How tall is Nick Cannon

Nick Cannon's Height

5ft 10.5in (179.1 cm)

American Rapper, Actor and Television Host.

How tall is Nick Cannon
Photo By David Shankbone [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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Average Guess (9 Votes)
5ft 10.83in (179.9cm)
hardguy said on 11/Sep/17
5'11.25 at noon. said on 15/Jul/17
It's funny how Google adds 1 inch to almost everyone Cannon ain't taller than 180cm. I give him 180cm.
ML said on 24/Apr/17
You should watch this video. He is the same height as Mariah Carey and she is wearing TOWERS instead of high hells. There is NO WAY Mariah is here as 170 and he is just 9cm taller than her.
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S.J.H said on 8/Apr/17
When standing straight, howard stern look near 6'6 next to cannon.
ok said on 3/Mar/17
I'm similar (but at evening in walking stance on stadiometre) can show show good matching with tall chicks like Serena Williams at times
Realist said on 2/Feb/17
I guess I am 5'9.5 max if he's only 5'10.5.
RXH said on 11/Jan/17
Aaron Zamora They look about the same height in that video. Less than an inch difference.
john said on 25/Dec/16
i met him. im 5'11.5. Believe i have just under 2 inches on him
john said on 25/Dec/16
i met him. im 5'11.5. Believe i have just under 2 inches on him
Aaron Zamora said on 12/Nov/16
Jimmy dwarfs Nick cannon and is the first time that I see Jimmy without his big dressy shoes. Nick is 5'10 at most. Click Here
MD said on 30/Aug/16

We've GOT to get a more accurate listing on him. This is a 5'10" guys, tops.
John said on 28/Aug/16
Clearly Nick isn't 5'11", as 6'4"-ish guys like Snoop Dogg, Waka Flocka and Machine Gun Kelly all had at least 6 inches on him on Wild 'N Out. He is no more than 178cm, believe me.
Agent Silent said on 19/Aug/16
I recently watched an episode of Wild N Out, Nick had 6'0" Fabolous on as a guest and Nick looked no more than 5'10"-5'10".5. It's time for a downgrade.
Aaron Zamora said on 3/Aug/16
It's time for a downgrade for Nick He's 5'10.
MD said on 23/May/16

With 5'9" (max) John Legend:

Click Here

I've been arguing forever that this is too much.
Cantchooseaname said on 2/Dec/15
Cannon at 5ft 11? I was shocked when i found out his official height, the guy always looked OVER 6 FEET in my opinion, he has a really lanky build, long limbs etc...

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and there's people saying this man's between 5ft 7 and 5ft 9! Unless he has an extremely small head...i dont know...maybe its just camera angles
Harry said on 20/Jul/15
@winner91 Post shows cannon shorter than 5'11 levine.
thetruth said on 21/May/15
he's 5'10
John said on 8/Apr/15
How can klum be 5-9 ?????? In her massive heels she is still an inch shorter than him.
oregon said on 6/Mar/15
look at his photos with Michael B. Jordan and Nelly! He is definitely 5'10" Rob!
Crypto139 said on 22/Jun/14
All I know is he looked around the same as my dad or probably shorter when me and my dad met him some years ago. Though back then I couldn't tell height as well as I can now. Also I don't know my dad's height exactly myself. He looks to be in the range of 5 feet 10 to 5 feet 11. So that is not much of a help I guess. Howie Mandel is shorter than my dad though.
Bernardo said on 15/Apr/14
lol he always looks like 6'0-6'1 to me.
MD said on 17/Feb/14
This sucks, I'm looking through the All-Star Weekend photos on Getty, and they don't have any photos of him with Burke or Paul. I've alwyas argued, though, that he's 5'10", tops. In fact, I had some photos on this page showing that before Rob accidentially deleted all of my comments during the fall.
D said on 16/Feb/14
No way he's over 5-10. I'm watching NBA All-Star Weekend and he looks 3 inches shorter than Trey Burke. I would guess 5-9.
brandonk said on 15/Feb/14
Was just on stage with Chris Paul at the All Star Game. CP3 was a solid two inches taller.
Ron said on 12/Dec/13
I still don't see how 5'11 is small. It's 2 inches above average...
Hes little said on 29/Jul/13
Was on a flight with him from LA to Newark. Im 6' he was at least 3" shorter and very thin. Even with hooded sweatshirt and sweatpants.
Hes little said on 29/Jul/13
Was on a flight with him from LA to Newark. Im 6' he was at least 3" shorter and very thin. Even with hooded sweatshirt and sweatpants.
jtm said on 12/Jul/13
i don't understand how he could be 5'11 when he was 2 inches shorter than chris paul.
jtm said on 11/Jul/13
rob don't you think is time for a downgrade?
[Editor Rob: not sure on a change yet]
ajcf1995 said on 9/Jul/13
He seemed tall on America's Got Talent. About the same height as Howie Mandel though so not that tall actually.
ajcf1995 said on 9/Jul/13
He seemed tall on America's Got Talent. About the same height as Howie Mandel though so not that tall actually.
Penguinboy25 said on 10/Apr/13
Ya Chris Paul 5'11.75, Nick Cannon 5'9.75 to 5'10 max.
Triplescrew said on 22/Feb/13
This guy is a clear 5'9.5" Rob. Chris Paul had a good 2 inches on him and he's a strong 5'11".
D_Dave said on 18/Feb/13
CP3 is a weak 6'0 and Cannon was at least 2 inches shorter than him. He looked more like 7 inches shorter than the 6'4" Wade. There is no way Cannon is taller than 5'10.
// said on 17/Feb/13
shorter than chris paul at the all star game 2013...standing next to each other was no more than 2 inches shorter both with shoes...
Ryan said on 16/Feb/13
On NBA All-Star weekend, Nick Cannon was standing beside 6'0'' Chris Paul and Nick was at least 2 inches shorter than Chris.
allstar said on 16/Feb/13
Just watched him on TV talking to Chris Paul and D. Wade at the all star game, he is 2+ inches shorter than CP3 who is listed as 5'11.75" by the NBA
FTW said on 16/Feb/13
Just saw Cannon on the NBA All Star special standing next to 5'11 barefoot Chris Paul and 6' 3 barefoot D Wade. Cannon is 5'9 TOPS. Time for a downgrade. Cannon was wearing dress shoes which is at least as thick of a sole as basketball shoes.
observer said on 15/Jan/13
Yeah, but doesn't Cannon look taller in comparison to her than Faison? I think it's safe to say she is wearing the same footwear since it is the same event.
observer said on 13/Jan/13
So, Cannon and Donald Faison are the same height?! Rob, how tall (with possible heels) do you estimate the reporter to be? And what about Jason Kidd?

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[Editor Rob: depends what she's wearing]
Frankie said on 10/Jan/13
Saw him at Universal Studios a few years back, I'm 5'9" and he looked tiny, almost petite, I would say 5'7" at best and probably only 130lbs.
Conti said on 25/Dec/12
I've actually met Nick Cannon 7 years ago in 2005 and he was at least 4 inches shorter than me.I'm 6'1 so I would say 5'9 when he was wearing shoes.
actor guy said on 30/Oct/12
Saw Nick.cannon yesterday stood right next to him and nelly. He's definitely 5'10.5-5'11 ...Nelly 5'08. The both look shorter, until you stand shoulder to shoulder.
Tim said on 26/Sep/12
I'd say 5'11 is right, I thought he was 6'0" but it makes sense now how short he was next to Howard Stern
winner91 said on 24/Sep/12
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5'11 or 6'
Davey said on 5/Feb/12
Just saw Nick Cannon and Jimmy Fallon standing next to each other on the Superbowl pre-game show. He was standing straight as an arrow and was still at least 3-4 inches shorter than Jimmy who was slouched. Nick is maybe 5'8" or at a stretch 5'9".
Valerie said on 8/Dec/11
Click Here MC With FLAT shoes NO heel what so ever! She had to wear during the middle of her pregnancy! And nick, with shoes on.
Mariah is 5'8,, Nick is 5'11 or taller in shoes ofcourse!
MD said on 3/Dec/11
He is not anything under 5'10", but he's definitely not a full 5'11".
Angelo said on 2/Dec/11
Saw him at pachas night club djaying about a year ago, he is not tall at all. 5'9 max, possibly even shorter.
Titan said on 22/Nov/11
You have to keep in mind that not everyone stands up straight all the time. Some just slouch more than others.

Nick Cannon is no shorter than 6'0" because he's taller than Mariah and Mariah maxes out at around 6'0" in her highest of high heels so...

Dem Babies WILL be very tall people. I can see Moroccan being at least 6'2" and Monroe ranging somewhere around 5'9"...
SpotOn said on 20/Aug/11
Hate to burst a lot of your bubbles, but Mariah is not even 5'9. I met her in person and I am 5'10 and had several inches on her, even with her heels on. So seeing Nick stand side by side with Nick with heels, I doubt he's a legitimate 5'11 or 6footer. Its probably the pants and the lifts that make him appear taller than he really is.
SpotOn said on 20/Aug/11
Hate to burst a lot of your bubbles, but Mariah is not even 5'9. I met her in person and I am 5'10 and had several inches on her, even with her heels on. So seeing Nick stand side by side with Nick with heels, I doubt he's a legitimate 5'11 or 6footer. Its probably the pants and the lifts that make him appear taller than he really is.
bob said on 9/Aug/11
I\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'m smarter than most said on 27/Jul/11
If he's shorter than 5'10 1/2" P.Diddy, then he IS 5'10" Like I thought.
Sergio said on 15/Jun/11
He is 5,11..took a picture with him about 4 months ago..same height as me
Larry said on 22/May/11
Common, a full 5 11 barefoot for Cannon? Get real
MD said on 26/Feb/11

What do you think of this picture of Nick and 5'9" Mario Lopez?

Click Here

With 5'9.5" Russell Simmons:

Click Here

With 5'10.5" P. Diddy:

Click Here

With 5'11"ish Jimmy Fallon:

Click Here

I've been saying it for awhile, but this guy has always looked and been just 5'10". He certainly isn't a full 5'11".

[Editor Rob: there's a chance he could be 179cm, that mario one he looks a little further away, I'm sure it's making him shorter than he is.]
joewhite31 said on 12/Jan/11
She's either 5'5" or 5'6", her 5'9" claim doesn't mean you have to believe her. Nick is 5'10" flat, easily 5'11"-6' in his timbs.
Nick cannon fan. said on 16/Nov/10
If Mariah is reportedly 5'9 and wears 5 inch heels then she'd be 6'2 with them on. Nick Cannon has to at least be 6'2 or 6'3. If he's not that tall and he is 5'11 then Mariah Carey is not 5'9 she's either 5'5 or 5'6.
Yelmer said on 30/Oct/10
LOL - he is no shorter than 5'11" I don't know about his footwear but he is taller than Mariah in her platforms and in her platforms she is at least 6 feet tall, this is correct he could even he taller
Bob said on 4/Aug/07
Steve-O is 5'10ish of course.
Bob said on 3/Aug/07
On Wild n Out, Steve O was barefoot and Nick had athletic shoes on and Nick looked 1-2 inches taller.
glenn said on 22/Mar/07
cannon has the dmx effect going.appears 5-9 and then extends to 5-11.
Viper said on 21/Mar/07
Its crazy. Hes looked 5-9 standing next to measured athletes with decent posture.
glenn said on 20/Mar/07
i just got big boi tonight.he was 5-6.
MD said on 19/Mar/07
Some more for reference (make sure to take into account the slouches):

With 5'8" Kanye West:

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

With Randy Jackson given a full 5'8.5", here

Click Here

With 5'7" Big Boi:

Click Here

With 5'9.25" Serena Williams (most likely in heels), and 5'7.75" Ludacris:

Click Here
Anonymous said on 18/Mar/07
Wow, shocked about the pic of Glenn and Nick. I posted before about Tyra and Wild N' Out. Tyra was easily taller than him by an inch and she is 5'10 . Again she had on very flat sneakers and he had on running shoes. He must have lifts on with Glenn because next to Tyra, he couldn't be more than 5'9.
6'2.5'' JK said on 15/Mar/07
He looks like a solid 5'11'' with Glenn, maybe he is a shapeshifter
dmeyer said on 15/Mar/07
he towers over glenn

[Editor Rob: its true, he can go from as others say looking short to 5ft 11 with glenn.]
Viper said on 2/Mar/07
Hell, Cannon doesnt look that far off from 6-0 there.
Editor Rob said on 1/Mar/07
It might not make much sense, but its hard to argue unless there is a pavement advantage to the cannon's favour.
MD said on 26/Feb/07
An even better comparison are those closer to his height. They guy has got a pretty regular slouch, which I always take into account. I've seen him look pretty tall, but I've seen him looking around 5'10" even more often even taking into account the slouch.

For reference:

With 5'7.5" DJ Clue, who's more likely even 5'7":

Click Here

With Cuba Gooding, Jr. given 5'10", here:

Click Here
Viper said on 26/Feb/07
It just doesnt make sense. How in the world does he look 5-9, with decent posture next to 6-4 Dwayne Wade?
MD said on 25/Feb/07
I agree with Viper. This is whacky!
Derek said on 25/Feb/07
If Cannon isn't wearing lifts, then he is 5'11" minimum, maybe even 5'11 1/2".
Viper said on 25/Feb/07
That is the tallest Ive ever seen Nick Cannon look.
glenn said on 22/Feb/07
at least 5-11.maybe a hair more.
Kora said on 21/Feb/07
I met Nick Cannon at a concert. I think he's a little taller than 5'11 because thats how tall I am. And he was a bit taller than me.
Glenn said on 13/Feb/07 I said many times,I have 5-11friends that look 5-9.Cannon is that type then.
Viper said on 12/Feb/07
Glenn, do you remember Cannon's footwear? This guy looks as short as 5-9 in many pics.
Glenn said on 10/Feb/07
No way is Cannon 5-10.I was with Cannon and Cuba.Cannon is 5-11.
MD said on 9/Feb/07
With Cuba Gooding, Jr. who's listed at 5'10", here (perhaps shorter):

1. Click Here

In this one, take into account that Nick has on some regular sneakers from other similar pictures showing his footwear. Unfortunately, they don't show Cuba's footwear. All this in account, 5'10" is the top of the scale, here.

Also, please take a look at the photos I posted of Nick with 5'8" Sean Paul and 5'8" Cedric the Entertainer.
MD said on 8/Feb/07
Also, with 5'9" Nick Lachey who I'd assume is in his normal bootwear, here, but I think it shows 5'10" is the very top of the scale for Nick, and generous:

1. Click Here
Viper said on 3/Jan/07
I agree Anonymous. Kanye has always looked 5-7 to me and Cannon needs to be downgraded to 5-9.
ddu said on 2/Jan/07
wild n out again.. same height as 5'8 keenan thompson.... overstating this one boys
Anonymous said on 1/Jan/07
Just noticed MD put on here the pictures from the Wild N' Out I was talking about. Notice that Tyra's sneakers are lower and she has a greater difference in height over Sean Paul than Nick - meaning Nick is shorter than Tyra. I think it is a safe bet to at least downgrade him to 5'9. Kanye is more like 5'7".
Anonymous said on 31/Dec/06
5'9" max. On Wild N' Out, Tyra Banks (5'10) was taller than him maybe by an inch and he had on running sneakers(give like 1.5" of height) and she had on the flat more for style sneakers which definitely give less height than running sneakers.
ddu said on 28/Dec/06
on wild'n out hes same height as kanye west so 5'9 max
MD said on 27/Dec/06
And, Kanye's been actually reduced to 5'8" since my posting of these pictures. Nick is nothing over 5'10", nothing.
matthew said on 27/Dec/06
nick doesnt have much on Kanye west in a picture below! , 5'10 he is!!
MD said on 13/Sep/06
Hey, Editor Rob, you want to check this one out, again?
MD said on 29/Aug/06
He is 6'0" massive Timberland boots WITH lifts! LOL!
Viper652 said on 28/Aug/06
I cant beleive Nick is billed at 6-0.
Paapose said on 27/Aug/06
Nice pics MD. 5"10.5, haha looks more like 5"8-5"9.
mous said on 5/Aug/06
they are wearing some crazy hats in that picture MD. who knows how many inches they are hiding in there...
Anonymous said on 8/Jul/06
met nick twice...i'm 5'8...he is definitely taller than me by more than 2 inches, and my coworker is only 5'3 and he looked like a giant by her...i think 6'0 is possible if not then 5'11 @ THE LEAST
MD said on 19/Jun/06
It's just a little difficult to tell by that pic, but I doubt anyone would want to slouch around basketball players, "rapper slouch" or not, and that's an understatement.
Viper652 said on 19/Jun/06
Nick looks shorter then 5-10 next to Dwayne Wade.

[Editor Rob: using the 2 guys to the right heights and difference between them, you might calculat cannon in that picture can *look* 5ft 9 1/2-3/4, but whether he has "rapper slouch" is question...
MD said on 16/Jun/06
What more proof do you need?
Anonymous said on 22/Apr/06
I've always thought Orlando Jones was a legit 6' but when he appeared on Carson Daly's Show, he looked a good 2 inches shorter.

[Editor Rob: I'm thinking closer to 5ft 11...maybe I'll add this guy at the magic 181cm mark!]
MD said on 11/Apr/06
He was also shorter than Tyra Banks, who was in heels on his shoe. Supposedly, she's 6'0" in her heels. Again, as many have already said, he's no taller than 5'10".
Anonymous said on 10/Apr/06
Hey did anyone see that show of his on mtv when he had rapper Paul Wall as a guest? Paul Wall is 5'9 at the most, and that's being very generous. Paul looks exactly the same height as Nelly when they stand together. Anyhow, Nick was maybe an inch taller than Paul. No way Nick's taller than 5'10.
Lil D' said on 29/Dec/05
I was watching the BET Awards and Nick Cannon, Mario, and Amerie(I think it was her but can't remember) were presenting and Mario was taller than Nick. So either Nick is shorter than 6 feet or Mario is taller than 6 feet. BTW, Mario was wearing tennis shoes that looked liked Air Force Ones and Nick was wearing dress shoes.
matthew said on 11/Dec/05
ive looked at most of the photos and i think he is 5'10-5'11" , somewhere around there. his skinny build makes him look taller , but he doesnt tower over 5foot8 kanye west, he only looks about 2-3inches taller then kanye.
~Nate~ said on 25/Nov/05
Ok so Im sure nobody is going to believe me but here goes. I work at Target Unfortunately and we opened at 5am for the biggest shopping day of the year today and there were hundreds of people there. Nick Cannon lived in San Diego his whole life and has a house here but I never thought he would come to Target. He was dressed a little bit scruby and had a hat on. I didnt wanna go up to him cause he looked mad almost, no bodyguards or anything. Anyways when I purposely walked past him we were like exactly the same height almost! I mean he could've been maybe 6'0.5 but at the shortest without the hat Id give him 6 even. One thing I can tell u is that he has the worlds worst posture and hes not very attractive in person. But he did buy $800 worth of pillows when he came through my friend Anna's Line. I Will give Rob my work number if he wants through e-mail and let him call Target directly and ask them if Nick Cannon was spotted shopping here on the 25th Friday of November. Peace Kids
MD said on 25/Oct/05
Once again, it's a pic with a hat on which is nearly impossible to guess where you head ends or beings. I don't know about you, but if I had to estimate off that picture the difference is a bit greater than 1 cm. lol
Smoke said on 2/Apr/05
Had yet another look at this guy in pics and have changed my mind, and I've gotta agree with my man J. that Cannon may indeed be a 6 footer. Maybe Milian was feeling extra short the day she took the pic with Nick from my previous post and chose to wear her 4 inchers. Another pic with Milian will prove that Nick is just about a head taller than 5'2" Milian and that would put him at just about 6'0".

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