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6ft 1.92in (187.7cm)
big daddy said on 7/Sep/06
Rob, maybe you should check and make sure Ed and Viper aren't the same people??

Paul Walker was at least 2.5" taller than Vin Diesel EVEN when VD wore those huge, lifted boots. As Rob pointed out, Paul always wears .5" all star trainers - no gimmicks! I'll post some pictures later proving this point.

But let's assume there was ONLY a 3" difference (including lifts), which is stretching it, do you really think VD is 5'9"?? Of course not! The correct height once and for all:

Paul Walker - 6'3" (on the rare occasion he stands straight)
Cole Hauser - 6'1"
Vin Diesel - 5'11"
Tyrese - 5'11.5"
Scott Caan - 5'3.5"
Viper652 said on 7/Sep/06
Every time Paul has come out to greet Jay Leno on his show, hes at best 2 inches taller, and that is being nice. Sometimes only 1.5 inches. If Jay is 5-10 Paul could even be struggling with the 6-0 mark. I dont think hes struggling with 6-0 and think hes a solid 6-0-6-0.5 guy. But to say hes anything over 6-1 is flat out insane.
Ed said on 7/Sep/06
Big daddy where do you get Walker being 4-5 inches taller than Vin, that's pretty ridiculous! Did we all watch the same movie? Vin was at best an inch to an inch an a half shorter than Walker in that movie. He might have been wearing his big heels(giving him close to a 2inch lift) to put him close to Walker, but that would still make Vin around 5ft11.5 barefoot, 6ft1.5 with his boots, and Walker 6ft1 barefoot and close to 6ft2.5 with his boots. I looked up the Leno clips, as well as Jimmy Kimmel, and on both Walker looked about 2 inches taller, so I don't rule out that he could possibly be 6ft1.5. So if he's 6ft1, Cole's 6ft, and Diesel in the 5ft11 range, and Caan is still 5ft4 to 5ft5.
leonari said on 7/Sep/06
Walker is almost 6'3"...Diesel is only 6 feet...Get real people. REALLY!
Viper652 said on 7/Sep/06
Big Daddy, you think Paul has over 6 inches on Vin? lol. Your estimations are totally ridiculous. Wow, please stop posting. Paul only has a couple of inches on Tyrese anyway who I estimate to be in the 5-10 range.
big daddy said on 7/Sep/06
Let's say Paul was 6'0". He clearly has an inch or two on Cole Hauser, and is 4-5" taller than Vin Diesel, who despite wearing large boots was at least 3" shorter in the Fast and the Furious. So going by that logic:

Cole Hauser - 5'10"
Tyrese - 5'9"
Vin Diesel - 5'7.5"
Scott Caan - 5'0" (2 inches taller than DANNY DEVITO?!)

Do you really think Vin Diesel is SHORTER than TOM CRUISE? Lol, Viper you are ridiculous.
JK said on 6/Sep/06
I think he is in the 188 - 189cm range.
Viper652 said on 6/Sep/06
Also, Paul was listed at 6-0 a few years ago on the internet. Fame and fortune blew his height up to ridiculous levels. He barely looks 6-1 at his absolute Max. I think hes in the 183-184 range personally.
Ed said on 5/Sep/06
Personally, I agree with Viper that most actors are always shorter than they or their publicists say. With the exception of some, we are talking about some of the most vain people on the planet! Plus pictures don't prove anything, nor do stories of meeting these people, at the end of the day we'll never know for sure unless we accompany these actors to the Doctor's for their yearly physicals.
JK said on 5/Sep/06
Viper why the f*** do u have a beef with everyone here, big daddy i coulden't agree with you more.
big daddy said on 4/Sep/06
Actually, you haven't viper. All you've said over and over again is "actors are ALWAYS 2 inches shorter than they look" and "I think he looks XXXX tall". You're all talk, everybody knows that now.
Viper652 said on 1/Sep/06
Ive already posted a few pics and a video of him on Jay Leno where he looks 6-0. Stop being lazy and find them.
big daddy said on 31/Aug/06
Viper all you do is talk. Why don't you post some pictures where he looks 6'. Good luck finding any.
Viper652 said on 31/Aug/06
Guy, actors lie by 2 inches all the time. Its no shocker. Personally I think he is in the 6-0-6-0.5 range though.
Ed said on 31/Aug/06
I think most actors, as do most people out of vanity give a with shoes on height, when asked. If Paul is 6ft1 or maybe 6ft1.5 barefoot, with a good pair of boots or thick soled dress shoes is now 6ft2.5 to 6ft2.75, possibly 6ft3. Not to mention so many in Hollywood are a lot shorter than they or their publicists say they are, so a genuinely tall guy like Walker is going to look huge next to the rest of the cast. I'm just guessing, I've never met the guy, I'm just going off of what I've scene in photos and on film, and the fact that most actors that I've ever encountered tended to be shorter in real life. 6ft1 to 6ft1.5 barefoot with a lanky frame will give the impression of being much taller, I've got 2 buddies that come to mind that are the same height and build, and they always appear way taller to me and most people.
Guy said on 30/Aug/06
I have a question. Why would he say he is 6'3 if he is more like 6'1? What's the point? It's not like if he was an action hero who needs to look huge.
Maybe he doesn't know he's own height but from 6'1 to 6'3, there's a big difference...
big daddy said on 30/Aug/06
Even IF Cole is 6', it's not hard to see a good 2" difference. Look at this picture comparing 5'8" Ludacris, 5'11" Tyrese and Paul Walker. Paul TOWERS over both of them even though he's hunched over.

I have noticed that Paul has pretty bad posture in most of his pictures, probably to accomodate the shorter stars (IE Vin Diesel in fast and the furious). The few times he does straighted up he looks close to 6'3", as he once claimed.

Click Here
Ed said on 29/Aug/06
I agree, Cole looks tall in most films, but he looked a lot shorter than Affleck in both Goodwill Hunting and Dazed and Confused, who is probably more like 6ft2(than the 6ft2,5 listing),and about an inch shorter than Walker in 2Fast2Furious. 6ft sounds about right for Hauser
Viper652 said on 29/Aug/06
We have no idea If Cole is a legit 6-1.
big daddy said on 27/Aug/06
Look at this picture of him next to 6'1" Cole Hauser. Paul clearly has at least an inch on him. I think we have Paul just about right.

Click Here
Tom said on 26/Aug/06
6'2 barefoot
MD said on 24/Aug/06
Rob, Paul Walker is nothing more than 6'1" barefoot.
Ed said on 24/Aug/06
Just watched The Fast and The Furious, hadn't seen it in quite some time, and Walker looked about an inch taller than Vin Diesel, and the same height as Rick Yune and Matt Schulze both listed as 6ft1. Walker does wear boots in this film more than I remembered, I thought he only wore Chuck Taylors. This 6ft2.5 listing has got to go, what's funny is that I've seen Walker listed at 6ft4. I can't see him being anymore than 6ft1 at best, look at that pic of him and the 6ft9 Michael Crichton on the Diesel page, at 6ft2.5 barefoot with regular shoes he would be near 6ft3.5, he looks way shorter next to Crichton who absolutely dwarfs him, at most he's 6ft2 with shoes. Walker looks tall on screen, but not as tall as say Hugh Jackman or Eric Bana listed at the same height.
Viper652 said on 23/Aug/06
Tyrese is 5-10 Max. Walker is 6-0-6-0.5 Max.
AA said on 18/Aug/06
Check out this pic
Click Here
Honestly, this guy looks 6' 1" to me... Tyrese is 5' 11", Walker looks about 6'1"-6'1.5" tall
Alex said on 15/Aug/06
Dmeyer, Walker can't be as tall as 6'2-6'2.5. I think he looks 6'1 barefoot.
Viper652 said on 13/Aug/06
Joshua Jackson does look more 6-0 I do agree Ed. I think Walker is around the same height, maybe a half inch taller. I dont even think they reach a legit 6-1 barefoot.
dmeyer said on 13/Aug/06
i think he is 188-90 range
Josh said on 10/Aug/06
Yeah MD I think there is no doubt hes 6'1 barefoot 6'2 with shoes sneakers or whateva in the pic he looks 6'2 but hes wearing shoes , I really think the 6'2.5 listing is to much for him .
Height Detective said on 10/Aug/06
In the first fast and furious , I saw his ID card and shows his height at 6.2 , in Too Fast too Furious , they gave him 6.1 on his ID , but also put Tyrese at 6.2 !
Viper652 said on 10/Aug/06
Actually Walker's ID card said 6-1 in fast and furious.
Brett said on 10/Aug/06
That picture with Walker and Biggs doesnt disprove walker being under 6'2". He can comfortably see over Biggs head, and therefore he would have near 5 inches on Biggs, as the distance from ones eyes to the top of their head is anywhere from about 4.5- 5 inches. Now consider Biggs wouldnt be wearing tiny soled shoes that Walker seems to love wearing, and you can see Walkers not less then 6'2".
Height Detective said on 9/Aug/06
In movies he is allways listed no taller than 6.2 , so why here is listed at 6.25 in ? We can start to downgrade him to 6.2 . In Fast and the Furious , his ID card shows 6.2 as his height , and i agree he coulb be like 6.1 .
MD said on 8/Aug/06
I completely agree, Josh. I think he can look the given height in heeled shoes, but he's no more than 6'1" barefoot.
Josh said on 7/Aug/06
In Joy Ride there is a scene where He walks barefoot (naked) next to his co star but thats not the point u can clearly tell hes not shorter than 6'1 but taller than 6'1 I dont think so i think hes a legit 6'1 guy and 6'2 with shoes .
Height Detective said on 5/Aug/06
Rob , please check the movie Fast and The Furious , in that , there is a scene in the begining of the movie when Paul Walker gets into an argument with a dude and they start to fight on the street , then vien diesel comes and ask Paul Walker who is he , and take and ID of Paul Walker and in that ID card shows his height at 6.2 (1.88) that happens fast but you can cleary see that if you pay attention.
Viper652 said on 30/Jul/06
I still only see 6-0-6-0.5 Max for Paul in pictures.
Josh said on 29/Jul/06
That picture with 5'9 biggs proves hes not 6'2 he has to be downgraded.

[Editor Rob: This Picture? Always remember with Walker is that he regularly wears those All Star trainers that give no more than 0.6 inch (edit: actually, I just double-checked a couple pairs of my own and measured that they give around 0.5 inch) so some guys in dress shoes might have 1/2 inch advantage in footwear...]
Leung said on 25/Jul/06
Walker is a genuine tall guy, close to 6'3". He has excellent body proportions and build for someone his height (Hugh Jackman also comes to mind), unlike some tall guys that have a lanky-like appearance.
Alex said on 15/Jul/06
Biggs as short as 5'8? umm don't know. looks a good 5'9. 5'8 seems a little too short but hes not 5'10 though.
Viper652 said on 14/Jul/06
Jason Biggs looks 5-8 Max to me, not 5-9.
Alex said on 12/Jul/06
If you're 4-4.5 inches taller than someone then your eye level should be right at the top of their head or just barely over it. thats with most people unless you have a long forehead.

[Editor Rob: remember sometimes he might wear footwear that gives him 1/2 inch less than someone beside him in shoes]
Alex said on 12/Jul/06
Viper, I saw 2 pics of Paul and Vanessa but its a terrible angle as she is right near the camera. Maybe those weren't the ones you posted, but with her its a bit tough as shes wearing 3 inch heels a lot of the time or maybe a bit bigger heels as he was probably in sneakers or regular shoes.
Alex said on 12/Jul/06
I do strongly think Paul Walker is a legit 6'1 guy, but hes nothing more than that though. Biggs is probably more 5'9.
Goldie said on 7/Jul/06
I was in the same line (2 people behind) at customs while he was filming a movie in Montreal and he tall not to mention gorgeous!!! I would say he is definitely 6'2 6'3.
Editor Rob said on 7/Jul/06
Just skimmed through running scared. Had a few scenes standing and one walking beside Michael Cudlitz and I thought Walker looked a bit taller, and beside Johnny Messner had a good few inches...
Anonymous said on 7/Jul/06
looks exactly 6ft 1.5 too me maybe inch higher or lower
Glenn said on 5/Jul/06
Biggs is possibly even 5-8.more realisticly more.
Viper652 said on 5/Jul/06
Not everyone Coolj, but a lot. Im closer to the truth most of the time I think.
Ed said on 30/Jun/06
In the Walker/Biggs pic, Walker looks 4 maybe 4.5 inches taller. If Biggs is 5ft10(5ft11 w/shoes) that would put Walker at 6ft2.5 barefoot(6ft3.5 w/shoes). I'm still really skeptical of Walker being this tall, I thought it was possible at one time, but the majority of actors who I thought were taller in the movies have turned out not to be. I'm thinking 5ft9 for Biggs, and maybe 6ft1.5 for Walker more like 6ft1. Pushing 6ft3 is just too tall for him, he looks tall in his movies, but that would have him towering over almost all his co-stars, by a lot.
Viper652 said on 30/Jun/06
Most of them are 2 inches shorter on average though. I dont think you can disagree with that.
CoolJ said on 30/Jun/06
Viper you think EVERYONE is 2" shorter than what they list themselves.. I mean, relative to all other stars, you could make that claim .. but its not true.

If they both straighten out. I think Walker gains some height.. Walker could then see over Biggs' head if it werent for his 'fro which he could probably still see over.


And perhaps I was a little too harsh on Biggs.. he's probably 5'9"
Viper652 said on 30/Jun/06
Looks 4 1/2 inches Max to me Cool J.
CoolJ said on 30/Jun/06
If Biggs is like 5'8.5" (Most likely as I've been saying in that thread forever..) I still think Walker has an easy 5" on him. He's kinda leaning in that pic and you may be tricked by Biggs' hair.

Nevertheless, Walker could easily come down 1/2 inch.
Viper652 said on 30/Jun/06
I actually think Biggs is closer to 5-8, but I agree with you MD.
MD said on 29/Jun/06
Paul is no more, again, than 6'1".

Here he is with Jason Biggs, who this site lists as 5'10" but is really closer to 5'9"

1. Click Here

Not the best angle, but a nearly 6'3" guy would tower over Biggs, and he doesn't.
Viper652 said on 29/Jun/06
Paul looks 6-0 here with 5-7, maybe 5-6 1/2 Vanessa Minnillo. Paul might be 6-1 at his absolute tallest, but thats it. Click Here
Viper652 said on 28/Jun/06
He was isted on the internet at 6-0 in the late 90s actually.
Ed said on 9/Jun/06
Rob I looked up Cudlitz, which is funny because I was wondering what that guys name was in the movie, and yes Walker has screen time with him, and they look pretty close in height as well. Walker might have a slight edge here. Not as easy to pinpoint as him and Chazz.
Ed said on 8/Jun/06
Just watched Running Scared last night, and Walker has one scene in particular where he stands face to face to the 6ft2.5 Chazz Palminteri, and Walker is the same height, almost exact. Walker wears what look to be plain work boots throughout the movie, and Chazz dress shoes. As well he is easily 2 plus inches taller than the 6ft Johnny Messner, in the film. I was wondering if he was shorter, more like 6ft1.5, but now I don't know, he could be over 6ft2.

[Editor Rob: did he have any scene with Gummy Bear 'michael cudlitz'?]
Britainy said on 7/Jun/06
In those Fast F. movies, he's always standing to the side or tilting his neck so that he isn't standing completely straight. I think he's definitely over the 6'1 mark. And he towered over everyone in Roadkill as well. And in this really awful time travel flick. I couldn't watch it all. I mean he's hot but not that hot.

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