How tall is Paul Weller

Paul Weller's Height

5ft 10 ½ (179.1 cm)

English singer-songwriter and musician, formerly of JAM. He wrote his stats in 1982 as "5'11" and weight "11 stone".

How tall is Paul Weller
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Average Guess (11 Votes)
5ft 10.93in (180.2cm)
Arch Stanton said on 15/Oct/20
His dad was his manager Click Here . Did well in terms of height considering. Looks absolutely nothing like his dad does he!
Editor Rob
could be almost 5 inches taller
Rory said on 5/Sep/20

How tall did he look to you when you saw him in the 80s ?

I think he was a solid 5ft11 20+ years ago and possibly 181cm but I can't see him being that close to Townshend or Ray Davies who both claim to be weak six footers.
castillo said on 31/Aug/20
I still think PW was taller than 5 11 peak. That was pretty tall around 1980 in the UK so he probably didn't bother with the extra half inch or so. I'm 5 11 and he was taller than me when I saw him about in the mid 80s.
Rory said on 13/May/20
I think seeing as he claims 5ft11 and in the 80s and 90s looked 5ft11 with people like Paul Young,Geldof,Damon Albarn,Noel Gallagher Paul Mccartney and Ian Wright it wouldn't be unreasonable to give him that as a peak.

I'd go 5ft11 peak and at nearly 62 5ft10.5 today. Sounds fair to me. I don't think there's much evidence to suggest a 20 or 30 something Weller was under his claim.
castillo said on 11/May/20
Here (on Twitter) Paul said he was 5' 11" in the early 80s so this listing is probably about right. I still think he was a touch taller. Click Here
Editor Rob
That's a good find, thanks for linking back to it.
Nik said on 1/Feb/20
He's clearly above average! πŸ•Ά
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 3/May/19
Bradley Walsh was screwing up his face in misery just now because a youngster on 'The Chase' had never heard of Paul Weller! Frankly, I knew exactly how he felt! 😭😭😭

I bought The Jam's 'All Mod Cons' when I was still in my teens and at school. Roger Daltrey was a fan of 'The Jam', and 5ft3 DJ Nicky Horne used to play them every night on his heavy rock show.

I feel that Paul could have easily stretched to 5ft11 in his prime, and there's only one box, so I will go with 5ft10.75. No, I will rescind that and go for 5ft11!

howhiami said on 21/Feb/19
Always had Weller down as a six to six feet one bloke. In fact, I'm sure i saw a Jam factfile when i was a teen where he stated he was six foot one.He was really skinny in the Jam days which always makes people look taller but I'm genuinely surprised he's under six feet.
Rory said on 7/Sep/18
5ft11 peak and 5ft10.5 today at 60 has to be close enough.
lelman said on 13/Aug/18
Looking at the pictures below I'm surprised he hasn't been upgraded to 5'11". This is definitely his absolute minimum, he seems a solid 5'11" to me.
Rory said on 26/Feb/18
Rob, in this live aid video how tall does Weller look next to 6ft1 Paul young from 0.44-50, 1 min 50-56 and finally 2.20-2.25 ?

Click Here
Editor Rob
Hard to say exactly, but certainly a couple of inches.
HonestSlovene said on 24/Feb/18
@Rory Looks exactly 5'11" with 5'11.75" Pete Townsend and 5'10.25"-5'10.5" with Johnny Harris (assuming he's 5'10").
Rory said on 20/Feb/18
Looked 5ft11 peak with near 6ft Pete Townshend and Ray Davies

Click Here

Click Here

5ft10.5 today with Johnny Harris at 59

Click Here
Rory said on 7/Feb/18
181cm peak and 180cm today is spot on.
Jessman said on 21/Jan/18
Met Paul Weller in about 2001 at a chinese takeaway. He was ahead of me in the queue. He looked no less than 5'11. I checked his footwear at the time because I hadn't figured on him being that tall. He was wearing shoes with regular heel.
Rory said on 21/Jan/18
Rob, with Noel at 5ft8.25 how tall does Weller look next to him here at 1:01:05 to 15 ?

Click Here
Editor Rob
He could be close to 5ft 11 there.
Rory said on 20/Jan/18
I think seeing as he looks 5ft10.75-5ft11 today aged 59 next to Johnny Harris who is a solid 5ft10 guy next to Noel Clarke or Barry Mcguigan you'd have to say there is a solid argument to be made for 5ft11+ range in the 80s and 90s. Only looked 2 inches shorter than Geldof in the 1985 live aid and most people who've met him describe him as tall. 11.25-11.5 peak and maybe 10.75 this year at 60.
Rory said on 16/Oct/17
Rob, how much taller does Weller look with McCartney in these pictures ?

Click Here

Click Here

Baring in mind this is in 1995 so McCartney still would have been close to his peak.
Editor Rob: he could seem 1.5 inches taller.
HonestSlovene said on 5/Oct/17
178 cm might be the bare minimum he could be today. It can be too low, but I also don't understand the 181 cm + guesses for this guy. Seemed like a classic 180 cm guy at peak.
Rory said on 30/Sep/17
He looked 5'10.5-11 in a recent picture with Gregory Porter(assuming he's about 6ft3). I'm guessing he's lost half an inch an inch by now. 5'10.75 today I think and anywhere from 5'11 to 5'11.5 is arguable for his peak. It's a bad listing this still because even today at pushing 60 he still looks more than 5'10.5 imo.
Cranky said on 23/Sep/17
Some years ago, around 2004, I stood next to Weller at the counter of a grocery shop while he was purchasing tins of beer. He was no more than two inches taller than me, making him 5'11" max.
Arron said on 26/Aug/17
I met Rick Buckler the other day. I stood right next to him and he seems to be around 5'7". Now he's 61 and enjoys a good pint, always has. He also smoked back in the day, not sure if he still does it though. My point is he's almost certainly lost at least half an inch.

Even if I'm wrong with my guess, I know for a fact the tip of Rick's head was above my eyebrows. I'm around the 5'10" mark. I'm only 18 and have grown in the last year so may be a bit more than 5'10"

Go look at the pictures where they are standing in black suits in front of a yellow background-it's for the cover of the All Around the World single. Weller has at least 4 inches on Rick, Rick seems to come up to Paul's eyes and Paul has a bigger forehead than me.

So I do believe that anything less than 5'11" for Weller is insulting.
Rory said on 3/Jul/17
Yh I'd still say 5'11.25 peak is fair, today he can look 5'10.5 or 5'10.75.
Ferdinand said on 23/Jun/17
I'm 179, and he's taller than me. A good inch or so, so 181-182 (around high 5'11-weak 6'0) sounds right
Rory said on 8/May/17
He edges out 5'10.25 Johnny Harris(who looks near to 5 inches taller than Barry McGuigan and 2 inches taller than Noel Clarke). I'd be confident to say Weller today aged 58/59 looks 5'10.75 and peak 5'11.25. I think if he wasn't those heights peak and today he'd be darn close to it.
Rory said on 6/Apr/17
Click Here

Yh it's hard to believe someone of just average height being able to pull off looking this tall. Proportionately I'd buy over 6ft for that person if I didn't know them.
Rory said on 5/Apr/17
Rob, Over an inch taller than 5'10 McCartney in '95,over 2 inches taller than 5'9 Paolo nutini in '07,less than an inch shorter than near 6ft Ray Davies in '05,an inch shorter if he straightened up than near 6ft Townshend in '80,2 inches shorter than 6ft 1 Paul Young in Band aid Totp in '84,at least 2 inches taller than 5'9 Ian Wright in '98,looked very close to 5'11 Jay Leno in '93, looked 2 inches taller than 5ft 7 Kirsty Young wearing large heels,edged out Damon Albarn in '95...don't you think 5ft 11 peak could be closer which was always what he was listed anyway ?
Editor Rob: 5ft 10.5 for Paul is definitely possible, I have thought about that figure...
Rory said on 29/Mar/17
Genuinely now don't think Weller was below 5'11 in his prime. If you see him on stage with Noel Gallagher back in the 90s he actually towers him at times and Gallagher looks a solid 5'8 to me, I could see him being very very close in height to Rob in fact. Peak Weller could certainly look 5'11-6ft a fair bit, I think you could actually make a reasonable case to say he was as tall as 182cm but I think 181cm is bang on. Today 179cm. More loss than average, but Wellers smoked more fags and drunken more booze than average too so it's not a big surprise. 5'10 is plain wrong tbh.
Paul Weller should be taller said on 23/Mar/17
I really think this is the worst guess you've ever had Rob. I'm 5 ft 10. I've measured correctly loads of times and I never look anywhere near as tall as Paul. When he stands next to Bruce Foxton who you have as 5 ft 8, he always looks at the very least 3 inches taller. Just check out the Going Underground video.
Rory said on 22/Mar/17
Rob, how tall do you think Weller looks besides Leno here at 3 mins 45 ?

Click Here
Editor Rob: they could seem quite close, shame it's not quite a posed moment, more both in movement.
Rory said on 20/Mar/17
Click Here

Clearly taller than McCartney by at least an inch. McCartney was only 53 at the time so let's say he'd lost a fraction and was 5'10 flat here.
Rory said on 6/Mar/17
I think nearly 6ft peak is a bit overly optimistic, whilst this 5'10 flat listing is quite pessimistic for his peak. I feel anywhere in 5'10.5-5'11 zone would be close for him. He is very hard to pin down though as he can appear anywhere from 178-182cm I'd say. Its a shame his page doesn't get more attention as I think he is one of Britains all time great musicians.
Sean said on 1/Mar/17
Weller said in an interview recently he was nearly six feet tall. That may be hanging on to his height in younger days. As Rory said, lots of interviewers describe him as tall. His former friend, the writer Paolo Hewitt, once said he envied Weller's height (or something like that). I'm 5' 11" and when I used to see him around London in the 80s he was taller than me. I think he was almost six feet when he was young (and that was quite tall in the UK at the time).
Rory said on 3/Jan/17
Wellers peak fascinates me. He could look anywhere from 5'10 up to 6 foot. I personally think a 30 yr old Weller would have been 5'10.5 or 5'10.75 range. What interests me though is in 2/3 interviews with him the journalist has commented on how tall he is up close, one even stated "his height, considerable" years back. Looks no more than 5'10 today though aged 59 almost.
HonestSlovene said on 3/Jan/17
Yes a weak 5'11 prime easily and about 5'10 now.
Rory said on 5/Dec/16
5'10.5 in the 80s and 90s, 5'10 flat today. In his prime he had the sort of build which at first glance I'm sure he could have pulled off 6ft. Slim,narrow hips and broad shoulders. I don't think he looks as tall today as he did 10 yrs back, and he hasn't aged particularly well.
Steve pyke said on 22/Jun/16
He's 5'11" almost on the button. I'm 5'10" &he's above me....
Rory said on 29/Feb/16
Here are a few other example of Weller looking 5'11 range.
With 6'1 Robbie Coltrane.. Click Here
With 5'10.25 Paul Mccartney...Click Here
With 5'8 Adele....Click Here
With 5'11 Damon Albarn...Click Here
With 5'8 Noel Gallagher...Click Here
With 5'8.75 Dizzee Rascal...Click Here

I think these are good pointers to Weller being at least a strong 5'10, if not near 5'11 peak.
Rory said on 29/Feb/16
5'10.5 peak, 5'10 today possible Rob ? He is 58 this year...
Editor Rob: yes that is always possible
Rory said on 27/Feb/16
Rob, if you watch the last 30 seconds of this clip, how tall do you think Weller looks beside Ian Wright, for me he looks an easy 5'11 ?

Click Here
Editor Rob: there are times Weller pulls off this tall, or at least 5ft 11 impression.
Rory said on 26/Feb/16
Definitely taller than 5'10 in the 80s/90s...looked at least an inch taller than 5'10 Mccartney in 1995, same height as Sting in the band aid video, looked taller than Dame Albarn in photos' from the 90s, edged out Miles Kane who is listed 5'11, and is probably at worst 5'10 and also had two inches on Ian Wright on stage with him in 1998..furthermore, in the infamous pic of him and weak 6fter Pete Townshend from 1980, he looks two inches shorter,but, his posture is poor, hes leaning to one side..up straight id imagine hes probably only an inch a big fan of Paul Weller, and i think he has lost height, i think as of today hes a good 5'10, but in his prime i wouldn't rule out a legit 5'11, in fact id be shocked if an 80s Weller was as low as 5'10 as simply he always looked taller and lankier than that.
Rory said on 20/Dec/15
Hes 57 now and has led a life of drink and cigarettes so im sure hed have lost height, although he still looks fairly fit and doesnt look to have shrunk that much..a magazine interview with him described him as "almost 6ft" too..i think in the 80s/90s he might have been 5'10.5 and now just a solid 5'10.
Carlos said on 20/Dec/15
Looks clearly taller than McCartney in some pics beside him; might be 180-181 cm.
Rory said on 15/Dec/14
Yh I think 5'10.5 peak might be on the money, probs a strong 5'10 today. In his 20s always looked tall average/ weak tall.
lelman said on 12/Sep/14
Click Here

He looks about 5ft 9-10 here next to 6ft 3 Wiggins. Rob, do you think it's possible he was a bit taller than 5ft 10 in his peak (like 179-180cm)?
lelman said on 7/Sep/14
Somewhere between 5'10 - 5'11 seems right for him.
Crankshaft said on 16/Aug/12
I stood next to Paul Weller in a shop in Ripley, Surrey, and I can tell you he is 5'11".
TheVerve180 said on 7/Dec/11
is 5ft11.5 pushing it? I always had a feeling he is close to 6ft?
g fraser said on 11/Nov/11
Easy six-one in shoes. Time to upgrade him.
178 said on 19/Oct/11
greg says on 29/Aug/11
This photo has him looking 5'10":
Click Here

That's awful evidence... there's nobody else alongside him to compare heights with and he's striding out. Weller is closer to 5' 11". Just Google him alongside people like Paul McCartney, Pete Townshend, Ray Davies, Noel Gallagher, Alex James, Adele... I could go on.

5' 10.75" (180 cm) would be my most precise estimate. Everywhere else lists him as 5' 11". Rob, I think you should take another look at 'The Modfather'.
[Editor Rob: I could look at him again and see if 179cm is nearer, the last time I looked I didn't think he looked 5ft 11.]
greg said on 29/Aug/11
This photo has him looking 5'10":
Click Here
Graham Howe said on 21/Jul/11
Pretty certain I saw Paul in Portobello Road today, looked good 6ft to me
truth said on 8/Jun/11
about 5ft9 and you muste be 5ft7 or sumthin this guy isnt tall just average.
The Insider said on 31/Mar/11
I stood next to him in a shop in Ripley, Surrey (England). I'm 5'9" and he was clearly two inches taller than me, ie. 5'11".
The Insider said on 31/Mar/11
I stood next to him in a shop in Ripley, Surrey (England). I'm 5'9" and he was clearly two inches taller than me, ie. 5'11.
rich said on 13/Feb/11
Paul is in fact 5 10 although his standing in serious music circles is estimated in miles
youngnumber said on 22/Jan/11
ive worked with paul weller and he is the same height as me which is 6.1
Mark D. said on 30/May/09
That is correct. I'm a huge Style Council fan, and have seen dozens of pictures that accompany their boxed set (a great collection of all their work) and Mick is consistently taller than Paul, maybe an inch or two. Paul's ex-wife, Dee Cee Lee, backing vocalist in that group, is really hot.
zane said on 30/May/09
saw hi aroundnooting hill a lot thought he looked 6ft
castillo said on 1/May/09
I've got to rejoin this debate. I'm 5'11" standing up straight barefeet. I've seen PW around and about and he's at least my height. Maybe a touch taller than 6'. I saw Mick Talbot, his former organist in the Style Council, a couple of years ago at a gig and he was far taller than Charlie's 5'9" look on the back of Speak Like a Child - Mick is taller than Paul. Paolo Hewitt, Weller's former friend, wrote in his book about PW (after they fell out) that he always envied PW's height. I don't think anyone would say that about someone less than 6'.
Charlie said on 7/Apr/09
If Weller sure is a 5'10"-5-11", the bassist of The Jam Bruce Foxton probably is a 5'7", drummer Rick Buckler 5'9" and Mick Talbot, partner of Weller in The Style Council maybe a 5'9" 1/2. Elvis Costello must be a 5'10"?. Weller and Pete Townshend (5'11"1/2?)they look almost the same height.
glenn said on 29/Mar/09
il ask him soon maybe.if i have time.seemed 5-10ish to me.5-11 not impossible.
Anonymous said on 28/Mar/09
I know Paul and he is not 6 foot you wants. He is 5.10 thats it.
Charlie said on 28/Mar/09
I'm surprised, cause I think Weller is much more taller than 5'10". I have (in a book) a photography of Weller & McCartney together, and Weller is at least 2-3 inches taller than Macca, and Paul still today is sure a 5'10". Weller always looks to me minimum 6'1" (or maybe more).
Mark D. said on 21/Feb/09
I would believe "PW" if he says he's near 6' tall. It seems right from pictures
I've seen. Also, anyone with those initials would know about Paul Weller. If it
isn't actually Mr. Weller himself saying it, and that is quite possible as well.
Margherita said on 30/Jul/08
I take that back. He wore old (worn out) cowboy boots with jeans and loud green t shirt. His hair was a pinkish red emo cut. 5ft 10.5 without the boots.
Margherita said on 29/Jul/08
I saw PW with his GF/sister/friend (she was much younger) in a bath shop about 4 weeks ago. He is def at least 6ft. Can't remember his footwear.
PW said on 15/Jul/08
Paul is 5.11 1/2 .
PW said on 13/Jul/08
Paul Weller is 1.82m to be precise.
glenn said on 12/Jan/08
i got this guy.5-10.5,5-11.maybe he was taller peak.
castillo said on 11/Jan/08
In the mid-80s I saw Weller quite a few times in the West End and I'd have put him at 6' then. Of course he was very slim, which made him look tall but I'd stick with my 6'.
politemonkey said on 28/Dec/07
I think he was sitting on a stool in the Band Aid video. I was just looking at the Behind the Scenes Documentary and they showed more shots of him on the stool than in the actual video.
Bogart_Heels said on 30/Jul/07
I met him. He was chatting up my mum at a bar. I tried to get to his height to be intimidating and I couldn't do it. I can stretch to 5'10 in my bogarts. He must be over 5'11 - he was proper taller.
martin said on 21/Mar/07
In the band aid video he looks really short; like he could fit in my shoe!next to Sting and Bono he looks like a small child;see aid vid..
greg said on 1/Apr/06
at brit awards standing by Ray winstone who is 5'10" he appeard on a par if not more but J Ross seemed to be towering over both
amsterdam said on 14/Feb/06
i have a photo with him. i am 175, and was wearing 10 cm heels, and he is still slightly taller than me
Weller woman said on 21/May/05
Isn't he taller by at least a inch..?

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