How tall was Michael Clarke Duncan

Michael Clarke Duncan's Height

6ft 4 ¼ (193.7 cm)

American actor, best remembered for roles in films like The Green Mile, Armageddon and Planet of the Apes. He once mentioned his height and weight, saying "I'm 6'5", 315 pounds", although in a 2011 Rotten Tomatoes interview said "When they see me -- I'm like 6'4, 6'5 -- they go, "Wow, I thought you were taller." I'm like, "No, I'm not. I'm not taller, I'm not bigger." And I weigh 280 now! Some people saw that John Coffey, when I filmed that movie, I weighed 360. But it's a big difference from 360 to 280." Michael also mentioned "I'm only an inch taller than Danny Glover."

How tall is Michael Clarke Duncan
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Average Guess (29 Votes)
6ft 4.45in (194.2cm)
Canson said on 26/Jun/20
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 8/Oct/19
6'4 without shoes and that 6'5 claim was with shoes. David Morse probably just give off 6'4 impression during peak due to his frame and a hair. 6'3 3/4 a low in the day for Morse peak isn't unfair.
Editor Rob
6ft 4 flat for Duncan is a kind of range he may have measured.

@Junior and Rob: a guy that heavy could lose a full inch morning to evening. My guess is he could’ve been 6’4.5 after a couple hours at the doctor hence the 6’4/6’5 claim. I agree with Junior that he looks an afternoon 6’4” guy
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 25/Jun/20
Reading the information above, I see that the late, great Michael Clarke Duncan was modest about his height. What a beautiful role he played in 'The Green Mile', and I can believe he had a heart of gold in real life too. 💛


RIP Michael XXX 🕯️
Jkiller said on 25/May/20
Guy was 6'4.5 for sure.
Edimar184 said on 10/May/20
at the beginning of the green mile, when they only showed his body and hid his face, I thought it was Shaquille, because it made a 7ft impression.
5ft 11 7/8 in said on 14/Feb/20
He's the tallest kingpin in live-action film, but on PS4 kingpin he is 6ft 7in.
I am 188cm said on 8/Feb/20
Hard to gauge his height but definitely a big dude. Would have to go with over 6'4" but at times his frame was huge. Lost a lot of weight later in his career and didn't look as imposing. Must have been a huge muscular man in Green mile, as his frame didn't look out of place when they made him look 7 feet tall.
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 8/Oct/19
6'4 without shoes and that 6'5 claim was with shoes. David Morse probably just give off 6'4 impression during peak due to his frame and a hair. 6'3 3/4 a low in the day for Morse peak isn't unfair.
Editor Rob
6ft 4 flat for Duncan is a kind of range he may have measured.
Sotiris Gravas said on 10/Sep/19
Duncan in socks w/ listed 6'1" Ed O'Neill (barefoot) (2012)... Click Here , Click Here

(2011)... Click Here

Ed as Al Bundy w/ King Kong Bundy... Click Here , Click Here

6'5" Abyss w/ Bundy... Click Here
Bundy/Undertaker staredown (1995) ... Click Here

Ed w/ height-loss 6'4" Rick Barry (2017)... Click Here
Barry w/ 6'4.5" Charles Barkley (2015)... Click Here

Ed w/ 6'8" Scott L. Schwartz... Click Here

That said, Duncan could look as low as 6'3.5".
Sotiris Gravas said on 1/May/19
Max 6'4" Duncan w/ 6'5" Mark McGwire (2000)... Click Here

W/ 6'5.5" Rick Fox (2004)... Click Here
Christian 6'5 3/8" said on 5/Nov/18

I agree. MCD was no less than 193 peak and I can buy 6'4.25" peak for him. Don't know about Morse though.
berta said on 3/Nov/18
i think he and david morse was the same height both legit 193 guy with a chanse of tiny fraction over
Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 13/Oct/18
I think MCD have already lost height during his mid 40s look good 2cm shorter than Kobe Bryant. Click Here If is the case Kobe was atually 6'5 then MCD holds well at 6'4 1/4.
Matt6'5 said on 6/May/18
Editor Rob:

I've been looking at pictures of MCD with Will Ferrell from 2006 (Talledaga Nights movie). Will Ferrell would've been 39 and presumably at or very close to 6'3" then. Judging by this, could an arguement of 6'4 1/2 be made for a 49 year old MCD? Do you think he could've hit 6'5" as a young man (pre-bodybuilding days)?
berta said on 11/Apr/18
beside steven seagal, david hasselhoff kobe bryant and loue ferringo. the 189 guy from the tv show he was in and ryean reynolds with 1 icnh slouch he didnt look taller than at best 193 in any photo with any ofthem an in some photos 6 ffot 3 flat. well he wasnt that short of course but i can believe 192,5-193 is very possible
Perry wilson said on 5/Feb/18
He is trying to do what he said he would in campaign just hope he can get rid of obama care for good I’m ok with what he is trying to do just hope the people get onboard and work with him
Canson said on 30/Jan/18
@Tarinator: that puts him more 6’4” Rock was under 6’3” by that stage if he even ever was 6’3”. Today 6’2” tho

MCD peak was prob what Rob has him
Tarinator 6'1.75 said on 11/Jan/18
I think he could pull off 6’4.5” fairly well even before he passed away. 6’4” seems too short as he had the Rock by 1.5”.
Canson said on 28/Oct/17
As listed. A guy with his weight could be 195-196 out of bed and dip to 193 easily
Ricky said on 26/Oct/17
He was a half inch over 6'4" in his prime,I'll give him peak of 6'4.5" very comfortably.
Canson said on 22/Oct/17
Peak height prob 6’4.25-6’4.5 before he died flat 6’4” but nothing less. He was def a legit 6’4” or strong 6’4”
lee168cm said on 10/Oct/17
You should add sin city to his credits. Terrific performance in that
Afka9 said on 18/Jul/17
Already he is too tall man but i thought he was about 7 feet when i was watching the green mile
Dwayne said on 20/Jun/17
Rob in his early 40's do you think he would have lost some height I can see a guy of his statue losing a bit of height when he hit an age like 43, 44 and staying that same height until he died?
Editor Rob: there is a chance. Some will succumb to a bit of loss in early 40's and never be aware, through 20 years of lifting weights...others may never push things far enough, or have good genetics and maintain better disc nutrition and health than others...
Dwayne said on 19/Jun/17
I think in the movie Daredevil Michael had a good 2 inches on Ben Affleck when they had the final fight.
Canson said on 3/Jun/17
Peak 6'4.25
Canson said on 26/Mar/17
@SJH: that's maybe an inch but more like 2cm. Duncan has his head tilted down. I think a prime height of what rob has fits MCD well. Maybe he lost a fraction before he died and was solid 6'4 whereas Kobe is 195cm ish
S.J.H said on 6/Mar/17
Click Here Kobe bryant had 1.5" on michael
Canson said on 5/Mar/17
Out of bed 195.6
Before bed 193-194
Realist said on 16/Feb/17
Michael Clarke Duncan was 6'5 and looked 300 but in Green Mile he looked 7'4 and 400 lbs
jake said on 16/Feb/17
Video with Conan not good he is much closer to the camera, HOWEVER with Kobe you could argue anything from 6'3 3/4" to 6'5", personally i'mma go with 6'3 3/4"-6'4 1/4" so six-four or as good as too me,
berta said on 14/Feb/17
yeah hea really looks like he is over 6 foot 4 with conan. but in generall i thohught barely 6´4. but maybe he was this tall
Big Lewis said on 26/Jan/17
A comfortable 6 5. definitely has two inches on conan at least. Click Here
berta said on 30/Dec/16
to me a guy like david moorse could look little taller than this guy i think the chanses are that morse was this height and michael clarce duncan was 6´4
Sandy Cowell said on 25/Nov/16
Michael played such a beautiful-hearted person in the film 'the Green Mile' that I get a warm feeling at the sight of his chubby, smiling face!
I know he was in 'Armageddon' looking nowhere near as tall, and I liked him in that as well
what with his funny little rendition of the 60's song 'Leaving On a Jet Plane', but for me his performance as John Coffey in 'the Green Mile' was beyond comparison. We were also alerted to the fact that Stephen King has a really good side to him from that film and novel!
I suppose when you play a 7ft9 giant (and yes, I DID fall for it!), coming back down to 6ft4 isn't all that exceptional, but it does, of course, fall into the 'very tall' category and will do so for generations to come when man's average has shot up, as it inevitably does!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 25/Nov/16
Not a flat 6ft4 guy
berta said on 24/Nov/16
193 evening
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 25/Sep/16
194/195cm range peak. Similar range to Tyler Perry and Michael Strahan I imagine
NX said on 28/Aug/16
In the green mile he looks gigantic, even towering over 6'3 David Morse, why did he look so huge in that movie?
Zoom Omega Distortion said on 11/Aug/16
Great talent, taken too soon :/ But I believe his peak was 6'4.5" or 6'4.75" ! But in his 50s he probably dropped to 6'4 flat, never under 6'4 though ! :)
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 11/Aug/16
Looked more like 6ft4 flat in the last year of his life
Canson said on 29/Jun/16
@Bobby: agreed. I'd say he's at least a solid 6'4 bare minimum 193 cm. he's big too which may give an impression but without a doubt he has 6'4 proportions maybe even closer in height to us
Crane said on 20/May/16
Yesterday, I watched the first Scorpion King. He is every bit of how a true 6'4 guy looks like! Plus, he edged The Rock almost 1.5 inches in that movie.
Easily, a solid 6'4.25.
bobbyh3342 said on 27/Apr/16
you guys that post your photos saying mcd is only 6 '3 is almost laughable I look at the same pics and still cant see what your seeing, maybe you don't know what to look for.. rob has him pegged. 6 4.25
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 25/Mar/16
"Michael Clarke Duncan's height is 6ft 4½in (194.31cm)"
ken-6-4 said on 10/Oct/15
looking at pictures of him and The Rock, 6'4"ish looks good
KH said on 28/Jul/15
A god inch and a half at least on Will Farrell in Rick Bobby it's clear shot of them all walking in a line right at the camera. Very close to 6'5.
Arch Stanton said on 22/Oct/14
Haha they made him look like 7 ft 9 in The Green Mile.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 21/Oct/14
Rob, is the full 6ft4½ possible?
[Editor Rob: he could maybe have passed for it]
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 3/Oct/14
Rob, are you still convinced that he was a strong 6ft4?

Many people here seem to think he was 6ft3 range tops
[Editor Rob: yeah I think he was that, I can't believe he was only 6ft 3 range.]
Andrea said on 8/Mar/14
Rob, here with Zachary Levi:
Maybe it's not the best shot to compare them, but he easily looks 4 cms taller than him to me. BUT Levi has Converse and MCD has at least 1.5 inch shoes, so he was in fact a bit taller than Levi at that time. About 6'4 was right, maybe a bit over it when he was younger?
[Editor Rob: I think his listing is ok, a strong 6ft 4 range, somewhere near 6ft 4.5 in 20's?]
Lorne said on 20/Feb/14
I liked the quote about him being "an inch taller than Danny Glovet" it validates both they're listings. You should add it back...
Lomax said on 18/Feb/14
On the green mile when he was walking on an elevated ramp. During the stand still scenes he was standing on boxes. He's taller then Geoff stultz on the TV series the finder. Stultz is like 6'3" or 6'3 1/2" and Duncan has an inch on him easily. R.I.P Michael Clarke Duncan my favorite actor
MoWright said on 27/Dec/13
He was taller in the green mile but only bc they made him stand on a box to make him seem as a very very intimidating figure that looked like he could hurt anyone
Zen911 said on 2/Dec/13
The Green Mile was a mystical/horror movie, and it needed our first look at Coffee to be awesome, thus the entrance with 6' Hanks and 6'4" Morse looked absolutely towered over by Duncan who in real life was not much taller than Morse. Just a guess but Duncan must have been wearing around 8" platforms.
Nenninn said on 31/Oct/13
add 0.25 for peak
Blaze said on 30/Aug/13
@MVT tom hanks is 6ft
hithere said on 12/Aug/13
he looks slighty smaller than kobe Bryant.
Viper said on 10/Aug/13
He was 6'3 max
wiltonstilts said on 3/May/13
I'm gonna miss that guy he was awesome :(.. Oh and u need to upgrade this. He was 6'05
Lenad said on 25/Apr/13
Rob he looked huge in the green mile, after watching it you might need to consider upgrading him haha RIP Michael
[Editor Rob: put G in the big blocks that Michael wore for that movie and he'd look 6ft 2!]
wiltonstilts said on 12/Apr/13
Ahhh 6'5 that's what he is.
Radek said on 10/Apr/13
MCD is 194/ 6'4 1/2 , you can see he has easily 1,5 inches over the rock (solid 6'3)
Mvt said on 17/Mar/13
RIP I THOUGHT HE WAS 7'5 ft tall cause the other guy and Tom hanks are atleast 6'4 or 6'5
Chhotu said on 7/Feb/13
Height can be a very tall man . It s looked about 6'4 and 6'5 such a good height
Alex said on 1/Feb/13
Indeed, he was a humble talent taken from us soon. RIP Michael.
OX said on 25/Jan/13
Wish I could have met him:( amazing actor and even better person!
Shaun said on 10/Oct/12
475 pounds muscular???? HAHAHAHA.. I thought I heard it all!!!!

LOL, yeah it is, and Challenger #15 is what you call "ripped muscular build" at 100 pounds lighter than that. Obese starts at 700 pounds..
Shaun said on 10/Oct/12
RIP big guy. I actually thought he could look near 6 ft 6 at times.
Gary said on 28/Sep/12
Just found ! Loved any movie he was in. I'm 6' 4" and I'm 50 yrs old so no matter how tall he was, I will miss him as a actor.
Nick said on 19/Sep/12
He looked massive in the Green Mile, I would have guessed 6'8 or 6'9
Donna said on 18/Sep/12
How silly is it to have a page that discusses his height! I didnt know that b4 reading. Btw, you CAN see his feet Several times in Green Mile! And unless you sold him steriods and watched him swallow it, stop lying on the dead! Show some respect!
TURTLEBABY said on 16/Sep/12
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 13/Sep/12
I'd give him 6ft4.5. His health problems over the last few years may have brought him down a bit. Still can't believe he's gone. I watched The Green Mile last night (one of my favourite movies) and his performance is still a real tearjerker. He should have won the Oscar for it, hands down.
Bigben said on 12/Sep/12
In the green mile I think they just used good camera angles to make him seem taller, he's the same height as David morse who plays one of the guards. But I do agree he looks like he's 7 feet in that movie. I'm 6 foot 9 and he'd looks over my head
runt said on 11/Sep/12
RIP I didn't know 'til today :(
matt678 said on 11/Sep/12
also next to seagal he looked a legit 6 foot 4.25
mike 6 feet out of bed said on 10/Sep/12
Rob why does he tower 6 foot Tom hanks in green mile? He looks like 6"7. Lifts?
[Editor Rob: big blocks on feet like Humphrey Bogart sometimes wore.]
DDuyke said on 10/Sep/12
Height can vary; in the morning most people are up to one inch taller than later in the day. See for yourself. (I am 6'2 in the AM then 6' 1.5" later in day).
Frank said on 7/Sep/12
It looked like in the Green Mile he was standing on something they never showed his feet They wanted him to look about 7ft I wonder if the the Steriods he maybe took caused him to have the heart problem that killed him ?? he was a young guy RIP
John said on 6/Sep/12
I love The Green Mile and his role and acting in the film. R.I.P Big Guy
matt678 said on 5/Sep/12
my friend was lucky enough to meet ducan before he pasted away my friend is a legitment 6 foot 5 and he said he was basically the same height as duncan mabye a sade taller i personally think he was 6 foo 4.5 which is huge no matter what anyone says

rip big mike you well be missed by many
Larc-186.7cm-188.6cm said on 4/Sep/12
Damn...this guy was awesome and a great actor too.

RIP Big Mike.
Ka said on 4/Sep/12
R.I.P Mr Duncan
johnnyfive said on 4/Sep/12
This gentle giant was 6'4. Looked it many times. He will be missed. R.I.P. big boy.
the giant said on 4/Sep/12
this man is a legand he will be greatly missed r.i.p to a legand
chas said on 4/Sep/12
gutted he was a great actor and looked great on screen
i am sad that he has passed away...
ANDREA[ITA] said on 4/Sep/12
I'm really sorry about his death :( He was a great actor!
Longfella said on 4/Sep/12
RIP mate. A sweet man, met him once, will regret him.
Emil said on 4/Sep/12
RIP Michael. A great actor
tam said on 4/Sep/12
Omg that woman dow. Below tlkon mess bout her biker husband!! Why this is bout Micheal Duncan not ya husband sweetheart!!! And ur husband proably 6'6 and nun but a big ole teddy bear!! Really I mean!! Ik a whole family that lives right down the rode from me all the men I. The family is between 6'5 and 7'0 so one man that 6'6 is no big deal doll face!
taterhead said on 3/Sep/12
Don't matter how tall he was physically. He was a giant force in his acting and truly seened to be an extremely nice man. But, I would not want to be on his bad side since I am way shorter and lighter and smart enough to be respectful of a giant. Prayers with his loved ones!!! Seemed like a very gentle giant. God bless his soul.
Scott W. said on 3/Sep/12
I am a legitimate 6' 3" and 300 pounds. I met him at a party in 08' and I was slightly taller than him, both of us having the same heel height on our shoes. He told us he had slimmed his body weight down to "the mid 200's" due to having a hard time finding work at 300 pounds plus. He was very thick in the chest, traps and upper arms with good sized legs also. He told us about the different camera angles etc. they used to make him seem bigger in the Green Mile and everyone says they think he would be bigger when they meet him. 6'3" max.
witchdoctor said on 3/Sep/12
Rob he has sadly passed away :( such a great actor and human being,rip to his soul and spirit.
Fern194cm-192cm said on 3/Sep/12
R.I.P big fellah (6,4 for life)
lucas said on 1/Sep/12
In actuality, Michael Clarke Duncan is of a similar height as his co-star David Morse and is a couple inches shorter than James Cromwell. Creative camera angles were used to create the illusion that Duncan as John Coffey towered over the prison staff, even Brutal Howell and Warde. from green mile.
mrrandom said on 27/Aug/12
Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is 6'5(legit height), and they stood right beside each other and looked to be the same height so I think that makes him 6'5.
Boeing17 said on 25/Aug/12
even in the morning i don't think he is over 193 cm , probably 192 legit guy , looks 192 next to any legit 6'2 ( 188 guy )
ice said on 8/Aug/12
Im pretty shure he is 6'5 . Due to his poor posture he may sometimes look like 6'3 , but 6'2 is just a joke for this hudge guy
Hob said on 6/Aug/12
the max i"ll stick M C D at 6'3 same height as zachary levi rob listed. over 6'3 is a joke
~ "Hollywood" said on 26/Jul/12
I have had the opportunity to meet Michael Clarke Duncan on Melrose in 2005 and I can tell you that at a distance he looks as though he is 7 foot tall! When I met him and shook his hand,my hand essentially...disappeared,lol. I am 6'1 and although he is truly 6'5-6'6ish,he is indeed;"A massive man"!! Wide as a door,Jaw like a Mastiff and probably one of the nicest people you ever want to meet,get well Brother!
ECG said on 4/Jun/12
He is 6'5 / 196 cm weight 140 kilos - hudge guy worked as a bouncer most of his life
Foxy said on 8/Feb/12
l believe that Michael is 6ft 5inches tall as claimed, why do all of you find that so difficult to accept, l have two uncles who are 6' 4" and two sones who stand at 6'2", there is a mature man who lives in my suburb who towers at 7' and he is as broad as he is tall and not an inch of fat on him and he has never been on steroids either. there are a few other men in the area who have to stoop to walk into a room and the door in too low for them and a young police woman who stands at 6'9" and she is the shortest of her siblings and shorter than her father. SO GIVE MICHAEL A BREAK
deedee said on 8/Feb/12
l believe that Michael is 6ft 5inches tall as claimed, why do all of you find that so difficult to accept, l have two uncles who are 6' 4" and two sones who stand at 6'2", there is a mature man who lives in my suburb who towers at 7' and he is as broad as he is tall and not an inch of fat on him and he has never been on steroids either. there are a few other men in the area who have to stoop to walk into a room and the door in too low for them and a young police woman who stands at 6'9" and she is the shortest of her siblings and shorter than her father. SO GIVE MICHAEL A BREAK
Bard said on 22/Jan/12
MCD is 6'3, and that's really tall anyways.
ANDREA[ITA] said on 22/Jan/12
Omg, Lan Jiao you've gone crazy. 6'2 is out of the question for him. He looks surely taller than 6'2 flat. But even 6'4.25 sounds impossible to me, 6'3 range is a safe bet (min 6'3- max 6'3.75)
steven said on 16/Jan/12
he look like a 6'2 guy. maybe 6'2.5 look 1.5" shorter than 6'4 david hasselhoff
pat said on 3/Jan/12
All are big,period.
ANDREA[ITA] said on 30/Dec/11
Ok, then he's gotta be a very bad posture since he always looks in the 6'3 range, he's about the same of Geoff Stults, he's like 2-3 cms shorter than David Hasselhoff and i could go on but if you think he's this tall, let it alone :) just like you do with Will Smith, Jim Carrey, Clive Owen and all the upgraded company! Let's say he's 6'4.25 as much as Glenn is 5'8.5
ANDREA[ITA] said on 29/Dec/11
ROb, you actually think he's closer to 6'5 than 6'3? (6'4.25 means that)
[Editor Rob: I think if he stands tall for a measurement he's in the 6ft 4-4.25 range.]
ANDREA[ITA] said on 18/Dec/11
Rob, you still think he's a legit 194? Would you be wondered if he measured under that mark? He really doesnt look over 190-191 everywhere! 6'5 is hilarious for him, i dont think he neither reaches that in shoes
[Editor Rob: around 6ft 4 I think is nearer than just 6ft 3]
Carmen said on 2/Dec/11
MCD is a large man. Considering MOST of leading Hollywood men are short and wear some sort of lifts the big men stand out and seem huge. That's why big men like John Wayne and Charleton Heston always seemed bigger than life on the big screen.
ANDREA[ITA] said on 22/Nov/11
ahahah where the hell he can be 6'4.25? That's a very big height... A legit one, i mean! He for sure looks huge in frame and legit very tall guy but he's no more than 191! At least an inch shorter than his listed height! What i wonder is: why a already big guy like him should claim 2 inches taller?
LAN Jiao said on 16/Nov/11
He is 6'5. John Terry n Will Ferrell 6'3. Geoff Stults 6'4.5 haa..
Tman said on 14/Nov/11
Rob this guy is not over 1,91m Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here
Larc 6 ft 1.75 in said on 12/Nov/11
Looks around 3cm shorter than 193cm Hasselhoff:

Click Here

The angle is not the best but you can clearly see the difference.
6'3 or 190-191cm fits him well.
Silent d said on 8/Nov/11
He is huge. Very scary man but good actor. He towers over charlie sheen and jon cryer. He was tall next to 6 foot 6 ryan stiles. I read somewhere that he is only 6 foot 1 which is outrageous. I always thought he was 6 foot 3 but 194cm is not impossible. 6 foot 3.
LAN Jiao said on 6/Nov/11
someone pointed MCD is really 6'4. im tire of the fight. let it be.. i"ll say he is 6'5 as he claim. respect to MCD add on his heavier than 315lbs. his 325.
LAN Jiao said on 2/Nov/11
no andrea,
much happen MCD is 190cm and not over. Geoff Stults atually claim 6'2 , rob generous enough gave the 0.5" to Geoff. MCD atually look merely same height as Geoff Stults , but disadvantage bald head and a slight bit posture makes him at best 0.5" top Geoff Stults. either way to say MCD is 6'2.5 Geoff is 6'2 or MCD is 6'2.75 and Geoff Stults is 6'2.25 since Geoff Stults did't claim higher than 6'2(188) instate of 6'2.25(188.5). funny thing is on ben affleck page someone insist affleck is 6'2 while he was nearly 2" shorter than MCD in 1997 armageddon in and out in film premiere, instate of compare legit6'2 Geoff Stults is only 0.5" max shorter than MCD. fact was MCD is dead between 189-190cm added him compare d wade whose between 191-192cm, Geoff Stults 188(fraction over possible), ben affleck 185-186cm dead it but fans or ex-lovers on his page insisted him high as 6'
ANDREA[ITA] said on 1/Nov/11
Rob what about 6'3 or 6'3.25 for him? He really doesnt look over 190-191 with a lot of legit tall guys! He's max 1-2 cms taller than legit 6'2.5 Geoff Stults! Downgrade by an inch! He looks very tall and very broad but 190-191 is his real height! The listed height is with shoes on!
daminator47 said on 29/Oct/11
legit 6'3 no less no more.
PatB said on 25/Oct/11
The odd thing about a truly big guy like MCD is that he actually benefits from lifts more than tiny guys like Al Pacino. Al often looks funny in lifts but large men with big upper bodies can appear better proportioned if they're stretched out a bit. The same is true for Chris Hemsworth (Thor). They can look blocky barefoot.
LAN Jiao said on 19/Oct/11
Geoff Stults is 6'2only by his word. MCD is well half inch standing straight taller. So MCD 189.5cm still not 6'3(190.5).
Physics Enemy said on 19/Oct/11
Viper, if you draw a line from the top of MCD's head, you'll see he's a hair (0.25 inch) taller than Stultz. You're fooled by Stultz's hair. MCD's feet are also a little more spread apart, so another 0.25" inch for that. That puts him at 6' 3" next to Stultz.
LAN Jiao said on 17/Oct/11
"I'm really not that big. I'm only an inch taller than Danny Glover.".

MCD is completely biggish like thomas tiny lister but MCD shorter.. MCD 300pounds and 6-3 (190cm) can be lowest 6^2.5 (189cm) possible look this mark next to solid 191cm dwayne wade(192 bare by NBA measure). MCD should had blame why Geoff Stults claim himself 6^2 going honest why not claim 6'4.75 so he could be fool people he is 6'5 and weir to MCD himself why 6'2 Geoff apear tallish than 6'3.5 brush up hair ben affleck by 3cm next to him why? also why MCD saw 6'1 claim bruce willis shorter 4inch by him but only look 5'10 next to 5'9 honest claim justin long? MCD 6'5 claim works out a headache for himself past 10years. LOL.
Viper said on 11/Oct/11
Agreed hes 6-3 at most.

Actually he looks 6-2 range with Stultz
ANDREA[ITA] said on 7/Oct/11
he's min 189 max 192!
LAN Jiao said on 4/Oct/11
Geoff Stults is only 6'2.5 while MCD look only a cm taller while closer to camera. Maybe he did't stand well his foot. But much happenly to explain why 6'3.5 d wayne looks taller with MCD picture someone post. Give or take MCD is 6'3 flat.
Rocky said on 16/Sep/11
Danny Glover, or Danny Devito? Haha.
5'11" said on 12/Aug/11
Do you guys feel better thinking that he is not 6'5"? He is ****ing massive and would crap out 98% of you. Deal with it!
Truthman said on 2/Aug/11
With 6'2.5 Geoff Stults

Click Here

Click Here
Truthman said on 30/Jul/11
Around 6'3 at night.
Sonny Black said on 2/Jul/11
Probably more like 6'4 in the morning & around 20lbs lighter than what he claims.
Boogee said on 28/Jun/11
Looked really big in The Legend of Chun-li but although he claimed his mark as 6'5" he is nothing more than 6'4.5" so I guess that Duncan is another actor who claimed his morning height.
Cranberries said on 16/Jun/11
@Vegas: I was referring more to the shots where he didn't seem to be standing on a box :P.
Danimal said on 16/Jun/11
samson says on 3/Mar/11
look at the pics of dustin hoffman and micheal clark duncan staying next to each other if dustin hoffman is only 5'4 tall, micheal duncan must be 6'2 or 6'3 max. tall or dustin hoffman is wearing 4'' height increase shoes ? check out ....micheal duncan is not old is only 54 yrs old, not 70. would not have lose any height yet- people. and the steroids etc, stuff he has taken too get big and his muscles or still taking if so , most of the time will have side effects when getter older....just look at all the wrestlers, sports people etc...anyways as a actor is good actor....

Men do lose height by 54 years old. We start to gradually lose height after 30.
Vegas said on 15/Jun/11
Cranberries says on 15/Jun/11
Looked David Morse's height in The Green Mile

no he did not, in the movie the character he plays is over 7ft and looks it in the movie Click Here they achieved this by having duncan stand on a 1ft platform in the long shots, you can even see the platform in the cell as he stands up just before his execution scene
Cranberries said on 15/Jun/11
6'4" max. He's big and bloated, but not all that tall. Looked David Morse's height in The Green Mile, but obviously there were a lot of angles going on there.

Looks about Jose Conseco's height. Conseco is listed as 6'3" and 6'3.5"; I'm guessing he's somewhere in between, putting Duncan at 6'3.5". He may have been 6'4" at peak, but he really needs a downgrade IMO.

Click Here

(Lots of other good pics in that slideshow too; check them out. He looks 5 inches max taller than Billy Bob Thornton too).
Danimal said on 13/Jun/11
runt said on 12/Jun/11
a smidgeon taller than dwayne the rock johnson

Click Here
PatB said on 12/Jun/11
I'm almost excatly the same height and weight as Duncan. I used to be a bit heavier than him but now I'm about five pounds lighter. I think of myself as large but not extremely so. Yet Duncan has made a career playing giants on screen.

I think part of the problem is that he plays roles so often in Bruce Willis movies. Willis is a small man. If you met him on the street you would not be impressed with him physically. He was a light comedian on TV and then he won the lead in "Die Hard". Suddenly he became an action hero - a larger than life character. But in fact Willis is only big on the big screen. He's a very fine actor but he is a very improbable man of action - too frail and small.

So in a movie like "The Whole Nine Yards" we adjust our scale of reference to make Willis seem like football player of street cop - roles that he plays. That makes Michael Clark Duncan - who could in fact be a football player or street cop in real life - into something like Godzilla.

Walk downtown anywhre in America and you will see plenty of guys Duncan's size. But in the movies where almost every male lead is tiny and has to wear lifts, he looks like a hulking monster.
GaryTaylorFletcher said on 10/Jun/11
He looked at least 2-3 inches shorter than Herb in Two and a half men, and he is 6´5" so, Michael Clarke Duncan can not possibly be this tall? 6´2" in my opinion.
noname said on 9/Jun/11
MCD look the same height with seagal maybe taller
Truthman said on 30/May/11
Agree with Larc. I can't believe people still believe in this 6'5 sh*t. He is clearly shorter than David Hasselhoff and Seagal
T said on 22/May/11
Truthman you say my photo has Michael much closer to the camera than you post pics where the cameraman is right next to Seagal? Way to go against your own logic.

At least my pic is far enough that we can actually see below their waste and know it's a pretty good angle. Your pics we can't even see if they're properly standing or not.
Truthman said on 17/May/11
T says on 14/May/11
he's bigger than Steven Seagal

No, it's really bad photo, Michael much closer to camera, in fact he is an inch shorter than old Seagal

Click Here
Click Here
d wade said on 15/May/11
he was clealy shorter than 6,3 3/4 dwayne wade.
T said on 14/May/11
he's bigger than Steven Seagal

Click Here
Viper said on 13/May/11
LOL, hes 6-3. You would think 6-3 is 6-5 in person though.
Boogee said on 12/May/11
Well, anything below 6'5" is ridiculous because I saw the film Street Fighter: Legend of Chun Li and there he already looked almost gigantic.
Paula Jane said on 30/Mar/11
You achieve muscles with steroids, not height, as that's in the genes. That's not steroids, as they're killers. Men like this don't achieve such buff-ness without spending alot of time in the gym. Just check out his age people. That's official sexy buff-ness.
anon said on 27/Mar/11
Samson, what are you talking about? Who says he's taking steroids, most people could achieve such size with a suitable diet. Stop talking nonsense.
James said on 25/Mar/11
Will Ferrell is about 190cm i think and micahel does look a weak 6'4 but he ain't standing great
Candyman said on 15/Mar/11
6'4"-6'3.75" is what he appears but it is hard to tell because he leans when around other tall people.
Truthman said on 7/Mar/11
And with Will Ferrel

Click Here
Truthman said on 7/Mar/11
About as tall as Brandon Routh
Click Here
Truthman said on 7/Mar/11
Height: 6'3
samson said on 3/Mar/11
look at the pics of dustin hoffman and micheal clark duncan staying next to each other if dustin hoffman is only 5'4 tall, micheal duncan must be 6'2 or 6'3 max. tall or dustin hoffman is wearing 4'' height increase shoes ? check out ....micheal duncan is not old is only 54 yrs old, not 70. would not have lose any height yet- people. and the steroids etc, stuff he has taken too get big and his muscles or still taking if so , most of the time will have side effects when getter older....just look at all the wrestlers, sports people etc...anyways as a actor is good actor....
James said on 20/Feb/11
I don't think he's over 193cm
Mathew said on 25/Jan/11
MCD looked shorter than D-Wade by more than he really is, they're pretty close in height. MCD is 192 cm +/-.
Clay said on 17/Jan/11
Rock is 6'3'' max Hugh.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 5/Jan/11
Actually The Rock looked an inch shorter than MCD so 6"4.25(194cm) is possible
arnie said on 3/Jan/11
he does slouches a lot, so it's possible he was 6'4
Clay said on 26/Dec/10
192-193 CM?
guyfrommars said on 13/Dec/10
They had to use clever camera angles to make him look taller than 6'4" David Morse and 6'6" James Cromwell in The Green Mile.
James said on 20/Nov/10
Hmmm with Hounsou he looks close to 6'5.
d wade said on 18/Nov/10
why is this guy listed 194 cm that doesnt make sense 216cm shaq o neal has a full head on him and 193cm dwayne wade was taller than michael clarke duncan.
dmeyer said on 10/Nov/10
6 ft 4.5 is posible rob

[Editor Rob: it's not improbable]
Viper said on 9/Nov/10
LOL, more like Rock at 6'2 and Duncan at 6'3
michelle said on 7/Nov/10
i met him one time and he's at least 6'5
Anonymous said on 1/Jul/09
Well Obviously those pics are an anamoly and hes not that tall.
Vegas said on 1/Jul/09
viper don't forget about the matt leinart photos, where MCD had an inch on him in every one
Anonymous said on 30/Jun/09
6-3.5 is the absolute most you could give him. Hes probably just 6-3 since 6-4 David Hasselhoff had more than just a half inch on him. And 6-3 3/4 measured Dwayne Wade had an inch on him.

And 6-3 MCD makes the Rock 6-2 at best.
BigJoe said on 29/Jun/09
I stand 6'4" without shoes, add an inch with my shoes. When I Met Michael at an event we saw eye to eye, so I'd guess that 6'4"-6'5" has got to be pretty close. Of course, he's got 60-70lbs on me so even my wife thought I looked small next to him.
Mathew said on 12/Jun/09
James Avery at 6'2" can't be right. He's at least 6'3". He was more than an inch taller than Will Smith.
Chris said on 7/Jun/09
Hmm. There is NO WAY this guy is anywhere near 6'5. Have you seen Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins? He looks about 4 inches taller than Zoe Saldona... Also, he was on 2 and a half men and he didn't tower over anyone in the cast. Charlie Sheen is not a tall man and at 6'5, he would have looked like a goliath next to them. I should add that I am a solid 6'5 and with shoes on I am about the height of most doorways. Watch MCD when he gets near a door frame. He looks to be only about 6'2 1/2. All that muscle makes him look much more massive.
ed tiger said on 25/May/09
james avery is 6.2,will smith i s6.1,he used to wear boots and sneakers on fresh prince,jonathan ross is 6.1,same height as will watch the clip
JP said on 25/May/09
I stood right next to him last night at the Lakers/Nuggets game in Denver. He looked a solid 6'3 to me. 6'4 is pushing it
Lenad said on 9/May/09
He looked 6'4 max in Daredevil next to Ben Affleck
Lenad said on 3/May/09
191-192cm. A strong 6'3 most likely
Big King said on 27/Apr/09
Lenad, I have the same opinion as you. I don't know how Duncan came up to 6'5". Maybe he hits that height with shoes.
Lenad said on 26/Apr/09
This guy is no 6ft5 never been in his whole life. Probably not a full 6ft4 either. Looks 6ft3ish to me usually. At a solid 6'3 he remains pretty tall but he sure as hell isn't 6'5 barefoot.
Big King said on 15/Apr/09
I mean, a 6'5" guy starts to appear huge but Duncan does not seem so tall. I would list him as a weak 6'4" guy.
PD said on 8/Apr/09
Why does it matter, He is still fine!
James S said on 28/Mar/09
a reasonable 6 ft 4 but no more
Big King said on 26/Mar/09
There is maybe only a half inch difference between them. So Duncan can't be anything above 6'4" if the rock is already at 6'3" on CelebHeights. See: Click Here
Big King said on 24/Mar/09
Yes, he stated his height as 6'5" but is he really that tall? He's no more than 6'4.5" or even an estimate of 6'4" can't be wrong for Duncan but 6'5" is a bit too exaggerated.
Anonymous said on 14/Mar/09
Look at the pic Viper posted of Duncan next to Brandon Routh, who's 6'2.5 (check his page for a pic with Rob). Duncan is no more than 6'3.5.
Patrick said on 10/Mar/09
I'm sure you're right Jenesse!
jenesse said on 26/Feb/09
Michael IS 6'5 people! He's a good friend and my son IS 6'5 and they are the EXACT same height! and my son was just measured properly for a physical. You cant tell EVERYTHING from pictures and television, too may different angles. Just like a couple weeks ago posted a picture of him on their site saying he looked sickly and had lost tons of weight, the caption said "look what he looks like now! " and people were say "OMG , poor guy" ..well the NEXT day theres a picture of him at the lakers game on a totally different website and he looks HUGE and they are commenting on how "swoll" and big he looks ... The pix were taken within 24 hours of each other and it was hilarious the conclusion that were drawn on both websites by people just looking a a PHOTO, one with a "bad" angle and one with a "good" angle. the "good" and "bad" would be depending on wether he wanted to look thinner or heavier...LOL
Big King said on 23/Feb/09
I wonder why Duncan announced 6'5". He doesn't even look tall enough.
Patrick said on 23/Feb/09
Average Guy, if I gladly admit that MCD doesn
Graham said on 4/Feb/09
Levi is 6'3.5", and MCD looked about the same. But Levi wears "Chucks", which are flat, so MCD might actually be only 6'3". Viper tends to take an inch from everyone, but seems to be right on this one. Problem is, I'm 6'2.5" and I cant see myself being almost eye-to-eye with MCD.
Average Guy said on 23/Jan/09
He isn't 6'5" He's not even 6'3". Watch the episode of Chuck where he plays Colt, in the episode he is signifcant;y shorter than 6'3" star Zachary Levi.
losty said on 5/Jan/09
dosint matter really how tall he is hes 300 pounds of pure muscle i dont think much people would take him on no matter how tall they are
yoyo said on 27/Dec/08
Duncan is a solid 6ft4. 6ft4.5 once in a good day for him i"ll say.
el toppo said on 1/Dec/08
In daredevil (and the behind the scenes stuff) he barely had an inch on Affleck.
Alex said on 25/Nov/08
Will Smith looks 6'1 if Avery is 6'4.
Duncan and Rock looked no more than an inch apart at most sometimes.
Bruce said on 17/Nov/08
usually ppl who are 1/2 an inch over the height just round it up so i think he is 6'4.5"
Derek said on 3/Nov/08
Wasn't Diaw measured at 6'7.5"? That puts Duncan at 6'2.5", pushing 6'3".
Vegas said on 3/Nov/08
Viper says on 22/Sep/08
Duncan looks 6-3 next to 6-8 listed Boris Diaw. Click Here

Boris is probably 6-7 so that makes Duncan 6-2 there. Its not the only time where Duncan has looked 6-3 at most next to a NBA player.

you will find this photo interesting viper seeing as you met grant hill in person and diaw isn't close to standing up there fully Click Here
Viper said on 16/Oct/08
Ashton could be as low as 6-1 1/2. Hes listed at that on some sites.
Anonymous said on 16/Oct/08
the gorilla is 6'3 with shoes.
lillo thomas said on 13/Oct/08
I think that will is 6-1 at best and that make James Avery between 6-3 to 6-4.
Depending of the shot he look 2-3 inches shorter than James Avery.
Viper said on 13/Oct/08
He could be that height.
Viper said on 13/Oct/08
Will Smith is not 6-1 1/2. Hes 6-0 1/2 to MAYBE 6-1. Rock is 6-2 to maybe 6-2 1/2.

Adam, you are wrong about everything.
adam said on 13/Oct/08
Viper, you are dumb and you obviously have an obsession of downgrading everyone.

Rock is at least 6-3.
Duncan isn`t under 6-4 and is very likely more.

And Will Smith is at least 6-1
Big King said on 9/Oct/08
It seems that you don't get it. 6'2" for the Rock is ridiculous enough! How can the Rock be only a half inch taller than Smith?? There are definitely two inches difference between them. Duncan might be 6'4 1/2" but that's just his minimum height.
Viper said on 8/Oct/08
Will Smith is around 6-0 1/2 to maybe 6-1 in reality. And since whne did Duncan shrink? LOL Youre dumb. Duncan is around 6-3-6-3 1/2. Rock 6-2.
Big King said on 8/Oct/08
Viper, your height estimations that the Rock is 6'2" is LAUGHABLE because he's definitely taller than 6'2" Will Smith and please do not say that Smith is only 6'1", no he stated his height as 6'2" and he looks exactly two inches shorter than the Rock who stated his height as 6'4". Also Duncan claimed being 6'5" and he looks at least an inch taller than the Rock. So many celebrities can't lie about their heights and also the height pessimist Rob has listed Duncan at 6'4 1/4". Duncan is 6'5" at his peak and that's the result. End of discussion.
Viper said on 7/Oct/08
Leinart is strange. Shawne Merriman is close to Leinart here as well. Click Here

Yet Leinart made Snoop Dogg look 6-1.
Vegas said on 6/Oct/08
viper how do you explain these, duncan is wearing sneakers there too in the first set Click Here Click Here Click Here
Viper said on 5/Oct/08
Duncan as at least an inch on the Rock as well. Big, 6-5 for Duncan is freaking insane.
Big King said on 5/Oct/08
Why should Duncan lie about his height if he already claimed 6'5"? I mean, yes, 6'5" could be his peak height.
Hugh said on 26/Sep/08
Legit 6ft4.5 is what I see. Danny Glover was probably 6ft4 at his peak.
Viper said on 23/Sep/08
Duncan is 1 inch taller than Rock in many pictures. Duncan is 6-3 and Rock is 6-2.
Viper said on 22/Sep/08
Duncan looks 6-3 next to 6-8 listed Boris Diaw. Click Here

Boris is probably 6-7 so that makes Duncan 6-2 there. Its not the only time where Duncan has looked 6-3 at most next to a NBA player.

Duncan looks 6-3 next to 6-2 1/2 Brandon Routh. Click Here
Viper said on 22/Sep/08
Where does Duncan have 3 inches on Rock? In the pics I saw it looked like 1 inch at most. Duncan at 6-5 is LAUGHABLE.
Big King said on 21/Sep/08
Socom, for many people 6'3" is where being huge starts.

Eric, you are absolutely joking, right? Duncan looked almost three inches taller than Dwayne Johnson. Duncan is a weak 6'5".
Eric said on 16/Sep/08
If the rock is only 6'3 than mcd cant be 6'4 bc the rock appears taller. Watch scorpion king
Socom said on 6/Sep/08
Big King says on 4/Sep/08
"Well, I don't think that he's easily 6'5". I mean, yes he looks tall but only TALL, not huge. 6'5" is just his peak height. A human starts to become huge when he's over 6'5".

I believe becoming huge actually starts at 6'4.
Big King said on 4/Sep/08
Well, I don't think that he's easily 6'5". I mean, yes he looks tall but only TALL, not huge. 6'5" is just his peak height. A human starts to become huge when he's over 6'5".
fern said on 1/Sep/08
hes easily 6,5
King said on 29/Aug/08
On a few photos, Duncan looked huge. 6'5" could describe his height.
Viper said on 27/Aug/08
6-3 3/4 you mean.
Marcus A said on 25/Aug/08
Dwyane Wade measured 6'4" and 3/4" making him around 6 5 with shoes one.
Super Clark said on 15/Aug/08
In Night at the Roxbury, they had 6'3" Will Ferrel stand on the street in the Doug and Steve Butabi scene to make Duncan appear taller.
Viper said on 14/Aug/08
He was taller than the Rock in multiple pictures. Hes taller than just 6-2 for sure.
anonymous said on 12/Aug/08
He does look about 6`2 next to hasselhoff, however, it does seem that hasselhoff is wearing cowboy boots.
Click Here
Click Here
Viper said on 1/Aug/08
6-3 Vernon Davis has over 2 inches on Terry Crews as well here. Click Here Duncan is not 6-5. And hes probably not 6-4 either.
Matt said on 31/Jul/08
He is not 6'3

He is 6'5 as he states

Look at this picture with NFL measured 6'2 Terry crews

Click Here

Are you telling me, that that is honestly only an inch between them?
Viper said on 19/Jun/08
6-3 looks right for him.
Anonymous said on 18/Jun/08
I stood next to him on set of Chuck and he is about 6'3".
King said on 10/Jun/08
I wonder how old Duncan is. If he's something around 50, then he could be 6'4 1/2" now. Otherwise I can't believe that his announced 6'5" height is a lie.
Clay said on 3/Jun/08
He looked huge in A night at the Roxbury, so not just the Green Mile. 6'4'' range.
Truijo said on 30/May/08
Clarke is quite tall. I would give him 6'4 1/2" too but 6'5" is a little bit over his peak height.
RAZOR said on 18/May/08
Yes, I also thought all the time that Michael Clarke Duncan has to be 6'3" or 6'4" maximum, but really 6'5"??? I guess he has measured himself with shoes.
DandyRandy said on 15/May/08
Wow! Is he really that tall? I always thought he was around 6ft2in at the most.
RAZOR said on 13/May/08
Well, I'm not sure about this guy if he is really 6'5" but somehow it would be funny if it is so. If he's really 6'5" then he is exactly as tall as Balrog from Street Fighter who is 6'5" too. I also heard that Duncan will play Balrog in the new Street Fighter film what comes out in 2009.
Viper said on 7/May/08
Then how in the world does he look shorter than 6-4 Dwayne Wade in multiple pictures, or shorter than 6-4 David Hasselhoff.
Anon said on 6/May/08
The guy says he's 6'5", he's 6'5". Why does there need to be debate?
Viper said on 15/Apr/08
More like 6-3 flat max.
Jake Is Back said on 14/Apr/08
Well if Dwayne Wade is taller than him, he's 6'3.5" max. He's barely taller than Will Ferrell too.
Bobby said on 3/Mar/08
Michael Clarke Duncan is a way shorter compared with Tiny Lister Jr. Duncan is 6'4".
Kid-Icarus said on 6/Feb/08
Um yeah he's definitly not 7ft. He is probably 6'4" even.
Anonymous said on 28/Jan/08
How do you know he isn't 6'5". In The Green Mile, he looked very tall (even thinking about boots and platforms).
Ronno said on 19/Jan/08
I'm betting he's in the 6'3-6'4 range
Carnival said on 10/Jan/08
MCD is 6-3.5 i saw him barefoot. i'm the same height and we were eye to eye
Duhon said on 6/Jan/08
yeah he defenetly looks taller than djimon hounson
Viper said on 5/Jan/08
I meant, looks 6-2 with 6-4 David Hasselhoff.
Viper said on 5/Jan/08
Thing is, he looks 6-2 with 6-2 David Hasselhoff. Looks 6-3 in multiple pictues with 6-4 Dwayne Wade.

Heights are barefeet estimates, derived from quotations, official websites, agency resumes, in person encounters with actors at conventions and pictures/films.

Other vital statistics like weight or shoe size measurements have been sourced from newspapers, books, resumes or social media.

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