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7ft 5.4in (227.1cm)
KC said on 20/Jun/05
Cycklops, NBA never measured Yao -- this is what NBA said. Email them and ask (have you done that?)
Sing said on 20/Jun/05
Yao is most likely 7-7 nowadays barefeet. Tim Duncan once said Yao is 7-8 because they measured Yao right before the All-Star game and Yao was 7-8.
Sing said on 20/Jun/05
the big show didn't tower over Rodman, which would have been the case had he really been 7-2, but he was a few inches taller, so I would put the Big Show at 6-9 at the very least, probably more like 6-10 or 6-11 though.
Cycklops said on 19/Jun/05
Yao came to the USA for a workout before the draft in 2002. PJ Carlesimo conducted the workout, and Cordell Henry was one of the players who was also there.

And even if he wasn't...and Yao is 7'8" as you so accurately claim...explain to me why I should listen to a loudmouth on the internet over official measurements?
Jason said on 19/Jun/05
KC, can't say I agree with you because of how big Yao's hair is lol. I guess we need someone to come up with some better pics or something.

Michael, I'm not asserting Yao was measured by the NBA - I don't know - but I will point out I wear size 15 US basketball shoes and they add just under 1 1/4'' to my height.
Cycklops said on 18/Jun/05
Yao was measured by the NBA. Officially. For scouts, who take this thing VERY seriously.

He was 7'5" in his socks. 7'6 1/4" with shoes. Period.

How can you guys think your eye-estimate from him standing hunched over in some weird-angle photo is more accurate than an official draft camp measurement? Geeze.
Michael said on 18/Jun/05
I can say Yao was NEVER measured by NBA. I can't believe people keep asserting he was. Falsone's measurement of Yao also according to falseon of 7-5 without shoes on, was "Yao was leaning down about 2 inches. but he's just used to always doing that, because he has to always lean down to talk to people, so we figure he's really about 7-7 barefoot, or 7-8 with shoes on."
KC said on 17/Jun/05
Jason, you posted this picture ( and said that Yao is shorter than Bradley. What's up with that? Use the edge of the computer screen if you can't see clearly -- obviously Yao is taller than Bradley. Judging distances in a picture might be difficult, but it really isn't hard to tell if person A is taller than person B when they are standing back-to-back. Optical illusions might be part of the reason, so you must always use something objective (like the edge of the computer screen, which is straight). Most of your judgements so far are probably distorted by optical illusions (including the picture with Yao and Earl Boykins next to a measure stick -- it actually shows Yao at 7'6" w/ shoes but legs apart)
Jason said on 16/Jun/05
Have never seen Rodman with Big Show, but I've glimpsed Nash with Rodman & Nash wasn't much taller. Big Show wears lifts sometimes ... I've seen him both looking substantially taller than Nash and also only looking half an inch taller. I was suprised when I saw Big Show in person for the first time, I expected him to be 6'11'' legit, but I couldn't even given him 6'8''. He does look 6'10'' or 7'0'' on tv, but he's much shorter in person.

Jorge Gonzalez was listed as 7'6'' by the NBA, I'd say he's really around 7'4''.
Jason said on 14/Jun/05
Well yeah, he's not gonna say his real height/weight on tv. Heights/weights are lied about in wrestling to make the wrestlers seem that much more impressive ... it's just part of the show. I don't know if you know the wrestler ''The Big Show'', but he's listed as anything from 7'0'' - 7'2'' & 500lbs ... I've seen the guy in person a couple of times and he's really like 6'7'' high 300s lbs. They lie like crazy ... and the bigger the wrestler the bigger the lie. That Dalip Singh is still one freakishly massive dude, though. The tallest wrestler ever was ''Giant Gonzalez'' - - formerly Jorge Gonzalez of the Atlanta Hawks.
Jason said on 13/Jun/05
I read 212cm (6'11 1/2'') in an article from when he was a bodybuilder in India. Pro wrestling heights make NBA heights look 101% honest. Pro wrestling weights are complete lies also, he'd really be around 350.
Anonymous said on 13/Jun/05
Jason, your picture of Yao and Bradley standing back-to-back actually shows Yao to be taller -- use the edge of your computer screen and you'll see that Yao is about 1" taller (keep in mind that Yao is keeping his head slightly down while Bradley is tilting his head up)
Sing said on 13/Jun/05
Change of topic, does anybody know this Dalip Singh's real height? He was in the movie the longest yard. I did a little research and he was listed as 7-2 or 7-3, 400lbs.
Cool J said on 13/Jun/05
Sing, you never stop. You never stop to acknowledge someone elses opinion and automatically determine what they have to say is wrong. There's no real info here to prove anyone's theory beyond a shadow of a doubt. At least acknowledge both sides before you start looking like Yao's publicist or brownnoser.

Yao has a lot of hair, and I think you are not considering that. Shaq and Garnett are bald, so its obviously harder to make comparisons.
Sing said on 13/Jun/05
True, that's a reasonable observation. Nobody is saying Yao is 8 feet, his true height is either 7-6, 7-7, or possibly 7-8. Even Editor Rob is joining the discussion. It's interesting and that's what the forum should be about.

Instead of complaining, maybe you should join too? Lighten up and have fun JBricks.
JBricks said on 12/Jun/05
You dont know how Bradley's legs are positioned in that photo with Yao, nor do you know how his are.

This is getting comparable to a political debate for god sakes. In a week, Yao will be up to 8 feet.
Sing said on 12/Jun/05

this photo cracked me up. I almost can't believe how small KG looks next to Yao! This dude is a true giant! If KG is 6-10 or 6-11, Yao's got to be 7-7 or 7-8 at least. Look at the photo!! WOW.

KG is 7-1??? That would make Yao about 7-11 judging from this photo!! KG can't believe how tall Yao is!!

[Editor Rob: How big is Yao's skull from tip of head to chin? From that picture with the ruler it looks close to 11 inches (you have to discount a little bit because of his hair)]
Sing said on 11/Jun/05
Paul, right on with that Bradley Yao pic. I do think a lot of the photos with Yao and Bradley where Bradley appeared a bit taller had to with camera angle (i.e. the angle was from bottom up). In the photo you posted where the angle is level, Yao appears much taller even with the lean.

This is guy could be 7-7 without shoes even in his rookie year. Falsone's measurements are somewhat accurate. Again, with height, the number is suspect. Either Yao was humping down again or Falsone was using Yao's listed height from China.

Sun is 7-8 3/4 without shoes, not with shoes.
Paul said on 10/Jun/05
Yao is simply NOT 7-5, or ESPECIALLY 7-5 with shoes as many here have suggested. Nor I think 7-6 with shoes, nor 7-6 without shoes. You can cite any number of listings as such, BUT Yao simply grew taller than that, 7-7 I would say at LEAST.

Indeed he was NOT measured by the NBA. Whether or not he was 7-5 at that time, or Rockets measured him at that height then is debatable, but pure speculation/hearsay.

What is indeed a hard fact is that he was NOT measured by the NBA. It is very clear in NBA rules that foreign draftees do not have to be measured when overseas. Their current height league is used. In China they list heights barefoot. NBA rules stipulate that 1 1/4" shall be added to the height.

In leagues that use heights with shoes, an inch is deducted for the height without shoes, and 1/4" added to the height with shoes. How they figure this is beyond me.

However this is EXACTLY how Yao was listed. It is absolute fact that the NBA scouts complained endlessly that they NEVER had a measurement or weigh in for Yao.

Now onto the Yao/Bradley issue.....

I personally think Yao and Bradley are MUCH taller than listed. In the pic below Bradley (although he IS standing more upright than Pavel but STILL), Bradley stands next to Pavel Podkolzin.

Podkolzin OFFICIALLY measured in by the NBA (and YES unlike Yao he WAS measured) at 7-5 with shoes on......

Now OBVIOUSLY anyone that believes Bradley is only 7-6 with shoes on is an idiot, and 7-6 without shoes on? Close perhaps, but looks like he could certainly be 7-7 not with shoes, but WITHOUT shoes.

Now, there are MANY pics of Yao/Bradley in which Yao seems to try to hump down, while Bradley seems to want to be as tall as he can. Apparently this is all Bradley has left...but Bradley always appears taller, and we are left with troubling ways to try and decipher/interpret these pics as many here have done, showing Yao probably is taller, but it is circumstancial.......

ANYWAY.....although the bottom of the pic is lost, BOTH players are same position, Yao seems leaning, Bradley maybe a bit further back, relative same distance, same stance (mid-stride), etc... in pic below from Yao's rookie year (supposedly he has grown since then)

I have noticed myself many times in games in Dallas when Rockets visit there to play the Mavs that when Bradley and Yao actually play on the court, it is undeniable that Yap appears about an inch taller.

Now look at the Bradley/Pavel pic...

Pavel we know is 7-5 with shoes on. Add about an inch for him slightly slumping in that pic....Bradley to me still appears even then about 2 inches taller. This would put Bradley at, at LEAST 7-7 with shoes on.

Add about an inch for Yao.......

I would not be surprised in the LEAST if Yao is about 7-8 with shoes on. In fact at the Mavs/Rockets games I have compared where Bradley's head appears against the backboard/rim, and Yao's head appears higher against it than Bradley's does.

I think it is reasonable to suggest that Yao could be 7-8 with shoes in his ROOKIE YEAR, and Bradley could be 7-7 with shoes. Now the REAL issue is has Yao grown since age 22 or not?

Myself I am 6'2 1/2" barefoot, and caucasion. I DID grow in my 20's. At age 17 I was 6'0" (all heights barefoot). At 18 I was 6'0 1/2". At age 23 I was STILL 6'0 1/2", BUT at age 24 I was 6'1", and at age 25 I was 6'1 1/2", at age 26 I was 6'2", and at age 27 6'2 1/2", however my girlfriend measured me at 6'3" at age 28 recently, but I haven't checked it yet, so let's assume 6'2 1/2".

My mother told me that my uncle (her brother) also grew about 2 or 3 inches in his 20's.

So even for NORMAL people growth after age 22 is not that unusual.

Bradley is more like 7-7 with shoes 7-6 without shoes, Yao more like 7-8 with shoes, 7-7 without shoes.

Then again if he is STILL growing????

I've looked at this one long and hard and can honestly say if you really think after examining everything that Yao is 7-5 without shoes, or even worse 7-5 with shoes, or even honestly just 7-6 with shoes, or probably even 7-6 without shoes, in all honesty you are simply either not judging well or you simply refuse to admit he is as tall as he really appears to indeed be.

I also would second what has been brought up about Sun Ming Ming and Chinese heights. We have Sun Ming listed at 7-6 in China without shoes, and measured at 7'8 3/4" with shoes when he finally arrives in US. So why are many people simply ASSERTING as fact that Yao being listed at 7-5 in China has to be correct?

That puts Sun's height at 7'7 1/4" without shoes.....

If Yao was also listed 1 1/4 inches shorter than he really is like Sun was (perhaps from continued growth/errors in metric to English conversion etc.?), then that would make him 7'6 1/4" WITHOUT shoes on, NOT with shoes on.

Another way to look at it would be, if Sun is 7'8 3/4" with shoes on and listed at 7-6 in China, Yao whom was listed at 7-5 in China could be 7'7 3/4" with shoes on....

I really do see evidence that Bradley is 7-7 with shoes on, and Yao again to me looks an inch taller even in his rookie year, more like 7-8 with shoes on. 7-7 barefoot seems reasonable, without growing any from rookie year.
Jason said on 10/Jun/05

Anthony Falsone, the then strength and conditioning coach for the Rockets, took Yao's measurements in October 2002 and he was 7'5'' bare foot.

Sing, sorry I'm late replying. I thought I recalled reading Sun Ming Ming has acromegaly. - There's one reference.

About the Chinese guy, yeah, seen him before. Pics of him walking through a city in China with hordes of people following & gawking at him ... maybe you know the ones I mean. Maybe he is really 7'10'' (he's wearing shoes we're the measuring him in at 238cm?) and will set a new record, we'll have to wait and see.

BTW - do any of you NBA height experts know Luc Longley's real height? lol. I'm Australian.
Eric said on 9/Jun/05
I HATE to break it to the people who think Yao is 7-5, BUT that NBA draft measurement you KEEP citing.....Yao was NEVER measured by the NBA. This is a FACT. If you don't believe it ask the NBA as I did. The answer I got was,

"You are correct Sir, Yao was never measured by the NBA as he was in China. International draftees do not have to be measured. Per league policy Yao was listed at his official height measurement in China of 7'5" without shoes. Per NBA league rules 1 and 1/4"'s of height is then added to his height with shoes on for 7'6 1/4". International draftees do not have to be measured and weighed. Yao's Chinese Basketball Association height of 7'5" without shoes is official from the year 1999, and this is what was used."

Now incidentally in the 2000 Olympics at age 19, Yao was measured by the Olympic Commitee and listed at 7-6 barefoot.

In 2004 he was listed at 7-5 for Olympics because the Chinese National Team was not measured. They were training in Dallas at the time. Olympic rules state that players can be listed at their current basketball league height, Olympic measured height, or National Team height. Only if players are measured by Olympics can they be listed at Olympic height and must be measured EACH Olympics to be listed at that height.

In other words Yao was not eligible to be listed at 7-6 because he wasn't measured in last Olympics.

So according to International Basketball Federation, Yao was measured at 7-5 barefoot in 1999 at age 18 in China, and at 7-6 barefoot in 2000 at age 19 for 2000 Olympics.

He was NEVER measured by NBA, PERIOD.

If you don't believe it ask yourself how could he be measured when he was in China at the time? Also the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) stipulated a rule in Yao's lone pre-draft NBA workout that he could not be measured or weighed during the workout. Why? Who knows.

Yao's weight for the workout was listed at 236 pounds, and every NBA scout/official there questioned it.

The NBA states that the ONLY NBA personnel that have measured Yao are the Houston Rockets organization. AGAIN the 7-5 draft listing is a draft LISTING, NOT a draft measurement, because he was NEVER measured by NBA.

BOTTOM LINE we have officially that Yao was 7-6 barefoot in 2000 at age 19. That is what we have.

It is IMPOSSIBLE for Yao to be either 7-4 or 7-5.
the fly said on 8/Jun/05
I believe that yao ming is 7-6, comparing heights to other chinese gaints such as wang zhi zhi and mengke bateer, yao towers above them. I've seen photos where yao ming appears to be taller than shawn Bradley. On another note: there's a new chinese giant going into the NBA, his name is Sun Ming Ming and he is 7-9. How can they produce so many super giants

[Editor Rob: well...they do have a pretty big population ;)]
Jason said on 7/Jun/05
Well, yeah, those two guys wouldn't even be able to run much less play basketball. Yao doesn't have acromegaly (as far as I know), but Sun Ming Ming does.
Jason said on 7/Jun/05
Nah, it's correct. He's the current world's tallest man, no one's taken his title still.

''Tallest Man Living
Tunisia's Radhouane Charbib measured 2 m 35.9 cm (7 ft 8.9 in) as a result of seven measurements taken on April 22–23, 1999 in Tunis.''

Just go to & search for ''tallest man'', the link doesn't change for different pages on the site. The second tallest man in the world (if he isn't the tallest) is likely a Ukranian giant who's definitely taller than Yao Ming. Guiness had this to say about him, though -

''Leonid Stadnik from the Ukraine who claims to be 2.43 m (8 ft) refuses to be officially measured. He has told us that it is because he doesn't want to court publicity - yet he continues his claim to be the tallest man. Unfortunately we can only conclude due to previous experience, that he refuses to be measured by Guinness World Records because he is not the height he claims to be.'' - pics of the Ukranian bloke there

That dude, who in all likelyhood is under 7'9'', seems conspicuously taller than Yao to me. A true 7'7'' + is just out of this world. If you never see one of these ridiculously tall basketball players (it's only a matter of time until they start hitting billed heights of 7'9'' & taller) hold the record of world's tallest man you'll know something's up with that.

Hmmm said on 6/Jun/05
I think if Shaq said the world was square, you people would believe it.

Yao is not 7'8 and nowhere close to 7'10, I don't care if he's wearing 3" heels. He's not over 7'6", end of story. Take your 7'5.9" and go home.
Drake said on 6/Jun/05
i hate too burst the "Yao is only 7-5 or even only 7-6 crowd here", BUT When that photo was punlished for SLAM Magazine, they explained that they measured 5'5" Earl Boykins, and guess what? he is actually 5'7" with shoes, not 5'5" with shoes. Now look how much height he loses in that pic.

They said yao was not measured because, "he was considerably taller thanthe stick and had to hump down".

Boykins and the Nuggets former coach also stated he was really 5-7.

[Editor Rob: the question is how much is he 'humping down' in that pic. It really doesn't look much, but yes it is possible...the top of Earl's head looks close to 5ft 5.75. So for posture and stance he has lost 1.25 inches from this properly measured height. But Yao is on the 7ft 5.5 mark. Take 1.5 inches away and he's 7ft 4. So of course posture/stance for yao could actually be as much as 3 the guy might be taller than I thought!]

JCS said on 5/Jun/05
Sing is really digging for straws. That stance really isn't very wide, and his posture looks pretty good to me. He's 7'5.

Dude, why do you care so much?
Jason said on 5/Jun/05
2 inches? It took 1/4 of an inch off Rob's height in his experiment. Yao isn't losing 8 (!) times that.

[Editor Rob: I tried to match my stance at several positions and 0.6cm for similar, I would say 0.7cm since I can't match exactly. But, a slightly wider stance and then yes we get bigger losses. Yao is standing within a range where I would say 2.5cm might be absolute max he'd lose with stance. Of course I will agree that we can give him posture for 1 inch, but 2 inches on posture??? How big are his shoes. They're over-sized, but are his soles over-sized in proportion...I do see some of the points made, but not enough in my opinion to make him 7ft 8 at the time that pic was taken. But I could be wrong!]
Jason said on 4/Jun/05
Yeah, the pic at the very least shows there's arguments for AND against here. I would say his big hair evens out the effect of his stance lol. I saved the pic like you suggested to enlarge it & Earl does look like he'd be 5'6'' in shoes with feet together. Yao, when you take into account where the top of his head would be under all that hair, it looks like he'd be struggling with 7'6'' in shoes IMO.
Jason said on 3/Jun/05
Where have I bashed Yao? lol. Personally I don't give 2 s***s if he's 7'4'' or 7'8'', just calling it as I see it. I'm unbiased in this, I'm not even that into basketball.

JCS, I think he's close enough to that as I said. :)
Jason said on 2/Jun/05
Ha. Not likely. Nothing in that article proves what I said is wrong. I don't believe Yao is over 7'4 1/2'' (and Shawn Bradley over 7'5 1/2'' for that matter), I've seen no proof here that he is.

BTW - the ''still growing'' deals sound like a likely story, more like an explanation for number padding. I'm certainly not denying some guys do grow in their 20s, I'm just skeptical in Yao's (and Shawn's) case. Like I said, I've so far seen no evidence Yao's as tall as claimed.
Yo Mama said on 2/Jun/05
Wooo Jason poor child, you seem to be the only 1 in the world who still thinks Yao is 7-5 (7-4???). You probably got the short man complex but it's ok child.

Maybe this will make you feel better. Yao is actually only 5-2, he's standing on stilts so it looks like he's 7-6. In reality, Yao is the shortest player in the NBA!!!
Jason said on 2/Jun/05
Wow, you guys need to relax. We're just discussing someone's height here lol. It's not that serious. Really. But anyway, I'm standing by what I said. I have not seen any pics of Yao with Shaq that show there to be more than around 4 1/2 inches between them. From what I've seen, Shaq looks to come up to Yao's eyebrows, not his mouth. In that pic with Hakeem, we can't see the whole picture ... looks like Hakeem is bending a bit. And he's further from the camera to boot. The pic with Vlade Divac was taken hovering over them which skews it. And Every pic I've seen of Yao and Bradley shows Bradley to be an inch taller. Here's Yao standing back to back with Shawn - - they're both standin' straight as freakin' soldiers and Bradley is still taller. So unless you fellas can prove this ...
Sing said on 1/Jun/05
Man, you all need some serious vision correction. Jason, how can you say there are only 4 inches? Yao is hunching over and he still towers over Shaq. Did you see the photo with Yao and Bradley, if Yao is 7'4" then Bradley is 7'3", and Shaq is 6-9.

JCS, your Duncan and Garnett photo show nothing.

JR, chill with the blind KG worshipping alright? How close were you to the players? Even if you are sitting at courtside you won't be able to say that. Photos don't lie. KG WAS STANDING RIGHT NEXT TO SHAQ AND SHAQ IS MUCH TALLER THAN KG AND SHAQ IS 6-11.5! SO HOW CAN KG BE 7-1? DO THE MATH WILL YOU!!

If you are covering your eyes and refuse to see reality, then there is nothing anybody can do about that.
Jason said on 1/Jun/05
Getting back to Yao Ming, Shaq is only 6'11 1/2'' by his own admission ... so how can Yao be 7'6 1/2''?? There's not freakin' 7 inches between them, more like 4 or 4 1/2. Yao looks to really be about 7'4'' (without shoes).
JCS said on 1/Jun/05
Duncan and Shaq -
Duncan and Garnett -

If Garnett straightened out his neck/head.. he'd be taller.
JR said on 1/Jun/05
Without any doubt KG is AT least 2 inches taller than Tim Duncan. In fact I was at a Wolves game against Houston and Mutombo was maybe half an inch taller than Garnett at most. I really don't care what the hell a photo of Shaq and KG shows or what KG is listed at or whatever. CLEARLY from what I saw with my own two eyes KG is well over 7 feet.
Sing said on 1/Jun/05
I would give KG 6-10 at best. Again, Duncan is hunchbacked probably by habit. If he straigtens out his back, he is at least 6-10.

If you have photos that prove Duncan is shorter than KG. Post it please! I don't believe it at this point.
JCS said on 1/Jun/05
Yes, and at the 2004 Olympics, Duncan is 7'0". Garnett is clearly taller than him on the court. Garnett is no smaller than 6'10 w/o shoes.
Jason said on 1/Jun/05
Garnett was listed as 207cm at the Sydney Olympics. That's only 6'9 1/2''.
doetoe said on 31/May/05
in shawn braldeys official biograpy it states that he is 7 foot 7 inches but do to a curving in his spine he stands at exactly not lower or taller but at 76
Sing said on 31/May/05
John, in the photo, Shaq is not just 1 inch taller than Garnett. He's got at least 2 inches on KG. Shaq himself said he's 6-11.5. Let's say Shaq is 7 feet even without shoes. That would make KG 6-10 at best. KG is NOT taller than Duncan. Duncan always walks around hunchbacked so he may appear shorter.

No way is Shaq 7-2. If Shaq is 7-2 then Yao is 7-9, without shoes. Amare is listed at 6-10, but he's probably an inch shorter than Duncan at 6-9 or 6-8.5. I thought you love KG, me too, but I am afraid he ain't no 7-footer, or close to that for that matter.
John said on 31/May/05
Garnett's former coach says he's 7-1 and so do game announcers that doesn't mean he is 7-1.

However, if he's only 6-9 then Duncan is 6-7 because he is 2 inches taller than Duncan easily from photos I as well have seen. This would make Amare about 6-5 etc. I think it's obvious Shaq is taller than people say. Shaq is at least 7-2, and in fact when he is introduced before the Heat's games he is indeed introduced as being 7-2. With that being said, Yao towers over Shaq.
Sing said on 10/May/05
Again, based on old information. How many times do I have to repeat myself??? Why don't you look at Yao Ming's profile on which lists him correctly as 7'6"? How about every article written by sportswriters referring to Yao Ming as 7'6"?

Obviously you are just looking at every piece of evidence that he's 7'5" while ignoring all evidence that he's 7'6". That's really sad.
sing said on 9/May/05
Maybe you didn't read my comments carefully enough so let me repeat. THE LAST TIME SCOUTS MEASURED YAO HE WAS 7'5", YES, AND THAT WAS THE HEIGHT LISTED IN THE PRE-DRAFT MEASUREMENTS. THAT WAS HIS OFFICIAL HEIGHT IN CHINA AS WELL. BUT WHEN HE ENTERED THE NBA THEY RE-MEASURED HIM AND HE WAS 7'6" AS A 22 YR. OLD. Apparently he grew an inch. That's why they changed his height from 7'5" to 7'6" on the NBA website. I remember seeing him listed as 7'5" for a good part of his first year then NBA changed it to 7'6", apparently reflecting his new measurement. ALL THE ARTICLES YOU READ ABOUT YAO BEING 7'5" WAS BASED ON OLD INFORMATION. I hope it's clear now. Based on NBA's tendency to exaggerate heights, Yao should've been listed as 7'7" or 7'8"!

Patrick Ewing is 6'9", he admitted it! Did you read the article first before sounding off about meeting him in person?

Sultan Kosen is not going to the NBA, no way. He has a disorder which makes him really tall. I've read he's also very slow and a poor basketball player. I heard he's around 7'10", but according to Guiness Book of World Records, the tallest living person is 7'10", and he's in China as well. So if Sultan Kosen is 8', why isn't he listed? It proves he's definitely not 8', not even 7'10".

sing said on 6/May/05
Smoke, the last time that the NBA scouts had a chance to measure Yao he was 7'5", that was when Yao was only 20 yrs. old, he joined the NBA when he was 22. Clearly, he could grow an inch between 20 and 22. 20 is what, a college sophomore? I have heard people starting their growth spurt at 20. It's not just me saying it, if you search the internet you will be find an article on his height and in the article it describes how Yao grew an inch since the scouts last had a chance to measure him as 7'5". Yao is 7'6", Bradley is 7'5", period.

It just that height is not that important to Yao, he's a humble guy and a good player, so when the SECOND photo was taken, Yao simply folded his arms and slouched, whereas it's really important for Shawn because he's a terrible basketball player and height is the only thing he got, so he was straining to straighten his back to appear taller. If you don't see that, then there is something wrong with you.

Besides, next season when Sun Ming Ming comes, all bets are going to be off. This guy is 7'9" (7'8 3/4" to be exact). Type in his name on Yahoo and you will find some good articles on this kid. I wonder what the critics are going to say about his height, argue that he should be listed as 7'8 3/4" and not 7'9"??? Please, get a life.

Patrick Ewing was listed as 7'all his life until recently I read an article in Sports Illustrated where he admitted to being only 6'9" to Mutombo and Yao, how come I don't see all the hoopla about that? Imagine Yao being listed as 7'9" all his life and one day people find out he's 7'6"??? The media will have a field day. It will be headline news. STOP PLAYER HATING ON YAO and see reality. Please.
JS05 said on 5/May/05
Yao is 7'5" without shoes. 7'6 1/4" with shoes.

Check the pre-draft measurements and stop making things up when they are very easily found if you just do a little research.
Smoke said on 5/May/05
Yes, Yao is a tall guy. ;) But Yao was born in 1980 and he supposedly grew an inch? He was already in his 20s when he joined the league, I'm not saying I doubt the fact that he grew, inches are a dime a dozen for Yao, but still! I took a picture with a guy who was 7'6" once, and I must say that I have never felt like such a dwarf before! And I'm used to be taller than most people! I don't think anyone is cricizing anyone Sing, I'm sure Shawn was being light hearted when he said whatever it was he really said. I'd say both are about same height, just when Yao came into the league many guys were listed with shoes on, but when Bradley came in, more guys were listed honestly.
sing said on 5/May/05
Yao Ming is 7'6" without shoes, 7'7"+ with shoes. If you look at the photo he took with Shawn more carefully, you will realize that Yao was slouching, whereas Shawn was straightening out his back as much as he could, so he appeared a bit taller. Also, Shawn was closer to the camera. In reality, Yao is taller than Shawn. Yao was 7'5" before he joined the NBA, but he grew an inch. Shawn was measured as 7'6" in his basketball shoes. There was a picture of this guy on a ladder measuring Shawn when he joined the NBA. Shawn is exactly 7'6", with shoes.

Photos are unreliable, you can make a 5' person appear 7' through trick photography. There was another picture of Yao with Shawn during Yao's first year when Houston player Dallas, from that photo, Yao is clearly taller. In the second photo, Shawn appeared a bit taller due to Yao's slouching, then people started dwelling on that photo and claim Shawn is taller. Man, people are so jealous of Yao.

There is another player, Sun Ming Ming, who will be joining the NBA this year. He's 7'9" WITHOUT SHOES. Hope that will silence all the critics. Can't wait to see this guy stand next to (and look down) on Shawn.

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