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6ft 1.92in (187.7cm)
Alex said on 19/Apr/07
Ed, so what are you like 6'0 out of bed I am guessing?

I get 6'2 estimates all the time because in shoes I can stand 6'2, depending on the sneakers, but over 6'1 in sneakers though. I'm not near as lean as Walker though. I'm actually more thicker but lean in some ways too. Over the last couple years I've been estimated at 5'8 once, 5'10 once, 5'11 a few times, 6'0 a few times, 6'1-6'2 90% of the time and even 6'3 and 6'4 once each.
Viper said on 18/Apr/07
Alex, keep in mind I think he could be under 6-1 as well. Thats where my comment came from.
Ed said on 18/Apr/07
Alex, I agree a 6ft1 guy built like Walker could come across even taller. I've mentioned before I've got a friend who's built exactly like Walker and stands about 6ft1 barefoot, and he can look 6ft3!
I'm 5ft11.25 barefoot by the end of the night, but during the day I'm probably 5ft11.5/6ft0.5-6ft0.75 in shoes, and I've had people think I'm 6ft2. I'm on the leaner side, but nowhere near as lean as Walker.
Alex said on 18/Apr/07
Viper, if he's a legit 6'1 he could get away with 6'3. Some people can think a legit 6'1 guy is 6'3. You get plenty of guys who are really 6'2-6'3 who always look 6'4. I know a guy who claimed 6'4 for a long time and even 6'5 once but got measured at the doctor at 6'2.5, but he was pretty lean and had good posture so he could easily say 6'4 and get away with it.
Viper said on 17/Apr/07
I think Walker is out of his damn mind claiming 6-3.
Ed said on 17/Apr/07
Rob, so if Walker was wearing chucks to I'm guessing Schwimmer's shoes/boots, it's possible that he's 6ft2? If Schwimmer is 6ft1, and Glenn has seen this and stated he was 6ft1 minimum/looking 6ft2, and Walker had a slight edge on him while wearing chucks, Walker has to be close to 6ft2. How else could Schwimmer be 6ft2 or a bit more in shoes, and Walker be taller while wearing a 0.5 in heel, and not be near 6ft2 barefoot? When did you see this pic?
Ed said on 17/Apr/07
The funny thing with Walker is he claims 6ft3 for himself! I don't know if this is a with shoes height, but that's what he says. We can all agree he's no 6ft3, but I saw a pic of Walker and David Schwimmer and they were almost exactly the same height. Only problem there is you can't see their shoes. Schwimmer could be wearing boots to Walker's chucks. Either way I saw a few minutes of Into the Blue on tv last night, and he did look about 6ft1 barefoot or w/flip flops not that much taller. The diff. between him and Caan was hard to make out precisely but looked to be a head taller. Caan's head came below Walker's chin, about 9-10 inches. If Caan is 5ft5 Walker would be 6ft3, but I really think Caan is like 5ft3.

[Editor Rob: walker maybe had very slight edge BUT was wearing converse at the event.]
Viper said on 12/Apr/07
I could beleive 6-0 1/2. I have no idea where the 5-9 claims came from. That bigheaded pygmies site has him at 5-9 though.
Ed said on 12/Apr/07
I'd only go as low as 6ft1 for Walker, 6ft is ridiculous. I'm still convinced he's taller, how much I don't know anymore. Somewhere between 6ft1-6ft2 like Wrestling said. Split the diff. and say 6ft1.5. The evidence of Walker with Butler and Palminterri clearly show he's no 6ft. Chazz Palminterri is listed at 6ft2.5, Glenn saw him and can attest to this. How then did Walker look the same height dead on as Palminterri. Yes he was wearing boots, but at most maybe he had an extra 0.5in to work with. If Palminterri was say 6ft3.5 in his shoes, how does that work then? He wasn't wearing 2.5 in boots.
Alex said on 12/Apr/07
I think some will agree that he's 6'0 at the very least and 6'1 at his most. I think he's more 6'1 than 6'0 though. 6'2-6'3 is too tall and there 5'10-5'11 is too short and 5'9 is insane to even claim.
wrestling said on 11/Apr/07
we can all agree hes nothing under 6'1" ... so0o right now 6'2" is best we got so its best like that
cris said on 11/Apr/07
he's definitely around 6'2" maybe a bit taller. He towers over a lot of people in 2 Fast 2 Furious.
Alex said on 10/Apr/07
You can't go by that picture. Paul is closer to the camera and the angle favors him. I see this kinda often in just general pictures where someone is closer to the camera with an angle favoring them and someone is like you tower over him. It has happened to me a few times where I look to be more taller than someone than I really am.
Viper said on 9/Apr/07
I couldnt even begin to tell how much height Paul has over Maguire. Paul is just so much closer to the camera.
Ed said on 9/Apr/07
If Leno is shorter like 5ft10 barefoot/near 5ft11.5 with shoes, that would put Walker at 6ft1.5 with dress shoes. This would make Walker only around 6ft-6ft0.5 barefoot. I've never seen the guy so all I can go off is deceiving pictures and video clips, but I really can't see him shorter than 6ft1 barefoot more leaning towards 6ft1.5 and up. We really need Glenn to get a pic and see him in person, but he's on the west coast so it probably won't happen anytime soon.
Alex said on 9/Apr/07
Alba is closer to 5'6 I think. But about Leno and Walker. Leno isn't 5'11, he doesn't look it to me. I'd agree that he's about 5'10 and no more. I never seen Walker on his show but I'm going to assume Leno had on lifts or something for Walker to only look 6'0.
AAAA said on 8/Apr/07
Here is a pic of Walker with Maguire from pleasentville.... If i remember the scence correctly they were both wearing Chuck Taylor's, I guess giving the scene a real 60's basketball flare. Maguire is between 5'7 and 5'8, but is listed here at 5'8. He is behind walker a bit, so keep that in mind

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dmeyer said on 5/Apr/07
i think he could stell be 189 but lok 187 because of the converse also he looked 4 inch taller than 5'11 levine
Viper said on 5/Apr/07
Either the other stars coming out really are shorter or Leno gets a small boost. Or camera angles? Though the camera angles are pretty good on Lenos show. Not like Conan's show.
Ed said on 5/Apr/07
Leno is at least 6ft in shoes, at a minimum. I don't see 5ft10 unless the guy wears 2inch plus lift shoes. Rob, I hear what you're saying about the opening greeting w/celebs on the Leno show, but with the Ford clips they take their time after the initial man hug, and are practically standing next to each other. Leno looks dead on with Ford. If anything Ford had him by max 1inch in the early clips, and by 2006 looked almost shorter.
Viper said on 5/Apr/07
I dont think Leno is as short as 5-8 or 5-9, but think hes 5-10 at the max.
Ed said on 4/Apr/07
Leno has appeared close to or exactly the same height as a lot of 6ft-6ft1 actors. Come on he's not 5ft8 or 5ft9, what he wears 4-5inch lifts! I can't see 5ft10 either, that's 3 inches in shoe height to be the same as so many tall celebs. He's been the same height or close to John Travolta, Harrison Ford, Tim Allen( who Jay was taller than, and he is close to 5ft11(5ft10.5 maybe) when I met him years ago), Hayden Christensen, Josh Lucas, a bit shorter than Gerard Butler, taller than Matt Damon by several inches, and only a few inches shorter than known tall actors like Eric Bana and Ryan Reynolds. Frank2 met him and said he was the same height as him at 5ft11, why would he lie about that! Leno also always looks the tallest or taller in his Jaywalking segments with strangers on the street. I just watched a few old clips of Harrison Ford on Leno, and they were almost dead on the same height. These were from 1995-2006, and Ford's not 5ft10!

[Editor Rob: Leno comparisons when those folk walk out sometimes aren't that great because Leno a lot of times is kind of static and the celebrity is walking towards them and hugging etc and Leno being closer to the camera aswell as they move in for the shake/hug.]
Viper said on 4/Apr/07
I dont buy that Leno is 5-11. People have estimated Leno as 5-8, 5-9 in person. Hes listed at 5-10 on the internet. Hes 5-10 or could be slightly under.
Ed said on 4/Apr/07
Leno is at least 5ft11 barefoot, more like 5ft11.5! I agree Walker only looked 1.5-2 inches taller, and when I saw him on Leno he was dressed in a suit wearing dress shoes. Leno's between 6ft0.25-6ft0.75 in shoes, with Walker looking between 6ft1.75-6ft2.75 in shoes, hard to tell if it was a full 2inch difference. One things for sure it was less than when Josh Duhamel was on Leno, and him an Walker have similar builds. Walker falls somewhere between 6ft1-6ft2.
AAAA said on 4/Apr/07
Rob, you dropped the .25? Any particualrar reason

[since dropping 1/4 inches from gusy like jackson/butler etc. But that is it.]
AAAA said on 4/Apr/07
was he in con's and leno in dress shoes? an extra in advantage if that was the case
Viper said on 4/Apr/07
Somebody explain this to me though. Why does Walker always look 6-0 tops on Jay Leno's show? Last time I saw him on there Walker looked 1.5-2 inches max taller than Leno. And before that it was the same height difference.
Alex said on 4/Apr/07
Walker had Alba by more than 5-6 inches. I'd put him at 6'1 and her at 5'6.
Viper said on 4/Apr/07
He isnt 5-11, that Im 100 percent sure of. He CAN look as short as 6-0 though, and thats what he was originally listed at on the internet.
AAAA said on 4/Apr/07
Come on, are you trying to push him to 5'11 now. Grow up guys. Maybe he isn't the 6'3 he claims, or even 6'2, but heis not much below that. He was taller than Freddie Prince Jr and he appears to be around 6'1, maybe a bit less. Lets say Freddie Prince is only 6' even. then walker still has to be about 6'1.
And yes, If walker is really just a scrap over 6' as so many desperetaly want him to be, then there are a bunch supposed "strong 6'-6'2 footers" who are under 6'.
Viper said on 4/Apr/07
Alba is more 5-5.
girlfriend said on 3/Apr/07
I love Paul Walker, but there is no way he is 6ft 2.25. Look at pictures from Into The Blue.

Jessica Alba is 5'6. Does Paul look 8 inches taller than her in any scene in the movie? Her head comes up to his eyes. He's looks only 5-6 inches taller than her. To be fair, I'll say he is 6ft or 6ft 0.5
Ed said on 3/Apr/07
I agree Viper that Butler looks shorter. I don't think Brosnan is 6ft1.25 or Butler 6ft1.75, I see them both about 6ft0.5. Even if Butler's 6ft0.75 this would track with the 6ft2 listing which I think is a with shoes number. So if Butler is say 6ft for arguments sake, 6ft1.25-6ft1.5 with shoes than Walker still being taller while wearing flat soled shoes has to be 6ft1.5 at least!
Viper said on 3/Apr/07
Butler looks 6-0 with Brosnan.
paulG said on 2/Apr/07
butler is 6ft1 and walker is 6ft1.5-6ft2
Ed said on 2/Apr/07
If Walker is only 6ft1 flat no more, than Gerard Butler listed continually at 6ft2 (Rob has him at 6ft1.75), is listed incorrectly by a good inch or more. In Timeline which I've referenced several times Walker was taller than Butler throughout the whole movie. In fact he was taller while wearing Converse All-Stars to Butler's hiking boots. I don't know how a 6ft1.75 man wearing hiking boots, boosting him to 6ft3 at least, can be shorter than a man who is 6ft1 barefoot/6ft1.5 wearing chucks.
Walker had him by a bit, maybe 0.5 I can't tell 100%! All I'm saying is, we have no pic of Walker or Butler with Glenn but we do have the Tyrese pic which will be debated from here on out! I still think Walker is pushing 6ft2, but yes we have no official confirmation of this. One thing is for sure if Walker is not 6ft2, but only 6ft1 or shorter than all these other heights need to be adjusted because they are all linked like the Kevin Bacon game. These celebs have either been in movies together or seen at public gatherings and they all tie to Walker: Gerard Butler, Sean Connery, Pierce Brosnan, Harrison Ford, Stellan Skarsgard, David Schwimmer, Bruce Greenwood, Chazz Palminterri, Raoul Bova, Djimon Hounsou, Rodrigo Santoro, the list goes on and on.....
Alex said on 2/Apr/07
If I had to pick one height for Walker I'd say 6'1 flat. If you saw Into the Blue he looked about that height. Really he can look anywhere from 6'0 to 6'1 but I think 6'1 is more accurate.
AAAA said on 29/Mar/07
I always thought Voight was real tall. I thought he was at least 6'2.5 in Varsity Blues, plus he may be sensitive about shrinking from his peak height and wear lifts on ocassion. Not that sure though
Viper said on 29/Mar/07
Paul didnt look that much taller than James Vanderbeek in Varsity Blues, and was considerably shorter than Jon Voight. Id actually say he looked no taller than 6-0 in that movie to tell you the truth.
Anonymous said on 28/Mar/07
I just watched the fast and the furious and walker only wore con's toward the end. Early on he had a normal heeled shoe boot on. Maybe he is only 6'1.5. I would have sworn he was at least 6'2.
Alex said on 28/Mar/07
Viper, I'm not suprised some have said they were 4 inches taller than they really are but not often do I see that. I see ton of 1-2 inches though and 3 sometimes. Man I could tell people I was 6'2 and easily most wouldn't question is.
AAAA said on 27/Mar/07
WTF!!!!!! what were they trying to pass themselves off as. i mean, alot of people round up once they are .25 inches over a certain height. Kinda " well if I a over 5'11 I am not 5'11.25 I am on my way to 6' therefore i am 6'" But 4 inches... that is bad
Viper said on 27/Mar/07
You would be surprised AAAA. Ive met a couple of people who have exaggerated 4 inches before.
AAAA said on 27/Mar/07
I have a hard time believing people exgerate their heights that much .... 2.5 inches is a lot. I can see an inch or .75 inches, but over that is pretty bad
Alex said on 26/Mar/07
5'9-6'3 is a big height range for him to be guessed in. Pretty crazy that is. But yea I can agree he's 6'0.5-6'1. 6'1 I believe is more accurate. 5'9-5'10 is way too short. NO way does he look that short nor as tall as 6'3.
TheJerk said on 25/Mar/07
Well I could see 6-1 at the very lowest.
dmeyer said on 25/Mar/07
at his shortest 188 cm but wears converse a lot so 189 cm
Viper said on 25/Mar/07
He doesnt have a full inch on Josh Jackson in that movie from what I could tell.
TheJerk said on 25/Mar/07
6-1 or 6-1.5. He is taller than Josh Jackson who is realistically about 6-0 with Glenn. He has been seen as at least 185cm. You are "underating" here Viper.
Ed said on 24/Mar/07
I hear what your saying Viper, but there were rumours on the Jackson page I remember reading of a guy who was on the set, and said Jackson favored the big heels. Maybe he wore lifts in The Skulls, I don't know. I don't think he looks 6ft1.5 next to Glenn in the pic, Glenn said he thought he was 6ft, maybe he's slouching a ton! A friend of mine is a legit 6ft1.5 barefoot, and skinny as a bean pole, and w/moderate shoes like flat soled pumas looks 6ft3, even though he's clearly not. During the day I'm anywhere between 6ft0.25-6ft0.75 in shoes, and he always makes me feel short. So it does go to show build plays a huge part in the perception of height. Walker is not skinny, but super lean which makes him look taller, unlike say Matt Damon who looks shorter due to his stocky physique.
Viper said on 23/Mar/07
Ed, I think Josh Jackson is 6-0 and not the 6-1.5 on here. And I thought he only looked a half inch taller at most when they went back to back in the movie.
Ed said on 23/Mar/07
MOF you met Walker and say he was anywhere between 6ft1-6ft2. Well fair enough then. Until we get a pic of Glenn w/Walker this debate will never end, and even then it'll probably continue. The guy is tall, he always looks tall, tallest almost always in whatever cast he's in.He's got a very lean build to add to the impression of him being taller. He's several inches taller than Diesel(6ft),taller than Gerard Butler 6ft1.75(both wearing boots to his chucks), several inches taller than Bruce Greenwood(6ft),the same w/ Johnny Messner(5ft11.5) and Tyrese(5ft11.25), the same height as Chazz Palminterri(6ft2.5) who Glenn met and said was near 6ft3, taller than Rick Yune(6ft1), taller than Joshua Jackson(6ft1.5) in The Skulls,and taller than Cole Hauser(6ft1).
Viper said on 23/Mar/07
Ok, this is getting too much. The 5-9, 5-10, 6-2, 6-3 estimates should be put to rest by now. Hes somewhere from 184-186cm. I think most can agree with that now.
Mike said on 22/Mar/07
Are you sure that Paul Walker is 6-2?
He does not look more than 5-9 or maximum 5-10 to me.
Leung said on 22/Mar/07
exactly Ed, Paul Walker is a geniune tall guy. Easily in the 6'2"-6'3" range.
MOF said on 22/Mar/07
I met Paul Walker while filming Flags of our Fathers, I was 5'10.5" then, he was definitely 185cm or taller but no taller than 188cm.
Viper said on 22/Mar/07
Walker is 6-0 1/2 tops in Skulls. He even goes back to back with Joshua Jackson and is barely taller. And who knows, Walker might have had an advantage in footwear even.
Ed said on 21/Mar/07
One more point watch Running Scared and the scenes of Walker and Chazz Palminterri together, particularly in the hospital scene, where they stand face to face. Walker is the exact same height as Chazz, and Chazz is listed at 6ft2.5. Glenn has seen him, saw him at near 6ft3 and there's a pic to show it. Also google the movie premiere stills from Running Scared and another film called Noel w/Walker and Palminterri w/plenty of candid shots of them together and they're the same height.
Viper said on 21/Mar/07
Well, Walker was originally listed at 6-0 on the internet for years. He can look that height at times. Its not as ridiculous as 6-2-6-3 for him.
Ed said on 21/Mar/07
AA, how do you know with such conviction that Tyrese is 5ft10.5! Did you meet him? Glenn is our most credible eyewitness on this site, plus he has pics to prove it! He said 5ft11, Rob has him at 5ft11.25, I'm sticking with their estimates. Glenn is rarely off, and has met so many celebs to have a pretty good grasp on estimating their heights. Until I meet Walker or Tyrese, which is probably never I'll go w/Glenn's numbers! I think we can all agree Tyrese wears big heeled boots, prob. 1.5 inches or more, and we don't know whats inside. If he was 6ft flat in boots, Walker still had him by 2inches easy maybe more, and he was wearing 0.5 in heeled shoes. Walker is no less than 6ft1.5 barefoot, most likely 6ft2.
AA said on 20/Mar/07
For God's sake... Tyrese is 5'10.5" TOPS!!!!
Walker is 6'1", 6'1.5" max!
Leung said on 20/Mar/07
and your claims of 6’0.5” for Paul Walker is the second biggest joke ever.
Viper said on 19/Mar/07
Tyrese listed at 6-2 is the biggest joke ever.
Ed said on 17/Mar/07
Converse All-Stars give 0.5 in of heel at best. They might start off a tiny bit bigger, but wear down extremely fast. As for Tyrese's boots, they do look to be pretty big heels, about 1.5, maybe 1.75in tops. At 5ft11.25 w/those Tyrese would be 6ft.75 give take. If Walker still had about 2 inches on him while wearing flat 0.5in shoes, he'd be about 6ft2.75. Subtract the 0.5 in heels, and he's at 6ft2.25 barefoot. Glenn saw Tyrese, and said he was 5ft11 definitely!
Bombay Rocker said on 17/Mar/07
And one more thing, did i mention that tyrese might be waering lifts in those shoes because to me those shoes lookd like the best bet for putting an easy one inch lifts.
Bombay Rocker said on 17/Mar/07
Well i saw the movie specially for this and tyrese is listed as 6 feet 2 when clearly he looks shorter than paul walker whose listed as 6 feet 1 and 188 pounds and whose wearing the lowest heeled shoes and tyrese on the other hand is wearing those 1.75 - 2 inchers and is still like 1.5 - 1.75 inches shorter than him....Seems to me that hollywood has lost its mental capacity.
Bombay Rocker said on 14/Mar/07
He was listed as 6 feet 1 and 188 pounds(not sure on weight) in fast and the furious 2. looked like 2 inches taller than tyrese . He had 0.75 inch shoes and tyrese had about 1.75 - 2 inch shoes, which would make him around the heigh listed but tyrese aint over 5 feet 11, so i think 6 feet 1.75 - 1 feet 2 suits him more. I wonder why he was listed shorter than his real height or maybe he is 6 feet 1 and tyrese is smaller or tyrese was wearing lifts. Funny part is they never listed tyrese height in the movie. What's your take on that rob but if you ask me i can see him being 6 feet 1 even but no less.

[Editor Rob: the computer screens are sometimes just made up quickly without care.

you want two examples, look at true lies when arnie is browing through criminals, every height is 5ft 11 including maliks, which changed to 6ft in another computer screen. They done same thing with wesley snipes in 7 seconds...british chick siphoning through screens, every criminal was 5ft 9...including snipes.

I could find a bunch of pics showing him 3 inches on tyrese, who has 3 inches on glenn etc, but could also find similar bunch showing 2 inches on tyrese...
Ed said on 12/Mar/07
Paul, I said he was an inch maybe more taller than Diesel. I don't know what Diesel wears in his boots, the heel is a def. 1.5 inches. Diesel's height is always being spectulated, in fact if we go off Rob's height listing of 6ft, Diesel w/his boots would be 6ft1.5. I still see Walker as looking a good 1in or more taller, and that would put him standing relaxed at 6ft2.5 w/a half in shoe heel. You do realize if you knock Walker down to 6ft1, a lot of other heights go w/that,like I mentioned earlier regarding Gerard Butler,Djimon Hounsou(who I saw and is no less than 6ft2)Chazz Palminterri,Clive Owen and Stellan Skarsgard, all near 6ft2 or taller. All I know is look at the Glenn/Tyrese pic, he's clearly 5ft11 and if wearing boots he's 6ft0.5, Walker was a good 2 inches taller in chucks, putting him at 6ft2.
paulG said on 11/Mar/07
Ed, you said it yourself, he's an inch taller in that pic, I think it's less but whatever...i can counter-argue that he's standing relax by saying that vin's chin is not perpendicular to the ground. If we both agree that the boots are 1.5 inch ( i don't think it's more otherwise diesel would look ridiculous in all his movies) That places walker at 6ft2 - 0.5inch = 6ft1.5 at most !!!!!!!!!!! no 6ft2, 6ft2.25 and certainly not 6ft2.5 crap. you say he's 6ft1.75...mmmm....maybe but that's really pushing it and actually anything more than that would be a ridiculous exageration.
Viper said on 11/Mar/07
I saw a 2 inch difference at times. Also saw 1-1.5 inch difference in some scenes as well.
Ed said on 10/Mar/07
PaulG, I've seen that pic many times before, have you ever really looked at Diesel's footwear in that movie. The guy wears huge heeled boots, the same as Matt Schulze the tattooed guy on the end who's boots he must have stolen out of Marilyn Manson's closet. Yeah, I have a decent sense of judgement, and Diesel might be only 5ft11.5, still if he's 6ft1 w/his boots, Walker is a good 1 inch taller maybe more in that pic and he's standing relaxed as well, just look at the eyeline. Yeah, you could shave his head and he'd still be that much taller. Regardless, if he was wearing converse allstars which I have a pair of right here, and the sole is virtually nonexistent, 0.5 in tops, that would put Walker at 6ft2 barefoot, at the least 6ft1.75. So you mean to tell me that if you shave off the hair, Walker is only 6ft1.5 in that pic to Diesel's 6ft1, and that's w/his chucks on? I just don't see it.
paulG said on 10/Mar/07
Hey ed, i came across this picture while surfing the Web you will see paul walker next to vin diesel. If you have any sense of judgement you probably won't place vin taller than 5ft 11.5 barefoot...or 6ft1 with 1.5 inch boots(i think the boots are less than that, but for the sake of the argument). Look at walker right next to him (vin is slightly slouching too) and walker is about 0.5 inch taller (you have to imagine walker bald = 1 - 1.5 inch less than in the pic). walker as i said before is 6ft1 add 0.5 inch soles for his converse that's 6ft1.5 which is about the heights he looks in that pic, giving him 0.25-0.5 inch on vin...I rest my case.
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paulG said on 10/Mar/07
Ed, Walker never looks more than an inch taller than tyrese when tyrese is standing straight and is wearing 1.5 inch boots. and tyrese is NOT 5ft11 more like 5ft10.5 + you can't take that scene in front of the police department into account since when they're standing head to head you can't really tell if paul walker's foot is completely on the ground, ground elevation etc. When they're fighting it's on sand and you can't judge from that pic either.And lastly walker might be at most 6ft1.5 that's taking his inch and half haircut into account !:)
Ed said on 10/Mar/07
Viper, you saw the movie too, you mean to tell me you didn't see a 2 inch diff. between Walker and Tyrese. Add that to the fact Walker was walking around in 0.5in tops, where Tyrese has on big heeled boots w/at least a standard 1.25 inches. Look at the Glenn pic he's easily got 3 inches on him, he's not 5ft9 or 5ft10, he's at least 5ft11. Add his boots to the equation and he's 6ftplus, at the absolute least I'd see Walker at is 6ft1.75.
Viper said on 10/Mar/07
"What's Paul Walker's height, like 6ft1 or something?" "Yeah, that sounds about right, print that."

Seems right to me.
Ed said on 10/Mar/07
PaulG, so if you've seen 2Fast2Furious it's reasonable to assume you'd agree Walker looked a good 2 inches taller than Tyrese. Just pause the scenes where they get in the fight in the beginning and they stand face to face several times, as well as a few minutes more into the movie outside the police station, where you can clearly see Tyrese in his big soled timberland style boots and Walker in converse all-stars w/0.5 in of sole. If Tyrese is 5ft11 give or take a bit more, seen in the Glenn pic, than w/boots he'd be at least 6ft0.25 possibly 6ft0.5-6ft0.75. Now if Walker is 2 inches taller this would put him at anywhere between 6ft2.25-6ft2.75. Take away about 0.5in and he'd be anywhere between 6ft1.75-6ft2.25 barefoot. I'm not gonna spectulate on what the props dept. did when creating his fake Police ID for the film, I did that recently w/Damon in The Bourne Movies w/his passport that's anywhere from 5ft7-5ft10, it's fun to spectulate w/but it doesn't prove anything. Eyewitness sightings from credible witnesses like Glenn and photos are all the evidence I need. Who knows what goes on in the mind of the props dept., it could very well have been one looking to the other saying "What's Paul Walker's height, like 6ft1 or something?" "Yeah, that sounds about right, print that."
Viper said on 10/Mar/07
I dont take those height listings in movies that seriously. But it doesnt make sense how they would list Paul at 6-1 in the movie If he was taller than that. And he really isnt taller than that from most of what I can tell.
paulG said on 9/Mar/07
If walker was indeed 6ft2 or whatever then why did they list him as 6ft1 in the scene of 2 fast 2 furious when eva mendez is checking profile? it doesn't make sense.... plz somebody give me one good reason !!!! why would they degrade both him and tyrese to a height which is not theirs according to editor rob !!!come on now.... be rational....that's all im asking!!!
Ed said on 8/Mar/07
Wow, I didn't even think to look for some reason, Thanks Rob! Well based on that if Glenn thinks Tyrese is 5ft11, putting him at 6ft0.5 in his boots in 2Fast2Furious, than Walker being 2 inches taller in flat soled chucks, would put him at 6ft2, give or take a 0.25 like you've got him at Rob. This would make sense if Butler is like 6ft1.5 or so, Hounsou 6ft2, and Walker the same maybe a bit taller. Now all we need is Glenn to get a pic w/Walker and the deal is sealed.
Ed said on 8/Mar/07
J-Dog, so what are you saying about Walker's and Tyrese's height? Do you think Walker is correctly listed as well as Tyrese? What exactly are we forgetting about super thin shoes? I just don't get what you're trying to say. I think Walker is at least 6ft1.5, but it all depends on Tyrese's height. Never seen the guy barefoot in a photo, and we have no one here like Glenn who's credible to have seen him. Until Glenn gets him, or one of us meets him he's still a mystery. One last point, I've mentioned Gerard Butler star of the new movie 300, who's been listed at 6ft2, Rob has him at 6ft1.75 now, anyways he starred in Timeline w/Walker and was a bit shorter than him while wearing boots, and guess what Walker was wearing, CHUCKS again! Also there was photo the other day on Yahoo movies of the 300 premiere w/Butler and Djimon Hounsou and the two looked the same height. Yeah, I know this is all over the place, but the only guy of any of those mentioned I've seen was Hounsou, who looked about 6ft2-6ft3 in his shoes, granted it was from a little distance, but I think I'm fairly accurate.
If Hounsou is the same as Butler, and Walker looked taller than Butler while wearing flat soled shoes next to his boots, than I can only assume Walker is the tallest of the 3.

[Editor Rob: the glenn tyrese photo has been on here for a while:

Glenn and Tyrese]
Viper said on 7/Mar/07
In some scenes Walker only looked 1.5 inches taller than Tyrese as well.
J-Dog said on 7/Mar/07
You guys are forgeting how much less than an inch, super-thin shoes can do to your height.

When I wear my Addias shoes which have .75" at the most difference I am 6'2.5" in normal boots I can reach up to 6'4". I remember Hugh Jackman wearing very thin shoes and LL Cool J looked taller than him in his boots, we all know that is not true.

Some of you spout of claims but you offer zero evidence and if it is a picture it is usually taken at a ridiculous angle.
Ed said on 7/Mar/07
Even if Tyrese is 5ft10, he was wearing combat boots w/a good 1.5 in heel and Walker still had him by 2 inches maybe a bit more while wearing chucks. At the least Walker is 6ft1 barefoot. Walker's height all depends upon Tyrese's height. If the guy is more like 5ft10 instead of his listed 5ft11.25, Walker would be 6ft1, if he is 5ft11.25 then Walker would be 6ft2 barefoot. What we need is a pic w/Tyrese and Walker w/Glenn.
Alex said on 7/Mar/07
Viper, maybe even though 6'1 I think is pretty possible but nothing over that though. 6'2-6'3 is crazy. He never looks that tall.
paulG said on 7/Mar/07
hahaha walker is 6'1" not an milli inch more. i was just watching 2 fast 2 furious and you can see on the scene where they are stealing from the ferrari their profile is being run by eva mendez and it says clearly as hell 6 freaking 1 !!!!! he doesn't even look 6'2". :)
Ed said on 6/Mar/07
If Tyrese is 5ft11.25, then in 2Fast 2Furious which was just on tv, he was pushing at least 6ft0.5 in the boots he was wearing. Walker was at least 2 inches taller than him easy, and he was wearing his flat soled chucks w/all of a 0.5in heel. Now, that would put Walker at 6ft2 barefoot at a minimum, and at the least if Tyrese is only 5ft10.5(5ft11.75-6ft in boots) Walker would still be standing tall at 6ft1.5 barefoot.
Viper said on 6/Mar/07
Walker might be your exact height Alex. 6-0 1/4 - 6-0 1/2. Tyrese I give 5-10 1/2 tops.
AAAA said on 6/Mar/07
Tyrese is supposed to be 5'11 %'11.25 is the exact height given by this site. So he has got to bearound that
Alex said on 5/Mar/07
Walker isn't over 6'1. I give him exactly 6'1. I doubt he's shorter than that but hes not taller than that either. Whats Tyrese though? 5'11?
Viper said on 27/Feb/07
Walker looks 6-1 at most here with Tyrese. Click Here
Viper said on 26/Feb/07
To tell you the truth, combine heights might not be 100 percent accruate on every player. Sometimes a couple of published screw ups. Leung a few others like Ed and Alex think hes around 6-1 too. Glenn also. I think he could be even shorter because he magically got listed at 6-2, 6-3, 6-4 when he was originally listed 6-0 to begin with anyway. AAAA, I still stand by Jackson being 6-0 and Walker 6-0 1/2 to 6-1. Walker looked 6-0 1/2 in a picture I linked next to 6-1 1/2 - 6-2 on the set of varsity blues.
Leung said on 25/Feb/07
Viper, we don’t need to measure Paul Walker to come to the conclusion that he is taller than the 6’1” that you are claiming. For an accurate height all we have to do is add the 2 inches that you automatically subtract from all celebrities.

You are the only person here campaigning for 6’1” or less, there is no one else supporting your claims, therefore you lose in a landslide defeat.
AAAA said on 25/Feb/07
BTW Viper.... I remember you posting that the best measurement is the NFL combine. Why do you drop combine measured heights to fit your views, if they are always dead on, which I believe they are.
AAAA said on 25/Feb/07
Would you be so kind as to name them... I never said that you were always wrong. Joshua Jackson you were right he was shorter than his claimed. but not the full 2 inches you claim. I never said you were totally wrong, but you seem to get hell bent on dropping certain people, and downgrade everyone around them to accomadate for your views.
Viper said on 25/Feb/07
People think I do it for everybody AAAA, its funny. Ive been right more times then wrong though usually.
AAAA said on 24/Feb/07
FUNK.... I noticed that too.... especially the younger guys
Viper said on 24/Feb/07
Nah, I just try to be as realistic as I can. These people have never been measured.
The Horse of FUNK said on 23/Feb/07
Viper, I've been noticing you push for everybody to be shorter than your claimed height (6'3" or 6'3.5).
Viper said on 22/Feb/07
Leung, hes barely taller than Joshua Jackson who is around 6-0. Id be shocked If Paul is anything over 6-1.
Leung said on 19/Feb/07
Walker is a genuine tall guy, easily in 6’2”-6’3” range.
dmeyer said on 19/Feb/07
most people at 6'1 or over dont lie about theyr height
Viper said on 15/Feb/07
Well, I dont beleive in the billed heights like you to bikagyura.
bikagyura said on 14/Feb/07
you sure don't have an eye for height Viper
Ed said on 3/Feb/07
If Jackson has been downgraded, then Paul should lose a bit, maybe 6ft1.75 for him to Jackson's 6ft1.5 if he was bit taller than him. Yeah it's only a half inch, but even if Walker was knocked down to only 6ft1, w/ his build he would still look very tall. 6ft1 is not short by any means, w/ anything other than the chuck taylors he always wears he would be 6ft2-6ft2.5. A buddy of mine is about 6ft1 maybe 6ft1.25 w/ a similar build to Walker, and when he stands up straight, even just wearing flat soled shoes like chucks, putting him at maybe 6ft1.5-6ft1.75, he looks really tall, and stands out in a crowd. A slim build can be really deceiving where height concerned. A skinnier guy will always give the impression of being taller.
Viper said on 3/Feb/07
Paul only has a half an inch over Joshua Jackson, who is realy closer to a flat 6-0 himself. Walker looks dead on 6-0 1/2 tops to me. Maybe hes 6-1 straight out of bed, but I doubt it.
AA said on 3/Feb/07
Let's say he's 6'2"... that makes Tyrese near 5'11" and puts Joshua Jackson at a fraction over 6'1"... would that be right?
bowhiskey said on 27/Jan/07
i saw him at pf chaings here in austin and he isnt taller than 5'11 i promise you this
Ed said on 26/Jan/07
So Rob, if Joshua Jackson has been downgraded to 6ft1.5, is Walker getting downgraded too? Based on The Skulls, the two looked almost the same exact height, I thought Walker was a bit taller, but I'm not so sure now.
ez said on 24/Dec/06
since i found this site through a picture i stumbled upon (the one from a rove website and it has that guy standing next to all thoes celebrities - paul walker and justin timberlake included) i have to say that paul's at LEAST 6'0-6'1' if not taller because in those pics look at where that guy is up to next to justin and next to paul. i met justin and he's maybe an inch or two taller than me (im 5'9") so he's gotta be 5'11 max, so seeing as how this guy is up to above justin's ears and with paul he's almost below paul's ears, that's gotta make paul past 6 foot.

sorry for the crazy calculating lol.
AA said on 7/Dec/06
I'm sure this guy is not 6-3... definetely around 6-1, maybe 6-2 I would say...
Editor Rob said on 6/Dec/06
There is a good point about the Adway photos, he makes Walker look near 6ft 1...although there's about 3 or 4 shots out there of converse-wearing walker with david schwimmer, very marginally 6ft 2 on the nose is warming to me...
Viper652 said on 4/Dec/06
Haha, I meant Messner. Not sure why I said Lesnar.
Alex said on 3/Dec/06
Brock Lesnar? When did we mention him on this board?
Viper652 said on 3/Dec/06
I think Lesnar is nothing more than 5-10.
Alex said on 2/Dec/06
When I was 5'11.5 for sometime I would tell people 5'11.5 sometimes then sometimes I would say 6'0 and round up. There may have been a short period of time where I was JUST under at 5'11.75 but by then I was saying just 6'0. Makes you sound funny to say you're 5'11.75 to someone, lol. You're 5'11.75 out of bed right?
Ed said on 2/Dec/06
Alex, unless I'm asked how tall I am barefoot, which rarely ever happens, people usually assume I'm 6ft or a bit more. I just tell people I'm a about 6ft, and that is pretty true, taking into consideration my morning height of a little over 5ft11.5, and my 6ft0.5 height with shoes. Funny, though I've had people think I was a lot taller at times, as much as 6ft2, which seems kind of weird. But, I guess based on your build you can give off the appearance of being taller. All my shoes are pretty normal as well in heel size 1 in some 1.25 in, I don't ever wear any Vin Diesel boots.
Alex said on 2/Dec/06
Ed, you're 5'11 1/4 but do you actually go around saying you're 5'11 1/4? I will sometimes say I am 6'0, sometimes say 6'0 1/4 but lately I say 6'0 1/2 since I am actually that at about midday barefoot.
Yannick said on 1/Dec/06
I was watching Running Scared and Paul's eyeline was on the same level as the top of Messner's head. If Messner really is 5-11/6-0'ish, Paul definitely is 6-2.5 or 6-3.
Alex said on 1/Dec/06
I'm techically over 6'0 but really by about 1/2 inch but I could get away with 6'2 in some pictures.
Ed said on 1/Dec/06
By the way, Welcome back Rob! You're right about Walker and his footwear, for a guy who most of the time wears the flattest of shoes, he still always looks tall in pictures. Adding to that he's probably about 170-175 lbs, and at 6ft1 plus with his lean build he appears even taller.

[Editor Rob: cheers man.]

Ed said on 1/Dec/06
5ft9 for Walker is hysterical! I love the randomness on this site, especially from those named random. Maybe you guys know what this movie is called, but it was on cable the other day, and I flipped by it just as Walker appeared out of nowhere. It was laughably bad and it had Freddy Prinze in it, and the two of them were almost exactly the same height with Walker a little taller. Anyways, I can't see Prinze being just 6ft, he's always looked taller, and Rob has him at 6ft1, so Walker has got to be at least 6ft1plus. As far as Jackson, I've been skeptical but he looks at least 6ft plus maybe 6ft1 in most of the pics I've seen of him. Especially, next to the 5ft9 Katie Holmes.

[Editor Rob: you never rule anything out, even Walker simply 6ft 1. Half the time he's at a disadvantage in photos with those converse. Put Walker up against someone in 1.5 inch trainers and he'll easily look in the 6ft 1 range.

You can rule out the ridiculous though, 5ft 9, but its easy to argue with many of the listings on here within a 2-inch range. Probably 184-189cm for this man's reasonable height bound, although personally 188cm I'm still thinking could be possibly closer than this current 189...

Stallone's is like a 171-179cm argument and Arnie, blimey he's got a range of debate from 178-188!]
Viper652 said on 30/Nov/06
Yeah, the 5-9 is pretty insane. I think he is closer to 6-0 though because he looked of similar height to Joshua Jackson in the Skulls, who I also think is closer to there than his billed 6-2 height. Alex, You look taller than just 6-0 in a couple of those pics. Must be the angle or perspective I guess.
Alex said on 23/Nov/06
Viper, based on those couple pictures of me if I didn't tell you how tall I was how tall would you guess me at? The most of those were about full body shots with just my feet not showing.
Viper652 said on 22/Nov/06
I dont even try though, because Im afraid some sensible person would call me out on it.
Alex said on 21/Nov/06
Viper, I bet you could get away with saying 6'5 more than half the time. Do you think you could get away with saying 6'6 for some without them even questioning it? I could start saying I am 6'3 and half the time I could get away with at least and 6'2 all the time if I wanted.
Alex said on 15/Nov/06
Ed, its much easier to guess someone's height who is shorter than you even if its by a lot. In shoes I am 6'1.5-6'2 and guys that are a couple inches taller than me I can guess but more than that it gets tougher.
Ed said on 15/Nov/06
Alex, I guess what I was referring to, was how well do you think you can guesstimate the height of those who are more than 3-4 inches taller than you? At roughly 6ft0.5 in shoes I can see and guess pretty accurately someone I meet to about the 6ft4-5 mark. Once they get taller than that my judgement isn't as clear. On the other hand I can guess shorter people's height a little easier. That was my point about having diff. height people commenting on taller people. I just don't see that someone at 5ft5 could accurately tell someone's height if say they were 6ft2, the same goes for someone who's 5ft11/6ft guessing the height of a 6ft7 person.
Viper652 said on 15/Nov/06
I see around 5-10 eye level wise.
Alex said on 15/Nov/06
Ed, like I said if I put on sneakers first thing in the morning or very shortly after I am 6'2-6'2.5 in sneakers depending on the sneakers I wear. But in midday or evening I am 6'1-6'2 in sneakers and once again depending on the sneakers I wear, but normally around 6'1.5.
Alex said on 15/Nov/06
Ed, actually some shoes only give 1/2 inch or 3/4 tops, like certain walking sneakers but yea most sneakers give at least a full inch. One of mine give 1 inch while the other few give 1.25 or 1.5 inches of height.
When you say what height do I see up to, do you mean my eye level. Barefoot my eye level sees 5'8. People who are within a couple inches of their height makes it easier for them to judge and I mean withina couple inches taller. With shorter people they can be several inches or more shorter and I find it easy to estimate their height but if someone is more than say 5-6 inches taller than me its a bit tougher to estimate their height very accurately.
Ed said on 15/Nov/06
Viper, when was the last time you saw Varsity Blues, I haven't seen it since it came out, and wasn't it out like 7 or 8 years ago? Walker does look about an inch shorter than Voight in the pic, but I thought Voight was at least 6ft2. He was in that movie Enemy of The State around the same time with Will Smith and Gene Hackman, and I remember him looking taller than both of them. Also, if your'e 6ft3.25, that makes you at least 6ft4.5 with shoes, at what height do you think you see up to clearly, and what do you think about people only judging height accurately within several inches of their own height? The same question goes for you Alex.
Alex said on 14/Nov/06
If I put on sneakers first thing in the morning very shortly after bed I am 6'2-6'2.5 depending on the sneakers I wear.
Alex said on 14/Nov/06
I normally measure myself with measuring tape.
Anonymous said on 14/Nov/06
Dmeyer, you actually got that very exact measurement of 5'11.1 and 5'11.2?
Alex said on 14/Nov/06
Ed, so you're a 6'0 guy out of bed then. 5'11.8 is basically 6'0 so.
Viper652 said on 14/Nov/06
I thought Paul looked more 6-0 even in Varsity Blues actually. That was back when Paul was listed at 6-0 on the internet.
Ed said on 14/Nov/06
Dmeyer, I measured my height again this morning, and with a mirror to make sure I was accurate, I came in at 5ft11.8 give or take a bit more. Interesting, we do seem to have the same height tracking throughout the day. It's weird that you can lose so much height during the day. I'm not gonna lie though, if someone asks me how tall I am, I always say 6ft, since I am over that by a good bit with shoes,and with shoes I'm very near the 6ft1 mark first thing in the a.m.. I wonder how much time elapses, after you first get up before you begin to lose your a.m. height. Alex, Viper, and Dmeyer do you think that people only really truely see height accurately within a few inches of their height. Ex. A 5ft10 guy only really sees up to 6ft1 clearly, over that it gets harder to judge. Yeah, pictures are good for reference, but I'm talking about in person. Glenn, is pretty good at judging height plus he's seen so many celebs, but it would be intersting to see if there were several different height autograph dealers to comment on celebs heights in all the different height ranges(ex. a 5ft10 person for between 5ft10-6ft1, a 6ft1 person for between 6ft1-6ft4, etc.)Just an idea!
dmeyer said on 14/Nov/06
hey ed we are about the same height i am 5'11.6" to 5'11.8" in the morning 5'11.1 to 5'11.2 afternoon and just about 5'11 at night in cm i am just betwwenn 182 to 182.5 180.5 to 181 in afternoon and 180 to 180.3 at night i use to consider my self 182 now i consider myself a 180 5'11 guy like rog said i could get away with 181 but since after 3 or 4 pm i am 5'11 180.34 i just say 5'11 but a lot of people claim theyr height in shoes because i amj as tall as people who claim 6 ft even 6 feet 1 wish theyr not if 2 pm height count then 5'11.2 181 could be it but i think to claim evening height make more sens since thats the height we are from 3 pm to bed time most people shrink 1.5 cm during the day som 1 some 3 most people 1 to 2 cm
Ed said on 13/Nov/06
Alex, 5ft11.5 and a bit more first thing in the a.m., 5ft11.25 in the afternoon, and 5ft11 1/8 in the evening. That's pretty crazy that you shrink so much during the day.
Josh said on 13/Nov/06
In Varsity blues he looks 6-1 hes 6'2 with shoes sneakers or whatever 6'1 barefoot for sure.
Alex said on 13/Nov/06
So you've grown around 1/2 inch from 25-26, thats odd. Wish I could grow 1/2 inch more at my age. I bet you get 6'3 3/4, maybe 6'4 right out of bed.

Ed, do you hit 5'11 flat by night?
Ed said on 13/Nov/06
Alex, I'm 27 and I haven't grown since high school. I haven't done the full day yet, but in the morning it's a little over 5ft11.5, and by the afternoon it's 5ft11.25.
Viper652 said on 12/Nov/06
I just turned 26 Alex. I barely shrink though, and at most its only a half an inch it seems. I would say Im finished growing. And yes, that 6-3 1/4 is a midday height. I need to measure my morning height.
Alex said on 12/Nov/06
Ed, how old are you and when was your last time you grew? Also what is your height right out of bed, in the afternoon, and then in the evening-night before bed?
wrestling said on 12/Nov/06
Paul Walker Looks 6'2"ish but Neal Mcdonough or whatever his name is i hear is a Solid 6'0" and he looks pretty tall on that pic but Paul Still Has 2" on him ...
Ed said on 12/Nov/06
So Viper if Affleck is 6ft1.5, what about Morgan Freeman(listed 6ft2.5) in Sum of All Fears where they are the same height. If Freeman is shorter the late Christopher Reeve would have to be too, since they were in Street Smart and Reeve(6ft4)was about an inch taller. I know this is all over the place, I just see the widespread affect on all these other taller listed celebs. Personally, I'll probably get a lot of flack for this but I think a lot of the taller listed celebs on this site are or were shorter in real life. Ex. Clint Eastwood and John Wayne,who are both listed at 6ft4 but I think were shorter. I'm sure occasionally some of these celebs are their listed height, but in a lot of cases they are built up by their publicists to make them more impressive.
Ed said on 12/Nov/06
Anonymous you are too much, Platforms! That's hilarious, almost as good as Walker being 5ft9. Interesting pic Viper, Walker does look about 0.5 to 1 inch shorter than Voight, and about 2 inches on Vanderbeek.
Alex said on 12/Nov/06
Viper, how old are you now though? And is that 6'3 1/4 in the morning, afternoon? If you got 6'3 1/4 in the midday then there is a chance you're probably like 6'3 3/4 out of bed or maybe even 6'4.
Viper652 said on 12/Nov/06
I think Affleck is actually 6-1 1/2 Ed.
Viper652 said on 12/Nov/06
Alex, I pretty much grew a half inch this past year. Highest Ive ever measured myself is 6-3 1/4.
Viper652 said on 12/Nov/06
Ed, what do you think of the Varsity blues picture I linked?
anonymous said on 11/Nov/06
Anonymous,Paul Walker if you look closely, he is wearing heels, platforms of some sort. They look half an inch in front, Look closely, and Clint's shoes are not platforms, they are just the standard shoes with half an inch heel but no platform in front like Walker's. I give Walker 6'1 the most.

[Padraig: Platforms. You need your eyes tested :=) Anonymous is right about Clint, that guy has shrunk TREMENDOUSLY.]
Alex said on 11/Nov/06
Paul, maybe I can grow a bit more, but I'd be suprised since I am only an inch taller than I was when I turned 17 and I am over 22 now. I remember when I was a few months before 16 I hit 5'11 and at that time I thought I'd hit 6'2-6'3 and some others thought I would have too. I was actually suprised I didn't hit that height by age 20.
MD said on 11/Nov/06
Looks like people are coming around on this one. He's definitely a tall guy, but I just can't see anything over 6'2" at the very most, and more likely 6'1" barefoot. He really can look tall, though. It's probably his body's proportions that really help that.
Chris said on 11/Nov/06
He is as tall as 6'2½''. Maybe even 6'3''.
Ed said on 11/Nov/06
I never realized our height fluctuated so much during the day? It makes sense with our cartilage in our spine and our joints compacting that we would lose a bit. That's crazy Alex, I should check out the numbers for myself for a day. Anonymous, interesting pic of Walker, he does lokk way taller than everybody else, I too don't buy the incredibly shrinking Eastwood theory. I think he was only about 6ft2 plus at his peak, not 6ft4.
Josh said on 11/Nov/06
He really looks to be a solid 6'1 he can look 6'2 with shoes on.
Paul said on 11/Nov/06
Alex...keep the faith. I grew until aged 29 although only by small factions from aged 25. You could yet reach 6'1.
Alex said on 11/Nov/06
Ed, I am 6'1 out of bed then shortly after about 6'0.75 then midday 6'0.25-6'0.5 then by evening-night 6'0 and a few times I actually got 5'11.75 which could have been off a tad or it was a day I was on my feet A LOT. But mostly its 6'1 out of bed then 6'0 by night.
Ed said on 11/Nov/06
Alex and Viper, I saw a few minutes of Jersey Girl on tv the other day,and Ben Affleck and Jason Biggs share a lot of screentime. Based on the pic at the bottom of the page of Walker and Biggs, Walker looks a tiny bit smaller in relation to Biggs as did Affleck. Affleck is a bigger guy physically, but in terms of height, Affleck could be 6ft2 to Walker's 6ft1.5.Also, Affleck shares a brief moment on screen with Will Smith,and they were almost identical. Check it out if you can. On, another note I never tried measuring my height first thing in the morning before, I've heard a lot of you guys talking about, so I just tried it, and I went from middle of the day 5ft11.25 to 5ft11.5 maybe a bit more, that's weird, too bad it's not more. Alex you get between a 0.25in and 0.75in increase, that's nuts. I only got a lousy 0.25.
Viper652 said on 11/Nov/06
Walker looks 6-0 1/2 here to me standing next to Jon Voight who is really 6-1 1/2 now. But Walker does look taller than James Vanderbeek. No way Walker is 5-9. Click Here
Alex said on 10/Nov/06
Ed, I actually wish I could get to 6'1 though. I am 6'0.25-6'0.5 right now but 6'1 right out of bed though. I doubt at 22 1/2 I'll grow anymore.
Alex said on 10/Nov/06
Viper, when did you grow the extra 1/2 inch to hit 6'3? Is this an afternoon measurement though and not in the early morning or right out of bed? If I wanted I could just say I am 6'2 from now on.
Ed said on 10/Nov/06
Viper, Have you seen Beowulf and Grendel? Butler is maybe an inch at most shorter than Skarsgard(6ft3)and both are wearing boots. Butler, might have had lifts, but they would have to have been 3 inches to stay within an inch of Skarsgard, if he was 6ft4 with his boots.
Viper652 said on 10/Nov/06
Im 6-3 flat now. Most think Im 6-4 or over anyway. Butler's height might be just 6-0.
6'2'' JK said on 10/Nov/06
Yes viper call yourself 6'5'', but stop downgrading other people's heights!!
Ed said on 10/Nov/06
You should do that Viper! How tall are you anyways? What about Butler,you still haven't responded regarding his height in relation to Walker?
Ed said on 10/Nov/06
Right on Glenn, I just could'nt tell at first. Alex, some guys as we all know inflate their heights because they legitamately think they are taller. I've known a lot of guys that have done this, by an inch or more. One guy, I knew claimed to me he was 6ft6 when in actuality he was about 6ft3 with shoes on, and this isn't a B.S. story just to throw around. He was bragging to me about playing basketball, and how he was dunking on guys and crap, and I honestly didn't have the heart to call him out, and tell him he was full of it, because he was so convinced of this. I guess if Walker is 6ft1 or 6ft1.5, with shoes or boots he'd be over 6ft2, even close to 6ft3, maybe this is where his 6ft3 claim comes from. A lot of guys round up to their with shoes height, when asked how tall. I do, I'll tell people a little over 6ft, when I'm 5ft11.25 barefoot, cause with my shoes on that's what I am 6ft0.25-6ft0.5, and if asked I'd tell them my barefoot height as well. The funny thing is I've had people think I'm over 6ft1 or even 6ft2 at times, usually people shorter than me by several inches.
Glenn said on 10/Nov/06
Serious.I didnt realise he was so tall.6-3?
Alex said on 9/Nov/06
Viper, I am 6'0.5 and you know I could say 6'2 to anyone easily and I can bet almost all the time nobody would question it. Now 6'3 would be tougher to get away with but I could here and there I think depending on who the person is. You could get away with saying 6'4 all the life if you wanted.
Ed said on 9/Nov/06
Alex and Viper, how do you explain Gerard Butler? The guy's listed at 6ft2, could be an overstatement by his publicist, and he's more like 6ft1, if he's shorter than that like 6ft I'd be shocked, but I guess anythings possible in Hollywoodland. And Glenn, are you being serious or sarcastic?
Viper652 said on 9/Nov/06
Kinda true Alex, though he could be 6-0 1/2 and say it though. Also Leno's show is a pretty good judge of height actually, much better than Conan. I think Leno wears regular dress shoes because he does appear around 5-10 to other actors on the show for the most part. Hes looked 2 inches taller at most every time on there though.
Alex said on 9/Nov/06
Ok, think is Walker has said himself to be 6'3. If he was really 6'0 would he actually try to inflate his height by 3 inches. Maybe. I'm sticking with 6'1 bareoot for this guy.
Alex said on 9/Nov/06
Maybe Leno was wearing big heels or lifts or the camera angles of the show. It could be like Conan's show.
Glenn said on 9/Nov/06
Wow.I thought he was like 6-1.5.
Ed said on 8/Nov/06
Viper, how about Gerard Butler who's obviously a tall guy, I don't know if he's a legit 6ft2, but he's a bit shorter than Walker in Timeline and the guy is wearing boots to Walker's chuck taylors. Walker looks to be about an 0.5 to 1 inch taller. If Walker is only 6ft1. he'd be 6ft1.5 with chuck taylors, and that would put Butler at around 5ft11.5 to 6ft barefoot, if that's the case than the 6ft3 Skellan Skarsgard needs to be knocked down to between 6ft and 6ft0.5, since Butler was a bit smaller than him in Beowulf and Grendel, and there's no doubt Skarsgard is 6ft3, just look at him being taller than the 6ft2 Clive Owen in King Arthur, taller than the listed 6ft3(more like 6ft1.5)Sam Jackson in Deep Blue Sea,and taller than the 6ft1plus Jean Reno in Ronin. If Walker is only 6ft1 or 6ft0.5, than a lot of tall actors are not listed correctly, and I just can't see that. Butler has looked tall in too many movies(Attilla, Dear Frankie, Tomb Raider2, Reign of Fire, and the upcoming 300) to be only just near the 6ft mark. I've had my doubts, but I think Walker's at least 6ft2 now. As far as Leno, he's still questionable, but I think he's at least 5ft11 barefoot, and wears bigger heeled dress shoes. Nothing huge, but enough to put him near 6ft1 with them.
Chris said on 8/Nov/06
Paul Walker is almost 6'3'', 6'2½'' is dead on.
Viper652 said on 8/Nov/06
I cant get over how much of a joke that big headed pygmies site is. They have William Shatner at 5-4 and Randy Quaid at 6-2.
Viper652 said on 8/Nov/06
Alex, he has only looked 6-0 flat at best whenever he comes on the Jay Leno show, If Jay is really 5-10.
Alex said on 8/Nov/06
If Walker is 6'0.5 I'd be suprised. Then he'd be my height. I do think he's be a little taller than me.
Viper652 said on 8/Nov/06
Ed, Ive always pegged Messner at 5-10, and Peterson between 5-10 and 5-11 actually. And Biggs at 5-8 as well.
ER. said on 8/Nov/06
Have to disagree on that. Adway is standing straight, Walker isen't. Walker still only looks 2 inches MAX shorter than Adway. Walker would be even closer to him in height if he also stood straight.
Ed said on 7/Nov/06
Viper, Walker could be less than 6ft2 like 6ft1, I've always been suspicious as well, but than every other actor in the films he's been in need serious downgrades as well. Gerard Butler would only be 6ft, Chazz Palminterri would be 6ft1, Freddy Prinze Jr. would be 6ft, Johnny Messner would be 5ft10,Michael Cudlitz would be 6ft1, Bruce Greenwood would be 5ft11, Ryan Phillipe would be 5ft7,Jason Biggs would be 5ft8, William Petersen would be 5ft10, and Billy Connoly would be 5ft11. And I don't know what that would do to Scott Caan, he'd be like 5ft3 now, lol. I still don't know about Walker, I'm just leaning towards him being taller as of late. It's still a mystery to me!
Viper652 said on 7/Nov/06
You know, maybe that Walker pic with VanderBeek is pretty real. Most people peg James at 5-10-5-11 it seems, 5-10 for me personally. Walker is on crutches at that point in the film, so If he stood up straight he would gain a couple of inches I suspect. I cant remember just how tall Walker looked against James in that film though.
Ed said on 7/Nov/06
Alex, I use to think Walker was only 6ft1 maybe smaller, but I've seen too many movies with him and pics with other taller actors and Walker always looks tall if not the tallest in them. Take Timeline for example, he looks taller than the 6ft2 listed Gerard Butler who's wearing boots while Walker wears Converse all-stars, and in Running Scared he's the same height as the 6ft2.5 listed Chazz Palminterri. I don't think he's a full 6ft3 barefoot, but I'm starting to think near 6ft2 or spot on is his height, Padraig's estimate seems more accurate.
Alex said on 7/Nov/06
He looks 6'2 there if that guy is 6'4.
Viper652 said on 7/Nov/06
Walker looks 6-1 Max even at that angle with Adway.
Alex said on 6/Nov/06
Ed, this Walker's height is tough to pin down a bit, but I think he's a solid 6'1 guy or I could be wrong and he's taller.

[Padraig: My take is 6 feet 2 flat.]
Ed said on 30/Oct/06
Walker looked pretty tall in Flags of our Father's, way taller than almost anybody he shared the screen with. In one scene of them marching he's in front of Ryan Phillipe and he absolutely towers over him. If Phillipe is 5ft8.5, about 5ft10 with combat boots, than Walker looked easily 5 inches taller, maybe 6. That would put him at either 6ft1.5 or 6ft2.5 barefoot. Maybe he is taller than I thought?
Alex said on 29/Oct/06
Walker needs a downgrade to 6'1 I think. Next to Jessica Alba who herself said is 5'6.5 then 5'7 at different times who is probably no lower than 5'6, she makes Walker look like a 6'1 guy. He is listed too tall here. At least take him down to 6'1.5 then go from there.
Ed said on 28/Oct/06
Walker looked pretty damn tall in Flags of Our Fathers, he absolutely dwarfed the 5ft8.5 Phillipe. At times it's hard to make out their heights because of the sand, but in the scene during the first flag raising Walker looks way taller than anyone else.
anonymous2 said on 27/Oct/06
big daddy, LOL, didn't know about the crutches. that is a really bad pic then :)

BTW, I don't think Walker is 5-9. I do suspect he is shorter than listed here, tho
Steve said on 26/Oct/06
Look at the Van Der Beek page. It's clear from the comments that he's shorter than listed. Now if Walker and he are the same height...
big daddy said on 26/Oct/06
5'9" LOL! Viper would be proud of anonymous. For one thing Van Der Beek is 6' tall. Don't forget Walker is leaning over on CRUTCHES in that scene. That is a very "dubious" picture to say the least.
Ed said on 25/Oct/06
Yeah dmeyer, converse all stars are really flat, I used to wear a pair but they are really not comfortable, practically no padding or support, and they are really short on a heel, probably about 0.75 inches at best(most likely shorter) when brand new. Anonymous2 5ft9 is ridiculous for Walker, you're right it is dubious.
dmeyer said on 25/Oct/06
ed i was talking about converse even thau they are about 0.75 in they get to 0.5 ro 0.6 in after a month or 2 not regular shoes of course you will have to walk 3 years to make a 1.5 inches heels boots become 0.5 inches but converse are from 0.75 at best and 0.5 in at worst
Ed said on 17/Oct/06
Dmeyer, what exactly are you saying? Is it all shoes heels become 0.5inches after a month of wearing them. If that's it I can't agree with that. If most shoe heels are close to an inch , and boot heels are thicker being about 1.25 to 1.5 inches, you would have to be doing some serious walking to get them down to 0.5 inches in a month.
dmeyer said on 17/Oct/06
inches heels when they are new after a month or they are about 0.5 in
Lmeister said on 17/Oct/06
Saw 2 Fast 2 Furious last night. I know that it is really hard and somewhat useless to judge heights based on some movie, but wearing oldschool converse Paul looked more than 2 inches taller than Tyrese who is wearing workboots. He is really close to the height that he claims to be...
anonymous said on 6/Oct/06
Click Here
Same event. it all depends of the camera angle.
Ed said on 6/Oct/06
Adway came across on screen way taller than 6ft3.5, I would have pegged him at least at 6ft4 maybe even taller. If Walker is really almost 6t3, Adway would have to be at least 6ft6 or taller. I'm guessing Adway is 6ft4 plus, and Walker is 6ft1 plus.
Viper652 said on 6/Oct/06
Another couple of pictures of Adway and Paul. My god, he dwarfs him. Either Adway is slightly taller than 191-192 or Paul is below 6-0? Click Here
Viper652 said on 6/Oct/06
Paul looks significantly shorter than 6-3-6-3 1/2 Dwayne Adway. 6-2,6-3 is absurd. Click Here
Viper652 said on 6/Oct/06
J- Dog, how could you say this guy is close to 6-3 or even 6-2? The guy looked 6-0 1/2 next to 5-8 Jason Biggs and barely 6-0 next to Jay Leno.
Viper652 said on 6/Oct/06
Yeah Ed, from the movies and television shows Ive seen Jackson in, Id peg him at 6-0 1/2 exactly. Maybe he reaches 6-1 but no more. I think Walker is around the same height.
Lmeister said on 6/Oct/06
He is a tall guy 6'2''-6'3'' range...
J-Dog said on 5/Oct/06
Paul Walker still looks right at or close to the 6'3" mark, I haven't seen anything yet that disspells this.
Viper652 said on 5/Oct/06
I think Jackson and Walker are pretty much the same exact height.
Viper652 said on 5/Oct/06
In most of the movie Walker and Jackson looked over 2 inches shorter I thought.
big daddy said on 4/Oct/06
Ok here's some shots from "The Skulls", which a great movie for height comparison since there's many close shots.

Image 1: Click Here
Jackson/Walker intially look the same height, BUT Jackson has a big poof in his hair AND is standing in front. Walker appears around 6'2.75".

Image 2: Click Here
Craig Nelson looks the same height as Walker (I give Nelson some leeway since he's balding and Walker has thick hair). Ignore Jackson since he's standing in the background. Walker looks 6'3".

[Editor Rob: walker does look up a little to nelson's eyes in the film]
anonymous said on 2/Oct/06
i saw paul walker once on a beach my height is 6-2 and this guy was a little bit taller than me maybe an inch taller
Ed said on 29/Sep/06
I watched Beowulf and Grendel the other night, and Gerard Butler who stars in it, and is listed at 6ft2 looked every bit that tall. The 6ft3 Stellan Skarsgard was in it as well, and there is not much of a difference between the two, maybe a half inch to an inch favoring Skarsgard. I'm mentioning this because Butler was in Timeline with Walker where they both looked the same height. At a low end Butler could be between 6ft1 and 6ft2, but either way he looked pretty damn tall in that movie, so I won't rule out that Walker could be 6ft2.
Ed said on 26/Sep/06
I agree with Viper, not every single celeb is 2 inches shorter, but a lot are. The movie screen does weird things for people's appearance, and crafty directors know how to depict their leading stars in just the light they want.
Jason said on 25/Sep/06
That's good - it means he's not naive.
Viper652 said on 25/Sep/06
Because most are, get a clue.
JK said on 25/Sep/06
Not only every actor, but also every wrestler, musician etc. the list goes on forever,, this geezer always is taking off 2 - 3 inches off people.
Viper652 said on 25/Sep/06
Craig T Nelson towered over Jackson in the Skulls. Hes no taller than 6-0 1/2 and even that is generous. Im sorry If your you beleive everything in print Daddy, its ashame.
big daddy said on 24/Sep/06
So Viper, Jackson is ALSO 2" shorter than listed? Is there any actor you think ISN'T 2" shorter than listed. Get over it Viper, nobody believes you anymore because you claim EVERY actor is 2" shorter.
Viper652 said on 22/Sep/06
Jackson isnt 6-2. Hes 6-0 1/2.
big daddy said on 22/Sep/06
I agree with Rob, Walker is at the VERY LEAST, the same height as 6'2" Jackson. Look at this picture below, where it looks like Paul has .5" over Jackson. There's no conclusive evidence either to down/upgrade Walker.

Click Here
konn_6ft3 said on 21/Sep/06
vin diesel was not 6ft1 and paul was not 6ft2+.. vin don't even looks a good 6ft1 with shoe wore.. vin looks a 180ish barefooted..cos he always apear with thicker shoe lift than paul.. but paul always apear with converse shoe which thickness is 1.8cm..and looks 188tall with this converse sneakers,i did say hes a solid barefoot 186cm no more.. 6ft2max was not right at all..
Viper652 said on 19/Sep/06
Craig Nelson looks no more than 6-3 to me.
Editor Rob said on 19/Sep/06
Had another look at Skulls, there's numerous scenes of them together, in the cage scene they looked too close to call, but at the bottom (after lowered) you could actually argue Jackson appeared to look a little taller than walker...
At the end of movie they stand back to back, walker in shoes, jackson in trainers of some sorts, Walker might have slight edge, but hard to say exactly.
Ed said on 17/Sep/06
Viper I just watched that movie Annapolis and in it James Franco who's apparently 5ft11 looks about a half to an inch shorter than Tyrese at times, it fluctuates. It's pretty hard to tell since it's a movie, and they are rarely standing face to face where you can see their feet as well. I've never thought Franco was 5ft11 he just doesn't look it, I would have guessed 5ft9.5 to 5ft10, and the same for Tyrese. Yeah I think Tyrese favors the big heels, what's inside them is anybody's guess. I'm just suspicious of guys that wear boots 24/7 even at the beach.
Viper652 said on 17/Sep/06
Ed, you think Tyrse wears lifts? I think that guy generally looks around 5-9 1/2- 5-10.
anonymous said on 15/Sep/06
i saw him once in the streets and believe me he is 6'3 and he is very hottt :-p
Ed said on 15/Sep/06
I didn't say 3 inch lifts, more like 2.25 to 2.5 inches of lift, which is feasible with a good boot heel, and an insole. What's got me really suspicious is I never looked too closely before at the links to the different kinds of height increasing shoes offered here, and some of those shoes look so very ordinary that the majority of people would never notice. These are shoes that look like rockports, skechers, and steve maddens and they have like 3 inches of lift, that's crazy!
big daddy said on 15/Sep/06
Ok just finished "Running Scared". Two pictures below. The first shows 5'6.5" Velma Farmiga, who is in heels, standing next to Walker. Paul is hunched over slightly to give the kid a hug. In the second picture you can barely see the heels she was wearing.

Picture 1 - Click Here

Picture 2 - Click Here

At the very least, this blows Vipers opinion that Paul is 6' out of the water.
big daddy said on 14/Sep/06
The boot thing doesn't surprise me, but we know that Franco is at least wearing dress shoes in that picture. To say that Tyrese is wearing 3" lifts seems to be stretching it.

Tyrese was wearing boots throughout 2 fast 2 furious, which is why he looked closer to Paul's height.
Viper652 said on 14/Sep/06
Ed, in my personal opinion I think Tyrese is 5-9 1/2 barefoot, Walker 6-0-6-0 1/2.
Ed said on 14/Sep/06
My problem with Tyrese is he's always wearing Timberlands or some other huge soled boot, and if the guy is as vain as they say, I wouldn't put lifts past him. If he's 5ft10 and wears 1.5inch boots with a lift, he'd be in the 6ftplus range. I saw an old MTV spring break special with Walker and Tyrese, and Walker wore his chucks, and Tyrese wore boots. That seemed a little odd, considering it was super hot in Florida by the beach. He wore boots also throughout the whole 2Fast2Furious movie, putting Walker about 2 inches taller in his chucks. I'm just suspicious of any actor who always wears boots(ex. Vin Diesel.
Viper652 said on 14/Sep/06
Mr R. on here who has seen a lot of celebritys says Tyrese is 5-9. He can look as short as 5-9 at times.
big daddy said on 14/Sep/06
Come on now Ed, Tyrese is NOT 5'9"! Look at the picture below with Tyrese next to 5'11" James Franco. Tyrese has a good 1/4" to 1/2" on him. He's definitely not sure shorter than Franco. Not to mention Tyrese was MUCH taller than 5'8" Ludacris in 2 fast 2 furious. I hope you're starting to be convinced Paul is close to 6'3".

Click Here
Viper652 said on 13/Sep/06
I almost agree with you Ed, almost.
Ed said on 13/Sep/06
In all the Tyrese/Walker premiere pics for 2Fast2Furious, Walker looks easily 2.5 to 3 inches taller. If Tyrese is a genuine 5ft11.25 with shoes on he'd be close to 6ft0.5 maybe more with boots which he wears in the movie. This would make Walker anywhere between 6ft3 or 6ft3.5 with shoes, putting him between 6ft2 and 6ft2.5 barefoot like Rob has him listed. My only problem with this is Tyrese always looks shorter than 6ft in pretty much most pics of him. If I were to guess, I'd say 5ft9.5 to 5ft10 barefoot, between 5ft10.5 and 5ft11 with shoes, knocking Walker back down to 6ft1 barefoot.
MD said on 13/Sep/06
Paul and Vin, but taking into account that Vin's almost always in boots:

1. Click Here

2. Click Here

3. Click Here

I still think Vin's height is being overstated. From what I've seen, he can't be over 5'11" barefoot.

[Editor Rob: diesel does look a little bigger than tyrese does with walker

as for, Tyrese, I don't think even glenn would say he was under 5ft 11...]
Ed said on 12/Sep/06
Yeah he did Viper, which is why I was suspicious of Walker's 6ft2.5 to 6ft3 listing. Nelson had a part in The Devil's Advocate as the high powered real estate mogul that Keanu Reeves was representing in court. In all their scenes together Nelson looked about 2 inches taller, I think it's pretty obvious Keanu is not 6ft3. I can't figure this guy out, there's evidence to point to for Walker being taller with the Cameron pic, and then others like the Chricton pic and the David Schwimmer pic which lean towards Walker being more like 6ft1.
Viper652 said on 11/Sep/06
But Craig T Nelson had a good deal of height over Jackson and Walker. I reckon both Walker and Jackson are 6-0 1/2.
big daddy said on 10/Sep/06
I haven't seen either the Skulls or Running Scared yet. Let me netflix them and I'll post what I think.
Ed said on 10/Sep/06
I saw a pic of Joshua Jackson with director James Cameron(listed at 6ft2), and they were almost identical, and another with Cameron and Schwarznegger, with Cameron about an inch plus taller. I have no idea about lifts for any of these actors save rumours about Arnie, and I've never suspected Walker of lifts, since anyone who wears chuck taylors or flip flops in movies, and still looks tall, has nothing to hide in their shoes. So if Jackson's height=Cameron's height and Jackson's height=Walker's height, maybe Walker is 6ft2?

[Editor Rob: they were very close in skulls, in last scene of movie I think jackson had slightly smaller shoe, although not certain]
big daddy said on 10/Sep/06
He may be just 6'2.5". That would make sense since he only wears .5" shoes EVERYWHERE, putting him up to 6'3". The thing is everybody in the FATF was wearing boots EXCEPT Walker. He was wearing black SHOES, but not boots, in the beginning of the movie. It's pretty obvious Vin Diesel was wearing lifted boots.

I will grant you that since Walker constantly hunches over, he often appears to be 6'1" to 6'2". Maybe we should have "Peak Height" and "stoop height" for Walker. :)
Ed said on 9/Sep/06
BD I forgot to write about Yune, I thought I was writing to much, all my comments look like short novels next to most. Yune's tricky, I think they labeled him at 6ft1 in People magazine, and that's what Rob has him at. If so, then based on that pic he does look an inch shorter then Walker putting Walker at 6ft2 barefoot. If you look at my earlist posts about Walker I thought he was taller, and 6ft2 seemed abour right, so I'm definitely willing to change my mind if he's proven to be taller. I've just seen some weird pics of him that make me doubt it. If you type in his name under yahoo, they have a whole slew of pics of him, one of him with Leelee Sobieski where she's the identical height as him. Of course she's wearing heels, but if she's 5f10 with 3 inch heels, she'd be 6ft1. Plus there were a couple different sites that come up related to Walker, one called that has a pic of him with the 6ft1 David Schwimmer where they are identical in height as well. I'm still not sure about him?
big daddy said on 9/Sep/06
Hey sorry I mixed up the names. IMDB has Schulze at 6'1" and Lindberg (the "whiz kid") at 6'2"!! Schulze may be 6'1" but Lindberg is definitely not 6'2". Even Vin Diesel was taller than Lindberg.

I've seen Timeline (a VERY stupid movie) but don't remember how tall he was in that. I plan on watching Running Scared in the next 1-2 weeks.

What do you think about the picture of Yune & Walker Ed?
Ed said on 9/Sep/06
BD, First off you've got Matt Schulze wrong, that's not him in the pics you posted, Schulze is the big muscle bound dude with the goatee covered in tatoos in FATF, not the skinny little car whiz in your pics. I agree Schulze is inflated though in height, check out The Transporter with the 5ft9 Jason Statham to see what I'm talking about, plus he wore bigger boots than Diesel in FATF. My confusion with Walker stems from the pics I've seen of him, and the co-stars in all his movies. I agree he looks tall on screen, but 6ft3/6ft4plus with shoes still seems a reach to me. Have you seen the Timeline movie premiere pic of Walker and the 6ft9 author Michael Chrichton. If Walker is 6ft3/6ft4 with shoes then something's off becuase Chrichton has way more than 5 or 6 inches on Walker, it looks like an 8 inch difference maybe more. All those guys listed are taller barefoot, but Neeson some consider to be more like 6ft3 now, Snoop 6ft3, and if Walker was wearing boots like in so many movies he would be in the 6ft4 plus category, that's like an inch plus difference now in hieght with some of those tall actors like Goldblum and Vaughn.
big daddy said on 9/Sep/06
By the way "Anonymous" (aka Viper), how is Vin Diesel shorter than Gandolfini? Take a look at that same picture with lines drawn between the two. You must have been fooled by Gandolfini's pinstripe suit, a classical optical illusion. So maybe Vin Diesel is 6'.5" after all? What would that make Paul?

Click Here

big daddy said on 8/Sep/06
Rob, what do you think of all this?

Ed, there's several reasons Paul doesn't look as big as Wayne, Segal, Vaughn, etc - they're all HUGE guys (very bulky). Also, those guys are 6'4" to 6'6" BAREFOOT, and thus look considerably taller on screen. Wayne was notorious for using lifts despite his tall stature.

Let's compare Paul to other characters besides Vin Diesel, since Diesel's footwear was very suspect in FATF.

Picture 1 - 6'0" Matt Schulze (IMDB has him at 6'2", which seems inflated)
Click Here

Picture 2 - side profile of Schulze and Walker from farther away
Click Here

Picture 3 - 6'2" Rick Yune (who did look very tall in the movie) with Paul
Click Here

I think the last picture is the most revealing, because Yune was definitely taller than Diesel in the picture. Paul, who actually has good posture in the picture, looks just about 1" taller than Yune. This puts Paul at the 6'3" mark.
Ed said on 8/Sep/06
BD,is it cool if I call you that,cause the whole big daddy thing is a little weird! No, Viper and myself are not the same person, that would be really time consuming if that was the case,and if you haven't noticed Viper is leaning between 6ft and 6ft0.5, where I'm saying 6ft1 to 6ft1.5. Why is 6ft1 or 6ft1.5 out of the question for Walker, if he has on boots like in Fast and the Furious or Running Scared that would put him between 6ft2.25 to 6ft2.75, round that up and your 6ft3! If someone asks you your height do you always give both your barefoot, and with shoes measurement. Most guys, including myself give a with shoes estimate if not specifically asked "how tall are you barefoot?" 6ft3 barefoot, with boots would put him up in the 6ft4 plus range, that's tall like Liam Neeson, Jeff Goldblum, Vince Vaughn, Snoop, Christopher Lee,John Wayne, Christopher Reeve, Steven Segal,and Michael Clarke Duncan, do you honestly think he looks that tall on screen?
Viper652 said on 8/Sep/06
Also big daddy, you are comparing Paul to other actors whos heights are inflated as well.
Viper652 said on 8/Sep/06
Big Daddy, please. Paul would have to wear MAJOR, and I mean major lifts to look a legit 6-3. That means he would be 6-4 in shoes, which is crazy. Hes no taller than 6-0.5 with the best evidence shown.
Anonymous said on 7/Sep/06
Diesel is not 6'0". He's measurably shorter than 6'0.5" James Gandolfini:

1. Click Here

Not the best angle, but it's clear just by looking at the shoulders that Gandolfini is clearly and measurably taller.

Heights are barefeet estimates, derived from quotations, official websites, agency resumes, in person encounters with actors at conventions and pictures/films.

Other vital statistics like weight, shoe or bra size measurements have been sourced from newspapers, books, resumes or social media.

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