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6ft 2.91in (190.3cm)
Shaun said on 13/Jul/11
If you look at the cuddle the couple had at the end of the dragon boat race, it shows William a good 5-6 inches taller than Kate, if she's 5' 10", then it puts William at 6'6".

I gather you didn't get a GCSE in Maths. If she's 5'10", 5-6 inches taller would put him at 6'3"-6'4". in reality she's 5'8.5"-5'9" and Prince William 6'2.5-6'3". This adds up the most having seen them next to each other in flats
Shaun said on 13/Jul/11
@Hugh. You clearly know nothing about camera angles. William would be 1-2inches taller if they both stood straight side by side.
Shaun said on 13/Jul/11
@Hugh. You clearly know nothing about camera angles. William would be 1-2inches taller if she both stood straight side by side.
English said on 12/Jul/11
If you look at the cuddle the couple had at the end of the dragon boat race, it shows William a good 5-6 inches taller than Kate, if she's 5' 10", then it puts William at 6'6". Take a look at the shots of the couple together when Kate is clearly wearing at least 3" plus heels, William is still at least 3-4" taller than Kate. Kate is an incredibly slim woman and her poise and elegance gives the appearance of being taller than she actually is.
Shaun said on 12/Jul/11
Sorry Canadian but she aint as low as 5'6 or 5'7. She's a tall girl anybody can see that. She looks like she be close to 5'9" to me.
Shaun said on 12/Jul/11
Canadian says on 9/Jul/11
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There is NO way Kate Middleton is 5'10. She is always in stiletto heels WITH platform and here is one rare pic of her in flats next to William. People who saw her in Canada on the royal tour (the day she was wearing skinny dark jeans and ballerina flats) noted how small she really is in person. She's 5'6, or 5'7 TOPS, I also remember a while back during her college days in Andrews she was in a fashion show her height was listed as 5'6...did she grow 4 inches after college? I doubt it.

To be honest I don't think even accounting for heels she looked anything less than 2 inches shorter than 5'10.5" legit Nicole Kidman. I think Kate is nearer 5'9", I think 5'8.5" seems about right for her. Rob she is now one of the most famous people in the world you really ought to have a page for Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge.

I would go with Claims 5'10". Height: 5'8.5" (174cm).
Mr. R said on 12/Jul/11
@ Shaun I met Nicole in Hwood the night she won her Oscar, and she towered over me in heels. She is 5-11 barefoot, and close to 6-2 with heels.
Hugh said on 11/Jul/11
J.J. says on 27/May/11
the man is no shorter than 6'2.75" & could possibly be the 6'3" listed:

his dad is 5'9.25" at most nowadays:
Click Here

this is Barack Obama 6'1" and 5'9-0.25" Charles:
Click Here

he is definately 6'3" at 97th percentile or at least 6'2.75"

Those pictures show clearly William is NOT taller than Obama at all.
They look clearly and definetly the same height. I could just agree on one doubtfull cm in favor of William, that's all.
Obama is slouching too, and it's really weird to see that somebody have any bit of doubt.
ou812 said on 10/Jul/11
Based on these photos I found, Prince Harry looks 6'0"-6'1".

Here he is next to 5'11" Nacho Figueras:
Click Here

And between 5'8" P-Diddy and 5'9" Kanye West:
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Shaun said on 10/Jul/11
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Damn Nicole Kidman is looking tall here, if he is the full 6'3" she must be an easy 6'2 in those heels.
Canadian said on 9/Jul/11
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There is NO way Kate Middleton is 5'10. She is always in stiletto heels WITH platform and here is one rare pic of her in flats next to William. People who saw her in Canada on the royal tour (the day she was wearing skinny dark jeans and ballerina flats) noted how small she really is in person. She's 5'6, or 5'7 TOPS, I also remember a while back during her college days in Andrews she was in a fashion show her height was listed as 5'6...did she grow 4 inches after college? I doubt it.
Shaun said on 9/Jul/11
This time though Beckham is looking taller than he did in the South Africa pics and is looking more 6' than 5'11".
Shaun said on 9/Jul/11
Click Here

Yeah this is the one. It appeared in Hello or OK magazine or something. I believe it was around 2000 or 2001 and he claimed 6'2" and a quarter I think. I remembered because at the time I thought he was really tall as I was 5'9" at the time.
Shaun said on 9/Jul/11

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6'4.5" Stephen Fry looks at least 2 inches taller than Prince William. Makes Prince William look 6'2.5" tops. I see about 2.5 inches difference, although I think William is slouching a little so I think about 2 inches. If you see Prince William and Arsene Wenger for instance, Fry has to be close to 6'5". Assuming Fry is 6'4.5" I can't see a full 6'3" next to him, more 189-190cm. I remember once when William was about 18 he had given his height to the Hellow Magazine I think it was at 6'2 and a half or 6'2" and a quarter or something. It is possible he has not grown since and measures 189cm in his barefeet. Maybe the royal family rounded up to 6'3". I have to say that he often looks a legit 6'3" but often looks 6'2" as well like next to Obama and Fry. I could completely buy 6'2.5" for him. What do you think Rob? He was wearing like a beige jumper or something and had quite thick blond hair at the time, I think it was around the time of his gap year. The magazine definitely said he was 6'2" and a quarter or 6'2" and half at that time. He must have been 18 or 19 at that time. There was an intereview with William and CHarles I think , or was it after he passed his driving test. That rings a bell. Yeah I think that intewrview was around that time. He must have been around 18 then. Possible he could have grown 0.5" inches since...
Mohammed said on 8/Jul/11
I think Obama wears thick soles in his shoes, and apparently long heels which makes him look taller.
Mohammed said on 8/Jul/11
I was at madame tussauds yesterday and I stood next to his figure, I'm 6'5 and he looked 2-2.5 inches short than me in shoes. He's at least a solid 190 cm tall.
James said on 8/Jul/11
the lanky kid might be just 6'4 or 6'4 1/2 if William is not the full 6'3.
Shaun said on 8/Jul/11
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Gives off the Eastwood effect here in cowboy boots and hat. His legs looks like those of a 6'5" guy here. He looks so much better in clothes like this than he does in the old man conservative chinos and Oxford blue shirts he usually wears
joewhite31 said on 5/Jul/11
Possibly 6'2.5" with President Obama.
Shaun said on 4/Jul/11
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There's a really lanky kid on the left looks like a young Arsene Wenger. That kid has to be a lanky 6'4" or 6'5" as even accounting for angle he's a couple of inches taller than William. Those legs look like 36 inseams.
obb said on 24/Jun/11
Kate Middleton is at least 3.5 inches taller than Pippa, I saw a picture of them wearing exactly the same shoes and there was a huge height difference between them. If Kate Middleton is 5'9" ish then Pippa is 5'5" ish
yh said on 19/Jun/11
Prince Carl Philip is 5ft 10(178cm).
James said on 15/Jun/11
Obama in his 20's might have been 186cm. I belive today he is still just about 185cm.
Candyman said on 14/Jun/11
Well why don't we just put Obama down as 182.5 cm or better yet 179.75 when he goes to sleep. Lord knows all that age and presidency is knocking cm's off by the day.
Shaun said on 11/Jun/11
James, you're obsessed with people "losing height"!!!
James said on 10/Jun/11
186cm is possible for obamas peak but i think he is getting older is defenintly no higher than 185cm nowadays. might even measure at 184cm at night now in 2011.
Shaun said on 10/Jun/11
Pippa I think is around 5'6".
Shaun said on 10/Jun/11

Prince William has a solid 4 inches on 5'11.5" listed David Beckham.
Shaun said on 10/Jun/11

LOL. You really have no idea about camera angles do you! William had at least an inch on Arsene Venger frequently listed as 6'3" or 6'4" and had two inches on 6'1" olin Firth. He's 6'3" solid and as J.J says is not shorter than 6'2.75"!!.
Blackray said on 4/Jun/11
If Prince Will is 191cm then so is Pres Obama, in the pics below their exactly the same height. I believe both are no taller than 186cm each.
crazycat said on 3/Jun/11
Does anyone know the height of Princess Beatrice of York?
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 1/Jun/11
I think Prince Harry might actually be a strong 6ft2, maybe 189cm. This is possible if Prince William really is 191cm
J.J. said on 27/May/11
kate Middleton is no taller than 5'8" but could be 5'8.5" at most
J.J. said on 27/May/11
the man is no shorter than 6'2.75" & could possibly be the 6'3" listed:

his dad is 5'9.25" at most nowadays:
Click Here

this is Barack Obama 6'1" and 5'9-0.25" Charles:
Click Here

he is definately 6'3" at 97th percentile or at least 6'2.75"
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 27/May/11
Yeah your right there, James...and we have to be aware of the fact that Obama was at one stage listed here as 186cm. Perhaps that isn't totally out of the question?
ah said on 26/May/11
then if kate is really about 5'7", pippa would be around 5'5" or 5'4"ish
Just Heights said on 25/May/11
William is looking down. Obama is looking up. As well, Obama is closer to the camera. Obama's right profile is slightly arched meaning that his right foot is not square to the floor whereas William's is. Obama is also looking at full stretch whereas William is looking relaxed. Just the notion of looking up has the tendency to add one - two centimetres to one's height. If Obama is 6'1 1/2", then this still puts William at 6'3" or thereabouts.
James said on 25/May/11
to be fair some people have said that obama is closer to 6'2 but cleary not with david cameron.
MsKitty said on 25/May/11
Prince William is taller than President Obama by at least an inch and a half...I'd believe that if they had posed level with each other, the prince would have a full 2 inches on the Prez...
Vegas said on 25/May/11
obama and william are not the same height, obama and david cameron are roughly the same height and william has 2.5-3 inches on cameron, obama is just closer to the camera in those shots
fair assessment said on 25/May/11
Shaun and Biggie have posted some good photos. I was also surprised to see that Barack Obama ad Prince Willaim are of a similar height but Obama is said to be 6'1" while William is said to be 6'3".
From these pictures I would say Obama is definitely 6'1.5". I lways thought Obama looks more than 6'1". William s in the 6'2" to 6'2.5" range. No chance of Wills being over 6'2.5" and that is if we assume Obama to be 6'1.5"

Also Michelle Obama is at least 3 inches taller than Kate (Both ladies are wearing 3 inch heels). I would say Kate is 5'8" Maximum and Michelle is 5'11"
Shaun said on 25/May/11
Don't be fooled people by the camera angle. Obama is closer to the camera. I still think William would be 2 inches taller than him if they stood level.
kyle said on 24/May/11
6"2" for william and 5"7" for kate,

Click Here
James said on 24/May/11
does not look 191cm near now 184cm Barack Obama
biggie said on 24/May/11
I found a very cool picture! William next to Obama which is 6`1 look at that.

Click Here
Shaun said on 24/May/11
Click Here

Duke of Edinburgh looks even shorter than Charles now he's hit 90. Probably 5'9", must have lost 3 inches form his prime. I think he used to be aorund 6' legit.
Shaun said on 24/May/11
Prince Charles looks 177cm range to me, weak 5'10", probably 5'9.5" now.
Shaun said on 24/May/11
Click Here

Here's some interesting comparisons.
Dan said on 24/May/11
I think 6'3" is too tall by a far distance - in today's pictures on the BBC he's the same height as Barack Obama (circa 6'1").
Josh said on 18/May/11
Rob, how tall do you think Kate is?

[Editor Rob: maybe 5ft 9]
Mohammed said on 18/May/11
He's probably 190-191 cm, looks pretty tall
James said on 17/May/11
Its been said Arsne Wenger is 6'2.5 (189cm).
Kkh said on 17/May/11
People Magazine just this week listed Pippa as 5'6".
Diana was as tall as Charles at 5'10". Charles may have started to shrink a bit (in his 60s now, don't know). Diana's family obviously had the height and the princes were fortunate to inherit it.
Queen Elizabeth at her tallest was 5'2" or 3". Prince Philip always looked quite tall, but I think was about 5'10" as well. Remember the Queen Mum was a very short cute wee Scottish girl. Their ancestor Queen Victoria was a small girl too. So, the Windsors are basically on the short side and the Spencers put the tall gene back into the pool. [They are descended from King Charles II and King James II of England through illegitimate children]
yosokvic said on 16/May/11
**** all royals, men this is the 21 century!!!! they get rich by other people money! our money! HE IS 1.90
Gabriela said on 16/May/11
Why do all the press outlets insist Kate is 5'10" and William is 6'3"? In their official wedding portrait, she looks at least 6 inches shorter than him. Unless they made her take her heels off, she should have been almost as tall as him. I suspect Will is taller than 6'3". Harry is supposed to be 5'2 1/2" but he appears around 3 inches shorter than William in the official portraits. I know he slouches but the difference shouldn't be that noticeable.
anon said on 15/May/11
anyone have a guess as to how tall pippa (kate middleton's sister) is?
Shaun said on 14/May/11
Demiere Lee says on 7/May/11
Pinky I so agree with you they want another Diana they can't have another Diana. I mean Princess Di loved all kinds of people. She's at least 5'8 and he's Arnold Schwarzenegger's height of 6'1.5

WHo WIlliam? LOL Prince William would have near 4 inches on strong 5'11" Arnie today!!!
J.J. said on 12/May/11
He is definately 6'3", Kate Middleton is 5'8" or possibly 5'8.5" & Harry is 6'2". I know lots of people with 2 5'10" parents that grow to 6'3"/6'2" or minimum if 6'1.5"
fair assessment said on 10/May/11
Prince william is 6'3, Harry is 6'2 and Princess Kate is no more than 5' 8

There are photos where she wears 3 inch heels and prince william is in normal 1 inch shes and there is still a 5 inch difference between them.
so with 3 inch heel Kate is 5'11 (5' 8 barefoot)
With 1 inch shoes william is 6'4" (6' 3 Barefoot)
alex said on 9/May/11
1.Of course that there will never be another Diana but stop saying that they want another Diana.That's not the point.
William married her because he loves her not because his family told him to marry her.The marriage between William and Kate is different from Charles and Diana's marriage.Nothing in common in my opinion.

2.What's wrong with you people?Saying things like "William is barely 189 cm or 190 cm"....What now you're going to say that he's small?That 189 cm is not tall?You must be insane.Would you like him to be 200 cm so you can say "Oh yeah he's tall"!? LOL..

Just admitt it.William is tall.Diana was also a tall women so it's no surprise that he's tall.
Vegas said on 9/May/11
what height do people think wenger is Click Here
Demiere Lee said on 7/May/11
Pinky I so agree with you they want another Diana they can't have another Diana. I mean Princess Di loved all kinds of people. She's at least 5'8 and he's Arnold Schwarzenegger's height of 6'1.5
KB said on 6/May/11
Prince William is 6'3"; Kate Middleton is 5'10"
Shaun said on 6/May/11
James says on 3/May/11
I don't think William is 6'3 cuase he is barely taller than harry at the moment like only half an inch but maybe harrys hair makes him look taller????

Prince Harry 6'1.5 (187cm)
Prince William 6'2.5 (189cm)

Look at William here with rugby players he does not look 6'3
Click Here

That photo is from like 10 years ago when he was probably still growing. Trust me I've seen how he looks compared to some of the 6'6" range Welsh rugby players and he's definitely around 6'3, 6'2.5" very lowest. Weight? Definitely not under 200 pounds, I'd estimate 205 pounds.
Rudi said on 6/May/11
I fully agree with james that prince william does not look legit 6'3" when standing next to 184cm guys bill clinton, king spain juan carlos, spanish PM jorge luis zapatero !
RICHARD said on 6/May/11
He towers Kate,even when she's in big heels,so why can't people see him at a solid 6ft3??? C'mon the guy's a giant among the Royal Family.
TSK said on 5/May/11
Using Williams's formal wedding picture where he, his brother, his father, and Kate are all standing next to each other I was able to measure the differences in height. Assuming William is 6' 3" as a baseline, and then his brother is about 6' 0.5". Harry is slouching and he could be closer to 6' 1". Prince Charles is about 5' 7.5". Kate is the same height as Prince Charles in the picture but she is in heals. She is around 5.5" That is constant with someone who met her who and was 5' 6" and said Kate was smaller and looked to be around 5' 5". Kate's dad and Prince Charles look like they are about the same height and her brother is about 5' 9". Kate's sister looks to be just slight smaller than Kate and her Mom is a lot smaller. Mom looks to be 5' 1". Camellia looks even smaller and may not even be 5'. The Queen and Prince Phillip are sitting so I can't estimate them from William's height. If you think William is taller or shorter then adjust appropriately for all. But the independent estimate of Kate's high from the person who met her seems to jive with my calculates based off the wedding picture. I was able to draw strait lines using adobe illustrator to take the measurements. Don't expect Prince William to have off spring as tall as he is as the rest of the influence except his mom is a bunch of short people.
littlesue said on 5/May/11
In the wedding line up Pippa is only about an inch shorter than Kate, they had the same heels on
Kate said on 5/May/11
on this picture she is wearing 4 inches shoes still shorter than William. i think she is 5'8.
Pippa probably 5'6-5'7
Click Here
James said on 4/May/11
He's not 6'3
Cindy said on 4/May/11
@ Passer by, they do but celebs lie. For example, Hayden Panettiere says she's 5'2 when she's clearly shorter, like 5' or 4'11, and we know that thanks to these foruns. Other wise we would believe her. Vanessa Hudgens has said shes was 5'3 when she's only 5'. Taylor Swift and Blake Lively, like Kate, were 5'10 and they said it themselves (except for Kate) but all of them are around 5'8...
Erika said on 3/May/11
That is true Anna. She looks like she is 5'10 or 5'11 with 3 inch heels on. So I'm guessing Kate Middleton is really 5'8" ish. How tall is her sister Pippa? She always looks about 4 inches shorter than Kate. Anyone know?
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 3/May/11
I take that back....I think William is 6"3 on the dot because he does look 3 inches taller than Kate Middleton in heels. Prince Harry is 188/189cm
James said on 3/May/11
I don't think William is 6'3 cuase he is barely taller than harry at the moment like only half an inch but maybe harrys hair makes him look taller????

Prince Harry 6'1.5 (187cm)
Prince William 6'2.5 (189cm)

Look at William here with rugby players he does not look 6'3
Click Here
Passer by said on 3/May/11
I have come across maybe hundreds of articles and forums regarding celebs height and weight. And one question that comes to my mind is how come no one ever asks them these questions in an interview or something?
KK said on 2/May/11
Cindy, she is definitely a difficult one to tell. She certainly wears heels, especially when she is out in public. I guess the actual height of those heels makes a difference (nowadays most women are out walking around in easily 3-4" heels on a daily basis). Earlier I wrote that her wedding shoes were 3" but there have been reports that they could have been up to 4.5". And I'm sure William's footwear gave him a lift, too. However, for her to still be that much shorter than him while wearing those heels, William's shoes would have had to have given him just as many inches. In particular, look at the official wedding photos. They are both standing erect at their full heights, and William has about 5 or 6 inches on her.

In some pictures, she looks like she's slightly shorter than him with heels and in others she looks quite a bit shorter. I still don't believe she's the full 5'10" that they're giving her credit for. I really do think she's more like 5'8" or 5'9". It's easy to believe that she is that reports of 5'10" given William's height, her footwear, and her slim build.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 2/May/11
Prince William 190cm(6"2.75)
Prince Harry 188cm(6"2)
Kate Middleton 177cm(5"9.5)
littlesue said on 2/May/11
Don't heels in male shoes count as the same as womens then? If I wear 3 inch heels I'm only about 2 inches taller, surely if Williams heels were 1.5 it would only add about 3/4 to his height
Anna said on 2/May/11
I was REALLY surprised to read that she was 5'10". If you watch her stepping out of the Rolls at the beginning of the wedding, you get a glimpse of her heels, at least 3 inches. In the official wedding pics, she is still quite a bit shorter than William. If he is 6'3", then she is around 5'11" in heels. She is probably 5'8" and may even be a little shorter, depending on William's true height. Check the engagement photo call (her wearing the blue dress) - she's wearing at least 3 inches and is shorter than him. If she was really 5'10", she would be almost his full height in her heels
Pinky said on 2/May/11
If William is 6'3 I think Kate's height msut be around 5'8, probably she is tall compared with the UK average, but not as tall as Lady Di. They have given her 5'10 because the press wants to have another Diana.

Pictures from the wedding announcement.
Click Here
Kate seems to wear a typical 4" heel that will give her about 3", if se'd be 5'10" + 3"= 6'1", ie the maximum difference would be 2" between Kate and Will.
I've drawn red lines on the hairline of the two, yeah, Will's hair start to grows in higher place, but still more than 2" apart, for me.
James said on 1/May/11
looked similar in height to prince harry at the royal wedding. Closer to 6'2 than 6'3 maybe?

Anyway I think 6'2.5 (189cm) is Williams height but 191cm is too much.
Physics Enemy said on 1/May/11
People are really underestimating William's footwear sometimes next to Pippa e.g.) Royal wedding. Kate's may be in heels, but williams getting 1.5" or more out of his own footwear.
Cindy said on 1/May/11
I'm confused. So considering : a) William is indeed a solid 6'3; b) the reports that she wears on a daily basis 3''1/2 heels are true; c) and some people say she looks 3/4 inches shorter than him; how can she be 5'9 or 5'8? Either she really is shorter than people think or she doesn't wear heels or William doesn't tower over her and/or has lifts, I don't know, but something is wrong.
Patty said on 1/May/11
Her wedding shoes were much taller than 3 1/2, littlesue. I have ones that are 4 inches tall and the heel is def smaller than hers.
Patfabric said on 1/May/11
I am just five feet eleven and one-half inches tall. Back in the 1960's when I was in high school that was considered EXTREMELY TALL FOR A GIRL. NOT TODAY!
There are six-footers and UP all over the place. KATE is definitely NOT 5 feet 10 and my guess is however that "statistic" got put on paper, someone was measuring her in her 5 inch high heels. As for William and his brother, forever in time boys and men have had their height pumped up. I used to laugh at the stats for the football players in high school... Mike so and so - 6 feet 2 inches, weight 240 pounds. Mike so and so was more like 5 feet 9 inches and 190 pounds or less. Too funny. At any rate, in the end what is 6 inches or even a foot in large scheme of things...regardless of or height and weight we are such a small speck in this universe.
Rikashiku said on 1/May/11
He's definitely 6'3". He's pretty damn tall lol especially next to John Key.
Click Here
MD said on 30/Apr/11
I think it was reported - if one is trying to judge her height form the wedding and the subsequent wedding photos - that she wore flats during the ceremony, and small heels afterwards, so at no point was she ever trying to max out her height, that day, for whatever reason. I still think she's 5'9ish", most likely.
SAK said on 30/Apr/11
Kate Middleton 5ft8.5/174cm
Prince William 6ft3/190cm
Prince Harry 6ft1.5/187cm

Tall bunch of royals.

How tall is Pippa Middleton?
jacqui said on 30/Apr/11
I'm 5ft 3 164cm but I am made to feel like the tallest woman in the world! Recently some lady told me I am TOO tall!!!imagine that
Jed said on 30/Apr/11
Regarding the wedding I think Will's footwear was giving him a fair bit of height over what he usually wears. He had a pretty big advantage over Kate, and looked a fair bit taller than Harry, yet today there are pictures of him and Kate walking and she looks nowhere near as short next to him as she did yesterday. Lifts? Maybe, but more likely he just had shoes on yesterday giving him a decent boost.
KK said on 30/Apr/11
There were reports at the wedding that Kate was wearing 3 inch heels, which would supposedly put her at 6'1". Prince William still towered over her, look at the official wedding pictures. Also, if you look at the pictures of them leaving Buckingham Palace this morning, Kate is wearing wedges that are probably four inches, and she is still quite a bit shorter than William. If she was as tall as they say, she should be standing almost eye-to-eye with William. So, unless William is much taller than he is given credit for, there is no way that Kate is 5'10". Even if she's a couple inches shorter than that, she is still fairly tall. I don't see the need to embellish her height, unless they wanted Diana comparisons.
Luke said on 30/Apr/11
Prince William got the tall gene of his great grandfather King George VI (The guy The Kings Speech was about) If you look at old footage of his speeches where he used to stammer he towers most people looking every part of 6'3" like William.
Harry said on 30/Apr/11
Will looks like a solid 6'3" while Harry is 6'2".

Kate is not 5'10". If you notice all the photos (wearing heels) she still looks 4" shorter than Will and that's in heels! My guess Kate is a 5'8/9" girl which would make sense because she did some modelling a few years back.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 30/Apr/11
189cm(6"2.5), not quite 6"3 but close...I think Kate Middleton is 177cm(5"9.5)
Patty said on 30/Apr/11
Kate is no taller than 5'8, sorry. She's beautiful tough.
Edward said on 30/Apr/11
Kate is a strange one, as she always seems at least 5 inches shorter than William. I am assuming she has 3 inch heels on, and William has at least 1 inch heel.
So in the shoe dept she has 2 inches on William yet is 5 inches shorter still. So she must be up to 7 inches shorter. If my maths are right that makes her about 5ft8.
Not a bad height and nothing she should be ashamed of but where did the 5ft10 come from. She has looked 5ft 10 once when she came out of her house in boots and photographers were hounding her for photographs. But that is about it.
littlesue said on 30/Apr/11
Lol about the wedding shoes being 6 or 7 inches high!! there is a picture of just the shoes in one of the papers today and they have about a 3 1/2 inch heel with no platform, I'd say she is about 5ft 8 to 5ft 9
andrew said on 30/Apr/11
"No way is he 6'3", unless every single elderly person he walked past at the wedding was 6'."

You probably associate old people with being short, e.g. due to aging, but shorter height amongst older people is mainly due to poor nutrition for the average person in the past. However all the elderly people he walked past in the Abbey would've been upper class types, who've always tended to be much taller than the lower classes because they've always had plenty to eat.
Shaun said on 30/Apr/11
maryl130 says on 29/Apr/11
I'm 5'11.5 and sometimes say I'm 6 feet and i'm a girl. But most guys lie about their height. Girls don't give themselves an extra inch.

Yeah I agree, in Hollywood they give themselves two inches! E.g 5'8" Angelina Jolie and 5'4" Carmen Electra who in reality are 5'6" and 5'2".
Shaun said on 30/Apr/11
Prince Harry only looks 1.5-2 inches shorter than William, not 3 or 4. He looks 6'1.5" to me and Prince William looks 6'3".
Shaun said on 30/Apr/11
who? says on 29/Apr/11

I say even the "official" is 6'3" for William i say he is more of a 6'1".

You clearly no NOTHING about height. He's at least 4 inches taller than David Beckham. So Beckham is 5'9"? Beckham was also two inches taller than George CLooney, so Clooney is 5'7"?? Go away.
who? said on 29/Apr/11
right .. wtfe ... if people were paying some attention to the broadcast today .. all the people compared to William and Kate were about of equal or a bit shorter ... unless there is a requirement on how tall someone is in order to get a job as a poopy scooper for the royal horses or maybe all people in GB ar giants .. whatever .. I say even the "official" is 6'3" for William i say he is more of a 6'1" and Kate clearly when she stood next to him she seemed to be easily 4 inches shorter so a 5'7" and I am being very generous
maryl130 said on 29/Apr/11
I'm 5'11.5 and sometimes say I'm 6 feet and i'm a girl. But most guys lie about their height. Girls don't give themselves an extra inch.
Mohammad said on 29/Apr/11
Ronaldo is 186 cm, William looks 189.
MCD said on 29/Apr/11
I don't see Kate in the range of 5' 10.75", which is what Diana stood. She is more 5' 9,5".
jeanette said on 29/Apr/11
why does William look 3 to 4 inches taller the Harry?
Shaun said on 29/Apr/11
Mmm actually 3-4 inches in her best heels, she looks a little taller than Beckham looked next to Prince William when she is in decent sized heels.

Click Here

Those boots look about 2-2.5 inch heels and to me she gives off a good 5'11" in comparison. Barefoot I think 5'9" makes most sense.
Kesi said on 29/Apr/11
I saw the wedding shoes and they were 6 or 7 inches tall, they could've made her as tall as or taller than William, and yet he still towers over her! How can she be 5'8??? More like 5'6, '57.
Shaun said on 29/Apr/11
Rob please start a page for Kate Middleton. She's the future Queen!! 5'9" I'd say. Prince William looks about 5 inches taller with footwear disadvantage.
Patricia said on 29/Apr/11
Kate seems a solid 5'8. William is prob 6'2. They're a cute couple.
Sdot said on 29/Apr/11
Prince Harry is a solid 6ft3. Kate Middleton is 5ft10 solid 6ft in heels
Tempest said on 29/Apr/11
No way is he 6'3", unless every single elderly person he walked past at the wedding was 6'.
Cliff Richard said on 29/Apr/11
Kate looked unusually small next to William in her high heels. I dont know how high the heels were but she looked 5inches shorter.

I would say Kate must be around 5ft8inches. Doesnt look 5ft9 to me.
Andrea [ITA] said on 29/Apr/11
Yeah if Prince williams is 190, kate must be around 173 175 for sure! Shes tall!
Leo said on 28/Apr/11
Just watching Sky News here, Rob. They just said "Kate wont be having the same big flowers as she's not as tall as Diana was". I'd say 5ft 8/9 barefoot, not quite the 10. William 6ft 3 "officially". I still see him as 6ft 2.
Shannon said on 28/Apr/11
I agree with Shaun. OMG. i used to think he was such a looks like his creepy dad. So sad. i hope he's nicer to his new wife than daddy-o was to Diana.
Shaun said on 27/Apr/11
RICHARD says on 24/Dec/10
Yeah,he went from looking like the spitting image of Diana to Charles/Edward very quickly.I mean,he was the male Diana,now he's Charles,Jr. Poor guy=

Yeah he used to be very good looking and looked just like Diana, now uncannily like Edward...
Shaun said on 27/Apr/11
5'10" for Kate middleton I can't believe. Looks more 5'8.5-5'9" barefoot
Shaun said on 27/Apr/11
Eddie what are you on about? Ronaldo 5'11? He's 6'1" and change apparently. 185cm minimum. William is clearly a legit 6'3"
eddie said on 26/Apr/11
I have pics taken of me with c. ronaldo from last year, and be sure that he isn't over 6"0 (i am 6"1 and was taller than him by atleast an inch, both of us were wearing running shoes), if anything he is a bit under that mark, he is 182cm at the most, which would make William 6"2=188cm tops!
Chris said on 25/Apr/11
Kate Middleton is not 5'10". Common sense says she is 5'8" - 9".
Andie said on 22/Apr/11
Rob, Do you know how tall Kate is? Thanks.

[Editor Rob: she gets called 5ft 10 a lot, I believe she isn't quite that tall but maybe 5ft 9 is possible.]
MD said on 22/Apr/11
I know you were asking Rob, but I'd guess that Kate has to be somewhere in the 5'9" range. She's pretty tall, obviously.
shannon said on 22/Apr/11
Rob, how tall do you think kate is?
timi said on 16/Apr/11
To James, christiano ronaldo claims to be just 6"0.5 which is 184 cm and not 187 cm (almost 6"2), a friend of mine (5"11=180 barefoot) got an autograph from him several months ago at madrid prior to a practice of his club says that ronaldo is a half an inch maybe an inch shorter something like 6"0 max=182.5cm, so that should be the reference point when comparing between him and prince william.
People just tend to exaggerate when it comes to celebrities heights.
traveller said on 14/Apr/11
Was in the arctic staying in the room 2 doors down from him. Passed by him regularly. Very tall. 6'3 barefoot. 6'0 or under is not plausible.
Ron said on 13/Apr/11
I'm 5'11" and have never felt it necessary to claim 6', or any other height. Those that do are probably trying to compensate for another bodily dimension;-))
Elce said on 13/Apr/11
I see William isnot much taller than my husband. I think he is 5'10 tall.
SAK said on 26/Mar/11
William is 6ft3(191cm) and Harry is approx 4cm shorter @ 6ft1.5(187cm)
James said on 20/Feb/11
Well when William was 15 i think he was a shade shorter than Charles?

Prince harry is not over 6'2.
RICHARD said on 18/Feb/11
If anything Harry looks slightly shorter than Will,and if Will is in the 6'2 range then Harry is only 6'1-6'1.5,which seems sorta low.Harry is at least 6'2 and Will is 6'3;c'mon he's a tall guy,even when he was a teen he reached 6ft.
James said on 14/Feb/11
I think 191cm could just be a little bit of a stretch for William so i think 190cm is more accurate.
gvigo said on 12/Feb/11
In your photos with Cristiano, you forgot to compare Prince William with King Juan Carlos. He was 1'86 when he was young and 1'85 nowadays. So I give him 1'90
Anonymous said on 9/Feb/11
A Big bloke. And handsome as the dawn.
MsKitty said on 8/Feb/11
I caught a segment on the Today show this morning where an artist rendered an exact wax replica of Prince William and the figure's height was given as 6'3...
James said on 28/Jan/11
Well in those pics MD he looks a good 1.5 inches taller than Prince Harry. Prince Harry also has hair advantage so there is a noticible difference between the 2 princes. But yeah i agree though after looking at more pics of them probably more like a 1 inch height gap in reality. Harry could be 6'2 if William really is 6'3.
MD said on 26/Jan/11
I can't for the life of me understand why some folks think there is more than a marginal difference in height between Prince William and Prince Harry. They've been practically the same height ever since they topped out:

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

This isn't to say that William isn't taller, but it's not nearly as much as some people think.
James said on 25/Jan/11
fair assesment - sorry there is no way Prince Harry is 187cm if William is 189cm. If big will is 189cm then Harry is 185cm or 186cm at best in my opinon.
fair assessment said on 24/Jan/11
from these photos below by James, I would assess that William's precise height is 6' 2.5. People often round up half an inch. I have many friends who are 6' 1.5 exact but always say they are "six two" because it sounds good and with shoes they definitely cross 6'2.
So my conlusion is William is 6' 2.5 while Harry is 6' 1.75.

Rob would you know how tall is the gorgeous Zara Phillips? :)

[Editor Rob: I recall reading 5ft 5 for her, but I think she might be 5ft 7 range rather than 5ft 5.]
James said on 22/Jan/11
i think wiliam is 6'2.5 (189cm)or maybe 6'2.75 (190cm) at a push.

Here with listed 6'1.5 (187cm) Cristiano Ronaldo.
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Hmmmmm rob would the studs in cristianos soccer boots give him footware advantage over william?
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 22/Jan/11
Prince William is 6"2.75(190cm) max...
Prince Harry is 6"1.75(187cm) but quite possibly 6"2(188cm)
Rudi said on 19/Jan/11
Based on the photo bill clinton with prince william, i guess strongly that prince harry is around 184cm !!
fair assessment said on 19/Jan/11
Click Here
In the above photo with Bill Clinton, Prince William is not considerably taller. William looks like a legit 6'2" in this photo. (Bill Clinton being 6' 0.75)

Any one has an idea how tall Zara Philips is?
Hazel said on 11/Jan/11
Prince William is considerable tall for a member of the royal family. But I believe that they say Prince William is 6ft 3inch.
Candyman said on 11/Jan/11
Looks 6'2.5-.75 next to Richie McCaw, who is 6'1.5, in many pics and in some instances looks shorter.

Click Here
Rudi said on 7/Jan/11
Prince william really looked around 187cm with 184 guy bill clinton in a photo in google !
Dr Donald Crawford-Clarke said on 5/Jan/11
HM the Queen is 5 ft
Prince Phillip is 5ft 8
Prince Charles 5ft 7
Prince Andrew is 5ft 10
Prince Edward is 5ft 11 and half
William is 6ft 3 and half inches, unusually tall for a royal.
fair assessment said on 4/Jan/11
I think prince william is more like 6' 2.5. There is a phot of beckham, cameron and prince william and william is not considerably taller than cameron (6' 0.5"). I would asses 6' 2 or 2.5 for prince william.
RICHARD said on 30/Dec/10
nah,Harry looks like The Queen more than Diana.imo
James said on 27/Dec/10
Richard do you think harry is now the male diana? LOL
RICHARD said on 24/Dec/10
Yeah,he went from looking like the spitting image of Diana to Charles/Edward very quickly.I mean,he was the male Diana,now he's Charles,Jr. Poor guy=(
James said on 23/Dec/10
Richard i think prince harry looks more like princess diana nowadays and since william is balding he is looking more like his farther and prince andrew.

Charles fartehr 6ft at his peak not 6'2 though.
RICHARD said on 21/Dec/10
Don't forget that Charles' father was 6'2,and Edward and Andrew are 6'.I guess the tall genes ran on both sides of the family,though William definetly took after Diana's side,in height and looks,well maybe not so much
Brazilian fella said on 19/Dec/10
They only are tall (or at least tallish) thanx to their tall mother. The British Royal Family as a whole has been of very average height since a longe time ago. King George VI was 5'8" (short by today standards, average or 1 inch above it by then). Prince Charles is 5'10", exactly the average for British White Men. The Queen is 5'4", the exact average of British Women.
James said on 8/Dec/10
I think Harry could be 6'2 but there is a chance as well he might be 6'1.5.

Remember Prince Wiliam could be 190cm and he was also given 189cm on this page as well once.

Prince Charles was never 5'11. More like 5'10 peak and 176-177cm today.
RICHARD said on 4/Dec/10
Here's my estimates for William,Harry,Charles,Diana,Queen Elizabeth,Prince Philip,Kate,Camilla..without heels,lifts,dress shoes

William-6'3...well-known as the tallest of the Royal Family,Harry is a slight second
Harry-6'2 flat..looks slighlty under his brother,or the same in certain shoes.tricky to gauge,IMO
Charles-5'11..right?..though he might be as low as 5'9 now
Diana-a legit 5'10 woman,even taller in heels.
Elizabeth-5'4..not sure on her though
Philip-about 6'1,now,like Charles,probably 5'9-5'10
Camilla-5'4..sorta like the Queen
Kate-like Diana,a solid 5'10..she looks tall next to Wills,even w/out heels
J.J. said on 3/Dec/10
Kate Middleton is 5'8" or 5'8.5" at most
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 2/Dec/10
Actually Prince Harry could be 6"2.

He's listed as 189cm in some places and he does look almost as tall as his brother in some pictures
James said on 26/Nov/10
Kate is 5'10 same height as diana.
RICHARD said on 25/Nov/10
How tall is Kate Middleton? She looks tall in heels,even next to Wills.I'm guessing she's 6'0" with them.
James said on 25/Nov/10
Prince William 6'3
Prince Harry 6'1.5
Prince Charles 5'10 (peak)
Lord Althorop (Dianas brother) 6'3
Princess Diana 5'10
Rudi said on 24/Nov/10
Look the picture 184cm guy PM david cameron with prince william in google when they stood upright together with an old man who stood between them and you would know how tall prince william about !
J.J. said on 24/Nov/10
Prince Charles for one appears no shorter than 5'9.5". But I don't know whether it's lifts or what. Harry is arguably 187cm or 6'1.75" chances are he is probably a flat 6'2" but 186cm is too low for him. Kate Middleton is a flat 5'9" to me but I was guessing she could be 5'8" at first.
lolo said on 21/Nov/10
height: 6'2.75 (190cm)
James said on 20/Nov/10
Harry is 186-187cm and William 191cm.

Harry ain't quite 6'2.
Shaun said on 20/Nov/10
Prince William looked 0.5-1 inch taller than Arsene Wenger who is supposed to be 6'3" himself and is often listed at 6'4". A weak 6'3" or even 6'2" is BS.
Shaun said on 20/Nov/10
A true barefoot 6'3" is borderline very tall. I can reach 190 in loafers and feel very tall a lot of the time. William walks about at around 6 ft 4 in footwear and he does look about 6'4" in shoes.
Shaun said on 20/Nov/10
LOL at the post on that news article who said

"Six foot three is quite short by today's standards, there are plenty of schoolboys taller than, that my stepgrandson is six feet seven tall and was six feet three at thirteen."

"6'3" is quite short by today's standards". Sorry but LOL. What world does he live in... And how many schoolchildren are above 6'3? Extremely few.

Read more: Click Here
Shaun said on 20/Nov/10
Prince Harry looks exactly the same height as me. I'd say 6'1.5". 6'2" morning. William looks an easy legit 6'3" next to David Beckham.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 20/Nov/10
Harry's now listed as 6"2.5 or 6"3
Anonymous said on 17/Nov/10
Click Here
Cliff R said on 16/Nov/10
He does look 6ft3. He towers of kate middleton even when she wears heels. I thinki i remember her being 5ft9 or 10 as well.
So 6ft3 would seem fair to me. He looks it.
David said on 12/Nov/10
I met Prince William, we were wearing similar shoes and I shook his hand and briefly spoke to him at a fashion even. I am 6'4" in bare feet -- I was in dress shoes with a slight heal and he was in similarly appointed heals -- I am solidly 2" taller than HRH placing him at a hight of 6'2". My date is 6'2" and was wearing 3" heals (and roughly a whisper taller than myself). I am confident in the 6'2" assertion -- 6'3" is a stretch (no pun intended).
James said on 27/Oct/10
Rampage I have to agree with you its very much possible Prince Harry is 185cm and to be honest I find it hard to buy 6'2 for him.

I would not rule out Prince William potentially being a weak 6'3 as well.
Rampage(\-_-_-/)Clover said on 27/Oct/10
Prince Harry is 185cm or 6"1 barefoot.
Aussie Ryan said on 27/Oct/10
RampageClover 190.8cm - Have you commented on every height on this site!!

Lets be honest. Its very hard to tell if someone is 189cm or 190cm just from looking at a photo of them.... I'm exactly 191cm ( Verified by a doctor for my health insurance ).... If I'm standing next to someone that is 190cm, I'm going to find it hard to tell the difference
rafa said on 8/Jul/09
wow after seeing that photo with cristiano... so the prince is not tall as he pressumes... we could downgrade him to 6'1.5"- 6'2"...
Josh.J said on 15/Jun/09
Gangah the link you posted was to search results of ronaldo. here's a couple of pics to show you that prince william is slightly taller.
Click Here
you also have to remember that football boots give more advantage than dress shoes. they lift the whole of the foot not just the heels. oh and ronaldo has impeccable posture almost all of the time and he gives the illusion of him looking taller.
Gangah said on 14/Jun/09
for GM and josh.j look this Click Here
the stage is not uplifted , both were at the same level and you can clearly see that they have the same height
MD said on 1/Jun/09
A reference shot of Prince Harry that may help in the future:

Here is Prince Harry with poloer/ist? Nacho Figueras, who's sports profiles list him at 6'1":

Click Here

And to show that Figueras is a full 6'1", at least, here he is with L.L. Cool J:

Click Here
Josh.J said on 31/May/09
phew this was hard to find. you mean this Gangah?
Click Here
what you have to remember is that c.ronaldo is closer to the camera and the shot is taken from below the medals platform. both contributes to making ronaldo taller then he is.
GM said on 30/May/09
The stage where Cristiano stands is uplifted, thats why he seem the same height as prince Wiliam. I have seen ronaldo, I think that he is 184-5 cm barefoot
bgaineshunter said on 30/May/09
Prince Charles Web site has been listing Prince William at 6'3 for at least nine years now. Prince William was 6'1 when Diana died. He is certainly 6'4-6'5 now. Prince Harry is 6'3.
Gangah said on 28/May/09
aa i have a question i saw a pic of Cristiano Ronaldo with prince william from champions league final,and they were about the same height, so Cristiano Ronaldo height is 191 or prince william height is 185?
Moke said on 25/May/09
It`s barefoot of course. Ultimately you want to compare height of different known persons in their natural constitution.
JoeX said on 13/May/09
Question . . . when we say Harry or William are 6'2" or 6'3" is this with or without shoes on? My grandson is 6'3" barefoot but 6'4 1/2 wearing his Nikes so footwear does make a difference. Never quite sure if height listed here is official barefoot or with shoes. Thx for clarification.
Stephanie said on 2/May/09
William's official site says (or used to say, I haven't gone there since they updated recently) he is 6' 3". And he looks that next to rugby players... Harry is probably either 6' 1.5" or 6' 2".
Vegas said on 23/Mar/09
looked every bit of 6'3 next to the irish rugby players in cardiff on saturday, certainly looked that height next to 6'6 paul o connell and 6'7 donncha o'callaghan and they were wearing studded boots too so had a slight footwear advantage
Doug said on 13/Mar/09
He was on the news earlier and looked taller than 6'2". I'm 6'2" and I dont' stoop. William constantly is stooping, he has pretty bad posture. He looked in the 6'3"-6'4" range earlier it has to be said. He looks around 6'4" in shoes.
Doug said on 9/Mar/09
To those below remember this is a barefoot height. When you see him in pictures he is wearing shoes and is as tall as 6'3.5" or 6'4" in good shoes. Barefoot, 6'2.5"-6.2.75" is more accurate.
Doug said on 9/Mar/09
191cm is too high for William. He is almost certainly 189-190 which is often rounded to 6'3".
Doug said on 9/Mar/09
Joanne. I'm 6'2" barefoot and certainly wouldn't want to be any taller than 6'4", I can reach 6'3.5" in my Timberland boots and I tower above women and most men and feel plenty tall enough. I would quite happily be up to 6'4" which is borderline "super tall" but certainly no taller, I am quite happy at my height. For guys being taller in general is desirable, it feels good but few would want to look beanpole like or be freakishly tall. Between 6'0" and 6'4" and a good strong build is probably how a lot of men would like to look. William fits this criteria. There are some, mostly teenagers who would think it cool to be over 6 foot 6 like some of the wrestlers or basketball players but a lot of shorter guys would be be very happy to be around 6 foot let alone 6'5". The public authorities ignore anybody over 6'4" in transport systems etc making it pretty uncomfortable for anybody taller than this. There are exceptions, it sort of depends on build and looks. If I looked like Clint Walker I'd be over the moon and he was 6'6", super tall and broad but generally this is far too tall. You don;t see too many men this height and well built too. Usually the ones in the 6'5" to 6'7" range are the Peter Crouch types that many call "freaks".
yoyo said on 2/Mar/09
he looks no way more than 190 tall. hes a strong 6ft2max.
J.J. said on 26/Jan/09
Kanye West looks 5'8.5" in that picture with Prince Harry so I think he is 5.8.5" for real
J.J. said on 26/Jan/09
I believe he is 6'2.75" which still makes him 6'3" anyway cos that will be 190cm but a full 6'3" is 190.5cm & rounded up will be 191cm. As for his brother I think he is a strong 6'1.5" & a weak 6'2" probably about 187cm which still makes him 6'2". So as for this listing it think it's quite accurate although I'll give him 190cm instead of 191cm. I've always thought I was 5'11.5" but I recently got measured by this self-measuring machine that checks your BMI & it said 5'11" on the screen at 180cm but when the print out came out it gave the exact details which was 5'10.7" so in actual sense it's 179.6 but the machine recognizes the need to round up making me 180cm but a full 5'11" is 180.34cm. So when some1 ask my height I just say 5'11" & there's absolutely nothing wrong with saying 5'11". If you check Scottish tennis player Andy Murray his height is actually 190cm but yet is 6'3". This is realistic cos I wonder if ppl ever get to exactly 190.5cm for them to 6'3" & cos some1 is not 190.5cm then they aren't 6'3" or if someone is not exactly 187.96cm & they say their 6'2" then they are lying. Because I think is fair to say you are 6'2" if you measured @ 187cm but maybe if you measured at 186cm you must just say 6'1". Let's be realistic people! I think william is 6'3" but at 190cm.
Wadap said on 21/Jan/09
Click Here

Hey that slim boy harry looks to be a lot taller than kanye west ja diddymanboy.
Joanne said on 12/Jan/09
I think Wills would be just above 6'1... 6'2 max.He is tall but not 6'4 or 6'5 tall.
I wonder what guys feel about being super tall...Is it a good thing????Lolz.
MATEY said on 21/Dec/08
William is more like 6ft 2 and a half in,Harry is 6ft 1 in no taller.
Actually anon I totally agree with your comments.
ANON said on 19/Dec/08
With reference to comments by the clown "evanna",Asian people are NOT ALL SHORT this is a myth!
Punjabis and North Pakistani people are tall as well as in regions such as Rajastan,the chaps are very ofter well over 6ft in height!
The Indian sub continet is made up of various and differing ethnic groups and are not all short!!!
Bruce said on 3/Dec/08
i strongly believe he is this height but i think his younger brother is about 6'1.25" - 6'1.5"
Karl van Karlsen said on 1/Dec/08
I think William is 6'2.5-2.75 (189-190) and Harry is at about 6'0.75-1.25 (185-186)

William is DEFINITELY more than 1' taller than Prince Harry.

JL says on 23/Jun/07
If Prince William is 6-3 - Harry is 6-5

hahaahhaha :D nice joke Harry is NEVER EVER more than 187cm I reckon he's rather about 6'1 +-0.5 maybe only 184cm.

To sum up (both use insoles+heels that's a fact) in my eyes:

William is at about 189cm 6'2.75
Harry is at about 185cm 6'1

So William is 1,5+ inches taller than Harry. Both really tall for British ppl.
MD said on 20/Nov/08
To back to an earlier argument, Harry appearing taller than William on the Today Show, last year, may have been illusion, but I'm really not seeing a nearly 2" difference even if we are to give William the nod. They are practically the same height:

Click Here

Click Here

(take into account the extreme tilt on this one)

Click Here

Click Here
Royal said on 12/Nov/08
Click Here

Look at him with Prince Charles. 6'1 at the most.
Josh said on 12/Jul/08
William 6'2.5 (189cm) Harry 6'0.5 (184cm) Charles 5'9.5 (177cm)
Stephanie said on 18/Apr/08
Willie is around 6" 2-3". Katie is 5' 8" to 5' 9".
Anonymous KinG said on 22/Mar/08
i seen Prince William looks more like 189cm(6ft2.5in).. looks no way shorter than 189.. but might be 190 as many people mention.. 191 sounds abit much for him..
Chris said on 20/Mar/08
They all exaggerate. William is probably 6'2". Kate is probably 5'7" to 5'8".
TrueBrit said on 24/Feb/08
the royal family are figure heads now more than anything else. they're more there for tradition than anything else now.
but however, rob, you say you cant take the idea of monarchy seriously?
my friend monarchy was around along time before America was established etc.
anyways, onto the issue of height, i always think prince william looks really tall, around this height range, Harry looks just a tad shorter nowadays as well
Stephanie said on 22/Feb/08
Kate Middleton is 5' 9".
Ally said on 15/Feb/08
Does anyone know how tall is his girlfriend, Kate Middleton?
Anonymous said on 10/Feb/08
William is 6'2, Harry is 6'05 and Charles is 5'9
Vlad99 said on 29/Jan/08
He's 6'2-1/2"
Kab Age said on 27/Dec/07
I met Prince Charles in 2001 and he's definately a six footer. Wasn't sure what shoes he had on mind....
Ben said on 4/Oct/07
This guy ist really tall, just look at his pictures, same is his brother. Prince William is 6-4 and Prince Harry is 6-3.
Jason said on 16/Sep/07
Definitely add them to the Bush page!!!
Bobo said on 16/Sep/07
Why is the Royal in inverted commas? The Brits don't say American 'President' even when Bush fixed the election.......

[Editor Rob: maybe I should add them to the Bush page. I just can't take the notion of a Monarchy seriously.]
carl said on 11/Sep/07
william,s a solid 6,3 maybe even 6,4 as some sites lists him,s plain to see.
penny said on 7/Sep/07
def not a solid 6ft3.. he looks most like 189cm tall only..
me said on 30/Aug/07
i saw him he was 6ft3 or 6.4
its right
Legs said on 26/Aug/07
Does anyone know how tall Kate and Chelsy are? With them next to Wills (6'2?) and Harry (6'1?) Kate looks 5'8ish and Chelsy 5'7ish
Legs said on 26/Aug/07
I seen multiple blogs and sites that say Wills is 6'2 and Harry is slightly shorter so 6'1. I have never met them so...
MHouillon said on 5/Jul/07
The heels are normal 1-1.25 inches (2.5 - 3cm) heels.
ryan said on 5/Jul/07
thir heels are nothin in comparison to heals worn by bradpitt and rock
Kevin said on 4/Jul/07
Prince william and harry, wear big heels" all the time, prof here Click Here
thats why they can come across taller than anyone..
carl said on 2/Jul/07
in that photo william is standing on a slighly lower ground.look at their legs relative to the ground.
ok, if you didn,t see the slope try this,look at the grasses by harry,s left and compare it to the grasses by william,s right,look very will see that the area by harry,s left hand side is higher than the area in william,s right hand will see it if you look.despite all this william is still one inch taller.i,ll give him two inches on a more level surface
Gramps said on 2/Jul/07
I just reviewed hundreds of photos of Willam and Harry on GettyImages taken in the past few days. I had thought maybe Harry had grown taller than William. While there aren't any 'definitive' photos, I concluded that indeed, William is the taller, by 0.5-1.0". Here is a pretty good photo, but still not conclusive:
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Halb said on 29/Jun/07
He has his mum's head tilt.
6'3'' JK said on 25/Jun/07
Yeah, that is kind of true Rob, he is always slouching!
6'3'' JK said on 25/Jun/07
Rob how come an upgrade?, He looked a legit 6'2.5'' to me, nothing over

[Editor Rob: I did look at him again and I don't think half the time he is standing tall.]
Anonymous said on 25/Jun/07
William is taller than Harry.
shawn said on 24/Jun/07
i was just watching the matt lauer interview with the princes.....
harry looks 6'3-6'3.5 and william 6'2-6'2.5
they are tall handsome boys.....
harry is definitley the better looking now.
JL said on 23/Jun/07
If Prince William is 6-3 - Harry is 6-5
6'3'' JK said on 23/Jun/07
Rob if you can, can you make a page for prince Harry? and what height does Harry look to you Rob?
Mr. R said on 22/Jun/07
Every pic I have seen of the two princes, always had William taller than Harry. I think that Harry must have grown in the military when no one was looking. How about that Matt Lauer? He always seemed so tall on the Today Show, next to Bryant Gumbel and Al Roker, along with the other women who have been on the show. I was stunned at how short he seemed compared to the princes!
Mr. R said on 22/Jun/07
Rob, somehow my comment from TV Guide is now coming from Anonymous. What happened? Mr.R

[Editor Rob: you seemed to have fixed the name now, it was probably the cookie that remembers your name...didn't remember it or something.]
Anonymous said on 22/Jun/07
This week's TV Guide, in preparation for the Lauer interview, it says:
"By all accounts, the princes have a close and affectionate relationship with their father and have warmed to their stepmother, Camilla. BOTH 6'3", they tower over the 5'10" Prince Charles and have been known to look down and jokingly mess with his thinning hair (and his dignity) in public." Was it me, or did Harry actually look a little bit taller than William? Hard to believe these were the little boys romping around the castle!
6'3'' JK said on 20/Jun/07
Yes i agree Viper, 6'2'' for William and 6'2.5'' for Harry, although William maybe still 6'2.5'' aswell,
Viper said on 19/Jun/07
William looks 6-2 and Harry around 6-2 1/2 to me.
MD said on 19/Jun/07
Yes, Harry did look taller than William. It wasn't by a lot, but enough to be noticed. It was odd to see Matt Lauer looking so short.
Mary said on 19/Jun/07
I saw the princes on Dateline last night and agree with those who say Harry is even taller than William now. It's quite obvious in the scene(s) where they're all walking together. Since Laurer is 5"11, I'd put William at 6'2 1/2 or 6'3 and Harry at 6"4. I love tall men.
Tom said on 19/Jun/07
Harry looked visibly taller than Prince William on the interview last night...
Ed said on 19/Jun/07
Royal Watcher, I agree they dwarfed Lauer who I looked up and is listed at 5ft11. Even just sitting on the couch during the interview, you could tell they are both very tall. Harry's legs were stretched out the whole time, and you would have thought he was 6ft5 or more. I though Harry was the shorter one, but at moments when they were walking in the garden with Lauer he looked bigger. 6ft2.5 easy for both, but I'd wager 6ft3 minimum maybe a hair more.
A.T. said on 19/Jun/07
No way, you have it reversed! I watched the Dateline special with Matt Lauer too, and yes, both Princes are quite tall. However at one point they were on either side of Matt (while walking outside), and Prince Harry is visibly the tallest! I'd estimate HE is around 6'3, while his older brother William is around 6'1-ish. Matt Lauer was totally dwarfed by these two - so he's gotta be around 5'10/11. I'm a tall girl (almost 5'10) so I'm very good at guessing the height of most guys. Either way, Prince Harry - or should I say "Ginger"? ;-) is frickin HOT!
Royal Watcher said on 18/Jun/07
I dunno. Seeing them with Matt Lauer, they are TALL dudes... 6'3" for the future king, and the "spare" 6'1"+ .... but height actually can vary a measurable bit considering time of day, etc.... So quibbling over 1/2" here or there doesn't seen to be useful...
Stephanie said on 17/Apr/07
I think he's 6' 3". His ex-girlfriend Kate is said to be 5' 9", so that seems about right.
St Andrews said on 12/Dec/06
I went to St Andrews University at the same time as him and met him on several occasions. My estimate of his height is 6'3".
Anonymous said on 7/Sep/06
some sites have william at 6,2 or 6,4.his official site says 6,3.i think he is like 6,3(his official site is correct).harry is 6,1.5.charles is 5,10
prince felipe is 6,5
Amanda said on 3/Sep/06
William is listed at 6' 4" on some sites. But he was listed as 6' 2" a while ago (when he was about 19 or 20). Some sites have him at 6' 3", but I don't think he's taller than that. 6' 2.5" is probably correct.
carl said on 3/Sep/06
there are some picture of william and harry together but posting them is very bogus.i think rob should help us out.sorry i wont reply till about 2 weeks time.i will be very busy catch you in 2 weeks time.bye
Gotxo said on 2/Sep/06
I've no problems in accepting what you say. I'm just saying what i thought but maybe i'm not aware of changes. So if you have a good photo of harry wich can be used to compare you can post it here. I don't think is straying to much away because if we nail him down we could compare him now to his brother.
Rob probably won't argue posting a link of Harry here if it helps with his brother too.

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