, it shows him not being any taller than currently listed. But, we can't see footwear, so it's hard to tell either way.
Jason said on 15/Nov/15
Depends on footwear, but 176 cm listed Pauly D looks slightly taller than Michael here: Click Here I think Michael might be a legit 5' 9" guy, he can look tall at times, especially in Superbad.
Ramsey said on 31/Oct/15
I am 177 cm and he gave me an autograph, we were eye to eye he does seem to have a small head though so he could very well be only 175.5-176 cm. Either way, not 174 cm
James said on 10/Aug/15
Always looks on par with 180 listed Jason Bateman in the 2013 season of Arrested Development. What do you think Rob? Not unlikely he would've grown since his 5"8/5"8.5 height of season three in 2006 and his 5"9.5 or so height in Superbad (2008) when he was around 18/19? Guys grow till 21 after all, what do you think Rob?
an anonymous peach said on 9/Aug/15
5ft 8.5 is too low for him,
he is easily 176cm now. He grew after 19. Sometimes he can even look as high as 5ft 10.
Riles said on 9/Jun/15
He is not 5'8.5"! He's at least 5'9". I'm thinking 175-176 cm range.
anon said on 2/Jun/15
Looks a strong 176cm to me
JB said on 21/May/15
David Cross looks like a 5'8" range guy and Michael Cera's easily an inch or 2 taller.
Jordan said on 20/May/15
Met him in Toronto, im 5'8.25 like you Rob and he looked 177 cm
Ed2882 said on 6/May/15
This is one instance in which the listing seems too short. Michael Cera looks average height, about 5-9.5 or 176cm.
Alex said on 3/Apr/15
5'8 is way to low, he's 5'9 range
184 cm guy said on 2/Apr/15
You need to look at more recent photos of this guy, Rob. He's more than what you have listed. I'd even buy as high as 5'10 now.

Click Here
JB said on 3/Mar/15
I agree he needs an upgrade to 5'9"
Adamz said on 5/Feb/15
5'9" (175cm)
jonE said on 27/Jan/15
@marc yes, ellen page is like 5' 1" or something. however, i think he looks about 5' 9". he was 20 when youth in revolt was filmed (described as 5'9" 135 lbs). he looks like an honest 5' 9" guy.
Clumsy said on 17/Jan/15
Looks like a solid 5'9" guy, 175 cm probably spot on.
Josh said on 5/Jan/15
He's got to at least be 5'9. Looks about 3 inches taller than Jonah Hill who you have at a little under 5'7.
Julian said on 4/Jan/15
I think that this listing is good enough. He looks around 174 to 176 cm tall. I found a picture of him and Kieran Culkin (listed as 166 cm tall) in 2010 here: Click Here
Lana said on 22/Dec/14
@favxxxx those pictures are dated to 2007. He does not look taller than 5'9" in movies after that.
Lana said on 26/Nov/14
Looks like a good 5'9 guy
LNguyen said on 30/Sep/14
as adressed earlier by others, he looks tall because of his skinny frame and body proportions. you can see that he works with short actors in a lot of movies, so he looks tall... and you can see that he looks average/short when he stands next to tall people.

he probably just tops the five nine scale - but below 5ft 9,5. listed height (5ft 8.5in) is not unreasonable, maybe his lowest.
TJE said on 29/Sep/14
He was 2.5 inches taller than Jonah Hill back in 2007. He's gotta be nearer 5'9 than this.
HeatherMe said on 20/Sep/14
I agree that the listing is a bit low, but not unreasonable. He does not look short, rather average. 5ft 9 is my guess, and he was listed this before. They have also said 5ft 9 in Youth in Revolt. 5ft 9.25 at the highest.
SaveUsY2J said on 15/Sep/14
Not sure about 5'10, but he definitely looks 5'9-5'9.5 range moreso than the listed 5'8.5.
lelman said on 14/Sep/14
I agree with Alex, I think he is definitely taller than 5ft 8.5. Maybe not quite 5ft 11, but he looks fairly taller than David Cross who is listed at 5ft 9 (but probably closer to 5ft 8), looks almost as tall as Jason Bateman who is a legit 5ft 11 guy. I think he's somewhere around 5ft 10.
Turkey said on 26/Aug/14
I think he is 175-176 cm. No taller, no shorter.
Alex said on 24/Aug/14

If you read the comments there, they'll attest to it – that tumblr link is wrong. Baio, the one on the far left for those playing at home, said he was 6'2" on Twitter and I'd be surprised if he was fronting at all. He's a pretty tall dude. Meanwhile, Ezra calls himself "5'11 and a half" All The Time.

Maybe Rob could clear this up? I'd love to hear his thoughts. I think Vampire Weekend should be listed on here too, they're well know, and their heights are TBC. Anyway, here's Ezra (in the green suit) and Chris Tomson (brown jacket) with One Direction
Click Here

Meanwhile, here's the band with the 173cm Steve Buscemi
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

In some older videos from about 2008, I seriously think Ezra is 5'8ish, when he was 24, and he's grown or wears lifts (I seriously, seriously doubt that).

Honestly, I think it still paints Michael Cera as way taller than the listed 174cm – way, way taller.
Julian said on 21/Aug/14
@Alex I doubt that Rostam is that tall.

Take a look:
Alex said on 18/Aug/14
These listings are seriously so far, I'm surprised too because I'd always seen him as short and skinny: 172-176 seemed it for him.

Click Here
Click Here

However, in these photos he seems to tower over everyone. Kieran Culkin is 164-166. I always thought Tavi Gevinson was tiny (I'm talking 150-160 maximum). The one that gets me is the guy in the blue jacket – Rostam from Vampire Weekend. I know for a fact he's 175cm – I went out with a girl who met him. The footwear included, she was the same size as him. The photo shows this precisely, shoes and tilt obvious – I'm the same height as her (I'd be 174-176 depending on time of day).

Michael Cera has to be 5'11" at the shortest then. The guy must've had a massive growth spurt at like 20-22.
Jo said on 11/Aug/14
Looks 5'9.5
Julian said on 28/Jun/14
@184 cm According to Celebheights, Dave Franco is 167 cm / 5' 5.75", and not 5' 7".

Personally, I do think this listing is accurate. Maybe 174 cm minimum and 176 cm maximum. He is skinny and therefore has an impression of looking tall(er).
184 cm said on 25/Jun/14
he towered over 5'7 dave franco in superbad so he has to be at least 5-10
Amaze said on 23/May/14
watched youth in revolt, said he was 5'9 and 135 pounds. I think he is 5'9 too, msybe 174 is his low? 176 out of bed, 175 later on
jonas said on 15/Apr/14
I have seen him at events in the past, and he did not look any taller than 175 cm. Also, since he has passed the age of 20, there is very little chance for him to grow.

@Ghene probably 130 - 140 lbs.
pepepate said on 11/Apr/14
177 cm
chrisssss said on 28/Mar/14
Clear 175cm, strong 5'9 upgrade rob
JB said on 13/Mar/14
He's got to be 5'9" and a strong 5'9" I'd say.
BigMAC said on 1/Mar/14
Always think he is at least 5'11. Seems his slim build gives me such delusion.
Ghene said on 2/Feb/14
Five nine is probably correct, but how much does he weigh?
Gaza2121 said on 26/Jan/14
175 cm.
Dates said on 10/Dec/13
Looks like a 5'9" guy. I also remember that they described him as 5'9" and 135 lbs in Youth In Revolt.
Ally said on 4/Dec/13
175-176 см
AJ said on 22/Nov/13
He's easily 175, no more no less.
lelman said on 20/Nov/13
Click Here

I just don't see 2.5 inches there. He's got to at least be 5'9".
Bakura said on 9/Nov/13
@MD: They're not standing anywhere near close enough to each other to accurately compare heights.

Regardless, Cera needs upgrading to 5'9 at the very minimum.
marc said on 5/Nov/13
I thought he was tall because of the movie Juno I guess Ellen page must be really short then
Sam said on 28/Oct/13
Bateman's a guy who can be all over the map in terms of being in the 5'10"-6'0" range, I've noticed. I do think, on the other hand, that Cera could be possibly clearing 5'9" by a bit today. I think there's a good chance that he and, say, Joseph Gordon-Levitt were the same height.
MD said on 28/Oct/13
With Bateman:

Click Here

Even accounting for slight footwear advantages/disadvantages, no, they are not almost the same height.
lelman said on 24/Oct/13
Looks 5'10"/5'11" next to Bateman in the newest series of A.D.

Click Here
Click Here

There's quite a lot of examples of him looking shorter too, but in general I'd say he's at least 5'9.5".
Jason said on 11/Oct/13
@cole It's safe to say he's 175 / 5'9" range!
cole said on 4/Oct/13
Bakura says on 13/Aug/13
@cole: Yes he is. This listing has always been too low. As everyone's pointed out, next to Jason Bateman he looks no shorter than 175cm, maybe closer to 177.

I assure you he isn't 176-177 cm. He looked 3 inches or so shorter than 5'11.5 Ray Liotta in Youth In Revolt, and about 4-5 cm taller than 169-170 Zach Galifinakis in that same movie. With Jason Bateman he also still mostly looks about 6 cm shorter, although you could maybe argue that he can at times appear just 4-5 cm shorter. But still, more often than not, the difference between them seems about 6 cm.

He was 21 when he was in Youth In Revolt - 25 now, so there is a slight possibility that he gained another cm, but I highly doubt it.
Jason said on 17/Sep/13
@MD what does he look like then?
Adamz said on 14/Sep/13
Could be as high as 176cm? Listing is not unreasonable, but no lower than 174cm.
Jason said on 2/Sep/13
@MD looks 5'9" :)
Luke said on 23/Aug/13
Walked by him in brooklyn and hes 5'9.5 to 5'10
Bakura said on 13/Aug/13
@cole: Yes he is. This listing has always been too low. As everyone's pointed out, next to Jason Bateman he looks no shorter than 175cm, maybe closer to 177.
Sean said on 1/Aug/13
He looks 5'9 range in the new season of Arrested Development.
cole said on 23/Jul/13
5'8.5 is fine for Cera. He is not taller than that.
Ghene said on 7/Jul/13
5'9 spot on.
HeatherMe said on 3/Jul/13
Legit 5'9" guy :)
Tarzan said on 21/Jun/13
Looks 5'10 next to Bateman
Sam said on 17/Jun/13
He also looked 5'9" to weak 5'10" range next to Jason Segel in a brief scene in This is the End (not 7.5 inches shorter for sure). Cera's due for a re-examination, Rob.
Jason said on 15/Jun/13
He's taller than the listed 5'8.5" - at least 5'9". If you look at recent photos, it looks like he has grown :) What do you think, Rob?
MaskDeMasque said on 13/Jun/13

What? I thought he looked about 2cm smaller than Samberg in that film.
JohnDoe said on 9/Jun/13
He's about a half an inch taller than Andy Samberg in Nick And Norah.
MaskDeMasque said on 29/May/13
Although i haven't seen the new AD, i do think this is an accurate listing for Cera and I've always thought Bateman was 5'10 tops.
HellBoundPower said on 26/May/13
I'm watching the new episodes of Arrested Development, and he looks to be the same height if not slightly taller than Jason Bateman. I haven't seen footwear, but either Michael Cera is 5'11" or Jason Bateman isn't.
randomo said on 26/May/13
Rob, do you think he could have grown a bit since this listing? He looks close to the same height as Jason Bateman (180 cm) in the new Arrested Development.
HellBoundPower said on 28/Apr/13
He could possibly be 5'9"-5'10" after his late growth spurt. Definitely doesn't look like a short kid.
Hullywood 1.75.5m said on 14/Dec/12
Hey Rob, why did you downgrade him? I know he was listed at 1.75m befoure.
Johnnyfive said on 5/Dec/12
Cera is 5'8.25 same height as Rob. 174 in the morning maybe and 5'9 out of bed. He only looks 2.5 inches taller or so than Kieran Culkin who Rob has bang on at 5'5.5.
kartal5 said on 13/Nov/12
Really? Would have never guessed he was about my height (5.9 - 5.9,5) He looks taller in the movies.
Silent d said on 7/Oct/12
5 foot 9.
MaskDeMasque said on 17/Sep/12
@Solid snake

he looked 5'8.5 in pilgrim too.
SolidSnake said on 14/Sep/12
Michael Cera was 18 when Superbad was actually filmed. Its def possible he could be 5'9'' now if 5'8.5'' was based on Superbad.
MaskDeMasque said on 1/Sep/12
He does look taller but this is due to that fact that he's skinny, most of his films have very low camera angles(superbad had some of the lowest cameras ive seen in a film) and he works with short actors.
Maximus Meridius said on 29/Aug/12
Rob is it possible he could be 5ft 10in now he must have grown a bit after superbad he was 19 then how common is it for boys too grow at 19 and after 19.
[Editor Rob: it's not that common at 19, the percentage is small.]
mike 6 feeit out of bed said on 27/Aug/12
Really no way I thought he was taller than that
tommie said on 30/Jul/12
I thought hes taller. I could easily buy 5 ft 9 - 5 ft 10 for him. only if you see him in a bunch of people you see that hes a little bit under average.

great actor. very pleasant
BigT said on 28/Jul/12
Jonah Hill is lucky to hit 168 cm, I think he´s closer to 165-166 cm. Michael Cera is 174-175 cm for sure.
MaskDeMasque said on 23/Jan/12
he doesn't look like the full 5'9 to me.
Jershey411 said on 27/Dec/11
Wow, same height as me. I'm 5'9 in the morning and 5'8.6 in the evening.
Silent d said on 8/Dec/11
Just watch the movies like superbad, year one and youth in revolt. 175cm.
Adamz said on 21/Nov/11
Do we really know how tall Michael Cera is? Based on what evidence? Can anyone provide some, please?
Silent d said on 28/Oct/11
I am surprised this guy is that short. In superbad he looks 5 foot 10 easy. Jack black is 5 foot 6. He grew since arrested development. He was in his growing stages. In year one clearly 10cm or more over jack black. In youth in revolt he was a few inches shorter than ray liotta who i think is 6 foot. I can live with 5 foot 9.
jamie said on 23/Oct/11
I would say he,s 5ft8
Balthier said on 9/Oct/11
Why is there no new comments in this thread?
carnegie said on 8/Oct/11
in superbad i thought taht this guy wast at least 5ft10
JimRiv said on 22/Sep/11
I saw him in Chicago @ the opening of one of his movies and I am barley 5.7 and he was shorter than i was by much. maybe he wasn't standing up straight but he looked scraughny and short
Rikashiku said on 19/Sep/11
Movie Pictures are not good enough to compare heights because Camera angles and footwear can make some characters look very tall or very short.

I always thought he was at least 5'9". He can look tall but he really isn't. He's cast a long side a lot of short people like 5'5" Jack Black.
LUCOSO said on 15/Sep/11
he looks tall because of his slim build and be in movies only with short people 5 8 seems right
jane said on 4/Sep/11
i think he is 175 not more
Maximus Meridius said on 16/Aug/11
I thought he was at least 5ft 10in
Tyler said on 13/Aug/11
charlie hunham said on 7/Aug/11
i would say he is 5ft 9 so taller no shorter
BOB said on 23/Jul/11
i'd say he's 174 no more than that
Matt said on 27/Jun/11
@ ezio, ya same here. it's on TV now and I'm watching it and i was thinking hmmm I'd say 5'10 maybe even over 5'11. never would've guessed Cera was 5'8.5 and Hill was 5'6
Red said on 16/Jun/11
Lol at 5'7". No way. He would have barely been taller than 5'6" Jonah Hill if that were the case. Anyway, on the subject of his real height, have a look at these:

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

In all of these screencaps, he's clearly taller than Winstead.
birdman said on 14/Jun/11
He brushed past me in Manchester and i was amazed how short he was i reckon 5'7" max
Red said on 5/Jun/11
To all the people claiming he's the same as Winstead:

Click Here
Luke said on 2/Jun/11
@Harold Wait... So if a short guy happens to be fit, he's compensating for his height? What if he's just like any man and wants to be fit? Shocking, I know.

Anyway, I'd say Cera is exactly the same height as Winstead.
brad said on 23/May/11
i met pauly d numerous times nd hes my height like 5'10 maybe 5'11 just clearing that up
Ron said on 17/May/11
177 cm
hey i know that guy said on 13/May/11
5-9 ish. he was a bit shorter than jason bateman in arrested development.
Harold said on 13/May/11
I'm about 5'11 and he was slightly shorter. I'd say hes anywhere from 5'9" to 5'10" but that little difference also depends on shoes worn.

As for the guy who mentioned the jersey shore cast... Umm Ronnie is like 5'4" lol.Why do you think he has all those muscles, he's compensating for his height. The tallest guy is Pauly D at 5'9" and Situation is like 5'8".

It's hard to judge height until you actually meet people in public.
marko said on 11/May/11
5 ft 9 maybe....
Red said on 9/May/11
In "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World" he is an inch taller than 5'8.5 Mary Elizabeth Winstead, so this height needs to be upgraded.
SAK said on 2/Apr/11
He looks closer to 5ft8.5/174cm when comparing to other footballers who are 5ft9 he seems slightly shorter.
LongCruise said on 27/Mar/11
Anonymous: nope, they looked exactly the same in Scott Pilgrim. Cera tends to act alongside short actors (5'6" Hill and 5'8" Mintz-Plasse in Superbad, 5'5-6" Black in Year One and 5'6" Culkin in Scott Pilgrim) so that's why he appears to be taller than he really is.
SolidSnake said on 22/Mar/11
marshall said on 15/Mar/11
definately not 5ft 10in which his profile seems to say.
Ezio said on 9/Mar/11
Wow only 5'8.5? He looked a little over 5'10 to me in Superbad. Jonah HIll is a lot shorter than I thought.
Shane said on 11/Feb/11
Oh, of course you're not Jack *cough*, I mean Michael.
Jack92 said on 28/Jan/11
Shane, I'm not Michael Cera lmao
Jack92 said on 14/Jan/11
a few sites listed Michael Cera as 5'8.75. I think you should upgrade his height a little bit more.
Anonymous said on 2/Jan/11
Yeah. He definitely looks 5ft9(175cm).He is short, but really tough-like a buff..
Anonymous said on 4/Dec/10
my friend is 6'4" and in a pic with them next to each other he was almost a full head taller.
Nick said on 3/Dec/10
5'8.5 is right on. He is the exact same height as Mary Elizabeth Winstead in "Scott Pilgrim" (listed here as 5'8.5)
Carlos said on 26/Nov/10
hes 5.9-5.10
DMaN1528 said on 16/Nov/10
hes 5'9"
anonymous said on 13/Nov/10
Cera is 5'8.5 and looks it in person.
6 foot with shoes said on 10/Nov/10
haha jersey short...pauly d is about an inch taller than cera in a clear picture....and cera has a kid body...that is funny... pauly d 5'9 1/2 to 5'10 tops...end of thesis...
Laos said on 3/Nov/10
Pauly D 5'10.5
The Situation 5'10
Vinny 5'9
Michael Cera 5'8.5
Rooney is at most 5'7, he's the shortest guy in the Show
Jackalar said on 29/Sep/07
Rooney is not under 5ft9 so the listing is correct.. I've seen him next to Michael Owen (5ft8) and he's about an inch taller and seen him next to Christiano Ronaldo (6ft1) and he looked no more than 3.5inches shorter.
JJ said on 18/Sep/07
Cera's height is really hard to figure out but with his stature , he looks about 5'9 -- I wouldn't cast him as 5'8 cause Jonah hill is two inches shorts, close to 5'7.
Martin said on 17/Sep/07
Haha... no.... He definately seems tall but, Michael Cera is 5'7'' to 5'8'' tops. He was in Berkeley promoting Superbad and he was at my eye level (I'm 5'7 on a good day).

Jonah hill is a 5'6'' by my estimation.
Chris said on 16/Sep/07
I struggle to believe less than 5'9" for this guy. I think both him and Jonah Hill need an upgrade.
Mr. T said on 9/Sep/07
Somehow he gives a tallish impression. The fat guy in Superbad must barely be 5'7".
AJ said on 2/Sep/07
5'9" definentely
Rub said on 30/Aug/07
Yeah I would say that he is about 5 10
Caesar said on 28/Aug/07
Wow, I always thought he was 5'9.5 at least.
RW said on 24/Aug/07
is he 5'8ish? how does he get away with being billed as 5'10.5?

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