How tall is Prince William

Prince William's Height

6ft 2 ¾ (189.9 cm)

Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge is a member of the British Royal Family. The official royal site had stated his height as being 6ft 3.

How tall is Prince William
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Height of Princess Diana
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Height of  Prince Harry
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Average Guess (139 Votes)
6ft 2.94in (190.3cm)
Sandra Ace said on 4/Sep/23
I saw him in Last year and he's quite tall. I would say he's 6'2Β½ 189 cm . My girl friend is 190 cm. Only one cm is the difference. He's the tallest royal alive in British family. But the Spanish family royal were the tallest King Felipe is 6'5Β½ (197 cm). 8 cm difference.
James (179cm) Jones said on 6/May/23
He's definitely a solid 6'3. He's gonna be a great king one day, just like his father is... 🀴
Tom 6ft1.5 said on 24/Apr/23
Rob do you count Maguire's hair as his height ? if you do , the top of his hair is 6 cm taller than prince William , that makes William is only 187 cm tall ?
Click Here
Editor Rob
He looks a bit closer than William, probably adding a bit of height. Plus close to 1 inch of hair verus William with barely any on his crown.
Progking185 said on 22/Sep/22
He sometimes looks 6'3. No less than 6'2.75. He's probably 6'2.75 during the day, and around 6'4 in shoes. And yeah @Maahin he is pretty much exactly Big Lewis height
Maahin Chowdhury said on 20/Sep/22
Rob, would Big Lewis be around the same height as him or slightly taller or shorter? I think Prince William is a solid 6’3.
Editor Rob
Doubt you could spot any difference between them in person.
Irshgrl500 said on 8/Sep/22
Prince William is the tallest Royal since Henry VIII.
David Zelisney said on 17/Aug/22
Prince William (40 years old) is still quite slender and about the same height as King Willem of the Netherlands. But Willem is quite a lot heavier and appears even taller. Those huge Hollanders!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 23/Jun/22
Never looked a solid 6ft3.

Hemsworth with less shoe and legs further apart still has him Click Here
Abdul-DK said on 13/Jun/22

191 cm.
(Billythetreesurgeon) said on 7/Apr/22
He does look about 6ft 3 in all fairness
Arch Stanton said on 27/Feb/22
I think Dan Snow is taller than 6'5.25. Saw a recent pic of George and he's now got lanky legs, the legs of somebody in very tall range when full grown. Give it ten years or so!
Hyper said on 5/Dec/21
Looks small with Dan Snow.

Click Here

I know Dan Snow is listed 6’5 1/4”, but that’s a big difference.
Mickie said on 22/Nov/21
I think this is the correct listing. Close to but not quite 6'3". Surely nothing less than 6'2.5" and 6'2.75" is an excellent fit.
Arch Stanton said on 16/Oct/21
Actually looks the full 6'3 with Dominic Calvert-Lewin.
RJT said on 30/Sep/21
His slim frame aid him looking taller nevertheless seem at least this height and can creep to full 6'3.

I guess he is max 0.5cm taller than me, he is 190-190.5 while I'm more 189.5-190cm dude.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 19/Sep/21
I did once read that William was six foot five! It didn't come out of the Prince's mouth though - he's far too nice and honest.

What a shame I missed the father-of-three's 39th Birthday this year. I won't miss his Big 4-0, that's for sure; I'll mark it up in one of my next year's cat calendars! πŸ˜ΊπŸ“


I'm going with 6ft3.
Slim 6'1.5 said on 12/May/21
If he’s In the 189 area then yeah he could potentially be 191-191,5 out of bed, not sure about 192 out of bed tho…
Canson said on 23/Apr/21
@Rampage: depends on the afternoon height. If that’s his afternoon he would but if lunch maybe not. May be 6’3 3/8” out of bed then
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 21/Apr/21
Rob, is 6ft3Β½ out of bed possible?
Editor Rob
I'm sure he measures that mark. Would be shocked if he didn't!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 20/Apr/21
Hemsworth’s legs are further apart. Back to back I’d give him the edge over William
RJT said on 4/Jan/21
Click Here

Prince William was wearing polo boots but didn't have noticeable heels while Chris look to have slight heel on his boots. Look about the same.

That means Chris needs to be downgraded to 6'2.75" as well.
Duhon said on 20/Nov/20
With an almost 5'10" mother and a 5'10" father is it suprising that Will and Harry as well didn't end up taller? They are both above 6' but I'd think due to their mothers height at least they'd be even above that.
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 27/Oct/20
My shortest brother was 6'2 1/2 had similar frame and bone structure as William.
recapa said on 19/Oct/20
190cm .4 cm taller than harry
Stuart Wilkie said on 8/Oct/20
William is a genuine 6'1. No taller. Harry is six foot, no more. Royals have always exaggerated their height. I have met the Queen and Bless her, she was no longer 5'4" tall in '90. I'd say 5 foot at best, but at her grand age its usual to lose several inches. Philip was 5'9.
James B 172cm said on 29/Sep/20
No doubt rob prince William will probably shrink a lot with age like Prince Philip
Editor Rob
I am sure he will, but he's got many years over 6ft 2 ahead of him.
Jug said on 22/Aug/20
6'2.5 for William; 6'1 for Harry.
OriginalAnon said on 4/Jul/20
Harry 185cm
William 189cm
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 21/Jun/20
πŸŽˆπŸ€΄πŸŽ‚πŸŽ Happy Birthday HRH! πŸŽπŸ‘ŒπŸ€΄πŸŽˆ

A Very Happy Birthday to our future King, HRH Prince William, who celebrates his 38th Birthday today.

6ft3 for the tall Prince.

Miss Sandy Cowell said on 2/May/20
Last year on this date, May 2nd, I wrote that Princess Charlotte turned 3. Well, I made a mistake, because today the little lady turns 5️⃣ years of age!

πŸŽ‚πŸŽπŸ’πŸ’πŸŽŠ Happy Birthday Princess Charlotte! 😺🐰🐻🐢🐿️

Daddy gets 6ft3.
Ma4 said on 11/Apr/20
Hey if Prince William is 1.89m then is Michelle Obama with 2 inch heels is also1.89m? because in the video they are looking totally of same height.
Please reply rob
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 31/Mar/20
I put Varadkar at 188-189cm because he’s clearly taller than Harry, Trump and Trudeau but edged by William. So William staying at 190cm is fair
Bolton said on 4/Mar/20
He’s pictured in the Irish media today with Leo Varadaker and looks around an inch taller than the Irish prime minister. Some soft colour pieces on the Irish Prime Minister suggest he’s 6ft 4. More frequently he’s described as 6ft 3. When pictured with Justin Trudeau (who this site makes at 6ft 1.5) Varadaker looks at most a 1/4-1/2 inch taller. So a long winded way of saying William does indeed seem just fractions under 6ft 3 and any suggestion the Irish PM is more than 6ft 2 is just wrong.
the thing said on 24/Feb/20
how tall is Peter Phillips?
Chris Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 22/Jan/20
Peak Obama + Harry = 185.5cm and William 189.5cm before bed.
Nik Ashton said on 21/Oct/19
I wonder if the average guess will ever reach 6’3”.
Nik said on 19/Oct/19
@ Rob - Was he ever listed as 6 foot 2 7/8? What about it?
Editor Rob
I never gave him that
Nik Ashton said on 23/Sep/19
@ kate123 - I-N-T-E-R-E-S-T-I-N-G!
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 22/Jul/19
Would you believe it? Prince William and Kate's eldest little boy, Prince George, turns 6 today! Congratulations to the happy couple and to little George, of course! 6οΈβƒ£πŸŽ‚πŸŽ

Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 1/Jul/19
Click Here Strange that eve nstanding straight he look max 6'2.5" with Obama.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 21/Jun/19
πŸŽ‚πŸŽ Happy Birthday Prince William! πŸŽπŸŽ‚

It doesn't seem possible that Prince William turns 37 today! I can remember when he was born and now he's the Dad of three!

My Birthday guess for Wills is 6ft3.

Junior Hernandez 1990 said on 2/Jun/19
Prince William did look 6'2.75" the more i look into it. At first i thought he look 6'2-6'2 1/2.
Miss Sandy Cowell said on 2/May/19
Is it really possible that little Princess Charlotte is three years old today? Doesn't time just fly? She's a proper little person now!

πŸŽ‚πŸŽπŸ‘§ Happy Birthday Princess Charlotte!

Her busy Dad can have 6ft3. πŸ˜€πŸ‘
Lkkss said on 1/May/19
Looked slightly more than Michael Phelps.
Oliver S said on 10/Jan/19
Prince William is 190 cm.
Andrea said on 13/Dec/18
I'm sure that Rob did have Albert on the site at one point, Tunman. And if I'm not mistaken, at a quite optimistic 6'. I agree that he should have a page, again, especially since there are a lot of photos of him with many different celebrities out there. From what I've seen, somewhere between 179 and 180 is a believable range for him...
Tunman said on 8/Nov/18
Rob,what about adding Albert of Monaco and his beautiful wife Charlene?I think they're quite famous.They get 5'10.5"and 5'8.5 respectively from me.
Honestly Turkish comment said on 2/Nov/18
He doesn't seem under 187.5 cm usually.189.5cm(6feet2andahalf) for him.
Baitistataker said on 27/Oct/18
6ft 0.98in (185.4cm)
Stephan_B said on 11/Aug/18
Richard Armitage who's reportedly 6ft2 said that he was impressed at how Prince William towered over him. No one would say that for someone who's only 1-2 inches taller than him. It wouldn't make sense. Click Here
berta said on 28/Jul/18
190 cm is the best listing for william. I think harry is closer to 187 than 186. .Diana 176-177
Sandy Cowell said on 11/Jul/18
I loved his good luck message to the England team!

msn187 said on 5/Jul/18
Don't know if the football boots give Kane an advantage but their heights are very similar in a recent video before the world cup. William looks like a classic solid 6'2 with 6'1.5 Harry Kane.
Nik said on 24/Jun/18
@ Sandy Cowell - On the page of very quick replies ... Thankyou! I don't remember when he was born either!

But I will offer Wills 6'2.75"!
Sandy Cowell said on 24/Jun/18
@ Nik - That's honest of you! I didn't remember and I remember when he was born... 😣

So there!
Nik said on 23/Jun/18
@ Sandy Cowell -Hi!

If I was being honest it was my Mum who informed me, and then I took pleasure in sending my Birthday wishes to him via celebheights!

He is certainly around said height!
Sandy Cowell said on 23/Jun/18
@ Nik - How sweet of you to remember! You're good like that, I must say!

I would like to join in now and wish Wills a belated Happy Birthday! πŸŽ‚

Six foot two and three-quarters.
Nik said on 21/Jun/18
πŸ˜€πŸ™ƒπŸŽ‚πŸ» Happy Birthday Prince William! πŸ»πŸŽ‚πŸ™ƒπŸ˜€

Have a wonderful day!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 14/Jun/18
Rob, isn’t Prince Philip long overdue?
Editor Rob
It's keeping Philip going...every morning he checks the site hoping to be immortalized.
IranaSI said on 10/Jun/18
Checked those photos and sometimes William looks a bit taller than Chris Hemsworth and at other times Chris looks taller than William. But the difference is too slight so if Chris is 6ft3, then so is William. The photos are outdoors where the land is uneven so we can't really tell for sure who's slightly taller but they both look the same height.
Click Here
Click Here
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 10/Jun/18
William: 189.5cm
Harry: 186.4cm
MAD SAM said on 10/Jun/18
When he met Chris Hemsworth both kinda looked exact same height, if more or less Chris edged 0.5 cm, I do believe the prince might be about 190 cm
Renegade said on 31/May/18
If Harry claims he's 6ft2, then William could claim to be 6ft4 or 6ft5. But the facts show that Harry is at most 6ft1 and William is 2-3 inches taller. William is a strong 6ft3 or a weak 6ft4.
Nik said on 30/May/18
@ Alistair

I think 6'4" is out of the question to be honest.
Christian-6'5 3/8" said on 28/May/18

He's not gonna be 6'4" when he claims to be 6'3".
Alistair_21 said on 27/May/18
He seems only slightly shorter than Felipe VI of Spain and significantly taller than Harry. 6ft 4 could be possible for William.
Coyote_Ugly said on 24/May/18
A solid 6ft 3, IMO.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 21/May/18
Rob, how arguable is 6ft2 flat?
Editor Rob
6ft 2.5? Yes...6ft 2 flat? I couldn't see it.
Laura Clinton said on 6/May/18
A great and good looking family, very handsome and a good memory from late princess Diana (God bless her) I still love her, l was just checking their hight, all of them being at the good point, Kate is the same as me (175)
Sandy Cowell said on 27/Apr/18
Congratulations William and Kate on the birth of your new son, Prince Louis!

Today you, Wills, can have 6ft3! I had once heard that you stood 6ft5, so it is still a drop! I can't put 6ft2 and seven eighths, or I would! Now I'm off to your beautiful wife's page!

😁 🍻 πŸ’
MrFish said on 23/Mar/18
Rob, how tall does Shinzo Abe look besides Prince William?

Click Here
Editor Rob
he could be close to 5ft 9 range.
Emily Lemonly said on 10/Mar/18
I'm surprised how many men are debating their heights on here. Over 6 foot is really tall. Do you realize what size heels I have to wear to catch up to that?
And why do men seem to want every male celebrity to be shorter than their stated height?
Sandy Cowell said on 8/Mar/18
@ Rampage Clover - I don't think there's anything 'at worst' about a man being 189cm tall at all! It's a fine, kingly type of height, which is ironic really because one day William...

Having said that, I have read quite a variety of heights for the dashing, young prince, including 6ft FIVE and 6ft3... but never 6ft4!!!!

I shall give our favourite Prince, (well, jointly with his brother!), who I found so greatly entertaining in a cooking programme of all things, if I recall correctly, 6ft3!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 8/Mar/18
189cm at worst
johnnyboy69 said on 24/Feb/18
dude look at this pic rob, no way is he almost 6'3" next to michelle and Obama Click Here
Editor Rob
With Obama, at times he looked 6ft 2.5
Myself said on 20/Feb/18
From the photos here Click Here looks like William, and expecially his brother, are pretty late bloomers. Rob, How tall would you guess William to be at the time, when he was 15 years old, considering he is standing next to Earl Spencer?
James B 170.8cm said on 10/Feb/18
Ironically i think being 6'2-6'3 has not worked in Williams favour, its made his face look longer and less proportionate. He would look better if he was 5'11 for sure.

With all the riches he has why not get a hair transplant?
Radders said on 25/Jan/18
I’m around 190cm and he seemed shorter than me when walking out a cinema. Because he’s slim he looks taller.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 21/Jan/18
6ft1 would make Harry sub-6ft
Anonymous said on 20/Dec/17
William is probably more 6-1 than 6-2
Anonymous said on 20/Dec/17
Obama 6-2 ? Is it a joke ? He is shorter than 6ft listed dutch king Click Here
In my opinion Obama is no more than 6ft.
James B said on 16/Dec/17
6'2.5 not ruled out for William Rob?
Editor Rob
no, I wouldn't rule that mark out.
Caaq said on 7/Dec/17
Rob.. i think prince william can be given 6 foot 3, but how do we explain that obama looks taller than him in photos . U know i really think obama is 6 3 n not 6 1 as he is mostly told to be.
Editor Rob
I'm not sure on that William when talking to Obama is looking down a little to his eyes, so it's unlikely Obama is taller.
Anonymous said on 5/Dec/17
George will probably grow up to be the same height as his father,it would b strange if he grows to 5.8
John Blaze said on 19/Nov/17
Prince William is 6'3. He needs an upgrade. Your Idris Elba is spot on. I'm 6'2 and stood next to Idris in a line once and he was a shade under an inch taller than me. Prince William is a little bit taller than Idris. Click Here
James B said on 18/Nov/17
Rob i think if you look at prince william it just goes too show that 6'2.75 isn't that impressive of a height is it? Not quite in the same league as 6'4 and 6'5

I have seen quite a few photos of him with taller men.
Editor Rob
still quite a tall height
Dreampuffe(5'9.5") said on 26/Oct/17
Here’s a footage Rob!

Click Here

They really do look the same even when Will is hunch back a little.
Dreampuffe(5'9.5 said on 25/Oct/17
Rob, could you explain this very weird picture with Will Poulter and Prince William?

Click Here

I think Poulter does deserve an upgrade.
Editor Rob
it would be interesting to see footage, as sometimes how high a camera and the position of the individuals can change it
Lynx said on 6/Oct/17
@Sam well good genes are relative hehe, i wouldn't trade 3 inches to be that much over avg for their family hair genetics lol
Sam said on 3/Oct/17
His and his wife's kids will be tall! 6'3ish and 5'9ish will certainly amount to some good genes.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 3/Oct/17
Earl Spencer looks 6ft1-2 range.
Alex said on 30/Aug/17
How tall is earl spencer rob?
Editor Rob
he looked over six foot
Aza said on 4/Aug/17
I think Rob's listing is spot on.
S.J.H said on 2/Aug/17
He really doesn't look over 6'2.5 with Obama
mrtguy said on 31/Jul/17
He has a small chin just like his mother
Slim 182 cm said on 29/Jul/17
6'2.75. Spot on. Just more proof that 190 cm is too much(no offence 1.9+ people)

@James B, lol, is prince William your man crush?

William resembles Diana, Harry resembles Charles. IMO
even said on 5/Jul/17
well over six foot two without a doubt !
James B said on 8/Jun/17
With my current hairstlyle (especially when it's flopped forward) I noticed I do resemble slightly a 1997 prince William.

I am 27 though and crossing my fingers my hair will not thin out like Williams did lol.
Rory said on 19/May/17
Ive seen him up close and around 6ft 3 is accurate. More chance he's the full 6ft 3 than under 6'2.75. I'm 6'0.75ish and he was a fair bit taller than me. What he looks in pics with David Cameron is similar to how I felt next to him.
Bazza said on 10/May/17
@ok - yeah, maybe if you chopped both his feet off.

Wills is 'around' 6'3. The listing is good.
Sandy Cowell said on 10/May/17
It doesn't seem possible that his Mum died nearly 20 years ago.
This morning on the 'Lorraine' show, the viewers were treated to seeing the location of Princess Diana's final photoshoot, which was the home she grew up in.
She'd be so proud of William and Harry now and love playing with her two grandchildren!
I have read that William is 6ft5 before - in a newspaper! - but I am going to plump for a more realistic 6ft3, which I reckon he must be for at least the earlier part of the day!
Canson said on 3/Apr/17
@Johnson: didn't know about that
Canson said on 20/Mar/17
As listed. Good job Rob!
MJKoP said on 7/Mar/17
mrtguy said on 1/Mar/17
Rob, when you see William doesn't he resemble OJ just look at the clothing, head and smile??

You can't possibly be talking about OJ as in Orenthal James Simpson?!?!
mrtguy said on 1/Mar/17
Rob, when you see William doesn't he resemble OJ just look at the clothing, head and smile??
Ned Schneebly said on 22/Dec/16
Rob, why should Harry resemble Charles more than William, when his father is an entirely different person ?
Editor Rob
let's not go down that rabbit hole πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Johnson said on 7/Dec/16
Hey Rob, I managed to find evidence showing that Prince William is 6'2". Click Here
Roger said on 3/Dec/16
Rob, how tall do u think the man beside Prince William is? Click Here
Editor Rob
big Tony looks 5ft 3-4 range.
James B said on 26/Nov/16
Arch - yes Edward and William are both bald lol but 'facially there not that similar. William looks similar to Charles and his brother Harry but he just hasn't inherited charles big ears ha ha ha. But yeah Harry looks more like Charles.

Williams height of 190 is the equivalent to near 5'10 for a woman which was his mothers height.
James B said on 26/Nov/16
Harry has Charles ears doesn't he Arch?
Arch Stanton said on 24/Nov/16
Looks nothing like Charles IMO. Edward, yes, his grandmother HRH, yes, a bit.
James B said on 21/Nov/16
I think William looks more like Charles than Diana these days
Arthur said on 17/Nov/16
If I had to chose between William's or Harry's height I'd definitely go with the 186 cm height. Unless you want a career in basketball, anything over 6'2 is too much.

William is uglier too, and completely bald right now. Harry was blessed with better genes for sure, although I can see him going bald too in a few years, but I guess not as bad as the royal bloke over here.
S.J.H said on 11/Nov/16
Both harry and william look a cm shorter than listing next to 185cm obama
Purple said on 5/Oct/16
He is s great example of what proper clothing and styling can do for you. The silhouette and cut of his suits really do him a favour. His height? I think 6"2.5. He has more than an inch over Harry but doesn't look 6"3 around guys of that height.
Arch Stanton said on 30/Sep/16
Neither William nor Harry look than much like their parents. You can see a bit of Charles in Harry and a bit of Diana in William (more so when younger) but not really. William looks a lot like Edward/the Queen herself nowadays.
Redwing said on 30/Sep/16
Hi rob, just saying saw someone say that it might be mothers that indicate height. But I tower over my mum lol, btw do you think prince William looks like his mum 100%?
Editor Rob
he probably looks a bit closer to his Mum than Father.
Andrew Johnson said on 19/Aug/16
I agree with this after seeing him standing next to Chris hemsworth
James B said on 2/Aug/16
My parents were saying rob that being bald does not suit William because of his head shape......
Editor Rob
the thing is though - going bald at 6ft 3 isn't going to be as obvious as going bald at 5ft 6...the vast majority of men's eyes will be looking upwards to a 6ft 3 man and not see the top of their head, whilst most men who see a 5ft 6 man will see the top of their heads...

it is true though that some head shapes might look different with no hair or a buzz cut.
James B said on 27/Jul/16
Rob there is a strong resemblance between William and Edward isn't there though? Especially as William has lost his hair.

Harry for sure has got prince Charles ears but personally I can't see any resemblance between William and Charles.
Editor Rob
Charles seems to have more hair than William these days...

male actors (or big names in the public eye like William these days) are under big pressure to keep hair or get transplants or wigs, but William has and is going bald gracefully it seems...good on him
James B said on 24/Jul/16
Rob non height question but who do you think resembles Charles more William or harry?

Personally I'd say harry
Editor Rob
maybe Harry a bit more yeah, William a bit more like Diana.
Candyman said on 12/Jul/16
No Obama does not wear lifts. He has always appeared taller than what he has been listed at because most politicians lie about their heights. I believe he avoids the controversy by saying that he "roughly 6'1""(as he has always "officialy" stated and been described as) when in fact he is closer to 6'2".
Johno said on 30/Apr/16
Looked about 2 inches taller than a 5'11.75, 6'0 Carl Froch with a footwear advantage.
jajamen said on 29/Apr/16
Rob, do u think the taller the mother is, the taller the kids could be?
James B said on 24/Apr/16
Rob in recent photos I'd say William looks not over 6'2 compared to obama
FRED said on 23/Apr/16
William is definitely 6ft 3 and towers over Charles, who is 5ft 11 and Charles clearly stated that he was 5ft 11, in an interview on Wogan years ago. Kate is definitely 5ft 9 and Harry looks to be at least 6ft 2.
Johno said on 22/Apr/16
I remember him being described as 6'1.5 at 15.
Johno said on 22/Apr/16
Seen some pictures of him and Obama on his recent trip to the UK ----- there is hardly any height between them. Does Obama wear lifts? Who knows.
189ind said on 11/Apr/16
He came to India ,me at 189 cm was equal to him.Kate seems to 173 and is always in heels.
Crypto139 said on 10/Apr/16
Shorter than 6'3" Adam Silver by maybe half an inch. Not quite 6'3 for the Prince.
James B said on 15/Mar/16
I remember reading an article on the internet that sometime in 1997 (before Diana's death) that Diana and William went to the dentist together. There was a photo of the two of them standing together (Diana was in flats) and they were saying how William was already the same height as his mother.

William must have only been 14 at that point in time. 5ft10 for someone who is 14 is quite impressive. When I turned 14 I was barely 5'6 but unlike William I only gained like 1.5 inches more.
James B said on 13/Mar/16
Rob I found it on a site called 'celebrity'

Editor Rob
There's about 1000 sites of a similar nature like the one I think you were alluding to.

Just guesses of height/weight/shoe/bra/net worth etc. The person running that one is from Nepal...
James B said on 8/Mar/16
Rob apparently his recent measurements were 191cm including his weight and shoe size measurments etc......
Editor Rob
I've not seen this, has he had a physical and the palace release results?
Johno said on 3/Mar/16
Was 7 inches taller then Gary Barlow, i am keeping a 6'2.5 estimate for him.

Prince William 6'2.5
Gary Barlow 5'6.75
James B said on 20/Feb/16
Goes to show tall mothers have tall sons
Lucy said on 4/Feb/16
Can you please create pages for Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip? Thanks!
Johno said on 24/Jan/16
A good example of a 6'2-ranged individual.

6'2.5 - 6'2.5
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 7/Jan/16
Rob, any estimates for Prince Edward and Prince Andrew?

Both have been listed elsewhere at 6ft. Not sure if they look it though
Editor Rob
Edward can look near to 5ft 11, Andrew sometimes a bit taller.
Kenny said on 25/Oct/15

what height would you say prince philip was at his prime?
google lists him as 1.88m it seems a bit exaggerated Id say 1.83-1.84
Editor Rob
somewhere in 6ft range might be more reasonable than 6ft 2...although he is quite old and losing 3 inches at his age isn't uncommon
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 21/Oct/15
Yeah he's gotta be near 6ft3. Easily has 1in or a bit more on Harry.
Arch Stanton said on 1/Sep/15
Prince Philip looks very good for his age really.
Bobs said on 29/Aug/15
Hi rob how tall would you say prince philip is nowadays? he looks 5'8-5'9
Editor Rob
about 5ft 9 is possible, he's certainly a few inches shorter than his youth...didn't realise he was 94 either, I'd be delighted to still be walking at that age, even if it meant being 5ft 5.5.
joe said on 21/Aug/15
He looked a solid 6'3 alongside lebron james
joe said on 15/Aug/15
Rob, must be a 6'3 solidsClick Here
Unknown said on 11/Jul/15
I saw him last year when he came to my city. He was wearing formal shoes which made him look about 6 ft 4 in, in my opinion he's a solid 6 ft 3 in.
katie666 said on 20/Jun/15
in that pic hes wearing the same loafers as my history teacher (who is a woman)
jay said on 26/May/15
Click Here how's this possible if she's 5'8.5/5'9?
Tunman said on 6/May/15
@James B
No way,a strong inch at worse in favour of William.
James B said on 1/Apr/15
My dad insists prince harry is the taller brother
Arch Stanton said on 8/Mar/15
Yes, I think 4cm between them is about right, can times can look just an inch though.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 7/Mar/15
190cm is spot on
joe 193cm night said on 7/Mar/15
188 for william would not go that low for him
S.J.H said on 7/Mar/15
solid 190cm. great job rob!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 1/Mar/15
If Harry is 186cm, William is 188cm
Editor Rob
I think there is more than 2cm between them.
Arch Stanton said on 27/Feb/15
Click Here Kidman must have been in massive heels as William should be pushing 6'4" in shoes!
Arch Stanton said on 27/Feb/15
Spot on now I think and fits with Harry's listing. He usually does look around the legit 6'3" mark but did you see him in recent pics with some of the 6'7-6'8" basketball players? He was looking 6'2" range with those. With Nicole Kidman and Michele Obama he was looking 6'2" range too. 190 makes sense, a whisker under that 6'3" mark barefoot.
James said on 25/Feb/15
Rob do you honestly think beckham looks 5'11 compared to prince william? Given as well he has hair advantage too.
Editor Rob
yes he looks that range
Arch Stanton said on 24/Feb/15
Rob can you add a photo? I also think 190cm might be more spot on if Harry is at 186, at times William can only look an inch taller!
James B said on 24/Feb/15
You sure on 191cm for William after giving harry 186cm rob?

Granted with Beckham he does look a legit 6'3
Editor Rob
I think a fraction shy of 6ft 3 is quite possible.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 23/Feb/15
Rob, do you think it's about time Prince Harry got a page?
Editor Rob
well...ok, we shall give him one.
Joe said on 20/Dec/14
He is mentioned as "the 6ft 2in prince" here:

Click Here
Rudi said on 11/Dec/14
Michelle is in heels but prince william in shoes as well !
Arch Stanton said on 10/Dec/14
Prince William is about 2 or 3 inches taller than Michell Obama but she's in heels which would make her 6'1" ish.
Arch Stanton said on 10/Dec/14
Click Here With Obama!!
Arch Stanton said on 10/Dec/14
Rob can you add a photo? Scroll down Click Here here . That Bill Deblasio mayor of NYC guy has to be near 6 ft 6 doesn't he? Here 6'5 and 7/8 barefoot is mentioned Click Here Pretty much 6'6 and looks it, probably embarrassed about it. One of the few people noticeably taller than William!
EzioAuditore711 said on 10/Dec/14
He's closer to 6'2'' flat. Adam Silver looks about 2 inches taller than him.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 30/Sep/14
Rob, will Prince Harry get a page any time soon?
James B said on 8/Sep/14
Not impossible than johnathan Ross might be starting to creep a fraction under 6'1
Ben said on 10/Aug/14
You totally need to create a page for his grandmother Queen Elizabeth II !!
Keith said on 23/Jul/14
He is closer to 189 I think. I am 189cm and was with him on Friday at Australia House. We were eye to eye.
KROC said on 27/Jun/14
@Arch Stanton
You know its debatable whether Jonathon Ross is the full 6'1 right? Usain Bolt did not look 195 to me in person. He actually looked 6'4 flat to me, if that even.
Arch Stanton said on 9/Jun/14
Arrgh that John McCain guy really p***es me off. I don't know what it is exactly, something about him in the face. Always looks so smug and "I'm a national hero" sort of thing. He'd play a good San Francisco a-hole police boss in a remake of Dirty Harry LOL. Harry could play Dirty Harry :-) Yeah 187 would be a good shout for Prince Harry, not sure why Rob hasn't added him.
Arch Stanton said on 30/May/14
Click Here Not a chance of Usain Bolt only being 6'4". Looks an easy 6'5" next to Jonathan Ross.
Nick said on 28/May/14
my guess is Usain Bolt is closer to 193cm than 195cm listed, so that makes Harry 185/6cm
chiara said on 21/Mar/14
rob, what's your opinion about Charlotte Casiraghi's height?
Editor Rob
not really familiar with her, but she looks a bit above average
hakim said on 16/Mar/14
anyone saying 6'1 or below is has no idea what they're talking about. he's 6'3" , leave it as that
Charlie said on 4/Feb/14
What have u been drinking "teej"? Prince Harry at 5'10? Thats a joke.
Hannah said on 26/Jan/14
Rob could you please do a height for Charlotte Casiraghi? she's Princess Caroline of Monacos daughter. She is listed at 5'7" but I think she looks towards the 5'5"-5'6" range.
avi said on 24/Dec/13
@Arch Stanton says on 26/Jul/13
Also consider the lax life he'll have as their child and all nutrition advantage. Which of course has been going on through most royal families. But nowadays with all the food additives he might get to 6'5. I think 6'2-6'4 is the maximum area of height this royal family can reach. I'd say 6'3-6'4 for the son would be likely. But he can get 6'1-6'2 who knows.
MD said on 2/Dec/13
You're a poor judge of height, then, I hate to say, lisa. Even in that bad angle, you can tell there is many inches difference of height, there.
lisa said on 1/Dec/13
Next to Jon Bon Jovi: Click Here . Jon needs an upgrade, if Prince William's 6'3, Jon doesn't look that much shorter than him.
ice said on 6/Oct/13
well , my cousins parents are 5'7 (mother) and 6'1 (father) and hes 6'9.5
Rusty said on 19/Sep/13
5'10" on a woman is like 6'4" on a man. men inherit height from their mother more often than father and women inherit from the father more is what ive read. Since he has a 6'3" father and a 6'4" equivelent mother, i do think 6'3" minimum and likely 6'4" will be the child's height, so im with Rob on this one. I mean he could be shorter or taller than that but 6'4" is likely
Arch Stanton said on 26/Jul/13
Rob, how tall do would you guess their son will be when fully grown. I think their combined genes would typically produce a 6'5-6'6" guy. What do you think? They are the tallest in their given families though, Pippa Middleton is much shorter, and Prince Charles is average height, so maybe he might not be so tall, genes work in funny ways, but I'd be willing to bet that he'll be taller than William when fully grown.
Editor Rob
he's got a good chance of being 6ft 4.
Rey said on 24/Jul/13
If skeletal remains are 6'4" Edward IV would be taller. Skin and fluids in the body would expand the height.
AJG said on 7/Jul/13
When Prince William ascends the throne (as King William V of the United Kingdom), then he would likely be the tallest British monarch since King Edward IV of England, who based on both his physical description by his contemporaries and measurement of his skeletal remains was 6 ft 4.
teej said on 2/Jun/13
Kate middleton is 5ft9 on normal heels she is 6.05ft prince william only looks 1 and a half inches taller than her and hes standing on the upper side of the pavement on a photo i seen. Id give william 6ft2 max and thats being generous, and harry doesnt look 6ft to me, im 6ft1 so im fairly tall, my friend is 5ft10 and he was the same height as harry, so id say hes 5ft10
Arch Stanton said on 4/Apr/13
Rob, time permitting, see the video scroll down here Click Here How tall does the young guy look at 0:27 talking to Kate? 6'6" or 6'7"? He makes Kate and William look short/average.
Editor Rob
he might be a little closer, but 6ft 6 is possible
Arch Stanton said on 9/Dec/12
Click Here

They look practically the same height here, William slightly taller maybe although he is leaning a bit but he doesn't look much over 6 ft 2 here.
Arch Stanton said on 9/Dec/12
Click Here

Fourth photo down, strangely Djokovic looks taller than him.
James said on 10/Oct/12
191cm max but can he look shorter cause of posture?
truekokledge said on 5/Oct/12
I have researched a lot and I can give an estimate of the height of the royals.

prince william 1.91 m

prince harry 1.88 m

prince felipe 1.97 m

King Juan Carlos 1.84 - 1.85 m, almost the same size as my shoe obama 1.84m 1.85. could be higher for young 1.88m.

Queen Sofia 1.70 - 1.72 m, is lower than 1.76m Carla Bruni.

Prince Haakon 1.87 - 1.88 m, barack obama taller than 1.85m.

Prince Willem Alexander 1.90, higher than Haakon of Norway, lower than Felipe.

Albert of Monaco 1.78 - 1.80m tall or less soccer player Francesco Totti of Italy 1.80m.

Queen mother of Prince Frederick margarita 1.78-1.80m, the same height or lower than 1.80m george w bush.

Prince Henrik 1.87m, higher than obama, lower than 1.88-1.90m joachim.

1.80-1.82m Prince Frederick, a bit higher than his mother Daisy.

King Harald 1.82 - 1.83m, lower than obama.

King Carl Gustaf 1.76 - 1.77m, higher than 1.75m Prince Charles, as President Sauli NiinistΓΆ stature than 1.77m.

Prince Carl philipe 1.70 - 1.73m, lower than his father Carlos Gustavo.

Daniel Westling 1.77 - 1.78m, equal or slightly higher than Carl Gustaf, Prince Frederick lower than 1.80 - 1.82m.

1.82-1.83m Andrea Casiraghi slightly taller than his uncle Albert.

Pierre Casiraghi 1.86 - 1.88m is higher than andrea and slightly lower than 1.93m Stavros Niarchos.

can view photos on the Internet.
Silent d said on 23/Sep/12
Solid 6 foot 3. Kate looks like a solid 5 foot 9.
Shaun said on 14/Sep/12
RICHARD says on 29/Jan/12
In some pics,most notably his photo when he's getting into his car,he resembles Charles pretty much in the face,though you can tell he's his father.

Harry looks a lot more like Charles and Prince Phillip than William and funnily a lot of people think he's James Hewitt's son. William's like a cross between Prince Edward and Charles Spencer nowadays, he used to look purely Spencer.
Jake: 1.82 m-- 1.83 m-- 1.84 m said on 20/Aug/12
6ft 1.75in for Harry perhaps, a solid inch below William.
J-Dog said on 20/Aug/12
I would say Prince Harry is no less than 187cm. He is a virtual 6'2" Here is a great shot of him and Usain Bolt. Click Here

BTW: I can't really see William as less than 190cm, the guy rarely tries to stand at a full erect posture and never looks less than an inch taller than his brother.
Hey Rob! :) Have you every thought about giving Prince Harry his own celebheights page?
Editor Rob
I figured a search on prince harry still gives william's page quite high in rankings so never really added him
ANDREA[ITA] said on 20/Aug/12
Yeah, there are some photos of Harry with Bolt and he looked about 187, as rob says!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 19/Aug/12
Rob, how tall does Prince Harry look to you?
Editor Rob
he can look 187 range
UK182.5cm said on 27/Jul/12
@Cobain says on 30/Jan/12
Why does he look the same height as 6'1 Obama?
Click Here

Because Obama is closer to the camera. Also 2 inches is actually quite a small difference and from 1m apart it will seem as if you are at eye level with each other. It's only when you come closer together that you notice the difference.
Shaun said on 16/Jun/12

His height is about right, its Kate's that is inflated. She's not a legit 5'10", even a full 5'9" is questionable. She regularly looks 5'11"-'6 in heels and I think Rob is spot on with 5'8.5" barefoot.
Shaun said on 16/Jun/12
Marcus says on 5/Jun/12
He is 6'1/6'2, I serve in the RAF and have met him several times, I am 192cm, and he is slightly shorter than me, maybe 2cm.

Um. That what make him 1.90 m which is a smidge under 6'3" anyway and probably what he is. Hell with your math I wouldn't trust you to fly my plane LOL!
Stephanie said on 13/Jun/12
William is 6' 3" and Kate is 5' 8" or 5' 9" according to those who knew her at university. She is not 5' 10", which explains why William might seem taller at times. Some people on a royal forum I used to frequent thought he was 6' 4" but he's not..
lillie said on 11/Jun/12
I think he is at least 6.3 because Kate is 5.10 and wares heels and still shorter then him
Marcus said on 5/Jun/12
He is 6'1/6'2, I serve in the RAF and have met him several times, I am 192cm, and he is slightly shorter than me, maybe 2cm.
Cobain said on 30/Jan/12
Why does he look the same height as 6'1 Obama?
Click Here
RICHARD said on 29/Jan/12
In some pics,most notably his photo when he's getting into his car,he resembles Charles pretty much in the face,though you can tell he's his father.
Moke said on 23/Jan/12
They both definitely come after her mother. Her father must have been around that height, too.
jed said on 22/Dec/11
Click Here

haha watch the end of it. He goes on tip toes to look taller.
Shaun said on 4/Dec/11
Click Here

Does look about 4 inches taller than Beckham and certainly looks a solid 6'3" in that photo, even 6'3.5".
Shaun said on 4/Dec/11
If you measured him barefoot on a stadiometer I think 189-90 would be very likely. But at times he can look at least 6'3" like he did next to Becks and Arsene Wenger. You have to be honest though he does generally look 6 ft 3 range compared to most people.
Shaun said on 4/Dec/11
RICHARD says on 30/Oct/11
I'm shocked how time hasn't been kind to William,either.He looked like Diana,now he looks like Charles.It's sorta weird seeing him now,too;balding,big teeth,etc..Who woulda thought he'd look like his dad later in life?I barely see Diana in him,and oddly at times you can still see the resemblance.

Doesn't look like Charles though. Looks just like Edward now. He's still a lot more like Diana than Charles. Harry looks more like Charles I think.
LAN Jiao said on 31/Oct/11
Atually he look 190cm in dress shoe. 187cm bare could be true
RICHARD said on 30/Oct/11
I'm shocked how time hasn't been kind to William,either.He looked like Diana,now he looks like Charles.It's sorta weird seeing him now,too;balding,big teeth,etc..Who woulda thought he'd look like his dad later in life?I barely see Diana in him,and oddly at times you can still see the resemblance.
Kostas said on 29/Oct/11
Obama is standing closer to the camera, Jonas...but yeah, I agree with you, I doubt he is as tall as people claim him to be...just look at the pics of him with Nicole Kidman at the BAFTA awards...
Jonas said on 26/Oct/11
William should be downgraded to 6'2.25 at most

Looking about 1 inch taller than 6'1 Obama
Click Here

No way he's 6'3
Cris5896 said on 20/Oct/11
William does look 6'3 the differ between Kate and William is just 5 inches it may sound a lot but It does not look a lot but that's just my opinion and well it yours that matters not mine
george555 said on 19/Oct/11
Prince William can't be 6'3, I've seen him in pictures standing next to Kate-he is not even 6'1
Shaun said on 15/Oct/11
At 18 he claimed to be 6'2" and a quarter. The question is did he grow afterwards a fraction and the royals round him up to 6'3"? He does seem to be more 6'2.5".
RICHARD said on 3/Oct/11
How tall was Prince William around the time of Diana's death,and he was like 15?He looked about the same height as Charles.I'm guessing he was already hitting the 6ft mark by then...
avi said on 13/Sep/11
Shaun says on 1/Aug/11
Click Here

Mm Federer is defo a legit 186. William does look about 1.5-2 taller. 190-1cm would seem spot on, He's not as low as 189 I think. I would like to see a picture of him next to Andy Murray, I suspect they are the exact same height.

NO!1 inch difference def.NOT 2 inches there so William is 6'2.25 most likely. if Federer is over 6'1 flat then 6'2.5 he never hits 6'3.
Kostas said on 13/Sep/11
here is Nicole's footwear:

Click Here

here is William's footwear:

Click Here

here they are together(that's one funny pic,lol):

Click Here

i would say that he is not a strong 6'3,a little over 6'2 sounds more reasonable
Kostas said on 13/Sep/11
Nicole Kidman looked slightly taller than him at the BAFTA awards (she was in heels)
James said on 7/Sep/11
Shaun says on 6/Sep/11
Charles Spencer definitely a legit 6'3", possibly 6'4". You can clearly see William has more of the Spencer genes in him than the Windsor, although the baldness is starting to look uncannily like Prince Edward unfortunately for William! Charles Spencer looks a big guy in frame too, looks 20-30 pounds heavier than William, probably somewhere between in the region of 220-230 pounds.

LOL Wiliam has gone from looking like diana too Edward. How times change.
Shaun said on 6/Sep/11
Charles Spencer definitely a legit 6'3", possibly 6'4". You can clearly see William has more of the Spencer genes in him than the Windsor, although the baldness is starting to look uncannily like Prince Edward unfortunately for William! Charles Spencer looks a big guy in frame too, looks 20-30 pounds heavier than William, probably somewhere between in the region of 220-230 pounds.
J.J. said on 1/Sep/11
Many things are pointing him towards 6'2.5"-6'2.75" flat
Vanessa said on 17/Aug/11
To compare: one step + heels (In Brasil - I'm brasilian - steps: 15,5 cm to 17,5 cm = 6' to 7') See: Click Here
James said on 16/Aug/11
Well Shaun at the royal wedding i thought William could look 6'2 flat or 6'2 1/2 if harry is 6'1 1/2. harry though obviously did have hair advantage and maybe William does not have very good posture compared too harry?
Shaun said on 15/Aug/11
Robbins would have about 2 inches on William. I think Prince Harry looks the same height as myself 6'1.5". William, seeing the Federer pictures can't be under 190cm. Could be 6'2.75" dunno but he's definitely not under 6'2.5" barefoot.
James said on 10/Aug/11
I will admit if David Beckham really is 182cm then Prince William did look 6'3-6'4 in the photos they had together at the 2010 world cup but i doubt he is that tall.... maybe Beckham did not get much sleep when he had those particular pics taken?

Prince William would probably measure 6'4 in big shoes.
James said on 7/Aug/11
Shaun says on 4/Aug/11
He is taller than a flat 6'2" though James and does look just about in the very tall range.

True i think obviously as well he has not got as much hair as he used too which could help in making look taller. and yes i think 6'2 flat is certainly too low for william. would you agree shaun that Prince Harry is probably 6'1.75 (187cm) not quite 188cm?

Richard i think Charles Spencer is 6ft3 and can look taller like 6'4 cause of his hair and build.

I'd like too see prince william next too a very tall guy like tim robbins, i bet a prime tim robbins would have 2 inches on prince william.

So maybe?
Prince William 6'2.75 (190cm)
Prince Harry 6'1.75 (187cm)
RICHARD said on 6/Aug/11
I'd like to think IF Diana was still alive today,and she'd be 50,that William would tower her,even if she wore heels.He inherited her tall genes and whoever doesn't believe he's 6'3 is blind,stupid,or both.C'mon if he were shorter than 6'3 then that would make Harry like 6'0,Charles 5'7,etc...

BTW,how tall is Diana's brother,Charles Spencer? Her looks about William's height,though a bit bigger in size(weight).
Shaun said on 4/Aug/11
He is taller than a flat 6'2" though James and does look just about in the very tall range.
James said on 2/Aug/11
I really don't think 6'3-6'4 is possible when you see him next too 6'4.5 Stephen Fry.

I think 6'2.75 (190cm) for William and can appear shorter cause of his stoop. As a i recall his mother princess diana used too stoop making her appear shorter so maybe that is something that he has inherited from his mohter?
Mr. R said on 2/Aug/11
Whwn William and Kate were in California last month, one of the guests at The British Consulate dinner described him as "tall...maybe 6-3 or 6-4...."
Teresa said on 2/Aug/11
I met Prince William and Catherine on Canada Day and Kate is definitely 5'10". I'm 5'9" and our heels were about the same height and she had an inch over me. And I'm good at gauging height, plus my sister is 5'10" so i know what it's like to be beside someone of that height. And Prince William definitely in the 6'3" range.
Shaun said on 1/Aug/11
Click Here

Mm Federer is defo a legit 186. William does look about 1.5-2 taller. 190-1cm would seem spot on, He's not as low as 189 I think. I would like to see a picture of him next to Andy Murray, I suspect they are the exact same height.
Shaun said on 1/Aug/11
Click Here

Looking 6'3" - 6'4" here with 5'9" Serena Williams
Shaun said on 1/Aug/11
@Richard. Kidman is a legit 5'10.5" in good heels I think is almost 6'2". I'd say William is more likely 6'2.5" but 6'3" monring I can buy. I definitely think he is about 6 ft 4 in shoes.
James said on 1/Aug/11
william is between 6'2-6'3.
RICHARD said on 30/Jul/11
Nicole Kidman looks close to William's height,when she's in heels!!!! Both her and Kate barefoot would be the same height,IMO...
Max said on 28/Jul/11
Prince william didn't seem much taller than the 6'1" stated barack obama, 1 inch at most
Kirsty McCristall said on 27/Jul/11
I was stood next to Kate Middleton at the Wimbledon Tennis Championships last year (July 2010) while we were waiting to take our seats on Centre Court. I am just under 5ft 9 and I was wearing flat shoes. She was clearly an inch or so shorter than me and was wearing wedge heel sandals with probably a 1.5 to 2 inch heel. I would say she is between 5ft 6 or 5ft 7. Whilst very pretty,she is definitely not 5ft 10 or even 5ft 8.
James said on 26/Jul/11
And of course you guys are not taking into account that harry is hunching in the photo :)
James said on 25/Jul/11
i think for sure a weak 6'3 guy. maybe even appearing 6'2 flat with his posture at times.
Canadian said on 25/Jul/11
I doubt Kate is even 5'8.5. My friend who saw her in person at the Canadian tour told me she is much shorter and very slim in person. I think shes more like 5'6-5'7 range but a weak 5'8. Shes about 4 inches shorter than both Michelle Obama and Nicole Kidman. Heres a general rule of thumb for women in high heels, if they're in the 5'5-5'6 range they are about average male height (5'8-5'10), if a woman is in the average-tall range at 5-7-5'8 they are usually 6', a woman who is ultra tall however like fashion models in the 5'9 to 5'11 range, they are always well over 6' in high heels.
Vanessa said on 23/Jul/11
I think William is at least 2" taller than Harry
Click Here
Shaun said on 23/Jul/11
Indeed Ange that why a 5'8.5" in 3 inch heels looks 3-4 inches shorter than 6'3" William.
Melissa said on 22/Jul/11
Kate Middleton is 5'10" and Prince William is 6'3"
I know this because I was standing not more than 3 feet from them both and I am 5'9". We had the same size heels on and she was an inch taller than me. Who cares how tall she is, anyway?
Ange said on 22/Jul/11
There is no way that Kate is 5'10" tall, she wears 3 inch heels most of the time and she is still 3-4 inches shorter than William even with those on.
James said on 22/Jul/11
don't know shaun do you think there looks 3cm between him and harry?

at the royal wedding there looked hardly anything between the 2 princes although i guess harry has got hair advantage.

Heights are barefeet estimates, derived from quotations, official websites, agency resumes, in person encounters with actors at conventions and pictures/films.

Other vital statistics like weight or shoe size measurements have been sourced from newspapers, books, resumes or social media.

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