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7ft 5.4in (227.1cm)
CoolJ said on 11/Nov/05

I agree with most of those heights. I'm not sure McGrady is quite 6'8 and I Believe LeBron is a little over 6'7"

Also, Garnett is a bit taller than 6'11.. I noticed your conversion is off.

Other than that they look good.
J. said on 10/Nov/05
I'm watching the Heat play the Rockets as I type. The announcer goes "Yao's 7'9"! I think that's an exgaration (sp.) but he's listed as 7'5" on the offical NBA site ...since when do they downgrade? Ming's so freaking tall that he can pass for 7'10" if he wanted but I think 7'5" and some change is more likely.
mask said on 10/Nov/05
You guys maybe forget that almost all nba heights are "with shoes" heights so you must you must consiser these heights less 3-4 cm.According to myself the following are some famous nba player's heights that are "quite" accurate:
1-Tim Duncan 209 cm(6'10")
2-Tracy McGrady 203 cm(6'8")
3-Vince Carter 196 cm(6'5")
4-Dirk Nowitzki 211 cm(6'11")
5-Kevin Garnett 212 cm(6'11")
6-Yao Ming 228 cm(7'6")
7-Shaquille O'Neal 214 cm(7'1")
CoolJ said on 21/Oct/05
Dan: Not quite. Yao probably does have 3-4 inches or so on Sabonis. He's about 7'6", but nothing more.
Sal said on 2/Oct/05
If Shawn Bradley said Yao isn't as tall as him, I would believe him... but when was this quote made... researching Wadlow on this site, they said that he had grown in death... i don't know if rigermortous had set in and straitened him up a bit, but apparently these giants just keep growing... it wouldn't surprise me if Yao grew a bit while in the league...
Anonymous said on 26/Sep/05
Yao only 7-4?

I am sorry but that is RIDICULOUs, it is well dcoumented fact he is exactly 7-6 even barefoot.
786 said on 24/Sep/05
This seems accurate enough

Yao is not bigger than 7-6, more like 7-4 without shoes and hair going with tha picture. So 7-5 with shoes seems right.
CoolJ said on 22/Sep/05
Gee, looks like the giants webpage updated their stuff ;)
zas said on 21/Sep/05
Guys, please this site
Manute Bol has the largest wingspan in nba history, 8'6''(2.59) and Muresan has the second (7'10''). what do you think YAO IS 7-7?
Still Sick of This (Cycklops) said on 14/Sep/05
WHERE in that link does it say the NBA officially rounds players down? There's a bunch of stuff about Yao Ming's height but NOTHING to support what you said.

The attitude isn't going away until you stop lying.

And if you continue, you should probably be banned from this site.
Yao is 7-7 said on 13/Sep/05
It has been posted here numerous times.

And YES the nba policy is to always round down. maybe that rule is not always followed but despite and fans claims otherwise that is the rule.

and here is a proof I am no liar at all:

now drop the attitude and accusations.

Yao was 7-5 1/2 barefoot before he was drafted, it was rounded down to 7-5 on his draft listing BECAUSE he chose to be listed without shoes on, strange policy but that is how they do it, YES it shuts up all the people who keep wrongly sticking to the claim he is "really 7-5".......

and finally by the time he got to the NBA he had grown to 7-6 which is what the Rockets finally officially measured him at.

We don't have any more official measurements beyond this, so for now I guess this is where we are stuck at. But basically, he does look more like 7-6 1/2 to me.
Sick of this. said on 7/Sep/05
Sing Jr., whoever you are...once again you're blatantly lying.

The NBA DOES NOT and DID NOT EVER have a policy of officially rounding players down. Post a LINK instead of making up e-mails. But I doubt you will, because that is NOT the NBA's policy.
Yao Is 7-7 said on 29/Aug/05
BTW, I am Sing Jr.
JCS said on 28/Aug/05
Yes, 7'6. Exactly as I thought. Sing Jr has a better head on his shoulders than his father does :)

Sing Jr said on 27/Aug/05
Ok email Jonathen Feigen at the Houston Chronicle. This guy has the scoop and you people should accept it.

He states clearly in email,

Is Yao 7-5 or 7-6? I asked...........

"Yao was measured by the NBA before being drafted at 7-5 1/2 (2.27m) barefoot, and 7-6 3/4 with shoes on, prior to being drafted. Players can choose to be either listed in height with shoes, or without shoes. Yao chose to be listed without shoes, because in China they list him at 7-5 (2.26m).

However, that is an old measurement. The NBA rounds all heights down, so when Yao decided to be listed at barefoot height, he was rounded down to 7-5 even. His shoe height was then also deducted by half an inch.

The Rockets as part of their "Be a part of something BIG" campain listed Yao at 7-6 instead, which would be his actual NBA height, as almost all players are listed with shoe height, and the 7-6 3/4 would be rounded down to 7-6 even.

Towards the end of last year when the Rockets were playing the Mavs on an ESPn game I overheard the ESPN reporters asking Jeff Van Gundy if Yao was 7-5 or 7-6, as they had already asked the Mavs how tall Shawn Bradley was, and wanted to compare the two to the heights given.

The Mavs had told them Bradley was "really 7-6 even without shoes, even though Bradley is listed officially at 7-5 3/4 without shoes, he grew 1/4 after his draft measuring". I heard Jeff Van Gundy telling the ESPN reporters that he last measured Yao near the end of Yao's rookie season, and that he got 7-5 3/4, but that in Yao's rookie year he got 7-6 even when he measured him".

Van Gundy told them you know, "these measurements aren't exact for guys this big, especially depending on what time of day you measure them."
CoolJ said on 27/Aug/05
Something tells me they just took Manute's height at 7'7".. no bother measuring someone who has had the same listed height for decades. That wingspan is pretty unbelievable though. Nevertheless.. most people have a wingspan greater than their height. I'm 173cm and my wingspan is 177cm. Manute at 231cm could very well have a wingspan of 239cm or greater.
Yao Is 7-7 said on 26/Aug/05
Yes and did you know in boxing they use height with boxing shoes?
Yet they list it as "barefoot". If you don't believe it just watch it, they measure them with shoes on. Mike Tyson is "5-11 1/2", Holyfield is "6-3", etc. according to this.

As for Celebrity boxing, well they said Screech was "6-1 195 pounds", yeah sure these listings are accurate. They said Vanilla Ice was like 6-1 180......the man is a total shrimp.
CoolJ said on 24/Aug/05
all I know is Celebrity Boxing CLAIMED Bol's wingspan was 8'6"

One thing is for sure.. Yao's wingspan is 7'5" - Vertical Reach of 9'9"ish.. Manute has an inch on Yao and he can reach above the rim easily (10ft+). Its close.. but Manute is definitely up there in wingspan.
CoolJ said on 24/Aug/05
Did you know on Celebrity Boxing 2, they reported Manute Bol at 7'7" 240 with a wingspan of 102" (8'6")
Yao Is 7-7 said on 24/Aug/05
Funny I searched for this yesterday EVERY source said it wqas largest in NBA hisory, perhaps this is tied with Bol's.

You see this is what is so odd about people that post here, they use their eyes to purport "FACT".

Did you ever think that maybe Bol appears longer because he is skinnier than a twig?
CoolJ said on 23/Aug/05
Hey guy.. I didnt dispute his wingspan being 7'10.. I disputed the fact that it was supposedly larger than Manute's..
Yao Is 7-7 said on 22/Aug/05

apparently you "experts" are proven wrong yet again.
zas said on 21/Aug/05
It's a mistake. Manute Bol has a gigantic wingspan (7'10), not muresan.
CoolJ said on 20/Aug/05
I think that page is someone's brain child from this page.. Theres no WAY Muresan's wingspan was/is larger than Bol's
CoolJ said on 20/Aug/05
So which one of you made that freewebs page ;)
Sing said on 20/Aug/05
They probably made a mistake while updating the player pages. I am sure it will be corrected soon.

The most ridiculous thing is Pavel Podlokozin is listed as 7-5, but he's only 7-3.5, if that, as measured by the NBA. When he stood next to Bradley, he looked a number of inches shorter, around 3-4.
Yao Is 7-7 said on 19/Aug/05
also this..............

and this

now it the SAME listing from his draft and yes even used the old weight which is clearly wrong.

SAME thing they did with Duncan last year changing him gtom 7-0 to 6-11, and of course league rules say YTao would be 7-6 even if hes 7-5 because it's shoe height.

Is the person making the player pages simply picking what they want?

Yao Is 7-7 said on 19/Aug/05

JCS said on 14/Aug/05
Sing, Just a hair over 6 3/8"

He's not 7'8 guy. You're the only one in existence who thinks that.

Sing said on 14/Aug/05
Remeasure your nose to crown of head distance, it had to be more than 6". You are probably only measuring to your hairline, but I am talking the very top of your head.

Yao's 7-8.
JCS said on 14/Aug/05
To clarify as I saw my 2nd to last post was inaccurate.

I think Dirk is around 6'10.5" and Yao is about 7'6" - 7.5" difference
JCS said on 14/Aug/05
I drew the line a shade over Garnett's head because he is standing a smidgeon back from Yao. I was trying to get everyone on a fair playing field. I may have drew Yao's line too high now that I look at it.

My head from the bottom of my nose to the top is about 6.25-6.5".

There's no sense in arguing with you.. Trying to proclaim he's 7'6 1/2" or even 7'7" would be worth it.. but over 7'8" not a chance..
JCS said on 12/Aug/05
Sing.. There lies your problem!!! Dirk is not 7'!! Dirk only comes up to Yao's neck?? Are you SERIOUS... Dirk comes up to the bottom of Yao's nose!!! Don't be a fool.

YOU YOURSELF said KG is 6'9.5 .. He's Taller than DIRK in the picture guy, so that is not at all possible! What is Dirk then? 6'8.5? And Duncan is what? under 6'8??? If KG is 6'9.5 .. Then Yao is only 7'3.5" or so.. NOT POSSIBLE

Your whole logic is screwed beyond belief!

Dirk is more like 6'10.5-6'11" - KG is about 6'11.5" and Yao is about 7'6" .. In that picture he actually looks to be me to be a shade under 7'6"

Pictures don't lie, but you do.

Sing said on 12/Aug/05
I said Yao is 7-8 barefoot, which would make him about 7-9+ with shoes on, or close to 7-10. If Dirk is 7 feet, then Yao's definitely got 9 inches on that guy. Dirk's eyes only come up to Yao's neck!
JCS said on 12/Aug/05
"Yao Is 7-7" Yet another article you refer to and email.. Can you provide a link please or forward that e-mail?

Sing your irrefutable evidence is simply the opposite of what you state. Many variables make it refutable.

If Yao is nearly 7'10" in shoes.. That would make KG over 7'3" in shoes.. which in turn would make Shaq nearly 7'5" in shoes.. Which is ridiculous. Think about it please? Duncan is standing a few inches back from the crowd.. but you can clearly see he is not a 7-footer because Garnett isnt even 7'
Jason said on 12/Aug/05
JCS - I know, but you can't even trust independant measured heights 100%. Brandon Hunter, for example, was ''measured'' at 6'6 1/2'' bare foot at one camp in 2003 and it's common knowledge he isn't quite that tall.
jorge said on 11/Aug/05
Yao Ming is without doubt 7-6 . Look this picture:
Sabonis is 7-3, Yao is 3 inches taller.
Sing said on 11/Aug/05
Yao is 7-8, Bradley, 7-6. One picture, no matter how bad, is worth 1000 words. All your estimates are based on opinions, personal bias, educated guesses etc. Irrefutable evidence below. End of discussion. Yao's taller than Bradley.
JCS said on 11/Aug/05
I've analyzed quite a few heights.. These are my mid-point numbers

I've got LeBron 6'7 1/4, Amare 6'8 3/4, Tim Duncan 6'10, Jermaine O'Neal 6'10 1/4, Garnett 6'11 3/8, Shaq 7'0 5/8, Zydrunas 7'1 1/2, Yao 7'6

Variations up to 1/2" are expected... of course, we can lose 1" throughout the day due to the effects of gravity on our spines.
JCS said on 11/Aug/05
Jorge, Muresan was definitely 7'7 as well.
JCS said on 11/Aug/05
We really need some password validation here.. the last JCS that posted was actually not me.

Thanks Cycklops, I dont have an over fascination with height, I just hate people who wont accept other arguments and are convinced they are right.. especially when I know they are wrong.

Jason - Only problem there is that there really is about 5.5" between Shaq and Yao.. but theres something like 3.5" between Amare and Shaq.. Amare was measured at 6'8.5" barefeet. So as you can see.. SOMEONE has to be taller.. and Amare was the one that was recently measured, and I believe he's even grown a smidge.
Amare - 6'9" / Shaq - 7'0.5" / Yao - 7'6"

Sing, Those pics are horrible.. once again for the 100th time.

Jason said on 11/Aug/05
I'll take Shaq at his word when he says he's 6'11 1/2'' ... I mean, he's said it several times over the years now, so I think he must know.

When did Yao say he's 7'4''? I don't really know how tall he is now, but there's an old listing for him at 225cm, which is around 7'4 1/2''.
Cycklops said on 10/Aug/05
JCS, don't let them get to you. You and CoolJ are the voice of reason.

"Yao is 7-7" said...and I quote..."But I have then taken the New York Post and Houston Chronicle reports that Yao was actually measured at 7-6 1/2 (NBA rounds down to even height)"

This is a complete falsehood, and makes it obvious that you're bending the truth. The NBA rounds UP half inches and always has. Look at the predraft camp measurements on and compare them to height listings.
jorge said on 10/Aug/05
manute bol is 7-7, and bradley , yao ming and muresan are 7-6
Sing said on 10/Aug/05
Notice Yao said, "He's taller than me, OK". I think he said in annoyance or tongue-in-cheek. As in, ok, he's taller than me, now get out of my face! He would've said Shaq was taller than him just to get these annoying little reporters off his back, were you one of them JCS??? LOL. I wouldn't take what Yao says literally, after all, he comes from a culture that values humility over egotism. So it's no big deal for him to say Bradley is taller, or anyone is taller, for that matter.

Yao is 7-8, Bradley, 7-6. Nuff said.

JCS said on 10/Aug/05
Sorry, you haven't convinced me. One strange thing though.. look at Yao's shoe.. Doesnt it look like hes standing on something? Either that or he has a large heel in that shoe. To be honest thats not the best picture, they're shooting up from the floor.

Yao SAID Bradley is taller in Nov '03. Why is this a discussion?

Sing said on 10/Aug/05

Before I lose them again to Yao 7-7's long ramblings. CoolJ, all pics that prove Yao to be taller are poor pics to you. You are fighting a losing battle, give up please.
Sing said on 10/Aug/05
CoolJ, Yao's knees are bent much MORE??? Look at the pic again man, both of Yao's knees are bent whereas for Bradley one of his knees is almost straight. Thanks for posting a direct link for the pic though.
Yao 7-7 why don't you analyze these pics since you seem to enjoy doing that. I think these pics show Yao to be taller not by 1/2", but around 2".
Sing said on 9/Aug/05
Like I said, I can sort of accept they are the same height, but Yao shorter? Come on! Want more proof Yao's 7-8? Go the link below on Shawn Bradley, click on photos to the right of the article, take a look at the 11th photo, and tell me please, who is taller???
CoolJ said on 9/Aug/05
Sing, you and your buddies here are the only ones who actually think Yao is taller. Goto and type in 'bradley taller yao' without the quotes. You will get countless pages of opinions, articles, etc., which state Bradley is taller.

Well they are both listed at 7'6", so regardless of who is taller.. it must not be by much.
Sing said on 9/Aug/05
Yao is taller without a doubt, with or without a curved spine on Bradley's part. In the 2 of the 3 photos we have of Yao and Bradley standing next to each other, Yao is taller.
JCS said on 9/Aug/05
Sing, If they both stand up tall.. Bradley is taller, no question. But if what someone proposed before is true, about Bradley having a curved spine then perhaps his posture isnt what it should be under normal circumstances so I believe Yao may look taller in some instances.

I do not believe that is the case in those pictures though. Bradley's torso may have been straight in your picture, but his legs probably werent.

Sing said on 9/Aug/05
I will respect the NBA's putting both Yao and Bradley at 7-6, same height. But your claim that Yao is SHORTER than Bradley is absolutely unacceptable. JCS, are you a Shawn Bradley Gold Star Fan club member???
Stop posting pics where Yao is leaning backward with head to one side, come on! At least in my half body pic, Bradley was standing STRAIGHT.
JCS said on 9/Aug/05
You're saying stay with the topic?? What topic was I on SING. PAY ATTENTION, its your only hope since you've now stooped to the people where you're calling people dumb because you have no better argument.

Ok Sing. Lets think about it, you once before proposed that Yao is 8.5" taller than Shaq..

Look at this photo.

Thats as good of a perspective you are going to get on a photo... I mean you do like photos from the waist up right? The only thing that benefits is perspective, because you can get a full ahead shot of people. Now, keep in mind, these guys are standing up straight posing, not in a basketball playing position like the one Yao and Bradley are in, in your ridiculous photo.

Now, if both stand straight up.. The top of Shaq's head is probably at Yao's eyebrows.. near his eye level.

If your proposed heights are true, that would mean Yao's head, from the top to his eyebrows is 8.5" - COME ON, That is simply NOT possible. That would make the height of his head OVER 1 1/2 FEET. It is not plausible Sing.

Now, if I am right in saying Yao is about 7'6" and Shaq is about 7'0.5" .. that makes Yao's head from the top, to near his eye level, at about 5.5". Giving him a more realistic head height of about 1 foot.

That is definitely a better possibility and one you cannot ignore. Face it, there is not 8.5" between these two. Why is that important?? Because it totally trashes your opinion of at least one of these guys.

I dont NEED to ramble on, the editor sees the point, and everyone else does that s not in Yao's gold star fan club.

He is 7'6" and no taller.
Yao Is 7-7 said on 8/Aug/05
No one can explain how in the image of Yao and Bradley from yao's rookie year, Yao is TALLER about 2 inches from the top of his hair down, than Bradley is at the very top of his hair. IF Bradley is taller than Yao seriously how is this possible?

According to people here and the site admin, this means Yao would have at least 4 inches of hair standing up for this to be true. THINK ABOUT IT.

SERIOUSLY, in all SERIOUSNESS that si ridiculous.

This is your argument. That it is "all hair", but THINK, for that difference to be made up, you are accoung for 4 inches of HAIR.

It simply is not logical.
Sing said on 8/Aug/05
Come on, stay with the topic. All of your numbers are estimates, ok, don't even try to tell anybody that your estimates are precise measurements or else you are fooling yourself into thinking that everybody is as dumb as you are.

In both full body pic and the pic I posted, Yao's is taller. The ONLY PIC WHERE YAO APPEARS SLIGHTLY SHORTER WAS THE ONE WHERE HE WAS SLOUCHING, but even then he is slightly taller at the top of the head.

If you can't see that, then I'm sorry but you are dummmbbbb.
JCS said on 8/Aug/05
Sing, you're just trying to piss people off now. Give it a rest.

ANY PICTURE where you can see the entire body is better than one where you can see them from the waist up especially if they are playing basketball.. Come on

If you like waist up pictures, lets use this one

YOU Think Shaq is 6'11.5", if that's the case.. Yao is about 7'4.5" But I have concluded he's 7'0.5-7'0.75" which makes Yao between 7'5.5" and 7'6"

Come on Sing, lets hear that this picture is any less credible then yours with Bradley and Yao from the waist up??
Sing said on 8/Aug/05
I think Yao is leaning over, probably to catch a pass, so the height difference won't be that great. Bradley is standing straight. Yao's 2 inches taller. The point is, this is the only accurate photo of the 2 we have. The others are shot with bias in mind.
CoolJ said on 7/Aug/05
Nothing more annoying than senseless bias. You must have some serious visual anomalies to think that Sing.

Do us ALL a favor and get your eyes checked.. make sure your monitor is on a level surface too.

Sing said on 7/Aug/05
No way in hell is Bradley taller than Yao. Yao is 7-8, Bradley 7-6 period. Anybody who can't see that in those full body pics is simply not admitting the truth.
Cycklops said on 6/Aug/05
In my opinion, in both full body photos of Yao and is clear, blatant and obvious that Bradley has .5 to a full inch on Yao.

And according to BOTH Yao and Bradley, Bradley is taller.
Yao Is 7-7 said on 5/Aug/05
Rob with all due respect if you asked any photo expert alive to analyze that they would say yao is shown taller in that image. Perhaps you should drop your attitude with that one, because the site isn't looking like it should with that argument.

[Editor Rob: my point was simply, that from a '100 general people' 98 of them on looking at the first picture would not say Yao appeared taller in that photo. Of course 2 out of those 100 people might be photo experts who could argue various points that may begin to convince the other 98 that Yao was indeed taller... ;)

A photo 'expert' would consider: Is the cameraman purposefully tilting his camera to favour either person? Is this tilt more than 2-3 degrees for it to begin noticeably affect their perceived heights? Are the 2 basketballers equidistant from the lens? If the head of one is marginally closer to the camera and the photographer is way below their line of sight, what effect does that have on making either object appear slightly taller/shorter? Is there barrel distortion?]
Sing said on 5/Aug/05
This guy is no Yao Ming but he is the new tallest living human being on the planet, also Chinese. 7-8.95 or 236.1cm, wow that's really precise! Lol.

It's certainly no tall tale - we've found a herdsman, living in Inner Mongolia, who measures a whopping 7 ft 8.95 in (2 m 36.1 cm)... taller than Radhouane Charbib who, for the last six years, has held the title of world's tallest living man. Unlike most giants, Xi Shun, who was born in 1951, has grown to this remarkable height naturally, and not as a result of a medical condition. His growth was normal until the age of 16, after which an inexplicable growth spurt saw him reach his record height in just seven years!

[Editor Rob: a guy this tall - his height might vary nearly 1.5-2 inches from straight out of bed till 8-hours on his farm!]
Sing said on 5/Aug/05
The article was written in 2003 about Yao's first game against Dallas. He has grown since then. Like I said, Yao doesn't like to be the tallest, as is obvious in all the photos. But the photo above proves that he is way taller than Bradley. I know you can't see the legs, but still...

7-8 barefoot for Yao.
JCS said on 5/Aug/05
Eh Sing.. if it was that easy to ask Yao.. Why dont you?

I know Bradley is above 7'6" because its more than obvious to see. We have Yao at 7'6, Bradley is taller... Therefore Bradley is taller than 7'6".

Like Bradley said.. if Yao is 7'6, then I'm 7'8. I don't think he'd speak those words if he knew he wasn't clearly taller than Yao.

Type in Bradler taller Yao. I found this link interesting.


"He's taller than me, OK," Yao said of Bradley.

[Editor Rob: lol, nice find...Yao himself is now saying it...that means Yao is either lying or is in fact marginally shorter than bradley. I've lost count how many times this photo or ming not standing as tall has been posted, but if you asked 100 people which guy was taller, 98 might say Brad by a nose ;) Or maybe Ming doesn't want to be the tallest nba'er!]
Yao is 7-7 said on 4/Aug/05
Also about Mutombo, africa basket has him listed at 7-1 even barefoot, and international fiba has him listed at 7-1 1/2 barefoot, while NBAS has him at 7-2 1/2 with shoes, they take barefoot height plus 1.25 ", which would mean 7-1.25 barefoot.

So While Mutombo says 7-2 or 7-3, with shoes, he's probably just going with an in between.

He's probably about 7-2 and a half with shoes, not quite 7-3, but a little above 7-2.
CoolJ said on 4/Aug/05
Sorry, Madame Tussaud's article states it has him at 7.5" = 7'6" .. and they tend to use pretty accurate heights.. but remember he has shoes on in his wax figure.
Yao is 7-7 said on 4/Aug/05
IF Pavel is 7-4.5 Bardley is much taller than 7-6.

See the Bradley/Pavel pic posted here before.
Yao is 7-7 said on 4/Aug/05
Rob, I believe the report appeared around October of 2003.

I know it was posted in the Houston Chronicle, The New York Times, both of those on their websites as well, and also to

However the New York Times article has been removed, BUT the tags I believe are still there.

One thing that has to be again pointed out here though, is that the NBA lists Yao at 7-6 because that is his height listing with shoes from his draft listing.
He was listed at 7-5 originally because the Rockets used his barefoot listing, it was changed not because he grew an inch, but because the Rockets had it changed to his barefoot height plus 1.24" which is NBA standard.

Again, Yao was never measured by the NBA, despite the belief that he was. The 7-6 listing barefoot has nothing at all to do with his height listing change, nor does his draft listings have anything to do with his actual height.

So Rob because of this basically here is the problem,

even though the Chronicle did report the Rockets measured Yao at 7-6.5, rounded which is rounded down to 7-6 because of league rules, the reality is this makes no sense whatsover.

Because the Chronicle claimes this is why Yao's height was changed from 7-5 to 7-6.

But the NBA league office claims that this is absolute BS. That his he was never measured, his draft listing is simply how they list foreign players, and that his height was first listed barefoot by Rockets orders, then with shoes by Rockets orders the following year. BOTH these heights again not based on him being measured by NBA or Rockets but by China in 1999.

So the Chronicle report DOES put Yao ay 7-6 or 7-6.5, HOWEVER in truth it is just as made up as the 7-5 draft listing, yes MADE UP. If you analyze the NBA league office claims this report is made up.

So yes based on that report he shoule be 7-6.5 but I think it's bogus.

The ONLY official heights that have been found are"

1999 China 7-5 barefoot
2000 Olympics 7-6 barefoot
2002 Internation 7-6.5 barefoot.

it probably should be 7-6.5 listing here based on this as your only concrete proof, but the Chronicle reports are just as bogus as the draft listings. Either that or the NBA league office in New York is liying.

I would believe them over news paper reporters, nba draft listings, fans, and the Rockets team.

CoolJ said on 4/Aug/05

You have hearsay. I have pre-draft measurements.. I'll take my measurements over your "friend"
CoolJ said on 4/Aug/05
Anonymous.. That is incorrect. LeBron was measured at 6'7.25.. why is he listed at 6'8? Amare was measured at 6'8.5 .. why is he listed at 6'10?

Duncan isn't even 7' in shoes.. why is he listed at 7'?

Madame Tussaud has Yao at 7'5.. albeit in 2003

I'm pretty sure they said they measured him at 7'5.75"
Anonymous said on 4/Aug/05
Um the ONLY problem is that according to the Houston Chronicle they measured Yao at 7-6.5, not 7-6.

You are using the question response page for their 7-6 listing, find the ACTUAL report which stated he was 7-6.5.

Remember the NBA NEVER uses heights over the even height. Even if you were 5-11.75, you are still 5-11.

[Editor Rob: I'll put him back to that 7ft 6.5 which he was IF I can find that article ;) Unfortunately I ain't a newspaper subscriber...]

sami said on 4/Aug/05
coolj,you said pavel podkolzin is 7'3.5"(2.22 cn)well you wrong i have a friend that was grew up with pavel in novosibrsk and they are both very good friends so check out this-pavel is 20 and a half years old and before two years he was diagnosed with hg-(gigantism) which treated well.he wear 21 4e shoe size! he is now 7'4.5"(2.25 cm) almost 7'6" with shoes on and his weight 130 kg! he is very very big and tall
JCS said on 3/Aug/05
Just for discussion purposes I analyzed a few other photos and got these measurements

Shaq - 7'0.75" (7'2" in shoes)
Zydrunas - 7'1.5" (7'2.75" in shoes)
Kevin Garnett - 6'11.5" (7'0.75" in shoes)
Jermaine O'Neal - 6'10.5" (6'11.75" in shoes)

I may look into Kobe Bryant as photos I've recently viewed make him appear much shorter than his listed 6'6"
Massimo said on 2/Aug/05
Although I think it was not polite or intelligent of Sing to call me "idiot" for a discussion about heights, I have to admit that Yao looks very tall in those pictures with Mutombo. They are, in my book, the best pictures we have seen so far . For a comparison between Yao and Shaq, or Shaq and Mutombo I think this picture can be useful.
Cycklops said on 2/Aug/05
Rob, thank you for bumping Yao down to 7'6". That's his height.
CoolJ said on 2/Aug/05
As stated here ->
I completely agree that Yao is 7'6 and his wingspan is 7'5 (2002 measurements say 7'4 3/4).. It is definitely
verifiable judging from this picture

Everyone is different, and I agree it would make sense for his vertical reach to be closer to 9'10.. but remember his head is RATHER large which probably helps his overall height.. Your arms start below your neck.

Pavel Podkolzin is 7'3 1/2" with a 7'5 1/2" wingspan and his vertical reach is 9'8".. And although it would make sense for Yao's to be closer to 9'10.. everyone has a different body type.

However.. now that the consensus is Yao grew an inch.. I would think his wingspan is probably around 9'8-9'9now.
CoolJ said on 2/Aug/05
Of course you think Dikembe is a legit 7'2.. it helps your case.. Nevertheless Yao doesnt look anymore than 5" taller than him.. So 7'7 is the MAX Yao is, without question and Bradley IS TALLER.. probably by about 1/2" inch. I dont know how you're viewing those pictures, but whatever way it is.. it is the WRONG WAY. <- HOW DO YOU KNOW if their legs are bent or not?????

Bradley is taller in the other photo for god sakes. Quit being delusional.

Sing said on 2/Aug/05
CoolJ your link doesn't work. I am going to comment on Yao's wingspan yet but logically speaking, even if his wingspan is the same as his height, he should still reach much higher than 9-7. I would say at least 9-10.

I think Mutombo is a legit 7-2. Granted in looking at these pics it's hard to say exactly how tall Yao is, but I would say the range should be 7-6 to 7-8+ barefoot, 7-7.5 to 7-10 with shoes. Still, he's taller than Bradley, no doubt about that.
Sing said on 2/Aug/05
So the NBA is right after all. Thanks.
CoolJ said on 2/Aug/05

I'm doubting Dikembe is 7'2 barefeet.. but maybe in his shoes.. so it looks like Yao is roughly 7'6.

Hey Sing, here's one for you

Draw some straight lines in that photo. Yao's height is actually more than his wingspan.
JCS said on 2/Aug/05

I'm glad we got Extremely similar results.. If Dikembe is really 7'1.25 .. I think I can buy Yao being 7'6".. but no more. Then again, how tall is Dikembe really??

I think we should place him back to 7'6 until there is better evidence.. and I'm not sure it gets better than what we have now.
sami said on 2/Aug/05
yao ming is 24 years old so i doubt if he grow in the last years and he has no gigantism or disorder grew so he is 2.29cm=7'6 barefoot no more
JCS said on 1/Aug/05
By the way, I based the pixel/inch conversion on Dikembe being 7'2" in shoes. The smaller Dikembe is.. the smaller the difference between them. The larger Dikembe is.. the larger that difference is.

Dikembe MAY NOT be over 7'2" in shoes.. but he may be marginally taller.. Nonetheless. this should put the rumor to rest that Yao is OVER 7'6 1/2" If anything, he is shorter.
JCS said on 1/Aug/05
In that first Yao/Dikembe photo.. yao is standing up straight.. no doubts can be raised there.. Mutombo has a slight lean which may be costing him about 1/2" inch.. no biggie.

Dikembe is just over 450 pixels tall. That difference between Yao and Dikembe is 27 pixels which equates to just over a 5" difference (something like 5.1").

If Dikembe is 7'2" in his shoes.. which is somewhat questionable.. Yao is a shade over 7'7" in his shoes.. which equates to roughly 7'5 3/4" for a barefoot measurement.

[Editor Rob: glad you took the 'scientific' approach using the trusted pixel comparison ;)

Ok, I too whipped out photoshop and calculated Yao as being in the 6.3 to 6.4% taller range (a couple of pixels taken away for yao's hair since dikembe basically has no hair advantage). Without considering any dikembe 0.5 inch posture penalty, it was mentioned in a comment down this page that Dikembe was supposedly 7ft 1.25 barefoot and 7ft 3 'international in shoes'...

If that's true then Ming is just marginally over 7ft 6.5. Is there a slight posture advantage for dikembe of 0.5 inch? Hmm, possibly, so closer to 7ft 6 then...

One thing is pretty evident in JCS and my own calculation. The maximum ceiling for ming would appear in this comparison to be 7ft 7.5 if dikembe is 7ft 2 barefoot (or 7ft 7 minus the very faint lean of dikembe which really doesn't look that much) ;)]
CoolJ said on 1/Aug/05

I guess now we need to figure out how tall Mutumbo is!!!
NBA said on 1/Aug/05

They indeed measured him at 7'5 3/4" - Dont you think this site's height should reflect that measurement?? 7'6 at the most... if we are to round up?
CoolJ said on 1/Aug/05

Wouldnt they at least bump his NBA height up to 7'7 if he was in fact measured at 7'6 though? That seems kinda fishy as well.. I think 7'6 might be the early morning rising height you speak of.

[Editor Rob: You would think that...hmm, for sing/anonymous you can now argue over the following pictures :)

Ming and Dikembe and Another shot.

First is a good photo as I think they have a similar stance, faces would appear to be of similar distance to camera and so judging the height difference is better. The question of course is Dikembe 7ft 2 in trainers? I bet if you asked different folk what the difference is you'd get answers in the range 4.5 - 7 inches...]
Sing said on 1/Aug/05
Well you guys are talking as if there is a new photo every second with Yao standing next to Bradley, or some ruler or something. Come on, photos are scarce. I repost the same photos because they are concrete evidence of Yao's true height. Why don't you look at the merits of the photos rather than complaining about there not being new ones???

Editor Rob, in 2002 Yao was measured by Houston coaching staff to be 7-6, but before the 2005 All-Star game, the coaching staff measured him again with shoes on, and he was 7-10! Like I said numerous times, he told Shaquille O'Neal during the All-Star game when Shaq asked him how tall he was. I guess Shaq noticed he grew a lot!!
NBA said on 1/Aug/05
Sing, your opinions and photos look tired. You wont even comment on JCS' most recent post.. or anyone else's opinions.

I wish the editor would respond with some sense and comment that even the current listed height of 7'6.5 on this site is inflated.

[Editor Rob: if the Rockets coaching staff measured this guy at 7ft 6 then I would say that there is no reason to believe this isn't correct. Ok, 7ft 6.5, take that height as his early morning rising height ;)]
CoolJ said on 1/Aug/05
Mr. Sing.

You know very well those listed heights feature the b-ball players w/ shoes. Stop trying to fool people.
Sing said on 1/Aug/05

No solid evidence he's above 7-5? Try listings at, ESPN, Sports Illustrated, and pretty much every major media out there all list him at 7-6 at least. How about the photo above of Yao standing next to 7-6 Bradley?

Massimo, I am sorry but you are an idiot. There is overwhelming evidence that he's at least 7-6 and yet you stupidly hold on to the idea that he's only 7-5.

I think Yao currently is at least 7-7.5, probably more like over 7-8 barefoot.
Massimo said on 30/Jul/05
I think we all have no doubt that Yao Ming is taller than 6' feet! I guess you meant 7' feet. I wonder what it's like to meet in the street a guy that tall...Scary ? I'm 5'6", he is almost 2 feet taller than me. I may be wrong but I think he is no taller than 7'5" barefoot. I have seen no clear evidence he is taller than that so far. I would pay to see him standing next to the famous bouncer Calvin Lane who is listed at 7'5" 1/2. I have seen Calvin next to Shaq and he makes Shaq look thiny (Calvin is much taller and bigger). Andre' would have looked like his little son. Ciao.
JCS said on 28/Jul/05
Stop posting the same things over and over. The same pictures over and over.

Anyone can clearly tell theres not that much height difference between them.

"So there?" You're starting to sound like a child now.. Like Editor said, if he was really that tall.. Houston would take every change to advertise it. <- AT least that is at a half-decent angle. Even though they arent standing up straight.. You can tell Shaq is in the same realm as Yao . You can tell if Yao stood up straight.. Shaq isnt that much smaller.. 8.5" Is huge..

Consider THIS PICTURE when you say Shaq is 6'11.5 and Yao is 7'8 - Yao is LESS than a half of his own head taller than Shaq. Imagine him bald.. So you're trying to say Yao's head is OVER 17" long.. something like 20"? Get a tape measure and picture that. There is absolutely no chance that is true.
Sing said on 28/Jul/05
Well I say there is at LEAST 8 inches, and though there is no way I can prove it, there is no way YOU CAN DISPROVE IT either. So there...
JCS said on 28/Jul/05

There is not 8.5" between these two.. Sorry Sing, your logic is flawed.
JCS said on 28/Jul/05
Sing, you are absolutely ridiculous. There is no way that there is 8.5 inches between Shaq and Yao.. And there is no way Yao has 2" on Bradley.

You really make someone want to reach through the computer screen and throttle you for these claims.

You use the absolute WORST images to try to prove your points.

By the way, Bradley is taller there.. And even if it was CLOSE, there is no way Yao has 2" ON HIM. GET REAL!!

JCS said on 27/Jul/05
Correction, 7'0.5 for Shaq
Sing said on 27/Jul/05
Here's the stance:
KG = 6-10.5
Shaq = 6-11.5
Yao = 7-8
Bradley = 7-6
KG wasn't standing straight in that photo, so I think the difference between him and Shaq is only 1 inch.

So you there are only 5 inches separating Shaq and Yao? Ok, take a photo with someone 5 inches taller than you, and compare it to the photo below between Yao and Shaq, and then slap yourself upside of the head for being stupid alright?

Yao and Bradley, Yao is MUCH taller. 7-8 for Yao, 7-6 Bradley.
JCS said on 27/Jul/05
Sing. If KG was 7'1.. then that would make Shaq about 7'3.. which would definitely hurt your case that you've tried to argue 100 times that Shaq is only 6'11.5".

Would you take an overall stance that makes sense and stick with it.. please?

There is clearly 1.5-2" between KG and Shaq. There is roughly 5" between Shaq and Yao.

6'10 3/4 - KG | 7'0.5 for KG | 7'5.5 for Yao
CoolJ said on 27/Jul/05
Sing, the only problem is.. Garnett is not 7'1.. more like 6'11.

Sing, that first picture is VERY poor.. and the second two are mediocre.. still there is not THAT much of a difference between them.
Sing said on 27/Jul/05
If K. Garnett is 7-1 as some claim, then looking at the photos above, you don't think Yao could be 7-10???

A comment on Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, he was a great player but he definitely wasn't 7-3 something. How do I know? There was a picture of Kareen standing next to 7-4 Mark Eaton on the cover of Sports Illustrated not long before he retired and Mark was much bigger, and taller than Kareem. So he couldn't have been 7-3ish. I would say 7-2 is probably accurate.
Sing said on 27/Jul/05
You can try asking Yao himself at his website by registering as a member. He personally responds to the fan mail.
In the 2 rather "candid" photos above, Yao does appear taller than Bradley.
CoolJ said on 27/Jul/05 <- How do you know if their legs are bent or not? <- Yao's big hair is fooling you.

Yao = Almost 7'6
Viper452 said on 27/Jul/05
I wouldnt trust 8 foot ladders. The 6 foot ladders seem to be 5-10 to 5-11 in real height.
Sing said on 27/Jul/05
Yao is taller in the 2 photos I have been posting. Here they are again, see for yourself. Ooops I forgot, you are a one-eyed low intelligence freak. My fault.

[Editor Rob: easy guys, CYclops - SIng is NOT the same guy as 'Yao is 7ft 7' guy...]
Viper452 said on 27/Jul/05
Seriously, I question you guys sanity to be writing 4 paragraphs about this guys height. Get a grip. Hes a Giant thats around 7-5 or 7-6.
Sing said on 27/Jul/05
Unlikely but not impossible, that's why I posted 2 pics. In both photos Yao appears obviously taller, in the second one you can see their legs. Both pics were taken in 2002 soon after Yao arrived in the US, so Yao is much taller now.
Cycklops said on 26/Jul/05
The Houston Rockets USE Yao's height as a marketing draw. Remember the "Be Part of Something BIG!" Campaign? Guy is 7'6".

[Editor Rob: note, Sing is not the same guy as 'yao is 7ft 7 - who also wrote that stuff about emailing gundy']
JCS said on 26/Jul/05
Editor Rob, I do think he's about 228cm... I dont buy the current 7'6.5.. do you? Check out my photo analyses

BTW, Poor photos again Sing.. How do you know Bradley's knees arent bent in the top-half photo?
Yao is at least 7-7 said on 26/Jul/05 For NBA, Yao Is Great Haul of China Open this result in new window
... basketball player, Yao Ming, spends his days in practices that barely make him sweat. The 7-foot-6 center for ... the Sydney Olympics, Bill Walton argued that Yao "has a ... - 19k -


The 7-5 height is widely known as a measurement from when yao was 18 in China

This is what we KNOW as CHINA REPORTS IT

UNLIKE NBA there is no dispute players are measured

also however like NBA heights are not updated in CBA league

Yao Ming age 18 measured 7-5 barefoot
Yao Ming age 19 measured 7-6 barefoot for Olympics in 2000

height not updated to CBA, CBA height used for 2004 Olympics at 7-5 because Yao was in US and not measured for Olympics

Yao was NEVER measured AFTER 2000 Olympics at age 19

Sun Ming Ming age 18 measured 7-5
Sun Ming Ming age 19 measured 7-6
Sun Ming Ming age 21 measured 7-8 3/4

Sun Ming Ming STILL listed at 7-5 or 7-6 in China when he was measured in US at 7-8 3/4

UNLIKE Yao Sun was in USA and WAS measured.

Yao was NEVER measured.

Sing said on 26/Jul/05
Well, editor Rob, maybe the NBA and Houston coaching staff don't want to list Yao at his real height until the time is "right". It's a "rite of passage" for a lot of new players, especially international ones. Dirk Nowitzki only averaged 8 points a game in his rookie season.

The statement by Houston reflects a common presumption that Yao was measured during pre-draft camp because usually all players are measured, but the EXCEPTION is international players. One truly reliable gauge of Yao's real height was when he told Shaq in 2005 that the Houston coaching staff measured him before the All-Star game and he was 7-10.

There was also a story where a maintenance worker on a 8-foot ladder saw Yao walk by one time, stopped him, and asked him how tall he was, to which Yao said 7-6. He shook his head in disbelief and told others so because he said Yao seemed as tall as the ladder, so there was no way Yao was only 7-6, which can only be true if Yao's closer to 7-10, with shoes of course.
Yao Is At LEAST 7-7 said on 26/Jul/05
I have to ask if the NBA says Yao was never measured, why do the Rockets say he was though? I've asked the website if yao was ever in the US to be measured and if in fact there was a rule he could not be measured at his workout. They claim Yao was absolutely not measured, but go with he's 7-5 or 7-6 because they really dont care.

But again, if yao was in China when they measure, how was he measured?

He didn't arrive in NBA until october. His workout prohitibted measurements and had Chinese officials at it.....

in fact look at his "official league listing"......


"7-5 barefoot 7-6 1/4 with shoes 7-4 3/4 wingspan 9-7 standing reach, wait can this be right? No that MUST be a mistake, a 7-2 player had a 9-10 reach, was he measured?"

I actually read that on the draft website.

I think Nowitski is speaking the truth.

The NBA heights are all bogus. My freind has met Kenny Smith several times. Smith was listed at 6-3. My friend swears Smith is not 6-3, with or without shoes.
Yao is at least 7-7 said on 26/Jul/05

CoolJ is not someone who whould be looked at seriously in this discussion if he can't see how this image proves yao is taller.

If he can't see Bradley closer to the camera, counting hair, is the same size as yao with knees bent, not counting hair, further from the camera, by SIMPLY MEASURING them in the image, and that this would prove yao is taller, then he simply does not have a serious point here.

That image is absolutely fool proof. There is simply no way around that one, other than to say, "lol wow I cant believe you guys, seriously".

It's like oh yea dare ask about WMD's you are anti-American.

When the proof is there and you can't back up what you are saying against it, that's what you resort to.

This particular image is simply undeniable.
Yao Is At LEAST 7-7 said on 26/Jul/05
1. The Rockets ACTUALLY said he was "7-6 1/2". The article was posted twice to the Houston Chronicle.

Once as 7-6 like below once as 7-6 (7-6 1/2 they round down).

2. He has been reported to have grown ANOTHER inch SINCE that time.

3. This makes 7-7 1/2

This makes SENSE, because Bradley claims a true 7-7 height, but 7-6 standing because of a spine curve and Yao does appear slightly taller, about half an inch in his rookie year in games, to about an inch and a half in games last playoffs.

That would actually matchup exactly.
Sing said on 26/Jul/05
Exact photos I was looking for. Great work JJ and Yaoisatleast7-7. These 2 photos are concrete proof. Yao leaning over is still a good 2 inches taller than Bradley. Yao is at least 7-8 barefoot. Again, I wouldn't be surprised if he's 7-10 with shoes. Enough said. Duncan and Shaq should be praised for their honesty, unlike Mr. Beanpole Bradley.

[Editor Rob: here again is the answer from The Rockets themselves ;)

"Yao Ming was officially measured at 7-5 at the NBA Pre-Draft camp last sumer. Therefore, the NBA lists Yao at 7-5. However, when Yao arrived in Houston in October, the Rockets coaching staff measured him at 7-6. The assumption is that he grew an inch during this period of time."

are the Rockets lying? If I was in charge and had a legitimate 7ft 8 guy, by God I'd be making sure every media outlet knew that OUR guy was the biggest basketballer playing today ;)

CoolJ said on 26/Jul/05
Your claims would make a lot more sense if you weren't referring to photos like this: As "FACTUAL EVIDENCE"

You guys crack me up. I'm not arguing to anyone who refers to this photo as PROOF that either guy is taller.

More hearsay.. More wackjob angles.. and you choose to ignore the actual full-ahead photos. Now Garnett is almost 7'3 in shoes..according to one guy and Dirk is almost 7'2 barefoot... PLEASE.. If this is true.. Shaq is the one that is 7'5.. and maybe Yao is 8 FEET TALL!!

Rob, can you instill some reality into these guys before this whole page goes to hell.
Yao is At LEAST 7-7 said on 26/Jul/05

and this

and this

is MORE evidence in than this

image 1:

If Bradley is "closer" the camera why do their elbows touch each other? Especially when Bradley pulls his one half inch longer arm up at the top, see at the shoulder, making an optical illusion that Bradley is taller.

In FACT this shows they are the SAME distance from the camera, because Bradley's arm is HALF an inch longer than Yao's, meaning in reality Yao LOSES half an inch here.

Despite this at top of heads Yao is taller. No NOT saying at top of hair, at top of head. Look at Bradley's flat head, and Yao's round head. Notice how the hair lays.

EVEN DEDUCTING a GOOD INCH of hair off Yao his head is STILL HIGHER.

Again if Bradley is "further" from the camera, how come the elbows are not, when Bradley has half an inch longer arm, and gains that HALF inch at the shoulder?

Again, there is a difference between optical illusion and reality.

Tis means in Yao's rookie year before growing another inch he is half an inch or an inch taller than Bradley who is eithet 7-6 or 7-7 barefoot.

image 2:

Yao is closer to the camera by about enough to make what about two inches height difference? Because they are BOTH in mid-run BOTH players have equal leg distribution, or it would be very neglible less than an inch.

Yao's "appears" about two inches taller, take that way completely because of camera distance.

Now how do we explain with Yao leaning over so much that he would STILL be at least as tall as Bradley if we account for distance?

Is this simply imaginary?

image 3

Here again in Yao's rookie year before growing another inch according to numerous reports, Yao is the SAME height as Bradley without even accounting Yao's legs are bent, that it is a higher measurement up his shoe I used versus Bradley's, or that I count only barely above Yao's hair, to like the middle, since his head is round, not counting all that hair of his,

and counting ALL of Bradley hair, giving him probaly half an inch or inch more height.....

Again Bradley claims 7-7.....

Bradley is CLOSER to the camera and full stretched out STRAIGHT, how does this show Bradley is "taller" than Yao?

image 4:

Widely used here to "prove" Yao is 7-5 or less.

Bradley stands as high and staright as possible and cocks his head.
Yao stands humped, slouching and leaning.

Bradley has legs close together, Yao's are spread, (i know not seen in this exact image but that picture was posted on here before SHOWING Bradley's feet together and Yao's spread, since deleted by the site, it was ere everyone saw it)

Bradley's shoes also appeared slightly thicker soled in that full image...

FORGET THAT, don't even account for the shoes or the stance, let's be negative here.

WITH THAT Bradley is NOT an incha taller. Go from yao's head line, NOT top of hair, NOT hair line, head point, and to Bradley's, hell even give Bradley his hair,

with Bradley's hair it's about an inch, without more like half an inch.

With Bradley as postured and straight as can be and Yao the opposite as can be.

Bradley claims he can ONLY stand 7-6 standing, even there we have a standing Yao humped over and clouching, legs apart etc. at 7-5 1/2

this means the image "proves Bradley is taller", that "Yao is 7-5", is the ONE of the four that is skewed and even then does not prove that at all.

It's almost an image that can't even be used for these purposes.

even if that image was equal in stance which it is not, how would (and again the image doesnt but for arguments sake) how would this ONE image outweight those other 3?

Isn't 3 better than 1?

And how can image #3 be disproven? What exactly more is needed than that? And how does image 4 become exact with all it's "issues", and image 3 is blatant and "does not prove anything"?

Yao IS 7-7 said on 26/Jul/05
From now I feel I can post with the name Yao IS 7-7.......

why? I have found factual prrof to end this debate.

Awhile back I claimed I would do so and now have.

First from Shawn Bradley's bio he is 7-7 barefoot when standing against a wall, or 7-6 simply when standing.

Secondly, from numerous sources, many of which Sing has mentioned, Yao grew an inch from his rookie season........


If we give Bradley JUST 7-6 barefoot, and IF we do NOT give Yao the extra inch of growth that has been reported on THREE different continents.....


then Yao MUST be at LEAST 7-6.

How you ask?

THIS picture.

MEASURE STRAIGHT, I repeat STRAIGHT, from Yao's shoes at the back in the middle of that blue stripe to his waist band........NOTE Yao's legs are bent casuing him to lose height but we will NOT even give him this height

Then measure from there to the middle of hair line.....

Now do the same for Bradley from the left shoe at the bottom corner where the blue stripe appears (note lower on Bradley's shoe giving him MORE height but again we will NOT count this)

to his waist line, then from there to TOP OF HIS HEAD....


remember Bradley is streched as straight as possible, yao is not, and COUNT ALL of Bradley's hair......

Note who is CLOSER to the camera.......indeed I say again which player is closer to the camera?

Now, Yao without accounting for ANY OF THIS

equals Bradley's height EXACTLY......


meaning at LEAST 7-6 even barefoot.....

IF Bradley is really 7-7

IF Yao really gre an inch

Yao's legs are not straight

Bradley is closer to the camera

Counting all Bradley's hair, and just to top of Yao's head


Yao is STILL at LEAST 7-6 barefoot by this pic......

if you count ANY of those things above OBVIOSLY MUCH taller, and CLEArly his body IS LONGER than Bradley's.

I will give yao ONLY one other inch due to counting Bradley's hair, and due to his legs not being straight and say 7-7.

I will NOT count that Bradley is 7-7 against a wall, or that Yao grew another inch simply because it is simply NOT believed by certain people.

They apparently can;t check Bradley's bio or any number of news sites or newspapers on Yao, BUT can check endlessly on photos on the net>>>>>>>>>>>

go figure.

Anyway, because of this, even though that WOULD put Yao at about 7-8 to 7-9, let's just be as absolutely STINGY as possible here,

which means 7-7 barefoot.

Now if someone argues with the evidence in this pic then this is hopeless, as the site and contributors are simply locked into yao being 7-5 or 7-5 and change for contributors (even saying it needs changed) or the site saying 7-6 and a half.

But clearly this photo is absolutely irrefutable and CLEARLY you can argue against it, but you can't disprove it and can NOT prove it does not show Yao is taller.

Argue all you want, this photo is factual evidence put to rest Yao is taller than Bradley.
Sing said on 26/Jul/05
Your pic is at a horrible angle. Yao hunched over, Bradley cranking up his neck and back, tilted angle, etc. etc. My photo is way better. Yao was at least standing somewhat straight. Bradley is not farther from the camera, they were standing back to back. Yao's hair is negligible, he has a big head which makes his hair look bigger but the height of his hair is not more than Bradley's, it's probably less.
JJ said on 26/Jul/05
I think this is ridiculous. I have looked at many of the photos here, and see two responses:

1. Yao is "7-5"
2. Yao is "7-8 and up"

How can people possibly look at the SAME photos and ALWAYS come to these two seperate conclusions?

ONE side, either one must be purposely seeing an imagined height.

Based on simple logic, the people that as the previous post even claimed using pixels to get Yao's height etc, these people are simply going about this with the notion that Yao IS 7-5, therefore they are finding ways to prove he is 7-5.

This is the ONLY logical conclusion one can come to. Because the images rarely ever show that Yao is 7-5. In fact I have not seen one image posted yet that actually would show he is just 7-5. Bradley claims to be 7-7, and yet Yao with a slump and wide stance is half an inch shorter in that image, with his head higher at the top. This shows he is "7-5" how exactly? What am I missing here?

The reason why the other people are getting estimates from 7-7 to 7-10 is because they ARE actually trying to measure and compare photos PROPERLY.

The other people are not. For one thing as with the last post, "it seems consensus Tim Duncan is 6'11" with shoes"........really? According to whom?

I remember reading an article that had David Robinson measured barefoot at 7'0 3/4". Now, you are telling me that there's almost 3 inches in height between those two? When they won their title in 2003 and both stood and hugged and both stood totally upright, there was AT MOST an inch and a half, BUT much more like an inch of height difference.

Also, the people who use the listed heights or draft measurements are guilty of this. Kevin Garnett may have been 6'10" barefoot at 19, MAY have been but he's considerably taller now. There was a game where Dikembe Mutombo rejected his shot, then wagged his finger at him. When Garnett got up in Mutmobo's face, there was AT MOST half an inch height difference. Mutmombo's international height listing has him at 7'3" with shoes, 7'1 1/4" without shoes. That puts Garnett at 7'2 1/2" with shoes.

It doesn't matter what any photo shows in my view honestly, it matters when these guys get eye to eye touching each other standing upright. Photo angles and slouches and all of that are simply removed. Example when Yao gets eye to eye with Bradley IN GAMES, he is CLEARLY taller, about half an inch to an inch in my view.

Whether you believe it or not doesn't really matter as far as I am concerned.

I remember hearing a Dirk Nowitski interview on ESPN radio in which he said that the NBA height listings are complete garbage. He stated he was never measured by anyone from the NBA, but that yet he had a barefoot and shoe height listing when drafted. His shoe height of 6'11" for his first couple of years suddenly became 7'0" with shoes. He claimed neither he nor his team knew anything about this.

Dirk also stated emphatically that he is actually 7'1 1/2" tall barefooted. He said he has no idea where his 7 foot height with shoes listing ever came from. Mark Cuban was also there and he said indeed he measured Dirk at 7' 1 1/2" barefoot. Basically Dirk just said the NBA "measured heights" are imaginary.

Why would he lie about this? If he and Cuban said this on ESPN and lied, would they have not gotten fined by David Stern the NBA commisioner? He fines for everything else. Claiming the NBA simply makes up height listings would surely qualify. The NBA ignored it.

This was then repeated on ESPN Sportscenter, and in the following game between Houston and Dallas. The game announcers commented that, "so that means Yao and Bradley are what, about 7'11" then?"

Going further with this, Steve "Snapper" Jones once said on ABC that, "Bill Walton is 6'11" according to the NBA, and Tim Duncan claims he's 6'10", he's listed at 6'11" with shoes. Well, it's funny that their teammates claim they were measured numerous times at 7 feet even barefoot."

Walton then argued with him about it, and said, "no I'm 6'11 barefoot".
Jones said, "but that's supposed to be your height with shoes on."
Walton said, "uh, yeah, well what are you saying?"
Jones said, "Remember when we were teammates and I measured you at 7 feet even barefoot?"
Walton then replied with, "uh I don't know what you're talking about", then kind of smiled.
Jones ended it with, "you see there's this idea around the NBA that if a player is 7 feet tall that he is slow, and unathletic. Also there is a belief that if you are 7 feet tall you have to play center. If you don't play center at 7 feet, then you are a real softie. Tim Duncan, Kevin Garnett, Jermaine O'Neal, these guys are not 6-10 or 6-11. They just don't want to be thought of as unathletic big men, or as softie bigs that play PF and are too soft to take the daily beating at the 5 spot, but ask any GM in the league and they will tell you they are all 7 footers, KG's about 7-2."

Funny how NO ONE, NOT ONE player had anything to say questioning Jones's comments?

The problem isn't trying to measure Yao's height with pixels against Duncan's, the problem is doing so assuming the FALSE notion based on pure hearsay and speculation that Duncan is 6'10".

Then you turn around and claim others getting higher heights for Yao are doing the same but you are not. You DO NOT know Duncan is 6'10", and in fact most evidence appears he is more like 7 feet barefoot, TALLER than NBA claims.

This puts Yao at more like 7'7 1/2", if Duncan is 6'11 3/4" or at 7'7 3/4" if Duncan is 7 feet, which Duncan's college coach states he is.

Duncan was listed at 6-10 in college (his supposed height in shoes), YET his coach at Wake Forest stated this when he was drafted, "we had him at 6'10" in sneakers, he's listed now in the draft at 7 feet with sneakers, he says he's about 6'11", but I measured the guy myself, he's right at 7 feet even in his socks. Timmy doesn't want to be known as a 7 footer".

Did anyone here ever stop and think that MAYBE, JUST MAYBE some of these freaks of nature are emabarrased about their height?

Nowitski apparently isn't and gave his true height VERY clearly.

START using Dirk's REAL height, 7'1 1/2" barefoot as the guide.

One last thing to ponder over, and no don't simply ignore this and start with the Duncan is 6-10, Yao is 7-5, KG is 6-11 thing over again,

because during filming of Return of The Dragon, Bruce Lee and Kareem were measured extensively using precise tools for the film's promotions. Back when Kareem was drafted heights were barefoot for NBA players, so his 7'2", was a barefoot listing, not with shoes.

Yet when Kareem was measured, he came in at 7'3 3/4" barefoot. Lee and Kareem argued as Kareem was 7'2". Kareem was measured EIGHT TIMES and every time came in at 7'3 3/4" barefoot.

There was never ANY change over the years anywhere with anything relating to the NBA from this 7'2" height.

So now people ASSUME Kareem is 7-2 with shoes on, since that's the assumption for all players now, and because he was listed at 7-2, some people probably think he is like 7 feet even, yet he was almost 7-4 and would be still if he has not shrunk.

Why hasn't anyone even considered that maybe the NBA height listings mean jack?

And this goes too for other players listed taller than they are.
Sing said on 26/Jul/05
BS, I know you like the second photo because Yao is virtually hunching over whereas Bradley is cranking up his neck. So I guess we are at a stalemate.

I am still trying to look for that photo that somebody posted here of Yao standing next to Bradley while playing ball in which Yao was indisputably taller. Until then, YAO IS TALLER!! Lol.
CoolJ said on 26/Jul/05
Not to mention Sing.. in that picture you posted. Yao is CLEARLY closer to the camera... You have to look at both sides of the coin.. If you ignore the fact Yao is closer to the camera, and the fact he has at least an inch of hair on top of his head.. YES He is taller..

But a person's hair doesn't add to their height. Therefore, Bradley is legimately taller.
CoolJ said on 26/Jul/05

If you count hair, Yao is taller.. but lol, Hair isnt a part of height.

Also, you use the one at the POOREST angle. <- Much better.
Sing said on 26/Jul/05
CoolJ, you are the out of control one. The game announcers, Houston coaching staff, Jeff Van Gundy, TD, Shaq, NBA website, ESPN, NY Times, Sports Illustrated (should I continue?) all say Yao is at least 7-6, and same height as Bradley at the very least. Yet you still refuse to believe these sources and won't give him even 7-6, are you out of your mind???

In the only 2 photos where Yao stands next to Bradley, Yao is obviously taller in 1 photo (see below), and in the other which you reall like, Yao is slouching big time whereas Bradley is cranking up his neck and yet Yao is STILL taller at the top of the head. Come on!


I am going to post the photo above to death until all you Yao doubters are converted.
CoolJ said on 26/Jul/05
Sing, you are out of control man.. 7'8 and change?

Since when is Tim Duncan the best judge of height when he's listed at 7' and probably isnt even 6'10. How good a judge of height is Shaq says he's 6'11.5 but has about 2" over Garnett. Let's start from here:

WE know Amare is at least 6'8.5 because.. that was his draft height -- Now check out Duncan. He's slouching.. but we know Garnett has at least an inch on him. We know Garnett is about 6'11".. maybe 6'10 3/4" at the worst.. judging from this pic as well.. so Shaq HAS to be taller than 6'11.5" -

So if KG is say.. 6'10 3/4" and Shaq is about.. 7'0.5" or so.. Ok we now know Yao is at least 7'4 or 7'5 just with our eyes.. Now we look at Bradley and Yao..

Would you look at that? Bradley is taller.. If the guy below is right.. which he may be with Bradley at 7'7 barefoot.. Then you can deduce Yao is less than 7'7.. and taller than 7'5.

Look at this.. and JCS' explanation earlier.. and I think its fair to say Yao is just under 7'6"

You can't just keep inflating Yao's heights based on questionable pictures, you have to compare his height alongside others' Of course he's taller than all active players (Bradley retired) but that doesnt mean you can jack him up until he hits the rim.. or even the ceiling.

I'm interested to hear Rob's thoughts on the issue.

CoolJ said on 26/Jul/05
JCS.. which makes perfect sense since Yao's head would probably be around a foot long. His legs aren't that far apart to make a large enough difference.. so I think that 7'5 3/4" measurement someone threw out before is totally believable, at least at the time of this picture. I think we need to cut out the hearsay, drop this guy to 228cm until we get some solid proof.
Sing said on 26/Jul/05
Massimo, we are talking height with shoes, certainly Yao is not 7-10 barefooted!! Like I said, I wouldn't be surprised if the dude is 7-10 with shoes, I've never seen Shaq look so small next to another basketball player!!

I think it's certain Yao is taller than Bradley, much taller I would say. If Bradley's 7-6, then Yao is probably at least 7-7.5 barefooted, but probably more like 7-8 and change, 7-10 with shoes. Heights which both Tim Duncan (he said Yao was 7-8) and Shaq (Yao's actually 7-10 with shoes) have mentioned as being Yao's real height.
JCS said on 25/Jul/05

Tim Duncan is roughly 304 pixels tall in this picture. Seems to be the consensus that he is 6'11" w/ shoes.. which means that 1 inch = 3.66 pixels.

There are 28 pixels in between the top of his head and the top of Yao's.

28 pixels difference = 7.65"

Yao's feet are about a foot apart.. which isnt a big deal.. but we'll round 7.65" up to 8".

6'11 + 8" = 7'7 w/ shoes = 7'5.5 - 7'5.75" barefoot.

It's quite obvious he's not 7'7 or 7'8 as some people are claiming.
Massimo said on 25/Jul/05
Guinnes Records Book states that the tallest man in the wordl whose height has been confirmed, Xi Shun, is 236,1 cm tall...Now you're saying that Yao, at 7'10" is taller than he is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yao 3 inches taller than Bradley ? I'm sorry, but I can't believe this! No way !
Peter said on 25/Jul/05
I believe that's the picture that was analyzed by that newspaper in Houston or China, I forget and based on photo analysis Yao was about an inch taller than Bradley. It was posted here but I guess it's deleted now. Although again, Yao simply refuses to be agreeable in these images. So what you are left with is "Bradley appears taller"......

I wonder if Yao is simply just not the result of some sort of communist genetic experiment. That his body is simply not turned on to ever stop growing.

It seems that if you watch him playing basketball he has grown every year. When he first played Bradley game announcers said, "he looks about half an inch taller than Bradley". Last time they played they said, "Yao looks at least an inch or maybe even an inch and a half taller than Bradley". This does not make sense at his age now. He does not suffer from the diseases that Andre had or even Muresan. He does not have the pituitary problem like Bradley had.

YET, he grows and grows and grows I think. I believe yao IS taller than Bradley now.

I remember that Charles Barkley once said that Manute Bol never stopped growing. Some kind of genetic anomoly. Although Bol was listed at 7-7 with shoes, Barkley claimed he measured him at 7-8 barefoot. Years later Bol was said to have then been 7-9 barefoot.

These other giants are having surgeries to stop their growth, or their diseases eventually crumble their bones and they start to shrink. But for the genetic giants like Yao and Bol, there is nothing to ever stop the runaway DNA for growth.

Also Shawn Bradley is liying about his height. This man towers over 7-3 3/4" barefooted Pavel Podkolzine.

Finally, the Chinese method of measuring seems quite questionable.

NBA claims Yao was never measured, that 7-5 height is simply turned over since that's what they do with overseas players that aren't measured. Yao was measured at 7-5 in china at age 18. Well China measured this guy at 7-6 at age 19, and he turns out to be almost 7-9 barefoot according to this at age 21.

Does that mean Yao is really 7'7 3/4" barefoot? This is all quite dificult.

Because of Yao's stance in pictures and his constant slouch/lean we may never ever figure this out.
Sing said on 25/Jul/05
Editor Rob, the Aguilera photo you posted was a completely different photo, not at a different angle. This was one of the "oops let's make Yao look 7-7 again" photos. I wonder how much longer can the NBA conceal this guy's real height from the public.

[Editor Rob: of course it was a different's showing same event, different angle, that's all :)]
CoolJ said on 25/Jul/05
COME ON anonymous.. straighten the guys out and Shaq comes up to Yao's mid-face area. You're telling me that there is 8 inches between them?? Do you realize that would make Yao's head about 16" long. Get a ruler and envision that, Yao is not GUMBY.

Rob its not hard to explain.. Yao is simply not as tall as people say.. the Anonymous guy is using a picture with a horrible angle in it.. Shaq's legs are pretty far apart.. etc-- I mean.. this looks more accurate than the Anonymous' post.

Sing said on 25/Jul/05
There was a photo someone posted a little while back with Yao standing next to Bradley during a game, and Yao, leaning forward, was at least 2 inches taller. That was the only honest photo I have seen of those two. I will search the internet for that photo tonight but maybe editor Rob can help us out since he commented on it.

Like Peter said, Yao for some reason always try to make himself look shorter, the very wide stance, head leaned to one side, slouching. I am not sure whether this was out of habit or conscious effort, but probably a little bit of both. I think if Shawn Bradley is a good sport, which he probably is, after retirement he should come out and tell everybody how tall this dude really is, because I think 7-10 is not out of the question.
Though he tries to look shorter all the time, occasionally Yao gets "caught" with full height like in the Cristina Aguilera photo. Horrible angle or not, look at where Shaq's head is against the canvas backdrop, and where Yao's head is, there looks to be close to a foot of height difference!
CoolJ, in the photo you posted, Yao's practically doing a split! Look at how wide apart his legs are compared to Garnett or Duncan, also, note the head leaning to side and forward, your photo actually proves Yao is 7-10 as if his stance is like Garnett's and he straightens out his back and neck and lifts his head, half of his head will probably be above the photo frame!!!

[Editor Rob: I still find this picture hard to explain though...sorry I couldn't find the other one]
Peter said on 25/Jul/05
I've taken some lessons on this before, I can do this.

First, I must say, to the info Shaq gives that Rockets slaim he is 7-6 or 7-7 but actually 7-10 and its'a "secret" I believe totally.

This explains why 7-7 Bradley stands so straight and Yao slumps so hard in their pics together, as Bradley and yao probably agreed to this.

Yao does not want to be known as "7-10".

Look at this, and the site needs to realize just how tall this guys is unbelievable. And note supposedly he has grown since this photo was taken........

CoolJ said on 25/Jul/05
Its senseless arguing with you Sing. Photo experts? People that talk to Van Gundy? Yeah right.. Now he's 7'10?? If you scroll down about a month back I'd say the way this is going you would eventually think he's 8'.. well we're only two inches away now.

Now the pic w/ Aguilera, Yao and Shaq is at a HORRIBLE angle and that was in '03. Naturally you wouldn't mention it, because its in Yao's favor. We already saw Bradley taller than Yao in '04 and no Sing.. there wasnt enough margin of error in that picture to make Bradley simply LOOK taller.

Thats great if Yao is listed at 7'7.. That might be because he's 7'5.5 or so barefoot.. which is where I think he's at. With Garnett at about 6'11, and Shaq a shade over 7'. - Thats a pretty good pic.. Level out the slant with a 2 degree rotation. So here, if Garnett is 6'10 how Sing says.. Yao is scraping 7'5 at BEST. But Garnett is about 6'11.. Which makes Yao CLOSE to 7'6.. and Duncan around 6'9 3/4

James said on 25/Jul/05
Shawn Bradley's biography states, that he is exactly 7-7 barefoot, but because this is a wall to back measurement, and because he has a slight curve in his spine, he can only stand straight up on his own at 7-6.

This makes perfect sense with what Amanda posted because NBA claims he is 7-6 barefoot in "standing" height. Also his NBA pre-draft measurement, which I remember reading here before there were several links that someone posted of it, lists Bradley as in fact 7-7 with shoes, making him 7-6 which Bradley says in his bio:

I was originally 7-5 standing barefoot when drafted in the NBA, or 7-6 with shoes, but grew an inch after that. I could have been listed at 7-7 however, since my pre-draft measurement was 7-7 as it was wall to back. But usually they do it standing. So the 76ers just listed me at 7-6 for obvious reasons.

Either way, I am now 7-7 barefoot, 7-6 in standing, which is how the NBA measures, which is all I can achieve without standing against a wall.

So..........according to those two things combined, Bradley is 7-7 barefoot.

This means Yao is AT LEAST 7-6 barefoot, even to the people who claim he is an shorter than Bradley.

1. Pics show Yao is taller then Bradley at top of the head. people saying Bradley appears taller simply can differentiate the optical illusion, and apparently don't want anyone to explain it to them.

2. This would mean Yao is about 7-7 + barefoot. This would match Duncan's claim Yao is "really 7-8".

3. That getty image of yao and Shaq, measure them both, notice Yao's front foot further forward (maked him appear shorter), notice yao's slight lean (again making him appear shorter), then figure the difference in height. Even if Shaq is "6-11.5" which honestly that seems ridiculous considering Garnett is over 7 feet regardless what ANYONE claims..........

That pic shows yao is more like 7-10. Which Shaq claims Yao told him, "he really is but don't tell anyone".

It's undeniable yao leans down and slouches as much as possible in the pics with Bradley, while Bradley stands as tall as can be, still Yao's head is taller at the top.

I know how to PROVE Yao is 7-8 to 7-10 and I can do it. I will measure out the images of Yao and Shaq from getty and prove it.

The site listing of 7-6.5 is much too low.

Also the international basketball federation lists Yao at 2.30 m (7-6.5) barefoot from the year 2002 (age 21). Why is this height always ignored here?

Why is yao's height listing of 7-6 barefoot in 2000 Olympics at age 19 always ignored here?

Based on Bradley's bio, on the rules Amanda posted, on Bradley's height next to Pavel Podkolzine, and on his pre-draft listings, I have EVERY reason to beliebe Bradley is 7-7 barefoot, with wall to back measurement.

It is also obvious yao is actually TALLER than Bradley based on the Houston Chronicle's photo analysis which was also posted here but apparent is now also removed.

The imahe of Boykins and yao next to the ruler also proved this as it was said when they measured Boykins he actually was 5'7" barefoot, not 5'4" barefoot.....

This site has concluded yao is 7-6.5 barefoot standing slouched and as a staning height.

It is VERY reasonable to assume he is at leastaround 7-8 standing totally upright then.

I will show how tall yao is using the Shaq/yao/Aguilera getty image and put this debate to rest.
Sing said on 25/Jul/05
Christ almighty look how tall Yao is! If there are any doubters that Yao is 7-7 this photo should prove it. According to the photo expert who posted here a while back, the true way to tell people's height in photos is by comparing them against objects in the photo. Note where Shaq's head is against the canvas backdrop vs. Yao's, whose head is well above it. Plus note how Yao's hunched over.
Now I am not sure how tall Yao REALLY is. I used to think 7-7, but this photo was from 2003, he might very well be 7-8 now. The Houston coaching staff said that they measured Yao before the 2005 All-Star game and Yao was 7-10. 7-10!!
Yao only told Shaq, who then leaked it out to the media. Looking at this photo, I believe it! Shaq looks like a small child compared to this dude.
Sing said on 25/Jul/05
CoolJ, Yao is new and Bradley, though far from Yao's level, is an NBA veteran. The media will not publish an honest photo with Yao appearing taller, just like there are no photos of Bol and Muresan standing back to back. Like I said, Yao will someday be listed as 7-7, especially now that Bradley retired. However, it's clear who's the best player. The couple of photos we have of Yao and Bradley show Yao to be shorter at the eye level, taller at the top of the head. The only way to verify, really, is if both of these guys are scientifically measured by very precise instruments.
Sing said on 25/Jul/05
Massimo, Yao doesn't look that tall? Please note the wide stance, and head leaned to one side for Yao vs. KG and TD in the pic. I think Yao consciously tries to make himself shorter in photos. He does it again in this photo, with head to one side, in a shot with Shaq and KG. Shaq does look about 1-2 inches taller than KG though, but KG wasn't standing as straight.

We won't be able to comprehend but if you are 7-7, then I guess you are embarassed by how tall you are. Even with Yao's bad posture, KG only comes up to the middle of Yao's nose. KG looks about 1 inch taller than TD. So I think barefoot, Yao is 7-7, Shaq 6-11.5, KG 6-10, TD 6-9.
CoolJ said on 25/Jul/05

The fact still remains.. Bradley is taller than Yao. Unless I see a picture that proves Yao is taller without doubt.. then I will continue to think this.. That means Yao is under 7'6 barefoot if what you say is true.
Massimo said on 25/Jul/05
Tim Duncan is only 4-5 cm shorter than David Robinson, so I think he is around 6'10". I think 6'11" is a good estimate for Kevin Garnett. Look at this picture!
By the way, Yao Ming doesn't look that tall in this picture...
CoolJ said on 24/Jul/05
Only problem there Cycklops is that it'd make Shaq about 7'4.. and Yao has several inches on him.

Oh, and Duncan's listed height is WAY over what he really is. He's struggling with 6'10" barefoot.
Sing said on 24/Jul/05
Whatever. Yao is currently the tallest player in the NBA since Bradley just retired. In the next couple of seasons, you will see Yao's height change from 7-6 to 7-7 to reflect his new height listing and the tallest player in NBA history alongside Muresan and Bol.
Here's a photo of your beloved 7-1 KG next to Yao and Shaq. If KG is 7-1, then Shaq is 7-3 and Yao is 7-10. WOW what a height difference!!! Even KG can't believe how tall Yao is!!!
Amanda said on 24/Jul/05
Some things I know about NBA height listing rules, from what I was sent by the New York office through a request by a sports reporter.

Basically, it says all players are NOT listed by heights with shoes. This is actually a myth. It also says that NBA heights are not wall to back heights and that foreign players are usually not even measured. The rules actually state,

1. Players shall be measured barefoot, then for all players one and one/fourth inches of height shall be added across the board to achieve a universal floor height.

2. Foreign players do not have to be measured, nor do free agents. The last height listing given, whether from overseas, college, high school, minor leagues, etc., shall be used. If the foreign measurement is with shoes, no height shall be added. If it is barefoot, one and one/fourth inches shall be added, then rounded down to an even height, regardless of the height. Example, Yao Ming, whom was never measured by the NBA, was listed at 7'5" in China, which is a barefoot listing. Yao was then given one and one/fourth inches of height, to 7'6 1/4" for his "floor height", which is then dropped to 7'6". Overseas height listings for foreign players are almost always barefoot "standing" height listings.

3. Many players, especially straight out of high school draftees, grow after their pre-draft measurement. However, these heights can only be updated once a year, during the first week of October, and must be specifically requested by the player's NBA team. Unless the player's team specifically makes a written formal request with the league's New York offices the player's height shall never be updated. The height however can be updated on the team's media guides. Also, the height can only be updated if the said player in question approves it. If the said player in question does not wish his height to be updated, then it shall not be updated. For instance, high school draftees such as Kwame Brown, Amare Stoudemire, Tyson Chandler, and Eddy Curry have all grown since drafted. Their teams however have not requested that their heights be updated. Because of this, even if the here stated players wanted to have their heights updated, they can not be, because only a NBA team can request this. Also, in the example of high school draftees like Kevin Garnett and Tracy McGrady, both of whom have also grown since being drafted, although their said teams requested their heights to be updated, the said players chose to keep their original floor height listings, as is their personal player option. In the case once again of Yao Ming, the said player was listed at 7'5" initially because the Houston Rockets chose their option of listing his barefoot height, which is their team right to do so, rather than his floor height. The Rockets then requested the following October to change his height to his floor height. Yao's height was then "updated" to 7'6".

4. All player heights shall be rounded down, even if the height should be rounded up. For example, even if a player measured in at 7'0' 7/8" in height, the player shall be listed at 7'0", not 7'1". This is the rule for all players.

5. If a player measures at 6'7 1/2" barefoot as an example, and measures in at 6'9 3/4" with shoes on. The players "floor height" shall be listed at, 6'8". Many claims are made that the NBA height would be then be 6'9" or 6'10" for the said 6'7 1/2" player. But actually it would be 6'8". So in this case the league adds half an inch in height.

6. The one and one/fourth inches added for height, can be as little as half of an inch of added height, or as much as one inch of added height. Example: Player A measures at 6'0" barefoot. One and one fourth inches is added. This height is rounded down to 6'1". Player A gained one inch for his "floor height" listing.
Player B measures in at 6'7 1/2" barefoot. One and one fourth inches is added to his height, for a height of 6'8 3/4". His height is rounded down to 6'8". Player B gained half an inch for his floor height listing.

7. All NBA players and teams have the option to list heights barefoot, rather than with shoes. For example, players such as Latrell Sprewell, who is 6'5" barefoot, choose to be listed with their barefoot height, rather than with their "floor height", in Sprewell's case 6'6". The Utah Jazz have a team policy that they shall use barefoot height, rather than floor height. This is why Carlos Boozer, 6'9" in floor height, and listed at 6'9" with the Cleveland Cavaliers, is listed currently at 6'8" with the Jazz. Karl Malone for instance, was 6'10" in floor height, but always listed at 6'9" by Utah. The Jazz are the only team in the NBA that currently uses barefoot height, rather than floor height for all players. In the case of individual players, Shawn Bradley has always been listed at his barefoot height of 7'6", rather than his floor height of 7'7", per the policies of the said player and the team that drafted him, the Philadelphia 76ers.

8. Teams and players also have the option to list a player shorter than his floor height, but taller than his barefoot height. In the case of San Antonio player Tim Duncan, his barefoot height is 6'10 3/4". The Spurs list Duncan at 6'11", rather than his 7'0" floor height. This per team request and player approval. No player shall ever be listed taller than his floor height per league rules.

9. Players can never be listed shorter than their barefoot height, nor taller than their barefoot height, plus one and one/fourth inches, rounded down to the nearest even height. However, team profiles, such as NBA team media guides, and game lineup announcements can list player heights with shoes. This however will not be given as the height in any league profiles. Players can not be listed with their height in shoes in any league profiles. Example, Wayne Simien, could be listed at possibly 6'10" with shoes, but is instead listed at 6'8". Although this does not change how tall players are on the court, it does keep the listings more accurate against things like over-sized shoe soles and/or shoe inserts/lifts.

10. Official NBA League heights for all measured players, which can exclude foreign players and some free agents, are heights measured "standing", rather than "wall-to-back". This is so that player heights can be measured more relative to their standing floor height on the court. This is the same method used for "Mug Shots" by law enforcement agencies, as it acheives an accurate measurement for the perceptable height of a person. NBA teams however, measure players based on wall-to-back measurements, which is considered a more reliable way to gauge an individual's height, as this measures the exact height of an individual when standing totally upright. Because of this, players can sometimes be considerably taller barefoot than their measurements by the NBA, however they usually are the NBA listed height while standing normally on the court. This varies based on how much any given individual player stands upright. Free agents listed with their college or high school height are usually listed with wall-to-back measurements, but not always. Foreign players are almost always listed with their standing height.

Well based on that, this means Yao was never measured by NBA, he is 7-5 barefoot and standing, rather than against the wall, and this is an old measurement. I think it fair to say he is at least 7-6 or 7-6 1/2 like the site says. Anything below that seems very questionable based on that info.
Cycklops said on 24/Jul/05
I've always thought Garnett was 7'2" in his shoes, or at minimum 7'1".

He towers over Tim Duncan, it was shocking to see, particularly in the Slam Photo Shoot they did together. They even did a few shots where Garnett pretended he was hunching down to talk in Tim's ear.

I wouldn't be surprised if Garnett turned out to be 7'1" barefoot. But Garnett seems slightly shorter than Mutombo, and is at least 2 inches taller than Duncan. So I think Garnett is probably 7'0" barefoot and 7'1" in his shoes.

That doesn't change my estimate of Yao though. 7'6.25" in his shoes. He's shorter than Bradley and you have to take that into account.
CoolJ said on 24/Jul/05
See.. now if you go by Taylor's statements on Garnett which would make him over 7'.. That would push Shaq to 7'2 ot 7'3.. hell.. then Yao might be 7'8.

BUT -- There has to be a happy medium between these three heights for it to all make sense. Shaq has ABOUT 2" on Garnett. Yao has around 4-5" on SHAQ

Figure that out first... I still say Garnett is around 6'11.. Shaq is around 7'1.. Yao about 7'5-7'5.75
Taylor said on 23/Jul/05
If ANYONE believes that Kevin Garnett is under 6-10 they are absolutely people that have NEVER, I mean NEVER watched a T-Wolves basketball game. It is absolutely ridiculous to suggest he is anything under 7 feet with no shoes. In fact he looks much taller than that. He REGULARLY towers over opponents listed at 7 feet. I don't know how tally yao is, but if you are trying to claim his height comparing him to KG at "6-9 1/2" then you are so far off base it is laughable.

Garnett is NOTICEABLY taller than his 7-0 or sometimes listed 7-1 teammate Olowakandi. He TOWERS over teammate Eddie Griffin listed in his draft at 6-9 barefoot.

Garnett's former teammate Gugliotta swears he measured KG at 7-1 barefoot. Kg's former coach Saunders claims on NBA game broadcasts LAST YEAR that, "KG is really 7-2".

And so forth.

I KNOW FOR FACT KG is WELL OVER 7 feet and therefore basing Yao's height against KG with the premise that KG is "around 6-10" is COMPLETELY false and farnlky it makes no sense.

Also David Robinson claimed on Leno that, "I am exactly 7'0 1/4" barefoot".

Olajuwon was also MEASURED at 6-11 barefoot in his draft measurement, NOT 6-10.
CoolJ said on 22/Jul/05

Just how much farther back is Robinson from Shaq??? Yeah I thought so. Olajuwon is about 6'10 barefoot.. You do the math

CoolJ said on 21/Jul/05
Shaq obviously was pulling people's leg. If he is 6'11.5 then David Robinson was not even 6'10.. and that is totally FALSE.

And if Shaq is only 6'11.5, Yao is not 7'7.. do some comparisons and stop trying to be a smartass.
Sing said on 21/Jul/05
CoolJ, apprently you have gone off the deep end. Me logging on as James??? Holy schizo Batman!

I said Shaq was 6-11? Try Shaq himself said he is actually 6-11.5 on the Howard Stern show.
CoolJ said on 21/Jul/05
Sing.. You're overall logic is still flawed. You claim Yao is close to 7'7.. but Shaq is only 6'11.5. with Garnett at 6'9.5?? Come on.. follow that down the chain and you'll see where I'm getting at. There is absolutely not 7.5 inches between Yao and Shaq.. there is no way. I DO NOT CARE what people say about their heights, I want proof. This James guy is BS, lets face it, and its probably you logging on that name anyway.

Point of the matter is. You can't sit there and say Shaq is around 6'11, because if you do.. that means Yao is not over 7'5 because there is simply not that much of a height disparity between them.
Sing said on 20/Jul/05
CoolJ, the real sad part is, you got a lot of credible evidence from credible sources that he's over 7-6, which was enough to convince Editor Rob, yet you still refuse to believe. Obviously you are also a very suspicious person since now you are doubting James. This is the real sad part.
Sing said on 19/Jul/05
James, touche!! I hope you upload the letter soon. I hope this will also end any debate about Yao's reach. How can a 7-7 proportional guy only reach 2 feet over his head??? Granted Yao has a large head, but unless he has a physical deformity, it's impossible that he can only reach 2 feet above his head, impossible.

Just do the math. Assume a 6-footer can reach 7-8 (that's being conservative), assume also Yao's 7-6, add 1.5 feet and already you are at 9-1 on HEIGHT ALONE!! If Yao can only reach 9-7, that means his arms are only 6 inches longer than a 6 foot person, sounds ridiculous doesn't it???

On the other hand, assuming Yao has a 7-6 wingspan (I believe his wingspan is longer), that means he can reach an additional 9 inches higher, or 9-10 at least on reach.

CoolJ said on 19/Jul/05
Now we got a guy that knows Van Gundy.. Pretty soon we'll have Yao himself on here telling us how big he is.

Sad part is.. if they're saying he's over 7'6, Sing will believe them.

He's 7'5.75 at the most.
James said on 19/Jul/05
I have written Jeff Van Gundy and asked for him to please give an exact height listing.

I will shortly upload the letter to the net then post a link here.

This will prove this and end the debate of all the people "convinced Yao is 7-5 or 7-6 with shoes".

Basically Van Gundy stated that he has personally measured Yao several times without shoes. The Rockets do 3 seperate measurements once in the morning, once in the afternoon, ad once in the evening as a man Yao's size can vary in height a lot especially being taller in the morning.

They then average the heights. They do this for 3 straight days, throw out the high and low measurements then average the rest.

Using this method Yao averages an exact height of 7-7 barefoot.
JS said on 19/Jul/05

Then again.. Yao has a large head and tall torso with unremarkable arm length for his size.
Sing said on 19/Jul/05
If you don't believe me, see what your highest reach is, most 6 footers I know with normal wingspan (wingspan = height more or less) can reach close to 8 feet, between 7-9 and 7-11, so if Yao can only reach 9-7, that means his arms are only 2-4 inches that those of a 6-footer, if that makes any sense to you, then yes, Yao's reach is only 9-7, and his arms will look grotesquely short alongside his body, is that the case???
Sing said on 19/Jul/05
Cycklops, the reach is even more dubious. Was he reaching as high as he could or was it in a relaxed stance? I mean if he was straining to reach as high as he could, do you seriously think it's only 2feet 1 inch above his head? I mean, I could almost reach 2 feet above my head!! I am sure Yao's arms are wayyy longer than mine!
Cycklops said on 19/Jul/05
Sing, sorry to break your heat, but Yao isn't 7'10".

He's 7'6". His reach, as measured, is 9'7".
Sing said on 18/Jul/05
Mask, why don't ask editor Rob how we arrived at 7-6+? We had extensive discussions about this. Note Yao's wide stance, arms fully extended, and head down. Editor Rob even mimicked Yao's stance at home and discovered even he lost over 1 inch, much less Yao. Did you even read the part about the fact that people who measured him said Yao had to quote "hump down" because he was much taller than the ruler?

Can you just please read what people write first before blabbering about what you see??? Who knows better, you or the people who were actually there measuring Yao with the ruler???? If they said he had to "hump down", that meant Yao had to hump down, stop being so foolish please. Editor Rob, me, and all the others aren't simpletons. We see what you see so you are not saying anything new that we haven't discussed yet. THANK YOU!!
mask said on 18/Jul/05
No Sing you are wrong Yao is not taller than the ruler if you look better and then also in my photo he is measured with shoes on and he never touch 230 cm.According to myself 225 cm w/o shoes and 228 w/shoes.
Sing said on 18/Jul/05
By the way, Mike, Yao's reach is bs, anybody who watches any games will realize Yao can touch the rim on his tippytoes, even the game announcers said it. The thing about Yao is that due to his upbringing, he always tries to be humble. There was a story where one time during practice Yao took Moochie Norris' sneakers and on his tippy toes, placed them on top of the rim, and Moochie responded by saying he hasn't dunked since college and that Yao was like a big bro. So you can imagine this guy's reach, I will say probably around 9-9 or 9-10. Shaq's reach is listed as 9-8, which is probably slightly exaggerated.
Sing said on 18/Jul/05
Also, note editor Rob was a firm believer that Yao was 7-5 until he saw a series of photos, especially 1 where Yao was standing right next to a ruler alongside Earl Boykins, did he become convinced that Yao was over 7-6.

Again, editor Rob, can you repost that photo which showed Yao to be 7-6 with a wide stance and lowered head? The ruler was 7-6, and according to the people who took the photo, Yao had to "hump down" because he was "significantly" taller than the ruler.

[Editor Rob: Yao and Ruler. The ruler is actually 7ft 6 (the last black mark near the top is the 7ft 5 point). I did consider his size, his footwear and then thought about him adopting a military stance to get measured...I do think he can be just over the 7ft 6 mark. Some might disagree though ;0]
Sing said on 18/Jul/05
I made my point. Again, you are entitled to your opinions. Mask, your photo is bs, since Yao's legs are WIDE apart and plus his head is tilted! Come on!

JCS, rotating it won't work, it will give you the same result. Compare Yao and Bradley to some fixed object WITHIN the photo, such as the row of seats, then you will see, even with the slouched stance, Yao is taller.

Mike, someone commented on that stat sheet earlier. He asked the NBA and was told those measurements were from China, Yao was never measured by the NBA during training camp, it was part of the agreement.

If you guys just search the net, you will find this 1 photo where Yao was standing next to Bradley during a game, no trick photography, and you can see Yao was taller by at least 1.5 inch, which makes sense if Bradley is 7-5.5 and Yao 7-7.

Editor Rob, can you please create more space on the Yao page and bring up some of the old postings? All these issues have been addressed earlier and I am tired of rehashing them again and again.
Massimo said on 18/Jul/05
I would like to see (or seeing) Yao standing next to Dikembe Mutombo,Illgauskas,Sabonis and Jabbar. Mutombo is listed as 7'2", so he probably is 7'1/2" barefoot. It would be interesting to see how much Yao towers over him. Also I read that some people thinks Jabbar is about 7'4", taller than his listed height 7'2";
on the other hand, other people thinks he is only 7'1" barefoot. I have seen Jabbar and Shaq shaking hands before a game and they looked to be about the same height (but it was hard to say actually). I have seen Jabbar next to Chamberlain and he looked about an inch taller than Wilt. Who knows ?
mask said on 17/Jul/05
Sing, this is for you!
Noooooooooooooooooo way Yao is above 228 cm (7'5 3/4") even with shoes
JCS said on 16/Jul/05

The point those who say Yao is taller are trying to make is that he has grown since then. I will admit I think he grew a half-inch or so since, but really no more than that.

Sing - That picture is slanted at a 1 degree angle at most. Try rotating it in a image editor. Yao is still shorter than Bradley. No questions asked.
Mike said on 13/Jul/05
Yao Ming is 7'5" bare feet, and 7'6" with shoes. This is the absolute truth. Before he got drafted, all players went to Chicago for measuring for height both bare feet and with sneakers, and their reach. Stoudamire who is listed as 6'10 is in fact 6'8.5. Teams add one inch and round it up. Yao Ming is one of the tallest in the NBA, but his reach is short for his height. Shaq has longer reach. End of discussion. This link will give you the truth that you are so obsessed about.
Massimo said on 13/Jul/05
There is no doubt in hell, Shawn Bradley is taller than Yao Ming ! Yao is 7'5" at most!
Look at this:
Sing said on 13/Jul/05
Also, JCS, use a straight edge, and look at where the top of their heads are. Don't look at the eyes because Bradley's got a small head in comparison to Yao so his eyes are higher giving the appearance of being taller. Also, note Yao's relaxed stance. Also, like I said, look at the bleachers at the top of the photo. The row of seats is supposed to be straight, is it straight in this photo? No, it's tilted at an angle, in Bradley's favor. Now, use the row of seats at the top of the photo as a guide, you can't see that Yao is CLEARLY TALLER AT THE TOP OF THE HEAD??? If you take this photo literally, then the word "DAVE BUSTERS" sign on the bleachers is higher than the DIRECT TV sign. Do you honestly think that's true???

I forget exactly what the photography expert said but he used a method used by FBI and other government agencies to identify people's height in photos. Basically his conclusion is that not only is Yao taller, but MUCH TALLER.

Again, believe what you want but be objective and don't play favoritism.
Sing said on 13/Jul/05
Believe what you want. That pic is old story, there was a better pic which was posted that clearly showed Yao to be taller than Bradley. Another guy posted a pic of Bradley and Yao standing next to each other during a game and Yao was much taller. There was one dude who wrote like a whole page on Bradley Yao comparison and how that photograph, when viewed the correct way, showed Yao to be taller. You missed all of the discussion and I am not going to rehash for you.

Bottom line: Yao is taller than Bradley, and Yao is still growing. There are a lot of people from all over the world who believe this. Only a very mentally challenged person will think that only people from China think Yao is taller than Bradley.
JCS said on 12/Jul/05
HAHA, so if Garnett is 6'10.. then follow it on down the line in that picture I posted. You get down to Kobe.. and that means he's only 6'4ish or so. Not true. You are wrong in your attempts. Yao is short of 7'6.
JCS said on 12/Jul/05
It was a typo. Bradley is clearly taller than Yao in that picture. Any fool can see that.
Sing said on 12/Jul/05
JCS, I don't know what you are asking? You said Yao is taller in that photo, agreed, Bradley is not 7-7, agreed, Yao is not 7-6, agreed, Yao is 7-7, taller than Bradley. So what are you asking me? Garnett was and still is about 6-10 barefooted. Again, what are you asking me? By the way, I am American and a Yao fan. Are you saying all Yao Ming fans have to be Chinese? Do all Michael Jordan fans have to be African American? Give me a friggin' break! Where are you from anyways?
Cycklops said on 12/Jul/05
Sing, you're ignoring photographs in favor of trusting a quote from Shaq?

In the photo JCS posted, I can't see any logical way you can conclude that Yao is taller than Bradley. Yao is obviously an inch shorter, possibly slightly less if you think he's slouching. But even then, that makes Yao 7'6", because that's what Bradley is. And if you want a quote, Bradley said that if Yao is 7'6", then he himself is 7'8".

But I know you'll just say that Yao was slouching majorly in that photo, and he continues to grow into his mid-twenties. So I guess we're at a stalemate on this one.
JCS said on 12/Jul/05
BTW, any photography expert that said Yao was taller in that picture is full of it.

Give it up Sing.
JCS said on 12/Jul/05
So now we're taking Shaq's and Duncan's word for it? Let's not mention Timmy lists himself at 7' although he is hardly 6'10.

Now you present this info that Yao was 7'8 w/ shoes at the '03 All-Star Game??? Please.. if thats the case, Bradley is over 7'9 w/ shoes since Yao is still growing right?? And Bradley clearly has an inch on him in the picture I just posted below.

Yao is 7'5.75" at the very most, which is what he was supposedly measured at by the Houston trainers.
Sing said on 12/Jul/05
Cycklops, the last time Yao was measured officially was when he was a teenager in China, he weighed 275 and was 7-5. The NBA apparently never officially measured his height. He was listed as 296 lbs. when he entered the NBA so they probably weighed him. The Houston coaching staff measured him before the 2003 All-Star game and he was 7-8 with shoes on, it's a well known fact around the league, even Tim Duncan mentioned it when they were selecting which player to jump for the opening tip, Yao wanted to defer to O'Neal, but Duncan said Yao should jump because he's 7-8. Also, when asked after one of those Yao vs. Shaq battles how O'Neal felt about being outscored and rebounded, and had a couple of his shots swatted by Yao, O'Neal said: He's 7-7, he's supposed to do that.
JCS said on 12/Jul/05
Come on Sing, I dont know if you share a common bond with this guy through nationality or what.. but the guy is simply not 7'7 barefoot. At most, he is 227cm, end of story. I refuse to believe that Yao is 8" taller than Garnett, or 9 1/2" since you've debated Garnett is 6'9 1/2 barefoot. So, which is it?

Same pic as mjd posted, but at better angle. Pic was taken in Feb '04 and I doubt its changed much. Both flatfooted, Yao is taller.. Bradley is not 7'7, so Yao is not 7'6.
Sing said on 12/Jul/05
mjd, that's the most ridiculous comment I have seen posted here. That photo is old news and we have already discussed it here extensively in this forum. For one, Yao is slouching and Bradley is cranking his neck to appear taller, and second, Yao is still taller because the camera angle is tilted. You can see that because the row of seats behind them is not a straight line. There was a photography expert who posted here but I guess you can no longer see his comments. He analyzed the photo extensively and said in fact, the photo shows Yao to be much taller, it just gives the illusion of Yao being a bit shorter due to camera angle, which is very easy to do.
Jason said on 12/Jul/05
It's quite possible, Cycklops. I'm still growing myself @ 24 years old and I don't have any diseases. My brother is as well and he's 22 ... it's just genetic. A small number of guys can continue growing naturally into their mid or even late 20s in some cases.
Cycklops said on 12/Jul/05
Sing, do you honestly think people grow 4 inches in their twenties?

Yao entered the league at 22. So that would be the earliest that his autobiography was written. If you're 7'5" at 22, bet on being 7'5" when you're 24. At the MOST, bet on being 7'5.25"...and I seriously doubt that.

People don't grow that late unless they have a disease.
mjd said on 11/Jul/05
yao's 7'4...minus yao's puffy hair in this pic hes atleast 1.5-2 inches shorter
Sing said on 11/Jul/05
JCS, I am not sure if we are looking at the same photo but the top of Dirk's hair maybe is above Yao's lips but the top of his head definitely isn't. Besides, did you notice that Yao has a GIGANTIC head? It's proportional to his size, but still, his head is enormous so you should take that into account as well when doing your height calculations. Yao's 7-7 at least, w/o shoes, 231cm, based on that photo.
Sing said on 11/Jul/05
Joeyb, when was the autobiography written? What year? You know he's only 24 years old NOW. If you wrote an autobiography when you were 20 and said you were 6 feet tall, then grew to 6-4 at the age of 24, can somebody say you are not 6-4 because you wrote in your autobiography that you were 6 feet?

CoolJ said on 11/Jul/05
Yao has big hair in a lot of these photos and it is throwing you guys off.

Example: Vanilla Ice is 5'11" now and was 5'11" when he had the flat top back in '90.

JCS said on 11/Jul/05
Tommy - I didn't make up anything to fit my own guestimate. My analysis lacks some science, but still isn't bad when you consider my results.
Tommy I'd love to see these e-mails you speak of. How do we know you didnt list those heights to fit your guestimates? At least I provide comparisons in picture for you to see.

Sing - Dirk comes above Yao's mouth by almost two inches, draw a straight line. Plus again, realize Yao's hair.

BAREFOOT measurements, within a half-inch.. Again refer to the picture - - Not scientific, but does end up yielding some decent results.

Now, I did base all of this on Garnett's height, which is disputable but I deemed him 7' w/ Shoes. I placed him there, after comparing photos of him, with Shaq and Yao.


Yao - 7'6.5 (Hair makes it difficult but I'd set min at 7'6.25, max at 7'6.75)
Shaq - 7'1.25 (Not pictured)
Garnett - 7'
Dirk - 6'11.5"
Duncan - 6'10.75" (Hair makes him look taller.)
Amare - 6'10"
Kobe - 6'6.5"

I'd say the height listed for Yao is a fair one with shoes. But without, he's probably at around 227cm
joeyb said on 11/Jul/05
he says in his autobiography that he is 7 foot 5...he would not underestimate himself
Sing said on 11/Jul/05

Tommy, great comments on Yao but I would dispute your KG height. Take a look at the photo above from Yao's All-Star game, KG looks shorter than Shaq. If you look at the other photos in the gallery you will see that Shaq standing back to back against Yao comes up higher on Yao's head than KG standing back to back against Yao.

If Shaq is 6-11.5 w/o shoes, KG is probably more like 6-10, same for Nowitzki and Duncan, they are all in the 6-10 range.

Anyhow, I am pretty certain Yao is 7-7 w/o shoes and 7-8 with shoes on, which should make the tallest NBA player ever, along with Muresan and Bol, though some say Muresan is shorter than Bradley, which I agree with after seeing photos of them together.
Sing said on 11/Jul/05
I don't know about your analysis. Yao absolutely towers over Nowitzki. So if Nowitzki is a legit 6-11 w/o shoes, then I would put Yao at around 7-7 because the top of Nowitzki's head only comes up to Yao's mouth, and I think you would agree that from Yao's mouth to the top of his head there has to be at least 7 inches.
Tommy said on 10/Jul/05
I also will point out that measuring the ball size and comparing that is absolutely WRONG considering you are simply MAKING up the difference for distance to the camera to fit your own guestimate.

One final thing according to team's of players in question....

I wrote several teams through email for some comparison heights, and asked specicifically for heights in shoes and without shoes......

I got this from said player teams which I asked, and I stress these are heights with shoes/without shoes and I specifically requested CURRENT height NOT pre-draft heights as I also asked if any player had grown from pre-draft height (I purposely did NOT request Yao's height):
Here's a summary

Minnesotta :

Kevin Garnett 7-1 without shoes 7-2 in shoes currently, original height of 6-10 without shoes 6-11 with shoes when drafted


Dirk Novitzki 7-0 without shoes 7-1 1/2 in shoes currently, originally 6-11 without shoes 7-0 1/2 with shoes when drafted, listed at 6-11 by NBA initailly because he was not measured as he was overseas.

San Antonio

Tim Duncan 6-10 1/2 without shoes 7-0 in shoes currently, originally 6-10 without shoes 6-11 1/2 with shoes when drafted.


Amare Stoudamire 6-9 1/2 without shoes 6-11 in shoes currently, originally 6-8 1/2 without shoes, 6-10 with shoes when drafted


Tracy McGrady 6-8 without shoes, 6-9 1/2 in shoes currently, originally (this original info came from Toronto Raptors) 6-7 without shoes, 6-8 1/2 with shoes, when drafted


Kobe Bryant 6-5 without shoes, 6-6 with shoes currently (the guy saying he was 6-7 in shoes is wrong I confirmed this in another email with Lakers Bryant is 6-5 even without shoes), originally 6-4 1/2 without shoes, 6-6 with shoes when dratfed

Now from this you can discern Yao's height and also see that it is quite common for these players DRAFTED AS TEENAGERS except for Duncan to still grow.

an inch or 1 and a half inches growing for such tall men and athletes from TEEnage years is NOT uncommon at all.

So NO everyone is SIMPLY listing many of these players TOO SHORT.

And on the Shaq thing that people keep bringing up.......Shaq is SHORTER than KG, just look at the pics it is obvious, now look how much taller Yao is then KG and then people come back with "Yao is only 4 inches taller than Shaq"......???

Obviously many people are intent on downgrading Yao's height and KG's height for some odd reason, while UPGRADING Shaq and Duncan in height.

Tommy said on 10/Jul/05
I looked at the pic of the all stars posted by Drew, if you can't see on analysis that Yao is MUCH taller than 7-6 you just are either not able to properly analyze or you are a height hater, is there such a thing....well apparently there are here.

I had no idea Yao was THAT tall, but from that pic it should be PAINFULLY OBVIOUS to most anyone with good perception and measuring abilities and good spacial viewing abilities that Yao is way taller than 7-6.
Massimo said on 10/Jul/05
I think Shaq is a couple of inches taller than Garnett; so if Shaq is really 6'11" 1/2, Garnett can't be 6'11". Duncan looks to be much taller than Mac Grady! If Duncan is only 6'10", how can McGrady be 6'8"? Also, the guy just next to Mc Grady is listed as 6'5" but looks about the same height as Tracy. I'm not sure but maybe McGrady's height is overrated.
JCS Bricks said on 10/Jul/05
Sorry, I got Kobe at 6'6 w/ shoes. I give him a half-inch or so because of his wide stance.. so I'm guessing he's slightly over 6'5 barefoot. Would explain why his listed height got knocked down to 6'6 from 6'7 in the past year or two.
JCS Bricks said on 10/Jul/05

Duncan WAS listed at 6'11".. Not sure why he got upped to 7'.. If memory serves correct, I remember him being listed at 6'10" at Wake Forest. I think Duncan is a shade over 6'10. I think Dirk and Garnett are close by one another at 6'11" with Garnett having the slight edge.

That method was not very scientific, but it had pretty accurate results. I went down the line to Kobe, and it was interesting to find my method only yielded him at 6'6 1/2" with shoes. His legs are spread apart a bit more than the others tho, so I'll give him 6'7 in shoes.

I'm still thinking Yao is not at 7'6, I think his big hair gives the impression he is taller. I'll give him 7'5.5 though.
DaddyFatSaxxx said on 10/Jul/05
NBA players are measured at "court height" (with shoes on) and are listed as 1.5-2 inches taller than they actually are. Shaq admitted this on a Howard Stern inter view saying that he's actually "about 6 foot 11." Also, I remember Yao being drafted as a "7 ft. 5 in. center from China," therefore I think at the very most he can be listed as 7 ft. 5 in. as he is no more than 6 inches taller than Shaq.
Sing said on 9/Jul/05
JCS, nice effort but highly unscientific. How tall do you think is Nowitzki then? He's listed at 7 feet, so is Duncan, but looked shorter.
JCS Bricks said on 9/Jul/05
I also show the same analysis on Amare which has him at 6'10" in shoes. Ironically, the EXACT same he was measured before the 2002 draft.
JCS Bricks said on 9/Jul/05
Oh I forgot

Once again, I'm not saying I'm 100% correct, but its close.
JCS Bricks said on 9/Jul/05
I roughly conclude Yao is 6.25" taller than Garnett. AT MOST, 7".

The circumference of an NBA ball is 29.5" (Diameter = 9.4" roughly). Taking into effect, that the ball Nash is holding APPEARS 10% larger than the one behind him in the picture. I then shaved another 10% off, used that line length to represent 9.4" where Garnett and Yao are standing. Not exact science, but I think it all works out.

I think Yao is between 7'5.25" and 7'6"
Sing said on 8/Jul/05
Nice photo Drew. If Nowitzki is 7 feet, then Yao looks about 7-9 in this accurate comparison photo. KG looks to be about 7 feet as well, and slightly taller than Nowitzki. Maybe KG is a legit 6-11 guy and Nowitzki is more like 6-10ish, as is Duncan.
Drew said on 7/Jul/05

Look at that pic and tell me KG is 6-9 and Yao is 7-5, it is WRONG if you think so.
Sing said on 7/Jul/05
NBA Scout, try Yao Ming has grown since he entered the NBA. Here's a question for you, did the NBA actually measure him? Some have actually asked the NBA and was told Yao wasn't measured.
Jason said on 5/Jul/05
That's what I think. Nash was only similar in height to Dennis Rodman on Nitro. Was Rodman wearing lifts? lol. Fake stats, lifts, photo techniques and camera angles, ect. ... they can make trying to estimate a celebrity's true height quite confusing!
Sing said on 5/Jul/05
How do we know that photo is real? I've read that they used to have Andre the Giant stand on a box to make him taller. How do we know that Nash wasn't standing on a box as a publicity stunt to make him appear near 7 feet tall? How do we know that Miller didn't get paid to appear shorter? That photo doesn't show legs so we will never know.
Sing said on 2/Jul/05
Yes, Miller is listed as 6-9 with shoes on, but his w/o shoes height is about 6-7.5, just like Olajuwon was listed as 7 feet, but actually 6-10 and Ewing listed as 7 feet, but actually 6-9.

However I have heard that Miller has a 7-6 wingspan, so that's he was a good rebounder and could block shots, and even played center once in a while. He was essentially a 7 footer by reach but only 6-7.5 in height! In that photo Miller's arms are noticeably longer than Nash's, though he's a bit shorter.

Nash is 6-9 w/o shoes, which would put Big Show around 6-10 w/o shoes, close to 7 feet with shoes.
Jason said on 2/Jul/05
So Miller is about 6'7 1/2''? Thanks, Sing. Yeah, would be interesting to see more pics of Nash with other very tall people.
Jason said on 2/Jul/05
I've seen Nash described as 6-10 in an article about him from when he played college basketball - but we know how accurate those heights can be. Do you have a link or something to where it says he was measured at 6'11'' in shoes, Andy?
Andy said on 1/Jul/05
From Nash's college measurement as a basketball player......6'11" with shoes.

This is measured at age 18 when he may still be growing.

In other words Nash is AT LEAST 6'10" without shoes.
Sing said on 1/Jul/05
I think Nash might be around 6-9, Miller is more like 6-7.5. Big Show is probably 6-10 then since he's taller than Nash. Jason is right, really can't see Nash's shoes, probably platform boots...
Jason said on 1/Jul/05
Thanks, Cycklops. Yes, it does make it seem that way. Interesting. Would depend on Miller's real height (the NBA adds more than 1 inch to some guy's listed heights) and Nash's footware, though.
Cycklops said on 1/Jul/05
That big fat dude is the Minnesota Timberwolves' Oliver Miller. He's listed as 6'9" by the NBA, which means he's about 6'8" in his socks.

Makes Nash look around 6'10" to me.
Jason said on 30/Jun/05
Hey Sing, do you know who this basketballer (I'm guessing he is) with Kevin Nash is?

There's a Kevin Nash page here now as well BTW.
CoolJ said on 30/Jun/05
I still think 7'6.5" is too much.
Sing said on 29/Jun/05
Well Sun Ming Ming didn't get drafted this year, so I guess he won't be able to break any height records in the NBA. All the articles I read say he's 7-8 3/4. When they get this precise, it's usually without shoes.
Anonymous said on 28/Jun/05
yao ming nowdays at the age of 24 is 7'6" barefoot.7'7.5" with shoes.
shawn bradley since the age 0f 21 is 7'5.5"barefoot.7'7" with shoes.
pavel podkolzin nowdays at the age of 20 is 7'4" barefoot.7'5" with shoes.
sun ming ming nowdays at the age of 22 is 7'7" barefoot.7'8.5" with shoes.
Jason said on 27/Jun/05
Guiness also says Giant Gonzalez was 7'6'' and Lou Ferrigno is 6'5'' *laughs*. There's an Andre the Giant page here now, guys.
Sing said on 27/Jun/05
Who's being stupid? That quote was TAKEN STRAIGHT FROM THAT A&E EPISODE. Read it for yourself (link is below, just in case you didn't see it and write something even more stupid).
Charles said on 26/Jun/05
George... could you post a link to that biography, info about where to buy it etc ( I assume it's on VHS)
George said on 26/Jun/05
No, I saw that A & E biography several times myself. Andre was 7'1" as he was measured officially by Guiness barefoot. The man had a size 54 ring finger. I am sorry but to claim that he was 6'9" is extremely stupid and false.
Sing said on 26/Jun/05
Shaman, in the article you posted the first page does mention his height: "At his largest, Roussimoff was probably six feet eleven inches tall, though he was advertised as seven feet four inches." The word "probably" makes it rather unofficial but I think it's pretty certain that Andre at the peak of his giantism was still under 7 feet. So 6-9 or 6-10 isn't out of the question.
Sing said on 26/Jun/05
CoolJ, I always research my claims. Giant Gonzalez was drafted in 1988 by the Atlanta Hawks as the 54th pick. Now whether he played in any games is another question. NBA might not count players as active if they didn't appear in an NBA game.
Shaman said on 25/Jun/05
Please post a link to the A & E article you mentioned 'cause I only found this
and in it there is nothing mentioned about his height.
I also found this... interesting,, a pic of Andre and giant haystacks
Jason said on 25/Jun/05
cantstop25 - as crazy as it might sound to you, no, I'm not kidding. Look up Brock Lesnar's old profile with the Minesota Vikings for example - they have him listed as 6'2''.
cantstop25 said on 25/Jun/05
and another thing remember these prowrestlers are just as honest as all of the other stars such as all the movie stars and tv stars and pop singers. Athletes such as NFL are actually quite accurate.
cantstop25 said on 25/Jun/05
O and by the way coming back to taker I have a friend who is about 6'2" and he met taker and claimed that he was real tall. Ill have to ask him just how tall but im sure if he was 6'5" he would tell me not as tall as you would think. undertaker is probably a solid 6'8"
cantstop25 said on 25/Jun/05
coming back to this post

"I haven't seen Kevin Nash before, but I'd put him around the 6'6 1/2'' mark. I've seen the guy looking almost the exact same height as Big Show. Prolly when Show wasn't in lifts. Then again, I once read a magazine article where the writer described Nash as being ' about 6'5'' ', so who knows. Some of the bigger wrestlers I have seen are A-train (more like 6'3 1/2'' 300lbs than his billed 6'7'' 350), Matt Morgan (about 6'5'' 255lbs ... was the biggest laugh of the night when they announced him as 320lbs), Nathan Jones (really about 6'6 1/2'' 290lbs), Stevie Ray ('bout 6'3'' 265). Funnily enough, though, Rikishi was billed in WWE as 6'1'' 350lbs and that was about right. He was indeed 6'1'' and would have easily been around 350lbs. I've never seen Hogan in person, but the height difference between him and Dennis Rodman (there's a number of WCW pics online of them together) is about the same as between Jordan and Luger."

cmon man this is crazy. Nathan Jones= 6'6.5"

the man is huge he has to be atleast 6'10"

Matt Morgan 6'5" 255 I hope that is a joke he was on that reality show tough enough and he towered over everybody. are you saying that the second tallest guy on that show was 6' ant that the guy listed at 5'8" is more like 5'3". Morgan is also defintelly close to 300lbs as well
Andrew said on 24/Jun/05
People are not being accurate on Andre's height. According to the A and E bioagraphy on Andre his official autopsy stated that at time of death he measured at exactly 6'10" in height barefoot, and that he had shrunk exactly 3 inches due to his growth hormone disease from his original prime height of 7'1" barefoot.

It also stated that he actually shrunk 1 inch in the last month of his life, so even after he was long retired from wrestling he was at least 6'11" barefoot.

Nonetheless the biography stated very clearly that Andre had been officially measured MANY times at 7'1" barefoot by independent sources. It was stated that the WWE (then the WWF) exagerrated his height by 3 inches to 7'4".

Andre was MUCH taller than people here are claiming.
CoolJ said on 24/Jun/05

IF you actually researched as much as you babbeled, people might take you seriously.

Jorge Gonzales was never officially an NBA player. Pretty sure he was 229cm
Sing said on 24/Jun/05
Not sure how tall he is now but when he was in the NBA, he was under 7-4.
mask said on 24/Jun/05
Giant Gonzales is now 232 cm and lives in his hometown in Argentina.He has got a lot of health problems like diabetes and blindness
Sing said on 24/Jun/05
I would say 6-9 is very tall, but not a giant. To be giant, I think you have to be around 7 feet.

If Jorge is 229cm, that's 7-6, which would've made him one of the tallest in history of the NBA. However, on the all time tallest NBA players list, he wasn't there, not even in the 7-4 range, such as Mark Eaton and Rik Smits. So my guess is he's under 7-4.
Jason said on 24/Jun/05
6'9'' (or 6'7'' for that matter) is ''true giant'' enough in the everyday world though, Sing. :)
glow said on 24/Jun/05
a newspaper article i read today has him at 229cm.
Sing said on 23/Jun/05
So Andre and the Big Show are about the same height then. By the way, does Big Show have acromegaly? If Andre were 6-9, then wasn't really a giant. El Gigante or Giant Gonzalez though, was a true giant, he was around 7-4, probably a bit less but still a true giant.
Cycklops said on 23/Jun/05
Hogan's about 6'4" barefoot. Rodman has said he is 6'6" barefoot. Probably around 6'6 1/4" since he was listed at 6'8" by the NBA. That looks right in those photos.

The WWE claims Undertaker is 6'10.5", but the report has long been that Undertaker is around 6'7". Shaq is 6'11.5", and there does seem to be 4.5 inches between them in those pics.

When are they gonna put up an entry for Andre? (6'9" barefoot btw)
CoolJ said on 23/Jun/05
I realize hes further back, but not much. I think the Undertaker is definitely up there, at least 6'6.
Jason said on 23/Jun/05
Butterbean's further back from Taker & Shaq, though, he'd be taller if he were closer. I've never seen Undertaker in person, but a guy on another message board I post at (who's 6'2 1/2'') has & said Taker was no more than 2 - 3 inches taller than him. I used to think Undertaker was around 6'7'' legit, but not anymore. He's only a couple of inches taller than Hogan & Scott Hall (who are both the exact same height).
Sing said on 23/Jun/05
Well the Rodman Hulkster pics show the Hulk to be about 6-3 yes. But the Undertaker Shaq pic was taken at a weird angle, so you can't really tell from that pic how tall Undertaker. Butterbean looks tiny though.
CoolJ said on 23/Jun/05

Butterbean is 5'11-6' and so you can judge from that, Undertaker is around 6'7. Shaq is huge.
Eddie said on 23/Jun/05
Yao was NEVER measured by the NA before O)ctober of 2002, this 7-5 height listing is simply an imaginary number that is used as a listing for foreign draftees that aren't measured. Now if you notice the date Yao was supposedly Chicago, then see that he was in China that same exactly would he have been measured?

And no when he was in the US before he was NOT measured.
Jason said on 22/Jun/05

The last pic is Shaq with Undertaker. I'd say the Undertaker is really only about 6'5'' & that sounds about right judging from that pic. Nash played college basketball, dunno what his listed height was, though.

Sing said on 22/Jun/05
Can you post the links to Rodman and Hulk pics? Rodman is 6-6 barefeet, around 6-7.5 with shoes on. Looking at the pic of Big Show and Ultimate Bad Guy, I would say Big Show is a bit taller. I would say Big Show is at least 6-8 barefeet, probably closer to 6-9.

Also, please post links to Shaq and undertaker or Shaq next to any pro wrestler. I have seen Shaq in the ring with Hogan, and he was much taller, although I don't quite recall whether he towered over Hulkster, which would be the case if the Hulkster were 6-3.5 and Shaq 6-11.5 or 7 feet. By the way how tall is Undertaker, he's billed as 6-10, but since an extra half a foot is added to pro wrestler's heights, he might only be 6-4 or 6-5. Haha.

I have always read that Nash was 6-11 and he used to play pro basketball before wrestling. Does anyone have his stats during his hoops days and see what his listed height was?
Jason said on 22/Jun/05
Well, like I said before, the bigger the wrestler the bigger the lie. You can get away with adding more inches with the bigger dudes. I mean, I used to believe the Big Show was really 6'11'' until I saw him in person. Unless you see these guys close up in person, you're not gonna know because they do seem that big on tv.

I haven't seen Kevin Nash before, but I'd put him around the 6'6 1/2'' mark. I've seen the guy looking almost the exact same height as Big Show. Prolly when Show wasn't in lifts. Then again, I once read a magazine article where the writer described Nash as being ' about 6'5'' ', so who knows. Some of the bigger wrestlers I have seen are A-train (more like 6'3 1/2'' 300lbs than his billed 6'7'' 350), Matt Morgan (about 6'5'' 255lbs ... was the biggest laugh of the night when they announced him as 320lbs), Nathan Jones (really about 6'6 1/2'' 290lbs), Stevie Ray ('bout 6'3'' 265). Funnily enough, though, Rikishi was billed in WWE as 6'1'' 350lbs and that was about right. He was indeed 6'1'' and would have easily been around 350lbs. I've never seen Hogan in person, but the height difference between him and Dennis Rodman (there's a number of WCW pics online of them together) is about the same as between Jordan and Luger.

And yeah, that Ultimate Bad Guy dude (good pic of him with Big Show BTW) isn't 6'10''. More like 6'6 1/2'' - 6'7'' ... somewhere in there. I've seen Sergeant Slaughter, too, and he's 6'1 1/2'' max. That would be pretty cool to see a pic of Big Show with Yao Ming lol. I've seen a pic of Shaq with the Undertaker & Shaq made Taker look like a little girl.
RLG said on 21/Jun/05
Paul Wight ("Big Show") and Scott L. Schwartz ("Ultimate Bad Guy") looked the nearly the same height when they were in Star Trek: Enterprise as aliens:

There are lots of pictures of Schwartz next to famous people here:

Schwartz is next to Brad Pitt here:

If Pitt is 5'11" then I'd say Schwartz is about 6'7" since someone's head is about 10 inches and chin to eyes and eyes to the top of the head are both about 5 inch distances. So I'd guess Paul "Big Show" Wight would be similar.

Dennis Rodman says his height is really 6'6":

So this fits in with Big Show being a few inches taller than Rodman if Rodman's 6'6" is with basketball shoes and Big Show was wearing slightly big heels.

Er... so it all kind of works out. :)
Sing said on 21/Jun/05
That was a good photo with Jordan and Luger. Jordan looks about 3 inches taller, which would put Luger around 6-2. I thought Hogan was supposed to be 6-6? Yes I remember wrestlemania 3 and Andre definitely didn't look a foot taller than the Hulkster! Why do they keep on billing him as 7-4 then? That's more than half a foot taller than his real height!

If the Big Show is 6-7 as you say, then you can't really call him towering since that's only the size of a small forward in the NBA. So how tall is Nash, 6-5? I would like to see Yao Ming stand next to the Big Show one day, then you can really tell how tall, or short, the Big Show is. Haha.
Jason said on 21/Jun/05
Andre the Giant was really around 6'9'' - 6'10'' in his prime when he was young, but shrunk when his body broke down in the 80s due to the ravaging effects of acromegaly. He was down to around 6'6'' - 6'7'' at the time of his death in 1993. Just look at him vs Hogan at Wrestlemania 3 in 1987, he's only around 4 inches taller than the Hulkster (who's 6'3 1/2'' legit) and they still billed him as 7'4''. The WWF used to have him stand on a box during interviews to make him seem even more gigantic. The thing is with such immense guys like Andre the Giant (and Big Show), due to their towering height and IMMENSE size girth wise, they can easily seem 7 foot on tv, in pics, with other people, ect. I've stood next to/seen close loads of big name wrestlers and the vast majority aren't close to the height/weight they're billed at. Never seen the 3 guys you said ,however, but Nash is really only slightly shorter than Big Show (lifts when he isn't - I've seen Big Show wearing some big ass ones), I'd give Batista about 6'3'' legit ( ) and Lex Luger around 6'2 1/2''. Here's Luger with Michael Jordan - What's Jordan? 6'5'' or 6'4 1/2'' bare feet?
Sing said on 20/Jun/05
How can they boost his height by half a foot! I find that hard to believe. He's the biggest guy in pro wrestling by far, so if he's not even 6-9, then how tall is Kevin Nash, Lex Luger, or Batista? I have seen him listed as 7-4 even. However, I have heard that Andre the Giant was only 6-8, though he was listed as 7-4. lists him as 6-11. This is wild stuff.
Jason said on 20/Jun/05
Sing, I'd say Big Show would have been wearing lifts then like I suggested. He's def not 6'9'', let alone 6'10'' or 6'11''.

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